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Empty Memory Favn The Factory Show Sugamo Shinkin Bank Dude No. 1 Camera Work - Herb Ritts The Spare Room Boudoir Kuxe Collection Robert McGinnis Vegan Alone Again Or Charlie Sandra Backlund Black Stockists

COVER Photography Javier Galue Stylist Paola Daganzo - Virginia García Make Up Myriam Jiménez Photographer Assistant Manuela Mariscotti & Emanuela Scanzani Model Natalia Gaplovska at Global Models Management Madrid

May 2011 | 1 | S

Photography Thomas Klementsson

S A T E L L I T E No. XV

Editor-In-Chief, Creative Director WILLIAM MONTALVO Managing Editor RICHARD FISHER Art Director BOX808 MEDIA Photo Consultant RACER MEDIA INC. Special Correspondent ADDISON DEWITT Copy Editor LONDON SILVER Public Relations FRAME PR Interns DRU DOWNEY, NAOMI WEST Special thank you RABEE YOUNES Submissions We are always looking for new work. We accept submissions. If you would like to be considered as a contributor please send writing samples or images to Advertising & special projects Headquarters 600 S Curson Avenue Suite 423 Los Angeles California 90036 USA

May 2011 | 3 | S

Empty Memory E

mpty Memory is a flash drive with a hollow space. While flash drives can be made extremely small, they wanted to stick to conventional sizes and make in “Empty� Designed by Hanshi Chen and Yookyung Shin, who met in RCA, the first vollection was presented in Milan Design Fair 2011. S S | 4 | May 2011

May 2011 | 5 | S

A collection of jewelry-like USB memory stick


Favn chair, designed by Jaime Hayon for Fritz Hansen


avin is the Danish name for embrace. This piece is the result of a creative dialogue between Jaime Hayon and Fritz Hansen. “I wanted the sofa to be based on a shell. A shell being hard on the outside, soft and welcoming on the inside. I wanted to create a form that embraces you, something really organic - that’s why we named it FAVN”. “FAVN is an evolution of Fritz Hansen’s design language that brings together the qualities of Spanish and Danish design”. The new sofa is presented in ten unique Designer Selections; light grey, sage green, clear beige, taupe, chocolate, moutarde, red, violet, dark blue and black. It includes a mix of three fabrics to express the form of its three main components; the shell, seat and back and decorative cushions. The combination of texture and tone is appealing to the visual and emotional senses. S

S | 6 | May 2011


May 2011 | 7 | S


SS || 10 | August 8 | May 20112011


on’t be fooled by the beautiful retro fashion images... The Factory Tradeshow is the first community-centered, virtual fashion tradeshow founded by Ronda Walker. “Let’s give the fashion tradeshow an entirely new look” says Ronda. Imagine a place where creativity never stopped or even slowed down. The Factory is a platform for instance where designers can share their visions with the world almost immediately after conception. Where like-minded individuals, internationally inspire others to express themselves. For designers the FACTORY online tradeshow, there are no more wasteful hours and high costs. No more late nights and exhausting mornings with little energy left for effective sales and marketing. No more long cab lines and walking for hours a day getting nowhere. No more horribly loud music and toxic smells lurking around every corner. You are now free to design and get to the business of creativity. “The time is here for the fashion industry to take part in the technological revolution that is happening all around us. Help revolutionize the business of fashion by bringing the fashion tradeshow into the digital space. It’s time to join the FACTORY.” says Ronda. The archaic business platforms of the past such as shopping fashion tradeshows, has grown old and tired. Traveling to tradeshows burns time, money and energy that would be better spent moving your own business forward. S May 2011 | 9 | S

Sugamo Shinkin Bank

By Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture

May 2011 | 11 | S


apanese practice Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design has completed ‘Sugamo Shinkin Bank’, a credit union located in Shimura, Japan. The design, an offset volume of rainbow-like layers, is the third branch designed by moureaux, with the first two located in Tokiwadai and Niiza.

Stacked slabs in twelve saturated colors dominate the exterior facade and contrast the stark white panels that enclose the building. Looking to create a refreshing atmosphere with a palpable sense of nature, the colors gently transition until they disappear into the sky. Softly reflected onto the white surfaces, the hues create a warm and diffused exterior which provide a sense of ease and solitude. At night, the layers are faintly illuminated, varying in accordance to weather and the season. Upon entering the building, three elliptical skylights bathe the interior in a soft light. penetrating through each of the three levels, the clear, curving tubes carry light through them, introducing natural light into the depths of the structure while integrating interior and exterior environments. On the main floor where the bank machines and teller windows are located, simple motifs and brightly colored furniture act as a connection to the characteristics evident on the exterior of the structure.

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DU N 1 o.

UDE May 2011 | 15 | S

S | 16 | May 2011



ude No.1 is inspired by the man in my life says Anne McClain MCMC Fragrances founder.

Fresh, spicy, and woody, this fragrance is the new classic manly scent that will make you want to get close. With Virginia cedarwood, green coriander and pink peppercorn. This formula is 100% natural and uses only essential oils, organic hemp seed oil and American jojoba oil. Because you deserves the safest ingredients to scent your face. S May 2011 | 17 | S

ŠHerb Ritts Foundation Christy Turlington, Hollywood 1988

Herb Ritts CAMERA WORK Presents

May 2011 | 19 | S

ŠHerb Ritts Foundation, Male Nude with Tumbleweed, Paradise Cove 1986


ore than 50 photographs will give a comprehensive insight into the work of Herb Ritts, at the CAMERA WORK gallery, who passed away in 2002. All of the exhibited photographs were developed during the artist’s lifetime. In the 1980s and the 1990s, the autodidact worked together with nearly every superstar. Among the exhibited portraits one can find names such as Madonna, Mick Jagger, Dustin Hoffman, David Bowie, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, and Cindy Crawford. Thanks to his unique vision, distinctive portraits as well as very aesthetic nude photographs came into existence. His great sensitivity and his stylistic confidence with regard to the usage of strict forms, creating a monumental sensuality, enabled Herb Ritts to create timeless icons and to influence a whole generation of photographers with his innovative picture language. Sand, sea, sky, and often baleful, dramatic shadows are the backgrounds against which Herb Ritts stages his perfect light sculptures. His pictures often originated in the surroundings of Los Angeles, where he grew up as a neighbor of actor Steve McQueen. With formal rigor and subtle eroticism, the »master of the lascivious pose« composed black and white pictures of distinctive elegance.

Within a very short time, Herb Ritts attained the legendary status of a fashion, celebrity, portrait and nude photographer. His, at first, private pictures of a young, still relatively unknown Richard Gere, bursting of strength while changing a tire helped establish the photographer’s career as icon photographer of the pop culture. After Gere had his international breakthrough with »Days of Heaven« in 1978, Vogue as well as Mademoiselle requested and published those pictures. The photographs were a sensation and were met with great enthusiasm due to their powerful aesthetic. This is said to have laid the foundation for his international career. Herb Ritts decidedly influenced the aesthetics of magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, and Interview with his fashion productions of the 1980s and 1990s. His advertising campaigns for brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, and Gap were instantaneously memorable. But music videos for artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Shakira, and particularly Chris Isaak’s legendary video ”Wicked Games“, too, belong to his unprecedented work. CAMERA WORK gallery May 14, 2011 – July 02, 2011. May 2011 | 21 | S

THE Spare Room Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

S | 22 | May 2011

May 2011 | 23 | S


he Spare Room, on the mezzanine level of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, both bowling and the bowling oxfords custom-designed for the newly opened lounge by George Esquivel are now decidedly in. The Spare Room opened in February 2011 and is a modern day gaming parlour and cocktail lounge, situated on the mezzanine level. The design, by the Los Angeles-based design firm Studio Collective, combines vintage, custom-tailored and new to conjure up an atmosphere of by-gone affluence. The Spare Room features two vintage bowling lanes, custom and eclectic furnishings, and unique surfaces and textures which convey a handcrafted, timeless feel. The newest addition to the Roosevelt’s property provides unparalleled amenities to not only hotel guests, but is also a unique destination for Hollywood’s architects of influence. S May 2011 | 25 | S

Boudoir LUXE C O LL E C T I O N by Disaya


oudoir by Disaya LUXE is the sublimity of luxury. The premium collection ensures women can be seductive and adorable at the same time. Either for a tantalizing night in, or a flirtatious day out – simply mesmerize the crowd with our stunning LUXE range.

Lingerie from Boudoir by Disaya LUXE has been fabricated using intricate laces and exceptionally high quality fabric, boasting a divine appeal. Let our LUXE range, distinguished by leavers lace, an exquisite ingredient fabricated by the rare leavers loom, adds sparkles to your ultimate desires. S May 2011 | 27 | S

RM S | 30 | May 2011


M May 2011 | 31 | S

S | 34 | May 2011


obert McGinnis was born in 1926 and grew up in rural Ohio. He began to show an interest in art at an early age and, after leaving school in 1943, studied at the Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati. His first paperback cover was done for the Dell Publishing Company in 1958: Al Fray’s “Built for Trouble” (Dell First Edition A167). (Although this was McGinnis’ first cover assignment, the first book published with a Robert McGinnis cover was John Creasey’s “So Young, So Cold, So Fair”, Dell 985.) Among the many authors for whose work Robert McGinnis has painted paperback covers are Edward S. Aarons, M.E. Chaber (pseudonym of Kendall Foster Crossen), Erle Stanley Gardner (including several books under Gardner’s “A.A. Fair” pseudonym) and Richard S. Prather. However, the books with which his work is most strongly associated are the Mike Shayne series, written by Davis Dresser and others under the pseudonym Brett Halliday, and the Carter Brown series, which was mainly written by Englishman Alan G. Yates, who migrated to Australia after World War 2.

Although his covers for crime and mystery books, including those writers mentioned in the previous paragraph, are probably his bestknown and most widely collected, Mr McGinnis has also painted a considerable number of covers for several other genres, including westerns, gothics, romance novels, historical novels and both movie and television tie-ins. Mr McGinnis rates his work for the Carter Brown, M.E. Chaber, and Richard S. Prather books as among his personal favourites. In addition to his paperback work, Robert McGinnis’ beautiful women have appeared on a number of movie posters, including those for “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, “Barbarella” and the James Bond movies “Diamonds are Forever”, “Live and Let Die” and “Thunderball” . In recent years he has continued to produce paintings for paperbacks, movie posters and magazines, and has also devoted a considerable amount of time to “fine art”. S May 2011 | 35 | S

S | 24 | August 2011

August 2011 | 25| S



Photography Javier Galue Stylist Paola Daganzo - Virginia GarcĂ­a Make Up Myriam JimĂŠnez Photographer Assistant Manuela Mariscotti & Emanuela Scanzani Model Natalia Gaplovska at Global Models Management Madrid

Natalia wears asymmetrical dress with lace by BCBG MAX AZRIA shoes by PEARL bracelet by LAURA B. bag with bow by SONIA SONIA RYKIEL

Natalia wears red satin jacket by ESCADA beaded wedges by CASTAĂ‘ER esparto ring by LUXENTER

Natalia wears dress with black belt by BCBG MAX AZRIA, gold bracelet by ESCADA shoes by Beverly Feldman

Natalia wears dress by LA PERLA shoes by Robert Clergerie rings by LUXENTER

Natalia wears leather corset by MAYA

Natalia wears chiffon dress by RELIGION leather clutch by PURA LOPEZ bracelet by ESCADA rings by Helena Rohner

Natalia wears beaded jacket by ESCADA blouse by HOSS INTROPIA ring by JUICY COUTURE

S | 48 | May 2011


Photography Justin Ruhl Assistant Brendan Pattengale Stylist Vanessa Goldbach Hair Jason Murillo Models Adam Driggs Kent Davis @ Next

May 2011 | 49 | S

CHA R PHOTOGRAPHY Seth Hutchinson ART DIRECTION Luis Cintron BEAUTY Janeiro Bofill HAIR Alberto Guzman MENS GROOMING Janeiro Bofill S | 58 | May 2011

RLIE by Matthew Zink

May 2011 | 59 | S

Sandra Backlund SS11

Photography Thomas Klementsson Styling Naomi Itkes Hair Peter Andersson Make Up Anya De Tobon Model Theres A

S | 66 | May 2011

Lets have a b BLACK celebrat celebrate the fac the back Of anot look to you How yo all hope is gone C optimistic eyes Se To someone like me you In my arms couldnt do today B PHOTOGRAPHER THANOS VERVENIOTIS





black celebration tion Tonight To ct That weve seen ther black day I ou carry on When Cant you see Your eem like paradise e I want to take Forgetting all I Black celebration

tshirt – Rick Owens hoodie - Ann Demeulemeester shorts – Bless boots – Sendra

n e e s e wev f O k c a the b k c a l b r e anoth day

pants – Henrik Vibskov tshirt – American Apparel eyewear – Adrian Mustelin Spectacles

tshirt – Rick Owens jacket – Yvon leggings – Wood Wood eyewear – Adrian Mustelin Spectacles

tshirt – Rick Owens, jacket – Yvon, leggings – Wood Wood

Photography Seth Hutchinson


SS || 80 2011 80 || August May 2011



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May 2011 Tesla Issue No. XII  

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