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Nexus Women grab Gold in Table Tennis Doubles Nexus dominated over Blue Flames in the championship game of Table Tennis Doubles in Women‘s Division. The event was held at Science Room 117 in Education Building, August 25, 2011.

Carla Joy Pernia and Ronalyn Manlisis as they strike the ball back to their opponents.

Carla Joy Pernia and Ronalyn Manlisis of Nexus won in the championship match against Pauline Benitez and Jenny Mae Mananita of Blue Flames. Pe rnia and Manlis is


Nagwagi ang Team Nexus sa Softball – Women‘s Division, makaraang talunin sa dalawang magkasunod na laban ang Matrix para makamit ang kampeonato na kanilang inaasam. – Agosto 25, 2011.

Jean Rose Matimtim preparing to hit the ball. Photo by AB-Com. student

Nagawang makakuha ng puntos na 15-0 ang Nexus laban sa Matrix sa Championship Game. Ang laban ay natapos sa 2nd inning pa lamang na dapat ay 5 innings, nang mapagdesisyunan ng Matrix na ibigay ang titulo at umayaw na sa laban. Sa unang laro ng koponan ng Arts and

Sciences laban sa Engineering, nakapuntos sila ng 12-6 na nagdaan sa kanila sa final game. Twice to beat ang Matrix, ngunit hindi nila nagapi ang determinado at palaban na Nexus. Kabilang sa nakalaban ng Nexus ang Bullshark, sa game 11, noong umaga ng parehong araw, sa puntos na 8-2. Talagang pinahinga ang mga manunuod sa ipinamalas na galling at kaliksihan ng mga manlalaro ng Nexus, sa kabila ng ulan at madulas na putik sa softball field.

displayed their deadly smashes, powerful chops and side spins with the scores 11-5, 11-6, 11-8, Pernia said ―Sa laban di dapat puro yabang, dapat self confidence, healthy mind and body para maabot ang success.‖ Manlisis agreed. The championship game was managed by Mr. Reginald M. Vino of Electrical Technology. Nhonnie Jean N. Mayores

Errata: In yesterdays’ issue August 24, 2011 the news article “Nexus knots ring net for Bullshark” is a Volleyball Men game not Basketball. The news article “Nexus bags awards in Vocal Duet and Song Writing” is a Cultural Competition and not Academic Competition, Mr. Manoos and Ms. Sager in the vocal duet category got the 1st place and not 1st runner up.

In SAS we stand to be corrected !...

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“SAS NEXUS Debaters amuse spectators by: Jinao and Lamarca In the Academic Competition 2011 Debate category SAS Debaters had shown undefeatable arguments making them to have a very thin chance to win against the E-nnovators; they were proclaimed 1st place.

Nexus debaters with the Board of Judges strike a pose after the competition. Photo by AB-Com student

Nexus Competes in Academic Quiz Bee Academic Quiz Bee participated in different delegates of every unit was held at MSC Library last August 23, 2011. Although Nexus was not able to win, they were able to show up their fighting spirit and strong belief that they could make it during the Academic Competition. In Science Quiz, Genalyn Lecaros got 35 points and made it to the difficult round; on the other hand, Marc Paulo Malco of Matrix was able to get 89 points and declared as the first place while Alex Seño of Panacea ranked second place with 53 points and Jimson Quezada of Aces got the third place with 48 points. In Math Quiz Bee, Aileen Estoya the Nexus contender was able to get 34 points which made her to the difficult round. Marc Paulo of Matrix won with 100 points, while Neil Francis Maapoy of E-nnovators ranked second place with 51 points. The third place went to Alvin Madaraog who got 35 points. In computer Quiz Bee, Dohn Robert Medenilla of Matrix got 93 points and declared as the first place; contender from E-nnovators who got the second place was Jhonn Mark Razonable with 92 points while Raymund Moreno of Aces got 86 points and ranked as the third place. Carmela Hueglas of Nexus was able to compete up to the difficult around. Despite losing in the competition Nexus faculty and students were proud as what their entries had shown in the competition. As what the saying goes “Better luck next time”.

In the first match Nexus debaters inhibited Artisans to continue their defending their side that made them win on the issue of ‘opening classes in September instead of June’. Nexus debaters moved ahead to Semi-finals versus Matrix and made it up to the final round against E-nnovators. Still Aivan Vincent Garniel made his opponent mouth shut for a second on his emphatic backfire of “Yes, it’s legal but do you think it’s ethi-

IV in the blasphemous Mideo Cruz Kulo painting. After controversial issues they had argued were: Resolve that the Philippine Dragon Boat Team be accredited by the Philippine Olympic Committee and Resolve that the Mideo Cruz Kulo exhibit is blasphemous. SAS debaters were Aivan Vincent Garniel, Eleanor Malacas, Richard Juustin Lancion and Jholey Rose Leaño. Boths teams Nexus and E-nnovator amused and excited judges Hon. Antonio L. Uy Jr. Vice-Gov. of the province, Board Member Bong Razaza Jr. and Mr. Ely Obligacion.

MSCians got Talent by: Jane Layosa August 24, 2011, Wednesday at 6pm was the “The Search for Mr. and Ms. Olympics 2011 in the talent category held in MSC covered court. The search started by an opening remark of Dr. Rosalina J. Villero, followed by MSC PresidentDr. Romulo H. Malvar’s message. The criteria for judging were given by Prof. Rosalinda Castro- Director OSA. The panel of judges consisted of SB Member Reymundo Laraquel, 2nd Dr. Gerardo Caballes, 3rd is the Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr.Leodegario Jalos and the 4th is the President of Marinduque State College Dr. Romulo H. Malvar.

Ms. Carmina Jagong shows her stance during the talent night. Photo by: J-Mar Robin Medenilla

As for The result of the search for Mr. Talent, Mr. Aces got the third place, 2nd Mr. Matrix, and the winner is the E-nnovator. For the Ms. Talent category Panacea got 3rd place, Nexus the 2nd place and the winner is no other than the Artisan.

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IN MY POINT OF VIEW by Sarah Jane V. Alim

―The MSC Olympics 2011‖ by: Nieva and Agapay ―It‘s not about winning or losing the game, it is how you play it, without giving them a pain…‖

Photo Courtesy of

The whole MSC has been excited as the 2011 MSC Olympics opened. Students, faculty and even the outsiders have their best team to support. Audience shouts, annoys the team they don‘t like and cheers for their favorite, TAEKWONDO. We all know that TAEKWONDO is quite serious and dangerous game, one who plays this has to control his anger and learn to be patient. In this game, the player might be physically injured seriously. I salute to those ladies who love this game. They are so strong and they have all the guts joining this kind of game. They are really an ―idol‖. Most men say they won‘t choose a girl who knows taekwondo because they are afraid to be kicked and hit by them once they get mad. We all know that most of the girls are temperamental, they can‘t control their anger, and so boys are afraid of them. Yeah; it‘s really true. It is really horrifying, but then, shouldn‘t these ladies idolized and admired

by every woman? We should be proud of them. They are not afraid to fight even with boys although they know that they might be hurt seriously. Many want to learn this game to protect themselves, but others would remark why would they want to learn this game if they know that they would be hurt. But my father said that why do I need to work hard and give much effort if there would be boys who could protect me in times needed. Well, that‘s his opinion, but for me, why should I depend to others if I know I can do it. Besides, we are all equal in God‘s eyes, if the boys could do it, we, the girls can also do it. Let‗s make those female taekwondo players as our inspiration. We all know Gretchen Malalad right? She‘s one of the most successful and idolized female taekwondo champions in the country. She got the Gold Medal, and we too can do it also. Well, if we know how to accept our mistakes and follow the rules of the game, we‘ll succeed.

Being a part of MARINDUQUE STATE COLLEGE OLYMPICS 2011- 2012 is like getting back in the time that we‘re in high school life, even though we are in college now. MSC Olympics is not only about competition but friends and classmates are considered the best part of the event. It‘s like, giving students a chance to take a rest and to have a break from serious and hard study. The event was about to end and most students would surely remember the precious memories they‘ve spent. Athletes of different units gave their best to win as well as the Nexus athletes competed hard to grab gold. Students also showed their support to their respective units. Many viewed the MSC OLYMPICS 2011- 2012, a true success, a tired but a happy one. Sport s m ans hip and self- confidence are the character traits that a true athlete should possess.

NETWORK NEXUS EDITORIAL BOARD Almira Leah S. Motol Editor-In-Chief Diane Sol Sub-Editor Jofel Maalindog News Editor Jane Layosa Feature Editor Arianne Kaye Sager/ Rochelle Pornela Sports Editor J-Mar Robin Medenilla Page Design Aizel Lacdao Literary Editor Patrick Magbuo Graphics Danilo Livelo Photo J-Mar Robin Medenilla Page Design Justin Lancion Circulation Manager Mr. Randy T. Nobleza Adviser Prof. Rosalinda M. Nuñez Ms. Anna Roffel M. Ornedo Co—advisers Julieta L. Go Ph.D. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences Consultant SAS OLYMPICS Documentation Task Force 1st day - AB—English IV AB—Com. Arts IV 2nd day - AB—English III AB—Com. Arts III 3rd day - AB—English II AB—Com. Arts II 4th day - AB—English I AB—Com. Arts I

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Artisan Tinambakan, Nexus Tagumpay! Panibagong rekord na naman ang naitala ng koponan ng Nexus’ Volleyball Women matapos tambakan ang Team Artisan sa iskor na 25-5. Sa unang salang pa lang ay nagpakita na ng gilas ang Team Nexus. Matapos matalo ang kalaban sa 1st at 2nd set. Medyo uminit ang labanan makaraang ibato ng Team Artisan ang bola na naging dahilan upang magabot ng iskor ang dalawang koponan. Samantala, hindi naman umubra ang depensa ng kalaban sa team Nexus. Bagaman malayo na ang agwat ng puntos, pinilit pa rin ng kalaban na makahabol, ngunit sa huli, team Nexus pa rin ang nagtagumpay. “Teamwork really works,” ang sabi ng coach ng koponan na si Mr. Nolito Ruiz- “It is the only thing we need when it comes to games.”

True Spirit by: Marian Ruth Nabos Try to think, we’re athlete Do you know how do we feel While we practice and prepare Wishing the game will go well No we’re not just excited Nor we’re nervous or baffled We’re not feeling discouraged For, we are here to make lead We’re feeling especially great We have guts, we’re not confident We’re the best, strong and skilled We will win in every field We’ll do our best and complete

Fearless Nexus by: Marian Ruth Nabos For every competition we play We all fight to have a prize to gain Not the money or trophy But the prize that we could bring to our society No matter how difficult it is, We’re still here to fight and can’t be defeated Despite all the pains that we’ll encounter We stand and never surrender. We successfully travel a long journey, With the guidance of our Almighty He never ever leaves us no matter How hard it is to fight and conquer.

Ipinaabot naman ng grupo ang kanilang pasasalamat sa mga taong walang-sawang sumuporta sa kanila.

Mr. ARTSSO bags 2nd runner up while Ms. ARTSSO the 4th runner up place by Motol, Sol & Layosa The Coronation Night of Mr. and Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 was held August 25, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the MSC Covered Court. The pageant was joined by different schools in the college, in the male category: Aces, Panacea, E -nnovators, Matrix, Nexus and Artisan while in the female category: E-nnovators, Artisan (with two representatives), Bullshark, Matrix, Panacea, Aces and Nexus. The following were the winners: Mr. MSC Olympics 2011-Panacea Mr. MSC Olympics 2011 1st runner up-E-nnovators Mr. MSC Olympics 2011 2nd runner up-Nexus Mr. MSC Olympics 2011 3rd runner up-Matrix Mr. MSC Olympics 2011 4th runner up-Aces Ms. MSC Olympics 2011-Panacea Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 1st runner up-Artisan #8 Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 2nd runner up-Aces Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 3rd runner up-E-nnovators Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 4th runner up-Nexus

Top: Prof. Mandia and Prof. Castro crown Ms. Jagong as the Ms. MSC Olympics 2011 4th runner up. Bottom: Engr. Lantoria and Dr. Go pose with Mr. Ravanera, the Mr. MSC Olympics 2011 2nd runner up. Photos taken by Carl Ian Lagar

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