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Borrowed Beauty PHOTOSTORY and PHOTOGRAPHED FOR Life of a gay BY MA. CATALINA M. LELANG BA COMMUNICATION 3A Everyone said gays are poison in the society. They are being discriminated because of their personalities and physical appearance, especially on how they act, they dress, and how they talk. I feel so sorry for them because they are the number one victim of discrimination. I ust say that those people who are discriminating them are ignorant. Why do I say so? Because they give fun and laugh for us in some ways. Sometimes they are giving us inspiration, also they have a flexible personalities. They can manage their selves even without the help of others and even they are receiving a lot of discriminating words from some ignorant people, they can stand and just smile on it. And that, I can say that they have a braver and stronger personalities that a straight guy couldn’t have. I know a gay named John Denver Honorica, he is 19 years of age, he stand for a name Margarita Arabella Miciano. He feel sorry for himself because he was born and Baptist as Iglesia ni Cristo. It is really hard for him to show his true self because being a gay in Iglesia ni Cristo is a big sin. But for him it is not a hindrance to show to the whole word that he is a gay and he is proud of being it.

In fact, he joined a beauty contest entitled ``Miss gay Tugos 2013� last December 25, 2013, he felt so nervous for that pageant because it was his first time. He had a practice together with his fellow candidate well, being nervous is really natural for a first timer like him. Especially when your competitor is more beautiful than you. He wore a casual, national, costume of his representing country, swim suit, he made his talent, and he also wore his long gown. And luckily, he made it, he has chosen to be a magic ten finalist. He has been asked by the judges for Q. & A. portion but unfortunately he failed to make it until the top five. But then, he is still it until the top five. But then, he is still happy for what have done. Maybe he didn’t make it until the last but still he did his best to win the title. He is also thankful and blessed because he made it at least until the magic ten, and even though he is a first timer to joined this contest. At last his big dream to become a Miss Gay someday is like a star it’s difficult to reach it. See, even though he is gay, he is contented on what he has, as a matter of fact, he is now a Catholic. The freedom is on his own, he is free to do what he wants, he is attending a mass and he joined the Christmas party of BPK in Cawit, Boac in Saint Rafael Archanghel Church last December 29, 2013 for their dance number performance. Now he go different places to racket or find a job as a beauty image or the beautician and also as dance instructor.

He will make his national costume

After he know the pageant he decided to join that competition w/o any hesitation. He prepared everything that he’ll need in the pageant such as make up, long gown, and costumes, Kenly Marte volunteered to be his make- up artist

He wear his casual dress, with the background of together with other candidates.


The night of the pageant came first they made

their production number with their casual attire

The Pretender “i believe that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose�

After that they took the runaway to represent and introduce his chosen country with his national costume and swim ware attire.

They had shown their elegance and sophisticate, when they did a walk with their long gowns.

The moment of truth came, when the judges finally decided the ten chosen candidates for magic ten finalist. Well, fortunately he joined the magic ten. In fact, he was the first candidate that the judges called.

He was the first candidate that has been asked by the judges. And the question given to him was, “ Sa iyong palagay bakit mabilis na dumadami ang bilang ng mga bakla. � He answered it correctly but because there are a lot of competitors that has a better answer, he does not join the top five finalist. He go down on stage and hug his friends for everything that they’ve done for him. He whole heartedly accept the fact that sometimes we win sometimes we lost

He applying face foundation to Ms. Angelica Mabutot, because she will attend the junior and Senior Prom.

He is now putting eyeliner on his patron’s eye.

He add blush-on to emphasize Ms. Angelica’s natural beauty.

He is now putting red lipstick

Denver is almost finish on applying make-ups

John Denver Honorica Also known as Margareta Arabela Miciano “Being an Iglesia ni Kristo is not a hindrance to show to whole world that I am a GAY and I am

Three days after the pageant he and the BPK of Caganhao joined a dance competition at St. Rafael Parish and they won

the first prize. No he really believes that “sometimes we win sometimes we lost.�

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