Saskatoon Home magazine Winter 2019

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Farmhouse modern A couple's journey to feeling grounded Julie barnes When you plug the word “farmhouse” into Houzz’s photo search, over 490,000 images await your perusal. There are some common themes: white walls, apron sinks, peaked rooflines, natural finishes and lots of shiplap. It’s easy to see why the site provided plenty of

inspiration to Ryan Keeping and Jody Marshak when they began planning their new build in 2016. The classic touches of the farmhouse aesthetic meant their new home wouldn’t date itself a decade later, which was ideal, given that the couple planned to stay

put for a while. In the six years they’ve been together, they’ve moved four times. The couple briefly considered buying and renovating an existing home, but eventually agreed to build an infill, says Jody, “keeping in mind that we wanted to start a family and settle down.”

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The older, craftsman style homes studded throughout Varsity View captured Ryan’s attention. “There are all these beautiful, steep-roofed houses with covered-in porches—we wanted to design a home that matched that aesthetic but was modern in every way.” Saskatoon HOME winter 2019 | 29