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MULTI-GENERATIONAL LIVING Three Generations Under One Roof “Do you guys get along?” “Don’t you get on each other’s nerves?” “I can’t believe you would actually live together with your son and daughter-in-law.” Those were just a few of


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the remarks Kate Beattie heard when she told friends she was living under the same roof as her next-of-kin. But for Kate, the living arrangement was nothing new. While her son and daughter-

FALL 2017

in-law, Jeremy and Sheena Sinclair, were renovating their 1956 Grosvenor Park bungalow, they lived temporarily in Kate’s town house. When their renovation wrapped up, the couple, their son George and Kate all

packed up and moved into the bright, beautifully modernized home. Sheena says the idea was sparked mid-renovation. “Living with Kate, we got in the groove of cooking together