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Volume 10, Issue 24, Week of June 17, 2013

Saskatoonʼs REAL Community Newspaper

Colin James

Colin James, a winner of six Juno Awards, will perform June 21 at the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival (Photo Supplied)

Award-winning musician celebrates 25 years in the industry


olin James is celebrating his 25th another Juno as male vocalist of the year. year in the Canadian music industry. That’s the way his career has catapulted — He can’t think of a better place from guitar hero to pop vocalist to leading to enjoy a special party than at the SaskTel a revival of swing music, with four albums Saskatchewan Jazz Festival, recorded with the Little Big where he will be performing on Band. He has been constantly in the TD Mainstage, behind the search for something new and Delta Bessborough Hotel, on different. June 21 at 7 p.m. And it seems like just “I’ve been there no less than yesterday when James, a boy four times, all of which bring from Regina, was discovering fond memories,” James said. what he might become. “The last time, the weather “My parents were folk music was so beautiful for an outdoor fans and I’d go to concerts with concert; the atmosphere was them and even played a little terrific; Trombone Shorty was on mandolin,” he said. He knew the stage just before me.” he was in love with the guitar People James was a 1989 Junowhich he was playing by age 10. Award winner as a guitar He left school and home at 16, specialist for his self-titled debut album. On trying the music scene in Winnipeg and then the second, Sudden Stop in 1991, he won Montreal before discovering Vancouver as


the right destination for him. Saskatchewan was never far out of sight. “I came back to Saskatoon to play the guitar man in the 25th Street Theatre production of Laughing Jack Rivers. We performed at the Holiday Inn. It was the first time I had ever earned a weekly wage. Andy Tahn ran the company, Janet Wright was the director, Michael Taylor of Humphrey and The Dumptrucks was there. Janet was the quintessential director.” Years later, James was invited to appear in an episode of CTV’s Corner Gas. Wright was in the cast, but he didn’t do a scene with her. In front of the cameras, he was attending an audition for a band in Saskatchewan’s fictional Dog River. He wowed two members of the audition team, but Brent Butt, the other member, dismissed him, telling him they already had a guitar player. In his early band days, he was part of

a group, Hoodoo Men, which worked the Winnipeg-Regina-Saskatoon triangle on a regular basis. The band got gigs with George Thorogood and John Lee Hooker, and then came the big break with Stevie Ray Vaughan. “My surname is Munn and it was Stevie Ray who said I should drop my last name and just go with Colin James. He was afraid some public-address announcer would get it wrong and I’d be called Mud. In the shows I did with him, Stevie Ray invited me back for encores. He said, ‘I’m opening the doors for you. Walk through them.’ For what he did for me, Stevie Ray was the best ever.” As a rising artist with Virgin America Records, James got to share the opening slot when Keith Richards was touring through the United States. (Continued on page 4)

Tons of boulders used to stabilize the river bank beneath the east end of the Broadway Bridge have been turned into something of a stone version of Facebook. Hundreds of the huge rocks have been painted by passersby with everything from affirmations of love, to messages of peace, to promotion of anarchy, to homespun philosophy, to rude comments, to hand prints, to colourful pictures or just simply bright colours. (Photo by Steve Gibb)

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chip section @costco. On first dates, I recommend going Old Dutch.) • To the 2 people sitting next to me in Starbucks yesterday: it was clear that you were on a first/second date...things were so awkward between the two of you I could barely concentrate on reading my book. There was no spark...I hate to say it but you both should find someone else. Ain’t no kismet there...zzzz (Note: Are you sure they weren’t married? This one has had 1,149 views, which is 1,149 views more than this column will get. zzzz) Here’s a deal. If you have ever successfully made a connection from one of your postings, I’d love to hear from you. Your identity will be not be revealed. I promise I won’t make any You Male, I Female jokes, no chip-section jokes and your eyes would really have to be special for me to want to meet them. Trust me. CONGRATULATIONS to our Shannon Boklaschuk and her husband, Jayce Ollenberger, on the safe arrival of their son, Jack Jayce Ollenberger. All of us at the Express couldn’t be happier for Shannon and Jayce. Jack has himself a great home. ON BEHALF OF all of us at the Express, I’d like to thank the people at Federated Co-operatives Limited for inviting us to their exclusive Johnny Reid concert last week. We had a great time. And congratulations to the Co-op on its generous donation at the end of its Marketing Expo to the Saskatoon Food Bank. A total of 100,000 pounds of nonperishable goods and bakery items, fresh meat and produce will go a long way in feeding Saskatoon’s hungry.

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SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013 - Page 3

165 pints given Now Dave Grainger wants you to donate in his name


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

alking to Dave Grainger is like sitting in the front row of a performance. His voice crescendos when he gets excited, he shifts around with unbridled energy and he often uses his hands to emphasize a point. That is why it’s hard to believe that Grainger has just come off a 24-hour, seven-days-a-week treatment of chemotherapy. But Grainger, who was diagnosed with leukemia in April, has a story to tell and cancer be damned, he’s going to tell it. “Giving blood could very well have saved my life,” said Grainger, sitting comfortably on his couch at home during his recovery week. “I was going in to give my 166th consecutive pint of blood, and for the first time in my life since I was 20 years old, I got rejected.” Rewind to 1975. Grainger, then 20, was a naval officer in Victoria, B.C., and was just issued a bet to go down to the local blood clinic and donate a pint. He, as well as another half-dozen officers, accepted the challenge. “I remember we were standing in line, getting ready to do our screening and we had one great, big athletic guy and he just started turning white at the thought of having to be stuck with a needle,” Grainger said with a chuckle. “It was funny. Anyhow, we all gave blood that evening and it worked well for me and I thought, ‘Hey, I’m going to do this.’ ” Grainger stuck to his word – and how! From Victoria to Peterborough to Regina to Winnipeg and finally Saskatoon, Grainger would wait his required number of days and go back to the clinic to donate another pint. He joined the seven per cent of the population in Saskatchewan that regularly donates, which is three per cent above the average in Canada. He remembers when 100 pints was his goal, though he’s far beyond that number now. What Grainger never expected was that his lifelong giving would lead to his diagnosis of leukemia. In for a routine donation on March 16, Grainger was rejected as a donor because his iron counts were low. A nurse at the Canadian Blood Service recommended he go see a doctor. “I was thinking there must be something wrong with their screening test. I’ve never been turned down. I was a little bit offended,” said Grainger with a laugh. “So I ended up getting a blood test and the next week my family doctor called and said, ‘I need you to come in and see me.’

JW10869.F17 James


MANOR at stonebridge

When I came in, he said all my blood counts were half of normal. We did more tests; the results were all the same.” Weeks later, Grainger had his bone marrow biopsy, which determined that he had an aggressive case of pre-leukemia. Grainger went straight into an intense round of week-long chemotherapy. It took three weeks in hospital for him to recover. Moira Kohlenberg, community development coordinator with Canadian Blood Services, said this is the first time she’s heard of anything like this in the Saskatoon clinic. “We don’t want people to think we’re in the business of diagnosing anything, but that was helpful to him,” said Kohlenberg. “In David’s case, he took the advice that Health Canada says to go to the doctor and he was diagnosed.” Grainger was not experiencing any physical symptoms at the time he was rejected as a blood donor. “Early detection is vital in any kind of a cancer diagnosis. So my family doctor said, ‘You got a lucky break. You got to thank the blood service for what they did. They got things started.’ ” But Grainger doesn’t just want to say thank you. He wants to do something for the Canadian Blood Service clinic in Saskatoon. “I remember I was hooked up to a bag of platelets and a bag of blood. I got out of bed and I looked at the tag of each bag to see when they were collected,” said Grainger. “I got thinking some Joe Schmo just like me went in on their Saturday morning to give their donation. They spent the hour, gave their pint, had the snack afterward and went on home, never thinking about where it would go or who it would impact. “I’ll tell you, tears welled up in my eyes . . . that was me for 38 years on the other end, just giving. And here I am now receiving. Before this is done, it’s common for bone-marrow transplant patients to require 50-60 pints of blood. That’s a third of what I’ve given since that day in 1975.” Grainger’s goal is to replace himself as a donor. Now that the Canadian Blood Service has lost a loyal donor, Grainger wants to find someone who will be as committed as passionate about the process as he was, and he’s starting a campaign in Saskatoon to do just that. “We have about 400 donors a week come through our doors,” said Kohlenberg. “To meet our supply of blood needed for the hospital, we’d like to see about

Dave Grainger was recently diagnosed with leukemia (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson) 500 people a week. We’re always looking for more. This summer alone in Saskatoon, and really the entire North, we need about 800 new donors to come through our doors to meet that demand. Summer can be tough because of motor collisions and regular donors going on holidays and deviating from their normal routine.” Grainger wants to do his part. “I’ll never be able to donate again. Once you have cancer, that’s it,” said Grainger. “I thought, ‘Let’s see how many people that know me would go in and give at least one pint of blood in my name. And out of that, maybe some people will become regular donors.’ The company I work for (Bioriginal) said this was a great idea and were generous enough to sponsor the campaign and offer an incentive for these new donors.” The incentive is an iPad 2. Those eligible are new donors or those who have given blood before, but not in the last few years. Donors can book an appointment with the Canadian Blood Service clinic located at 325 20th Street East, and tell the nurse they are giving their pint of blood in honour of Grainger. There is a catch. By the end of August, they must donate a second pint of blood to be entered in the draw. “I want to drive new donors,” said Grainger. “Boy, if I could get a couple of hundred new donors going in there this summer, and out of that maybe a dozen people say, ‘Hey, I’m going to be as committed as he was.’ If I could replace

myself that many times, mission accomplished. “It’s good for you, it’s healthy. Every time you donate, they record your blood pressure and your pulse, so you have a record of your health history. On top of that, just last November Health Canada instituted a new policy that if you were rejected you had to go talk to the nurse and they can forward you to your doctor. It’s an extra screening process, one that saved my life and perhaps could save others’ too. “It saves lives, simple as that,” added Kohlenberg. “You can’t manufacture blood; you can’t buy it at a drug store. So we rely on other people’s generosity with their time. And you never know when you might need it yourself, as in David’s case. If you’ve never donated, this is the time to come forward. David is an example of what is going on in hospitals. Every minute, every day someone needs blood in Canada. That is a statistic.” Join Grainger’s campaign on Facebook under the event Saskatoon Summer Blood Drive 2013. To keep updated on his progress, visit https:// Those who would like to book a time to donate blood can make an appointment at www. or call 1-888-2-DONATE (366283). Inquiries about blood donation can also be made at that number, 24 hours a day. The draw for the iPad 2 will be at Bioriginal’s 20th anniversary event on Sept. 7.

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Page 4 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013

Donating blood rewarding despite fear of needles


’m afraid of needles. Heights? Fine. Snakes? I can deal with. But needles? I am deathly, embarrassingly afraid of those little guys. When the opportunity came up to donate blood in honour of a story I covered for Dave Grainger, I said yes before considering the implications. “Mom, I’m going to donate blood for the first time! Aren’t I great?” I got an eyebrow raise and an “I hope you don’t pass out.” Moms have a better memory than their kids when it comes to things like this. She was probably recalling the time we went to the doctor and I refused to get the booster shot. Heroic mom that she is, she offered to get a shot and show me how easy it was. I watched Dr. B give my mom a shot in her arm, no cringing involved and then I refused again. Kids. But this was an opportunity I could not pass up. I got a call in the office and after a friendly hello, Mr. Grainger said, “Do you remember me?” I didn’t. He kindly reminded me he’d been my Sunday school teacher at Westgate Alliance Church. I immediately I recalled him, a man always bouncing with enthusiasm and having a contagious spirit for life. Right away, he told me his story. He had gone to donate blood, tested low for iron levels and went to the doctor. The diagnosis was leukemia. The diagnosis means he can never donate blood again; his 165th pint was his last. Now Mr. Grainger is trying to get new donors to the Canadian Blood Services clinic to replace his regular donations and the blood he is using as a leukemia patient. I jumped at the chance. Off I went to the clinic with another first-time donor in tow. I think it wasn’t until they were testing me for iron I realized needles would be involved. Kudos to the nurses at the clinic; they have what I’m going to call “nervedar,” a nose for detecting nervousness in donors. We got the full VIP treatment and were comfortably lounged back in side-by-side recliners. After marveling about how small my


2105 8th St. East Saskatoon, SK S7H 0T8 5 lines by 4p6 Morrison Spec Lisa Morrison, Lokinger & Associates Real Estate

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Joelle after giving almost a pint of blood veins were (not funny) to the other nurses, my nurse hit the vein on her first try. I could have kissed her, but I’m sure that would cross some donor-nurse relationship boundary. Six minutes later, and almost a full pint, I turned to talk to my friend and frankly, things got weird. My vision went hazy, my eyes started watering and I mumbled, “I’m feeling a little lightheaded.” Those are the magic words right there. Operation stop-giving blood commences. Three nurses came rushing with a bowl of ice and cold cloths. It would have been hilarious had I not been crying like my four-year-old self in the doctor’s office so many years ago. Mortified, I asked the nurse if they could still use my blood. Kindly, she answered yes. I hope she wasn’t lying. My poor friend got to hang out in the hero’s lounge with the doughnuts and juice while I reclined for another 10 minutes. I booked again for Aug. 10. So did my friend. And you know what: I strongly encourage everyone to do the same. Even though I had one adverse reaction, it was worth it — especially after learning about the need our province and hospitals have for blood. Moira Kohlenberg, the community and development coordinator, gave me a scary statistic. Every minute of every day, someone needs blood. That was less than 30 minutes of my day, passing out and all. If I can do it, you can.

The beauty of the new album, Twenty Five Live, is that it was recorded in the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. “It’s probably the venue I’ve played most in Vancouver, perhaps next to the Exhibition grandstand. We booked the place for three nights in November. The people just wanted to rock the first two nights and I wanted two shows to get the rhythm down. On the third night, we recorded the whole album and I’m happy with it.” Saviour, Bad Habits, Ain’t Nothing and Freedom are the songs which have been used as the earliest of the video-marketing tools. James remained a common sight on Saskatchewan stages. Sometimes he’d be at the Centennial Auditorium or as a guest on Kinsmen Telemiracle, with a couple of visits to the Saskatoon Exhibition, There was a 2005 Saskatoon appearance in front of Queen Elizabeth, the jazz festivals and the Juno Awards in Regina this year. With his 15 albums, six Juno awards, 16 Maple Blues awards, it was only a matter of time before he was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry’s Hall of Fame. It is a hall established within industry people, entirely different from the Juno-driven Canadian Music Hall of Fame. “It was wonderful to receive recognition, especially from the industry, for the work I love to do. The ceremonies were held in Toronto and it was so good to be saluted by people I consider my friends and heroes.”



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James worked shows with star headliners (Continued from page 1) of the best people I’ve met in the business.” “We’d play some of the 1,000 or 2,000 soft-seat theatres. What a fantastic band he had! I had never realized before the tour why he was considered such as great performer. And then when I saw him for myself, I knew. What was there about Richards I’d like to copy? How about longevity?” In his young travelling days, James also worked on shows headlined by Bonnie Raitt, Lenny Kravetz, Carlos Santana, Buddy Guy and the Chieftains, “and I opened shows for Albert King when I was 20 years old.” He has recorded with Raitt and The Chieftains. As his reputation grew, he leaned more on his vocal skills. “I could always play the guitar, but I couldn’t always sing. I worked at it. Now, if I do a couple of instrumentals in an evening, that’s it. The singing opens up more opportunities. I’m always looking for songs I want to sing. I’ve been lucky enough to record two songs, I’m Losing You and Jealous Guy, by John Lennon. He was always fascinating to me because here’s a guy who’s one of the best lyricists of all time and yet he loved rockabilly and all that early stuff.” James makes lists of songs he’d like to cover someday, “but I love to be involved in the song-writing process, too. I’d estimate I made 20 trips across Canada because, for the new album, I wanted to write with some

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An Evening Under the Stars The music of Queen comes back to life


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

t’s not easy stepping into Freddie Mercury’s shoes, but Michael Shotton, a lead singer with the Jeans ’n Classics, doesn’t like to look at it that way. “Well, I don’t think you can ever fill those shoes, but you can put on a different pair of shoes,” said Shotton. “I would say I’m energetic, I try to be very involved with the crowd. We try and present it like a rock show, rather than putting on a suit and tie, putting one leg over your knee and clapping like you’re at the Masters. It’s a really fun night.” The fun night Shotton speaks of is one filled with the music of iconic rock band Queen, with the addition of a choir and orchestral accompaniment. The classic rock and orchestra combination was a brainchild of Peter Brennan, composer and founder of Jeans ’n Classics. “Peter Brennan and I got associated through some production work that he was doing. He had hired me and we’d become friends, and he liked what I did,” said Shotton, who sings, drums, writes, engineers and produces music, and is involved in many entertainment projects. “He had this concept ages ago and he finally put it into action almost 20 years ago. Eventually he asked me to start singing solo shows. “It really is the ultimate concept of bringing classical and pop together. To hear stuff like Queen and the Eagles and JW10893.F27 Elton John; we’ve all heard a band and a James singer. But to hear a band, singers and an

orchestra is a completely unique thing,” said Shotton. “Of course, Metallica has done their record with an orchestra as well as KISS, but it’s a little bit different. It’s really a journey through some of our favourite music, all completely done in a different platform, all done in a very powerful way. People will really love it.” Jeans ’n Classics are coming to Saskatoon on Aug. 21 for an outdoor concert being held at the Whitecap Dakota First Nation. The evening, called An Evening Under the Stars, falls on the night of a full moon, and promises singing, Creeland dancing and other forms of cultural and musical entertainment. This isn’t Shotton’s first time performing as Freddie Mercury here. Last year, Jeans ’n Classics performed the music of Queen with the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra. “It was an awesome reception. We had a great night,” he said. “The orchestra is killer. First of all, you can’t get into those orchestras unless you’re a good player. And those are all very accomplished players in their own rights. Each one of those players are all absolute stars. So when you get a bunch of people that can play and sing and get along, you’re in for a good evening.” Mercury, known for his flamboyant stage presence and unmistakable performance style, is a fun act to follow. “By the end of the night, people are always on their feet standing and singing and I run out into the crowd and if I forget a word or something like that I can


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Michael Shotton guarantees the concert at Whitecap will be memorable (Photo Supplied) hand the mike over to somebody else,” said Shotton with a laugh. “You can’t blame me; blame the guy that was in the audience, he didn’t know the words. It wasn’t my fault! “We try and keep it very lively and fun and interactive. And we’ve always had great reviews with it and it’s always gone over quite well.” Even while performing onstage, Shotton said he hears new things in Brennan’s musical composition every show. “A little while ago we did Queen in Austin (Texas) and I was listening to Bohemian Rhapsody and there was a whole string section that I’d never heard before, and it was so cool,” he said. “Every orchestra approaches it a bit differently,


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they all have different sounds, and there are always new things to hear. There are nights you do the Rhapsody and it’s like it was the last song ever played on Earth. “People just start freaking out and just loving it, and it’s really fun. Throughout the night I take each song and share some little tidbits I learned about the songs, what made the songs become what they are. So you go into the song thinking, ‘Wow, I didn’t know about that’ and it gives the music new life.” To learn more about Jeans ’n Classics, visit Tickets for An Evening Under the Stars are $50 and available at the Jazz Festival Box office situated at the Delta Bessborough Hotel, or by phone at 306-652-4700 or online at www.eveningunderthestars. Gates open at 5 p.m.


¢ ea. June

TUE 18 WED 19 THU 20

Pricing in effect : Tuesday, June 18 to Thursday, June 20, 2013

Page 6 - SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013


Public figures should be held to a higher standard


ast week on CBC Saskatchewan’s Blue Sky radio figures, including athletes. This will be amplified by the show (which is awesome, FYI), host Garth Materie market and demographic — would the same story about asked whether or not we should hold athletes and a Toronto Argonaut make a ripple in the Centre of the public figures to a higher standard. He had Universe? No, probably not. Those that become opened the dialogue in the wake of the news that Roughriders must know they will face more Saskatchewan Roughriders tailback Kory Sheets analysis than players in other markets. This means had been charged with domestic violence in a awesome home games, the best fans in the world Florida courtroom in January 2013. The news and a whole bunch of questions to answer when broke as Sheets was in Saskatoon for the Riders’ you a bust a woman’s lip. training camp, resplendent with details over The Roughriders made a rather amateur PR Sheets’ female companion’s “busted lip” and a blunder when the story broke, naively issuing juicy mug shot. a short statement about facts and responsibility I joined Garth for a chat, telling him what I and that “in fairness to everyone involved with tell all my public relations clients: If you want this situation, the Saskatchewan Roughrider to be famous, you don’t get to pick and choose Football Club will have no further comment on when you are famous. This means taking the this matter.” Whoops. That won’t do now will Columnist public love with the hate, and managing that it? (That’s PR rule No. 18, give or take a few.) appropriately. That is one of the many rules of PR Telling people you’re not going to talk about — I don’t make them, but I sure know what happens when something is going to have the exact opposite affect you they get broken. want it to, especially the media, compounded by the rabid You may label this elevated scrutiny for public figures a nature of Rider fans. That was Monday. “higher standard,” but what it really means is that a public On Tuesday, Sheets strode onto the field and directly up figure must hold him or herself to a higher standard, lest you to the larger than normal media throng and answered every befall a scandal like Sheets has. question asked of him. He was embarrassed, “not proud” You may also argue that Sheets just wants to play and a whole bunch of other contrite attributes. He went into football. Why should his dirty laundry be any more public detail about what he learned in the domestic-violence classes than the average truck driver, plumber or nurse? The he was required to take as part of his sentence, completion of answer is simple: because CFL players are public figures which resulted in in the charges being dismissed. – especially in Saskatchewan. If I say the name Kory And with that open and honest transparency, coupled with Sheets, the majority of you are going to know who he is. An Rider GM Brendan Taman hastily adding his comments (as unsettling majority of you will be able to rattle off five years opposed to “no further comments”) on Sheets being on his of his stats, his birthdate and his blood type. So yeah, his “final strike” — POOF! — the story magically disappeared. mug shot is going to be of interest. See how this works? See how that works? Just like last week’s column, where I tried to point out Meanwhile, here’s hoping Sheets, age 28, has gleaned that those who enter public office will face scrutiny over from this experience a whole bunch of reasons to hold their choices and beliefs, a similar rule applies to public himself to a higher standard.


Pageant winner honours missing Aboriginal women

Shelly Loeffler Saskatoon Express aryn Oakes holds an honoured role among First Nations people as the 2013 Miss Manito Ahbee Travelling Princess. The Manito Ahbee Festival is held yearly in Winnipeg, a pageant established to recognize missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada. Every four years, the family of an Aboriginal woman whose life was taken much too soon is honoured by the festival. This is the fourth year that the memory of Oakes’ friend, Cherisse Houle, is being honoured. Houle went missing and was murdered in July 2009, just shy of her 18th birthday. Oakes decided to compete in the pageant in order to bring to light the story of Houle and other young Aboriginal women.


As the year of her reign comes to an end, Oakes wants to do more to bring attention to missing Aboriginal women. So she organized a run/walk on June 22, entitled Honouring Our Sisters Awareness Run/Walk to raise money and awareness. The event will take place at Wanuskewin Heritage Park, with all proceeds going to Iskweuk E-Wichiwiochik Organization, a group dedicated to missing Aboriginal women. From the Nekaneet Cree Nation, Oakes, who attended Buena Vista School and Aden Bowman Collegiate in Saskatoon, carries strong family values and traditions and has become a Fancy dancer. Along with her mother, Irene, and her sister, Mallory, Oakes competes in powwows throughout North America. For more information on the run/walk, phone 306- 2218372 or call Rachel Fiddler at Osyayak High School: 306JW10926.F17 659-7730.


2 — Names the Big Mac had before McDonald’s went with its now legendary name. The burger, invented by Jim Delligatti in 1967, was first named Aristocrat and then the Blue Ribbon Burger. An advertising secretary at McDonald’s head office named the burger the Big Mac. 10 million — Gallons of gas UPS has saved since 2004 by having its drivers only making righthand turns when possible. Engineers discovered fuel consumption is at its highest when trucks are idling while waiting to make left-hand turns. The fuel saved is the equivalent of taking 5,300 vehicles off the road a year. 29 — Age of the world’s oldest known living dog. A terrier-cross in Louisiana will turn 30 in August. The dog, named Max, had never had serious health problems. He was never fed food from the table, his owners said. 40 — Percentage of designated drivers that drink before they get behind the wheel, according to a study. 1,200 — People earning between $50,000 and $172,000 annually who live in subsidized housing in Calgary, according to documents obtained by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. 300 — Microscopic saliva drops the average talker sprays per minute. That is about 2.5 droplets per word. 16 — Percentage of Americans that view hipsters favourably, according to a study. Twenty-five per cent of respondents said they would support a special tax on hipsters for being annoying. $13,000 — Amount a fan paid for a fingernail that was worn by Lady Gaga. 25 — Percentage increase in home prices in southern California during the past year. $1 million — Amount an anonymous bidder paid to have lunch with billionaire Warren Buffett. The money goes to a San Francisco charity which provides services for underprivileged people in the area. 95 — Percentage of people that wash their hands incorrectly, according to a Michigan State University study.

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Affinity Credit Union app

For all your Canada day Fireworks visit

makes online banking easier


Tammy Robert Saskatoon Express

RS31154.F17 Rob

ON NOW Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite

ConFederation Mall

(trailer on Corner oF CirCle dr. and laurier dr.)

open Monday June 24th - Monday July 1st 10aM - 9pM

JW10885.F17 James



Mark Lane is the chief executive officer at Affinity Credit Union (Photo Submitted) “Mobile banking is growing in popularity with our members. The introduction of our next-generation mobile banking apps with Deposit Anywhere™ will provide additional solutions for those wanting to access our services easily, quickly … and when it’s convenient,” said Lane.

Deposit Anywhere™ is currently available to members of Westminster Savings Credit Union in British Columbia, Meridian in Ontario and now Affinity Credit Union in Saskatchewan. Deposit Anywhere™ is currently available only for clients with iPhones, but will be available for use with Android and Blackberry phones in the near future.


ffinity Credit Union is revolutionizing the way you handle your online banking by spearheading the latest in financial and mobile phone services across Saskatchewan and the prairies. Saskatoon’s Affinity Credit Union is one of three credit unions that are the first, and only, financial institutions in Canada to offer Deposit Anywhere™ — a buzz-worthy mobile banking app that makes it easy to deposit a cheque using your iPhone from anywhere in the world. The technology has been available in the United States for some time, making it just one more thing for which Saskatchewan is leading the pack in Canada. “We are extremely pleased that credit unions are leading the way in the development and implementation of this exciting new app,” said Mark Lane, chief executive officer at Affinity Credit Union. “Deposit Anywhere™ enhances our ability to meet the changing needs of our members today and in the future." The process is simple. To use Deposit Anywhere™, Affinity members simply need to download the free Affinity Credit Union mobile banking app from the Apple App Store. Once the Deposit Anywhere™ app has been downloaded, the user logs in with their iPhone, takes pictures of the front and back of the cheque, selects the account to which they would like the funds deposited, and with a few key strokes the information is sent to Affinity. The money is deposited into the member’s account in real-time, and a confirmation number is returned to the user. The app can be used to deposit a cheque anywhere, anytime, in less than a minute, without having to visit a branch or find an automated teller machine (ATM).


Container DireCt Sale Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite

Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite

Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite

ON NOW La-z-Boy Rocker Recliner

MSR. $4199

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Stylus Sofa/Chaise



Stylus Leather Sectional w/ottoman

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Sunpan Leather Dining Chairs




Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite



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Sunpan Leather Dining Chairs

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Magnussen 6 Pce. Bedroom Suite



Mobital Gloss White Desk



Mobital Queen Leather Bed

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Mobital King Leather Bed



Mobital Leather Power Reclining Sofa & Stationary Love Seat



Mobital Leather Dining Chairs

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• All items sold “AS-IS” • Limited quantities • Previously sold items not included • All sales final



• Some items not exactly as illustrated • Items subject to prior sale • Many additional in-store items also reduced

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Councillors now have own pot of money at taxpayer expense


oy, I thought I had fallen asleep It also covers personalized stationery, at the switch when reading about greeting and holiday cards (including councillors’ spending from mailing costs) as well as newspaper ads. their communications allowance. What If you don’t get a birthday, anniversary or allowance? After a quick call to City Hall, I holiday card from your councillor this year, I learned that council incorporated a $110,000 guess that means you aren’t very important. expenditure in the 2013 budget and proposes But you might receive a fridge magnet, to allocate each councillor $10,000 for pen or T-shirt with your ward councillor’s public communications, along with $10,000 name in it. Since there is no provision to for the City Clerk’s office to administer the carry over any unused money in the fund fund. at year’s end, a smart councillor At least eight of our would start stockpiling these councillors jumped the gun items for the 2016 election year. on spending from this account And please let your councillor when they committed money to know of your special occasion Pride Week festival organizers and they may send you a gift because the guidelines for basket or flowers. spending from this allowance Although the City hosts an were not to be approved by annual ward meeting, councillors council until June 10. As was may rent a facility to host an expected, it was rubber stamped event. I have absolutely no and all expenditures will be idea what kind of event they retroactive to Jan. 1. might host. Perhaps a Christmas Columnist This is not a homophobic party? The hospitality guidelines commentary on gay/lesbian/bisexual/ allow them to claim food and nontransgendered/transsexual people or groups alcoholic beverages related to community or activities. It is a commentary on elected events, along with meals or receptions officials using tax dollars to support causes when hosting constituents, business of their choice. Where do you draw the line? contacts, representatives or other levels of The approved guidelines include two government. tickets to any business and/or community Your tax dollars will also pay for design, events such as banquets, theatres or shows. writing, copy-editing and printing costs of One ticket is for the councillor and the newsletters or flyers. It will also pay for second ticket is for a spouse or guest. distribution costs through Canada Post, Councillors can now register for fundraising Admail or other means. They can hire golf tournaments and walkathons (although private contractors to research, produce I didn’t know you had to pay to participate and present material they think relates to in a walkathon). To council’s credit, it does the City’s business, and hire professional prohibit use of this fund to purchase raffle speech writers. During the last election, tickets, silent-auction items or alcohol. But some councillors advertised and promoted they can purchase and donate door prizes for themselves on social-media sites. They events of their choice. Frankly, I’m not sure can now cover their advertising costs from how any of this qualifies as communications using Twitter, Facebook, web pages or other support. I wonder who gets the tax social media for communicating with the deductible receipts from these events. public during their term – including software


accessories. Wouldn’t it be logical to expect that written communication to constituents would be on City letterhead rather than personalized stationery? How will a fridge magnet or pen bearing a councillor’s name, ward and phone number improve communications? They are already listed in the City’s white pages in the phone book and they can be reached through City Hall. As for newsletters and flyers, shouldn’t the same message be delivered to all residents which could be included in your water bill, either via mail or eBill? Or is the newsletter intended to promote specific councillors and what they, rather than council as a whole, are doing. And if councillors can’t do their own research or write their own speeches, perhaps they are in the wrong occupation. There is nothing in the guidelines that speaks to an election year other than to say that councillors must adhere to the requirements of the Code of Conduct regarding actions during a civic-election period. We know how well this works. Can we expect to see billboards extolling the virtues, decisions and initiatives of councillors in the years to come? And we may never know if the recipients of a councillor’s largesse were campaign donors because personal and exempted information governed by The Local

ML415995.F17 Mary

Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act will be redacted prior to posting expense information on the City website. This, coupled with the fact that all donors may not be acknowledged on the campaign disclosure documents, will guarantee lack of transparency. It sounds like we’re into a four-year re-election campaign. At $10,000 per year, over the next four years each councillor can spend up to $40,000, for a grand total of $400,000 for the group. What is most galling is that one-third of a councillor’s $50,000-plus salary is tax free, a provision granted to allow a councillor to offset expenses like these. Wear and tear on your vehicle is now covered by mileage reimbursements. Use of a cellphone, laptop computer, printer, fax machine, office supplies and administrative support are already provided from the public purse for communication purposes. What’s next? Cars and chauffeurs? This guideline is open to abuse. Like the Canadian Senate, council sets its own perks and ambiguous guidelines. We may find that our councillors will make senators look like cheapskates. When you get your trinket, T-shirt, gift basket, flowers or card, remember you are paying for it.

Saskatoon Summer Players’ Amateur Production of

June 28 – July 7, 2013 Remai Arts Centre Persephone Theatre Box Office

306-384-7727 Lyrics by Tim Rice Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Director Dennis Beerling

ProDucer Kelly Brophy MusicaL Director Jennifer Rommens TM 1991 The Really Useful Group Limited ®Technicolor is the registered trademark of Technicolor group of companies.

Churchill Gardens

Joseph_SKExpress.indd 1

5/22/13 4:49 PM

Spring is here!


Enjoy peace of mind maintenance free living in a convenient East side community.

Only 4 suites left in Phase 1 for occupancy this summer.

All proceeds from the lottery stay in Saskatchewan.


Carrie Derin

STARS Very Important Patient (VIP)

During a family quad outing on Aug. 31, 2012 Carrie was pierced in her abdomen and impaled against her seat by a poplar tree that had fallen on the trail. While her husband raced to find an area with cell service and call for help, Carrie knew she needed to stay strong for her 10 and 15-year-old daughters. When the STARS air medical crew picked up Carrie, she was in critical condition and they knew every second would matter. Carrie received a life-saving blood transfusion during the 40-minute flight to Regina. “We’re so lucky to have STARS here in Saskatchewan. When you see that helicopter in the sky, know that it’s holding angels and carrying the best gift of all … life!”

Gorgeous adult condo bordering Churchill Park. Tasteful & practical amenities. Heated underground parking included. Suites from 741 s.f. to 1,543 s.f.

STARS is a non-profit charitable organization, providing time, hope and life saving care and support for critically ill and injured patients.

IN 2,206


Worth Over Prizes $3.8 Million Retail!

BUY YOUR TICKET NOW! TICKETS ONLY $60 EACH, 2 FOR $100, 6 FOR $250 Total tickets printed 152,200. For Sale in Saskatchewan Only Please view our website for full listings of lottery rules.



Discovery Center:

Mon - Sat: 1:30 - 5:00 pm Or by appointment with Morley Miller

Corner of Ruth St. & Haultain Ave. Currently under construction. 374-1010 Discovery Centre 291-2420 Cell

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8 Anniversary JUNE th

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2013 22 & 23


With every purchase of our Jumbo Meaty Pork Back Ribs


Marinated Pork Tenderloin

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Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillets Boneless, 4 x 5 oz. portions

Summit Pork Sausage - Gluten Free

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UK Garlic, Mennonite Farmers or Bratwurst

Summit Uncle John’s


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Check in store for more great deals QUANTITIES AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST

Store Hours Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm • Sunday 11am to 5pm

115 St & Central Ave. Ph. 978-8838

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Putting a new face


on flight attendants

each other’s faces. ir Canada rouge flight attendants I have always considered it not only are getting a makeover. a bonding experience, but an art form of They will be wearing special sorts. Furthermore, it is a good exercise to Maybelline products designed just for consider one’s best attributes and figure them, the company announced recently. out how to use clothes and Touting it the “definitive flight makeup to accentuate these attendant allure,” they say features. It’s all part of making that you too can buy “Falsies a good first impression. Big Eyes Mascara in Blackest Makeup can give us glow Black” to achieve the subtle, not just because we add cat-eye look. some colour to our faces, but Or get flawless skin by because in its application we using “Color Tattoo in Bad are nurturing ourselves and to the Bronze,” just like the practicing good self-care. We attendants walking the aisle. feel better about ourselves and Noticeably absent in their news stand with more confidence. release was any mention of We share that glow naturally what the male flight attendants Columnist through our smiles and that would be wearing or if any makes others like us, trust special effort had been made to us and want to work with us. That glow improve their appearance. When I first read this, I thought it burst is called “presence,” one of the three main attributes the global consulting with outdated stereotyping. Then I came organization McKinsey and Company across some research by Dr. Daniel S. found successful women possess, no Hamermesh, author of the book Beauty matter where they live in the world. Pays: Why Attractive People Are More When a woman has presence, people Successful. Hamermesh’s study found that women who wear makeup are considered notice when she walks into a room and to be more attractive than those who don’t. remember her when she leaves. It is a Furthermore, his study showed that women confidence that comes from within. And if makeup can help inspire that, I am all for deemed to be attractive make $230,000 it. more during the course of their careers. However, when wearing makeup Who would have guessed that when you becomes such a part of our identity we are a woman wearing makeup others can’t to take the garbage out without will consider you more trustworthy and wearing it, then we have a problem. competent? Yet, that’s exactly what his Women who rely on makeup and are research shows. fearful of being seen without it, aren’t Why are women who wear makeup spreading a glow. They are usually uneasy, considered more trustworthy? Maybe living in fear behind a mask — posing as it is because our societal value system a beauty who knows that underneath it all, encourages makeup for women and those that wear it are sending a message she is a fake. It all comes down to motivation and the that they support the status quo. On a reason behind the action. If Air Canada subconscious level, we may believe that rouge flight attendants are wearing makeup these women won’t rock the boat. We to enhance what is right about them, it can may think make-up wearing women are be a good thing — the flight attendants more competent for similar reasons. We will feel better about themselves and we’ll all want people who work for us to leave no stone unturned. On a subliminal level, feel good being with them. However, if they are wearing makeup because they are we may feel women who don’t bother with makeup aren’t using every available led to believe that they don’t measure up without it, the airline won’t get its desired advantage. results. The flight attendants won’t be Interestingly, we can’t blame only men for this bias toward females wearing happy with themselves and that will rub off on the passengers. makeup — women react the same way. The company would be further ahead Reinforcing Hamermesh’s results is a to promote and encourage confidence. 2012 Harris survey which found that Studies by Hamermesh and others have nearly 50 per cent of women equate the absence of makeup with unattractiveness. found that attractiveness and confidence are interchangeable. In fact, confidence So both genders believe that women trumps perceptions of beauty. Remember who wear makeup are more attractive, that beauty is a personal opinion, held in give them more career breaks and higher the eye of the beholder. It is truly only skin compensation as a result. deep. Those who are confident and spread This caused me to stop and reflect on that glow can enjoy the fun of applying the practice of wearing makeup. I like it makeup without the pressure of feeling and have always felt a little sad for men that that don’t get to play with enhancing that they have to wear it to be accepted and appreciated. They can have the best of their looks like we women do. After all, it’s fun for young girls to get together and both worlds and that’s a confidence builder in itself! be creative blending makeup colours on


ML41656.F17 Mary

Cory-Parke Greenhouse % Garden and off Home decor


BeddinG plants

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Marlene S. Miller

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SOLUTIONS FOR DEBT PROBLEMS Pinder Bueckert & AssociAtes inc.


• Karl Bueckert • Jeff Pinder • Joann Borkowski • Crystal Seed • Personal & Business Bankruptcy • Debt Settlements, Proposals & Counselling • Free Personal Consultations

Gift Certificates Available

Open Sundays Noon to 5pm 956-2272

Trustee in Bankruptcy & Member of Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP)

#212 Eastwood Centre • 3521 8th Street East 653-1100

“LOOKING FOR FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE?” • Credit Counselling • Debt Settlements & Proposals • Financial Restructuring to Get You Back on Track Over 50 Years of Combined Experience

Jeff Pinder & Karl Bueckert Trustees in Bankruptcy

Locally Owned • Friendly & Open Environment

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#212 Eastwood Centre 1 - 3521 8th Street Est, Saskatoon, SK S7H 0W5 (Across from the Newest Tim Horton’s on 8th St. East)



Royal University Hospital Foundation’s

8th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic in Partnership with the Saskatoon Blades Presented by

Saskatoon & Region Home Builder’s Association’s

Community Autograph Signing Join us at the Riverlanding Wednesday, June 26 from 3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

June 26 & 27, 2013 The Saskatoon Blades, Blades Alumni and NHL Celebrities are coming to Saskatoon to help raise funds for continuing research and education in nuclear medicine at the PotashCorp PET-CT Centre at Royal University Hospital

Expected to be in attendance: Luke Schenn, Philadelphia Flyers Darcy Hordichuk, former Edmonton Oiler Brayden Schenn, Philadelphia Flyers Scott Hartnell, Philadelphia Flyers Eric Gryba, Ottawa Senators Keith Aulie, Tampa Bay Lightning

James Wright, Winnipeg Jets Brayden Holtby, Washington Capitals Carter Ashton, former Toronto Maple Leaf Brent Ashton, Retired NHL Hockey Player Mike Silinger, Retired NHL Hockey Player … and more to come.

If you would like to support this event by purchasing a golf foursome or a golf spot, please contact Candace at 306-655-6501 or For more information and updates visit Charitable Business # 11927 9131 RR0001 Ad Sponsored by Saskatoon Express

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s is m ’t on D t ou

Believe your eyes.

Smartphones starting from $0.

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Unlimited Nationwide Talk & Text † Up to 5 GB of shareable data‡ Call Display and Voice Mail

Learn more at For more details on these great offers, visit your TELUS authorized dealer or retailer, or call 1-866-264-2966. TELUS STORES & AUTHORIZED DEALERS Saskatoon Centre at Circle and Eighth Lawson Heights

Midtown Plaza 15 Innovation Blvd 108 Ave D South

157 2 Ave NE 20 Betts Road 302 Stonebridge Blvd

1844 McOrmond Drive 2723 Faithfull Ave

Plans are available with activations and renewals, and not as a rate plan change. As a result of the plans having shareable data, data notifications will not work on these plans. *Prices are subject to change without notice. Pricing and availability may vary. Taxes, international long distance, additional airtime, roaming and pay-per-use charges are extra. Data used while roaming in the US is charged at $5/MB. Data used while roaming outside Canada and the US may vary by zone. Voice used while roaming in the US is charged at a rate of $1.50/minute. Voice used while roaming outside of Canada and the US varies by country. †Premium and subscription messages are not included. An additional 15¢ charge will apply for each text message or attachment sent outside of Canada and the US. Text messages sent or received while roaming internationally will be charged at 60¢/message. ‡Additional usage beyond the individual data included in promotional plans or the total shared data in Unlimited Talk & Family Share plans will be charged at 2¢/MB. Cannot be combined with any additional data add-on. Tethering included. Additional data is charged by the MB and is rounded up to the closest KB (1 GB = 1,024 MB; 1 MB = 1,024 KB). Data usage is subject to a monthly overage limit of 10 GB. Only smartphones on rate plans that include shareable data may share data with other subscribers on the same account. TELUS, the TELUS logo, the future is friendly and are trademarks of TELUS Corporation, used under licence. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2013 TELUS.

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“One of the last pure music experiences left on Earth”


Festival Headliners

Bessborough Gardens, TD Mainstage

t was 1964 and I was lucky and others, the PHJB realizes they group. The gentleman sitting next June 21 — Colin James, 7 p.m. enough to travel to New are remnants of real jazz, but they to me, a member of the PHJB, June 22 — Metric, 6 p.m. Orleans during one of my don’t want to become a museum asked, “Are you singing?” June 23 — Ziggy Marley, 6 p.m. family’s camping trips. My piece. “No,” I said, clearly flustered, June 24 — Serena Ryder, 7:30 p.m. parents, who mixed musical Jaffe and the PHJB “just humming!” June 26 — Herbie Hancock, 7:30 p.m. passion and have set a mission to “I call that singing,” was his June 27 — City and Colour, 8 p.m. adventure-seeking, carry on the tradition response. made sure our New June 28 — Dr. John and Nite Trippers, 8 p.m. of New Orleans- style And so I was introduced to the Orleans experience music, allowing them June 29 — Jimmy Vaughan and Tilt-A-Whirl Band, 6 p.m. accepting style of the Preservation included a visit to the the freedom to evolve June 30 — Michael Franti and Spearhead, 6 p.m. Hall Jazz Band. French Quarter, only with the music. The During their stage performance blocks away from the band has an interest in Broadway Theatre Mississippi River. collaborating with other that year, I remember dancing in the June 22 — Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 7:30 p.m. wings of the stage, ready to break Even as a child artists – visual, film, June 23 — John Scofield, Uberjam 7:30 p.m. I could feel the age dance – all forms in order into the aisles in full dance mode, June 24 — Bette Lavette, 7:30 p.m. especially when one of the band of the area, see the to continue to grow while members prompted me. June 27 — Nikki Yanofsky, 7 and 9:30 p.m. weathered exteriors attracting new listeners. Columnist June 28 — Saskatoon Jazz Orchestra and P.J. Perry, 7:30 p.m. When I asked Jaffe how a of the FrenchI first heard the music June 29 — David Murray, Macy Gray, 7:30 p.m. styled balconied of the PHJB on their last dancing audience might affect their performance, he said, “I’m buildings and everywhere hear visit to Saskatoon. Hooked from always surprised when people don’t The Bassment the sweet notes of jazz in the air. the first listen, I was honoured to dance and I think of it as a huge I remember Dad taking us in to a be invited to introduce the band June 21 — Coral Egan, 9 p.m. compliment when they do. It’s fine small, dimly-lit jazz room in the at their festival performance. I June 22 — Allan Jones Canadian All-Stars, 9 p.m. that something I have played has middle of the day. Listening to remember sitting in the Green June 23 — Vijay Iyer Trio, 8 p.m. touched you to a point to move the brass band blow low mellow Room with them, nervous and not June 24 — Soweto Kinch Trio, 8 p.m. you.” tunes captured my heart and saying much, overwhelmed with June 25-26 — Harpoonist & Axe Murderer, 8 p.m. my ear, confirming jazz as my I’m one of the lucky people who the musical integrity in the room. June 27 — Kurt Rosenwinkel Quartet, 7 and 9:30 p.m. choice of music. You could also purchased a ticket early I will be As I sat waiting for the cue to June 28 — Alfredo Rodriguez Trio, 9 p.m. feel a relaxed attitude in the air; bring the band on stage, I found sitting (until it is time to dance), June 29 — House of Legends, 7 and 9:30 p.m. an acceptance of life and love. enjoying one of the purest forms of myself humming along with the Truly, it is the music that binds piped-in music of the opening jazz music, jazz — New Orleans style! New Orleans history and culture. The passion for that style of jazz is still there. I heard it in the voice of Ben Jaffe, leader of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band (PHJB) and tuba player during a telephone interview just days before the band embarked to Saskatoon for the SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. They are looking forward to the return. Jaffe remembers from the last visit seven years ago, that Saskatoon has a “deep level of appreciation for artistry and cultural importance.” That would explain the sold- out sign for the June 22 show at the Broadway Theatre. When asked if that was the customary response, Jaffe said, “It has been happening, but we are always surprised.” Though the band started in 1961, formed by Ben’s parents — Sandra and Allan Jaffe — it’s in the past few years they’ve gained recognition. They recently appeared on the Grammy Awards show, performing with Dr. John and the Black Keys. Prior to that, the band received a coveted Image Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. In January 2012, the band enjoyed a 50th anniversary celebration at Carnegie Hall. Achieving a new contract for Saskatoon The members of CUPE 2669, Saskatoon For any band, 50 years is Public Library workers was no small feat. Public Library workers, thank patrons and exceptional! Perhaps that stability is It took more than three years and a lot of the public for their incredible support over connected to the home of the band, Preservation Hall. Though effort from many people. Thanks for helping the past three years. Library workers were originally a private residence us make this first step towards fair wages for supported on picket lines, at events, rallies built in 1750, the building has been a tavern, an inn, a photo Saskatoon Public Library workers. Thanks and at board and city council meetings. studio and an art gallery until for supporting Saskatoon Public Library Thanks to everyone who sent a letter, email finally resting as the hall of jazz that it is today. The Preservation workers. or postcard to the Library Board or City Hall is much like the music it 2669 Council, or wrote letters to the editor. protects; simple and sweet with an intimate connection to those that stop to listen. Still open daily, Preservation Hall promises to be different than any jazz club you may have visited — there are no seats, no drinks being served, no air conditioning and it closes by 11 p.m. Yet, for a mere $15 you can hear “one of the last pure music experiences left on Earth!” Noting that their music started with the likes of Louis A message from the women and men who make Saskatoon’s public library work. Armstrong, Jelly Roll Morton

Shelly Loeffler

SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013 - Page 13

What if?


to the Editor

Rail lines, bus mall move

uestion: What if the CN rail had Then, the light traffic flows back on CP Rail. not moved south (years ago)? What So why couldn’t we have double-tracking, would the downtown look like where the trains all go east on one portion now? What if CP was to move north and all go west on the other. So, when he and share the new north bridge says “what if,’’ well, why not? and, of course, it’s cost? What Question: What if we got an would Saskatoon look like then? up-to-date bus terminal located Mayor Atchison: I think that between 22nd and 23rd streets, “what if” might take a half hour east of the Wall Street building, to answer fully. The reason I say and a multi-level parkade where that is these what-if questions the present car park is with a have a lot of different areas to bus terminal using the ground them. floor, complete with restaurants Then Mayor Buckwold and that would be convenient for the then Sen. Buckwold had a vision mall, provincial bus connections that downtown shouldn’t have and TCU Place? Is there an rail yards in it and he got them Ask the Mayor entrepreneur who would finance moved out. That is one of the it for the parking fees? reasons our downtown was able Mayor Atchison: That is to thrive over the years, while others have a very good question. I don’t know. One languished. We have Midtown Plaza which of the things we are looking at doing with is one of the most successful shopping transit is doing away with the bus mall and centres in Canada and, I believe at one point, going to a circular system instead. So the it was the most successful shopping centre in buses won’t all stop at one location as a hub. Question: What does a circular system Canada on sales on a square-foot basis. That type of vision is sometimes met with mean? Mayor Atchison: They would go around opposition. He could see into the future. The CN rail tracks were always there and didn’t downtown in a circular area with different stations, instead of coming to one location come into the downtown. It was more the passenger trains, with the station. The Grand as they currently do. If you look back on 23rd Street between Second and Third Trunk Bridge was always there, so that wasn’t built because of the downtown being avenues, that used to be a thriving area. There were all these things in the area that rejuvenated. are now gone. I think there are other ways The part of the question about CP Rail indicates the rail yards in Sutherland should for us to move transit. Transit is going to be moved. The question is: Where? Should have a new plan this coming summer that we are rolling out. That has gone to council they be west of Chappell Yards, where CN already and was approved for some route is right now? Should they be to the east of changes. There will be another route change the city? coming up, I believe, next year. The question I ask all the time is, why Overall we are headed to a better transit couldn’t CN and CP co-share about 30 miles system and more efficient transit. of track through the south end? Why isn’t (Have a question for Mayor Atchison? that possible? In the Fraser Valley, CN and CP co-share. All the heavy loads go via CN Email it to editorial@saskatoonexpress. SS50460.F17 because they have a much better rail system com. Please put “mayor” in the subject through the Fraser Valley – it’s not as steep. line.) Shannon



Mayor’s numbers don’t add up

n Mayor Don Atchison’s column (Let’s Mayor Atchison refers to unanticipated turn the sod for new gallery, June 3-9), rising costs of certain renovation projects (like the numbers cited for the Remai Gallery the proposed Mendel plan), but fails to mention compared to the Mendel gallery expansion are the wildly expanding capital construction costs different from those previously cited. of the Remai gallery/parkade project. Before a In the interests of clarity, following are the shovel even hit the ground, the cost went from actual numbers, easily found in newspaper and its original estimate of $55 million to almost SS50461.F17 $93.8 million. City Hall documents online: —David Geary Shannon According to the City of Saskatoon’s budget for 2009, the city’s financial commitment to the 45,000-squarefoot, $24-million Mendel Well-being is about renovation/expansion was officially $4.6 million, not $26.6 million as stated in Mayor Atchison’s Express not just intervention. column. The Mendel expansion plan would create a state-of-the-art facility that would serve a city of 500,000 and accommodate large “A-list” exhibitions previously unavailable here. It would be almost Calgary, AB double its existing size, store the Overwaitea Food Group, one of Western Canada’s leading entire collection and have a riverfood and consumer-goods retailer, operates 97 pharmacies in BC and Alberta, under the banners of Save On Foods, view restaurant. No parkade would PriceSmart Foods, Coopers Foods, Urban Fare and be required. Overwaitea Pharmacy. This $4.6 million is a mere As part of our exciting plans to open 3 new stores with fraction of the city’s commitment pharmacies in Calgary, AB this year, we are seeking a for the Remai gallery/event centre. Pharmacy Manager and Pharmacists with valid Alberta pharmacist licenses. The civic taxpayer is by far the largest investor in the Remai project, We provide a very professional pharmacy practice environment and are committed to: O challenging and contributing (as noted in the mayor’s growing our staff O caring for people O supporting healthy column) $42 million towards the living for our shoppers and patients O innovation gallery and parkade when combined. O investing in our future. Join the Overwaitea Food Group and make your career prescription complete! Add to this figure the $16 million in related “outside costs” Please contact or forward your résumé in confidence to: Denise Batiuk at email: or as cited by the city planning fax: 780.484.1680. department, reported in the local media and mentioned in Elaine Hnatyshyn’s recent Express column, and one realizes that the civic taxpayer is on the hook for $59 million of the total project cost of $110 million. So far. For more information, visit: That’s enough to replace the O O Traffic Bridge twice over.


Pharmacy Manager & Pharmacist

$0 r o f n i y Hurr S U L P , s e n smar tpho . t f i g s u n $ o b 0 a 5 1


BlackBerry® CurveTM 9320 Samsung Galaxy Ace II XTM

Offer ends July 4, 2013.

Centre at Circle & Eighth Midtown Plaza (1) Price with the Tab. Subject to approved credit. (2) Bonus gift will vary by store location. See store for full details. Bonus gift available with new activations only. While quantities last.

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By Susan Kesler

Want a Free Makeover?


i Susan, I feel I really need a makeover. I have worked as a licensed practical nurse for 37 years and retired in June 2011. I’m still learning how to enjoy my retirement and I want to look good. A lot of people say I don’t look my age. Maybe they’re being nice. When I look in the mirror, I feel I look plain, tired and drab. I know that if a person looks good, they feel good and others notice. I believe how you look affects the way others treat you. I never really knew how to apply makeup properly or choose clothing and jewelry that is flattering. I need a new wardrobe and would make that change with some good advice. I’ve worn my hair the same for many years. I always notice and admire people who have that polished and striking look, no matter what age they are or what kind of figure they have. I guess I’ve always put my family and work before myself and it’s time for a change. I would be totally delighted if I was chosen for a makeover. It would be a first for me. — Donna

Send a photo of yourself & the reason you’d like a makeover to: Every month we’ll feature someone new. Who knows? You could be next!

Canadiana Crossword Cradle of Confederation

Answers on page 19

ByBy Bernice and Struthers James Kilner BootsRosella and Jim

To accent Donna’s eyes, I filled in and defined her eyebrows with a powder eye shadow, lined her bottom lid with an espresso eye pencil and applied black mascara. I used a soft taupe eye shadow on her upper eyelid to make her eyes pop. Donna’s blush and lipstick colours are subtle and natural looking. We accessorized her outfit with the Valencia Mystique Collection by BeautiControl. In the “before” picture, Donna’s yellow shirt sucks the colour out Donna has naturally curly hair and lots of of her face. In contrast, her teal shirt is extremely flattering. Even her eyes stand out it. She tends to let if fall over her forehead more. with a centre part. Once her hair was trimmed, coloured and thinned, we swept her TIP: Did you know the quickest and bangs over her forehead from the side. Very cheapest way to get an “eye lift” is to curl few of us look our best with a centre part. Both Donna’s skin tone and eye colour are your eyelashes? Using an eyelash primer before you apply mascara helps lengthen and light. Using an anti-aging liquid foundation thicken your lashes. applied with a foundation brush, Donna’s skin looks fresh and moisturized. This (Susan is a Certified Image Consultant foundation is so light she can’t even feel it on her face. For someone who does not wear & Professional Make-up Artist. In 2011, she makeup, having a weightless foundation with earned the BBB Torch Award for Business Ethics. great coverage is a must.

ACROSS 1 Sib 4 Irish _____ Prince Edward Island special crop 8 Church part 12 Prince Edward Island flag feature 13 Senses of self 14 Shorten 15 Malpeques 17 Diver's gear 18 Lyric 19 Car part 20 Apparels 23 Halucinatory 26 Hoary 27 Necessity 28 The, in St Pierre 29 And the rest, abbr. 30 Principal Prince Edward Island crop 32 Prince Edward Island soil color 33 DC alternative 34 Pointed remark 35 Author Montgomery's first name 36 A kind of cooler 38 Good looking guys 39 Teases 40 Variety of lettuce 41 Civic, for one 43 First European on Prince Edward Island 47 Cassini, for one 48 Foot parts 49 Main 50 Foundation 51 Montgomery heroine 52 Converged DOWN 1 Crowd noise, sometimes 2 Beam

















17 19


26 29













39 41
















3 Approvals 4 Rewards (OE ) 5 Giant 6 Distress sig. 7 Nazi special force, abbr. 8 TheCharlottetown _____ 9 Puritanical person 10 Cry 11 Environmental protection grp. 16 Tobias, for short 17 Skin infections 19 Colored 20 Word in Prince Edward Island motto 21 H 22 Ont. military college 23 Cold shoulders 24 Smart ____



25 ____ Slipper (Prince Edward Island’s flower) 30 Ballroom dance 31 Cons' opposite 32 Operate 34 Prince Edward Island’s Confederation _____ 35 Desire 37 Sea eagles 38 Herbivorous quadriped 40 Normandy battlefield 41 Hearth 42 Palm leaf paper 43 Bunco 44 Doctrine 45 Shoe size 46 Tell on 48 Tantalum symbol


3can23j Cradle of Confederation

Exclusive Riedel Wine Tasting Event Monday june 24th, 7pm Regular price of tasting set is $175

Special Price

for event only $

125 per person

Includes a set of 3 glasses and wine.



Sets must be prepaid ahead of time. See store or call for details. Lawson Heights 306-242-3226 The Centre Mall 306-664-3226

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Honey Bun Café home away from home


Joelle Tomlinson Saskatoon Express

o owner Joscelyn Armstrong, Honey Bun Café is a second home. Armstrong, who has travelled extensively, describes herself as a “fairly restless person,” so opening her own café with a permanent base is a new challenge for the 29-year-old chef. “I went from my hometown farm (in Sceptre, Sask.) to Edmonton to Toronto for chef training. Then I backpacked for a while,” she said. “Then I came to Saskatoon for a few months, then I was off backpacking some more. Then back to Edmonton. I get kind of jittery; this is the first permanent thing I’ve ever done and that’s the scariest part.” Armstrong’s Honey Bun Café, located where Strongfield’s Coffee used to be on Second Avenue, is filled with the swirling scents of fresh-baked cinnamon buns and fresh bread for her signature stuffed buns. The decor is farmhouse-chic and features pieces torn out from her family farm in Sceptre. “The day after I got the keys, we just ripped it apart and went for a whole new look. It’s definitely got pieces of my personality from growing up on the farm, as well as that chic rustic look which I love so much,” she said. “Literally, the wooden accent on the wall is just ripped out of my barn; my dad brought them to Saskatoon for me. I just wanted this

place to be a comfortable café where people can sit and enjoy the ambience, and the same goes for the food.” Items on the Honey Bun Café menu range from soups, salads, cinnamon buns, a range of specialty coffees and, of course, the stuffed buns. There are a range of buns to choose from, such as omelette with bacon and cheese breakfast buns that are baked throughout the day. “Stuffed buns are something that my mom made while I was growing up,” said Armstrong. “She would make pizza ones and ones with cabbage and ground beef. To me, it was a regular part of my life, and when I was figuring out what direction to take my café in, I thought, ‘I could do stuffed buns; is that too boring?’ “Turns out they are the most popular item on the menu, along with the cinnamon buns. It really fits in with the whole Honey Bun theme.” To make a stuffed bun a breakfast option, Armstrong says she and her staff cook the bacon, make an omelette that is cut into strips, and then roll the two up with cheese. She then seals the inside contents of the bun with her own homemade dough. She has the process down to a “science.” Soon Armstrong plans to have a suggestion jar, where customers can suggest their own variety of a stuffed bun each week; the winners will get the bun named after them. “I have my particular way of sealing it, because I’ve been doing it for so long.

l f i o n g G

Joscelyn Armstrong in Honey Bun Café on Second Avenue. (Photo by Joelle Tomlinson) They used to burst open all the time, and it would make me crazy,” she said with a laugh. “Now I’ve got it down to an art. After they’ve been sealed, I proof them, let them rise and bake them.” Since opening approximately two months ago, Armstrong has spent 18-20 hours of each day since at the cafe, starting to bake at 3 a.m. She is determined to have a presence in downtown Saskatoon, and hopes deterrents such as the parking won’t stop people from coming in to check it out. “It’s all foot traffic right now. I find downtown has been really supportive because people who are walking by can

just stop in as they do their shopping and errands,” she said. “We definitely go through a lot of cinnamon buns in a day; I like to cook them all day long so people can have them warm and fresh. They’re definitely my favourite.” To learn more about Honey Bun Café, go to its website at, on Facebook under Honey Bun Café or at the Twitter handle @honeybuncafe. The café, located at 167A Second Avenue South, is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is open from until 8 p.m. on Thursdays, and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays.



in and around JW10810.F17 James

Get your hands on a CLUB PACK today!


Pay for 5 rounds & get the 6th round FREE (9 or 18 hole options)

Holiday Park Golf Course

1630 Avenue U South & 11th Street 306-975-3325

Wildwood Golf Course 8th Street East 306-975-3320 Silverwood Golf Course 3503 Kinnear Avenue 306-975-3314

Course Profile Voted “Facility of the Year” by the members and staff of the PGA of Saskatchewan for three years in a row, The Willow’s Golf & Country Club is Saskatchewan’s premier 36-hole golf course. The natural beauty of the terrain is complimented by a Southwestern style clubhouse with a cozy lounge, bustling outdoor patio, versatile meeting and banquet rooms, and an Italian restaurant with a modern twist. The Golf Shop is fully stocked with your favorite brands and our knowledgeable, courteous, and professional staff is ready to tackle all of your golf, dining, and event needs.

Dakota Dunes Golf Links “Top 30 in Canada”

- Golf Digest

PGA of Canada Head Professional: Brennen Gee Green Fees: $85/person

for 18 Holes including Power Cart and taxes. Need a Tee Time?: Call 306.956.GOLF(4653) Interested in our venue for an event?: Call 306.956.1100

Monday Special: $47.00 Tuesday Special: $52.00 Seniors: $5 off All Green Fees

306-664-4653 or

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Skateboarding often a wheel pain


kateboarding is pain personified. “Cowabunga, Dad!” A skateboard park recently opened up My fear of these wheels of death around the corner from my clinic. This was validated when I met my first speed has added colour — primarily red — to my bump at ramming speed. Unable to brake, practice and hipness to my vocabulary. With I was promptly launched headlong, in a no shortage of fractured this horizontal plane, landing with an and lacerated that now skating unceremonious splat and coming through my office door, I have to a halt only after deploying my become, unofficially, the doctor elbows as brakes. First day, first to these cement-surfin’ sons of swellbow, a condition known stitches. to the uncool as bursitis of the “Yo, doctor dude, I was elbow. carvin’ some phat air, like I was At least I didn’t have a hipper totally amped bro, when I ate it or a tweaker. More than 100,000 and bought me this gnarlacious skateboard injuries show up in swellbow.” emergency rooms each year. Translation: “My elbow A third of those after less than hurts.” one week’s experience. Most Doctor What surprised me is these experienced boarders treat swellbow, tweaker and hipper themselves, usually by punching victims are not only 16-year-old, baggy-pant their head repeatedly until the injury hurts boarders, but also dudes and dudettes in less than their head. their 20s and 30s who actually hold jobs that Hipper: “Yo, doctor dude, I got this don’t require supersizing stuff. outrageous hipper from goofy-footin’ into a In fact, 170 injured skateboarders who fakie.” were hospitalized last year in North America To inspect a patient’s hip it is necessary were over the age of 65. to remove some clothing. Given skaters’ And so I have decided to give the wheels sartorial tastes, this is rarely required. “Yep, a go. Sort of. My sons, with a twinkle in I can see it from here. You have a traumatic their eyes, convinced me that I should greater trochanteric bursitis.” try rollerblading, a sport which I have “Whoa, awesome! Can I keep skating eschewed, possibly due to the frequency or do I smoke some - er - play Xbox for a with which rollerbladers tend to end up while?” on the hood of my car with relatively little Reach down to where you think your hip effort on my behalf. For a lifelong hockey is located. Feel that bony thing jutting out? player, rollerblades are frightening. This is the infamous greater trochanter. It’s Stopping on skates means a quick part of the femur that is covered in a fluidturn to the side. Doing the same thing filled sac called a bursa, a shock absorber on rollerblades means a quick turn to the that prevents muscle from rubbing up hospital. And so it was, that with 600 pounds against bone. Bump this too hard or lie on it of armour draped about my joints, head too long and the bursa will be traumatized, and any skin that might possibly become swell and hurt. If it doesn’t get better on intimate with asphalt, I teetered on these its own, then a well-placed cortisone shot blades like a new-born giraffe on ice. works wonders.

dr. dave hepburn

SWELLBOW: Another bodacious bursa sits over the bony part of the bent elbow. This olecranon bursa is easily traumatized, as well as easily infected. This swollen bursa (bursitis) blows up like a blowfish’s blowpop and feels like a jug of water has been taped to your arm. I will often drain these and place a pressure dressing on them (or they fill right back up). If they do fill back up, then a cortisone injection may keep it at bay. An infected bursa, however, is a serious bummer given its proximity to the joint. TWEAKER: Kickflip down a rail, fall on an outstretched hand and you may suffer several serious injuries to the wrist. YouJW10942.F17 may fracture one James of eight

wrist bones, with the scaphoid bone being the most dangerous. The fracture may not be overtly obvious, but persistent pain where the thumb seems to join the wrist (the snuffbox) is highly suspicious. More than a wrist tweaker, if a fractured scaphoid is not set properly you may be in for some real gnarly surgery. Yep, these skaters have brought some outrageous injuries into my clinic, and for that I am totally stoked. Book your Flu and Wellness Clinics Now • Client Consultation • 24 hr/7 day Service • Companionship • Home Support • Personal Care • Nursing • Nurse Supervised Staff • Funding Investigations

from over 5,000 Children received e v a h a n w e h C a t sask eatment r t s a s l C D l o r w Do you know a child who can benefit from medical care at a shriners hospital?

for information visit:

JW10943.F17 James

Saskatoon Summer Players’ Amateur Production of

nanny services available


JuneWin 28 – tickets July 7, 2013 Remai Arts Centre of to the June 27th performance

Persephone Theatre Box Office Joseph and the Amazing


Technicolor Lyrics by Tim Rice MusicDreamcoat! by Andrew Lloyd Webber Director Dennis Beerling

ProDucer Kelly Brophy MusicaL Director Jennifer Rommens

The Saskatoon Express wants to send you to this years Saskatoon Summer Players Production

JW10945.F17 James Joseph_SKExpress.indd 1 online at


Look for the contest button and follow directions TM 1991 The Really Useful Group Limited ®Technicolor is the registered trademark of Technicolor group of companies.

5/22/13 4:49 PM



Available at All Saskatoon Co-op Car Wash Locations CO-OP® ® Registered trade-mark of TMC Distributing Ltd., Saskatoon S7K 3M9



- June 17-23, 2013 - Page 17

Cleaning stovetops not an easy task

i Reena, as a substitute for breadcrumbs and casserole, salad and yogurt toppings. We recently renovated our Now, if I haven’t convinced you of kitchen and installed a wall oven how cheap I am, save the plastic bag from and a stovetop. The stovetop is really cereal boxes. Use the bag as a substitute good, but cleaning it is awful. I have for wax paper. It’s great for freezing used the cream and scratchless scrubby that came with it. I have tried four differ- homemade bread, pies, dough or seeds. ent creams, a vinegar and water mixture, Place cut up cereal bag squares between hamburger patties prior to freezand on and on. It is a lot of ing. Lay an empty cereal bag work to keep the stovetop on the bottom of garbage cans clean and shiny, but it always to guard against the bins from have a film (though the becoming soiled. vinegar helps with that) and everything shows on it. If Dear Reena, you don’t clean spills and I bought a bulk supply of splatters immediately, they yogurt and the expiry date is toseem to bake on, and that is morrow. Do you think the yogurt even more work. I’ve tried will taste the same if I freeze it? cleaning it when hot (which Will the yogurt still be good? — is dangerous) and when cold, Anne Household but there is no real differSolutions Dear Anne, ence. I have talked to some While the consistency may of my friends and they are all be slightly different after thawing, it still having the same problem.  Do you have tastes great. In fact, you can thaw and stir any suggestions? — Sandra it, add your favourite fruit or eat it frozen   the way that you would ice cream. Dear Sandra,

shovels, bikes, tires and miscellaneous. Plan which section of the garage is best suited for each category. Purchase shelves, peg boards, hooks, racks and cabinets based on what you need and where they fit. Purchase clear totes so that you are able to see what you have. Organize items, making sure that everything is easily accessible. For example, don’t hang extension cords so high that you need a ladder to reach them unless you

LS906098.F10 Liza

have small children and you need to keep them out of reach. Label all shelves, boxes and totes so that everyone knows where items belong. Doing this helps maintain an organized garage for a long time. I enjoy your questions and tips; keep them coming. Missed a column? Can’t remember a solution? Need a speaker for an upcoming event? Check out my new videos/blog/website:


Dear Christal, Into a bowl combine: 1 cup honey, 1 cup butter (or margarine), 2 and a half cups Rice Krispies, 2 cups granola, three quarters of a cup white all-purpose flour, one quarter cup ground flax, 1 tsp. baking soda, 1 tsp. vanilla, one half cup brown sugar and 1 cup chocolate chips. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool and cut into bars. Tips for an Organized Garage You will save yourself time and unnecDear Reena, essary frustration if you spend a few days Can leftover cereal crumbs be substi- getting organized. tuted for breadcrumbs? — Shannon Categorize each area of the garage: Dear Shannon, hand tools, power tools, automotive, Cereal is expensive, so you want to get sports, camping, cleaning, gardening, seaa bang for your buck. Use cereal crumbs sonal decorations, dangerous chemicals, We can buy imported asparagus on supermarket shelves yearround, but the native garden crop is so much better. It is a shortlived season, spanning just six to eight weeks. If you can get your hands on some locally-grown asparagus, you are in for a real treat. Fresh asparagus spears are a good source of anti-oxidants such as lutein, zea-xanthin, carotenes and crypto-xanthins. Together, these flavonoid compounds help remove harmful oxidant-free radicals from the body, protect it from possible cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases and viral infections. Serve up this puff full of fresh asparagus and impress your guests. It is pretty and delicious.


10 ounces Edam or Gouda 4 large or 5 medium eggs ese, cut into 1/4 inch cubes che 2 cups milk 1 pound fresh asparagus, cut 1/2 teaspoon salt into 1/2 inch pieces pinch of pepper espoons butter, melted tabl 2 1 cup fine cracker crumbs t with whisk. Into large casserole break eggs and bearagus and butter. aspa pt exce nts Add all remaining ingredie asparagus on top. Cap with a Stir until thoroughly blended. Arrange for 50-60 minutes. (Serves 6) drizzle of melted butter. Bake at 350F

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A man who has committed a mistake and doesn’t correct it is committing another mistake.” — Confucius

Phipps and Rempel Denture Clinic •Complete and partial dentures It Takes 17 •Relines and repairs •Implant over dentures •Mouthguards Muscles to Smile... •All insurance plans and supplemental health But Only 242-5088 #2-301 2nd Ave. N. Brent Rempel One Denturist FREE PARKING 24th Street

1st Avenue

Dear Reena, Can you give me a granola bar recipe that doesn’t have that healthy, sit on the counter and die flavour? I need something that my kids will actually eat. — Christal

2nd Avenue

I have spoken with many people and they all agree that smooth-top stoves are a lot of work to clean. You are doing everything right and you are using the most popular cleaning methods for smooth-top stoves. You also made a wise comment when you said that immediate cleaning action results in less work later on. Another solution to try: Sprinkle baking soda onto the stove (when cooled). Next, lay a tea towel soaked in dish soap and water over the mess. Leave for 10 minutes and scrub with an abrasive, but scratch-resistant pad. If you use a plain old smooth dish cloth, the food is too difficult to remove. Scrub the food and baking soda off and rinse with water.

Phipps and Rempel

JW10889.F17 James

Denture Clinic

1 1 D Atickets Y S O F M U Sto I C Fthe E A T U bessborough R I N G O V E R 1 4 0 P E Rgardens! FORMANCES win




won JUNE8 pairs 21 to beJULY 01

*Look for the Jazz festivaL ad and cLick for entry detaiLs

B O-Xyou O F FwiLL I C E need I N Tto H E answer L O B B Y aOJazz F T HfestivaL E B E S S Btrivia O R O Uquestion. GH HOTEL

JW10916.F17 James

Robin Boomsma



Crew Chief: Robin Boomsma Car Name: Lightning Car Make/Model: 1998 Neon Engine: 2.0 DOHC

Greatest Racing Moment 1975 National Champion Flat Track Motorcycle win, 3rd overall

Years Racing 1 Other Interests 2013 Team Goals Autoslalom with Saskatoon To be consistent, competitive and Sports Club Car, R/C flying top 5 in the races and to place top Reason For Racing 5 in the series I love to drive, develop car setup, Main Sponsor the camaradrie & family Five Star Plumbing, Heating & Air parcitipation Conditioning

w w w. a u t o c l e a r i n g m o t o r s p e e d w a y. c a


JUNE 14th: Event Five - Auto Clearing Motor Speedway JUNE 22nd: Event Six - Auto Clearing Motor Speedway JUNE 28th: Event Seven - Auto Clearing Motor Speedway JULY 13th: Event Eight – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway July 16th: Event Nine – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway July 17th: NASCAR Canadian Tire Series Premium Event July 27th: SPECIAL EVENT – Auto Clearing Motor Speedway

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Cam Hutchinson & Friends:

Views of the World

Betty or Veronica? Archie movie in works

• The average man reaches maturity at age 43, which is 11 years after women, according to a study. 11 years? I’m not buying it. Now, would somebody pull my finger? • From Janice Hough: “After Chad Johnson playfully smacked his attorney on the butt in court, an angry judge sentenced the former NFL star to 30 days for a probation violation. Talk about a penalty for excessive celebration.” • From TC Chong: “Pete Rose is making over $1 million a year just signing autographs. I guess they don’t call him Charlie Hustle for nothing.’’ • Last weekend, a couple got married in the New Jersey IKEA where they met eight years ago. Married at IKEA? Do they have a screw loose? • Torben Rolfsen, on South Florida deputies rescuing an endangered Key Deer that had a large Doritos bag stuck over its head: “How did they know it wasn’t just an ashamed Marlins fan?’’ • I would make Jordan Eberle the captain of the Edmonton Oilers long before I would pick Taylor Hall.

• Bill Littlejohn, on a New York Mets marketing official using a dating website that pairs older women with younger men to promote third baseman David Wright’s All-Star candidacy: “The official reportedly wrote a message saying: ‘Here’s to You, The Next Brooks Robinson.’” • Hough, on the first game of the Stanley Cup final ending in the third overtime period: “To put that into Chicago perspective, the Blackhawks’ 4-3 win took longer than the Cubs remained in contention this season.” • From Saskatoon comedian Bryan Cox: “Prime Minister Harper wants more transparency in government. Well, just hire the now ex-CEO of Lululemon.” • NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair played the “don’t-you-know-who-I-am-card’’ after being stopped by an RCMP officer last week. My reply would have been: “Well, I know this much: you’re no Jack Layton.” • Jeff O’Neill tweeted that the Sedins will retire any second now. Yes, this is the same Jeff O’Neill who played three seasons after he retired.

New invention prevents crack-ups

JW10929.F10 James

• Chong, on the legendary Archie comic being made into a movie: “I nominate Gary Bettman to play the role of Jughead.” • From Hough: “Airport security stopped actor Peter Mayhew, Chewbacca in the Star Wars movies, for using a cane that looked like a light sabre. They eventually let him on the plane. #Maythefarcebewithyou.” • RT Rod Pedersen @sportscage Your take on the Kory Sheets situation? Leave a msg on the Mr. Sub After Hours Hotline at 546-CAGE. Best call gets a Mr. Sub dinner for 2. I’m thinking the winner should win a get-out-of-jail-free card. • From Chong: “Shouldn’t the logo for the Ottawa RedBlacks be a checkerboard?” • Last week, I wrote Chief Whitecap would be the best name for the new south bridge. I would be equally happy if the bridge was named after Cliff Wright. • From Rolfsen: “Looks like the Sochi Olympics torch relay got underway with an early start at the French Open.” • I wonder how the Henry Blanco era in Toronto will be remembered.

By RJ Currie • Three things scientists found on Einstein’s planet, newly-discovered about 2,000 lightyears from Earth: 3. Fast jet-stream winds; 2. Temperatures of 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit; 1. The Pittsburgh Penguins scoring touch. • Did I see Boston blow a two-goal, third-period lead and lose in overtime to the Blackhawks in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup final? That’s a fine howdo-you-Oduya. • Tennis star Victoria Azarenka has reportedly launched a new line of perfume. Lemme guess; Estee Louder? • A British company has designed underpants that prevent butt cracks from showing. Great. Now we’ll never recognize our plumber. • Chad Johnson got 30 days in jail for patting his attorney on the rump. Pats-wise, that’s the second time he’s been a bust. • Kobe Bryant isn’t sure he’ll be ready for the start of next season. He’s recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon and a strained coaching relationship. • Jennifer Aniston says she’s jealous of Kate Middleton’s hair. I feel the same way, except I’m jealous of everyone with hair. • A bride and groom in England received a soccer dugout for a wedding present. I think I can speak for most husbands on this one: At least it’s roomier than the doghouse. • David Ferrer lost to Rafael Nadal in the French Open final, his 17th loss in a row to Rafa on clay. He was as doomed to fail as the Donate button on a blog. • With all due respect to Lady Gaga, the only way I’d pay $13,000 for a fingernail is if it was still attached to Kate Upton. • JaMarcus Russell says he has a tryout upcoming with the Super-Bowl champion Baltimore Ravens. In a related story, Paris Hilton has an application in to Mensa. • A Colombian poet reportedly plans to sell his testicles to raise money for a European tour. I gotta say, that takes — never mind. • A truck carrying 6,000 gallons of Scotch overturned and ignited just south of Newark (N.J.). The blaze was extinguished using foam and the tears of two dozen New Jersey Devils. • Vladimir Putin is getting a divorce amid rumours he’s been courting former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva. Putin denies any fling, but I suspect he gave the gymnast a tumble. • Hayley Wickenheiser says the University of Calgary helped her get a degree by planning exams around her hockey schedule. In response, NCAA athletes have said, “Exams?” • A friend of mine is upset the Oilers fired coach Ralph Kruger via Skype. Mind you, he thinks hashtag is a game he played while experimenting with drugs. • If you find any of my jokes poisonous, I urge you to take an anecdote.

Mike Duffy (Wiki Photo) • From Hough: “Got to love this. The Bachelorette is followed on ABC by Mistresses.” • It was 80 years ago last week that the first drive-in theatre opened —and the baby boom began. • True story: Kawasaki, Japan, hosts a penis festival every year on the first Sunday in April. The guest of honour this year was Mike Duffy.


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EArly bird tickEt dEAdlinE

July 1 50.00



. k C o r s C meet

si s a l C e Wher sic of Queen u The m ‘n ClassiCs by Jeans


ny orc sympho

irie • skatoon The pra a f s o e y h T t u : bea des with g inclu Tages • naTural n i n bCoCk • e v e The reen ba ing s

u perform sons mike & ma e e r h T • per ry Chair st 21sten aT 5:00pm honora u g u a , y da es op WednessporTs cenTre: gaTFormaTion! p keT in WhiTeca ils & Tic a T e a d e stars.c For mor


the gunder



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RS31151.F17 Rob 2014 Trilogy 3650rl fifTh wheel

Super Summer SavingS! 2014 freelander claSS c moTor home

ToTally loaded - one of a kind Sugg - 3 SlideS - Sk #4h-417 113,400


Now $91,995

model #22qbf - 1 Slide - back up camera camping package - full load! - STock 4h-133 Sugg 82,403


Now $69,995

2004 STarcrafT (uSed) TenT Trailer

2012 rockwood roo 19’

model #3604 - approX 2845 lbS - aluminum hybrid Travel Trailer wheelS - fridge - microwave - awning - STock 2h-850 - oven, a/c, waTer purifier, add-a-room - Slide ouT convenience package Was

Only $8,995



Now $18,995




Rd. 306-374-6330, Toll Free 1-877-374-6330 SHERWOOD RV Inc.540TheBrand RV people in the Saskatoon Auto Mall

Your Full-Line RV Dealership


What: One of the best-loved of all operas, Carmen is a powerful tale of consuming lust. Performances on June 15, 18, 20 at 7:30 p.m. and June 22 at 5:00 p.m. Tickets available at Persephone Theatre Box Office: 384-7727 or online at Where: Remai Arts Centre.

America, maybe South America and the Caribbean. Join us for a little while. If you are 18 or under, help us increase our score! Telephone: 309-974-2699. Website: http:// Email: Location: Southeast side of Saskatoon Western Development Museum Parking Lot (to the right looking out the museum door).


What: Open House / Fun Fly / Swap Meet event hosted by the Hub City Radio Control Club (HCRCC). The public is welcome to attend (no charge). The event runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Where: HCRCC Club Field

care partners and other interested people. The Café is a two-hour get together with refreshments, entertainment and information. First Saturday of the month from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Where: Sherbrooke Community Centre.

First Tuesday of every month

What: FROMI - Friends and Relatives of People with Mental Illness. These meetings run from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Where: W.A. Edwards Family Centre, 333 Fourth Avenue North (wheelchair accessible).If you have a loved one or friend with a mental illness and you need understanding support, contact Carol at 249-0693, Linda at 933-2085, Lois at 242-7670 or e-mail

------What: River Heights Artist Group. This group is a brand new non-profit group running Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Lower level, Resurrection Lutheran Church, 310 Lenore Dr. For more information, call Wendy at 9341586.


What: For June, July and August, Saskatoon International Folkdance Club meets every Thursday at 7 p.m. Learn dances from Italy, Romania, Israel and other countries. Free admission. Where: Kiwanis Park, by the Jeux Canada June 21 – July 1 Games monument. What: SaskTel Saskatchewan Jazz Festival. June 26-July 25 Call 374-0005 or visit www.sifc.awardspace. Go to for i znformation What: Daryl Carlson’s art show called Mucom. seonica. Reception is July 27 from 7 p.m. to EVERY WEDNESDAY – JULY 3-AUG 7 on artists, venues and tickets in Saskatoon. **** What: Dancing In The Park (weather per9 p.m. All are welcome. Where: Various venues in Saskatoon. What: New Farmers’ Market. Thursdays mitting); The Saskatoon Scottish Country Where: Frances Morrison Library Gallery 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. rain or shine at The Centre Dancers invite anyone, of any age, to join Mall in front of Dollarama. Go to www. July 19-20 them for an evening of Scottish social danc- What: Canadian Prairie Lily Society 47th ing from 7:30 p.m. to dusk. Experience is Annual Lily Show. Public viewing on July not necessary and partners are not required. ONGOING 19 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Public viewing on Wear comfortable, flexible, non-slip footWhat: Monthly Drop-In Caregiver Support June 19-23 July 20 from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Lily stems wear. For more information – saskatoon@ Group. on sale July 20 at 3:15 p.m. Website is www. or 306 664-7049. What: The Barn Playhouse opens its 2013 Who: Caregivers for adult family members season with the hilarious K.O.L.D. Radio: or friends. Where: River Landing Amphitheatre Whitefish Bay. Whitefish Bay is an ordinary Where: The Mall at Lawson Heights, 134 Cost: Free (presented by Saskatoon Health EVERY WEDNESDAY Primrose Drive. sleepy little town, with hilariously funny Region). WHAT: St. Paul’s United, Bargain Baseoddball citizens. To Register: Jeanne (655-3426) or Karen ment Store weekly from 10:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (655-3427). Where: The Barn Playhouse. You can get Second-hand clothing for children, ladies tickets by calling 306-239-4600. **** and men. Everyone welcome; for more What: BRIDGE CITY SENIORACTION June 21 information call 306-955-3766 INC: Two classes on Tuesdays and ThursWhat: Brits by the Bus; Saskatchewan BritWhere: 454 Egbert Avenue. days at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. and one class on ish Car Club’s Annual Show and Shine from BOATING COURSES Second Wednesday of every month Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. until June 30, 2013. Boating this summer? Everyone who oper- What: Friendship Force International, Sas11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Visit . ates a power-driven boat must carry proof of katoon & Area Club welcomes all travellers! Registration fee is $15, drop-in fee is $2. For Where: Bessborough Hotel and The Bus, information call Sheila at 931-8053 or Kathy competency - the “PCOC card”. Canadian Saskatoon. We are a non-profit cultural exchange orga- at 244-0587. Power & Sail Squadrons national website **** nization promoting friendship and goodwill Where: Classes at Saskatoon Field House. offers online Boating Basics, the Pleasure What: Centennial Banquet hosted by Third through a program of homestay exchanges. **** Avenue United Church. Tour of the museum Craft Operator Card course. Get ready We are an organization of more than 360 What: Depression Support Group — free for the Transport Canada online test. The from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. and banquet at 6 p.m. clubs in more than 50 countries throughout Operator Card is good for life. Go to www. the world. FFI allows you to enjoy economi- group runs on the first and third Thursday of Guest Speaker is Rev. Lorne Calvert, with each month, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This entertainment by church school students. cal travel while forging new friendships with is open to anyone struggling with depresFor information about this and more adCost is $40 and $18 for children aged four club members from around the world. Visit sion and family members wanting to support vanced boating courses offered by CPSS to 10. For tickets, call the church office at our website at them. Saskatchewan Squadron in Saskatoon call 306-652-6812. Find out more about us or come join us at Jim Smith at 306-280-0033 or jim.smithjr@ our next meeting by contacting Bill Gulka at Where: 311 - 38 St. East. This is a wheelWhere: Western Development Museum. chair accessible building. **** 249-0243 or emailing For more info call 270-9181. What: Centennial Banquet hosted by Third **** TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, Avenue United Church from 5 to 6 p.m. Tour VOLUNTEERS WANTED The Saskatoon Storyteller’s Guild meets What: The Saskatoon Branch of Save the SATURDAYS of Museum is at 6 p.m. Banquet with Guest the third Friday of the Month, September Speaker Rev. Lorne Calvert. Cost is $40 and Children-Canada is currently going through What: Free art drop-in at the SCYAP Art a process of rejuvenation. Senior executive Centre. All ages welcome, all materials sup- through June. The story sharing circle take $18 for children aged four-10. For tickets, members are voluntarily stepping down to plied, no registration required. Every Tues- place at 7:30 p.m. This event welcomes tellcall the church office at 652-6812. make room for younger members to take day, 5:30 p.m. - 9 p.m., Thursday 5:30 p.m. ers and listeners alike. For more information Where: The Western Development Museum. phone Chris at 653-5092. over. The branch is looking for replacements - 9:00 p.m., and Saturday 1 p.m. – 6 p.m. **** Where: The Unitarian Centre, 213 2nd St. for the following executive committee posiWhat: Fight to Cure Multiple Myeloma East. SECOND MONDAY OF EVERY tions as well as for four members at large: Golf Tournament; 11 a.m. registration and MONTH Branch Secretary 1 p.m. shotgun start. Cost: $150 per golfer What: The ACT/UCT Saskatoon includes round with cart, pizza lunch, steak Chair, Finance & Treasury # 1031 Fraternal Club is always supper and gift. To Register, contact Jason at Chair, Coin Collection and the Brought to looking for new members. An 306-291-2310 or for Chair, Annual Valentine Tree Bake Sale SASKATOON you by optional insurance plan is available Chair, Annual Gorgeous Junk Sale more info. 3can23j Cradle of Confederation with all memberships. Where: The Legends Golf Course, Warman. Chair, Annual Child Day Festival For information, please contact Mel at 373- Where: Mixed Supper Meeting June 22-23 start at 5:30PM at the ACT Hall 9877 or, preferably, at (upstairs) in the ACT Area, SutherWhat: Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club 2013 Field Day from noon to June 23, 12:00 noon. First Saturday of every month land. For information call Penny at Summary: Participating in North America’s What: The MindFULL Café, part of the largest on-air amateur radio event and emer- international Alzheimer Café movement, is 931-8647 or Bob at 382-4893. TRIVIA QUESTION an opportunity to meet in a relaxed social gency communications training exercise. EVERY WEDNESDAY In The Croods, why does the with dementia, family, to today’s puzzle Talking to Ham Radio Stations around North setting for personsAnswer What: St. James Farmers’ Market family go on a journey? from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. * Their cave is * Their cave is B R O m O S S a P S e Where: 607 Dufferin Ave. destroyed flooded O a K e g O S c R O P New vendors welcome. For more * They are seeking * It’s a yearly info call 664-2940. O Y S T e R S S c u B a food ritual ------O D e H O O D What: Singles Social Group - “All g a R B S S u R R e a l Visit to enter About Us” in their 50s and 60s. R I m Y n e e D l a Events such as weekly Wednesday e T c S P u D S R e D restaurant suppers, monthly Sunday a c B a R B l u c Y Brunch , Movie Night, Dances, T H e R m O S H u n K S Pot Luck, and more. Meet New R I B S c O S Friends! No Membership Dues. For H O n D a c a R T I e R more information, email allabouO l e g T O e S S e a or phone B a S e a n n e m e T 978-0813.






WIN Dinner and a Movie

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ML41614.F17 - Mary


receive an additional


if you currently own a truck or are a Journey person or apprentice



2013 rAM 3500 Hd CrEw CAb 4X4

$59,359* -$1,500 Loyalty/ConquestCash***






2013 rAM 2500 Hd lArAMiE New Interior CrEw CAb 4X4

SAVE 13,521





$58,998* Just -$1,500 Loyalty/ConquestCash*** Arrived


Was $71,380






$53,497* -$1,500 Loyalty/ConquestCash***


No CHarge DVD iNClUDeD




2013 rAM 1500 QuAd CAb 4X4 SXt $27,448* -$1,500 Loyalty/ConquestCash***

SAVE 14,288





Was $66,285

Was $71,585

#1 SelliNg CroSSoVer iN CaNaDa


2013 rAM 2500 Hd 800 HP CrEw CAb 4X4



2013 Motor trends truck of the Year




SAVE 11,992




Was $39,440

THe MoST aWarDeD SUV eVer

#1 SelliNg VaN iN CaNaDa


lASt OnE!

0%* interest


2013 dOdGE JOurnEY SE CAnAdA VAluE SALe PRiCe







2013 dOdGE JOurnEY SXt ultiMAtE JOurnEY PACkAGE $28,093* -$1,500 Loyalty/ConquestCash***

26,593*was $32,410








2013 CHrYSlEr 200 lX SALe PRiCe



2013 Dodge Grand Caravan Sto-‘n-Go N6660 ......................was 33,965 Sale Price $24,998* $ * 2013 Jeep Compass Sport 4x4 N3006 ................................................... 0%*** Sale Price 26,494 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4x4 N5021 .................................................... Sale Price $20,593* 2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab SXT N8026 ..................................... was 41,390 Sale Price $28,498* Ultimate Family was 37,590 Sale Price $26,998 * No Charge DVD included*** 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan N6662 .......................................... Package *** $

$ $




144** Bi-Wkly

154** Bi-Wkly






119 ** Bi-Wkly

197** Bi-Wkly

169 ** Bi-Wkly





20,998*was $29,970





Corner of 8th & Preston



2013 JEEP GrAnd CHErOkEE Loaded, Heated Leather, lArEdO X Sunroof, nav., 4x4 SALe PRiCe


43,498*was $48,685






2013 dOdGE dArt



“wE wOn’t bE undErSOld”






303 ** Bi-Wkly



305 ** Bi-Wkly


326 ** Bi-Wkly



338 ** Bi-Wkly



205 ** Bi-Wkly



up to 58 MPG


2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland 4x4 N6031 ................. was 58,890 Sale Price $52,698* 2013 Dodge Durango 4x4 N6406 .............................................. was 59,185 Sale Price $52,998* 2013 Ram Laramie HD Crew Cab 4x4 N9014.......................... was 71,585 Sale Price $57,498* 2013 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab 4x4 N9012 ...................... was 74,260 Sale Price $59,993* 2013 Ram 1500 Sport 4x4 N7236 .............................................. was 49,090 Sale Price $35,664*

2200 Eighth Street East 374-2120


2013 dOdGE GrAnd CArAVAn CAnAdA VAluE SAVE


*Financing Special, 3.99% variable, up to 96 months on select 2013 models O.A.C. See dealer for details

††Lease Payment Based over 60 months. Bi-weekly payments are plus taxes and fees. All discounts & rates applied. *All prices & payments are plus taxes & fees. Selling price reflects all discounts rebates. Bonus Cash or n/c options used in all prices advertised. ***See Dodge City for details. Plus applicable taxes & fees due at signing. Vehicles not exactly as illustrated. Some exceptions should apply. **Payments bi-weekly with $0 Down plus taxes and fees. 3.99% Full Term Financing up to 96 months. All prices include Freight & PDI. See Dealer for Details. ***Loyalty/ConquestCash is only available if customer owns an existing truck, after tax rebate. Vehicles not exactly as illustrated. **** See Dodge City for details Dealer License Number 911673

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Remember when Peter Parker was bitten by the spider? The updated Sorento is kind of like that. By malcolm gunn


www . wh e e l bas e m e dia . com

ow new the 2014 Kia Sorento really is depends on how you look at it, or more correctly, where you look at it. Kia’s current design renaissance encompasses the street-wise Soul and Sportage wagons as well as the Optima and Rio sedans. You can also place the current-generation Sorento that was launched for 2011 on that list. The lines are so right on the money in terms of contemporary style and carrying capacity that there was obviously no point in monkeying around with the mid-sized wagon’s looks. For 2014, the Georgia-built Sorento receives a minor nose tweak, including the ubiquitous mesh-style grille, updated headlights and optional fog lights, plus new taillight lenses. Otherwise the silhouette remains basically the same. Surprisingly, however, just about every other part of the Sorento’s DNA has been altered, redesigned, or otherwise enhanced, kind of like when Peter Parker was bitten by the spider to become Spiderman. Same kid on the outside, but better reflexes and more power. For 2014, Kia has mounted the Sorento on a platform that’s identical to that of parent Hyundai’s five-passenger Santa Fe Sport. Kia claims the new structure is 18 per cent stiffer than the 2013 version; attached to that is a stouter sub-frame that holds the powertrain more firmly. There’s also a new independent front suspension, while a more compact rear suspension aids interior space and restricts noise and vibrations from entering the cabin. The Sorento’s hydraulic power-steering system has been exchanged for a more efficient electric unit that features Comfort, Normal and Sport settings, depending on your desired level of steering firmness. Kia’s design team also took care of business on the inside, installing a new instrument panel and centre control stack with easier-to-find buttons and knobs. As before, Sorento can accommodate up to seven passengers with the optional third-row seat, but there’s precious little legroom in back and equally scarce stowage room when loaded to the max with passengers. There is a solution if a more comfy back row is a must,

What you should know

If you opt for the sevenseater, there’ll be no available cargo space when all humans are aboard.

Type Engines (hp) Transmission Market position

Still inviting, but not quite as drastic a design change as you’ll find in the Rio and Optima sedans.


but it requires visiting your Hyundai dealer to scope out the extended-wheelbase version of the Santa Fe. Under the hood, the 191-horsepower 2.4-litre fourcylinder with direct injection (fuel is sprayed under very high pressure directly into the combustion chambers instead of the intake manifold) carries on with its baseengine duties. However, added performance is at hand with the available 290-horsepower 3.3-litre V6 (also directinjected) that delivers 14 more ponies than the outgoing 3.5-litre V6. A six-speed automatic with manual shift controls carries over as the sole transmission. As before, you can order your four-cylinder or V6 Sorento in front- or all-wheel drive. The latter is a fulltime system that constantly varies the torque to all four wheels and can direct power to the outer wheels in high-speed turning situations for added control (known as torque vectoring). Interestingly, estimated four-cylinder fuel economy is 10.4 l/100 km in the city and 7.1 on the highway (two-wheel-drive), which is fairly close to the V6’s 11.4/8.0 rating. That points to the extra work the fourcylinder has to do to lug the Sorento around, which might make you wonder what the point is. Clearly, the four-cylinder enters the market at a more favourable pricepoint. The 2014 Sorento starts at about $28,500, which is about the same price as the previous edition, despite and increase in content and that one great intangible, class. For 2014 Kia is holding firm to the same LX, EX and SX trim levels. At the top, the SX model does its luxury best to coddle passengers with a wood-trimmed interior with ventilated soft leather-covered seats on the inside, while self-leveling headlights and exclusive 19-inch wheels (17- and 18-inch wheels adorn lower trims) are installed outside. As for options, the tricks up the Sorento’s sleeve include a power liftgate, panoramic sunroof, advanced voice-activated communications, infotainment and navigation controls (incorporating an eight-inch touchscreen) and a blind-spot monitoring system that constantly tracks vehicles in the immediate vicinity and issues an audible and visual alert should any get too close.

2014 Kia Sorento

Four-door, front- /all-wheel-drive wagon 2.4-litre DOHC I4 (191); 3.3-litre DOHC V6 (290) Six-speed automatic The mid-size Sorento and its peers offer multi-passenger capacity with their occasional-use third-row seats that are more kid- than adult-friendly. They’re also easier on the wallet than similar full-size wagons. ☛ Mid-cycle

updating will go unnoticed for most observers. ☛ New V6 adds power, cuts consumption; comes close to base four-cylinder. ☛ Plenty of first-time luxury options to be had. ☛ Third-row seating and AWD options available on all trim levels for maximum choice. ☛ One of the better-looking wagons on the market.

Safety Front airbags; side-impact airbags; side-curtain airbags; anti-lock brakes; traction control; stability control. L/100 km (city/hwy): 10.4/7.1 (2.4) Base price (incl. destination): $28,500 By comparison Dodge Journey Chevrolet Traverse Hyundai Santa Fe Base price: $23,200 Budget-priced wagon offers impressive room and V6 power option.

Base price: $34,550 A stouter, roomier wagon with standard V6 and plenty of towing capacity.

Base price: $28,400 Closely related to the Sorento, but also comes in a longer version.

JW10924.F17 James





+ 60

THE NEW 2014s




THE NEW 2014






156 0 0







Sorento EX shownr

6-Speed Automatic Transmission • Heated Front Seats • Bluetooth° Air Conditioning • Keyless Entry • Rear Parking Sonar bi-weekly for 60 months, amortized over 84 months with $0 DOWN PAYMENT. Offer includes delivery, destination and fees. Offer based on 2014 Sorento 2.4L LX AT FWD with a purchase price of $28,460.

*See dealer for details.


306.659.6000 l 730 Brand Road, Saskatoon, SK

*5-year/100,000 km worry-free comprehensive warranty.

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In an age of bigger-was-better, AMC’s Ambassador line helped keep the company competitive in the “space” race fine lines


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1965-’66 AMC ambassador

JUNE 20-24


my nissan

my time

n an age where excess wasn’t actually seen as excessive, the market for small and thrifty cars was indeed a thin one. And if you didn’t build big cars, you were missing out on sales and huge profits. Sleek and stylish, the redesigned American Motors Ambassador had everything going for it when it first appeared in 1965. As the company’s flagship fashion statement, the car seemed — on paper, at least — to be the equal of its Big Three competition. The Ambassador also represented a fundamental shift in corporate ideology. The Kenosha, Wis.-based automaker would move its focus away from primarily fuel-efficient vehicles, instead turning out bigger, faster and potentially more profitable cars. The cost of competing with General Motors, Ford and Chrysler had always been difficult for the company. A mid’50s merger between Nash Motors and Hudson Motors to form American Motors Corporation (AMC) helped a bit, but still left the newly combined venture in a distant fourth place. Lacking sufficient sales volume and the resulting financial muscle meant that the retooling and development costs necessary to create new products was always a profit-zapping proposition. Product change was not only an expensive gamble, but getting it wrong was the sure-fire way to financial disaster. Back in those days, the top-of-the-line Nash (later Rambler) Ambassador was a prime example of right-carwrong-decade timing. In the early 1950s, the car’s soap dish shape and pioneering unit-body construction ran counter to the flashier but overwrought excesses built by the Big Three. Even after hiring famed Italian stylist Battista Pininfarina to help reshape the sheetmetal, the Ambassador could not shake its bloated look and stodgy character. Following the Hudson merger, the Ambassador brand finally began showing signs of life, eventually sprouting a modest set of tailfins and generating decent sales results as it helped AMC stay in the black. By the early 1960s, AMC was focused on building three specific vehicle lines: the compact Rambler American; midsize Rambler Classic; and full-size Rambler Ambassador. The thrifty American maintained its connection with a small but determined group of car buyers that prized fuel economy above all else while the Classic and Ambassador catered to roomier and more luxurious tastes. Both of these cars also caught the attention of Motor Trend magazine, which, in 1963, bestowed its Car-of-the-Year honors on the duo. Under the leadership of company president Roy Abernathy and chief stylist Dick Teague, AMC began charting a very different course, with the Ambassador leading the way. The all-new 1965 model had grown four inches in overall length while maintaining an understated appear-

ance (advertising of the day referred to the Ambassador line as the “sensible spectaculars”). Although the base Ambassador 880 or better equipped 990 could be ordered with a 232-cubic-inch inline six-cylinder powerplant, many versions featured a 327-cubic-inch V8 that delivered up to 270 horsepower. The 990 was available as a two-door hardtop and convertible that were as attractive as anything built by its Detroit-based competitors. And with a list price of around $3,000, few could quibble about the cost of ownership. Other corporate changes, however well-meaning, completely missed the mark. In an attempt to mimic the success of the Ford Mustang and Plymouth Barracuda, AMC attached a swoopy fastback roof onto its Classic-series body. The resulting calamity managed to fool about 10,000 buyers into thinking they were getting something sporty instead of a cartoonish looking car that weighed more than the model upon which it was based. A further break with tradition occurred in 1966, when the 66-year-old Rambler surname was dropped from the Ambassador as part of an overall brand phase-out. Abernathy correctly surmised that the public linked it to AMC’s econo-car past instead of to its big-car future. That year the Ambassador also gained a new deluxe version called the DPL. This was essentially a 990-series two-door hardtop with distinctive exterior trim and an interior that contained a floor console and reclining front bucket seats dressed in houndstooth fabric. At the shallow end of the pool, AMC’s normally fuelsipping Rambler American featured the Rogue, which was a sporty compact with racing stripes, floor-mounted fourspeed gearbox and tire-squealing V8 power. Although AMC’s traditional budget-minded buyers had no idea what had happened to their beloved buttoned-down car company, sales nonetheless began to steadily move up the ladder, an indicator that Abernathy and Teague were on the right track. Unfortunately, increased new-car deliveries failed to staunch the rising tide of red ink sweeping over the organization. AMC’s board of directors forced Roy Abernathy out of office, but the quest to produce ever bigger Ambassadors as well as more youth-oriented machinery like the Javelin and AMX would continue unabated for years to come. In the end, it was the Ambassador that helped to fundamentally alter AMC’s direction. It may have accounted for a mere fraction of total passenger car sales, but it was an important first step in trying to bring the company’s products in tune with what the consumer of the day really wanted.

Malcolm Gunn is a feature writer with Wheelbase Media. He can be reached on the Web at by using the contact link. Wheelbase supplies automotive news and features to newspapers across North America.





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Automobile manufacturing is only one small slice of a life that was spent doing so much more

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2 draws for $500! The Austin Seven “Chummy” is sort of like the Model T of Britain, helping to get more people on the road, although not produced in the same numbers as the Ford.


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is philanthropic efforts made him a Baron. His services in a world war led to his knighting. His idea that a three-wheel vehicle would be a perfect form of transportation made him one of the world’s first automotive legends. Herbert Austin became a Member P ro - files of Parliament, a Automotive legends draftsman, a skilled and heroes engineer and a sales organizer who rose through the ranks with hard work and a little foresight. His charitable work would forever live on in England’s hospitals. His automotive work would lead to the creation of a 20th-

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ILLUSTRATED MY ADAM YOUNG WWW.WHEELBASEMEDIA.COM century cult car known as the Mini. But, thousands of vehicles and a century later, where does Austin’s story begin and where does the real tale take a twist? In wool. Naturally. Without a little initiative, the bright-eyed, 27-yearold employee might never have moved to Australia’s southern coast from England to his first position keeping the machines running at the Wolseley Sheep Shearing Company. From shearing company to sheer automotive genius? Austin was no average employee. Born in 1866 to a family of hard-working farmers, Austin maintained those first shearing machines so well he was asked to return to Wolseley’s headquarters in England to supervise the whole operation. In his spare time a legacy blossomed. From the darkness of his garage, Austin would remember the long journeys into the Australian Outback, the same trips that gave him insight into the need for gasoline-powered vehicles. It was the future, he believed. A few years later he built an experimental threewheeled motor car that was propelled by a two-cylinder engine. A year after that, his first four-wheeler was exhibited at the renowned Crystal Palace exhibition centre in England. And, by the turn of the century, his three-horsepower, single-cylinder, two-seat carriage was capable of traveling 100 miles (160 kilometres) without stopping. He was onto something. The wool could wait. The Wolseley group felt the world could not. With Austin as general manger, the Wolseley Tool and Motor Company opened. After taking the company around the world, Austin resigned and looked to begin his own business. With 20,000 British pounds of capital, he founded the Austin Motor Company in 1905 in a small derelict printing shop near Longbridge, England. He received his first orders at the 1905 London Motor Show and produced his first car, the 25-horsepower Endcliffe Phaeton that cost 650 pounds. Word quickly spread. Skilled craftsmen from around the country were on their way to the new plant. Austin made 120 cars the first year. A night shift at the plant came next. And soon after that new models were developed and activity hummed. They made everything at that little plant — cars with four-cylinder engines, six-cylinders and even a 9.7-litre

Jason Stein is a feature writer with Wheelbase Media. He can be reached on the Web at by using the contact link. Wheelbase supplies automotive news and features to newspapers across North America.

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engine with 60 horsepower. Eight years later the company was producing more than 1,500 cars with 2,000 employees. When the First World War began in 1914, he halted production of his popular vehicles and changed everything over to munitions. His organizational ability to achieve remarkable volume out of one plant turned his factory into a central production point in England. When the war ended, Austin went back to what he knew best. He made the Austin Twenty, a vehicle powered by a 6.6-litre engine, as well as the Austin Twelve and the Austin Seven, a then-new concept in small cars conceived in the billiard room of his home. The Seven was meant to meet the needs of the everyday family. Not everyone saw the genius. Austin received great opposition from his board of directors, and and had to finance the project himself and do most of the work in his garage. In the end, the Seven would be exactly what postwar England wanted. Within four years, production of the “Chummy,” as it became known, topped 14,000 units per year. Business was booming. Through the 1920s and ’30s, Austin was Britain’s largest manufacturer. Another world battleground in 1939 again sent him into the factory to help supervise the changeover to munitions. Austin died at his home in late May of 1941, a full 36 years after forming his car company. Later, heavily modified Austin Sevens became the foundation for the Lotus Car Company and Austin itself became part of the giant British Motor Corporation. But his designing genius and unfailing energy made him an inspiration to many for years to come. The Mini, which arrived in 1959, was based on the Austin Seven and his concept of small-car transportation. Mostly, Austin was a man of many things and those efforts were frequently recognized. He was knighted in 1917 for his services to the war effort in England. He also held public office as a Conservative member of the House of Commons from 1919-1924. In 1936 he was made a Baron — Lord Austin of Longbridge — for his philanthropic efforts, including support for several Birmingham hospitals and research centres. In life, and death, he was no average man.

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With truck sales generally on the rise, a new Chevrolet Silverado couldn’t come at a better time, especially when it’s full of new tricks By TOM JENSEN,

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hile Chevrolet’s jaw-dropping 2014 Corvette Stingray has dominated the automotive headlines this spring — and with good reason — Chevrolet has a much more important new 2014 model hitting the streets: the new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado full-size pickup truck. Sure, the Corvette is Chevrolet’s halo car and leading attention-getter. But the Silverado makes it rain dollars for parent company General Motors. Through the first three months of 2013, Chevrolet sold a whopping 116,649 Silverados in the United States to just 2,931 Corvettes. During that period, Corvette sales were flat versus the same time in 2012, but sales of the Silverado were up a solid 22 per cent. In fact, to give some idea of the importance of the big Chevy pickup, for the first three months of the year, one in every four Chevrolet vehicles sold in the United States was a Silverado. And Chevrolet is counting on the all-new truck to deliver even better numbers going forward. SQUARE: Pretty much the only round obBilled as “new from hood to hitch,” the 2014 jects on the new Silverado are the headlights Silverado offers a number of significant improve. . . and the tires. ments and upgrades, including its powerplants. The light-duty Silverado 1500 will offer a choice of three all-new engines from what General Motors terms the EcoTec3 family. The 4.3-litre V6 produces 285 horsepower and 305 poundfeet of torque, while the 5.3-litre V8 makes 355 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. GM specs place the V6’s towing capacity at OCTANE LOUNGE 7,200 pounds (3,280 kilograms), with the 5.3-litre able to tow 11,500 pounds (5,230 kilgrams). Fuel economy for the 5.3-litre two-wheel-drive model is estimated at 8.7 l/100 km on the highway. V6 KEEP ON TRUCKIN’: Carroll Shelby is no longer estimates haven’t been announced yet. with us, but the demand for his vehicles is Later this year, a 6.2-litre engine will become still sky-high. Shelby American said strong available, although specs for it have not been demand is causing the company to increase released. Interestingly, the largest of the three production of its 575-horsepower Shelby Raptor from a planned 100 units all the way engines is based on the same powerplant in the new Corvette, but is specifically tuned for truck up to 500. The Shelby Raptor costs US use. $62,620, or $17,995 more than the stock model in the United States. In terms of functionality, for the first time




lide into the lower, sport-bolstered driver’s seat and set your heart racing. The All-New 2014 IS features an LFA-inspired instrument cluster, aggressive aerodynamic styling and performance-tuned suspension.

Chevrolet will offer a six-foot, six-inch pickup box in addition to the standard five-foot, eight-inch box. All Silverados ride on revised front and rear suspensions, with cabs that are stronger and quieter than before. The cabin doors are inlaid from the surrounding metal to help reduce cockpit noise. GM has made a concerted push to upgrade its interiors, and the Silverado benefits from a total redesign here to go with the new exterior and mechanical bits. Chevrolet’s “MyLink” communications systems is available and there are multiple power outlets and USB ports on some models, as well as an available SD card slot and 20-centimetre colour touch screen. That’s all well and good, but this is a truck and people will buy it for their needs, regardless of frills and gadgets. The Silverado crew cab (four-door) with the 5.3-litre V8 was due to hit dealer showrooms in late May and carries a base MSRP of $32,600 in Canada, which includes a $1,600 destination charge. Later this summer, the regularcab ($27,100) and a new double-cab model ($31,000) will join the Silverado lineup, with prices to come. The V6 engine also will become available in the summer. With the market for high-end trucks exploding, later this year, Chevrolet will offer up a “High Country” model that will be even fancier than the LTZ, which is the previous top-of-the-line model that will continue into 2014 as well. All told, there will be a whopping seven Silverado 1500 trim levels. Higher-line models will be available with what Chevrolet promises to be segment-exclusive safety features, including Forward Collision Alert (an alarm sounds when approaching much slower traffic), Lane Departure Warning (the truck lets you know when you’re drifting) and Front and Rear Park Assist (chimes that let you know when close is too close). So while Chevrolet may have brought sexy back for 2014 with the new Corvette, it’s also pushing the envelope on a vehicle that many workers rely on day in and day out to help them earn a living. And from the looks of it, Chevy has done a good job doing it.


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You need to read this before you buy or sell anything else online By TODD D. BURLAGE


W W W . W H EEL B A S Em e dia . com

RS31155.F17 Rob

t. Ray Collins is a busy guy. A very busy guy. As a lead detective with the autotheft task force of the Michigan State Police Department, Collins spends most of his workday trying to stay ahead of criminals by thinking like one. And that’s a job that never gets any easier. About 70,000 vehicles are reported stolen in the Detroit metro area every year. And with modern technology becoming a thief’s best friend, prospective robbers are becoming more brazen and acutely resourceful in their schemes and efforts. “Everything in auto theft seems to go in cycles,” said Collins, seemingly amazed at the complexity of the tricks of the trade. “They move from scam, to scam, to scam. As soon as we sort of get a grasp on one scam, they have moved to another.” Collins said that computers and the Internet are the tools of choice for prospective car thieves. Whether it’s posting a misleading online classified ad, or producing a counterfeit car title to legitimize the sale of a stolen vehicle, criminals use technology to trick buyers and stay ahead of law enforcement. In fact, according to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center, consumer reports of shady vehicle sales increased 25 per cent last year and are expected to jump significantly again in 2013. “This is a new generation of car thief, and both private sellers and buyers have to be The marque of a legitimate very careful,” Collins said. “These scammers auction on, for ex- are very good at what they do, and they don’t ample, is a seller with good care who gets hurt when they’re trying to pull feedback from previous auc- a rip-off.” tions, the seller has also sold And while Collins said most thieves try related items, and a price to avoid violence when it comes to pulling a that does not seem too good vehicle scam or theft, there are exceptions. to be true. Auctions where Violent carjackings — and even murder — new sellers (usually with zero are being reported after thieves set up a test feedback) say they’ll take a drive for a private sale, take the owner along lowball offer, provided that for the ride, then steal the vehicle by forcing you deal in a wire transfer, them out the door, or worse. should be considered highly “If you’re going to sell your car, you never suspect. This auction apmeet anybody at your house. That’s just too pears on the up and up. big a risk nowadays. You might be getting

set up for more than car theft,” Collins said. “Always meet somebody that wants to take a car for a test drive, at the police station. That’s a sure-fire way to protect yourself.” Collins also offered some other important guidelines when selling a vehicle: • If possible, bring a friend or family member along for the test drive, and make sure someone knows how long you expect to be gone. Carry your cell phone and keep it handy and visible throughout the trip. • Be wary of anyone who makes an offer to buy a vehicle sight-unseen. This is often a warning sign of a larger scam that involves transferring the title through a bad cheque or another fraudulent payment method. • Negotiate only with the specific person who is purchasing your car, and never with someone acting on the buyer’s behalf. And if willing to accept a cheque, complete the transaction at the buyer’s bank to ensure payment verification. And while it’s important for sellers to protect themselves, Collins warns that most of the complaints he investigates come from the buyers. A wildly popular scam flooding into Collins’ office involves a stolen vehicle, a counterfeit title, and what appear to be a trustworthy seller and a safe meeting place. Scammers will post a vehicle for sale on a web site and invite prospective buyers to an apartment complex for a meeting and a test drive. Typically there’s a sob story about financial hardship as the reason why a quick sale and a cash payment are necessary, and why the selling price is well below book or market value. The title — usually create with some nifty computer work — matches the vehicleidentification number and the apartment address where the meeting was set up, a transaction is made, and the two parties go their separate ways. “Everything seems normal, the guy gives you a title for it, you give him cash for the car, you go to get the car titled, and it’s stolen,” Collins said. “You go back to the apartment complex and nobody has ever heard of this guy. What you weren’t paying any attention to is that they never walked out of the apartment. He walked out in between buildings or he came down the stairway.”

Collins offered these important tips when buying a car to avoid getting taken by a “curbstoner” scam: • Be wary of prices that seem too good to be true. Several Web sites, such as, or — offer buyers a credible guide to vehicle pricing. The lower the price, the higher the probability of a sales scam, and the perfect warning to walk away. • Title washing is another popular sales scam that involves removing the word “salvaged” from the history of vehicles that have been wrecked and repaired. Spending a few bucks on a vehicle history report from CarFax or AutoCheck is often a telling and wise investment. • While the focus is on your personal safety, don’t forget the basics of the transaction. If you’re buying, thoroughly test the vehicle in broad daylight, also making sure to test the lights. “There are no guarantees when buying or selling a vehicle,” Collins said. “But try not to negotiate alone, use the Internet as a tool, and if something doesn’t feel right, there are plenty of other cars for sale out there to choose from.”

Todd Burlage is a feature writer with Wheelbase Media. You can reach Wheelbase on the Web at by clicking the contact link.

Sellers should take pictures in generic settings and it’s best to arrange test drives away from their homes. The police station makes a good meeting spot. Let others know what you’re doing, have your cell phone and bring a friend. A big no-no is giving out your street address over the phone or online. Would-be crooks can Google the information and get a good look at your home as if they were standing right in front of it.


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2922 Millar Ave. Saskatoon 306.242.3233

Standard 196-horsepower 2.5-litre four-cylinder is estimated to be three to five per cent more efficient than the 2013 model.

The midsize 2014 Malibu demonstrates how quickly changes can be made to a car when an automaker puts its mind to it. With the 2013 Malibu on the market for barely a year, Chevrolet has decided to give it a new look, more interior room and a better ride. Why? The Malibu is in a hotly contested segment and clearly wasn’t standing out enough. The 2014 Malibu goes on sale this fall.

The 2.5 shuts off when the Malibu is stopped, and then restarts when you take your foot off the brakes. This saves fuel. Visual changes are largely limited to the nose where the grille openings have been enlarged and recontoured.

Suspension revised to be “on par with more expensive sport sedans.”

Centre console has a longer armrest; seat backs scooped out for more rear knee room.

The look is supposed to be more in line with the new 2014 full-size Impala.

Source: Chevrolet COPYRIGHT WHeelBASe MeDIA,

Available 259horsepower turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder.

ML41631.F17 Mary

Made in Canada, built for the Prairies

If you live for adventure, get up and go with the Matrix. Conquer country roads and urban jungle with the dependability and reliability you’ve come to expect from Toyota.


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w w w. s h i f t w e e k ly. c o m

The Fast and the Flexible rule the streets

here are a zillion steps that go into designing and engineering a new vehicle. Maybe even more than a zillion. Then all the tooling has to be made, the process figured out, the factory built, the staff trained and all the parts suppliers brought on stream to make the individual components. It’s a gargantuan undertaking and it’s a miracle, really, that a single car ever gets out the other end and into your driveway. It takes a few years and often billions of dollars to get a brand new design on its feet, but what if they get it wrong? Umm, what do you mean, “get it wrong�? There’s a point where the design is locked down so all the tooling can be finalized. In the time gap until the car hits the streets, all kinds of things can go wrong. Maybe the competition has one-upped you already and you’re about to put out a second- or thirdplace product. Maybe changes in the economy or a huge spike in fuel prices have made a design irrelevant before the first engine fires up. Or, maybe, just maybe, the market research was flawed. Great, now what. Is all that time and money out the window? Do you have to start from scratch? If that happens, a cashstrapped company might be looking at bankruptcy or robbing from investment and development in other model lines to stay afloat. But if you’re smart like Honda, you put a car like the Civic under the microscope. You have to understand that the Civic and the Accord are sacred vehicles. Honda relies heavily on their sales, probably more so than the rest of the company’s vehicle lines combined, so a lot of attention is paid to them. Funny thing is, even before the new 2012 Civic came out, Honda actually knew that it had missed the mark. It had gone cheaper, anticipating that that’s where things were headed. In fact, the market was going the other way. Changes to richen up the Civic were already on the horizon even before the new model was launched since it was too far in the pipeline to alter. As the company suspected, the reviews of the new Civic were lackML41643.F17 luster and it updated the car with a



more upscale look and feel as well as structural upgrades to increase crash safety. And it all worked. Not that there was actually anything wrong with the 2012 model as sales were brisk, but, more importantly, Honda showed the speed at which changes could be made on the fly. Elapsed time? About 12 months. I suspect that that set a new standard for reacting quickly to a market that also seems to change more quickly these days. As time goes on, you might see a series of running changes made during the course of a vehicle’s run as opposed to the planned annual tweaks to option packages and trim levels that have been past practice. A case in point is the 2008-’11 Chevrolet Malibu. Handsome, yet elegant, and just a good overall car that had only seen a few changes over its whole career. I really can’t tell one model year from the next, honestly. Well, along comes early 2012 and Chevrolet launches a new 2013 Malibu with pleasant-but-not-spectacular styling. The problem is the new Ford Fusion also came out and that car was a stunning work of art. Then there were the usual segment killers, such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord that the Malibu has to fight. Chevrolet starts taking it on the chin from the motoring press and instead of riding it out, takes the Honda example and goes to work right away on changes to silence the critics and even create a little magic of its own. The nose is new, the ride is apparently better, there’s a revised centre console and more knee room for rear-seat passengers. The updated Malibu goes on sale this fall, about 18 months after the new 2013 model was launched in the spring of 2012. By current standards, that’s about as fast as it gets and although it represents a shift in thinking, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise because vehicle technology is not the only technology that gets better over time. The whole construction process can be changed around and adapted more quickly and design changes can be modeled and tweaked and put into play within months, so long

as the corporate will exists to do it. If this practice becomes as common as I suspect it will, we could eventually be looking at noticeable changes to a single car line every six months as automakers try to one-up each other. And unless other JW10934.F17 manufacturers adapt, they will be left James

behind. It might even be a case of survival for the Fast and the Flexible. You can message Rhonda by logging on to and clicking the contact link. Wheelbase Media is a worldwide provider of automotive news and feature stories.













ʎ ADVANCED AUDIO SYSTEM WITH NAVIGATION ʎ 67$*(5(027(.(</(66(175<˿$,5&21',7,21,1* ʎ $,5%$*6$)(7<˿$0)0&'03$8;,1387-$&. ʎ POWER WINDOWS AND DOOR LOCKS ʎ 32:(50,55256˿$%6˿(63˿ʪ$//2<:+((/6 ʎ ˿<($5.032:(575$,17,0,7(':$55$17<



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$0 down




$0 down

2013 SIENNa


2013 Camry LE

aM/FM/CD, Tri-zone climate control, rear heat ducts, power locks and windows, cruise, tilt, air, key-less entry






263 0

bi weekly*

60 mos. financing $0 down incl. tax




2.5L, 4cyl, auto, air, tilt, cruise, power windows & locks, heated mirrors, aM/FM/CD, display audio w/Navigation, power driverâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s seat, 17â&#x20AC;? alloys, Star Safety System, Upgrade Pkge


34,279 $0 down

285 Venture Crescent Ph: 653-5611




238 0

bi weekly*

60 mos. financing $0 down incl. tax





31,067*** $0 down

Like us on Facebook * See dealer for details. Dealer License Number 907381 ***

Wise customers read the fine print: •, *, », ‡, § The Month of the Ram Event offers are limited time offers which apply to retail deliveries of selected new and unused models purchased from participating retailers on or after June 1, 2013. Offers subject to change and may be extended without notice. All pricing excludes freight ($1,595–$1,695), licence, insurance, registration, any retailer administration fees, other retailer charges and other applicable fees and taxes. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Retailer may sell for less. •$17,998 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Ram 1500 Reg Cab ST 4x2 (23A) only and includes $7,000 Consumer Cash Discount. $24,498 Purchase Price applies to 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 (23A+AGR) only and includes $9,250 Consumer Cash and $1,500 Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash. *Consumer Cash Discounts are offered on select new 2013 vehicles which are deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. Amounts vary by vehicle. »$1,500 Ram Truck Loyalty/Conquest Bonus Cash is available to qualified customers on the retail purchase/lease of any 2012/2013 Ram 2500/3500 models (excluding Cab & Chassis models) and 2013 Ram 1500 (excludes Reg Cab models) and is deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Eligible customers include current owners/lessees of a Dodge or Ram pickup truck or any other manufacturer’s pickup truck. The vehicle must have been owned/leased by the eligible customer and registered in their name on or before June 1, 2013. Proof of ownership/lease agreement will be required. Additional eligible customers include licensed tradesmen and those working towards Skilled Trade certification. Some conditions apply. See your retailer for complete details. ‡3.99% purchase financing for up to 96 months available on the new 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 model to qualified customers on approved credit through Royal Bank of Canada, Scotiabank and TD Auto Finance. Example: 2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab SXT 4x4 with a Purchase Price of $24,498 (including applicable Consumer Cash Discount) financed at 3.99% over 96 months with $0 down payment equals 208 bi-weekly payments of $138 with a cost of borrowing of $4,136 and a total obligation of $28,634. §2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie 4x4 with optional equipment shown. Price including applicable Consumer Cash Discount: $40,755. ≠Based on 2013 EnerGuide highway fuel consumption ratings published by Natural Resources Canada. Government of Canada test methods used. Your actual fuel consumption will vary based on powertrain, driving habits and other factors. Ask your retailer for complete EnerGuide information. 2013 Ram 1500 with 3.6 L V6 4x2 and 8-speed transmission. 11.4 L/100 km (25 MPG) city and 7.8 L/100 km (36 MPG) highway. TMThe SiriusXM logo is a registered trademark of SiriusXM Satellite Radio Inc.



DPR_131112_EB_RAM_LD_MOR.indd 1

$ 2013 RAM 1500 REGULAR CAB ST 4X2






2013 RAM 1500 QUAD CAB SXT 4X4


24,498 •





Page 28 - EXPRESSautozone - June 17-23, 2013

SS50459.F17 Shannon T:10”

ALL-NEW 2013 RAM 1500 •








3.99 @



2013 Ram 1500 Quad Cab Laramie 4x4 with optional equipment shown.§

6/10/13 2:24 PM

SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013


0 72 %






2013 Fiesta 4dr Sedan SE

2.0 I4, 5 Speed MSRP - $21,109

1.6L 6 spd Automatic MSRP $20,849



2013 Edge FWD SEL #48114M

2.0 Ecoboost Automatic MSRP $38,349 Sale Price $31,999 S.U.V. Loyalty Discount $1,000

You pay only



You pay only




2013 Mustang V6 Coupe #72758M

3.7 V6, 6 Speed manual MSRP $25,789 Sale Price $22,377





2013 F-150 5.0L amount shown

2013 Focus 4dr Sedan Se

You pay only



On select new models




You pay only



On select new 2013 F-150, Edge, and Focus models

2013 Escape SE FWD #27786

1.6 Ecoboost : Automatic MSRP $29,649 Sale Price $27,301 S.U.V. Loyalty Discount $1,000

You pay only



2013 Fusion SE #96401M

1.6 I4 GTDI MSRP $27,199 Sale Price $25,523

You pay only



2013 Explorer Limited Edition #94524M

3.5 V6 MSRP $54,849 Sale Price $51,617 S.U.V. Loyalty Discount $1,000

*All prices include freight but are plus applicable taxes and fees. See dealer for full details DL#4089

306 373 4444 You pay only



419 Brand Place


Saskatoon Auto Mall

SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013

2005 Dutchman Denali 28

2012 Ford Fiesta SES

2012 Toyota Corolla

Power Extendable Living Quarters, Stove, Fridge, Microwave, Oven, Queen bdrm., Sun Canopy, Like New, #I0743

13,477 km, 1.6L I 4, 6 Spd Automatic, Red, Leather #F6272

53,280 km, 1.8L I 4, 6 Spd Automatic, Silver, Black Cloth #I1127



2012 Ford F-150 Platinum

25,112 km, 3.5L V 6, 6 Spd Automatic, Brown, Leather #F1761A



2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X

61,286 km, 3.8L V 6, Green, TY Cloth #C1179





2009 Dodge Journey R/T

2013 Ford Mustang GT

83,537 km, 3.5L awd V 6, 6 Spd Automatic, Green, Tan Leather #C3669

17,057 km, 5.0L V 8, 6 Spd Automatic, Grey, Leather #F1883



2009 Ford E-250 Commercial Extended Cargo Van


2012 Ford F-150 XLT 4x4 Super Crew Cab

18,325 km, 4.6L V 8, 4 Spd Automatic, White, Beige Cloth #F5457

19,700 km, 5.0L xtr pkg., V 8, 6 Spd Automatic, Silver, Grey Cloth #F5742B





*Price listed does not include fees and applicable taxes. See dealer for full details. DL#B4089


2012 Hyundai Sonata GLS

44,900 km, 2.4L I 4, 6 Spd Automatic, Black, Grey Cloth #I9687



2009 Lincoln MKS Base

70,430 km, 3.7L V 6, 6 Spd Automatic, Sensor Backup Cam , Grey, leather #F5798B


2012 Lincoln Navigator LL 4X4

10,855 km, 5.4L V 8, 6 Spd Automatic, White, Leather #F5736A


SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013

The best

PRE-OWNED VEHICLES in stock for spring! $141.40






1.6L I 4, grey, black cloth interior 33,933 km. #I1478A

3.7L V6, 5 spd automatic, silver, leather 110,217 km. #I4730B

1.6L I 4, automatic, white, leather interior 96,000 km. #I6366





2012 FIAT 500 SPORT


1.8L I 4, 5 spd manual, blue, grey cloth interior 91,000 km. #I7099A

1.4L I 4, 5 spd manual, black, black cloth interior 6,500 km. #I7319

2.0L I 4, 5 spd manual, silver, black cloth interior 17,000 km. #I7288








1.6 L I 4, automatic, red, black cloth interior 73,500 km. #I0753

2.0 L I 4, 6 spd manual, black leather interior 44,078 km. #I4294B

3.0L V6, 6 spd automatic silver, black interior 63,303 km. #I7168







160,000 KM


Best backed cars in the world*

Offer(s) available on new 2013 and 2014 models purchased through participating dealers to qualifi ed retail customers who purchase a new vehicle by July 2, 2013. Dealers may sell for less, some conditions apply. Offers are subject to change without notice, see dealer for complete details. All pricing/total obligations/costs of borrowing (QUE:) include freight, PDI, air tax and EHF. Taxes, insurance, licensing and duty on new tires excluded. (AB/BC/ON: include / Maritimes/MB/SK: exclude) up to $1,450 in freight, $250 in PDI, $100 in air tax and up to $30 in EHF, and exclude up to $16 new tire duty, taxes, PPSA, registration, licensing and up to $599 in dealer charges. ‡ 2013 RVR GT/2013 Outlander XLS/2014 Outlander GT S-AWC model shown has an MSRP of $28,998/$35,198/$35,998 and a selling price of $30,497/$36,697/$37,497. 0%/1.9%/0% purchase fi nancing available through Bank of Montreal for 72/84/84 months on all new 2013 RVR/2013 RVR/2013 Outlander models (terms vary by model, see dealer for details). Representative example: 2013 RVR ES (CS45-A)/2013 RVR ES (CS45-A)/2013 Outlander ES 2WD (CO45-A) with an all-in price of $23,197/$23,197/$29,197 fi nanced at 0%/1.9%/0% for 72/84/84 months equals 156/182/182 bi-weekly payments of $169.81/$155.50/$181.81 for a total obligation of $26,490/$26,490/$33,090 and a cost of borrowing of $0/$1,851.64/$0. § AWC standard on RVR SE 4WD, 10th Anniversary Edition and GT. S-AWC standard on Outlander XLS and GT. ♦ Up to $1,500 in rebates available on the purchase of any new Mitsubishi models to current owners and eligible others. Amounts vary by model and will be deducted from the negotiated price after taxes. Loyalty rebate applies to vehicles purchased and delivered between June 1 and July 2, 2013. Other conditions apply. See dealer for details. ▲ $800 consumer cash discount applicable on 2013 Lancer 10th Anniversary Edition purchased between June 1 and July 2, 2013. Consumer cash discount will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and will take place at time of purchase. ° $2,500 in no-charge extra features applies to 2013 Lancer 10th Anniversary Edition for vehicles purchased up to July 2, 2013. Based on dealer inventory. See your dealer for details. * Best backed claim does not cover Lancer Evolution, Lancer Ralliart or i-MiEV. ® MITSUBISHI MOTORS, BEST BACKED CARS IN THE WORLD are trade-marks of Mitsubishi Motors North America, Inc. and are used under license. ** Whichever comes fi rst. Regular maintenance not included. See dealer or for warranty terms, restrictions and details. Not all customers will qualify.

Saskatoon Mitsubishi 707 Brand Road 306.343.6487



SASKATOONEXPRESS - June 17-23, 2013

Candanavian Volvo Presents:


Summer Sales Event

Indulge in Scandinavian D Design. Save in Candian Dollars.

OWN YOUR OWN LEGEND. view our entire pre-owned inventory at 2011 Volvo S60 T6 3.0L I 6, 6 spd automatic, leather interior. 27,415 km #U14559




with $4,522 downpayment


Lease APR for 39 mos.*




2008 Land Rover Sport Supercharged 2009 Volvo XC90 3.2 3.2L I 6, 6 spd automatic, silver, leather interior. 71,105 km #U18403

$29,995 *

2008 Land Rover LR3 SE 4.4L V8, 6 spd automatic, white, leather interior. 94,951 km #U81910

$33,995 *

2010 Nissan 370Z Touring Roadster Black Top 6MT 3.7L V6, 6 spd manual, silver, leather interior. 14,000 km #U03226


YOUR 2013 XC60 EQUIPPED WITH: • Available Instant Traction™ All-Wheel Drive • Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DSTC) • Available Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake • Volvo City Safety (Fully-Automated Braking System) • Volvo Sensus with 7" Colour Screen

VOLVO OF SASKATOON 419 Brand Place. Saskatoon (306) 242-3609 *Limited time time offers offers through through participating participating Volvo Volvo Retailers Retailers on on approved approved credit credit (O.A.C.) *Limited (O.A.C.) to to qualified qualified retail retail customers customers only. only. Lease example example based based on on the the 2013 2013 XC60 XC60 3.2 3.2 AWD. AWD. 0.9% 0.9% lease lease APR APR for for 39 39 months. Lease months. Monthly Monthly payment payment is is $399 $399 (includes (includes $1,995 freight freight and and PDI, PDI, $20 $20 tire tire stewardship, stewardship, $100 $100 air air conditioning conditioning tax tax (where (where applicable), $1,995 applicable), $75 $75 PPSA, PPSA, $350 $350 lease lease service fee) fee) with with $4,552 $4,552 down down payment payment or or equivalent equivalent trade-in trade-in and and $400 $400 security security deposit service deposit are are due due at at lease lease inception. inception. Total Total lease obligation obligation is is $20,512.61. $20,512.61. Other Other taxes, taxes, license, license, insurance insurance and and registration registration are lease are extra. extra. Lease Lease has has aa 16,000 16,000 km km allowance per year ($0.16 per km on excess). Payment and security deposit may vary by choice of extra equipment. Purchase allowance per year ($0.16 per km on excess). Payment and security deposit may vary by choice of extra equipment. at end of lease plus Retailer required. †Volvo Carefree offer is available Purchase at endfor of$19,818.05 lease for $19,818.05 taxes.participation Retailer participation required. †VolvoCoverage Carefree Coverage offer ison the purchase, or lease of only a newof2013 With the lease of athe new 2013 Volvo Volvo, Carefree Coverage available on thefinance purchase, finance or lease only aVolvo. new 2013 Volvo. With lease of aVolvo, new 2013 Volvo Carefree is availableisonly for uponly to 39 from the date original purchase up to 52,000 km52,000 (whichever occurs first), and Coverage available formonths up to 39 months fromofthe date of original or purchase or up to km (whichever occurs is determined by length of lease. Warranty does not cover, without limitation: damage to vehicle resulting from improper first), and is determined by length of lease. Warranty does not cover, without limitation: damage to vehicle resulting from maintenance or abuse, or vehicles or declared be a total loss by insurer, operating condiimproper maintenance abuse,severely vehiclesdamaged/and severely damaged/and or to declared to be a total loss bysevere insurer, severe operating tions requiring additional services, and customer requested services not specified in Volvo Warranty and Maintenance conditions requiring additional services, and customer requested services not specified in Volvo Warranty and Records Information See your localSee Volvo Retailer or visit more details, a complete lista Maintenance Recordsbooklet. Information booklet. your local Volvo Retailer or visit for for including more details, including of exclusions and items covered under the Volvo Carefree Coverage warranty program. Excluding Fleet vehicles.Fleet Offer complete list of exclusions and items covered under the Volvo Carefree Coverage warranty program. Excluding is subject Offer to change without notice. Retailer may sell/lease less. Retailerfor order/trade mayorder/trade be necessary. terms/ vehicles. is subject to change without notice. Retailerfor may sell/lease less. Retailer maySome be necessary. conditions apply. Offersapply. may vary by region. See local Volvo for full details.forVehicles mayVehicles not be exactly as be Some terms/conditions Offers may vary byyour region. See yourRetailer local Volvo Retailer full details. may not shown. as ©2013 Volvo CarsVolvo of Canada Always remember to wear your seat belt. exactly shown. ©2013 Cars ofCorp. Canada Corp. Always remember to wear yourVisit belt. Visit

2012 Jaguar XF XFR 5.0L V8, 6 spd automatic, white, leather interior 11,372 km #U33125

$74,995 *

2010 Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE 5.0L V8, 6 spd automatic, beige, ebony leather interior. 42,200 km #U49567 *


2006 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged 4.2L V8, 6 spd automatic, black, jet leather interior. 120,263 km #U02042


Call for details today! 306 242 3609 *Price listed does not include fees and applicable tax. DL#909352


Saskatoon Express Issue of June 17, 2013

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