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Crusader St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • Austin, Texas • summer 2010 Magazine

The 2009-2010 school year was a milestone for our Head of School Lucy Nazro, as we celebrated and honored three decades of extraordinary service. Her devotion and tireless work as St. Andrew’s Head of School have enriched the lives of thousands of St. Andrew’s students and families. Whether in the stands, in chapel, in the classroom, or serving the broader Episcopal community, Lucy Nazro is indeed a legend in our midst.  To commemorate her 30 years, Lucy was presented with an academic hood, hand embroidered by SAS parent Suzanne Freid-Carper (background image) with the names of the 2009-2010 faculty and staff.  In addition, the Board of Trustees commissioned two Lisa Beaman portrait sessions for Lucy to have original portraits created of her grandsons, Sam and Ben Thurman ’15. And, fitting for our school’s biggest football fan, Lucy was given an autographed football from SAS alum and Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees ’93. We are tremendously grateful for 30 spectacular years at St. Andrew’s. Thank you, Lucy, for helping create such an extraordinary school community.

INSIDE FEATURE: 11 The Class of 2010 Graduates Scholar News: 14

Advanced Certamen Team Wins Second National Championship National Latin Exam Results Impress Science Students Impress at TEAM/JETS Challenge Upper and Middle School Students Honored at Texas State Cemetery Middle School Honor Society Members Recognized Accolades for Middle School Speech and Debate Team Lower School Celebrates Pan-American Day First through Eighth Graders Compete in PSIA Challenge Eighth Grade Commencement Celebrates the Class of 2014

Arts News: 26

Upper School Choir Performs at Carnegie Hall Arts Students Get Creative at 2010 ISAS Art Festival Eighth Graders Wow Audiences with Grease Sixth Graders Transform Crusader Hall into the Land of Oz

Athletic News: 32

Varsity Girls’ LAX Win Eighth District Title All-American Girls’ Lacrosse Distinctions Varsity Softball Wins Division II Championship JV Girls’ Lacrosse Takes Central District Crown Matt Johnson Named to TABC Academic All-State Team Varsity Boys Win SPC Division II Title Lower and Middle School Athletic Teams Win Multiple AIPL Titles Field Day Filled with Fun and Fitness for Lower Schoolers Lower School Kids Finish Marathon

Servant News: 38

Meet the New Upper School Chaplain Students Support LifeWorks and Haiti First Annual Middle School Yom Hashoah Ceremony

Administration & Board Lucy C. Nazro, Head of School Rich Mischinski, Head of Upper School Alice Nezzer, Head of Middle School Sharon Wilson, Head of Lower School Silver Garza, Chairman of the Board St. Andrew’s Lower and Middle School Campus 1112 West 31st Street, Austin, Texas 78705 St. Andrew’s Upper School Campus 5901 Southwest Parkway, Austin, Texas 78735 MISSION STATEMENT The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential. STATEMENT OF PURPOSE The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only in intellectual understanding but also in esthetic sensitivity, physical well-being, athletic prowess, and moral decisiveness so that they may lead productive, responsible lives, not only for themselves, but also for their community. Diversity Statement of Purpose Diversity at St. Andrew’s is grounded in our identity as a family-based community, a faith-based community, and a learning community. We understand that our strength and resilience as a three-fold community stems from our commitment to: • honor each individual’s unique perspective; • respect the dignity of every human being as a child of God, and; • develop the knowledge, skills, and under- standing necessary to engage with and respond to the needs of an evolving world. CORE VALUES Community Based on trust, traditions, communication, appreciation, and support Spiritual Foundation To develop moral behavior High Expectations Reflected in both the knowledge base and behavior of the faculty, staff, students, parents, and board members Caring, Celebration and Humor Fostered by kindness and collegiality Statement of Non-discrimination St. Andrew’s Episcopal School admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at this school. We do not discriminate in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, athletics, or other programs.

Alumni News: 42

Amicus Curiae: Update on Alumni Pursuing the Legal Profession Honored Grads: Important Achievements of our graduates

Development News: 48 Thank You for Supporting Spring Fest and Family Fair for Financial Aid

Fourth Annual Shoot Out Draws Parents, Students, Teachers, and Alumni Grandparents’ and Grandfriends’ Day Celebrates Family

On The Cover Two of the 26 “lifers” from the Class of 2010, Evans Miller and Chad McLaren, are all smiles after receiving their diplomas.

Graduation 2010

Gr ad u W

hat do the number 83, West Point, Carnegie Hall,

the letter “X,” 660 Chapel services, and $4,995,268 have in common? Give up?  The answer is St. Andrew’s Class of 2010 — or “X,” as they ordained

themselves back in the fall. A class full of scholars,

artists, athletes, and servants, they were accepted to more than 50 colleges and universities across

the country, 25 percent of the class was honored by the College Board, two graduates were selected as Division I athletes, and 26 were lifers

(those who attended St. Andrew’s from first grade through twelfth grade).  

4 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Graduation 2010

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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 5

Graduation 2010

An excerpt from the opening remarks of

lucy c. nazro, head of school “Welcome to the ninth graduation in the history of the Upper School. I have begun all my remarks during these nine years by giving the number of each graduating class. That is to show that we are a young school in some ways but in more ways we are a well-established one, rich in tradition. On this campus, so beautiful and so welcoming, we are a community of learners and teachers joined together in this special place by respect and a deep affection for one another. In fact, I think one of the things that sets St. Andrew’s Upper School apart from our peer schools is the relationship between the faculty and students. I believe this is how true learning takes place—in the relationship between a student and a teacher. One important distinction about this class is that you are the class of 2010. The Roman numeral ten is of course an X as we saw all over the campus and on your tee shirts last spring. That X is also, as you know, the St. Andrew’s cross. I hope you will always think about St. Andrew’s as you leave this place. You have left a mark of excellence in your time here. It is my hope and prayer that we have left our mark on you, too. That is why we are all here.”


National Merit Finalists


National Merit Commended Scholars


Advanced Placement Scholars


National Hispanic Scholars


National Letters of Intent to Play DI Sports

An excerpt from the sermon of

Clint Hagen, Upper School Associate Chaplain “In his last days, Jesus said to his disciples: ‘I do not call you servants any longer, because the servant does not know what the master is doing; but I have called you friends, because I have made known to you everything that I have heard from my Father.’ I say the same to you now. Everything we know to teach you, we have taught you. Today, you are no longer our students. You have become our fellow adventurers. Today, you join us on our quest to understand the nature of the cosmos, to build up cities and nations and families, to produce sublime music and art, to better understand the human mind and soul, to write and read and speak the truth, and to make the world better for all people. And so, I am pleased to say to you: You are no longer our students. You are our friends. And yes, Andrew Brown, the next time I get a friend request from you on Facebook, I will, at long last, accept it.” 6 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Graduation 2010

Department awards: The following students were chosen by vote of the faculty of each department to receive awards for outstanding commitment and achievement in each area of study. Athletics: Andrew Brown Catherine Chlebowski Alec Garza Elle Moody Humanities: Austin Butler Jillian Richardson Rory Thost Instrumental Music: Claire Aviles

Latin: Matthew Miller

Theatre: Blair Campion

Mathematics: Kyle Quick Claire Aviles

2D Studio Art: Hallie Gluk

Spanish: Christina Canzoneri Science: Lindsey Lansky

3D Studio Art: Nancy Wareing Vocal Music: Blair Campion

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 7

Graduation 2010

An excerpt from the speech of

jennifer tollefson, faculty speaker “...when I started as a teacher in New York City, I taught at a big high school and I noticed that the same cliques seemed to be in place, with a few additions like Goth and Emo. I thought that those divisions must be the nature of things, the nature of being in high school.... So, when I first started teaching at St. Andrew’s, I felt uncomfortable and I wasn’t sure why. The students were different. Their faces were open and relaxed, smiling. They said odd things in class and everyone laughed good-naturedly. I had some recognition of this feeling. When I was growing up, my family had a strange sense of humor... And when someone in my family did something funny and strange, we would say, ‘You are so weird!’ And it was the best compliment you could get because it meant not that you were actually strange or odd, but that you were being yourself in a wonderful way. It was a way of saying, ‘I love how unique and funny and interesting you are.’ And I have to say that your kids are some of the weirdest I’ve met.”


The total merit scholarship monies offered to members of St. Andrew’s Class of 2010, not including the value of an education at the United States Military Academy and the Air Force Academy.

An excerpt from the speech of

alex wolford, senior speaker “Know that you have a community to fall back on. At St. Andrew’s we hear the word ‘community’ so much. In fact there is an infamous film dedicated to ‘community.’ I really do think we take for granted this wonderful and amazingly close-knit community. There is always Read Penn to quote The Notebook, Michael Fitzpatrick and Charlie Baker to grill at lunch, Blair Campion to serenade the green, or Gus Prickett to dance with. Yes, we are all going to be separated by thousands of miles and Brett and Lindsey’s freestyle raps won’t be the same over the phone. But know when we come back to Austin, there will always be people who love us and know exactly how we feel.” 8 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Graduation 2010

Graduate Distinctions The following seniors were commended for completing the requirements for one or more of the possible four graduation distinctions. Congratulations to all those listed for working so hard to achieve these honors.





The student’s senior project and general academic record are judged outstanding by a panel of faculty.

The student has a distinguished upperclass record in the arts, both curricular and extracurricular.

Claire Aviles Jessica Bearden Ali Burner Sydney Burrell Blair Campion Christina Canzoneri Peter Carruth Catherine Chlebowski Neil Davis Kira Dell Richard Dietz Michael Fitzpatrick Hallie Gluk Kate Harslem Allen Hollingsworth Lonnie Hollingsworth III Kyle Hunt Matthew Johnson Craig Katkic Cameron Kell Lindsey Lansky Marta Marin Matthew Miller Kyle Quick Jillian Richardson Caroline Schaefer Emily Susman Rory Thost Nancy Wareing Alexandra Waugh Alexandra Wolford

Claire Aviles Lucía Bárcenas Susan Bartoletti Jessica Bearden Brittany Bernstrom Marc Boyd Andrew Brown Ali Burner Sydney Burrell Blair Campion Christina Canzoneri Peter Carruth Catherine Chlebowski Cameron Coffman Kira Dell Richard Dietz Win Dunham Alec Garza Hallie Gluk Kate Harslem Meagan Jones Cameron Kell Thea Kohout Mollye McClure Evans Miller Molly Moldenhauer Elle Moody Sophia Osella Read Penn Natasha Piette Augustus Prickett Kyle Quick Grace Ramsdell Addie Rodriguez Emily Susman Benjamin Taylor Rory Thost Nancy Wareing Alexandra Waugh Nash Wilson Alexandra Wolford Brett Zimmerman

Jessica Bearden Andrew Brown Ali Burner Sydney Burrell Ernesto Camacho Peter Carruth Catherine Chlebowski Cameron Coffman Carter Cowan William Dodds Patrick Fitzgerald Michael Fitzpatrick Alec Garza Hallie Gluk Alexander Grimm Kyle Hunt Matthew Johnson Lindsey Lansky Quinn McCall Claire McCarthy Chadwick McLaren Evans Miller Elle Moody Sophia Osella Michael Petrick Kyle Quick Erin Reifsnyder Jillian Richardson Brett Zimmerman

Claire Aviles Charles Baker Lucía Bárcenas Jessica Bearden Brittany Bernstrom Ali Burner Sydney Burrell Blair Campion Christina Canzoneri Peter Carruth Catherine Chlebowski Kira Dell Catherine Doughty Win Dunham Alexander Grimm Kate Harslem Kelsey Hughes Lindsey Lansky Claire McCarthy Mollye McClure Chadwick McLaren Evans Miller Sophia Osella Read Penn Michael Petrick Natasha Piette Augustus Prickett Kyle Quick Mackenzie Rachal Grace Ramsdell Erin Reifsnyder Anna Richards Caroline Schaefer Emily Susman Benjamin Taylor Sarah Thompson Rory Thost Graham Trull Alexandra Wolford Brett Zimmerman

The student has a record of distinguished participation on at least two teams in both the junior and senior years.

The student has completed at least 100 hours of community service after the end of grade 10.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 9

Graduation 2010

Graduation Prizes THE SCHOLARSHIP AWARD: JILLIAN RICHARDSON This award is given to a senior for outstanding academic achievement, passion for learning, and a pursuit of excellence. One of this student’s teachers has described our scholar as “a difference-maker.” Simply put she changes things, whether it’s the atmosphere in the room, the level of discussion, or the way someone might see something. She serves as motivator, friend, tutor, counselor, and fellow goofy teen. She is the embodiment of what the world needs now, and she lives this out every day of her life.

Scholarship Award Winner Jillian Richardson

THE LUCY COLLINS NAZRO AWARD: BRETT ZIMMERMAN The Lucy Collins Nazro Award is given to that remarkable individual who contributes in original ways to improve the life of the students, faculty, and staff of St. Andrew’s. This honor goes to that senior whose enthusiasm, joy, and leadership best reflect the qualities of Head of School, Lucy Collins Nazro. Without question, our Nazro Award winner is an individual of varied interests with a voracious appetite for everything this school has to offer. His teachers remark, “Whatever he does, he does with his whole heart,” and that’s what Lucy does. He displays unmatched enthusiasm and responsibility. He leads in times of stress when others are confused and need direction. He is someone who makes his presence felt by everyone because he is incredibly loving, kind, and compassionate. He welcomes

Lucy C. Nazro Award Winner Brett Zimmerman

visitors and newcomers to St. Andrew’s, and his love for the school shines in everything he says and does.

THE CORNERSTONE AWARD: KIRA DELL The Cornerstone Award goes to that senior who fully embraces the mission of St. Andrew’s “to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential.” Established to commemorate the Class of 2002, the Cornerstone Award recognizes courage, creativity, and love of school. Kira prompts her teachers and advisors to use such words as “delightful, meek, kind, sweet, joyful” to describe her. When she is absent in the classroom, it is a different place. Her presence is infectious, and she has the ability to possess simultaneously two qualities we desire and often see in our students, but rarely at the same time: she can play and

Cornerstone Award Winner Kira Dell

have fun while being one of the most mature, deferential individuals at the school.

10 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Graduation 2010

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 11

Graduation 2010

Graduation Prizes THE SCOTT FIELD BAILEY SERVANT AWARD: KELSEY HUGHES & SYDNEY BURRELL The Scott Field Bailey Servant Award, named in memory of the founder of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, the Right Reverend Scott Field Bailey, is reserved for that senior whose dedication, selflessness, and deep concern for others best exemplify the St. Andrew’s ideal that its students lead productive and responsible lives for their community. Bailey Servant Award Co-Winner

Kelsey Hughes

Kelsey is a young lady who meets life with joy and does her best to spread that joy to everyone around her. She is never on the sidelines observing. She has reached a level of maturity and self-awareness that few of her peers can match. She responds to the needs of others with limitless energy and love. Sydney has been described as “nothing short of spectacular.” She manages to find a graceful balance between her calm, giving spirit and her rock-solid responsibility. Called a “breath of fresh air,” she is a person you never want to go away – not just because she is an outstanding student, but because she’s the kind of human being we all aspire to

Bailey Servant Award Co-Winner

become some day.

Sydney Burrell

THE HILARY H. CARLSON AWARD: CLAIRE McCARTHY & MICHAEL FITZPATRICK This award goes to that senior who most clearly exhibits dramatic personal growth throughout high school. By fulfilling individual potential and living out the ideals valued by the St. Andrew’s community, this senior best illustrates the meaning of Hilary Carlson’s favorite quotation, “To whom much has been given, much is expected.”

Hilary Carlson Award Co-Winner

Claire McCarthy

Claire is a dynamo. Her spirit is unquenchable. Whenever she faced circumstances that would have been enough to stop most people, she redoubled her resolve and effort, and reached higher levels of achievement. Her advisor said, “Truly, I can’t think of another student — another individual — whom I admire more.” Michael has been described by one of his teachers as “intelligent, curious, complex, creative, dependable, and friendly.” Another teacher captured the essence of this student: “In my years of knowing him, I have seen him learn to thoughtfully and appropriately challenge the social and institutional norms that he disagrees with. I have come to respect

Hilary Carlson Award Co-Winner

Michael Fitzpatrick

his originality, iconoclasm, and willingness to question everything. To me, they are integral to the intelligence and unique perspective that made him so successful as a student.”

12 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Graduation 2010


Clint Hagen The Faculty Service award was established by St. Andrew’s in 1994. It is a long-held tradition at St. Andrew’s to honor those teachers whose efforts have made significant contributions to our community. It is the wish of this community to enrich that tradition by recognizing and honoring members of the faculty whose work far exceeds the ordinary demands of the job. “Clint came to St. Andrew’s in 2002. To call him a jack-of-all-trades might be an understatement. He began primarily as a Latin teacher and he has been an excellent Latin teacher and certamen coach. He is, however, so talented that he has made contributions in many other areas of school life. He is gifted in all areas of technology. Several years ago he invented the Web-based form we send home to update parents on their student’s progress. This year he developed the Crusader Scoreboard, a way to stream our out-of-town sports events online. Besides these skills in Latin and technology this gentleman has a beautiful voice, as evidenced by his role in Les Misérables. He also serves as the associate chaplain. Especially this year, during our transition period, he has devoted many, many hours of service well beyond the call of duty. After Father Gerhard accepted his new position in Washington, Clint kept the chapel program going with scheduling, excellent preaching, and his caring ministry for this community. He is at every St. Andrew’s event because he loves all of you and he loves this community. St. Andrew’s honors Clint Hagen for his outstanding service, for his servant leadership. We want to say thank you for all you have done for us.”

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 13

scholar news

Scholar NEWS

14 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

scholar news

We are the Champions!

st. andrew’s certamen team wins second national championship

(L-R) Second left, Mason Osborn ’11; Third left, Reid Swanger, ’11; Second right, Matthew Miller ’10; Right, Scott Dollen ’10 (Two outstanding Latin students from San Antonio schools served as alternates)

Eighteen members of the St. Andrew’s Latin Club participated in the 2010 National Junior Classical League convention that was held at North Dakota State University in Fargo from July 26 to August 1. While all of the students excelled in their individual academic and art contests, the advanced certamen team won the national certamen championship. In addition to their individual contests, students attended state fellowship meetings and general assemblies, where they competed to show their spirit. On the final day, students marched in the Day in Old Rome procession through campus while wearing their best Roman costumes along with approximately 1500 other Latin students from across the nation. At the final awards ceremony the team received the Maureen O’Donnell memorial traveling trophy to bring home and a $500 prize to use as they please. Traditionally the winning team donates this monetary award to the charity of their choice. Our team chose one close to the heart of the St. Andrew’s community—The Gazelle Foundation. Additionally, 2010 graduate Matthew Miller was named certamen MVP for his particularly impressive

“These four all have the perfect combination of great ability, desire to win, willingness to work, and the capacity to have lots of fun while working very hard. These kids have played together for so long that they can almost read each other’s minds.” —Jennie Luongo, St. Andrew’s Latin Department Chair

performance in the final match. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 15

scholar news

75% of our students scored ABOVE the national average on this test.

National Latin Exam Winners On March 4, St. Andrew’s Upper School Latin students took the National Latin Exam along with 135,000 others from all 50 states and 13 foreign countries including Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, England, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Poland, Zimbabwe, and, for the first time, Singapore. Students receive awards for scoring in the upper percentiles internationally. Over two-thirds of our students were recognized for their excellent work on this exam, and 75 percent of our students scored above the national average.

Cum laude

Alex Adams, Richard Dietz, Ashley Dill, Caroline Dill, Rachel Dimston, Scott Dollen, Ryan Greenwell, Shay

Gude, Ingrid Hoff, Justin Ingram, Jose Lopez, Mason Neal, Lila Brand Schmitz, Reeves Smith, James Stark, Nicholas Siegele, Katherine Stegmann, Peter Steinbach, Trace Turner

Magna cum laude

Ali Campion, Rachel Deleery, Eliana Gill, Parker Kell, Brendan Ingram, Andy Newell, Catherine Pace,

Christine Snitkjaer

Maxima cum laude (silver medal)

Connor Butler, Charlie Dennis, Will Dodds, Gabbie Hindera, William Howard, Conor Keelan, Cameron Osborn, Annie Osborne, Meredith Stark, Colin Vanderburg, Nancy Wareing, Kendle Windham

Summa cum laude (gold medal)

Sam Andrews, Patrick Davis, Andrea DelVesco, Will Pearson, Daniel Martens, Matthew Miller, Mason

Osborn, Emma Richardson, Jade Ross, Max Schotz, Reid Swanger In addition, three of our students also won book awards for winning multiple gold medals. Matthew Miller was awarded an Oxford Classical Dictionary for winning his fourth gold medal in a row. Mason Osborn and Reid Swanger were given the Oxford Companion to Classical Literature for winning their fifth gold medals. Quite an accomplishment!

16 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

scholar news

Upper school Students win engineering Challenge

On March 5, eight students from St. Andrew’s Upper School competed in the 2010 TEAMS challenge. The TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude, Math, and Science) is written and administered by JETS (Junior Engineering Technical Society) and gives high school students the chance to participate in solving real-world challenges using the principles of engineering. This year’s theme was “water, water everywhere,” meaning that most of the questions pertained to residential and industrial water usage, water filtration and purification, irrigation, pumping, etc. Participants were presented with a three-hour test that they worked on as a group. The test contained 80 multiplechoice questions and eight tasks (open-ended essay questions). For example, a test question focusing on “keeping riders safe in every zone of an amusement park” asked students to find the chance of failure per ride of any given safety system in the park using a series of given assumptions (total capacity of a ride, riders per car, lifespan of the ride, hours a day the ride operates, number of critical safety systems on the ride, and a less than 25 percent chance of a safety event occurring during the ride’s life).

St. Andrew’s took first place in the State of Texas Division 2, which consists of selective-admissions schools including SPC schools St. Mark’s and Cistercian. To prepare for the challenge, team members Geoffrey Gilmore ’12, Sam Stephenson ’11, Katherine Van Leeuwen ’11, Nate Holland ’11, Sebastian Villareal-Levy ’11, Parker Rivera ’11, Sam Leonard ’11, and captain Peter Carruth ’10 worked a single two-hour practice test under the direction of Science Department Chair Doug Wick. The students found they were more than well prepared by St. Andrew’s ambitious physics, chemistry, and mathematics curriculum for the challenge at hand. St. Andrew’s took first place in the State of Texas Division 2, which consists of selective-admissions schools including SPC schools St. Mark’s and Cistercian.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 17

scholar news

Upper and Middle school students honored at texas state cemetery monument unveiling

On March 30, St. Andrew’s students participated in a ceremony to mark the unveiling of a monument honoring nineteenth-century

“Those St. Andrew’s

black legislators at the Texas State Cemetery. Project director Larry

students asked me so

A. Thomas paid special recognition to junior Megan Bentzin and the

many questions about

SAS Class of 2011 for its contribution to his longtime dream of honoring these unheralded heroes of Texas history.

this forgotten chapter of Texas history, which

When Megan and her classmates were in seventh grade, Thomas spoke to them about the fact that none of these African Americans

inspired me even more

had been interred in the State Cemetery. Megan and her classmates

to do my homework

were so moved upon learning this information that they quickly

and get these men

organized fundraising efforts and presented Thomas with a contribution in chapel. Now, four years later, thanks in part to those students,


the memorial recognizing the achievements and legacy of the 52 men who began serving in the Texas Legislature three years after the abolition of slavery in 1865 is now a reality. Current seventh graders Audrey Abbott, Zachary Dell, Sarah Hudson, Alex Kriese, and Gaby Rivers represented the Middle School at the history-making event. Speaker of the House (continued next page) 18 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

—Larry A. Thompson, Project Director

scholar news

Joe Straus and Texas State Cemetery Committee chairman Scott Sayers (also an SAS parent) along with numerous statewide officials spoke during the afternoon program. Before the actual unveiling, Thomas asked the St. Andrew’s students to rise and be recognized as “the future of Texas.” “Those St. Andrew’s students asked me so many questions about this forgotten chapter of Texas history, which inspired me even more to do my homework and get these men recognized,” Thomas said at the ceremony. The monument features the names of both elected black lawmakers and delegates to the Constitutional Convention from 1868 to 1900. Currently only three African Americans are buried in the cemetery, including U.S. Rep. Barbara Jordan. Students submitted written requests to their Texas history teachers Jerry Buttrey and Kama Bruce in order to attend the ceremony.

Accolades for middle school Speech and Debate

Middle School Honor Society On Sunday, April 18, St. Andrew’s Middle School Honor Society inducted twenty-four new members. These students have maintained a grade point average of 3.80 and have completed ten or more hours of community service. Their teachers recom-

On January 30, St. Andrew’s

mended them based on the five qualities that the Middle School

Middle School Speech and

Honor Society holds dear: scholarship, leadership, citizenship,

Debate team competed at the

character, and service. Congratulations to our new members for

Celtic Invitational Forensics

their many accomplishments!

Tournament hosted by Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Temple.

Asa Buehler

Annika Mele

The tournament challenged sixth,

Max Canon

Madeleine Mele

seventh, and eighth graders to

Isabelle Carpenter

Audrey Peterson

Valerie Chang

Catherine Powell

emies in: record mime, storytell-

Peyton Cunningham

Maria Salazar

ing, poetry, impromptu speaking,

Elisabeth Foster

Mai Schotz

Madeleine Gaudin

John Sealy

Amanda Justiz

Marina Smalling

Megan Kamm

Elly Smith

bringing home first place in record

Madison Kudlac

Sara Thiessen

mime, sixth place in impromptu

Eva Laubach

Sarah Wells

Ana Marcks

Wesley Wiedenmeier

compete against peers from other Texas private schools and acad-

Lincoln-Douglas debate, and group improvisation. The St. Andrew’s team consisted of 15 students who all performed well,

speaking, sixth place in poetry, and third place in storytelling.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 19

scholar news

Outstanding Testing Results! In April, St. Andrew’s students took the Educational Records Bureau (ERB) CTP 4 test. This test is formulated to serve the needs of high-achieving students and schools that aspire to more rigorous methods of assessing achievement in reading, listening, vocabulary, writing, and mathematics. St. Andrew’s students generally score very well on this test, but this year our scores were particularly impressive. For students in grades 3-7, the median performance of our students on virtually every sub-test exceeded the median performance of students in other independent schools across the country. Congratulations to our students and thank you to our wonderful teachers on a job well done! 20 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

scholar news

The Lower School Celebrates

Pan-American Day

2010 The Private School Interscholastic Association (PSIA) District meet was held on Saturday, March 27, at Regents Christian School. With 19 categories covering a wide range of disciplines, PSIA is an exciting opportunity for private school students in grades 1 through 8 to engage in academic competition with their peers throughout the state of Texas. Congratulations to the following St. Andrew’s students for placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in their respective categories, and to all the students who competed for a job well done. First Grade • Malika Chauhan, 3rd place creative writing Second Grade • Kate Van Dusen, 3rd place creative writing • Sarah Payet, 3rd place in spelling Third Grade • Carson Kurad, 3rd place in spelling

In February, the Lower School celebrated “El dia de las américas,” a day celebrating the diversity and culture of the Spanish-speaking countries of the Americas. The day began in the Lower School gym with a Spanish chapel service. Sixth grader Matthew Speitel also did the daily Bible reading in Spanish. The grades then rotated through several activities: mask-making focused on the masks of dance groups that participate in religious and street festivals in various countries; a dramatic story session featuring stories from Peru, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina; a “Chaski” relay run, a limbo dance, and a gol in el fútbol; snacks from various countries; and a display of the fourth grade Latin American country posters. The morning culminated in a concert of South American music by Sr. Dickey’s music group Chaski.

Fourth Grade • Reagan Leibovitz, 3rd place in ready writing Fifth Grade • Will Josowitz, 1st place maps, graphs, charts • Kira Klindworth, 3rd place spelling Sixth Grade • Zoe Getchell & Ali Michel, 2nd place (tie) music memory Seventh Grade • Elly Smith, 3rd place impromptu speaking • Kathryn Gernstein, 3rd place math • Patrick Koitzsch, 3rd place on-site drawing • Wesley Wiedenmeier, 1st place science Eighth Grade • Mohammad Umair, 3rd place math • Annie Harris, 2nd place science & 3rd place listening • Isabelle Carpenter, 1st place ready writing St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 21

eighth scholar news

grade  Commencement


22 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

scholar news

The Class of 2014 Irfan Nazir Alam* Samuel Morgan Anderson Lillian Brown Beaman* Julianna Marie Beathard* Evan Benitez-Young* Dewayne LaRue Bryant* Max Foust Canon* Margaret Deane Cardwell Alison Sy-Min Chang* William Skipwith Clemons* Annie Tate Cockrum* Chloe Josephine Denham Sofia Alexis Dieck* Patrick Worley Dunham* Callie Ann Evarts* Sam Clayton Fason* Noah Henry Ford John Nixon Fox IV* Connor Michael Fuhrman

Richard Bertram Hojel* Erica Lynn Holley* Daniel Beran Howry Amanda Elizabeth Johnson Julia Nell Josowitz* Gillean Aubrey Kelly* Rhodes Noble Legg* Riley Beard Longtain* Connor Thomas Loose* Nicolas Creus Molanphy* Claire Marie O’Connell* Jennifer Anne Pollinger* Andrew James Poteet* Charhong Lieu Quach* Casey Lynn Raffle* Bowen Augusta Rechner* Carter Coleman Reed* Tristan Michael Reed* Monica Camille Rhodes*

Charles Davis Golson III* Anna Leigh Harris* Jessie Frances Hine Sarah Jane Hine

Charles Alexander Robertson IV* Michelle Robles* Jemma Marshall Sager* Jared Ethan Benjamin Samuels

Mai Simone Schotz* Esteban B. Serrano* Lance David Sharp, Jr.* Savannah Lynne Shivers* Robert Terhune Sjoberg* Sarah Everett Stone* Molly Katharine Suttle* Lauren Hunter Thomas* Hannah Frances Todd* Mason Scott Trull Mohammad Umair* Joseph Robert Valdez Hayden Elizabeth Waugh* Mary Patricia Wehmeyer* Baker Smith Weil James Jackson Williams* Claire Wilson Chlebowski* Anna Camille Worrell* Kassidy True Woytek*

* indicates graduation with service distinction (30 or more community service hours by end of eighth grade)

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 23

scholar news

Retiring Faculty

This year, two founding faculty members of the Middle School retired, after 28 years. Thank you and best wishes to English teacher and curriculum chair Margaret Marcus and Texas History teacher Jerry Buttrey. In addition, beloved Middle and Lower School Latin teacher Gaylan Dubose retired after ten years. Thank you all for your service to St. Andrew’s.

Commencement Awards THE KAY HART COMMUNITY  SERVICE AWARD: Sarah Stone (not pictured) At the inception of the Middle School, an award was established to honor that student who demonstrated outstanding service to his or her community. In 1993, the award was named in honor of Kay Hart, the first Middle School service coordinator and longtime English teacher.

THE ADRIENNE GROOMS  CRUSADER AWARD: Gillean Kelly & Jenny Pollinger It is the tradition to give an award to the student who, in the eyes of the faculty, exemplifies the spirit of St. Andrew’s in mind, body, and spirit. In 1987, we named this award after our first Middle School math teacher who died in 1986.

THE BILL COSTAS AWARD: Nick Molanphy & Esteban Serrano

Commencement Award

Winners 24 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

This award was established to honor that student who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic and good cheer throughout the school year. The award was named in memory of Bill Costas, a long-time math teacher who died in 2001.

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Chapel Awards

Presented at the Middle School Awards Program on May 20, 2010 Art Alison Chang Jenny Pollinger Hayden Waugh Choir Erica Holley Bowen Rechner Mai Schotz Outstanding Talent in Grease Daniel Howry Lauren Thomas Kassidy Woytek Creative Writing Golden Pen Award Jessie Hine – poetry Annie Harris – prose Drama Scapino Evan Benitez-Young Patrick Dunham Gillean Kelly Geography Irfan Alam Sam Fason Richie Hojel Gillean Kelly Jenny Pollinger Casey Raffle Savannah Shivers Honor Society Jenny Pollinger Savannah Shivers Latin Chloe Denham Sam Fason Noah Ford Nick Fox Gillean Kelly Julia Josowitz Tristan Reed Michelle Robles Jared Samuels Pan American Student Forum (PASF) Julianna Beathard Jenny Pollinger Prejudice Awareness Summit Evan Benitez-Young Margaret Cardwell Alison Chang Annie Tate Cockrum Nick Fox Annie Harris Erica Holley Rhodes Legg Claire O’Connell

Esteban Serrano Savannah Shivers Molly Suttle Lauren Thomas Hayden Waugh Baker Weil Anna Worrell Private School Interscholastic (PSIA) Competition State – Annie Harris District – Sarah Stone Mohammad Umair Problem Solving Irfan Alam Sam Fason Noah Ford Annie Harris Richie Hojel Gillean Kelly Connor Loose Nick Molanphy Bowen Rechner Tristan Reed Lancer Sharp Robert Sjoberg Speech/Debate Irfan Alam Evan Benitez-Young Sam Fason Nick Fox Annie Harris Daniel Howry Andrew Poteet Esteban Serrano Sarah Stone Mohammad Umair Spirit Leaders Hayden Waugh Charhong Quach Erica Holley Anna Worrell Lily Beaman Chloe Denham Monica Rhodes Lauren Thomas Kassidy Woytek Evan Benetiz-Young - mascot STAR Awards Esteban Serrano Alison Chang Hayden Waugh Molly Suttle

Book Awards

Presented during Eighth Grade Commencement on May 28, 2010. Algebra I Chas Golson - Foster Richie Hojel - Kauffman Chinese Alison Chang - Yang History: Jenny Pollinger - Melanson English Riley Longtain - Martens Sarah Stone - Nezzer Julia Josowitz - Vance Geometry Muhammad Umair - Kauffman Latin Gillean Kelly - Mele Nick Fox - Mele Science Sam Fason - Smith Spanish I Casey Raffle - Glidden Spanish II Richie Hojel - Glidden


Students may make the honor roll in one of two ways: by achieving a GPA of 3.8 or higher or by making an A- or higher in every class. These students achieved honor roll status all three trimesters of both their seventh and eighth grade years. Iran Alam Sam Fason Nick Fox Richie Hojel Gillean Kelly Riley Longtain Jenny Pollinger Casey Raffle Savannah Shivers Sarah Stone Mohammad Umair Kassidy Woytek

Student Council President – Irfan Alam Vice President – Gillean Kelly Secretary – Bowen Rechner Evan Benitez-Young (Chapel) St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 25

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26 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

arts news

Carnegie Hall Upper School Choir Performs at

On Easter Sunday, April 4, 41 members of St. Andrew’s Upper School Choir performed a masterful rendition of John Rutter’s Magnificat on the main stage of Carnegie Hall with Maestro Rutter conducting. It was the fourth time the St. Andrew’s choir has performed at the famed New York City venue. The choir has had many invitations to perform at Carnegie Hall, but Choir Director Warren Dickson has accepted only when John Rutter has been the conductor. “He is the best when it comes to choral conducting,” said Dickson, “and I want our students to experience the best. Under his baton they have sung his Requiem twice, the Christmas portion of Handel’s Messiah once, and now one of Rutter’s most difficult pieces, the Magnificat. It’s even harder than Messiah. There’s no comparison. Handel is predictable. Rutter is not. There are constant meter changes. You have to be focused all the time.” As in previous performances, the choir was prepared and focused, and the audience was overwhelmed. Special thanks to the choir members for putting in countless hours of practice, to their parents for sending their students on the trip — and in many cases going themselves, and to Fine Arts Department Chair and Choir Director Warren Dickson for bringing it all together.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 27

arts news

ISAS 2010 28 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

arts news

In April, nearly 100 St. Andrew’s Upper School visual and performing arts students attended the annual ISAS Fine Arts Festival, held this year in Dallas at St. Mark’s School of Texas. Students performed or presented in the following areas: film, 2D art, vocal solos and duets, orchestra, drama, string solo and ensemble, portfolio reviews, ceramics, choir and smaller vocal ensembles, scenes and monologues, musical showcase, coffee house, photography, and 3D art. All work was adjudicated. Sometimes the adjudicators worked directly with the students, individually and in groups; sometimes the adjudicators wrote their comments and turned them in to be read later by the students and faculty. As always, St. Andrew’s students shone in every category and garnered excellent reviews. Congratulations artists!

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 29

arts news

Grease is the word On April 26 and 27, St. Andrew’s Middle School students put on a rousing rendition of one of America’s favorite musicals — Grease. The production was directed by Jason Kruger, with musical direction by Michael Rosensteel and included 75 cast members, two Middle School choirs, special guests, and faculty appearances.

30 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

arts news

Wizard of Oz On May 3 and 4, two separate casts of St. Andrew’s sixth graders transported audience members to the magical land of Oz. The production was directed by Lower School drama teacher Aimee Zivin, with accompaniment by the sixth grade strings ensemble, led by Michael Rosensteel.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 31

athletics news

Athletics NEWS

32 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

athletics news

Girls’ Lax Wins 8th District Championship

In April, St. Andrew’s varsity girls’ lacrosse team won its eighth Central District championship in nine years. A strong performance with stout defense, seven scoring players, and good goalie play catapulted the Crusaders to a 24-8 victory over the Cedar Park Timberwolves.

All American Girls Lacrosse Distinctions

all-american girls’ lacrosse distinctions St. Andrew’s senior Erin Reifsnyder was named honorable mention All-American by US Lacrosse. Erin is the third St. Andrew’s girls’ lacrosse player to garner such a prestigious honor and the fifth in the Central District. A versatile, hard-working midfielder who has also won all-state, all-state all star, all-conference, and all-zone distinction, Erin will play for Goucher College. For the second straight year, St. Andrew’s boasts four US Girls Lacrosse Academic All-Americans: juniors Anna Howard and Katherine Stegmann and seniors Ali Burner and Catherine Chlebowski. Congratulations to these outstanding athletes and to coach Laura Longoria.

Senior Girls Rule! Erin Reifsnyder, Ali Burner, Sophie Osella, and Catherine Chlebowski. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 33

athletics news

Softball Wins SPC DII Championship For the first time in the program’s short history, the varsity softball team won the Southwest Preparatory Conference Division II championship. Their path led them to victories over Episcopal School of Dallas, Oakridge of Arlington, and finally All Saints’ of Fort Worth.

JV Girls’ Lacrosse Wins Central District Crown The junior varsity girls’ lacrosse team outscored the Cedar Park Timberwolves 9 to 8 to clinch the Texas Girls High School Lacrosse League Central District JV championship. A tournament run that included victories over the Westlake and Austin High JV teams ended the season on a high note.

Matt Johnson Named to TABC Academic All-State Team Senior Matt Johnson was named to the Texas Association of Basketball Coaches (TABC) Academic All-State team. Matt was one of only seven young men to receive the honor in the private school ranks. He is the latest in a recent string of St. Andrew’s recipients, including Nick Belisle ’09, Jake Boxberger ’09, Alex Taube ’08, and Andrew Shi ’07. There are four qualifications for the award: 1. The player’s coach must be a member of TABC; 2. The player must be a graduating senior; 3. The player must have a grade point average of at least 90; and 4. The player must be an all-district selection (honorable mention does not qualify). 34 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

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Varsity Boys Win SPC DII Lacrosse Title

So long seniors...

In only the second year of the Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) boys lacrosse tournament, played at the Upper School, the St. Andrew’s Crusaders brought home the big win! During the two-day, round-robin format, the Crusaders cruised to two wins on day one, beating Fort Worth Country Day 15-3 and Greenhill 7-2, and on day two beat crosstown rival St. Stephen’s. Head Coach Jamie DeBole and assistants Spencer Branch, Luke

Chad McLaren

Carter Cowan

Kline, and Fred Kountz did a great job of preparing the team to win a championship. Once again, senior co-captain and goalie Alec Garza was outstanding, making several critical saves. Senior co-captain Carter Cowan and sophomore Shea Petrick each had four goals, and juniors Jack Scharnberg and Shaun Duggan rounded out the scoring with one goal each. Scharnberg led the team with seven assists.

Alec Garza

Michael Fitzpatrick St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 35

athletics news


LS & MS Cru! A hearty congratulations to our Lower and Middle School athletes for a phenomenal spring season!


in a row!

MS Boys’ Golf won their third straight AIPL tourney! Seventh grader John Albert Mansour won the individual title, posting a round of 32 for 9 holes, and eighth grader Andrew Poteet came in third.

LS Track: The 5/6 grade boys’ and girls’ track team won first place at the Austin Inter-Parochial League track meet.

MS Girls’ Tennis: At the AIPL tournament, seventh grader Larkin Ingram won the championship in the 7/8 Girls Intermediate/ Advanced Singles. Eighth grader Amanda LS boys’ Golf: The 5/6 grade boys’ golf Johnson won the consolation championteam won first place at the AIPL golf tournament. ship in the 7/8 Girls Beginner Singles. LS Soccer: Both 5/6 grade soccer teams finished the season in first place. MS Girls’ Lacrosse: The girls’ lacrosse team finished off another undefeated season, with 9 wins, no losses, and 1 tie. MS girls’ Golf: Eighth grader Mary Pat Wehmeyer won second place overall, shooting a 39. MS Girls’ Softball: In its inaugural season, the MS girls softball team captured the school’s first victory. 36 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

MS boys’ Tennis: Seventh grader Scott Politz finished second in the 7/8 Boys Advanced Singles. MS Track: At the AIPL track meet, hosted at the Upper School, both the boys’ and girls’ teams had great turnouts. The boys captured first place overall, with 96 team points, 21 points more than the 2nd place finisher. The girls’ team took fourth overall with 58 team points.

athletics news

FIELD DAY: FUN AND PHYSICAL FITNESS FOR ALL On Friday, May 21, the Lower School held its 31st annual Field Day, with students divided into teams of red, white, and blue. The day began with a chapel service on the field where all grades gathered to honor St. Andrew’s principles of sportsmanship, resilience, and team spirit. The team shirts recognized members of St. Andrew’s community who are currently struggling with health issues and are at the forefront of our thoughts. The teams rotated through outdoor and indoor skills tests, with each individual score accumulating to an impressive total. Congratulations to the Blue team (1st-3rd grades), to the White team (4th-6th grades), and to all the teams for their perseverance and commitment!

st. andrew’s kids finish Marathon

This year, 111 St. Andrew’s students in grades 1-4 participated in the Marathon Kids Challenge, a free program that teaches students the importance of eating healthy and staying active. During the program, participants are challenged to run or walk 26.2 miles over a six-month period, and to eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day for at least 26.2 days of each month. On February 20, our Marathon Kids participants completed the program by participating in the “Final Mile” challenge at the Toney Burger Center with thousands of kids from all over Austin. Each finisher received a medal and T-shirt for a job well done. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 37

Servant news

Servant NEWS

38 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Servant news

Rev. Rob Leacock NAmeD new Upper School Chaplain

In April, St. Andrew’s named the Rev. Robert Leacock as the new Upper School chaplain. Leacock was chosen through an extensive search of applicants from all over the country for his variety of experience in preaching, teaching, leading workshops, and his work with both youth and adults. Rob comes to St. Andrew’s from St. Michael and All Angels Church in Dallas, where he has been an associate rector for the past five years. He grew up in Gainesville, Florida, and attended Davidson College, where he majored in classics. He received

Stefanie, Rob, and their two-year old son Weston

his master of divinity from the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale University.

Rob is looking forward to moving from the role of parish priest to that of school chaplain because it will give him the opportunity to minister in different ways and to wear many different hats. One of those hats will be that of an educator, teaching courses included in St. Andrew’s broad Theology and Religious Studies Department. He is particularly interested in teaching courses that combine many of his personal interests, which include theology, literature, and art. “I am pleased that St. Andrew’s already has a strong religious studies curriculum and a wonderful worship tradition,” said Rob. “I hope to fit into all aspects of this and in my own way build on the strong foundations already laid. In chapel services, I hope to contribute to dynamic and engaging worship, especially through music and preaching. In the classroom I hope to share my passion for interdisciplinary studies, bringing together history, theology, literature, art, and other subjects.”

SAS students support Lifeworks & Haiti St. Andrew’s had the privilege of focusing on two service projects this year: serving members of the Austin area with donations to LifeWorks and providing financial assistance to earthquake victims in Haiti. By the end of the school year, St. Andrew’s students and families had joined together and through innovative fund drives, service work, and creative thinking — raised $13,217.40, plus needed items to support programs within LifeWorks’ Teen Streets program which helps young adults.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 39

Servant news

Middle School Students Remember Holocaust Victims in

Yom Hashoah


40 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

Servant news

Middle School students conducted the first Yom Hashoah or Holocaust Remembrance Day chapel on Monday, April 12, commemorating the six million Jews killed by Nazis and their collaborators during World War II. Both seventh and eighth graders offered prayers and reflections during the memorial service. As students entered the darkened chapel, they heard the solemn reading of the names of Holocaust victims by Gillean Kelly and Evan Benitez-Young. Candles near the altar outlined the Star of David on the chapel floor while archival Holocaust photographs were shown on a screen. After an opening prayer by Julia Josowitz and Mandy Justiz, Ariela Zeifman delivered the Barechu or “Call to Worship” in Hebrew followed by the Shema read by Chaplain Ashley Brandon and Ashrei by Zachary Dell. Ten students then read excerpts from reflections from the eighth grade’s recent visit with Holocaust survivor Dr. Edith Eger at Agudas Achim Temple. They included Max Canon, Anna Worrell, Connor Loose, Alison Chang, Mason Trull, Jessie Hine, Annie Harris, Hayden Waugh, Callie Evarts, and DJ Bryant.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” — Anne Frank Other students offering prayers included Irfan Alam, Maria Salazar, and Nick Molanphy. Juliette Dell sang the hopeful Aleinu and Richie Hojel closed with the Mourner’s Kaddish. Cellists Garrett Bishop and Patrick Koitzsch provided the chapel’s background music. Mrs. Brandon hopes that a student-led Yom Hashoah becomes a chapel tradition at St. Andrew’s. “Holocaust” is a word of Greek origin meaning “sacrifice by fire.” By 1945, at the end of the war, nearly two out of every three European Jews had perished. Yom Hashoah, observed worldwide, is intended to call attention to the inhumanity and evil that can result from hatred and intolerance. It also celebrates the amazing strength and endurance of the human spirit.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 41

alumni news

Alumni NEWS

Alumni Chase Hill and Scott Williams ’04 support St. Andrew’s by participating in the 2010 Shoot Out, an off-shoot of the annual Concert for the Endowment.

42 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

alumni news

Amicus curiae… friends of the court We are just beginning to discover the career paths of our SAS alums once they graduate from college. This spring, we learned that three former students were selected as editors of law reviews on their campuses. We plan to highlight the many different professions of our former students in upcoming issues of the Crusader. This issue, we begin with the lawyers. Here are a few briefs about some of our lawyers and lawyers-to-be. To read more about each one, visit the Alumni Blog (http://tech. for more in-depth interviews. John Bennett ’02 (photo 1) was sworn in as a member of the Texas Bar by Judge Will Garwood. John is clerking for Judge Garwood of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. Judge Garwood is a former chairman of the board of St. Andrew’s and the 2009 Charles Alan Wright Excellence Award recipient.




Kristin (Heimsath) Marker ’02 (photo 2) was named editor-in-chief of the Southwestern Law Review. She will be externing as a clerk for the Honorable Otis Wright in California District court. A true competitor, she will be competing in the moot court competitions again this year. Charly (Herring) Simon ’02 (photo 3) was part of a team of University of Houston law students who presented oral arguments before the Supreme Court in a case pertinent to immigration law. Working in the school’s law clinic, Simon said, “the clinic has had that case since 2006, and I was just very fortunate to be here at an exciting moment in the life of that case. To me, it’s really a testament to the law clinic that they give you that much responsibility and will stick with a case for that long, even when it’s challenging, all the way to the Supreme Court.” Catherine Baggett ’03 (photo 4, far right) was recently elected to be a literary citation editor for the Pepperdine Law Review. She will begin her third year at Pepperdine University School of Law in Malibu, California, this fall. This summer she is working with Walt Disney Studios in their music business & legal affairs department. She reports to Donna Cole-Brule who primarily oversees music for all of Disney’s animated films... “so, I will have tons of exciting work ahead of me this summer!” Eddie McCarthy ’03 recently graduated from SMU Law School. Eddie just finished taking the bar exam, and he is headed back to Austin. He joins the firm of Jackson, Sjoberg ’70, McCarthy, and Wilson, LLP in Austin focusing on a practice in oil and gas and water law. Robert Parsons ’03 graduated from UT Austin with a degree in philosophy and is now attending Harvard Law School where he was recently named editor-in-chief of the Harvard Negotiation Law Review. Ashwin Rao ’03 is in his third year of law school at the University of Texas. We were glad to see him on campus at Homecoming and Spring Fest this year.


Helen Bennett ’04 (photo 5) will be attending the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. She is coupling a LLB with a graduate certificate in political science with plans to graduate in 2014. Her specific area of interest will be family law. She is seen here with her dad, Bruce Bennett, in Arthur’s Pass in New Zealand. Stevie Fitzgerald ’06 will be attending law school in the fall at the College of William and Mary.


Perhaps you know of others? Let us know! To highlight any alumni, please contact Jim Heck at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 43

alumni news

HONORED GRADS As they drop by the campus to visit with teachers, it is becoming clear that we have many SAS graduates who are being recognized by their colleges and universities for outstanding academic performance. We decided to start a list of awards earned by students still in school and new graduates. If you know of someone who should be on this list, please send an email to jheck@ Don’t be shy! News of your good work is inspiring to students on Southwest Parkway. We are playing a bit of catch-up with this first accolade list, so let us know whether you are in the class of 2002 or 2009. In no particular order, the following have been honored: • Ryan Filardi ’09, University of Kansas, was named to

ter abroad this year. She is on the executive board of

National Society of Collegiate Scholars.

Chi Omega and is a human organizational develop-

• Tori Harrison ’08, Cal Berkeley, was named to the

ment major.

MPSF All-Academic Team.

• Lily McCall ’05, Florida State, graduated with two de-

• Whitney G. Myers ’07, Sewanee, was on the dean’s

grees, one in political science and one in criminal

list for the fall semester 2009, and studied abroad

justice. She was an officer in the Kappa Kappa Gamma

in Ecuador the spring semester of 2010. She is also a

sorority and a member of Rho Lambda, the national


leadership recognition society for sorority women.

• Sam Klatt ’09, Baylor, made the dean’s list fall 2008,

• Katherine Lewin ’09, USC, was on the dean’s list and

and was awarded the Lavonia J. Barnes History

a Presidential Scholar in the fall and spring, and was

Scholarship for 2010, and is in the Honor Society.

chosen as an Annenberg Scholar at USC’s Annen-

• Amanda Serra ’08, NYU, has been on the dean’s

berg School for Communication and Journalism.

list since her freshman year in 2008. She also was the

She has been selected for a summer internship at

youngest person cast in the opera Cosi Fan Tutte this

the BCBG Max Azria Group public relations office in

past year.

Beverly Hills.

• Sara Bryant ’07, Southwestern Georgetown, made

• Merritt Bury ’09, SMU, became a member of the

the dean’s list this year.

National Honor Society in February. She has since

• Ashton Phillips ’06, University of South Carolina,

been accepted to Vanderbilt as a transfer student

graduated Cum Laude with a BA in journalism and

and will begin in the fall of this year.

mass communications. She was also a member of

• Arthur Wongchotigul ’08, George Washington,

Mortar Board.

made the dean’s list this year. He was inducted into

• Julianna Heck ’07, Old Dominion, made the dean’s

the Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and is a member of

list for the fifth consecutive semester.

the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. This sum-

• Emily Stein ’05, Barnard, graduated cum laude.

mer he is interning for the speaker of the house, Joe

• Bradley Houston ’06, Rice, graduated Phi Beta Kap-

Straus, in the policy office.

pa/summa cum laude in art history. He was also hon-

• Erin Doughty ’06, TCU, graduated with a BS in com-

ored with the Baker College Fellow Special Award,

munication and business. She was on the Dean’s List,

the Christine Croneis Sayres Memorial Scholarship in

and a member of the Lamda Pi Eta Honors Society.

Art History, and the Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts.

• Kate Steinbach ’09, Southwestern, has been accept-

• Aly Greenblum ’07, Vanderbilt, made the dean’s list

ed into the college’s Paideia Program and will be an

in the fall of 2009. She went to Scotland for her semes-

RA next year.

44 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

alumni news

slaughter/klug family welcomes third generati o n Crusader L-R: Proud uncles Jody ’96 and Robert ’94, dad Richard Jr. ’91, Emily ’95, Baby Tres, and grandpa Richard ’58.

Emily Klug ’95 and Richard Slaughter Jr. ’91 are proud parents of the newest Slaughter boy! Richard Slaughter III (Tres) was born March 13, 2010, in Austin, Texas. Emily is a school counselor at Ann Richards School and has started a private practice doing therapy for children, adolescents, and their families. Richard is an investment analyst for the State of Texas. • Emily Dix ’08, Haverford, was elected co-chair of

come in handy on some international assignments.

the Haverford College Honor Council. She received a

• Kayla Klingseisen ’08, SMU, has been on the dean’s

grant from the college to spend 10 weeks in Mexico

honor roll since she began in fall 2008. She was also

City this summer working for Casa de los Amigos, a

selected for the freshman honor society, Alpha

humanitarian social justice organization.

Lambda Delta, and became president in her sopho-

• Kaitlin Travis ’07, TCU, was on the Scholar’s List in the

more year.

fall of 2008, and the dean’s list from the fall of 2008

• Elliot Cole ’03, has been accepted in the Ph.D. pro-

through spring 2010. She was inducted into Psi Chi,

gram for Music Composition at Princeton University.

the International Honor Society in psychology this

• Jessica Roper ’05, graduated from Rice in May

spring. A testament to hard work and a good founda-

2010. It was necessary for Jessica to undergo a

tion (hear SAS!), she also received a creative writing

kidney transplant in November 2009. The donor was

award from the TCU English Department in 2009.

her wonderful step-mother, Kim Roper. Prior to the

• Alle Crouch ’06, University of Texas, Austin, gradu-

transplant Jessica endured continuous health prob-

ated with honors in rhetoric and writing. Alle began

lems beyond imagination. Since her transplant she

work in New York City in June with the Wall Street

has flourished. During her last two semesters she was

Journal. Her dual American/Italian citizenship may

on the dean’s list. In addition, she received the KrisSt. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 45

alumni news

tine Gilmartin Wallace Classical Prize recognizing her as the outstanding


Classical Studies graduate. • Marcus Roper ’08, TCU, is a member of the honors program in the Neeley School of Business. He is the Neeley Representative to the Student Government Association and is a member of


the Pi Kappa Phi social fraternity. He has been named to the dean’s list three times. Marcus will be interning


with Merrill Lynch in Costa Mesa,


California this summer. • Sarah Ruth Christian ’07, Bryn Mawr, was published as a co-author with her advisor, Dr. JW Holt, in the premier science journal Nature. • Adrian Lewis ’09, Franklin College in Lugano, Switzerland, made the


dean’s list. In addition, she had the opportunity to travel to Paris, Lucerne, Madrid, Barcelona, Florence, Rome, Zurich, and more! • Jessica Comola ’06, Rhodes College, graduated with a BA in English: Poetry. She graduated cum laude with honors including Tri Iota, Sigma Tau Delta, and Phi Beta Kappa. She was also editor-in-chief of The Southwestern Review, Rhodes’ Literary Journal, and vice-president of Sigma Tau

be interning with the Health Alliance for Austin

Delta. Jessica is spending this coming year interning

Musicians (HAAM) over the summer.

at Badgerdog in Austin before heading off to an MFA

• Lauren Golden ’04, just completed her second year

program next year.

of dental school at UT Dental Branch in Houston.

• Robert Parsons ’03, Harvard Law School, was

• Owen Nicholas Golden ’07, UC Boulder, made the

recently elected as editor-in-chief of the Harvard

Spring 2010 engineering dean’s list. Nick is majoring in

Negotiation Law Review.

engineering physics and has started an engineering

• Jenna Albert ’06, is interning at the United States

co-op assignment at IBM Austin for summer/fall 2010.

Supreme Court. She will start law school at the

• Kami Lemke ’02 (Eighth Grade), Clark University,

University of Texas in August.

graduated with a BA in art history and a BA in screen

• Zoe LaPier ’07, Trinity University, has been doing

studies. A consistent dean’s list student, she gradu-

research with Dr. Michelle Bushey, and was

ated summa cum laude, and was inducted into the

recently published.

Phi Beta Kappa honor society.

• Gaby Henriques ’08, USC, has been accepted into

• Kristen Cunningham ’09, USD, has been selected to

the communications program at the University of

be a preceptorial assistant and has been elected to

California with an emphasis on mass media. She will

be the president of the residential hall association.

46 •  St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

alumni news

• Dawson Lewis ’08, UT Austin, was named a

additional major in mathematics. She was inducted

McCombs Scholar this semester.

into Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor soci-

• Trey Axe ’05, graduated from Sewanee magna

ety, in the fall of 2009. She plans to take a year off be-

cum laude with a degree in economics and was

fore attending graduate school, taking engineering

inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. He was also named to

courses with an ultimate goal of working in the field of

Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities

alternative energy sources/storage.

& Colleges and was captain of the Sewanee base-

• Catherine Osborn ’08, Yale, has been named

ball team as a senior.

Student Coordinator for the Poynter Fellowship in

• Tommie Leon ’08, American University, is getting

Journalism. Poynter is the program that brings

ready for a semester abroad in Mexico City at

national and international journalists to campus.

Universidad Iberoamericana. He will concentrate

In addition, Catherine and her roommates were the

the fall semester of his junior year in Mexico in Latin

winners of the Yale Crib Contest!

American Studies.

• Tate Deskins ’09, Kenyon College, was initiated into

• Sara Taube ’06, Vanderbilt, graduated with degrees

Pi Mu Epsilon, the national honorary mathematics

in earth and environmental science and studio art.

society, and received the Wendell D. Lindstrom

She was on the dean’s list for five semesters and was

Memorial Prize. Tate has also been on the dean’s list

an instructor for the wilderness skills organization. She

both semesters.

is pursuing her masters in environmental science at the University of Virginia with a presidential fellowship. • Bonnie Canion ’06, Seattle University, graduated

Do you have accolades to share with your fellow Crusaders? If so, please contact Jim Heck at

cum laude earning a degree in physics with an

St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 47

development news

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Spr ing Fest Fa mi ly Fa ir


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported Family Fair “Sizzlin’ SAS: Food, Fun, and Flicks” and Spring Fest “Cajun and Cocktails,” both of which raised funds for St. Andrew’s generous Financial Aid Program. The two events raised a net total of $280,000 through sponsorships and proceeds from live and silent auctions. These funds are crucial in helping to meet the over $1,000,000 requested for financial support for the 2010-2011 school year. We truly are a community that takes care of one another. Special thanks to Family Fair co-chairs Kimberley Ezell ’79 and Patty Loose and Spring Fest co-chairs Angela Filardi and Melissa Greenwell and their tireless committees for their dedication to making these events great. Suzanna Albright Sheryl Anderson Kaysie Andrews Yoli Arriaga Julie Ballard Rachel Barcenas Jose Barcenas Shelley Barndollar Bev Bishop Steve Bishop Julie Briggs Elena Buller Lorissa Burnside Andrea Burrell Tracey Bury Heidi Cahill ML Calcote Amy Chibib John and M.E. Cook Kirsten Coon Kendall Courtney Karen Cowan Diane Cope Cunningham Claudia Dollen Amy Dunkelberg Desiree Durst

Mary Esquivel Cari Ezell Dana Fallon Kristin Fason Sandy Flores Sharon Folan Becky Garcia Melissa Garza Jenny Gillott Kim Greskovich Beth Grimm Jen Grogono Lydia Gromatzky Cindy Groves Nancy Gunn Michelle Haddad Elaine Hamm Mellie Hogan Raina Hornaday Walt Hornaday April Hudson Letia Hunter Carol Huntsberger Jane Howard Robin Jackson Ann Jerome

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Courtney Sapire Eileen Saling Jennifer Schmeil Sydney Searcy Selina Serna Armida Serrano Kristin Sjoberg Shari Stein Betty Stuart Michelle Sunshine Amy Sutton Marty Swanger Frances Thompson Francie Thurman Beth Townsend Bonnie Viernes Jana Wallace Giselle Waugh Becky Wells Jeannette Williams Sally Wilson Teresa Windham Cory Wolf Sylvia Ybarra Lisa Youngblood Arwen Zemborain

development news

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development news

2009-2010 annual fund reaches GOAL Many thanks to our incredible school families, friends, alumni, faculty and staff, for contributing to the 2009-2010 Annual Fund. We met our $650,000 goal and every dollar made a difference in the lives of our students and teachers at St. Andrew’s. We are forever grateful! Special thanks to our Annual Fund co-chairs: Kristin and Tony Schell and Louisa and David Stegmann and our Annual Fund Class Representatives: Beth and David Grimm, Lisa and Scott Zodin, Palmer and Andy Quaroni, Donna and William Osborn, Sharon Wilson, Becky and Joey Wells, Mary Beth and Anatole Barnstone, Amy and Kirk Rudy, Karen and Bill Gernstein, Jill and Kim McClanahan, Jennifer and Johnny Sutton ’85, and Jess Chapin and Laurie Eiserloh. We hope we can count on all our families again for the 20102011 Annual Fund First Campaign. Thank you so much for your continued and generous support of our wonderful school.

2010 St. Andrew’s Shoot out

On Sunday, March 28, St. Andrew’s held its fourth annual SAS Shoot Out. The sporting clay tournament, which is promoted each year during the fall Concert for the Endowment, was another booming success with twenty four-member teams participating. Although the majority of the teams consisted of St. Andrew’s dads, there was also one team of moms, and several teams with alumni, faculty, and Upper School students. After a fun-filled afternoon of sporting clays, shooters and their guests enjoyed Bert’s BBQ for supper. Awards were given to members of the top two teams in each of the three Lewis-class flights. Mark Ezell’s team, whose members included Craig Hughes, Ike Loose, and Jeff Sercy, took top honors. Thanks to everyone for supporting the Endowment Fund!

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development news

THank You

Grandparents! Thank you to all the wonderful grandparents and special friends who attended this year’s Grandparents’ Day Celebration. Each year, the Wednesday and Thursday before Easter break are set aside to honor

these important people in our students’ lives. These two days are a St. Andrew’s tradition that unite families and faculty, young and old, in sweet and unexpected ways.

This year, Upper School grandparents and friends gathered on Wednesday, March 31, and Lower and Middle School grandparents and friends celebrated together on Thursday, April 1. Grandparents and grandfriends gathered with their respective students, attended one or more classes, had lunch, and attended chapel together. On Wednesday evening, the Lower School was the setting for a lovely party at which all came together to enjoy the many generations of wonderful families that grace our school. Thank you to Grandparents’ Day chairs Karen Gernstein, Kim Greskovich, and Susan Sealy and to all our parent volunteers who worked so hard on these events. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • • 51

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