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October 3, 2009 Join your pals from St. Andrew’s Class of 2004 for a Five Year Reunion at Austin City Limits Music Festival! Your ticket to Saturday’s show is on us! Look for details on Facebook and by e-mail. Don’t miss your invite! Contact Alumni Director Jim Heck to update your e-mail address today at


ADMINISTRATION Lucy C. Nazro, Head of School Rich Mischinski, Head of Upper School Alice Nezzer, Head of Middle School Sharon Wilson, Head of Lower School Silver Garza, Chairman of the Board

Service News: 14

St. Andrew’s Lower and Middle School Campus 1112 West 31st Street, Austin, Texas 78705

Academic News: 16

St. Andrew’s Upper School Campus 5901 Southwest Parkway, Austin, Texas 78735

Art News: 20

MISSION STATEMENT The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential.

Athletic News: 24 Eighth Grade Commencement: 30 Development News: 34 Class of 2009 College Choices: 36

CovER SToRy: 4 Congratulations Class of 2009! On the cover (clockwise from upper left): Ben Stegmann, Lauren Perry, Sam Stein, Phyllis Kago, Hank Brigham, Nicole Herr, and Trent Wilson. Below: Underclassmen and returning alumni came to cheer on their friends on the big day.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE St. Andrew’s seeks students of character and intelligence from diverse ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds. The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only in intellectual understanding but also in esthetic sensitivity, physical well-being, athletic prowess and moral decisiveness so that they may lead productive, responsible lives, not only for themselves, but also for their community. CORE VALUES Community Based on trust, traditions, communication, appreciation, and support Spiritual Foundation To develop moral behavior High Expectations Reflected in both the knowledge base and behavior of the faculty, staff, students, parents, and board members. Caring, Celebration and Humor Fostered by kindness and collegiality STATEMENT OF NON-DISCRIMINATION St. Andrew’s Episcopal School admits students of any race, color, national, and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at this school. We do not discriminate in the administration of educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship, athletics, or other programs.


On Sunday, May 31, St. Andrew's graduated its largest class—75 seniors— in the school's history. More than 1,200 family members, faculty, friends, alumni, and guests came to celebrate and honor the Class of 2009.

Class o

GRADU 4 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

of 2009

UATIoN Want even more from Graduation? Visit the News and Photos section of for complete speeches and to view and download photos. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 5


THE REv. LEx BRECkINRIDGE, UppER SCHooL CHApLAIN “There’s another gift in that blue leather binder, a huge gift that’s come to you as a part of your SAS education. It’s the Spirit of Truth. Today in the Church we celebrate the Feast of Pentecost. It’s when we commemorate the day that the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of Wholeness came upon a group of anxious and confused disciples of Jesus and transformed them for the work of sharing with an anxious and confused world God’s healing love and grace. This gift of the Spirit of Wholeness is the Spirit of Truth that enables us to love. It’s the spirit that enables us to love truly and to tell the truth lovingly. It’s the gift of the spirit you’ve known here at SAS and it’s the gift of the spirit that you’ll take with you on the next leg of your journey.”

This year’s seniors received more than $4.2 million in merit scholarships, in addition to being accepted at 141 of the finest colleges, universities, and post-graduate programs in the country. LUCY NAzRo, HEAD oF SCHooL “Three years ago the entire faculty of St. Andrew’s School went through an exercise called ‘The Picture of the Graduate.’ We spent a day discussing the attributes, attitudes, skills, and knowledge we wanted our graduates to have. We wanted most of all caring and compassionate young people who can think critically and creatively. They are problem solvers who communicate effectively. They know the history of this country and the history and geography of the world. They understand the beauty and structure of math and are excited by scientific discovery. They speak a second language and they use technology with confidence. I have only touched the surface of our wishes for the ideal St Andrew’s graduate, but as I thought about it this class and all they have accomplished I thought it would be worthwhile to have ‘The Picture of a Graduate’ in our minds.” 6 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

clockwiSe from top: underclassmen, many of whom are siblings of graduates, act as acolytes for the ceremony; the largest group of lifers ever to graduate - 23 - gathers together for one last photo op. lifers are those students who have attended St. Andrew’s from grades 1-12; math chair wayne packwood and katherine lewin; graduates process from the upper School chapel; physics teacher doug wick shares a goodbye with lauren perry.


JoHN woRkS, FACULTY SpEAkER “This is a ceremony of departure, and a celebration of your accomplishments. For some of you these achievements have been recognized. These are wonderful achievements, but for me it is the small, unquantifiable gestures that more clearly signal who you are. Emma’s daily effort to help Da-hyun navigate Humanities Eleven, and Nicole’s work at a camp for disabled children should not go unrecognized, nor should Audrey’s work with the Animal Trustees of Austin. This spring Jasmin gave a speech to over three hundred people about the value of education. These are to me the more accurate measure of who you are. They show us not so much the kind of talent you have, but the kind of heart you have.”

The Class of 2009 claims 3 National Merit Finalists, 13 National Merit Commended Scholars, 10 AP Scholars, 2 students recognized by the National Hispanic Recognition Program, and 1 student honored by the National Achievement Scholarship Program. NICHoLAS CANTILo, SENIoR SpEAkER “[At college] I see myself calling my best friends from high school to laugh about the kid that rolled into European Studies with a ‘Texas is bigger than France’ t-shirt, just so that I can take comfort hearing them laugh. As an essayist for the Chicago Tribune once said, ‘Understand that friends come and go, but with a precious few you should hold on. Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography and lifestyle, because the older you get, the more you need the people who knew you when you were young.’ I think the subtlety of her wording is genius. Rather than specify the people who you knew, she specifies the people who knew you. I’ll bet you a lollipop, as Lee Corso loves to say, that nobody knows, or will ever know, you better than the people sitting around you in folding chairs right now.” 8 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


FACUlTy SERvICE AwARD: JoHN PomERoy This award was established by St Andrew’s School in 1994. It is a long held tradition at St. Andrew’s to honor those students whose efforts have made significant contributions to our community. It is the wish of this community to enrich that tradition by recognizing and honoring members of the faculty whose work far exceeds the ordinary demands of the job. John Pomeroy came to St. Andrew’s in 1995, teaching first in the Lower and Middle Schools. From the very beginning this teacher offered to do anything needed by the school. He even taught an all-boy English class when we were experimenting with some gender-specific classes. When we began building the Upper School he again volunteered to help in any way he could; hence he joined the founding faculty of the Upper School in 1998 teaching in the portables on 31st Street. He has taught 9th grade humanities, Russian, Modernism—anything to make St. Andrew’s a better school. He comes to my office several times a year, offering to do more to strengthen St. Andrew’s as a 1-12 school. He brings his Upper School students to the Lower School to teach cuneiform writing and to strengthen the ties between the two campuses. We ask our teachers to observe one another’s classes. I received this e-mail after our award winner was visited: “I left with my head spinning! There was more going on in this 9th grade classroom than I ever learned in college. The students were relating what they had just read to historical background and topics covered recently in history, the Bible, and even languages.” John gives of himself fully as a teacher, as an adviser, and as a member of the larger St. Andrew’s community. He is our regular preacher on All Saints’ Day, a true saint of God, a true servant, and a very deserving winner of the 2009 Faculty Service Award.

DEPARTmENT AwARDS By vote of the faculty in each department, the following students were honored for their outstanding achievement and commitment in their respective disciplines. Athletics: lindsay maxwell Fairchild william walker wroe Drama: lauren minette Perry Humanities: Emma Kilgore Hine James Rogers wiseman

latin: Dukuray Uchenna Njie

Science: Jennings Tate Deskins

mathematics: Jennings Tate Deskins Addie morgan Anderson

Spanish: Emma Kilgore Hine

music: Instrumental James Rogers wiseman music: vocal Jason Alexander Burner

visual Arts (2-D): Ryan Pierre Filardi visual Arts (3-D): Katherine Elizabeth Steinbach • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 9


the Scholarship Award

JENNINGS TATE DESkINS This award is given to a senior for outstanding academic achievement, passion for learning, and a pursuit of excellence. Tate’s advisor stated: “Overwhelming is the only way I can describe his file.” Other comments noted him as a “wonder,” “always willing to share his unique viewpoint and when he encounters disagreement, he remains open-minded and considerate.” He skillfully merges “a great sense of humor with his academic turn of mind.” “He raises the bar for scholarly inquiry.” It was also stated by the Upper Schoo Head that Tate’s impact on the Upper School campus intellectually and artistically has been profound.

the lucy collins nazro Award

JAMES RoGERS wISEMAN & DUkURAY UCHENNA NJIE This award is reserved for that remarkable individual who contributes in original ways to improve the life of the students, faculty, and staff of St. Andrew’s. This honor goes to that senior whose enthusiasm, joy, and leadership best reflect the qualities of Head of School, Lucy Collins Nazro. Without question, James Wiseman is a gentleman of varied interests with a voracious appetite for learning in all disciplines. His teachers remark that “his positive attitude, enthusiasm, and wonderful sense of fun do not detract from his diligence as a student. He is a great influence on his peers and a joy to have in class.” Others have recognized that this young man seems happier to be alive than most people. It’s a rare gift.” There is no student better suited to march to Henry David Thoreau’s image of the “different drummer,” as James clearly steps to the music which he hears. One comment from a teacher pretty well sums up Duke Njie’s impact in the classroom. “St. Andrew’s is richer for his presence here. His sweet nature, constant engagement in class, insightful questions and comments in class discussion and his excitement about learning make him an essential member of our group as well as a very positive class leader.” And as impressive as these words are, a rarer quality in this young man is his uncommon courage to do and say what is right even if it flies against the currents of peer opinion. This commitment to personal conviction—to step out in front and conspicuously lead when others would be content to remain silent—is a quality we have seen in Mrs. Nazro and one at the heart of this award. 10 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

cornerstone Award co-winner katherine Steinbach

hilary carlson Award winner Jasmin Vara

the cornerstone Award

EMMA kILGoRE HINE, kRISTEN MARIE CUNNINGHAM & kATHERINE ELIzABETH STEINBACH This honor goes to that senior who fully embraces the mission of St. Andrew’s “to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential.” Established to commemorate the Class of 2002, the Cornerstone Award recognizes courage, creativity, and love of school. The words of a faculty member to describe Emma Hine include “insatiable curiosity, formidable intellect, a relentless work ethic with a kind calming presence.” She possesses enormous intellectual horsepower and is an utterly charming and modest person. She is also an extremely gifted young writer. Kristin Cunningham epitomizes the virtues of hard work, discipline, determination, and courage. She has overcome personal challenges and has conducted herself with maturity, grace, and wry humor. The “stone” metaphor in this honor is particularly appropriate as she serves as a rocksolid foundation piece for this senior class. Katherine Steinbach was described by one teacher as an “uncontrollable geyser of enthusiasm.” She has been fully involved in the St. Andrew’s community from day one. She leads by example and her enduring warmth. Every teacher and advisor of this student remarks on her creativity, fresh perspective, and unique point of view. And although one would never know from her effervescent and quirky sense of humor, she is a heroic young woman deeply involved with the sobering realities of the real world. She has been a gift to the St. Andrew’s community.


the hilary h. carlson Award


This award goes to that senior who most clearly exhibits dramatic personal growth throughout high school. By fulfilling individual potential and living out the ideals valued by the St. Andrew’s community, this senior best illustrates the meaning of Hilary Carlson’s favorite quotation, “To whom much has been given, much is expected.” Each year, this award celebrates the faculty’s commitment to the growth of all students. The word “selfless” immediately springs to mind when describing both Hilary Carlson and this year’s Carlson award winner. Jasmin’s advisor comments: “She has made amazing contributions to both the St. Andrew’s and Austin communities; she is willing to work quietly behind the scenes in a selfless way and to take on a more visible leadership role when the opportunity presents itself.” She has maintained an impressive academic record and clearly exhibits a love of learning.

lucy collins nazro Award co-winner duke njie

the Scott field Bailey Servant Award

wILLIAM ToDD SCHARNBERG This honor, named in memory of the founder of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, the Right Reverend Scott Field Bailey, is reserved for that senior whose dedication, selflessness, and deep concern for others best exemplify the St. Andrew’s ideal that its students lead productive and responsible lives for their community.

Scott field Bailey Servant Award winner will Scharnberg

Some describe Will as Mr. Popular or a math nerd, or even a jock, since he has distinguished himself in all of these areas at St. Andrew’s. But his more subtle qualities are more notable and have shaped this young man, which is why service is a centerpiece in his life. His colleagues see him as mature, reliable, honest, polite, and kind. In the 11th and 12th grades, where service is an option, he spent countless free-time evenings working at Brackenridge Hospital's neo-natal intensive care unit as a Spanish-speaking interpreter for the parents of premature infants. When asked if it was sometimes difficult to fall asleep after such intense experiences, he simply replied, "No. I just pray for them and then I go to sleep." One of his teachers candidly expressed: ”I’ve pretty much fallen in love with his soul.” One can’t ask for higher praise than that. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 11


GRADUATE DISTINCTIoNS The following seniors were commended for completing the requirements for one or more of the four possible four graduation distinctions. Congratulations to all those listed for working so hard to achieve these honors. A special acknowledgement goes out to two students who received all four distinctions: Mary Hollyman and will Scharnberg.

SCHoLAR The student's senior project and general academic record are judged outstanding by a panel of faculty.

ARTIST The student has a distinguished upperclass record in the arts, both curricular and extracurricular.

Addie Anderson Nick Belisle Jake Boxberger Jase Burner Merritt Bury Tamar Buten Adair Cummings kristen Cunningham Tate Deskins Mira Dickey Elise Edoka Cris Feo Nicole Greenwell Nicole Herr Emma Hine Mary Hollyman Dillon Houstoun Audrey Huntsberger Da-hyun koh katherine Lewin paige McGhee John McNamara Taylor Mezaraups Duke Njie Lauren perry Isabel ponte Matthew powell will Scharnberg Ben Stegmann Sam Stein Jasmin vara James wiseman

Mattison Bills Jake Boxberger Jase Burner Madison Collins kristen Cunningham Tate Deskins Mira Dickey Laurel Dix Lindsay Fairchild Ryan Filardi Jordan Haro Nicole Herr Emma Hine Mary Hollyman philip Jackson Hallie Lane paige McGhee Taylor Mezaraups Lane Mitchell Lauren perry Jessica pollard zach Ralph will Scharnberg Reeves Sodoma Ben Stegmann Sam Stein katherine Steinbach victoria Stewart Jasmin vara Claire winchester James wiseman

ATHLETE The student has a record of distinguished participation on at least two teams in both the junior and senior years. Trent Ashby Nick Belisle Mattison Bills Josh Blount Hank Brigham Madison Collins Adair Cummings Elise Edoka Lindsay Fairchild Chris Feo Ryan Filardi Ben Haggerty Mary Hollyman Dillon Houstoun whitney Langston John McNamara Matthew powell Brooks Schaefer will Scharnberg Grant wilson Trent wilson David wimsatt walker wroe

11% of this class will go on to play sports at the college level, including three for Division I schools. 12 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

SERvANT The student has completed at least 100 hours of community service after the end of grade 10. Clark Beaman Jase Burner Merritt Bury Tamar Buten Flo Clemons Adair Cummings kristen Cunningham Elise Edoka Lindsay Fairchild Nicole Greenwell Jordan Haro Nicole Herr Emma Hine Evan Holley Mary Hollyman Audrey Huntsberger phyllis kago Hallie Lane whitney Langston katherine Lewin paige McGhee John McNamara Taylor Mezaraups Tom Noxon Lauren perry Jessica pollard Isabel ponte Matthew powell Samantha Robles will Scharnberg Sam Selman Allison Sjoberg Reeves Sodoma Ben Stegmann Sam Stein Jasmin vara Grant wilbur Grant wilson Trent wilson Claire winchester walker wroe Max Yancy


clockwise from top: the graduating class of 2009, the largest in the school’s history, minutes before the ceremony; emma hine, one of three winners of the cornerstone Award; tate deskins, winner of the Scholarship Award, accepts his prize from 2008 winner emily dix; acolytes lead the graduates to the reception line of board members, teachers, and wellwishers; James wiseman, co-winner of the lucy collins nazro Award; kristen cunningham, co-winner of the cornerstone Award, accepts her prize from 2008 winner gabi henriques. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 13


14 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


ST. ANDREw'S STUDENTS RAISE $40,000 FoR GAzELLE FoUNDATIoN To BRING wATER To BURUNDI, AFRICA The Austin-based Gazelle Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in 2006, implements charitable efforts to improve life for people in Burundi and also offers assistance to children in the Austin community. The foundation’s efforts are unifying and non-tribe-specific. In Burundi the foundation focuses on providing shoes, potable water sources, timely access to medical care, and housing for displaced residents. In Central Texas, the foundation provides enriching opportunities to actively engage youth in physically fit, healthful lifestyles through awareness, education and participation.

Lucy Nazro, Head of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, presented a check for $40,000 to Gilbert Tuhabonye, executive director of the Gazelle Foundation, during the annual Field Day at the school’s 31st Street campus on Friday, May 22. The presentation was the culmination of a year-long, student-driven, school-wide community service project to support the Gazelle Foundation’s efforts to bring clean water to the African nation of Burundi. The money St. Andrew’s raised will pay for a desperately needed village well in a country where most people spend 40 percent of their time collecting water for bathing, washing and drinking from rivers and creeks shared with farm animals, and where the average person walks 20 miles a day just to get water. St. Andrew’s has a long tradition of servanthood and a close personal connection to Burundi, thanks to Tuhabonye, a St. Andrew’s parent and the school’s track and cross-country coach. As a young boy, Tuhabonye carried water from the river to his village four times a day. Tuhabonye, an internationally ranked runner, is also a survivor of the Hutu-Tutsi violence in his native Burundi, as documented in his autobiography, This Voice in My Heart: A Genocide Survivor's Story of Escape, Faith, and Forgiveness. peter Rauch, the president of the Gazelle Foundation, also attended the presentation. “This project connected our community in so many different ways,” said St. Andrew’s ninth grader Hattie Sherman. “It showed us we can do something that doesn't only affect the present well-being of a community, but its future. This project will allow a community to find peace, have time to be educated, and give its women a chance to rise in society…. we helped provide a better future for a mass amount of people.”

“To tell you the truth, when we started this project in the fall I thought it was all about the water,” said Mrs. Nazro in a homily delivered during the school’s daily chapel service on May 5. “Now I know better. I have learned that both Tutsis and Hutus—tribes that have warred for years—will drink from the same well. Gilbert, as you know, was lucky to survive an attack on his tribe. Now both tribes will meet at the well.”

“...when we started this project in the fall I thought it was all about the water. Now I know better. I have learned that both Tutsis and Hutus— tribes that have warred for years— will drink from the same well. Now both tribes will meet at the well.” — Lucy C. Nazro, Head of School

previous school-wide community service projects had never raised more than $5,000, but St. Andrew’s students, parents and faculty and staff, motivated by their affection and admiration for Tuhabonye, outdid themselves. The school community participated in a number of fund-raisers during the school year, including the Gazelle Foundation’s “Run for the water” in November; a “Drum for the water” concert, featuring the west African drum and dance ensemble Lannaya, in March; and sales of T-shirts, water bottles, lemonade, doughnuts, and more, all organized and carried out by St. Andrew’s students in grades 1 through 12. As Mrs. Nazro said, “It’s not just about the water. It’s all about changing the world.” • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 15


SIxTH GRADE ECo-ADvENTURERS Go CAvING on May 17, seven students from the sixth grade Eco-Adventures elective headed off on their first caving (also known as "spelunking") trip to whirlpool Cave in south Austin, a non-commercial cave owned and maintained by the Texas Cave Management Association. After opening the lock, climbing down a metal ladder into the cave, and turning on our helmet lights, our guide, Jules Jenkins, immediately found a white-spotted slimy salamander under some rocks. The students also spotted a cave-adapted millipede, which is completely blind and without pigment. The students climbed and crawled for almost three hours through narrow passages and larger chambers, in the process learning a lot about caves and cave formation. They also experienced the sport of spelunking, with all its challenges and dustiness! Jules was very impressed with the students' enthusiasm and fearlessness.

16 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


NEw MIDDLE SCHooL HEAD ANNoUNCED In March, the Middle School Search Committee announced the appointment of Alice Nezzer as the new Head of the St. Andrew’s Middle School. Alice brings many years of commitment to Episcopal education to her new position. She has served as Dean of Students and taught eighth grade English since 2007. After graduating as the Brewster Medal winner from St. Stephen's Episcopal School in Austin, Alice earned a bachelor of arts in religion from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and a master of education in curriculum and instruction from the University of Texas. Her fifteen years of middle school experience include teaching, coaching, and administrative work at St. Mary's Hall in San Antonio and at St. Stephen's, her alma mater, as well as her two years of service at St. Andrew's. “I knew that I wanted to work with middle school students when I was a senior in high school. I was asked to chaperone the seventh grade field trip to port Aransas and to direct the middle school play as my senior drama project. I also always knew I wanted to be a teacher; it's the family business afterall. I knew then where I was called to teach,” said Nezzer. “once I started teaching, I enjoyed being in the classroom, but I also became very interested in the ‘big picture’ of the middle school. I soon found myself in leadership positions that allowed me to add my voice and ideas to the vision of the middle school. Being a head of a middle school became my career goal; being asked to be the head of St. Andrew's Middle School is a dream come true. The Middle School has a tradition of excellence and caring that is known throughout Austin and beyond. I am excited to continue nurturing the excellence that Tim McGhee and the faculty have fostered for years.” Alice sought and obtained the approval of the chairman of the board of trustees before submitting her application, which was then evaluated by the Education Group, the consulting firm which guided the selection process. In addition, Mrs. Nazro recused herself from all committee deliberations concerning her daughter's candidacy. The process for naming a successor to longtime Middle School head Tim McGhee, who has been named the new academic dean, was long and deliberate. Applicants included numerous candidates from other states and cities, as well as remarkable candidates from within the St. Andrew’s community. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 17


18 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


EIGHTH GRADE PRoBlEm SolvERS CREATE RUBE GolDBERG CoNTRAPTIoNS Eighth graders in mrs. lintz's problem-solving class learn to think outside the box. In this hands-on course, students build and destroy things, practice working as a team, and have tons of fun while learning. most recently they finished a project based on the works of Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist, sculptor, engineer, and, most famously, inventor of contraptions. The dictionary defines "Rube Goldberg" as an adjective for a comically involved, complicated invention, laboriously contrived to perform a simple operation. In the spring, students were challenged with creating a Rube Goldberg contraption of their own. working in groups of two, they designed contraptions that were to include as many of the nine predetermined "tasks" as possible. The tasks options were: using gears or a pulley, a spring, a propeller, moving a block one meter, breaking something, making a sound, lifting something at least 30 centimeters, releasing a ball, or using lights. The students could construct their contraptions using wood, glue, string, rubber bands, springs, motors, nine-volt batteries, paper clips, clothes pins, balloons, wheels, toothpicks, paper, and/or a motor.

“We as adults often have to solve problems in many different situations. All these solutions require creative thinkers. I feel lucky to be a teacher who is helping to nurture this kind of thinking.”—Roberta Lintz The contraptions were graded on a points system: 5 points for each task, 3 points for each clever use of materials, and 3 points for cooperation and sharing of ideas. Contraptions had points deducted if their creators had to tweak anything to get their contraption to work during their presentation. of the nine contraptions, the one created by walker Carpenter and Sophie worrell received the highest number of points. It included the most tasks in a single design (six: using a switch to turn on lights, using pulleys, raising an object 30 centimeters, releasing a ball, hitting a propeller, and knocking a ball off the table), and they also received points for the clever use of large black paper clips. Problem-solving, a requirement for all eighth grade students, combines skills learned in math and science, as well as creative thinking. And, according to mrs. lintz, this class is just as rewarding for her as it is for the students. "There are not many opportunities to work with materials and solve problems like these in regular classes," she said. "we as adults often have to solve problems in many different situations, such as with cars, computers, disease control, farming, city planning, etc. All these solutions require creative thinkers. I feel lucky to be a teacher who is helping to nurture this kind of thinking. I also love the way this class showcases the talents of students who may struggle in more traditional classes." • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 19


Students performing a scene from Fiddler on the Roof.

20 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


UPPER SCHool STUDENTS SHINE AT ISAS ARTS FESTIvAl Nearly 100 students participated in the annual ISAS Fine Arts Festival on April 2–4, hosted this year by the Kinkaid School in Houston. During the three days of the festival, St. Andrew’s students in the visual and performing arts distinguished themselves by their excellent exhibitions and performances. It seemed as though nearly every hour our students were either preparing to perform or show their work, giving their performances, or discussing their art with the adjudicators. In every case the adjudicators were impressed with our students’ accomplishments. The variety of ways in which our students showcased their talents was astonishing. Here’s what they did in various categories: drama, True West and Reckless; musical, scenes from Fiddler on the Roof; vocal solos, scenes from The Marriage of Figaro; film, a series of shorts students created, produced, acted in, and directed; piano solos, Debussy’s “Reflets dans l’eau” and the first movement of Beethoven’s “Pathetique” sonata; 2D art in oil, acrylic, and water color paintings, screen prints and linoleum prints, drawings, and mixed media; 3D sculpture in ceramics, wire, sewn paper, fabric, and mixed media, including a photo emulsion soccer ball; and photography, including a series of photos depicting a timeless way of life in Peru, and a photo that was used as a black and white photo, a screen print, and on a 3D object; strings solos; chamber orchestra, mozart's “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” and the first movement of vivaldi’s “Concerto in G-minor for Two Cellos;” percussion solo, an improvisation on “my Favorite Things;” rock band; jazz band; select choir; and the concert choir with movements from masses by mozart, Schubert, Ray, and Fauré. Thank you to our outstanding students and distinguished faculty. They did themselves proud and they did St. Andrew’s proud.

greater than gatsby, one of two bands in the rock Band program, performs to a packed audience. St. Andrew’s was the only school to have a rock Band entry at the iSAS Art Festival. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 21


MIDDLE SCHooL pRoDUCTIoN oF AnniE SHINES on April 27 and 28, the St. Andrew's Episcopal Middle School Choir performed the musical Annie. The cast of nearly fifty was directed by Jason kruger, with musical direction by Michael Rosensteel and choreography by Annie Dragoo. A nine-piece orchestra accompanied the singers as they performed rousing renditions of classic Annie tunes like “Hardknock Life,” “Tomorrow,” “Easy Street,” and “I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here.” Leading roles were played by Ashley Dill (Annie), Lila Brand Schmitz (Miss Hannigan), Lauren Lardner (Grace Ferrell), will pearson (oliver warbucks), Charlie Dennis (Rooster Hannigan), and Taylor Doyle (Lily St. Regis). Named orphans were played by Luisa venegoni (Duffy), Bowen Rechner (kate), kassidy woytek (pepper), Sarah Huffstutler (July), Anna worrell (Molly), and Lauren Thomas (Tessie).

22 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


SECoND GRADERS woRk IN BRoNzE This spring, second-grade art students worked on an unusual project: making bronze medallions. They were able to take part in this unique experience thanks to artist Beverly penn, mother of Eli McDaniel, who led the demonstration and provided the use of her studio. Each student designed his or her own medallion in wax using patterns and textures from Aboriginal art. The medallions were then taken to Beverly's studio and cast in bronze using a five-part process. First, the medallions were suspended inside a steel can called a flask. Next, a kind of special plaster call "investment" was poured into the flask, completely covering the wax medallions. The flasks were fired in a kiln set at 1200 degrees for 10 hours. During this time, the wax medallions melted away, leaving a space the exact shape and size of the original wax design. Metal was then melted and poured into the space. Finally, the bronze medallions were boiled out of the investment, creating the finished medallions. Thank you to Beverly penn for treating our students to a hands-on lesson in this unusual art form. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 23


24 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


GIRlS vARSITy lACRoSSE BATTlES BACK To wIN CENTRAl DISTRICT CHAmPIoNSHIP; TAKES 3RD IN SPC In a close district championship game, St. Andrew's varsity girls lacrosse team battled back for a 14-13 win against Cedar Park after being down by two with only a few minutes gone in the second half. Junior Erin Reifsnyder scored back-to-back goals within 11 seconds to help the Crusaders tie it up with 13:20 remaining in the second half. Stellar play by the low and midfield defense (mary Hollyman, Sophie osella, Ali Burner, Kim Krebs, Alessandra Quaroni, Catherine wilson, Jordyn logue, Erin Reifsnyder, Sallie Gayle Saunders, and Katherine Stegmann) and goalie lauren Perry was the difference in helping the Crusaders bring the district title—their seventh in eight years—back to St. Andrew's. Freshman Alessandra Quaroni had her best outing of the season, leading the Crusaders in scoring with 4 goals. Reifsnyder led in total points with 3 goals and 2 assists along with 8 critical draw controls. Sophomore Katherine Stegmann followed with 3 goals while freshman Jordan legg had 2. Junior Catherine wilson and sophomore margaret Heck rounded out the scoring with 1 goal each while freshman Sallie Gayle Saunders added an assist. This talented team also took third in the prestigious Southwest Preparatory Conference (SPC) Championships. They were coached by laura longoria and assisted by liz Conant and Alina Daszkowski.

girlS lAcroSSe diStrict And StAte honorS Eight players on the varsity girls' lacrosse team received recognition at either the district or state level. Congratulations! All-StAte: The best of the best in the State of Texas; only 12 players in the district receive this recognition. Erin Reifsnyder '10, Catherine Wilson '10. All-StAte All-StArS: These players had the opportunity to play in the state allstar game during the state championships. Erin Reifsnyder '10, Catherine Wilson '10, Katherine Stegmann '11, Margaret Heck '11 All-diStrict: The best players in the Central Texas District. Alessandra Quaroni '12, Jordyn Logue '11, Sophie Osella '10, Lauren Perry '09.

FoUR GIRlS vARSITy lACRoSSE PlAyERS EARN ACADEmIC All-AmERICAN RECoGNITIoN This year's St. Andrew's varsity girls lacrosse team finished atop the Central District for the seventh time in eight years. Equally impressive is that four team members—Ali Burner '10, mary Hollyman '09, lauren Perry '09, and Catherine wilson '10—earned recognition as Academic All-Americans from US lacrosse, the sport's national governing body. Recipients must be juniors or seniors and fulfill two of the following seven criteria: • two-year lacrosse letter winner • first-team recognition at the district or state level • national tournament participation • previous academic all-American recognition • varsity letter winner in another sport • member of league or district champions • captain or other established team honor. In addition, they must also carry a 3.6 grade point average in honors classes and have contributed to their school and/or community through activities that are not sports-related. Congratulations to these players and their parents. St. Andrew's prides itself on its high academic standards and is thrilled to have such outstanding student-athletes! • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 25


SAM SELMAN FIRST SAS ATHLETE DRAFTED BY THE MAJoRS The Los Angeles Angels drafted left-handed pitcher Sam Selman, a member of the St. Andrew's Class of 2009, in the 14th round of the 2009 major league draft. He is the first St. Andrew's athlete to be drafted by a major league team. In November, Selman became the first male athlete to sign a national letter of intent in the Upper School's short 11-year history. Although Selman could turn pro immediately, he chose to honor his commitment to play for Division I vanderbilt University, where he will hone his baseball skills while also getting a superb college education. Major league teams have been observing Selman for some time; during the 2009 spring season as many as 10 scouts attended the games he pitched.

26 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


BoYS TRACk 3RD AT SpC; MCNAMARA wINS 4 GoLDS, SETS 2 RECoRDS Four years ago, new St. Andrew's track coach Gilbert Tuhabonye took his team to its first Southwest preparatory Conference track and field championship meet. That team, which included four freshmen (Josh Blount, Jase Burner, John McNamara, and Brooks Schaefer, now seniors), scored no points and was not even listed on the final team tally. This year, their team made quite an impact at the SpC championship in Dallas, scoring 90 points and finishing a very strong third. The 3200-meter race was the fastest in SpC history with senior John McNamara capturing first and breaking a twenty-year-old record by more than three seconds. Sophomore Roberto Diaz took third in an impressive 9:39, and freshman Evan wineland also scored for SAS, finishing eighth – the highest finish ever for a SAS freshman in any race. The 4x800 relay was next and lead-off runner junior will Dodds set the tone in a blistering 2:01, the fastest of all the legs. Cris Feo, Diaz, and McNamara maintained the lead over a very fast field and secured the win in a time of 8:16.11, becoming SAS’s first ever champions in an SpC relay event. A few hours later McNamara won his third gold in the 800 and Roberto Diaz also added points with a sixth-place finish. The SAS sprinters really shone in a very exciting 4x400 relay, with the team of Jack wallace, Schaefer, Blount, and kyle Hunt taking second, far ahead of the rest of the field, in a time of 3:29.09. The race of the day was the 1600, held at the end of a very long day. It pitted the duo of McNamara and Diaz against top seed Tim Cousins of John Cooper School and SpC crosscountry champion Andres Ramirez of Greenhill. Cousins took the lead early and set a very fast pace, but the final 300 meters had them shoulder to shoulder. The final 100 meters was a flat-out sprint with McNamara leaning for the win and breaking the 20-year-old record in a time of 4:22.02. It was an incredible performance by captain McNamara and a dramatic conclusion to his career at SAS: four SpC wins and two SpC records in one day—a feat never before accomplished in SpC history. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 27


BoyS BASKETBAll ACADEmIC All-STATE PlAyERS Seniors Nick Belisle and Jake Boxberger were recently named to the TABC (Texas Association of Basketball Coaches) academic all-state team. They were two of only seven private school studentathletes across the state to receive the honor. They also join former recipients Alex Taube '08 and Andrew Shi '07 to give St. Andrew's four honorees in the past three years. To gain academic all-state recognition, a student must be a graduating senior, carry a grade point average of 90 or better, and be an all-district selection.

mS TRACK TAKES RANGER RElAyS on April 3, the St. Andrew's middle School track team competed in the Ranger Relays at the Texas School for the Deaf. The girls' team placed first and the boys' team placed third. Individually, maggie miller won the 100 and 200 yard dashes and Eleanor Grisebaum and Jack moody both placed first in the high jump. The girls' 4x100 relay team (maggie miller, Chelsey mays, morgan Katz, and Callie Evarts) also won first place. In addition, Drew Beathard, the only St. Andrew's sixth grader competing, won the mile and the 800.

28 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


mS GIRlS lACRoSSE FINISHES SEASoN UNDEFEATED Congratulations to the middle School girls lacrosse team—margaret Cardwell, Ashley Dill, Taylor Doyle, Kelly Duggan, Callie Evarts, Hadie Evarts, Gillean Kelly, lesedi Khabele-Stevens, Annie Kimball, Chelsey mays, Kathryn mcDonald, Bowen Rechner, Claire wilson, and Tracy Zimmerman—on an undefeated season. This impressive team was under the direction of coaches Johanna owens and Evan Smith.

mS BoyS GolF TAKES AIPl TITlE Two yEARS RUNNING The St. Andrew's middle School boys golf team once again captured the Austin Inter-Parochial league golf championship. This year, the Crusaders won going away, by a total of 44 strokes. St. Andrew's had the second through fifth place medalists. Finishing second was eighth grader Alex levy with a score of 33. Seventh grader Ben winter came in third, shooting a 35. Eighth grader Reid Gallagher took fourth with a round of 40. Ben Klatt rounded out the St. Andrew's scoring, shooting a 41 to finish fifth. • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 29




2009 30 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •


THE ClASS oF 2013 Imran Noor Alam* Sam Ireland Andrews* Treeman Bowen Baker* lila Elizabeth Brand Schmitz* walker vanvlissingen Carpenter* Clay Robinson Damron* Seth Simon Davis Dylan Storm Day* Charles Taggart Dennis* Rachel Elaine Dietz* Ashley Alexandra Dill* Rachel Avigael Dimston* Charles Trask Dix Taylor meghan Doyle* Kelly Frances Duggan* lauren Elizabeth DuPont* Hadie Debar Evarts* Rohaise Isobel Firth-Butterfield* Tyler Joseph Gaffney* Reid lewis Gallagher* Zachary David Giberson* lauren Katherine Gillott* James lawrence Goode* Eleanor Helena Grisebaum*

Ted Adam Heydinger* Bailey Ashlyn Hislop* Ingrid Aileen Hoff* william owen Howard* Sarah Adelaide Huffstutler* Brendan Patrick Ingram* Caroline lindsay Jones* morgan Greer Katz* Parker Addison Kell Isabelle Frances Kerr* lesedi michelle Khabele-Stevens* Annie Sue Kimball* Benjamin Joseph Newton Klatt Cristian Andre Koitzsch* lauren Taylor lardner* Alexander levy* wesley Tucker long Robert william luke* Chelsey Renee mays Kathryn Anne mcDonald* marguerite Sivadon miller* Jackson Davis moody Hugo Christopher Nakashima-Brown Cameron Kirby osborn*

Nicholas Antonio osella* Anna-Blaire Ayesha ozdil* william Drew Pearson* Caroline Eugenia Powell* James Allen Rodman Nicholas walker Ebe Rutledge James Charles Schneider* max Tucker Schotz william Reeves Smith* Charles Nathan Stein* Daniel Andrei Stroe leah Swaim* Robert Dartanian Thomas II* Trace michael Turner luisa murphy venegoni* lauren Shizuko viernes* Emma Berry warren* Erica louise weisman* william marshall wolf wilson* Sophie Claire worrell* marshall Rhett yale* Tracy Nicole Zimmerman* *with service Distinction • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 31


honoring tim mcghee in honor of his sixteen years as middle School head, the middle School commons in dell hall was renamed the mcghee commons. tim will become the school’s Academic dean where he will support the faculty in creating curricular continuity that spans all grades 1-12.

Book AwArdS hiStorY: Ms. Melanson - Erica weisman Mr. McGhee - Sam Andrews engliSh: Ms. Martens - Sam Andrews Ms. Nezzer - will pearson AlgeBrA: Ms. Foster - kelly Duggan Ms. Lintz - Isabelle kerr geometrY: Ms. Lintz - Charles Dennis

the Bill coStAS AwArd: lAuren lArdner And will peArSon this award was established to honor that student who demonstrates an outstanding work ethic and good cheer throughout the school year. the award was named in memory of Bill costas, a long-time math teacher who died in 2001.

Science: Mr. Smith - Sam Andrews chineSe: Ms. Yang - Marshall wilson lAtin: Mr. Mele - Sam Andrews & Charles Dennis SpAniSh i: Ms. pimiento - Eleanor Grisebaum SpAniSh ii: Ms. pimiento - Luisa venegoni

the Adrienne groomS cruSAder AwArd: SAm AndrewS And trAcY zimmermAn it is the tradition to give an award to the student who, in the eyes of the faculty, exemplifies the spirit of St. Andrew’s in mindy, body, and spirit. in 1987, we named this award the Adrienne grooms Award after our first middle School math teacher who died in 1986.

the kAY hArt communitY SerVice AwArd: chArlie denniS At the inception of the middle School, an award was established to honor that student who demonstrated outstanding service to his or her community. in 1993, the award was named in honor of kay hart, the first middle School service coordinator and longtime english teacher.

32 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

chApel AwArdS Art: Anna-Blaire ozdil, Best Artist Erica weisman, Most Creative Treeman Baker, Most Imaginative Artwork choir: Reeves Smith Luisa venegoni Lauren viernes outstanding Talent in Annie Ashley Dill Lauren Lardner will pearson Best Character work in Annie Lila Brand Schmitz Charlie Dennis Taylor Doyle creAtiVe writing: Golden pen Award Luisa venegoni drAmA: A Christmas Carol william Howard Ben klatt Eleanor Grisebaum


geogrAphy: Charlie Dennis Hadie Evarts lauren Gillott william Howard Isabelle Kerr luisa venegoni lAtin: Sam Andrews Clay Damron Charlie Dennis Rachel Dimston Ted Heydinger william Howard Parker Kell Robert luke Hugo Nakashima-Brown will Pearson Trace Turner leAderShip council: Taylor Doyle Chelsey mays Cameron osborn Nick osella James Rodman Tracy Zimmerman perFect AttendAnce: Sam Andrews Seth Davis Charlie Dennis Rachel Dietz lauren DuPont Zach Giberson maggie miller Anna-Blaire ozdil

James Rodman max Schotz Sophie worrell prejudice AwAreneSS Summit: Sam Andrews lila Brand Schmitz Caroline Jones Cristian Koitzsch Kathryn mcDonald Reeves Smith Charlie Stein Tracy Zimmerman proBlem Solving: Seth Davis Zach Giberson lauren Gillott Sarah Huffstutler Isabelle Kerr Robert luke Jack moody Cameron osborn James Rodman Charlie Stein Robert Thomas luisa venegoni Erica weisman marshall yale region orcheStrA: Seth Davis Cristian Koitzsch Kathryn mcDonald SpAniSh: UT Poetry Declamation Contest luisa venegoni

Speech/deBAte: Sam Andrews lila Brand Schmitz walker Carpenter Rohaise Firth-Butterfield Ted Heydinger william Howard Parker Kell Cameron osborn max Schotz Trace Turner marshall wilson marshall yale Spirit leAderS: Taylor Doyle, Captain Chelsey mays, Co-Captain Rachel Dietz Annie Kimball lauren lardner lauren viernes will Pearson StringS: Seth Davis Charlie Stein Student council: Nick osella,President Alex levy, vice-President Jamie Goode, Secretary

honor roll

The following students earned Honor Roll status for every grading period during both the 7th and 8th grades. Sam Andrews Charlie Dennis Hadie Evarts lauren Gillott Isabelle Kerr luisa venegoni • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 33



Spring Fest and Family Fair for Financial Aid were both tremendously successful events for St. Andrew’s, raising more than $200,000 for the Financial Aid program. More than 300 St. Andrew’s parents attended the second annual Spring Fest “Crawfish and Cocktails” party, held on Friday, April 24, on the Nazro Green at the Upper School Campus. Fabulous food provided by Quality Seafood, great entertainment by nakia and his Southern Cousins, a generous Silent Auction with donations by our very own St. Andrew’s faculty and community friends, and a spirited Live Auction, created a wonderful night to remember. St. Andrew’s 22nd annual Family Fair for Financial Aid, held on the 31st street campus on Saturday, May 2, was filled with great fun for the entire family. Moonwalks, rockwalls, dunking booths, balloon animals, face painting, and more created the carnival atmosphere that kept our students entertained.  An enormous Silent Auction was on display in Crusader Hall with generous contributions from SAS teachers, community friends, and local businesses.  More than 700 attended this cherished event and all for a great cause! Thank you to our Spring Fest Co-Chairs Sara Dimston and Louisa Stegmann and their incredibly talented committee and to our Family Fair Co-Chairs Laura Buehler and kristin Fason and their wonderfully creative committee.  These special events at St. Andrew’s are critical to the health and success of St. Andrews’ financial aid program and we are so grateful to our volunteers and our generous sponsors who give so much of their time and gifts to make these parties memorable, fun, and worthwhile.

34 • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School •

DEvELopMENT NEwS • St. Andrew’s Episcopal School • 35

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college choiceS colorAdo Colorado State University University of Colorado - Boulder (3)

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Crusader Summer 2009  

Summer issue of the Crusader Magazine 2009. Includes coverage of the graduation of the Class of 2009.

Crusader Summer 2009  

Summer issue of the Crusader Magazine 2009. Includes coverage of the graduation of the Class of 2009.

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