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2018-19 Impact Report

Board of Trustees Angie Berry Taylor Bowles Philip Dial David Grimm, Chair Dan Herd Grace Ingram-Eiser Bremond MacDougall ‘84, Secretary J. Pittman McGehee

Jason Near Jack Nelson, Treasurer Amy Paddock ‘87 Laurie Ratliff Edie Rogat Robin Shepherd Jerry Speitel Ardina Washington Greg Weaver

Yvette Wesbecher Ex-Officio: Sean Murphy The Rt. Rev. Dena Harrison Margie Gaudin

Alumni Board John H. H. Bennett ‘02 Jase Burner ‘09, Chair John Covert ‘15 Joanna D’Angelo ‘06


Paige McGhee ‘09 Chad McLaren ‘10 Laura Milton ‘04 Jack Moody ‘13

Will Temple ‘12 Christy Tucker ‘05

Table of Contents Administration and Board Mission Statement Sean Murphy, Head of School Todd Stephenson, Head of Upper School Alice Nezzer, Head of Middle School Kama Bruce, Head of Lower School David Grimm, Chair, Board of Trustees

The mission of St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is to provide an enriched academic program within a Christian environment emphasizing the fulfillment of each student’s potential.

Statement of Purpose

The school strives to help young people achieve their potential not only in intellectual understanding but also in esthetic sensitivity, physical well-being, athletic prowess, and moral decisiveness so that they may lead productive, responsible lives, not only for themselves, but also for their community.

Diversity Statement of Purpose

Diversity at St. Andrew’s is grounded in our identity as a family-based community, a faith-based community, and a learning community. We understand that our strength and resilience as a three fold community stems from our commitment to: • Honor each individual’s unique perspective; • Respect the dignity of every human being as a child of God, and; • Develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding necessary to engage with and respond to the needs of an evolving world.

Core Values

Community Based on trust, traditions, communication, appreciation, and support Spiritual Foundation To develop moral behavior High Expectations Reflected in both the knowledge base and behavior of the faculty, staff, students, parents, and board members Caring, Celebration and Humor Fostered by kindness and collegiality

Statement of Non-Discrimination

Messages from Leadership

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2018-19 School Financials

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How Your Gifts Count

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Giving Back in Gratitude

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Leadership Giving | St. Andrew’s Fund

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Parent Participation by Class

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A Special Connection

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Alumni Giving to St. Andrew’s

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Grandparents’ Club Members Gala for Financial Aid

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Founder’s Circle Members

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The Bailey Society Members

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St. Andrew’s Endowments

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Faculty/Staff Participation

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Other Special Gifts

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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School admits qualified students regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, physical disability, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, religion, physical disability, socioeconomic status, sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation in the administration of any policies or programs generally accorded or made available to students at the school.


Letter From the Head Dear St. Andrew’s Families and Friends, This letter of gratitude is one of my favorites to write every fall, because the Impact Report is a true reminder of everything St. Andrew’s should be grateful for: our inclusive community, your generous hearts, and the wonderful students, parents, teachers, grandparents, and alumni who make St. Andrew’s a very special place. We had an incredible 2018-2019 school year. Both the St. Andrew’s Fund and the Gala for Financial Aid broke fundraising records, raising more than $1,000,000 each. Those funds directly support the socio-economic diversity of our community. They dramatically enhance our academic, athletics, fine arts and extracurricular programming, and much more. Beyond that amazing success, our parent volunteers donated thousands of hours of time and talent to support our faculty, boost our Highlander pride, applaud our actors, and build community. Our facilities and programs are all a product of this generous community and I am deeply grateful to you – our families and friends – for your contributions of time, talent, and treasure to our school. It matters beyond measure. I hope you find great inspiration in the pages of this report, and while we give thanks for an extraordinary year, I am also very hopeful for this year to come, too. Thank you so much for giving to St. Andrew’s in so many meaningful ways. Sincerely,

Sean Murphy Head of School


A New Role During my nine years at St. Andrew’s, I have become more and more attached to our traditions, witnessed students’ endless potential, and most importantly, and have grown close to the people who make up our community. Because of the support I received from the community, I have grown as an educator, as a colleague, a friend, a husband, and a parent. This new role of Chief Academic Officer might seem overwhelming if not for that community full of people, from faculty, administration, and staff, to the student body, parent community, and alumni. We have so much good available to us here at St. Andrew’s, and over the next few years I am looking forward to leveraging all of that good to strengthen our academics K-12. We’ll be researching and innovating on topics like feedback and grades, multicultural education, curriculum development and alignment, student-centered scheduling, and integrated approaches to learning, all to best support our students as they work toward their fullest potentials. We have our work cut out for us, but it is work eminently worth doing. With our committed team of Directors of Curriculum and Instruction in each division next year, we will be able to better support teachers in their curriculum design and implementation. At the same time, I’m excited and proud to don the SAS Parent hat next year, as my daughter Eliza will be beginning her journey at St. Andrew’s in the Class of 2032. I am looking forward to hearing about her days with teachers, staff members, and administrators I already respect and admire, and to have the opportunity to experience this amazing school from a different perspective. My wife Carrie joined me as a staff member six years ago, and we feel blessed to have been able to watch the Class of 2019 grow from awkward 7th graders to confident and assured Seniors together. We have both witnessed firsthand the benefit that the St. Andrew’s Fund brings to students and faculty, which is why we are proud to give each year. So much of what our community is able to do is because of those unrestricted funds, and we are so grateful for your generosity. Thank you.

Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson Chief Academic Officer


2018-19 School Financials

Operations & Maintenance


General & Administrative


& Ad







nt .



Salaries and Benefits



l nd









Other (4

cia an



Tuition and Fees



Tuition and Fees 89%





.A St




er th


ra ti


Repairs & Other





Student Supplies & Services




Salaries & Benefits $16,889,427


St. Andrew’s Fund Donations




Financial Aid Donations $891,964

The Value of a St. Andrew’s Education “Salaries & Benefits” means... 200+ excellent faculty and staff, committed to supporting students every day More than half of faculty hold advanced degrees (Masters or PhDs) A student:teacher ratio of 15:1 Faculty have approximately 4,000 hours of professional development each year Dedicated curriculum instructors, counselors, and learning specialists, on each campus Chaplains, Diversity, and Social and Emotional Learning staff who help create a welcoming and supportive community

“Student Supplies & Services” means... 1,337 meals served daily to students across the school Educational and leadership outings to places like Mo Ranch and Model UN 17,000+ books checked out from SAS libraries each year Athletics supplies and equipment for nearly 70 athletics teams in grades 5-12 Classroom supplies for all students grades K-12

“Repairs & Other” means... Maintenance and improvements on 164 acres of school campus Classroom furniture and supplies for more than 81 academic classrooms Technologically supportive classrooms for publications, arts, science, and more

“Operations & Maintenance” means... Nearly 80,000 miles driven each year for athletics, trips, and other activities Regular updates to campus buildings and grounds, keeping the St. Andrew’s campus secure and welcoming for our students, parents, and friends 170 learning days each year with well-rounded curriculum in welcoming and safe classrooms 232 hours of security personnel coverage weekly across all three campuses, with 81 unique security checkpoints

“General & Administrative” means... More than 420 student applications across three divisions, with 163 new students accepted Outreach and engagement with more than 3,500 parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends Management and stewardship of a $26 million dollar operating budget More than $2 million raised from generous parents, grandparents, alumni, and friends

“I can’t say enough good things about St. Andrew’s. We moved here from out of state a couple years ago with one child entering middle school and one entering high school. Both kids not only transitioned easily, but quickly began thriving. Teachers and administrators at both campuses really strive to get to know and nurture each student at a very personal level. I especially love how students are encouraged to be themselves and follow their interests. Students’ ideas are embraced and supported. Overall, it is an extremely nurturing environment where student growth and personal development is very much prioritized.” “As a student at St. Andrew’s from grade 1 through grade 12, I was able to witness the school’s growth over the years. Along the way, I always felt supported and safe, and that the school truly had their students’ best interests in mind. St. Andrew’s works hard to not only provide an excellent education, but also makes great efforts to create an inclusive community, where everyone is free to express themselves and be who they are. The school’s Episcopal identity guides this effort, and students are taught that, above all else, we should treat everyone we meet with love and respect. When you join St. Andrew’s, you join a family that works hard to support student needs and build kids into hardworking, respectful, creative, innovative, and productive members of society and the world. I loved my experience at St. Andrew’s, and felt that it truly prepared me for bigger and better experiences in college and beyond.” “St. Andrew’s offers an amazingly well rounded approach to education. The four pillars are real and a fantastic fit for our child. She’s now a sophomore and this is her third year. We couldn’t be more pleased! She goes to school happy and returns happy. Not a small feat for a teenager.” “St. Andrew’s has made great efforts to hire teachers that are adapting 21st century approaches to teaching and student engagement. The school (founded in the 1950s) began as a very traditional private school, with very traditional approaches to teaching based on lecturing. In the late 2000s, the school began to make great strides in adopting more progressive approaches to teaching that are more student-centered and involve greater technology use and project-based learning. I have been impressed by the teachers, who are always working to improve their craft to benefit the students. All of the teachers I encountered at the school clearly have the students’ best interests at heart, and they work hard to provide the best educational experience to all.”


How Your Gifts Count

The St. Andrew’s Fund raised a record

$1,050,904 for our school and our children. Here’s a few things that helped us do...

Faculty & Staff 64% of faculty hold at least 1 advanced degree 3,900 hours of professional development in 2018-19


Student Life

On Campus

168 academic days, filled with all 4 pillars

232 hours of security personnel coverage each week

68 teams grades 5-12, in 17 different sports

81 different academic classrooms

150,000 student hours in our 2 chapels

214,092 meals served to students in all three divisions

53,000+ total square feet dedicated to fine and performing arts 25% of students selfidentify as racial and/ or ethnically diverse


Service 18,327 hours of community service from MS and US students

Class of 2019 734 applications to 198 different Colleges and Universities 5 Graduates will compete in at least 1 NCAA sport

422 student applications during the 2018-19 school year

54% received scholarships averaging $22,000 per year

160 new students admitted for the 201920 school year

Headed to 36 states plus Canada, England, and Scotland

Giving Back in Gratitude After dropping our two boys, Graves (’26) and Jackson (’28), off for the first day of school this year, my heart filled with thankfulness as I drove along 31st Street looking at St. Andrew’s beautiful campus. It was not just the beauty of the campus that I was thankful for that morning, but the experience I knew our sons and their fellow students were going to have in those buildings and on those fields and playgrounds in the school year to come. An experience that continues to foster a love of learning in children. An experience that focuses not just on the product of learning, but on the process, too. An experience that addresses a child’s whole person— spiritual, physical, and mental. Peter and I truly wish every child could have an educational experience like our children do at St. Andrew’s. Out of thankfulness and love for St. Andrew’s and the faculty, staff, parents, and students who make it what it is, we both try to give back as much as we can to the school with our time – working in the library, the lunchroom and serving as Annual Fund Ambassadors and in a leadership role with the Parent Association. We also financially support the Annual Fund and the annual Gala for Financial Aid. It takes all types of people and all types of contributions to make St. Andrew’s great and we look forward to being a part of the SAS community for many years to come. Anne and Peter Wood

Parents to Graves ‘26 and Jackson ‘28 Wood

7 Wood Family

Leadership Giving to Legacy Oak Circle ($50,000+) Anonymous (3)

Four Pillars Circle

($25,000 - $49,999) Anonymous

Pearl Street Circle

($10,000 - $24,999) Lynne and Alex Chang Loretta and Jeff Clarke Susan Mays and Stephen Day Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Dial Ms. Kathryn Gilman Alisa and Brian Golson Julie and Garrett Hall


The Werner Family Foundation Jenna Salwen and Brooks Holder Melissa Kath and Howie Lipson Heather and Patrick Nichols Jill and Rick Salwen Kendra Scott and Matt Davis Amy and Kurt Sell Pamela Neal-Suter and Don Suter Sheridan and Trent Vichie Anonymous (2)

Headmaster’s Circle ($5,000 - $9,999) Lisa and John Borgerding Taylor and Bill Bowles Ms. Karen Brukardt Nourah Caskey Kathryn and Kyle Chandler

Alison and Ryan Dalton Jazz and Francois Du Pasquier Amy and Randy Erben Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Harrell Huyen Cao and Shane Hayes Anne and Ron Kim The Family of Chet King ‘22 Shannon and Michael Knisely Piera Gregori and Salvatore La Pietra Marianne and Joe Malina Wendy and Steve Martinez Terry Matthews Mary Clare ‘90 and Jamie ‘86 Matthews Fara and John McMullen Anna and Jason Near Heather and Jack Nelson Jacque Haas and Loren Parker

Coral and David Perroni Margaret McCarthy and Michael Potter Hilary and Nick Preston Edie Rogat and Cotter Cunningham Jeff Schneider Karin Schneider Robin and Gene Shepherd M.J. Hawes and James Smith Tere and Tito Vidaurri Cissy and Mark Warner Carmin and Scott Way Jessica and Greg Weaver Anne and Peter Wood Anonymous (2)

Parent Participation by Class Class of 2019 Kelly Hines and Dean Almy Melissa and Chris Anderson Jeanne and Michael Aronoff Joanie Schoener Bentzin Anne Stefani Booth and Patrick Booth Sonal and Terry Bowness Elizabeth and Allan Brandt Dan Brannon Sheila and Colin Buechler Claudia and Hector Cantu Bess and Clay Carsner Tina and Frank Castillo Ray Chiang Lori and Mike Chibib Gay and David Clifton Sonia and Thomas Crowson Kelley and Tom ‘85 Daniel Robin and Chris Delconte Vikki Connor-Eagen and Michael Eagen

Stacy and James Ehrlich Amy and Randy Erben Karen and Kendall Evans Mark Feist Sandy and Kenny Flores Jesse Gevirtz Lauren and Jake Hampton Niki and Geoff Harrison Jenna Salwen and Brooks Holder Lady and David Huffstutler Kelly and Brannon Hyde Dawn Drapeau and Gad Ilan Suzanne and Clay Johnson Mari and Robert Josey Leslie and Manuel Justiz Peggy and Dan Keelan Susan and Randon Kelly Kaye Knox and Michelle King Blakeney and Stephen Kurad Heather and Dan Latreille

Anna ‘79 and Matthew Lee Kathy and Glen Lietzke Lysander Lim Suzy Lima and Jason Mann Merrie Morris-Mazzetti and Robert Mazzetti Jill and Kip McClanahan Dawn and Sal Mirran Sinda Mitchel Kelly and Marc Molak Laura and Nick Nascone Jennifer Nezzer Alice ‘81 and Mike Nezzer Rosanne and Greg Nikolaidis Laura and Robert Northway Carol Church and Timothy Ozor Margaret McCarthy and Michael Potter Parisa Lamei and Shahriar Rokhsaz Melissa and Alex Santa Cruz Sarah and Paul Sarahan

Greg Sheehan Robin and Gene Shepherd Molly Sherman Lynn Sherman Michelle and Jeff Sunshine Tricia and Jeff Swearingen Frances and Robin Thompson Triphine and Gilbert Tuhabonye Ardina and Mark Washington Kim and David Whittlesey Lisa and Wes Youngblood Katherine Zhu Anonymous

Class of 2020 Kaysie and Bruce Andrews Suzanne Schroeder and John Archer Carrie and Alton Barron Cynthia and James Bast Blanca Lesmes and Ben Buentipo

Thank you to our 2018-19 Parent Ambassadors for the St. Andrew’s Fund! Upper School Chairs Penny and David Snider 12th Grade Ambassadors Bess & Clay Carsner Anna ‘79 & Matthew Lee 11th Grade Ambassadors Ted Gilman Laura & Felipe Payet 10th Grade Ambassadors Carmen & Chris Huston Meredith & Tim O’Brien

9th Grade Ambassadors Laura & David Barrow Allison & Jeff Edwards Jackee & Tony Kayser Middle School Chairs Julie and Garrett Hall 8th Grade Ambassadors Cynthia Alaniz & Gavin Villareal 7th Grade Ambassadors Kim & Rob Marable

6th Grade Ambassadors Mary & Evan ‘95 Dial

2nd Grade Ambassadors Helen & Chase Heard

Lower School Chairs Mairin and Chris Epp

1st Grade Ambassadors Lara ‘91 & Derek Beard

5th Grade Ambassadors Nicky & Chris Brennig

Kindergarten Ambassadors Becca & Mike McMullen

4th Grade Ambassadors Christy ‘89 & Mark Werner 3rd Grade Ambassadors Amy & Kevin Imes


Elena McDonald-Buller and James Buller Carrie and Tim Burbey ML and Alan Calcote Masako and Christopher Canada Rupa and Keith Caramelli Kathryn and Kyle Chandler Amy Chibib Jacki and Josh Claman Loretta and Jeff Clarke Michele and David Crouse Tina Berliner and Joe Dickens Renee and Peter Dunn Kimber White Erlinger and Tate Erlinger Rhonda and Stan Erwin Mary and Alex Esquivel Sandy and Kenny Flores Hillary and Bryan Fontenot Jesse Gevirtz Ted Gilman Stephanie and David Goodman Leslie and Marshall Harrell Monica and Manny Hernandez Toni and Chad Hersh Elizabeth Ing Gerri and Peter Kappler Denyse and Dave Kroll Stephanie and Jason Kruger 10 Piera Gregori and Salvatore La Pietra Suzanne and Jim Ledet

Lindsay Leinweber and Garry Merritt Jing Zhou and David Liu Janice and Brad Marcus Jennifer and Chad Marsh Angela and Chris McComb Anne and John McKinnerney Vanessa McNamara Leila Kempner and James McWilliams Sinda Mitchel Jenny and Chad Moore Lucian Morehead Courtney Morehead Kay and Eric Moreland Tom Munson Ellen Nemec Laura and Robert Northway John and Nicole Nykaza Julie and Wayne Orchid Carolyn and Eric Ostrom Gloria and Evan Otto Tracie and Steve Owens Noelle Paulette and Mike Pearce Laura and Felipe Payet Susan and Peter Rauch Edie Rogat and Cotter Cunningham Karin Schneider Jeff Schneider Jessica and John Scott

Karyn and Devin Scott Kendra Scott and Matt Davis Meredith and Ken Shapiro Brian Sharples Tracey Sharples Allie and Read Simmons Penny and David Snider Kinga Snowhorn Kim and Carter Strickland Katie Landherr and Shawn Tassone Sarah and Chris Throop Cissy and Mark Warner Jessica and Greg Weaver Lynne Wiggins and Susan Binford Teresa and Pat Wilson Carol and John Ziebert Aimee Zivin Todd Zivin Anonymous

Class of 2021 Lisa Duchon and Dennis Andrulis Yoli and Orlando Arriaga Robin and Todd Bartee Carroll Bellingrath Jeff Bernard Michelle and Matt ‘80 Berry Lisa and John Borgerding

Desiree and Ryan Botkin Julie Briggs Maureen and John Burrows Peyton and Cal Callahan Masako and Christopher Canada Tina and Frank Castillo Jess Chapin and Laurie Eiserloh Jennifer and Stephen Clark Tamsen and Fred Cohagan Sean Colbert Kelley and Tom ‘85 Daniel Cecilia Montfort and Jaime De la Garza Robin and Chris Delconte Matthew Dowd Nikki Dowd Natasha Hazarian and Verlon Edwards Karen and Kendall Evans Jill and Kevin Gallagher Isabella and Arturo Garcia Connie and Charles Golson Alejandra and Juan Carlos Gonzalez Millie and Scott Harper Cassie and Ben Havemann Huyen Cao and Shane Hayes Brooke and Andy Hollon Carmen and Chris Huston Melissa and Billy Jackson Robin and David Jackson

Victoria and Ken Johnson Mari and Robert Josey Kathy and Donald Jourdan Renee and Earl Kilbride Stephanie and Jason Kruger Dana and Daryl Kunik Tommie and Eric LeBlanc Daphne and Jay Lerner Kathy and Glen Lietzke Keira Lyman Carol and John ‘79 Lynch Tracy and Mark Malone Lili and Federico Martinez Ghadeer Okayli and Anthony Masaryk Meg and Stephen Mulva Laura and Nick Nascone Elizabeth and Roy Nieto Meredith and Tim O’Brien Karen Harris Odama and Yoshi Odama Jennifer and Van Parker Kara and Alex Pepe Coral and David Perroni Holly and Chris Perry Claire and Joe Pinkerton Lisa and Esther Pomeleo-Fowler Manu Rehani Egda Ruelas Ana and Alejandro Ruelas Melissa and Alex Santa Cruz

Jennie Luongo and Danny Schmidt Susan and Eric Shaffer Brian Sharples Tracey Sharples Amy and Charles Shumaker Ashley and Cole Stout Michelle and Jeff Sunshine Aisha and Asif Syed Michelle and Paul Tobias Shanel and Dean Vandergriff Pam and Tom Wissemann Amy and Scott Zimmerman Anonymous (2)

Class of 2022 Jenny and Dan Ahearn Shana and Brady Anderson Laura and David Barrow Laura and Steve Beuerlein Emily Lambeth and Jackie Bien Sheila and Colin Buechler Karen and Clay Cary Nourah Caskey Hollie and Dan Castro Lori and Mike Chibib Susan Mays and Stephen Day Holly Dluzniewski Michelle Dryer Allison and Jeff Edwards

Melissa and Craig Eiland Micaela Aleman and Kent Ellington Jill and Bryan Foreman Marti and Bert Gab Erika Kunz and Patrick Garcia Helen and Jerry Gilbert Adam Goldman Shelby and Tom Goodrum Tana and Scott Gordon Kim and Greg Greskovich Julie and Garrett Hall Cathy and Stuart Hentschel Diana and Jack Holford Raina Hornaday Grace and Adam Ingram-Eiser Elissa and John Jackson Nicole and Brian Julian Andrea and Walter Kalmans Jackee and Tony Kayser Ted King and Dr. Dara Berry Nelissa Torres and Seth Koppel Stephanie and Jason Kruger Blakeney and Stephen Kurad Heather and Dan Latreille Liza and Jeff Layne Suzanne and Jim Ledet Marlene Romanczak and Brian Magierski Ali and David Martineau April and Stéphane Martini

Jill and Kip McClanahan Jennifer McGrath John McGrath Vanessa McNamara Leila Kempner and James McWilliams Michelle Obrien Alice and David Paik Guiselle and Philip Parker Ami and Tejas Patel Chris Pollom Laurie Ratliff and David Swanson Vivia and Michael Robertson Parisa Lamei and Shahriar Rokhsaz Jeff Schneider Karin Schneider Kierstan and Carlton Schwab Jessica and John Scott Kendra Scott and Matt Davis Meredith and Ken Shapiro Greg Sheehan Jennifer Barden-Smith and Mike Smith M.J. Hawes and James Smith Lydia and Tony Soldano Mary and Eric Sparks Audrey Yu-Speight and Evan Speight Beth and Frank Stabile Ana and Bill Stapleton Andrea and Richard Stovall Jennifer and Mark Stratton


Elizabeth and Bill Sullivan Cheryl and Scott Thomas Michelle and Paul Tobias Eileen and Tomislav Urban Christy and Jeff Vernor Tere and Tito Vidaurri Cissy and Mark Warner Sarah Avery and Matt Wayne Jessica and Greg Weaver Anonymous (3)

Class of 2023 Leah and Merritt Alberti Sherie and Gustavo Artaza Mary Beth and Anatole Barnstone Jeff Bernard Michelle and Matt ‘80 Berry Maureen and John Burrows Cherie and Cody Cox Cecilia Montfort and Jaime De la Garza Erin and Richard ‘86 Donoghue Nicole and Travis Dunaway Cathleen and Rommel Eclarinal Allison and Jeff Edwards Betsy and Jody Farmer Monica Flores Gomez and Gustavo Gomez Carolina Gomez-Kramer and Dave


Kramer Michelle and Jason Gooch Jennifer and Mark Greenberg Rhonda and Michael Hall Kristen and Ben Hanson Leslie and Marshall Harrell Niki and Geoff Harrison Dawn Bentley-Harshbarger and Ray Harshbarger Kelly Walton and Peter Hofer Catherine and Nathan Horne Michael Hsu Xijue Wang and Ian Ing Jill and Michael Jaimes Rebecca and Ted Jobe Andrea and Walter Kalmans Anne and Ron Kim Julie and Vinson Lee Lindsay Leinweber and Garry Merritt Keira Lyman Suzy Lima and Jason Mann Shirley and Stephen Marshall Mary Clare ‘90 and Jamie ‘86 Matthews Shelly and Brent Metschan Lisa Michaux ‘86 Kirk Payne Allie and Read Simmons Sheila and Herb Singh

Doreen and Rocco Sirizzotti Kimberly Smith Pamela Neal-Suter and Don Suter Melissa and Richard Sykes Katie Landherr and Shawn Tassone Lisa and John Tully Shanel and Dean Vandergriff Cynthia Alaniz and Gavin Villareal Michelle Lee and John Wallingford Lauren Ravkind and Morris Weiss Christy ‘89 and Mark Werner Amy and Scott Zimmerman

Class of 2024 Meredith and Mike Alderson Kelly Hines and Dean Almy Malia and Steve Aycock Katie and Jack Blaha Kristin Bradfield Elise and Rob Bridges Debbie and Kell Cahoon Mary Ellen Graf-Carter and Aubrey Carter Tamsen and Fred Cohagan Kelley and Tom ‘85 Daniel Amy and Michael Deane Christian and Brandon Drake Stacy and James Ehrlich

Sandy and Kenny Flores Helen and Jerry Gilbert Kristen and Ben Hanson Catherine Herter and Jeff Ervin Amber and Jeff Higginbotham Courtney and Charlie Hill Carmen and Chris Huston Amy and Kevin Imes Ani and Scott Jarrett Mari and Robert Josey Tracy and Paul Kuper Tommie and Eric LeBlanc Tracy and Mark Malone Kim and Rob Marable Jennifer and Chad Marsh Ali and David Martineau Wendy and Steve Martinez Carlotta and Bill McLean Jenny and Chad Moore Leslie and Andrew Morgan Heather and Jack Nelson Jen and Richard Nield Laura and Robert Northway Jeannette and Peter Norwood Meredith and Tim O’Brien Alice and David Paik Jacque Haas and Loren Parker Teresa Recar

Reagan and Chip Rives Vivia and Michael Robertson Hope Ruiz Amy and Kurt Sell Megan and Alek Skillern Ana and Bill Stapleton Christine and Andrew Stewart Jennifer and Mark Stratton Johnny Sutton Anne Erickson and Chris Trepel Triphine and Gilbert Tuhabonye Laurel and Mark Walrath Sarah Avery and Matt Wayne

Class of 2025 Saima Jehangir and Tomas Antonini Jennifer and Cordell Bennigson Angie and Tim Berry Taylor and Bill Bowles Rupa and Keith Caramelli Tina and Frank Castillo Heather and Matt Chasen Vekessa Malveaux and Jimel Cofer Susan Mays and Stephen Day Amy and Michael Deane Erin and Mike Dempsey Mary and Evan ‘95 Dial Nicole and Travis Dunaway

Ashleigh and Daniel Emmett Simona Fillarini and Marco Faini Kristen and Mark Gilson Adam Goldman Alisa and Brian Golson Jennifer and Mark Greenberg Julie and Garrett Hall Huyen Cao and Shane Hayes Carrie and Jason Healy Lesley and Bobby Hempfling Holli Hill Henley Sims and David Honeycutt Liz and Kenny Howard Jill and Michael Jaimes Christine and Chip James El and Noel Khattary Kelly Kirkland and Dave Goren Shannon and Michael Knisely Liz and David Lawrence Julie and Vinson Lee Nicole and Stephen Levy Jessica and Robert Malina Rachel and Sean Mast Mary Clare and Jamie Matthews Merrilee and Pittman McGehee Jennifer McGrath John McGrath Shelby and Bryan McMurrey

Shelly and Brent Metschan Anna and Jason Near Kristen and John ‘80 Nelson Orielle and Khoi Nguyen Jen and Richard Nield Julie and Wayne Orchid Fifi and Jon Osborne Amy ‘87 and Richard Paddock Hilary and Nick Preston Paul Rathouz Liz Jacobs and Richard Ries Sylvia Arabian and Andrew Schwartz Cynthia and Eric Seifert Ashley and Brett Shanks Perrin and Christopher Shelton Laurel and Dudley Simmons Genna and Justin Simonds Sheila and Herb Singh Cyndi and Michael Stumpf Melissa and Richard Sykes Debbie and Brandon Tolany Kate and Mitch Torres Josephine Mwamuye and Eddie Trevillion Lisa and John Tully Ardina and Mark Washington Tracy and Jim Willi Ashley and Marc Zimmermann Anonymous

Class of 2026 Meredith and Mike Alderson Shana and Brady Anderson Malia and Steve Aycock Kelly and John Barnhill Allison and Rob Bassetti Shirley Cohen and Brad Benton Tori and Stephen Blake Jennifer and Victor Blanco Nicky and Chris Brennig Marion Trapolino and Andrew Bush Lynne and Alex Chang Martha and Greg Clay K C and William Coats Evy and Vard Curtis Alison and Ryan Dalton Amy and Michael Deane Deirdre and Ted Delisi Erin and Richard ‘86 Donoghue Lindsey and James Durnil Cathleen and Rommel Eclarinal Bonner Kyle and Mark Evarts Alison and Tres Frey Michelle and Jason Gooch The Gormin Family Katie and Jim Graham Carrie and Jason Healy


Katie and Stanton Henry Toni and Chad Hersh Michael Hsu Kelly and Tyler Johnson El and Noel Khattary Brigid and Klee Kleber Shannon and Michael Knisely Cynthia and Eric Korman Mary Katherine and Patrick Kutac Liz and David Lawrence Chad Long Marianne and Joe Malina Rachel and Sean Mast Becca and Mike McMullen Kathryn and Gerardo Mendez Heather and Jack Nelson Valerie ‘96 and Chico Parker Anitra and Joel Richardson Ceecy and George Robinson Jennifer and Pete Roossien Carlos Salinas Kimberly and Randall Schultz Ana Cowan and Michael Shearn Brandy and Daniel Shih Allie and Read Simmons Kimberly Smith Shanel and Dean Vandergriff Cynthia Alaniz and Gavin Villareal Michelle Lee and John Wallingford Julie and Patrick Willis Anne and Peter Wood Anonymous (3)

Class of 2027 Saima Jehangir and Tomas Antonini Sahar and Bill ‘84 Askew Lara ‘91 and Derek Beard Katie and Jack Blaha Taylor and Bill Bowles Kate and Rob Canales Tina Mabley and Chris Carson Christina and Sam Cece Melissa and Raoul Celerier 14 K C and William Coats Laurie and Jim Curry

Mary and Evan ‘95 Dial Kelly and Phil Dixon Leslie Wilson and Jim Dooner Allison and Jeff Edwards Kim and Brian Erlanson Alison and Tres Frey Diana and Sean Greenberg Kristen and Ben Hanson Wendy Harvel and Blake Hawthorne Helen and Chase Heard Kelly Walton and Peter Hofer Jill and Michael Jaimes Rachelle and Dick Janicki Rebecca and Ted Jobe Cary ‘98 and Brad Johl Anne and Ron Kim Mary Korth Jennifer and Michael Majors Courtney and Jake Manuel Melody and Shain McCaig Anna and Jason Near Ashley and Travis Phillips Hilary and Nick Preston Sarah ‘88 and Thomas Queen Hope Ruiz Michelle and Robert Strauss Cyndi and Michael Stumpf Kim and David Todd Jacquelyn Vo and Jeff Tse Eileen and Tomislav Urban Carmin and Scott Way Christy ‘89 and Mark Werner Julie and Patrick Willis Amy and Scott Zimmerman Anonymous (4)

Class of 2028 Nichole Adams Katie and Jack Blaha Ashley and Miles Brandon Nicky and Chris Brennig Blake and Hobby Brown Rupa and Keith Caramelli Tina Mabley and Chris Carson Alison and Ryan Dalton

Deirdre and Ted Delisi Sharyn Alfonsi and Matt Eby Rachelle and Forrest Fauth Brooke and Pete Freeland Kristen and Mark Gilson Adam Goldman Catherine and Charles Granger Jennifer and Mark Greenberg Traci Guidry Carolyn and Matt Haney Shelly Sethi and Bob Harding Katie and Stanton Henry Jason and Anna Herd Catherine Herter and Jeff Ervin Sara Feulner and Stephen Hill Raina Hornaday Natalie and Pete Hudson Amy and Kevin Imes Cary and Brad Johl Jennifer and Michael Majors Katy and Cory McCallum Merrilee and Pittman McGehee Becca and Mike McMullen Shelby and Bryan McMurrey Leslie and Andrew Morgan Kristen and John Nelson Orielle and Khoi Nguyen Meg and Brian O’Connell Amy and Richard Paddock Valerie and Chico Parker Amy Shimota and Damon Pitler Carlos Salinas Amanda and Jason Seats Ashley and Brett Shanks Brandy and Daniel Shih Irene and Alex Shoghi Laurel and Dudley Simmons Emily (Klug) ‘95 and Richard ‘91 Slaughter Karen and Will Steakley Anne Erickson and Chris Trepel Jacquelyn Vo and Jeff Tse Sheridan and Trent Vichie Anne and Peter Wood

Class of 2029 Christina and Todd Adams Sahar and Bill ‘84 Askew Allison and Rob Bassetti Shirley Cohen and Brad Benton Julie and Bret ‘88 Biggart Tori and Stephen Blake Taylor and Bill Bowles Glenna ‘95 and Bech Bruun Beth and Erik Cohen Mary and Evan ‘95 Dial Amie and Pat Dillawn Lindsey and James Durnil Mairin and Chris Epp Kim and Brian Erlanson Khandie Fresch Kristin and Greg Gish Alisa and Brian Golson Carolina Gomez-Kramer and Dave Kramer Diana and Sean Greenberg Jennifer and Mark Greenberg Anna and Reg Hargrove Helen and Chase Heard Kimberly Horne and John Works Kerry and Temp Keller Laura Kennedy Brigid and Klee Kleber Cynthia and Eric Korman Melissa Kath and Howie Lipson Chad Long Sofy Tarud and Oscar Lopez Courtney and Jake Manuel Shelly and Brent Metschan Lisa ‘96 and Nicholas Miller Nichols and Heather Nichols Amanda and Randal Oudt Marjorie and Silas Parker Ashley and Travis Phillips Sarah ‘88 and Thomas Queen Roni and Jonathan Saad Hannah Temple and Chris Sanders Briana and Matt Shepard Megan and Alek Skillern Kate and Mitch Torres

Archana and Ravi Vemulapalli Laura and Todd Wallace Hayley and Adam Wilk Anonymous (2)

Class of 2030 Daphny and Rico Ainslie Meredith and Mike Alderson Kendall and John Antonelli Heather and Colin Armstrong Lara ‘91 and Derek Beard Faiza Khan and Mehlam Bhiwandiwala Jennifer and Victor Blanco Ashley and Miles Brandon Anne and J.R. Carter Jenny and Melanie Cary Christina and Sam Cece Morgan and Ryan Chapple Lisa and Steve Cuddy Laurie and Jim Curry Carolyn Daily Janelle and Justin Demerath Diana and Roberto Diaz Kelly and Phil Dixon Jazz and Francois Du Pasquier Sharyn Alfonsi and Matt Eby Travis Eickenhorst Alesha and John Fitzsimons

Brooke and Pete Freeland Gustavo Garza Kristin and Greg Gish Shana and David Guidi Jordan and Will Hale Carolyn and Matt Haney Shelly Sethi and Bob Harding Sara Feulner and Stephen Hill Allison Cook and Jack Humphrey Meagan and Cameron Labunski Carolina and Jeremy Ladyga Melissa Kath and Howie Lipson Lindsay Collier and Doug Mellencamp Abbi and Ben Miller Claire Oswalt ‘93 and Spencer Baugher Jo Walski and Martha Pincoffs ‘92 Kristen and Ben Polidore Laurel and Dudley Simmons Madeline and Justin Sitz Karen and Will Steakley Michelle and Robert Strauss Kyra McCarthy and Shawn Tyson Priya Manikandan and Mani Venkataraman YiShaun and Jonathan Yang

Class of 2031 Caroline Chamberlain and Doug Alford

Jenn and Justin Aquilia Stephanie Barona Julie and Bret ‘88 Biggart Kapie and Chase Breed Blake and Hobby Brown Elva Negrete-Bruce and Kama Bruce Morgan and Ryan Chapple Caroline and Michael Conway Mary and Evan ‘95 Dial Rachelle and Forrest Fauth Esther and Joe Ferng Jessica Thompson and Chris Funderburg Catherine and Charles ‘89 Granger Anna and Reg Hargrove Natalie and Pete Hudson Allison and Trey ‘91 Jackson Kumara Wilcoxon and Doug Jaffe Cary ‘98 and Brad Johl Jill and J.R. Kraft Meagan and Cameron Labunski Nicole and Stephen Levy Lizzy and Oscar Llarena Sofy Tarud and Oscar Lopez Elizabeth and John Matson Becca and Mike McMullen Natasha Barker and Emily Meador ‘96 Lisa ‘96 and Nicholas Miller Elizabeth Newman

Dusty ‘07 and Travis Olson Amanda and Randal Oudt Raine and Matthew Pipkin Amy Shimota and Damon Pitler Kristen and Ben Polidore Zara Oakes and Cody Reid Kate Reilly Richter and Brian Richter Aysegul Sahin and Stefano Eusepi Sara and Jay ‘97 Sauder Amanda and Jason Seats Katharine Tillman and Hovav Shacham Irene and Alex Shoghi Megan and Alek Skillern Andrew ‘95 and Erin Stephens Jie Liang and Ge Sun Xiaochun Duan and Scott Swarts Margo and Jonathan Tate Kim and David Todd Paul Tracy and Tracy Sheridan and Trent Vichie Sarah and Dan Wood Anonymous


A Special Connection St. Andrew’s is a special place to our family. This school has been the backdrop of many of the most cherished moments in our life. As students, we were provided a meaningful education inside and outside the classroom, through compassionate teachers, excellent facilities, and hard work. As people, we were provided the ability to grow in a nurturing environment. As our lives have progressed, it is easier to put perspective on how important these experiences were. St. Andrew’s provides exceptional opportunities. We were able to live as big fish in a small pond during those seven years we each spent at the school. Between the two of us, we played just about every single sport SAS offered. We each played an instrument. We traveled to Greece for our Junior experience where we performed stories of Greek mythology in the actual places that they were written and set. These are just a few of many activities and adventures that we were able to participate in, thanks to such a unique learning environment. SAS allowed us to explore our interests and become confident in our strengths, which has translated to our professional and adult lives. Six and a half years ago, we were married in St. Andrew’s Chapel. Five years later, we baptized our first son in the very same spot. Although we have not lived in Austin since graduating high school, it was still important for us to spend those most special moments in our lives at the place that brought us together. We hope to provide our two boys with the same type of setting in which they can thrive. We have and will continue to support St. Andrew’s, especially now that we know firsthand how important it is to have the best possible environment to nurture a child’s whole being—mind, body, and spirit. St. Andrew’s provided for us, and we are honored to pay it forward. Thank you to all past, present, and future supporters. Sincerely, Adair ’07 and Alex ‘08 Taube

16 From left: Alex ‘08, Jay, Adair ‘07, and Jackson Taube

Alumni Giving to SAS

Philanthrophy from St. Andrew’s Alumni bridges decades, expressing gratitude for their time at SAS, and their hope for classes to come. Thank you to these generous Alumni! Holland Duell ‘57 Beth (Butler) Granger ‘62 Kent Cole ‘64 Kathryn (Miller) Anderson ‘65 Chris Hale ‘66 Margaret (Miller) Pierce ‘66 Tom Hartwell ‘67 Amanda (Merritt) Beck Foster ‘68 Kathryn (Long) Runnells ‘71 Rebecca (McHargue) Baxter ‘79 Anna (Morrison) Lee ‘79 John Lynch ‘79 Matt Berry ‘80 John Nelson ‘80 Barton Ballard ‘81 Alice (Nazro) Nezzer ‘81 Catherine (Hoey) Randall ‘81 Bill Askew ‘84 Anonymous Anonymous Tom Daniel ‘85 Richard Donoghue ‘86

Jamie Matthews ‘86 Lisa Michaux ‘86 Amy (McMichael) Paddock ‘87 Bret Biggart ‘88 Sarah (Hughes) Queen ‘88 Charles Granger ‘89 Christy (Buford) Werner ‘89 Mary Clare (Hughes) Matthews ‘90 Lara (Gammon) Beard ‘91 Trey Jackson ‘91 Richard Slaughter, Jr. ‘91 Mike Martin ‘92 Martha Pincoffs ‘92 Claire Oswalt ‘93 Jeff McCrary ‘94 Glenna (Radford) Bruun ‘95 Evan Dial ‘95 Jason Herd ‘95 Emily (Klug) Slaughter ‘95 Andrew Stephens ‘95 Emily Meador ‘96 Lisa (Mobley) Miller ‘96

Valerie Parker ‘96 Clayton Matheson ‘97 Jay Sauder ‘97 Cary (Gottesman) Johl ‘98 John Bennett ‘02 Isabelle Corbett ‘02 Steven Garcia ‘02 Lauren Dill ‘04 Laura Milton ‘04 Sean Fitzsimons ‘05 Christy Tucker ‘05 Callie Clemons ‘07 Willa Cockshutt ‘07 Sarah Marks ‘07 Jane McMurrey ‘07 Dusty Olson ‘07 Adair (Townsend) Taube ‘07 Tori Harrison ‘08 Alex Taube ‘08 Audrey Huntsberger ‘09 Jasmin Vara ‘09 Win Dunham ‘10

Evans Miller ‘10 Jack Wallace ‘10 Jenna Filardi ‘12 Chas Golson ‘14 Emily Pinkerton ‘15 Henry Barnstone ‘16 Ben Carsner ‘16 Izzy Rankin ‘16 Caroline Rogers ‘16 Caroline Tuttle ‘16 Cydnie Golson ‘17 Camille Pinkerton ‘17 Brett Schneider ‘17 Cason Doyle ‘18 Tucker Freeman ‘18 Hanna Judycki ‘18 Cian Lynch ‘18 Theo Rankin ‘18


Grandparents’ Club Ms. Margie Allen August Parker, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Michael Amburn Elisabeth Shanks, 2025 Will Shanks, 2028 Kathryn ‘65 and Larry Anderson Tatiana Barker-Meador, 2031 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Anderson Caroline Anderson, 2022 Gracie Anderson, 2026 Dr. and Mrs. Craig Andrews Addison Sell, 2024 Mrs. Catherine Arrington Zach Bernard, 2021 Grace Bernard, 2023 Mr. and Mrs. Billy Atwood Lincoln Majors, 2027 Lt. General and Mrs. John R. Baker (Ret.) Sofiya Herter, 2024 Max Herter, 2028 Mr. Speed Bancroft Caleb Herd, 2028 Britt Herd, 2028 Anne Barnstone Millie Barnstone, 2023 Mr. and Mrs. David Barrow, Jr. Michael Barrow, 2022


Mr. and Mrs. Matt Berry Sr. Robert MacDougall, 2019 Eleanor MacDougall, 2020 Evelyn Berry, 2021 William Berry, 2023 Drs. Priscilla and William Berry Brooks Nelson, 2024 Claire Nelson, 2026 Ms. Carolyn Beynon Max McWilliams, 2024 Marcus McWilliams, 2025 Ms. Diane Blanco Austin Blanco, 2026 Sydney Blanco, 2030 Mr. and Mrs. William Blue Lily Martinez, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bosworth Loula Aycock, 2024 Bo Aycock, 2026 Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Bowles Lucy Bowles, 2025 Francie Bowles, 2027 Mamie Bowles, 2029 Ms. Erwin Boyd Hugh Brown, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Jack Bradley Maddox Kunik, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Bartee Bailey Bartee, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Bradley Maja Urban, 2022 Nina Urban, 2027

Ms. Janet Bauchman Harrison Parker, 2026 Avery Parker, 2028

Ms. Rose Brown Marisa Washington, 2019 Madisen Washington, 2025

Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Brown Emma Kim, 2023 Ethan Kim, 2027

Mike Carson Max Carson, 2027 Zia Carson, 2028

Ms. Jane Compere Carson Kurad, 2019 Brady Kurad, 2022

Ms. Karen Brukardt Isabella Shepard, 2029

Ms. Karen Casey Ashton Knisely, 2025

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Cox Hayden Cox, 2023

Nancy Buford Camden Werner, 2023 Kinsley Werner, 2027

Mr. and Mrs. John Cassidy Emma Schmidt, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Cuddy Lulu Cuddy, 2030

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Chang Toni Chang, 2026

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Cunningham Truman Cunningham, 2020

Mr. Marvin Chasen Max Chasen, 2025

Mrs. Nancy Curry Beckett Curry, 2027 Ivy Curry, 2030 Pierce Curry, 2030

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bunn Stella McAbeer, 2024 Wyatt McAbeer, 2027 Dr. and Mrs. Douthard Butler Nina Jourdan, 2021 Ms. Susan Buzbee Cole Morehead, 2020 Mr. and Mrs. George Byrnes Brooks Tolany, 2025 The Reverend A. Dean Calcote Kate Sarahan, 2019 Will Sarahan, 2019 Allie Calcote, 2020 Ms. Jeneanne Carson Max Carson, 2027 Zia Carson, 2028

Mrs. Marian Claman Ellie Claman, 2020 Leah Claman, 2020 Mr. and Mrs. George Clark Sarah Payet, 2020 Ms. Deborah Clark Everett Antonelli, 2030 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clark Eleanor Clark, 2019 Ava Clark, 2021 Lillian Clark, 2024 Sophie Clark, 2030 Mrs. Mary Lou Clarke Rachel Clarke, 2020

Ms. Diane Wommack Daniel Caroline Daniel, 2019 Thomas Daniel, 2021 Price Daniel, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis Caroline Simmons, 2025 Thomas Simmons, 2028 Maclean Simmons, 2030 Dorothy and John De La Garza Dorothy Thompson, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Dial Luke Dial, 2025 Jack Dial, 2027 Emma Dial, 2029 Janie Dial, 2031 Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dillman Will Snider, 2020 Ms. Jean Durgan Emma Williams, 2019 Mr. and Mrs. John Edson Andrew Nelson, 2025 Frances Nelson, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Julias Eickenhorst Allie Eickenhorst, 2030 Mr. and Mrs. Bill Elkjer Maeve O’Connell, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. John Enderle Ciara Bassetti, 2026 Maddox Bassetti, 2029 Ms. Vicki Erickson Piper Erickson, 2024 Loki Erickson, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Ermis Annabel Briggs, 2021


Ms. Alma Nell Farmer Matthew Farmer, 2023 Andrew Farmer, 2023 Ms. Lee Fink Marnee Richardson, 2026 Mrs. Emily Flores Samantha Flores, 2019 Kenny Flores, 2020 Allison Flores, 2024 Mrs. Renate Freid Eleanor Clark, 2019 Ava Clark, 2021 Lillian Clark, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Rob Gentry James Dalton, 2026 Slater Dalton, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gillean Cailan Kelly, 2019 Major and Mrs. James Gillispie (Ret.) Leonardo Esquivel, 2020 Ms. Kathryn Gilman Teddy Gilman, 2020


Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Goldman Annie Goldman, 2022 Caroline Goldman, 2025 Charlie Goldman, 2028

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Goodyear Ben Ingram-Eiser, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hale ‘66 Nora Hale, 2030

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gordon Luke Willis, 2026 Cole Willis, 2027

Mr. and Mrs. LeMoyne Hall Kendall Hall, 2022 Parker Hall, 2025

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Gotten Nate Howard, 2025

Barbara Blacklock and John Ham Addison Sell, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Green Margot Metschan, 2023 Liam Metschan, 2025 Adaire Metschan, 2029

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Harrell Virginia Harrell, 2020 Marshall Harrell, 2023

Mrs. Barbara Greenberg Mark Greenberg, 2023 Adelle Greenberg, 2025 Charlie Greenberg, 2028 Parker Greenberg, 2027 Presley Greenberg, 2029 Will Greenberg, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Matt Greer Marisa Washington, 2019 Madisen Washington, 2025 Mr. and Mrs. Don Grider Clay McComb, 2020 Ms. Marcia Grossfeld Josh Gilbert, 2022 Matt Gilbert, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. David Harrison Taylor Harrison, 2019 Morgan Harrison, 2023 Mr. Kermit Harvel Eva Hawthorne, 2027 Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Haynes Haynes McCoy, 2025 Park McCoy, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Alan Haywood Luke Mathabela, 2027 Joshua Mathabela, 2029 Dr. and Mrs. Chuck Heard Ginny Heard, 2027 Charlie Heard, 2029

Ms. Judith Henderson Virginia Harrell, 2020 Marshall Harrell, 2023 Dr. and Mrs. Stan Henry Carson Henry, 2026 Cooper Henry, 2028 Paula and Dan Herd Harrison Parker, 2026 Britt Herd, 2028 Caleb Herd, 2028 Avery Parker, 2028 Mrs. Pattie Heydenreich Emma Erben, 2019 Mr. Steve Hicks Harrison Hanson, 2023 Hardin Hanson, 2024 Kennedy Hanson, 2027 Ms. Debbie Hicks Harrison Hanson, 2023 Hardin Hanson, 2024 Kennedy Hanson, 2027 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Horton Megan Schultz, 2026 Ms. Jo Ann Howard Carson Henry, 2026 Cooper Henry, 2028

Ms. Clare Hudspeth Katherine Stone, 2026 Mr. Bill Hudspeth Katherine Stone, 2026 Janice Hughes Sophie Sutton, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Juddy Johl Avery Johl, 2027 Payton Johl, 2028 Parker Johl, 2031 Ms. Luci Baines Johnson and Mr. Ian Turpin Annie Mooney, 2021

Kathy and H. David Hughes Maddie Matthews, 2023 Jonesie Matthews, 2025 Campbell Queen, 2027 Sally Queen, 2029

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Johnson Caroline Daniel, 2019 Thomas Daniel, 2021 Price Daniel, 2024

Ms. Melissa Haddad and Mr. Bill Huie Ethan Huie, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Don Johnson Georgia Orchid, 2020 Emme Orchid, 2025

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Huston Sofia Huston, 2021 Caden Huston, 2024 Mr. Moses Hutchins Trenton Jackson, 2021 Ms. Carolyn Jackson Graves Wood, 2026 Jackson Wood, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jaffe Cruz Jaffe, 2031 Ms. Willanna James Conor Golson, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kalmans Sabrina Kalmans, 2022 Hudson Kalmans, 2023 Drs. Elva and Royce Keilers Julian Mirran, 2019 Mrs. Grace Kelly Taylor Josey, 2019 Lila Josey, 2021 Travis Josey, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kever Lily Phillips, 2027 Landon Phillips, 2029

Dr. Gordon E. King and Mrs. Beatrice A. King Chet King, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Korman Olivia Korman, 2026 Paul Korman, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Ron Krist Savanna Scott, 2020 Ms. Caron Kruger Mackenzie Kruger, 2020 Lily Kruger, 2021 Jacob Kruger, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Norv Latreille Kevin Latreille, 2019 Kris Latreille, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lea Aldon Oudt, 2029 Foster Oudt, 2031 Ms. Neva Flynn and Mr. Richie Lee Maible Epp, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Lee John Rufus Wallingford, 2023 Emily Wallingford, 2026 Dr. Bruce Levy and Mrs. Marcia Levy Hunter Cohen, 2029

Nancy and Manny Linares Jamie Kuper, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lohnes George Moore, 2020 Charlie Moore, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Roland Long Dylan Long, 2026 Ms. Janeice Long Sloan Golson, 2025 Eve Golson, 2029 Ms. Tristi Lowther Jackson Averill, 2020 Hayes Averill, 2023 Crosby Averill, 2026 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lyman Aislin Lyman, 2021 Thomas Lyman, 2023 Ms. Kaye Lynch Caroline Parker, 2021 Ms. Judy Magids Will Magids, 2023 Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Maher Grace Berry, 2025 Parker Berry, 2027 Patrick Berry, 2029


Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Mann Mateo Salinas, 2026 Diego Salinas, 2028 Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie Marks Madeline Marks, 2024 Cannon Marks, 2029 Terry Matthews Maddie Matthews, 2023 Jonesie Matthews, 2025 Ms. Jacque McCall Cade McCall, 2024 Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. McClanahan Quinn McClanahan, 2019 Cian McClanahan, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Jim McComb Clay McComb, 2020

The Very Reverend and Mrs. J. Pittman McGehee Finn McGehee, 2025 Clementine McGehee, 2028 Ms. Ardyth McGrath Grace McGrath, 2022 Luke McGrath, 2025 Mr. and Mrs. Mike McKaughan Diego Ruiz, 2024 Tara Ruiz, 2027 James and Melinda McMichael Luke Paddock, 2025 Hayes Paddock, 2028 Fara and John McMullen Annie McMullen, 2026 Macon McMullen, 2028 Scarlett McMullen, 2031

Mr. and Mrs. Hal McCommas Finn McGehee, 2025 Clementine McGehee, 2028

Dr. and Mrs. George Meador Tatiana Barker-Meador, 2031

Mr. and Mrs. David L. McDonald Andrew Buller, 2020

Mr. Laurence Miller Madeline Marks, 2024 Cannon Marks, 2029

Dr. and Mrs. Bill McDonald Stanton McDonald, 2021 Hunter McDonald, 2022

Mrs. Susan Millet Mallory Clifton, 2019


Mr. and Mrs. John Mobley Eliza Miller, 2029 Genevieve Miller, 2031

Mrs. Carol Corley Nelson Andrew Nelson, 2025 Frances Nelson, 2028

Mrs. Tabor Mohns Tyler Guttell, 2019 Cammie Guttell, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Newkirk Wren Meunier, 2022

Ms. Eliza Morehead Cole Morehead, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Barry O’Dell Kyle Naples, 2019 Nina Naples, 2021

Ms. Susan Morehead Cole Morehead, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Robert O’Neil Lucy Layne, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morrison Alexandra Lee, 2019

Mr. and Mrs. Dick Osterman Megan Schultz, 2026

Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Munguià Lucas Parker, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. John Oudt Aldon Oudt, 2029 Foster Oudt, 2031

Dr. Joseph and Roberta Naples Kyle Naples, 2019 Nina Naples, 2021 Lucy Nazro Rebecca Nezzer, 2019 Ms. Nancy Near Jake Near, 2025 Chase Near, 2027

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Paddock Luke Paddock, 2025 Hayes Paddock, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. Riley Parker Caroline Parker, 2021 Ms. Billy Rose Parrish Gabrielle Parrish, 2019 Jude Parrish, 2021

Mr. and Mrs. James Peake Addison Peake, 2031 Louise and Peter Pincoffs River Walski-Pincoffs, 2030 Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Pipkin George Pipkin, 2031 Mrs. Dorothy Pope Cole Morehead, 2020 Ms. Cathy Posey Hugh Brown, 2028 Ms. Sally Posey Rowan Ahearn, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Pike Powers Josie Powers, 2025 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Queen Campbell Queen, 2027 Sally Queen, 2029 Dwyce and Mickey Ratliff Scout Swanson, 2022 May Belle and Ted Rauch Heath Khan, 2030

Dr. and Mrs. A J Reed Harrison Reed, 2019 Jackson Reed, 2021 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Reese Luke Paddock, 2025 Hayes Paddock, 2028 Ms. Lisa Rhodes Joan Olson, 2031 Mr. Paul Richter Isabelle Richter, 2031 Mr. and Mrs. Ken Rogat Truman Cunningham, 2020 Mr. and Mrs. John Rogers Alex Nield, 2024 Fiona Nield, 2025 Mr. and Mrs. Jay Rosenfeld Kendall Hall, 2022 Parker Hall, 2025 Ms. Elizabeth Royer Charlie Welland, 2021 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rudberg Sophie Janicki, 2027

Ms. Marilyn Sager Gray McKinnerney, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Sepulveda Miles Cary, 2030

Reverend Harold Sager Gray McKinnerney, 2020

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Sheehan Coby Sheehan, 2019 Ella Sheehan, 2022

Jill and Rick Salwen James Castro, 2019 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Sarver Evelyn Berry, 2021 William Berry, 2023 Mr. and Mrs. Jess Sasser George Pipkin, 2031 Ms. Karen Schmidt Tres Slaughter, 2028 Mr. and Mrs. John Scofield Eliza Miller, 2029 Genevieve Miller, 2031 Ms. Eleanor Seaman Louise Lerner, 2021 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Seats Isla Seats, 2028 August Seats, 2031 Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sell Addison Sell, 2024

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Shimota Theodora Pitler, 2028 Veronica Pitler, 2031 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sikes Michael Barrow, 2022 Mr. and Mrs. Tom Simmons Caroline Simmons, 2025 Thomas Simmons, 2028 Maclean Simmons, 2030 Ms. Elsa Haddad and Mr. Bob Sisk Emi Alderson, 2024 Alex Alderson, 2026 Bennett Alderson, 2030 Mr. and Mrs. Dave Snider Will Snider, 2020 Ms. Charles Mary Kubricht and Mr. Ron Sommers Isabelle Fore, 2026


Mrs. Helen Stern Caroline Anderson, 2022 Gracie Anderson, 2026

Ms. Mary Townsend Ella Townsend, 2023 Mary Louise Townsend, 2026

Dr. Marilyn Stewart Allie Calcote, 2020

Ms. Jennie Trapolino Jude Bush, 2026

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Stone Josie Powers, 2025 Birdie Levy, 2031

Ms. Sharon Tully Kate Tully, 2023 Margot Tully, 2025

Dr. and Mrs. Mellick Sykes Lucy Bowles, 2025 Francie Bowles, 2027 Mamie Bowles, 2029

Mr. Jerry Tyson Sophia Tyson, 2030

Ms. Ellen Temple Robert Sanders, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Mark Thieman Lily Phillips, 2027 Landon Phillips, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Tim Toler Taylor Josey, 2019 Lila Josey, 2021 Travis Josey, 2024


Dr. and Mrs. Courtney Townsend Teddy Gilman, 2020

Ms. Retta Van Auken Tommy Bullion, 2023 Beau Bullion, 2026 Mr. and Mrs. D. G. Van Clief, Jr. Ginny Heard, 2027 Charlie Heard, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vandergriff Kate Vandergriff, 2021 Will Vandergriff, 2023 Kyle Vandergriff, 2026 Mrs. Mary Vanis Luke Dial, 2025 Jack Dial, 2027 Emma Dial, 2029 Janie Dial, 2031

Ms. Cate Dobson and Mr. Herschel Vaughn Jack Weaver, 2020 Luke Weaver, 2022

Dr. and Mrs. Ed Withers Bering Edwards, 2022 Luke Edwards, 2023 Gracie Edwards, 2027

Ms. Julie Weaver Jack Weaver, 2020 Luke Weaver, 2022

Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Woodard Mason Morgan, 2024 Major Morgan, 2028 Molly Morgan, 2028

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wesbecher Sofia Wesbecher, 2025 Drs. Sara Jane and Robert White Henry Erlinger, 2020 Mr. Michael Wilk Finley Wilk, 2029 Ms. Judy Willcott Bentley Willcott, 2024 Dr. and Mrs. Lewis (Rusty) Williams Samantha Cece, 2027 Alex Cece, 2030 Ms. Marsha Williams Mary Louisa Donoghue, 2023 David Donoghue, 2026 Mr. and Mrs. Randy Wilson Elin Late, 2024 Lincoln Skillern, 2029 Corynn Skillern, 2031

Ms. Nina Works Fisher Works, 2029 Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Zarrow Delaney Eiland, 2022 Gray Eiland, 2022

Grandparents’ Club

Save the Date!

for the 2020 Grandparents’ Days at St. Andrew’s Upper School: Thursday, February 6th Middle/Lower Schools: Friday, February 7th For more information, or to update grandparent contact information visit sasaustin.org/grandparents Questions? Email grandparents@sasaustin.org

Thank you to our generous Grandparents and Grandfriends! 25

Gala for Financial Aid The theme for this year’s Gala for Financial Aid could not have been more appropriate; the sky was indeed the limit as parents, faculty, and friends generously gave more than $1 million to support Financial Aid at St. Andrew’s. Reaching $1 million was in large part thanks to the Sheth family, who made a matching gift pledge at $500,000. All proceeds from the Gala go to support students who depend on the St. Andrew’s Financial Aid program to help them come and work toward their fullest potential. Head of School Sean Murphy summarizes the goal of SAS Financial Aid, saying, “We want to ensure that all bright, motivated, and talented students have access to a St. Andrew’s education, no matter their financial situation or personal difficulties.” Thank you to our sponsors, in-kind donors, and everyone who gave so generously to make this fun evening a success!

Our deepest gratitude for these leadership-level sponsors and donors who helped us raise $1 million!

Adria and Brian Sheth Susan Mays and Stephen Day Anonymous Aryn and Tavo Hellmund Anna and Jason Near Heather and Patrick Nichols Colleen and Todd Preheim Edie Rogat and Cotter Cunningham Jessica and Greg Weaver Julie and Garrett Hall Kerry and Temp Keller Joyce Mullen and Todd Stephenson


Jennifer and Mark Stratton Robin and Gene Shepherd Pamela Neal-Suter and Don Suter Anonymous

Lisa and John Tully Laurel and Dudley Simmons Michelle and Robert Strauss Katie and Jack Blaha Jazz and Francois Du Pasquier

Isabella and Arturo Garcia Lady and David Huffstutler Ghadeer Okayli and Anthony Masaryk Kay and Eric Moreland Sarah and Thomas Queen

We are grateful to members of the Founder’s Circle who have given more than $100,000 in capital campaign support to St. Andrew’s Betsy and Hughes Abell Duane Albrecht Wendy Albrecht Val and Beau Armstrong Rona and David Baizer Bill Banowsky Thalia Banowsky Alec Beck† O.V. Bennett, Jr.† Laura and Steve Beuerlein Janet and Burnie Burner Paul Bury Tracey Bury Heidi and Jim Cahill Kathy Cantilo Patrick Cantilo Suzanne Freid-Carper and Don Carper June and Mark Chandler Dr. and Mrs. Steve Clark Loretta and Jeff Clarke Brigid Cockrum Melissa and Key Collie Kirsten and Jonathan Coon Julie and Ben Crenshaw Edie Rogat and Cotter Cunningham Susan and Michael Dell Leslie and Art DelVesco Charmaine† and Frank† Denius Lorie and Rick DuPont Nancy and Jim Edsel Lisa and Fred Fletcher Amanda ‘68 Beck Foster and Morris Foster Carolyn and Tom Gallagher

Founder’s Circle Members

Becky Garcia Donald Garcia Bonita and Jeff Garvey Debbie and Will ‘69 Garwood Judge† and Mrs. Will Garwood Melissa and Silver Garza Margie and Paul Gaudin Annette and Douglas Gester Lisa and Robert Giberson Candace† and Jim Gilbert Sara and Ralph Gilster Mrs. Charlotte Gottesman Laura and Morris Gottesman Lisa and Sandy Gottesman Kimberley Granger Melissa and Scott Greenwell Ann Grimes Mr.† and Mrs. Bob Hallmark Rani Clasquin and Eric Harslem Dealy and David Herndon Ann and Richard Hojel David Honeycutt Raina Hornaday Walt and Sonya Hornaday Jeri and Jim Houstoun Lady and David Huffstutler Gail and Bob Hughes Kim and Kyle Hughes Molly and Craig Hughes Roe Sharon Hughes Mary and John Jones Cynthia and Roy Keithley Heather† and Martin Kohout Myrna and Tom Lantzsch

Margaret† and R.B.† Lewis Petie and Bryan Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Patton Lochridge Bremond ‘84 and Michael ‘84 MacDougall Kim and Johnny Mansour Suzie and Brent Martin Jill and Kip McClanahan Charmaine and Gordon McGill Chris Mattsson and John McHale Nancy and Kerry† Merritt Catherine and Bill Miller Eugenia and Bob† Miller Jeannine and John Miller Bonnie K. Mills Laurée and Jim Bob Moffett Ross Moody Pam and John Myers Heather and Patrick Nichols Julie and Pat Oles Donna and William Osborn Betty and Duncan Osborne Shannon ‘89 and Trey Owen D.K. and Mike ‘66 Reynolds Candy and Vic Rogers Debbie and Kevin Rollins Laura and Chris Rulon-Miller Kathryn ‘71 and Clive Runnells III Kendra Scott and Matt Davis Cynthia and Jack Selman Deanna and Jeff Serra Robin and Gene Shepherd Adria and Brian Sheth Julie and Stephen Siegele

Anne and Rich Smalling Lindsay and Ford Smith Lydia and Tony Soldano Louisa and David Stegmann Ashley and Cole Stout Betty Stuart and Todd Scharnberg Michelle and Paul Tobias Isabel Welland Dave Welland Pam and Neel White Kim and Floyd Wilson Lauren and Sterling† Wilson Nancy and Steve Wilson Sharon Wilson Sonia and Sam Wilson Carol Carpenter Winkel ‘60 Mr.† and Mrs.† Tom Yager Mary ‘74 and Howard Yancy Diana and Michael Young Deborah and Stephen Yurco Anonymous †Deceased


The Bailey Society The Bailey Society was established in 2002 to recognize the generosity and foresight of those who join the school’s founders in securing the future of

St. Andrew’s. Members of the Bailey Society have established a deferred gift that will benefit St. Andrew’s and its students. The Bailey Society is named in honor of Bishop Scott Field Bailey (1916–2005), a founder of St. Andrew’s and a pillar of the Episcopal Church community. Membership is extended to an individual who includes St. Andrew’s Episcopal School as a beneficiary of his or her will, who names St. Andrew’s as the beneficiary of a life income gift such as a charitable gift annuity, a charitable remainder trust or a charitable lead trust, or who names St. Andrew’s as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.


The Rt. Rev. Scott Field Bailey and Mrs. Evelyn Bailey† Marcia Bailey Judson Clark ’03 Cynthia Clark Joyce and Dave Dormady Melissa and Roy Duckworth Holland Duell ’57 Debbie and Randy Fein Margie and Paul Gaudin Bonita and Jeff Garvey James Gilbert Tracey and Aaron ’85 Kozmetsky James Leech† Maebess Matthews† Melinda and Jimmy McMichael Genie and Bob Miller Jeannine and John Miller Lucy and Phil† Nazro Christy Nisbett

Louisa and David Stegmann Harriet Anderson Vineyard Kristin Von Kreisler ’56 Jean Works John Works †


Endowment giving to St. Andrew’s supports financial aid, faculty and curriculum, and general operating expenses to help keep the school exemplary year after year.

St. Andrew’s Endowments

SAS Pooled Scholarship Funds

SAS Endowment Funds

SAS Concert Funds

The All Saints’ Scholarship Fund The Barbara Anderson Scholarship Fund The Louise Landis Armstrong Fund The Dawnelle Anderson Benson Scholarship Fund The Rev. Samuel N. Bowman Scholarship Fund The Robert H. Bowman Scholarship Fund The Patricia Crail Brown Scholarship The Edwin R. Buster IV Memorial Fund The Frank and Louise Carpenter Scholarship The Rt. Rev. Anselmo Carral Scholarship Fund The Clayton Fund Scholarship The Lillian Gullette Corner Scholarship Fund The Isabelle Thompson Decherd Memorial Scholarship Fund The Eleanor Stayton & William Gammon, Jr. Scholarship Fund The St. John Garwood Scholarship Fund The Kerry Bennett Goode Scholarship Fund The Gottesman Scholarship Fund The Mignon Henry Scholarship Fund The Elizabeth Hughes Hoey Scholarship Fund The O.H. Elliott and Ora Elliott Houston Scholarship Fund The Anna Mae and E. Gary Morrison Scholarship Fund The Rebecca Young Nelson Scholarship Fund The Marc Pappas Scholarship Fund The Leslie Cain Poteet Scholarship Fund The Andrew Louis Robertson Scholarship Fund The Debbie Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund The Kristin Shelton Scholarship Fund The Michael Reed Symank Scholarship Fund The Terry Tilton Memorial Scholarship Fund The W. Robert Vaden Scholarship Fund The Jane Rushing Winters Scholarship Fund

The James Abell Endowment Hughes and Betsy Abell Social and Emotional Learning Fund The Anderson-Vineyard Memorial Scholarship Fund for Minority Students The 2006 Alec Beck Endowed Middle School Scholarship The 2004 Hilary H. Carlson Upper School Faculty Enrichment Fund The Bill Costas Endowed Fund for Faculty Enrichment in Math The Anna-Riley Danielle Crenshaw 2016 Endowed Lower School Scholarship The Julie and Ben Crenshaw Endowed Scholarship The Claire Susan Crenshaw 2002 Endowed Lower School Scholarship The Katherine Vail Crenshaw Endowed Middle School Scholarship The Eleanor “Ellee” Fletcher 2008 Endowed Scholarship The Jan Stone Hughes Memorial Endowment The Tom E. Nelson, Jr. Scholarship Fund The Endowed Fund for Social and Emotional Learning

The 2001 Asleep at the Wheel Middle School Scholarship The 2003 Pat Green Endowed Upper School Scholarship The 2005 Robert Earl Keen Endowed Middle School Scholarship The 2007 Grupo Fantasma Endowed Fund The 2008 Los Lonely Boys Endowed Fund The 2009 Mark Chesnutt Endowed Fund The 2010 Bob Schneider Endowed Fund


Faculty and Staff Participation Nichole Adams Joyce Adams Cindy Albach∞ Doug Alford Ken Allen Malia Aycock Alexandra Baird∞ Barton Ballard ‘81∞ Barton Ballard∞ Jack Belli Kristen Benjamin Brianna Berkowitz∞ Annie Blancken Josh Blumenthal Lucy Bourland∞ Andy Boutot Ashley Brandon∞ Kama Bruce∞ Maria Brummer Jesse Castro Elise Chevalier Carla Childs∞ Whitney Chilton Johnny Chu Joan Church Tom Costas Karen Cowan∞ Laura Cox∞ Pam Craig∞ Kathryn Culliton∞ Vinh Dang Lauren Dill ‘04∞ Nancy Dolan


Julia Driscoll∞ Rommel Eclarinal Doug Eleby∞ Courtney Elliott Abby Elliott Kendall Evans∞ Jenna Filardi ‘12 Jody Fillpot∞ Sean Fitzsimons ‘05∞ John Fitzsimons∞ Sandy Flores∞ Beth Frost∞ Chad Fulton∞ Steven Garcia ‘02∞ Rick Garcia Gustavo Garza Carolina Gomez-Kramer∞ Susan Gordon∞ Janice Gray Elizabeth Guice∞ David Guidi Maggie Gunn Lori Hahn∞ Brenda Hansen Niki Harrison Geoff Harrison Catherine Herter∞ Kimberly Horne Donna Hunt Audrey Huntsberger ‘09∞ Scott Jarrett Ed Jarusinsky Rebecca Jobe∞ Nuala Judycki∞ Matt Kelly Priya Kenny Brearley Khan∞ Anne Kim Whitney Kirby∞

Jason Kruger∞ Stephanie Kruger∞ Rebecca Kyriakides Dan Latreille∞ Heather Latreille∞ Lindsay Leinweber∞ Matt Lipstein∞ Priscilla Lund∞ Jennie Luongo Sherie MacKenzie∞ Sarah Marks ‘07∞ Elizabeth Martens Darrel Mayers Jeff McCrary ‘94 Tim McGhee∞ Emily Meador ‘96∞ Greg Mele Kathryn Mendez∞ Laura Milton ‘04 Paula Milton Tim Moore Sean Murphy Elva Negrete-Bruce∞ Carrie Nelson∞ Josh Nelson∞ Karen Newman Alice Nezzer ‘81∞ Adam Ortman∞ Grace Ortman∞ Jeff Osborne Katie Osiecki∞ Evan Otto∞ Meredith Petry∞ Susan Reed∞ Kim Roberts∞ Shawn Roberts∞ Heather Robinson∞ Michelle Roe Betsy Ross

Hope Ruiz∞ Marsha Russell∞ Saida Salamanca-Egli Danny Schmidt Regan Schwartz∞ Shahrzad Shafa∞ Perrin Shelton∞ Charles Shumaker Amy Skinner Christine Sloat∞ Drew Smith∞ Bob Snee∞ Emma Soules∞ Todd Stephenson Annie Sykes∞ Jennifer Tollefson Kate Torres∞ Linh Tran Dina Tucker∞ Michelle Van Rooyen∞ Brooke Van Zandt∞ Jasmin Vara ‘09∞ Jack Wallace ‘10 Mary Whitaker∞ Joan Winter John Works Richard Wright Kathy Finkenberg∞ Scott Zimmerman∞ Amy Zimmerman∞ Aimee Zivin ∞

denotes that a faculty member has committed to a sustaining (year-over-year) gift to the St. Andrew’s Fund

In Honor of...

… Margie Gaudin Open Forum Club

… Keira Lyman & family Frank and Sandra Lyman

In Memory of...

… Gaylan DuBose Barbara Anderson Mary Barnstone Nancy and Jack Collins Lucy Nazro

… Johnson Dunham ‘12 Amy and David Dunham Win Dunham ‘10

… Susan Garwood Molly Sherman

… Merle Garwood Molly Sherman

… Marian Marley McCrummen Carol Corley Nelson

… Tom McElhenney ‘66 Kathryn ’65 and Larry Anderson

… Parker McGill ‘97 Barbara Anderson Marcia Foster Bailey

Other Special Gifts Dolly ‘62 and John Barclay Amanda Beck Foster ’68 and Morris Foster Alexandria ’03 and Merritt ‘05 Beck Brorby, Crozier & Dobie Cathy and Dan Brown Sherry and Bill Buchanan Nancy Buford Lynne and Duke Covert Mary Ann and John Dougherty Bennie C. and Mary Lou Downing Debbie and Gary Fine Karen and Warren Freund Robert Golding Carol and Joe Lea Maxwell, Locke & Ritter Don McCrory Nancy Merritt Jeannine and John Miller Nancy Harper Nash Lucy Nazro Keni and John Neff Patty and Carl Olson

Fran and George Ramsey Scott Sayers Brenda and Don Schaefer Glenna Foster Seipp Sharon and Tom Simmons Judy Trabulsi Betty Westbrook Trant

Science Fair

… Kristin Shelton ‘96

Volleyball – Dig Pink

Kristin and Craig Allen Cindy and Tom Burchett Margie Cowden Colleen and Tom Terkel

Lynn Sherman

Fine Arts

… Shane Whitaker

Michelle and Robert Strauss

Lucy Nazro

… Sylvia Ybarra Terri Whaley

Other Special Gifts

Kindergarten Flower & Herb Gardens Jenn and Justin Aquillia

Jeff Brewer

Lacrosse Equipment Alisa and Brian Golson

US Musical Peggy and Dan Keelan

Adria and Brian Sheth

Classroom Aide Project Graduation Travis County Medical Alliance Foundation

Baseball Field Improvements Marc and Monica Samuels Chris and Angela McComb Eric and Carolyn Ostrom The Nascone Family


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St. Andrew’s Episcopal School 1112 West 31st Street Austin, Texas 78705

Dear God, bless our school. Bless all those of any age who walk into a classroom. Bless those who teach. Bless those who learn. Bless our intellect and our freedom. Help us remember that you did not make us to never question, but so fashioned us that we cannot stop asking, cannot stop learning. School us not to follow blindly, but to think the what and why, to search each sacred mystery, to discover what we cannot deny.

Rt. Rev. Steven Charleston

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