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Winter/Spring 2022-23

If You Build It... They Will Come

“The Road Ahead” by Mike Deely, Head of School - Pg. 2

St. Pius X High School Inc.

Board of Trustees

Dr. Noreen Duffy Copeland, President

Rev. Dr. Michael Demkovich ’72, Vice President

Darren Beckett, Treasurer

Marijo Rymer ’64, Secretary

Msgr. Lambert Luna

SPX Real Estate Corp.

Board of Trustees

Jerry Sais, President

Bob Arguelles ’74, Vice President

Rev. Rick Zerwas, Treasurer

John Menicucci ’70, Secretary

St. Pius X High School

Rev. John Trambley, President

Mike Deely, Head of School

Connections 1956 Magazine

Jennifer Maldonado ’91, Director of Publications

Ben Walden ’18, Graphic Designer

Matt Lopez, Digital Program Administrator

Jose Samora, Director of Technology and School Historian

Jean Marie Skipp ’87, Associate Director of Advancement and Alumni

Jim Cook ’83, Director of Athletics

Jeff Turcotte, Director of Student Activities and Enrollment

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Table of Contents Winter/Spring 2022-23 2 WELCOME LETTER - “The Road Ahead” • MIKE DEELY 7 ATHLETICS - Meet Our New Coaches! • NICK MADRID ’07 & CURTIS FLAKES 4 CAMPUS NEWS - Around the X • Fine Arts • Academics • Ministry • Student Government 3 BOARD LEADERSHIP • REV. DR. MICHAEL DEMKOVICH ’72 & BOB ARGUELLES ’74 6 THEOLOGY CORNER • WHAT’S COOKING? • FR. JOHN TRAMBLEY & JIM COOK 8 ATHLETICS - Fall Recaps Football • Volleyball • Soccer • Golf • Cross Country 22 SPRING SPORTS • Cheer • Dorados • Baseball • Softball • Track & Field • Golf • Tennis • Club Sports - Water Polo & Rugby 36 ADVANCEMENT Annual Report • Eat, Drink, and BE PIUS! • Raffle • Clay Shoot • Mardi Gras • In Memory • In Celebration • Reunions WINTER SPORTS • Sports Medicine • Basketball • Wrestling • Swimming 13 ALUMNI - Beyond the X • Academics • Fine Arts • Ministry • Athletics 32 Special thank you to Jose Samora of JPS Photos, Matt Lopez, and Benjamin Walden ’18, for contributing photos to Connections 1956. 1

Mike Deely Head of School, SPX

The Road Ahead

Dear St. Pius X Community,

It has been such a joy to join the St. Pius X Family, and I have quickly fallen in love with my new home. What I have found unique about our school is the alumni and alumni parents’ passion for their alma mater. Ever since we bought the campus, the alumni have shown up in droves to make sure that their school is not only on solid ground for the future, but that it is positioned to be the greatest school in New Mexico.

Alumni have been generous with their time, talent, and treasure to ensure that we have kept tuition affordable, financial aid generous, and the school financially stable. The result is increased enrollment for the first time in years. Alumni and alumni parents on our boards have worked around the clock to begin a new strategic plan and a master site plan that will lay out the road map for not just the next five years, but for decades to come. Our alumni also worked with us on the recent Meitler Survey which helped identify the needs of our Catholic families. As we expand to a middle school, we know our school will serve more children and offer all the programs they need to develop their God-given talents.

With the news of the opening of eighth grade at St. Pius X abuzz in our community, I want to give you a brief understanding of the program. Eighth grade will be a unique middle school program where students have all the traditional experiences, such as their own student council, dances, field trips, and graduation. However, they will have access to the benefits of a high school campus, with access to state-of-the-art labs, participation in all of our athletic programs, and support of dedicated staff in counseling, the Dean’s office, and SOAR. Middle school students will be in their classrooms for the most part but can take the broadest spectrum of academic options, just like a high school student. This is modeled on the same successful experience we see in local private schools and Catholic schools across the country, and we look forward to seeing how it serves the first students who have enrolled.

Our vision for the future is to go big! Academically, artistically, and athletically, we want to be the premier school in the state in all areas. We are building an internship program to partner our students with professionals in different fields, enabling our students to take a real-world dive into professions as they consider their college major. We want to improve and expand our facilities to ensure our gifted students have the resources to excel as they pursue their passions. We have added the SOAR (Student Options and Academic Resource) Program to support students with learning needs to be successful in our school. We are planning on a new stadium, added facilities for all sports, a modern STEM lab, improvements to our fine arts buildings, new spaces for our students and alumni to gather for social and community-building events, and most importantly, a chapel. We have the most beautiful campus in the city. Now we plan to make it the most incredible place for students to learn, build friendships, and worship.

As the new Head of School, I am so excited for the future of St. Pius X. The alumni and alumni parents continue to exceed my expectations. I look forward to our partnership as we ensure serving the next generations of Sartans. You and your families have my gratitude, and may God bless you.

Welcome Letter

Rev. Dr. Michael Demkovich ’72 VP, Board of Trustees

I graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1972. It was my third high school, not because I was a problematic student, but because my father’s work had us move as a family three times across three states in those significant years of my life. Coming to SPX at a time when Albuquerque itself was experiencing major growth meant I had a number of classmates, who like myself transferred in for their final years of high school. I say this because it has been the bonds of friendship with my classmates, even in that one year, that have lasted and are characteristic of St. Pius X. An innate sense of belonging remains. The Sartan Nation is strong and shared by generations who have known its spirit.

I was honored when Archbishop Wester asked me to serve my alma mater as a new trustee at a new moment for the school. In my day, when we were on Louisiana Boulevard, and the Basilian Fathers, diocesan priests, dedicated lay teachers and staff, as well as the Sisters of Charity all taught at SPX, I am honored to now join their legacy of service. I have great hope for our school and its future. As a priest, I know how important faith is in forming one’s life early on. As an educator, I know how integral knowledge and understanding, Faith & Reason are in crafting a meaningful life. As a writer, I know the value of the humanities, of history, of the arts, of literature in building a just society. But more importantly, as a person who cherishes the friendships that have endured from those years, I know that St. Pius X is unique in its ability to shape a person and one’s future. Over the years, I have known generations of fellow Sartans from family members to parishioners, to the young students today, and I sense more than ever the special bond captured in the slogan “to renew all things in Christ.” I am confident that in another eight years when we celebrate the 75th Anniversary of its humble beginnings, St. Pius X will remain an agent of renewal and we will continue to fashion anew our lives and our world in the love of God. Whenever I see the emblematic “X” of SPX, it marks for me the spot where something and someone are striving to bring about the renewal of our world. May St. Pius X always inspire such Hope.

Bob Arguelles ’74 VP, SPX Real Estate Corp.

My name is Bob Arguelles ’74, and I am honored to serve my alma mater as Vice-President of the SPX Real Estate Corp. Combined with my 38 years of experience in the real estate profession, I believe my greatest contribution to The Board of Trustees is my passion for quality Catholic education. I attended Holy Ghost School elementary and middle school and graduated from St. Pius X High School in 1974. I am the proud father of four children; Bobby, Ryan, Frances ’02, and Stephen ’03, all of whom attended St. Mary’s Catholic School and St. Pius X High School.

My enthusiasm for the continued success of St. Pius X is shared equally by my fellow trustees serving on the Corporation; Jerry Sais, John Menicucci ’70, and Fr. Rick Zerwas, all of whose personal lives, as well as those of their family members, have been enriched through their association with St. Pius X. The Board of Trustees is committed to supporting the SPX Inc. Trustees, Head of School Michael Deely, President Fr. John Trambley, and the SPX Foundation Board, whose vision is to provide an exceptional campus environment where the dedicated instructional staff can instill in the lives of the students the qualities of Goodness, Discipline, and Knowledge.

“We hope that through the restructuring of the St. Pius X High School governance, every student within the Archdiocese of Santa Fe who desires to receive a quality education will have the opportunity to do so within a safe, spiritual, and awe-inspiring campus.”

Board Leadership
Fr. Demkovich meeting Holy Father Pope Fancis, 2020

Campus News

Fine Arts

Competing at the National Level

Congratulations to the 13 St. Pius X visual art students who were awarded 17 New Mexico Scholastic Art Awards by juried competition. The NM Scholastic Art Awards is the state’s major high school art competition. Of the thousands of entries, only a few hundred student works are chosen. This year, five Sartan visual arts students achieved the Gold Key Award and will compete at the national level. The Scholastic Art Awards, one of the largest national competitions, was founded in 1923, and for nearly a century, has inspired creativity in high school students throughout the country.

Gold Keys: Nadia Abieta, Grace Aragon (2), Lena Hernandez, Jacquelyne Nguyen, Isabella Sanchez (2).

Silver Keys: Gabriel Garcia, Lena Hernandez, Johnathon Pham

Honorable Mentions: Nadia Abieta, Elena Beckett, Evangelynn Cruz, Sherilyn Gomez, Harmony Martinez, Alejandro Sapien, and Leon Sutulov.

Special congratulations to Isabella Sanchez, winner of “The American Vision Award” for a self-portrait, chosen as one of the top five submissions in the state. Student artwork was submitted by Mr. Robert Willits, art teacher, and professional artist. Mr. Willits is in his 4th year teaching drawing, painting, studio art, and printmaking at SPX and his 40th year of teaching. His students have been awarded over 450 Scholastic Art Awards and over 20 national awards, including his son. Mr. Willits believes that the idea makes the artist, “My work is almost all idea based and thematic. I am amazed by the talent of my students, many of whom have not had art experience.”

Student Government

The Foundation for Success

The 2022-2023 school year has been groundbreaking for Student Council (STUCO). In the first truly “normal” post-pandemic year, STUCO set the bar high to bring back the old traditions that make the Sartan Nation unique. “I think addressing the desire for a sense of community at school in the post-Covid environment while acknowledging we would never fully return to the way SPX was before the pandemic allowed us to embrace all of the exciting changes that occurred on campus without losing what makes Pius, Pius,” Bethany Padilla, Treasurer. Reinvigorated Sartan Spirit inspired the return of Winter Ball (with the addition of a Court), recorded video announcements, student-led pep rallies, and the time-honored HOCO parade and bonfire. The biggest accomplishment of STUCO has been increased communication with administration, faculty, and staff which has led to collaboration with other groups such as MADAH. “We have the opportunity to meet with Mr. Deely weekly to communicate our ideas and concerns. The administration has been pivotal in supporting us to lead the student body.” Colette Correa-Bruzzese, Co-VP.

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the X

The Standard of Excellence

The standard of academic excellence at St. Pius X continues in the 2022-2023 school year as 3 seniors and 35 juniors were inducted into the St. Pius X High School Chapter of the National Honor Society. To be invited to apply, a student must show exemplary character, service, and leadership in combination with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above. At SPX, NHS members also strive to demonstrate the qualities of the school’s motto, “ Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge.” Students are invited to apply at the beginning of their Junior and Senior years. Congratulations to the following students:

Seniors: Kendrew Agbemadzo, William Klein, and Ethan Valencia

Juniors: Emma Abrams, Arianna Archibeque-Loretto, Madison Armijo, Alia Benavidez, Gabriella Blea, Olivia Boatman, Joshua Brown, McKayla Cable, Gabriella Casco, Ethan Donlin, Savannah Dowling, Brandon Eklund, Sanaa Givens, Sherilyn Gomez, Julie Gonzales, Madelynn Jewell, Jenna Kaplan, Antonio Lujan, Alyssa Maes, Jacob Maes, Benjamin Martinez, Andres Navarette, Elizabeth Nguyen, Xavier Olivares, Alyssa Olivas, Desirey Ortiz, Greyse Pitre, Matthew Randall, Edgar Rios, Kaitlyn Romero, Bella Schultz, Brendan Tierney, Adam Vigil, Juliana Wardroup-Sanchez and Taylor Wilson.

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The Spirit of Service

In the fall, SPX Campus Ministry kicked off the season of altruism with the annual SPX Blanket Drive organized by senior Presley Olguin. Students, faculty, and staff donated 175 blankets to Albuquerque’s homeless in preparation for winter temperatures. Sartan generosity continued for the Annual Native American and Thanksgiving Mass, benefiting the Barrett House Pantry. The Campus Ministry Team delivered ten truckloads of boxes, cans, and household necessities, totaling over 4,000 lbs. of food, helping the Barrett House Pantry stock up for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. The St. Pius X Ambassadors for Indigenous People Club also served at the Mass, dressed in the traditional ceremonial clothing of their pueblos and tribes. Campus Ministry quickly shifted gears and launched the Annual Toy Drive in preparation for the Christmas Mass. Nearly 450 toys were collected for the families supported by the Barrett House and Catholic Charities, ensuring the happy smiles of hundreds of children on Christmas morning. In preparation for St. Valentine’s Day, the spirit of giving continued to be in the heart of the Sartan community as Campus Ministry organized the Annual Carnation Day. Celebrating a SPX tradition that has been going on for nearly 40 years, Sartans sent 1,500 tokens of love and friendship to classmates, teachers, and friends, raising almost $800 designated to the greatest need in our school community.


Fr. John Trambley President, SPX

Students take a theology course every semester at St. Pius X High School. Theology is the study of God which is based on divine revelation. Scripture says, “In times past, God spoke in partial and various ways to our ancestors through the prophets; in these last days, he spoke to us through a son.” (Hebrews 1:1-2) The Catechism of the Catholic Church says, in paragraph 65, “Christ, the Son of God made man, is the Father’s one, perfect, and unsurpassable Word. In him he has said everything; there will be no other word than this one.” Gaudium et Spes, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World, says, in paragraph 22, “Christ, the final Adam, by the revelation of the mystery of the Father and His love, fully reveals man to man himself and makes his supreme calling clear.” This calling is nothing less than holiness. The Catechism also says, “Charity is the soul of the holiness to which all are called.” (CCC, 826) So, the goal of theological study is to inspire love and service of both God and neighbor. St. Thérèse of Lisieux said, “If the Church was a body composed of different members, it couldn’t lack the noblest of all; it must have a Heart, and a Heart burning with love.” The annual food drive for Barrett House, the toy drive for Catholic Charities, the Lenten efforts to feed the hungry through MADAH and CRS, the blanket drive for the homeless, the clothing drive to benefit the village in Mexico and so many more, all testify to this love that is very much alive at St. Pius X High School.

What’s Cooking?

Jim Cook Director of Athletics, SPX

A new era is upon us at St. Pius X High School. For the 2023-2024 school year, we will welcome 8th graders to campus as part of the St. Pius X Community. We are very excited to have them. As a proud alumnus, former coach, and current administrator, this has been a long time coming. The impact on our school and athletic programs promises unlimited possibilities. The addition of 8th grade increases the number of student-athletes and will help bolster several of our teams. We will soon be able to have full rosters at the varsity level and add JV and potentially C-Teams. We hope to eventually add additional programs that will play in the NMAA middle school league. As the Athletic Director, my focus is to keep every athlete that wants to play and to place them in the best position for their success. The Athletic Department will maintain our current policies within the athletic programs, building upon our history and the solid foundation of Sartan Athletics.

Theology Corner

Meet Our New Coaches!

Nick Madrid ’07 Head Coach - Girls Soccer

After sixteen years, Coach Nick Madrid ’07 is back home on Ben Rios Field. A two-sport varsity high school athlete with a wealth of blue trophies in soccer and hockey, he was the leading scorer in both sports during his four years at SPX. On the field, Coach Madrid was named first-team all-state, all-district, and all-metro three consecutive years, District Player of the Year twice, and received the State Player of the year award twice. His accolades are the makings of a phenomenal player, but Madrid’s true passion lies in coaching. At the young age of 14, Madrid had an epiphany that he was destined to be a coach as he was leaving a team dinner, and throughout his high school soccer career, he led the Sartans on the field and off. In the middle of his senior hockey season, Madrid suffered a season-ending shoulder injury that cost the Sartans the state championship and left him uncertain of his ability to play soccer at the next level. While rehabilitating, Madrid began his freshman year at UNM, majoring in Chemistry with a double minor in Biology and Psychology. He was quickly recruited by the UNM Men’s Hockey team and began his four-year career as a Lobo, receiving regional and national recognition. Simultaneously, Madrid earned a spot on the Albuquerque Asylum NPSL Soccer Team. As fate would have it, Madrid once again endured a season-ending injury in his collegiate senior year and was ready to shift his purpose from player to coach. Post-graduation, Madrid was pursuing a career in pharmacy and returned to his Alma Mater, Albuquerque United Football Club, coaching several teams and staff coaching. He remained at AUFC for a decade until he accepted a position at Rio Rapids Soccer Club, coaching ECNL. Continue on Page 37

Curtis Flakes Head Coach - Football

A Standard of Excellence

St. Pius X High School is thrilled to announce the hiring of Curtis Flakes as the new Head Football Coach for the Sartans. Coach Flakes is a Division I, UNM Football Alumnus and three-sport High School Varsity athlete. The former Lobo graduated from UNM in 2005 with a BA in Organizational Communication and began his coaching career at Manzano High School in 2008 until 2012. At that time, he was involved in an almost fatal accident that revealed a cancer diagnosis. He took the next two years to regain his health and begin coaching at Albuquerque High, breaking their state losing streak. The Bulldogs’ record was 0-43 when they won their first game and then proceeded to win four of their last six games, taking second in their district. At Albuquerque High, he emphasized discipline, focusing on the family, accountability for oneself, and responsibility to fellow teammates. In 2016, Coach Flakes took a sabbatical from coaching high school football to focus on his career. However, he couldn’t stay away from the game and began coaching his son’s flag football and tackle teams. In the Fall of 2022, Flakes was recruited by a former UNM teammate and Head Coach of the West Mesa Mustangs, Landrick Brody. Coach Flakes finished the season with the Mustangs’ overall record of 5-5, and was third in their district before accepting the Head Coaching position at St. Pius X. What excites Coach Flakes most about coming to SPX is the ability to openly practice faith and the tightknit community that SPX embodies. His coaching philosophy extends beyond the field and graduation, “I hope that better young men and women leave the program than when they entered it. I want the best versions of sons, daughters, siblings, and future husbands, wives, and parents entering the community. It starts here, and I am excited to be a SARTAN!”

The Return of a Legacy

Football Recap

Overall Record: 2-9

District Record: 1-2

State Results: #12 Seed

Pius X Football completed its 54th season, qualifying for the state playoffs for the 9th year. The Sartans 2-9 overall record and 1-2 in district, earned them the 12th seed heading into the state tournament. Although it was a challenging year for our Sartans, the team was led by the Class of 2023, setting new records. Captain, Chris Coash (12), who only played in 3 games due to injury early in the season, ended his career as the 7th Top Receiver in St. Pius X history. Captain, Bryan Deller (12), finished his season ranked 1st in Class 4A, 5th in the state, and 100th in the nation for punting. Captain, Alejandro Sapien (12), finished as the 5th Top Quarterback in St. Pius X history, statistically throwing over 3,100 yards and 28 touchdowns.


1st TEAM

Aidan Thomas (11), Offensive Line

2nd TEAM

Bryan Deller (12), Punter


Bryan Deller (12), Outside Linebacker


1st TEAM

Bryan Deller (12), Punter

Nathaniel Neel (11), Returner

2nd TEAM

Jacob Baca (12), Safety

Bryan Deller (12), Outside Linebacker

Adrian Sanchez (12), Guard

Alejandro Sapien (12), Quarterback

Ethan Valencia (12), Wide Receiver

Nathaniel Neel (11), Slot

Leon Sutoluv (11), Inside Linebacker

Aidan Thomas (11), Tackle


Isaac Leyba (12), Center Back

Will Kline (12), Slot

Miguel Zarate (12), Wide Receiver

Andrew Guzman (11) Inside Linebacker

Zach Roth (11), Wide Receiver

Jacob Wunsch (11), Outside Linebacker

Michael Deller (10), Defensive Tackle

Leandro Garcia (10, Defensive Tackle

Jacob Silva (10), Center


1st TEAM

Aidan Thomas (11), Tackle

2nd TEAM

Jacob Baca (12), Safety

Bryan Deller (12), Punter

Alejandro Sapien (12), Quarterback

Ethan Valencia (12), Wide Receiver

Leon Sutoluv (11), Inside Linebacker


William Klein (12)


Adrian Sanchez (12)


Overall Record: 21-6

District Record: 8-0 District Champions

State Results: #2 Seed

4A State Runner-Up

This year, St. Pius X Volleyball had another successful season! The Lady Sartans finished the season with a 21-6 overall record and went undefeated in district, winning another district title and never dropping a set to any district opponent. Their record earned the Lady Sartans the 2 seed in the NMAA State Tournament where they made it to the finals against the Goddard Rockets. Pius fell short of a State title but still brought home a trophy and played a remarkable season! The coaches, parents and the SPX community are so proud!


1st TEAM

Nadia Abeita (12) Left Side/ Right Side Hitter

Ilyana Gonzales (12), Left Side/ Right Side Hitter

Gabby Perea (12), Setter

Maya Perea (9), Defensive Specialist

2nd TEAM

Bella Sanchez (12), Defensive Specialist


Ily Gonzales (12), At Large

Bella Sanchez (12), Defensive Specialist



Gabby Perea (12), Setter

1st TEAM

Nadia Abeita (12), Right Side Hitter

Ilyanna Gonzales (12), Outside Hitter

Gabby Perea (12), Setter

Maya Perea (9), Libero

2nd TEAM

Alyssa Bendinskas (9), Outside Hitter

Ella Chavez (12), Setter

Bella Sanchez (12), Defensive Specialist

Jailyn Arnett (12), Right Side/ Outside Hitter

3rd TEAM

Greyse Pitre (11), Middle Blocker

Maya Baca (10), Middle Blocker

Kaitlyn Romero (11) Defensive Specialist


1st TEAM

Ilyanna Gonzales (12), Outside Hitter

Gabby Perea (12), Setter

Maya Perea (9), Libero

2nd TEAM

Nadia Abeita (12), Right Side Hitter

Alyssa Bendinskas, (9), Outside Hitter

3rd TEAM

Jailyn Arnett (12), Right Side/ Outside Hitter

Ella Chavez (12), Setter


Jordan Russell


Nadia Abeita (12), Right Side Hitter

Ella Chavez (12), Setter

Ilyanna Gonzales (12), Outside Hitter

Gabby Perea (12), Setter

Bella Sanchez (12), Defensive Specialist


Gabby Perea (12), Setter


Lola Gonzales (10), Defensive Specialist

Ana Romero (11), Defensive Specialist

Julianna Solis (11), Defensive Specialist

Volleyball Recap

Boys Soccer Recap

Overall Record: 15-3-2

District Record: 7-0-1

District Champions

State Results: #5 Seed 4A Quarterfinals

The 2022 Pius Boys Varsity Soccer team started the season on a quest to recapture the lost District Title from 2021. With only two Seniors on the roster, it was going to be challenging, but the team played their hearts out and were successful in beating the Highland Hornets to bring home the title. The district win earned the Sartans the #5 seed in the State Tournament, where they fell short of their goal of winning a State Championship, as they lost in overtime in the quarterfinals. The 2022 team had a phenomenal season, with 13 shutouts, which was the most since 2007. Senior Leo Vaughn broke the single-season school record for goals (38) and points (88), previously held by head coach A.J. Herrera in 1998. Notable wins included Sandia Prep, Highland, and Hope and tying with longtime rivals, Albuquerque Academy.


1st TEAM

Leo Vaughn (12), Forward

Julian Lovato (10), Midfielder

Tim Dyson (10), Defender

Frank Barela (10), Goalkeeper

2nd TEAM

Edgar Rios (10), Midfielder



Leo Vaughn (12), Forward

1st TEAM

Leo Vaughn (12), Forward

Javan Barela, (11), Defender

Edgar Rios (11), Midfielder

Frank Barela (10), Goalkeeper

Noah Devany (10), Midfielder

Tim Dyson (10), Defender

Julian Lovato (10), Midfielder

2nd TEAM

Mateo Certain (9), Midfielder


Didier Herrera (9), Forward

Ethan Wright (9), Forward

Carson McConnell (10), Defender


Leo Vaughn (12), Forward


Overall Record: 14-5

District Record: 8-0 District Champions

State Results: #3 Seed

4A State Runner-Up

The Lady Sartans began their 2022 season with long-term injuries that predated the start of the season. However, the girls exceeded expectations and embodied their team motto this year “Overpower. Overtake. Overcome.” They started the season with challenging games against other private schools and 5A competitors, including notable wins against Los Alamos, Rio Rancho, and Sandia Prep. In district, the Lady Sartans went undefeated and secured the District Championship title once again. As a result of their regular season performance, they were selected as the third seed in the State Tournament with a first-round bye. Advancing to the championship game with wins against Aztec and a memorable overtime victory over Academy in the semifinals, the Lady Sartans ended the season as the State Runner-Up behind Hope Christian.


1st TEAM

Gianna Maldonado (12), Goalkeeper

Natasha Montoya (12), Forward

Taylor Wilson (11), Midfielder

Carina Suarez (10), Defender

2nd TEAM

Grace Reyes (11), Defender

Izabella Cotinola, (10), Midfielder



Carina Suarez (10), Defender

1st TEAM

Gianna Maldonado (12), Goalkeeper

Natasha Montoya (12), Forward

Marisol Valdez (12), Forward

Taylor Wilson (11), Midfielder

Izabella Cotinola, (10), Midfielder

Carina Suarez (10), Defender

2nd TEAM

Fallon Setterr, (12), Defender

Alicia Sapien (9), Defender


Grace Reyes (11), Defender

Elena Valdez (12), Defender


Gianna Maldonado (12), Goalkeeper

Natasha Montoya (12), Forward

Girls Soccer Recap

Golf - Boys & Girls Recap


BOYS TEAM: 1st Place


Jax Mulville (10): 1st Place

Tristen Toledo (11): 4th Place

GIRLS TEAM: 1st Place


Amara Montoya (9): 1st Place

Madison Armijo (11): 2nd Place


BOYS TEAM: 1st Place


Christian Montoya (10): 2nd Place

Cohen Mulville (12): 3rd Place

Cade Freeze (11): 5th Place

GIRLS TEAM: 2nd Place


Madison Armijo (11): 2nd Place

Amara Montoya (9): 3rd Place

Cross Country - Boys & Girls Recap

Boys and Girls Golf finished their 2022 fall season with three first place finishes and one runner up. SPX Golf will resume in spring of 2023.

Boys and Girls District Champions State Results Boys: 6th Place State Results Girls:

4th Place

The SPX XC Team finished their 2022 season strong once again earning the titles of Boys and Girls District Champions. At the State Meet, the girls placed 4th and the boys 6th. However, what sets these student-athletes apart from the rest are the Sartans that continued to train and compete in post-season meets! To culminate the season, several Sartans traveled to Mesa, AZ to compete in the Nike Cross Regionals Southwest Meet, where Trista Cordova (12) placed 15th of 216 runners!


Trista Cordova (12), All-State

Brian Kalb (12), All-Harrier Team

Maricia Marquez (12), All-Harrier Team



Samuel Buerschen (12)

Andrew Garcia (12)

Brian Kalb (12), District Champion

Jeffrey Peterson (12)

Liam Brown (9)

Joshua Robbins (10)


Trista Cordova (12)

Maricia Marquez (12)

Leah Crabtree (12)

Brooke Kelly (12)


Trista Cordova (12)

Brian Kalb (12)

Maricia Marquez (12)


Jeff Turcotte

Jacob Baca Isabella Maldonado Lily Chacon Lucas Martinez Isabella Chavez Stevie Nunez Chris Coash Fallon Setter Bryan Deller Seniors Greyse Pitre Kylee Dorsey
Junior 13
Athletic Trainer

Boys Basketball



Captain Ryan Meyers ’09

Head Coach


Frank Barela JV

Jackson Carrigan JV

Jacob Garcia Captain JV


Zach Brokaw C/JV

Marcos Chavez Captain C/JV

Jackson DiLorenzo C


Cade Freeze JV/V

Antonio Lujan Captain JV/V

Diego Maestas JV/V

Jason Montoya V

Nicholas Rodriguez V

Aidan Thomas JV/V

Leandro Garcia JV/V

Isaiah Jeantet Captain JV

Joshua Jepson JV

James Lockhart JV

Carson McConnell V

Mason Montoya V

Brandon Sanchez JV

Angel Martinez Manager

Gavin McAtee Manager

Noah Faux C

Daegan Marsh C

James Martinez C

Nathaniel Miera C

Logan Underwood C

Mario Valdez C

Quinnlin Wilson C

Collin Foster Manager

Brian Kalb Captain Johnathan Pham Gene Trujillo Captain Ethan Valencia Alejandro Sapien Coash

Overall Record: 19-10

District Record: 6-2

State Results: #3 Seed 4A Quarterfinals

Boys Varsity Basketball entered the state tournament with a record of 18-9. The Sartans finished second in the regular season and took second in the district tournament. Other notable showings were second-place finishes at the Rio Rancho Tournament and at the Hope Christian Invitational. They earned the third seed in the State Tournament prevailing over Silver in the first round. The Sartans then progressed to a quarterfinal upset against rival, Hope Christian.



Brian Kalb (12)

Gene Trujillo (12)


1st TEAM

Brian Kalb (12)

Gene Trujillo (12)

2nd TEAM

Jason Montoya (11)


Christopher Coash (12)

Brian Kalb (12)

Johnathan Pham (12)

Gene Trujillo (12)

Alejandro Sapien (12)

Ethan Valencia (12)

Antonio Lujan (11)


Ryan Myers ’09


Brian Kalb (12)


2nd TEAM

Brian Kalb (12)

Gene Trujillo (12)


Brian Kalb (12)


Girls Basketball


Head Coach

Bree Rode


Alyssa Maes

Taylor Sarracino

Desirey Ortiz


Catalina Anaya

Isabella Candelaria

Izabella Cotinola

Macy Freeze

Arriana Sandoval Dinallo


Mikaela Trujillo

Madison Barker

Elena Valdez Captain Marisol Valdez Captain Reagan Morris Captain

Overall Record: 22-6

District Record: 8-0 District Champions

State Results: #3 Seed

4A Semifinals

Girls Varsity Basketball finished the regular season with an overall record of 20-5. The Lady Sartans finished first in their district, claiming the district title. After a triumphant season, they entered the state tournament with several notable wins and few losses, receiving the third seed. The Lady Sartans beat Portales in the first round of the tournament and Los Alamos in the quarterfinals to later face a disappointing loss to the Gallup Bengals in the semifinals.


1st TEAM

Alyssa Maes (11)



Alyssa Maes (11)

1st TEAM

Alyssa Maes (11)

2nd TEAM

Catalina Anaya (10)

Reagan Morris (12)

Marisol Valdez (12)


Reagan Morris (12)

Elena Valdez (12)

Marisol Valdez (12)

Alyssa Maes (11)

Desirey Ortiz (11)


1st TEAM

Alyssa Maes (11)


Bree Rode


Marisol Valdez (12)


Boys & Girls Wrestling

Head Coach

Monte Wallace


Diego Dominguez


Mason Gladfelter

Jackson Miksch Captain

Santiago Aragon Roybal Captain

Jacob Silva


Dane Padilla

Valentine Popadiuc Captain

Mycah Gachupin

TJ Maldonado

Anthony Ruiz


Claudia Aragon Captain

Zia Budagher Captain

Sofia Gallegos

Abigail Rael Captain


Mariana Montoya


The Sartan Wrestling Team is proving to be a highly decorated program at St. Pius X High School. A known force in the wrestling community, the Sartans embody their motto of, “Take What’s Yours,” leaving nothing behind on the mat. This young team, primarily sophomores and freshmen, had an extremely successful season entering the state tournament, ranked in the top ten with eight qualifiers, finishing with four medalists and two state-runner-up winners.


Mycah Gachupin (9), 34-5

State Runner-Up, 127lb. weight class

Valentine Popadiuc (9), 45-2

State-Runner Up, 121lb. weight class

Abigail Rael (10), 28-11

4th Place, 132lb. weight class

Zia Budagher (10), 26-11

5th Place, 145lb. weight class

Santiago Aragón Roybal (10), 27-20

160lb. weight class

Jacob Silva (10), 28-14

172lb. weight class

Claudia Aragón (10), 19-13

138lb. weight class

Mariana Montoya (9), 3-18

185lb. weight class


Valentine Popadiuc (9)

Champion, 121lb. weight class

Mycah Gachupin (9)

3rd Place, 127lb. weight class

Santiago Aragón Roybal (10)

7th Place, 160lb. weight class

Jacob Silva (10)

7th Place, 172lb. weight class

Claudia Aragón (10)

2nd Place138lb. weight class

Abigail Rael (10)

2nd Place, 132lb. weight class

Zia Budagher (10)

6th Place, 145lb. weight class

Mariana Montoya (9)

185lb. weight class


Valentine Popadiuc (9) 2nd Place, 121lb. weight class

Mycah Gachupin (9) 4th Place, 127lb. weight class

Zia Budagher (10) 2nd Place 145lb. weight class

Claudia Aragón (10) 4th Place, 138lb. weight class

Abigail Rael (10) 4th Place 132lb. weight class



Valentine Popadiuc (9) Champion, 121lb. weight class

Abigail Rael (10) 5th place, 126lb. weight class

Zia Budagher (10) 5th place 145lb. weight class

Recap 19

Boys & Girls Swimming


Head Coach

Darryl Wells


Jonathan Constable

Xavier Olivares

Grady Whitson


Joshua Caintic

Brody Dexel

Justin Duran

Dominic Martinez

Isaiah Martinez

Derek Mondala

Emmanuel Padilla

George Ochs

Hayden Tate


Diego Gonzales

Manuel Morales Hernandez

Luke Garcia (12 ) Captain (not pictured)

Bella Schultz

Meredith Smith

Juniors Sophomores

Sophia Bolivar

Rylie Lopez

Ava Marie Machtinger

Madison Power

Samantha Olguin


Amorah Holmes

Danira Madrid

Presley Olguin Captain Maricia Marquez Faith Montoya Captain Samuel Buerschen Jesse Duran Captain

2023 was another great year for Sartan Swimming! The team was young and fast, and they came to race this year. In addition to the typical meet schedule, the Sartans ventured out, starting the season in Farmington, and finishing at an inaugural meet in Hobbs. Both pools helped the team produce numerous state-qualifying swims. All the individual event state qualifiers will be back next year, bolstered by a very strong incoming freshman team.


BOYS: 16th place out of 27 Teams

GIRLS: 11th place out of 28 Teams


Grady Whitson (11)


Jonathan Constable (11)


Grady Whitson (11)


Sam Buerschen (12), Jonathan Constable (11), Grady Whitson (11),

Justin Duran (10)


Sam Buerschen (12), Jonathan Constable (11), Grady Whitson (11),

Justin Duran (10)


Audrey Phelps (9)

GIRLS 200 MEDLEY 12th:

Bella Schultz (11), Ava Marie Machtinger (10), Audrey Phelps (9), Danira Madrid (9)


Bella Schultz (11), Ava Marie Machtinger (10), Danira Madrid (9), Audrey Phelps (9)


Bella Schultz (11), 10th

Audrey Phelps (9), 6th


Bella Schultz (11), 6th

Ava Marie Machtinger (10), 13th


Jonathan Constable (11)

Bella Schultz (11)

Grady Whitson (11)

Ava Marie Machtinger (10)

Danira Madrid (9)

Audrey Phelps (9)


Grady Whitson (11)

Bella Schultz (11)

Audrey Phelps (9)



Jesse Duran (12)

Luke Garcia (12)

Presley Olguin (12)

Faith Montoya (12)


Samuel Buerschen (12)

Jesse Duran (12)

Luke Garcia (12)

Maricia Marquez (12)

Faith Montoya (12)

Presley Olguin (12)

Xavier Olivares (11)

Justin Duran (10)

Samantha Olguin (10)


Cheer Seniors

Head Coach


Emma Abrams

Aliana Calbert

Lexis Linney

Eva Ortiz

Alexandra Solin

Nataly Ruiz-Velasco

Sophomores Freshmen

Eva Chaidez

Diana Flock

Isabelle Gauthier

Isabella Pacheco

Erica Martinez

Ava Mudd

Annaliesse Nunez

Deja Baca

Lillian Miksch

Andra McAtee

Eliana Saiz

Emily Stone Mikayla Strickland

Isabela Sena Co-Captain Alisia Sisneros Captain Kyra Vigil Co-Captain Issabella Strickland Captain Krystal Lucero Co-Captain Ashlyn Villanueva



Briza Flores Captain Laney Lynch Captain Erica White Captain Meredith Smith Addison Harrington Aili Johnson Tatiana Montoya Mikayla Paiz Junior Sophomores Freshman Thomas Russ
Head Coach



Head Coach


Chase Craver

Jayden Notah-Johnson

Ruben Jepson

Myles Leon

Antonio Lujan

Ben Martinez

Jacob Maes

Jacob Menicucci

Sophomores Freshmen

Jimmy Bates

Caiden Bischoff

Jonathan Cappon

Michael Deller

Nathaniel Miera

Darryk Olivares

Dominic Ramsey

Joseph Montoya

JoFrank Ortiz

Adam Pham

Matthew Randall

Nick Rodriguez

Cisco Sisneros

Cian Unis

Alex Garcia

Leandro Garcia

Santiago Lucero

Jacob Madrid

Jax Mulville

Bryan Thomas

Kaiden Swanson

Sean Taylor

Ramon Torres

Zain Unis

Ashton Warren

Lucas Martinez Miguel Sena Cohen Mulville Evan Taylor Matt McCoy ’89 Everett Goodman Malachi Peña Gene Trujillo Bryan Deller
Jake Sena







Abrianna Notah-Johnson Desarae Chavez Mykel Torres Erica White Seniors McKayla Cable Gabriella Casco Chavez Ortiz Pitre Wardroup-Sanchez Tatiana Montoya Sophomore Madison Barker Isabella Caba Aurora Green Sophia Trujillo Freshmen Melanie Roni Marquez
Coach Stevie Nunez (12 ) (not pictured)

Boys Track & Field



Alexander Castro

Andres Navarrete

Joshua Pettit

Isaiah Quintana

Edgar Rios

Zach Roth

Breyen Strahle

Leon Sutulov

Mateo Swabenbauer

Aidan Thomas

Ethan Zamora


Jimmy Bates

Konnor Bogart

Joshua Caintic

Silas Cerami

Liam Chavez

Noah Devany

Humberto Lopez

Max Lopez

Julian Lovato

Miguel Maldonado Lucero

Valente Marquez

Gavin McAtee

Sam Menicucci

Justin Martindale

Lorenzo Sandoval

Jacob Solin

Joshua Robbins

Bryan Thomas


Prestin Day

Collin Foster

Kendrew Agbemadzo Chris Coash Andrew Garcia Samuel Buerschen Isaac Leyba Jeffrey Peterson Aliyas Romero-Sanchez Brian Kalb Jonathan Pham
Liam Brown Ethan Valencia (12 ) (not pictured)

Boys & Girls




Zia Budagher

Jayna Castillo

Jessica Castro

Leah Crabtree

Savannah Ellison

Girls Track & Field


Athena Martinez

Theron Stafford

Rina Suarez

Elena Valencia




Elena Valdez (12 ) (not pictured)

Maricia Marquez Elizabeth Nunez Alisia Sisneros Grace Aragon Isabella Chavez Trista Cordova Gianna Maldonado Nadia Abeita Julie Gonzales Taylor Wilson Agbemadzo Eliana Marquez Jeff Turcotte Head Coach Marisol Valdez Hill Neuschwanger

Boys & Girls Golf


Head Coach



Cade Freeze

Gabe McElhanon

Nathaniel Neel

Ryan Saucedo

Tristen Toledo


James Lockhart

Jacob Madrid

Christian Montoya

Jax Mulville

Elliott Ochs






Macy Freeze

Avery Witterholt


Amelie Kalina

Amara Montoya

Gabriel Garcia Zach Pecos Analisa Blair Captain Caroline Madrid Preston Terrazas Armijo Sarracino Cohen Mulville Captain Moya

Boys & Girls Tennis


Head Coach

Ashley Turcotte ’07


Brianna Lucero-Brown

Grace Reyes


Tayla Baggerly

Lena Hernandez

Mariam McCollum

Victoria McElhanon

Mia Richards

Adrianna Salas

Elise Schultes


Aster Webb


Ethan Donlin

Brandon Eklund

Brady McCoy

Matthew Randall

Edgar Rios


Tommy Valdez


Luke Carrigan Mateo Certain

Oliver Wyckoff Carlos Saucedo Gavin Richards Vincent Garcia Nico Huggins

Water Polo Club Sport Senior

Ava-Marie Machtinger Samantha Olguin Sophomores Danira Madrid Freshman Darryl Wells Head Coach Presley Olguin


Head Coach



Santi Lopez

Thomas Valenzuela

Sophomores Freshmen

TJ Maldonado

Raph Neel

Kolbe Padilla

Non-SPX Students

Michael Hulett Senior

Adam Pacheco Senior

Ethan Wollard Senior

Julius Aldaba Senior

Justin Banuelos Senior

Elijah Lucero Senior

Cristian Rey Senior

Jered Siska Senior

Albuquerque Academy

Home Schooled

Home Schooled

Volcano Vista

Volcano Vista

Volcano Vista

Volcano Vista

Volcano Vista

Rugby Club Sport
Leon Sutulov Tsethlikai Mark Neice
Lawrence Havelka Adrian Sanchez Captain



A Legacy of Academia

Gina Sada Rightley ’81 entered St. Pius X as a freshman after attending middle school at Sandia Prep. Her parents wanted to enhance her education in a Catholic environment, and she has remained grateful for their decision ever since. As an incoming freshman from a non-feeder school, Gina was focused on two areas: academics and dance. At the end of her freshman year, she made the Dorados Dance Team and continued to thrive athletically and academically over the next three years, excelling in English, Mathematics, and Science. In her junior year, Gina began dating her future husband, Michael Rightley ’80 who was also on an academic track and interested in following in his father’s footsteps and becoming an engineer. After Michael’s graduation, he attended NMSU, and one year later, Gina began her undergraduate studies at CU Boulder, both pursuing degrees in engineering. After one year, Gina transferred to NMSU to be closer to her family, and in the Spring of 1985, Gina and Mike married. A few months later, she graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Due to her academic success, she was offered a unique opportunity to bypass the master’s program and begin work on her Ph.D. At this time, Mike had completed his master’s and began pursuing his Ph.D. In the Fall of 1989, they both acquired their Ph.D. and began working at Sandia National Laboratories.

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From a Sartan to a Warrior

Megan Dennis ’21 began her senior year online in Fall of 2020, during the height of the global pandemic. For the two-time first-team all-state, second-team all-state, all-district, and all-metro recipient, it was unknown if there would be a high school volleyball season; and she was unsure if she wanted to continue playing at the next level. That’s when she received an invitation from Coach Diana Villalpando, Head Beach Volleyball Coach at Corban University in Salem, Oregon. The Dennis family visited the campus in December 2020, and Megan could envision herself as a student the minute she walked onto campus. Before her departure to Albuquerque, an offer to play on the Corban University Beach Volleyball team was accepted. When Megan arrived on campus in the Fall of 2021, COVID restrictions were still in place and she wondered if as an incoming freshman in a very young program, she would get much playtime. She wasn’t starting in off-season scrimmages and began training on her own. At the season opener, Megan and her partner started and continued to do so throughout the season.

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Fine Arts

Beyond the X

Lights, Camera, Action!

Jasmine Day ’18 grew up on the stage, dancing in her mother’s dance studio beginning at age three. It was a unique introduction to a performer’s life that included a glimpse of long hours and unique rehearsal times. As a child, Jasmine performed in NY with the Rockettes, at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and on Broadway in the Lion King. When she entered SPX in the fall of 2015, she was an integral part of the fine arts department. Band Director, Mr. Keith Jordan was extremely influential in her years participating in school plays, the jazz band, and the drumline. Jasmine also credits Mrs. Charla Smith ’89, Ms. Mimosa Finley, Ms. Susie Sanchez, Mr. James Penn, and the ACADEC program for how prepared she was for college and believes at times that SPX was more challenging than her college years.

Post-graduation, Jasmine enrolled in the Honors Program at the University of Northern Colorado with a focus on Forensic Chemistry and Criminal Justice but quickly changed her major to English and Film Studies after she met a group of independent actors. She began working on her first film, as a costume and makeup artist and had a small directing and supporting role. In her last semester, she landed her first lead role in “Safehouse 1618.” The film won Best Feature Film and ten actor awards, including Actor of the Year for Jasmine.

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A Lifelong Ministry

Fr. John C. Daniel ’84 recalls having an early calling to the Priesthood as a second-grade student at Our Lady of Fatima School. He made an appointment with Fr. Adam to discuss his internal discernment, and his mother took him to the meeting. Fr. Adam gave him a copy of “My Daily Bread,” and encouraged him to pray and read it every day, and the Lord would guide him.

At St. Pius X, Fr. John was mentored by Fr. Dennis Andrews who sent him on a retreat for boys interested in following their calling. He was later chosen to serve as a camp counselor at a Basilian run camp in Canada for two summers. These experiences solidified his decision, and he was accepted into the seminary after his first year of college.

Fr. John attended Eastern University for one year, then graduated from the College of Santa Fe and received his master’s in Theology from Mount Angel Seminary in Oregon. After his ordination in 1992, Fr. John served as the Parochial Vicar for Immaculate Conception Parish in Las Vegas, NM. He was also the Chaplain for the State Mental Hospital and dually served the Community of Wagon Mound.

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Eat, Drink, and BE PIUS!

ABC Cake Shop:

Edwina Carabajal-Bendinskas ‘89, Owner

1830 San Pedro Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

Ashley Bendinskas ‘23 and Alyssa Bendinskas ‘26

Artichoke Café, Farina Alto

Pizzeria & Wine Bar and Farina

Pizzeria & Wine Bar Downtown:

Terry and Pat Keene, Owners

Artichoke Café: 424 Central Ave

SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Farina Alto: 10721 Montgomery Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111

Farina Downtown: 510 Central Ave

SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Evan Keene ‘02 • Gavin Keene

Ben Michaels:

Ben Michael Barras ’75, Owner 2404 Pueblo Bonito Ct NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

Bob’s Burgers:

Bob and Christina Salas and Tom and Theresa Salas, Founders/ Owners.

Clifford and Lydia Salas, Owners

Please visit to find a location near you!

Lisa Gamboa ’87 • Eric and Kim Herrera ’90 • Ryan Gamboa, ’11

•Thomas Salas, ’17 • Brisa

Gamboa, ’18 • Amanda Salas, ’18

Chaco Grill:

Denny Herrera, Owner 6454 Main St, Cuba, NM 87013

Denny Ray Herrera ’25

Duran’s Central Pharmacy:

Robert Ghattas, Owner 1815 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

Mona Ghattas ’77 • Marcel Ghattas ’79 • Marco Ghattas ‘84 • Myra Ghattas ’86

Duran’s Station: Marcel Ghattas ’79, Owner 4201 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque NM 87110

El Bruno: Albuquerque and Cuba

Hazel Herrera, Owner 8806 4th St NW, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87114 6453 Main St, Cuba, NM 87013

Melanie Herrera ’90 • Sierre Dunn ’15 • Jahsiah Dunn ’20

• Azure’rea Dunn ’22 • Shanise

Trujillo ’08 • Amanda Trujillo ’06 • Enrico Trujillo

El Charritos: Francis Pacheco, Owner 4703 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87105

Marissa Pacheco ’15 • Savannah

Pacheco ’20

Frontier and Golden Pride: Larry and Dorothy Rainosek, Owners

Frontier: 2400 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Golden Pride: Please visit to find a location near you!

Dr. Mark Rainosek ’83 • Shannon Rainosek ’87

High Noon: Carla Villa ‘80, Owner 425 San Felipe St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

Hollow Spirits Distillery: Frank Halloway ’00, Owner 1324 1st St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102


John and Carol Rivera-Zonski ’66 and Tasha Zonski-Armijo ’87, Owners 3512 Lomas Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

Phillip Armijo ’80 • Danya Zonski

Foley ’89 • Arik Zonski ’94 • Ryan Zonski ’09 • Olivia Baca-Zonski ’10 • Emeline Armijo ’22 •Madison Armijo ’24

Perico’s Burritos and Tacos: Elizabeth Nevarez, Owner Please visit to find a location near you!

Josh Garcia ’02

Rio Bravo: Randy & Denise Baker, Owners 1912 2nd St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Jennifer Baker ’12 • Lindsey Baker ’14 •Kristen Baker ‘16

Sadies of New Mexico: Betty Jo, Brian, and William Stafford, Owners 6230 4th St NW Lot, Los Ranchos De Albuquerque, NM 87107

Nicholas Stafford ‘13 • Isaac Stafford • Theron Stafford ’25

Sixty-Six Acres and Slate Street Café: Myra Ghattas ‘86, Owner

Sixty-Six Acres: 2400 12th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

Slate Street Café: 515 Slate Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Sobremesa: Nick Giron ‘01, Ryan Strilich ‘01, Owners 3421 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120

The Original Cocina Azul: Frank Barela, Owner 1134 Mountain Rd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Kristina Gutierrez Barela ‘89 • Alicia Barela ’21 • Frankie Barela ’25

Two Cranes: Rob Espat, Owner 901 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104

Dominique Espat ‘08 • Robert Espat ‘19 • Rebecca Espat ’22

Vintage 423: Rudy Guzman ’90 8000 Paseo De Norte Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87122

Thank you to our Pius family restaurateurs who hosted Father Trambley and his guests as they visited your establishments!

It was a blessing and a pleasure to reconnect with old friends and make new.

34 Advancement
Join Fr. John Trambley on a culinary tour of Pius family-owned restaurants
Sadies of New Mexico Sobremesa Frontier Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar Downtown Jubilation

Academics • A Legacy of Academia

In 2006, Gina brought back the dance team at SPX where she coached for 13 seasons and acquired two second place and three third place finishes at state. After a combined 55 years of service at Sandia Labs, two children: Eric’09 and Madison ’11, Gina and Mike are now retired and enjoy spending their days traveling around the country in their RV and taking care of their grandson: future Sartan, Thomas. Eric obtained a BS in Biology from Tulane University and then attended medical school at UNM. He recently opened a concierge practice in primary care. Madison attended Texas Christian University, receiving her BS in Biology and her MBA from UNM. She is now living in Arizona, working for General Mills, and coaching a national award-winning high school dance team after traveling all over the country pursuing a career in sales and marketing. Although Gina’s life as a retiree is full, she misses giving back and is always looking for volunteer opportunities, preferably back at her beloved SPX, “I am thankful for the Catholic education that SPX provided my family, and I feel that all four of us were extremely prepared for college. I loved my time at Pius and believe in the quality and depth of a Pius education. I am thrilled as an alumna and a former coach the direction that Pius is headed with the expansion of an 8th grade and hopefully more by the time my grandson, Thomas, is ready to enroll.”

Fine Arts • Lights, Camera, Action!

She graduated in three years and began pursuing a career in the Colorado film industry before moving to LA. There she landed her second lead role in “Popular Monsters,” to be released in October 2023. In addition to acting, directing, and makeup artistry in film, Jasmine has starred in a Goo Goo Dolls music video and is also a drummer in the LA music scene.

Athletics • From a Sartan to a Warrior

They led the team through a historic season and landed a bid to the NAIA National Championship in Panama City Beach, FL. After three grueling days of play in weather that the Warriors were not accustomed to, the team that no one expected to receive a nationals’ bid won their first-ever Beach Volleyball National Championship. Megan Dennis played in the final set and was an integral part of that victory. Megan is thankful to her mother for pushing her to continue playing and credits the 2019 SPX State Championship Volleyball team for inspiring competitiveness, “It was the most driven team I have ever been on, and we were successful because of it.”

Ministry • A Lifelong Ministry

In 1993, he was appointed Pastor of St. Anne’s Parish in Tucumcari, NM, where he also taught an Ethics Class at Mesalands Community College. In 2002, he was appointed Pastor of San Miguel Parish in Socorro, NM. While in Socorro, he served the parish and its 8 missions. In the fall of 2007, he returned to Albuquerque and became Pastor of St. Jude Thaddeus Parish. At St. Jude, he worked with the members of the community to design and build a new church that was dedicated on October 28, 2011.

After a monumental tenure of growth at St. Jude, he was appointed as the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Santa Fe on February 2, 2016, by Archbishop John C. Wester. Fr. John held this position until January 16, 2019, when he was appointed Pastor of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Los Alamos NM. Fr. John believes the teachers and their commitment to their faith and vocation are what make St. Pius what it is, “Pius has the teachers that create an environment which encourages listening to God’s calling.”

Academics • The Standard of Excellence

In addition to the new inductees, the 2022-2023 officers were installed with the ceremonial lighting of the candles, representing the light of knowledge. Each candle signifies the different attributes of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. Thank you to the 2022-2023 officers and Ms. Dawn C’deBaca, SPX School Counselor and NHS Moderator for your leadership and service.

Erica White, President • Maricia Marquez, Vice-President

• Elena Valdez, Secretary • Bethany Padilla, Treasurer

Around the X - Continued

Student Govt. • The Foundation for Success

This collaboration resulted in a 2nd place win for Project of the Year at the state competition for the 2022 Packing Day, providing 137,000 meals for families in New Mexico, Europe, and the Middle East. Off-campus, STUCO leadership had the unique opportunity to attend a Class of ’64 luncheon to compare stories and exchange ideas; once again crediting communication as the foundation for their success. “Each of my four years in student council has been wildly different. We are now a student council that is much more involved and engaged with the students, administration, and alumni.” Andres Ismond,VP.

35 Beyond the X - Continued

Annual Report - St. Pius X High School Foundation

St. Pius X High School Foundation

Condensed Financial Information*

June 30, 2022 and 2021

Distributions to SPX High School

Distributions to SPX Real Estate Corp.**

In kind from SPX High School

Write off of uncollectible pledges

Professional fees


2022 Expenses

*The condensed financial information was derived from the audited financial statements of the St. Pius X High School Foundation. For a full copy of the audited financial statements, please contact Bobby Wallace, Director of Advancement at 505-831-8423.

**This amount represents endowment accounts that were repurposed by the donor to be used towards the purchase of the St. Pius X High School property.

Mission of the St. Pius X High School Foundation:

To raise funds to assist in meeting the current and future financial needs of St. Pius X High School. To unite the Catholic and Albuquerque community in support of St. Pius X High School.

To cultivate and protect the interests of our donors.

2022 2021 2022 2021 Assets Revenues Cash and cash equivalents2,818,291 $ 774,651 $ Contributions - Endowments 46,966 $ 58,140 $ Investments 3,795,348 6,695,492 Contributions - Annual Fund 54,733 42,482 Pledges receivable - 126,683 Contributions - School support 38,390 52,962 Prepaid expenses and other 21,962 15,915 In-kind contributions from School 147,369 141,817 Investment (losses) gains (679,164) 1,454,623 Total assets 6,635,601 $ 7,612,741 $ Events 7,297 14,477 Liabilities Total revenues (384,409) 1,764,501 Due to SPX High School 268,014 204,779 Due to SPX Real Estate Corp.2,386,280 - Expenses Accounts payable 4,008 8,072 Distributions to SPX High School 298,818 278,148 Deferred revenue 8,000 - Distributions to SPX Real Estate Corp.**2,386,280In kind from SPX High School 147,370 141,817 Total liabilities 2,666,302 212,851 Write off of uncollectible pledges 126,683 126,683 Professional fees 63,164 87,229 Net assets 3,969,299 7,399,890 Other 23,867 24,621 Total liabilities and net assets6,635,601 $ 7,612,741 $ Total expenses 3,046,182 658,498 Change in net assets (3,430,591) $ 1,106,003 $
Statements of Financial Position
32% 37% 26% 5%
Contributions ContributionsEndowments ContributionsAnnual Fund ContributionsSchool support Events 10% 78% 5% 4% 2% 1%
Statements of Changes in Net Assets Years ended June 30, 2022 and 2021

Meet Our New Coaches! - Continued

Meet Our New Coaches! • Nick Madrid ’07

Coach Madrid was working 7 days a week, sacrificing his personal life but fulfilling his passion to serve and give back. In 2015, he was offered the Girls’ Varsity Assistant Coach and Head JV Coach positions at Cleveland High School, where he led the JV team to an undefeated season. He remained there for two years, then moved on to El Dorado High School as the Boys’ Varsity Assistant. In 2017, he experienced his second epiphany: he wanted to work with young adults on a new level. He decided to pursue his teaching degree and follow in his mother’s footsteps as a special education teacher. In the fall of 2018, Madrid was head coaching the Boys’ Varsity team and teaching full-time at Highland High School while obtaining his master’s degree. In five seasons at Highland High School, Madrid experienced great success, including notable wins against Sandia, Volcano Vista, Albuquerque Academy, and his beloved Sartans. In addition to the Hornets’ five appearances in the state tournament, two of which were semifinals, Madrid won two district championships and was named District Coach of the Year in 2019 and 2022. He was also awarded The United Soccer Coaches State Coach of the Year in 2021 and coached in the NM High School Association’s High School All-Star Game in 2022. Shortly after the 2022 State Tournament, Madrid received an early morning call about an opportunity at SPX. His excitement grew without hesitation, but he knew he had to be on campus and contribute more than coaching. Student Options & Academic Resources, SOAR was formed. In addition to being the new Girls’ Head Varsity Soccer Coach, SOAR will be directed by Nick Madrid in the Fall of 2023. “The opportunity to start this program sealed the deal. I want to help students learn balance critical to lifelong success. I want our students to grow up to be happy, healthy, and balanced. The success of SOAR, combined with bringing a new level of quality to the girls’ soccer program, is my motivation. Sartan Soccer is built on a foundation of high standards, discipline, excellence, and balance of the whole student-athlete. I intend to bring a high level of soccer expertise to reignite and refuel this program.”


Raffle Results

Thank you to all who supported the 2022 St. Pius X High School Student Raffle, benefiting Sartan Activities, Athletics, and Tuition Assistance. A special thanks to The St. Pius X Foundation for their generous gift of $3,100, assisting us in meeting our goal and raising over $100,000!

Clay Shoot

St. Pius X High School Foundation Sporting Clay Shooting Fundraiser Was a Blast!

Sporting clay enthusiasts took to the course at the 6th annual St. Pius X High School Foundation Jamie Tinnin Memorial Sporting Clay Shooting Fundraiser on Saturday, October 29, 2022.

More than 50 people enjoyed the 25-station sporting clay walk-through course at the Tinnin Hunt Club in Bernardo, New Mexico.

Special thanks to Mr. Tom Tinnin for his support and to our sponsors; Premier Sponsor: Roses Southwest Papers Inc., The United Family/Albertsons Market, Admiral Beverage Corporation, Mr. Evan Cole, Downey & Company, and Jimmy’s Café.


If you are interested in planning your reunion, please contact Jean Marie Skipp ‘87 at 505-831-8500 or

Class of 1971

June 2nd and 3rd, 2023

Please contact John and Mary Jo Davee at

Class of 1973

September 8th - 10th, 2023

Please contact the reunion committee at

Class of 1980

July 28th and 29th, 2023

Please contact Michael Moran at 505-417-7496 or, or Jim Stromberg at

Class of 1981

July 28th and 29th, 2023

Please contact Diana Fay at or 415-328-5492, or Marie Schwaner at

Class of 1983

August 5th, 2023

Please contact Joseph Eckert at

Class of 1993

June 30th - July 2nd, 2023

Please contact Sofia Marrufo at

Class of 2013 TBD

38 Advancement
Grand Prize Winner $15,000 Maryah Vigil ’96 Second Prize Winner $1,000 Kathryn Samora Third Prize Winner $500 Tom Hund

Mardi Gras

St. Pius X High School Foundation Mardi Gras Gala

On February 11, 2023, alumni, families, and supporters of St. Pius X High School celebrated Mardi Gras in style at the annual St. Pius X High School Foundation Mardi Gras Gala at Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town. The Foundation raised more than $53,000 to assist in meeting the current and future financial needs of St. Pius X High School.

The Premier Sponsor of the evening was Frontier/Golden Pride Restaurants. Guests in attendance included Keynote, Linley Brummell Daly ’84, Father John B. Trambley, President, and Mr. Michael Deely, Head of School, who supported the event with sponsorships, live and silent auction bids, and volunteer efforts.

Additional sponsors for the event were Roses Southwest Papers Inc., Berger Briggs Insurance & Risk Solutions, Inc., Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental, Gateway Insurance & Financial Services, Our Lady of the Annunciation, The Catholic Foundation, The Law Firm of David C. Chavez, LLC., Beyond, Mr. Evan Cole, Morgan Stanley, RMC Roofing & Construction LLC, Tinnin Hunt Club, Pulakos CPAs, and Downey & Company.


In Memory

Bart Chimenti ’60

Passed away on October 21, 2022

Father to Damian ’96

Brother to Robert ’67

Charles Cooper

Passed away on December 28, 2022

Father of Sarah Ryan ’97

John Folkner ’80

Passed away on January 26, 2023

Brother to Robert ’73, Mark ’75, Carl ’76 and Stephen ’78

Brother-in-law to Susan Gogan ’75

Uncle to Erin ’01, Jacqueline ’04 and Jessica ‘06

Robert Lincoln Gallegos ’08

Emma Gonzales ’95

Passed away on October 13, 2022

Edward Patrick Heise ’72

Brother to Maryanne ’79, Georgianna ’74 and Carissima ’85

Barbara Hollowwa

Passed away on December 21, 2022

Mother to Kerwin ’70 and Barbara ’68 (dec)

Tristan Howard ’14

Son to Cynthia Howard ‘76

Dr. Lloyd Hurley

Passed away on January 22, 2023

Father to Peg Hurley ’79, John Hurley ’72, Neal Hurley ’74, Timothy Hurley ’76, Lloyd Hurley ’77, and Adam Hurley ’00

Father-in-law to Barbara Hurley ’77

Grandfather to Kurt Hurley ’07 and Kimberly Hurley ’09

Ann Josey

Mother to Suzanne ’75, Patrick ’74, Michael ’77, John ’78, Kathleen Green ’81 and Margaret ’84

John Roy Kirkpatrick

Passed away January 24, 2023

Husband to Carolyn Chavez Kirkpatrick ’62

Thomas McTigue

Passed away August 24, 2022

Father to Michael ’97, Christopher ’77, Leo ’81, Stephen ’84, and Mark ’88

Russell Morris ’63

Passed away November 3, 2022

Husband to Gemma (Menicucci) ’67

In-Laws Roberta ’68, Mark ’71 and John ’70

Uncle to Joseph ’98, (wife Nina 2000), John ’94, Jason ’00, Janea ’96

Tony Plebani

Passed away on December 31, 2022

Husband to Leslie Radigan ’91

Brother-in-law to Michael Radigan ’96

Leslie Pruitt

Passed on October 6, 2022

Father to Dawn Pruitt Ripley ’78 and Sarah ’80

James Riordan ’60

Passed away January 4, 2023

Mike Salata ’81

Brother to Debbie ’79, Walter ’82, Cynthia ’83 and Lenore ’86

In Celebration

Charles Starzynski ’70

Brother to Lorraine ’67 (dec)

Martha Swink

Passed away on December 22, 2022

Mother of Michele Swink-Donah ’77

Sister to Charlene Knipfing ’60 and Joni Barabe ’64

Patrick Wehling

Passed away September 22, 2022

Father to Patrick ’66, Mary ’68, Joseph ’72, Christopher ’74 and Matthew ’77

If you would like us to remember the passing of an alumni or family member, please email:

Andrew Muhlberger ’14 and Caitlin Fattor ’14 were married on December 30, 2022, at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Albuquerque, NM. SPX Alumni in the wedding party include Evan Muhlberger ’21, Jared Salas ’14, Kristin (Fattor) Rivera ’10, Julie (Giannini) Calvert ’14, Amanda Sanchez ’14, and Arial DeHerrera ’14. Andrew is a Biochem Research Technician at Los Alamos National Laboratory, and Caitlin is an Oncology RN at the UNM Cancer Center and will be graduating with her MBA, from UNM, in May 2023. Andrew is the son of Joe Muhlberger ’78 and Linda Muhlberger. Caitlin is the daughter of Steve Fattor ’79 and former SPX math teacher, Teri Fattor.

Ben Walden ’18 and Liz Wolfgang were married on June 4, 2022, at St. Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church in Albuquerque, NM. SPX Alumni in the wedding party include Larry Walden III ’13, Peter Walden ’14, and Matthew Walden ’22. Ben and Liz both work at St. Pius X High School. Ben is the school’s Media Specialist, while Liz is an English teacher. Ben is the son of Larry Walden Jr. and Abigail Walden. Liz is the daughter of Peter and Leslie Wolfgang. Ben and Liz are expecting their first child in July.

If you would like us to honor an alumni celebration please

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