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SARREID LTD. Sarreid Ltd has long made it our business to traverse the globe, seeking out master craftspeople to source the extraordinary and one-of-a-kind. Indeed, for more than half a century, taste-makers, designers, builders and architects have turned to Sarreid for the exceptional— Our new collection is sure to please all of the above. Choose from our extensive assortment of over 200 styles, many of which are in stock and ready to ship within 48 hours. At Sarreid, we value superior design, quality and service that will stand the test of time, so whether it is a classic silhouette or a more dramatic statement piece, this collection has come together to serve any design ethos.


Chest of Drawers #53433 48"w x22"d x 38"h

French Inspired

Coming Soon


Woven Front

Coming Soon

Woven Front Chest of Drawers #53432 36"w x18"d x 32"h

SARREID LTD. Coffee Table #53423 58"w x30"d x 18"h

Console Table #53424 70"w x18"d x 32"h

Ship Wood & Iron

Coming Soon

Dining Table #53425 90"w x40"d x 30"h

Sarreid Ltd.

Bench #53346 26"w x 18"d x 20"h

Side Table #53357 25"w x 25"d x 26"h

Side Table #53354 26"w x 18"d x 25"h

King Bed #53328 82"w x 83"d x 67"h

The VINEYARD Collection

Coming Soon

Chest #53347 47"w x 18"d x 32"h

Sarreid Ltd.

Asher 9 Drawer Sideboard #53499 67"w x 19"d x 35"h

Asher End Table #53501 30"w x 19"d x 30"h

Asher 3 Drawer Commode #53500 30"w x 19"d x 30"h

Asher 4 Door Sideboard #53503 67"w x 19"d x 35"h


Coming Soon

Asher Console #53502 67"w x 19"d x 30"h


Bauhaus Bedside Table #53418 24"w x 16"d x 24"h

Bauhaus Chest of Drawers #53372 40"w x 19"d x 35"h

The BAUHAUS Collection

Coming Soon

Bauhaus Bedside Table #53419 24"w x16"d x 24"h


Side Table #53301 22"w x28"d x 24"h

New Side tables

Coming Soon

Night Stand #53291 20"w x14"d x 28"h


Rectangular Dining Table #U188-AS08 108"w x 40"d x 30"h

Cortina White

Coming Soon

Rectangular Dining Table #U022-AS08 108"w x 40"d x 30"h


Bugatti Arm Chair Swivel #53469 32"w x 29"d x 33"h

Leather Swivel Chairs

Coming Soon

Baker Arm Chair Swivel #53468 31"w x 38"d x 38"h


Leather Swivel Arm Chair #53470 30"w x 28"d x 31"h

Leather Swivel Chairs

Coming Soon

The Taft Lounge Chair, Swivel #53467 32"w x 30"d x 33"h


Amelia Dining Table 53268 82"w(closed)100"w(open)


37"d x 31"h

Hudson Console 53466 73"w x 16"d x 31"h

Chantal Console Table 53270 93"w x 18"d x 36"h

Theo Buffet 53283 67"w x 18"d x 35"h


Gustave Sideboard 53271 72"w x 18"d x 35"h

SARREID LTD. Otto Document Commode 53269 48"w x 20"d x 37"h

Saint Entrance Sideboard 53267 53"w x 15"d x 34"h

Oak Dining Table 53056 84"w x 37"d x 31"h

Weathered Driftwood

Hector Coffee Table 53274 55"w x 26"d x 18"h


Old Barnwood Cocktail Table 53369 36"dia x 18"h

Stuben Bench 53370 80"w x 21"d x 18"h

Tambour Drum Table 53198 15"dia x 24"h Tribal Square Centre Table 53365 36"w x 36"d x 18"h


Tribal Round Centre Cocktail Table 53366 36"dia x 18"h


Stacked Cocktail Table 53464 55"w x 26"d x 18"h

Lola Sideboard 53406 74"w x 18"d x 24"h Marble Top Two Drawer 53231 31"w x 18"d x 26"h

Grey + White

Ezra Sideboard 53461 71"w x 18"d x 34"h


Brooks Demilune 53404 63"w x 20"d x 45"h

Wrenn Credenza 53411 58"w x 16"d x 36"h

Stone Grey + Brown

Ribbon 2 Door Sideboard 53413 42"w x 19"d x 36"h


Dinner With Friends Dining Table 53367 54"dia x 30"h

Missone Console Table 53384 72"w x 19"d x 32"h

Diamonte Console Table 53386 63"w x 18"d x 32"h


Garden Sideboard 53020,53021 96"w x 12"d x 43"h

Madigan Sideboard 53412 64"w x 18"d x 38"h

SARREID LTD. Becket Sideboard 53410 74"w x 20"d x 33"h

Diamond Sideboard 53402 40"w x 18"d x 37"h

Ashton Sideboard 53460 67"w x 20"d x 34"h

Door Designs

Reese Sideboard 53416 72"w x 18"d x 32"h


Vineyard Service Side Table 72-269 22"w x 12"d x 24"h

The Vineyard Dining Table 78-192 60"w x 60"d x 30"h

Vineyard Low Country Cocktail Table 73-199 54"w x 28"d x 19"h

Vineyard Expanse Dining Table 78-191 42"w(closed)_ 64"w(open) x 32"d x 30"h

The Vineyard Collection Vineyard Cross Side Table 72-267 18"w x 26"d x 25"h

Vineyard Viceroy Console Table 77-175 54"w x 14"d x 34"h


Hollis Sideboard 53415 80"w x 19"d x 33"h

Hollis Commode 53414 42"w x 16"d x 31"h

Amalia TV Stand 53417 65"w x 17"d x 24"h

Quinn Sideboard 53409 91"w x 20"d x 32"h

Pattern Play

Argyle Sideboard 53405 71"w x 18"d x 30"h


Reese Side Table 53442 15"w x 10"d x 24"h

Rose Side Table, Left 53441L 20"w x 18"d x 33"h

Kristina TV Stand 53443 32"w x 20"d x 37"h

Rose Side Table, Right 53441R 20"w x 18"d x 33"h

Ruby Side Table 53440 15"dia x 24"h

Antique White Connor Glass Front Sideboard 53453 94"w x 20"d x 34"h

SARREID LTD. Dining Table 53226 89"w x 39"d x 30"h

French Sideboard 53285 67"w x 19"d x 35"h

Looks Like an Antique 53233 42"dia x 30"h

Beacon Hill Display Case 53232 88"w x 17"d x 85"h


Saber Leather Ottoman 53394 40"w x 33"d x 17"h

Lyon Sideboard 53234 87w x 22"d x 32"h

SARREID LTD. Connor Sideboard 53459 63"w x 20"d x 35"h

Stefano 2 Door Commode 53444 32"w x 18"d x 37"h

Luis Four Door Commode 53445 32"w x 18"d x 37"h

Xander 5 Drawer Commode 53446 37"w x 21"d x 33"h

Connor Bookcase 53451 113"w x 22"d x 103"h

Natural Pine

Connor Cocktail Table 53454 42"w x 42"d x 18"h

SARREID LTD. Le Gris Sideboard 53205 90"w x 14"d x 36"h

Classic Chinese Coffee Table 53094 39"w x 39"d x 18"h

Arlo Bench 53403 61"w x 19"d x 36"h Harper Glass Front Bookcase 53450 97"w x 15"d x 101"h

Cool Tones

French Sideboard 53086 87"w x 22"d x 32"h


Ecole Coffee Table 53383 48"w x 23"d x 18"h

Metz Marble Console Table 53389 72"w x 16"d x 32"h Maxwell Sideboard 53449 55"w x 14"d x 43"h

Natural Mix

Burns Wall TV Console 53091 99"w x 19"d x 32"h


Lennox Chest of Drawers 53392 76"w x 22"d x 40"h

Lennox Night stand 53163 30"w x 18"d x 30"h


Lennox Console 53393 64"w x 18"d x 33"h

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New Product Portfolio 2021  

New Product Portfolio 2021