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How to Convert P DF to Word/RTF for free?

Nemo P D F to Word offers an completely free and easy way to accurately convert PDF files to Word/RTF in seconds. After download and installation, launch the Nemo PDF to Word and learn how to convert PDF to Word/RTF by using the follow steps. How to convert PDF to Word/RTF? Step 1. I mport PD F files Click Add F iles button to load your target PDF file(s) into the program. The file information like file size and pages will be listed once imported. Note:You can click Remove or Clear to remove the imported files.

Step 2. Make settings

Under Output, you can specify the page range, select output file format and output path. Note: You can click the Settings button to make more settings.

Step 3. Covert PD F to Word Click the Convert button to start converting the PDF files to Word/RTF.

Note: 1. During conversion, the Convert button will be changed to Stop button. You can stop converting anytime by clicking the Stop button. 2. When the conversion completes, a dialog box will pop up. You can view the generated PDF files directly by clicking Open F ile or Open Folder on it.

How to convert encrypted PDF fi les?

If your PDF files are encrypted, it will pop up a dialog box for password immediately after importing it. You can load and convert the secured file normally after inputting the correct password on the text box as follows:

How to convert certain pages of multi-page PDF fi les? If you want to convert partial pages from large PDF files, you need to type the page numbers in the text box with comma separated. For example enter 3, 7-9, 15, 19 to convert page 3, page 7-9, page 15, and page 19.

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How to Convert PDF to Word-RTF for free  

How to convert PDF to Word/RTF? Click Add Files button to load your target PDF file(s) into the program. The file information like file size...