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It is very important for you to keep your software protected and up to date. Every time you update a new operating system it is vital to have a strong password for your windows. You never know who are trying to get inside your system or your files so having enough knowledge on windows 8 password reset. Here are some old and new features of Windows 8 that will keep your operating system safe from praying eyes: One of the methods that you can use for resetting your password is through traditional text password. This type of password is composed of symbols, numbers and letters that you can mix and combine. The stronger your password is the better protected your PC is. The typical password should have at least 8 characters or more and it should be scrambled so it becomes harder to guess. Never ever use birthdays, anniversaries and even car numbers as passwords as this are easier to hack. Make sure to have a back up when resetting your password in case that you lose it, giving you a chance to recover it in the future. If you don't you might end up looking for other means such as using a third party software that has a password recovery feature like the Windows Password Unlocker. Graphical password log-on is another great option for windows 8 password reset. What is this system all about? This is a system logon mode in which users can use a 4 x 4 array and place a picture to be recognized by the system that will automatically reset the password. This is a feature that allows that users to use the complete touch operation. This feature offers better security compared to the traditional text password. Another thing that you can try in resetting your password is to use a Facial Log-on. This method requires authentication that will use your personal characteristics. Such is harder to hack and samples of this technology include biometrics. This will require the physical presence of the owner of the account as it runs an automatic scan. In this type of technology there is no need for the password and the user name. In cases of password loss, you can always use your fingerprint to unlock the system. The upcoming windows 8 will have the capacity to detect who is using the PC by the use of facial recognition system. Windows 8 offers better features when it comes to password protection and other benefits. It supports mobile ARM processors and system-on-a-chip. It also has a Microsoft app store built in-access and better support system when it comes to faster start time for 3D technology. There are also online reviews and other tips that you can check to understand the technology and operating system better. Windows password recovery is a practice that you must have if you wish to survive the online world and avoid online frauds such as identity theft and other cyberspace nightmares. Keep yourself armed and protected with a password that is hard to guess and impossible to hack.

Resetting windows 8 password: Protect your PC Better  

It is very important for you to keep your software protected and up to date. Here are some old and new features of Windows 8 that will keep...

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