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“You don’t start out writing good stuff. You start out writing crap and thinking it’s good stuff, and then gradually you get better at it. That’s why I say one of the most valuable traits is persistence.” ― Octavia E. Butler

Introduction In January 1908, Ethel Hedgeman Lyle put us all on a journey to a better future when she envisioned our beloved sorority on the campus of Howard University. One hundred thirteen years later, a lot has changed, but the mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated -- to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women to improve their social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind remains the same. To say 2020 was a challenging year would be, well, a dramatic understatement. The fight against Covid-19, the battle for criminal justice reform, the courage of women to call out sexual harassment and assault are just a few of the things that have taken centerstage in our world. For women of color, the past year also showed us great examples of our continued journey to the highest levels of success in government, industry, science, sports, and entertainment. The South Atlantic Region Directory of Book Authors features stories of success, hope, inspiration, love, and triumph over tragedy written by Alpha Kappa Alpha women in the South Atlantic Region. These stories are not only a testament to the validity of our mission, but also to who we are as individuals. We get our strength from our faith in God, our trust in each other, and our determination to make the world a better place. We know that we can move mountains and will rise above all challenges with passion, vision, and determination to overcome obstacles. It is my distinct honor and privilege to introduce you to this incredible resource, and I hope you find these stories as helpful, fulfilling, and lifeaffirming as I do! Sisterly and Sincerely,

Soror Carolyn G Randolph South Atlantic Regional Director

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Capital Sins

Cheryl Mattox Berry Pi Delta Omega · Cluster 1

I’ve been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil. It was a form of entertainment and escape. My love of history and desire to tell stories about women overcoming obstacles to pursue their dreams prompted me to start writing novels. I met so many interesting people during my career as a journalist, and I’ve woven their stories into my novels.

Abandon House Niche Caldwell

Phi Pi Omega · Cluster 5 I love to write fiction and tell our stories with a bit of a twist, mystery and romance. There’s always love in the midst of tragedy and I love to explore that in my writing.


Casey Curry

Gamma Theta Omega · Cluster 2 I found that there was a dearth of stories exploring and celebrating the lived experiences of African Americans. In the slice of narrative space our boundless stories are relegated to, there was an abundance of pathos, gratuitous sex, and crime. We have amazingly complex stories and I wanted to share tales that were not youth driven, but that spoke to many ages and had elements of love, history, and faith.

Spaghetti Junction Drena Gantt

Nu Lamba Omega · Cluster 5 I wanted to write a book about race relations that would be gut wrenching, raw, motivational and so inspiring that it would pierce the heart and soul of my readers. I wanted to write a story that would illustrate why the world needs love instead of hate.


Endearing Qualities of an Indestructible Mother

Kimberly Hughes

Nu Lambda Omega · Cluster 5 This work of realistic fiction is inspired by people, places and experiences I have encountered. It is a collection of short stories about mothers and mother-figures as told through the eyes of those whom they have birthed-biologically or by love! Each story reveals an “endearing quality” of the “Indestructible Mother” that has positively impacted those around them.

A Gentle Whisper Kathy Koonce

Pearls of Service-Collier County, Florida and Interest Group of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority, Inc. A desire to encourage imperfect people living in an imperfect world.

Losing Control

Althea Lawton-Thompson Upsilon Alpha Omega · Cluster 5

After years of working as an executive in corporate America, I chose to be a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. To relieve the stress of caring for a toddler and a newborn, I started writing a fictional story, loosely based on some of the things I’d witnessed in my corporate work life, as women of color fought to climb the corporate ladder. I waited more than 10 years to publish the novel because I was... scared? embarrassed? I don’t know what I was afraid of, because readers have fallen in love with the characters and the story.

A Matter of Choice Richelle Lorde

Gamma Zeta Omega · Cluster 1 I was inspired to write this fiction novel to engage an audience of readers. This literary discovery provides an opportunity to enjoy the choices and changes of life seen through the eyes of the main character. It also allows each reader the advantage of taking a retrospective look into their own lives. Many of the events within the lives of characters found in this fictional tale could seemingly mirror our own. Because choices and chances come so distinctively in life, we should make note of them and at the same time make the most of them. It’s all A Matter of Choice.


Fact or Fiction

Dr. Alfriciquea H. Major Beta Zeta Omega · Cluster 6

As a survivor of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV), I felt that my story could help others. I went through so much turmoil in my first marriage, but I stayed for the sake of the kids; not knowing I was doing more damage than good. I feel that if my story helps at least one person, it was not in vain! Although it is my true story, I chose to write it as fiction because I felt it would reach a larger audience; hence, the title. When God brought my king into my life and I told him of the things I endured, he encouraged me to put my English degree to use and share my story with the world to be an inspiration to others.

Monday Morning Joy Tia McCollors

Tau Epsilon Omega · Cluster 5 Real women. Real lives. A real God. I’m inspired to write inspirational stories that appeal to women of faith. I realize that women enjoy stories about our real life experiences, our struggles, our victories and even a tasteful romance. I not only want my readers to be entertained between the pages, but to be drawn to the love of our Heavenly Father. Monday Morning Joy is my latest book in the Days of Grace series.

Missing Picture Jennifer Taylor

Pi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 I’ve been a storyteller for as long as I can remember. I love putting my imagination on paper for the entertainment of others. I was inspired by my mother to write as a small child. Later in life after becoming a mother, I was inspired to write for my children. My writing blossomed into writing for others. It is my dream that the world will one day be entertained by my trilogy, Missing Picture, One Who is Loved and At What Cost. I’m very proud to have written a trilogy and to have developed a fan base that looks forward to my writing.

Hamburg’s Hybrid Sarah L Thomas

Chi Tau Omega · Cluster 5 Listening to stories about my ancestors and others in my community inspired me to write this book.


A Life that Mattered Diann Price Williams Gamma Nu Omega · Cluster 7

The death of my brother who had no wife or children inspired me to leave a positive legacy for him and to help my family move past their anger stage of grief. He was bipolar and was living in a metal storage unit at his death. His life mattered and my desire is to make everyone know how much he mattered. “A Life That Mattered” is a tribute to him.

I am My Sister’s Keeper Kilene C. Williams

Zeta Rho Omega · Cluster 1 I believe that love is a choice. I was blessed to be with my adoptive parents since I was five-months old. My mother, a Soror, was an English teacher. I have loved writing since I was a young child. I grew up an only child, yet I was blessed with true sister-friends in life. This truth is what fueled my desire to write this novel. My book, I Am My Sister’s Keeper, is a work of fiction centered around four women. Two of the women are sisters and two are true sister-friends. Through all of life’s challenges, ebbs and flows, the story reminds us to pay attention to who is really there for you in the trenches to help you rise again like the phoenix.


“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” — Virginia Woolf


Disruptive Elevation Stephanie D. Barnes Pi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5

I wrote this book to inspire other women to get back up when they fall off their horse...and get kicked by it. Life does not always go as planned, or as it should.


My Journey Living in Latin America

Stephanie Claytor

Omicron Kappa Omega · Cluster 2 I wrote “Blacktrekking: My Journey Living in Latin America” to inspire more black Americans to travel and/or live abroad. I had a hard time finding books that shared the experience of black women living abroad. Also, I wanted to educate others about the black communities that I visited in Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

Dear Young Woman Stephanie Cooper

Zeta Iota Omega · Cluster 3 I want to inspire women of all ages to never give up on God’s plan working in their lives.


Little Big Change

Tracey Fisher

Upsilon Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 “In the summer of 2020, I was convinced by friends that my voice, education, experience and expertise could help bring to light the deep connections between political engagement, equity, and authentic system change. The deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor were horrific. Millions of peaceful protesters marched in support of police reform, and against racism, despite a raging pandemic. The political climate in America was also beyond divisive. Familiar with my doctoral research, writing, and political activism, those dear friends suggested that I write a book to help ‘build bridges’ toward proactive conversation and action as my contribution to inspiring change. ----Dr. Tracey S. Fisher, PhD

Flight Paths to Success Raelyn Holmes

Psi Pi Omega · Cluster 1 The interview questions captured in “Flight Paths to Success: Career Insights from Women Leaders In Aerospace” provide a unique walk down memory lane, with spot lights on moments along my flight path. As a contributing author to the book, who was unaware of the identities of other contributors prior to release, this book has become a visual reminder of how wonderous we are... and how small this aerospace industry is... I should know, having worked with and admired many of the women leaders featured on these pages.

Egregious Acts

Dr. LaKeacha Jett

Psi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 I was inspired to write this book to help people who have experienced a traumatic event, overcome the trauma, and gone on to live a happy life.


...In Faith

Dr. Latara O. Lampkin Boule · Cluster 4

I am inspired by a belief that we have a spiritual responsibility to help encourage others experiencing challenges in areas where their faith is being tested.

Overcoming Barries for Women of Color in STEM Fields Pamela M. Leggett-Robinson Psi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5

Broadening participation for women of color in STEM is social equity work. My time, energy, and passion has consistently focused on the development and empowerment of Black women in STEM. Overcoming Barriers for Women of Color in STEM Fields is a composite of storytelling and reflections of the transformations that Black women in STEM undergo while navigating the “chilly” landscape. The journey in STEM as a Black woman is similar to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar; the process is dark at times, but what lies on the other side is beautiful. As a STEM professional, I wanted to help guide other women through the process and show them their STEM beauty on the other side.

The Chronicles of Women in White Coats 2 Crystal Smith Maxwell Eta Alpha Omega · Cluster 8


I wanted to share insights into why I became a physician and how being a patient and losing someone to heart disease impacted me as a physician. I hope to help others understand the human side of physicians and inspire young girls and women to do anything they want to do in life.

Are You a Prepositional Phrase? Yvonne M. McShay

Omicron Kappa Omega · Cluster 2 In the summer of 2010, after working in the community for two decades, I realized there were many African Americans that loved and believed in the Northwest Lakeland community. Because they were not getting the formal recognition their efforts deserved, I wanted to create something that honored the Northwest Lakeland residents contributions and create a space where readers could go to learn our local history. I wanted to give members of the community a glimpse of the past and present with an invitation to continue the conversation about the future.

Yea, Lord! Moving in the Spirit Mozella Mitchell

Boule Member · Cluster 1 I was inspired to write the book in light of my 50 years preaching anniversary in 2020. I wanted to examine those 50 years of service as a preacher in the African Methodist Episcopal Zion ministry and a scholar in the Church and university, how I was led into this dual profession, how I survived in it as a black woman, how social movements and changes in the society impacted my life and ambitions, and most of all how God was always guiding , directing, and sustaining me , as well as enabling me to achieve His purposes for my life, thereby getting the glory out of my life for the good of my family, others, friends, and the church and society. As I accepted my role as a divine instrument, only God could have enabled me to adjust to the rapid changes taking place from one decade to another in the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, the Black Power Movement, and the Black Womanist Movement in all of which I was very active.

Fertile Ground Stacy S Stanton

Gamma Sigma Omega · Cluster 6 Having endured five years of infertility prior to having my first son, telling my story represented a catharsis for me and hope for other mothers experiencing similar challenges.


Mashed Potatoes in My Salad Eunice l. Sykes

Psi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 I was asked to write someone’s dementia caregiver story because there were lessons to share. Little did I know the book would bless me more than I anticipated as I started my own Alzheimer’s caregiver journey while marketing and speaking nationally on this topic. My own caregiver story is told in a subsequent book available 4/2021.


Sheila Thomas

Kappa Eta Omega · Cluster 4 I was inspired to write my book, W.A.I.T.: Women Anticipating Incredible Turnaround because I wanted to share my story with women about how God transformed my life. I hope that reading this book motivates them to persevere and trust God when life gets hard.

Right Girl’s Battle with Breast Cancer Dr. Patrice C. Ward

Gamma Theta Omega · Cluster 2 I have written this book to inspire those who have breast cancer, have loved ones who do, or otherwise know of someone who does. This book will encourage and inspire you on the journey to recovery. Each chapter in this book is supported by scripture to challenge you to trust God, who is the source of all comfort.

Chronicling Stankonia Regina N. Bradley

Rho Zeta Omega · Cluster 5 As a southern black woman who studies hip hop culture, I was frustrated with the lack of scholarships available about southern hip hop. I was inspired to write this book because I saw a need to include the south in a long-standing conversation about hip hop culture’s influence on American society.


Children’s Literature

Shift Agents: Bee Confident Wenona Arline

Mu Delta Omega · Cluster 8 It is my goal to encourage young girls to find their own voice in the sea of many voices. I want to strengthen young girls to be confident in their decisions and resilient in their efforts. Those young ladies should never give up on themselves and love themselves enough to fall forward. You can do hard things, trust your inner voice, and step out by faith in your future!


Sarina Babb

Gamma Theta Omega · Cluster 2 Witnessing both mother’s and mother-in-law’s sweet and lighthearted approach to becoming grandmothers for the first time inspired me to write this children’s board book. Raising two young children of color served as an added inspiration since there were storyboard books available with children of color as lead characters. Since literature is one of the most significant ways for kids to learn about themselves and the world around them, I felt it was essential to produce a book that would help with the content deficit for children of color.

Brown Like Me Andrea Caine

Mu Delta Omega · Cluster 8 Andrea Caine was inspired to write Brown Like Me during the pandemic, while racial injustices were at an all time high. She wanted to write something that gives children hope, that shows brown lives are beautiful, magical and are just as valuable as anyone’s.

When Love Walked the Earth Eva Harley Chiphe

Upsilon Sigma Omega · Cluster 7


I was inspired to write my book, When Love Walked The Earth: An African Myth, because I wanted children to see a glimpse of what Africa had to offer the world. To motivate their interest to research and delve further into the historical, beauty, and riches of Africa.

The Talented Triangle Gaye Elizabeth Corbin Sigma Alpha Omega · Cluster 1

I was inspired to write this book after taking a Children’s Literature class during my undergraduate studies at Clark Atlanta University.

Adventures with Mariah Alysse Daniels

Nu Lambda Omega · Cluster 5 To expose children to African and Pan African history in a fun way while inspiring reading and exploration through diverse representation.

Super Jacob

Latoya Smith Farmer General Member · Cluster 5

As a school counselor I spend a lot of time helping little ones understand their feelings, but I wasn’t compelled to write my emotional health children books until I started working with children that were affected by trauma. My stories are designed to provide children with the techniques they need to understand and manage their emotions.

Animal in Our World (A-Z) Michelle René Gordon Nu Iota Omega · Cluster 2

I love to travel, I love animals, and I love poetry. Writing Animals In Our World: A - Z was a great way to marry these passions into one book and introduce children to what I love. I wanted a fun way to open children up to learning about new animals and new parts of the world, so they can step outside of their community and virtually travel the globe.


Help Me to Pray Taronda Hall

Sigma Omega Omega · Cluster 5 As I Pastor, I often hear adults say that they do not know how to pray. While watching my two-year-old granddaughter learn a mealtime prayer, I thought it would be easier to talk to God if we learned to do so at an early age. I was moved to write a book of children’s prayers in hopes of instilling the spiritual discipline of prayer early in life. I used illustrations inspired by photos of my own children and granddaughter because I also thought it was important to continue to create books so that children of color see themselves in the stories. My hope is that this book may also lead adults who are uncomfortable talking to the God of Creation into meaningful conversations.

God’s Promise

Monica Williams Harris Gamma Theta Omega · Cluster 2

My husband and I adopted our son in 2015. We knew we would share with him how our family was created, but wanted to do so through books. However, we were unable to find diverse children’s books explaining the concept of adoption, so I made a decision to write one. “God’s Promise” is not just for adoptive parents and adoptees, but is for any child or family who wants to explain the diverse ways a family is created. In fact, the word ‘adoption’ is not used. “God’s Promise” led to me to write “Forever Isaac: God’s Special Gift” and I am currently working on my third book, which I wrote with my son.

Magical Girl

Dorisha Hinson

Gamma Rho Omega · Cluster 3 This book was written to inspire young black girls to know just how powerful they are !


25 Candy Canes for Jesus Monica C. Jones TEO · Cluster 5

The Book is about the need for our children to see Jesus as the true purpose of Christmas; introduce sharing as a part of celebrating His Birthday

Valerie’s New Friend Andrea Lewis

Nu Lambda Omega · Cluster 5 “Valerie’s New Friends is the story of my childhood growing up as the only Black girl in my neighborhood. It is a children’s book that explores racial differences, resilience, and friendship. As I present at conferences and interact with parents and children across the country, I am amazed at the number of children still experiencing the same unwelcoming behavior from peers as I did growing up in the 70s and 80s. A teaching guide and lesson plans are included to assist educators in introducing concepts of diversity in the elementary school classroom.

If You Give a Girl a Passport Dr. Shakira Lynn

Iota Psi Omega · Cluster 5 I was inspired to write this book through my travels throughout the world. I wanted to take the reader on different adventures to learn about culture and to explore activities on all of the continents. This book, written during the COVID 19 pandemic, gives the reader an opportunity to travel in a time where most people do not own a passport. It keeps the reader engaged and encourages readers young and old to explore and travel internationally.


Guess What? I was Adopted Dr. June P. Murray

In this special picture book, little Christopher tells the story of his adoption and how excited he was to share it with others. Following the story, the author included a special note for adoptive parents

If Kamala Can...

Norkesha Muhammad-Garrett Boule Member · Cluster 5

As an educator with more than two decades experience in the elementary school setting, I became increasingly concerned that many of the students I served were not seeing themselves or their experiences in the books they read or are exposed to in the classroom. In some programs, there were even more animals than characters of color. In 2020, I decided to work towards changing that narrative, and when Vice President Kamala Harris was elected to be the the first black female Vice President, I knew that this had to be documented for all children! As a Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha, I am definitely proud, but I am even more excited about the message of possibility for students all over the country.

Love Beyond the Bars Khalia S Preyer

Phi Pi Omega · Cluster 5 I always wanted to use the traumatic impact from growing up with an incarcerated parent to mentor and support children of incarcerated parents. It is my desire that this book is used as a tool and resource for my sons as they grow to know and love an incarcerated grandparent.

The Magical Cupcake Blanket Terri Rainey

General Member · Cluster 5


As a school counselor I spend a lot of time helping little ones understand their feelings, but I wasn’t compelled to write my emotional health children books until I started working with children that were affected by trauma. My stories are designed to provide children with the techniques they need to understand and manage their emotions.

Trees Have Lots of Friends Mazella D. Smith

Eta Eta Omega · Cluster 1 I was inspired by my great granddaughter, Kailynn. When we would go for a walk, she would ask all kinds of questions about the birds and the trees. This book is dedicated to her.

J. R.’s Biggest Fan

Sheila Thomas

Kappa Eta Omega · Cluster 4 My inspiration for writing J.R.’s Biggest Fan was because of the love I have for my sons. I have always been my son’s greatest supporter and encouraged them to always believe in themselves. I wanted to share this message with other parents and their children to help build their child’s selfesteem.

My Pineapple Eyes

Dr. Chiquetta Thompson Gamma SIgma Omega · Cluster 6

African American children are three times more like to have a food allergy than other ethnic groups. One of my children suffered and was my inspiration for the book.


Whitney Jai Thompson General Member

My two-year-old niece, Olivia Jai, inspired me to write Livi-Jai and the Not so Ordinary Routine. The pandemic caused so many changes in our everyday routine. Olivia is too young to remember what life was like before the pandemic. Years from now, when things are back to “normal,” she won’t even remember any of the things that happened during the pandemic. I wanted to create something special to use as a conversation piece for everyone to remember this not-soordinary historical experience for years to come.


“Read a thousand books, and your words will flow like a river.” - Lisa See

Short Story

“I think all writing is a disease. You can’t stop it.” — William Carlos Williams

The Move

(Aging Beauties and Their Untold Stories) Kesha Lanette Hayes

General Member - South Atlantic Region Cluster 7 My love for the elderly who I call “Aging Beauties” inspired me to write this book. There are so many challenges they face and not many people to voice concerns on their behalf. I wanted to use this platform to speak of those concerns and give back to those who once cared for us, which is our Greatest Generation. The book also starts a conversation about what we all need to do to plan for the future and how to look deeper inside what our older adults and families caring for them face. We are better together when we build futures and connect generations.


“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” - Terry Pratchett


“If the book is true, it will find an audience that is meant to read it.” — Wally Lamb

Reflections of Me Sarah F Wilburn Nu Lambda Omega Cluster 5

I lost my job and I was inspired by God to write my experiences in poetry.


“You can always edit a bad page. You can’t edit a blank page.” - Jodi Picoult

Cookbooks & Nutrition

“Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly.” — Franz Kafka

The Daniel Fast

Ashley Shepard aka Chef Ashley Shep General Member · Cluster 5

A few years back as I was walking out of the sanctuary of my church, I heard one of the ushers say they had no idea what they were going to eat during our Daniel Fast. As a chef and meal time strategist, I saw an opportunity to bring people closer to God through food. During our Daniel Fast, I invited others to complete my creation: The Daniel Fast 21 Day Food and Faith Challenge. It included weekly meal plans, recipes, and grocery shopping lists as well as daily devotionals. At first thought, food and faith might not seem similar. However, through the challenge, the participants shared just how much they were able to focus on the purpose of the fast: their faith. For me, hosting the challenge helped me to see that food could be my ministry. I helped people get physically fed so they could get spiritually fed. In December, the challenge was converted to a book to give relevant daily devotionals to those completing the Daniel Fast. The book is also available at BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, and Walmart.com. I am thankful that God chose me to help others grow closer to Him through food.


“Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” — Louis L’Amour

Health & Nutrition

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” - Maya Angelou

Buddy’s Big Guy Guidebook Big Sis’ Guide to Growing Up

Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett

Alpha Alpha Epsilon Omega · Cluster 6 I have found that the subject of puberty is difficult for preteens and their parents to embrace. Especially Moms of boys. Most of the current introductory resources on this topic do not feature characters of color. It is necessary that children see characters that look like them to help them embark on this exciting time in their lives.

The Knotty Truth

Myra Michele George General Member · Cluster 1

I wrote this book because I want to empower others to take care of their own hair, like I did.

Understanding Mental Illness Dr. Marketa Wills

Alpha Alpha Theta Omega · Cluster 2 As psychiatrists, Dr. Carlin Barnes and I are both passionate about ending the stigma related to mental illness. We wanted to write a book to give people the knowledge and information to address mental illness head on and deal with it as it arises in family, friends and loved ones. We believe knowledge is power and we wanted to write a book for the masses to learn about these important and treatable conditions. Dr. Carlin Barnes is an active member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated as well.


“And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” - Sylvia Plath


Believing, Thinking & Speaking Serita Acker

Kappa Zeta Omega · Cluster 8 I am so excited to present my new book to you. I pray you will purchase a copy as you are led. I promise it will bless you. What is it about? It’s about growing into the mindset of believing God, thinking, and speaking life the royalty you are! It’s a topical search of scriptures and encouragement for you to find more of God’s Promises.

Deciding on Joy

Stephanie D. Barnes Pi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5

This book began as journal entries after my marriage of 21 years ended. I transformed it into an essay and shared it with a friend who encouraged me to turn it into a book. I wrote most of the book in Rome, Italy at her home!

The Light of My Shadows Brencia Kion Bienville

Upsilon Alpha Omega · Cluster 5


Inspiration for my book was prefaced by a myriad of dark, life changing events, some leaving me to escape with my life. I was raised by my single-parent mother in New Orleans, LA. witnessing and experiencing trauma at an early age, only to have these events compounded by unfortunate life choices, an abusive marriage, and heart wrenching divorce. My dark experiences and lessons learned not only allowed me to write my first book, “The Light of My Shadows: 10 Habits to Shine From the Inside Out”, but has allowed me to walk in a light so bright that all shadows now fall behind me, and I am able to motivate, encourage, and inspire those I encounter.

Positioned to Prevail:

A Woman’s Guide to achieve Resilience One Power Move at a Time

Natasha Brown

Tau Epsilon Omega · Cluster 5 My inspiration for writing my book was birth out of my obedience to God. For years, I prayed for a Women’s Leadership Institute so that I could coach women to live on purpose and to also position them to prevail at every level of their lives. I would intentionally write down everything I had to go through to become a better me. One morning during my prayer and meditation time, I asked God what was his will for me and what would he have me do with my everything I had written over the years. It was in that moment God said write a devotional. I heard it so clearly. That very day, God sent me a book coach and 6 months later, Positioned to Prevail: A Woman’s Guide to Achieve Resilience One Power Move at a Time was in the hands of so many women who believed in my purpose. Be Positioned to Prevail! Natasha M. Brown”

Released:7 Ways to God Heals after Divorce

Saundra Taylor Busby Omega Phi Omega · Cluster 3

My book, Released: 7 Ways God Heals After Divorce, was written for divorced women who desire to live an abundant life after a devastating season has occurred. I give women the tools they need to partner with God effectively, hold themselves accountable during their healing journey, and rebuild their lives. Not only will the women claim victory over their circumstances, but their families will benefit as well.


Reflections & Revelations Nolanna Carthen-Simon Tau Epsilon Omega · Cluster 5

My reason was love. It was my love for my family and others that compelled me to write and share my story. It is my hope that my transparency will serve as light to others who need to deal with their past, so that it will not negatively impact their future. The inspirational journal is meant to be used as a tool to support people as they deal with their emotions for healthier relationships and life. We all have issues and we need to do the work to deal with them intentionally so we can heal and fly!

Secrets of the 800+ Club Terrell Dinkins

Psi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 I attended a Wealth and Wine seminar in Atlanta and one of the presenters, who was a real estate agent, started soliciting membership for her credit repair multi-level marketing business. She seemed more interested in increasing membership to her business than helping people improve their credit score. People who have poor credit are vulnerable to such schemes. I decided after leaving the seminar that I would write a DIY self help book on raising your credit score above 800, since I had been an 800+ credit score club member for years! For those who want to know the secrets of getting and maintaining excellent credit, the process would be easy and painless after reading my book.


Andrea D Evans-Dixon Nu Beta Omega · Cluster 2


“I have discovered that intentional and purpose-filled living is essential to experience God’s best. As a multibusiness owner and multi-published author, many people often ask how do I manage life, business, and other responsibilities. The 13 principles in my book, Intentional, are what I live by, practice, and they have caused me to experience peace no matter what else is occurring in my life. My mission is to see everyone live the life that they desire and, most importantly, that they deserve!”

Black Girls Think for Themselves Quinn Gentry

General Member · Cluster 5 I wrote “Black Girls Think for Themselves” to introduce adolescent girls to a group of diverse black women who achieved great things against the odds. I selected women who had very difficult childhoods, and most of them struggled with a number of issues during the teenage years that girls today face. In order to adequately address the need for higher education, health threats, and related social and structural issues impacting adolescent girls, we must engage girls in positive discussions about their future choices and options by being more transparent about our own fears, failures, and frustrations as we pursue our goals as accomplished black women. This is the only hope we have for countering negative imageries and exchanges among black adolescent girls and women as portrayed in social media and reality TV.

When the Water Breaks Jacquelyn Marie Gilbert-Grant Gamma Sigma Omega · Cluster 6

After meeting a number of challenges in birthing my dreams and fulfilling my purpose in God, I was inspired to help others journey through the process of birthing their dreams. I equated it to the process of a woman birthing a child, and stared from conception to delivery. I shared a few of my experiences to allow the reader to know that, just as in pregnancy, there can be a few struggles along the way. This book is definitely written for women with a burning desire to birth their greatness into the world. There is nothing more fulfilling than a dream that has come to fruition or a purpose that has come to pass.

Self Explore, Self Restore

Gennifer Michelle Goodloe General Member · Cluster 1

The Self Explore, Self Restore guided self-care journal is an invitation to create a self-loving life on your own terms and on your own schedule. Each page includes a different journaling prompt, that offers you a chance to self-reflect on what’s important to you. I created this journal to help make self-care more accessible and practical for busy, caring people! As a licensed clinical social worker and private practice therapist, my hope is that Self Explore, Self Restore gives you space to take the lead on how you would like to write, draw and create a self care plan that is meaningful for you.


Living Your Extreme Destiny

Toni C Hughes

Sigma Upsilon Omega · Cluster 6 This work of realistic fiction is inspired by people, places and experiences I have encountered. It is a collection of short stories about mothers and mother-figures as told through the eyes of those whom they have birthed--biologically or by love! Each story reveals an “endearing quality” of the “Indestructible Mother” that has positively impacted those around them.

Doing Time

LaKeija Jackson

Omega Tau Omega · Cluster 8 After years of sharing dating experiences as a single Christian woman, I wrote an open love letter to other single Christian women to remain encouraged.

Inspiration for Your Journey Nicole E. Johnson

Sigma Omega Omega · Cluster 5 Award-winning author Nicole E. Johnson weaves faith with Scripture to highlight God’s wisdom in creating the paths laid out for each individual. The “Tip of the Day” presents a simple faith practice for daily meditation, and the prayer templates give a solid foundation to seek His will. The Inspiration for Your Journey short devotionals include journaling sections, and each chapter provides guidance to examine the bumps in the road as God walks beside you and strengthens you on your journey. Through moments of self-reflection, you will be inspired and challenged to deepen your relationship with your heavenly Father.

Dear Self, Please Forgive Me Tracie Johnson

Psi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 Depression and how I learned that lack of self love and self forgiveness was a strong contributing factor to that depression, covid layoffs, fear of self and future.



Raushannah Johnson Verwayne Tau Epsilon Omega · Cluster 5

As a clinical psychologist in private practice, I noticed a pattern of amazing accomplished women who were depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled. The common denominator was an absence of self-care. I then noticed that college students of overworked parents possessed similar traits which led me to first write Stress, Lies, and Vacancy: The Self-care Guide to Refill Your Empty Vessel (for women) then Overwhelmed: The Self-care Guide for College Students. As people of color, we get too comfortable with struggle and stress. There’s a better way to exist and I am passionate about sharing this “better way” with as many women and college students as possible.

From Trauma to Triumph Anissa Jones

Epsilon Omega Omega · Cluster 5 I needed to do the “work”. As a victim of abuse as a child, adolescent, and adult, I needed to share with others the work of healing that must be done in order to succeed in business. In my book, I share my story of abuse to millionaire in a truly transparent and vulnerable way. I also give encouragement and guidance to entrepreneurs, and those contemplating on starting a business, not to give up and embrace who you are. Imposter syndrome is real. Until we move into being our authentic self, we will won’t thrive or reach our full potential.


Rhonda McDaniel

Alpha Alpha Epsilon Omega · Cluster 6 The COVID-19 pandemic forced me to slow down, focus and get in alignment with my God given assignment to write my first book. RESET is a compilation of observations and reflections from everyday life encounters and experiences to help you RESET.

Mind as Well

Dr. Tamia A. McEwen Mind as Well is a journey from discovery of mental health condition to wellness recovery and beyond through healing and advocacy. It is an offering, an invitation, and a conversation of one woman making sense of her own life and wellness journey through reflection, revelation, research, poetry, and prose.


Pretty Girls Own Property Andrea Morgan

General Member · Cluster 3 I’m dedicated to making sure that Black women have smooth and successful real estate transactions and proper preparation is a significant factor in accomplishing that. My book is dedicated to significant women in my life, including my beloved Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

My Legacy Personal Planning Portfolio Chantel Mullen Kappa Omega · Cluster 5

I was inspired to write this book because my father passed away and I was literally left with a mess.

How to Write and Self-Publish Your Book for FREE with Amazon’s KDP Leslie E. Royal Lambda Epsilon Omega · Cluster 5

“I wrote this book because I believe there is an author in all of us. Each of us has a story to tell and no two stories are the same. Over my 25-year professional freelance writing career, I have had countless individuals share that they want to write their first book. Their primary dilemma is they just don’t know where to start. Many people feel like they don’t have the time to stop and pen the book they’ve always dreamed of writing. I’ve always had a love of reading. Because of my hectic schedule, I can’t read exhaustive books that have a few hundred pages. And when I’m doing research, just give me the essentials. The shorter the better. I considered this as I wrote this paperback. I figured that no one wants to read a 200-page book on HOW to write a book! Therefore, while being comprehensive, I focused on making it as short, simple and stress-free as possible. Think CliffsNotes for the super busy, too-much-on-my-plate, firsttime author! You will find that writing a book never got easier!”


Buffy the Spiritual Player Buffy Sanders

General Member · Cluster 1 I was inspired to write this book because as a little girl I always question the reality my family and I were born into. When I moved to Florida with my daughters, I discovered my choices I made out of fear or faith and love were always determining my destiny. I was awakened to see how every decision I made manifested where I am today. I discovered the terms manifesting and co-creating while trying to figure who I was.

New Mom Thoughts Ashley Shepard

General Member · Cluster 5 Just before the start of the COVID 19 pandemic in the United States, I realized that I had returned to work too soon. My maternity leave was up, but I didn’t quite feel like myself after being home for three-months with my son. After an unplanned c-section and trouble nursing, I didn’t recognize this new person I had become. I had all of these new mom thoughts swirling in my head but wasn’t sure how to process them. After searching and not finding exactly what I needed, I decided to write something for myself that spoke to my needs. It’s a 52 week guided journal to help get moms from week one to year one with their baby while focusing on themselves. Not only did it help me to work through my baby blues, but to date, it’s also helped almost 250 other women across the world have a place to store all of their thoughts to reflect on just how strong they are. The book is also available at BarnesandNoble.com, Amazon.com, and Walmart. com in two cover versions to fit each type of mommy.

Captured: The Inspirational Journal Michelle Singh

Pi Delta Omega · Cluster 1 The year 2020 was a time where I needed inspiration, hope, and purpose. It required me to be laser-focused on the positive. I needed certain tools and strategies to accomplish this. These included Bible scriptures, positive affirmations, and a weekly planner. As I entered into 2021, I knew I had to have these same tools and strategies to continue to walk in my purpose. That is when I got the idea to create Captured: The Inspirational Journal and Weekly Planner. It was necessary for me to weave together spiritual, inspirational, and the structure of a weekly plan, so I could have ultimate productivity and positivity each day.


A WOMAN’$ WORTH Reshell Smith

Alpha Kappa Alpha-Boule · Cluster 2 I was inspired to write this book by three things. One, I was working at a fortune 500 company with high net worth clients. The majority of my clients were white men. I wanted to help more women achieve their financial goals and empower them to get more involved in major financial decisions. Two, I am extremely passionate about promoting financial literacy. There are many books out that focus on financial literacy. However, I wanted to write one that was more relatable. My book is transparent and it includes stories and examples that many women can relate to. Finally, there is a huge wealth gap in America. I understand that we can’t reduce this gap by simply working harder. We must acquire assets like stocks and real estate in order to have a real shot at closing the gap. My book addresses many of the essentials we need to have in order before we can start to close the gap.

God’s Call for the Heart Carol Stevenson

Pi Alpha Omega · Cluster 5 “There is a desperate need for us to be the example of God and His love in the earth. We are sometimes so consumed with our own failures and difficulties we can not hear God speaking. We say we yield to the leading of God but a lot of times we are not even tuned in to His frequency. Our lack of consistency and growth in God is in direct correlation with our ability to yield our thoughts, what we see, what we hear and what we say to the truth in the word of God. God gave me this journal to help me and others spend the necessary time and embrace the necessary truths that we need to walk in victory. As we walk, we can help empower others for this is our mission in life.”

21 Days to Your Best Life Yet Leah A. Taylor

Eta Tau Omega · Cluster 3


I was inspired to write this book because I wanted to offer hope to people who have similar experiences to mine. I am someone who is thriving despite chronic illnesses, and I have done so even during Covid-19. I believe I am blessed to be a blessing, so I wanted to share the process that helped me.

Words Worth Writing Tara D. Turner

Pi Delta Omega · Cluster 1 After my mother reached the milestone of Silver Star Soror, I wanted her to have a place to record some of her best sorority memories. Journaling is also a way to keep the mind alert and the spirit healthy. Friends near and far are having Sincere and Rare journaling parties as a way to stay connected in a pandemic.

Dating While Waiting Sydra L. Weston

Delta Omicron Omega · Cluster 2 God and tears, mine and those of people I have mentored, inspired me the write this book. If I can prevent someone from making the mistakes I have made or the mistakes I have witnessed from others, I will. Hosea 4:6 says, “ My people perish for lack of knowledge,” we are not talking about “The Why” it is important to wait and showing teens ways to date and wait. For me I was told, “ Not until you get married”, but no one really explained “The Why”. In church we do not talk about dating, because it is not in the Bible, however the world is talking about it...and our teens are listening. As a Christian we have to change the narrative. We have to discuss it, so that we can equip our teens and young adults to navigate through it the right way, God’s way.


Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any. - Orson Scott