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SARCAN Spirit News for SARCAN employees

Spring 2018

Telemiracle 2018

The Saskatoon North Depot poses for a photo with Telemiracle’s on-air talent Read more on Page 10

Depots on the Move

Renovations and relocations in Humboldt, Canora, Wynyard and Gravelbourg Page 14-15

Indian Head Celebrates · Redvers Bounces Back · Eston Welcomes New Baby Unity Staffer Competes at Special Olympics· Employee Recognition Day 2017

Table of Contents Page 6 Employee Recognition Day Check out the 2017 long-term service award recipients in the categories of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years and retirees.

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Provincial Update The latest from Sean Collins and Kevin Acton.


Regional Feature Learn all about the North East part of the province with Cindy Ellacott.

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Hello from Indian Head

Depot Renovations

It was a busy 2017 for Indian Head, read all about it, including the SARCAN float they put in their summer parade!

Humboldt and Wynyard get brand new depots, Canora moves downtown and Gravelbourg expands in their current location.

20 Processing News The latest from Chris, Glenn and our pals from processing.

22 New Hires See who the latest members of the SARCAN family are by checking out our new hires section.

23 Customer Feedback We love it when our customers take the time to provide us with feedback about their SARCAN experiences.

2 SARCAN Spirit

Page 16 Perseverance Pays Off One year after Redvers experienced a slow-down in business, they have rebounded, bigger than ever!

The SARCAN Spirit is published twice annually for all SARCAN employees across the province. We would love to hear from you and your depot! To submit an article, please call, fax or email head office or talk to your regional manager.

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8 Million Strong The crew at the Saskatoon Bulk Collections/Audit Centre have about 8 million reasons to celebrate their latest milestone.

Spring 2018 3

Greetings from Head Office

Provincial Update

Learn about return rates, salvage market conditions, contract negotiations, new depot locations and Point of Sale and Drop & Go from SARCAN’s Directors

Greetings to team SARCAN across Saskatchewan! Winter is coming to an end and what a wild one we have had. We had another great year, recycling and diverting over 440 million containers from Saskatchewan landfills. Our return rates are over 85% and there were over 1,800,000 customer visits! Thank you to all of our teams at the depots and the plants for your hard work and dedication. Salvage markets for the material we recycle have either remained stable or improved over the last year. Markets for aluminum have remained strong and prices have steadily increased on our aluminum salvage over the fiscal year. Plastic prices have remained constant. We continue to produce high quality salvage materials from 4 SARCAN Spirit

our operations for our downstream markets. We are pleased to report that the depot operations manual is getting ready for roll-out in the next few months. SARCAN depots were expanded and relocated

in three communities - Wynyard, Canora and Humboldt. All of these depots moved to new facilities in the last few months. In addition, the Gravelbourg depot has undergone renovations and is just beginning operations in their expanded space. The spring will be busy with grand opening events. Thanks to the staff at these depots for their extra work during the moves. Leadership Training is fast approaching in May of this year. It will be a great session on Employee Accountability. We look forward to seeing supervisors from across the system in attendance in Saskatoon or Regina. The introduction of dairy containers into the

an additional 750 metric tonnes of salvage material and over 500 additional semi-trailers shipped from the depots to the processing plants. Thanks to all the staff at the depots and processing plants for their efforts to handle the additional material. We are pleased to report that the entire SARCAN network now has point of sale and Drop & Go. In January of 2018, over 2000 transactions occurred with Drop & Go across the province. We have been getting great feedback so far. Please continue to encourage customers to try out the new service. You continue to be our best ambassadors at the depots in the province for our new service. We are very pleased to roll out Aspire, our online training platform, this spring. Early sign-ups and training are already well underway. We look forward to making more modules available through the course of the year ahead. We are excited to celebrate SARC’s 50th anniversary and SARCAN Recycling’s 30th anniversary with you this summer across the province. Stay tuned for details.

system along with the increases in deposits was one of the largest system changes ever undertaken at SARCAN. You have helped recycle more than 20 million additional containers year to date. This equates to

Have a great spring,everyone. Take some time to enjoy this great province we call home over the summer ahead! -Kevin Acton and Sean Collins Spring 2018 5

SARCAN Employee Re 5 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Danté Boege, Aldonna Mogge, Kelly Muzyka, Sandra Youngblut, Angelita Samson, Roxanne Peters, Twyla Harris Naciri, Kaitlynne Williamson, Gord Schwab, Elma Tenchavez. Middle Row L-R: Marilou Mislang, Daisy Taks, Lyla Amyotte, Grace Labaya, Josephine Wingerter. Front Row: Gordon Carnegie, Sherry Kradovill, Michelle Gleim. Not Pictured: Daniel Ayers, Darlene Ryland, Jeff Bogdan, Linda De Marco, Muriel Thomas, Rickey Rebalkin.

10 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Andre Gagné, James Poitras, Jesse Fehr, John Limet, Gregg Dornian, Rick Lamoureux, Brian Labermeyer, Waren Skafel, Abe Janzen, Matthew Warner, Wanda McMillan, William Lubenow, Chelsea Miller, Amy McNeil, Joseph Lubenow, Courtney Beaulieu. Middle Row L-R: Ray Sass, Joyce Roberts, Maureen Lindal, Katie Miller, Peggy Rea, Martha Kambeitz. Front row L-R: Scott Clubb, Emanuel Shuya, Zane Lauritsen, Chelsa Marie McDougall, Amber Soveran. Not pictured: Shelly Tucker, Clarence Menz, Dany Hem, Deborah Beletic, Marilyn Nowlin, Napoleon Morin.

15 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Ben Bodnaryk, Darrell Atkinson, Trevor Unrau, Tammy Kardynal, Sean Collins, Charles Dennis Whitrow. Front row L-R: Nancy Jones, Scott Lunde, Arnold Lenselink, Blaine Henderson, Randeen Dekker. Not pictured: Brenda Ringdal, Greg Boyle, Kim Lasch, Lisa Malowany, Michael Duchek.

6 SARCAN Spirit

ecognition Day 2017 Each year, SARCAN Recycling recognizes the commitment of its long-term employees at Employee Recognition Day. Service awards are given to employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service, or are retiring.

20 Year Recipients L-R: David Sweigard, Deidre Heisler, Cory Elmy, Cindy Stanley, Grace Yake.

On October 19, 2017, we held our 24th annual Employee Recognition Day where employees from all over the province were invited to the Travelodge Hotel in Regina to celebrate their years of service. In 2017, 99 employees were celebrated for their many years of service. Here are the numbers for 2017… 24 – 5 year award recipients for a total of 120 years; 33 – 10 year award recipients for a total of 330 years; 16 – 15 year award recipients for a total of 240 years; 5 – 20 year award recipients for a total of 100 years; 16 – 25 year award recipients for a total of 400 years... ...for a grand total of 1,190 years! SARCAN also honoured 8 casual employees for reaching service milestones in 2017. When combined with the total years of experience of our five retirees, we celebrated over 1,300 years of experience last year! Thank you to our long-term employees for contributing to the strength of SARCAN Recycling through your sense of teamwork and dedication. SARCAN owes its success to the many loyal employees who work hard to make SARCAN a great company to work for. Without you, we would not be where we are today. Congratulations to all of the award recipients!

25 Year Recipients Back Row L-R: Warren Oesch, Robert Churko, Robert Martin, Guy Trudeau, John Tegart, David Frost, Chris Frape, Kenneth Snyder, Kevin Kaschl, James Philibert. Front row L-R: Dwight Rieger, Lisa Reihl, Audrey Jamison, Elaine McDermaid, Susan Harder. Not Pictured: Garry Hostin.

Retirees This year’s retirees were: Cathy Burgess, Conrad Tuchscherer, Susan Pritchard, Wallace Littlewolfe, and Howard Burlock. We wish you all the best in your retirement!

- Aideen McCloskey, SARCAN Senior Administrative Assistant Spring 2018 7

Greetings From

North East Saskatchewan From the forests of the north to the gorgeous lakes of east-central Saskatchewan, Cindy’s travels are very scenic

8 SARCAN Spirit

The North East Region

The North Face

Cindy Ellacott spends her time in the north east part of the province, supervising depots as far north as La Ronge and as far east as Kamsack The north east depots continue to be very busy with the addition of milk containers and higher deposit returns. Melfort, PA Express, Watson and Kamsack have all set records for their container increases over the year. Despite that, the service and depot efficiency remains high and is appreciated by both customers and communities. This year, the Prince Albert depots were once again recognized locally with Best of Business (BoB) awards. The Watson depot earned bunny hugs for reaching the 5% goal for Drop & Go. Hudson Bay and Porcupine Plain both earned caps. The Canora depot has just recently moved in to their new depot, which has lots more space, a roomier staff room and walls that they can actually get close to. They also think a furnace that works will be neat!

The Watson staff showing off their new gear

Kudos to the Melfort depot for making it through over 24 hours without heat in their depot when it was -40C. They wore their hats and jackets and continued to serve customers with a smile even when the temperature in the depot got down to 5C.

Staying warm in Melfort

With Preeceville Porcupine Plain and Hudson Bay receiving the POS and Drop & Go systems the whole region now has the new system. Depots have taken on the challenge of learning new procedures and are doing well. Customers appreciate the Drop & Go system very much in busy depots like Prince Albert.

Telemiracle Hands sold well this year, and it was nice to see the depots sporting the bright pink decorations along with their Valentine’s decor. Last but not least, Tim Horton’s opened in Tisdale! Woohoo! Spring 2018 9

Telemiracle 2018 Record-breaking year takes in over 7 million dollars

10 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News Telemiracle 2018, Saskatchewan’s famous fundraiser, took place on March 3-4, 2018 in Regina. This was the 42nd year in a row the event has taken place. This year, Telemiracle raised over 7 million dollars! This is by far the most they have ever raised. SARCAN Recycling’s contribution was also a new record, with a grand total of $54,344.42! Every year, SARCAN depots all across the province contribute to that grand total by selling Helping Hands, doing local prize draws and donating containers with caps left on. New this year, SARCAN also introduced “Drop & Donate”,

through our Drop & Go system, that allows customers to select a charity of their choice to donate their deposit refunds. Through this new initiative, over $1,600 was raised. The depots looked amazing! No matter which depot you visited in Saskatchewan in the month of February, you would have seen beautiful decorations made from Helping Hands. Lots of depots decorated the walls with patterns and shapes. The Indian Head depot created flowers, birds and a rainbow - it made the depot feel like springtime.

The Saskatoon South depot broke their own record again, with over $8,000 raised. Wow! In attendance at the festivities was Sean Collins, SARCAN’s Director of Collections, and Margie Swizer, from the Yorkton depot, who sat on the phone panel during the Sunday afternoon celebrations. We also had a car full of SARCAN staffers from the northern half of the province who were planning on coming down to be on the phone panel, but unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate. Instead, we had friendly Telemiracle volunteers smiling away on the phone panel, decked out in SARCAN gear! Thank you to everyone who participated this year. We’re already getting excited for Telemiracle 2019! Spring 2018 11

Hello from Indian Head

From celebrating Canada 150 with a SARCAN float in the local parade to embracing change at the depot, the Indian Head crew is always having a good time 12 SARCAN Spirit

I would like to start off by apologizing to Shannon Denham. Shannon was hired on February 21, 2017 and unfortunately I forgot to submit a picture! Believe me I have been “harassed” every day about it. Lol! A BIG welcome to the depot, Shannon! Shannon has a temporary cashier/third position while Sherri is on leave. Shannon is doing well, I am confident in her skills and abilities. If I’m away, I feel at ease. It’s a pleasure to have her on our team. Allison Hamilton joined us on October 10, 2017, as a casual recycling technician, to replace Robert Brown who resigned from his position, as well as Paco Fernandez-Guarda who

was with us for a short period of time, but returned to his home in Montreal. Allison picked up quickly and is also a pleasure to have on our team. In the summer of 2017 our staff decided to make a float for our local parade, for Canada’s 150th. We worked throughout the day when we had extra time. We designed our own costumes to wear, using recycling as our theme. Each one of us dressed up to represent a container… Shannon was a Coors beer can, Paco was a juice box, Kevin was a PET bottle and Carter was muscle milk, and of course I was the MOO milk cow! We also decorated a little trailer and made a milk carton out of totes

Depot News and had balloons and flags for final touches. We had so much fun, and won 1st prize for the business category! It was a year of recognition for myself, 25 years, wow, honestly I can’t believe it’s been that long already, time flies when you’re having fun! With those 25 years came many changes and improvements. From that first day starting in a tiny depot, hand bombing everything into a trailer, palletizing glass while still having to remove the plastic sleeves, and rings, no crushing equipment, no loading equipment, no computers, the list goes on and on. Now we have a brand spanking new depot with all the perks,even an electric forklift. The new POS system was scary at first but couldn’t imagine going without now. Glad I’ve been on board all these years to see the changes and hoping for more. We sure have been enjoying the CAN’ned Wisdom sessions, very informative and interesting. Always look forward to the upcoming ones, it’s a great tool to use to help train staff and make them a part of the learning activities and it’s such an helpful tool for staff training. We all had a nice Christmas holiday and appreciated the time off. With the return to work in January brought the

selling of helping hands. Each year we try to think of something different to design with the hands. With new staff there were new ideas, we came up with making flowers and insects to represent spring as we’re sure hoping that it comes soon. We usually have good support from our customers. I actually even had a customer tell me about her own Telemiracle story. She had seizures from epilepsy that were severe enough that she couldn’t have a driver’s license. She had to go to Edmonton for surgery, and Telemiracle helped support her family at this difficult time. Now she is seizure free, and can drive. She was grateful for the help she received. It was wonderful to hear about someone who benefited from the money, I encourage staff to make the effort to sell as you never know when you might need it! The focus for the upcoming months will be completing performance evaluations, training reviews and getting ready for the rush. Our depot has definitely increased in volume since moving into our new location, with more visible and easier access to our out of town customers. We wish everyone a great 2018! - Lisa Riehl, Depot Supervisor

Spring 2018 13

New Humboldt Depot

SARCAN Humboldt is proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth over the years, it was necessary to develop a new facility! We are thrilled to offer our community a state of the art recycling centre. The newly built 4,800 square foot depot will allow us to offer Drop & Go, with dedicated parking, so our customers can drive right up to drop off their recycling without having to wait in line, an incredibly spacious customer service area and a substantially larger parking lot! We are looking forward to seeing you at our new location on the corner of 13th Street and 5th Avenue. -Megan Ward, Futuristic Industries

Gravelbourg Depot Renovates Renovations on the depot at Gravelbourg are underway! It has caught the eyes of our customers as they have visited the depot. It could be that they are almost as excited as we are about the added space that we will have once the renovations are complete! -Wendell Bailey, Gravelbourg Depot Supervisor

14 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News Canora Depot Moves Downtown

On March 5-6, 2018, the Canora depot moved to a new location. The depot was needing more space and a more modern facility and the former SLGA Liquor Store building in downtown Canora was recently made available. The space was just the right fit for SARCAN, as it already contained loading docks, a paved parking lot and big, automatic doors. The new space is over 3,800 square feet, over double the size of the old depot, and it is now wheelchair accessible.

Wynyard Moves Into Brand New Depot On January 23, 2018, the staff of the Wynyard depot moved in to their brand new depot! The depot is in the new building as the Town of Wynyard’s new recycle centre. The convenience for town residents, and those who live rurally, is significantly enhanced. Now, people can come to one central location for all of their recycling needs. There will be a grand opening in April to celebrate.

Spring 2018 15

Depot News

Perseverance Pays Off

What a difference a year can make. Our depot really took a hit in the 2016-17 fiscal year, with container volumes down by more than 10% compared to the previous year. We were forced to lay staff off much earlier into the year than when we normally do. There was a lot pressure on the staff. We collectively wondered if things would ever rebound for us. Now, a year removed, I can happily say that we are once again flourishing in Redvers. We hit 3 million containers very early this year. Normally it is well into the new year before we break the 3 million container mark, however; this fiscal year we hit 3 million containers on the final days of December. August was our busiest month on record with over 441,000 containers coming through our doors! This may not seem like a lot to larger depots but for a depot with 4 full-time staff members in a community of 1,000 people, it was spectacular. Redvers won a Customer Service secret shopper award in May. We were featured on the front page of our local newspaper. It filled us with pride to be recognized for our hard work. We continue to educate Redvers and surrounding communities about the positive benefits of SARCAN. Last year, we hosted the grade 2 class from Redvers School and the Girl Guides from Carievale for tours. The response from the teachers and parents was very positive. We welcomed two new relief staff members to the team in June. Alex Churchill and Nathan Raymond have been welcomed additions to the team. Their youthful energy really helped invigorate us over the summer. Alex was with us throughout the summer and into the fall and has been picking up shifts with us when needed and he has plans to go to U of R in the fall of 2018. Watch out for Nathan in the CFL in the future! He accepted a full football scholarship to the U of R and will be playing for the Rams in 2018. Redvers has finally decided to make the switch to curbside recycling so we are apprehensive about losing some of our customers to the blue bins but we have been doing our best to inform the community about how it still pays to recycle their beverage containers at SARCAN. The building we occupy is over 50 years old and far too small for the volume we take in. We have been in this location since 1992 and we have outgrown the very limited space we have. Originally we were aiming for the construction of a new building but our location does not make it economically viable. Although discussions are still in the very preliminary stages we are hoping to have an addition built on to our current building to give us another approximately 1,000 square feet of working space along with a complete gutting and renovation of our current building which would allow us to have a bigger customer area and a bigger office and staff room. We have a very tight-knit group in Redvers. We organize get-togethers outside of work as often as possible; whether it is bonfires or nights spent around the card table, we really enjoy spending time together and it’s great for team building. Getting along so well makes it easy to come to work every morning and makes busier days easier knowing we have each other’s backs. On a personal note, I want to thank the SARCAN head office and regional managers for the support and compassion they showed me when tragedy struck my family in May 2017 during Leadership Training. I am truly grateful; it made me appreciate the SARCAN family even more. All of the employees in Redvers really love working for SARCAN. It feels great to be a part of such an amazing organization with so many social benefits. Have a great 2018! 16 SARCAN Spirit

-Robert Masden, Redvers Depot Supervisor


Bottles Into Bucks We see it around us everyday…cardboard, plastic, bubble wrap, coffee containers, etc. We know where it goes, in any available blue bin we can find. So our landfills can stay a little more free of such items. Enough of that! Let’s get on board with the REAL topic and that is recycling. When we see that SARCAN is open, which is usually Monday to Friday, we see a fair number of cans and bottles getting recycled, and people receiving their cash. If we’re trying to look for way to make money why not think about recycling your bottles and cans? That way, you are able to get a few extra bucks. When we recycle, a few good things happen, even if we don’t realise it: 1)

Our landfills are cleaner


We set an example for others


Our planet is healthier


Any bottles recycled get sent away and made into something else


Recycling inspires and encourages those around us, especially children

Let’s not forget about the 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! - Nicole Debiasi, Canora Depot

Spring 2018 17

Powerlifting in Unity

Shari DeBelser, who works at the Unity SARCAN Depot, has been working hard to achieve an incredible accomplishment! Shari worked tirelessly to train to become a Power Lifter. She started with cross-fit, and evolved into the very strong woman you see today! At the end of December 2017, Shari went to Moose Jaw to compete at the Special Olympics in Power Lifting. Not only did Shari accomplish her personal goal, but she is a trailblazer for women across Saskatchewan. She is the very first woman to compete in power lifting at the Special Olympics in Saskatchewan. We are so very proud of you, Shari!

Eston Welcomes New Addition

On February 1, 2018, permanent part time employee Heather Rainey welcomed a baby boy named Hunter John Rainey-Hill into this world, weighing 6lbs, 14 oz and 22 in long. Everyone is doing well. Baby Hunter was even able to support his first-ever Telemiracle by purchasing a Helping Hand! -Patricia Bakenec, Eston Depot

18 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News Bulk Collections/Audit Centre Reach Milestone

On February 13th, 2018, the Bulk Collections/Audit Centre recycled our 8 millionth container! Jesse was given the honour of making it official. It is apt that the container in question was a milk jug as our container intake has absolutely exploded since the deposit on dairy products was implemented. In less than 5 years, we have gone from 2.2 million containers in our first year, to 8 million with 6 weeks left to go in this fiscal year. Full credit goes to my amazing crew who have taken major changes over the past year in stride and performed incredibly! I’m very proud to lead such a dedicated and hardworking team. -Rick Fehr, Bulk Collections/Audit Centre Supervisor

Spring 2018 19

Baling and Bowling in Saskatoon Hello from Saskatoon Processing, As I write this, the processing plant just finished a major project with our PET baler. We had to replace the floor lining. This is just something that comes up and has to be done every five to six years. The nice thing is planning to do it, versus having to do it at a time when it is unexpected. Therefore, February just seemed to be as good as we could get. We managed to keep the depots serviced and the plant running and processing while the project was underway. Our aluminum baler just does not like baling plastic as you can see by the picture (right). I would like to thank our staff for working through it. In addition, a special thanks to Tom for all the work leading up to the job and for the job itself. Also thanks to Gilbert for coming up from Regina to lend a hand. The job could not have gone as smooth without you both. Thanks for everyone for taking the steps to be safe while the project was underway! A while back already we had a fun night of bowling with the staff. We have some good bowlers, and I am not in that category at all. I thought I would be ok since I have stepped up and have been bowling part time in a league for fun. Good thing it is a fun league! We are planning a night out shooting pool soon. I hope that I can live up to my name, (Pot Passer, Stix). It should be fun! I will take some pics to share. Be good to one another, and we will talk soon. -Glenn Awrey, Saskatoon Processing

Processing Funnies A couple was having some trouble, so they did the right thing and went to a marriage counsellor. After a few visits, and a lot of questioning and listening, the counsellor said that he had discovered the main problem. He stood up, went over to the woman, asked her to stand, and gave her a hug. He looked at the man and said, “This is what your wife needs, at least once a day!” The man frowned, thought for a moment, then said, “Ok, what time do you want me to bring her back tomorrow?” 20 SARCAN Spirit

Processing News

Regina Prepares for Busy Summer Good Day SARCAN Nation!! We are almost through the winter season – hope everyone is keeping warm. What’s new at the Regina Processing Plant? Well, we had two large baler repairs to our excel baler that processes all of our plastic material in February. We did not have use of the baler during each repair, as they were down for 3 to 4 days for each repair. A memo was sent out to the depots with a few pointers that could really help us at the plant get through the shutdown successfully – we appreciated all the help! After we got through these two baler repairs, we started to focus on the upcoming year-end then the summer season. Production for the first 9 months of the year is up 5 % compared to last year at this time – a direct result of the added milk containers and the increase in deposits. The Regina plant has processed 800,000 more lbs. and switched 250 more trailers than last year at this time! We expect the 2018-2019 fiscal year to be an even bigger year. We recently introduced the logistic strap system – we hope you will recognize this is a positive change that will help secure your trailer loads better for transit to the processing plants. Thanks for giving the new system a chance to work in your depots – we are always on the lookout for improving the system & making things safer. Two employees from the Regina plant are preparing for a big adventure this summer. Zane Lauritsen and Dwight Rieger are training vigorously in preparation for the Special Olympic National Summer Games in Nova Scotia. They will be representing Saskatchewan in soccer and will be playing teams from across Canada the week of July 28 – August 5. We wish them all the best in their games. I would like to introduce a new employee that has started at the plant: Alex Vicary completed a positive work experience at the Regina Processing Plant in October-November 2017. He was added to the processing team as a casual labourer and is presently working in this position today. He has been a fine addition to the team and we look forward to Alex being a permanent employee soon - check out his picture in the new employees section on the next page. -Chris Marr, Regina Processing

Spring 2018 21

New Hires

Welcome to the SARCAN Family Here are the newest SARCAN staffers so you can put a face to the name, as our family continues to grow. Thanks for joining our team and for your dedication to Saskatchewan’s environment!

Dietta Wedrick - Gull Lake Depot

Alex Vicary - Regina Processing

Elvis Castro - Ponteix Depot

Raff Feji - Ponteix Depot

Allison Hamilton and Shannon Denham - Indian Head Depot 22 SARCAN Spirit

Customer Feedback

Going the Extra Mile

Sometimes our customers like to let us know how we’re doing - we always appreciate it when people take the time to let us know about their experience. Have a customer experience you want to share? Send it in to have it featured in the next edition of the SARCAN Spirit!

Spring 2018 23

Name the Saskatchewan Celebrity Saskatchewan is full of talented people! Sometimes, we even export that talent to share with the rest of the world. Guess the names of some of our Saskatchewan-born celebrities below.

1.The real Dog River is Tisdale, the hometown of this comedian - even though his show filmed in Rouleau.

2. This Saskatoon-born songstress was singing her way through the sixties and seventies.

3. This PGA golfer grew up practicing his swing in Weyburn - and went all the way to Rio in the 2016 Olympics.

4.This Saskatchewan son’s career wasn’t always anarchy, he has acted on Broadway and at the Stratford festival.

5. Shaunavon scored big when they named their leisure centre after this famous Olympian hockey player.

6. This hometown boy played in his hometown his whole career, unlike his brother who went to California.

7. This famous actor has made all kinds of film and TV appearances from MacGyver to Pocahontas to Wapos Bay.

8. This coach from Saskatoon turned a new Leaf when he left the Detroit Red Wings in 2015.

9. This Regina-born actress is no stranger to the screen, her roles include Orphan Black and Heartland.

1. Brent Butt 2. Joni Mitchell 3. Graham DeLaet 4. Kim Coates 5. Hayley Wickenheiser 6. Chris Getzlaff 7. Gordon Tootoosis 8. Mike Babcock 9. Tatiana Maslany

SARCAN Spirit Spring 2018  

The latest news from the world of SARCAN!

SARCAN Spirit Spring 2018  

The latest news from the world of SARCAN!