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SARCAN Spirit News for SARCAN employees

Fall 2016

Cutting the Ribbon

New depots in Strasbourg (pictured), Watson, Indian Head and Buffalo Narrows Page 20

Employee Recognition Day

Over 70 people received long term service awards in 2016 Page 6

Depot Highlights · Leadership Training 2016 · New Faces at SARCAN · Update from Redvers · Saskatoon Depot News · SARCAN Waste Audit Results

Table of Contents Page 6 Employee Recognition Day Our 23rd annual long-term service awards festivities included afternoon games and an evening banquet.

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Kevin Acton Update The latest from the Director of Operations.


Regional Features Ray Sass and Naomi Pribyl share the latest from the southeast and the southwest

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SARCAN Waste Audit

Redvers Region Update

Have you ever wondered about the SARCAN system’s environmental performance? Find out the results on page 28.

The Redvers depot is remaining strong and positive despite economic downturn in the southeast corner of the province.

2 SARCAN Spirit

18 Processing News The latest from Chris, Glenn and our pals from processing.

27 SARCAN Training The first year of our new Leadership Training program for supervisors.

30 Depot Highlights One depot from each region is chosen to share fun facts about their town and of course, their SARCAN depot! Read all about it.

Welcome to the SARCAN Spirit Page 20 Grand Openings Galore This year, SARCAN celebrated new buildings in Indian Head, Watson and Strasbourg as well as a brand new location in Buffalo Narrows.

2016: A year of change and growth for SARCAN Recycling A lot happened over the past year that we have to be proud of, like new depot locations and the opening of Buffalo Narrows, a brand new community to SARCAN. But, just like any of our other 63 SARCAN communities, our goal remains the same: to connect our communities and provide opportunities. We see this happening throughout the province all of the time, and the momentum is strong. When we go the extra mile, it really makes the difference. Providing top notch customer service, going out to community events, raising money and awareness for meaningful causes and inviting classrooms and groups to tour the depot is where we go above and beyond.

Page 12 Saskatoon Depots Shine An update from the four corners of Saskatoon: the north, south, east and west depots.

Thanks for all you do to make our SARCAN communities stronger and more inclusive. All the best in 2017! Sydney Smith SARCAN Communications

Fall /Winter 2016 3

Greetings from Kevin Acton

Provincial Update

Learn about return rates, salvage market conditions, contract negotiations, new depot locations and Point of Sale and Drop n Go from SARCAN’s Director of Operations

SARCAN’s new Indian Head depot at the Grand Opening

Hello to the SARCAN Team across the beautiful province of Saskatchewan! I would like to begin by breathing a sigh of relief that summer is over, and with it the rain, rain, and more rain!

Volumes for this year are down slightly from the previous year, averaging about 2% below last years figures for the first six months of the fiscal year. Salvage markets have remained depressed with plastic pricing at an all-time low. This is a direct result of the weak oil markets and pricing as plastic is a petroleum derivative.

Believe it or not we set a record this August of 2016 with the most containers we have ever recycled in one month. This was a nice follow up after we closed out the 2016 fiscal year with over 413 million containers recycled plus an additional 7 million beer containers.

Aluminum prices continue to remain down about 30% from the previous fiscal year with little signs of improvement in the markets and forecasts ahead. The drop in aluminum pricing is attributed to the addition of new smelters and production in China.

We surpassed 420 million containers last year. This also pushed us over the 7 Billion containers recycled mark in March of 2016. You all deserve a pat on the back for these accomplishments.

We are budgeting for a significant decrease in our salvage revenue this year. This will be somewhat offset by the previous year’s surplus which is helpful during difficult market conditions. We will all have to keep

4 SARCAN Spirit

a careful eye on our expenditures moving through the winter months. On a more positive note; we have a new fouryear contract with Product Care for recycling paint. With it is a finer scrutiny of nonapproved materials coming into our depots. I am pleased to report that the depots have been screening the paint materials well and we are under allowable limits so far. The dairy program came to an end in June 2016 across the province. Very little residual material is coming into the depots. We also have a new four-year contract with the Ministry of Environment for the operation of the deposit beverage container program in Saskatchewan. We are grateful for the ongoing partnership we have with the Ministry of Environment. Around the SARCAN system we have a brand new depot operating in Buffalo narrows which has already hit over 2 million containers! We have new locations in Strasbourg, Indian head, Watson and Vic East in Regina. These new depots are working very well and were long overdue for their respective staff members. It was great to be able to attend the grand openings at some of these locations this summer. The decorating was unbelievable for those grand openings. In closing, I look forward to emailing with you as your depot comes online with Point of Sale and Drop n Go. We are excited to provide you with this technology so you can better serve our customers, reduce wait times and make your job easier moving forward. Over half of the depots are installed and operating and we are still on track to finish the entire system next year across the province. Have a wonderful break at Christmas and enjoy the time with your families and friends. Thank you all for the work you do every day to help make SARCAN Recycling the best recycling system in North America. -Kevin Acton, Director of Operations

One of SARCAN’s new Drop n Go systems set up at the Esterhazy depot

Fall/Winter 2016 5

SARCAN Employee Re 5 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Patrick Rundle, Laura Antymniuk, Corinne Sonntag, Patrick Taylor, Linden Nick, Justin Mackenzie, Steve Waldner, Bob Verishagen, Miodrag Maletic, Brian Ast. Middle Row L-R: Shelley ven der Buhs, Leona Neufeld, Olatunde Aboaba, Leah Meier, Shelda Painchaud, Leanne Zacharias, Jeff Janzen. Front Row: Laura Knarr, Nadine Buburuz, Amanda Davey, Jordan Reikman, Editha Oflas, Donna Pogoda, Candy Venne. Not Pictured: Devin Bergeron, Morna Brockwell, Jamie Butts, Darren Cann, Jean Kerr, Josh Siemens, Brenda Spreaker.

10 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Cecil LaFaver, Brad Seltzer, Christine Wilkinson, Sherry Quon, Patrick Wesaquate, A. Todd Pidwerbesky, Justin Mutala. Front row L-R: Mindy Bonderoff, Rosemary Kun, Christina Isaacs, Wendy Miller, Brittany LosonskyPrentice, Ashley Harmen, Perry Poitras. Not pictured: Randy Long.

15 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Chantelle Diakuw, Clair Wingerter, Brian Lowe, Luke Buffin, David J. Gruben, Larry Adair Front row L-R: Melanie Weiss, Martina Gillis, Bobbie Poitras. Not pictured: Sandra J. Innes

6 SARCAN Spirit

ecognition Day 2016 Each year, SARCAN Recycling recognizes the commitment of our long-term employees at our annual Employee Recognition Day. Service awards are given to employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 years of service, as well as retirees. On September 29, 2016, we held our 23rd Annual Employee Recognition Day. Employees from all over the province were invited to the Travelodge Hotel in Saskatoon to celebrate their years of service. This year, 73 employees were celebrated for their many years of service to the organization. Here are the numbers for 2016… 31 – 5 year award recipients for a total of 155 years; 15 – 10 year award recipients for a total of 150 years; 9 – 15 year award recipients for a total of 135 years; 10 – 20 year award recipients for a total of 200 years; 5 – 25 year award recipients for a total of 125 years.

20 Year Recipients Back row L-R: Antony Johnson, Glenn Awrey, JoAnna Tataryn, Jack LaRiviere, Howard Burlock Front row L-R: Darlene Trithart, Laurie Pongracz, Carolyn Dackow, Joan Prentice Not pictured: Russell Dean Bachelder

25 Year Recipients L-R: Blair England, Connor Teichrob and Doug Rache

...for a grand total of 765 years! SARCAN also honoured 15 casual employees reaching milestones and three retirees. We extend a huge thank you to our long-term employees for contributing to the strength of SARCAN Recycling through their sense of teamwork and dedication. SARCAN owes its success to the many loyal employees who work hard to make SARCAN a great company to work for. Without you, we could not be where we are today. Congratulations to all award recipients! - Aideen McCloskey, SARCAN Senior Administrative Assistant

Retirees The only retiree this year was Larry Adair, from Saskatoon Processing. Congrats on 15 years and retirement, Larry! L-R: Glenn Awrey, Larry Adair, Kevin Acton. Not pictured: Vincent Hori, Jean Kerr Fall/Winter 2016 7

Greetings From

Southeast Saskatchewan Read all about the world of SARCAN in the Southeast from Regional Manager Ray Sass

8 SARCAN Spirit

The Southeast Region

All about that Southeast

Navigating our new technologically advanced system in southern Saskatchewan The Southeast Region consists of 15 SARCAN depots in the Southeast corner of the province. The region has two extra-large, four large, seven medium, and two small depots. Over the last six months the region has had six POS Drop n Go installations. The learning curve has been steep for these depots but we have adapted and continue to experiment. We are all in the process of learning about the age of technology. Also, I have learned a great deal from all involved and thank you for your patience. Volumes of returns continue to increase for the depots and the electronic continue to challenge the employees, especially in the jigsaw puzzle of stacking TVs and monitors! We have received the results of the Secret Shopper reports along with an additional survey of the Paint Recycling Program. The results will assist the depots in continual improvement in all categories. Enjoy the upcoming winter season which should allow for training and cleaning in preparation for next year. Fall/Winter 2016 9


Perserverence Through Optimism 10 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News It is amazing just how much a small town’s economy can depend on the petroleum industry. The success of our town, and by association, our depot, is very much tied to the success of the petroleum industry. Gone are the days when agricultural production was the main driving force in communities like Redvers. The boom we have experienced in the previous five or six years is gone and it has left us needing to adjust once again. We contacted old bulk order customers in an attempt to drum up more business. Mail-outs were sent out to Redvers and the surrounding communities and we still continue to struggle. During the summer months, we would normally employ our four full time staff members as well as two or three relief staff, and this summer we did not have a need for our relief staff. As our volume shrinks, all we can do is continue to offer a high level of customer service and to be optimistic

that our community will once again flourish when oil production picks up in our area. Over the spring and summer months we had three depot tours and we hosted the local day care on Earth Day. We hosted some individuals from the Redvers Activity Centre (our SARC member agency) in the spring. In June, we hosted the grade three class from the Redvers Elementary School. This was our second straight year having them for a tour. What we do here corresponded well with what they were learning in the classroom at the time. We received a positive response from the kids, their teacher and the parents. We hope that educating our community will help us to grow. There are some upgrades coming to our depot in the near future. There are plans for us to have a leanto added on to the west side of our building. This is exciting because it means more room to store our bulk orders. We are also getting

a new automatic, accessible door. We felt this was a very necessary addition to our depot considering SARC and SARCAN’s mandate. Earlier in the summer we had a chain link fence installed around our outdoor storage area. This was great because we no longer had to move our pallets and totes inside every night and outside in the morning. It has allowed us to be more organized and efficient with our time. It has been a struggle to maintain positivity; thankfully we have a very tight knit staff. Our staff has spent a lot of time together outside of work. We had Christmas and New Year’s parties as well as bonfires when the weather is warm enough. As a supervisor it can be very difficult to keep everyone positive when we are being constantly reminded of our dwindling numbers; however, we are all working towards the same goals and that allows us to set aside the negativity and focus on being positive and optimistic that our depot will once again thrive. - Robert Madsen, Redvers Depot Supervisor

Fall/Winter 2016 11

Indian Head Celebrates The last year has been an exciting year with our move to our new depot in October of 2015. Over one year has passed already, hard to believe. There are so many great things here, the use of a Prodeva can flattener (that we couldn’t have at the other location due to ceiling heights) saves so much time, more space to use more totes (rather than bags), a better layout and design and more counting bays. Kevin Longeau will be celebrating 15 years of casual employment. Kevin (pictured, right, with Ray Sass and Lisa Riehl) is very meticulous in his job, wanting every corner to be clean! Very helpful with customers, always lending a hand. Our staff would like to congratulate you on your achievement. We have a new employee, Sheri Lal, her and her husband and family moved from Chilliwack, BC to Indian Head in April, and started employment at SARCAN on September 13. Her husband has a painting and renovating business in which she helps him. -Lisa Riehl, Indian Head Depot Supervisor

Weyburn Receives Drop n Go The Weyburn depot has its new Drop n Go installed and ready to used (it is pictured on the right). This year at Employee Recognition Day, Justin McKenzie received his five year long-term service award. Congrats from all of us, Justin! In other news, we had a summer student this year named Shane Tegart and Jessica McKenzie has just returned from maternity leave. -Cory Elmy , Weyburn Depot Supervisor

12 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News

What’s up in Watson?

Read all about a busy summer and a new depot from our friends in central Saskatchewan

Five Years and Counting...

Shelley spent September 29th in Saskatoon at employee recognition day, and afterwards, her, Linda and regional manager Cindy held a day to recognize Anne who has also been with Watson SARCAN for five years.

School Tour Fun

We gave our first tour of the new depot to the grade 3/4 class of Englefeld School, who braved the muddy spring to come see it! The Saskatchewan Association for Community Living summer program group also came. We had fun! Conner and his sister Robyn (pictured) enjoyed helping out and learning about recycling.

Floating Through the Summer This summer at Englefeld’s annual hog fest, Shelley and her kids put a float in the parade, sporting the electronics that SARCAN collects for recycling. The depot held a raffle for those who brought approved electronics. A lucky customer won two fantastic lawn chairs and cooler!

Pizza Dough the Cat

This is a picture of regional manager Cindy with the Watson “sarcat”, P.D., short for pizza dough. She lazes around the depot and sleeps in the sun that pours through the windows. Shelley’s son Logan (pictured above) named the stray little kitten once we knew she was making the depot her home. Logan loves pizza, and P.D. the cat too! Fall/Winter 2016 13

Updates from the Southeast Dealing with Change Just like seasons change, so do a lot of things in our lives. Every day we experience change. Some are small and some are big. Imagine how boring life would be if it was always Monday morning, and we wore the same clothes and ate the same things. The employees in the Southwest (as are the rest of the employees) are dealing with change in their personal lives and at work. New dog, new camper, new building, new equipment, new employees, new manager, POS system, Drop’n Go, and security cameras... it’s a lot! Some of the staff have been excited and some not so much, but they have mostly accepted the changes and wouldn’t want things to back to the way they were before. They’ve learned the changes are being made to benefit their lives. We all need to be ready to embrace change as is it inevitable. -Naomi Pribyl, Southwest Regional Manager

14 SARCAN Spirit

Depot News Kindersley Celebrates This summer has been quieter than past summers. Our summer student this year had recently moved to Kindersley from South Africa. It was great to chat with him and learn of his experiences there. He is in grade 12 this year. The depot got on board with the new P.O.S. and Drop N Go systems on August 2nd. So far everything is going well and the staff caught on to it quickly. In October we celebrated 10 years of being in our new location. WOW time flies. We held a celebration at the depot with coffee, hot chocolate, popcorn and treats available for customers as well as a bake sale. -Cindy Stanley, Kindersley Depot Supervisor

Ponteix Depot History SARCAN started in the back of a grocery store in Ponteix. It later moved to the back of a hardware store. I started working in 1994 at this location. It was a small room with one window. SARCAN was there until the year 2000, then we moved across the street in an empty old building. It was much larger and there were two bays and a back room to store TVs, paint and bottles. The roof at the SARCAN depot was damaged on June 15, 2016 and SARCAN closed for most of the summer as a result. We moved to the former liquor board store in town on August 22. Prior to the move, I painted inside the building on the walls. Totes for the cans and large PET were installed. The truck can now be loaded from inside the back of the building. The depot in Ponteix was officially opened on August 23rd. It was very busy the first few weeks after opening. One staff member has retired and a new casual was hired. -Claudette Goddu, Ponteix Depot

Fall/Winter 2016 15

Hello from Saskatoon

16 SARCAN Spirit

Working Hard and Having Fun in Saskatoon Saskatoon West

Saskatoon East

Greetings from Saskatoon West!!

Hello from Saskatoon East!

This recognition day, our very own Christina Isaacs received her ten year service award! Christina works permanent part time and is a great asset to our team. Congrats, Christina!! Julia Karimova, one of our cashiers, just passed her Canadian citizenship test. She is now waiting to take the oath to officially become a citizen. Julia is from Uzbekistan and has worked for SARCAN since July of 2014. She brings us delicious, scrumptious food that she makes. We are so happy for Julia, she is a delight to work with. Congrats on becoming a Canadian citizen!! We have a new cashier, Jerry Burnett-Scrimgeour, who transferred to our depot from Saskatoon East. Jerry has worked for SARCAN since 2013. It is a pleasure to have him join our team here at the west. Audrey Jamison, one of our assistant supervisors, is going for replacement knee surgery and will be off for a little while recuperating. We wish you all the best with your surgery, Audrey!! That’s all for now, so until next time! -Kelly Keith, Saskatoon West Depot Supervisor

A few exciting things have happened at our depot in the past couple of months. Firstly, we would like to express an exuberant welcome to our two new cashiers, David McDowell and Zach Murdock. Secondly, we are missing our little “Sparky”, Shawn Zoller. He had a stroke at the depot on August 10th. His recovery is coming along well and he is expected to be home soon. The staff sure miss his energetic enthusiasm and quick wit. We wish him the quickest of recoveries. Lastly, we would like to thank the other three Saskatoon depots for taking in our staff the week of August 22nd due to a water main break which resulted in a flood of the offices next door. Our staff surely appreciated the experience of seeing how the other depots within the city operate. -Donna Pattison, Saskatoon East Depot Supervisor

Saskatoon South On September 6th, the Tuesday after the long weekend, the South depot opened up early so we could help the local radio station, Rock 102, with a contest they were

promoting. Two listeners went head to head over the long weekend to see who could host a bigger bottle drive. The contestants wound up pooling their earnings and donated it to the Rock 102 Care and Share foundation for kids. The total donated was over a thousand dollars. -Tammy Kardynal, Saskatoon South Depot Supervisor

Saskatoon North On November 9th, we had a visit from the Saskatoon Blades WHL team! Before going on a road trip, they like to come visit local businesses to meet fans and sign autographs. We invited people from the other Saskatoon depots to join us as well. It was a beautiful day. In fact, it was so warm out that we all hung out outside and soaked up the sun while we visited. Everyone enjoyed getting to meet the players and talking with them about their season, the upcoming road trip, and of course, their favourite NHL teams. The whole experience was filmed by Shaw TV in Saskatoon, visit their website at We wish the Blades the best of luck with their upcoming season! -Joan Prentice, Saskatoon North Depot Supervisor Fall/Winter 2016 17

Processing News

Saskatoon Survives Summer Hello from Saskatoon Processing, We have had a great summer. Trailers were steady coming in and we seemed to manage quite well. Everyone managed to take a little time off through the summer and a get a little R&R with family and friends. One summer day we managed to have a pie eating contest. Perry did us proud and ate a whole pie with out utensils in under three minutes. Atta boy, Perry (Sweet pea)! I think this was a record year for the Saskatoon plant for the number of employees getting recognition awards, with thirteen staff. The five year employees getting recognized were: Linden Nick, Patrick Taylor, Devin Bergeron, Jeff Janzen and Leona Neufeld. The ten year employees getting recognized were, Todd Pidwerbeski, Perry Poitras, and Justin Mutala. The twenty year employees getting recognized were Howard Burlock, and myself, Glenn Awrey. We had one employee getting recognized for twenty five years, Doug Runge. We had one retiree, our truck driver also of fifteen years, Larry Adair. Congratulations to you all! A couple reminders as we get ready for the winter months: Please try and keep the snow cleared around the loading docks and have something on hand to help with traction and to throw on the icy areas. Have a look around the building and make sure that if there is night lighting on your building (or around it) that it is in good working order. Keep warm and stay safe though the winter months! -Glenn Awrey, Saskatoon Processing

Processing Funnies A man goes to the doctor and tells him that he hasn’t been feeling well. The doctor examines him, leaves the room and comes back with three different bottles of pills and says “Take the green pill with a big glass of water when you get up. Take the blue pill with a big glass of water after lunch. Then just before going to bed, take the red pill with another big glass of water.” Startled to be put on so much medicine the man stammers, “My goodness, doc, exactly what’s my problem?” The doctor says, “You’re not drinking enough water.”

18 SARCAN Spirit

Processing News

Regina Ramps Up for Winter Good day SARCAN Nation! Well, summer is over and winter here. Production is starting to slow down at the plant so we are now cleaning up the yard and plant and equipment, preparing for the winter. I would like to give a big thank you to all staff at the plants and depots for helping SARCAN through another busy summer season – it was a great team effort!! The plant had a few additions to the team this past summer – Connor Hemingway and Terrin Semaganis are two labourers that joined the processing team and are fine additions. Welcome aboard, guys! Thanks for your efforts – your contributions are much appreciated. SARCAN celebrated Employee Recognition Day on September 29th where four staff were honored. Congratulations to Brian Ast, Miodrag Maletic, Patrick Wesaquate, and Brian Lowe on your welldeserved recognition. It was a very special day, one that I always enjoy and I’m sure you all do too. The Regina plant is preparing for a couple of big projects to be completed before the end of the year. We will be replacing two old dock levelers in our loading dock area and we will also be moving one of our balers out so we can repair the damaged flooring underneath. Two fairly big projects that we will have to work around until completed – I know my staff will be up for the challenge. When these two projects are completed, we will look forward to the Christmas break where we can get away from the hustle and bustle of work to spend some quality time with family and friends. Just remember to get a little R&R while you are off because the Christmas/New year’s rush will be upon us when we return. Just a few reminders: * Winter Season: Please remember to keep the area under and around trailers clear of snow so our drivers can remove your trailers. * Have some sand on site in case it is slippery/icy around the trailer, we want to make sure drivers can get in/out safely. * Depot Supplies: Please take stock of your inventories before ordering your supplies with your trailer switch. * Remember to fax or email paint bills of lading when you ship paint. We need the paint BOL before the trailer leaves the yard. Take care everyone and we’ll see you in the next Spirit!! -Chris Marr, Regina Processing Fall/Winter 2016 19

Depot Grand Openings In 2016, SARCAN opened a brand new depot in Buffalo Narrows and moved into new buildings in

In June of this year, four depot grand openings took place across the province. We had so much fun celebrating these new depots. We got to meet so many wonderful local people who came out to support their new SARCAN depot, get tours and enjoy some cake!

the communities of Strasbourg,

Here’s a bit more about each one.

Watson and Indian Head.

Indian Head

Lisa, Sherry, Kevin, Bob and Carter had the new depot looking like

20 SARCAN Spirit

a million bucks! The celebrations kicked off at 11:00am with the local Indian Head Scouts hosting a hot dog fundraiser sale. At 1:00pm, we started the grand opening ceremony with staff gathering to officially cut the ribbon. It was a beautiful day, so the whole event took place outside in front of the depot. After the ceremony, everyone was invited inside to enjoy cake and coffee and take tours of the depot.

Grand Openings The Buffalo Narrow staff made homemade chili and bannock for guests to enjoy - yummy!

The Buffalo Narrows depot had Canadian and Metis Nation flags made of cans and they spelled out “grand opening” and hung it from the ceiling. How creative!

Cutting the official grand opening ribbon at the Indian Head depot. Gotta love those bright orange shirts!

We also got to learn about the history of SARCAN in Indian Head. The original owner of the Indian Head-Wolseley News told us all about the beginning of SARCAN in 1988. The original depot was located in the back of the newspaper’s office! It moved to Dewdney Street, the main street in Indian Head, in the early 1990s and was there until very recently when the brand new depot opened right off the junction of Highway 56 and the Transcanada.

Big, bright and beautiful: the inside of the new Indian Head depot is still sparkling

It was a wonderful celebration in the community and we all had a great time.

Fall/Winter 2016 21

The Watson depot’s celebrations as seen from the upstairs mezzanine.


Shelley, Anne and Linda are the smiling faces you see when you come to the new Watson depot. They are also the folks that put on a fabulous grand opening celebration! The depot has all kinds of things to engage kids in recycling, including a play area and mini aprons for the kids to wear when they are getting a tour of the depot. Shelley has gone above and beyond to make the recycling experience in Watson enjoyable She even has information about what different recyclable materials turn into on the walls at the depot! The Watson crew did a wonderful job of decorating and hosting the community to see the new digs. They even had a homemade cake!


Wanda and Daisy at the depot in Strasbourg

22 SARCAN Spirit

Shelley has gone above and beyond to make the recycling experience in Watson enjoyable.

are two mighty women! Together, they decorated the depot and made it sparkle for the big grand opening celebration. So many people that came to celebrate, we think the whole town was there! Not only was it the grand opening, but it was also the birthday of regional manager Kevin Kaschl, so the audience sang to him! It was really fun, and very nice of Wanda and Daisy to share their big day

wtih him. The new depot in Strasbourg is right next door to the old depot, but you wouldn’t even know it if you came there for the first time. The depot is sparkling clean, and very spacious. They even have an electric forklift now, so they won’t have to load their trailers by hand anymore!

Buffalo Narrows

This one was special because it was the first time we’ve ever done

Grand Openings So many people came to celebrate in Strasbourg, the whole town might have been there!

a Grand Opening that wasn’t a Grand REOpening in an existing SARCAN community in 20 years! The grand opening was all about community. We were treated to bannock and chili made by cashier Cindy McCallum. Yummy! When the festivities began, our hearts were full of pride. From the Canadian and Metis flags hanging on the walls, to G-R-A-N-D O-P-E-N-IN-G spelled out in cans,

Standing room only in Strasbourg!

anyone who walked in the depot that day couldn’t help but smile. In attenadance were officials from the Town and from the Economic Development Corporation, local elders and respected community members. Buffalo Narrows is a

gorgeous community. The natural beauty and relaxed vibe are inspiring. It will be a day to remember for years. Congratulations to the Indian Head, Watson, Strasbourg and Buffalo Narrows depots on your new depots and your fantastic grand openings! Fall/Winter 2016 23

New Hires

Welcome to the SARCAN Family Here are the newest SARCAN staffers so you can put a face to the name, as our family continues to grow. Thanks for joining our team and for your dedication to Saskatchewan’s environment!

Laura Pattyson

Margaret Swizter

Weyburn Depot

Yorkton Depot

Sheri Lal

Indian Head Depot

24 SARCAN Spirit

New Hires

Fresh Faces at the Moosomin SARCAN Depot

Edna Oroyo came to Moosomin in 2015 and began working at SARCAN in March 2016. Edna always has a lovely smile and contributes so much to the team, helping to keep our depot clean and tidy. Welcome, Edna, to the Moosomin SARCAN team!

Edna Oroyo Brittany has been our summer student for the last 2 ½ years. In June she graduated from Moosomin McNaughton high school. Brittany is now enrolled in a Dental Hygienist course in Regina. Congratulations on your achievements Brittany, and all the best for a successful future.

Brittany Frape Jordan completed his high school work experience at SARCAN over the 2015-2016 school year. In June 2016, Jordan graduated from Moosomin McNaughton High. On July 1 2016, Jordan joined the staff at the depot. He is always cheerful and everyone enjoys his ready smile and sense of humor. Welcome Jordan, to our SARCAN team. We look forward to many more years together!

Jordan Weatherland

Fall/Winter 2016 25

SARCAN Training

Seven Cold Weather Tips to Help Survive Winter Slowdown Season with Carl Ens As container volumes start to slow down for the winter, it’s a good time get some things done around your depot before spring arrives. 1. Have sand and salt available for sidewalks. Mix them together for better grip, it’s also better for your sidewalks. 2. For depots with dock level loading, make sure snow is cleared as soon as possible so that ice does not build up in the spring. 3. This is a good time of year to give the glass rail a good cleaning and a fresh coat of blue paint. 4. Cleaning under the counter and a fresh coat of paint is also recommended or if the walls need a touch up, this is a great time to do it. 5. Winter is also a great time to give the crushing equipment a little more attention. A good cleaning and washing goes a long way to keep it working properly and to spot any areas that might require repair. 6. Make sure all the overhead doors have been checked and as you come to work in the dark, check that all outside lights are working. 7. Depots with forced air furnaces should make sure that all filters are checked and changed on a regular basis. Tom, Gilbert and Carl would like to thank all of you for your continued effort in keeping the equipment clean and maintained. We hope all of you have a great winter, a great holiday season and a Happy New Year.

26 SARCAN Spirit

SARCAN Training

New and Improved Leadership Training Launched in 2016 This year, we revamped how we do our annual supervisor training. Our new leadership training is a five-year program that takes our superivsors through important leadership topics like effective communication and conflict resolution. The first year of the new training was really fun! We did a behaviour assessment called “DiSC” and learned how to communicate more effectively based on our different personality types. The evening portion of the training event was our chance to show off our finest western ware for supper and line dancing! The annual Customer Service Awards were presented during supper. Thanks to everyone across the province who came to our new Leadership Training, we are already looking forward to planning next year’s session.

Secret Shopper Awards Guy Trudeau and Joanna Tataryn from the Regina Harvest depots pose with Kevin Acton as they accept their secret shopper award lookin’ good, cowboys and cowgirl!

This year’s Customer Service winners are: Customer Service Small Depot – Grenfell Medium Depot – Hudson Bay Large Depot – Melfort Extra-Large Depot – Saskatoon East Accuracy: Small Depot – Coronach Medium Depot – Esterhazy Large Depot – Spiritwood Extra-Large Depot – Saskatoon East Cleanliness: Small Depot – Cudworth Medium Depot – Outlook Large Depot – Weyburn Extra-Large Depot – Regina Fleury

Learning to Listen through Line Dancing After a full day of learning, we were able to cut loose and have a bit of fun line dancing, but the activity also taught us the importance of listening to the instructions and working as a team.

Congratulations! Fall/Winter 2016 27

Environmental Performance

Wasting away in SARCANville Trash talk: A ’trash’ course in waste audits from resident expert Sean Homenick At SARCAN, we are leaders in the field of environmental protection. We are consistently measuring our performance across the province on a variety of environmental initiatives that are important to our province and our customers. As one of the largest recyclers in the province, perhaps the most important measurement is our waste diversion rate, which is the volume of waste we recycle out of the total volume of waste we have to handle. This past July, we completed our second waste audit.

What is a waste audit?

A waste audit involves physically going through all the waste generated for a certain period of time, which is even worse than it sounds. For a waste audit, you sort all the waste into categories and weigh each category to create a projection on how much waste is going to landfill, and how much waste is being recycled. This year, we took a sample for one week from four different sized depots (Saskatoon North, Martensville, Rosthern, and Cudworth), the Saskatoon Processing Plant, and the SARC Office. Our friends at the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council (SWRC) helped us design the process, sort through all the materials, quantify our total provincial footprint. They also provided us with several recommendations on how we can improve in the future.

What is waste?

For the purposes of our waste diversion rate, waste is considered any material that SARCAN is not paid to recycle. This includes anything we generate through supplies, materials, break rooms, etc., and anything customers bring in that’s not approved beverage containers, paint and electronics.

What are the results?

The great news we have to share is that our waste diversion rate improved by 13% over the last three years. That’s a reduction in over 570 dumpsters worth of trash every year!

28 SARCAN Spirit



Here’s a page of the SARCAN Spirit from 2007 that shows our first ”Electronics Update.” In February 2017, it will be ten years since we started collecting electronics. How time flies! Summer/Fall 2007


Submitted by: Sean Homenick

As we are sure you are all aware, SARCAN launched the Electronics Recycling Program this past February at all 70 of our depots. The program was introduced with much fanfare from the people of Saskatchewan, with the hope of diverting over 1,000 metric tonnes from Saskatchewan’s landfills every year. We have seen higher than expected returns at all of our depots, with big returns coming from many of the province’s school boards, businesses, and institutions. After only six months of operation, collections have exceeded industry projections for the province by over 70 per cent. In six months, SARCAN has collected 1,030 tubskids and 1,636 pallets of electronics, which were comprised of the following number of units: Computers Printers/ Faxes Periphery Laptops Monitors Televisions TOTAL

FEB 2,123 1,065 2,774 105 2,512 588 9,167

MAR 2,873 1,774 3,958 126 3,008 954 12,693

APR 2,570 1,854 3,743 87 2,621 1,098 11,973

MAY 2,939 1,921 3,793 67 3,142 1,439 13,301

JUN 3,751 2,195 4,764 82 3,895 1,399 15,852

JUL 3,092 2,176 5,249 161 3,878 1,280 15,404

In five months, SARCAN has collected the following pounds of electronics: FEB






TOTAL 17,108 10,990 24,286 628 19,056 6,763 78,399 Fall/Winter 2016 29


Depot Highlights Headwaters of the Assiniboine

Preeceville SARCAN

Quick Facts Population: 1,070 Containers returned last year: 1,545,073

The Preeceville depot is located right on the main drag in Preeceville, 1st Avenue. It is near the grocery store, hair salon, florist and gas station. The depot moved in 2014 to its current location, a bigger and brighter building with lots of curb appeal.

Annual Old Home Week

Getting Ready for Canada 150

Mushers Rendevous

Preeceville Arts Social Group

Every July, Preeceville celebrates “Old Home Week”, with Chuckwagon Races, BBQs, bake sales an art show and other community events.

Preeceville has already started working on the celebrations for Canada’s big 150th Anniversary bash check out their website for more information.

Dog sled racers have been gathering in Preeceville every January for 18 years, featuring people and dogs from all over northern Canada!

Preeceville has a lot of artistic residents. In fact, they meet once a week at the local library to share ideas and enjoy each other’s art work.

30 SARCAN Spirit

Cutting the ribbon to officially open the new Preeceville depot on December 5, 2014.

Progress in Preeceville Find out what SARCAN employees Dawn Sikora, Greg Matsalla, Anita Boyle and supervisor Daniel Hubert were up to this summer at our Preeceville depot Dawn Sikora spent the summer working around town tending to all of the flowers and plants in Preeceville. She also assisted in the Terry Fox run that took place in September by helping elderly people and helping push those in wheel chairs so they could also participate. Greg Matsalla ran the Eco-Center (oil recycling) for the summer, allowing people to recycle their used oil, jugs, filters, etc. He also worked with the Meals on Wheels program.

Anita Boyle, one of the original SARCAN employees not only in Preeceville, but across the province, is still working hard and helping customers return their beverage containers. Dawn Sikora and Greg Matsalla travelled to Niagra Falls this past September. - Preeceville SARCAN depot

Fall/Winter 2016 31

Depot Highlights The Friendly City - Surprisingly Unexpected

Moose Jaw SARCAN

Quick Facts Population: 33,274 Containers returned last year: 15,846,440

Moose Jaw is a beautiful city located at the junction of the #1 TransCanada highway and highway #2, about 70 kms west of Regina. The city works hard to preserve historical sites and buildings, so there’s lots to see and do when you come to visit.

The Tunnels of Moose Jaw

Mac the Moose: Representin’ MJ

Snowbirds Flying in the Skies

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa

The historic tunnels are a gateway to the past. Guided tours show you the city’s connection to Al Capone and to early Chinese immigrants.

At 32ft. tall, Mac the Moose has been the biggest moose in the world since 1984. Mac is also one of the most popular roadside attractions in Canada.

The Canadian Forces 431 Air Demonstration Squadron (snowbirds) are based in Moose Jaw. The snowbirds perform every Canada Day on Parliament Hill.

A Saskatchewan experience like no other, Temple Garden’s source is a hot spring under the town that was discovered in 1910 when digging for oil.

32 SARCAN Spirit

Open for business! Our very own Danny Rach greets people at the Moose Jaw SARCAN depot.

Community Comes First The Moose Jaw SARCAN depot is centrally located in town at 50 Manitoba Street. It is right off the south end of Main Street, close to the historic old train station. There has been several upgrades at the Moose Jaw depot. There is now internet, as well as the new POS system and Drop n Go. In the past few months there have been new additions to the team as well as saying goodbye to long time staff Darrell Pointer.

Jaw paint the town. We helped host a fundraiser for a staff’s aunt who is battling cancer. The staff and supervisor were guest speakers at CCRW luncheon.

We as a staff try to have as much fun together as possible. For example, we like to order pizza or have a BBQ during staff meetings.

We also try to attend as many community fundraisers and neighboring business’s functions as possible. We hit a record for largest bottle drive we have ever had with a grand total of $14,101.75. We also received our best secret shopper report in years!

We participated in the PBR Moose

- Moose Jaw SARCAN depot Fall/Winter 2016 33

Depot Highlights The Heart of Last Mountain Valley

Strasbourg SARCAN

Quick Facts Population: 752 Containers returned last year: 1,563,935

Strasbourg is a beautiful little valley town situated about 75 kilometers north west of Regina. The town was settled in 1884 by German pioneers who came to the area for its rich soil, ideal growing conditions and plenty of land for pastures.

Strasbourg and District Museum

Beautiful Last Mountain Lake

National Wildlife Protected Area

Strasbourg Maroons Hockey

The local museum started in 1971 when the town purchased the former CPR station. Exhibits and displays focus on local history from the area.

Last Mountain Lake is only 20 kms from Strasbourg and is a beautiful recreation area. The lake formed over 11,000 years ago from melted glaciers.

Since 1887, the northern shores of Last Mountain Lake have been federally protected - over 280 species of birds flock to the area each year.

The Strasbourg Maroons are part of the East Central Minor Hockey League. The local rink in Strasbourg is also home to skating and curling facilities.

34 SARCAN Spirit

Celebrating the Strasbourg depot’s grand opening of their new depot on June 22nd, 2016

Hello from Last Mountain Valley Wanda and Daisy are the smiling faces you see when you go to the brand new Strasbourg SARCAN depot Strasbourg moved into a brand new depot in town. It is really close to the old depot, but it’s much bigger. We went from 650 square feet to over 2,700 square feet! We also have a forklift and a new trailer bay so we don’t have to hand-bomb everything to load the trailers anymore. The Grand Opening took place on June 22nd, 2016 and we were really happy with the turnout. We had lots of people from town and the surrounding area come to see the new

depot and celebrate with us. We hosted tours for our guests and had a cake. It was also Kevin Kaschl’s birthday so we celebrated by singing Happy Birthday to him after the official Grand Opening ceremonies were finished. We hope everyone enjoyed their summer! - Strasbourg SARCAN depot

Fall/Winter 2016 35

Depot Highlights Embracing the 21st Century

Kipling SARCAN

Quick Facts Population: 1,100 Containers returned last year: 2,142,438

The town of Kipling is located on Highway 48, in southeast Saskatchewan. It is halfwy between the TransCanada and the Red Coat Trail highways. It is close to Kenosee Lake, the home of the province’s only remaining outdoor water park.

The Famous Red Homage to the Paper Clip House Red Paper Clip

Kipling’s Famous Namesake

Hungarian-style Bekevar Church

503 Main Street was famously purchased in 2007 with a red paper clip. It has since been in movies, and featured in the Guiness Book of Records.

The town of Kipling is named after the famous English author Rudyard Kipling. Kipling’s most famous novel, The Jungle Book, was made into a Disney movie in 1967.

8 kms outside of Kipling is a twin-spired church influenced by a design in Debrecen, Hungary. It is open for tours during the summer months.

36 SARCAN Spirit

A giant replica of the famous red paper clip is also a Guinness World Record in Kipling. At 15’ 2” tall, 3’ 3” wide and 45’ 6 ¾” long, it is steel and weighs 3,043 pounds.

The paper scroll and feather pen on the town sign would have made Rudyard Kipling proud.

Fame from a Red Paper Clip Kipling has a unique and interesting story - in 2006 it garnered international media attention when it sold a house on its Main Street for a red paper clip. This year has been a great year for tours. We had a busy June due to that. We had a group of 24 grade one students and one teacher.

day, August 29th, by the end of the day we had recycled 42,313 units which was a great day for us.

They really enjoyed what they were learning and asked many questions. We encouraged them to all go home and talk their families about why recycling is so cool.

- Kilping SARCAN depot

We had something really exciting happen this summer at our depot. On one fantastic Fall/Winter 2016 37

Depot Highlights The Newest Depot in the SARCAN Network

Buffalo Narrows

Quick Facts Population: 1,400 Containers returned last year: 3,294,845

The community of Buffalo Narrows should be on your Saskatchewan bucket list! It is serene, peaceful and full of natural beauty. Situated on the peninsuala between two lakes, there is pure, fresh water and tall green trees everywhere you look.

Clear Water and White Sand

The Boreal Forest

Trapping and Fishing

Bridging the Community

The Buffalo Narrows sand dunes provincial park is 10 kilometerlong white sand beach. The sand is so soft and pure it looks like snow from afar. A must see!

Buffalo Narrows is located in the Boreal Forest, Canada’s largest forest that spans from eastern Labradour to the Yukon/Alaska border.

Buffalo Narrows was first settled in the 1890s when people came north for trapping and fishing. It was not permanently settled until 1923.

There’s a big bridge that brings you into town on highway 155, crossing Churchill and Big Peter Pond Lakes. Buffalo Narrows is 245kms north of Meadow Lake.

38 SARCAN Spirit

An aerial vew of Buffalo Narrows, surrounded by beautiful lakes and the boreal forest.

Welcome to the Northwest The Buffalo Narrows depot has only been open since February 2016, and they’ve already far suprassed the projected returns for the fiscal year. Buffalo Narrows is the newest depot to the SARCAN system. We had a grand opening to officially welcome the public on June 29, 2016. We decorated the depot and made Canadian and Metis Nation flags out of recycled cans! There were members of the community, elders, and local MLA Buckley Belander in attendance. Cindy McCallum made chili and bannock for everyone. Yum! We are so proud to have many people come and see the depot and learn about the recycling system. Our favourite thing

that we’ve done so far was giving a tour to a group of pre-school children. We’ve been impressed with how many people have been returning their beverage containers to us. People in the community and in surrounding areas of Beauval, Turner Lake, Dillon and even La Loche and Ile-a-la-Crosse have been saving up their beverage containers, paint and electronics for the new depot to open.

- Buffalo Narrows SARCAN depot Fall/Winter 2016 39

Thanks for a great 2016! All the best to you and yours in the new year!

SARCAN Spirit Fall 2016  

The SARCAN Spirit is SARCAN's employee magazine, read all about the highlights of the 2016 year from across the province.

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