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FALL 2019


U P D AT E SARC and SARC Members Celebrate person-centred service stories about how sarc members provide individualized support toward personal goals


saskatchewan celebrates disability employment awareness month

SARc Awards banquet profile on this year’s recipients






SARC Members Celebrate DEAM

Highlights from October’s Disability Employment Awareness Month from across the province.

HuBo BagsSoon to be a Household Name MAPS and PATHS and Maggie MentorAbility A Canadian Initiative to Improve Employability for People Experiencing Disability


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SLGA Embraces Unique Workplace Program

SARC Fall Conference The 2019 Fall Conference was once again a successful event.

SARC Awards Banquet

Highlights from the 2019 SARC Awards

Fulfilling Dreams at Handiworks


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Embracing New Spaces with Cosmopolitan Industries Alex’s Goal: Learning to Use City Transit

SARC Expands the COMPASS Training Package


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In This Issue Throughout the year, our Members impress us with stories of community-engagement, achievements in goal-setting, and the way each organization works to improve the lives of the people they support. In this issue, you’ll find inspiring stories on how our Members continue to provide person-centred services so that the people they support may live life as they want; see highlights from across the province of different events that promoted and celebrated Disability Employment Awareness Month; as well as highlights from our Fall Conference and SARC Awards Banquet—truly fantastic events that celebrate our wonderful community. I hope you enjoy reading it! Amy Janzen Communications Coordinator



sarc members c e lebr ate d e a m Disability Employment Awareness Month Grows to New Heights and Opportunities for People Expe riencing Disability


hat a month! DEAM just gets better every year and October 2019 will be hard to beat. October was

proclaimed Disability Employment Awareness Month

Mike Ciona (CTV), Ashlee Langlois (FCC), and Melanie Weiss (SARC) on CTV Morning Live

(DEAM) by the honourable Jeremy Harrison, Minister of Immigration and Career Training, with some cities proclaiming as well. Kicking off the exciting month in

and the benefits of hiring an inclusive workforce.

Prince Albert, the city, in conjunction with Prince Albert

The ads ran in prime airtime, including during the

Community Services and MentorAbility Canada, held an

news and Hockey Night in Canada. You can find the

event on October 2 (pictured below). The event was well

advertisements on the EmployLink website.

attended and everyone enjoyed the cookies and muffins provided by Wesnor School.

Porcupine Opportunities Program celebrated 45 years of service and the grand opening of Bits N Pieces on

SARC’s Melanie Weiss, Director of Member Services,

October 8. The store currently provides 26 vendors

along with Ashlee Langlois, HR manager at Farm Credit

with a unique opportunity to sell their products. The

Canada—who is a champion employer—appeared on

other half of the space is dedicated to a community

CTV Morning Live to discuss DEAM and the benefits

laundromat where customers can either do their laundry

of hiring an inclusive workforce. This was a wonderful

in coin-operated machines or have a store employee do

way to kick-off DEAM and motivated others to host a

it for them for a fee. The laundromat and the store, Bits N

DEAM event in their community. SARC, in a partnership

Pieces, are attached and between them, employ 8 people

with Farm Credit Canada and SaskTel, ran commercials

experiencing disability for minimum wage or better.

on Global, CTV, and City TV networks to discuss DEAM

Prior to acquiring this employment, they spent their

Representatives from the City of Prince Albert, Government of Saskatchewan, P.A. Community Service Centre and MentorAbility proclaim the month of October as DEAM in P.A.

Bits N Pieces Grand Opening in Porcupine Plain

FALL 2019


time at the day program or workshop at POP. The event brought dignitaries from afar to see the newly renovated space and listen to the guest speakers, including Hugh Nerlien (MLA Kelvington-Wadena). SaskAbilities Yorkton has been busy throughout DEAM with many activities in and out of the city, starting with the Town of Saltcoats, which is an inclusive employer. SaskAbilities and the Town developed a video to discuss inclusion and the value to employers. You can view the clip on SaskAbilities – Yorkton’s Facebook page. Other activities included a “wash mob” and inclusive employer features on their Facebook page throughout the month.

Tom’s Indpendent Grocer with two employees, supported through Clare Parker Homes inclusive employers by presenting delicious pies to them. They also used social media to put a spotlight on some great employees who work at local businesses (pictured bottom right).

One such employer is the Whistle Stop Restaurant

“Everything In Between Work Crew” is Eagles Nest Youth

in Norquay, a small community nestled between the

Ranch (ENYR)’s work crew, and are located in Saskatoon.

northern edges of Saskatchewan’s Parkland region and

They celebrated DEAM by promoting their services and

the northern expanse of wilderness. This licensed family

increasing the number of followers on Facebook with a

dining restaurant is located in a 100-year-old former CN

draw for free snow removal, all individuals or businesses

station building, circa 1920 (pictured below).

had to do was “Like” and “share” their page and they

Clare Parker Homes in Regina was also busy during the month; they provided certificates to inclusive employers they work with. Pictured top right is Tom’s Independent Grocer who has been working with CPH for a couple of

would be entered. The draw was made on October 31. ENYR also celebrated inclusive employers by presenting them with certificates of appreciation for their support of the service.

years and currently has two employees experiencing

Munch Café and Catering attended the Co-operators


Wellness Fair in Regina. Gwen Herman and Mirela

Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop’s Harvest Pie Company, in conjunction with the Odd Job Squad and TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) a community-based work crew, celebrated DEAM in several ways, including recognizing

Employee in front of Whistle Stop Restaurant in historic former CN Station Building


Puszkar spoke about DEAM and relayed stories of former Munch catering assistants who now have competitive employment in the community. Munch’s Catering Assistants also gave fair attendees samples of

An employee of Harvest Pie Company with owner of Creekside Car Wash


Employees from Munch Cafe and Catering at the Co-operators Wellness Fair

Regina Chamber of Commerce Celebrates DEAM alongside COR

homemade granola bars, as an extra incentive to draw

introduce more inclusive practices into their workplaces

more people to their booth! It was an enjoyable and

(pictured above).

educational event for all attendees (pictured above).

Lastly, SaskAbilities – Partners in Employment

To celebrate the launch of their new catering program

Saskatoon hosted an Open House at their downtown

and promote inclusive employment practices during

Saskatoon location in celebration of DEAM with

DEAM, Crocus Cooperative of Saskatoon hosted a

presentations from Saskatoon’s Mayor, Charlie Clark,

fundraiser on October 23 at the ACT Centre in Sutherland.

and Darren Witherly of DK Pallets who discussed

Supper was made by the Crocus Catering Team featuring

his experience as an inclusive employer. The event

all you can eat soups, breads, and dessert. There was a

was a huge success with employers, employees, and

silent auction, and a cash bar provided by 9 Mile Legacy

individuals from across Saskatoon coming together in

Brewing (Crocus Catering Team pictured below).

celebration of DEAM (pictured below).

The Regina Chamber of Commerce, alongside Creative

This is just a small sampling of the activities that

Options Regina (COR), hosted a luncheon at the Delta to

happened around the province; it seems that each

celebrate DEAM. Speakers Lori Bresciani, City Councilor,

community was very involved which made this year the

and Fire Chief Layne Jackson spoke about the personal

absolute biggest and best so far!

and professional impacts inclusion has on family and friends as well as co-workers and business morale.

What can we do to make 2020 even bigger and better?

COR Executive Director Michael Lavis reports that this celebration was an opportunity to bring together champion employers who are looking for ways to

Crocus Catering Team at their Launch Event in Saskatoon

Saskatoon’s Mayor (right) and attendee at Partners in Employment Open House

FALL 2019


h ubo b ags: soon to be a household name


uBo Bags was born as a

chosen colour choices. He

school project for Bowen

then washes, dries and

after he graduated at age 18 and

presses them for sale and

chose to continue on at Biggar

display with the guidance

Central School until the age of 22.

of Minnie, his supportive

With the guidance and support of

worker, from the Prairie

his teacher and EA, he developed

Branches Day Program.

a name, logo and started the dye

A second style of cotton

process with Fair Trade bags. His business has evolved and today Prairie Branches supports Bowen on his entrepreneurial journey.

bags is receptive to being decorated with heat transferred designs. These bags are popular and can be personalized upon

Using 100% cotton bags, Bowen

special request.

has entered the reusable bag

Dyed aprons have created an

market at the ideal time. Since graduating, HuBo Bags has been set up in the basement of his Group Living home and Bowen is mentored several mornings a week producing a product that is creative and colourful. Promoting his splash-dyed style. Bowen starts by washing the bags, soaking them in soda ash and dyeing them with an ice cube and dye process. When the cubes melt and the colours infuse the cloth, the result is a myriad of


alternate purchase choice for his customers. The last few months have seen Bowen expand his line of products with tye-dyed bags and a line of bandanas for people or pets. Bowen and Minnie have developed a style using elastic bands that Bowen is thrilled to model and promote. HuBo bags has a FaceBook page and devoted followers. Minnie and Bowen take photos of his


products and post them to provide a wider market for sales. During this past summer, Bowen had his products for sale each Tuesday at the Farmer’s Market in Biggar. The word of his great products has spread and now his bags, aprons, and bandanas are also marketed at Hollyhock’s Greenhouse in Unity. Prairie Branches staff assist Bowen to promote his items in surrounding areas during the Spring, Fall, and Christmas seasons by renting a table at Craft Fairs where Bowen and a supporting worker sell these wonderful reusable items.

MAPs and Paths and maggie how a personal goal had a big impact


unshine Housing Inc. supports nineteen people in four homes in Hague and Osler and operates

a community-based day program for seven people. The ages of the people currently supported range from early twenties to late sixties. Sunshine uses the MAP and PATH process where a trained facilitator and illustrator meet with each person and their support circle every year to celebrate successes and to plan what they wish to achieve in the coming year.

One of Maggie’s goals on her MAP for 2019 was to bake her famous brownies for staff who attend trainings at Sunshine. On her first brownie delivery, she knocked on the door at break time

As you walk through the homes and meet the

during TLR training, and blessed us all with warm-

people who live at Sunshine, you will notice each

gooey-brownie-heaven. We invited her to stay and

person has hand-illustrated posters neatly framed

have coffee. After the break was over, it occurred

on their bedroom walls. The posters tell their

to the trainer that Maggie had a lot of wisdom to

life story, accomplishments, and future goals.

share and asked her to stay and help out. Maggie

The posters are a daily encouragement to the

learned along with the class and memorized the

person of what they are working towards. For the

TLR procedures about how to keep people safe.

support team, they serve as a reminder to ensure

From that day on, Maggie has been an integral

that our goals for the day are aligned with what

part of TLR, CPP &SP, PART, WHMIS, and First Aid

is important to each individual and the person-

trainings at Sunshine. Her role is to bring the

centred values of the agency.

perspective of a person supported to each training.

Everyone has an opportunity to achieve goals such

She is also our official #1 Safety Promoter who can

as shopping trips to Edmonton, NHL games, special concerts and other ‘bucket list’ items. The beauty of this type of goal setting is that it opens doors to

often be heard around the office reminding us to use our safe body mechanics. Learners comment that Maggie’s presence creates a positive impact by

endless opportunities.

bringing meaning and purpose to the trainings.

Let us tell you about our friend Maggie, whom you

This goes to show how a simple illustration of a

may have seen in SARC’s recent blogpost titled ‘Yep I Do’. Maggie Zacharias lives in Hague and works full-time in a paid position as an Admin Assistant at the Sunshine Housing office. She is

pan of brownies and DREAMING BIG can lead to having purpose and joy in every day life. When asked about how this new role makes her feel, Maggie answered, ‘I like helping people!’

also a volunteer at the MCC Thrift Shop in Warman.

FALL 2019


MentorAbility A Canadian Initiative to Improve Employability for people experiencing disability Reno Michel Haché, M.Ed., Program Coordinator MentorAbility Canada Project


rying to get employers to hire people experiencing disability can be challenging.

Often, employers don’t recognize the specific skills individuals can bring to their business. Very often,

that employer’s business. It’s about creating mutually

the challenge comes from an employer’s lack of

beneficial opportunities to grow, where the Protégé

knowledge: they simply don’t know how to create

is motivated to learn more about career choices, and

disability-friendly inclusive workplaces or how to

where employers have the opportunity to develop

reach the needed talents. Generally, employers are

their mentoring skills and discover a talent pool of

simply not aware of the benefits that come with

dedicated and genuinely motivated people. Because

hiring people experiencing disability.

MentorAbility is not employment-focused and does

One of the main barriers to increasing employment

not ask for a hiring commitment, the experience

of people experiencing disability has to do with

can be more comfortable for both job seekers and

an employer’s lack of disability-confidence. This

employers. MentorAbility is a non-intrusive way to

becomes a challenge because there is not much

increase workplace integration opportunities for job

one can say to another to increase their disability-

seekers experiencing disability.

confidence, because confidence comes from

During the 2019 National Disability Employment

experience. Disability-confidence comes from the

Awareness Month, the MentorAbility Canada Project

power of presence; confidence comes from replacing

was officially launched in eight Provincial Hubs. Each

a preconception with a factual understanding.

Hub coordinates the collaboration and engagement

Confidence comes from experiencing a situation

of Local Coordinators and Community Collaborators

that dispels our insecurities, an experience that

in increasing mentoring experiences in communities

strengthens our capacity to act. Finding a way

large and small across Canada. There is room for

to bring together employers and job seekers

many life-changing experiences; be part of the

experiencing disability in a mutually beneficial


experience while building confidence for both parties

Your MentorAbility Canada Provincial Coordinator in

is what MentorAbility is all about. MentorAbility is a

Prince Albert is Matt Grzesiak; feel free to contact him

medium that allows this confidence to grow.

at (306) 987-0013.

The MentorAbility Experience is about finding Mentors willing to share their knowledge with Protégés who have interests and are passionate about



slga embraces unique workplace program with Cosmopolitan Learning Centre


or SLGA’s Distribution Centre (DC), Fridays

“They are not segregated here,” he said. “They eat

have become a bright spot in the week.

with the staff, have coffee with the staff and take

That’s because for the past six months, SLGA

breaks with the staff. They are accepted for who

has been involved in a pilot project with Regina’s

they are.”

Cosmopolitan Learning Centre (CLC) to provide

The three employees work every Friday for

one-day-a-week employment for three adults experiencing disability.

approximately six hours and are accompanied by a trained CLC support worker. Duties include light

SLGA Distribution Director Marc Milette says the

cleaning and janitorial duties in the warehouse

addition of Sean, Thorvald and Sara-Ann to the

area, stacking pallets, re-labeling and re-packaging

DC staff has been an amazing experience. He is

product, product disposal and trash compacting.

also pleased that SLGA has decided to continue its

The initiative has the support of the Saskatchewan

participation in the program now that the initial

Government and General Employees Union (SGEU).

pilot project has wrapped up.

Milette said an unexpected benefit of the program

“We’re proud to be affiliated with the Cosmo

has been the infectious enthusiasm that Sean,

Learning Centre and the important work they

Thorvald and Sara-Ann have brought to the DC. In

do,” said Milette. “This program gives SLGA an

fact, he says, Sara-Ann is not shy to tell everyone

opportunity to be socially responsible and active in

that the DC is her favourite place to work.

our community and also helps promote a workplace culture of diversity and inclusion.” Milette says staff at the DC were quick to embrace the new workers.

FALL 2019


SARC fall


Joseph Roberts, the ‘SkidRow CEO’ and founder of Push For Change delivering his Closing Keynote Address


health and safety, giving corrective

and SARC Consultants. After

feedback, supporting teams to

lunch, conference attendees

build community, and change

went to a concurrent session


on either ‘Storytelling Secrets’,

An opening keynote presentation

‘Organizational Life Cycles’, ‘Fraud

from Kendal Netmaker, owner he Fall Conference, held on

and founder of Neechie Gear®,

October 30 & 31, 2019, was

a lifestyle apparel brand that

attended by 100 Senior Managers

empowers youth through sports,

and Board Directors from nonprofit

opened the conference with an

organizations across the province,

amazing start. Kendal shared his

eager to learn about trending topics

leadership story and got attendees

and best practices in the sector.

interested and engaged to develop a

The conference hosted seven

high-performing team built on trust

presenters who facilitated eight

and transparency.

interactive sessions on a variety

During lunch, participants

of topics such as storytelling,

were encouraged to visit our

organizational life cycles from

exhibitor booths where we had

both a management and board

representatives from MLT Aikins,

perspective, fraud and risk

MentorAbility, Butler Byers, Move

management, psychological

Mobility, Golden Mobility, QLA,



and Risk Management’ or ‘What Does Senior Leadership Support for Psychological Health and Safety Really Mean?’ In the evening of October 30, SARC held its second annual SARC Awards Banquet, honouring people from across the province for their commitment to their community. Read more about the banquet on page 12. It was a great first day of the conference! On the second day, concurrent sessions included ‘How to Give Feedback: The CARE Model Eliminating Negative Behaviour by Focusing on Accountability’,

‘Supporting Teams to Build Community’, ‘Workplace

to support our teams through challenging times.

Change Management: How Are You Showing Up?’,

We hope that you enjoyed this year’s conference. The

and another session of ‘What Does Senior Leadership

next Fall Conference will take place at the Atlas Hotel

Support for Psychological Health and Safety Really

(formerly the Regina Travelodge Hotel) in Regina in


October 2020 and we hope to see you there!

Throughout the conference, we held a COMPASS Contest, promoting the COMPASS Training Package. Participants had to answer four COMPASS-related questions to enter the draw and at lunch on the second day, we awarded one lucky winner with a Samsung Tablet! (See page 18 for more on COMPASS). To close, Joseph Roberts shared his motivational transformation from homeless drug addict to successful business and community leader. Joseph’s stories of perseverance, determination, and finding purpose and engagement in your life left us inspired

FALL 2019



Awards Banquet

Top L to R: Heath Gabruch, Community Builder Award recipient; Dustin Bohse, Community Builder Award recipient; Aaron Brubaker, Journey Award recipient; Mark Richardson, Community Builder Award recipient; Maria Howie, Inclusive Advantage Award recipient; Paul Howie, Inclusive Advantage Award recipient; David Schell, Community Builder Award recipient; Rob Rongve, Community Builder Award recipient

SARC Executive Director, Amy McNeil delivering Opening Remarks at the SARC Awards Banquet

Bottom L to R: Boyd Wakelin, Community Builder Award recipient; Amy McNeil, SARC Executive Director; Catherine Berntson, Spotlight Award recipient; Terry Saretsky, Good Neighbour Award recipient; Charity Jess, Great Work Award recipient; Dawn Desautels, SARC Board President


n the evening of October 30, we celebrated the

neighbour. At this year’s event, there were many

recipients of the 2019 SARC Awards, alongside

beaming faces, a few teary eyes, and more words of

government representatives, SARC Boards of Directors, SARC Members, conference sponsors, and friends and family at our annual banquet.

congratulations than we could count. The evening began with opening greetings from SARC Executive Director, Amy McNeil, and

The Awards Banquet is a wonderful evening of

concluded with sharing each of the recipients’

community, celebration, and diversity; where

stories along with their special video, which

people from across the province come to cheer

captured each of their remarkable stories. The

on their family member, friend, colleague, or

first award went to The Good Neighbour, Terry



Terry Saretsky (middle) with his friends and colleagues from Futuristic Industries at the Awards Banquet Saretsky, for his commitment

her career. Charity has worked

to volunteering in his Humboldt

alongside the culinary team

community. Terry has spent

at the Delta Bessborough in

more years than anyone can

Saskatoon for over 20 years

accomplished opera and choir

remember ‘helping out anyone

and continues to love and be

singer who has travelled the

who needs help’. Terry’s

committed to her job. Charity

world sharing her special

commitment to his community

won’t hesitate to help out

talent with people from many

can be seen through the way

others at the organization, not

different cultures. Catherine

his community shines when

just within the culinary team,

has used singing as a way

they’re around him. The people

but the entire staff at the Delta

to express herself since she

of Humboldt clearly adore him.


was a child. As someone who

Next, we presented Charity

Next, we presented the

Jess with the Great Work Award

Spotlight Award to Catherine

for her accomplishments in

Berntson. Catherine is an

L to R: Cheryl Carlson, Charity Jess, Linda Boyko

Catherine Berntson receiving the Spotlight Award with SARC Board Director, Dawn Desautels

struggles with social anxiety, Catherine’s use of singing to help her communicate when she finds words difficult, allows

Aaron Brubaker (centre) with his family, friends, and staff from Cypress Hills Ability Centres, Inc.

FALL 2019


RBC Wealth Management Group with Ronda Johnson (third from right), Mona Leece (second from right), and Donald Salie (far right) from BTEC her to open up in new situations and share her gift with

to Juliana Pizza from Regina. Juliana Pizza knows


the benefits of a diversified workforce, employing

Next, the recipient of the Journey Award, Aaron Brubaker, shared his journey with all of us. Aaron began his journey with Cypress Hills Ability Centres, Inc (CHACI) as he was transitioning out of high school. Aaron shared that ‘back then’ he didn’t want to get out of bed or go to work. Four years later, Aaron is a dedicated and involved member of the community, taking on more job opportunities and helping out around the centre

four people that are supported through Partners in Employment. Juliana Pizza’s easy-going support extends beyond the day-to-day. They are always willing to help their employees if they need a ride after a long day, help purchasing a bike, or tickets to Regina Pats games. Peter and Paul from Juliana Pizza believe that when you treat staff like family, they are more committed to their job and job retention follows.

whenever he can. After accepting his award, Aaron

The SARC Awards Banquet was a truly inspiring evening

gave an emotional speech where he shared his heartfelt

that honoured so many wonderful people within our

thanks to the staff from CHACI who were in attendance.

province. Please visit sarcsarcan.ca/awards or our

It was a truly emotional moment.

Youtube channel to watch each video and learn more

Next, we presented the Community Builder Award

about the incredible recipients.

to a group of businesspeople from North Battleford. The group from Rongve, Gabruch, Schell and Weikle Wealth Management of RBC Dominion Securities are tremendous supporters of Battlefords Trade & Education Centre (BTEC), helping them raise funds throughout the years to improve services for the people they support. Beyond their help with BTEC, the RBC group continues to spend time helping others in their community. Their commitment to positively improving their community is incredibly inspiring. Lastly, we presented the Inclusive Advantage Award



Maria and Paul Howie from Juliana Pizza

f ulfilling d re a m s at handiworks


andiworks has been very busy over the past few months. We have recently opened our fourth

group home to accommodate the last three residents

from Valley View Centre in Moose Jaw. We have been so excited to welcome them to our Handiworks family! Handiworks has a fundraising committee that has been concentrating on person-centred activities. Recently, we hosted a spa day with a professional aesthetician to do people’s nails, give massages, or do their hair and make up. After everyone was finished being pampered, we enjoyed a fancy tea party lunch. Another group went for a drive to visit a farming community, followed by a special lunch. Afterwards, we attended a Saskatchewan Rough Rider Game in Regina where we were treated to the End Zone Experience, allowing us to go down to the field and watch the players up close. For many of the people we support, this was on their bucket list and were thrilled with the experience! Handiworks is fortunate to have a great group of staff members that go the extra mile to help the people we support get the most out of their experiences both big and small.

FALL 2019


e m b r acing new s paces with cosmopolitan industries


eptember 4, 2019 marked a significant date for Cosmopolitan Industries. We officially opened

one new satellite location known as Cosmo Acadia and at the same time celebrated the expansion of the Cosmo Market Mall satellite location. Cosmo Acadia is a life-enrichment program with a focus on accessing and partnering with community stakeholders for recreation, cultural, quality of life, and volunteer opportunities. This program has

janitorial and groundskeeping services. Both programs are looking forward to expanding on our community connections. The energy and excitement from the participants, staff, family, caregivers, and community at both locations was seen through the smiles and the tremendous attendance at the opening celebrations (pictured above and below).

already established community partnerships with

A special thanks to all the speakers who brought

Walter Murray Collegiate, Tykes and Tots Early

greetings and congratulatory remarks. Special

Learning Centre Inc at St. Ann’s School and École

thanks to our participants and their families

Cardinal Leger School, Old Navy, SPCA, and the

who have chosen Cosmo, the Ministry of Social

College Park Community Garden.

Services, Miners Construction, Nickel Plumbing &

The Cosmo Market Mall satellite has relocated to a new space in the mall next to Fabricland and Planet Fitness. This location has now doubled in size! The program assists in developing and expanding work opportunities and initiatives for those involved. Already this year, the Saskatoon Fire Hall has hired a work team three mornings a week to provide



Heating, Wright Construction Western Inc., Colliers International, Market Mall Property Management, Galon Insurance and Mortgage Brokers, VIP Shuttle, donors, and to our Cosmo board members and staff for your financial assistance and guidance as we were on this journey.

a l ex’s goa l: learning to use city transit


lex moved to an Autism Services operated

Alex and his friend started going on “City Bus tour

group home 5 years ago from a farm where

rides” in 2018. Alex was confident that he would

he lived with other people experiencing disability.

be able to learn to ride the bus, so after months of

When he moved to Saskatoon, one thing that was

learning the routes with the help of his friend, we

immediately apparent was that Alex was a man

supported Alex to do just that. After learning some

with ideas, and he knew what he wanted. He has

tips on safety, we had him ride the bus this spring

some big long-term goals, such as travelling to

to his Day Program with the support of a home staff

Japan and learning to drive, but he also has some

member. After a month, he was ready to add the

practical needs like increased independence –

afternoons, and now rides to work independently!

who can blame him! Over the years, Alex has

Since then, Alex has learned to ride different buses

settled in the city where he helps with his cat

all around the city and he has been enjoying his

roommate Aeron, makes himself breakfast in the

newfound independence. University started back

morning, enjoys learning with his mentor via READ

up in September and during one of our recent

Saskatoon, and even likes to help out new staff who

conversations, Alex excitedly came to me and said,

have questions. Independence is king!

“I’m excited to face the challenge of riding the bus

One thing related to independence that Alex had

with all the University students!” And he has been

been talking about for the last couple of years is learning to ride the city bus. Recently he has

doing great (pictured below). Now Alex is gearing up to ride the bus during the winter for the first

become close friends with another person who is


supported through Autism Services who uses the

Way to go, Alex!

bus on a regular basis; this really spurred him on.

FALL 2019


sarc expands the compass training package


Training Package

Thanks to our Members’ overwhelming support of the COMPASS Training Package as well as continued funding from CLSD, SARC has expanded COMPASS to provide even more training programs throughout the 2019-2020 year. This fall has been one of the busiest times for SARC Education and Training as we’ve launched four new programs offered under COMPASS:

Stride Formerly known as BST, Stride offers the same comprehensive training as BST, but with a more flexible, blended-learning approach. Emphasizing person-centred service via both online and in-person elements, Stride provides Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to promote choice, independence, and quality of life for the people they support.

Person-Centred Essentials This in-person training profiles a variety of creative tools and techniques used in the Disability Service sector. It provides Learners with practical skills to implement person-centred services and improve their ability to deliver personalized support in their daily work.



Positive Behaviour Support This online training helps Learners to understand that behaviour is a form of communication and helps them understand why people communicate through different forms of behaviour. Once that is established, Learners will work to come up with positive strategies on how to respond.

WHMIS This online training is intended to help anyone working with hazardous products at their organization identify various hazards through pictograms, labels, and Safety Data Sheets.

The launch of these four new programs brings the total to 11 training programs available at no cost to SARC Regular and Associate Members as well as Affiliate Members with CLSD funding. For more information on these and other programs under the COMPASS Training Package, visit sarclearningcentral.ca/compass. For organizations not eligible to access the COMPASS Training Package, you may still enroll in any of the eleven COMPASS programs for a fee.

FALL 2019


FALL CONFERENCE 2019 OCTOBER 30 & 31 Thank you to our generous sponsors! PLATINUM




Profile for SARC/SARCAN

SARC Update - Fall 2019  

SARC Update - Fall 2019