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Fall 2018 The Golden Issue


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

News From SARC Members

Learn about the Fantasy Hockey League that is making a buzz at Multiworks on p. 10


Read updates from Member Agencies including, MDSI, Elmwood Residences, and Redvers Activity Centre!

SARC Awards Banquet


Learn more about the inaugural recipients of the SARC Awards and 12 how we celebrated 50 years at this event.

Claims Made vs. Occurrence



To celebrate this milestone year, we assembled a team of artists from across the province to collaborate on a commemorative art piece.



On October 24-25 we held a record-setting conference with a variety of nonprofit leadership topics

SARC Insurance Program coverage and reporting requirements.

Commemorating 50 Years

SARC Fall Conference

COMPASS Update Organizations have been enjoying adding COMPASS programs to their training strategies.


The Golden Issue - Volume 2

Meet the inaugural recipients of the SARC Awards - p. 22

50 years - what’s next? It’s been an incredible year celebrating SARC’s 50th

evolution of civil rights for people experiencing disability,

Anniversary. Taking some time to reflect on the

the continued growth of our Membership, and the

progress that our sector has made has really helped to

opportunities they provide.

identify where we are headed next. SARC Members are

Thank you to everyone for celebrating 50 years with us

supporting people to direct their own lives according to

throughout 2018! We hope you will enjoy these stories

their dreams and goals; it is a very exciting time, and SARC

from SARC Members all about the many amazing things

looks forward to the continued work with our Members to

they are accomplishing.

support people to live in inclusive communities. The SARC Fall Conference and Awards Banquet was one of the last events in our 50th anniversary year and it was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate with our Members. Both keynote presentations shared reflections on the past and identified key areas where nonprofits and service providers need to adapt and grow from in order to be sustainable. At this year’s SARC Awards Banquet, we celebrated 50 years by unveiling a commemorative art piece (more details on page 25). This piece symbolizes the


every step counts Rain or shine, you can find Alan Smuk

for other routes when his co-workers

him on his route. One customer,

on his route delivering the news to

have needed support,” says Alan’s

Winne Reid, makes a point of coming

residents of Swift Current, a smile


outside to greet him when he delivers

on his face and a skip in his step. With the help of the SaskAbilities Day Program in Swift Current, Alan found a job he loves. A job that brings greater fulfillment to his life.

Alan joined the Prairie Post team in the summer of 2016. When he began, a job coach with SaskAbilities supported him as Alan familiarized himself with his route and the routine

the paper to her house. Their weekly chats have sparked a friendship. “I look forward to seeing him walk up the step every week,” says Winnie. “It’s delightful to see him. My husband George enjoys greeting him

As a Newspaper Carrier for the

of the job. Now, Alan performs his

Prairie Post, Alan delivers 180 papers

tasks independently, showing both

to 90 homes each week. After the

growth and responsibility in the role.

The team at SaskAbilities and Alan’s

Prairie Post and the SouthWest

Alan’s job at Prairie Post is a natural

mom Linda could not be more proud

Booster amalgamated, the number

fit of employment for him. Already

of Alan and his achievements in

of newspapers that needed to be

an avid walker, Alan took to the role

the workplace. “To know that Alan’s

delivered to readers doubled. “Alan

quickly and enthusiastically. It’s a job

job is a ‘real job’, one with pay, is

has not only risen to the challenge

he looks forward to each week.

awesome,” says Linda. “We are very

of a more demanding route, but also proved himself as a reliable and dependable employee by filling in

After two years with Prairie Post, his customers know him and greet


when he is outside as well.”

impressed with the work SaskAbilities has done here to help Alan.”

reading program at mdsi

Mallard Diversified Services Inc (MDSI) from Wadena is involved in a great program that we created with the Wadena Elementary school. We started a reading program with the Grade One classes in the 2017-2018 year. Five people from MDSI take part in this program. Two go each time to assist the children to read. We take an hour to listen to and assist with sounding out words to help both Grade One classes. Some are shy and some love to talk! This benefits everyone involved as selfesteem grows and learning skills are enhanced. Throughout the year they all open up and increase their reading skills. At the end of the last school year, MDSI gave a reading level appropriate book to each of the children. The children surprised us by singing a song they made up along with juice and cookies to say “Thank you.� We look forward to doing this program again in the 2018-2019 year.


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

Summer at weybur Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop had another super fun summer exploring our beautiful province and making memories. We were fortunate to have some extra staffing due to the Canada Summer Jobs grant and hired some fantastic students. We went on trips to go swimming, hiking in the Big Muddy, horseback riding at Kenosee Lake, mini golfing at Nickle Lake, playing at Get Air and so much more!

We also attended a powwow and visited the RCMP museum where we tried on the uniform and sat in a squad car. We went to a reptile show and the brave ones got to touch snakes, lizards, turtles, and all kinds of cool things.


The Golden Issue - Volume 2

urn wor-kin shop Right here at home we had so many visitors, lots of animals came to see us. We learned about working dogs that are used for hunting, for therapy and just some sweet pets. Cats of all sizes came to cuddle along with a bunny rabbit too! The local EMS came and showed us what happens in an ambulance and checked blood pressure and heart rates.

Of course no summer is complete without an agency BBQ in the park and some yummy food cooked by the staff. So many exciting things and so much fun. The pictures say it all. We are looking forward to even more fun next year! Some of the ladies went for manicures at the local college and we had a local artist come in a do a six week art project with us too!


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

redvers CELEBRates DEAM 8

Ten businesses in the community of Redvers celebrated DEAM by providing job shadowing opportunities

The Golden Issue - Volume 2

To celebrate Disability Employment Awareness Month

Redvers Rec Centre, SARCAN, Advantage Co-op Food

(DEAM), the Redvers Activity Centre hosted an awareness

Store, Advantage Co-op C-Store, Subway, and the Redvers

campaign throughout the community of Redvers. Some


of the people in our Supported Employment Program

Carolyne Martel, Jen Marsh, Avva Padagdag, all managers

shared that there were jobs in the community that they

from different departments of the Advantage Co-op, went

wanted to try but there were no openings being filled at

above and beyond by creating a hands-on experience,

the time. So we sent out letters to businesses explaining

through department tours, assisting everyone in getting

DEAM and asked if they would provide some work

to know other staff, and positive encouragement

experience for some of the participants in the program

throughout the hands-on portion of the process.

through the job shadowing process; this would also

Their efforts to promote inclusion and diversity are

help businesses promote diversity and inclusion within

outstanding! Michelle Jensen, who is employed at our

their workforce. Our goal at the Redvers Activity Centre,

local library, wanted to do something more and educated

through our Supported Employment Program, is to assist

children between the ages of 2-5 about inclusion and

people in finding meaningful employment that meets

diversity, through story time and art using the DEAM

their interests, skills and economic needs, and to provide

framework. The staff and participants at Redvers Activity

services that aim to eliminate barriers and to promote

Centre decorated our organization with a beautiful

inclusive and diverse workplaces.

display of bright, colourful inclusion and diversity posters

We had a great response with 10 businesses participating

and we have been inviting community to come in and see

in DEAM from the Redvers community (which is

our creative display.

significant for such a small town), including two local

It was a very successful month and Redvers Activity

businesses who have hired people from the Supported

Centre is committed to creating a culture of opportunity

Employment Program through this awareness campaign.

for all participants where goals and dreams can be

Business partners included: Silver Lotus Boutique,


ERP- Pro Hardware, Terri’s Bistro, Ironrider Car Wash,


The SARC Update - Fall 2018


Fantasy Hockey isn’t exactly Canada’s National Sport, but it’s unquestionably the latest and hottest pastime at Multiworks. This year, Multiworks decided to try something new and thought it would be fun to design and facilitate a Hockey Draft for everyone at Multiworks. With a little assistance, many of the people we support chose to join in. Some finished their drafts within minutes, while others spent extended evenings laboring on which NHL players to choose with their limited picks, only submitting their final


The Golden Issue - Volume 2

list once confident that these picks

Even those who decided not to

league member, Andy Farris, with a

must be the winner.

participate in the League are starting

rather cunning smile, said, “I’m at the

to find themselves involved. Often,

top, and I’m getting to bug everyone

while a Leaguer checks their scores,

below me.” Later, he commented on

a non-League member will poke his

the fact that he’s never paid as much

or her head out from over someone’s

attention to watching the NHL games

shoulder, just far enough to check

on television as he has now, because

the scores and say, “Who’s in the lead

he knows that every point matters,


and it’s a thin line between first and

Since October 3rd – or Draft Day, as we’ve come to know it – we’ve seen such an incredible level of excitement, competition, and chirping from everyone involved. It’s been nothing short of phenomenal. Every day, especially early in the

last place.

morning when the stats sheets are

Ivan Singer, a dedicated member

hot off the press, you can hear the

of the league said, “The best part is

We can’t wait to see who will be the

back-and-forth dialogue of those

seeing who gets to make it to the

winner of the 2018 Fantasy Hockey

checking their scores saying, “I’m in

top. The other teams are just rolling!


4th!” or “I’m in 15th!” etc.

And I’m getting destroyed.” Another


DU ET B IK ES What do you get when you cross a wheelchair with a bicycle? You get the Duet Bike!


The Golden Issue - Volume 2

This past spring, Battlefords Residential

parts of the bike, and they’re off!

Services Inc. (BRSI) was able to purchase

BRSI strives to ensure the people we support

this extraordinary bike with some financial

are active and included in their community.

assistance from Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs

Providing opportunities that allow for this

(BATC) Community Development Corporation

encourages inclusion and growth, not only

and through a grant received from Monsanto,

for our individuals, but also for those in the

thanks to a nomination from local lawyer

larger community. What better way to have

and farmer, Brent Illingworth. This device

the people we support feel part of their

provides a cycling experience for individuals

community than to be doing what so many

with limited mobility or who lack the strength

others do, riding their bike, enjoying the

or coordination to cycle themselves. For many

outdoors while waving to their friends and

of the individuals who BRSI supports, the Duet


Bike has provided them with the opportunity to experience the outdoors like they never have before, to feel the gentle breeze and warm sun on their face as they cruise through their neighbourhoods.

The bike is now in storage, but rest assured, that on the first warm day of spring next year, somewhere in North Battleford, we will be cruising the streets on the Duet Bike, smiling and laughing as we go!

One of the coolest features of the Duet Bike is that the wheelchair and the bike can be detached from each other. This allows us to wheel the wheelchair portion directly into the home and utilize the home’s ceiling track lift to transfer a person directly from their own wheelchair into the Duet Bike’s wheelchair, wheel them back outside and reconnect the two


The SARC Update - Fall 2018


working hard to make dreams happen The Dream Initiative started as little

has gone from one of the simplest

become more active and independent,

more than an idea with wide eye

ideas to become a difference maker

we can buy a car or bicycle. The truth:

aspirations. Like most ideas, once they

in our community and the places we

many of our life’s goals are achievable

take root in our minds they drive and


and attainable and, in many cases, this

push us to test the limits of possibility and reality. This support driven and highly intentional fundraising effort

We have the ability and the means to dream big! If we want to take a holiday, we save for it. If we want to


is done so with the help of our support systems. Why should the people we support everyday not be afforded the

The Golden Issue - Volume 2

“The people we journey with are what bring out the magic in our lives. It is the in-between moments that help shape our stories. And finally, dreams do come true when we work hard to make them happen!”

same courtesy?

proportions. A year’s worth of saving

about packing up the car at dawn with

In August 2017, the Dream Team,

left this rag tag crew of ten road

sleeping bags and pillows and driving

with the help of the supports at

warriors with just enough to make it

until sundown. They are about open

Creative Options Regina, were able

to Edmonton and back, making the

sunroofs, star gazing, and counting

to fundraise enough money to send

journey all the more exciting! With a

on the moon to light your path for

Serena Bernges to Edmonton for a

little digging and cost cutting, Jessie,

just half an hour more. Road trips are

weekend of shopping, fun, and most

Jason, Shaun, Austin, and Jayden found

about looking to your left, looking to

importantly, making memories! This

the perfect Air BnB and transportation

your right, and being excited that these

was not an easy task but through

to give them some wiggle room

are the people you have chosen to take

meaningful support driven initiatives

where it counted: the fun stuff. With

on the weekend with.

and a commitment made by Serena

pit stops at the West Edmonton Mall,

to save five dollars of her own every

Galaxyland, the West Edmonton

week, we were able to get this idea off

Waterpark, and tons of sweet

the ground and soaring in its first year.

establishments for food, this group

This past summer (2018) the Dream

really did it all.

Looking back at the memories created during their road trip, a couple things stand out above all the others. The people we journey with are what bring out the magic in our lives. It is the in-

Initiative caught wind of another trip

Road Trips are about bonding. They are

between moments that help shape our

to Edmonton which needed a little

about turning to your closest friends

stories. And finally, dreams do come

help. What started as a small request

and your tightest family members to

true when we work hard to make them

for fuel evolved into a journey of epic

take on the highway together. They are



The SARC Update - Fall 2018

ELMWOOd SUMMER DAY CAMP The purpose of Elmwood Summer

months of July and

Day Camp is to provide a vacation for

August. This also focuses

those who do not attend a traditional

on the individual’s

camp such as Easter Seal, Thunderbird,

summer recreational

and Youth Farm Bible Camp, or have

goals. During July some

a pre-planned summer vacation. The

activities and events

Elmwood Summer Day Camp is funded

that people can enjoy

by the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon and

are The Sidewalk Sale,

a City of Saskatoon grant. This allows

Taste of Saskatchewan,

the opportunity to enjoy personalized

Car Races, Pike Lake, The

& Shine, Fringe Festival, and trips to

programming by attending a variety

Berry Barn, The Prairie Lily Boat Cruise,

Wanuskewin Heritage Park. At the end

of activities and events in and around

Raspberry Picking, Sum Theatre and

of summer, they are able to make a

Saskatoon. Elmwood Summer Day Camp

many more. A favourite of many was

photo book of their adventures over the

benefits the residents in many ways as

Taste of Saskatchewan as they enjoyed

summer with the support of the Summer

it provides them with an opportunity

the delicious food and live entertainment.

Day Camp staff. Everyone has long lasting

for fun and enjoyment, socialization,

In August, the residents can enjoy The

memories and looks forward to this every

and community inclusion during the

Saskatoon Exhibition, Folkfest, Show



The Golden Issue - Volume 2

From left: Peter Gambin (PBCN Petro Canada) and Bill Powalinsky (PA CSC)

From left: Brynn Ursu (Boston Pizza), Bill Powalinsky, Sean Dieno (Boston Pizza)

C e l e b r ati n g i n cl u s i ve emp l oye r s i n p r i n ce a lb e rt On June 26th, two local employers

placements graduate into permanent

of the Petro Canada employees, a

received recognition for outstanding

employment opportunities. “Finding

former program participant, recently

contribution to inclusive hiring.

the right fit for the employer and

won the employee of the year award

PBCN Petro Canada and Boston Pizza

employee is key to the success of

for Petro Canada western region.

received certificates of appreciation

these programs,” said Bill Powalinsky,

at the 50th annual general meeting

CEO of the centre. “Our job is to

of the Prince Albert and District

work with both the employer and

Community Service Centre.

the employee to optimize the

The Community Service Centre has employment programs that provide people with employment placements in cooperation with local employers. Quite often these work

opportunity.” Both PBCN Petro Canada and Boston Pizza have welcomed program participants for several years and have recruited many successful employees. One


The Community Service Centre, now in its 50th year of operation, runs several employment programs designed to assist people to make successful transitions to employment or further education.

The SARC Update - Fall 2018

Occurrence Policy An occurrence policy provides coverage for an incident that happens within your policy period, regardless of the date you submit the claim. This means you could potentially submit a claim years after your policy period ended, as long as the event that triggers the claim occurred during your period of coverage. One advantage of having this type of policy is that the period of time you are insured is protected “forever” by the occurrence policy you had that year. When your policy period has ended, there is no need to renew the policy or purchase “tail coverage” (explained later in this article) to cover events from your policy period. An organization

Claims-made vs. Occurrence claims-made Policy

may be faced with unknown or unreported claims arising long after your policy period is over. It should, however, be noted that how an insurer defines occurrence may differ from carrier to carrier.

Coverage and Reporting Requirements

From workplace injuries

policies generally fall

to property damage,

Claims-made policies tend to be more complex than occurrence policies because factors such as “tail coverage” and retroactive dates come into play. Claims-made policies only cover claims made during your policy period; it’s unnecessary to determine when the incident occurred. What’s advantageous about this type of policy is that your claims today are covered by the policy

• What your

you have today. This gives you the benefit of

into two categories:


purchasing policy limits that correspond with

from employment

Occurrence policies and

responsibilities will

the current economic and legal environment in

practice liabilities to

Claims-made policies.

be in the event of a

which your business operates. The disadvantage

employee fraud, your

The type of coverage


of a claims-made policy is that if you or the

organization faces plenty you have matters, as it of risks. Insurance plays


• How much your

insurer cancels or does not renew the policy,

premiums will cost,

you will have no coverage for claims made

both now and in

after the cancellation or non-renewal date for

a key role in helping you

• Whether or not

manage these risks and

your policy will

future renewal

incidents that occurred prior to that date. This is

cover losses. Insurance

respond to a claim


where purchasing the “tail coverage” would be necessary.


The Golden Issue - Volume 2

What is a Tail?

Retroactive Date

A “tail,” also known as an extended reporting period (ERP), is coverage you can purchase to cover claims after your policy expires. Tail coverage is purchased to go along with a claims-made policy; with occurrence policies, an ERP is already built in.

If you make a claim during your current policy year, it will be charged against your claims-made policy, even if the loss occurred years ago. However, it’s important to be aware that if your policy has a retroactive date, only occurrences after that date will be covered. Keep in mind that most claims-made policies have a retroactive date.

With tail coverage, you can report claims for incidents that occurred during the period you had your claims-made policy. The key, however, is that you are able to report the claims after your policy expires.

SARC Insurance Program – Reporting Requirements The Property and Commercial General Liability, which includes Abuse Liability, is provided on an Occurrence policy. However, the Non-Profit Organization Management Liability, also known as Director’s and Officers Liability, is provided on a Claims-made policy. At this current time, Insurance markets unfortunately do not have options to provide Directors and Officers Liability on an Occurrence policy. Conditions of any insurance policies generally require that a claim must be reported to the insurance company immediately upon knowledge of a loss. It is even more important for Claims-made type policies as the conditions are stricter. It requires for the report of the claim to be submitted to the Insurance Company within the policy period that the Insured first became aware of a claim or potential claim. Failure to report within the policy period

For further information regarding the SARC Insurance Program, please contact your Insurance Team which consists of Hernard Chan, Lynn Cross, Caitlin Uzelman, Zabrina Stone, Doug Cummine and Kathie Cummine: Toll Free at 1-877-467-7272 or e-mail myinsuranceteam@butlerbyers.com.

may result in coverage issues. An indication of a claim or a potential claim is generally received by formal notice from 3rd parties such as Law Firms, Unions or even the Human Rights Commission. It is imperative for an organization to be diligent in reporting claims or potential claims regardless of the type of loss whether it is Property or Liability.


The SARC Update - Fall 2018


Co n ference Bruce MacDonald, Executive Director of Imagine Canada, presenting his keynote on the “5 Wicked Questions”

Joseph Macbeth, Executive Director of NADSP, closing the conference by reflecting on the past and future of supports and services

The 2018 SARC Fall Conference was held October 24-25 in Regina, with record attendance of over 150 guests joining us from across the province. This year’s Fall Conference was a

Bruce MacDonald from Imagine

break, where people had some extra

huge success. Over 150 nonprofit

Canada opened our conference with

time to network with each other

leaders from across the province

‘5 Wicked Questions’ and shared

as well as spend some time in our

attended sessions with a variety of

some very interesting nonprofit

exhibitor area. We were pleased to

knowledgeable speakers on several

statistics and challenged us to think

have SARC’s Consultants at a table to

topics affecting the nonprofit sector

about where our sector is headed in

connect with Members about Labour

today, and joined us as we celebrated

the future.

Relations, Human Resources and

SARC’s 50th Anniversary.

We then had an extended lunch

Facility Planning.

The Golden Issue - Volume 2

In the afternoon, there were concurrent sessions on ’CEO Succession’, ‘Transformation Leadership’, and ‘Bylaws and why they matter’, where Justin Wood, a Lawyer from MLT Aikins shared information and tips to prevent potential future problems, and answered many questions. The first day of the conference ended with the inaugural SARC Awards Program, which was a great evening had by all (more details on page 22). On the second day, sessions included

Direct Support Professionals. To end the conference, Joseph Macbeth from the National Alliance of Direct Support Professionals from the US provided a great send-off message, ‘Understanding the Past to Chart the Future of Supports and Services’, which

as he discussed key moments in the history of services for people experiencing disability as well as shared his ideas on where he thinks the future is headed by having Direct Support Professionals more widely recognized and valued for their challenging and important work.

focused on how service organizations

Thank you to everyone who attended

must implement continuous quality

this year’s conference and joined us in

improvement practices in their

celebrating 50 years. We hope to see you

approaches to supporting people to lead

at Fall Conference 2019 in Saskatoon in

self-directed lives. This presentation was


an excellent final reflection on 50 years,

‘5 Keys to Leading Change and Building Performance’, ‘The Golden Rule’, which talked about leadership styles, and ‘Accelerating System Change with Collective Impact and Authentic Engagement’. During lunch, 20 Graduates of Leap, SARC’s management skills development program, were recognized and presented with their Certificates of Completion. Afternoon sessions included ‘Collaborative Governance’, ‘Vision, Mission, and Culture’, as well as ‘The 80% Solution’, which talked about

SARC’s Consulting Team (from left): Marrion Wolff,LR Consultant; Leanne Zacharias, HR Consultant; Don Epp, Facility Planner.

recruiting, retaining, and motivating


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

Awards Banquet


To celebrate 50 years, we introduced the new SARC Awards program and presented the six inaugural recipients with their awards.

From left: Amy McNeil, Susan Lariviere, Kristen Bryce, Tracy Hage, Nolan Paradis, Lloyd Griffith, Nathan MacDonald, Dawn Desautels


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

Muhummad Fiaz, MLA for Regina Pasqua.

Alastair MacFadden, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training.

Raynelle Wilson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Disability Programs and Housing.

Shelley Reddekopp, Executive Director, Program and Service Design Disability Programs.

Bob Martinook, Executive Director, Community Living Service Delivery.

Social ServiceMinister Paul Merriman bringing greetings at the SARC Awards Banquet

Ben Orr, Director, Program Design and Operational Policy for Disability Services Program and Operational Policy.

Denis Perrault, Mayor of Swift Current.

It meant a lot to have them out to celebrate this

The SARC Awards Banquet, held on October 24, 2018, was an incredible evening of joy and success - a 50th called for a

important occasion and support our sector!

celebration to remember! We had an amazing crowd of people;

We got right to introducing the six awards recipients

it was a great to have so many families, friends and supporters

and shared videos that showed each of their stories

of the award recipients and special guests.

and accomplishments. We started by presenting

To celebrate 50 years, we introduced the SARC Awards program

Susan Lariviere from Meadow Lake with the Good

and presented the inaugural recipients at the banquet. SARC has had an awards program for years, but we decided our 50th anniversary was a great opportunity to give it a new look and make a few changes. We were delighted to have the Honourable Paul Merriman, Minister of Social Services, bring greetings from the Government of Saskatchewan. We were also pleased to have a number of special guests , including:

Kimi Duzan, Nolan Paradis, Nathan MacDonald (Swift Current Broncos)

Neighbour Award. She has been volunteering for the Flying Dust School and Day Care for a number of years where she reads with the kids at school, helps in the classroom, and assists wherever she can at the day care. Susan really shines when she’s around kids so it’s great to see her sharing her skills to help her community in this way.

Susan Lariviere and Patricia Lariviere


The Golden Issue - Volume 2 his involvement in the community runs very deep. He is involved with West Central Abilities and other organizations in Kindersley. He acts as an important link between organizations, and is always connecting people together to create more opportunities. Congratulations Lloyd, on this much deserved award! The last award of the evening was presented to the Swift Current Broncos Hockey Club. They received this year’s Inclusive Advantage Award for their outstanding leadership

Tori Der, Lloyd Griffith, Irene Suru, Margaret Suru, Kim Edmunds

in inclusive employment. Since hiring Nolan Paradis in the fall of 2017, he has been a valued team member from the start. Keep up the great work, Broncos!

Next, we presented Nolan Paradis with the Great Work

The last part of the evening consisted of the unveiling of the

Award. Nolan has had a very remarkable employment

50th Anniversary Commemorative Art Piece. We shared a

journey right out of high school when he started to find

documentary of the making of the piece and had our team

volunteer opportunities in areas that he was interested

of artists on stage to help unveil the piece to the audience.

in. He pursued additional training and certifications, and

More details on this project are explained on the next page!

his hard work led him to his current employment at the

It was a great way to celebrate and reflect on the important

Chinook Golf Course and the Swift Current Broncos. Nolan

achievements that have been made for people experiencing

is an amazing part of the team at both workplaces and he

disability in the last five decades.

has achieved his dream of working in a sports related field

What an extraordinary evening of joy, laughter and success!


If you were unable to join us for the banquet, you can find

We shined the “spotlight” on this year’s award recipient –

the videos of the award recipients as well as the anniversary

Kristen Bryce. Kristen is from Saskatoon and has spent the

project on our YouTube channel or on the SARC website.

last number of years developing her crafting and creative skills. This creative outlet has been a very positive thing for Kristen, and her crafts have impacted many people around her. Kristen did an amazing job accepting her award and thanked everyone for all their support over the years. Next, we shared Tracy Hage’s journey started from just five years old when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor to where she is today – a successful Early Childhood Educator at the Humboldt Cooperative Day Care and Board Member of Humboldt and District Community Services (HDCS) where she acts as an important voice for others experiencing disability. It was very exciting to present this award to Tracy for all of her accomplishments.

Juanine Korte, Tracy Hage, Niamh Menz, Lisa Selinger

The next award recipient was Lloyd Griffith from Kindersley, SK. He was the recipient of the Community Builder Award. Lloyd is a pastor of the Clearview Community Church and


COMMEMOrating 50 years To commemorate 50 years, we wanted

and as a sector, and moving forward

an art piece that reflects on the past 50

to do something special. Throughout

into the future. Early in 2018, SARC put

years and what the next 50 years looks

the entire year, we have been reflecting

out a call for artists to SARC Members to

like for people experiencing disability.

on the progress we have made as

submit the names of people they support

a membership, how services have

who have a particular love of art and

evolved over the years, and how much

creative expression and would want to

has changed for people experiencing

help with this project.

disability to live inclusive lives.

On the first day, we spent some time getting to know each other and finding out each of the artists’ strengths. Karlie introduced the artists to working with clay

Four names were randomly selected to

– as most of them had previously spent

So we decided to capture all of this in a

collaborate with Karlie King, another artist

most of their time drawing and painting.

commemorative art piece that we can

from Regina. The five artists met in June

They all did amazing learning how to

keep as a visual cornerstone for SARC on

for two sessions in Saskatoon where they

make imprints in the clay and creating

how far we have come as an Association

shared their ideas and talents to create

different textures and images.


The Golden Issue - Volume 2 By the end of the day, they had all created

artists and had them work on different

the momentum we are wanting to carry

numerous clay tile pieces and sculptures

parts of the art piece. After day two,

forward into the next 50 years in creating

that Karlie took back to add to the kiln.

Karlie took all of the pieces back home to

truly inclusive communities for everyone.

put together and glaze.

This mosaic will be proudly displayed at

Two weeks later, the group met again, and everyone was very excited to meet

A few months later, the artists met again

up with their fellow artists and work

at the SARC Awards Banquet where

together some more. Karlie had taken

we unveiled the final piece. It was very

all of the discussion and ideas from the

exciting for all of the artists to see each

first day and drew up a sketch of what

other again and help us reveal the piece

she envisioned the final piece to look like.

to the audience. The final piece is a

She kept in mind the strengths of all the

representation of the SARC logo and

the SARC office in Saskatoon for years to come. You can also watch a documentary video for more details on the making of this piece and the meaning behind it on SARC’s YouTube channel. Thank to you Karlie, Dale, Irene, Jack, and Faith for their hard work and dedication on this piece.

MEEt the a rt i s t s Dale Hryciw – Saskatoon, SK: Dale’s sense of humour and creative spirit was an amazing addition to the team. He loved trying out different techniques with the clay and was very supportive of everyone! Jack Rieder – Kipling, SK: Jack was an amazing sculptor and every time you looked away he was already finishing a new animal sculpture or tile! Jack loved working with the clay and was a real natural.

dale hryciw

jack rieder


faith gabie

Faith Gabie – Humboldt, SK: From the beginning Faith was a very positive member of the team. She has excellent drawing skills and did a great job creating various nature scenes and detailed animal drawings. Irene Suru – Kindersley, SK: Irene was such a delight to help us take on this project. She was always cheering on her fellow artists and had a very fine eye for detail. One of her creative ideas was creating “music” on one of the mosaic tiles. She took her time to write out the lines of the bars and then write in each of the notes, it turned out beautifully!


The SARC Update - Fall 2018

At n o c o s t t r a i n i n g With the launch of COMPASS, SARC’s education and training programs are busier than ever! Staff at all levels and Boards of Directors from eligible organizations are participating in the various COMPASS programs and other SARC professional development opportunities.

Organizations from across the province are using the COMPASS Training Package!

66% COMPASS PROgrams include:

of eligible organizations are currently participating in compass

40 COMPASS ORganizations currently participating in leap


This online leadership program is meant specifically for nonprofit Boards of Directors - if you have questions about what it means to be part of a governing body, this program is for you!

Med Assist

This online program outlines practical information on best practices in assisting clients with medication.


This in-person program assists staff with a means of identification and appropriate response to potentially assaultive/aggressive situations.


This in-person program is designed to assist workers with identifying and managing/ eliminating risks associated with assisting clients with mobility and moving general items.


This in-person management skills development program is well underway and is being offered in three locations – Saskatoon, Regina and Melfort.

The first Leap session, “How Managers Communicate & Lead,” on October 3 in Melfort

SARC looks forward to adding additional programs for COMPASS in the next fiscal year, so stay tuned!

Has your organization taken advantage of the ‘at no cost’ training?

For more details: sarclearningcentral.ca/compass 27

The SARC Update - Fall 2018

Fall Conference 2018 October 24 & 25 THANK YOU TO OUR EVENT SPONSORS: PLATINUM






Profile for SARC/SARCAN

Fall 2018 SARC Update  

Read the Fall Edition of the SARC Update to find out the latest information from SARC and its Members.

Fall 2018 SARC Update  

Read the Fall Edition of the SARC Update to find out the latest information from SARC and its Members.