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Fall 2016



SARC U P D AT E Fall 2016

Summer at Nipawin Handiworks p. 2

Celebrate Success Awards 2016 See this year's recipients of the Al McGuire, Volunteer of Distinction and Employer of Excellence awards. p. 16

Cypress Hills Ability Centres Receives Funding from Affinity Credit Union p. 4


SARC Update Fall 2016

Contents 3 News from SARC Members Read updates from Member Agencies such as Cosmo Industries, Nipawin Handiworks, and Cypress Hills Ability Centres.


Managing Employment Practice Risks Butler Byers shares advice on Employment Practices Liability Insurance

10 Learning Central Information and updates on SARC's Learning Central programs.

14 EmployLink Reaches Employers The EmployLink network continues to grow as it reaches out to engage employers in the community.

At this year’s Fall Conference, our focus was: Change – Challenge & Opportunity. Leading a successful and sustainable nonprofit organization requires an openness to recognize the opportunities that new ideas, practices, processes, etc. can bring to your organization. The goal of this conference was to encourage nonprofit leaders to embrace the challenges that change brings so that it can result in growth and development for their organizations. Whether it be through new partnerships, programs, or professional development, as SARC Members across the province continue to grow in the services they provide, we see the collective impact our sector is making on the lives of people experiencing disability. This edition of the Fall Update includes examples of organizations that are doing just that. If you haven’t already, follow SARC on Facebook or Twitter to stay up to date with the latest updates in the sector.

16 Celebrate Success Awards Photos and details from this year's Celebrate Success Banquet held on October 26 in Regina.

@sarc_sk Enjoy the Fall 2016 Update! Nicole Linzmeyer, Communications (306)933-0616 ext. 252

Read about the 2016 Celebrate Success Awards on page 16.

SARC Update Fall 2016


SUMMER AT NIPAWIN HANDIWORKS Summer was a busy time for us at Handiworks. We are in a contract with Manitoba Honey Ltd, making different parts needed to run a bee business. The parts we build vary from two different types of lids, to boxes, frames and floors. This has kept our shop at a steady buzz. We did manage to squeeze in our yearly trip to Stoney Lake Bible Camp. We also helped the Regional Park bag approximately 1,725 bags for fire wood. We all have strong arm muscles, now that’s

for sure! This year we also got a contract to do the garbage clean up at our local Nipawin Exhibition. This was new to us and we learned a lot. We were responsible for cleaning the grounds and changing garbage bags for the three-day fair. We were very lucky for two reasons, one being our local Nipawin Chrysler Dodge donated the use of a six-seater Viper for us to use. This made our job a lot more fun! The second reason was that we had great people who volunteered their time to help with this contract. Also during the fair, we drew the

name of the winner of our 50/50 tickets that we were selling. The lucky winner won $1,574! We also made an awesome float. Our theme was “I would rather be fishing”. Everyone seemed to agree with this theme. We are now settling into our routines for the fall and winter months. We had a Halloween Dance in Porcupine Plain on October 28, and we are planning a trip to Melfort to go swimming. We have been busy, that is for sure. Enjoy the winter from Handiworks!

COSMO INDUSTRIES: New Friends at Christ Church

When Cosmo Industries had a big flood in April of this year, staff and participants were unsure of where they would go to work. We were fortunate to have found a great partnership with our new friends at Christ Church. We have been running programming there since the end of April and have made new friendships with each other, adjusted very well to a new environment, and have made some great memories. We have gone out in

the community to various activities such as the zoo, art in the park, movies, mini golfing, visiting our Cosmo friends at other satellite locations, Taste of Saskatchewan, Jazz Festival, museums, out for coffee, walks to the park and many more great adventures. We have a large space at the church where we are able to have exercise groups, arm chair travel groups, dances, carpet bowling, and bingo. We invited some Cosmo

friends to come to our location to have a summer wind up party and enjoyed a BBQ. We took advantage of the great outdoor space over the summer, playing bocce ball, horse shoes, catch, and visiting with our friends in lawn chairs and enjoying the nice weather. Our new friendship with Christ Church has been very positive for all of us; we are very happy to have had this time together with them.


SARC Update

Fall 2016


FUNDS NEW VEHICLES FOR CYPRESS HILLS ABILITY CENTRES After no longer being able to access the provincial government's Central Vehicle Agency, Cypress Hills Ability Centres, Inc. (CHACI) of Shaunavon was left with a small aging fleet of vehicles. Our two vehicles were fifteen years old and we were trying to figure out how we could replace them. We were informed of an opportunity through our local branch of Affinity Credit Union (ACU) to apply for funds towards a new larger vehicle to replace one of our aging vehicles. We submitted the application to ACU’s Community Funding Program, never

dreaming that it would be approved at all, or that the full request would be granted. We are pleased to report that our organization is the grateful recipient of two vehicles funded by ACU.

ACU requested that the vehicles be plated with the name of a very special client, Maggie Rea, who worked for many years at Affinity Credit Union. We were delighted to make this happen.

Thanks to ACU for granting our full request and to our local vehicle dealership, Silver Sage General Motors for some really good pricing. We were able to purchase not one but two vehicles: a GMC Acadia, fully loaded, and a Chevy Cruze. Our employees argue over who gets to take the sporty little black Cruze!

"We can’t say enough about how much we appreciate this help from Affinity. We never dreamed we would be the recipient of this kind of donation- not in our wildest dreams”, stated Phyllis Edgington, Chief Executive Officer of Cypress Hills Ability Centres, Inc.

From left to right: Sheree Peters, Kayla Hanson, Kim Wallis, Sheri Nixon, Tammy Arendt, Delaney Breda

SARC Update Fall 2016

Greg Moffat, Branch Manager of Affinity Credit Union in Shaunavon, states that “As a local credit union, we’re focused on supporting community organizations that benefit the community, like CHACI, which does such amazing work in and around Shaunavon.” CHACI was also nominated for an Affinity Spirit Award last year from ACU, and we were also the successful recipient of this award. We are so very appreciative to Affinity Credit Union for providing us with funding for safe, reliable transportation for our clients and employees. We are very fortunate to have ACU in our community.

ahl, Nicole Morin, Phyllis Edgington, Sherry Reimer, Arlene Hiltz, Greg Moffat, Owen Sebastion.



SARC Update

Fall 2016

ENTREPRENEURS WITH DISABILITIES PROGRAM: North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre Inc.

The North Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre is a cross-disability community-based organization that promotes independence and integration for people living with disabilities. The Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (EDP) offers free one-to-one business services to people with any self-declared

disabilities to start or expand their existing business. EDP recognizes that entrepreneurs with disabilities have special needs. It ensures easy access to business training, networking, services, and other support mechanisms needed to consider selfemployment as a viable option.

What does EDP offer?

What is the loan application process?

• Business and accessibility counselling • Access to business loans with terms tailored to meet your needs • One-on-one business counselling to help you develop a business plan • Peer support and networking opportunities

Who is eligible for EDP? Anyone with a disability who is interested in going into business for themselves is eligible for the program. Loans are available to entrepreneurs with disabilities who are unable to obtain funding from traditional lenders. Businesses must be operated in the city of Saskatoon to be eligible for financing.

What can loans be used for? • Starting or expanding a business • Purchasing and applying new technology • Developing marketing and promotional materials • Upgrading facilities and services

• An applicant must meet with the business counsellor to develop or review his/her business plan. • A completed business plan is then sent to the loan committee for review.

SARC Update

Fall 2016


Kevin Hasting - Graphite Artist Born in Regina, Kevin recalls having a self-described “nomadic childhood” in which his summer days were spent watching birds, rodents and reptiles in a pond in Moose Jaw and the dramatic wildlife in the Kootenay Valley. That childhood furnished his mind with rich memories of nature and wildlife. But Kevin’s early adulthood did not always provide him with such a “good fit.” Diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in his twenties, he spent years taking Ritalin, which sapped his creative energy. Drifting careerwise in the late 2000s, Kevin was advised by an Employment Counsellor at the Saskatchewan Abilities Council to visit the Northern Saskatchewan Independent Living Centre (NSILC). Kevin found NSILC’s training valuable in basic bookkeeping and the opportunities they offered to meet fellow entrepreneurs with disabilities, through events held by the Saskatoon office. Kevin observes that when most artists fail, they do so because they lack marketing skills and not artistic ability. Drawing on resources like NSILC and the advice of other, established artists, Kevin is determined not to make that mistake. NSILC’s strength, he notes, was not in pushing him down any particular career path, but in helping him to “get on with a career direction,” once he had found and defined it for himself, in graphite art.

Brett Francis - Author, Professional Speaker, Mental health clothing designer, and TV and Radio host Brett Francis is a Professional Speaker and Mental Health Advocate who comes armed with passion and personal experience. When Brett was 6, she was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome and severe ADHD. When she was 17 she was also diagnosed with anxiety, OCD and panic disorder and has struggled with mental health and disabilities for the greater part of her life. She lived to learn that this doesn't have to be disabling and activated a power that she may not have found without it. Now she shares her empowerment and experiences to educate others, stop the stigma and give others struggling confidence in their own challenges. Having a mental health challenge or disability does not mean that we are broken. Through professional speaking, hosting her TV and radio show, writing her book, providing seminars and coaching, creating her mental health clothing line, Brett has inspired thousands of people dealing with struggles to fit in, feel 'normal,' and overcome the barriers in their lives by rocking their challenges. If you would like to learn more about Brett's amazing work, visit Contact Chelsea to find out more about your ability to take control of your future and start your own business. Call 306-665-5508 or email


SARC Update Fall 2016

Managing Employment Practice Risks As an organization, you make important personnel decisions on a daily basis. From hiring new employees to assigning duties, each of your decisions affects employees in a unique way. Although these actions are critical to running your operation, they also create exposures that could lead to costly claims by employees or governmental regulators. Even if they are not warranted, claims for wrongful employment practices can disrupt operations, damage your business’s reputation, hurt employee morale and negatively impact your bottom line. What’s worse, even if your organization fosters a welcoming work environment and takes all of the necessary precautions to safeguard its employees, you can still face a lawsuit. Organization can rely on Employment Practices Liability insurance to protect against a wide range of wrongful employment practices claims, including wrongful termination, discrimination,

sexual harassment and retaliation. There are; however, many tools to mitigate these risk exposures prior to a lawsuit developing. One of these very important tools is Legal Assist Services which can be used as a pro-active first line of defense before a situation arises or an existing one deteriorates. This service is available only to participating members of the SARC Insurance Program through Butler Byers Insurance. The service is provided under the Directors and Officer Liability policy with Trisura Insurance Company and as well as the Property & Liability policy with Northbridge Insurance Company. Legal Assist Services provides access to free unlimited legal advice provided by lawyers who are duly licensed members of the Law Society. Inquires can range from questions relating to Labour Law, Real Estate Law, Commercial Law etc. Please note, this service is not for issues of a criminal or personal nature nor does

it determine whether insurance coverage would respond. Here are some Legal Advice examples: • A non-profit organization uses volunteers to supplement its regular employee workforce. An employee comes forward alleging a volunteer keeps harassing his colleagues. The HR manager does not know what steps can be taken to dismiss the volunteer without exposing the association to possible charges of slander. • An organization hired a new employee 6 months ago. The employee work was satisfactory during the 3-month probation period, but for the past 4 weeks the employee has constantly shown up late for work. The organization wants to know what steps can be taken to formally let the employee go and how much severance should be given.

What do I do if I require Legal Assistance? 1. Trisura Insurance (Directors and Officers Liability Policy) • Have your Insurance Policy number ready • Call 1-866-945-5207

NOTE: As this company provides the Employment Practice Liability coverage, we would recommend using them for all employment related inquiries.

2. Northbridge Insurance (Property & Liability Policy) • Have your Insurance Policy number ready • Call 1-800-786-0656 Please use this service whenever you have a legal concern regardless of how big or small; it can help minimize your overall operational risks. This is just one of many ways how the SARC Insurance Program can impact your organization.

For more information, please contact your Butler Byers Insurance Team Hernard Chan, Lynn Cross, Caitlin Uzelman, Zabrina Greke, Doug Cummine and Kathie Cummine toll free at-1-877-467-7272.

SARC Update

Fall 2016



TURNS ELEVATE EXPERIENCE INTO ACTION Since launching ELEVATE in spring, a number of non-profit Boards are going through the program. SARC spoke with Andria Brady, Executive Director of Weyburn Wor-Kin Shop, and asked her a few questions about what their Board’s ELEVATE experience has been so far. This Board is currently half way through the program, and has chosen to take it as a group. It was great to hear their experience taking the first half of the program:

Why did your Board decide to take ELEVATE? It looked like a really good program. We thought that the subject matter was something that would be good for everybody – we have a mix of a couple newer individuals on the Board and some longer term Directors. Some of our Directors bring knowledge from other involvements that they have, but we really wanted to bring everybody up to that next level.

It’s interesting as well, they’ve put some policies and processes in place as a result of the training that they’ve received already. It’s strengthening our whole organization by doing this.

Has the Board made any changes so far as a result of the information provided in ELEVATE?

our policies. It’s been good that way as well.

Do the learning exercises and content encourage conversation or questions amongst the Board?

Absolutely. There’s been some lively discussion at times because people have Are experienced Board different perspectives, and some may Directors still learning have more knowledge than others in new information from They definitely have. We were already in certain areas. Some of the interesting the process of updating all of our policies comments I heard after the first modules the program? and ELEVATE helped them look at things were that that we were already doing with a more critical eye. Throughout the a lot of the things right. That’s another Yes, they are. In fact, one of the positive, it validates everything that we comments I've heard is, “I thought I knew training we would pause for discussion are doing. too, and they would really tie it back to a lot, but I learned a lot from this too.”

In 2017, consider registering for ELEVATE to supplement your Board’s knowledge about governance best practices and responsibilities. Visit SARC’s Learning Central website to learn more about this Board development opportunity.

SARC Update 10

Fall 2016

: L A R T N E C G N t n e m LEARNI p evelo

D l a n o i s e c n Profes e l l e c x E O B C for

SARC provides professional development opportunities – in program and safety related areas, front-line, administrative, and leadership areas for management and Boards throughout the nonprofit sector. Visit as we are always adding exciting training opportunities, 2017 dates will be added soon!

Positive Behaviour Support Online Training Equivalent to CLSD Level II

This online program focuses on understanding the influence and purpose of why people with challenging behaviours communicate in the way they do. You will learn about the three major parts of a behaviour assessment including lifestyle preferences, clinical issues, and functional analysis. Learners will learn what principles and practices are associated with the functional analysis and how to develop, implement, and complete the function analysis and what to do with that information. This convenient, user-friendly online program is available for purchase to any organization that works with people with challenging behaviours. For more information, visit the Positive Behaviour Support page on SARC’s Learning Central.

SARC SARC Update Update Fall Fall 2016 2016

11 11

Professional Assault Response Training (PART®) & Transferring Lifting Repositioning (TLR®) The purpose of PART training is to give staff the skills necessary to prevent and appropriately respond to potentially aggressive or dangerous situations. PART focuses on prevention by teaching the concept that all behavior is communication. If staff can identify and respond to a behaviour, they may be able to prevent escalation to a potentially dangerous situation. Hands on techniques are also trained to keep everyone safe when preventative measures are not successful and dangerous behaviors do occur. TLR is an injury prevention program designed to promote healthy lifestyles and safe work practices for anyone associated with moving people and/or objects. TLR training is interactive and hands-on as trainer candidates will practice the skills learned to move people or objects in the safest way for both the individual and the staff person.

COMING IN FALL 2017 FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITIES MODULE A session focused on providing financial best practices, requirements, and processes for non-profit organizations. The session will focus on the following areas related to management's financial duties: • Budgeting • Year-end preparation Registration for this session • Audit process and the full LEAP program • Monitoring financial position • Reporting requirements will open in Spring 2017. • Mitigating financial risks • Best practices in financial governance


SARC Update Fall 2016

FALL CONFERENCE 2016: Change - Challenge & Opportunity

SARC’s Fall Conference features professional development sessions for nonprofit Executive Directors, senior management, and Board Directors. The sessions at this year’s conference were focused on organizational change and strategic development. Presentations delved into how to better work with people, how to deal with changes that are often inevitable, and the concept of networking and building partnerships. The landscape of nonprofit organizations is changing and this conference encouraged attendees to think about their respective organizations and how to think more long-term and strategically to benefit their organization in the future. To open the conference, Jodi Harvey-

Raymond from Community Living Service Delivery and Amy Leonard from the Saskatchewan Association for Community Living provided attendees with an update on Self-Directed funding, which will officially become an option as of A[ril 1, 2017 for individuals that are funded by CLSD. Following a question and answer period, we closed the morning session with discussion regarding a resolution that came forward at the last AGM. The Defining Community Ad-Hoc committee presented work to date and

shared its definition of community. For the afternoon, attendees were able to choose one of two sessions from either Rachelle Brockman, a professional speaker who inspires people, teams and organizations to get things done in a passionate and productive way, or Jeanne Martinson, Regina local known for her expertise on diversity and generations in the workplace. Rachelle explored what a nurturing organizational culture looks like, its benefits, and how to lead one. Jeanne’s very informative presentation talked about the importance of learning

SARC Update Fall 2016

to adjust your leadership style in order to meet the needs and motivators of the different generations in your workplace. Day two of the conference began with a networking breakfast followed by concurrent sessions. Board Directors were invited to attend a session on how to be more strategic, which included a facilitated presentation by Rob DeRooy from Brown Governance, as well as a ‘table talk’ where attendees moved throughout stations in the room and discussed some questions on board assessment process, roles and responsibilities, and board diversity which was facilitated by SARC Board Directors.

Following lunch, attendees went to the final concurrent session of the conference – Workplace Investigations, which has been a widely requested topic as of late, or Building Strategic Partnerships. Led by Amy Gibson, a lawyer from MLT, the Workplace Investigations session attendees were provided with practical information and discussion surrounding best practices on legal rights and responsibilities when conducting an investigation. Carolyn Knafelc and Shannon Reschney from Ignite Coaching and Consulting provided a session on Building Strategic Partnerships, why they are important, and some practice case studies.


To close the conference, the closing keynote address, Change is Good, You Go First, left attendees on a positive note with tips and tricks on how people view change and shared how to look at our reactions to change and identify ways we can shift our thoughts on change to embrace it. A fitting end to a conference that focused on our sector’s changing landscape. Thank you to all our sponsors, presenters, and exhibitor booths for helping make our conference a huge success. You can find conference resources on the Fall Conference page of SARC's Learning Central website.

Michal Urjasz from Quality Life Assistant joined us at the Fall Conference in the networking room. Quality Life Assistant is an integrated family of webbased applications that offers efficiency, accuracy, time savings, and positive environmental impact in the area of individual information management for CBOs that provide services for people with disabilities. To learn more visit:

SARC Update 14

Fall 2016

EMPLOYLINK REACHES EMPLOYERS As part of Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM), SARC co-hosted a business luncheon with the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce featuring Mark Wafer (featured below) to launch the Employer page of SARC's EmployLink website. This page is for employers interested in inclusive employment and has resources on hiring individuals experiencing disability.

Employers looking to connect with an organization with a supported employment program can view the Member Directory on the EmployLink website and find the EmployLink Member nearest them. Future EmployLink initiatives will continue to promote inclusive employment to employers and encourage them to

reach out to EmployLink members across Saskatchewan. As the goal of the EmployLink network is to link job seekers of all abilities to employment, giving interested employers a tool to quickly find an organization with the employees they are looking for will assist us in further achieving this goal.

SASKATOON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE BUSINESS LUNCHEON FEATURES MARK WAFER On October 20, SARC had the pleasure of co-hosting a luncheon with the Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce that featured inclusive employment champion, Mark Wafer. This event was held as part of Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) and aimed at reaching out to employers about inclusive employment and how to get started. We have had Mark speak at our hiring people with disabilities. He Spring Conference in the past; however, speaks in numbers: this luncheon was particularly exciting because we had a room full of openIt costs him $4000 to hire a new minded employers interested in learning employee at one of his stores. With more about the Economic Case for a significantly lower turnover rate Inclusive Employment. To some people of 40% compared to other quick the topic of inclusive employment was service restaurants at 100-125%, entirely new to them. What better who is making more money? He is! person to explain the economic benefits than Mark Wafer, who is the owner of six People with disabilities and Tim Hortons Franchises in Ontario. Over their immediate families have a the past 21 years, Mark has hired 140 combined buying power of $42 individuals with a disability. He does this billion in Canada. They are more because of the direct impact this has on likely spend it in businesses that his business’ bottom line. are inclusive. Businesses simply can't afford to ignore this enormous Mark explains the clear-cut facts and group. uses a business to business approach when speaking about the benefits of

With so many economic benefits to hiring inclusively, why aren’t more employers hiring people with disabilities? The fact is that many employers buy in to the many myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities: that they will miss work more often, work less safely, or require expensive accommodations. The reality is that the opposite is true: people with disabilities have lower absentee rates, work more safely, and most individuals require little to no accommodations. In 21 years, Mark has never filled out an injury report for one of his employees with a disability. It was a pleasure to have Mark speak on these common misperceptions directly to an audience of engaged employers; we hope that it will inspire them and others to enhance their inclusive employment practices.

SARC Update Fall 2016


Join the employlink Network what will your organization gain from Employlink membership? The EmployLink website includes a variety of resources including a Member log in area. Employers from across the province can reach out to you for your employment services through the Member Directory. Join a network of organizations across the province all linking job seekers to employment. Receive a 10% discount on all SARC supported employment training opportunities.

$375 Average savings a year on training opportunities for organizations with an EmployLink member discount.

5 Professional development Opportunities for employment professionals held in the 2015-2016 year.

Annual Membership fee: $25.00 Ready to join? Visit:

SARC Update


Fall 2016

CELEBRATE SUCCESS 2016 Pictured above, from left: Josie McGuire, Greg Sommerfeldt, Aaron Magnus, Hon. Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Ryan Bender, Amy McNeil, Trudy Linka.

On October 26, SARC’s annual Celebrate Success Banquet took place in conjunction with the SARC Fall Conference. This is always one of our favourite nights of the year, and, with a record number of people in attendance at the banquet, we were so glad to have shared this special evening with over 170 people! We had many special guests in attendance including the Honourable Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Minister of Social Services who brought greetings on behalf of the Government

of Saskatchewan and, MLA Muhammad Fiaz, representing the Ministry of Economy, was on hand to present the 2016 Saskatchewan Employer of Excellence Award. To start off our evening we presented the 2015-2016 LEAP Graduates with their certificates of completion. These hardworking nonprofit managers demonstrated true commitment to leadership and professional development through attending eight full-day sessions throughout the year.

SARC Update Fall 2016






Pictured above, from left: (Saskatoon Group) Sherry Roth, Mona Leece, Sherry Starblanket, Danielle Grasby, Colleen Friesen, Linda Davies, Linda Ruest, Tracey Pederson. (Regina Group) Darcie MacIsaac, Michelle Phillips, Stephanie Greenway-West, Colin Folk, Nicole Morin, Michael Easton, Andria Brady, Tracy Wright.


SARC Update

Fall 2016


Dutch Industries Pictured above, from left: MLA Muhammad Fiaz, Greg Cruson, Dylan Morin, Jonathan Danyluk, Amy McNeil.

Next, the Employer of Excellence Award was presented by MLA Muhammad Fiaz. We were pleased to recognize Dutch Industries with this award. Since becoming an inclusive employer with the 4 to 40 program in December 2015, Dutch Industries has hired two individuals

with disabilities who have become valuable additions to the team. Greg Cruson, Manager of Dutch Industries, has done a great job in showing initiative in promoting diversity and inclusion in his workplace. This year’s Volunteer of Distinction was awarded to Ethos

Salon Spa & Barber. Owner Crystal Dahl-Wildeman has been coming to Cosmopolitan Industries along with some of her staff on a monthly basis for over seven years! They provide haircuts, hairstyles, and manicures to the participants at Cosmo, and do a fabulous job that you can see through all of the

LIFE SKILLS ENHANCEMENT TRANSITION TO EMPLOYMENT Greg sommerfeldt aaron Magnus Pictured above, from left: Audrey Magnus, Jerome Weiland, Greg Sommerfeldt, Sherry Roth.

Pictured above, from left: Tammy Tvait, Leona Kwiatkowski, Ron Roteliuk, Aaron Magnus, Judy Senderak, Marilyn Jonas.

SARC Update Fall 2016


From Humboldt, we had the amazing Trudy Linka, who was the recipient of the Move to Independent Living Award. With four part-time jobs, Trudy has worked hard to achieve her goal of living on her own. She has been living independently since December 2015, and does a great job of keeping her apartment sparkling clean and perfectly organized.


eTHOs Salon Spa & Barber Pictured above, from left: Brian Haswell, Crystal Dahl-Wildeman, Amy McNeil.

beaming smiles after a new ‘do. We had four fabulous Al McGuire recipients from all across the province. The recipient of the Life Skills Enhancement Award was Greg Sommerfeldt from Spiritwood. Greg was once very shy but has since made many improvements in his life that have contributed to him becoming a much

more outgoing individual. Aaron Magnus, from Porcupine Plain was the recipient of the Transition to Employment Award. He has been working at Caroline’s restaurant for over a year. Since starting as a dishwasher, he has grown significantly in his role and is an important part of the team at Caroline’s.

MOVE TO INDEPENDENT LIVING TRUDy Linka Pictured above, from left: Greg Brennan, Trudy Linka.

Ryan Bender from Moosomin received the Community Involvement Award for volunteering at the Whitewood Community Health Centre and other nearby long-term care facilities. Bender brings joy and excitement to the residents of the care homes where he volunteers by singing and playing the guitar for the residents. Ryan also performed a couple of songs to close the banquet, and received a standing ovation! It was a fantastic way to end the evening, he had the audience dancing in their seats. Before presenting each recipient with their award, we show a video vignette to give the audience a glimpse into each of their lives and accomplishments. Since filming for the videos happens in the summer months, it’s exciting when the banquet finally comes in October, as we get to share the videos with each of the six award recipients and see all of the laughs, smiles and tears that they bring. To see each of the award videos, visit the SARC website. The videos are also available on SARC’s YouTube channel – please feel free to share!

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Ryan bender Pictured above: Ryan Bender

Fall Conference 2016 - October 26&27 - Regina, SK.

Thank you to our sponsors for helping us create another successful event! Platinum Sponsor

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SARC Update Fall 2016