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WOMEN of Influence 2018 Saratoga County Complimentary

Angela Amed io

Patti Laudicina

Laura DiRado

Michele Madigan

Cindy Phillips

Dora Lee Stanley

WOMEN OF Influence 2018

WOMEN of Influence 2018

GENERAL MANAGER Robin Mitchell MARKETING DIRECTOR Chris Bushee ADVERTISING Jim Daley Cindy Durfey DISTRIBUTION Kim Beatty Carolina Mitchell GRAPHIC DESIGN Kacie Cotter-Sacala ADVERTISING DESIGN Morgan Rook ARTICLES WRITTEN BY Megan Harrington PHOTOGRAPHY Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

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Local news never looked this good!

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“ JUDGES COMMENTS... The managing editor and 14 contributors (all pictured with bios) did a great job covering Saratoga’s “big three” — the track, polo and the performing arts center — as well as Saratoga Lake, PLACE Saratoga Springs, downtown, style, society, architecture and even history. Another interesting item is Bushee’s “bucket list” at the end of her column of things to do in and around Saratoga. The magazine is almost too much to take in one sitting, but it is worth the effort.







Clearly the standout entry in this category. This magazine is PLACE beautiful and the content structure genius. Amazing photography, readable content and eye-catching advertising.


“ JUDGES COMMENTS... The all-encompassing community guide for the Saratoga Region was an ambitious undertaking. The 148 pages of information covering everything from A-Z were very well organized and avoided the pitfalls of being PLACE overwhelming. Beautiful photos helped to balance the editorial and the print quality of the publication was top notch. The annual guide appears to be a very useful tool for residents and visitors.




WOMEN OF Influence 2018 Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

Angela Amedio written by: Megan Harrington

WOMEN OF Influence 2018



hether you’re a fitness fanatic or just like breaking the occasional sweat, you’ve probably heard of the Saratoga Cycling Studio. Angela Amedio opened the city’s first (and only!) Spinning® studio in 2012 and it wasn’t long before they expanded to a bigger location. Before she opened the studio, Angela worked for the New York State Department of Health, Preparedness Division, but she had always been involved with group fitness classes. In fact, Angela is a master instructor with the Spinning® program. There are only about 60 master instructors in the entire United States and they’re tasked with teaching the teachers. Angela’s hard work and love of fitness paid off and in 2012, the time seemed right to open her own business. She says, “In 2012, there weren’t a ton of boutique studios. It was scary and definitely wasn’t an easy decision!” Fortunately, Angela has a degree in hospitality from Syracuse University and she credits her education


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Amanda Kladis, Emily Zimmerman, Natalie Stuart, Arin Zollinger, Angela, and Jerry Amedio.

for giving her the knowledge to start a business and keep it going. Saratogians couldn’t get enough of the brand’s classes and before long they had to relocate to a bigger space on Broadway. Angela says, “The new space was three times the size, but so was the rent. It was truly a leap of faith!” Business has continued to grow and the studio is one of the busiest spots in Saratoga. Angela is particularly excited about the warmer weather because she says, “During the summer, we bring the spin bikes outside and have rooftop rides above the city.” And once a month, the studio hosts a karma ride where the instructor donates his or her time and riders donate whatever they wish. Angela says the ride often benefits local charities such as Tour de Cure and Jake’s Help from Heaven. Through the monthly karma rides, Saratoga Cycling Studio has raised an impressive $75,000 over the past few years. Angela is also a member of Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce and very involved with the organization. During the Chamber’s health and wellness week, Angela helps coordinate an open house. She says, “Spinning is great, but I really believe in overall wellness – mental and physical.” She continues, “I feel like my purpose in this small community is to help people be happy and healthy, to reach their goals.” Angela’s husband and nominator, Gerard, believes the studio is Angela’s true calling. He says, “Angela has positively influenced women who suffer from a negative body image and who struggle with weight loss. She uses her own personal weight loss journey and the power of fitness to encourage and assist many women and help them gain control of their life.” When she’s not at

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


the studio or collaborating with the Chamber of Commerce, Angela also enjoys selling real estate with Julie & Co. She says, “I mostly do it for friends and family. It’s really about the people that’s what the industry is all about!” When it comes to professional and personal goals, the Amedios have each other’s backs. Gerard is currently running for Saratoga County District Attorney and Angela is assisting the campaign as treasurer. Angela says, “My husband has supported every dream, ambition, and goal I have ever had. He is the first to high-five me in positive moments and also the first to wipe away my tears when I felt defeated. There is no one else that I turn to when I need some sound advice. As the Saratoga Cycling

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


“... I really believe in overall wellness mental and


Angela and her husband, Jerry Amedio.

Studio continues to expand and evolve, I continue to feel very fortunate to have him by my side. I am fiercely independent and he allows me to expand my horizons without ever thinking of holding me back.” Angela continues, “Through thick and thin, he's always been the steady and principled rock of the family. I admire the kind of father he is to his daughter; raising her to hopefully be a future woman of influence.” With a supportive family, sky-high ambition, and a rock solid work ethic, it’s easy to see why Angela is one of Saratoga Springs’ women of influence. Whether she’s promoting healthy living or raising money for charity, Angela is a positive force in our community. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Julie & Co. colleagues. Front (left to right): Jane Sanzen, Julie McMullen, Gabriela Wright. Valerie Napoli, Monika Cronin Back (left to right): Tina Nigro, Lars Huus Skladzinski, Lisa McTygue, Kathleen Revell


WOMEN OF Influence 2018


Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

Laura DiRado written by: Megan Harrington

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


(Above) The DiRado Family: Eliza, Rosalie, Tony, Laura, Teresa, and Sophia.


aura DiRado is originally from the Midwest, but as luck would have it, she eventually found her way to our neck of the woods. Laura spent her high school and college years in Vermont and spent time there before eventually moving with her husband, Anthony, to the Saratoga region. Laura and Anthony are the proud parents of four (almost!) grown daughters.

Laura with her husband, Tony DiRado

Rosalie, the eldest, is working on a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in New Hampshire. Teresa recently graduated from SUNY Buffalo and works alongside Laura at the National Museum of Dance. Sophia is a junior at FIT in New York City and Eliza, the youngest, is a freshman at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. In her professional life, Laura was recently named Director of the National Museum of Dance and has a long history in design and curating. Before she


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Eric Stolarski, Julie Bell, Laura, Lisa Kolosek, and Jo Ambrosio.

came to the Museum, Laura worked as a freelance designer specializing in interpretive site design and display design. While the family lived in Vermont, she worked as a freelance designer for the Forest Service and after the family moved west to Saratoga, she continued working as a freelancer before accepting a full-time position at Grant Graphics. Laura says, “During my time at Grant Graphics, I became familiar with the National Museum of Dance because it was a client.” When a position opened up at the Museum, Laura applied and in 2013 she became their Design and Development Coordinator. Eventually that role evolved into the Exhibitions Coordinator and Designer and in December of 2017, Laura was appointed as Director of the Museum. Running the National Museum of Dance keeps Laura busy, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. She says, “We have a full slate of events each year from exhibitions to live performances to our School of the Arts for all ages.” Laura also designed the Museum’s recently published book, National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame: Celebrating 30 Years.

Laura with her daughters Rosalie, Teresa, Sophia, and Eliza.

Even with a busy career and an active family life, Laura has always found time to give back to others. Since 2006, she’s been a part of the Team in Training program, an organization that

WOMEN OF Influence 2018 Over the past twelve years Laura has competed in seventeen Team in Training events...

raises funds for cancer research while training for endurance events. Laura first got involved as a participant and fundraiser and then later became a coach to others. She says, “I originally became involved when a neighbor’s young daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. I was inspired to sign up for a triathlon and fundraise for the organization.” Laura continues, “I had such a great experience and made such great friends that I kept signing up for events with the team.” Over the past 12 years, Laura has competed in 17 Team in Training events and became the first woman in her chapter to receive the Triple Crown Award. She earned this accolade for completing a triathlon, a marathon, and a century ride – no easy feat! At first, Laura primarily solicited donations from friends and family, but as time went on, she began looking for new and unique ways to raise money. Five years ago, Laura began the Purple Tie Affair, an annual gala that benefits local families battling cancer. Laura says, “It serves not just as a fundraiser, but as an educational evening. We use it as an opportunity to inform people about the Team in Training organization.” Guests are treated to red carpet photos, a dinner catered by Longfellows, and plenty of dancing! Laura also serves on the board of directors for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)

“... I originally became


involved when a neighbors young daughter was diagnosed with leukemia.”


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

(Above and below) Mike Miller, Maureen O’Brien-Thorton, and Laura Petrovic.

Upstate New York/Vermont Chapter and the board of directors for Get Your Rack Back, another organization that benefits families battling breast cancer. Laura says, “Get Your Rack Back is doing great things and I wish I could do more to help them.” When she has a few moments of spare time, you can find Laura outside. In the warmer weather, she enjoys spending time on her family’s sailboat on Lake George. “We have a modest 24 foot J24 racing boat, but we love it. We even sleep on the boat,” she says. In the winter, she enjoys skiing and practicing hot yoga. Whatever the season, Laura is always on the move! Whether she’s designing the latest and greatest exhibition or logging miles on her bike, you’ll be hard pressed to find a woman as energetic as Laura. Her altruistic nature and eye for design make her one of the city’s women to watch. We can’t wait to see what she does next!


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Patti Laudicina written by: Megan Harrington Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


(Above) Patti Laudicina, Bailey Turner, Eric DiMiceli, and Jenny Killian.


atti Laudicina is a true Saratoga native and her love for the community shines through in everything she does. Growing up, Patti lived a block away from the racecourse and even earned pocket money by selling pencils and lemonade to track-goers! She is a life-long resident of the area and always looking for ways to make Saratoga a better place to live. In 1991, Patti decided to make a career change and applied for a job at the Saratoga Regional YMCA. Because of her love of families and children, it was a natural place to start out. Patti began working in member services, but her role eventually evolved to her current position as School Age and Scholarship Director. Patti says, “It’s a great adventure working here, it’s more than a job. I have done many different things here at the YMCA and all have been rewarding.”


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

“... my belief is that

everyone needs to be treated equally .”

Patti with Lauren Susko and Kerry Gill.

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


Patti with her students at the Saratoga Regional YMCA.

Early on in her career at the YMCA, Patti worked with local teens at the organization’s youth-centered café on Broadway, although the café no longer exists. Patti is still very involved with teens and preteens. She currently spearheads the 9-week summer travel camp program and personally takes local teens on adventures to the Great Escape, Water Slide World, Mystic Connecticut, Fenway Park, and more. Patti also had a hand in creating an after school program for older school age kids. The program, which serves 5th through 7th graders, has been operating for 12 years. And Patti firmly believes that the YMCA’s programs should be accessible no matter your financial situation. In the past, Patti was very involved with the YMCA’s scholarship program. She says, “I’ve met thousands of people through the scholarship program. Whether they were on scholarship because of financial problems or a mental or physical illness, I think knowing them and meeting them has made me a better person.” Patti continues, “It’s reaffirmed my belief that everyone needs to be treated equally. When people come to the YMCA, it’s not important whether you’re on a scholarship or not.”


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Patti and her husband, Mike Laudicina.

WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Patti and Mike Laudicina with their granddaughters, Rebekah Rich and Madison Laudicina.

Respect and love of community are core values that the YMCA upholds and for Patti, it’s a perfect fit. She’s a true people person and says her job brings her to life every day. Patti says, “I can’t remember what I wore yesterday, but I can remember families that I met months ago. I can remember their names and their situations.” Patti says that many people assume that Saratoga is a very wealthy community, but she cautions, “There are so many more people behind the scenes who are not affluent and those are the people that we need to take care of.” Patti is thrilled that the YMCA collects food for the pantry at the Franklin Community Center and has hopes to volunteer with that organization in the future. Patti is married to Michael and they are the proud parents to 4 children, 6 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Fortunately, all of the offspring are local and two of the grandkids even live with Patti and Michael. Patti jokes, “Whether I’m at home or at work, children surround me!” When she’s not in her office at the Saratoga Springs branch of the YMCA, Patti enjoys working in the yard and spending time with her dog, Rocky. Ironically, her beloved pooch enjoys undoing her garden work. Patti says, “It drives me nuts, but I wouldn’t give him up for anything!” She continues, “I used to have this perfect yard, but I’ve learned to let go a bit.” Patti’s many years at the YMCA have truly touched multiple generations in the community, including some of the most vulnerable residents. Patti’s husband and nominator, Mike Laudicina says it best, “She has influenced children who now have [their own] children with her kindness, caring, and giving attitude.” Saratoga and the YMCA are lucky to call this woman of influence their own!



WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Michele Madigan Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

written by: Megan Harrington

WOMEN OF Influence 2018



hether she’s in her hometown or 1,000 miles away in a foreign country, you can count on Michele Madigan to be getting involved and making her community a better place. Michele grew up in Watervliet, NY and is very close to her extended family that lives in the area. She earned her B.A. from SUNY Plattsburgh and her Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from the University at Albany, SUNY. Shortly after graduating, Michele served as the Director of Information Services for the Small Business Development Center. She says she is particularly proud of the funding she procured from the Small Business Association because it allowed her to start a national library. Eventually, Michele’s husband, Kevin, was offered a professor position at Northwestern University and the couple relocated to Chicago. While in the Midwest, Michele jumped back into her work and began a library for a commercial finance company called Heller Financial.


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Michele and her husband, Kevin Madigan.

Michele and Kevin are the proud parents to two sons, Conan, age 19, and Mitchell, age 15. Michele says that after having children, they felt the urge to be closer to home and eventually relocated to New Hampshire, just a few hours drive from family. After a few years in New England (and some time working for Southern New Hampshire University), the family was on the move again – this time to a more exotic locale. Michele, Kevin, and the boys moved to Bermuda and she says, “Living there was very interesting, but I don’t think I realized how small the island was!” Because of its size and the lack of colleges or universities, it was difficult to find employment in Michele’s field. Since her children were young, Michele became very involved in their schools. Eventually, she discovered an organization for parents called Meet-A-Mum, joined the Executive Committee, and became the chapter’s president. Michele explains that the Bermuda chapter had close to 1,000 members and included a lot of expats. Meet-A-Mum organized play groups, social functions for new arrivals, and published a monthly newsletter. Michele says, “It was a lot of work, but I was able to meet so many people. It kept me and my kids very busy.”

WOMEN OF Influence 2018

“... its currently

generating forty percent of the citys energy .” Michele at the solar array installation on the Weibel Avenue landfill.

The family frequently visited upstate New York during their time in Bermuda, so they were thrilled to move back. By this time, Michele was a pro at getting involved, so she seamlessly volunteered for the Lake Avenue PTA and served on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library and the Saratoga County Historical Society/ Brookside Museum where she also volunteered and worked on a genealogy project for the Museum. In 2011, an opportunity arose that Michele just couldn’t turn down. She campaigned and was successfully elected as the Commissioner of Finance for the city of Saratoga Springs. Michele says, “Even though I had left the capital district for several years, after returning and settling in Saratoga Springs I was convinced that this position was right for me. I always considered this area to be my home, and Saratoga Springs has always been a part of my life – going back to my childhood. Voters wanted someone homegrown who had the skills and experience to get the job done. “ She continues, “I was from the area, I had experience managing budgets, and I understood financials.” Since her election, Michele says that taxes have been stable and she has implemented some programs. Michele is particularly proud of the solar array installation on the Weibel Avenue landfill. She says, “It’s currently generating 40 percent of the city’s energy and I estimate that it will save the city around $100k this year.” While Commissioner, Michele also worked as the Financial Literacy Coordinator for the Saratoga Springs Public Library through a grant provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory



WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Michele with Mayor Meg Kelly.

Authority (FINRA). In this role she brought financial and investor education opportunities to diverse groups of library patrons and she branded the program Common Cents @Your Library, as part of the overall Smart Investing @Your Library FINRA/ American Library Association program. When she’s not working for the city or spending time with family, Michele loves to give back to the community. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Saratoga Springs Lions Club. She says, “I feel like community service is very important and I want to pass that on to my children.” She continues, “I love being a part of the Lions Club because we raise a lot of money and every penny of that goes back to helping the community and our country at large.”

Michele with Frank Parillo.

In a rare moment of free time, you can find Michele diving into a good book (she loves to support the library and Northshire bookstore!) or playing with the family’s chocolate labradoodle, Roxy. We hope that Michele’s expat days are behind her because Saratoga Springs is truly a better place with her in it!

WOMEN OF Influence 2018



WOMEN OF Influence 2018 Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

Dora Lee Stanley written by: Megan Harrington

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


Dora Lee and her husband, William Stanley.


f you know Dora Lee Stanley, it will come as no surprise that just three days after she had her second child, she showed up for a midterm in her Master’s degree program and completed a required internship. Dora’s boundless energy and enthusiasm for helping others make her a beacon in our community. With a hand in nearly all of the area’s philanthropic causes (plus a full-time job), Dora Lee admits, “If it weren’t for sleep, I’d be going 24/7!” Dora Lee grew up in Brooklyn, but moved upstate when she married her husband, William, who was working for a pharmaceutical company in the area. However, Dora Lee still had a few more semesters of college to finish in Manhattan, so for over a year, she spent half the week in New York City and half the week in Saratoga. Dora Lee earned her Bachelor’s Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and soon after began working at


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

“... My passion is to help

continue Dr. King’s vision of the beloved community where all people share in the earth’s bounty .”

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


a residential treatment center, The Charlton School for Girls. Eventually she decided to further her education with a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling from SUNY Albany. Dora Lee says, “Since graduate school, my career focus has been on helping disabled individuals.” She spent 16 years working with the New York State Crime Victims Board and in 2001 she began working for the Office of Adult Career and Continuing Education Services - Vocational Rehabilitation (ACCES-VR) under the NY State Education Department. She currently serves as the program’s Recruitment and Staff Development Manager and helps individuals maximize independence and achieve career goals. Helping the underprivileged and underserved has also been a goal of Dora Lee’s. Her charitable experience began when volunteered as a mediator for the Saratoga County Dispute Settlement program. And she eventually joined many youthfocused boards such as the YMCA, Children’s Museum at Saratoga, and the Saratoga Springs PTA. Dora Lee has assisted many other Capital District’s charitable organizations. She has been involved with the Saratoga Springs Recreation Commission, the Saratoga County Youth Bureau, is a former Vice President for the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), a former historian for the Greater Albany Chapter of Jack & Jill of America, Inc., longtime volunteer for the Adirondack Girl Scout Council and former member of the Saratoga Springs Human Rights Task Force.

Holly Hammond, Donalee Webster, Nancy Tetz, Beth Rowen, William Stanley, Kimberly Potts, Dora Lee Stanley, and Ellen Egger-Aimone.


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


Members of the Mary A. Carter Temple #362

Dora Lee is also a member of the Saratoga Investment Group (SIG). The SIG is a collection of 12 women who invest their money in stocks while promoting financial literacy among themselves. Dora Lee is a member of Soroptimist International of Saratoga County. She is also a member of the Mary A. Carter Temple #362, I. B. P. O. E. of W.-Daughters Auxiliary, as well as a new Elk member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of ElksSaratoga-Wilton Lodge #161. Dora Lee is active in the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church and is a founding committee member for the MLK Saratoga: A Community Project, honoring the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dora Lee is a major fan of the civil rights activist and says, “My passion is to help continue Dr. Martin Luther King’s Jr.’s vision of the beloved community where all people share in the earth’s bounty and people work to combat poverty, hatred, hunger, and homelessness through principles of nonviolence.”

When she’s not in the office or attending meetings and events, Dora Lee enjoys spending time with her husband, 5 children, and 6 beloved grandchildren who call her “MaDear.” Dora Lee also loves dancing, jazz, opera, ballet, community and Broadway theatre, and travel. She’s particularly looking forward to a family reunion cruise to Cuba this summer and a fall trip with Edventures to Puglia, Italy and the Amalfi Coast. With a board meeting or committee meeting at least 15 days out of the month, Dora Lee’s devotion to giving back is second to none. Dora Lee says, “Through volunteer endeavors, I strive to help build civil and human rights consciousness by promoting diversity, inclusivity, and social justice.” Dora Lee’s nominator, Dee Sarno, says, “Dora Lee Stanley, with a full time NY State Education Department career, has still managed to devote an amazing amount of time to community endeavors. She is an energetic doer and gives her all with whatever organization or board that she is involved with.” After learning more about Dora Lee, we couldn’t agree more!


WOMEN OF Influence 2018 Photos by: Mariah Singleton of SuperSource Media, LLC.

Cindy Phillips written by: Megan Harrington

WOMEN OF Influence 2018


Cindy with Mayor Meg Kelly.


hen the city of Saratoga Springs names a day after you, you know you’ve done something right! Thanks to her unwavering dedication to her job, her community, and volunteer efforts, Mayor Meg Kelly and Deputy Mayor Lisa Shields declared January 31, 2018 as Cindy Phillips Day. But despite the recognition, Cindy remains admirably modest. Maggie Fronk, Cindy’s nominator, explains, “Throughout her life Cindy has volunteered humbly and continually, never desiring reward or recognition, but instead helping simply because there was a need.” And whether it was through her children’s activities or a stranger on the street, Cindy has always excelled at identifying those needs. Cindy’s husband Gene is a native Saratogian and the couple will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year. The couple is particularly close to and values their family. Cindy says she is thankful for

photo provided


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

Cindy with her husband, Gene Phillips.

her son Keith and daughter-in-law Michele as well as her daughter Katie and her significant other Jeremy. Cindy and Gene are also the proud grandparents of six active grandchildren: Ethan, Ben, Landon, Jaz, Jules, and Joey. She says, “We enjoy going to all of their sports and school events and just spending time with them.” Her role as an active grandparent is nothing new – Cindy was very involved in her children’s lives as well. She says, “I started volunteering when my own kids were small. I served as the treasurer for the Katrina Trask nursery school and eventually got involved with the HSA as my kids grew. She continues, “For many years I coordinated the field day program at Caroline Street Elementary School. Giving back to the kids and seeing the smiles on their faces was unforgettable.” Later on Cindy helped out with Keith and Katie’s Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops and even received the Saratoga District Award of Merit for her dedication to scouting.

Cindy’s love for children and families starts at birth – she’s a 27year member of Saratoga Hospital’s Flower and Fruit Mission, which raises money for the maternity ward. She says, “It’s always a great thing to be able to raise money for this cause. We’re able to help them acquire equipment and provide scholarships for the nursing staff and a high school senior.” Cindy is also active at St. Clement’s Church and volunteers for the annual Catholic Charities’ Festival of Trees. And an organization that is currently near and dear to her heart is the Gateway House of Peace, a charitable hospice facility for end-of-life care. Cindy is currently on the board of directors and has served as secretary and event chair for the organization. In addition to her volunteer commitments, Cindy also worked for 20 years with the City of Saratoga Springs and just recently retired from her role as Community Development Coordinator. Cindy says,

WOMEN OF Influence 2018



... I hope everyone can think about

giving back just a little bit and doing something for those in need .�


WOMEN OF Influence 2018

WOMEN OF Influence 2018

“It feels good to be retired but I do miss the work and the people.” She continues, “Throughout my career I forged really great relationships with all the city agencies that help low to moderate income individuals.” Cindy says she is particularly proud of the Shelter + Care grant that she oversaw. This grant fell under what the federal government calls continuum of care and provided rental subsidies for homeless individuals. Cindy’s work in this area led to discussions that ultimately resulted in the creation of Saratoga’s Code Blue program. Cindy was one of four people, including former Mayor Joanne Yepsen, who met to strategize better service for the city’s most vulnerable citizens on the day after the tragic weather-related death of a homeless woman. Less than two weeks later, Code Blue Saratoga was launched to provide emergency shelter and assistance during the brutal cold of our upstate winters. While Cindy is now retired, many of her colleagues and friends know that she won’t be slowing down anytime soon. They’re confident she’ll keep working to make Saratoga Springs a safer and better community. In her rare moments of free time, Cindy says, “My husband and I love to golf, so we spent most of February and March in Florida. We really enjoyed being outside and active.” With summer approaching, Cindy is looking forward to doing some work around her house and spending time at the family’s camp. Making Cindy a true woman of influence is her constant concern for the well being of others. Cindy has one request for the readers of this article, “I hope everyone can think about giving back just a little bit and doing something for those in need.”


Women of Influence 2018  
Women of Influence 2018