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Having lived in the Saratoga area for the majority of my life, summertime sticks out more than any other season. This area absolutely comes alive in the summer and the options for recreation are plentiful! From rooftops to parks, free concerts are abundant. Swimming spots and sprinkler parks offer respite from the heat. Broadway buzzes with sights, sounds and outdoor dining. Fairs and festivals fill up already busy summer weekends and of course, at the center of all Saratoga summer recreation, the Saratoga Race Course returns for its 150th year. With so much excitement, it’s nice to sometimes leave room in our schedules for unplanned adventures. Our favorite spring and summer activity is to park and playground hop. In the center of this magazine you’ll find our top picks for outdoor fun! Let us help you plan and choose your next outdoor adventure. Speaking of adventure, have you ever competed in a triathlon? Check out page 26 for some great tips and ideas on how (and why!) you might want to “tri”! Our summer design feature on page 18 includes some inspiration on creating the perfect outdoor oasis. Our experts have answered your questions and 4 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

you can find out what we and some of our friends are loving for summer starting on page 10! Having fun during the summer in Saratoga County should be effortless and easy! SaratogaMama, our magazine and website are your go-to spots to find out details on the hottest summer events and activities. On a personal note, we were overwhelmed with the positive response to our first SaratogaMama magazine and I thank you all so very much for your words of encouragement, your emails, comments and feedback! That’s what really made this summer issue such a blast to work on! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Happy Reading & Happy Summer Colleen

Colleen Pierre, Editor-in-Chief

Reading with your kids? Don’t miss our cool kids’ section and Virtual Show and Tell!

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What We’re Loving Now Virtual Field Trip Park & Playground Guide

6 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Learn 18 Summer Design with Jenna Burger 26 Triathlons 38 Outdoor Stress Relief

Play 42 Kid-Friendly Cooking 52 Crafternoon 60 Kids Games

Our Cover Sunnyside Gardens provided the perfect backdrop for our summer cover with their gorgeous flowers and seasonal accessories.

Learn how to make homemade Sugar Scrub! Page 55

Our two little gardeners, Olivia and Sofie had a blast prepping the soil and planting flowers. Photographer Mark Bolles captured the moment perfectly. Thank you to Sunnyside Gardens,, Hewitt’s and Agway for providing some of our garden tools.


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Our SaratogaMama Contributors

Sheree Adams

Sheree is a loving wife and busy mom to three amazing and energetic kids. She is a work-at-home mom, nurse, blogger and speaker who loves all things related to health. When she’s not traveling or blogging, this self-proclaimed foodie is always plotting her next 30 minute meal to cook and post on her blog, Smart & Sassy Mom.

Beth Payer

Beth Payer blogs at Olliebop. com, a go-to resource for busy families with tweens and teens. Beth speaks from experience, as Mom to 12-year-old daughter Ella, and 14-year-old son, Hudson. Beth’s philosophy on blogging and parenting rapidly-growing kids is to keep an eye out for the good, amidst the challenges that accompany this fleeting time in life.

Jenna Burger

Dr. Philip Drum

Jodie Fitz

Dr. Drum specializes in the treatment of Anxiety and Depressive Disorders, and also works with couples. Dr. Drum resides in Saratoga Springs with his wife Joette. Together they have five children, all now adults, and three beautiful grandchildren.

Jodie Fitz is the creator and personality of the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club and currently travels in a six state region cooking with children to encourage taste testing fun through a handson cooking experience. She is a wife, mother of three and currently authors several monthly columns. You can always find what she’s up to in her kitchen at

Nichole Rigolosi

Angela Thomas RN

Trina Lucas

Jenna Burger is a local Interior Designer, Home Decor Blogger, bargain hunter, and avid DIYer. She shares daily inspiration on her Design Blog,, and strives to inspire through do-ityourself projects and simpleto-implement decorating tips. She delivers smart, stylish, and sophisticated design solutions.

A classic fashionista, Nichole Kristen Rigolosi has been styling and consulting friends and family for the past couple of decades. With a background in sales & marketing as well as certifications in Image Consulting, Fashion Styling & Color Analysis, Nichole is well qualified to help you capture your own personal style and make you look and feel beautiful!

8 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Angela Thomas is an Integrative Nurse Coach and a board certified Holistic Nurse. She specializes in health and wellness promotion and has a special interest in stress management and chronic illness. Angela is a mother of five as well as a grandmother of two adorable infants.

Trina Lucas moved to Saratoga Springs in 1995; met her husband here in 2000; and after a 6-year stint in the Washington, DC, area, returned ‘home’ in 2010 with a lil’ Southern Belle. Trina is principal of sofiEvents, PTO president, and Saratoga TODAY’s social columnist. But the title she loves most is “Mom” - the job that required her to develop her family’s allergy-safe lifestyle.

Ilissa Goman

Ilissa has been a life-long Capital District resident. In 2010, after being a nanny and babysitter for over 10 years, she decided to start a business, Binx. Binx brings the parents of the Capital Region the awesome baby products and baby planning services that can’t be found locally. Ilissa is an expert on all things baby. Her husband and her are expecting their first child in the early Fall.

Shelley Justa, MD

Dr. Justa has special interest in women’s and adolescent health. She specializes in Family Medicine, and cares for patients of all ages, including pediatrics and adults.

Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan is a happily married mother of three young girls; Celia, Madelyn and Mae. Julie is currently a preschool teacher and swim coach for the Saratoga Regional YMCA and head coach for the swim team at Maple Avenue Middle School.

Jennifer Bloomingdale

Jennifer Bloomingdale is a former teacher, she is currently managing editor at SaratogaMama and teaching professional development eCourses through Powerful Learning Practice. She lives outside of Saratoga with her husband and one year old son.

Jessica Kane

Jessica Kane is a Graphic Designer/Photographer from Saratoga Springs. She obtained a Fine Arts degree from SUNY Oswego in 2010 and has since then followed her dream of photographing, designing and creating. With an attention to detail and a heightened creative background, saratogamama was the perfect project to be a part of!

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 9

Name Bubbles Labels

We picked Photos courtesy of items that make us smile, and Deborah Neary remind us of summer, sparkle in the sunlight, make summer camp packing a breeze, and keep us healthy and hydrated. Here are the items that we’re loving for the summer! - Dianna Firth, Colleen Pierre & JenniferBloomingdale

We‘ve always been a huge fan of Name Bubbles for their functionality, durability and because they’re just plain cool! Packing for summer camp and outdoor adventures reminds us just how useful Name Bubbles labels are. See their Write On! labels in action in our Crafternoon section!

What We’re Loving for

Summer SaratogaMama PICKS

Island Mist Tanning

Berrylicious Bouquets Summer Treats

Jennifer Near is a local mama of two and the owner of Island Mist Tanning, the area’s hottest Organic Airbrush Tanning service. We tried it and loved it! A tan that wasn’t streaky, didn’t smell, wasn’t orange and made our skin soft. We’re believers!

Not only do these treats look pretty and fun, they taste amazing! Berrylicious Bouquets makes perfect sweets to serve at a summer picnic, to make 4th of July more festive, to adorn the tables of a kids’ birthday party, or to just simply eat by yourself. Pick up treats at Bread Basket, Putnam Market, Artique Co-op, Blu Tea Company or order online at: 10 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Apricot Lane Good Work(s) Bracelets We love Apricot Lane for their fashion-forward trends and these Good Work(s) bracelets immediately caught our eye. In addition to being cool, stackable, and versatile, we love that the company donates 25% of net profits to charitable causes. Spreading acts of kindness and looking great doing it!

Life Factory Glass Bottles
 It’s important to stay hydrated in the summer and our favorite way to tote water is in glass water bottles from Life Factory. They come with a sleek silicon sleeve to protect the glass, two different options for lids, and a variety of colors to choose from. They even have smaller bottles for the kids, including bottle tops for babies! You can find these locally at Healthy Living Market.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 11

Fantastic Beach Toys by Zoë b. Organic $22, I love these non-plastic beach toys! That’s right, they’re made from corn not plastic, so they’re 100% biodegradable. No yucky chemicals! They’re also made in the USA. The five piece set is great because the bucket lid also functions as a sifter and all the pieces fit into the bucket.

Now that spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner, I’d love to share some of my favorite picks for this time of year! Having just opened a store and with a baby on the way I’ve been investigating products that are not just great for the tot set, but also good for the environment. Enjoy!

- Ilissa Goman Photos courtesy of, others provided

What We’re Loving for


4Kids Cooler Backpack by Lässig $39.99, in-store at Binx, or I love that so much can fit into these lunch bags! They also have elastic in them to keep water bottles upright and little pouches for snacks. Lässig bags are free of PVC, AZO, phthalates, nickel & cadmium.

Snapping Turtle Kids Swimwear $62, Capri Ruffle swimsuit, A mom designed these amazing swimsuits after she had a bad diaper changing experience at the beach. Think: trying to roll the wet swimsuit off to change a dirty diaper and then rolling the sand filled swimsuit back on. Snapping Turtle Kids changes all that. Their swim suits are made with two rows of stainless steel snaps in the crotch, making the suits diaper change friendly, and easy to adjust size-wise. 12 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

MonkeyMat $39.99, in-store at Binx


I don’t know how many times I’ve felt the grass at SPAC or Congress Park, thought it was dry, and got up to realize it wasn’t. These mats are amazing! They unfold, from their tiny storage pouch, into a 5’x5’ mat. They’re waterproof, have weighted corners so it won’t blow away easily, and toy loops in the middle to attach your baby’s favorite toys. It also comes in four different colors.


Ciao Baby Folding High Chair $67.99, in-store at Binx (74 Beekman St, Saratoga) I am a huge fan of these chairs! They are great for camping or the beach (just think how much easier a day at Moreau or the playground would be!), but also great for your backyard deck or patio! The best part is they are usable up to age three!

Sunny Sunscreen SPF35 $15, 4oz., An all natural sunscreen, with no white residue, that lasts for 80 minutes under the sprinkler?! Yup, that’s this one! Since it’s a lotion, not a spray, it can be used on even the smallest babies.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 13

Assets Swimsuit by Sara Blakely from Target A “mom body” can sometimes be your worst enemy during the swim season, but why should you let that stop you from enjoying the beach and pool with your kids? This one-piece is incredibly slimming and worth every penny! From Target, $45.00.

Summer to us means easy, fun and keeping it cool (in more ways than one)! It also means long stretches in the heat, at the beach and virtually living in the water. Here’s a few of my summer must-haves. Be sure to check out more on my blog, Smart & Sassy Mom!

-Sheree Adams

What We’re Loving for

Photos courtesy of

Summer SHEREE’S PICKS Essie’s No Chips Ahead

This amazing topcoat is every busy mom’s answer to chipped nails and possibly every manicurist’s nemesis. It really extends my manicure to at least 7-10 days! Definitely my go-to for preserving my mani’s and pedi’s throughout the summer months, available at most drug stores for $8.00.

Baby Powder This is a summer essential for our family because of all the wonderful things it does, like helping keep ants at bay. It’s also used to get the sand off wet skin while you’re at the beach and it feels so amazing when you sprinkle just a little on bed sheets for those hot summer nights!

14 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Robyn Original’s Aroma Bird Lip Balm Light and non-greasy. It is so good at what its meant for - keeping lips moisturized, when the heat constantly sucks the moisture out. What makes it even more awesome is that the ingredients are organic and natural, making it safe for every member of our family! You can find it at for $3.00.

Loose Chiffon Top I love the ease of “day to night” with this great summer piece, ideal for the times when you’re invited to an adult gathering. Pair it with boyfriend jeans and gladiator sandals by day, then transform your look by pairing it with a body-con skirt and chunky jewelry by night. Very comfortable AND fashionable...Perfect combination! You can find the a.n.a top pictured, at JC Penney for $20.00.

Frozen Yogurt What better way to beat the summer heat than with a delicious cup of frozen yogurt, or as it’s affectionately known as “Fro-Yo”. No matter what your topping choices will be, there’s always something yummy and special to make each member of the family happy! Plum Dandy, Saratoga Springs price varies by weight.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 15

Just Between Us: A No-Stress, No-Rules Journal for Girls and Their Moms Created by Meredith and Sophie Jacobs, this journal is a treasure; filled with writing prompts, ideas and free space to encourage communication between mothers and daughters. My daughter Ella and I have passed ours back and forth for the past few years and we always learn something new about each other.

In our tween-aged and teenaged household, we’re loving things that make life more colorful and upbeat, as well as more convenient. These years with older kids can be both fun and challenging, so why not surround ourselves with good stuff to help enjoy the ride? My blog,, has become known for sharing seasonal shopping guides and clever picks for busy families.

- Beth Payer

What We’re Loving for


Dash & Albert Rugs: Family-friendly and stylish, Dash and Albert makes a rug that’s just right for any room of the house. We have an indoor/outdoor rug in our mud room, and its bold colors haven’t shown any signs of wear. Best of all, it can be hosed down as needed. The full array of Dash & Albert designs is available at Next Summer (516 Broadway).

Miguel Ases Earrings I am completely in love with the jewelry design of Miguel Ases. His earrings are playful, yet sophisticated -- unique, yet timeless. I love the smaller variety that I gave to my Mom for her birthday, as well as my own chandelier earrings of a more elaborate design. My husband once called them “a festival for your ear,” which is the perfect description. See them for yourself at Silverado, (446 Broadway). 16 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Belkin Rockstar 5 Way Splitter Up to 5 people can now enjoy music or movies played on one device. Whether sharing favorite songs, waiting in an airport or staying entertained in the car, this clever adapter saves the day. Available on Amazon.

The Pomodoro Technique Each spring I have high hopes for productivity; as I want to get all of those little (and big) things off of my list before school lets out. The simple technique outlined at is my best trick when I simply need to get things done. Whether one uses the signature tomato timer, a kitchen timer, or one of the free Pomodoro smartphone apps, the idea of setting a timer and focusing on only one task at a time can be a lifesaver. Visit the website for the full “how to.”

Teen/Tween Lit: The Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth

Firecracker Chocolate Bar by Chuao Next time you’re in Healthy Living Market (3056 Route 50), grab a Firecracker bar and have a tasting with the whole family. Dark chocolate, combined with sea salt, chipotle, and pop rocks makes for unusually delicious and entertaining dessert.

If a tween or teen in your life hasn’t read Divergent and Insurgent; the first two books in Roth’s trilogy, now is the time! The series will conclude with the release of the final book (yet to be named) in October. A movie is in the works too, to be released in 2014. The tween reader in my house could not put these books down, and says that the series is “as great as The Hunger Games, but not quite so brutal.”

Saratoga’s New Way to Celebrate We are so excited about Franklin Community Center’s new Celebrations program, sponsored by Plum Dandy. Special occasions (for kids or adults) can now be made even more meaningful when party guests are asked to bring a donation to benefit a child in our community in lieu of gifts. Guests may go to an online “wish list” so that FCC can collect items that will do the greatest good. Kids who enroll their party are recognized with a great big “thank you” and a Plum Dandy gift card. For the full scoop on how to “party it forward” go to how-you-can-help/celebrate.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 17

Creating a Family-Friendly s endless Summer mean g up the days of soakin time spent sun and more in. It’s the outdoors than f year to enjoy perfect time o g natural the surroundin create an elements and that the outdoor space an enjoy! whole family c

Outdoor Oasis By Jenna Burger

Jenna Burger is a local Interior Designer, Home Decor Blogger, bargain hunter, and avid DIYer. She shares daily inspiration on her Design Blog,, and strives to inspire through do-it-yourself projects and simple-to-implement decorating tips. She delivers smart, stylish, and sophisticated design solutions and is continually on the search for the next best thing to transform into a high-end look, but for mere pennies. 18 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

1. Bring the indoors out with things you love! Creating an outdoor oasis is similar to designing an indoor haven. Surround yourself with things that have meaning and that bring happiness to your family. Whether an outdoor patio, deck, or covered porch, introduce a pretty patterned table cloth or colorful pillows. Lanterns, candles, flowers, plants, and even your favorite books would be great for accessorizing your outdoor space. Of course, your books will have to come back indoors at the end of the day.



3. 4.


Where to Buy: 1., $25 2. Target, $20 3. Target, $20


4. 5. 6., $31, $29 Amazon, $29 SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 19

2. An outdoor oasis isn’t possible without comfortable seating. Once the summer months arrive, almost every waking moment should be spent outdoors soaking up the sun. Either individual oversized Adirondack chairs or an outdoor sofa fit for two (or more) is a necessity for outdoor living. Load up on comfy pillows and you may never head back inside. There are many local furniture stores and online shops that have a wide selection of outdoor sofas and chairs that are similar to the comforts of your living room. Some have chaises and even ottomans to enhance the outdoor experience.

2. 3.

1. Where to Buy: 1. Amazon, $123 each 2. Target, $40 3., $150

20 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

3. Just like the indoors, storage is a must for the outdoors. 1.


No matter if you’re an empty nester or a family of five, having a place to store BBQ necessities, outdoor sand toys, and pillows/throws, is essential. Many outdoor furniture pieces have built-in storage compartments or a stylish storage box that compliments your setting. Another idea is to try an ottoman with a flip up top that duals as storage.

Where to Buy: 1.


Amazon, $300


Amazon, $225

4. An outdoor setting isn’t complete without a stylish rug. Adding a rug to a porch or patio isn’t just to make a space pretty, but it also provides a comfy spot to kick off the flip flops without the fear of an unwanted splinter. Kids can walk around barefoot (which most love to do in the summer months) while having a barrier between their toes and the hard surface. Outdoor rugs are a favorite for many because they can live outdoors for the summer and be brought indoors during the winter. Rugs made for the elements, are also ideal for foyers, mud rooms, and even under dining room tables (especially with youngsters in the home).


Where to Buy: 1. Dash & Albert, $364 2. Ballard Designs, $159

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 21

For this edition of our Virtual Field trip, we traveled to the Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady. MiSci offers a unique multi-media experience where kids learn about science, technology, engineering and math. While the museum seems geared to schoolaged kids, our clan of 1-4 year-olds found plenty to keep them entertained and educated. The exhibits change out regularly and the museum director informed us that they will be adding more exhibits geared for preschoolers.

Virtual Field T


The Museum of Innovation and Science in Schenectady By Jennifer Bloomingdale, Photos by Angela Thomas

Seeing: An ExNET Exhibition from San Francisco’s Exploratorium The butterfly exhibit just ended, but will be soon replaced by a dinosaur exhibit

This exhibit helps kids see how the brain and eyes function together. Robby got a kick out of trying to play basketball while wearing these glasses.

peek Take a i with at MiSc by ob Ryan, R gie! and An

22 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

MRI: Examining the Human Body In this exhibit, we explored the science behind the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that was developed in the Capital Region.

Wind & Solar Power Interactives At the Wind & Solar Power Interactives exhibit we explored the importance of renewable energy through several interactive stations. Ryan especially enjoyed the touch screen activities!

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 23

The Heritage Area The kids especially loved the Heritage Area, which included a train table and the play kitchen area.

The kids loved ! this area ALCO Locomotives Exhibit This was a tribute exhibit exploring the American Locomotive Company in Schenectady. Robby, Angie and Ryan all enjoyed learning about trains and playing at the train table.

Suits-Bueche Planitarium

There are currently three different planetarium shows for all ages. During this exciting show, you’ll see 8,500 stars, 26 deep sky objects, 24 constellations, and much more! All shows at the Suits-Bueche Planetarium include a look at the current night sky and the latest astronomy news.There are regular showings Thursday-Sunday during the school year and daily during the summer.

24 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Starting on June 29th, MiSci will be home to a major dinosaur exhibit which will include 18 animatronic dinosaurs! In the fall, more programs and hands-on exhibits for toddlers will be added as well. The Museum of Science and Innovation is open Thursday and Friday, 12-5 p.m., Saturday, 11-5 and Sunday, 12-5. Over the summer they are open Monday-Saturday 9-5 and Sunday, 12-5. For just the museum, admission is $6.50 for children ages 3-12, $8.00 for senior citizens (65+) and $9.50 for adults (12+). For the museum and planetarium, children ages 3-12 are $11.50, senior citizens are $13.00 and adults are $14.50.

The Dinosaurs are coming June 29th!

Save on your next trip to MiSci with this coupon! The Museum of Innovation and Science is located at 15 Nott Terrace Heights in Schenectady

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 25

I Want to Tri! (So What’s Stopping Me?) By Julie Nolan, Photos by

Growing into adulthood and becoming a parent has made me make many changes and sacrifices. One of the most obvious I notice in my life is my exercise routine. I was extremely active as a child and stayed relatively active as a young adult. Once I got married, I still went to the gym and ran occasionally, but after I had my first child, the gym and all of its accoutrements went flying out of my brain. Don’t get me wrong - I tried! I participated in the Mommy Madness class at the YMCA, tried yoga (at 8pm, and almost fell asleep) and even attempted mapping a loop to walk/run. None of it stuck, and I was afraid that my time as an active and fit person had just run its course. I was too busy, right? Well, that’s what I told myself. But the truth is, exercising and finding quality time for yourself is one of the most important things you can do, not only for your own sanity, but for your family’s. So I began to wonder, why was it so hard for me to literally drag my body to do something

of extrinsic motivators to get you excited to participate in all activities. You join teams to be with your friends, to hear your family, friends and relatives cheering for you on the sidelines, and to be a part of something bigger than yourself. I have found that as I get older, there are very few “teams” for adults, or they are mostly for hard core athletes. I sometimes enjoy the solitude of a nice walk or run, but I can’t do it every day. Then there is the gym, which has a list of classes and exercise equipment for every single muscle in your body. But I still struggle! All of the extrinsic motivators that had me participating in soccer, baseball, volleyball and swimming, suddenly got turned inward, and I find that I must rely on myself to get moving. Then I remembered something that I had done in my twenties. It forced me to set a goal and work towards it, it included “fans” on the sidelines and it contained three different sports to keep me interested and excited - a triathlon, of course! It is a perfect way to turn the intrinsic motivation outwards, by setting a goal that you want to accomplish. In order to complete this three-in-one event, you need to train in every aspect. You need to be competent in the three sports of running, cycling and swimming, but you can also crosstrain, to increase endurance, muscle strength and overall fitness. You can decide to do it with a friend, so you have a training buddy, and someone else to hold you accountable

“This is the perfect antidote for anyone suffering from the exercise blues, and there are many short or “sprint” triathlons right here in our area”

that would ultimately make me feel so much better? The answer came to me a few weeks ago while I was coaching my swimmers at the YMCA State Championships in Ithaca. The excitement on the pool deck was palpable. We were dancing to the “YMCA” by the Village People before each session, cheering for the people in the pool and congratulating everyone as they walked back to the bleachers. When you are young, you have a multitude 26 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

for predetermined workouts. And you can enjoy the cheering of crowds as you run towards the finish line. This is something literally everyone can do. You can train indoors or out and the race is challenging enough, but not completely out of reach. The sprints are usually broken down into a 300-600 yard swim, a 10-12 mile bike and anywhere from a three to six mile run. Sprint Triathlons are designed for the novice in mind, but anyone is welcome to participate - to decrease times, work on specific legs that they find challenging, or for just some plain old fun. One thing I find over and over again when talking to other people about triathlons, is that many people don’t feel comfortable enough with their swimming skills. This is one subject I definitely want to address. Swimming is such a great sport. It uses every muscle in your body, and because of this, it is one of the highest calorie burning exercise you can find. It also helps regulate breathing, increases lung capacity and increases your VO2 (or the oxygen carrying capacity of your blood.) Swimming is a life skill that we all should have. Even if you prefer to spend vacation time far away from the water, chances are, you will be near it in some form, sometime in your life. Even if it

Triathlons in our area: May 5th, 2013: Anyone Can Tri Triathlon - Clifton Park, NY: 350 yard swim, 10.82 mile bike, 5k run. June 9th, 2013: Hudson Crossing Triathlon Hudson Crossing Park, Schuylerville, NY: 500 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 5k run. June 29th, 2013: Tupper Lake Triathlon - Tupper Lake, NY: .6 mile swim, 18.6 mile bike, 6.6 mile run. July 14th, 2013: Pinebush Triathlon - Rensselaer Lake, Fuller Rd., NY: 325 yard swim, 11.5 mile bike, 3.25 mile run. is basic techniques to avoid drowning, it is a skill everyone should have under their belt. The YMCA’s in Clifton Park, Saratoga and Glens Falls offer lessons for children and adults. If you already know how to swim, but feel 600 yards would be just too long, don’t write it off yet. Try to

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 27

get in a pool, or lake, and try it for two weeks, each day lengthening either the duration or distance of your swim. You will find getting to your goal may not take as long as you think. One great thing about sprint triathlons is that 90% of the people there feel the same way you do. Many people are first timers and there is definitely a feeling of camaraderie when speaking to people before the race.

Most people are nervous of at least one leg, and you will hear, “My goal is just to finish,” over and over again. I know if you give it a chance, you will find yourself signing up for another as soon as you get home. I am setting my goal for the Pinebush Triathlon in Rensselaer. It gives me enough time to prepare, and it seems to be the perfect distance for a mom ready to give it a tri.

28 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013


Park & Playground Guide

There’s lots of outdoor fun to be had in the Saratoga area! Our Park & Playground Guide will help you choose your next outdoor adventure spot. Play on!

32 35

31 36


32 Ballston Spa Burgess-Kimball Park Kelley Park/ Kids Creekside Village

Malta Shenantaha Creek Park Malta Community Park Malta Ecological Park



Moreau Lake State Park

Congress Park Spa State Park East Side Rec West Side Rec Veteran’s Memorial Park Bog Meadow Brook Trail

Schuylerville Hudson Crossing Park

Wilton Wilton Wildlife Preserve Gavin Park

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 29

Congress Park

Downtown Saratoga Springs SaratogaMama Says: Congress Park is a gorgeous and historic park in the middle of downtown Saratoga. I love having a park like this in the middle of downtown because it’s fun to grab food or ice cream and head to the park for some people-watching on a nice day. With duck ponds, grassy meadows, historic landmarks and a wooden carousel (which opens for the season in mid May), Congress Park is a great meeting place, picnic spot, or people-watching destination. In July and August, Congress Park is home to live music concerts, arts and crafts festivals, and other special events.

At-a-Glance dly? Stroller-frien s? Infant Swing Bathrooms?

☑ ☐ ☑

Plan it!

Pack a picnic blanket from home and pick up lunch at one of you favorite downtown Saratoga lunch spots. Enjoy an afternoon picnicking in the park!

Saratoga Spa State Park 19 Roosevelt Dr. , Saratoga

SaratogaMama Says: Saratoga Spa State Park is a park to enjoy during all four seasons. The State Park offers a wide variety of walking and hiking trails, streams, a geyser, picnic pavilions, two pool complexes, a golf course, biking trails, snowshoe/cross-country ski trails, ice skating, and lots more. There is an $8 vehicle fee to enter the actual park during the summer, but it’s always free to get into the entrance at the Avenue of the Pines. Located within the park is the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), the Spa Little Theater, the National Museum of Dance, the Saratoga Automobile Museum, the Gideon Putnam Resort and Roosevelt Baths and Spa. Trail maps are available at the Park Office. Dogs are allowed on trails on leash only. You can also purchase an Empire Passport which gets you into just about any NYS park including Saratoga Spa State Park for free. The pass costs $65 and is good until March 2014.

30 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

At-a-Glance Stroller-friendly? ☑ Infant Swings? ☐ Bathrooms? ☑

Shenantaha Creek Park

SaratogaMama Says: Shenantaha Creek Park is one of our favorite area parks. In addition to very nice playground, you’ll find tennis courts, basketball courts, two large pavilions, open ? ly d n fields, a fantastic paved Stroller-frie s? g bike path (the 8.9 mile in Infant Sw

At-a-Glance Bathrooms?

☑ ☑ ☑

Zim Smith Trail), some unpaved hiking trails and bathrooms to boot! There’s always ample parking and while it does get busy, it never seems unbearably so.

Plan it! Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in one of the shady pavilions. Pack the bikes and helmets and if you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can venture to Stewart’s for some ice cream via the Zim Smith bike path.



369 Eastline Road, Malta

Community Park

236 Plains Road, Malta

SaratogaMama Says: The Malta Community Park is located in Luther Forest on Plains Road in Malta. This park offers quite a bit; tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, fields, wooded walking trails, bathrooms, two pavilions, ample parking, and a nicely wooded but rather small playground. This is a great park to hit on a hot or humid day because it is very shady.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 31

East Side Recreation

On the corner of Lake Ave and Granger Ave, Saratoga Springs

SaratogaMama Says:

Located on the corner of Lake Ave (Route 29) and Granger Ave in Saratoga is East Side Rec. East Side Rec has a skate park, several tennis courts, baseball fields and public bathrooms. It’s a nice park for a hot summer day because it is one of three Saratoga fountain playgrounds. The fountain is nice and usually Stroller-frien quite busy in the summertime. dly? ☑ There is a playground at East Side Infant Swing s? ☑ Rec but it is a bit of a walk from Bathrooms? ☑ the fountain. Spri

At-a-Glance nkler Park?

West Side Recreation


SaratogaMama Says: West Side Rec is one of our top playground picks because in addition to many shaded areas and a decent playground, this park has water! A large interactive fountain sits in the middle of the grass, a refreshing invitation for hot, sticky kids. The splash fountain opens around Memorial Day. This park is a good size, and has plenty of shaded areas, some benches and picnic tables. The playground equipment is basic and there is a good sized sand box. There are bathrooms here but they are a bit of a walk from the playground. West Side Rec is a nice spot and well worth a visit.

152 Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs


Veterans Memorial Park

10 Adams Road, Saratoga Springs

At-a-Glance dly? Stroller-frien s? Infant Swing Bathrooms? ? Sprinkler Park

☑ ☑ ☑ ☑

SaratogaMama Says: Geyser Park, or its official name Veterans Memorial Park is one of three Saratoga playgrounds with an interactive fountain. (East Side Rec and West Side Rec are the others). The playground is basic and small, but the fountain is the main attraction here. Not a ton of shade, but Geyser Park has nice bathrooms that are very close by. It tends to be less busy than East Side or West Side Rec and a great location for Ballston Spa, Malta, or Milton mama’s. 32 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park 80 Scout Road, Gansevoort

SaratogaMama Says: Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to conserve ecological systems and natural settings while providing opportunities for environmental education and recreational experiences. The park boasts more than 12 miles of trails that you and your family can enjoy. You can visit and explore on your own time, at your own pace, or take part in a scheduled event. The SaratogaMama online events Stroller-friendly? ☐ calendar includes many of the Infant Swings? ☐ special family events happening at Bathrooms? ☑ the Wilton Wildlife Preserve & Park.


Gavin Park

10 Lewis Rd Wilton

At-a-Glance Stroller-friendly? Infant Swings? Bathrooms?

☑ ☑ ☑

SaratogaMama Says: Gavin Park is a huge complex with well-maintained fields, courts, pavilions, a gymnasium and a nice playground. There’s tons of parking, bathrooms, and the pavilion right near the playground has vending machines for soft drinks. The playground equipment is very nice and fairly new, there are swings, a sandbox, and a few different playground options for kids of all ages. Gavin Park offers a wide variety of sports and activities for kids throughout the year. Check out for details on the programs offered.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 33

Malta Ecological Park

476 Malta Avenue, Ballston Spa

At-a-Glance Stroller-friendly? Infant Swings? Bathrooms?

SaratogaMama Says: Playgrounds are great, but sometimes it’s nice to get out and just enjoy nature. A great spot for this is the Town of Malta Ecological Park. It’s located on Malta Ave about two miles off of Route 9 heading toward downtown Ballston Spa. The Malta Ecological Park has a couple miles of wooded

☐ ☐ ☐

trails with a few bridges and a little pond. There’s a big field you can walk to, which would be great for a picnic lunch. Along the trails are nice descriptive nature signs to add an educational element. Stroller mama’s, it’s best to use a jogger or all-terrain here because the trails aren’t paved. I’ve used my Beco baby carrier with my kids and that worked great. Plan ahead, no bathrooms here!

Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail Route 29 East, Saratoga SaratogaMama Says: Bog Meadow Brook Nature Trail is one of Saratoga PLAN’s earliest accomplishments. This two mile trail was established in 1993 by dedicated volunteers and members and follows the path of an abandoned railway. Three distinct wetland communities are present along the trail and visitors are likely to see a variety of wildlife throughout the seasons. The trail, which includes an extensive boardwalk system, may be enjoyed on foot, snowshoes or cross-country skis.

At-a-Glance dly? Stroller-frien s? Infant Swing Bathrooms?

34 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

☐ ☐ ☐

Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park Ralph Street, Ballston Spa

SaratogaMama Says: The Burgess-Kimball Memorial Park is located in Milton on Rowland Street just south of Geyser Road. There’s a large (and very high!) playground for bigger kids and a smaller playground for little one’s. Visibility is nice at the BK Memorial Park and it is fenced in so the kids can’t stray too far. There are two swing sets with infant, handicapped, and traditional swings. Burgess-Kimball also has basketball and tennis courts, baseball, two pavilions, bathrooms, a vending machine, and plenty of parking. The park’s pavilions are also available Stroller-friendly? to hold an outdoor gathering. For more Infant Swings? information contact the Town Clerk at Bathrooms? 885-9220 ext. 110.

! !

At-a-Glance ☑ ☑ ☑

Kelley Park/Kids’ Creekside Village Ralph Street, Ballston Spa

SaratogaMama Says: Kelley Park playground, called ‘Kids’ Creekside Village’ in Ballston Spa is a mecca for the playground enthusiast. This huge playground was completed in 2008, replacing a very old wooden playground. The playground has some standard features like twirling slides, swings and climbing contraptions, but it has some very unique things too, like giant xylophones with big mallets for kids to play, a large sandbox, and a special area for just for toddlers. It’s located on the Kaydeross Creek but the actual playground is fenced in. Picnic tables are usually available for lunch or a snack and last year they even put in new bathrooms replacing the porta potty’s- hooray! Visibility isn’t great here, so be prepared for a higher maintenance playground experience, especially if you have little kids.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 35

Hudson Crossing Park

126 US-4, Schuylerville

SaratogaMama Says: Hudson Crossing Park is located just outside Schuylerville on NY Historic Scenic Byway, Route 4. To Schuylerville locals, it’s called Lock 5 because it is on the Champlain Canal Lock 5. Whatever you call it, this park is a nice change of pace from a traditional playground. The area for kids is called the ‘Play Garden’. Many of the ‘play’ items are built into nature and include stumps to jump, a rock maze/labyrinth to navigate, tunnels to crawl through, sand and dirt ‘drums’ for playing, a couple slides built into the landscape and a boat to explore. The kids all loved playing in the sand and dirt, and the boat was a hit. The play garden area has a nice pavilion for lunch and a generously-sized porta potty. The park itself also has some hiking trails and the Champlain Canal Lock is kind of an attraction in itself. It’s a bit of a drive to get there, about 20 minutes outside of Saratoga, but it is worth a visit.

At-a-Glance dly? Stroller-frien s? Infant Swing Bathrooms?

☑ ☐ ☑

Moreau Lake State Park 605 Old Saratoga Road, Gansevoort


SaratogaMama Says:

Stroller-frie ndly? Infant Swin gs? Bathrooms ?


Located just minutes ☐ off of Northway exit ☑ 17S is Moreau Lake State Park. The main attraction here on those hot summer days is the beach, but that’s not all this park has to offer. With wonderful picnic areas, a playground, hiking trails, camp sites, boating, fishing and more, Moreau Lake State Park is well worth a visit. Admission to the park (during summer months) is $8 per vehicle. Best bet is to carpool with friends if you can. 36 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 37


ummer is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends, but did you know that spending time outdoors

is an inexpensive and effortless way to reduce stress and improve your health? As Americans we are a stressed bunch, rating fifth among 151 nations for stress levels. Luckily for us we also have an abundance of National Parks and green spaces to help reduce that stress.

­ utdoor O Stress Relief Story and photos by Angela Thomas RN

Ecotherapy and Green Exercise are new terms for ancient wisdom. Both terms refer to the mind-bodyspirit benefits derived from spending time in nature. In ancient Greece, temples to the god Asclepius, who was the God of healing, were built overlooking the sea to foster healing. In modern America, studies show that hospital rooms with a view of nature speed healing. Research studies in Japan confirm that spending time in a forest setting reduces psychological stress, anxiety, depression and hostility while improving sleep and vitality. Participants were also shown to have lower pulse rates, blood pressure and lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. In Japan many physicians prescribe 20 minutes of “Shrinrin yoku” or forest bathing.

“A 20 minute walk will lower your stress response while improving your mood and even attention span. The benefits are not just for adults as researchers at Cornell University showed that children who have access to nature are better equipped to deal with stress and have better attention spans.” 38 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 39

What is your favorite summer in Saratoga activity?

Real Moms Weigh In

Gretchen Stuppy Carlson

During the summer, our family of 5 loves exploring many of the trails in and around Saratoga like the Spa State Park, Moreau Lake, and exploring Saratoga National Historical Park.

I love to take the kids to Congress Park and eat at Four Seasons!

Jennifer Berkun

Here are a few tips to help you ‘get out there’ and reap those health benefits: • Schedule a family hike. Many trails like Saratoga PLAN and the Fire Mountain Trails mentioned in the Spring Edition of SaratogaMama are family friendly. • Eating on the go? Stop and eat in nearby Congress Park. • Plan play dates in the park. Fun, health boosting and no clean up. • Girls day out-side. Take a hike through Saratoga Spa State Park and then pamper yourself by “taking the waters” (a therapeutic mineral bath) at The Roosevelt Baths at The Gideon Putnam Resort and Spa. • Sign up for a guided hike at nearby Moreau State Park. Two popular family friendly hikes are the Full Moon Hike and the Mud Pond Hike.

Remember, if you are heading outdoors don’t forget your sunscreen and if you are going into the woods, don’t forget your tick repellant. Healthy Living Market offers many non-toxic products to choose from. 40 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 41

It’s Time for a Kitchen Kid-Friendly Cooking with Jodie Fitz As the weather heats up and the kids are looking for some cool down kind of treats, the kitchen counters can provide the perfect solution. There are many ways to mix up fabulous frozen flavors that also allow you to steal a few moments to creatively spend together. Here are three different combinations that deliciously include fresh fruit as part of the process for some warm weather taste-testing kind of fun!

Red, White & Blue Yogurt Freeze Pops • 18 oz. low fat vanilla yogurt • 3 tablespoons honey • 3 tablespoons lemonade concentrate • 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla extract • 6 large strawberries, fresh • 6 oz. blueberries, fresh • 8 – 5oz. plastic coated paper cups • 8 craft sticks

Rinse the blueberries and set them aside. Rinse and hull the strawberries/remove the greens and set them aside as well. Create the base of the pop by folding together the vanilla yogurt, honey, lemonade concentrate and vanilla extract until it is smooth and thoroughly mixed. 42 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

n w o D l o Co

Divide the mixture into thirds so that you have three separate bowls of the yogurt mixture to work with. Chop the strawberries in a mini chopper, blender or food processor and fold them into one third of the yogurt mixture. Evenly distribute the strawberry layer in the paper cups and place them into the freezer for 30 minutes. Chop the blueberries in a clean mini chopper, blender or food processor, fold them into one third of the yogurt mixture and keep refrigerated until needed along with the vanilla third of the mixture. After 30 minutes has passed, evenly distribute the vanilla layer into each of the cups and freeze them for an additional 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes has passed, add the blueberry layer to the cups. Place a craft stick into the center of each pop and continue to freeze them overnight before serving. Makes 8 – 5 oz. yogurt pops.

Banana Cat Tails • 2 bananas • 1 cup dark chocolate morsels • 2 tablespoons peanut butter • 2 tablespoons Grape Nut cereal • 4 wooden craft sticks

Peel and cut the bananas in half so that you have four bananas. Insert a popsicle/craft stick into the bottom so that only two inches of the stick is exposed. Place the bananas on a waxed paper lined plate and place them in the freezer for approximately one hour. Once the bananas are ready you can begin to prep the rest of the ingredients by adding the chocolate morsels and peanut butter together in a glass bowl. Place the chocolate and peanut butter into the microwave for one minute. Stir the chocolate and peanut butter together.

Tropical Freeze

• 1 cup orange juice, pulp free • 1 cup papaya, cubed • 1 cup pineapple, cubed • 1 tablespoon honey • ½ teaspoon extract

Add in the cereal and stir. Dip the bananas into the chocolate mixture so that they are fully covered. Return the bananas to the waxed paper lined plate and put them into the freezer for ten minutes and serve. What to do if you have an extra Cat Tail? Wrap it in waxed paper and place it in a snap-and-seal freezer bag to be saved for another day. The Tropical Freeze is perfect for a hot day and is healthy enough to serve with breakfast just for a fun serving of fruit! Why not, after all it’s summer! Fruit Options: You can use fresh pineapple that has been cored and cut, or fresh papaya that has had the rind removed, seeded and cubed. Or, you can buy a papaya/pineapple combination that is pre-prepped. You can typically find this product in the same aisle as canned/jarred fruit. Removing the cups: I clip the edge and then peel away the cup before serving the pops. However, you can also dip the exterior into warm water to slip them off as another option for cup removal. Craft Sticks: These can be found at Price Chopper Supermarkets in the school supply aisle or a local craft store.

Simply put all of the ingredients into the blender, adding the honey last, and blend. Then pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze. If you don’t have a popsicle mold, you can use plastic disposable cups with wooden craft sticks. In either case, you might need to run the outside of the container under warm or hot water to release the pop to eat.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 43

Top Picks For SUMMER Garden Princess

Growing Garden by Lois Ehlerts, $14.99, ages 4-7. This is a lovely gift set of 3 small hardcover books & one poster. With her signature exuberance for color and love of nature these books are filled with fun & facts that are easily incorporated into the narrative. Fruits, vegetables, soup and flowers! What more could one want?

by Kristin Kladstrup, $15.99, ages 9 & up. An intriguing fantasy featuring a princess with a mind for horticulture, a beautiful but evil witch, and a magpie with a secret. Princess Adela would much rather tend her garden than do the things expected of a princess. A garden party hosted by the beautiful Lady Hortensia presents Adela with a compelling mystery-that she simply must unravel. With lovely imagery this is the perfect book to read on the limb of a favorite tree.

Hedgehogs Magic Tricks by Ruth Paul, $12.99, ages 3-6. Hedgehogs tricks do not always go as planned but his friends are happy to lend a hand. Young observers will realize the trick long before Hedgehog figures it out. Sweet illustrations carry this story along as Hedgehog finally triumphs.

Nurse Clementine

The Dark by Lemony Snicket, Illustrated by Jon Klassen, $16.99, ages 4-7. This brilliant pairing of author and illustrator is a stroke of genius. Mr. Snicket treats an age old fear head on and with his usual flair for language. By giving “The Dark” a personality with dialogue Laszlo is able to navigate his fear with grace and aplomb. Klassen’s treatment of the story and subject matter is exquisite. 44 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

by Simon James, $15.99, ages, 4-7. This is a gentle and delightful tale filled with charm and humor. For her birthday, Clementine receives a nurses kit. All she needs now are some patients! When her dad stubs his toe and her mom has a headache, Clementine is on hand - she even bandages the dog! But when there’s a real emergency and her little brother Tommy gets stuck up a tree, “Nurse Clementine” comes into her own.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 45

Ask a

c o D

Dr. Goldman, Kimberly Montelone and Dr. Justa all specialize in Family Medicine at Clifton Park Family Medicine, 1735 Route 9, Clifton Park.

Question 1:

What do I need to know about ticks and how do I keep my family safe and tick-free this summer? This response is from Kim Montelone, certified Nurse Practitioner:

Lyme prevention is mostly about preventing a tick from being embedded past 24 hours, either through preventive measures to keep ticks away altogether or removing the tick in a timely fashion. Wearing light colored clothing, long sleeves, pants tucked into socks, and hats when in areas that are high risk for ticks can help. Ticks are most commonly found in wooded areas or areas with high grass or leaf litter. There are various chemical repellants including DEET (20% or greater) or permethrin, however, the effects on children have not been well studied. Bathing or showering within two hours after being in a “high risk” area is helpful and also a great time to perform thorough tick checks. In reality, daily tick checks are probably the best way to prevent Lyme Disease in children - being sure to inspect the under arms, in 46 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

L-R Beth G oldman, MD , Kimberly M Shelley Just ontelone, FN a, MD P-BC an

and around ears, inside the belly button, behind the knees, between the legs, around the waist and especially in the hair. If a tick is found it should be removed using fine-tipped tweezers to grab the tick as close to the skin as possible and pull up with steady, even pressure. It is no longer recommended to get the tick out by smothering it with vaseline or burning it with a match as this causes the tick distress and may cause it to regurgitate its stomach contents which is where the bacteria that causes Lyme Disease resides.


a rash with a red ring and central clearing, called erythema migrans, anywhere on the child’s body you should seek medical treatment as it is indicative of Lyme.

Question 2:

My five year old child is confident and outgoing but still struggles with always making it the bathroom. We’ve incorporated night time waking to resolve bed wetting but during the daytime we have accidents of ‘the other’ sort. With summer camps and kindergarten just around the corner how can I help my child? Is there something else wrong? This response is from Dr. Beth Goldman:

If a tick is on less than 24 hours there is no need for treatment. If the tick is on for 24-72 hours you should seek treatment because sometimes prophylactic antibiotic treatment is indicated. If you see

It is a great idea that you have incorporated nighttime waking to resolve bed wetting. It is important that you stop liquids three hours prior to bedtime. You will need to bring your child to the potty twice before going to bed and wake him/ her up about 1 hour after he is in bed. This may sound intense but I know from experience it can work. Also, make sure to put your child to bed wearing underpants; your child should not have the comfort

of knowing that they have a diaper or pullup to wear. Your child needs to know he/she is a big boy/girl now and does not use diapers. As far as the daytime accidents, it is important to remind your child constantly during the day especially when they are playing. Also, pose the use of the potty as a statement rather than a question so they feel they are more in control. For example, “Tell mommy/daddy when you have to use the potty” instead of “Do you have to use the potty?” It is important to make sure you are going to be home or near a bathroom so when they need to, they can go immediately. I would recommend an office visit to the primary care provider to check a urinalysis especially if this is a new problem. This will determine that there is no urinary tract infection. I hope this information is helpful to you. For more information, I would recommend you visit This provides more detailed information similar to above.

Question 3:

My husband just had skin cancer removed from his nose (basal cell carcinoma). He is very fair-skinned and burns easily, a prime candidate for this type of skin cancer. Our sons, who are five and three, are also very fair. At what age should I begin having them checked regularly by a doctor for skin cancer?

Young children can be easily checked for unusual skin lesions by parents while they are being undressed or bathed. They are also checked for suspicious moles or other skin lesions by their primary care provider as part of their annual checkups. It is not necessary for children to be screened regularly for skin cancer by a dermatologist. The American Cancer Society recommends skin checks for cancer as part of periodic health exams starting at age 20. You are correct; the risk of basal cell carcinoma is greatly increased by sunburns over the years. The best thing you can do for your children throughout their childhood and adolescence is to prevent skin cancer by protecting them from the sun with sunscreen, at least SPF 15, making sure to re-apply after swimming and sports; and applying daily to sun-exposed areas such as the face and ears. Also, they should wear hats, sun protective clothing, and be kept in the shade when possible. For more information on sun protection in children, visit skin/basic_info/ children.htm SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 47

Askr. Drum D

Dr. Philip Drum has practiced as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist for over 30 years. He is affiliated with Saratoga Psychological Associates, and has offices in Latham and Saratoga Springs.

Question 1

My parents invited our family (my husband and our two kids) on vacation this summer. The problem is, my husband is almost refusing to go because he thinks my parents can be overbearing and do not respect our boundaries. How can I make everyone happy here? It is somewhat of a Psychological truism - though nonetheless true that you can never count on making everyone happy, whatever the circumstances. It is cause for hope that your husband is “almost” refusing to go on the vacation, which implies that there is some room for negotiation. Setting boundaries when needed with extended family and/or in-laws is often challenging.

48 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Whatever the specifics involved, the first step might be to decide where your boundaries are, both individually and as a couple, based on the kinds of things your parents do that bother you and your husband. Consider the things you may expect them to do on the vacation, and together decide what can be ignored, and what may need to be addressed assertively - that is, clearly, firmly, and respectfully. You cannot control your parents’ behavior, but you can make reasonable requests of them to respect your boundaries, and ask them to show good faith in accommodating you. Where limits need to be set, you and your husband might also work out how that should be done, be it before, during or after the vacation. E.g., if your parents tend to interfere with your efforts to manage your children’s behavior, you might agree to have a talk with them beforehand, and/or call them aside if necessary during the vacation and request that they back off.

Making such requests may fall more to you as they are your parents, but your husband can play a role as well. I cannot say what will work in this specific situation, but I do recommend having a plan, rather than letting frustration build and detract from the vacation by causing tension between the two of you, or among members of your family and your parents. Moreover, it is reasonable to ask your husband to fully participate in the vacation once his concerns about boundaries with your parents are addressed.

Question 2

My husband and I both work and have our own separate bank accounts. I sometimes find myself “hiding” purchases like a new pair of shoes, handbag, or makeup. Do I really need to be transparent about every single purchase? Money - how to share, structure, and manage it - is an important area in which every couple needs to determine what works for them.

What will work for you and your husband depends on many factors, including your current financial status, your individual and shared experiences, and your values. It helps to work together to set rules and/or guidelines regarding paying bills, saving and spending. Based on your question, I might suggest that you and your husband agree on which purchases do not require discussion, e.g., those under $100, and those which do need to be discussed before the purchase is made. A related strategy might be to have an “allowance” of sorts, money you each receive weekly or monthly to use however you wish, either toward small items or saved up for larger purchases. You both need a balance between having freedom to make smaller purchases, and good faith in discussing larger ones that could cause financial problems if not considered more carefully.

Question 3

My wife is a city girl and I grew up in the Adirondacks. I was really excited to take our family camping this summer, but she’s not interested. I’m pretty bummed that I can’t share such a big part of my life and childhood with her. Should I just go alone or try and drag her along kicking and screaming?

It is good to hear from a Saratoga your children when they are a bit Dad! Couples need to share some older. Whatever happens, I would interests, but no couples are in not advise dragging her kicking and complete agreement about what screaming - better to try talking and they like to do in their leisure time. listening, and, I hope, working out a Your love of camping is something camping experience you both can you want to share with your wife and enjoy. your children, and I am sure her lack of interest is disappointing. Yet I would not give up on trying to persuade her to go camping - you will just have to see what she is willing to consider. She may go for a day or two, rather than a week; she may want to have reasonably clean bathroom Photo by facilities within walking distance, rather than roughing it to the max; and she may want a comfortable air mattress rather than the cold, hard ground to sleep on. The camping trip that results may not entirely fit your image of a vacation in the wild, but it will be a start. Maybe she will end up enjoying it, and expand her horizons about camping; maybe you will need to try roughing it with friends, or alone with SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 49

Ask aylist


Nichole Kristen Rigolosi has a background in sales & marketing and certifications in Image Consulting, Fashion Styling & Color Analysis. Nichole is well qualified to help you capture your own personal style and make you look and feel beautiful!

Question 1

As a fashionable mama on the go I’m always at a loss for playground footwear. There is nothing in my closet between high-heeled wedges and my workout sneakers. With the weather warming can you recommend any playgroundfriendly fashionable footwear? Finding playground-friendly footwear that is both comfortable and fashionable is a question I get asked from MANY moms. I have a few recommendations that should

get you through summer and well into fall on the playground. Option 1: Keds for Kate Spade New York, $75 (find online at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Zappos, Piperlime). Yes, Keds! Those oh so popular sneakers that were big in the 90’s are now back in style and trendy as ever! Kate Spade makes a few different styles:

Option 2: Lauren by Ralph Lauren “Ceceila Espadrilles”, $69 (find in store or online at Macy’s). An espadrille is always a comfy and transitional option, and if you’re headed to lunch from the playground you don’t have to look like you actually just came from the playground. They come in a variety of spring colors!

Option 2

Option 1

Option 3

50 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Option 3: Puma $70. This is a nice compromise because it combines the look of a flat with the comfort of a sneaker, a great choice to wear while chasing around your little one(s).

Question 2

I have a lot of parties to attend this summer. Is it a total faux-pas to wear the same dress twice? What’s the rule on that? The short answer is “no,” it’s definitely not a fashion faux-pas, especially if you’re going to be around an entirely different crowd the second wear around (just make sure you don’t post too many pics on facebook from both occasions). However, I would make some small adjustments as far as jewelry and accessories are concerned just in case! For example, take this basic LBD (little black dress). Here are two different ways to wear it to TWO different parties. No one will know it’s the same dress except for you!

Party 1

The necklace in Option 1 and the earrings in Option 2 are both from Stella & Dot. The belt is the Kate Spade “Bow Leather Belt”, $68 at

Party 2

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 51

Join us for...


By Colleen Pierre & Jennifer Bloomingdale Photos by and Deborah Neary

Fun, Easy

Summer Crafts!

Doing crafts with the kids can be fun, but we prefer a couple great friends, some coffee and tea, light snacks, good tunes, and a heaping pile of art supplies. Our two summer crafts are easy and fun, and perfect for a hot day! 52 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Project 1:

Materials Needed:


• White fabric • Washable Glue • Acrylic paint • Water

Batiking is an ancient art form that uses wax and dye to create beautiful patterns or images on fabrics. The wax is painted or drawn on the fabric, which then causes a resistance when the fabric is painted. We found a kid-friendly version of batiking using washable glue and acrylic paint. Read below to see how you and your kids can create your own colorful fabrics!

• Bowls (3-5) • Paint brushes • Scissors

Step 1: Cut your fabric to the appropriate size

depending on your design.

Step 2: Place the picture you’re tracing (if you choose to trace), under the fabric.

Step 3: Use the glue to trace the outline of the picture or

just create your own pattern! The glue can also be

painted on using a paintbrush.

Step 4: Allow the glue to dry and remove the picture

from under the project.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 53

Step 5: Mix acrylic paint with water. The amount will vary

depending on how you want the color to look. Test

out your color on a scrap piece of fabric and add

more paint or more water to achieve the desired

intensity. A little water and paint will go a long way!

Paint your fabric and allow to dry.

The possibilities are endless for what you can do with your finished project! You can frame it, hem the edges to make a flag, make a pillow, quilt, placemat, bag, or more!

Step 6: Once dry, place the fabric in water and let

it sit for about 15 minutes. The glue should be soft and you should be able to scrape it off. If it is not, let it sit for a few more minutes. Once you have peeled off all of the glue,

allow your fabric to dry.

54 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Materials Needed:

Project 2:

Sugar Scrub

• Mason jars or other storage containers • White sugar and/or brown

Sugar scrubs are an easy way to get smooth and soft summer skin. Using ingredients you already have, you can easily make a scrub to keep or gift.

• Olive Oil • Essential Oil (optional, to make it smell pretty!)

Involve the kids!

ake Sugar scrubs m r m o m, a great gift fo tie, or grandma, aun love a friend. Kids ing and measuring, mix e decorating th labels!

Step 1: Measure 2 cups of sugar.

Step 2: Measure 1 cup of oil.

all white sugar but you can use 1 cup of

white and 1 cup of brown if you wish.

We used all olive oil but

you can choose to mix oils. I’ve used coconut

oil which gives it a nice smell.

We chose to use

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 55

Step 3:

Drop in about 10 drops of essential oil. We love

buying our essential oils locally from Adirondack

Aromatherapy. We used their Blood Orange oil to

give our scrub a summer citrus scent.

Step 4:

Mix it all together, then put it in your container.

Step 5:

We love Name Bubbles Write On! labels for this project because you can label the sugar scrub, then re-use the container for something else in the future, keep the Name Bubble on, re-write the label.

56 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Hey “I Can,Eat That!” By Trina Lucas

“I can eat that!” If your child has allergies, you know the excitement in that statement. You have felt the relief of keeping him safe and healthy. You have shared her joy of being just like the other kids. Managing allergies is more than understanding menu options, it’s a lifestyle. When I first saw the blood in my daughter’s diaper at six weeks old, my mind raced as I dialed the pediatrician. I had already cut most dairy out of my diet after hearing it could encourage gas and discomfort in breastfeeding babies. The doctor said I needed to take it a step further, eliminating every bit, including my beloved yogurt and even the smallest amount of butter. He also took me off of soy, and a couple months later, the Pediatric Gastroenterologist we were referred to told me to eliminate wheat, corn and nuts from my diet as well. It turned out that the culprits were indeed the initial dairy and soy, and unbeknownst to me until I tried to introduce them, eggs. I was lucky that my daughter’s reaction was only mild anaphylaxis, but there is still something very unnerving about watching your one year old develop instant hives and wheezing. Almost as unnerving as the day I learned how to use an Epi-pen because reactions often worsen with each exposure and it might be needed to save her life. Today, my daughter’s allergies, those we know of, include dairy, soy, eggs, mustard and hazelnuts. With two brothers who had life-threatening nut allergies before the vigilant days of warning labels, I consider myself lucky that she can have peanuts and almonds.

Peace of mind does not come easily for allergysensitive moms. No matter how well you manage the pantry at home, new concerns arise when kids hit school. I know I can carry the Epi-pen and Benadryl everywhere we go, but she can’t take me everywhere she needs to go. Allergies add a whole other aspect to encouraging independence. At an early age, my daughter learned to ask if something new was “Sofie-safe.” Safe food isn’t always easy to find, though. The most common allergens are nuts, dairy and eggs. These seem to be staples on “kids” menus, not to mention play dates and birthday parties. One mom at school told me that the cookies I brought in for a holiday event were the first her daughter, very allergic to dairy and soy, had ever had. She is where

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 57


Shopping List

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Grease and flour pan, or use cupcake liners.

Living Market available at Healthy ® Shor tening (palm oil) for - Spectrum To prepare pans ys contain soy. ra sp g kin ba all (Almost or tening and use Spectrum sh s, ke ca r fo s; er cupcakes, use lin hioned way. as -f flour, the old

Chips Chunks or Mini ® Mega (chocolate) d in e Lif joy - En ket. Manufacture althy Living Mar He d an d or af nn oducts are available at Ha ity. Enjoy Life pr cil fa ee fr nte and glu a dedicated nut y, fish, shellfish, ee nuts, egg, so tr s, ut an pe , iry ord free of wheat, da d sulfi tes. Hannaf tato, sesame an po in, se ca t ou ucts; and made wi th ty of their prod ket carry a varie ar M ing Liv hy and Healt ocolate chip and nding, crispy, ch ta ts ou eir th ks oc Price Chopper st chip cookies. te double chocola

also be found Wal-Mar t; may at le ab ail av r vo ® Fla - Wilton Butter ld products are so ke lors. where Wilton Ca not alter icing co r flavoring; will tte bu al ici tif ar , - Dy e-free

Chocolate Cake

Other options Yellow cake – omit cocoa and add another ½ teaspoon vanilla. Lemon cake – omit cocoa, replace vinegar with fresh lemon juice and add finely grated zest of one lemon.

Coconut cake – follow yellow cake adjustments and add ¼ cup shredded coconut to batter. Sprinkle more on top of the frosted cake.

Yield: one 9-inch round or 8x8 square or 12 cupcakes (Note – a standard boxed cake mix yield s twice this) 1-1/2 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup granulated sugar 3 tablespoon cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon fine salt 1 cup very cold water 5 tablespoon canola, safflower or corn oil 1 tablespoon cider or white vinegar 1 teaspoon vanilla ½ cup chocolate chips

58 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake until top of cake springs back when gently pressed or a toothpick comes out clean, about 35 minutes for the cake or 20 minutes for cupcakes.

Banana cake – omit cocoa and add ½ teaspoon cinnamon to dry ingredients. Add one mashed, over-ripe banana to wet ingredients.


I was five years ago, and from our conversation, this SaratogaMama column was born. After more than five years of reading ingredients, online searches, family taste-tests and restaurant scoping, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve also learned that there’s more to discover. Let’s walk the aisles of our grocery stores, share recipes, successes and stories of an allergyaware lifestyle. I welcome your comments, concerns and questions. We can’t be allergic to what works for our kids! Email me at

Sift flour, sugar, cocoa powder, baking soda and salt into a mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, combine water, oil, vinegar and vanilla. Pour wet ingredients into dry and mix on low-medium speed, until just combined. Stir in chocolate chips by hand.

Frosting 1/3 cup shortening 3 cup powdered sugar 3 tablespoon rice milk 1 teaspoon vanilla ½ teaspoon butter flavoring Beat shortening and sugar at medium-high speed until fluffy. Add rice milk, vanilla and butter flavoring. Beat until smooth.

This recipe covers 12 cupcakes nicely. Leftover frosting can be refrigerated for up to one month. Bring to room temperature before using.

This is a great go-to recipe for graduation cakes and celebratory cupcakes, with easy tweaks that can be made if chocolate is an allergen.* (The cupcakes also freeze well, so keep a stash on hand for singles to take to birthday parties.)

Photo Hunt by Pure Bliss Photography



Spot the SUMMER objects and differences in Photo #2! There are 11 Differences! KEEP TRACK HERE!

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 59


Find the summer related words in the word search below. BEACH · FIREFLY · JUMPROPE · PICNIC · SUMMER · SUNSHINE · SWIM M E U V S G Z T L B C F G E C C E I L Z Y D N C W I Z N G O S T E L W O D F C J Q S T Q R C P U L Q I W Z K I H

60 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013






Across 2. You wear this on your head to block the sun. 5. You might see these on the 4th of July 8. Summer begins in this month.

Down 1. A sport that uses a ball and bases. 3. You bring your lunch to the park and sit on a blanket. 4. You swim in this when you’re hot. 6. The season that comes after Spring. 7. This shines bright in the sky. SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 61

V i r t u a l Show & Tell Jack Scher, Age 5 Saratoga Independent School A poem by Jack To understand me You have to understand The sharp teeth Of an angler fish With a light bulb dangling Helping it see In the very deep Rhedyn Ceasg, Age 6 Saratoga Independent School TO UNDERSTAND ME To understand me You have to understand Life on the hill Where there are no lights Except the glittering stars I AM FROM I am from a green place. I am from the falling snow. I am from the crash of a wave. I am from a good book I can’t leave. I am from a warm blanket. I am from the scales of an iguana. I am from the sweetness of cake. I come from a soft bed. I leaped my way into the world. Sean Gloeckner, Age 9 Saratoga Independent School 62 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

Soraya Maximo, Age 8 Saratoga Independent School A POEM BY SORAYA My name comes from Latin America , but originally from the Middle East. My name is like a gem falling from the sky; it means star. It’s like beauty and grace or roses flowing in the spring time. But when you smell the roses they smell like sugar. My name is very playful. It’s like a beach ball bounced in the air. But what it mostly means is being organically royal a queen.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 63

Family Friendly Fun Events May 10, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m. May 18, 2013 @ 8:00 am – 12:00 p.m. Saratoga City Ballet Company presents Alice in Wonderland. Skidmore College Dance Theater, 815 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Performances are on Friday, May 10th @7pm, Saturday, May 11th @ 2pm and 7pm. Tickets available through; 1-800-838-3006

May 11, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 2:00 p.m. Healthy Kids Day 2013 290 West Avenue, Saratoga Springs, The Saratoga Regional YMCA will be hosting this FREE community event at the Saratoga Springs Branch. The Y is kicking off efforts to encourage kids to stay physically and intellectually active over the summer with a 1k run, an obstacle course, brain buster games, and lots more!

May 11, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 p.m. Waterford Canal Fest. Waterford Visitors Center, Waterford. The Canal Festival is a celebration that commemorates the seasonal opening of the New York State Canal System. This year’s festival will be held May 11th from 10am to 5pm at the Waterford Harbor Visitor Center and Lock E2 Park. Enjoy live music, great food, fun for the kids and more!

May 12, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m. Mother’s Day Express. 26 Station Lane, Saratoga Springs. Saratoga and North Creek Railway will show mom how much she means to the family with an outing that’s more than just a meal. The entire family will be set up with comfortable seating and a window view to spring’s fresh blooms. For more information visit 64 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

The Emma Foundation 5k and Kids Fun Run. The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs, 62 York Avenue, Saratoga Springs. Race registration begins at 8:00 a.m., kids race at 8:30 and 5k at 9:00 a.m. Established in memory of Emma Durrant, The Emma Foundation is dedicated to help Movement Programs at Waldorf Schools and Camphills. For information, contact Brian Ward at (518) 587-1381

May 19, 2013 @ 9:00 a.m. SPAC Rock and Run. SPAC Ampitheater at Saratoga Spa State Park, Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Family Friendly 1K Fun Run, 5K and 10K races with live music along routes! Join us for after party with food, music and family fun!

May 22, 2013 @ 4:30 p.m. Piccadilly Circus. Glens Falls Civic Center, 1 Civic Center Plaza, Glens Falls. Returning with an all new show called Piccadilly Circus BLAMMO! You’ll see the Cossak Warriors on horseback; Motorcycle Nitro Cowboys in the globe of Death; camels and zebras performing with ponies; clowns and comedy acts and much more! For more information visit

June 2, 2013 @ 9:00 AM to 10:30 p.m. Cantina Kids Fun Run. Parking lot next to Cantina, 430 Broadway, Saratoga Springs. On June 2nd the sixth Annual Cantina Kids Fun Run will allow your whole family to run or walk to support the Pediatric Emergency Services at Saratoga Hospital. After the race enjoy music, a bounce house, face painting & healthy snacks. All runners, family, friends and strollers are welcome!

Runners are $15 each before May 24th and $20 per runner after. Preregistered runners will receive an event t-shirt & a water bottle. For more information call: 583-8340

June 8, 2013 @ Noon The Elks Flag Day Parade. North Broadway to Congress Park, Saratoga Springs. For more information visit www.

June 16, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 p.m. 18th Annual Sundae on the Farm. McMahon Thoroughbreds, 180 Fitch Road, Saratoga Springs. Home of Funny Cide the 2003 Kentucky Derby winner, this year Sundae on the Farm will be part of Saratoga150 a celebration of Saratoga Race Course. “Sundae on the Farm” is fun and educational for the whole family. This free event includes tours of the horse farm, Meet the Stallions, broodmares and foals, a blacksmith, children’s activities, farm animals to see, horse-drawn wagon rides, live music, agricultural exhibits, and demonstrations by area chefs using local farm products. Sundae on the Farm takes place from 12-4 p.m. For more information, contact Cornell Cooperative Extension 885-8995. We’ve gone to this event every year and it is such a great time for families! Highly recommended!

July 16 - 21, 2013 @ 9:00 a.m. - Midnight The Saratoga County Fair. 162 Prospect Street, Ballston Spa. For more information visit http://

This is just a sam ple of the many fun family friendly eve in our region. Fo nts complete list of r a eve and activities, vi nts SaratogaMama sit .com

Saratoga Springs Public Library Calendar Summer Programs Family Wellness Workshop, June 5, 2013 @ 6:30 p.m. - A group of holistic doctors and

other health care professionals will be educating families about wellness issues. Each attendant will receive a free copy of the magazine, “Pathways to Family Wellness,” where articles and other popular topics will be addressed each session. Register in the Children’s Room or by calling 584-7860, option 3.

Get A Job -The Basics of Job Hunting for Teens, June 6, 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.- Want to get your first job this summer? There’s more to it than just going from business to business and filling out job applications. Learn how to fill out applications completely and correctly, how to present yourself when talking to a potential employer, experience a mock job interview, and more tips/tricks to help you land your first summer gig!

Two Old Potatoes with WMHT June 26, 2013 @ 11:00 a.m. - Children, preschool through grade

2 will join WMHT’s Barbara Lukas for “Two Old Potatoes and Me”. Enjoy the story along with planting activities and more.

Summer Reading Kickoff with Domino the Great June 27, 2013 @ 11:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. Combining zany comedy with unique and artful magic, Domino the Great is a professional children’s entertainer and magician. His magic show is specially suited for children five and older.

Tween Craft: Make a Pet Rock Monster! July 1, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m. - Come into the library

and make a pet rock monster for your garden. Will your monster be cute or creepy? It’s up to you! For children entering grades four through seven.

Registration is limited to 10 kids. Call or come into the Children’s Room to register.

Tween Craft: Grass Head People! July 8, 2013 @ 12:00 p.m. - What is a grass head

person? It’s a cute craft with grass hair that you can watch grow and give haircuts. Come into the library and make your own. For children entering grades four through seven. Registration is limited to 10 kids. Call or come into the Children’s Room to register.

Tween Craft: Masquerade Mask Making! July 11, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m. - Let the good

times roll with a colorful masquerade mask. Come into the library to create a sparkly and mysterious mask. For children entering grades four through seven. Registration is limited to 10 kids. Call or come into the Children’s Room to register.

Cryptozoology: Animals of Myth and Legend! July 12, 2013 @ 3:00 p.m. -

Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, The Jersey Devil... Some believe these creatures actually exist and some do not. Mr. Joe Biss is back and will go beneath the surface to explore the science, truth, and myths behind some of cryptozoology’s most famous animals. Open to children entering grades six through twelve. Please sign-up in advance.

Tween Craft: Pinecone gnomes! July 18, 2013 @ 11:30 a.m. - Did you see the pinecone

gnome in the forest? Come in to the library and create a set of wee pinecone gnomes to live in your backyard. For children entering grades four through seven. Registration is limited to 10 kids . Call or come into the Children’s Room to register.

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 65

SaratogaMama Best Bet: Mama Night Out at Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio! If you haven’t experienced Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio yet, you’re missing out on a super fun night out! We recently hosted a paint night with our moms, sisters, and girlfriends and chose a bright and pretty floral painting.

We chatted, we laughed, we sipped, we painted, and in the end, we all left with a oneof-a-kind piece of art.

We’re excited to go back again and highly recommend Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio for your next event, girls night, or just because! 66 | SaratogaMama | Summer 2013

It’s amazing how different, unique and wonderful they all came out!

Saratoga Paint & Sip Studio 80 Henry Street Saratoga Springs 584-8244

SaratogaMama  |   Summer 2013 | 67