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4 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

CONTRIBUTORS Health & Technology Issue ~ January 2014

Peter Bowden

Peter has been the region's go-to garden guy for over 35 years. During his decades of garden center management he has had thousands of hours of conversations with customers. His knack for practical and concise explanations has served him well during his 20-year tenure as WRGB’s garden guy. He is an artist and avid photographer whose images have appeared in textbooks, magazines and travel guides. Peter lives with his wife, Sharon and their pets in an old house in the country.

Helen Edelman

Helen writes about other writers, which can be a daunting task. She also writes about education, health care, the arts, and profiles of important and intriguing people she has met along the way. Edelman has been living in Saratoga Springs since 1970, when she arrived as a Skidmore freshman. Since then, she has had incarnations as a writer, journalist, marketer and anthropologist. She is the mother of four children and the extravagently proud grandmother of Cyra Friedlander, a chattering 2-year old who brings out the brightest stars with her smile.

Arthur Gonick

While Arthur’s main writing subjects are related to arts and entertainment, he is a big sports fan—particularly baseball, so he was pleased to help put together Michael Osacky’s piece on card collecting. “This time of year is fun for a fan,” Arthur says. “The time of rumors and trades, and no team has lost a game yet.” Arthur’s favorite baseball quote comes from Jim Bouton’s bestseller “Ball Four,” in which pitcher Bouton describes his love of the game: “You spend a good piece of your life gripping a baseball and in the end it turns out that it was the other way around all the time.”

Meghan Lemery

Meghan began her career in Boston where she spent five years counseling cancer patients at Dana Farber Cancer Institute. She returned to the Saratoga area and started in private psychotherapy practice. She currently has an office in Saratoga Springs and Glens Falls. She is also the author of her first published book, titled “Please Pass the Barbie Shoes” which was published in Spring of 2011.

Patricia O lder

Patricia made the move from Florida to Saratoga Springs in 1973. She currently lives in Middle Grove with her husband, two horses, two donkeys, four dogs, nine chickens, and one cat. In 1998, Patricia was awarded first place for a feature article from the NYPA for a series on a local woman who had survived the Killing Fields of Cambodia along with her seven children.

Kate Towne Sherwin

Kate Towne Sherwin grew up in Saratoga Springs and is so grateful to be able to raise her children here. She and her husband have five boys (ages 1 to 8), and when they’re playing/reading/sleeping she writes, so she’ll always remember these precious days.

Megin Potter

Megin is an expressive writer and artist with work published in books, newspapers, corporate communications and online. A resident of the region for over 20 years, she continues to discover anew the interesting people, places and products it has to offer. As a mother to her active young son, she is inspired to explore even more.

Chelsea Hoopes Silver

Chelsea Silver owns Silverwood Home & Gallery in downtown Saratoga Springs with her mother, Charlene. She is also a real estate agent for Town & Country Properties and does interior design consulting. She began writing her blog, The Carriage House Chronicles, in 2012, loving the new opportunity to virtually connect with other design-oriented folks amateur and professional, local and afar. With degrees in English and American Fine and Decorative Arts, she is very happy to be combining these two passions in her new endeavor writing for Simply Saratoga.

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  5



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6 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Letter From The Editor This is the time of year when things start to slow down, right? The holidays are over, the company has gone home and life returns to “normal” … Then we hunker in for a long lazy winter in upstate NY? Well… NOT around here! Saratoga TODAY is humming away with our weekly newspaper, putting together the Enchanted Wedding Magazine and Bridal Expo, starting to gather information on our yearly community guide… Welcome Home, and of course we are the magazine media sponsor for the Saratoga Rotary’s Home & Lifestyle Show… and I’d love to add… Since we announced last year that we are now offering HOME DELIVERY, we mail magazines all over the USA… as far west as Arizona! Whether people have moved away, are looking to relocate here, looking to get married here or just want to stay on top of their favorite vacation destination – they love our magazines! No, there is no long, lazy winter for us :-) I’m hoping you noticed a slight change in the look and identity of the magazine; after all… it is about, quite simply… SARATOGA! But, our mission will never change… to provide a free, local publication, featuring the people, the places and the lifestyles of this great region. Now on to all of the great things in THIS issue… January is traditionally the time of “fresh starts” and whether you need advice on HOW to actually stick to that list of resolutions (something

I personally needed help with, so this year… I’m working with Monique Boulet, a nutritionist and personal trainer to help me attain MY goals!) some restaurant suggestions to try or some cool things to do while fighting off “cabin fever” we have that! We also have some great inspirational photos of mud rooms, storage areas and pantries to motivate you to fix those problem spots you may have in your own home… to make your life simpler and easier in 2014. Now that I’ve told you what our regular contributors have to offer, here’s a sneak peak at our Health & Technology feature this month…. you will discover apps that help, cars that help, procedures that help and educational short cuts to make anything attainable… See… life just got easier! We hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together, and please keep those comments coming - we love hearing about how much you enjoy our publications. You can contact me at or (518) 581-2480 x 201 As always, I have to close with a big THANK YOU to all of our readers and advertisers, without them, we couldn’t continue to offer these beautiful publications free of charge to the thousands that read them each month – please mention us when visiting these businesses. Happy reading, Chris PS… don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Pinterest

Happy New Year everyone!

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  7

Mouzon House By Helen Susan Edelman, photos by

© 2014

Without even looking for it, I found a romantic hideaway in Saratoga Springs, upstairs at The Mouzon House.

It was an accident and a surprise. Romance was the furthest thing from my mind; the evening had been spent engaged in verbal jousting with my confidant and critic Chad Beatty, publisher of Simply Saratoga. (As a side note, we had two main themes going: common core education standards and first amendment rights. In an unprecedented event, we found ourselves agreeing.) He had to scoot out early, at the end of the meal, to get back for homework duty with his son, Keegan, and I was left in the gracious company of the lovely Diane

Pedinotti, who, with her husband, David, owns the restaurant. Diane personally took me on a tour of the restored Victorian home on the edge of High Rock Park. That’s when it happened. At the top of the staircase I got to peek into three, splendid private dining rooms – perfect for clusters of two people, four, six, eight, a few more if you are willing to sit a little closer. I could feel myself go starry-eyed, thinking of the possibilities this intimate space holds for

Valentine’s Day – for those lucky enough to have a valentine. Indeed, Diane told me a marriage proposal was being planned for one of the mini dining rooms the following week and she and her staff were getting it ready for the occasion. Suggestion: If you are looking for a special place for an anniversary, birthday dinner, or other moment worth memorializing, call Diane at 518-226-0014 and reserve a spot before it gets away from you.

8 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

on Caroline Street, has a master’s degree in Every centimeter of the Mouzon House is photography; Rebecca has a master’s degree distinctive – from the expanse of the festive, in food studies from New York University seasonal rooftop dining area, created with and is a food writer; sultry singer-songwriter the extended kitchen wing beneath it in Sarah is admired far and wide beyond the 2005, when the restaurant opened, to the Capital Region as a performer and recording welcoming parlor dining rooms on the first artist; vivacious Kaitlyn works alongside her floor, to the other ground-level outdoor family in the kitchen; and Aaron, who also spaces accessible in the summer. Like a works at Mouzon, is a doctoral student in generous host, who with a gesture, bids media studies. guests to sit where they’re most comfortable, the Mouzon House extends its metaphorical While the 19th-century building is itself a arm and guides patrons in the direction of drinks, dinner, or Sunday brunch. © 2014 Sometimes, live music. The restaurant also hosts private special events. When the courtyard and rooftop are in full bloom, dozens and dozens of patrons can be served. The gardens are a local legend. Parking is abundant. We’re going to get to the brilliant food in just a few minutes, hang in there, but it would be a disservice to gloss over the décor and personalities of this building. Anyone in our region paying attention to the arts is aware of the extraordinary Pedinotti family, talented all. David, in addition to being able to build anything beautifully and serve as executive chef, is also an active musician, playing guitar and blues harmonica. Diane, the hub of the wheel, has exquisite taste that shows in every nook, cranny and corner, as well as a high-powered professional past in human resources, which allows her to oversee many business functions of the enterprise. Daughter Elizabeth, now proprietor with her partner of One Caroline, the Pedinotti’s first restaurant-jazz club venture

piece of art, the work on the walls rivets attention on its own. Featured throughout the dining rooms and up the winding staircase are large, luminous, brightly colored paintings, many reminiscent of Gaugin and Maxfield Parrish. This informal gallery is

made all the more extraordinary by the artists: Pedinotti family members. As the building was being restored, the siblings painted full-body portraits of each other in period clothing. Oh, even if you’re not very hungry, find an excuse to go over to see the lush, stunning paintings! Get an appetizer, get a drink, get a dessert. This, you won’t see anywhere else. I literally couldn’t keep my eyes off the walls once I understood the origin of the collection. The family dynamic is fascinating; the assemblage, truly beautiful. Diane explains that the original horsehair plaster was in bad repair, and using it as a kind of gigantic canvas was the family’s approach to renovating it creatively and delightfully, while enjoying themselves and each other in the process. I can’t quite get off the subject of the setting until I impart one more story – the house itself. The Mouzon House was owned by a family of mixed heritage. Ardelle, the wife in the home, born in 1890, was a full-blooded Cherokee, and the husband was an African-American, French Creole descendent – very unusual for the time. They had a daughter, Mia, who was raised in the house and lived there with her own children. The house held great meaning for the Mouzon family, and though it had become difficult to maintain for Mia in her 80s, it was proving even more difficult to sell, until David and Diane noticed the “for sale” sign, and a deal was brokered. When the Mouzon House was refurbished and established as a restaurant, Mia, who had moved to another home in Saratoga Springs, came to visit. Reports Aaron, “She was so happy, she cried.”

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  9

Drumroll PLEASE........ Now, what you’ve been waiting for: Dinner. You will not have had anything like it before in Saratoga Springs, that’s for sure. Spice alert: Keep your water glass filled. The Pedinottis reached all the way down to the New Orleans bayou for remarkable, fantastic flavors, which they source locally. (The Pedinottis were early advocates of the area’s seasonal, farm-tofork movement restaurant philosophy when they founded One Caroline, and have stayed true to that mission.) The kinds of taste treats you might sample in appetizers include savory, signature crawfish beignets; house-made hummus; pumpkin arancini; greens and beans; fried oyster Rockefeller (my personal fave), a cheese board of local cheeses, or charcuterie platter -- local and house-made sausages, pâtés and smoked meats, French bread toasts and accoutrement. Each dish is heaping. Sampling several appetizers would for most people be a meal in itself – and a large one. In my humble opinion: Choose the one that sings to you today, and the others that were calling the next time, and the next.

© 2014

Still not ready for the main course? Think about seasonal soup (changes daily); traditional, southern-style gumbo with Andouille sausage and rice; a classic Caesar salad; or market salad. That’s a partial listing. More available. Not a fan of red meat? The pasta and risotto menu is extensive, and features mushrooms of many varieties, orecchiette (sausage added on request), cannelloni du jour with seasonal ingredients, sweet potato gnocchi with winter greens in a sage brown butter (on my list for soon)…and more, many with optional meats. Entrées get serious: Chicken Saltimbocca (local chicken breast layered with sage, prosciutto di Parma and local cheese in a sherry cream with winter greens); Sap Bush Hollow Farm Fried Chicken (golden fried thighs, served with sweet potatoes, collard greens and creole remoulade) – full disclosure: I had this one. It was amazingly delicious. In fact, I enjoyed it again two days later when I dined on my left-over helping; Creole Jambalaya (several variants), the one people talk about; Cassoulet (slow-cooked white beans with local duck, rabbit and sausage baked with bread crumbs and topped with a grilled quail) – definitely doing this with a friend); fresh fish du jour; Shrimp and Grits; Cioppino (shrimp, mussels and crawfish, flaked whitefish in a garlic tomato white wine broth, laced with saffron) – Chad escaped with the extras of this one; Shrimp Creole; Pecan Encrusted Catfish over sweet potatoes in a sage brown butter (can I come back twice?); Padgett Farm Angus Beef Au Poivre; or Mixed Grill (chef’s choice).

© 2014

© 2014

Many vegetables are à la carte. Chad and I had cauliflower. It disappeared lickety-split. A bite of this, a bite of that, a bite of cauliflower. Repeat. However, many of the dishes have greens integrated into the ingredients – you don’t have to order separately to get those nutrients. 10 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014 © 2014

© 2014 © 2014

Dessert will blow your mind – so, if you like sweets, please order your meal thoughtfully, or plan to bring some of your dinner home, because portions are easily enough for two meals, or one meal for two people, especially if you each choose an appetizer, salad, soup or first course. At the very least, do yourself a favor and order from totally different categories and agree to taste each other’s foods, because you’ll probably never have anything else like it around here and you don’t want to miss a thing, believe me.

There’s something luscious about even the names of these foods. Think about “remoulade.” Yummy. Piquant and creamy, this wonderful, saucy dressing jazzes up its dish and is typically served with fish or veggies. Or both. Want something special on a weeknight? Tuesday is tapas night, Wednesday is pasta night, Thursday is a prix fixe, Sunday is brunch.

Louisiana Creole cuisine is a sassy style that blends French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Native American and African influences, as well as general Southern cuisine. It’s similar to Cajun cuisine in ingredients, but the important distinction is that Cajun cuisine arose from the more rustic, provincial French cooking adapted by the Acadians to Louisiana ingredients, whereas the cooking of the Louisiana Creoles tended more toward classical European styles adapted to local foodstuffs. Broadly speaking, the Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  11

French influence in Cajun cuisine is descended from various French Provincial cuisines of the peasantry, while Creole cuisine evolved in the homes of well-to-do aristocrats, or those who imitated their lifestyle. Although the Creole cuisine is closely identified with New Orleans culture today, much of it evolved in the country plantation estates of the pre-Civil War Creoles. Here’s one I saved because the description is almost a meal in itself: Oyster Pan Roast, a silky broth made with blue point oysters, sweet cream butter, a dash of secret chili sauce and Meadowbrook Farm cream, poured over homemade toast. Quick, I’ll call Diane, you start the car. œ

Fabulous service – doesn’t get better.

• The Mouzon House • One York Street, Saratoga Springs 518-226-0014 • Opens at 5 p.m. for dinner every night but Monday; 11 a.m. for Sunday brunch. Summer hours change, check by phone or online. Reservations are a great idea, especially on weekends and during the holiday season, and definitely with larger parties. But, if you walk in and there’s room, you’ll be seated as soon as possible.

12 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  13

resolving to

RESOLVE Exploring the Path to Effective New Year’s Resolutions

Story by Meghan D. Lemery, LCSW-R

The start of a new year brings hope, a greater sense of purpose and direction and anticipation of reaching a goal. We make a list of all the healthy changes we will make in the year and vow to never get out shape, take relationships for granted, or have a messy closet again. We can see the end point of our goal clearly and we have all the energy we need to carry out the day to day maintenance it takes to reach the point of RESOLUTION.

“What am I afraid of if I resolve this dysfunctional habit”

will be a reminder that I am alone and lonely”

Now, pick up the pen, take a deep breathe and write the first thing down that comes to mind. The answer may surprise you.

WOW. Read that again. Here we are talking about how to tidy up the kitchen and create an organized space and what we discover is that this messy habit is keeping her heart from breaking.

In working with a woman who wanted to create a more organized space, we did this

On the surface, what appears to be a bad habit of being a slob is rooted in fear of being alone and unloved. When you start to deal with the root of the fear, you begin to resolve the behavior that is keeping you emotionally “safe” from the root of the pain.

I would like to think that we all have the ability, skill set and motivation needed to reach our New Year’s Resolutions; however, the truth is, most of us lose steam quickly and go back to old habits continuing the cycle of procrastination and frustration. Research shows that most people give up on meeting their new year’s resolution by the beginning of the spring season.

The bad habits we choose to mask pain are NEVER the point of resolution. Rather, the way to resolving the behavior effectively is through exploring the pain you feel.

So, what is the key to making healthy, long lasting changes that seek to RESOLVE our bad habits? I want you to take a minute to do some psychobabble on yourself. Find a quiet place, get out a pad of paper and write this question down.

exercise together. She wrote on the paper, “If my house is clean and organized I won’t be able to see my stuff, and a clean space

In working with a man who was struggling to make exercise a priority, I asked him to dig a little deeper into the issue. I asked him to finish this sentence for me, “If I get into shape and feel healthy…..” His response was this: “If I get into shape and feel healthy people will find me more attractive and want to talk to me. I hate small talk and am socially awkward.”

14 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

This is not a person who lacks motivation to go exercise; rather, he is afraid that looking and feeling better will force him outside his comfy cozy safe bubble. Once we began working on his ability to feel comfortable in social situations, he had much more motivation to go to the gym. Today he is much more confident and comfortable in his own skin and this gives him the ability to resolve the issue of staying in shape. Before you join a gym, buy a blender for protein shakes, put on the nicotine patch or clean your closet; ask yourself how the dysfunctional behavior serves you and how it masks a deeper emotional pain. Once you begin this process I am certain you will be amazed at the answers that you write down on paper. Do not judge yourself or minimize your fears in resolving the negative issue or habit in your life. Treat yourself and this process with compassion and patience. Talk it out with a therapist, mentor or wise friend. Do not seek the counsel of people that will put you down or steer you in the wrong direction. If you are having difficulty getting motivated to resolve your resolutions, FEAR is standing in your way. Stop putting pressure on yourself to succeed in your goal and start dealing with the fear that keeps you in bondage and pain. In helping the people close to you meet their goals and make healthy resolutions, remember that judgment and friendly “reminders” will only push that person deeper into the dysfunctional habit. Rather, be a source of encouragement and acceptance as you cheer your loved one on the path of success. Pressure, force, criticism and judgment are pure poison and will not help your loved one get healthy. Remember that breaking bad habits and exposing the emotional root of your habit takes time and patience. Be kind to yourself and seek out the people, places and things that can help you on your path to victory. œ

You were meant to live a fantastic life! Blessings to you and yours in 2014!

Ms. Lemery is a psychotherapist practicing in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Visit or email for more information

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  15

Hot Stove league

The four colors of CHICAGO – Children do not collect cards anymore, according to Michael Osacky of “They are more interested in video games and electronics. The memories and stories of how vintage baseball cards and sports memorabilia were obtained are dying every single day.” As the curator of vintage sports cards and memorabilia, it is Michael’s job to carry on the legacy and memories of the little pieces of cardboard. Some items have been passed down from generation to generation while others were simply found in the attic after several decades of loneliness. In many cases, the next of kin has no interest in the collectibles so they call Michael. Many of the vintage autographs he purchased originally came straight from the baseball diamond. For instance, he has Signatures from Lou Gehrig that date back to 1927 or a Babe Ruth from a 1938 Baseball Writers Association dinner in New York City. It is a job, but also a labor of love to document these stories for future generations. “Many legendary hall of fame athletes played for the various New York teams,” Osacky said. “Additionally, many trading cards were manufactured in New York.

When was the last time you looked in your attic, musty garage, or broken down barn?... There might be a hidden treasure inside with a very memorable history.

Babe Ruth8

New York City is the home of many great sports franchises and also great fans. Whether you are eating a sandwich at the Carnegie Deli or watching a play on Broadway, the person next to you is always willing to talk about their favorite hometown team.

Osacky drove North to Saratoga Springs for the first time in search of such treasures. “As I drove into town, signs of summer had passed. A drizzle turned to a downpour as I entered into a residence full of antiques.” “Lights flicked from porcelain Coca Cola signs, locomotives hummed across the dining room floor and vintage toys were still in their original boxes. However, I came for something special. I wanted to see a vintage New York Yankee baseball card collection.” “As a child, the owner of this collection would take the subway to and from Yankee Stadium with his friends. Every week, the gang would buy a nickel pack of baseball cards from the five and dime store. The trading of baseball cards would typically happen over the weekends, with friends from the neighborhood being invited. Unfortunately, the majority of this childhood collection was thrown away by the owner’s mother.” “However, he did have a few special 1933 Goudey baseball cards that he traded for in the 1960s. These cards remained tucked away in a special place that his mother could not find. The 1933 Goudey set consists of 234 cards and is flanked by numerous Hall of Fame players.” These cards were inserted into packs of Goudey bubblegum.” Osacky said. “Babe Ruth has the honor of having four cards in the set. This gentleman had all four cards. (one red, one yellow, and two green.)

16 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Locally, baseball cards from bygone eras to today are available at The Vault, 10 Caroline Street in Saratoga Springs. Contact them at (518) 583-3479 or visit thevaultsaratogasprings. com. Some cards and also a wealth of sports collectables and memorabilia are available at the The Stadium Store at Wilton Mall. Contact them at (518) 581 7186. -Arthur Gonick Above: Yankee Stadium rises out of the Bronx in 1923 Below: Yankee Stadium in foreground and the now demolished Polo Grounds (home of the New York Baseball Giants) in a rare aerial photograph. Circa 1920s

After negotiating for what seemed like an eternity, I was the new owner of those four Babe Ruth Cards.” I feel it is my responsibility as the new curator of this card collection to make sure the stories live on. It is my job to rescue these and other cards before they are thrown away. As I packed up my belongings and headed outside to my car, I took a peek outside to see if I needed my umbrella. The sun was shining from above and a rainbow lit up the sky. Yes, it turned out to be a good day indeed. œ Michael Osacky started collecting vintage sports cards when his grandfather bought him a shoebox full for his birthday more than 15 years ago. Since then, he has been on the hunt to find undiscovered cards and sports memorabilia collections hiding in dusty attics, garages, and barns. He can be reached at (312) 379-9090 or

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  17

18 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Home & Garden

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  19

Carriage House Chronicles Resolving to Organize… here’s some Inspiration The

Hi, I’m Chelsea Hoopes Silver...

And as some of you may know, I have a blog called The Carriage House Chronicles, where I feature various design, architecture, lifestyle, and art inspirations I find while living in the beautiful and historically rich city of Saratoga Springs. I come by my love of collecting and house obsession honestly—my parents have been flipping and building houses since I was five-years-old and my grandfather traveled the world collecting art and antiques. I also love a nice, “raw canvas” and I would probably never buy a “turn-key” home. My first and current homes were both big renovations and even my store (Silverwood, Home & Gallery; which I own with my mother), was a total renovation. Although I can certainly see the appeal of buying something that is done, I just love a good project! Now I’ve got a new “project”— adapting my blog into a series for the award-winning Simply Saratoga!

Story by Chelsea Hoopes Silver, Photos by Randall Perry for Witt Construction, Inc.

Ah... January and February. It’s cold, the days are still short, and, if your house is anything like ours, the winter gear and clutter seems to be winning the war on organization. Since we are so confined to the inside, it’s easy to start feeling the squeeze- in regards to space- both psychologically (cabin fever, anyone?) and actually... Ugh! Just thinking about the state of our house right now is making me shudder. Many of us make some sort of New Year’s resolutions. Topping the list seem to be the resolution to lose weight, to exercise more, to save more money, to make more money... and to be better organized. This year, the latter certainly tops my list of resolutions. I’ve been told that if you have a specific place for everything, it is much easier to put it away and keep things uncluttered. So far, I’ve found that to be true. For instance, I have a basket just for my son’s train- set pieces (of which, there seem to be thousands) and I find I’m much more motivated to clean them up first. Ditto for the Legos. I now have specific baskets (I’m big into baskets- can you tell?) for our winter hats and gloves and my son’s winter hats and gloves. The attrition rate on our winter accessories is much lower now, but I still find myself feeling overwhelmed with the boots, coats, and other clutter that ends up right inside our doorway. I mean, baskets

and bins are great, but they can only do so much. So now I find myself dreaming of a mudroom...and a pantry to expand our minimal kitchen storage (I opted for open shelving which is cute, but not nearly as practical as traditional cupboards), and just about any other built-in area that will be give me a special place to put all the things. Since this issue of Simply Saratoga is the first of the year, let’s focus on organization (resolutions!). And what better way to do that than by getting inspiration from some of the gorgeous pantries, mudrooms, and closets built by local building firm, Witt Construction, Inc. John Witt is known for his beautiful homes, but what always stands out for me are the builtins that seem to be a trademark feature for the builder. These pretty spaces will attest- a well designed area of cabinetry should add as much function as charm to a home.

20 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

The glass- front upper cabinets and wood counter-tops give this pantry a traditional butler’s pantry feel. For a pantry (or kitchen), wood counter-tops are a great way to save some money. The drawer refrigerators are also a great way to store sodas, juice, and beer- things that take up too much room in the main refrigerator.

The glass-front storage bins and wine refrigerator in this pantry are genius.

If you’re a little nervous to use color on your main kitchen cabinets, the pantry is the perfect place to add a dash of color.

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  21

This is one of my favorite kitchens from 2013. The massive window seat, the gorgeous wet bar, and the pantry (the doors are painted with chalkboard paint- perfect for grocery lists and notes to family members!) are all located within this roomy dream kitchen.

Great for movies, board games, books, kids toys, pet toys... who doesn’t need a little extra storage in their main living area? This room is the new prototype for my future family room renovation. 22 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

It’s like a game of Clue... except without the murder mystery, of course! What kid (or adult for that matter) would not dig this secret playroom space? Super cool. Storage and the ultimate sleepover bunk.

This mudroom boasts a beautiful color palette, great storage, and stone tile floors that are perfect for wet boots or muddy paws.

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  23



Peter Bowden

Photos and Article By Peter Bowden

Although these are the shortest days of the year, to the gardener, they seem the longest. In midsummer, when days are long, the hours fly by as we enjoy our gardens, yards and outdoor living. Now, the bright green world of summer seems an impossible dream. Daylight is short and we spend most of our time indoors. There are books to catch up on, painting for me, the internet and TV. There’s not a lot of gardening to do other than to browse the seed catalogs that roll in this time of year. However, there is one project I can enjoy now to get ready for spring...I can root some cuttings.

Seasonal survivors Over the years, a few “annuals” have wormed their way into the house in the fall. In the case of my miniature geranium “Bird Dancer,” this has been going on since about 1988. It all started with one plant in a 4-inch pot. The original plant is long gone but, by rooting cuttings I’ve been able to share and enjoy hundreds of its descendants...many of which get quite large. It has been a mutually enjoyable relationship. This fall we rescued our gloxinia vine. This was a plant that astounded us. From a seedling purchased in a 4-inch pot, it grew to great height and was covered with lovely flowers. Since we’d planted it in the ground we weren’t able to rescue the whole thing so we took some cuttings before frost. I had nothing to lose. Lo and behold, they rooted quickly. It will be fun to have a few to play with in spring considering how large just one grew last summer. A couple of years back, another plant purchased as an annual made the cut. This one is “perilla magilla.” It looks like a coleus but loves sun. It was growing in a larger outdoor planter,

and we enjoyed it so much that we didn’t have the heart to let it freeze that fall. It got downsized and brought indoors. Cuttings were attempted and rooted readily, so now we have plenty to replant in spring. It is attractive as a houseplant too. You can see that the stem is woody and the leaves are small. This plant is a couple of years old and the older plants don’t perform as well as younger ones. Rooted cuttings will grow more vigorously and have larger, more colorful leaves. Step one is to take some cuttings.

Go with the flow Most plants produce roots more readily at the leaf intersections. Here’s a look at a cutting from a jade plant that has been sitting around for awhile. Even without soil, it is trying to grow roots in hope of finding a place to grow. I want to bear this in mind as I take cuttings from the perilla.

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Notice that I’m cutting just below the leaf intersection where new roots will form. After cutting, I’ll strip off the lower leaves and bury the stem. Those leaves may rot and rot the stem along with it. The cutting will root more easily without them. I need to let the cuttings “scab over” before I slip them into the soil. A fresh, juicy cut will rot easily...a dried, “scabbed over” stem won’t.

success. I like to put a couple in each pot in case one doesn’t take. If both do well I can separate them later. Once they’re all potted up, we need to keep them in a warm place and nurse them along until they can grow some roots and provide for themselves. Since the winter home is dry, misting them lightly every day, or even a couple of times a day for the first few days, is a good idea. I like to mist them with a very light (1/4 strength) solution of soluble plant food like Jack’s Blossom Booster. The food in the mist can be absorbed right through the leaves and stems and will keep the cuttings alive and help them grow roots quickly. Don’t overdo the food though...a little goes a long way. Another option is to enclose them in plastic...they don’t want to be sealed up. I like to use a large ziplock baggie with the end left open for some fresh air. I use this method when I’m rooting batches of Bird Dancer cuttings in shallow trays. Water the soil lightly but never let it get soggy. Soggy soil will rot the cuttings. That’s it. Easy peasy, and I end up with lots of free plants to share with friends or add to my gardens and planters in spring. œ

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While I’m waiting the few minutes for the stems to scab, I’ll fill some pots with sterile potting soil; the same soil I use in our pots and planters indoors and out. Lightly moisten the soil and tamp it gently. I don’t want the soil soggy wet, just moist. Once the cuttings are ready, I’ll dip the stems into some rooting powder. Rooting powder is mostly just talcum powder with

a bit of root growth stimulant added. The fine particles of talcum will give the tiny root hairs something to form on and the growth stimulant speeds that process. Most plants will root without the powder but it does increase your chance of

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Save the 2014

i Friday, January 24 – Sunday, January 26

Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic Pond Hockey Tournament Saratoga Spa State Park, Games begin at 6 p.m. on Friday. 60 teams will compete in 4-on-4 round-robin style games all weekend long. In addition to the hockey action, Downtown Saratoga Springs will play host to a variety of events at various bars and restaurants for hockey fans to enjoy. For more information visit www.

Saturday, January 25 2014 Cabin Fever Luncheon Saratoga National Golf Club, Saratoga Springs, 11 a.m. The annual Cabin Fever Luncheon put on by the Soroptimist International of Saratoga County (SISC) is the winter event not to miss. The money raised from these events helps fund our awards programs, service projects, and grants to the community. Cabin Fever 2014 is thrilled to announce our guest speaker - Abraham Lincoln. Well, not the actual 16th President of the United States of America but pretty darn close, Dr. Gene Griessman. Gene Griessman, (aka Abraham Lincoln) is celebrated around the world for his books on, training films, and memorable presentations. Cost is $65. For more information call (518) 581-1201 ext. 4184 or visit


Saturday, January 25 & Sunday, January 26 Winter Antique Show National Museum of Dance, 99 S. Broadway, Saratoga Springs, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Looking for something to do on a winter weekend? This is the perfect way to spend a cold day. Last year, the show welcomed over 1,400 guests and this year is expected to be the best year yet. There will be plenty of parking. Over fifty vendors will be displaying their vast variety of wares. For more information call (518) 584-2225 x 3001 or visit

Saturday, February 8 17th Annual Bartenders' Ball Saratoga Springs City Center, 6:30 p.m. – 12:00 a.m. This year’s theme, The Gatsby Era. Featuring dinner, dancing, and gaming tables all night long and live music from the Audio Stars. $60 per person. For more information call (518) 583-0280.

Friday, February 14 – Sunday, February 16

Candlelight Ski and Snowshoe Saratoga Spa State Park, Warming Hut, 6 – 8:30 p.m. Families are invited to enjoy an evening at Saratoga Spa State Park’s free candlelight ski and snowshoe event. In addition to a one-mile candlelit loop, the park will be offering ice skating and hot food and drinks. Snowshoes are available to rent. Event is weather dependent. For more information call (518) 584-2000 Ext. 11.

The Flurry Festival. Saratoga Springs City Center, 9 a.m. – 1 1: 45 p.m. The Flurry is well known as the best winter weekend ever for Dancers and Music Lovers of all ages, featuring more than 400 performers, five venues, and over 250 events. Events this year will include a huge lineup of programs for families with young children, many new and exciting programs for teens, and all ages fun with international music and dance events, non-stop swing and contra dancing, jamming and music instruction, storytelling, and more. For more information call (518) 384-3275 or visit www.

Saturday, February 1

Saturday, February 15

Chowderfest 2014 Participating Restaurants in Saratoga Springs, 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Come enjoy samples of chowder from 50 local restaurants in Saratoga. Once you taste them all you can vote for your favorite. Bring your furry friend for a bowl of chowder just for them. For more information visit www.

Winter/Spring Opening Reception. Tang Museum at Skidmore College, 6 – 7:30 p.m. Opening reception for winter /spring exhibitions at the Tang with performance by David Greenberger and A Strong Dog in "One Upon". For more information visit www.

Friday, January 31


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i d

Saturday, February 15 – Sunday, February 16

Lake George Chingachgook Classic - the Annual Ice Fishing Derby Y MCA Camp Chingachgook on Lake George, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. YMCA Camp Chingachgook welcomes ice fishermen to its shores February 15 and 16 to raise funds for camper scholarships. Cash prizes are awarded for heaviest fish in categories of salmon and lake trout. Runnersup also receive cash winnings. All participants are eligible for door prizes donated by local sporting supply stores. Children 12 years old and younger and under can win a $50 savings bond for the heaviest fish in each category. For more information call (518) 656-9462 or visit www.


features that will include ice luges and sculptures, a Russian vodka bar, hearty "comfort" fare, and live music and dancing. For tickets or information about The Winter Ball, visit or contact Kristy Godette, or 518-584-9330, ext. 109.

Tuesday, March 11 – Sunday, March 16

The Book of Mormon Proctors Mainstage, 432 State St., Schenectady, Various Times

Two young men get posted to Uganda in The Book of Mormon — missionaries fulfilling their religious duties as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. And what happens to Elder Price and Elder Cunningham in poor, hungry, AIDS-plagued Africa is...well, it's R-rated, hilarious, humane, and the basis of an exhilarating Broadway musical. From South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it’s The Book of Mormon, winner of nine Tony Awards® including Best Musical. For more information, show times and tickets visit

Saturday, February 22

SPAC's Winter Ball: A Russian Whiteout Hall of Springs, 108 Avenue of the Pines, Saratoga Springs, 8 p.m. Russian Winter drama and glamour will be on display for SPAC's February fundraiser. The event will capture Moscow emerging out of a wintery wonderland with unique


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Clarity, held consistently over time and under pressure results in diamonds with immense value. Ray Morris, owner of Lillian’s Restaurant had diamonds in mind when he named his restaurant 40 years ago. From the darkness of a struggling downtown, he helped to unearth, rebuild and create, not only a successful restaurant, but also many of the most brilliant jewels in downtown Saratoga Springs. After college, Ray Morris was working at the Barnsider restaurant in Albany, learning the art of cutting meat. “It’s not difficult, but it takes time to do,” said Morris. With this experience came the desire to open his own restaurant and as luck would have it, a call from his old college roommate, Mark Strauss, owner of Mabou. Strauss said there was a space that Morris should look at on Broadway in the Walbridge Building. Back then it housed a small but stressed restaurant called Squire’s East. Morris took over the property and opened Lillian’s Restaurant in 1974. The rustic “meat and potatoes” restaurant mixed together functionality and flair. When deciding on a name, Morris turned to George Bolster’s history and collection of “Old Saratoga” photographs. He was attracted to the famous figure of comic opera singer Lillian Russell and her flamboyant summers in the late 1880’s spent with “Diamond” Jim Brady in Saratoga Springs. The pair flaunted a life of abundance filled with food and flashy jewels. Diamond Jim Brady wore them on the buttons of his vest, on his cufflinks and made sure the woman on his arm had

plenty of them too. The couple intrigued Morris and linking his restaurant to this pedigree seemed like “a good fit”. An amazing coincidence would later reveal itself. Morris discovered that Lillian Russell’s real name was Helen Louise Leonard and Louise Leonard is also his mother’s maiden name.

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40 YEARS of


Story and photos by Megin Potter and

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Ray Morris, owner of Lillian’s Restaurant.

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Diamond Jim’s upstairs Banquet Room is perfect for priivate parties.

Portraits of namesake Lillian Russell and her companion “Diamond” Jim Brady can be seen in Lillian’s Restaurant’s dining room.

Photo by

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The combination of a fortuitous name, quality home-style food and good timing allowed for Lillian’s quick success. With only six other restaurants to compete with downtown, everything was going smoothly for the first few months Lillian’s was in operation, and then America was flung into the economic chaos of a gas shortage and business dropped off for everybody. Lillian’s Restaurant and Ray Morris held on, but the challenge of getting customers to and spending money in Saratoga Springs has remained constant. A long-time member of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce for 38 years, Morris has taken part in a variety of promotional events to strengthen the sustainability of the community. The look and feel of the community is also something Morris has played a part in. Nearly 30 years ago, he helped raise the seed money needed to start the Special Assessment District, a governing committee that has participated in the city’s unique Victorian sparkle. Serving on the Board of Directors, he was instrumental in accomplishing a lot on Broadway and gives a lot of credit to those that have helped. “The volunteers in Saratoga Springs are an important part of what happens in Saratoga Springs. That’s part of the program, I think. That’s part of Saratoga Springs success.” The Special Assessment District participates in decisions about the small things that create a positive impact on the city; from displaying sandwich boards on sidewalks, and coordinating Christmas decorations downtown; to the big things such as building assessments and constructing parking garages. “Saratoga went from being sort-of a Woodstock kind of place to progressively more developed. There has been a lot of development. I don’t think it’s bad development, I think it’s good development. It still has its Victorian character, keeping it a quaint, nice, walkable town.” Lillian’s Restaurant progressed as Saratoga progressed. After 10 years, Morris moved Lillian’s restaurant to the former E.D. Starbucks & Co. department store building. Keeping the marble bar top, the signature steak and seafood dishes and the tiffany-style lights, Morris and his employees worked to renovate and open the new location in just six weeks. Lillian’s saw visits from celebrities such as the Pointer sisters, James Earl Jones, Phyllis Diller and George Steinbrenner, among others. They have hosted Lion’s clubs meetings for a decade, and have been a part of innumerable business luncheons, wedding receptions and other special events.

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Morris met his wife Christina there. She started out as a hostess and now works on their accounts. They’ve been married 25 years and have raised two children together. Morris said that he has gotten lucky with getting good people. His restaurant manager Ron Granberg, has been there for 30 years and he’s had a lot of long-time employees, which can be rare jewels in the restaurant business. “It’s a tough job, and a tough business. Saratoga changed and I changed with it, but we try for consistency. We are still in the confines of what we do best. We stay within the bounds of what we know.” œ

• LILLIAN’S RESTAURANT • Mon-Fri 11am - 10pm (Friday to 11pm) Sat-Sun 11am - 11pm (Sunday to 9pm) Ray Morris – Owner 408 Broadway, Saratoga Springs 518-587-7766

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Health & Technology

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care for HEALTH: HEARING the 21 century st

HEARING CARE RESOURCES Story by Megin Potter, Photos provided

When he was 9 years old, Neal Solomon contracted a virus that took away the ability for him to hear from his right ear. Now, 42 years later he’s finally gotten it back. Rearranging his life around singlesided deafness was just something that Neal Solomon had gotten used to doing. After trying a variety of hearing devices, none suited him, so he learned to adapt. He figured out how to arrange the environment to accommodate his condition, careful to position himself so that others would be speaking into his hearing ear. He had gotten so used to it in fact, that when he started dating his wife, an audiologist, it didn’t even occur to him to bring up his own story of hearing loss. It wasn’t until they were walking on the sidewalk and he had to stifle his gentlemanly instincts to surrender the street side or forfeit hearing the conversation that he finally confessed his secret. Sympathetic to her husband’s plight, Robin Solomon Au.D. had been watching how much her family members would miss out on because of their hearing loss since she was a child. “My grandfather wore his hearing aid in his pocket. That’s how much he hated it,” said Solomon. “It’s not what you hear that’s the problem, it’s what you miss.” She’s been helping patients in

Saratoga since 1998 and in 2009 opened Hearing Care Resources, LLC in 2009 in Wilton with Neal, a financial planner, as Chief Financial Officer. Serving as “Saratoga’s Hearing Care Ambassador”, Solomon is conscientious to match patients with their ideal hearing aid device. “I’m not brand loyal so I pick those products that do the best with my patients,” she said. The newest cutting-edge technology is found in the SoundBite hearing system, manufactured by Sonitus Medical, which Neal has been using with great success since July. The SoundBite consists of a nearly invisible when worn, behind-theear microphone unit and an in-themouth device that sends vibrations through the teeth and into the inner ear.



Neal Solomon models the discreet SoundBite ear piece. It lets Neal feel confident in the office and at meetings so he isn’t missing out on the conversation.

Research into the technology, which Neal said makes him feel bionic, is being conducted for its many possibilities in the military, police and civilian applications. “It’s not your grandmother’s hearing aid,” said Robin. The physical sense of vibrations is unperceivable however, said Neal. This is an area that is growing and evolving, said Neal. He and Robin didn’t plan on having an interest in hearing loss in common, but it adds another dimension to their marriage that they are passionate about it and that helps people. œ



Adjusted by your dentist to fit snuggly along your back teeth, the SoundBite sends vibrations through bone and into the inner ear.

Hearing Care Resources, LLC 12 Mountain Ledge Drive, Suite #2 Wilton, NY 12831 or call 518-580-0080

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SOUNDBITE SYSTEMS Reports show hearing loss impacts earning potential at work, a person’s quality of life at home and the longer you wait, the harder it can be. Hearing Care Resources is the only office between Manhattan and Buffalo where you can get the innovative, custom-made SoundBite hearing system for singlesided deafness. Its many advantages when compared to other hearing aid devices include:

High Tech It doesn’t just amplify sound like many traditional hearing aids but produces sounds by creating vibrations through a person’s teeth. Non-Invasive No surgery is required. The SoundBite is completely removable, washable and reprogrammable. Cosmetically Appealing Discreet and comfortable, patients can eat, drink and talk normally. Any food that is caught in the mouth device can be brushed away and the impact on speech is comparable to wearing braces. Easy to Use With a battery life of 6 hours, the mouth device is fully rechargeable. Highly Rated Enthusiastically recommended by patients and professionals. For more information go to

The convenient and compact SoundBite charging station

Robin M. Solomon, Au.D., FAAA, CCC-A Doctor of Audiology – Board Certified in Audiology Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser

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Walk-in care even on saturday

COMMUNITY CARE PEDIATRICS - Saratoga Story by Kate Towne Sherwin, photos provided

As I’m writing this, it’s a Friday and I’ve been suffering for the last two days from a cold that seems to be masquerading as a plague of some kind. Though my kids aren’t showing symptoms I’m sure they’ll catch it, and is there any worse nightmare for a parent of small sick children who might be anxious to see a doctor than it being the weekend?

to keep up with the changing needs of then merged with Community Care their patients. Physicians in the 1990s to become Just a few examples include the flu shots Community Care Pediatrics. As such, offered each flu season by appointment they’re now connected to a broader network of locations, physicians, or at several annual Flu Shot Clinics. and specialists—from allergists to They just hired two new providers— dermatologists and more—all resources Jennifer Rose, a nurse practitioner, to help them provide the kind of and Claudia Farrell, a pediatrician care they’ve striven to provide for who speaks English, Spanish, and over sixty years. The NICE Weight Portuguese. They’ve also opened a Transitions Program (NICE stands for satellite office in Malta, which has Nutrition – Intelligence – Confidence – opened up extra opportunities to be Energy), for example, is the first weight seen by one of the Saratoga doctors management program in the Capital Region specifically designed for adolescents ages 11 to 18, and it’s free to patients of Community Care.

At least, that’s how I always felt until our pediatrician’s office, Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga, began offering walkin hours on Saturday mornings (8:00 to 11:30). I’ve also taken frequent advantage of the morning weekday walk-in hours (8:00 to 9:00 Monday This isn’t all talk through Friday) or marketing and the evening fluff—it’s backed Top (left to right): Jami Hawthorne, MD, Jennifer Shulof PNP, Jennifer Rose, PNP, ones as well up by the Stephanie Jorgensen, MD, Dr. Claudia Farrell, MD. Bottom (left to right): Emanuel Cirenza, MD, (5:30 to 7:00 experiences Anne Marthy-Noonan, MD, Laura LeCours, MD, Charles Richman, MD. Monday through of the patients Thursday)— themselves: The one of the best “new” things they’ve even when there aren’t any available stellar care received at Community implemented in the past few years. appointments in the Saratoga office. Care Pediatrics – Saratoga has earned for them the 2014 Saratoga Mama The physicians at Community Care Even that the doctors are part of the Pediatrics – Saratoga have been broader Community Care corporation Kid Picks “Favorite Pediatric Practice” award, and it’s received the “Best caring for local children for over sixty is the result of keeping up with the Pediatricians in the Saratoga Region” years, from newborns through the needs of the community, as the award by the readers of Saratoga teenage years, all the while continuing original pediatricians merged their TODAY newspaper in their annual to stay up-to-date with the latest individual practices into Saratoga medical offerings and treatments and Medical Associates in the 1980s, and “Best Of” awards every year since 2009. 36 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

My connection to the physicians of Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga goes back much farther than just my experiences there with my own children—Dr. Richman, one of the “founding fathers,” was my pediatrician when I was a little girl; I have many memories of visiting his office on Lake Avenue. When I started having my own children, there wasn’t anyone else I wanted entrusted with their care, and I’ve been more than pleased with his respectful, knowledgeable, experienced treatment of every issue and question, from the routine to the complicated. Of course he’s not always available for same-day sick appointments, so through the years I’ve seen all the other physicians at some point or other, and I’ve always had good experiences with the entire staff at CCP. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to rave about Dr. Richman and his colleagues. œ

201a T3oday’s

tog Sara

F O T S Region E a g o t Bthe Sara BROUGHT TO YOU BY

For more information about Community Care Pediatrics – Saratoga, including information about each of the providers, location and hours, and services offered, visit their website

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Rock Your Fitness Story and photos by Megin Potter

After having her second child, Becky Weyrauch actually heard the words so many dread... “You’re too young and too pretty to be that fat.” Her story is a familiar one. A busy hairdresser who worked long hours, she often resorted to the convenience of fast food and rarely felt motivated to work out. Sure, she had a gym membership, but when she did find the time to go, she felt very self-conscious and wandered around aimlessly. Today, Weyrauch is a certified fitness instructor teaching Rock Your Fitness classes at a recreation facility adjacent to the TreePaad Fun Center in Malta. “I consider myself a master motivator,” said Weyrauch of her instructional style. She never uses the “f” word, as she calls it, and instead talks of weight in terms of feeling balanced, healthy and good in your body every step of the way. She sends her students motivational tips and thoughts for the week, discusses the importance of good nutrition, and calls to check up on them if they’re not in class. “You gotta re-word yourself every day,” she said. “I’m here for you; I know what you’re feeling.”

Weyrauch’s empathy is one of the reasons her Rock Your Fitness classes, which have grown in popularity mainly due to wordof-mouth, number up to 30 students each and can boast weight loss success stories like that of Rich Smith, who lost 70 lbs. in 11 months. Smith weighed 295 lbs. and couldn’t run when he first started with Rock Your Fitness. Weyrauch had a modification for every exercise however, and mentally, that was amazing, Smith said. Soon he was able to run for one minute and then for six. “You have to see where you want to be and back your way into it,” he said. Because of Weyrauch’s encouragement he made minor alterations to his diet, such as eating less bread and sugar. He started going to the Rock Your Fitness classes six days a week in September. Smith had gotten on the “Rock Clock”, he said. He’d made the choice to lose weight rather than watching every episode of “Breaking Bad” or indulging in greasy snacks while watching football. “Leadership is taking you to a place you wouldn’t be able to go to on your own. This is my future; I don’t want to ever stop doing it,” he said. œ


Becky Weyrauch, fitness instructor, and Rich Smith at Rock Your Fitness in Malta. On the “Rock Clock”, Smith lost 70 pounds in 11 months.


Students start out their day strengthening their minds and bodies.



Rock Your Fitness Classes are held at 2381 Route 9, Malta (next to TreePadd Fun Center) The first class is FREE. Classes are available in sixweek sessions and on a drop-in basis. For more information visit:

38 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Top 3 Tips from Rock Your Fitness instructor Becky Weyrauch

1. “Re-word” Yourself: Recognize and modify the story you keep telling yourself that is keeping you from being where you want to be. 2. Fill Your Plate, Enjoy It and Walk Away: Don’t give in to holiday food guilt. Enjoy your food, then give or throw away the leftovers. “It’s better in the sink then around your heart,” said Weyrauch. 3. Work out No Matter What: “There’s no judgment. Just get here. Work out and the rest will follow. Just get yourself through that door.”



The Rock Your Fitness field is set up so students can switch from one activity to another seamlessly.

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HEALTHY LIVING MARKET & Cafe Story and photos by Megin Potter

She knows super top-secret information that no one else knows.

working not to waste any, she said. “It’s super exciting to work with this product at this quality level. Food nerd heaven,” said Petersen.

She is passionate, witty, and skilled with a knife. She works with a whole team of people who are All the people at Healthy Living conscientiously protecting your health. Market really want you to know how Her name is Emily Petersen and much thought and love goes into she’s a butcher at Healthy Living Market and Café in Saratoga Springs. Cutting up huge hunks of pig, lamb and cow all day doesn’t sound glamorous or exciting to many people, but Petersen does it enthusiastically. “There is a sunshine-awesome aspect to what I do,” she said. Talking to her, you get a glimpse of that awesomeness. She describes her job as an education in animal anatomy, physiology and biology that creates a deep connectedness to her product. She can tell by looking at a piece of meat what an animal ate, how the weather affected it, if it experienced any fear or anxiety during its lifetime; and then takes that knowledge and uses it. She honors the meat by choosing the right cuts and recipes to bring out the best flavor and tenderness, always

at the store who maintain the selection. This allows flexibility for some farmers or producers to handdeliver their product right to the store, which helps maintain freshness. Others, including national brands, go through three distribution hubs in the area, but the market always has an eye on things like fuel consumption, said Meilleur. “Sometimes it’s a tug of war, and I don’t want to be soap boxy. If the core values of a product meet our product standards we are going to bring it in. We’ll stay true to our values and let the people chose what they want to buy,” she said.

Working with her team, the producers and patrons of the store helped Meilleur adjust to moving alone into the region last year. every single product they carry, said She was welcomed by the energetic General Manager Lyndsay Meilleur. Saratoga community 120 percent, The market focuses on carrying clean she said. They are active, inviting and products of the highest quality, in small super supportive, she said, getting a bit choked up. batches, said Meilleur. This includes products from a huge assortment of “I almost get emotional. It’s so local farmers and small businesses. amazing when you step back and They have up to 15 buyers employed look at it.” œ

40 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

New Year, New You! New products, demonstrations and events to help you find ways to feel good about yourself in the most natural way possible... • Back-to-Basics cooking demonstrations and DIY classes on how to use products found in the store. •"Eat for Health Challenge": Learning Center Coordinator Shannon Beckwith will be visiting participating schools in the South Glens Falls and the Ballston Spa school districts to teach kids about healthy foods. • Making Connections to Healthy Living Weekend Wellness Fair: Held on February 8th and 9th, 2014. Acupuncture, chair massage, Ayurvedic and other health practitioners on site and holding Learning Center classes to help you prepare your body for what you want it to do.

DID you



Healthy Living Market and Café offers a creative catering menu? Or, if you’re celebrating a child’s birthday why not make it a cooking party with up to nine of their friends? Suit up in aprons and chef’s hats and have an experience cooking healthy, kid-approved foods. For more information call Chef-Instructor Shannon Beckwith at 518-306-4900.

NEW PRODUCTS TO LOOK FOR IN 2014 A ngies P opcorn New flavors of Boom Chicka PopWhite Cheddar, Caramel and Cheddar B ar k T hins Chocolate Snacks C lif New Kit Organic Bars and other new Clif products D ippin ' C hips Super Grains, Three Bean and Veggie Healthy Living Market and Tierra Farms Additional varieties of snack mixes in Bulk and Grocery Mom's Best Safari Cocoa Crunch Cereal Simply 7 Quinoa Chips Three to four flavors including Cheddar and Sea Salt Tolerant Gluten Free Black Bean Pastas and Gluten Free Red Lentil Pastas. These are pastas made with one ingredient - that‘s it! Healthy Living Market & Cafe • 3065 NY 50 Saratoga Springs (at Wilton Mall) (518) 306-4900 •

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saratoga SPRINGS PLASTIC SURGERY Story by Patricia Older, photos provided and by

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to age, they take the aging process a lot differently than their parents did. They are a lot more active, live a lot longer and face life with a younger perspective. It is said the 50s are the new 30s. This is also holding true for the generations that follow, with people living longer, more active and better lives.

The next hi-tech procedure he is proud to offer, said Dr. Yarinsky, is Ultherapy. “It is ultrasound therapy which targets the face and neck,” said Dr. Yarinsky. “And there is no anesthesia necessary.”

“As we age, with the stretching of the collagen and gravity, everything starts sagging,” he continued. “This ultrasound Unfortunately, no matter what preventative measures we energy focuses beneath the skin and destroys old collagen take to look as youthful as we feel, such as healthy lifestyle and the body produces fresher, tighter collagen to take its choices, proper skin care and exercise, genes and gravity place. This lifts, tones and tightens the skin of your forehead, begin to take hold and fine lines, puffy jawlines and sagging cheeks and neck.” eyelids become a fact of life. Dr. Steven Yarinsky is taking the art of helping area residents look and feel younger into the hi-tech realm, offering them state-of-the-art choices that are less invasive and with better results. “There are three things we offer that are new and innovative,” said Dr. Yarinsky, noting that one of the latest procedures is a laser treatment called Excel V, a new approach to treating unsightly facial and leg veins. “It is a state-of-the-art new laser designed for treating rosacea, redness of the face, scars and veins in the face and legs,” continued Dr. Yarinsky, adding that in the past, treatments for those conditions could cause bruising and downtime. “This treatment, on the other hand, targets the blood cells in the vessel and heats them causing them to collapse. The body eventually absorbs the vessels.”

Photo by Above: Ultherapy Technician, Christina doing a treatment. Below: Laser Technician and Nurse, Sally, doing an Excel V treatment.

Noting that in many cases, treatment can be accomplished in only one visit, Dr. Yarinsky said the treatment proved to be successful for a number of concerns including spider veins, rosacea and liver spots. “It has minimal, if any effect to overlying skin,” said Dr. Yarinsky. “In the past, the treatment [for those conditions] could cause the veins to burst and it would make you look like you have been beat up. This one treatment zaps them and they go away.” Cost for the procedure, explained Dr. Yarinsky, can range from $200 to around $1,000, depending on how large of an area is treated.

Photo by

42 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Stressing that the treatment is not an immediate fix—”it usually takes six months to a year for the ultimate results to be seen”—Dr Yarinsky said it is FDA approved for safety and effectiveness as a non-invasive procedure for elevating the skin of the face and neck.

for your height, it is the perfect treatment for shaping targeted areas of the body. Commonly treated areas include, among others, the face, abdomen, thighs, hips and mens’ chests. As one of only 15 plastic surgeons nationwide using this procedure, Dr. Yarinsky said it is one of the best treatments for people who are looking to remove unwanted fat deposits which are resistant and get the body countour or shape they desire.

B EFO R E & AFTER using ultherapy


“It is not a facelift, but Ultherapy does lifting and toning of sagging skin,” said Dr. Yarinsky. “It is an ideal treatment for 30 to 50 year olds with early signs of aging, but can treat anyone from their twenties to their seventies. Patients are real happy with the results.” Cost for the Ultherapy treatment ranges from about $1,000 to $4,000, depending on the patient’s needs. Last, but not least, said Dr. Yarinsky, is LipoPerfection Liposuction. Using ultrasound technology, LipoPerfection Liposuction, said Dr. Yarinsky, is “kind of like shrink wrapping the skin in the targeted areas.” While LipoPerfection Liposuction is not a weight loss technique for treating obesity, if you have excess fat that is resistant to diet and exercise and you are no more than 20 to 30 pounds above your ideal weight

“This new treatment allows me to get a better result,” said Dr. Yarinsky. “It adds an extra step [as opposed to traditional liposuction] but the results are outstanding.” œ

Steven Yarinsky, MD FACS Saratoga Springs Plastic Surgery, PC 7 Wells Street, Third Floor Saratoga Springs, NY (518) 583-4019 • Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  43


Change creates a healthier community

SARATOGA HOSPITAL Story and photos by Megin Potter

New information is being discovered and advances in healthcare technology are happening all the time. Even defining what “healthcare” is and how it is administered has gradually changed. Is healthcare just about treating illness and fighting off disease or is it about creating a state of physical, mental and social well-being for an entire community? Saratoga Hospital is continuing this year, in a variety of different ways, to reach out and spread information that can help improve your health. In March, Saratoga Hospital is opening their newest facility, the Milton Health Center.

The Milton Health Center will occupy the first floor of a new two-story medical office building at 510 Geyser Road and will offer family medical care, lab draw services, and physical therapy. “The mission of the hospital is to serve all the people of the greater Saratoga region and this is one more step to help serve the people around the Milton Area,” said Ellen Kerness, Manager of Marketing and

Communication at Saratoga Hospital. Milton Town Supervisor Dan Lewza describes Milton as “the gateway to western Saratoga County” and is looking forward to the opening of the new health center as a way for town and county residents to have easier access to quality health care, he said. “I think it’s a great facility and a true asset to the town,” said Lewza. Citing several other projects that are taking place in the town this year as well, including new sidewalks and a retail store, Lewza said he simply wants residents to enjoy a high quality of life. “Like I said when I first took office three years ago, you

44 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

• M ar k Yo ur Calendars • Saratoga Hospital offers a variety of community education programs. Most programs are provided free of charge. For more information or to register, go to, or call HealthSource at 518-580-2450.

have to invest in yourself before someone invests in you,” he said. Saratoga Hospital is continuing their investment in the community’s social health as well, by offering a variety of workshops and opportunities to just get together and have a good time. One such meeting, scheduled for April 24th at the Saratoga City Center, is Saratoga Hospital’s 6th Annual Just for Women event. This year, featured speaker Lisa Myers, an award-winning Senior Investigative Correspondent for NBC News, will be sharing her experiences. Enriching a community’s health means approaching it from different angles.

Treating Spinal Stenosis Learn about non-surgical treatment options for spinal stenosis, a condition that can cause lower back pain with radiating symptoms into the buttocks and legs. Presenter: John Herzog, DO, Orthopedic Spine Surgeon Date & Time: February 5, 6:00 p.m. Location: 59D Myrtle Street Park, Saratoga Springs (next to Rubin Dialysis Center) Life and Breath/Heart and Soul A discussion on how exercise can improve heart and lung health. Get your blood pressure checked, your breathing assessed, and develop a suitable exercise plan. Presenters: Robert Wang, MD, Pulmonologist; Susan K. Gribben, RN, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist; Marie Smallman, RRT, CPFT, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Specialist/ Respiratory Therapist Date & Time: February 11, 6:00 p.m. Location: 6 Care Lane, Saratoga Springs

Contemporary Issues in Women’s Health A discussion on “hot topics” in OB/GYN, including HPV and perimenopause, and the safety profiles of seemingly “natural” remedies and treatments. Presenters: Dympna Lynch Weil, MD, FACOG, Obstetrician/Gynecologist Date & Time: March 26, 6:00 p.m. Location: 59D Myrtle Street Park, Saratoga Springs (next to Rubin Dialysis Center) Running Screening Are you prepared for this running season? Receive a free assessment of your flexibility and strength by highly trained therapists from Saratoga Hospital’s Regional Therapy Center. Have your stride and feet analyzed for efficient running. Learn which running sneakers are right for you. Date & Time: Saturday, March 15, 9:00 a.m.-noon. Location: Saratoga Regional YMCA–Malta Branch 100 Saratoga Village Blvd. #22, Malta

“We partner with communities in a lot of different ways. We are looking to provide healthcare in the broadest of terms to the greater Saratoga region,” said Kerness. œ


Milton Health Front: Saratoga Hospital’s newest facility, Milton Health Center, is scheduled to open in March.


Award-winning journalist, Lisa Myers will be the featured speaker at Saratoga Hospital’s 6th Annual Just for Women event, scheduled for April 24th at the Saratoga City Center.

Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  45


smartphone banking

ADIRONDACK TRUST company Story by Patricia Older, photos by

The Adirondack Trust Company continues to embrace new technologies that make banking easier by offering their customers more convenient ways to manage their accounts, allowing faster access to make deposits, transfer funds and see balances. 48 percent of smartphone owners have used mobile banking in the past 12 months, up from 42 percent in December 2011 according to Consumers and Mobile Financial Services 2013 study released by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. “We have heard from many of our customers that they want to access their accounts via their smart phones and tablets,” said David Brown, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President. “In addition to our mobile check deposit service which is very popular, we are working on producing an app to streamline the banking process for smart phones and tablets.” “Generally speaking, we prioritize the services people most often use—has this check cleared, what is my balance, or to stop payment

on a check,” said Robert Ward, Vice President, Marketing Director. “People want our e-services to be quick and easy.” For example, said Brown, the Mobile Check Deposit service offers our customers the opportunity to use their smart phones to take a picture of the front and back of a check they want to deposit and it is placed into their

Adirondack Trust checking account. “It is very popular,” continued Brown. “You endorse the back, take a picture of the front and back enter the amount and then we process it like any other check deposit.” Brown noted that if the deposit is made on a business day by 3 p.m., it would be processed that evening and available the following day. After 3 p.m. is processed the next business day. “We have a large number of customers who use this—it is great for individuals and small businesses that do not have a huge number of checks,” said Brown. He continued, noting the mobile check deposit is safer than using your credit card at a retailer or online. “It is less susceptible to hacking—it needs password authentication, you can only deposit and you can’t see account numbers,” Brown noted. “And if your phone is stolen, it can easily be disabled on our side.” One of the newest banking programs they are designing, he added, was an application for smart phones and tablets which enable users to be able to do their banking with a- simple interface through their smart

46 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Adirondack Trust Main Office 473 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 518-584-5844 •

phones and tablets. “We are working on a mobile banking application,” said Brown. “Customers can now access their account information via a web browser but it will be optimized for smart phones and tablets. They will do most of their banking –get alerts, like low balance, or deposits, view account balances, transfer funds, pay bills or look at rates for deposit and loan products.” Brown pointed out that while customers can access their accounts using their smart phones; and that the current browser page is optimized for smart phones, the new mobile banking application will make it easier to navigate, view and do business with our bank. “The biggest benefit is convenience,” said Ward. “They will be able to access and manage their accounts whenever and wherever it is most convenient for them.” œ

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Roohan REALTY Story by Kate Towne Sherwin, photos provided

In 2014, Roohan Realty will be celebrating 45 years of business. It has undeniably deep city roots—founder John T. Roohan was a native son of Saratoga Springs, and his children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, greatnieces, great-nephews, and more continue to live in and contribute to the Saratoga Springs community; his son J. Thomas Roohan is the current President of Roohan Realty. These deep roots have allowed it to understand this community in ways other companies might not. For 45 years it’s been a vital part of the real estate transactions in Saratoga Springs; for 45 years it’s had its finger on the pulse of what Saratoga Springs homeowners and homebuyers want and need.

Roohan’s website or Facebook page. They’re also currently working on a new tagline, updating their mission statement, and expanding their commercial practice, as well as preparing for the

Roohan Realty has been evolving to better serve the community, so it’s no wonder that their most recent tool for home buyers, the mobile search free app has been so well received. This free app uses your phone’s location technology to search for homes that are for sale or have recently sold in the area nearest to where you are physically located, thus allowing “users to get a sense of place and community within the areas of their home search.” The app is available for download onto your phone, tablet, or iPod. Roohan Realty also recently had a TV commercial produced, which you might have seen while watching SportsCenter on ESPN! It’s also been airing on CNN, FX, HGTV, FOX NEWS, and TLC … if you haven’t yet seen it, you can find it on

The Roohan Realty Mobile Search free app uses your phone’s location technology... This is a MUST HAVE!

launch of a new website in the Spring, which will surely enhance the great features already available on their site, including the aforementioned Roohan Realty Mobile Search app, virtual tours of most listed properties, and the profiles

and contact information for their awardwinning realtors. It’s not just their realtors that win awards—Roohan Realty itself has won, among other awards, “Best Real Estate Office” by popular vote in the Saratoga TODAY “Best of the Saratoga Region” for both 2012 and 2013. One reason is surely because of one of their best features: when you buy or sell a home with Roohan Realty, you have use of their moving van and the gift of moving boxes—all for free. My husband and I bought our first home through Roohan Realty, sold it a couple of years later through Roohan Realty, and bought our current home through Roohan Realty. We’ve worked with their realtors, used their website to research the housing market, and loaded our belongings into their courtesy van. I speak with experience when I say it’s no mystery to me how they’ve managed to stay in business for forty-five years and continue to be the #1 real estate company in Saratoga Springs for market share according to the Multiple Listing Service: Roohan Realty knows the Saratoga Springs real estate market like no one else. œ For more information about Roohan Realty and its many features and services, visit their website at or like their Facebook page.

48 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

It’s not just their realtors that win awards—Roohan Realty itself has won many


Saratoga Today’s

OF BheESaSratT oga Region t



J. Thomas Roohan, current president of Roohan Realty


Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  49



GLOBALFOUNDRIES Story and photos by Megin Potter

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers,” predicted Thomas J. Watson, Sr., Former IBM Chairman in 1943.

more advanced smartphones and high-definition televisions. They help to speed up the graphics viewed through gaming systems, laptops and tablets. Watson couldn’t have been more wrong. GlobalFoundries technology is tucked into our pockets, in our hands, and is Today, it is not uncommon to have five sitting in our living rooms right in front of computers in one house. Luckily, IBM our eyes every day. quickly turned around and since that infamously erroneous forecast, has become a major player in creating our computerized world. IBM, collaborating with manufacturing, development and technology companies, including members from the recently built GlobalFoundries campus in Malta, work together in the Technology Development Alliance to keep the world of computerized tools that we’ve come to rely on, moving forward.

GlobalFoundries semiconductor chips keep computer networks connected and sharing information. For example, computer servers create the powerful links necessary for businesses to track that awesome new video game system you ordered online, the bank to withdraw the money to pay for it, and the airline and distribution centers the shipping service is using to get it to your door.

GlobalFoundries products are in a large array of leadingedge products. Confidentiality agreements, however, restrict them of identifying specific brands or electronic devices.

The computer chips coming out of the GlobalFoundries manufacturing complex are powering pretty much every device that you can imagine, said Senior Communications Specialist Jessica Kerley. Restricted by confidentiality agreements from identifying specific clients and device brand names, Kerley said that GlobalFoundries products are at the leading-edge of technological developments. They are manufacturing chips for the

at GlobalFoundries helped to make the devices that make those activities possible.

Just like this year’s hottest toy is next year’s old news, technological devices are ever changing, and the companies producing them are as well. GlobalFoundries in Malta began operations just two years ago and is still growing and expanding, with a new research and development center on the campus slated for completion at the end of the year. “Things are changing very quickly and we are trying to stay one step ahead of that,” said Kerley.

If you’re making a call to your sister, watching cute cat videos online or playing the new video game system you got for Christmas with the kids, it’s likely that your neighbors working

She seems to be reiterating the ambitions of their IBM partner’s former president from 70 years earlier, but this time he seems to have gotten it right. IBM documents have him quoted as saying, “Yesterday we pioneered for today; today we are pioneering for tomorrow.”

50 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

GlobalFoundries isn’t just leaving an imprint on the electronics in our lives; its influence is also visible throughout the community. The company contributed $5 million to the towns of Malta and Stillwater, where it is located. This money is being distributed to all sorts of community enhancement efforts including building the Luther Forest athletic fields, improving the Village of Round Lake baseball fields, the Stillwater Blockhouse Museum, Stillwater Library and the Stillwater Area Community Center’s kitchen, theater program and community garden. Company funds have financed many education and school initiatives as far ranging as to include the construction of climbing walls, to the sponsoring of robotics clubs to intensive

collaboration with Hudson Valley Community College’s TEC-SMART (Training and Education Center for Semiconductor Manufacturing and Alternative and Renewable Technologies). That’s just to name a few. In August, GlobalFoundries pledged millions of dollars more to support the community in exchange for the right to build a second facility. This includes an agreement to rejuvenate Brown’s Beach on Saratoga Lake and the creation of seven new roadways to accommodate traffic flow. There have been thousands of construction jobs created in the area and new construction going up. This is in addition to the thousands of jobs created at the plant, and all those workers, well, they gotta eat... œ globalfou ndrie Simply Saratoga  |  WINTER 2014 |  51


E-features you’ll love


Story by Patricia Older, photos provided & by

The automotive industry has come a long way from the days when cars and trucks were pretty much simplicity at its best. They came in one color—black— were started by a crank in front of the engine and music came from someone singing as you drove. Over the years they evolved to feature every color in a 72-color crayon box (and then some), remote-controlled starters and internet radios.

the radio and the interior functions continue. “When the brake pedal is released, the engine restarts seamlessly and the vehicle accelerates smoothly,” said Mangino. “And when under hard acceleration or when at cruising speed, the eAssist will help with acceleration

The eAssist increases highway fuel efficiency from 30 miles per gallon to 36. Other advances in technology for vehicles include Blue Tooth connectivity, USB ports and voice commanded IntelliLink radios. From hands-free calling to accessing your music, the IntelliLink pairs the owner’s smart phone with voice-controlled features through the car’s radio system.

At Mangino Buick GMC in Ballston Spa, the 2014 vehicles are taking modern technology up a notch with a number of new technological features that improve miles per gallon, pairs your cellphone with the vehicle and gives you the advantage of being able to start your car, among other things, from miles away, even across the globe.

“Once you get connected, you literally hit the button on the steering wheel and say play a certain artist and it will pick that artist out from your playlist,” said Mangino. “You can also call someone from your contact list and in some models, the Acadia comes to mind, engage in talk to text—if you get a text message, it comes up on the screen and can speak it out for you.”

The first of the new e-features is eAssist—technology that uses a variety of new resources to deliver better fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance.

What is even better, Mangino continued, is the system is capable of the person being able to send a text back by speaking.

“It is hybrid technology, but not all electric,” explained Ralph Mangino, Jr. “It is a gas engine assisted by a lithiumion battery to power an electric motor. It assists on take-offs and with gas mileage and there is no premium like with a hybrid.” Continuing, Mangino said that in certain conditions, when the vehicle is stopped, the engine will stop running to save fuel, but vehicle functions such as steering,

and fuel efficiency—it helps keep the engine rpms low and assists in getting great highway fuel economy.”

“You can send a text back to someone all by hitting buttons on the steering wheel and saying what you want to text,” said Mangino. Mangino Buick GMC 1484 Saratoga Road, Ballston Spa. Call (518) 885-5301 or visit for more information.

But, he continued, one of the best features of the new technologies is the pairing of OnStar with smart phones and tablets.

52 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

Photo by

Photo by

“If you are familiar with OnStar—all GM vehicles now come with OnStar—it does a ton of things safety-wise—if the airbags go off, it asks if you are okay, it can set off the horns and lights if you are lost in a parking lot and can’t find your vehicle, and you can get personalized directions.” Now, he explained, anyone with OnStar can download a new application that co-works with the program, allowing for lock, start, driving

directions, OnStar advisors or road site help straight through the smart phone. “With the app, there is no distance limit,” said Mangino. “So, say you are in Saratoga having dinner and you have parked your car four blocks away. While you are paying your dinner bill, you can open the app on your phone and start your car, so it will be all heated and ready for you by the time you reach it.”

The best part, said Mangino, is that while the OnStar is only free for the first six months, the app is good for five years whether the customer decides to keep the OnStar or not. “For the 2014s and newer, if the customer decides not to keep the OnStar, they still get five years of the app anyway,” said Mangino. “The newer cars and trucks are now coming with so much—when people come in, they are truly impressed.” œ

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Bonacio Construction Story and photos by Megin Potter

Oftentimes it’s what you don’t see and feel for different occasions that can make the biggest impact by setting the temperature, on the quality of life in your home. lighting and entertainment. There can be a vacation mode, party Travel around Saratoga Springs mode, morning mode and evening and Bonacio Construction mode, for instance. It can all be Inc. buildings stand out. Much monitored from afar through a of the most visible large, new smartphone or other device, construction has been, or is while away on vacation, or from being, built by Bonacio. Their a single keypad or remote when portfolio contains projects such within the home. as Saratoga’s two new movie theaters, The Springs residential and business complex on Wiebel Avenue and the Park Place condominium building on Broadway bordering Congress Park.

“There’s a ton of stuff out there you can do. With so many options, homeowners need people like us to steer them through all those options,” said Kress.

In the nine years that Kress has These buildings aren’t just been working for Bonacio, he impressive on the outside, estimates 99 percent of clients however. Inside their walls is some have wanted some kind of of the latest and most innovative universal remote to control their audio visual automation home. A full-feature control system equipment available. with service contract comes with a price tag of $30,000 or more, Creating a fully-individualized automated control system is one but the professional choice is crucial to avoiding glitches when way Bonacio does this within it comes to the speed at which a Park Place condo. All of the technology changes, he said. lights, televisions, stereos and thermostats within the up to Just like you’re not going to get 5,500-square-foot space, can be the higher quality video without turned off by a single device, for 3D being built in, the hottest thing example. right now in audio goes beyond “You have an app for everything just investing in good speakers to re-engineering a room with now and people like that. We can basically program our whole a track system hidden behind customizable acoustical panels to lives,” said Kress. achieve sound that will blow you The control systems he installs away, said Kress. œ have nearly endless options for It’s endless.... the homeowner. Family members If you can dream it, can “set a scene,” programming I can probably build it. how they want the home to look



The understated Aiphone system by the entrance to the Park Place condos allows homeowners to monitor package delivery and identify visitors from afar.


Bonacio Construction, Inc. has been honored with many awards for their high-quality homes.


For additional information on the Bonacio Construction Inc. projects, available properties and auto visual innovations go to:

54 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

One Switch: DOES It All High-end technology is in high demand within a Bonacio Construction Inc. home. From the convenience of a keypad, remote, tablet, phone, or computer, residents can monitor and customize the look and feel of their home, including:

ipad &



Security Cameras Aiphone Systems

A complete control system allows you to get home status updates on your phone or tablet.

Televisions, including channel, volume, etc. Sound Systems Motorized Pop-up Televisions

We incorporate things that simplify life and make it easier said Chad Kress, Audio/Video Manager, as seen above.

Lighting and Dimmer Controls Water Sensors

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Earl b. feiden

Story by Megin Potter, photos by

Manufacturers are integrating the highest technology into our appliances, but they are focusing more on what you won’t see then what you will.

while they work and, like the majority of home appliances, are using high technology to get more individually energy efficient.

In the modern kitchen you won’t see garbage bags full of spoiled food, a flood caused by a clogged washing machine, or a distracted chef desperately swatting at the smoke alarm because of a failed attempt at an overly charred stir-fry dinner.

One of the newest items that Oliver enthusiastically supports is the BEST range hood with an iQ blower system. This innovative hood removes smoke and odors from cooking more quickly,

Earl B. Feiden Appliance has been selling, installing and servicing appliances in the region since 1926. They’ve seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to new technology in the kitchen. The best-selling appliances are sleekly getting down to the business of simply getting the job done.

Dishwashers now only whisper

“Eighty to 90 percent of people won’t pick up the use and care manual that comes with their appliance when they buy it. Service is the hardest part of the industry,” said Oliver. Technology however, is radically helping out in the servicing of appliances today. Just like the BEST range hood can sense and signal a blockage in ductwork that could be impeding air flow, other appliances as well, are taking the guesswork out of equipment malfunctions. Appliances now commonly feature electronic components that offer a programmed default code allowing technicians to more easily diagnosis and fix any problems that may occur.

“When it comes to high technology, it’s more geared toward the functional aspects of the appliance. How to service the customer not in an active way but in a functional way,” said Dan Oliver, a contract salesman at Earl B. Feiden Appliance Inc.

Refrigerator makers including Samsung, GE and KitchenAid are using evaporators to keep their refrigerators moist and their freezers dry, allowing food to stay fresh for 20 to 50 percent longer, said Oliver.

more quietly and more efficiently than ever before. A discreet calibration button digitally diagnoses air flow, allowing for optimum usage and service.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to having a modern, high-tech kitchen. Like any great cook knows, it’s just as much about what you leave out as what you put in. œ

Earl B. Feiden • 1771 Route 9 Clifton Park (518) 383-2215

I think technology is a good thing, but we have to move cautiously, said Oliver.

56 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

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Lighting up the future

WOLBERG ELECTRIC Story and photos by Megin Potter

Bright ideas in lighting design are illuminating energy efficient choices. Innovative technology opens our eyes so we can see things in a new light; a light that is more likely to be generated by an LED bulb.

made the switch to LED lights are also seeing lower electric bills because of their increased energy efficiency. “It’s just going to grow and develop into a whole new industry and we’re seeing

A slow phasing-out foreshadowed the ban, which took effect this month, on the manufacturing and importing of the previously commonplace 40 and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs. It was a legislative motion enacted in 2007 by then-President George W. Bush that propelled research forward into the new lighting alternatives available today.

“Thirty years ago I used pink because I wanted that warm, glowing look. Now, I just want to be able to see to cut an onion,” said Beatty about how her own choices have progressed with her changing needs.

“LED is definitely the way of the future,” said Paul Soroko, a salesman who has been with Wolberg Lighting Design & Electrical The small LED light bulbs are barely visible Supply for 25 in this fixture’s crystal design. years. LED bulbs offer three distinct advantages over other products, said Soroko. Because an LED bulb can last up to 50,000 hours, homeowners worry about getting out the ladder to change a bulb 25 times less than they did with incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs are not hot to the touch, so the risk of burns is reduced. Homeowners who have

right light means looking into the color temperature of the bulb. For instance, Verilux reading lamps provide a cool, blue light that makes everything stand out more. People evolved in sunlight so having a light that mimics that is an improvement people are just starting to discover, said Beatty.

Stepping into the spotlight in recent years is under-cabinet task lighting. Under-cabinet lighting has gotten so good, it is the single-best thing you can do with lighting to make a huge difference in the way a kitchen feels and works; and to increase a home’s resale value, said Beatty. “Once you’ve lived with undercabinet lighting, you realize what you were missing.” œ

it already,” said Wolberg Electric’s lighting designer Gail Beatty, who has more than 40 years of experience. “It’s going to take a few years for things to really start cooking.” Because light bulbs are available in a spectrum of colors, choosing the

Expert lighting tips and a large selection of lighting fixtures and electrical parts are available at Wolberg Electric’s retail locations. For more information call 1-800-342-4304 or go to

58 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

The difference that under-cabinet and hood lighting can make in a room is undeniable.



Lighting T ips for Viewing D igital D evices There are more televisions, computers and digital devices in a home today than ever before. All the time spent in front of these screens can put undue strain on a person’s eyes, especially if the effect of the surrounding light isn’t taken into account. Wolberg Lighting Design & Electrical Supply design consultants have some tips that can help.

Background Lighting Is Essential Your pupils are opening and closing again, working really hard when you look at a computer screen in a darkened room. Spreading out and layering light into accent, task and general lighting fixtures will increase eye comfort. Reduce Reflections on the Screen Both natural sunlight and artificial lighting can be incredibly distracting if it shines on the screen you are trying to see. Choose ceiling fixtures based on the height of your ceilings: for standard 8-foot ceilings use recessed or surface-mount fixtures; semi-flush fixtures for a 9-foot ceiling; and save the hanging chandeliers for the highest ceilings in your home so they won’t interfere with viewing your television screens.

© after

Let Comfort be Your Guide No matter where you take your digital device, pay attention to how your eyes are feeling while you are using it. “You have to just find a spot that feels comfortable. If it feels good, it’s fine,” said lightning designer Gail Beatty.

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learning made accessible

Empire state college Story by Megin Potter, photos provided by Empire State College

If you really need to learn something, where do you go? These days, with the wealth of knowledge available through the Internet, often the answer for where to go is: online. Does this answer have to change just because you need a reputable college degree to increase your earning potential at work or benefit from a professional certificate program? “One thing to remember is that, even in traditional institutions, much of the learning doesn’t take place in the classroom. Students research their papers, read their books, and discuss their lectures and ideas with other students outside of the classroom -- in libraries, in dorms, or in their homes. Learning takes place in a student’s mind, not inside a classroom. The lecture is one way to provide information, but it’s not the only way or even the most effective way,” said Gerry Lorentz, Ph.D., Dean of the SUNY/Empire State College’s Northeast Center.

UAlbany’s Trudi Jacobson, left, Tor Loney, UAlbany’s Information Literacy Librarian, center, and college Mentor, Nicola Marae Allain, at the Metaliteracy MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) Launch. September 2013.

Seventy percent of the online bachelors programs throughout the 64 campus SUNY system are offered by Empire State College, according to their website. In more than 40 years since it was established, Empire State College has graduated 70,000 alumni from their schools, including the seven regional centers, the Center for Distance Learning, the Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies, the School of Nursing, and the School for Graduate Studies. Many adults have found that learning through an online college program provides the flexibility they need to juggle schoolwork with their professional and home lives. It often costs less to earn a degree online and all students are given an equal opportunity for input and feedback. At SUNY/Empire State College, students develop their degree program with faculty mentors and often blend together a combination of online learning with various faceto-face modes, said Lorentz. “Whether online, face-to-face, or a blended environment, our approach requires students to develop as independent learners.” Given a student has the discipline necessary and with all the perks of online learning, it is easy to envision walking onto a traditional college campus as inching toward extinction,

SUNY Empire State College Center for Distance Learning students, Sean Coffman (Fargo, N.D.) left, and Travis R. Kuhns (Kennedy, N.Y.) were two of the six students to win the 2013 Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence.

especially for adult learners who are not looking to be fully immersed in the live-in college lifestyle. According to Lorentz, however, it’s more a matter of an education evolution rather than extinction. “A ‘one size fits all’ approach won’t be successful for students or society.” “I think that we’ll see more experimenting in traditional institutions, while ‘non-traditional’ institutions like ours will continue to evolve and push the boundaries to meet the changing needs of the students who come to us.” œ

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STUDENT RESOURCES Online students take charge of their learning, but that doesn’t mean the burden of learning is left entirely up to the learner. Students at SUNY/Empire State College have a lot of support available to help them stay on track. This includes both online and face-to-face tutoring resources, work-study opportunities, academic success workshops, and other peer and professional support services. Social support such as:

Student Academic Conference where nearly 250 attendees meet and talk about projects The Student Connection, the student-run newspaper Student Art Competition, college-wide contest President Merodie Hancock presents 2013 Student Academic Conference Art competition winner Stephen O’Donnell Sr. with a framed copy of this work, “Pleasure.” Joining them is O’Donnell’s wife Sue Jean O’Donnell. October 2013. p

t Master’s recipient Michael DeMasi of Clifton Park, is joined on stage by his daughters as Tai Arnold, Acting Dean of the School for Graduate Studies, left and Acting President Meg Benke, right, look on. June 2013.

Student participation in clubs, such as the Veteran’s and Military club and the Black Male Initiatives club Student Alumni Community a network of more than 8,700 members Student Affairs Committee where student representatives can recommend change Student Health Committee focused on student health and wellness

For more information about SUNY/Empire State College go online to

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Hudson valley community college Story and photos by Megin Potter

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action,” said Herbert Spencer, a Victorian Philosopher. It was also Spencer, not Charles Darwin as is commonly thought, that was famously quoted describing evolution as being the “survival of the fittest.”

least five more companies looking for graduates and offering an average starting salary of $40,000 per year. “It’s a hopeful sign that what we’re doing here is the right thing,” said Hill.

Early College) grant, more high school students are also going to be experiencing new educational opportunities at the HVCC TECSMART campus.

The P-TECH grant allows for students from 20 school districts to start their An evolution in education is happening college training in 8th grade at TECin Malta. Hudson Valley SMART. Imbedded in the Community College’s newest program are engaging talks, facility TEC-SMART (Training field trips, job shadowing and Education Center for and internship opportunities, Semiconductor Manufacturing in addition to teaching and Alternative and them organizational, Renewable Technologies) is financial planning and growing and changing the time management skills, face of technology education said Laurel Logan-King, in the region. Ballston Spa Central High school students from throughout the region learn about clean School District’s Assistant When it first opened in energy at the HVCC TEC-SMART campus in Malta. Superintendent for 2010, TEC-SMART offered a Curriculum, Assessment and smattering of classes, but in Pupil Services. 2014 will offer full programs including business entrepreneurship, said Penny Hill, Associate Dean. “It’s the ‘how-to’ stuff that separates the sheep from the goats,” said Hill. Emphasizing that it is not just technician positions that students are training for, they will now be learning step-by-step how to develop and open their own business, something that a traditional Master of Business degree doesn’t offer, said Hill.

Thanks to the recently awarded P-TECH (Pathways in Technology

“It really brings in that next option of not just learning a skill, but learning a skill that is as transferrable as you want to take it,” said Logan-King. Students are now competing against everyone on a global scale. Globalization is affecting sustainability, the jobs that are gained and lost in the country, and is providing more opportunities to address the survival needs of developing nations, said Luke Snow, a Senior Economics and Government teacher.

“Graduates can pretty much write their own ticket,” said Hill. Already collaborating with local technology “The more opportunities we can production plants such provide to students, the Tyler Makarowsky, 17, a Ballston Spa senior, demonstrates the gowning-up as Global Foundries, Hill better,” said Snow. œ procedure for a student video project to teach others what is necessary to also has requests from at eliminate contaminants in a high-tech manufacturing environment. 62 | Simply Saratoga | Winter 2014

SAVE THE DATE! Interested in nanotechnology manufacturing, research and development, renewable energy or new business entrepreneurship classes at the HVCC-TEC-SMART campus?


A line of vans and buses assemble outside the HVCC-TEC SMART building every day to transport students coming from 12 school districts (which will be increased to include 20 districts in 2014) in the region.

Addressing issues and solving problems of power generations in developing nations could include some innovative solutions. Technology teacher Darrel Ackroyd teaches his students how to make a solar cell by smashing together blueberries, paste and iodine.

Spring 2014 classes begin January 27. Registration information is available right up until classes start and can be obtained by calling the Admissions Office at (518) 629-7309 or visiting To learn more about the Clean Technologies & Sustainable Industries Early College High School, a NYS Pathways in Technology Early College High School (PTECH) program, there are two upcoming events at the HVCC TEC-SMART campus on 345 Hermes Road in Malta. February 4, 2014 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Students Entering 9th Grade in fall of 2014 March 18, 2014 - 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Students Entering 11th Grade in Fall of 2014

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