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12 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 14 This Photo Shoot at The Mansion Inn by Susan Blackburn Photography is full of STYLE INSPIRATION! 18 We’re Engaged! Details � (Your guests will LOVE that you thought of this!) 20 Wedding Worthy Pizza by Fierro’s Pizzeria 22 Saratoga Draught Horse Brings the Party to You! Ideas � (May we suggest some venues… ) 24 Anne’s Washington Inn… A Family’s Legacy 28 Only Happy Campers with Glamp ADK 30 Hotel Saranac… Bringing Glamour Back! Advice � (What’s a Magazine without Great Advice!) 32 Jake & Melissa Woodard share Four Unconventional Wedding Truths 33 Merging Households? Start Here! 34 Petals and Heart 36 When an Insider gets Married! 38 Saratoga Bride’s HONEYMOON PLANNING MADE EASY! with Heber Travel contents 52 PHOTO BY CASSIDY LYNNE Real Brides See our wedding on page... 76 Anna & Thomas 88 Elise & Daniel 60 Emily & Matthew 72 Erin & Alexander 56 Indiana & Peter 68 Joell & Joe 80 Lisa & Ethan 48 Marisa & Chris 92 Rachael & Haydn 44 Rakshitha & Christian 52 Rebecca & Jesse 84 Sarah & Michael 64 Victoria & Jason AdviceIdeasDetails, &


16 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 17 details ON LOCATION AT: The Mansion Inn GOWNS: Azalea TUX: J. Reid Menswear FLOWERS: The Posie Peddler MAKEUP: Good to Glow Aesthetics by Chrissy MODELS: Marianna, Francesca and Nick PHOTOGRAPHER: Susan Blackburn Photography For more of this photo shoot, check out!

18 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 Shot on location at the Historic Barns of Nipmoose, this composite image by Hannah Lux Photography was used work from Nature Peaceful/ Oh… What engaging Stories! PHOTOS BY HANNAH LUX PHOTOGRAPHY

Saratoga has a piece of our hearts as we spent many years as a couple in and around the area going to the races, eating downtown, and camping in the Adirondacks. A little about us… We are high school sweethearts, attended UAlbany together, got engaged, and now are getting married in what will be our tenth year together!

Future Saratoga Bride here!

Hannah Lux Photography did our Engagement Photos in Saratoga State Park and Congress Park and I couldn’t wait to show them to you!

Just the two of them and they wouldn’t have had it any other way. They tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in front of their parents two years later in the middle of a pandemic and shortly after that, they welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world.

It started in 2010 as a seasonal, summer job at The Country Drive while they were both in high school. At the end of that summer, she went away to her first year of college. A year later, they were back at their summer job but still living separate lives. Another year passed and both of them found themselves freshly out of relationships when they returned to work that summer. They were both hard workers and picked up all the hours they could, and found themselves spending more and more time Slowlytogether.theyrealized just how similar they were and how their opposites meshed like a puzzle piece. With much perseverance from Anthony during the summer of 2012, Martika finally decided to accept an invitation to hangout outside of work. Since then, they’ve been inseparable and have grown tremendously. Seven (long!) years later, in 2019, Anthony proposed to Martika at her father’s camp in the Adirondacks. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 19

My fiancé and I are tying the knot at the Hall of Springs on June 23, 2023 and look forward to every issue you put out!

Wedding-Worthy Pizza the Tasteful Way A Pizza My



When Zach Cutler and his wife, Shannon, said, “I do” at Saratoga’s National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame four years ago, they celebrated with the other great love of their lives – pizza.

“I love everything about it,” explained Zach. They are so passionate about pizza, not only was it a peoplepleasing specialty station amongst others at their affair, but they are now in the business of making it.

To create their pleasing pies, the pizza’s signature base of hand-spun dough is topped with an elegant combination of tasty ingredients. Specialties include the wild truffle mushroom pizza (made with mozzarella, fontina, and parmesan cheeses); a graceful Greek pizza (topped with spinach, red onions, kalamata olives, mozzarella, and feta cheeses); and the powerful deliciousness of a perennial classic – an outstanding pepperoni pizza (made with cup and char pepperoni that holds in the flavor as it cooks by curling into a bowl shape with exquisitely crispy, elevated edges).

“Just tell us the number of guests you’ll be having, and we’ll take care of the rest,” said Zach.

It’s universally loved, giving you the freedom to incorporate pizza into your event in so many ways – as a side, a snack, or the centerpiece dish. Whatever you have in mind, and whether your guests devour a single slice – or three! – Fierro’s Wood-Fired Pizza makes it easy and does the math for you.

After only a few minutes of expert shimmying around the fire with a wooden paddle, the pizza comes out of the oven; fresh, hot, and bubbly.

Since September 2021, the Cutlers have been spicing things up as the new owners of Fierro’s Pizzeria in Greenfield Center.

Get fired up about simply delicious wedding-worthy pizza by stopping by Fierro’s Pizzeria, 2524 Route 9N, Greenfield Center. Find out more about Fierro’s Wood-Fired Pizza mobile offerings by following Fierro’s Pizzeria on Facebook and visiting

“People always leave with a good taste in their mouth.”


“I take a real purist approach,” said Zach, a 2009 Culinary Institute of America graduate and classically trained Executive Chef.

ON THE ROAD Now, along with their shop, Fierro’s Pizzeria is taking to the road in their 16’ mobile Fierro’s Wood-Fired Pizza kitchen. They are delighting guests with pizzas baked-to-order while the amazing aroma of hickory and cherry wood burning at a blazing 800 degrees floats through the air on-site… at showers, wedding receptions, and late-night after parties.


“Imported flour and the fermentation allows the dough to fully bloom and rise to give it that nice, bubbly crust that woodfired pizza is known for,” he said, adding, “The dough really is the star of the show.”

When you reserve the Fierro’s Wood-Fired Pizza mobile oven, they ensure an unlimited infusion of creative and sophisticated pizza and salads for a two-hour duration.

What makes his traditional Neapolitan pizza so special?

Smartly displayed on charred wood tables, Fierro’s WoodFired Pizza is comfort food with style. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 21

With its melty-cheesy goodness and crunchy crust, pizza satisfies what your taste buds are craving.

The beautifully hand-painted Tuscan-inspired shop (originally established in 1991 by Michael and Maureen Tagliafierro) serves up hand-tossed pies and homemade Italian favorites daily.

The Saratoga Draught Horse is a premier 12’ mobile bar that delivers drinks indoors or out. It’s the brainchild of Tyler Kelley and Courtney Manning, a dynamic bartending brother and sister duo who have worked together at a number of Saratoga hot spots. They make a great team, said Courtney, because they both love meeting new people and share a similar sense of humor.

Outdoor affairs are a trend that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The casual atmosphere and low cost of having your wedding at a farm, park, or even in your own backyard is appealing, but planning for the outdoor setting can saddle you with specific challenges, especially because these areas often don’t have electricity.

Jumping that hurdle is the Saratoga Draught Horse. Because they come with their own power supply, they can roll right up to your big day – wherever that happens to be.


A mobile bar gives you free rein to drink, socialize, and enjoy your big day.



Bringing the PARTY to You�

Although it’s different than how a traditional venue operates, doing the drinks this way comes with a big plus – there are no mark-ups when you buy the alcohol yourself – which can shave hundreds of dollars off the total cost.


For fall gatherings, they’ve created a pumpkin spice tequila margarita, they’ve served hot chocolate at the Polar Plunge, and have created a fun Italian soda drink for the kids that comes with gummy rings on the straw, whipped cream, and is topped with a cherry.


The Saratoga Draught Horse is equipped with two stateof-the-art Lindr Draught System beer taps, and includes everything needed to make the drinks that will keep everyone book their services, they help you sift through the sea of beverage choices available and will develop special signature drinks to go along with your theme.

In 2019, their friends and family helped customize the 1984 Shoop horse trailer they use into a unique, stylish bar on wheels that is a stand-out at any party.

“The whole allure of a mobile bar is that it’s not cookie cutter. It gives people the chance to do something different and to have their vision come to life,” said Courtney.

“We can calculate pretty specifically how much you’ll need,” she said. “You don’t want to run out but you also don’t want too much and have cases and cases leftover.”

“People are thrilled to have an open bar,” said Courtney. “No one ever complains.”

For an added touch of ambiance, they also have a variety of rustic décor items including wood crates and whiskey barrels, a live-edge red oak bar top, and seasonal natural elements.


As soon as you have picked out your venue, book the Saratoga Draught Horse for an unbridled good time. Find out more by following them on Facebook, Instagram and visiting

Just tell Saratoga Draught Horse the number of guests you’re expecting and they’ll create a shopping list for you (New York State law requires the host buys the alcohol with mobile businesses like theirs).

“We get into the crowd and make sure everyone is having a good time – but a responsible good time – so you’re not going to have to worry about a thing,” said Courtney.

You can rest easy knowing that Saratoga Draught Horse’s specially-trained bartenders will be attending to your guests for a minimum of three hours. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 23

"Inn " to the Family

Partially hidden by thick foliage and its position atop the hill at the corner of South Broadway and West Fenlon Street (next to Saratoga Spa State Park) is the sun-bathed estate where Madeleine Bokan and Jesse Thares were married on a perfect fall day last year.




The Inn’s convenient location gave the new couple just enough time to slip through the drive-thru of the Saratoga Springs McDonald’s for a quick bite before greeting their guests. Pulling up in the fully-restored 1927 Buick (Joe’s pride and joy, as well as the mascot for Anne’s Washington Inn) the newlyweds created such a memorable scene that they were included in a nationwide commercial for the restaurant chain. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 25

Since Joe and Kathleen, his wife, began hosting events at the Inn two decades ago, it’s also been the setting for numerous family get-togethers.

The wedding was held at Anne’s Washington Inn, the property that has been in Madeleine’s family since 1943. The Inn was established by her grandparents, Joseph and Anne Bokan. In the 50 years they lived and worked there, the Bokans raised six children, including the Inn’s current owner, Joe Bokan Jr.

An al fresco affair, the event was held under a large tent on the Inn’s secluded front lawn. Their nearly 150 guests mingled at cocktail tables spread across the grass, stole away to another great hilltop perch: the gazebo, or stopped to sit for a moment at Madeleine’s favorite spot – the porch swing that looks out over the front lawn.

Many guests also traveled up from New York City for Madeleine and Jesse’s wedding. The festivities began on Thursday with a rehearsal dinner in downtown Saratoga. On Friday, the couple invited their guests (many of which had traveled from as far as Louisiana and Montana) to the Inn for a casual welcome gathering, utilizing the grounds, porch and common spaces.

“The Inn is synonymous with family and home for me. There are so many special memories here,” said Madeleine, “I always dreamed of my wedding taking place at the Inn.”

Madeleine grew up working alongside her family at the Inn but left Saratoga Springs in 2011 to attend Fordham University. It was on that campus in The Bronx where she and Jesse met. After college, Madeleine stayed in the New York Metro area, working in advertising for companies including Hearst Magazines, but spent many weekends taking Amtrak upstate to help at the Inn.



On Saturday, after a ceremony held at the Church of Saint Peter, the couple, along with Joe and Kathleen, took the short drive back to Anne’s Washington Inn for the reception.

REFLECTING ON THE DAY After all is said and done, Madeleine looks back on all the personal touches that went into the day with fondness.

“All of those extra things were like the icing on the cake, while the cake itself was the location.”

“It really was like seeing behind the curtain. I’d said, beforehand, ‘I really don’t want my parents to feel like they’re working on my wedding day,’ and I’m so grateful that our incredible roster of vendors made it so we were all truly able to enjoy the celebration.”

Throughout the wedding planning process, Madeleine, who is used to being on the venue’s side of the aisle, gained an intimate understanding and appreciation for the great vendor relationships that having her wedding at Anne’s Washington Inn afforded.


At the end of the night, while the couple retired, the party kept going as guests lingered around the Inn’s fire pit and on the front porch before heading up to one of the Inn’s 18 guest rooms.

“I came out of this experience with an amazing husband, priceless memories with my friends and family, and a greater understanding of the client side of things. I’m able to see all the angles so much better and understand how to put our event clients and wedding couples first when organizing our packages and offerings,” she said.



details Tent & Rentals: Total Events Flowers: Branches and Blooms Catering: 9 Miles East Day of Coordination: Katie O' Events Hair & Makeup: True Beauty Co. Gown: Lea-Ann Belter Bridalpurchased at Something Bleu Bridal Music: Tania Susi, Sweet Chin Music

“It was the perfect weekend, and it really kicked-off my new career,” said Madeleine, who moved back to the area in July to oversee the Inn’s weddings and events. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 27


Camping trips where you can connect with nature without sacrificing comfort are a thing of beauty. Pulling them off, however, requires a delicate balance of planning and precision.

“It’s something unique and fun to bring to the area,” said GlampADK founder Andrew Percetti. Find out more details by visiting


Enter the glorious invention of glamping; an immersive outdoor experience with upscale accommodations. These spacious, fully-furnished canvas tents are popping up all sorts of places – even in your own backyard, thanks to clever businesses like GlampADK. Since 2018, they’ve pitched tents at many of the area’s loveliest venues and expanded their mobile rental offerings from just eight tents to more than a hundred.

Begin your adventure together with unforgettable overnight celebrations under the stars.

Float down the lazy river on a 30-minute tube ride, or take it up a notch with their kayak rentals. Try a painting class; play around with outdoor games; watch movies on their outdoor screen; and revel in a variety of free live entertainment (performances have included Bollywood, disco, and Native American dancing and storytelling). FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 29 GET TOASTED

On 22 acres of sprawling meadow along the Schroon River, Andrew Percetti has also built Adirondack Safari, a village of 45 glamping tents. Located on the former Warren County Fairgrounds, this place is used to hosting large crowds. Re-opened as a campground in 2021, today, guests are invited to enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting around the campfire before retreating into the laid-back luxury of their stylish accommodations.

Tents sleep up to six people each. Sites are equipped with picnic table, fire pit, and charcoal grill.

Andrew Percetti has retooled this previously privately-owned Boy Scout camp to host weddings and events. Open April to October, there’s the option to reserve a portion of the space, or to rent the entire facility for a secluded private party.

Best of all, late-night celebrations are a breeze thanks to the on-site overnight lodging for up to 100 guests in cabins, lean-tos, glamping tents, and traditional tent sites.

Adirondack Safari has an event pavilion, an on-site camp store, is handicap-accessible, and offers wi-fi in communal areas. For more information, rates, and reservations, go to

Ideal for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, or a weekend getaway, you can plan your itinerary around the campground’s activities.


For the first time in 100 years, beginning in 2023, the public will also have the opportunity to take in the natural beauty of Camp Wakpominee in Fort Ann. Located on 1,000 acres of wilderness, the soaring mountain views overlooking Lake George, and breath-taking foliage are the ultimate out-of-the-box backdrop for your soon-to-be outdoor celebrations.

Along the property’s Sly Pond there’s a charming chapel and a ceremony space on the water’s edge. The fully-covered former mess hall, with its substantial stone fireplace, is suited for receptions hosting 200 people. Furnishings and décor have transformed the camp’s nature center into a comfortable bridal suite and the guys will find the former conference room, with its television and fireplace, a great place to get ready for the big day.

Camp Wakpominee is a rich Adirondack Park treasure. Find out more by following GlampADK on Facebook and Instagram.

Open June 20th until September 5th, there’s a 2-night minimum stay required and reservations must be made at least several months in advance.

30 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 If you’ve ever envisioned an Adirondack wedding with a touch of today and yesterday, you found the right place. Meet Hotel Saranac, a newly restored Gilded Age gem nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks in Saranac Lake, NY. Weddings At Hotel Saranac the heart of the Adirondacks PHOTOS PROVIDED UNLESS NOTED Photo KleighbyO. Photos

A celebration; a partnership; a bond shared between kindred spirits. Your nuptials are the start to a new chapter in your lives. When the time comes to exchange those sacred vows, there are few settings as iconic as Hotel Saranac. Contact the events team at Hotel Saranac with questions or to reserve your date: or 518-354-5925.

Even before you enter the striking lobby, your eyes are drawn up to the vividly lit hotel sign atop the brick building in the center of town. And you, like so many before you, might intuitively recognize the brick building for what it truly is: a shining beacon, the icon of Saranac Lake. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 31

The Hotel has been refreshed for the modern guest—all while keeping true to its authentic Adirondack heritage. In fact, Hotel Saranac is the only true full-service indoor wedding venue of its kind in the region.

Following an unprecedented head-to-toe renovation, the hotel was born anew in early 2018. The modern reincarnation of Hotel Saranac, a member of Curio Collection by Hilton and the Historic Hotels of America, has been restored to its rightful splendor: the Gilded Age magnificence that its creators had intended.

Imagine greeting your guests for dinner in the elegant Grand Ballroom, the region’s most iconic reception venue. The Hotel’s highly trained team will bring your vision to life—with customized menus, decoration and event set up, food and beverage options, and more—to create an extraordinary, personalized experience for you and your guests.


The Grand Ballroom is the hotel’s crown jewel Adirondack wedding venue, but you’ll find a series of additional spaces to complete your wedding weekend how you want it. The Great Hall and outdoor Terrace are perfect for hosting on-site ceremonies or as mingling spots for cocktail hour; the Ember Room is an intimate multi-purpose space perfect for a bridal shower or day-of bridal brunch; and the Oak Room, adjacent to the ballroom, adds flexibility for components like a dessert station, photo booth, or even rehearsal dinner.

PICTURE YOUR PERFECT DAY Weddings are made magical at Hotel Saranac—with the flexibility of unique event spaces, customizable catering menus, on-site amenities, stress-free accommodations, and more.

Originally constructed at the height of the Roaring Twenties in 1927, Hotel Saranac has been the backdrop for some amazing stories—from Gilded Age galas to modern-day luxury.

Now, the Hotel invites a new generation of guests to add their own stories to its storied halls.


Plated or buffet, traditional comfort fare or more ambitious farm-to-table flavors, the Executive Chef of the Adirondackinspired kitchen will work closely with you to offer a culinary experience your guests won’t soon forget.

324 4

Love is one of the most profound feelings that we can experience. It not only provides us with an incredible sense of nourishment, but it also challenges us to grow.

Just as the roots of a tree need to be deeply rooted, the love and communication in your relationship needs to be strong. If they are not, the “winds” of a wedding can compromise the roots of your relationship… Don’t let it!

Pro tip: You and your partner decide 3 things that matter the most to you to create your ideal wedding. Once you have clarity, it will help you to make decisions that align with your vision.



Pro tip: Your ability to navigate through the outside noise and listen to the voice of your desires MATTERS. Once you envision what your wedding looks and feels like, quit the scrolling and comparison...that’s just going to overwhelm you.



Say “YES” to making this an amazing experience :)

Pro tip: Healthy boundaries - even if it’s uncomfortable, you need them. Remember, boundaries protect the integrity of your relationship, even if those boundaries need to be set with yourself :)

Coming into union highlights the love that has been cultivated between two people. As we reflect upon our wedding day and the months leading up to it, we have learned some beautiful lessons. Let us share 4 unconventional truths that you are not likely to hear other people talk about when it comes to weddings :)

Congratulations on a successful and joyful wedding!

Jake & Melissa Woodard specifically focus on teaching others the advanced art of polarity and masculine/feminine dynamics within relationships. Their unique style of work has helped thousands of people from all over the world to transform their intimate lives.

- Jake & Melissa Woodard

Remember when you were a little kid and danced and laughed your way through life? You embraced joy with everything that you did. It was the simple things that made you feel so happy and free. You can choose to let go of what you think this day “needs to be” and allow space for love to flow. When you stand in front of the love of your life, and you are about to commit yourself to this person forever, nothing else will matter. The background noise fades away, and all you hear, and feel, is the energy of the person standing before you.

You better believe that people will have many requests/ opinions regarding YOUR wedding. And by trying to “please” everyone, you will compromise the focus of what you are celebrating - the union of you coming together as one.


Pro tip: Ask yourself this: What would it be like to approach this ENTIRE process of planning, organizing, creating, building, and visualizing with JOY!? Imagine if you made joy your entire focus of this journey? It’s possible.


IT’S NOT A COMPETITION. You’ve seen those fairytale weddings that are all “glammed up,” but they don’t highlight the internal struggles people endure to host these “exclusive” weddings. When you are comparing yourself to other people’s weddings, you give away your power and rob yourself of your creative vision of what matters the most to you!

OUR FINAL WORDS: Remember to be present in the moment during your big day. Don't allow yourself to get pulled in different directions and lose focus on why you are there in the first place. This is about YOUR relationship and the celebration of YOUR union. Big events and challenges that you experience together can deepen your connection as lovers and teammates. Allow yourself to remain open and lovingly honest with one another. Soak up every moment and dance the night away!

They believe that the foundation of any successful relationship begins with how each individual shows up for themselves. Jake is the host of The Awake With Jake Show podcast and also shares wisdom on his Instagram that challenges people to go deeper into the intimacy they desire. Melissa is the host of The Heart On podcast, and she shares sacred movement & wisdom on her Instagram that helps people reconnect to their hearts. Together they guide others through their internal blockages and shine a light for them to attain the love they desire. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 33

Let’s talk about the tough stuff… Have you discussed who will do the dishes and manage the important papers and bills? Is there clarity around responsibility over laundry and meals? Whether you have been sharing an address for a while, or for the first time, agreeing on how your home is run is still vitally important. As with the wedding, the more planning beforehand, the smoother the outcome.

• What is each person’s strong suit?

Love is a commitment and the follow through.

WRITTEN BY SARA KELLY After the Wedding, Merging Homes & Management

• What tasks does each person enjoy …or loathe?

Sara Kelly is CEO-MOM of her home in Wilton and runs Your Aligned Home, a home management consulting business. Her passion for home management, reducing stress, and most of all, helping others, is what led her to this work. Find out all the ways she can help you at Submit your home management questions for the next article by emailing . What conversations have you had around home management with your partner? Any creative solutions or stumbling blocks? Share your journey with me at

Working with clients I have been privy to many behindthe-scenes conversations of marital frustrations over home management that comes down to unspoken expectations from both sides. Putting it all out on the table, and discussing it before hand, helps the home run smoother and the dayto-day be more enjoyable. You don’t want the unspoken expectations of home management to be the early buzz kill of the honeymoon phase. Trust me, I know this isn’t fun. But, you know what really isn’t funfeeling that rift of frustration when there isn’t food for dinner, or there is a pile of laundry that isn’t getting put away. An ounce of home management prevention equals years of marital harmony.

• What is the work schedule/outside demands of each person?

• What tasks can be outsourced to a third party?

Other areas to consider:

It doesn’t all have to be decided ahead of time. Many situations will evolve that didn’t exist during that first year. But, gaining clarity on what each person expects of themselves, the other person, and the overall management of the home will set a good solid foundation to build from.

“I can’t live without flowers. I have that inside me so this is something I choose to do. It makes me so happy to design something, talk to clients, and work with venues,” she said.

When you want to tell the world how you feel with just a glance, nothing says it better than flowers. So much more than simply a collection of lovely blooms, Randi Wickremanayaka’s skillful arrangements tell a story of heartfelt emotion. Her romance with florals began when she was just a girl growing up in Sri Lanka. Randi’s mother was a florist and dressmaker, and in 2003 Randi began creating her own designs.


34 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 falling for � FLOWERS


Excited by her new location, Randi continues to borrow from her past experience to create wonderfully inventive designs with a variety of blooms. Many of her attractive arrangements are crammed full of lush, fluffy flowers. For a fall wedding, she’ll mix bright burgundy dahlias with cheerful orange and pink blooms, then add-in lots of dried wheat and touches of gold for a bold bouquet that screams abundance. She gives couples their pick among many colorful choices and can even get those hard to find, extra-special tropical treasures and exotic beauties. Whether you want a wildly popular full-bodied favorite or a brilliant, blissful bouquet, when given an inspiration picture to work from, she will supplement fresh flowers with dried and silk ones to give you the look you’ve been dreaming of.

Randi’s ingenious techniques shine in her clever sculptural pieces as well. She’s created a floral sewing machine, butterfly, and even a shoe. Backed by the support of her husband and sons, Randi’s inventive mind and appreciation for her craft combines with the hard work of her dedicated team to ensure Petals and Hearts Boutique will create something just for you in whichever style you love. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 35

For more information, find Petals and Hearts Boutique on Facebook, Instagram and petalsandheartsboutiquesaratogaspringsny.comat

Travelling back and forth to the Lake George region one day, she and her husband decided to stop in Saratoga. They loved it so much they moved here last year. Now she operates Petals and Hearts Boutique from her home.


A top priority for Petals and Hearts Boutique is providing fresh quality, beautiful flowers for weddings big or small, and within almost any budget. Their team graciously and enthusiastically creates romantic picnic scenes, pleasing table-scapes, elaborate arbors, and simple boutonnières that stand on their own. They ensure arrangements will always arrive on time for your event and provide a huge collection of luxury vases, urns, and pots that are free to rent, with free delivery and services.

“This city is like London to me because back there I had everything, just like here,” said Randi.

In 2016 Randi moved to New York City and opened her own shop creating unique designs in a variety of styles.

“I’m very flexible,” said Randi, adding that she feels it’s important to make herself available to fit into the varied schedules of couples in the midst of hectic party planning.

Every country and region of the world has developed its own style of flower arranging and while working in the United Kingdom Randi honed her skills in the European style (and others) earning both Interflora and City and Guilds Europeancertifications.arrangements contain a mass of flowers with distinct shapes, color groupings, and a certain floral balance that often includes Victorian-era influences.

“I respect their time. People can ring me in the middle of the night if they need to.”


Logistically, it was essential to staying organized. Having all the wedding correspondence in the same place ensured nothing was overlooked or lost in transit.


Incorporate Details Unique to You. Sara loves helping couples tell their unique story at their wedding through beautiful, one-of-a-kind details, and wanted to do the same for her and Dan's big day.

Create a Separate Wedding Email. This was a tip Sara said she was glad she learned early-on.

Build an Amazing Vendor Team. Although she’s in the biz herself, Sara doesn’t usually attend the weddings she creates signage for, which is why she relied heavily on referrals.

“Deciding on the details was so much more difficult being the bride,” said Sara. “Being in the business I see and like so many different things, it was actually much harder to narrow it down and decide what I wanted to do. Being on the other side definitely helped me understand my clients better.”

Tips from an

Don’t Forego the First Look. Having an intimate reveal before their Congress Park ceremony was something that Sara absolutely loved, she said.

'And love will carry us through,’ a lyric from Dan’s favorite musician, Phish's lead singer Trey Anastasio was hand-lettered on the wedding welcome sign and greeted guests as they arrived at Congress Park for the ceremony.

Because music has been a significant element in their relationship, incorporating it into the wedding was a must for this couple who live near SPAC and love walking there for concerts.

Along with the welcome sign and escort card board, Sara created the head table place cards, frosted acrylic table numbers, and designed their invitation suite, but for things like the dinner menu, she got help from Dan’s cousin, owner of Melissa Smith Invitations.

“As stressful as wedding planning can be,” Sara added, “have fun with it because at the end of the day, your wedding is going to be amazing and so fun because everyone you love is together in one place to celebrate the both of you.”

The escort card board, which was set up inside the reception at Canfield Casino, included calligraphed cards and guitar picks as a unique and fun favor for each guest to take home with them, and a quote from the Grateful Dead graced the signage on the memory table. As a last-minute addition, Dan’s cousin even jumped in and sang a song with the band.

“It helps to take the nerves away and is a really special moment to share with each other. It was a once in a lifetime moment and Dan still got emotional when he saw me walk down the aisle.”



When Sara Sandidge, the owner of Starry Eyed Letter Co., a creative studio that specializes in calligraphy and custom signage, married Dan Lanchantin this spring, she was the star of what she calls “her own personal Superbowl.” Now she’s sharing what she learned about playing the game and how it’s changed the way she does business.

“There’s so much pressure for it to be the best day ever and that can be so daunting for the bride and groom. Having an amazing vendor team takes that pressure off,” she said.

When the Wedding Pro Gets Married FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 37


A little about our travel agency… Heber Travel has been booking travel plans for our clients since 1970. Celebrating 52 years, we are a family-owned LOCAL small business and have helped so many people discover and enjoy destinations around the world! Our many agents are experts in different areas of the globe and different aspects of the travel industry! We are a FULL-SERVICE travel agency, so we can build that 6-month trip around the world piece by piece, or that Caribbean vacation in the sun and anything else you can think of in the world of travel!

The travel industry has recently exploded as the post-covid demand has flourished and people want to get back to a “normal life.” This has influenced prices and inventory in many favorite places to visit. So, plan early and be prepared for things to change, but know your travel advisor is here to help and guide you through any hiccup that may arise.

St. Lucia

In our last article in Saratoga Bride, we discussed the popular destinations around the world that we have been sending our brides and grooms. Number one on our list was the Caribbean especially during the fall and winter seasons.

Nestled in the southern tier of the Caribbean is this lush and unique honeymoon getaway. To get there flying from Albany expect one stop and about six hours of flight time. But once you are there, you will feel like you are in paradise. With its beautiful beaches and towering mountains with a rain forest type of feel, there are many activities for the busy couple or a calm relaxed feel for the true rest and relaxation you may need. There are many wonderful all-inclusive options on St. Lucia and one of our most popular is the Sandals Grande St. Lucian, with their “Over the Water” bungalows. People generally think of the “over the water” bungalows in the Pacific Ocean in places like the Maldives and Tahiti, but they are popping up in the Caribbean including here in St. Lucia. Because of the mountains, this island is a little tougher to get around, however it has some great scuba and snorkeling adventures and for the adventurous check out the Rainforest Adventures Aerial Tram and Zipline Tour.

Congratulations on planning your “I DO!”

Covid-19 has changed the way we travel. Although many places around the world have decreased or even eliminated their restrictions, it does not mean that travel is that much easier. Currently, there are issues with airlines and employee shortages which mean less flights or cancelled flights to and from destinations. Even we can be on hold with airlines for over 3 hours. Let us make your honeymoon the romantic vacation that you have dreamed of. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 39

Here are the top three Caribbeandestinationshoneymoonintheandwhy!


Just off the coast of South America lies the beautiful country of Aruba. What makes Aruba, a very popular destination is its beautiful water, flat and easily travelled land, and that it is outside the hurricane belt. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 each year. But the wind and currents keep hurricanes north of Aruba, so it’s one less hiccup you could have if you are planning your honeymoon during that time of the year. Aruba’s white sand beaches are known around the world including Eagle and Palm Beaches. Make sure to try to spend some time on one of them. In the colorful capital of Oranjestad, you can see the Dutch influence with the bright colors of the buildings. Aruba has many different and wonderful places to stay and some terrific water activities, which make it our second most popular place to send honeymoon clients. Some adventures to think about on your Aruba vacation might include: ATV tours, Barhopping Party bus with a DJ, and we would highlight the Aruba Atlantis Submarine Expedition.

As you plan your future, the world can be open to you to collect MOMENTS, NOT THINGS!

Punta DominicanCana, Republic

Located on the eastern edge of the second largest island in the Caribbean this is a very popular destination! With many lodging options there is a party to be had, while also enjoying the beautiful tropical weather. Punta Cana has a lively nightlife, excellent and differing food options and because it is very popular it fits most all honeymoon budgets! With many gorgeous beaches and the crystal blue green water, Punta Cana is a lover’s paradise. Most clients like to just relax in their resort, but if you want to check out the island make sure to take some time to visit the oldest city in the Caribbean, Santo Domingo. You can also take buggy tours, beautiful catamaran tours or visit a coral Thesenursery.arejust a few of the many wonderful destinations to visit in the Caribbean for your honeymoon vacation. We of course can help you decide by spending some time talking about your interests, desires, and budget to help you plan that first dream vacation as a married couple. If you are looking outside of the Caribbean, we can help with that as well, as honeymoon travel to Europe is coming back full force as well as Hawaii and Alaska!

To learn more about Heber Travel and our agents please visit our website at, check us out on social media and YouTube!

We really recommend that you use a knowledgeable travel advisor, who will find you the best value for your money, help navigate the stressful situations and who YOU can speak with in person without being on hold for hours and hours!


42 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 43 PHOTO BY JP ELARIO PHOTOGRAPHY (from Victoria & Jason's 2020 WeddingTo see more photos check out! See Victoria & Jason's 2021 Wedding on page 64) See our wedding on page... 76 Anna & Thomas 88 Elise & Daniel 60 Emily & Matthew 72 Erin & Alexander 56 Indiana & Peter 68 Joell & Joe 80 Lisa & Ethan 48 Marisa & Chris 92 Rachael & Haydn 44 Rakshitha & Christian 52 Rebecca & Jesse 84 Sarah & Michael 64 Victoria & Jason




Although Christian and I overlapped in our years at the same grad school and had mutual friends, we didn't get to know each other until years later. Months after meeting, we finally went on our first date and knew there was something special about our relationship. We spent our time cooking together, traveling, going to concerts, hiking, and becoming dogparents to our two golden retrievers. We became the best of friends and inseparable. Christian planned the perfect proposal in May of 2021, followed by a surprise engagement party right after, celebrating with family and friends. When planning our wedding, we knew we wanted to get married in the area. Having our wedding in Saratoga Springs was an easy decision, it was our home and where our relationship flourished. Our wedding day was beyond perfect. We were able to elegantly represent two cultures, with two distinctly different ceremonies followed by a reception. Our vendors all worked so well together and really went above and beyond to make our day memorable. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 45

46 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Let the small things slide, things may go wrong. However, in the grande scheme of things, all that matters is that you're marrying your person. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 47 details WEDDING DATE June 12 LOCATION Saratoga Springs City Center PHOTOGRAPHER Off Beet Productions WEDDING GOWN Lily Saratoga BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Azazie HAIR SS Bridal / Blush & Buns MAKEUP SS Bridal GROOM'S ATTIRE Mr. Formal Wear RINGS Harold Finkle WEDDING PLANNER Wedding Planning Plus EVENT DECORATOR Total Events LLC / Anusha Somarapu Events FLOWERS The Posie Peddler STATIONERY SUITE Zola CATERER Mazzone Hospitality / Karavalli - Latham CAKE J&S Watkins DJ OR BAND Soul Session FIRST DANCE "Swallowed by the Sea" by Coldplay HONEYMOON DESTINATION Positano, Lake Como, San Sebastian SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Rehearsal Dinner at Nove • All of our vendors worked so well together to help us pull off an amazing event with two ceremonies, perfectly fusing together two cultures into an elegant day.




Chris and I met on I'm still unsure of how he found me since he was hundreds of miles away in New Hampshire, and I, living in Ballston Spa at the time, listed my profile to only search for eligible men in a 25-mile radius. But his opening line caught me hook, line, and sinker, so I quickly got off match and we began a long-distance relationship. Chris is an avid fisherman with a great sense of humor, so fishing puns are a must. After 6 months of dating, Chris moved to Florida to start a business with his dad, secretly hoping that I would move there with him. Since I really loved my job at Saratoga TODAY, I was anchored, much to his dismay. We stayed together and soon after he moved to Ballston Spa so we could finally be together. In June of 2021 we decided to get married. We planned the whole thing in 3 months. With a few years of designing these bridal magazines, I was well equipped to dream up our wedding plans. Thanks to this awesome bridal resource, I knew exactly what to do and who to call, and I was able to implement some of those fantastic and unique ideas. Our wedding was so much fun and was like a grand family reunion after almost 2 years of not seeing anyone! Saratoga was the perfect place to get married, with many things for our guests to do. We couldn't be a happier married couple!

50 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Try to make the rounds to all of your guests before the main course, so you can relax and enjoy dinner with your new spouse!

• We asked our guests to take a small wand of bubbles to their seat, decorated with a tiny sunflower, and they all blew bubbles for us after we were announced us husband and wife. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 51 details WEDDING DATE September 5 LOCATION Saratoga Elks Lodge PHOTOGRAPHER Super Source Media VIDEOGRAPHER Super Source Media WEDDING GOWN Azazie BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES David's Bridal HAIR Kristin's Termé on Jay GROOM'S ATTIRE Men's Wearhouse FLOWERS Costco CATERER Saratoga Elks Lodge CAKE & CUPCAKES Mia Scirocco (sister of the bride) DJ OR BAND Mia Scirocco Trio FIRST DANCE "Lady" by Kenny Rogers HONEYMOON DESTINATION Garnet Hill Lodge, Adirondacks SPECIAL TOUCHES... •

• I made a large painting of 2 sunflowers. As I was working on it we were growing sunflowers in our backyard to decorate the wedding but only 2 out of 8 sunflowers made it and they bloomed just 2 days before our date. They just so happen to look exactly like the painting, each flower a different shape and color.

• My friend's 9 year old son, Sam Fiori played classical guitar as the guests gathered for the ceremony.

• Chris's dad got ordained and married us!

My aunt made a sunflower wreath that was our welcome sign My sister Michele framed past and present photos of Chris and I and my mom and aunt made all the favors: Landor chocolates in colorful boxes with our wedding date.


Jesse and I had attended school together since 5th grade however we didn’t begin dating until the end of our senior year. Our relationship started as best friends and moved towards “High School sweethearts.” We both graduated from Ballston Spa High School, Class of 2013. We then maintained a long-distance relationship for five years while at different colleges. Once we were both back in the area, our relationship continued to grow, and we talked about what our future looked like. As we both started our careers, we decided to buy our first house together. As I arrived to “close on the house” I soon realized that we were closing a different deal! Jesse had mentioned that our realtor left us a gift to celebrate our new house. When I opened the gift, it was a custom-made bottle of champagne which read “Rebecca, Will you marry me?” I was in shock but remember Jesse getting down on one knee and smiling through his words. He also secretly videotaped the whole thing!

We explored many venues both near and far and decided that a local wedding would be the most special to us and our families. We got married at St. Mary’s Church in Ballston Spa which had recently been renovated and was absolutely beautiful for the day of our wedding. We then decided on The Lodge for our reception. Looking for a wedding venue can be overwhelming, however The Lodge was so accommodating, and we were confident that the staff could make our vision come to life! Our wedding was the most beautiful day of our relationship, and we were so grateful to have such loving and supportive friends and family there to celebrate with us!

54 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... I truly enjoyed the planning process and I hope every bride to be takes the time to enjoy the experience. All the little details are my favorite part and I loved seeing them all come together. While some details may be easy, others may require more thought and planning. I learned that we know ourselves best so trust your instinct! FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 55 details WEDDING DATE September 18 CEREMONY St. Mary’s Church Ballston Spa RECEPTION The Lodge At Saratoga Casino Hotel PHOTOGRAPHER Cassidy Lynne VIDEOGRAPHER Jonah Paulhamus WEDDING GOWN Lily Saratoga BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES David’s Bridal HAIR H&M Studio MAKEUP Leah Francesca GROOM'S ATTIRE Mr. Formal Wear RINGS Frank Adams FLOWERS Felthousens RENTALS Chairs from Clifton Park Rentals CATERER The Lodge At Saratoga Casino & Hotel CAKE The Bread Basket Bakery / Other desserts by The Lodge At Saratoga Casino & Hotel TRANSPORTATION Today's Limousine DJ OR BAND The Piano Man - Conway Entertainment FIRST DANCE "Grow Old" by Florida Georgia Line HONEYMOON DESTINATION Rescheduled/still planning SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Felthousens was so accommodating. A special touch they helped us with was providing flower arrangements for Rebecca’s two grandmothers who had passed away earlier that year. They made two beautiful white arrangements that Rebecca’s mom placed in the church pews in their honor. • We went back and forth between doing a first look and I asked Jesse to decide. He wanted the first time he saw me to be walking down the aisle so we opted for a “first touch” which I would highly recommend. Jesse and I stood back to back and read letters from one another. This moment was so special and a great photo op!



Though planning a wedding during a pandemic came with a lengthy list of challenges, we were so excited to be able to get together with family and friends after such a long wait.

It all started when I dropped my coffee outside of Peter's dorm at SUNY Oneonta. The commotion sparked a never-ending conversation about books and a tradition of late-night coffee runs. About a year after we started dating, we moved to New York City before ending up in the Capital Region. After six years of dating, Peter proposed during a private candlelit dinner at the Vischer Ferry General Store. I was blown away by the evening, especially by the bookshaped engagement ring. Two years later, we were married at the same location. The store is near and dear to us; we run a book club there and it's such a lovely place to connect with other community members. It was the ideal venue for us and, though the pandemic delayed it by more than a year, we finally celebrated with everyone at the turn of the summer season. We had the Haiku Guys & Gals writing custom haiku for guests on typewriters. There were board games from Bard & Baker and lawn games scattered throughout the venue. We gave away our favorite books as wedding favors to all our guests. We also created a custom book arch, with help from our local library and a metalworker.

58 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Take photos before the reception. It gives you more time to enjoy celebrating with friends and family. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 59 details WEDDING DATE September 18 LOCATION Vischer Ferry General Store PHOTOGRAPHER Dave Bigler Photography WEDDING GOWN Something Bleu Bridal BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Lily Saratoga HAIR Bex GROOM'S ATTIRE Mr. Formal Wear RINGS N. Fox Jewelers WEDDING PLANNER Maureen Donnally FLOWERS The Posie Peddler CATERER Slidin' Dirty CAKE Treatie Beatie Cakes By Evelyn OTHER VENDORS Haiku Guys & Gals Bard and Baker Board Game Cafe SPECIAL TOUCHES... We created a book arch for the ceremony with help from our local library and a local metalworker.



We decided on Saratoga because most of my friends and family lived all over, and we thought it would be the perfect “Destination Wedding” location. The first place we booked (of course!) was the Adelphi Hotel! We were very lucky and got all the vendors we wanted. Everyone was amazing and made our wedding exactly how we envisioned it. Thanks to our vendors, I had zero stress the day of my wedding, and everything ran smoothly. I will be forever grateful, as I could not have picked a better team of people to make our wedding dreams come true! FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 61

The first time Matt took me to downtown Saratoga I remember seeing the Adelphi and thinking we should get married there. Four years after that first trip, Matt proposed on a snowy evening in Saratoga State Park. I had always wanted a winter wedding, and Matt knew how much I would love a snowy engagement. It was the perfect location, considering we love to explore and walk around the park most weekends.

Emily & Matthew

Matt and I met at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut, where Matt was a football coach, and I worked for a nonprofit. It made no sense that we shared an office, but we quickly became friends after Matt helped me with my fantasy football team. Eventually, Matt asked me out on a date, and I turned him down. It took two more asks and a fantasy football win, before I finally agreed to a date. After our first date, we grew very close, spending a lot of time outside of work together. A year later, Matt moved back to Saratoga Springs. We continued to be great friends and spoke to each other every day. One weekend Matt invited me to Saratoga, where I fell in love with the city, and we fell in love with each other. We remained long distance for many years and spent most weekends in Saratoga.

62 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 63 details WEDDING DATE September 25 LOCATION Adelphi Hotel PHOTOGRAPHER Cassandra Daye Photography WEDDING GOWN White of Dublin BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Jenny Yoo HAIR Heart + Soul House of Beauty MAKEUP Erin Muller GROOM'S ATTIRE Jos A. Banks RINGS N. Fox Jewelers WEDDING PLANNER The Main Event by Kelly Jeanmaire FLOWERS Renaissance Floral Design STATIONERY SUITE Foiled and Pressed CAKE Adelphi Hotel DJ & PHOTOBOOTH NonStop Music Event & Wedding DJ SPECIAL TOUCHES...

My younger sister passed away four months before our wedding. It was very important to honor my sister and add touches throughout the day that would make me think of her. She loved crepes, so we had a crepe station that we dedicated to her at our wedding. We also saved a chair for her at the ceremony filled with a beautiful garland of daisies, her favorite flower. I also had a table with pictures of her covered with daisies and a quote from her favorite song. It wasn't easy to get through the day without her, but having those touches and seeing them throughout the day helped me.


Exactly one year later, they held a big celebration at Saratoga National. Renewing their vows and sharing a weekend with loved ones was worth the wait! FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 65 Victoria & Jason GOWN RITA VINIERIS - PURCHASED AT KLEINFELD BRIDAL LOCATION SARATOGA NATIONAL • PHOTOGRAPHER JP ELARIO PHOTOGRAPHY

It was a beautiful summer night to play in a co-ed softball game. Tori's team needed an extra player, so her friend brought his buddy from work to fill the spot. Jason showed up in sweats, new cleats, and an aura of confidence. Jason hit a homerun that night, solidifying his spot on the team. By the end of the summer, Jason and Tori went on their first date. They played pool, shot darts, and ordered fries. Their love for competition and starchy carbohydrates made them inseparable. As their love for each other grew, it was only natural to talk about the future. Each had furry friends as part of their childhood, and both agreed it was a deal breaker if they couldn't get a dog. When they felt it was time to add a family member, the search ensued. Tori would soon learn that Jason had an ulterior motive and would use the new puppy as a bargaining chip in asking to her to embark on an even bigger journey - to be his future wife. The family was now three, and the newly engaged couple traveled back up north with their new puppy, Spud. In light of the uncertainty arising from the pandemic, they postponed their celebration and held an intimate ceremony with family on October 17, 2020, at The Sagamore Resort.

Follow your own traditions—- don’t get hung up on what you are supposed to do or have seen at other weddings! There are no "rules."

A wedding should be personal and reflect you as a couple - your stories, family values, shared interests and overall style. Your wedding is about the people and memories — don't sweat the small things.

66 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... • FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 67 details WEDDING DATE October 17 LOCATION Saratoga National PHOTOGRAPHER JP Elario Photography VIDEOGRAPHER Josh Rask, Elario Photography WEDDING GOWN Rita Vinieris - purchased at Kleinfeld Bridal BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Jenny Yoo - purchased at Lily Bridal HAIR & MAKEUP Julie Occhino Luxury Beauty GROOM'S ATTIRE Men's Wearhouse RINGS N. Fox Jewelers WEDDING PLANNER Fine Affairs EVENT DECORATOR Fine Affairs FLOWERS Surroundings Floral Studio STATIONERY SUITE Q DOT E DESIGN (designed by the Groom) CATERER Mazzone Hospitality CAKE Mazzone Hospitality / Kelly's Kitchen TRANSPORTATION Premiere Transportation / Loom Meadow Farms Horse and Carriage DJ OR BAND Soul Sessions FIRST DANCE "At Last" by Etta James HONEYMOON DESTINATION Mini-moon at Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid, Hawaii in 2022 SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Hotel for getting ready: The Adelphi Hotel • Drone & Firework Show: Santore's World Famous Fireworks LLC My parents surprised us with drones that spelled J + V, as well as an incredible fireworks show before finishing the night with more dancing! • Q DOT E DESIGN (by the Groom) signage, stationery suite, escort table and table markers. My husband designed all of the invitations, signage (both big and small), as well as the escort table representing quarter poles of Saratoga racetrack. It meant so much more that we did it all together. • My mother (MOB) had part of her 1983 wedding dress made into a robe for me to get ready in. Beyond sentimental and sweet. @Unboxthedress • We had a “spud” bar named after our puppy and filled with our favorite French fries for cocktail hour (curly, waffle, and steak cut!)


After college, Joe moved to Lake Placid, and I would always join a group of friends that went to visit him. Joe was always my rock and my escape place when I was going through a bad breakup. In 2018, I found myself looking for a new job. I decided to see what Lake Placid had to offer and asked Joe if I could move into his second bedroom. The rest is history.


Joe and I have a love story 21 years in the making. We first met in 7th grade. We went to the same school and played hockey together. We became best friends after I turned him down for a date and remained close friends throughout high school.

Joell & Joe FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 69

Two months after living together, we took a leap and started dating. After two years of dating, Joe proposed on a sunrise hike on the top of Mt VanHoevenburg (with our to-be flower dog present.) We quickly started looking at venues and had toured, fallen in love with, and booked The Promise Gardens in less than two weeks. The venue is a dream, and we would get married there over and over again if we could.

Take time to be alone or have a moment together. The day goes by so fast and everyone wants your attention. We did a first look and said our vows privately which was the best decision. It gave us time to really soak in the moment and made the vows even more special.


ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 71 details WEDDING DATE October 23 LOCATION The Promise Gardens PHOTOGRAPHER Elise Ruocco Photography VIDEOGRAPHER Bokeh Film Studios WEDDING GOWN Maggie Sottero BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Revelry HAIR Sarah Poirier, The Beauty Loj MAKEUP Roma Beauty BRIDE'S BOOTS: Freebird by Steve Madden GROOM'S ATTIRE The Modern Groom TIES/POCKET SQUARES: Dazi CUFF LINKS: Laurel Eve RINGS Darrah Cooper Jewelers FLOWERS Blooms Floral Design CATERER Nicole's of Albany CAKE Lauren Yaniro DONUTS Cider Belly Doughnuts / Coccadotts Cake Shop TRANSPORTATION L&S Journeys DJ OR BAND Lake Placid DJ FIRST DANCE "Hold You Down" by X Ambassadors HONEYMOON DESTINATION Iceland SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Illustrated Drink Signs by Kathryn Elbert Illustration • Rehearsal Dinner at The Algonquin Restaurant • Our place cards were multi-purpose. They were bud vases with everyone's name and table number. The guests would find their name, take it to their table and create their own center piece. It made for a unique display on every table. They could also take their vase home at the end of the night.





Erin and Alex first met in the summer of 2016 when mutual friends invited both to a party at their home. Erin was told to come over to meet a great guy they wanted to set her up with; Alex was told to come and bring some beer. The top-floor apartment was sweltering hot. When Alex arrived, he made a beeline for the living room to hang out with the group cooling off near the air conditioner. Erin left the party early, writing off this "great guy" as not interested, while Alex went home not even realizing Erin had been invited specifically to meet him. Months passed and the mutual friends continued to try to get Erin and Alex in the same room. On November 25th, 2016, Alex decided to spend the evening at The Lionheart in Albany. Erin was on the other side of the neighborhood with some family and friends. Erin and her group decided to end the evening with a night cap at The Lionheart. She was immediately greeted by the mutual friends with an enthusiastic re-introduction to Alex. Alex and Erin spent the rest of the evening laughing and chatting. They exchanged numbers and went on their first date the next week. By the end of December, they made their relationship official - it wasn’t until then that Alex realized the whole time their friends were trying to set him up with Erin.

Over the next four years, Erin and Alex's love for each other grew. They supported one another through the purchase of their first home, new jobs, and the loss of loved ones; the highs and lows of life strengthening their connection. On Christmas Eve, 2019 Alex made an excuse to get Erin to the Cohoes Falls look out point. It was there he got down on one knee and proposed, to which Erin of course, said yes! They went on to spend the next 21 months planning their dream wedding, through a pandemic. Somehow the timing worked out, all restrictions were lifted, and peak foliage hit the Schoharie area for their special day. The wedding was a great celebration spent with their family and friends, some of which they had not seen since before the start of the pandemic.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the day because it goes by fast. Small things may not go just as you planned, but at the end of the day the guest will have no clue. In other words, don't sweat the small stuff.

74 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 75 details WEDDING DATE October 23 LOCATION The Sablewood PHOTOGRAPHER Hannah Lux Photography WEDDING GOWN Essence of Australia - purchased at Lily Saratoga BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Bill Levkoff SEAMSTRESS Needle in the Haystack HAIR Angie, True Beauty Company MAKEUP Lauren, True Beauty Company GROOM'S ATTIRE Jos A. Banks RINGS Hannoush Jewelers OFFICIANT Father Johnathan Gray FLOWERS Flower Ally STATIONERY SUITE Simply to Impress CATERER Seasons Catering CAKE Price Chopper PARTY FAVORS Keychains from Print Globe TRANSPORTATION Brown Transportation DJ OR BAND DJ Tino / Harpist: Karlinda Caldicott FIRST DANCE "This Must Be the Place" by The Lumineers (cover of Talking Heads song) HONEYMOON DESTINATION Oahu, HI SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Rehearsal Dinner at City Squire • Hotel Accommodations at The Landing & Courtyard by Marriott Mohawk River • Plaid Shawls from Etsy • Alex's grandmother was unable to make the trip so Erin surprised him with a cardboard cut out of her from Fat Head. • Erin and Alex added a small dog figurine (painted to look like their dog, Layla) to their cake, so she could be there in spirit.


Anna & Thomas FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 77

They now live in Ballston Lake (just outside Saratoga) where Tom runs his family business. The Holiday Season had always been special to them, so a winter wedding in Saratoga was a dream come true …since Saratoga is where their story began!

They ran into each other often at Burke family events. Tom claims that he has had a crush on Anna since he was 16 and would see her throughout the years and always think about asking her out.

Fast forward 10 years and two full lifetimes later and that’s where the story really starts.

Anna and Tom both grew up in the Saratoga/Albany area and have known each other since they were kids when Anna became friends with Tom’s cousin.

Tom’s younger brother (and best man!) Jerry had made the Newport baseball summer team. The Burke family rented a house there for the summer of 2018 to be able to watch him play. Anna had been going to Newport for summers with her family since she was a kid and happened to have just quit her job and was heading to Newport for the summer.


On the day that she packed up her U-Haul and moved out of NYC, Tom reached out from Newport and asked if he could (finally!) take her out on a date. They went on a date the following day …and the day after that, and the day after that, and the day after that! Anna decided to take a job in Saratoga to be closer to him.

78 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Hiring a team of people you feel confident can execute your vision was the best investment. It meant that I could relax and enjoy every moment on the wedding day, knowing everything was running smoothly behind the scenes! FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 79 details WEDDING DATE December 4 LOCATION Hall of Springs PHOTOGRAPHER The Harris Company VIDEOGRAPHER The Harris Company WEDDING GOWN Essence of Austrailia MAKEUP Amanda Pierce GROOM'S ATTIRE Mark Thomas Men's Apparel GROOMSMEN ATTIRE Generation Tux RINGS Northeastern Fine Jewelry WEDDING PLANNER Christina Baxter Weddings and Events FLOWERS Renaissance Floral Design RENTALS Luxe Event Rentals / Nuage Linens / Clifton Park Rentals STATIONERY SUITE Pine + Park Design Co, CATERER Mazzone Hospitality CAKE Mazzone Hospitality DJ OR BAND The Chromantics FIRST DANCE "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" by Franki Valli HONEYMOON DESTINATION Bal Harbour, FL SPECIAL TOUCHES... • I didn't have a designer, I designed the wedding myself! Rennaisance Floral coordinated the rentals I chose from Luxe Event Rentals and Nuage Linens. We also used Clifton Park Rentals for the lights, drapery and other small touches. • I think Harris & Co captured all the little details we worked so hard on perfectly! We also loved having the Owners Box at the Adelphi to get ready in and utilize for photos, we had plenty of space and it provided such a timeless backdrop.


Throughout the wedding weekend, the holiday spirit was in the air, from the Christmas trees and lights around town to the festive decor at The 408, and the cheerful energy on display after almost two years of social distancing. We had an intimate ceremony, officiated by one of our best friends. We borrowed vows from Parks and Recreation, one of our favorite tv shows, ending each of our declarations with “I love you and I like you.” We finished the evening with a selection of our favorite holiday cookies and capped off the night with a continuing celebration on Caroline Street.

Initially we had a slow start to wedding planning. We were intimated by all the options, decisions, and expectations. Eventually we came across The 408 Event and Occasion space located right in downtown Saratoga Springs, less than a mile from our apartment and all of our favorite places. We toured the venue and immediately knew this was where we should get married. It had everything we were looking for, a contemporary and intimate setting and the perfect location. We wanted our day to be to true to us, and most importantly wanted to throw a great party that just happened to have a wedding take place in the middle of it. We worked with The 408 to plan our December wedding as a cocktail reception, opting for passed hors d’oeuvres, charcuterie boards and various dinner stations instead of a sit down meal. The groom curated the perfect playlist that allowed for both mingling and dancing. We still listen to it today to bring us right back to The 408 and our special night.

Overall, it was the perfect day, and we are so thankful to all of our vendors, especially The 408 for perfectly executing our vision, and Nicole Nero studios for capturing the event so beautifully.


Lisa & Ethan FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 81

Ethan and I met in February 2018, and had our first date on February 13th (I know, day before Valentine’s Day?) It turns out I had no reason to be nervous; Ethan was so smitten he said he wanted to see me the next day too, completely ignoring the holiday. From that point on we were pretty much a done deal. After 2.5 years of firsts- first time camping, first vacation, our first apartment together in Saratoga and many others in between- we got engaged in November 2020.

82 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 83 details WEDDING DATE December 4 LOCATION The 408 Event and Occasion PHOTOGRAPHER Nicole Nero Studios WEDDING GOWN Betsy & Adam ALTERATIONS WillFitUin BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Show Me Your Mumu HAIR Make Me Fabulous MAKEUP Make Me Fabulous GROOM'S ATTIRE J. Reid Menswear RINGS N. Fox Jewelers FLOWERS Market 32 STATIONERY SUITE Truly Engaging by MagnetStreet CATERER The 408 Event and Occasion DESSERT Continental Cookies TRANSPORTATION Premiere Plus Travel & Tours FIRST DANCE "Love Your Love the Most" by Eric Church HONEYMOON DESTINATION Hawaii SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Rehearsal dinner and welcome drinksJacob & Anthony's Saratoga • As an alternative to wedding cake and in celebration of the holidays we chose an assortment of Christmas cookies for our guests to enjoy (and take home). Even now, months later, people still talk about how much they loved them - especially the rainbow cookies.


The rest, as they say… is history. We ended up deciding to pursue different college experiences as we felt it’s important to grow individually in order to grow together. Michael went to Providence college in Rhode Island, and I went to Hartwick College in Oneonta. We spent 4-years dating long distance which only made our bond stronger and allowed us to make memories apart while also making memories together. After graduation we remained local, buying a house in Ballston Spa, NY with our two dogs. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary this March of 2022. Anyone that knows Michael and me know that we have always been complete opposites, but I believe it has been our biggest strength because in the areas each of us struggles, the other picks up the pieces.

Our wedding day was absolutely perfect! We postponed from December 2020 to December 2021, due to the pandemic. All our vendors could not have been more cooperative and supportive in making sure we had the perfect day after the stress of having to re-plan a wedding.

Michael and I both attended Saratoga Springs High School where we always knew of each other but never interacted. We both went on a Habitat for Humanity trip through St. Clement’s church during the summer of 2011. After this trip we spent the fall and following spring talking on and off until Michael asked me to prom, then a few weeks later, to be his girlfriend. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 85 Sarah & Michael GOWN LILY SARATOGA • LOCATION HALL OF SPRINGS PHOTOGRAPHER CAITLIN MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY

86 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Always remember this is YOUR day, not anyone else’s. It's so easy to get caught up in what you feel like everyone else may like or enjoy when in reality it should be a day the two of you enjoy most. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 87 details WEDDING DATE December 12 LOCATION Hall of Springs PHOTOGRAPHER Caitlin Miller Photography WEDDING GOWN Lily Saratoga BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Lily Saratoga HAIR Make Me Fabulous MAKEUP Make Me Fabulous GROOM'S ATTIRE Jos A. Bank RINGS Kay Jewelers / Hannoush Jewelers FLOWERS Gardens to Table / The Posie Peddler CATERER Mazzone Hospitality CAKE Mazzone Hospitality PARTY FAVORS Ornaments TRANSPORTATION Premiere Transportation DJ OR BAND Platinum Entertainment FIRST DANCE "Please Keep Loving Me" HONEYMOON DESTINATION Maui, Hawaii SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Rehersal Dinner at Salt and Char


I met Dan in August of 2016 while he was attending his friend's wedding. Something about the connection between us felt different, and by the following year, we were engaged! There was no doubt for either of us where we wanted all our closest family and friends – all 350 of them!! - to celebrate with us. If the coincidences could not get any more specific, The Crooked Lake House was the venue that my grandparents held their wedding in, in 1955. After that, everything seemed to fall perfectly into place. With all my experience in the industry, I knew exactly how I wanted our day to be, right down to the tiniest detail. It was finally time to plan! My shower was set, my bachelorette in Florida booked, and our wedding date solidified for August 1, 2020… then in March 2020 the whole world shut down.


But SURPRISE! Enter baby number two! After everything we had been through, we were keeping our date; nothing was going to make us change it again! COVID continued to haunt us and our guest list of 350 quickly dropped to 250. With 70 guests cancelling the week between Christmas and New Year's due to contracting COVID, being exposed or being worried about possible exposure. Here I was 25 weeks pregnant with a 10-month-old at home redoing my seating chart for what seemed to be the 500th time!


At last, December 31, 2021 was finally here and it seemed to be nothing short of a miracle! Although the day was not exactly how we planned in the beginning it was every bit as perfect as we had hoped! Our vendors really stuck with us through the good and the bad and knocked it out of the park. The Old Daley Staff, the food, service staff, florals, entertainment, and our favorite people coming together to celebrate our love – it was all such a dream!

As if things were not crazy enough, life had other plans for us, and we found out we were expecting our first baby in April of 2021! Cue another cancellation... move the reception to July of 2021 and get married in a very small ceremony on October 1, 2020. We welcomed James Daniel into our lives in March of 2021. With the pandemic still very much present, Dan and I knew that with a guest list of 350 people there was no way to be able to have that many people in any space, so again, we changed the date! At this point, we were already married and had a baby, so we were really looking to have a celebration with the ones we loved most and what better night to party than New Year's Eve? Finally, in June of 2021 the wedding-and-event-world started to get back on track – there was hope that we were going to pull this off!

Every love story has its own unique beginning. Mine began almost 10 years ago when I decided to take a wedding planner's position with The Daley Hospitality Group at Old Daley on Crooked Lake (formerly The Crooked Lake House). My sole responsibility was to execute every couple’s dream day. Over the years I have planned over 200 weddings and truthfully, I never really thought that I would find love where I help celebrate the love of others, but destiny and life works in mysterious ways!

90 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 91 details WEDDING DATE December 31 LOCATION Old Daley on Crooked Lake PHOTOGRAPHER Tiffany Wayne Photography VIDEOGRAPHER Lovecraft Productions WEDDING GOWN Mac Duggal BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES Their choice HAIR Molly Ryan, The Beauty Lounge MAKEUP Erin Muller GROOM'S ATTIRE Ralph Lauren RINGS Hannoush Jewelers WEDDING PLANNER Kate Mace & Molly Riegert EVENT DECORATOR Party With Mia DRAPING Total Events LLC FLOWERS Party With Mia / Hanging florals: PoppyTree STATIONERY SUITE Brittany (Reo) Gross, Life of the Party CATERER Old Daley Catering CAKE Oh Sugar PARTY FAVORS Scratch Offs TRANSPORTATION Northeast Shuttles DJ OR BAND Vinny, Nonstop Music FIRST DANCE "Love Someone" by Lukas Graham SPECIAL TOUCHES... • Party with Mia did all of the floral and decor; PoppyTree did the hanging florals above the dance floor.


Haydn and I knew each other in high school and eventually connected again during college. To most, we were an unexpected pairing - Haydn being in a heavy metal band and I being a baker. We bonded over our love for our Labrador, Mia and eventually got another lab, Max. We had just celebrated 6 years of being together. Haydn proposed to me while out on the boat on Lake George. We had gotten off the boat to walk around “Long Island” and Haydn got down on one knee with the view of the mountains and the lake behind him. It was picture perfect!


We chose to get married at the Queensbury Hotel for so many reasons. I loved the historical aspect and its classic atmosphere. Haydn's family runs a local flooring company, and they rehabbed the original floors and installed new floors throughout the hotel through the years. It felt special to have had my soon-to-be family play an important role during the beautiful renovations at the hotel. Our winter wedding could not have been more perfect! FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 93

Rachael & Haydn

94 | SARATOGA BRIDE | FALL/WINTER 2022 ADVICE TO PASS ALONG... Take time to sit and enjoy your meal together. Savor your first moments as Mr. and Mrs.

• Haydn's family operates a flooring business in downtown Glens Falls. Their company helped refinish/rehab the historic Queensbury Hotel's flooring throughout the hotel. So the venue felt incredibly personal to the family because they worked on it over the years. FALL\WINTER 2022 | SARATOGA BRIDE | 95 details WEDDING DATE January 21 LOCATION The Queensbury Hotel PHOTOGRAPHER Nina Long WEDDING GOWN David's Bridal BRIDESMAIDS' DRESSES David's Bridal HAIR Cassondra Schuable (@hairbysassycassy) MAKEUP Baileigh Nelson (@by.baileigh) GROOM'S ATTIRE J. Reid Menswear FLOWERS Floral Divine (@floraldivine1111) CALLIGRAPHER Starry Eyed Letter Co. (@starryeyedletterco) CATERER The Queensbury Hotel CAKE Hannaford PARTY FAVORS Honey Bunch Baking Co FIRST DANCE One Man Band SPECIAL TOUCHES... • I run a cookie shop from my home, our favors were custom cookies with an "M" on them. Everyone was so excited to be able to take home a treat that I made for them.

• Lastly, our name place cards were scribed on flooring tile, to honor Haydn's family business. Guests loved to take these home as well.


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