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NASCAR Returns

Birthday of a Lifetime by Arthur Gonick Saratoga TODAY Until recently, George Morris, a 1992 graduate of Saratoga Springs High School, didn’t think that January 26 was going to be anything more than just another birthday. It turned out that it was one beyond his wildest dreams. For months, he had written to the syndicated “Ellen” Show, noting that he and the show’s host

Whelen All-American Series comes to Saratoga Speedway by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY MALTA – The Albany-Saratoga Speedway in Malta has some big news for racing fans. “Big? It’s huge!” said track owner Bruce Richards, who is also the owner of Devil’s Bowl

Speedway in West Haven, Vermont. The announcement? For the first time in almost 40 years, the Albany-Saratoga Speedway will be hosting NASCAR sanctioned racing, featuring the Whelen All-

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Saratoga native George Morris helps Julia Roberts surprise Ellen DeGeneres.

Malta Makeover Downtown plan calls for 38 percent reduction by Yael Goldman Saratoga TODAY

photo provided by DC

MALTA – As tech-industry moves in with implications of rapid growth, historically small-town Malta is rethinking its accommodations for the community's sake. After months of hearings, community workshops and addressing public concerns, the Mata Downtown Planning Team (DPT) advocated deflating the original

“We heard the public.” Chris Round Chazen Companies

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Friday, January 28, 2011



Aunt Helen’s Closet brings the world to St. Clement’s Elementary by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY In a unique, hands-on demonstration at St. Clement's Regional Catholic Elementary School late last week, students from the second and third grades had an opportunity to see, interact with and wear authentic clothing and artifacts collected from across the globe during a special presentation from Aunt

Helen’s Closet. Led by local storyteller Ellen Mnich, the students were given the chance to dig through the closet of Helen Fitzgerald, a Cohoes native who spent 60 years traveling to every country in the world (except for two), collecting special artifacts from each and every one. For more information on Aunt Helen’s Closet, please visit the website at

photos by • Saratoga Today

Everyone has a chance to dress in clothing from around the world during Ellen Mnich’s presentation of Aunt Helen’s Closet.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Jesse Smith, 28, of 723 Raymonds St., Apt. 1, Schenectady, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree attempted criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-C felony. Smith was arrested in Saratoga Springs on October 6 for an incident that occurred on September 15, and is expected to return to court for sentencing on April 18. Tony J. Prichard, 22, of Middleline Rd., Ballston Spa, was charged with fourth-degree grand larceny, a class-E felony. Prichard was arrested in Milton on January 6, and is expected to return to court at a later date. Ronald O. Todd, aka "Magic," 29, of 129 Thorndale Terrace, Rochester, pleaded guilty to a charge of third-degree criminal sale of a controlled substance, a class-B felony. Todd was arrested in Malta on February 5 for an incident that occurred on February 4. He is scheduled to return to court for sentencing on March 18. Michael Morrill, 32, of Saratoga Springs, was arrested on a bench warrant for failure to pay a fine to the Stillwater Town Court. Morrill was arrested in Stillwater on January 14. Thomas Mercer, 54, of Troy, was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, a misdemeanor. He was arrested in Schuylerville on January 17. Richard E. Berg, 33, of Depot Rd., Porter Corners, was charged with second-degree promotion of prison contraband, a misdemeanor. Berg was arrested on December 31 in Milton. He is expected to return to court at a later date.

Stephen W. Jenkins, 35, of Crescent Ave., Saratoga Springs, was charged with second-degree harassment. He was arrested in Saratoga Springs on January 21. Tamie L. Fowler, 36, of Court St., Saratoga Springs, was charged with second-degree burglary, a class-C felony; fourth-degree criminal mischief and third-degree attempted assault, both of which are misdemeanors. She was arrested in Saratoga Springs on January 21. Patrick W. Bloomfield, 32, of Adirondack Circle, Wilton, was charged with fourth-degree criminal mischief, a class-A misdemeanor. He was arrested on January 16 in Wilton, and is expected to return to court at a later date. Nicholas A. Marrano, 60, of Old Schuylerville Rd., Saratoga Springs, was charged with seconddegree harassment. Marrano was arrested in Saratoga Springs on January 20. Daniel Reed White, 36, of Maple St., Corinth, was charged with second-degree assault on a police officer, a class-D felony;

fourth-degree criminal mischief, a class-A misdemeanor; and resisting arrest. White was arrested on January 13 in Corinth, and is expected to return to court at a later date. William J. Flanders, 21, of Walnut Street, Saratoga Springs, was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, a class-E felony. Flanders was arrested on January 24 in Saratoga Springs for an incident that occurred on January 19. Daniel B. Eisenberg, 64, of 91 Westchester Dr., Clifton Park, pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to register as a sex offender, a class-E felony. Eisenberg was arrested on December 2 for an incident that occurred on October 28. He will return to court for sentencing on March 16. Jeffery A. Pitts, 39, of Van Dam St., Saratoga Springs, was charged with first-degree criminal impersonation, a class-E felony. Pitts was arrested on January 20 in Saratoga Springs. Jeffery Bishop, 19, of Saratoga Springs, was charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a

motor vehicle, a misdemeanor. Bishop was arrested in Stillwater on January 17. Robert W. Rivers, 27, of Granite St., Saratoga Springs, was charged with second-degree harassment, as well as resisting arrest. Rivers was arrested in Saratoga Springs on January 20. Scott F. French, 45, of Ferndell Springs Dr., Saratoga Springs, was charged with third-degree grand larceny, a class-D felony. French was arrested in Saratoga Springs on January 17 and is expected to return to court on January 27. Prince J. Hines, 28, of 38 Osborne St., Albany, pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree attempted promotion of prison contraband, a class-E felony. Hines was arrested in the Town of Moreau on January 28, 2010 for an incident that occurred on October 2, 2009. He was sentenced to one


and a half to three years in State Prison. Kimberly M. Richards, 27, of Antone Mountain Rd., Corinth, was charged with second-degree promotion of prison contraband, a misdemeanor. Richards was arrested on December 31 in Milton, and is expected to return to court at a later date.


WEEK IN REVIEW Lion King tickets for local Friendly’s customers! Locally Owned and Operated

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Another “random act of friendliness” took place in our market last Thursday, January 20 at the Friendly’s shop at 3075 Route 50 in Saratoga Springs! David Bailey, Albany Market Manager for Friendly’s had the pleasure Photo by Kim Beatty of awarding four tickets to the Lion King musical during its inaugural visit to Proctors Theater this winter, along with a $50 Friendly’s gift card to Ms. Jennifer Koehler of Saratoga Springs. She is pictured with her daughters Abigail, 4, Emily, 3 and Mr. Bailey. The entire package is worth nearly $350 and is part of Friendly’s “Empire state project” that involves significant upgrades to the menus and facilities to 17 of Friendly’s restaurants in the Capital Region.

County residents save $1 county's ProAct RX Discount card, saving participants an average of 44 million on prescriptions The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors announced this week that county residents have collectively saved over a million dollars in prescription costs. Over 31,000 prescriptions have been filled using the

percent or $32.60 per script filled.

Accident victim sues state, county A car accident that occurred in Milton at the intersection of State


Friday, January 28, 2011

Route 29 and County Road 104 in 2009 has turned into a $1 million lawsuit involving Saratoga County and New York State. Colleen L. Morris was struck head-on when driving west down Route 29 in September 2009 when she was struck by Jared Samuelson. She suffered multiple injuries, including ankle fractures and a broken femur, and underwent surgery for a compressed disc and to have a plate installed in her right knee. The victim claims the intersection is "inherently dangerous," as it has been the site of 20 accidents over the past decade. She is suing the state, county and the two individuals involved (Samuelson and his mother Shari, owner of the vehicle) for a total of $1 million.

Hampshire found guilty, could face life sentence Jeffrey Hampshire, the already two-time felon accused of helping Travis Carroll conceal evidence in the fatal hit-and-run that killed


Ryan Rossley, was found guilty of tampering with evidence on Tuesday, January 25. The Saratoga County District Attorney's office is seeking a life sentence for Hampshire. Hampshire was in the car with Caroll, the intoxicated driver of the vehicle that killed 28-year-old Rossley in the early hours of March 18, 2010, and assisted him in removing a portion of the windshield marked with DNA evidence. Caroll was convicted of manslaughter and is currently serving his five to 15-year sentence in state prison. Details of another suit stemming from the St. Patrick's Day hit-andrun incident were revealed this week. Maureen Rossley, the victim's mother, is suing Caroll for an unspecified amount of money.

McDonald’s to begin demolition and redesign project The McDonald's fast food restaurant located at 197 South Broadway in Saratoga Springs is closing its doors in anticipation of demolition and reconstruction. The restaurant is scheduled to temporarily close its doors to customers starting on January 30 as crew members begin to tear down and redesign the existing structure. The demolition and reconstruction project was approved by the Saratoga Springs Planning Board in the spring of last year, but delays pushed back the original demolition date from shortly after Labor Day until now. Board member Amy Durland had previously expressed her concerns over the restaurant's dumpster enclosure, citing a problem with leaking grease. The new plans for the building are said to include an internal system that would not require a grease dumpster, which will ideally alleviate the problem.



Friday, January 28, 2011

State of the City: Relatively Strong by Arthur Gonick Saratoga TODAY SARATOGA SPRINGS - Against a backdrop of a snowy downtown skyline, Mayor Scott Johnson delivered his 2011 State of the City address from the renovated second floor of the Saratoga Springs City Center on Sunday, January 23. Describing Saratoga Springs as "a small city with a large personality," the Mayor reviewed 2010, a year that he said "showed hope against some difficult times and harsh realities." Noting the qualities about Saratoga Springs made it "more resistant, though not immune" to the difficulties that the general economy has been facing, Mayor Johnson listed several events and accomplishments that the City had experienced during 2010, as well as some challenges on the horizon. "While relatively strong, the need for fiscal conservatism and better efficiencies in City government must continue," he said. The Mayor also addressed the issue of charter change, and issued a challenge to Saratoga Citizen to provide the current City Council with budgetary details regarding the costs associated with the transition of government to a council-manager form, as well as the costs of the new government itself. Saying that he spoke "for the entire City Council," he requested that these details be provided by January 31, and that a written request would be following to that effect. The Mayor said that this was the first time a citizen-based group had proceeded this far with an effort to change the form of government, and thus reliance on outside counsel was needed. Nonetheless, the Mayor acknowledged that Saratoga Citizen's petition, having obtained certification, was now appropriate to be considered by the Council for placement on a future election's ballot. The budget, or 'fiscal note,' while ruled to not be a requirement to accompany a petition by the Courts, was still "indispensible" to the Council's deliberations on the subject. "The City Council [must assure] that there is fiscal responsibility. We don't take this lightly," said the Mayor. At this juncture, it remains to be determined what will be Saratoga Citizen's response, although its organizers have previously indicated that they would be willing to provide an overall budgetary framework about the transition costs and savings under the council-manager form of government.

The City Center provided more than just a great backdrop for the event. Its soon-to-be completed expansion topped the Mayor's list of events and milestones reached in the City in 2010. Other highlights that were acknowledged included: - The racing industry: Saying that "uncertainty is Saratoga's worst enemy," the Mayor noted that delays in resolving issues regarding The New York Racing Association's franchise and determining a Video Lottery Terminal (VLT) operator for Aqueduct caused a ripple effect of damage to the breeding industry and hospitality-related businesses because prospective visitors for the racing meet could not plan their stays. While this year's meet is assured, the Mayor cited the Council's recent resolution urging immediate action on resolving the impact of casino gambling proposals, the collapse of New York City OTB and the restoration on host-city VLT funds as evidence that these issues were going to need a great deal of attention in the future. - The indoor recreation center: Opened last July, this "true public asset" is an enhancement to the quality of life in the City, and the Mayor noted that it was well on its way to becoming self-sufficient in its first year. - Open space: Highlighted by the opening of the Spring Run trail. - Debate over paid parking: The Mayor noted that while not adopted in 2010, paid parking in some form could deliver a significant revenue stream and should not be dismissed for the future. - Continued development of the Luther Forest Technology Park: In nearby Malta, the City will continue to "reap many benefits" from the 1,200+ jobs it will generate. - A strong relationship with Skidmore College: Skidmore opened the Arthur Zankel music center, and welcomed its largest freshman class ever. New residences were announced to begin construction in 2011. - Labor negotiations: In 2010: a tentative agreement was reached with the PBA and negotiations continued with CSEA and DPW unions. A move to consolidate to one healthcare provider with multiple options is still in arbitration. Looking towards the future, Mayor Johnson said that unfunded State mandates will provide the biggest challenge towards capping property tax increases. While this remains a period of uncertainty in many areas, the Mayor felt that it

offered an opportunity to clarify the services that governments are best able to provide. He lauded moves toward long-term capital-budget planning with monthly meetings and the computerization of the City's Building Department as examples of the City preparing for future growth, and finished with a call for continued collaboration for the common good, quoting Lincoln: "Our ideology separates us; our dreams and anguish bring us together.�



Photo by Anthony Aquino for Saratoga Today

Mayor Scott Johnson delivers 2011 State of the City address at the Saratoga Springs City Center


Friday, January 28, 2011



Downtown Planning Team recommends changes continued from Page 1 downtown plans by more than a third. The team presented its recommended revisions, with the help of hired consultants Chazen Companies, to the 2005 master plan with a 38 percent reduction in density to the board on Wednesday, January 26. Split between the need to move forward and act prudently in planning, the town board resolved to approve the plan at its March regular meeting, taking time to address necessary zoning revisions, newly

adopted codes, and foreseeable financial obstacles before proceeding. Although weighing conflicting opinions over the urgency of "acting now," overall the board seemed pleased with the DPT's response to public concern. The lengthy, open-to-the-public process was vital in securing a "shared solution" to problems associated with growth - to making compromises, which is quickly becoming one of Malta's greatest strengths. "We couldn't solve all the problems, so we had to focus on the big

issues," said Chris Round, Chazen Companies, citing the size of the downtown, building scale, connectivity/walkability, lacking focal point, and architectural style as the primary concerns. The presented plan is a "shared solution": a downtown that speaks to the growth, wants and needs of the community while respecting Malta's historic charm through a break-down of three unique, yet connected, mixed-use segments: town center, village center and gateways. Residential and commercial growth is anticipated throughout.

"We needed an idea that's going to need to bend and shape to fit the community," Round said. This three-component downtown plan essentially sticks to the DPT's original recommendation, but reflects significant alterations in response to community input. "As a result of breaking the downtown into zones the overall permitted density is reduced by 38 percent," Round explained. Originally zoned for building heights of 54 feet, the town center district, which contains the Town Complex, CVS and Ellsworth Commons, would only permit a 45foot maximum height. Zoning within the village center, which envelopes the historic district, would increase from the originally proposed 25-foot maximum to allow buildings 35 feet in height. This suggested increase responds to one of the more contentious workshop items: the concern among historic district business owners that the original height, barely approving two stories, would hinder business growth and appeal within this region. "We heard the public," Round said, adding that the newly recommended building scale and density would accommodate both desired growth and historic preservation. Just off Northway Exit 12 and along NYS Route 67, this district doubles as an entrance to Malta and should maintain its charm with traditional materials and precisely designed infill, which ties to the third component of the plan. Two proposed gateways, located at the northern and southern limits of the downtown, would address beautification, pedestrian safety, connectivity and rapid growth mitigation issues. As transitional zones between

the contrasting village and town centers, the DPT emphasized that the gateway districts should reflect modest densities, which is why building heights were recommended at a decreased 35 feet instead of the original 54-foot maximum. These strategies along with recommendations to implement other critical components, such as "complete streets" throughout the downtown and an adopted form-based code to control land use," reflect the DPT's success - over seven months and during more than 500 hours of deliberation - in responding to the community. And that seemed enough to please Malta Town Supervisor Paul Sausville, who is eager to begin working out the specifics (changes to zoning law, code, environmental impact and financial assessment) before making any final motion in March. While Anthony Tozzi, building and planning coordinator, recommended adopting the proposed changes "as soon as possible," Sausville specifically expressed concerns over inflated residential growth, the possibility of a "housing bubble," which could effect downtown growth and force residential sprawl. "We need to preserve those things that are uniquely Malta and add value to the community; we need a growth management plan," Sausville said. "There's not a great deal of demand on housing; we ought to be designing for retail." Councilwoman Tara Thomas, however, thought the 38 percent density reduction was an indication that it’s time to take the next step and refine the community's vision for the downtown. "Personally, I'm ready to make some progress," Thomas said.



Friday, January 28, 2011


NASCAR returns to local speedway continued from Page 1 American Racing Series scheduled to begin in late April of this year. “The Whelen All-American Racing Series is the grassroots level that NASCAR sanctions, and the grassroots level is the backbone of motor sport racing,” Richards said. “Racing fans are going to have a chance to see some of the most premiere racing around.” The announcement comes on the tail of nearly 18 months of talks between Richards and NASCAR, who worked together to bring NASCAR racing back to the historic .400 mile paved oval track in Malta. The track, which opened in 1965, first hosted a NASCAR sanc-

tioned event in 1970, when Richard Petty won the Sprint Cup Series in ’70 and ‘71. The following year the track hosted the NASCAR Grand National East event, won by Bobby Isaac, before NASCAR disappeared from the scene for many, many years. Disappeared, that is, until now. “We welcome the Richards family, Albany-Saratoga Speedway, and its participants to the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series,” said George Silbermann, NASCAR managing director of racing operations. “[The] tracks provide a solid foundation for great racing and family entertainment.” The announcement not only means exciting race action for fans,

but big paydays for the drivers as well. “There’s a $25,000 national championship at stake,” Richards said. “There’s a $10,000 state championship on the line as well. In all of our divisions, NASCAR has guaranteed $16,500 in year-end points.” The NASCAR sanctioned races will be held on Fridays every week beginning this spring, but Richards hinted that the Whelen AllAmerican Series might not be the only NASCAR races coming to the area. “Down the road in the future, we’re already working with [NASCAR] to bring some of the other bigger series to the venue,”

Valentine’s Day Guide February 14, 2011

Richards said, including, “their Whelen Modified Series, and also the Camping World East Series as well.” For more information about the Albany-Saratoga Speedway, please visit www.albany-saratogaspeed-, where interested parties can learn more about the speedway, as well as purchase tickets to upcoming events. You may also call the speedway’s office by phone at (518) 857-0761 for ticket purchase and information.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Saratoga Publishing named 2011 Showcase of Homes Gold Nail Media Sponsor Saratoga Publishing, the locally owned and operated company that brings you Saratoga TODAY Newspaper, nine annual glossy magazines (including Simply Saratoga, Enchanted Wedding, Equicurean and Welcome Home), is proud to announce that we have been chosen by the Saratoga Builders Association as a Gold Nail Media Sponsor for the 2011 Showcase of Homes. The September 2011 Simply Saratoga Magazine will be the "Showcase of Homes edition," providing you with extensive coverage of the event and the exceptional local homes and

crafters it features. "We are thrilled to have been chosen the official publication for the 2011 Showcase of Homes," said Publisher Chad Beatty. "As in previous years, Saratoga Publishing will go above and beyond to produce a dynamic and vibrant product which highlights the talents of all our local builders, as well as the Saratoga Builders Association's commitment to our regional community." With profiles of local builders, detailed descriptions and photos of all the homes, directions and maps, and much more, the Showcase of Homes edition will be the premiere publication and community resource for the 2011 event. "The Saratoga Builders

Association and the 2011 Showcase of Homes Committee is truly excited and fortunate to have Saratoga Publishing on board as a Gold Nail Media Sponsor for this year's event," said Barry Potoker, SBA executive director. "They have done such an excellent job in the past with coverage and in-depth stories of this annual community event.� “We look forward to our partnership with this creative, local company, especially since all the proceeds from this fall event benefit local charities here in Saratoga County." The Showcase of Homes is now in its 16th year, and the dates are September 17-18, 2425 and October 1-2. Chefs Night Saratoga Style will be Friday, September 16. Until the Showcase of Homes edition of Simply Saratoga is released, you may find information regarding the 2011 Showcase of Homes at


Local Business News Rebuilding Together announces 2011 officers, directors

Architecture, PLLC; Deb VanDeMar, Information Technology; Paul Von Schenk, Adirondack Trust Insurance

Rebuilding Together Saratoga County recently announced its 2011 officers and board of directors. Lee Ecker, partner with Clough Harbour & Associates, will assume responsibilities as the 2011 president of the board of directors for a second term; Maria Fontaine, social worker with the East Greenbush School System, will serve a second term as vice president; Jeannine Stancanelli, professor at Mercy College and occupational therapist, will serve a second term as secretary; and newly elected board member David Blair of W.M. Schultz and Co. will serve as board treasurer. The following individuals will return as directors to the board (each serving a two-year term): Jesse Boucher, Kodiak Construction; Kim Crocetta, Attorney; Paula Lomasney, Information Technology; Robert Moran, High Rock Construction; Lisa Rozell, Met Life. Rebuilding Together also announced the addition of five other board members: Matt Coseo, McMahon & Coseo, P.C.; Ali Roberts, Liberty Travel; Michael Tuck, Balzer, Hodge, Tuck

Roohan Realty top agents for 2010 Roohan Realty recently announced their top sales performers for 2010 Congratulations to Julie Bonacio, Meg Minehan, Valerie Thompson, Gail Macaioni, Palma Pedrick, Bill Walker, Chris Benton, Carole Tarantino, Gerry Magoolaghan and Kate Naughton. The "Rookie of the Year" award went to Gerry Magoolaghan. In total, these accomplished realtors achieved over $55 million in real estate property sales last year.

FingerPaint Marketing launches new website FingerPaint Marketing, Inc. recently unveiled its new website: The site is a reflection of the agency's credo, "create something original," and showcases a clean, uncluttered palette, with strokes of vibrant color within a more modern Web 2.0 format. The agency has doubled in size over the last year, and the site reveals the 23 staff members who embody the firm's nontraditional culture.

New agreement ensures consistent care, coverage at mental health facilities Saratoga Hospital and Saratoga County have joined forces to ensure adequate psychiatric coverage and consistent care at hospital and county mental health facilities. Under an agreement that took effect January 1, Saratoga Hospital will recruit and employ psychiatrists for both the hospital's inpatient mental health unit and the Saratoga County Mental Health Center (SCMHC). Saratoga County will continue to operate SCMHC, but will contract with the hospital for physician staffing. The new arrangement streamlines the recruiting process, ensures adequate psychiatric coverage at the hospital and SCMHC, and promotes a consistent, collaborative approach among psychiatrists who serve the community. The goal, over time, is to provide much-needed additional access to mental health services in a number of healthcare settings. "This agreement benefits everyone involved - the county, the hospital and, most important of all, the people of our community," said Spencer Hellwig, county administrator.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Red Confetti Studio


Photo provided

Area children spend their snow day creating works of art at Red Confetti Studio.

by Yael Goldman Saratoga TODAY SARATOGA SPRINGS - Since Caroline Declercq-Blake opened the doors of Red Confetti Studio on January 15, the new Saratoga Springs art space has been bustling with activity. Located at 153 Regent Street, the studio is a multi-purpose creative space that doubles as a language learning lab for area homeschoolers and also responds to diverse demands within the community. Offering a wide range of artsy services for children and adults, Red Confetti Studio provides everything from art classes in both French and English to artistic birthday parties, rent-by-the-hour studio space, and a place for parents to send their children on snow days. Many of the classes offered at Red Confetti Studio are taught by local visual artists that met great difficultly in finding an outlet prior to the gallery's opening. "Saratoga artists who didn't know where else to go" teach photography, pottery, knitting, making tile, collage and painting courses for artists of all ages at Red Confetti Studio. Young artists can enhance their creativity and language skills through Red Confetti courses. Declercq-Blake, who has experience teaching art at Lake Avenue School's after school program, works with home school students to satisfy their language and art requirements at once. "It's a very effective way to improve language skills. If you're doing something fun while you learn the language, you forget a little bit of the difficulties. You learn while you play," she said. Declercq-Blake offers art classes for children on snow days, which has proven popular among parents in the Saratoga community. Red Confetti Studio was full on Monday, January 24, when the frigid weather gave Saratoga Springs students a day off. As a friendly community space open to all local artists, Red Confetti

Studio is also a great resource for artistic parents who don't have access to a studio of their own. "Someone who is an artist but has children might not have a space at home or the time to work full time in a studio," she said, explaining that Red Confetti Studio offers a solution to this problem with creative space to rent by the hour. According to Declercq-Blake, the evolution of Red Confetti Studio has just begun. She wants to reach out to the Farmers’ Market and create a connection between creating art, buying local and thinking green called "Green Confetti." With more creative partnerships and classes in the works, Red Confetti Studio can reach out to and provide services for a diverse demographic. "There is a little bit of an artist in all of us, it's just a matter of opening the right door and bringing possibilities to try new things," she said. For more information about Red Confetti Studio, contact Caroline Declercq-Blake at (518) 583-7111 or

Another spin-off business to lease space MALTA - San Franciscobased KLA-Tencor, a supplier of process control and yield management solutions for semiconductor and related microelectronics industries, announced that it will be setting up shop in Malta within the next couple of months. The company will lease a 4,200 square-foot space of the new Highpointe at Malta office building located on Route 9, confirmed Robert Hayes, Highpointe developer and regional president of Wilber National Bank. According to KLA-Tencor's website (, the company is one of the world's top ten semi-conductor equipment manufacturers, and "offers a broad spectrum of products and services that are used by every major semicon-

ductor manufacturer in the world." At press time, KLA-Tencor representatives were unable to comment and Hayes was not allowed to reveal additional details. Tokyo Electron, another spin-off business, is also leasing space in the 20,000-square-foot Highpointe at Malta building. The remaining office space will house Wilber National Bank.

Gas-yard underway


MALTA - Construction continues this month on the two-acre gas yard that will service GlobalFoundries. Air Liquide is the French specialty and industrial gas supplier that GlobalFoundries chose to service its $4.6 billion plant in Malta in 2010. The company, which has U.S. headquarters in Houston, Texas, will operate a multi-million dollar, 80,000-square-foot gas yard, sup-

plying specialty gases, including hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen to the chip fabrication facility. Construction of the yard is currently underway, and will include a compressed air building, bulk tanks and ultra-clean pipes. According to the company's website (, Air Liquide is "the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment" and "Air Liquide Large Industries U.S. LP offers gas and energy solutions to large industry to improve their process efficiency and help them with their environmental responsibilities." Although the company has already posted job listings for its Malta gas-yard, it's not yet known how many people Air Liquide will employ. The company currently has more than 4,000 U.S. employees and serves around 15,000 customers.


Friday, January 28, 2011



Birthday of a lifetime for Saratoga Springs native continued from Page 1 (Ellen DeGeneres) shared the same birthday and asking if he could get tickets to join her in the studio for her birthday broadcast. He had submitted a creative video and enlisted the aid of friends to write on his behalf. George had hoped to be part of the studio audience, but it turned out that Ellen and the show’s producers had something a lot more special in mind. What followed was a series of “only in America” or perhaps “only in Hollywood” moments for George, who is now an oncology nurse at Providence Medical Center

in Portland, Oregon. With the help of his friend Lynda, the show’s producers told George that an “official from audience relations” named Rachel would be calling at a certain time to discuss his request. It turned out that “Rachel” was Ellen herself, calling during her show to invite George to fly down to Hollywood as her guest, complete with hotel and VIP tickets to the birthday show. The worldwide audience captured George’s moment of surprise, including having to run through the main doors of the Medical Center and find a correspondent from the show named Jeanie, easily recognizable as she was standing with a cardboard cutout of Ellen.

“Stuff like this doesn’t happen to me,” George said, who told Ellen that he was so excited that he swallowed his gum. But that was just the beginning. On to Hollywood for the taping of Ellen’s birthday show with 2 friends, and more surprises in store. For the producers were evidently impressed with George’s enthusiasm and appeal. What followed was “amazing, beyond words,” George said. During the Tuesday, January 25 advance taping, George was given the honor of sitting in “Drew Brees’ Chair,” which is always reserved for the NFL quarterback in case he wants to stop by. This put him in the same VIP row as Ellen’s and her partner’s (actress Portia DiRossi) family. He was alerted that “Ellen might talk to him.” An understatement if there ever was one. During the show, George was greeted by Ellen and the ‘surprise tape’ was played again. To commemorate the occasion, Ellen presented him with a set of hospital scrubs that were emblazoned with her face in several places like polka dots. But like many late-night commercials say: But wait, there’s more. During the show, one guest was designed to be a surprise for Ellen, one that had never been on the show, who turned out to be a Ms. Julia Roberts. Ellen was blindfolded and

Photo provided

Moment of Surprise: George Morris learns he is headed to the “Ellen” show from show correspondent Jeanie and a phone call from Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen and George share a January 26 birthday. was to ask a series of questions to try and guess the guest’s identity. Julia called George onto the stage of the show and whispered her answers to him, using his voice to hide her identity! “We were holding hands, and I can tell you she smelled amazing!” he said. After that, there were a series of similar ho-hum experiences, like getting personal birthday greetings

from actor Colin Farrell, who stopped by to bring Ellen a cake; from Portia DiRossi; and later a private conversation with Ellen herself after the show. And of course, George and the audience all received a bounty of presents valued at about $1,200 – including a 2-night stay for 2 at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand with spa treatments, tickets to Cirque du Soleil, gaming vouchers and VIP entrance to Studio 54. But wait - there’s more. Also thrown in were a JorgGray 6500 Chronograph watch often sported by one President Obama and a BlackBerry Torch phone with two month’s service. It was obvious though that the most treasured aspects of his birthday were those that George could not put a price-tag on. “I honestly still can’t believe it all happened,” George said on his way back to Portland. “As I was on the line to pick up the presents, people were calling me over asking to have their picture taken with me!”



Friday, January 28, 2011


Private School Enrollment: January and February are popular months for parents and students to explore their private school options. For starters, Catholic Schools Week takes place January 31 through February 6 with the theme "A+ for America Catholic Schools." However, this is an ideal time to learn about all the private schooling opportunities available in your region - not only the regional Catholic schools. According to Thomas Alexander, administrator for The Adirondack School in Greenwich, starting your search for a private school in January or February prior to the school year seeking enrollment for, yields enough time to plan ahead and get all the facts: "It gives you a head start," he said. Taking tours, speaking with current students, parents and teachers is also much more effective when school is in session. Most private schools allow prospective students to walk through classes and get a feel for what a regular day is like, which can't be done during the summer. To help you get a head start on your investigation, we've provided a listing of area schools, their upcoming open houses and open enrollment policies.

Catholic,Christian schools The Kings School 6087 Route 9N, Hadley, NY 12835; (518) 654-6230; Families can be introduced to King's School through tours, information sessions, open houses and full-day visitations for junior high and high school grade levels. The next elementary open house (pre-K through sixth grade) is on Thursday, February 24 at 9 am. The next secondary open house (grades seven through 12) is on Wednesday, February 9 at 8:30 am. King's School is also hosting a "Not Your Average Open House!" on April 29 at 7 pm. Parents and prospective students will have the chance to experience all that the school has to offer for elementary students. For more information, call Leslie Young at (206) 289-7783. Saratoga Central Catholic 247 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; (518) 587-7070; Saratoga Central Catholic High School encourages prospective students to participate in the "Spend A Day" program. From 8:30 to 11:30 am, prospective students will shadow and ambassador students to visit classes, meet with other students and teachers, enjoy a free lunch. To sign up for the "Spend A Day" program, call Margot Barnes, at (518) 587-7070 or email her at St. Clement's 231 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; (518) 584-7350; St. Clement’s is kicking off its celebration of Catholic Schools Week with a special celebration children's mass on Sunday, January 30 at 9:30 am. Guests will enjoy cake after mass in the gathering area. St. Clement's is offering school

tours on Tuesday, February 1 and Wednesday, February 2 between 9 and 11 am and 1 and 3 pm. From Monday, January 31 to Friday, February 4, the school will be holding its annual SouperBowl to collect cans of soup for local food pantries and community shelter. Parents and prospective students are encouraged to participate by bringing soup cans when they come for a tour. Parents and prospective students will have the opportunity to meet with current parents. For more information, call (518) 584-7350 or visit Parents can call to sign up for tours and walk-ins are welcome. St. Mary's School 40 Thompson Street, Ballston Spa, NY 12020; (518) 885-7300; Tours run every Tuesday in

January and February from 10 to 11 am on days when school is in session. Additional tours are available by appointment. Call (518) 885-7300 or email for further information.

Private Schools Waldorf School 122 Regent St., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; (518) 584-7643; The Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs is holding open school tours on Wednesday, February 2, March 2, and April 6 from 8:15 to 9:15 am. Parents and prospective students are encouraged to stop in and see how the Waldorf curriculum keeps children engaged in learning. Early childhood open houses are scheduled for Wednesday, March 23 from 4 to 6 pm (212 Lake Avenue; Early Childhood Center & 45 Kaydeross West; Forest Kindergarten) and Saturday, April 30 from 10 am to 2 pm (both locations). Private tours may also be scheduled, as Waldorf accepts students throughout the year. For more information, call (518) 587-2224 or email Saratoga Independent School; 459 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs, NY 12866; (518) 583-0841; Saratoga Independent School is holding an open house on February 12 at 10 am for the pre-kindergarten through sixth grade program. Childcare will be provided. Walk-ins are welcome, but it is preferred that guests RSVP. The school's regular

application period runs throughout the month of February, although applications will be accepted yearround. Private tours can also be scheduled to accommodate parents who cannot make the open house.For more information, call (518) 583-0841 or email The Adirondack School 5158 County Route 113, Greenwich, NY 12834; (518) 695529; The Adirondack School arranges tours individually through a yearround open enrollment plan.


For more information, call (518) 695-5294. A Valentine's Day pasta dinner is scheduled for February 13, from 3 to 7:30 pm at St. Stephen's Church (1 Grove Street, Schuylerville). The event is an opportunity for parents and prospective students to meet with the school community. The dinner is $7 and includes pasta, bread and salad. Guests can eat-in or takeout. For the full list of area private school options, visit our website: Compiled by Yael Goldman

George T. Andreadakis


Friday, January 28, 2011



Sally Compton-Lambert Stillwater – Sally ComptonLambert, 43, passed through the gates of heaven on Friday, Jan. 14, 2011 after a seven and a half year courageous battle with breast cancer. She fought long and hard, never gave up and never lost her spirit or her sense of humor throughout her fight. Sally had worked with her family at Compton’s Restaurant on Broadway in Saratoga since she was a teenager. Her family as well as the many customers she met over the years meant everything to her. Even when she was really sick, she still wanted to come in and help and see everyone. She was deeply saddened when her illness got to the point where she could no longer work at Compton’s. Sally loved her family deeply, as she loved life itself. She loved hiking in the High Peaks, waterfalls, sunrise at the ocean, and sunsets at Saratoga Lake. She loved skiing in east and the western U.S. She loved Ogunquit and

Popham beaches in Maine. She lived a full life for the short time she was with us. Sally touched the lives of many people with her beautiful smile and her gracious manner. We need to remember her in a good way, feisty, natural and very special. She was a rare and true beauty, inside and out. Smile when you think of her, she wouldn’t want it any other way. Her family has decided to mourn her loss in private – there were no services. We hope the many people that loved and cared about her will understand.

Sally is survived by her beautiful daughter, Macy; her loving husband, Dominick; her parents, Joan and John Compton; seven wonderful sisters and brothers and many nieces and nephews. Our family would like to thank Dr. David Mastrianni and his staff for doing everything possible to save her life, Dr. Alex Frank and his staff at Saratoga Hospital Radiation, Dr. Duncan Savage and his staff at St. Peter’s Hospital Radiation, the staff of A-3 at Saratoga Hospital for their expert care in her last week and wonderful people at Mary’s Haven for their kindness and care at the end. May God bless you as you continue your work for the many people who need you. Contributions in Sally’s memory can be made to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation at where 100 percent of all donations are used for breast cancer research.

Eileen O’Hara Cumming Saratoga Springs – Eileen O’Hara Cumming passed away Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011. Born and raised in Carthage, NY, Eileen was the sixth and youngest child of Margaret and Bertram O’Hara. She received her degree in Education at SUNY Fredonia serving as the President of her Class and was an enthusiastic singer in the Choral Society. Eileen began her teaching career in Buffalo, where her evenings were filled with dances at the USO, and where she met the love of her life, Lowell. They spent many an evening jitterbugging to Glenn Miller and sharing a beer at their favorite tavern, The Little Brown Jug. Lowell and Eileen were married for 42 loving years. They moved to Franklin Square, Saratoga Springs, in 1954 where they made many lifelong friends, putting down their permanent roots on Granger Avenue. She continued her teaching career over many years in classrooms at the Little Red Geyser Schoolhouse, St. Clement’s, Caroline Street, Greenfield, Dorothy Nolan and Division Street Schools. Eileen was a devout parishioner at St. Clement’s Church and enjoyed serving early morning cups of coffee at the St. Clement’s Horse Show. She

also was an active volunteer with the Ladies of Charity, Flower and Fruit Mission, Meals on Wheels, and Wesley Health Care Center where she assisted residents in regularly attending Mass. Eileen was a founding member of the Ladies Bridge Club and was an active member for 50 years. She enjoyed singing with her Practice Club and the camaraderie of the Orenda Garden Club which undertook many beautification projects in Saratoga Springs. In her personal time, Eileen could often be found puttering in her perennial gardens where she planted for the bees and birds while cursing the squirrels. She was an avid reader and patron of the local library, enjoyed tennis and golf at the YMCA and Saratoga Golf and Polo Club, and loved entertaining and socializing with her many friends. Eileen and Lowell loved to travel including many road trips, often taking the “scenic” routes. Summers were spent at their camp on Hunt Lake where she taught her children and grandchildren all to swim, and relished a good hotdog. After the death of Lowell in 1991, Eileen continued to take joy in her children Luann (Paul), Brian

(Jacqualine), Casey (Dave), David (Susanne) and her grandchildren: Loreen (Matt), Nicholas, Jacqualine, Gavin, Benjamin, Jake, Sequoia and Ainsley. Eileen was a favorite Aunt to her many nieces and nephews. All will miss her greatly. Eileen will be memorialized in the spring when the flowers are blooming. In recognition of the loving care she received by the dedicated caregivers of Wesley Health Care Center, donations in Eileen’s memory may be made to the Meinhardt Partnership, care of Wesley Health Care Center. The Partnership provides opportunities for Wesley employees to advance their health care careers through continued education. Pause for a moment today and you can hear Eileen singing contentedly as she and Lowell, together, enjoy her perennial garden. Arrangements are under the direction of the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing and Cunniff Funeral Homes of 628 North Broadway 5845373. Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

Saratoga Springs – George T. Andreadakis of Route 9N died Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2011 at Saratoga Hospital after an extended illness. He was 89. Born on Oct. 24, 1921 in Claraton, PA, he was a son of the late Telemachu (Thomas) and Limnena (Lena) (Dionysiou) Andreadakis. In 1946, the family moved to Saratoga Springs and George worked at the family restaurant, Dan’s Soda Spa on Phila Street for many years, along with playing semi-pro football with the Greenjackets. On May 6, 1952, George married Rosemarie Manilla and they raised their three children in Saratoga Springs. He later worked for the city of Saratoga Springs, the Saratoga Harness Track and the Saratoga Race Track. Upon retirement, he and Rosemarie wintered in Florida until her illness prevented travel. On Oct. 4, 2003, the love of his life, Rosemarie passed away, and George never recovered from this loss. They will now forever travel the roads and go to auctions together. Survivors include his three children, Thomas J. (wife Sandra) Andreadakis of Saratoga Springs, Joseph G. Andreadakis of Clearwater, FL and Christine (husband Timothy)

Joan DeFelice Crandall Mechanicville – Joan DeFelice Crandall of East Street passed away Wednesday, January 19, 2011 at Samaritan Hospital in Troy. She was 78. Born on Dec. 31, 1932 in Mechanicville, she was a daughter of the late James and Mildred (Duffney) Daley. She had been employed for several years as a presser for Korrell Manufacturing in Mechanicville and also at Ballston Knitting Mill, both in Ballston Spa and Stillwater. Her interests included cooking, and she took great pride and responsibility in taking care of her entire family, including her brothers and sisters. In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her husband John DeFelice, a brother, James Daley and brother-in-law, Ralph “Red” Thompson, all of Mechanicville. Survivors include her daughter, Marie (Greg) Miller of Mechanicville; her sisters and brothers, Katherine (Jack) Farrell of Mechanicville, Jean Thompson of Stillwater, Carol (Thomas) Thrane of Mechanicville, Millie Daley (Andrew

Delia “Dee” McGrath Saratoga Springs – Delia “Dee” McGrath passed away Saturday, January 15, 2011 at the Wesley Health Care Center on Lawrence Street. She was 83. Born on November 30, 1928 in Three Rivers, Canada, she was the daughter of the late George and Ann Wilson Turcotte. She worked for ESPY industry for forty years. In addition to her parents she was

predeceased by her husband John “Jack” McGrath. Survivors include her daughter Lynn Green and her husband Ralph Jr. and her granddaughters,Tara and Danielle Green. Graveside services will be held at 2 pm today, Friday, January 28, 2011 at the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery, Duell Road, Schuylerville.

Memorial donations may made to their charity of their choice. Arrangements are under the direction of the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing & Cunniff Funeral Homes of 628 North Broadway (5845373). Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

Matthews of Wilton; seven grandchildren, Jonathan J. Andreadakis and his mother Cindy Aloisi, whom George always considered family, Trista Cassidy of Jacksonville, FL, Richard (Mary) Potter of Memphis, IN, Bridgett (Jamie) Bridge of Colorado Springs, CO, Kevin (Jennifer) Potter of Greenfield Center, Brian (Cammie) Potter of Hudson Falls, and Ted (Jessica) Buckley of Rapid City, SD; 12 great-grandchildren; his brother, Chris (Angie) Andreadakis of Saratoga Springs; his sister, Leona (George) Carantza of Jacksonville, FL and several nieces and nephews. In accordance with his wishes, there were no public services; the family will hold a private graveside service at St. Peter’s Cemetery on May 6, 2011, where George will be laid to rest next to his beloved Rosemarie. Memorials may be made to a charity of one’s choice. Arrangements are under the direction of the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing and Cunniff Funeral Homes of 628 North Broadway (5845373). Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

Pearson) of Stillwater, John (Fran) Daley of Glens Falls and Jerry (Cathy) Daley of Mechanicville; her grandsons, Greg Miller of Mechanicville, John Miller of Wilton, Jason (Michelle) Miller of Mechanicville and Stephen (Kristie Stinson) Miller of Mechanicville and seven great-grandchildren, Stephen, Hannah, Brett, Michael, Courtney, Amelia and Erika. Relatives and friends gathered in her name on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2011 at the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing and Cunniff Funeral Homes of Saratoga Springs. Funeral services were conducted on Monday, Jan. 24 at the funeral home by the Rev. Neil DravesArpaia. Burial was held in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Mechanicville. Memorials may be made in her name to American Heart Association, 440 New Karner Road, Albany, New York 12205. Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

In memory

Glenn Stahl In loving memory of Glenn Stahl – June 1936 to Jan. 2008 For all the life, love, and laughter you gave to all of us, you remain in our hearts. With our love, daughters Ginny, Kim, and Lisa and your Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren.

Shirley Louise Loya Saratoga Springs – Shirley Louise Loya of Granite Street passed away Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2011 at Saratoga Hospital. She was 68. Born on July 25, 1942 in Saratoga Springs, she was the daughter of the late Edward and Ruth Gailor Ramsey. A graduate of Saratoga Springs High School, she worked for Ricketts and New Star Laundry before working at Angelica Laundry in Ballston Spa as a foreman for 28 years. Shirley loved to collect photos, enjoyed cooking for her family, putting together puzzles and spending time with her grandson and great-grandson. She was a member of the Saratoga Springs United Methodist Church. In addition to her parents, she was predeceased by her brother, John Ramsey and her sister, Yvonne “Snookey” Dowen. Survivors include her husband of 50 years, Thomas Loya; three sons,

Jeffrey (Kathy) Loya, Thomas Loya and Robert Loya, Sr.; one sister, Janice Brueckner; one brother, Edward (Luella) Ramsey; one grandson, Robert Loya, Jr.; and her greatgrandson, Matthew Loya, all of Saratoga Springs. Relatives and friends may call from 9 to 11am Saturday, January 29, 2011 at the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing & Cunniff Funeral Homes, 628 North Broadway (5845373). Funeral services will follow at 11am at the funeral home. Spring burial will be in the family plot at North Milton Cemetery. Memorials may be made in her name to the American Cancer Society, 260 Osborne Road, Loudonville, NY 12211. Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

Joseph C. Jankowski Charlton – Joseph C. Jankowski of Charlton and Stowe, VT, passed away Saturday, January 22, 2011 in Boston after a brief and painful fight with cancer. He was 83. Joe was born on December 14, 1927 in Charlton to the late Walter and Jessica Jankowski. Survivors include his beloved wife, Lillian of Marlborough, MA; his devoted daughter, Mary Camp (husband Phil) of Wayland, MA; his sister, Irene Jankowski of Charlton; his sister-in-law, Patricia Jankowski of Charlton and her two children James Jankowski of North Grafton, MA and Joanne Gustafson (husband Eric) of Massena, NY and sister-inlaw Lorraine of Schenectady; three grandchildren, Andy, Geoff, and Libby Camp, along with Graham and Jon Gustafson, whom he considered his grandchildren and several other cousins, nieces and nephews. Joe was predeceased by his brothers, Stanley and Frank. A graduate of Burnt Hills High School in 1945, he then joined the US Army Air Force, was stationed at Robins Air Force Base and spent time in Okinawa, Japan during World War II. He graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1953 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and worked for Sikorsky Aircraft, then for Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory where he helped design the propulsion system for the nuclear submarine USS Triton. An active member of the Schenectady Winter Sports Club, he enjoyed skiing Tuckerman’s Ravine on Mount Washington many times. It was through SWC that Joe met his future wife, Lillian. Their love of skiing and the outdoors brought them to Stowe, Vermont

where they purchased land and together built their home. Joe designed the house, where he and Lil lovingly incorporated every last detail from the wiring to the handmade cabinets. They resided in Stowe for over forty years. During this time, Joe started his own consulting business and eventually worked for Northern Power Systems designing windmills. In Joe’s “retirement,” he started Chords in Wood, his own wood turning business. He was a juried member of the Vermont Handcrafter’s Association and attended many craft shows in Stowe and Upstate New York, selling beautiful hand carved wooden bowls. Joe loved to cook, and this was a big part of his life. He and Lil enjoyed entertaining their friends and family over the years, incorporating gourmet meals into every gettogether. Joe was always a man of his word. He was generous, respectful and compassionate. He will be sorely missed. Relatives and friends called on Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing and Cunniff Funeral Homes, 628 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs. A funeral service was held on Wednesday, Jan. 26 at the funeral home. Interment with military honors took place on Wednesday at the Gerald B.H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery in Schuylerville. In lieu of flowers, memorial gifts may be made in Joe’s name to the American Cancer Society at or to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation at Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

NOTE: Two obituaries were received just as we were going to press – John Laurence Funke and Natalie M. Lasky. These obituaries and the balance of this week’s obituaries can be viewed on-line at



Friday, January 28, 2011


Frances Genevieve (Arpey) Mersky Saratoga Springs – Frances Genevieve (Arpey) Mersky, beloved mother, grandmother and sister, passed away peacefully on Wednesday, January 19, 2011, surrounded by her family and received into the loving arms of her mother, Genevieve (Levo) Arpey. She died at Samaritan Hospital in Troy from complications of Alzheimer’s disease. She was 82. Frances lived nearly all her life in Saratoga and had strong roots on the city’s west side, where she was born on March 20, 1928 into a large extended family. She had been cared for at the Van Rensselaer Manor in Troy since July 2008. Frances attended elementary and high school in Saratoga Springs. She had an outgoing personality and enjoyed working with the public as a friendly and expert waitress. She was well known by local diners and summer visitors who frequented Saratoga’s casual and fine dining spots, most notably at Mother Goldsmith’s, the Wishing Well Restaurant, the Trade Winds, and Pennell’s Restaurant. In her later years, Frances worked at the Saratoga Spa State Golf Course on South Broadway. Frances was an avid reader and lifelong patron of the Saratoga Springs Public Library

where she was known to staff for her weekly visits over many years. She passed on her love of reading to her children and grandchildren. She was predeceased by her parents, Frank A. Arpey, Sr. and Genevieve “Jennie” (Levo) Arpey; one brother, Vincent Arpey; two husbands, Allen G. Roberts and Arthur Mersky and her son, Allen J. Roberts. Survivors include one sibling, Frank Arpey Jr. and a sister-in-law, Alma Arpey, both of Saratoga Springs; four daughters and sons-inlaw: Stephanie and Stephen Zabala of Greenfield Center, Cassandra and Robert Marrone of Sutton, MA, Frances and Paul Smith of Louisville, KY and Leslie and Skip Allen of Ballston Spa. Frances was very proud of her 13 grandchildren: Jennifer Comstock, Melissa Gorton, Geoffrey Roberts, Jamie McDonnell, Michelle Gregory, Stephen A. Zabala, Edward Marrone, Philip Marrone, Sarah Matusek, Matthew Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Rachel Roberts and Randee Allen and her 14 great-grandchildren. She is also survived by her niece, Jenny Arpey Sims, her nephews Vince Arpey Jr., Frank Arpey and Andrew Arpey; one aunt,

Rose Arpey-Draves and many loving and supportive cousins in the Saratoga Springs area. Relatives and friends gathered to remember her on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2011 at the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing & Cunniff Funeral Homes of Saratoga Springs. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Saturday, Jan. 22, 2011 at St. Clement’s Church, 231 Lake Avenue in Saratoga Springs by the Rev. Neil Draves-Arpaia, the deceased’s cousin. Burial followed at St. Peter’s Cemetery, West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Memorial donations may be made to the Saratoga Springs Public Library, 49 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs NY 12866-3271, the Alzheimer’s Association Northeastern New York Chapter, Pine West Plaza, Building 4, Suite 405, Washington Avenue Ext., Albany, NY 12205 or to Community Hospice, 295 Valley View Blvd, Rensselaer NY 12144. Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral

William James Arpey Jr. Saratoga Springs – William James Arpey Jr. passed away peacefully on Thursday, January 20, 2011 at Wesley Nursing Home after a long and courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease. He was 79. Bill was born and raised in Saratoga Springs and was married to his high school sweetheart and the love of his life, Evelyn G. Arpey (Abdalla) for nearly 60 years at the time of his death. Bill was employed through much of his life by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, first as an agent, and then as regional manager. Upon his retirement Bill worked as a real estate agent for McNeary Realty. Bill devoted his life to his wife and children. He

consistently encouraged and supported his children in their educational and career endeavors. Bill is survived by his wife Evelyn, his five loving children: Kathleen Delcambre (Rickey), John W. Arpey (Gerri), William G. Arpey (Patricia), Christopher J. Arpey (Diana) and Michael W. Arpey (Stacie); his brother James W. Arpey (Lorraine) of Houston, Texas, and twelve grandchildren and two greatgrandchildren. Bill was the son of William J. Arpey Sr. and Anna Arpey (Pagano) who predeceased him. The family is tremendously grateful for the care and compassion shown by the staff and personnel at Wesley Nursing Home. Relatives and friends gathered to

remember him on Friday, January 21, 2011in the Chapel at the Church of St. Peter, 241 Broadway in Saratoga Springs. A Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated on Saturday, January 22, 2011 at St. Peter’s Church by the Rev. Neil Draves-Arpaia. Burial followed in St. Peter’s Cemetery, West Avenue in Saratoga Springs. Arrangements are under the direction of the William J. Burke & Sons/Bussing & Cunniff Funeral Homes of 628 North Broadway (584-5373). Online remembrances may be made at www.burkefuneral




Places of Worship Please contact Robin Mitchell for any copy changes: 581-2480 x 208

Adirondack Christian Fellowship 8 Mountain Ledge, Wilton Contact: (518) 587-0623; Services: Sunday 8AM & 10 AM

The Alliance Church 257 Rowland St., Ballston Spa Contact: 885-6524. Services: Morning worship 10:30

Assembly of God Faith Chapel Rev. Jason Proctor 6 Burgoyne St., Schuylerville Contact: 695-6069 Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m.

Baha’i Community of Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-9679; 692-7694;

Ballston Center Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church 58 Charlton Road, Ballston Spa Contact: 885-7312; www.ballstoncenter Services: Sunday Worship service, 10:30am.

Ballston Spa United Methodist Church 101 Milton Ave. Contact: 885-6886. Services: Sunday 10:00 a.m.

Bethesda Episcopal Church 41 Washington St., Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-5980. Services: Sunday, 6:30, 8, 10 a.m.

Church of Christ at Clifton Park 7 Old Route 146, Clifton Park Contact: 371-6611, www.cliftonparkchurch Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Christ Community Reformed Church 1010 Route 146, Clifton Park Contact: 371-7654; Services: Sundays 9:15 & 11 a.m.

Christ Episcopal Church Corner of Routes 50 and 67, Ballston Spa Contact: 885-1031. Services: Sunday 8, 10 a.m.

Congregation Shaara Tfille 84 Weibel Avenue, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-2370. Services: Saturday 9:00 a.m.; 3rd Friday 7:30 pm. Handicapped Accessible

Corinth Free Methodist Church 8 Mountain Ledge, Wilton Contact: (518) 587-0623; Services: Sunday 8AM & 10 AM

Corinth United Methodist Church 243 Main Street, Corinth Contact: 654-2521; Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Eastern Orthodox Christ the Savior 349 Eastline Road, Ballston Spa Contact: 786-3100; Services: Sunday: 9:15 a.m.

First Baptist Church 45 Washington St., Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-6301. Services: Sunday: 11:00 a.m.

First Baptist Church of Ballston Spa 202 Milton Ave. (Rt. 50), Ballston Spa Contact: 885-8361; Services: 10:15 a.m.

First Presbyterian Church of Ballston Spa 22 West High Street Ballston Spa, NY Contact: 885-5583 Services: Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

Grace Brethren Church Rev. Dan Pierce 137 W. Milton Road, Ballston Spa Contact: 587- 0649 Services: Sunday 10 a.m. Handicapped accessible.

Friday, January 28, 2010 Living Waters Church of God 4330 State Rt. 50, Saratoga Springs Contact: 587-0484; Services: Sundays 10 a.m.

Malta Presbyterian Church Dunning Street, Malta Contact: 899-5992. Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

Malta Ridge United Methodist Church 729 Malta Avenue Ext., Malta Contact: 581-0210. Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

Middle Grove United Methodist Church Pastor Bonnie Bates 429 Middle Grove Rd., Middle Grove Contact: 518-581-2973 Services: Sunday 9:00 a.m. Handicapped accessible

New Horizon Church 150 Perry Road, Saratoga Springs Contact: 587-0711. Services: Sunday 9:30 a.m.

NorthStar Church Shenendehowa High School, West Auditorium, Clifton Park Contact: 371-2811; Services: Sunday: 10 a.m.

Old Saratoga Reformed Church 48 Pearl St., Schuylerville Contact: Services: Sunday at 10:30am. Handicapped accessable.

Greater Grace Community Church

PresbyterianNE Congregational Church

Pastor David Moore 43 Round Lake Rd. Ballston Lake (Malta Mall) Contact: 899-7777; Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

24 Circular St., Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-6091; Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m.

Highway Tabernacle Church 90 River Road, Mechanicville Contact: 664- 4442. Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Hope Church 206 Greenfield Avenue, Ballston Spa Contact: 885-7442. Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

Jonesville United Methodist 963 Main St., Clifton Park Contact: 877-7332. Services: Sunday 8:30 a.m. & 10:30 a..m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.

Living Springs Community Church 59 Pine Road, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584- 9112. Services: Sunday 10:30 a.m.

Quaker Springs United Methodist Church Pastor Jim Knapp 466 Route 32 South, Quaker Springs Contact: 695-3101; Services: Sundays 9 a.m. Handicapped accessible.

River of Hope Fellowship 100 Saratoga Village Blvd. Malta Commons, Suite 3 Malta, NY 12020 Contact: 881-1505; Services: Sunday 10:00 a.m.

Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter 241 Broadway, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-2375. Services: Eucharistic Celebrations: Saturday 5 p.m.; Sunday 7:30, 9 and 11 a.m.

St. Clement’s Roman Catholic Church 231 Lake Avenue,

Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-6122. Services: Saturday 4 p.m.; Sunday 8, 9:30, 11:15 a.m. and 5 p.m.

St. George's Episcopal Church 912 Route 146, Clifton Park Contact: 371-6351; Services: Saturday at 4:30pm, Sunday at 8 & 9:30am

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church 3159 Route 9N, Greenfield Center Contact: (518) 893-7680;; St.JosephsChurch Services: Saturday 4:00 p.m.; Sunday 10:30 a.m. Handicapped accessible.

St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Church 771 Route 29, Rock City Falls Contact: (518) 893-7680;; St.JosephsChurch Services: Sunday Mass 8:30 a.m.

St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church 149 Lake Avenue, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-0904. Services: Saturday evening at 5 p.m. with Holy Communion. Sundays at 8:30 and 11 a.m. with Holy Communion.

St. Peter Lutheran Church 2776 Route 9, Malta Contact: 583-4153 Services: Sunday mornings 8:30 and 10:30.

St. Thomas of Canterbury 242 Grooms Road, Halfmoon Contact: Service: Sunday at 10am

Saratoga Abundant Life Church 2325 Route 50 South, Saratoga Springs Contact: 885-5456; Services: Sunday 9:30 a.m.

Saratoga Chabad 130 Circular St., Saratoga Springs Contact: 526-0773;

Saratoga Friends Meeting (Quaker) Corner of Routes 32 and 71, Quaker Springs Contact: 587-7477; 399-5013. Services: Sunday 10 a.m.

Saratoga Independent Church New Location: Knights of Colombus Pine Rd., Saratoga Springs


Contact: 306-4652; Services: Sunday 9:30 a.m. Food Pantry Tuesday 9-11 @ KoC

Saratoga United Methodist Church Henning Road at Fifth Avenue, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-3720; Services: Sunday 9 and 10:45 a.m. Handicapped accessible.

Shenendehowa United Methodist 971 Route 146, Clifton Park Contact: 371-7964. Services: Sunday 7:45, 9 and 10:45 a.m.; Acts II Contempory 10:45 a.m.

Simpson United Methodist Church Rock City Road, Rock City Falls Contact: 885-4794. Services: Sunday 10:45 a.m.

Soul Saving Station for Every Nation Christ Crusaders of America 62 Henry Street, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-3122 Services: Sunday 10am & 6:30 pm

Temple Sinai 509 Broadway, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-8730. Services: Friday 8 p.m. Handicapped accessible

Trinity United Methodist Church Rev. Gail Falsetti-Pastor 155 Ballard Rd., Gansevoort Contact: 584-9107; Service: Sunday 10:00 a.m.

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Saratoga Springs 624 North Broadway, Saratoga Springs Contact: 584-1555; Services: 10 am Religious education and nursery care at the 10 am service each Sunday

Unity Church in Albany 21 King Avenue, Albany Contact: (518) 453-3603: Services: Sunday, 9 am and 11 am

West Charlton United Presbyterian Church Rev. Thomas Gregg, Pastor 1331 Sacandaga Rd., West Charlton Contact: 882-9874; Services: Sunday 10:30

Wilton Baptist Church 755 Saratoga Rd, Wilton Contact: 518-583-2736;; Services: Sunday Service 11 a.m.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Anne’s corner


Sponsor-A-Scholar students donate blankets to Saratoga County Animal Shelter

FREE This page is dedicated to you, the families who live, work and play in our great region. It is your opportunity to boast about your kids, announce your engagement or tell people about your accomplishments.

Happy 100th birthday!


Tooth fairy club Take a look at this week’s new club members





From left, SSAS students Samantha Harrigan, Kaylee Yager and Kayla Carero create tie fleece blankets for shelter dogs. El Jefe, a rescue dog owned by Yager’s mentor, Nedra Stimpfle, looks on. The students and their mentors plan to meet regularly to work on community service projects. For more information about Saratoga Sponsor-A-Scholar, call (518) 5872472 or visit

We’re engaged!

Wesley Community resident Leone Wahn had quite a few candles to blow out when she celebrated her 100th birthday on Friday, January 21 with family and friends. The 100-year old breast cancer survivor was joined by her daughters and other family members to commemorate the occasion. Born January 21, 1911, Wahn began life in France before moving to the United States in the early 1930s. After living in Philadelphia and New York City, Wahn and her husband eventually settled in upstate New York, where she gave birth to two daughters. A vivacious spirit and celebrated member of the Senior Citizens Center of Saratoga Springs, Wahn sang in the Young at Heart Chorus and taught yoga and belly dance classes to the center’s membership. In addition to Wahn’s birth year, other notable events from 1911 include: the declaration of Standard Oil Company as a monopoly; the running of the first Indianapolis 500; the Mona Lisa is stolen from the Louvre in Paris; and the founding of Chevrolet. Wahn shares her birth year with actress and dancer Ginger Rogers, comedienne Lucille Ball, and singer and actor Roy Rogers.

Miss Colleen Ann Donahue and Mr. Scott F. Ryan, both of Valley Stream, NY, have announced their engagement. Miss Donahue is the daughter of the late James Joseph Donahue, Jr. and the late Evelyn Ruth Lombardi. Mr. Ryan is the son of Lois Jane Ryan and the late Martin Joseph Ryan. Miss Ryan is a graduate of Brentwood Sonderling High School in Brentwood, NY, and Ultrasound Diagnostics School in New York City. She is a cardiac sonographer for Saratoga Cardiology Associates in Saratoga Springs. Mr. Ryan is a graduate of Glens Falls High School and Mildred Elley Business College in Latham. He is a New York territory sales representative for Signature Marketing based in Chicago, Illinois. A wedding date in October of 2011 has been selected. Congratulations!


The tooth fairy club is sponsored by:

659 Saratoga Rd., Gansevoort, NY 12831 (518) 226-6010


Friday, January 28, 2011



Sunday, February 6th • 11-3 pm Brides...Pre-Register at The First 150 Brides through the doors receive a Free Gift Bag ...And one lucky pre-registered bride will receive a free ice sculpture from the Ice Man!

All Occasion Limousines


Longaberger Baskets

Royale Limousines

All Occasion Limousines

Saratoga Hilton

Royale Limousines

Elllsworth Jones Place E

All Occasion Limousines Fort William Henry

Rob Spring Photography

The Cupcake Lab

Lake George Steamboat Co.

Catherine’s In The Park

In Your Dreams Event Productions

The Mansion Inn

74 State

Nicole’s Catering

Scott Kretschmann Photography Adirondack Winery

Eclectic Songs

Stone Industries

Experience and Creative Design Tablecloths For Granted

Saratoga Photobooth

Harry Pellegrin Classical Guitarist

Birch Hill Catering & Sweet Temptations


Holiday Inn

High Rock Fitness


Lily – Saratoga

Make Me Fabulous



Danielle’s Bridal Boutique & Tuxedos

Albany Aqua Ducks Trolley



First Floor



Friday, January 28, 2011


COMING SOON... Wedding

Get Your Copy...

The Magazine for the Saratoga Bride

Friday, February 4th at our office - Five Case Street, Saratoga Springs or Online -

Elllsworth Jones Place E

The Queensbury Hotel

Reade Studios

Bath Fitter

Something Bleu



Second Floor N. Fox Jewelers

All Seasons Ensemble

Shoreline Cruises of Lake George

Weddings By The Miss’es

Cabello Hair Salon

Weight No More

Six Flag’s Great Escape Lodge

Elizabeth Huntley Harpist

We Do Fondue

Lake George Baking Co.

Black Iris

Allerdice Rent - All

Saratoga Polo/ Lily & The Rose Catering The Washington Inn

The Inn At Saratoga

Debbie Feigenbaum’s McNairy Dry Cleaners Wedding Coordinator

Longefellow’s Hotel, Restaurant & Convention Center

Capital DJs

The Magnet Man


Gideon Putnam


The Saratoga Winery

Sundaes Best

Jonathan Reid

Royale Limousines

Saratoga Trunk






Friday, January 28, 2011

TODAY Photos Provided

Take the chill out of January

Suzanne Voigt Farmers’Market The Capital region has not seen temps like we are experiencing in almost a lifetime and it’s shocking

us! However, there are some simple joys, that can take the chill out of January – trust me, I am a January baby! Besides the thrill that has now made a Canadian mom a You-tube sensation, (throwing boiling water into the frigid Canadian air and watching it turn instantly to an ice shower), New Englanders have a few fun things to try. My grandmother would greet our freshly gathered snow balls and pour hot maple syrup over them in a bowl – making a gooey deliciously, sweet candy. It only takes a small amount

of syrup, and it brings wonder and smiles to any kid’s face. Then there is the smell AND taste of hot mulled cider. Oh, my Mom made the best. Not too sweet, so aromatic and it would warm you up right down to your toes! Serve it with some great yogurt apple muffins and you totally forget it’s cold! We served these treats every January for the neighborhood burning of the Yuletide tree on January 6th, (Twelfth Night). Now we often just have a BIG bonfire when the snow gets deep (safety in snow) and the temps dip. The kids (not so young any more) suggest it – as they know I will mull the cider and make the muffins as they roast one body side and then another. A few nights ago the temps dipped ever so low, but the moon was full and the stars alive. All it took was a howl of the owl for the gang to suggest a snowshoe moonlight walk, followed of course with hot cider and muffins. So bundle-up: enjoy the

beauty that Upstate winters possess and be sure to have a good supply of cider and muffins on hand – who knows, with these good treats and activities, you might even look forward to a snowy cold January, as I have every year of my life!

Hot Mulled Cider - 1/2 cup brown sugar - 2 cinnamon sticks - 2 tsp. whole cloves - 1 gal. Saratoga Apple Cider Mix the above ingredients in a large pot and put on stove. Bring mixture to a boil, then simmer for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Serve hot, be sure to not serve the cloves or cinnamon sticks. Leftovers can be put in the fridge

for up to a week and reheated for instant pleasure. (You can also do this in a crockpot on high and join the fun outside as the cider mulls inside.)

Yogurt Apple Muffins - 1 cup all-purpose flour - 1 cup wheat germ - 1/2 cup sugar - 1/4 cup brown sugar - 3 teaspoons baking powder - 1/2 teaspoon salt - 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon - 8 ounces Argyle Cheese Factory Vanilla Yogurt - 1 fresh local egg - 1/4 cup vegetable oil - 2 tablespoons milk - 2 med. local apples, peeled and minced or 1/2 cup applesauce Topping - 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour - 2 tablespoons sugar - 1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon - 1 tablespoon cold butter or margarine - optional: chopped walnuts (can be put in batter or on top) Directions 1. In a bowl, combine the dry ingredients. Separately, combine the yogurt, egg, oil and milk; stir into dry ingredients until just moistened. Stir in apple. Fill greased or paper-lined muffin cups two-thirds full. 2. For topping, combine flour, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl; cut in butter until crumbly. Sprinkle over batter. Bake at 400° F for 2024 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool for 5 minutes before removing from pan to a wire rack.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Words to know: Procure: V., to obtain or acquire or to bring about.



19 "Don’t get your knickers in a knot. Nothing is solved and it just makes you walk funny."


See puzzle solution on page 28


See puzzle solution on page 28

ACROSS 1 Plain type? 5 Company whose name is quacked in ads 10 Finishing nail 14 Work 15 Sporty Mazda 16 Slick 17 Where to sleep off a bender? 19 Atl. republic since 1944 20 Aurora’s counterpart 21 Smart guy? 22 Pivoting points 24 Anxious campus society? 27 La __ Tar Pits 28 Yankee nickname 29 Worked with horses, in a way 31 2008 Libertarian presidential candidate 33 Like some rugs 37 Pool shade 38 Hair styling prodigy? 39 Off the mark 40 Abbr. followed by a year 41 Part of the dog days of Dijon 42 Fund 43 Friend of Dalí 45 Atterbury Street gallery 46 Talented jazzman? 53 Dag Hammarskjöld’s successor 54 Cramming method 55 Disturb, as the balance 56 Frost, say 57 “Airport music so early?” 60 Regarding 61 Dino’s love 62 Lhasa __ 63 Headlights starer 64 Mearth’s mother, in a ’70s-’80s sitcom 65 Flunky DOWN 1 Pianist Hofmann 2 “I’m just __ wayfaring stranger”: song lyric

Top Video Rentals 1. Takers 2. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps 3. Buried 4. The Social Network 5. Devil Raising Hector

-- Kathryn Carpenter

See puzzle solutions on page 28

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

More than just into Indirect route Earhart of the air Sole order Door fastener Scarfed up Frequent Martha’s Vineyard arrival 10 Is, when simplified 11 “Sleepy Hollow” actress 12 Olds that replaced the Achieva 13 Singer/songwriter born Robert Zimmerman 18 Spoke uncertainly 23 Card game with a pre-victory warning 25 Stays afloat, in a way 26 Fateful card 29 MS. enclosure 30 Operations ctrs.

Broom Hilda 6. The Town 7. Despicable Me 8. Dinner for Schmucks 9. Inception 10. The A-Team

Animal Crackers

31 Diner option 32 __ Dhabi 34 Incriminating record, maybe 35 Foofaraw 36 Kareem, at UCLA 38 Competitive missile hurlers 42 More than ready 44 German article 45 Big name in tea 46 Missile-shooting god 47 Make restitution 48 “Ta-da!” 49 Town on the Firth of Clyde 50 Emulate Scrooge 51 Playground retort 52 Watch from the trees, say 58 Feature of a two-ltr. monogram 59 “The Gold-Bug” monogram



living Jan.

28 - Feb. 4

Saratoga Film Forum Arts Center, Broadway. At 3 pm, All Good Things will be showing. General admission $7, members and students with ID $5. Visit for more information.

Lunch and Learn

Monday, January 31 Community bingo

events Saturday, January 29

Saratoga-Wilton Elks Club, 1 Elks Lane, Saratoga. An evening of fun for old and young, every Monday evening at 7 pm. Doors open at 4 pm. Refreshments will be available. (518) 584-2585

Saratoga Farmers’ Market Division St. School Saratoga’s premier market, featuring meats, local produce, eggs, soaps, seasonal items and more. From 9 am to 1 pm. For more information, call (518) 6388530.

Book Sale The Book Bag Shop in Saratoga Springs Public Library at 49 Henry St. will conduct a one-day 10 cent paperback sale from 10 am to 4 pm in the Community Room.

Pet-Vet visit Children’s Museum at Saratoga, 69 Caroline St. Dr. Patty from Hearthstone Veterinary Hospital will join us from 2 to 3 pm in the Pet-Vet for a session on the care and safety of our furry friends.

Sunday, January 30 Faith on a Respirator Presbyterian-New England Congregational Church, 24 Circular Street, Saratoga Springs. From 12:30 to 2 pm on Sunday, January 30. When you or someone you love is suffering, it can be difficult to have faith in a higher power. Patricia Nugent will help us realize that we are not alone in our confusion during these difficult times. Please RSVP to (518) 584-6091.

Hall on Pine Street, Schuylerville, the village historian will videotape your memories and stories of local people, places and events for posterity. For more information, contact

Tuesday, February 1 Turf Talkers Toastmasters Saratoga Turf Talkers Toastmasters club will meet from 12:30 to 1:30 pm at Longfellows Inn, 500 Union Ave. Saratoga Turf Talkers practice communication and leadership skills, offer each other feedback and support, and have fun together. Our meetings are free and guests are welcome. For more information, please call Mary Alice at (518) 884-2806 or visit our website:

Celiac- Sprue support group Glens Falls Hospital, Auditorium A. From 6:30 to 8:30 pm, Dr. Stotts will talk about her Celiac Aware Practice of Functional Medicine, and promoting wellness by focusing on the fundamental underlying factors that influence every patient’s experience of health and disease. For more information, contact Jean McLellan (518) 584-6702 or the Nutrition Center of Glens Falls Hospital (518) 926-2615.

Wednesday, February 2 Videotaping Your Reflections of Old Saratoga At 9:30 am in the Victory Village

Empire State College room 126 (the Rotunda) at 2 Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs The Academy for Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) free brown bag lunch and learn with popular storyteller Margaret French presenting Family Matters at noon. Program will be cancelled if Saratoga Springs City Schools are closed due to weather. For more information, visit, or call (518) 587-2100, ext. 2415.

K of C Bingo The Knights of Columbus, Pine Road, Saratoga Community bingo each Wednesday at 7 pm. Doors open at 5 pm. Refreshments will be available. Call (518) 584-8547 for more information.

Thursday, February 3 Saratoga Reads junior book discussion Saratoga Springs Public Library, 49 Henry St. At 6:30 pm. This two-day program for 4th to 6th graders based on this years’ complementary Junior book title, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick will be held on February 3 and February 10. Interested students can email kids@saratoga or sign up through school libraries in the Saratoga Springs School District. Parents of participating students can join a discussion of this year’s Saratoga Reads book of choice, The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa on February 10 from 6:45 to 8 p.m., in the library’s Higher Grounds Café.

Bingo The Jewish Community Center of Saratoga Springs, 84 Weibel Avenue Doors open at 6 pm with the first


Friday, January 28, 2011

game beginning at 7:15. Pull tabs are on sale throughout the evening. The building is wheelchair accessible and has one floor that is non-smoking and another that is smoking. Refreshments for sale and no outside food items are permitted in the building. For more information, call (518) 584-2370.

Friday, February 4 Stretching with Stuffee Children’s Museum at Saratoga, 69 Caroline St. From 10 to 11:30 am, Stuffee will join us to facilitate exercise through silly songs and stretching. This gentle program will promote imaginative movement and flexibility. Kids and parents, please come dressed to move!

First Friday in Ballston Spa Visit the village of Ballston Spa from 6 to 9 pm and enjoy special happenings in many of the downtown shops, restaurants and galleries. Live music, art displays and demonstrations, refreshments and featured shop promotions. Free and open to the public.

Upcoming Tang Museum Family Saturdays February 5 Suitable for children ages 5 and up with their adult companions. Programs include a brief tour of a current Tang exhibition followed by a hands-on art activity. Free and open to the public. Reservations are strongly suggested. From 2 to 3:30 p.m. at the Tang Museum Skidmore College. For reservations and information, call (518) 580-8080.

Gansevoort Farmers’ Market, Sat. Feb. 5 Held every other Saturday in the Town Hall on Catherine Street from 11 am to 1 pm. This Valentine’s Day-themed market will include fresh baked goods, hickory sauce, handmade items, produce, poultry and cheese products, door prizes and more. FREE MASSAGES will also be


offered by massage therapist Ashley Wilson of Stress Knot.

Dessert Theater “One Acts” on Saturday, February 5 St. Peter’s Annex, (behind St. Peter’s Church) 261 Broadway, Saratoga Springs Beginning at 7 pm, enjoy three one-act plays with dessert included. For tickets, call (518) 573-4346. Adults $5, seniors and students $3.

Cabin Fever Saturday February 5 Galway High School Auditorium, Route 147, Galway The 12th Annual Cabin Fever Song Fest, sponsored by the Galway Lions Club, will be held on Saturday, February 5, at 7 pm. Featured musicians are Jamcrackers with Peggy Lynn, Dan Berggren and Dan Duggan; Quickstep with John Kirk, Trish Miller, Ed Lowman, and Sara Milonovich; and storyteller, Joseph Bruchac. Advance sale tickets for $15 can be purchased by calling (518) 842-2994 or visit Tickets purchased at the door will be $18. There is no reserved seating; doors open at 6:15 pm.

Family Dance Sunday February 6 Saratoga Springs Public Library, 49 Henry St. From 2 to 3 pm, bring the family to enjoy the toe-tapping tunes of Peter, Paul and George.

Sweetheart Dinner-Dance February 12 The Saratoga-Wilton Elks Auxiliary is sponsoring their yearly Sweetheart Dinner-Dance on Saturday, February 12 at the Elks Lodge at 1 Elks Lane in Saratoga. Dancing with 5 Karat Gold will be from 8 to 11:30 pm, with appetizers and dinner starting at 6 pm. Cash bar will be available. Reservations are required and the tickets are $25 per person. Call Corrine at (518) 584-3468 to make reservations. Deadline for reservations is Tuesday, February 8.

Send your calendar items to Kim Beatty at before 5 pm on Monday for Friday publication.



Friday, January 28, 2011

local briefs Free Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) immunizations Saratoga County Public Health will be holding immunization clinics for the Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (Tdap) vaccine in response to a recent pertussis outbreak that is widespread throughout the state. The vaccine is being offered to adults 19 years of age and older and is free of charge to county residents. The clinic dates are scheduled for Thursday, February 3 and Friday, February 4 from 10 am to 1 pm at 31 Woodlawn Avenue, Saratoga Springs or Monday, February 7 from noon to 2 pm at the Shenendehowa Community Center (formerly the Senior Center), 6 Clifton Commons Court, Clifton Park. Appointments are required and can be made at m/saratoga, or by calling the Public Health office at (518) 584-7460, ext. 372.

Community Development Block Grant Entitlement Funds The public is invited to public hearings to discuss the allocation of the Saratoga Springs 2011 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Entitlement Award. The 2011 Entitlement Award and reprogrammed funds total approximately $400,000. Applicants are encouraged to present their proposals, and public input will be received at public hearings facilitated by the Community Development Citizen Advisory Committee on Monday, January 31 in the City Council Room, City Hall 1st Floor at 6 pm and on Thursday, February 3 at the Wm. H. Ford Neighborhood Center, 37 E. Fenlon St. at 6 pm. For additional information, please contact the Saratoga Springs Office of Community Development at (518) 587-3550, ext. 2575.

Snowshoe rentals The Wilton Wildlife Preserve has snowshoes available for rental at the health office off the parking area in Camp Saratoga. Free for members, $3 for non-members. The dates and times of availability are February 5 and 19, and

March 5 and 12, from 9 am to 2 pm.

Katrina Trask open house Katrina Trask Cooperative Nursery School will be holding an open house at 24 Circular Street, Saratoga Springs on Wednesday, February 9 from 9 to 11 am and from 6 to 7 pm. The snow date will be Friday, February 11 from 9 to 11 am. Visit, call (518) 584-8968 or email for more information.

Boston Flower and Garden Show trip The Senior Citizens Center of Saratoga Springs and the Saratoga Casino and Raceway are sponsoring a bus trip to the Boston Flower and Garden Show at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston on Wednesday, March 16. This exciting trip is offered at a great value and seating is limited. For Senior Center members, the price is $45 including transportation and admission to the show. The non-member price is $60. The tour bus leaves the center, located at 5 Williams Street in Saratoga, promptly at 8 am and returns between 9 and 9:30 pm. The bus will also visit Quincy Market. A “transportation only” package is also available for those not wishing to attend the show. For details, membership information and reservations, call the Center at (518) 584-1621.

Retired teachers meeting The Saratoga Springs Retired Teachers Association will hold its monthly meeting on Monday, February 7 at 12 noon at Longfellows Restaurant, 500 Union Avenue in Saratoga Springs. The group is open to retired educators who taught in and/or live in Saratoga County. For new member information and luncheon reservations, call (518) 587-5356.

Stillwater Free Library news For more information on any of these programs or to suggest something of your own, visit Charlie’s Book Club, Friday, February 11 at 7 pm. The Witch of Hebron by James Howard Kuntsler.

21 Regular Book Club, Tuesday, February 15 at 7 pm. The Girl Who Chased the Moon by Sarah Addison Allen.

Malta Spring recreation The Town of Malta Department of Parks, Recreation and Human Services Spring activities brochure is now available at the Malta Community Center and online at Registration will begin for spring classes and programs on February 1. Classes and events are scheduled to begin in March. For more information about class offerings or on how to register, please call the Malta Community Center at (518) 899-4411 or visit us online at maltadeptofparkandrec.

Saratoga Springs Recreation Schedules Fees may apply to the following activities. For more information, call the office at (518) 587-3550. Vernon Ice Rink Friday, January 29 – Open Public Skating from 2:30 to 4:30 pm Wednesday, February 2 – Open Adult Figure from 8 to 10 am Saturday, February 5 – Open Family Skate from 12:30 to 2:30 pm

Weibel Ice Rink Saturday, January 30 – Family Skate from noon to 1:30 pm and Open Public Skate from 1:30 to 3:30 pm Sunday, January 31 – Open Adult Figure from 7:30 to 9:30 am Friday, February 4 – Open Adult Figure from 7:30 to 10 am and Open Adult Hockey from 10 to 11:30 pm Saturday, February 5 – Open Public Skate from 2:30 to 4:30 pm Saratoga Springs Recreation Center, 15 Vanderbilt Avenue Friday, January 29 – Open Gym from 4 to 8 pm Saturday, January 30 – Pickleball Clinic from 1 to 3 pm and Open Gym from 11 am to 12:45 pm Sunday, January 31 – Open Gym from 3 to 5:30 pm, Pickleball Clinic from 4 to 6 pm, Volleyball Clinic from 5 to 7 pm, and Music Workshop from 4 to 6 pm Tuesday, February 1 – Open Gym from 3 to 5:30 pm and Pickleball from 9 to 11am Wednesday, February 2 – Open Gym from 3 to 5:30 pm Thursday February 3 – Open Gym from 3 to 5:30 pm and Pickleball from 9 to 11 am

HELPING HANDS Organization

American Red Cross How to Help Every minute of every day, someone needs blood. That blood can only come from a volunteer donor, a person like you who makes the choice to donate. Local blood drives are taking place at the following times and locations: Saturday, February 5 at Company 4 Fire House, 613 Maple Ave, Saratoga Springs from 8 am to 1 pm. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life. Tuesday, February 8 at United Trinity Methodist Church, Ballard Rd, Wilton from 1 to 6 pm. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life. Thursday, February 10 at Saratoga Hospital, 211 Church St from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life. Saturday, February 12 at American Legion Post 278, 6 Clancy St., Schuylerville from 8 am to noon. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life. Monday, February 14 at Malta Community Center, 1 Bayberry Dr. from noon to 6 pm. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life. Monday, February 14 at SUNY Adirondack Community College Wilton Center, 6 Mountain Ledge Dr., Gansevoort from 3 to 7 pm. Please call 1-800-733-2767 for your appointment to save a life.

Contact For more information on how to help the Red Cross in any capacity, please visit

Send your local briefs to Kim Beatty at before Monday at 5 pm for Friday publication

upcoming town meetings Town of Ballston: Ballston Town Hall 323 Charlton Road 885-8502 2/2: Zoning Board of appeals meeting, 7 pm Village of Ballston Spa: 66 Front Street 885-5711 Town of Greenfield: 7 Wilton Road 893-7432 2/1: Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, 7:30 pm 2/3: Town Board agenda meeting, 7:30 pm Town of Malta: 2540 Route 9 899-2818 1/31: Town Board workshop, 6:30 pm Town of Milton: 503 Geyser Road 885-9220 2/2: Town Board meeting, 7 pm City of Saratoga Springs: 474 Broadway 587-3550 2/1: City Council meeting, 7 pm 2/2: Design Review Commission meeting, 7 pm Town of Saratoga: 12 Spring Street, Schuylerville 695-3644 Village of Schuylerville: 35 Spring Street 695-3881 1/31: Board of Trustees workshop meeting, 6:30 pm Town of Stillwater: 66 East St., Riverside Mechanicville, NY 12118 2/3: Town Board agenda session, 7 pm Town of Wilton: 22 Traver Road 587-1939 2/3: Town Board meeting, 7 pm




‘Surf’s up’ at Gaffney’s on Saturday!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Local Gigs

After a weekend of well-below zero temperatures, an event like this could not have been timed better. The public is invited to Gaffney’s (16 Caroline Street, Saratoga Springs) first-ever beach party this Saturday night, January 29 beginning at 9:30 pm. The concept of “hang-time converging with facetime” will include music by the group “FOUR” as well as a beach wear contest with prizes. It is unclear at press time whether wearing long underwear under said beach garb would disqualify an entrant, yet we encourage all to try their luck at staying warm by participating in a game or two of what could become the next great Saratoga institution – winter outdoor volleyball! And this being Gaffney’s, we have it on good authority that they have lined up some dynamite specials on tropical libations that will, in short order, trade your wind-chill factor mindset for that of gentle trade winds. Who wouldn’t shout a “Ya Mon!” to that?

Send listings to



Friday, January 28, 2011


Call for entries for Mimosa Gallery annual charity fundraiser - This year’s recipient is Big Brothers/Big Sisters of NENY Mimosa Gallery, at 70c Beekman Street, Saratoga Springs is seeking entries for its annual fundraising exhibition. The exhibition is entitled "Two By Two," and will be a group show featuring work by two artists who are related in some manner (i.e.: parent/child, spouses, partners, teacher/student). All mediums will be considered. The work submitted by the two artists does not have to be related - one piece from each artist will be displayed together. There is no restriction on size or price. Entries must be submitted for consideration via email or by appointment by February 4. Twenty-five percent of the sales from the 2011 fundraiser go to Big

Brothers/Big Sisters of S a r a t o g a Springs, whose mission "is to help children reach their potential through one-to-one relationships with mentors that have a measurable impact on youth." Each year a different worthy notfor-profit is designated. According to gallery owner Michelle LaLonde, last year’s charity, the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund, received over $1,200

from the proceeds of the exhibition. The “Two by Two” exhibition will run at Mimosa from March 2 through April 18. For more information, contact Rebecca or Michelle at (518) 5831163 or mimosagallery

“Beauty and the Beast” at Maple Avenue Middle School The Musical Club at the Maple Avenue Middle School will present six performances of the musical “Beauty and the Beast” on two weekends in February. The show features more than 100 students in grades six, seven and eight. Directed by Candace Calvin and produced by Kathy Fogarty, “Beauty and the Beast” is scheduled for 7 pm on Friday, February 4, 1 and 7 pm on Saturday, February 5, 7 pm on Friday, February 11, and 1 and 7 pm on Saturday, Feb. 12. Tickets, available at the door, are priced at $5 each. All members of the public are invited. Tickets can also be pre-ordered by calling or texting Lisa Capasso at (518) 281-0397. The public is cordially invited to attend. In addition to the director and producer, other adults filling key roles include: Karen Munski, music director; Shelly Collier, choreographer; Scott Walrath, lighting and Dale Hegenberger, sound. Many parent volunteers are also assisting. Each performance will feature special effects, as well as a concession stand, raffle baskets and a rolling flower cart during intermission.

Antique show at Dance Museum The National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame is hosting its 2nd Annual Antique Show this weekend. Over 40 vendors are scheduled to exhibit, showing glassware, silver, vintage jewelry, linens and more all in one location with plenty of parking. The National Museum of Dance is located at 99 South Broadway, Saratoga Springs. Show hours are Friday, January 28 from 10 am to 4 pm and Saturday, January 29 from 10 am to 5 pm. Admission to the show is $5 for the Photos Provided general public; museum members are admitted free. For more information, visit or Images from the 2010 winter antique show at the call (518) 584-2225, ext. 3001. National Museum of Dance.




Friday, January 28, 2011


SPAC launches new winter fundraiser on Saturday, February 26 - ‘Mad Men’ theme to highlight 60’s cocktail chic

The chic 1960’s culture of the Emmy-winning series ‘Mad Men’ is the inspiration for Saratoga Performing Arts Center’s newest fundraiser, The Winter Ball, on Saturday, February 26 at 8 p.m. at the Hall of Springs. Hosted by SPAC’s newly formed Junior

Committee, the Hall of Springs will be transformed into a 1960’s cocktail lounge for the event. Prizes will be awarded to guests with the most authentic ‘Mad Men’ attire. Tickets, available at, are $65 in advance; $70 at the door. “This party will be a fun, nostalgic escape to an earlier time,” said Marcia J. White, SPAC’s President & Executive Director.

Features of The Winter Ball include:

• Open bar with beer and wine • 1960’s cocktail lounge décor • Sparkling wine Prosecco reception sponsored by Mionetto • Budweiser retro bar sponsored by Saratoga Eagle • 60’s cocktail fare • Martini raffle • Cigar lounge • Live music by The Accents • Costume contests and prizes • Gideon Putnam Hotel discount rate - $79 rooms with complimentary transportation SPAC’s Junior Committee, formed in 2010, consists of rising young professionals from in and around the Capital Region. The goal of the Committee is to assist SPAC in fundraising, donor cultivation and outreach among their peers. Proceeds raised at the Committee’s Winter Ball will help underwrite the classical programming and educational activities of SPAC’s summer season. For more information about The Winter Ball, visit or contact Evie Chabot at or (518)584-9330 ext. 122.

Photo by Jennifer Taylor

Ensemble ACJW

Zankel Music Center’s spring season kicks off with free show - World premiere of Carnegie Hall-commissioned piece Skidmore College will present “Carnegie Hall Premieres featuring Ensemble ACWJ” performing the world premiere of a new Carnegie Hall commission at 8 pm on Friday, February 4, in Arthur Zankel Music Center’s Helen Filene Ladd Concert Hall. Admission is free and open to the public, but tickets are required and may be reserved online at The ensemble will present the premiere performance of David Bruce’s “Steampunk,” a 22-minute octet for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, violin, viola, cello and bass. This program will be repeated on Monday, February 7 at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Ben Givan of the Skidmore music department will lead a pre-performance discussion with the featured composer and members of Ensemble ACJW beginning at 7 pm. Ensemble ACJW has performed at Skidmore in Saratoga Springs once each semester since 2007, often presenting the upstate premieres of Carnegie Hall commissions through a partnership between the college and The Academy – a program of Carnegie Hall, the Juilliard School and the Weill Music Institute, in partnership with the New York City Department of Education. The ensemble will give a musical presentation at Saratoga Bridges on Thursday, February 3, and will work with third through fifth-grade pupils at St. Clements School in Saratoga Springs on Friday, February 4. There also will be a concert preview at 12:15 pm on Friday, February 4, at Skidmore’s Scribner Library.

The Van Dyck presents a tribute to Nick Brignola On Saturday, January 29, the Van Dyck will present a Tribute to Nick Brignola starting at 7:30 pm. Tickets are available online or at the club for $12 in advance or $15 at the door. This event, originally presented in November 2009, will again bring the area’s finest jazz players together in a “Thank You Tribute” to the late, internationally-renowned Troy, New York native and saxophone legend Nick Brignola, who passed away in 2002. Featured on this night will be pianist Lee Shaw, saxophonist Brian Patneaude and three long-time Brignola band mates: guitarist Chuck D’Aloia, bassist Otto Gardner and drummer David Calarco. Nick was an essential part of the music community, both locally and internationally, and helped the 1990’s

revival of the Van Dyck by repeatedly reaching out to jazz stars that enthusiastically came to play with him at the club. The Van Dyck is at 237 Union Street, Schenectady. For more information or to reserve tickets, phone (518) 348-7999 or visit

Photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk

Nick Brignola and Lee Shaw in the 1990's




Friday, January 28, 2011

‘Figment Transport’ sculpture exhibit at Arts Center Gallery The Arts Center Gallery at 320 Broadway in Saratoga Springs will feature the sculpture works of John R.G. Roth in a solo exhibition titled ‘Figment Transport’ from February 5 through March 26. The public is invited to an opening reception on Saturday, February 5 from 6 to 8 pm. There will also be an artist discussion held before the opening reception at 5 pm in The Arts Center Gallery. John R.G. Roth’s sculptures reflect a world-view that is subjected to the realm of dream and fantasy. Roth’s current body of work calls for the viewer’s participation as he explores human characteristics in aspects of machinery, vehicles and buildings, while reflecting upon the connection between instinct and intellect.

Images Provided

From top: ‘Homedetail’ , ‘Gleamin Freedom’ by John R.G. Roth

All screenings are held at the Dee Sarno Theater in the Saratoga Arts Center, Broadway and Spring Street, Saratoga Springs. Visit or call 584-FILM. Tickets are $7 and $5 for members and students

ALL GOOD THINGS Rated R: for drug use, violence, language and some sexuality Friday, January 28 at 7:30 pm Sunday, January 30 at 3 pm Inspired by one of the most notorious missing person's cases in New York history, in which Robert Durst was suspected--but never tried--of killing his wife Kathie, who disappeared without a trace in 1982 and was never found. In All Good Things, Ryan Gosling stars as David Marks, scion of a wealthy New York City real estate dynasty led by patriarch Sanford (Oscar winner Frank Langella). David meets Katie McCarthy (Kirsten Dunst) and their whirlwind romance starts off well enough--until David starts to have daddy issues, and daddy doesn't approve of Katie, who grows ever more independent. Then things start to go terribly wrong, and David and Katie soon learn that a happy marriage was not meant to be...and that all good things do come to an end.


2011 Student Art Exhibition at Skidmore The annual Skidmore College Student Art Exhibition will be on exhibit in Schick Art Gallery from Thursday, February 3 through Friday, March 11. An opening reception will take place in the gallery from 5:30 to 7 pm on February 3. Guest juror for this year’s show is Rachel Seligman, director of the Mandeville Gallery and curator of the permanent collection at Union College in Schenectady. Ms. Seligman has also taught art history at Skidmore, Adirondack Community College and the College of Saint Rose. In previous years from an average of more than 250 entries the juror has typically chosen one-third to onequarter for exhibit and singled out the most outstanding work for special awards. Prizes and gift certificates totaling over $1,000 are funded annually through donations made by friends of the gallery, campus organizations and Saratoga community businesses. These prizes will be announced at the opening reception. Both the exhibition and reception are free and open to the public. Schick Gallery hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday and 1 to 4:30 pm on weekends. For more information, visit

Image Provided

Winner of the 2010 Student Art Exhibition "Best of Show" award: Armor, by Mariel Harari, Class of 2010. Silver, brass, and plastic coated copper


Friday, January 28, 2011


classified TODAY’s


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for rent WILTON McGregor Village Apts. Winter Special...Now $725/month, 2 bdrm, 1 bath. Cats only. (A/C avail) 518-886-8013 All 1st flr. units includes features for persons w/disabilities required by the Fair Housing Act.




Totally refurbished home in Village. Seller willing to LEASE with option to buy for credit qualified buyers. A short walk to shops in Village as well as only 5 minutes walkl to bus line . 3BR, 2 BA home. Large living room, dining room and a full kitchen with eat in area. New roof,boiler,hot water heater, siding, appliances, new lighting fixtures, all new carpeting throughout, new kitchen with washer/dryer hookup. dry basement & new 200 amp service Lots of closets Joyce D Garlock (518) 640-4272

Superior home in Milton Oaks with full basement and 3 season cedar sun room. Fenced backyard, sprinkler system. Central air, Neutral colors throughout. Cathedral ceiling in living room, formal dining room, open floor plan on first floor. Large eat-in kitchen with pantry. family room off kitchen area. Large closets in the 3 bedrooms with 2 full baths. Storage in the carpeted partially finished basement with a rec room and laundry area. Joyce D Garlock (518) 640-4272



Well maintained prior showcase home situated on the highly sought after, family friendly "Jessica Trace" loop. This home boasts over 3100 s.f. and is luxuriously appointed. 3 fireplaces, built-in's, HW, ceramic tile floors and a gourmet kitchen with granite counters, gas cook top, cherry cabinets and ss appliances, to name a few. The in-ground pool off of the oversized deck is appealing. While pool side, full masonry FP and waterfall are sure to provide ambience and entertainment. Low Wilton taxes.


Single floor living end unit townhome is ready for occupancy in the Beacon Hill subdivision.Open floor plan with 9' ceilings,gas FP,oversized tiled shower in master bath and neutral decor are just a few of the special features that this barely lived in townhome has to offer.The versatile finished area in the basement may serve as extra hobby space,a rec area or to accommode entertainment overflow. The screened porch off the back is sure to provide serene and peaceful relaxation.

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Within 1/2 hour from Saratoga, Ballston Spa, Malta or Glens Falls area. Beautiful country home with hardwood floors throughout and beautiful woodworking. 1.54 acres of land with two outbuildings with a tack room and 4 stalls and 2 car garage. Wrap around driveway. Large front porch for enjoying those quiet evenings. Deck in back for grilling or lounging. 3 large bedrooms with hardwood flooring. Master bedroom has a sitting area as well as a walk in closet. Full basement with walkout. Joyce D Garlock (518) 640-4272

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If you enjoy nature, gardens, and sunset mountain views, look no further - this home has it all. First floor offers hardwood floors, fireplace, beautiful built-ins, wood stove, and large eat-in kitchen leading out to deck and screened gazebo. 4 bedrooms up, finished basement and oversized 2-car garage. This very private and special home has forever wild out back and sunsets over the mountains. Perfect home for all seasons. Showings start 2/3/11!


Cute, clean custom home on quiet cul-de-sac in great neighborhood. Eat-in kitchen and living room are bright and sunny and the three bedrooms on this floor are nicely sized and share full bath. Lower level offers large family room with oversized windows and wood fireplace. Large master suite on this floor including full bath and large closet. Office and laundry room complete this floor. Priced to sell, easy to show, a great house to call home.

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Friday, January 28, 2011


Community Sports Bulletin Phantoms introduce new school program with unveiling of new mascot The Adirondack Phantoms, proud American Hockey League affiliate of the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers, announced this past week the introduction of their new school assembly program -GOAL! - an acronym which stands for: Get Out And Live. The Phantoms new team mascot debuted the GOAL! program on Thursday, January 27 during a school assembly of nearly 400 students at Ballard Elementary School in Wilton. The GOAL! program is designed to demonstrate a more active lifestyle for children and encourages healthy dietary habits. GOAL! is based on Michelle Obama's: Let's Move initiative, and developed by local principals, physical educators and school nutritionists in conjunction with New York State public health and education objectives. GOAL! is built on a five-point program: 1. Eat a healthy breakfast 2. Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables 3. Drink lots of water 4. Be active for 60 minutes each day 5. Limit "screen time" to two hours a day The new mascot will be unveiled to local hockey fans on Friday, January 28 before the Phantoms 7:30 pm home game against the Charlotte Checkers. The GOAL! program is available to all local schools upon request by calling the Phantoms' Director of Fun & Community Development, Andrew Hill, at (518) 480-3355.

Liberty League Honors Skidmore College men's basketball junior Gerard O'Shea and women's basketball sophomore Logan Frederick were each tabbed as Liberty League CoPerformers of the Week for their play over this past weekend. O'Shea averaged 14.5 points and 3.0 assists in a 1-1 week for the Thoroughbreds. In the win over Clarkson, he tallied 11 points, three assists and three rebounds, and at St. Lawrence he scored 18 points to go along with three assists and four rebounds. The Thoroughbreds are 9-6 overall and 3-2 in the league; they host #5 Middlebury on Tuesday night, February 1 at 7 pm. Frederick averaged 11.5 points and 8.5 rebounds in two games, while shooting .579 from the floor (11-19). She scored 10 points at Clarkson and came back on Saturday to record a double-double with 13 points and 13 rebounds against St. Lawrence. Skidmore is now 7-8 overall and 3-2 in the league. The team returns to action on Friday, January 28 at 6 pm when they host Vassar College.

Send your sports stories and briefs to Daniel Schechtman, Sports Editor at sports@saratoga

Varsity Girls Basketball Schedule

Varsity Boys Basketball Schedule

Ballston Spa

Ballston Spa

1/21: at Colonie, 24-62 L 1/28: vs. Bethlehem, 7pm 2/01: vs. Burnt Hills, 7pm

1/21: vs. Colonie, 57-50 W 1/28: at Bethlehem, 7pm 2/01: at Burnt Hills, 7pm

Burnt Hills - Ballston Lake

Burnt Hills - Ballston Lake

1/25: at Avril Park, 36-53 L 1/28: vs. Guilderland, 7pm 2/01: at Ballston Spa, 7pm

1/25: vs. Avril Park, 38-51 L 1/28: at Guilderland, 7pm 2/01: vs. Ballston Spa, 7pm

Saratoga Springs

Saratoga Springs

1/20: at Avril Park, 30-45 L 1/21: at Columbia, 54-45 W 1/28: vs. Colonie, 7pm

1/21: vs. Columbia, 63-54 W 1/28: at Colonie, 7pm 2/01: vs. Niskayuna, 7pm



1/22: at Granville, 39-45 L 1/26: at Stillwater, 48-44 W 1/28: at Greenwich, 7pm

1/19: vs. Stillwater, 42-39 W 1/28: vs. Greenwich, 6pm 1/31: vs. Granville, 6pm

South Glens Falls

South Glens Falls

1/21: at Scotia, 33-60 L 1/22: at Glens Falls, 42-52 L 1/28: vs. Broadalbin-Perth, 6pm

1/20: vs. Scotia, 34-50 L 1/28: at Broadalbin-Perth, 7pm 1/31: at Hudson Falls, 7pm

Skidmore to host National Girls and Women in Sports Day photo provided

Gerard O’Shea

photo provided

Logan Frederick

puzzle solutions from pg. 19

Skidmore College is set to host its 5th annual National Girls and Women in Sports Day (NGWSD) on Saturday, February 5. With the event, Skidmore aims to raise awareness of women's athletics on the Skidmore College campus and in the community through celebrating the achievements of girls and women in sports, expose girls and women to various sports opportunities and encourage their participation in sports and celebrate 39 years of Title IX and 25 years of NGWSD. Saturday's activities will feature sports clinics for girls in grades 3 through 8, lunch with Skidmore's student-athletes, pictures with the Thoroughbred mascot, free give-aways and the opportunity to watch a Skidmore women's swimming & diving meet and women's basketball game. All are free and open to the public. To register for the event, please visit their website: For further details, please contact Hilda Arrechea by email at, or by phone at (518) 580-5367.




Friday, January 28, 2011


Futbol fever strikes snowbound Saratoga by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY SARATOGA SPRINGS - Jeff Geller is a regular powerhouse when it comes to soccer here in Saratoga Springs. The coach of this year's Section II co-Champions at Saratoga Springs high school, Geller also oversee the entire program at the First Touch Futbol Academy (FTFA), which houses some of the best players ages ten and under in Saratoga County. Now, Geller (along with his wife, Stephanie) has taken up a new endeavor, helping to run a fledgling indoor soccer program for boys and girls from kindergarten to grade 3 at the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center. "This program is geared for players new to the game. We teach some basic skills to start each session and let the kids play small sided games, three-on-three or four-on-four," said Geller. "It's a great program to have your son or daughter test the waters and see if soccer is something they might enjoy." Currently the indoor program is helping to guide 24 athletes from the Saratoga Springs City School District as they learn the basics and fundamentals of the sport, but Geller said that athletes from outside the district are more than welcome to attend. "With the indoor program, we are looking to teach players the basics of the game such as dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting. This is an introductory program. If players like the program and enjoy the game, hopefully they will continue to play in the Saratoga Springs Recreation Soccer Program, or with the First Touch Futbol Academy. We are here to guide all the families to the appropriate programs for their child," Geller said. While the indoor program (which is part of the Saratoga Springs Recreation Program) is only currently being offered during the winter season, year round programs such as the one Geller oversees at the FTFA provide a great opportunity for youngsters to continue pursuing the sport and to sharpen their skills. At the FTFA, Geller "strives to provide a high-quality, fundamen-

tally sound program for young soccer players who wish to play the game of soccer. We strongly believe that any player enrolled in the FTFA from ages 5-10 will have a soccer foundation that is secondto-none in the Capital District." It's a big claim, to be sure, but thanks to the coaching staff at FTFA, it's one that Geller can easily back up (currently the FTFA Gold team is tied for first in Division I play at Afrim's Sports; the FTFA Blue and Green teams are tied in first and second place in Division II). "I've been coaching for over 10 years," Geller said, who holds advanced coaching licenses from the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) and the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). "The success we've achieved this year would not be possible without my assistant, Keith Simons...a former player at Saratoga Springs high school. Keith brings great insight to the game, is able to demonstrate all the skills we teach, and is great with young players. He also holds licenses from the NSCAA and USSF." Together with the rest of the coaching staff, Geller aims to provide his students not only with quality training, but also with a constructive, educational, safe, and most importantly - fun environment as they begin to foster a lifelong appreciation for the game. "I'm a teacher," Geller said, "I love working with kids. I love seeing a player accomplish something

in a game that they were previously unable to do. Soccer is a great sport, provides great exercise, and improves coordination and motor skills. This is a great way for players to stay active during the cold, winter months. Our hope is that we will find some players new to the game that enjoy it and who will continue to play." For those who are curious about joining either organization, the indoor rec. league or the FTFA, Geller invites athletes and students to stop by and check out the programs. "If your family is pondering joining the academy, I would advise you to stop by a few training sessions to meet our staff, the players, and see how a typical practice is run. We can provide information on all the commitments necessary to make the program a success for your family. If our program is not for you, we will help guide you to a program that better suits your needs," said Geller. Players interested in joining the FTFA can visit for further information. To learn more about the FTFA or the indoor soccer program, you may also contact Geller by email at

photos by - Saratoga TODAY

Geller and staff help teach athletes the fundamentals of futbol during a session of the indoor soccer program at the Saratoga Springs Recreation Center.




Friday, January 28, 2011

Baseball off the wall

Damian Fantauzzi Remember as a kid when you wanted to play sports, but no one was around except you and a friend or two? Since there weren't many kids available, you had to get creative with the games you played. One such game I used to play was called "baseball off the wall." To play, you would usually get a rubber baseball or a white tennis ball (we had both of those in the "old days"), and with your baseball glove (or not) you would bounce the ball off of a wall. There were some rules that were made up along the way, such as that the ball had to hit off of the wall with a bounce up from the ground to initiate play. There were designated areas for singles, doubles, triples and home runs, and usually there would be lines that somehow marked those areas. Fielding a fly ball would be an out, and a ground ball was an out too, but if a hypothetical runner was on a base then he would advance to the next base. Even though this could be played solo, it was definitely more fun with 2 or even 4 players. We actually had a neighborhood league of four teams - I guess you would have called us the NLB (Neighborhood League Baseball). I can also recall playing "oneon-none basketball" in my yard that's when I was in the NBA‌

the National Backyard Association. I'll never forget the day I beat the legendary "Mr. Clutch" - Jerry West himself! Of course, West could do little to stop me, and if I did miss a shot, it was because either he fouled me, or I was able to recover and grab the rebound. To be fair, I did give him some points (or I should say he scored a few), but in my backyard I was unbeatable. Poor Jerry! I never lost a game, even when time ran out. If I missed a buzzer beater, it was because I was fouled, and somehow I managed to win in the last second every time. I remember playing one-on-one football with one of my buddies too. Again we were creative, and made up some rules to make this thing work, such as: you had to count, when on defense to 3 or 5 before you could blitz or rush. When on offense and the blitz was on, we also made up a rule that allowed you to pass to yourself - an amazing feat! Somehow we made it all work. I remember one game we set an all-time record for most points ever scored in a football game. If ESPN was around in those days, we certainly would have been famous. In Mary Hopkins' 1960's song, "Those were the days," she sings, "Those were the days my friend, we thought they'd never end." Those lyrics say it all. The love of sport and playing the game meant you had to create an environment - the stadium, if you will - that enabled us to participate and compete, no matter the setting or the number of players. During my freshman year in high school, I earned the award of "All Backyard." After that, well, I discovered girls. Those were the days‌


Arms Fair returns to City Center for 27th year SARATOGA SPRINGS - For the 27th consecutive year, the New Eastcoast Arms Collectors Associates (NEACA) Inc. is returning to the Saratoga Springs City Center on January 29 and 30 for the 82nd Saratoga Springs Gun and Militaria Show. NEACA, which hosted the first ever City Center Trade Show in August of 1984, is making its return this year to the newly renovated City Center for this season's Arms Fair. Collectors and dealers of antique, classic and investment grade firearms from across the northeast are invited to attend, where they will be able to buy, sell and trade their wares. Typically the Arms Fair features rare or historical offerings from Colt, Savage and Winchester firearms, as well as unique pieces of Americana, military collectibles, quality reference books, Civil War swords and artifacts, Revolutionary War arti-

facts, thousands of guns, knives and accessories. Over 250 tables of exhibitors are expected to attend this weekend's event, where other items including outdoor sporting equipment, Adirondack antiques, vintage sporting collectibles and investment firearms will be made available. Also at the event will be displays for local Fishing and Game Clubs, where interested parties can seek out information regarding local hunting, fishing and shooting sports. The National Rifle Association (NRA) will be making an appearance, and allow for people to join the association right on the show floor. Current NEACA members will be admitted for an early viewing with refreshments on Friday evening beginning at 5:30 pm. At that time, new memberships will also be made available at the door for an annual fee of $50. The $50 fee includes free admis-

sion and no waiting line to all NEACA shows for one full year. Doors open to the general public on Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm and Sunday from 9 am until 3 pm. General admission is $8, with a discounted rate of $7 for seniors. Children under 14 are free when accompanied by an adult. Attendees are encouraged to bring old military uniforms or war souvenirs, old firearms, pack baskets, duck decoys, old animal traps or vintage fishing gear to trade or sell at the show. Many exhibitors will offer to purchase said items, provide an estimate on their value, or supply written appraisals. All firearms must be cased or covered when entering the City Center. For further information, please call NEACA President, David Petronis, at (518) 664-9743, or visit the organization on the web at

Ralston skates her way onto U.S. Speed Skating Junior World Championship team by Daniel Schechtman Saratoga TODAY SARATOGA SPRINGS - Katy Ralston, the 18-year-old Saratoga Springs high school graduate and

speed skating extraordinaire is headed to Courmayeur, Italy as the newest member of the US Junior World Speed Skating team. Ralston, who placed second

photo by - Saratoga TODAY

Katy Ralston leads the pack.

overall during last weekend's US Short Track Junior Speed Skating Championships at the Weibel Ave. Ice Rink, earned her spot on the world team after her thirdplace finish during the 1,500 meter junior ladies Super Final with a time of 2:32.977. Ralston racked up a total of 3720 points behind Alexis Burkholder's 3835, which qualified her to take part in the 2011 World Junior Championships beginning February 25 in Italy. Also representing Saratoga was Josh Cummings, who finished eighth overall in the Junior Men's division with a total of 1058 points. Andrew Hodor, another Saratoga Springs high graduate, also competed in the short track event. While Hodor's best events are typically the long track races, the Saratoga native put on a strong effort, finishing fifteenth overall with 444 points in the Junior Men's division. For Ralston, who has spent the past year training with the Olympic and World speed skating teams in Salt Lake City, the victory brings her one step closer to her ultimate dream: a trip to the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia.



Friday, January 28, 2011

Ziehnert Skating School takes first place in Lake Placid competition LAKE PLACID - The Ziehnert Skating School has earned top honors after taking home first place from the 2011 Lake Placid ISI Team Competition on January 13-16. Representing the skating school was a team of fourteen skaters, who together managed to take home 23 gold medals, 4 silver and 2 bronze medals to win the Percentage Team Trophy. The local school competed with 25 teams from across the tri-state area, as well as several teams based in Maryland and South Carolina. The Ziehnert Skating School was started last year by Glenn Ziehnert, national coach and choreographer, along with studentturned-coach, Justin Morrow. Justin competed last year at the 2010 US Nationals for the Olympic Trials in senior ice dancing. He has since turned professional and plans to help coach the team with Ziehnert. The skating school is steadily growing and gaining notoriety. Last year, only months old, the team placed second in the Championships. With a year of tweaking skating moves and working on more difficult skating elements, the team was able to capture the top spot. "I am so pleased with the progress of all of my skaters.

Many of them started to learn to skate in classes with me and progressed into private lessons from there. I like to work heavily on the basics of skating. A good foundation is the key to the improvement and success of the skater. I stress good basics, proper technique and having a lot of fun while learning," Ziehnert said. In Lake Placid, the skaters performed skating routines in freestyle, artistic, spotlight, stroking and jump and spin events. Many of Ziehnert's skaters performed in multiple events. Each skater is awarded

points according to their placement in their individual event. The team with the highest points in regard to number of skaters wins the percentage team trophy. "The Lake Placid Team Championships are very special to me. It was my first competition, and home of the 1980 Olympic Games. I could not think of a more beautiful place to inspire young skaters, a place to teach them to go after their dreams," Ziehnert said. For those interested in learning how to ice skate, Ziehnert can be reached at (518) 265-4242.

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Front Row: Erika Li, Eden Susi, Franceska Nardelli, Abby Hansen, Bethany Hayes, Sonia Susi; Back Row: Tim Hayes,Sara Parker, Molly Gagnon, Coach Glenn Ziehnert, Michaela Grady,Tereska Nardelli, Jennifer Steele



Cantina’s to host “Building New Fields Project” fundraiser On Thursday, February 3 at 6pm, Cantina's at 430 Broadway in Saratoga Springs will be hosting the "Building New Fields Project." The fundraiser is being organized to help support the East Side Recreation Fields Project, which is trying to raise money to rebuild the field's concession stand. The concession stand was demolished at the end of last fall, when the league was informed that the stand was no longer up to code and would not be allowed to operate. After several meetings between the league, the school district and city officials, it was determined that there was no way to salvage the old structure. Now efforts are underway to

raise money to build a new structure that will include much needed storage space, a larger concession stand and the facilities needed to maintain a menu that players and fans have become accustomed to. Cantina's is planning to donate a portion of the proceeds from the evening towards restoring and redesigning the facilities, and will feature a silent auction, appetizer specials and their trademark dinners. So far over $33,000 has been raised for the project, but community donations are still needed to reach the organization's goal. For more information, please visit

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Saratoga native to join Junior U.S. Speed Skating World Championship team see pg. 30 for details

Andrew Hodor of Saratoga speeds around the rink during the US Short Track Junior Speed Skating Championships at the Weibel Ave. Ice Rink.

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