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Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Kids say the darndest things, don’t they? Local moms share some of the funny and oh-so-adorable phrases spoken right from the mouths of their little ones: Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography “My 3 ½ - year old son, Jonathan, told me once while I was driving him to school that I was driving him coconuts!“

- Karen S. We asked our 3 ½-year-old son, Noah, if he would like to go swimming after lunch and he looked at us and said so seriously: "MOM, I am not a motor boat.“

-Jennifer S. Cailin (3 ½-year-old) calls two hands put together "bowl hands" instead of "both hands." She also gets dressed in the morning saying "I want people to laugh at me." I guess she wants people to think she looks funny.

– Katy W.

My 4-year-old, Bella, told me I could stay at home with the baby while she runs some "earrings" with her daddy!

-Kathy Rabbitt C. My 2 ½ -year-old daughter, June, says she would like some "private seat" while using the bathroom.

-Kathryn H.

My 8-year-old daughter, when she was 2, would say "Welcome please thank you good girl" all in one breath when she wanted something.

–Nichol Hall

My 3-year-old Scarlett said this when I said to keep flossing: "No thanks Mommy. I am done for tonight. I don't want to floss all my food away. I need to keep some in my teeth so there is food in there tomorrow when I floss."

–Michelle M.

Here’s a sampling of memorable sayings and misunderstandings from the family at Saratoga TODAY newspaper: When 7-year-old Keegan B. was a few years younger he used to say… compooper instead of computer vescalator instead of elevator and escalator organsize instead of organize whiffed cream instead of whipped cream perhaps instead of except (for example: Scout is a good dog, perhaps when he jumps on people.) 4-year-old Nadine M. is still young enough to make these adorable statements Stop upper-rupting me! = stop interrupting me! Don’t dis-pect me = don’t disrespect me In her terminology… cluck-a-nation house = barn coff-eter = photographer con-sti-fusing = confusing

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Real Moms


Photo by Ashley Brown Photography

Shape Up • Fitting in a Workout • Fit Tips

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Know How • Creating a Safe Haven • Protect Those Little Pearly Whites

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Activities & Adventures

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• Shelby Schneider • Mandy Cornick • Michelle Butts

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Saratoga Polo Budget-Friendly Family Fun Summer Camp Guide Saratoga Springs Public Library

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Lifestyle • • • •

Practicality Goes A Long Way Summer Health Award Winners Top 10 Apps for Moms


Newborns • Finding Her Groove • 5 Must-Haves

• • • •

• • • •

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Always Take Time for You ABCs of Date Night Investing in College Education Raising Role Models


Photo by Ashley Brown Photography

• All Natural Makeup • Diapers and Day Dresses

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Celebrating Moms • Mother’s Day Special • A Mother’s Perspective

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About the Cover Makenna plays at Yaddo garden for her first birthday!

• Baby’s Big Day Out

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Finding her


A new mom balances work, life and baby Story by Jenny Witte Photos by Ashley Brown Photography


ringing home a new baby introduces many challenges for new mothers, especially if you’re juggling new mommyhood and a career. Photographer Ashley Brown tells us about how she managed to find balance after bringing home baby Greta.

First, plan ahead, but don’t expect everything to go as planned. For Ashley and her husband, Michael, the first hurdle was immediate. Greta was six-and-a-half weeks premature. Since Greta was a preemie, Ashley and Michael couldn’t bring her home for 25 days. All of the young couple’s plans were altered; rather than bringing home a new baby right away, their first taste of parenthood involved trips back and forth to the hospital. It’s important to be flexible and adaptable when you’re a parent. A lot of firsttime moms make a birth plan and get upset if things don’t go accordingly, but if you focus on the joys of motherhood it can help get you through some unexpected bumps in the road. Because the wait was so long, bringing home Greta was all the more sweet.

Give yourself a break and accept offers to help from family and friends. “There is no shame in asking for help (coming from someone who is fiercely independent, this is hard) and in taking a break,” Ashley said. 8 | Mamatoga Magazine

Asking for help is something a lot of new moms can have trouble with- they feel like asking for any assistance from friends or family will mean they’ve somehow failed just a little bit at a job they’ve only just started, but it is so important to recognize the value of getting a helping hand. Whether it is having a mother-inlaw watch the baby while you grab a quick nap or getting out on your own for just an hour or two, those little boosts can go a long way in the life of a new mom.

Let go of the guilt: motherly instinct trumps baby book advice.

Don’t go crazy over baby books! “Don’t read too much. All of the baby books are overwhelming, and I found myself doubting how I’d know what to do without pouring over them constantly,” Ashley said. It may surprise some people, but books that are meant to help can instead make new moms crazy with worry. Used as an occasional reference they can be

a great resource, but if you find yourself stressing out: put the book down and step away slowly. Any major concerns should be addressed by your pediatrician, not by a book. By the time Greta was 2 months old, Ashley had sworn off baby books. “It’s hard to imagine how, but you do figure it out,” she said. “You know what is best for you and your child, and information overload is the quickest way to start comparing and feeling inadequate.” New moms are always subject to advice from pretty much everyone around them, some of it good, some of it not so good. But one piece of advice really rang true for Ashley – to maintain her own identity. This was perhaps the best piece of advice she received because it helped her let go of the guilt. So many new moms experience the joy of life with a new baby saddled with unnecessary guilt, whether it is about breastfeeding versus bottle feeding, being a stay-athome mom or returning to work. As a new parent, you will face many decisions, some harder than others; if you put aside those guilty feelings, and go with your gut, you’ll find the confidence you need to do the best job for your baby the best way you can.

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Make time for yourself.

Although your life seems turned upside down when you start caring for a little bouncing baby, keeping a sense of self is so important for your health, peace of mind and happiness. “This was something that was so important to me, not to say I don’t struggle with figuring out how,” Ashley said. “Make time for yourself, and realize that although being a mother is a huge part of your life, it isn’t your entire life. Utilize your husband and your support system, and enjoy a night out with friends, a bath and a book, or whatever makes you happy. I truly feel that I am a better mom when I am refreshed, happy and balanced.”

Establish balance.

Creating some balance is something that all moms struggle with, either stayat-home moms, work-at-home moms or

moms who work outside the home. For Ashley, the hardest part about returning to work was creating the separation between work and home. “Since I work from home, I really needed to establish a strict schedule to keep myself from sitting in front of the computer during the time I should be taking care of her, and vice versa,” Ashley said. “[Greta] is 14 months old and I am still getting into my groove!” From Ashley’s perspective, having child care is the key to balancing working from home and being a parent. “It is so much easier to be productive when you have uninterrupted time to yourself. At first, I felt guilty sending her out since I was staying home, but I had to continuously remind myself that I am a full-time business owner and working mom,” Ashley said. “And, again, let go of the guilt. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t be a stay-at-home mom, and don’t feel guilty if you don’t want to be, either.”

Ashley’s Newborn Must–Haves: Snuza Halo I was a paranoid first-time mom, and even more so since Greta was a preemie. The Snuza is a little breathing monitor that clips onto a baby’s diaper. It gave us so much peace of mind at night. It did go off once, and she had in fact had an apnea spell, so I recommend it to every new mom who wants to sleep a little easier.

Moby Wrap This baby carrier is made from a wide piece of durable fabric that is wrapped over both shoulders; there are no buckles, snaps or other fasteners (that may break or bend), and is adjustable to you and your baby. It was a lifesaver and helped me get work and cleaning done when Greta refused to be put down!

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real moms

Double Feature

A bright future for the Schneider family Story by Yael Goldman Photos by Ashley Brown Photography


helby Schneider, already a mother of two, went to her seven-week prenatal doctor appointment alone. “It was my third pregnancy; it’s pretty standard stuff at that point – like going to grab a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread,” she said. Minutes after she arrived, Shelby was texting her husband, Evan, from the exam table. “There are two of them,” she typed. Evan quickly replied: “Two of what?” Thirty weeks later, on December 28, 2011, Shelby, Evan, Tanner (6 1/2) and Molly (4 1/2) welcomed the newest additions to their family: fraternal twins Finn and Jane. “I have four kids…I still pinch myself,” she said. For Shelby, who balances motherhood and her career with Saratoga Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), the key to success in parenting is preparation and organization. As SEDC’s director of marketing and economic development, Shelby has been involved with bringing GlobalFoundries, the semiconductor industry, and significant economic growth to our region. Her job is all about preparation, and so is her cool-headed approach to motherhood. “Luckily, with pregnancy you have nine months to let it sink in,” she said. “The key to success in having a family or career is planning; you have to be prepared and organized; the more you can anticipate what’s coming next, the more efficient you are.” When Shelby found out she was having twins she immediately went into double planning mode. “We did everything we couldn’t do after we had the babies,” she said. She and Evan organized the house and their finances, cutting $700 out of their monthly budget to cover daycare, diapers, baby formula and unanticipated expenses. An important part of this plan was making sure Tanner and Molly were ready and excited for what (more like ‘who’) was coming. Shelby wanted them to be engaged in the process, and to understand that the 10 | Mamatoga Magazine

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 1:12 PM Page 11

“They are going to have brothers and sisters their whole life. they are going to have each other and they are going to have us.” twins are theirs, too. With two babies on the way, she knew her attention would be that much more divided, and was admittedly nervous that her two older children would be jealous or indifferent. Shelby is the youngest of four siblings. She grew up in Tribes Hill, just outside of Amsterdam, in a close-knit family. Both of her parents worked, her father was at General Electric and her mother was running her own real estate company. Shelby knows from experience what it’s like to grow up in a large family and with working parents, and that greatly influenced her approach to transitioning Tanner and Molly. “Instead of feeling sorry for the kids that

Mamatoga Magazine |11

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real moms

“Babies grow, babies learn through touch and feel, by being kissed and loved, and that’s my kids job: to help them grow.”

12 | Mamatoga Magazine

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 1:16 PM Page 13

not everyone is going to have all of this individual attention, I see it as a gift for them,” she explained. “They are going to have brothers and sisters their whole life; they are going to have each other and they are going to have us.” Thankfully, Tanner and Molly were thrilled about welcoming the twins and taking on the new responsibilities of being older siblings. “Babies grow, babies learn through touch and feel, by being kissed and loved, and that’s my kids job: to help them grow,” she said. In the midst of all this preparation, Shelby maintained her dedication to SEDC. She worked all the way through the week before her c-section. A few hours after meeting the twins, Shelby was already on her iPad, managing SEDC’s social media accounts. She was calm, collected and immediately able to juggle four kids and work. “We just kind of let things happen once the babies came; we focused on figuring out who they were, their temperaments, and how everyone was supposed to fit in,” she said. The twins are now nearly three months old, and Shelby is getting back into her regular routine. Her mother will watch them two days per week and a nanny will fill in the rest. Of course, Shelby has already established a system for getting everyone ready and out the door in the morning, and it took plenty of practice. “I have deadlines, I have to be [at work], and the kids have to get on the bus,” she said. “I just needed to practice to figure out what was going to work for us. The more I did it, the better I got at trucking four kids and two infant car seats.” She is absolutely excited about getting back to work, which she counts as her “alone time,” and about refocusing a lot of her attention to economic development and her roles on a handful of boards and committees. She is on the planning committee for Kids do Art, a board member for the region’s Workforce Investment Board, on the marketing committee for the Northeast Economic Development Association, a trustee at WMHT, and was most recently appointed to the Saratoga Springs City Center Authority Board. “I am involved with things that give me energy, that feed my passions,” she said. “It’s a good example for my kids; I want them, when they are older, to have the same respect for their community that I do. They need to play an active role in their life and their life includes everything around them.” Shelby’s dedication to bettering her community is motivated by both her professional and personal life. “It always bothered me how the older I got the more our community fell apart,” she said describing what it was like growing up outside of Amsterdam. “Industry was closing and people were losing their jobs; [the area] became more and more depressed.” This inspired Shelby to stay in upstate New York after high

school and find a way to improve her surroundings. She earned a business degree through the University Without Walls program at Skidmore, where she met Evan, and after graduation, joined SEDC as an intern. The position quickly turned into a full-time job. Just after giving birth to Tanner, Shelby began working on the Empire Zone Project that eventually led to the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Malta, which drew GlobalFoundries and, in turn, positioned upstate New York as a growing hub for the semiconductor industry. The timeline of this project parallels Shelby’s journey through motherhood – from the planning ahead, to giving birth, to where she is now: watching four children grow up together in a community with a brightening future. “We have a lot of really great technical career opportunities here,” she said. “Parents need to know that their kids can go out and travel the world, but they can also come home and have a good opportunity for a job here and live close to their family.” Shelby describes her parenting style as relaxed but also strict. She’s the kind of mom who will be proud of her children no matter what career path they take, but it’s exciting to know there will be opportunities for them here, if they choose to take them. But that’s too far down the road, even for someone like Shelby that’s always thinking 10 steps ahead. Her mind is focused on the now – on spending time with her husband and the Schneider four. “When we go out, people look at us like we’re a sideshow because you don’t see families of four anymore, she said. “We get a lot of ‘you’ve got your hands full,’ and we do, but we manage really well.”

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Photo by Ashley Brown Photography

Must-haves Story By Robin Dalton

After having my “Irish Twin” boys, (11 months apart), my husband and I went from caring for one baby to two with very little time in between. In caring for two newborns, I found myself relying on a few products that quickly became essentials.

Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers

These diapers are doubly amazing – they’re designed to get the job done and with consideration for your babies newlyexposed belly button! Huggies Pure and Natural Diapers are not only made with organic cotton, but they have an umbilical cord cutout in the front of the diaper to ensure your baby’s new belly button doesn’t get irritated. {For info., visit}

Rectal Thermometer

Many parents and pediatricians agree

that the rectal thermometer gives the most accurate reading. I tried an ear thermometer, a temporal artery thermometer (that you swipe across your child’s hairline), an underarm thermometer and a digital pacifier thermometer for both my babies. Every thermometer gave me drastically different readings. Finally, we bought a rectal thermometer and found the accuracy and relief we needed. It may be uncomfortable to use, but when helping your sick child, an accurate temperature reading trumps all.

Aden and Anais Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are made of 100 percent cotton muslin as well as organic cotton, and they come in adorable prints! The material is lightweight, breathable and incredibly soft. Plus this must-have swaddle blanket is oversized, which makes them perfect for wrapping your precious little one. {For info., visit}

An “Adult” Sound Machine

I have never met a new parent who isn’t working toward getting their baby to sleep through the night. This must-have is the answer – it helped my babies sleep soundly. My problem was that most of the infant sound machines are programmed to turn off after 20- 45 minutes. Both of my boys would wake up when the machine switched off, and I would be pulling my hair out. So I ended up buying a standard “adult” noise machine for both nurseries.

Bumboo Baby Seat

As the weeks after my first son was born passed, the back of his head began to get a bit flat, as is common with most newborns. The Bumboo Baby Seat solved that problem. With its innovative design, the Bumboo allows infants who aren’t old enough to sit on their own to be safely upright. At around 2-3 months, both of my boys were able to sit happily in the Bumboo. {For info., visit}

14 | Mamatoga Magazine

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Baby’s Big Day Out

Photo by Ashley Brown Photography

Saratoga Baby and Toddler Expo

Looking for the hottest baby trends, products, tips and parenting advice for the newest addition to your family? Look no further than the free-to-attend Saratoga Baby and Toddler Expo, coming to the Saratoga Independent School April 14 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. for all your maternity, baby and toddler needs. Over 40 vendors will be on hand, featuring local companies including Binx, Saratoga Mama, Rosebud Johnnies, Pediatric Dentistry of Glens Falls, Sonrise Diaper Services, Kindermusik, Baby Bumps, Barefoot Books, Cuddle Bugs and more. Along with the many vendors selling their maternity, baby and toddler wares, Saratoga Baby and Toddler Expo will also feature a full day of classes and demonstrations. Geared toward soon-to-be parents or existing parents with children ages 3 and under, the expo also boasts thousands of dollars in door prizes, each donated by participating vendors, raffle tickets and photo sessions. All proceeds raised through these events will be donated to Charity to Love a Child, a Clifton Park-based not-for-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid to impoverished children and their families across the globe. To learn more about the first annual Saratoga Baby and Toddler Expo, and to view a list of vendors or the schedule of events, visit the website at

Mamatoga Magazine |15

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shape up

Fitting in a Workout Post-Baby A new baby brings all kinds of new experiences and changes into your life, late night feedings, diaper changes, and plenty of changes to your body as well. With all of this new stuff going on, it might seem impossible to fit in a workout, but, in reality, you can and you should. Postnatal exercise can help increase your energy and stamina, improve your mood and ease stress, and of course help you get back into shape. Plus there are local programs that allow you to work out with your baby!

Baby Boot Camp

There is no need to find a sitter if you join Baby Boot Camp in Clifton Park.

Baby Boot Camp stroller fitness classes are designed specifically to help moms get fit. They get you outside and in motion with your baby, so you can spend bonding time together while working up a good sweat. By combining strength training exercises with cardio drills, boot camp moms are no longer required to hire a personal trainer and a babysitter to get back in shape. The classes balance the fitness needs of moms with their desire to spend time with their baby since the stroller, resistance tubes, and even your child are used as an integral part of the workout. The structure of all Baby Boot Camp classes follow the guidelines set by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the American Council on Exercise, and you can even get in on the action before you have the baby! The classes are suitable for pregnant women with a physician's note. The classes are designed to accommodate the needs and abilities of pregnant clients, newly postpartum moms, as well as conditioned or athletic moms and their stroller-age children. By attending Baby Boot Camp regularly, moms will jump start their weight loss, strengthen their abdominals, have improved posture, feel their energy increase and enjoy meeting other new moms. Classes can even help combat the baby blues, research shows that participating in a stroller fitness program over a 12week period can reduce feelings of depression and improve physical fitness. For more information on Baby Boot Camp, visit or contact Britta Hogue at (518) 222-5642.

Mommy and Me Yoga


option for new moms is Mommy and Me Yoga, which is offered at Bloom: A Movement Space, right here in Saratoga Springs.

These special yoga classes can help new moms rediscover their physical strength while spending quality time bonding with their baby. There are many health benefits of yoga, and postpartum yoga practice can help to increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, enhance respiratory endurance and promote balance of

16 | Mamatoga Magazine

body and mind. Yoga practice increases a mother’s mental and physical energy which results in fewer body aches and lesser pain. Yoga practice can also increase positive feelings and decrease negativity such as excitability, anxiety and aggressiveness. In a typical Mommy and Me Yoga class, you will have the option to either involve your baby in the movements, to hold him or her, or to have your baby close to you on your blanket. Sometimes babies sleep all class and other times they are happy to see and hear the other babies around them. It is generally recommended to wait about 4 -6 weeks after the delivery of your baby before attending class. If you had a caesarian delivery then you should wait 8-10 weeks, or until you receive the go-ahead from your doctor. Mommy and Me Yoga is offered at Bloom: A Movement Space in Saratoga Springs starting in March. For more information, visit their website at or contact Audrey Mangini at (518) 598-6325.

Classes at the YMCA

Another great resource for both pre and postnatal exercise classes is the Saratoga Regional YMCA.

Low-impact Mommies-to-Be class includes walking, stretching and toning that helps prepare expectant moms for childbirth and postpartum recovery. Mommy Madness Cycle is an express fitness class geared for moms who are looking for a challenging way to lose lingering baby weight. Don’t have a sitter? No problem! You can bring baby to this class as long as they are in a stroller or car seat. Another great offering at the YMCA is the Mommy Madness Aerobics, which you can also bring your little one to. This class is great for toddler moms too since it also has an area for kids to play on bikes, toy boats and a slide. A combination of cardio and strength training makes this class a fantastic workout, and it’s also a great way to socialize and meet some new moms! For more information on these classes and more, visit the Saratoga Regional YMCA website at

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 1:24 PM Page 17

Photo provided

Mamatoga Magazine |17

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 1:26 PM Page 18

real moms

Finding her Fit

For marathon mom Mandy C. physical fitness is a way of life Story By Jenny Witte Photos Provided


Mandy and her son Brayson spend time together before a race

“One of the many benefits of working fitness into your daily life is your children learn that fitness is important,” Mandy said. “Brayson is now excited to do his own races and loves to workout with us.” 18 | Mamatoga Magazine

hen you have a family, it can be difficult to find the time to workout, and that is an understatement. Between school runs, sports practices, getting dinner on the table, work and life, that trip to the gym or run in the neighborhood falls to the wayside. Mandy Cornick, a Ballston Spa mother of two, knows all about the difficulties of finding time to workout, and she’s no stranger to overcoming obstacles. Before adopting her son Brayson in 2006 and son Keaton in 2010, she had already fought to stay in shape through a cancer diagnosis and treatment. In December 1995, a decade before she and husband Jeff became parents, Mandy was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma bone cancer. The cancer had already engulfed her hips. Mandy’s doctors gave her a 25 percent chance of survival. However, she remained positive through the experience. She always knew how many treatments were left and counted the days. “Your mind is powerful, and for me it really is what made a huge difference in the experience I had with my illness,” she said. This positive outlook would stay with Mandy as she graduated high school in 1997 with honors. Cancerfree, she headed off to college, where she picked up jogging in an effort to stay in shape. It wasn’t long before she was a routine runner. In the last five years, after becoming a mother, Mandy has taken her running to another level. She started running in 5K races, which led her to the starting line of her first half-marathon in October 2009. “I'm by no means a star athlete, but I'm out there and that's what's important,” she said. “Although cancer has defined me, I refuse to let it defeat me.” This is her motivation.

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 1:28 PM Page 19

Mandy has since competed in many events, and even trained for the Vermont City Marathon in May 2010, but was unfortunately sidelined during the race due to an injury. That injury was a setback. Mandy was unable to run for nearly six months, and she had to take it slow when getting back into her groove, but she’s getting there. Mandy has learned a lot about her body and the training that is needed in order to achieve the goal of completing a marathon. “My body is different than the average person because of my cancer. My hips are tight, my lower back gets achy and I know I need more time to train,” she said. “I need to stay active. I need to keep my body moving to feel my best.” As a mom with two sons, Mandy often experiences the difficulties of finding time to train. “My oldest son, Brayson, was born in November 2006 and my youngest was born in October 2010. After welcoming these surprise babies home (we had four hours notice with Brayson and he was 1 day old and we had 12 hours notice with Keaton at 2 days old) life obviously was a whirlwind and fitness took a back seat for awhile,” she said. Patience is obviously a virtue in finding ways to fit exercise back into your life. It might not happen right away, but slowly you learn how to carve out the time. Mandy and her husband are currently playing that balancing act, as they both are in training for the Lake Placid Ironman in July. She also hopes to complete the Marine Corps Marathon in the fall. Mandy’s biggest tip on how to find the time? “It's really all about discipline. If you want to do it, you will find a way,” she said. Sometimes that means running really early in the morning, or late at night after her children are asleep. When Mandy was training for her marathon, she left Brayson with a babysitter so she could train during the day. It was difficult at first, but she got used to it. “You need to realize how important it is for you to be healthy for your kids. My kids need me to be healthy – mentally and physically, so despite how hard it can be to leave them it's good for them to have a healthy, active momma.” Mandy has started physical therapy for stretching and strengthening to ensure she will be able to complete her goal of a marathon medal in October. She is determined to meet that goal and won’t let anything stop her – certainly not a busy schedule. “I've survived cancer, and now I'm determined to do whatever I can to be the best me I can be for my beautiful family,” she said.

Mamatoga Magazine |19

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shape up

Real moms talk about excersing post-baby Start small. Prior to having my two boys, I was an avid marathon runner and triathlete. Despite my background in fitness, post c-section, the first goal I had for getting back in shape was to run or walk for 20 minutes. Just before I had my first son, I completed an Ironman Triathlon (which took me just over 16 hours). The idea of having a 20-minute goal seemed ridiculous at the time, but ultimately, it was the perfect approach. It was realistic and attainable and I felt like a hero finishing up those two miles as a new mom.

That leftover PB&J is just sitting there… DON’T EAT IT! While trying to lose weight after having my two boys, I suddenly became aware of how much of their leftover food I was eating. When I crunched the numbers I discovered I was probably consuming close to 300 calories a day in my children’s scraps!

STRETCH. During pregnancy, your body’s hormones cause your ligaments and tendons to loosen, which is why when you start hitting the gym again, it’s crucial to spend some time stretching after your workout to avoid injury. The last thing you want to end up with is a newborn and a pulled muscle because you didn’t listen to your body.

- Robin Dalton

Take advantage of nap time.

After having a baby the last thing many moms, including me, think about is exercising. For me, I knew exercising was a way of finding my inner peace. With Jonathan, my first son, I would use his nap time to start weight training and doing yoga to rebuild my core. When Benjamin, my second son, was born, I got a personal trainer. Jonathan was 2 at the time and enjoyed being around the trainer. Having your children around you while you train teaches them at a young age that exercise should be apart of everyone’s daily routine. It motivates them to eventually lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

Fit Tips D

Photo provided

avid Wolfe of Wolfepack Training shares some easy and effective fitness moves to help you kick off your post-baby training. All of these exercises are bodyweight techniques, which means you won’t need to purchase any fancy gym equipment. You can do them right at home – when your kiddies are napping or on a playdate. Nice!

Ready to begin? Here we go!

First, you should always start with a head-to-toe stretch before beginning any physical activity or exercise to make sure your ligaments and muscles are properly prepped before jumping into the bodyweight exercises below.

Body Squats

To properly squat with the body, begin by standing upright and have your feet positioned just outside of the shoulders, toes slightly pointed out, glutes clenched and core engaged. Arch your lower back and push your glutes and hips back, behind you. As you descend, shift your body weight to your heels, and keep pushing your glutes and hips back. Remember, the focus is on the hips, not the knees; the knees will bend on their own eventually. The torso may pivot from the hips and begin to lean forward and the arms may be raised in front of you to counterbalance the weight being shifted backward. Make sure your knees do not buckle together, keep them directly over the toes. At the bottom of the motion, drive off of the heels, clenching the glutes together, snapping the hips foward and exhale with a compressed breath, rising to the standing position until you are standing upright with your arms at your sides. The head is stationary the whole time, eyes looking straight ahead.

Decline Pushups

This is performed the same way as the regular pushup, except now you are leaning against an object – like a counter, creating approximately 45-50 degrees of space between your body and the floor. Glutes are clenched the whole time throughout the motion. Bending at the elbows and swinging the elbows inward, tight against the lats, pull yourself into the descent of the exercise, inhaling as you descend. Lower your body to the point at which the counter or bar (or whatever object you are leaning against) will land around the middle chest area. Press off the object/bar, exhaling strongly, keeping a straight back and clenched glutes the whole time.


Hold a regular pushup stance (starting position). Keep the arms locked out the entire time, back straight, glutes clenched, feet and legs together (or feet can be 6 inches apart). Hold the up position for as long as possible and breathe into the posture with each breath you take. For more information on bodyweight exercises to help you stay fit, check out today!

- Karen Sani

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know how

Creating a Safe Haven

Design an Environmentally-Safe Nursery to Keep Your Baby Healthy Story by Karen Totino Photos by Ashley Brown Photography


orget pink and blue – green is the hottest color in nurseries today! Not only in paint but in environmentally-friendly, natural and organic products that will make your baby’s sleep healthier. Your baby will be sleeping for as many as 18 hours a day in their first few months. This is when so much transformation and growth take place. By the time they reach two years of age, 70 percent of their brain development has occurred. During these early years, little ones are exceptionally vulnerable to toxins in their environment. New cribs, mat-

22 | Mamatoga Magazine

tresses, floors, and fresh paint, all offgas and release potentially harmful toxins into your newborns nursery. It is really essential to create a toxic-free environment for your baby. Here is what you can do.

Healthy Walls

Remember to choose a zero VOC paint (Volatile Organic Compounds). The chemical compounds found in regular paints linger in the air and can become lung, skin, and eye irritants. The air quality in your home can be compromised by off-gassing from paint for years to come. Another healthy option for your walls is to use a clay plaster (like American Clay) - a blend of natural clay, recycled aggregates, and mineral pigments that is mixed with water. Once applied, clay emits negative ions that will

work as an air filter (fighting off mold growth) and will neutralize the effect of electromagnetic field created by computers and TVs. Clay is a durable and long-lasting way to not only keep your air clean, but create a warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Toxin-Free Cribs

One category of common household chemicals that has raised red flags because of its toxicity is flame retardants, which are required by law in synthetic foam mattresses. The safest option is to get an all natural crib mattress – stay away from synthetic foam and fabric, which id required to be treated chemically. Instead, make sure the crib is made with either cotton or natural latex, and is wrapped in a layer of wool, which is a natural fire retardant. Wool also draws moisture away from the body and regulates body temperature.

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Studies show premature babies who sleep on wool have lower heart rates, which allows them to grow and develop at a faster rate than infants who sleep on other types of bedding. Wool also naturally repels dust mites and bed bugs!

Natural Flooring

Most people choose to have carpet in their bedrooms. What can be a health issue are synthetic fibers glued on a synthetic backing: they will outgas harmful VOCs challenging your immune system once again. Instead choose a wool carpet with a backing made of either jute or cotton. Wool is anti allergenic. It repels dust and other allergens because it lacks the one thing they need – moisture. A wool carpet is also easily maintained as it is naturally soil and stain resistant. An alternative to carpet is cork flooring. It is warm, sustainable, non toxic, and antimicrobial. Being impact resistant, it is a soft floor for your child. It comes in a variety of colors and tile sizes, so the design possibilities are endless. Given the levels of pollutants and toxins in our day to day environment, it is virtually impossible to keep your infant and yourself untouched. Why not make her nursery a safe haven where she, and you, can breathe deep and easy, and ensure a healthy sleep? Karen Totino owns Green Conscience Home & Garden, located at 33 Church Street in Saratoga Springs. For more information, call (518) 306-5196 or email

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Protect Those Little Pearly Whites Your baby is precious – from

their toes to their teeth!

Dental health is just as important for babies as it is for adults, but is there a difference in how you care for them? We consulted with the local experts at Pediatric Dentistry of Glens Falls and Dr. Nicole Byrne of Byrne Kids Dental in Gansevoort to find out what parents need to know about caring for baby teeth and scheduling that first dentist visit.

When should you start thinking about your little one’s oral hygiene? According to the staff at Pediatric Dentistry of Glens Falls, hygiene is important at all stages of life – even for babies. It’s easy for new parents to overlook the importance of caring for primary teeth or baby teeth. After all they will eventually just fall out, right? Wrong! Healthy baby teeth are vital to the future of your child’s overall well-being.

The First Tooth

A child’s first tooth usually breaks through at around 6 or 7 months of age, and it will most likely be a bottom front incisor. If your 7-month-old isn’t showing signs of tooth development, don’t fret! Some children won’t welcome their first pearly whites until 12 months of age and will continue to see them come in until their third birthday.

Babies Get CavitiesToo

As soon as a tooth appears, it is susceptible to decay. If decay is left untreated, it can make it painful for a child to chew and eat food. What’s more, as the damage to a single tooth increases, so does its impact on the future of your child’s dental health. When baby teeth are destroyed, they are unable to guide permanent teeth into their proper positions. This may result in crowded or even crooked adult teeth.

Baby Teeth Are Important

It’s during the early months and years that a foundation for healthy dental hygiene is formed. Baby teeth are just as valuable as permanent adult teeth. Not only do they provide a child with the ability to chew, they also save space in the jaws for the adult teeth.

Keep Baby Teeth Clean

It’s never too early to begin proper tooth care. A baby’s teeth and gums can be cleaned after every feeding with a warm wash cloth, or even a gauze pad, to remove any plaque and leftover food. As you can see, baby teeth lay the foundation for a lifetime of dental hygiene. By taking early steps to ensure the proper care of your child’s teeth, especially baby teeth, parents can reduce the potential for more severe problems in the future.

When to Schedule the First Visit

Don’t wait for a cavity! The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry suggests that your child should visit the dentist by his or her first birthday. Photo provided

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Why do children need to see a dentist at such an early age?

According to Dr. Nicole Byrne of Byrne Kids Dental, more than 40 percent of children have tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten. Decay of primary teeth can affect children’s growth, lead to malocclusion, and result in significant pain and potentially life-threatening swelling. The pediatric dentist is able to prevent many problems before they occur. It provides an opportunity to implement preventive dental health habits that meet each child’s unique needs, keeping them free from dental or oral disease. Plus, it’s important for children to establish a relationship with their dentist so they will feel comfortable and look forward to dental visits in the future.

Why should I bring my child to a pediatric dentist?

Children have different needs, emotionally and physically. Their first experience can impact the way they perceive all dentist visits in the future. A pediatric dentist specializes in children’s oral health and goes through special training to treat the unique needs of even the youngest patients. Many children have a fear of the unknown and the dentist is no exception. A pediatric dentist understands that every child will react differently to their first visit and that it can be a little scary. For starters, a pediatric dentist will take their time getting to know your child to establish a level of comfort. For example, at Byrne Kids Dental children are encouraged to touch the dental equipment that will be used during their appointment. In addition, kid-friendly terms are used for tools and procedures, and exams are often conducted while the child is sitting on their parent’s lap.

How do I pick a pediatric dentist?

It’s important to find a dental team that your child will feel safe with, and many times the office environment has a lot to do with establishing that comfort level. Do your research, plan office visits and don’t be afraid to ask questions. The more you know, the better prepared you and your little one will be for that first dentist visit. Remember: proper dental hygiene habits start at a young age and should start at home. Inspire healthy habits by making teeth-brushing fun! Encourage your kids with a brightly-colored or character-themed toothbrush or by turning teeth-brushing and flossing into a family activity. Find a way that works for your little ones and stick with it. Most importantly, be a role model. Let your little ones see that dental hygiene is important for adults too! For more information about Pediatric Dentistry of Glens Falls, visit For more information about Byrne Kids Dental, visit

Fluoride Facts

Fluoride is essential for preventing cavities and making teeth more resistant to decay. In the earliest stages of tooth decay, fluoride helps repair damaged areas before they become large cavities. Make fluoride a part of your child’s dental hygiene: Begin using toothpaste with fluoride when your child is 2 years old unless recommended earlier by a doctor or dentist. Swallowing too much fluoride can cause white spots on permanent teeth. Make sure your child uses a pea-size amount of toothpaste, and teach them to spit and rinse well after brushing. If your child is older than 6 months and your town’s water doesn’t supply enough fluoride, talk to your doctor or dentist about introducing a fluoride supplement. Don’t introduce a fluoride mouth rinse until your child is 6 years old unless recommended by a doctor or dentist. For more tips, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website:

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activities & adventures

Family Outings at Saratoga Polo! J

ust minutes from downtown Saratoga, you'll find one of the most exciting horsing events in the area - believe it or not, it isn’t the race course. The Saratoga Polo Club is a fantastic place for summertime family outings. In fact, families have been flocking to the historic Whitney Field for over 100 years. You can watch from the clubhouse side or the tailgating side. The clubhouse is a beautiful facility, with rows of air-conditioned seating and tables available for reservation outside next to the field. Along with a full bar, food is also available at the clubhouse if you or your little ones get hungry while watching the ponies. This option is a bit more formal – you’ll see people wearing everything from big track hats and dresses to tweed and seersucker suits. If you choose to enjoy this sport in a more formal fashion, I suggest leaving your spike heels at home so you can stomp the divots in between chukkas! Although there are always kids and dogs scattered about the clubhouse side, the tailgating side is usually the more family-friendly option. Tailgating is always a great summer activity, especially with kids in tow. Pack your own picnic and have a little outdoor dinner while you watch the exciting match. Don’t feel out of place if you’re a polo novice. Saratoga Polo has an excellent

26 | Mamatoga Magazine

announcer who helps explain the game in between goals. Plus, their website is a great place to bone up on the rules and terms used ( Matches are canceled in Photos Provided inclement weather, so be sure to check their Facebook or twitter pages for updates on any cancellations before you head out. My number one tip (besides keeping your eye on the ball!) is to make sure you bring sunglasses and/or an umbrella for the tailgating side. The setting sun can make it hard to see the match without them! Polo is played every Friday and Sunday evening starting in July. Matches begin at 5:30 p.m. and the gates open at 4 p.m. I recommend getting there early for the tailgating side, which tends to fill up quickly, especially on nice sunny days. You can purchase tickets ahead of time online or pay at the entrance. Admission is $25 per person at the clubhouse (children 12 and under are free) and $25 per carload on the tailgating side ($40 for reserved parking). Saratoga Polo is located at 2 Bloomfield Road in Greenfield Center. For more information, call (518) 584-8108 or visit

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Budget-Friendly Family Fun

photo by Ashley Brown Photography

There are a lot of great options for family fun on a budget in Saratoga Springs. Pack a picnic or plan some great takeout from great local restaurants and try these fun ideas! Head to the sprinkler park for some easy, inexpensive family fun! There are three sprinkler parks in Saratoga Springs: at the East Side Recreation Field on Lake Avenue; at West Side Recreation Park on Division Street; and at Geyser Road Park, which is next to Geyser Elementary School.

Every summer the New York City Ballet comes to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC), and you can watch them perform while enjoying a family picnic at their Family Night. This year’s Family Night will be held on Friday, July 13. Visit SPAC’s website for more information:

This summer, Saratoga Shakespeare Company will perform “Twelfth Night” at The Alfred Z. Solomon Stage in Congress Park. These free performances are held in July. Bring lawn chairs and a meal and enjoy a wonderful performance in our beautiful park! Visit for the schedule.

The Children’s Museum is a great family fun idea, especially if the weather prevents outdoor activity. Explore two floors of creative fun for kids ages 7 and under! For more information, contact the museum at (518) 584-5540 or visit

Saratoga Spa State Park is a local treasure that offers countless opportunities for inexpensive family fun. Picnic, BBQ and playground areas, hiking and walking trails, fishing, tennis and swimming pools are all available at little or no cost to enjoy. Visit for more information.

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activities & adventures

Summer Camp Guide 2012

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Choose Your Own Adventure


ummer camp is a place where lifelong memories and friends are made. Your children will cultivate their interests, discover a world of new activities, learn leadership skills, and improve their physical fitness. This experience offers plenty of social activity and engages young minds while school is out. For parents, summer camp is an excellent and safe daycare solution. Our region is filled with great local summer programs and camps. From day camp to sleep-a-way, there are plenty of activities and adventures to choose from, and now is the time to explore your options. Flip through our summer camp guide on pages 28-34 and acquaint yourself with the local opportunities. With so many camps to choose from, it might seem hard to find the best fit for your family. So, where do you start? A good first step is to consider your schedule. Do you need a summer-long day program to keep your kids entertained while you’re at work? Or, do you want to give your child a few weeks of fun to enhance their school vacation? Do you want to find a sleep-a-way or day camp? If you select a day program, how far do you want to travel? Once you identify your scheduling needs, you should consider your budget. How much do you want to spend? Are you sending more than one child? With your finances in order, you can get to the fun part of selecting the camp or program that your kids will enjoy! You should consider your child’s likes and interests – what are their favorite activities during the school year? Every camp is structured differently. Some offer a variety of activities scheduled throughout the day while some are focused on a single theme. Find a setup that fits your child’s interests and then figure out how large of a group you want them to be in and if the camp should be co-ed or single sex. This information will help you narrow down your options. Then you can select a few camps to visit. If

you have the opportunity to talk to a camper about their experience, jump on it! If a visit is out of the question, then call the camp directly to learn more about what they offer. Here’s a list of important questions to ask: • What is the philosophy of the camp? • Can you describe a typical day? • What types of activities are offered? • What is the camper-to-counselor ratio? • Does the camp have insurance and security personnel? • What percentage of staff return each year? • How are staff selected and trained? • What kind of health care is provided? • Can you tell me about the policy on phone calls and family visits? • What do you do in the event of emergencies? Selecting the right summer camp is an enjoyable experience as long as you know what to look for and what questions to ask. Remember, picking a summer camp is a big decision, but it’s also an exciting one. Enjoy the experience and get excited for summer vacation – you know your little ones are!

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activities & adventures

North Country Horses

Horses, horses, horses! That’s what you get at North Country Horses Summer Horsemanship Camp. North Country Horses offers a full-day summer camp program for children ages 6-16. Pre and postcamp care is available for working parents to ensure that children are in a safe, fun-filled environment before and after the camp’s regular 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. hours. From the first feeding in the morning until it’s time to go home in the afternoon, the focus is on horses. Campers will enjoy riding time, group and individual lessons, and many other horse related activities. They will be introduced to all aspects of horse care

Wilton Rec Wilton Recreation offers a full-day summer camp program for children in grades one through nine. With available pre-camp and post-camp care, working parents can ensure their children are having fun in a safe environment before and after the camp’s regular 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. hours. Parents who register their children for before and after camp care can drop off their children prior to camp opening at 8:30 a.m. and can pick them up at 5:30 p.m. Busing is available for Wilton residents who register for regular camp hours (9 a.m. - 3 p.m.). Wilton Recreation Camp offers a full schedule of daily on-site

30 | Mamatoga Magazine

and handling. Our 2012 camp dates are the weeks of July 16 -July 20, July 23 - July 27, July 30 - August 3, August 6 - August 10, and August 20 - August 24. Sign up early! Spots are limited and filling quickly. More information is available by emailing or by calling Amanda at (518) 441-5959.

activities, themed events, and exciting trips for kids who register for off-site adventures. Daily on-site activities include arts and crafts, sports, playground fun and other organized group games. This year’s scheduled field trips include: Million Dollar Beach in Lake George, Saratoga County Fair, bowling, white water rafting and at least two swimming days per week at nearby pools and beaches. The Summer 2012 camp will open June 26 and run until August 10. Registration begins March 12 at Gavin Park and will close June 13. As there are only 300 spaces available, be sure to mark your calendar! Camp registration forms are available online at, or can be picked up, weekdays, at Gavin Park 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. For any other questions, call the park office at (518) 584-9455.

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Ndakinna Ndakinna Education Center, located in Greenfield Center, offers a wide variety of summer camp programs and activities that will provide campers with a greater respect and understanding for the natural world as well as the Northeast’s rich Native American history. Hosted by renowned author and wilderness and survival expert James Bruchac, these programs are ideal for children with a sense of adventure and natural wonder. Summer programs are divided into two groups, children ages 3-8 and older campers ages 914. Programs range in duration from one to two weeks, each covering a different skill or activity such as animal tracking, basic wilderness survival skills and shelter building. Native American storytelling and games and nature-based arts and crafts projects will teach campers to have fun in the great outdoors. Each camp program promotes team building, natural awareness, patience and confidence. Ndakinna also offers family camp programs, which allow children and their parents to experience the outdoors together. Family programs can accommodate children ages 1-14. These programs offer the same skills training and teambuilding activities. To view the finalized calendar of programs and events, visit

Skidmore College

Skidmore College offers a variety of programs for children of all ages during the summer months. Camp Northwoods, Skidmore’s day camp for children entering grades one through six, offers an exciting program of sports, cultural arts, nature study and relaxed play. The goal is to provide a variety of fun activities that happily challenge the imagination, intellect, and body. The camp's home base is Falstaff's Pavilion on the Skidmore College campus, but campers frequent the Williamson Sports Center, Schick Art Gallery, Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery, and Zankel Music Center. The daily enrichment activities led by the qualified staff are supplemented by weekly field trips to recreational and historical sites and visits by special guests. Children will also enjoy arts and crafts, ceramics, games, hiking and daily swim time. One and two-week sessions are available from June 25-August 10. Skidmore College also offers a wide array of Sports Camps from June through August for children of all ages. Choose from baseball, lacrosse, swimming, basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball and field hockey. Children learn the concept of teamwork while acquiring the necessary skills for his or her sport of choice. Adults, novice or experienced, can participate in a rowing program offered throughout the spring, summer and fall at the Boat House located on beautiful Fish Creek. All other programs are held on the Skidmore Campus at the Sports and Recreation Center and/or the adjacent fields. For more information or to register online, visit or call the office of the Dean of Special Programs at (518) 580-5596.

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activities & adventures

Saratoga Children’s Theatre

For kids who have a passion for performing arts, Saratoga Children’s Theatre summer camp is a dream come true. Saratoga Children’s Theatre offers performance camps, which means each camper will be working on a full-fledged production throughout their session. Campers will learn all aspects of performance and will have the opportunity to perform in two shows at the end of camp: a matinee and an evening show are both open to the public. Campers will perform on stage at St. Peters’ Auditorium in Saratoga Springs. Camp hours are 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Performance camp is divided into two age groups: 6-9 and 10-18. Ages 6-9 will participate in one-week camps. These camps will include Disney’s Sleeping Beauty kids; Cinderella kids; Aristocats kids; 101 Dalmatians kids; and Lemonade. These camps will be directed by Megan O’Sullivan, a local elementary school music teacher, and assisted by Karey Trimmings, also a local elementary school music teacher. Ages 10-18 will participate in two-week camps. Each camp will practice and perform a different show. These camps include “Thoroughly Modern Mille Jr.”; “Cinderella Jr.”; “Fiddler on the Roof Jr.”; and “Once on this Island Jr.” These camps will be directed by Michael Lotano, local actor and elementary school music teacher, and choreographed by Sarah Sutliff. Saratoga Children’s Theatre also offers a one-week camp at the end of the summer, “Master your Audition.” This camp will help your child get ready for fall and winter auditions. These audition workshops have been very popular and sell out quickly. Any child at any skill level with an interest in the performing arts is welcome to join in on the fun. Saratoga Children’s Theatre Executive Director, Meg Kelly, aims to give each camper the most rewarding and enjoyable camp experience and every camper will get to perform. The Saratoga Children’s Theatre hires professionals to help your child gain the most from their summer camp experience. The cost for a two-week session is $450 and $250 for the one-week session. For more information, visit or call (518) 580-1782. 32 | Mamatoga Magazine

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Saratoga Clay Arts School’s out, summer’s here, time to amp up the fun at Saratoga Clay Arts Center! Summer 2012 brings an exciting series of programs for ages 7-16, taught by professional local artists/teachers and ranging in topics and techniques. All classes are open to all skill levels beginning and up. Pinch pots, slab projects, wheel throwing, glazing, and firing techniques come together to provide each student with exciting new experiences, knowledge of a new skill or enhanced techniques, and their creations to take home to use and share with friends and family. What could be better than playing with clay all summer?! Sixteen week-long summer programs run for 8 weeks, beginning June 25 and ending August 24. Each week brings a different opportunity in clay. Visit SCAC’s website at for more details on programs, registration dates, fee details, and while you are there, take some time to check out the rest of their site and their Facebook page to view awesome photo albums that offer a glimpse inside SCAC. Sign up this summer for some messy, exhilarating, creative fun! Win a FREE weeklong class! TEXT “kidsandclay” to 22828 to be automatically entered! for more information, contact Saratoga Clay Arts: Saratoga Clay Arts Center, 167 Hayes Road, Schuylerville, NY 12871 • (518) 581-CLAY (2529) • •

Saratoga Independent School Our exciting afternoon enrichment classes start at 1 p.m. and end at varying times. Enjoy classes like video game creation, photography, forensics, Chinese language institute and more! Parents also have the flexibility to arrange for early drop off and late pick up of children. Saratoga Independent School summer program is proud to offer extended after care until 5 p.m. for those families who need it. Come and experience summer programs at their best! Call (518) 583-0841 for more information or visit us at Saratoga Independent School offers summer programs for children ages 3-12 years old. We offer half-day programs (9 a.m. noon) and full day programs (9 a.m.-3 p.m.), as well as afternoon enrichment classes. Activities in our half day program weekly sessions are arranged around a central theme. Throughout the morning, children will engage in indoor and outdoor hands-on experiences related to the theme, including art, crafts, science, physical recreation and more. During our unique full-day summer program, children will enjoy exciting environmental challenges, experiences, and experiments during the morning hours of the program. After a relaxing break for lunch and free play, children spend the afternoon choosing their favorite activity from a variety of fun experiences such as art, crafts, sports, movement and more.

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activities & adventures

Cutting Edge Martial Arts Cutting Edge Martial Art’s A+ After School and Summer Camp Program is a year-round child care solution that provides a positive, structured environment for children after school and during the day in the summer. During the school year, children are picked up directly from the local elementary and middle schools and provided an hour lesson that starts with “Mat Chat,” a 10-minute character education lesson for the day, followed by a full 50 minute martial arts class. Parents have a window between 5-5:45 p.m. to pick up their children while children have the opportunity after class to get their homework started. During the summer, children get all the benefits of the A+ Program but on a grander scale. The summer program offers eight weeks of full-day camps and there is no minimum or maximum number of days per week or number of weeks that a student can attend. Each week of camp includes a curriculum of character education lessons, fun games, and a one-hour martial arts class every day. Children watch a movie in the afternoons twice a week, have a video game morning on Fridays, and all campers take an educational outing on Wednesdays and a fun and exciting outing every Friday. The average camp size is 20-30 students, and the camp has three full-time staff members working with the students. The goal is to provide a family-friendly and fun environment that feels like a home away from home. Students have fun learning skills that can be used every day of their lives, while building memories that will last a lifetime. For many, these summer camps are a wonderful introduction to the martial arts. For more information, visit or call (518) 587-5501.

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Practicality Goes a Long Way Prepare for fun and safety under the sun without going Story By Robin Dalton As I approached my first summer with a son old enough to enjoy the outdoors and sunshine (11 months), I went into mommy overdrive. We hadn’t even hit July before I realized I had wasted a LOT of money. It began with an April shopping spree focused on keeping my son’s very fair, Irish skin safe from the wicked sun. I bought sun hats, special UV resistant swim tops, shorts, booties for his feet and special stickers to alert me if I needed to reapply sunblock. And I didn’t stop there. I went on to buy the most expensive sensitive skin sunblock I could find, baby sunglasses and far too many sunshades. Had I been able to get him to wear all of the gear I had amassed by Memorial Day, he probably would have been mistaken for Jacques Cousteau taking a dip in the baby pool. By the way, getting a 1-year-old to wear a hat or sunglasses is next to impossible. In addition to my efforts to completely cover him, I also slathered him in sunblock, despite the ‘UV’ resistant body shirt and shorts. I put the sunblock sticker on him and it was peeled off in about 3-5 seconds. Ultimately, I put my fears of sunburns aside for the comfort of my son (and to avoid the dressing fiascos) and went a more traditional route. I went online and found a one-piece swimsuit from the Gap that looked like a little shark suit; it covered his torso, half of his arms and had a hood. It had one zipper up the middle and was incredibly quick and easy to put on. He also would leave the hood on while he swam as opposed to a sun hat with a strap under his chin. Lastly, at my husband’s urging, I bought a brand name basic baby sun block for significantly less money and never had an issue. At the end of the summer I had a very happy toddler, who never experienced a sunburn and realized that I could have spent $30 on the one-piece shark swimsuit and tossed the rest of the gear. So, my fellow moms, all in all, I have learned that more, new and expensive are not always better or even realistic when it comes to our little ones. Practical sense and comfort will go a lot further in keeping you kids happy and safe this summer.


Summer Fun Hits:

I also found some great and inexpensive ways for my little guy to keep cool on the days we didn’t feel like packing up and heading to the pool: Li’l Squirt Baby Pool, made by One Step Ahead ($20) This baby pool can be set up anywhere (we had it in both the driveway and backyard), and all it needs is a hose to work. My son loved sitting and splashing in it as little fountains of water spurted out. It is easy to store and travels well. The Sand and Water Table, made by One Step Ahead (about $50) This outdoor activity table is great for babies who can pull up as well as toddlers who can stand and play. {For more information about these products visit} And Misses… We did have a few misses. One was the Pottery Barn Kids Turtle Sprinkler. Although it was adorable, my kids were too young to enjoy it. I should have guessed that a normal hose sprinkler would provide the fun without the cost. I also tried the Baby Spring Float Activity Center for the pool, by One Step Ahead ($35), but found that my baby felt very uneasy in it and just wanted to be held for his first water experience.

36 | Mamatoga Magazine

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Summer Health:

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Bee Stings, Dehydration and Sunburn


s the weather warms up keep in mind that the sun and summer temperatures can mean new health concerns for little ones, so be on the lookout! From bee stings to dehydration, educate yourself so that when you hit a bump in the road you can get your kids back to enjoying the summertime fun in no time at all! First, the dreaded bee sting. It is every parent’s nightmare. Remember that a bee's stinger works like an automatic pump – the longer it stays in, the more venom it releases – so get it out as quickly as you can. Look for a little black dot in the center of a reddened area and scrape it off with a fingernail or credit card. Don’t try to squeeze the stinger with your fingers or tweezers, that could release more venom and make matters worse. Once you've removed the stinger, wash the area with soap and water. Then apply an ice pack for 15 minutes to minimize swelling and relieve pain. (If you don't have an ice pack, grab a package of frozen vegetables or drop a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and wrap whatever you're going to use in a washcloth so it doesn't touch your baby's skin directly.) Applying a paste of baking soda and water to the area will soothe it and help draw out some of the venom. Simply dab it on, let it dry, and rinse it off. Be on the lookout for any symptoms of an allergic reaction if this is the first time your child is stung. Look for hives, itching, rash, difficulty breathing, and shock. Most reactions to bees are mild, but severe allergic reactions can be deadly. Keep in mind that an allergic reaction can occur even if a person has been stung before with no complications. If you notice any of these symptoms in your baby, call 911 immediately for emergency medical care. Other summertime problems are dehydration and heat illnesses. Children are more susceptible to heat illnesses than adults because their central nervous system is not yet fully developed. Strenuous activity and dehydration make it difficult for young bodies to regulate changes in body temperature. Kids are also at risk for heat illnesses if left in a hot car, even if the windows are cracked, and even if it's only for a few minutes. Never leave a child unattended in a car. You can avoid dehydration by reminding your little ones to drink often throughout the day. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends drinking about every 20 minutes if kids are active in sports, about five ounces is right for a child weighing 88 pounds. We all know that sunscreen is a must during the entire year, but because we’re outdoors more in the warmer months, the risk of sunburn increases. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, getting one blistering sunburn when

you're young doubles your chances of developing melanoma. Regardless of whether or not you burn easily, the American Academy of Dermatology recommends that everyone, adults and kids alike, apply a water-resistant sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays every day. Even on cloudy days, choose a sunscreen that is at least SPF 30 and apply it 15-30 minutes before going outside. A good rule of thumb when using sunscreen is to apply a shot glass-full, and if you're using both sunscreen and insect repellent, apply sunscreen first and then repellent. You can also up the protection by having little ones wear UV protective clothing, hats and sunglasses when out in the sun.

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activities & adventures

The Saratoga Springs Public Library:

A Never-Ending Story! Story by Jenny Witte Photos Provided Located in downtown Saratoga Springs, just a block from Broadway, is a treasure trove of activities and educational offerings for parents and little ones alike. With a full year-round schedule, this special venue hosts great programs for babies, teenagers, parents and everyone in between! What’s more, almost everything is free! Parents, you’re probably wondering what secret club could offer so much, or how you can get on the waiting list. Well, don’t fret; everyone is welcome at the Saratoga Springs Public Library!


arents, if you have young kids then begin your visit to the library downstairs in the Rainbow Room. Bright and fun, the Rainbow Room is stocked with toys, puzzles, puppets and designed to give little ones plenty of opportunities for dramatic play. This section of the library contains an extensive collection of board books and picture books that are easily accessible for kids on pint-sized bookcases. The Rainbow Room is one of the best spots in town to meet up with other parents for impromptu play dates or to meet some new moms if you’re new in town! If you’re looking to expand your experience, why not sign up for one of the many programs or activities offered at the library?

For your littlest ones, start with Library Babies and work your way up to the Rebel Book Club, to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning in your kids.

Library Babies is an informal playgroup for babies under the age of 24 months with their parent or caregiver. A children's librarian leads this fun program, beginning with 15 minutes of finger-plays, rhymes, 38 | Mamatoga Magazine

songs, and simple books. This is a great way to get your baby started with socialization, and a great way for new moms to meet other new moms, too! The library also offers Toddler Story Time, an interactive program designed to foster a love of reading and storytelling, as well as encourage the development of preliteracy skills in toddlers. Children ages 2442 months, accompanied by their parent or caregiver, will be introduced to stories, rhymes and songs that they can enjoy together. Preschool Story Time is a similar program for children ages 42 months-5 years. A librarian reads aloud, offering stories and visuals that help build your preschooler's vocabulary and spark their imagination. Also, the library hosts Family Story Time on Saturdays for families with children ages 2-5 years. This is a perfect way to spend time with the family on the weekend. For those who are not able to make the daytime story hours, check out Family PJ Story Time in the Crawshaw Story Room at night. Kids can wear their favorite jammies, snuggle with their stuffed animals and

Photo by Ashley Brown Photography

listen to some bedtime stories. Students in grades K-5 can check out the Lego Club, which meets the first Wednesday of each month in the Crawshaw Story Room. Kids are encouraged to use their imaginations to create buildings, creatures and other objects. Added to the fun are Lego games and "challenges." Looking for a more cuddly reading experience for your kids? The library has Quinn the Tail Waggin’ Tutor! Parents can schedule a time for their young readers to read aloud to Quinn, the library’s guest therapy dog. Quinn is a Newfoundland who trains regularly with the Northland Newfoundland Club and is certified through Therapy Dogs International. This adorable doggie is very happy to lie quietly and listen to any story your child chooses, which is great for building confidence in reading skills.

Teens can take part in library programs too!

The Rebel Book Club is the only "no reading required" book club in the area that brings teens together to tackle a topic while bringing books into the mix. Some ideas they explore include books from the

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antagonist's point of view, books that exceed expectations and books based on games and food. Anime Night and the Teen Advisory Group are some other great ways teens can meet up and have fun in the library. The Teen Advisory Group (TAG) is the library's teen volunteer think tank! TAG meets on the first Thursday of the month in the Board Conference Room during the school year and plans a variety of events. It provides a sounding board for teens to bounce ideas off of and offers suggestions on how the library can better serve them. It’s also important to note that the library’s computer section always provides opportunities for kids 12 and under to play and learn on computers. You and your family can have access to the Internet, games, and educational software, as well as Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office programs.

In addition to these regular programs for babies, toddlers and teens, the library also welcomes parents to take part in a variety of great workshops and activities. Parent Child Workshops are great bond-

ing time for parents and their children. In these workshops, parents or caregivers and their children ages 12-36 months take part in interactive hands-on learning and play stations. A children's librarian leads circle time with songs and movement activities. In addition, the Parents as Advocates Group is an educational resource for parents of children with developmental delays. Meetings are held as an open forum where parents can meet other parents with similar concerns. They can share resources and offer support. The library also holds special one-time programs just for parents with special topics like “Using Energy Medicine Techniques with Children” and “Green Homes, Healthy Families” coming in April. Coming in May they’ll be offering classes on baby massage and postpartum support for new moms. Check the calendar on the library’s website ( for more information. Of course, the library is also home to an incredible assortment of books and other media that can be checked out and

enjoyed at home. The audio visual section is stocked with family favorites: books on CD, music CDs, computer software, and DVDs. Looking for a movie for family movie night? You can borrow popular films for children and families, or check out some educational films on science, math, reading, and other topics. All in all, the library is a fantastic resource for families. Beyond being a place to find great resources, books, media and more, the library is a fantastic place to learn, play and meet new friends. From pregnancy up until they are off to college, you can find a program just right for them and just right for you! For more information about these great programs and many others offered at the Saratoga Springs Public Library, visit www.sspl.orgg/ or call (518) 584-7860. The library is located at 49 Henry Street in Saratoga Springs.

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Always Take Time for You! The Importance of Keeping Your Sparkle in the Midst of Raising Children

Meghan D. Lemery, LCSW-R


ttention Ladies! Whether you are a married, separated, divorced, single, or a widowed mama, this is for you! Pay attention closely and highlight the parts that you need to practice. Being a mom is the hardest and most rewarding job on the planet. It is amazing that we as women have the gift to bring babies into the world through our bodies and our hearts. In mommy land it is easy to become so consumed with your children that you neglect yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. Remember this: before you were a mommy you were YOU! Think back to your teenage years (not the awkward ones that flood you with anxiety and flashbacks of bad hair and acne), rather, the first time you felt that flutter in your heart for someone you had a crush on. You spent time writing your crush’s name 1,000 times to see how it looked next to yours. Every love song played pictures in your mind of what life would be like with your dream boat. You tried on 50 outfits to make sure you looked and felt HOT. You blushed when thinking

40 | Mamatoga Magazine

of being next to your sweetie pie and felt that slow burn within that let you know you were alive and a girl in LUST. It was a time of joy, freedom and exploration into the world of becoming a woman. This feminine mystique and power is so important in helping us stay healthy and awake physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, however, most mommies have a hard time honoring this part of their womanhood. Heels are traded for comfortable shoes. Sweats and comfort are traded over a great outfit because the thought of having to exert any amount of effort into anything else on your plate is too overwhelming and exhausting. You put yourself on the back burner and make everyone else’s needs a priority over your own. Before you know it, you are disconnected, flat, exhausted and the word mo-jo reminds you more of coffee than it does your libido. STOP ignoring YOU! Get back into balance and do little things each day to wake up that teenage girl within you that sang into her hair brush and danced without abandon. Getting back into balance can be as simple as putting on your favorite music and singing at the top of your lungs, wearing a favorite scent that makes you feel sexy and vibrant, or throwing out the granny panties with the wide waistband for some pretty undergarments that make you feel feminine and sensual. You

know what makes you feel good so take a little time daily to honor the sensual side of you! Far too often I work with women who have completely abandoned themselves to make their children the center of their world. My dear hearts, if you constantly neglect yourself you run the risk of being in an unhappy relationship with yourself and your partner which will ultimately affect your children in a negative way. Make a commitment that you will honor the woman within you for AT LEAST 5 minutes a day. This commitment will help you feel lighter, increase your energy and will not only benefit you but everyone around you! The flight back from the island of ignoring yourself for an extended vacation is long and exhausting. I have seen marriages end, relationships crumble and families fall apart because of neglect. Bitterness and blame make their way into the mix and voila- you and your family are falling apart before your eyes. One of the healthiest things you can teach your children is the importance of self care and balance. This will give them the tools needed to be in healthy partnerships and maintain balance in the midst of child-rearing. Self care does not have to be spending zillions of dollars on manicures, Botox and expensive lingerie. Be creative about slipping the sparkle back into your daily life and watch how much more energized you feel.

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Make a list of all the things that make you feel like a vibrant, sensual woman who has a skip in her step and a twinkle in her eye. If you are feeling exhausted and completely depressed and out of touch with yourself; get some help. The journey to self care can be challenging and anxiety provoking; sometimes it’s easier to care of others than it is to care for ourselves. However, the price we pay for neglecting our individual identity leaves us feeling empty and used. Get the help you need to get back in balance with yourself. Make time to seek out the support and counsel of your friends and/or work with a therapist to get back your joie de vivre! Make time today to awaken that part of you that has fallen asleep. Whether it’s putting on heels or letting Calgon take you away, take FIVE minutes a day to honor you. Don’t go another day feeling disconnected and invisible. Get out your hair crimper, Bay City Rollers cassette tape and pink frost lipstick (my personal favorite) and watch how a little self care can take you from feeling drab to FAB! Wishing you GIRLPOWER today and always! Meghan D. Lemery is a graduate of the University of Virginia and Columbia University School of Social Work. She is a psychotherapist practicing in upstate New York, as well as a columnist for Saratoga TODAY newspaper. In addition to empowering others to live with self acceptance and love, her passion is writing. She is a contributor for various magazines, blogs and websites throughout the Northeast region. Her first novel, “Please Pass the Barbie Shoes,” is available at

For more GIRLPOWER inspiration, read on! Grab your copy of Meghan Lemery’s first novel

Meet Sabrina Davis, a thirty-something singleton entangled in the dating world with no sign of love on the horizon. Follow her through a journey of love, loss, faith, humor and self acceptance as you fall in love with her quirky captivating ways. Whether she’s writing letters to God or fashion designers to complain about their sizing, “Please Pass the Barbie Shoes” will leave you feeling inspired, empowered and adored! Just ask the readers“‘Please Pass the Barbie Shoes’ is charming, quirky, sweet and most importantly, real. In the end, this novice fiction brings a powerful message to women of all ages.” Yael Goldman-Saratoga TODAY newspaper “You will truly enjoy this novel from start to finish. I laughed so much at the way she used her humor in the characters kept the novel flowing. I love the characters’ names and the bravery and determination she had the main character display. GIRLPOWER, that’s all I am going say.” Tina, 48 years old “GirlPower all the way! This book has helped me through so many down times. Meghan has a way of making you laugh, making you cry, and letting you know how to overcome some of the worst female situations. You will not want to put this book down. I read it in two days and still continue to read it when I need that boost of GIRLPOWER. A must-have for all...” Marsha, 37 years old “This was a fast, fun and inspirational read. Going along with Sabrina and her journey of finding self love was relatable, hilarious, and hearteninginspirational without being preachy.” Brittney, 26 years old “A hilarious, neurotic and redemptive journey through contemporary dating... She has captured the complex and nuanced world of romance in the 21st century. Would be a great movie!” Jay, 40 years old Get your copy online at

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s of Date Night Story by Jenny Witte Photo by ©

Alone time with your spouse can be hard to come by when you have kids. Between work, making dinner, playdates, practices and more, time is a luxury that isn’t always available. We all know that date night should be a priority though, and who doesn’t need a special little break now and then as a parent? But sometimes the biggest hurdle is deciding what to do and where to go. Well, not anymore. Here is some inspiration to help you avoid the “I don’t know – what do you want to do?” conversation:

Try “Alphabet Dating”

This might sound like something you would do with your toddler, but it is actually a creative way to keep the great date night ideas coming. You can even plan out a whole bunch of activities and venues to keep on file for those times when you can get a sitter.

Start with A

Head to an art gallery for your first Alphabet Date. Beekman Street has a number of different galleries to check out, and depending on the time, you can add a drink or even dinner to round it out.

Move on to B

Try breakfast or brunch for a twist on the typical date night. Try out one of the great brunch spots in town for some daytime alone time.

Get creative with C

Try a café, a concert at SPAC or the cinema. You could even spice things up with a cooking or dance class.

42 | Mamatoga Magazine

Then there’s D

Dinner and a movie is always the classic go-to idea for date night – why not try it with a twist? Once the weather warms up you can head to the drive in! Toss a couple of blankets in the car and get ready for a romantic open air adventure.

What about E?

Fill in the blank and keep on going down the line. Before you know it, you’ll have 26 dates to look forward to. Most importantly, have fun with Alphabet Dating! Get creative with your ideas and customize it to your budget and schedule. Take advantage of the local businesses and activities available in your community. There are so many opportunities to enjoy some time together.

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Investing In Your

Child’s College Education Story by George B. Chelius, III


aving for your child’s college education can be a daunting task if you only focus on the overall costs for either a public or private school. While most parents think their children will attend college, research shows that only one-third expect to be prepared to pay for their education. Perhaps it’s because most people are overwhelmed with the price tag and think they don’t even have a chance to save enough so why bother. However, if you start early and are disciplined in your investment approach, you may reach your goal by saving even small amounts regularly over the long term. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, people with a bachelor’s degree earn, on average, over 80 percent more than those with just a high school diploma. This can mean a difference of $1,000,000 in potential earning power over the course of a career. So when you start saving for your child’s college education, remember that it’s actually an investment in their future.

Account Types

There are specific Qualified Tuition Programs (529s), Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs), Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) Accounts, and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) Accounts, that offer some tax advantages. Many investors also use IRAs and regular savings accounts to save for education. There are several considerations when deciding what type of account is best for you. There are many good websites that explain account types in detail, and I also recommend speaking with an investment or financial professional to review your options.

The Key to Saving for College

Regardless of the account type that best suits you, the main point is to start as early as possible and invest regularly, ideally at least monthly, with fixed

amounts of money so that your child's college fund can continue to grow and compound over time. This is called dollar-cost averaging (DCA). DCA is a long-term investment strategy that involves investing a fixed dollar amount into a particular investment or portfolio at regular intervals. Since you always invest the same amount, you will purchase more shares when the price is low and fewer shares when the price is high. Instead of investing lump sums, the idea is to average out the highs and lows to help you avoid market timing (trying to determine when is a good time to invest). It takes advantage of the cyclical nature of the market and allows you to focus on long-term growth and ignore short-term market conditions. While this technique does not eliminate the possibility of losing money on an investment, losses can be lessened during periods of declining stock prices and profits may be enhanced when share prices rise over the long term. DCA is a plan of continuous investment in stocks regardless of their inconsistent prices. Of course, you must consider your financial ability to continually purchase shares. Additionally, I only recommend DCA when you are not charged a transaction fee. As with all investment methods there is no performance guarantee, but DCA is a hassle-free approach.

Saving for College – A Real Life Success Story

Before education savings accounts were introduced to the investment world, I had the idea to show our shareholders how DCA could work for them — and me. Seven days after my daughter Anna was born on May 23, 1989, I opened a FAM Value Fund account for her with $2,000. Subsequently, I collected loose change and dollar bills that were in my pocket each day and placed them in the cigar

box that was originally filled with cigars to celebrate Anna’s birth. I was amazed that each month the amount I saved was about $100; so I added $100 to her account monthly and I did so for 18 years. Upon high school graduation in April 2007, Anna's account value had grown to $89,348.42 from the investment amount of $23,600! Anna's account was then used to help pay for college. When speaking with others, I underscore that regardless of whether it’s a Bull or Bear Market, the best time to invest in your child’s future is today. Remember, if you invest even small amounts methodically over the long term, you may save enough so that your most important asset, your child, is a step ahead. George B. Chelius, III, is a principal at Fenimore Asset Management. Fenimore Asset Management (Fenimore) is an independent investment advisory firm located in Cobleskill, NY, and has been handselecting investments for almost four decades. Fenimore manages individual and institutional portfolios and mutual funds - FAM Funds. Mamatoga Magazine |43

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All Natural Makeup for Moms Five Steps to a Flawless Look, day and night! We spent an afternoon at For Earth’s Sake with makeup artist Tina Barbato of Flawless by Tina and two Saratoga mamas: Kim Waters and Lisa Munter. Using all natural makeup, we gave these local mothers two fabulous looks, one for everyday wear and another to spice things up for a date night or special occasion. They looked fantastic and the best part is you can too! Follow these easy steps and tips from well-known makeup artist Tina Barbato. All of the products used (plus many more!) are available at For Earth’s Sake, an earthfriendly boutique located at 120 West Ave., suite 102, in Saratoga Springs. Photos by

Daywear for Kim

This is the perfect everyday look for Kim, a blonde bombshell with two daughters and a passion for physical fitness (she’s a co-owner of Saratoga Boot Camp).



Smear a neutral shimmery shadow across your lids. Try LUNAR cream shadow by RMS Beauty. Apply black mascara. Try Mineral Fusion’s graphite black mascara.

Tip from Tina: if you’re using a cream shadow, make sure to apply a base layer first to avoid creasing. Always start with the eyes.

Even skin tone with an all-over liquid foundation. Apply with a large round brush to ensure a smooth, clean finish. Try Mineral Fusion sheer tint foundation. Set foundation with a powder finish. Try Mineral Fusion pressed powder warm #3.

44 | Mamatoga Magazine

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Lisa’s Look

Applying daywear for Lisa, an active Saratoga Springs mom with two sons and great style, was just as easy. We followed the same steps to create this vibrant, yet subtle, look, using colors that matched Lisa’s skin tone.

Tip from Tina: Every mom should have a good set of brushes in her makeup kit. Make your brushes last by cleaning them regularly. For Earth’s Sake sells all natural brush cleaner.


RMS Beauty cream shadow MAGNETIC Mineral Fusion mascara in graphite



Brighten with bronzer. Using medium brush, apply on cheekbones, forehead, chin and nose (where the sun naturally hits your face). Try Mineral Fusion luster bronzer duo.

“I almost always do both bronzer and blush, but if you’re in a hurry go for the bronzer,” Tina said.

Under eye concealer: RMS Beauty cover-up #33

Apply blush on the apples of your cheeks. Try RMS Lip-2-Cheek SMILE.

Lips Add color to your lips. We used RMS Lip-2-Cheek SMILE. Then seal with a high-quality gloss. Try Mineral Fusion lip gloss wand in dazzle.

Mineral Fusion foundation neutral Mineral Fusion powder warm #2

Cheeks Lips

RMS Beauty Lip-2-Cheek PROMISE, applied on the apples of Lisa’s cheeks.

Color: RMS Beauty Lip-2-Cheek PROMISE


Gloss: Mineral Fusion liquid lip gloss tube in enlighten

Going on a date? Use these daytime looks as your base, and spice things up! Mamatoga Magazine |45

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Dolled Up for Date Night

If you have green eyes like Kim, brighten your lids with plums and pinks. Try Mineral Fusion eye shadow trio in density. Use light purple on upper crease and then deep purple on outer crease. For a smoky finish, line inner lid, top and bottom, with dark eye liner. Try Mineral Fusion eye pencil. Smudge deep purple shadow underneath your lash line.


Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. We used RMS Beauty Lip-2-Cheek SMILE.


Make your skin glow. Apply RMS Beauty Living Luminizer under eyebrow arch, at the inner corner of your eyes, and along your upper RMS Beauty’s Living cheek bone. Luminizer is a must-have! It is designed to bring out Finish the look with a peachy gloss. Try Mineral your skin’s natural glow, Fusion lip gloss wand in clarity. making you look young, fresh and ready to take on the world.


46 | Mamatoga Magazine

Together, this plumb shadow and smoky eyeliner make Kim’s eyes pop! Add a touch of brightness with the Living Luminizer, and she’s perfectly primped for date night.

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Lisa’s Look

We followed the same steps used to pump up Lisa’s daytime makeover for a sultry “J-Lo” look that’s perfect for a night out with the girls.


Mineral Fusion eye shadow trio in sultry: apply medium silver on upper crease, deep silver on outer crease. Mineral Fusion black eyeliner pencil Smudge dark gray shadow underneath lash line


Mineral Fusion powder blush in airy, applied on the apples of Lisa’s cheeks


Color: RMS Beauty Lip2-Cheek MUSE Gloss: Pure Illumination natural hydrating gloss in nude beach


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Diapers and Day Dresses Have Kids, Have Fun, Have Style Being a stylish mom is all about finding great pieces that are easy to wear and pair. You want to look great without forfeiting style or spending hours getting ready. Moms, we talked to the style mavens at Piper, a baby-friendly boutique located at 441 Broadway in Saratoga Springs, and learned that this year’s spring styles make outfitting for motherhood more fabulous than ever before!

Day dresses are a mom’s best friend.

If you are a new mom, this is the season to fall in love with day dresses because retro styles are back – and they’re super flattering! “Mad Men”-inspired empire waists, elegant A-lines and feminine ascot necklines draw attention to all of the right places. Pockets, which have become all of the rage in the dress world, are an asset for moms. Day dresses are a staple in every mom’s closest – this single-piece outfit makes it easy to dress like the fabulous mom that you ARE!

You don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Photo by Deborah Neary for Model: Nicole {wearing a BB Dakota dress from Piper, $62} and son, Joey 48 | Mamatoga Magazine

Moms spend their days playing, laughing and learning with their babies. When you’re always active, your clothing needs to move with you. So keep it simple. Find great basics that are comfortable to wear, but still look stylish. Consider your baby, too. If you’re always holding and hugging your little one, then soft fabrics and clean lines are the way to go. Grommets, zippers, studs and other embellishments are always eye-catching, but they can also be rough on newborn skin. Why not go for a bold pattern cotton fabric instead?

Mamatoga March 2012_Layout 1 3/20/12 2:27 PM Page 49

Plus, you should go for fabrics that are machine washable. We all know moms prefer playtime in Congress Park over a trip to the dry cleaner.

Bring your baby into the fitting room.

To find great clothes that fit your mommy lifestyle, bring your baby shopping with you. See if the outfit is comfortable enough to wear while doing all of the things you need to do in your everyday world. Make sure it feels right for you and your baby.

Avoid big and baggy.

You might be tempted to wear your maternity clothes because they are loose and comfortable, but you have to remember that it’s not the same as bumping up to the larger size of a regular top for the sake of covering up. Maternity clothing is designed for pregnancy; it might be roomier, but it’s only cut larger in the stomach and bust. After giving birth, your body changes and your wardrobe should too. In most cases, maternity clothing is less flattering when worn post-pregnancy. So, how do you get that free and flowing look? Pair a stylish legging with a 3/4 length tunic instead.

Mamatoga Style Staples

With these go-to items in her closet, Saratoga mom Jenny Witte always look great without spending hours on her own look – which is crucial on those busy mornings when she’s getting the kids ready for the day and out the door in a hurry. These five essentials go a long way: Ballet flats {practical but cute, either in basic black or a fun print or color, these are perfect for a busy mom on the go with jeans or a dress} Fitted blazer {add a bit of sophistication to anything from jeans and a tank to a sundress} Great scarf {use a great bold or printed scarf to add a dose of style to any everyday outfit} Day dress {not just for summer – wear it with leggings, great boots and a cardigan in the winter and fall, and tights in the spring. Sun dresses are cute and stylish year-round} One piece of bold jewelry {pick a signature piece to dress up an otherwise simple outfit}

Want more tips?

Stop by Piper on Sunday, April 15, from 2-6 p.m. for the inaugural Diapers and Day Dresses event. Sip champagne, meet other moms and learn how to dress for your figure and lifestyle, so you’ll be fully prepped to shop for spring. Plus, Piper will introduce its newest addition: shoes! For more information about this event, call the store at (518) 450-1152 or email

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celebrating moms

Mother’s Day Special, and the kids prepare coming right up! Dad delicious French toast for breakfast in bed

By Tom Thibeault Cooking Assistants: Aiden, Brenya and Christian Photos by Recipe courtesy of Suvir Saran Being a stay-at-home mom to 4-year-old triplets is no easy task, so Mother’s Day is a big deal in our house! My wife, Laura, is nothing short of a miracle worker, so to show her how much we appreciate her, we dedicate the entire day to pampering her for a change! We start out first thing in the morning with breakfast in bed. I get up early, grab the kids and head down to the kitchen. Our favorite thing to make together is French toast, but in our house, we don’t make just any French toast! We make the French toast from “American Masala,” an absolutely amazing cookbook written by Suvir Saran. Suvir, a Michelin Star award-winning chef from Devi New York City, Top Chef Master, and acclaimed cookbook author, lives right down the road in Hebron, New York.

Ingredients 12 large eggs 1/2 cup heavy cream 1/4 cup sugar 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste, or 1 ½ teaspoons of vanilla extract 1/2 teaspoon of ground cardamom Pinch of salt 1 stick of unsalted butter, melted 1 loaf of day-old brioche or challah bread sliced 3/4 inch thick 3/4 cup demerara sugar (found at Putnam Market) 50 | Mamatoga Magazine

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Special Ingredients • Love • Laughter • Teamwork • And Care...

This French toast is special and unlike anything I had ever tried before. The sugar we use creates its own special delicious syrup so no maple syrup is required! French toast is the perfect dish to make with small children; it is nice and easy to prepare and they can all have a turn helping out. The first thing you need to do when cooking with your kids is kitchen prep. Line up your eggs, pre-measure the sugar and cream and add the cardamom, salt and vanilla to the cream. Put the sugar and cream in two separate containers. You will also want to pre-slice your bread. Set this all up next to a large mixing bowl and get a whisk. Then, set a stool or chair up at the counter so your little one can reach the prep area, and preheat the oven to 200 degrees (there is no baking involved, but you’ll want to warm up the toast before serving it to mom!). Next, you’ll want to teach your child to crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl. You will be surprised how well little hands can crack eggs! Then have the kids add the two cups of premeasured ingredients and mix everything up with a whisk. Stirring is absolutely magical to a toddler! From their perspective, mixing and whisking embodies the entire cooking process, so let them go to town and have fun with it!

“My wife, Laura, is nothing short of a miracle worker, so to show her how much we appreciate her, we dedicate the entire day to pampering her for a change!”

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celebrating moms

Other Mother’s Day Favorites • Pancakes with blueberry or banana • Omelette with mom’s favorite toppings • Egg skillet with all the fixings • Fresh fruit salad • Waffles with fruit and whipped cream • Breakfast sandwich

Sides: • Hashbrowns • Bacon / Sausage • Bagel / Toast • Whipped Cream • Fruit

52 | Mamatoga Magazine

Next, we set up a French toast assembly line. At this point we pour melted butter on a plate and set aside. While you’re doing this, have the kids dunk the bread in the egg mixture and hand it to you to cook on the pan. Coat both sides of the bread evenly with the egg mixture until it is soft and wet like a sponge. Before cooking the French toast, drizzle some of the melted butter onto the pan. Then place your French toast on the pan and add 2 teaspoons of demerara sugar evenly to the top. Once the bottom is browned, flip it over and add 2 teaspoons of the sugar to that side as well. When that side is brown, flip again just until the sugar is melted and then transfer the toast to your butter-covered plate. Usually one or two slices is more than enough to feed anyone. Next, stick your plate in the oven at two hundred degrees to warm it up. When you take it out, the kids can add some fresh berries to top it off, and put some flowers in a little vase on the breakfast tray. If you want, add a side of bacon, and you are all set to serve a fantastic Mother’s Day breakfast in bed!

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A Mother’s Perspective Story By Jenny Witte While our husbands and little ones spoil us this Mother’s Day, let’s treat ourselves and each other to some motherly love. All you moms out there, listen up! I have two tips for celebrating this special day (and every day) as moms:

First things first: give yourself a break. Now, I don’t mean go to the spa or get a pedicure (although those kinds of breaks are always great!), I mean don’t be so hard on yourself as a mom. We all do it to ourselves; we feel guilty for so many things. Either we feel guilty for not spending enough time with our kids because of work or other commitments, or we worry about not feeding them healthy enough. We worry about how good of a job we are doing as mothers and we feel guilty about taking time off to take care of ourselves. We feel guilty if we lose our patience or if we need to take a break, and we shouldn’t. Give yourself a break, tell yourself you are doing the best job you can do, and give yourself some credit!

Share the love.

And while you’re at it, my number two tip for this Mother’s Day is to give each other a break, as fellow moms. Sometimes the people who are quickest to judge are actually other moms. We judge about breast versus bottle-feeding, natural birth versus csection, what parenting style we adopt and so much more. Rather than pass judgment at playdates or on the playground, let’s offer support. Maybe you’re a fan of baby-wearing, that’s your style and strollerpushing might be another mom’s preference. We all do things differently – the way that works best for us, so rather than pass judgment on one another’s preferences, let’s help each other do our best jobs in our own way. We are all in this motherhood boat together. So this Mother’s Day, rather than bringing each other down with criticism, let’s help keep each other afloat with support. The concept is simple, but, if taken to heart, we can add even more sweetness to this special day and enjoy our journey through motherhood together.

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Moms’ and Kids’ Choice Award Winners asked and Saratoga answered!

We wanted to know your favorites places to eat, shop and have fun with your kids. With so many great local businesses to choose from, it’s no surprise that many of the polls came close. Thank you to all of the moms and dads who voted. Now, you can use this list of winners to check out the best of the best in Saratoga for families, whether you’re looking for the number one restaurant to take kids to or the most voted for preschool.

Best Spot for Drinks:

Best Saratoga Event:

Max London’s 466 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (518) 587-3535


Best Kids Birthday Party Spot:

Best Bakery:

Experience Events at the Studio 526 Maple Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 441-8000

The Cupcake Lab Re-Invented as Elizabeth’s Table Opening Soon at 510 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

Best Post Track Spot:

Best Women’s Clothing Shop:

Siro’s 168 Lincoln Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 584-4030

Piper Boutique 441 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (518) 450-1152

Best Spot to Grab a Beer:

Best Date Night Dinner Spot:

The Local Pub and Teahouse 142 Grand Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 587-7256

Maestro’s 353 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (518) 580-0312

Best Wings:

Best Mexican Restaurant:

Wings Over Saratoga 103 West Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 584-8200 54 | Mamatoga Magazine

Mexican Connection 41 Nelson Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 584-4466

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Best Gym/Fitness Studio:

Best Pizza:

High Rock Sports & Fitness 165 High Rock Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 584-5005

Caputo’s 3039 Route 50, Saratoga Springs (518) 581-0011

Best Japanese Restaurant:

Best Pediatrician

Sushi Thai Garden 44-46 Phila St., Saratoga Springs (518) 580-0900

Community Care Pediatrics 5 Mountain Ledge Drive, Suite 1, Gansevoort (518) 584-0355

Best Ice Cream Parlor:

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant:

Eugenio’s Café Gelato 458 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (518) 691-6000

Circus Café 392 Broadway, Saratoga Springs (518) 583-1106

Best Preschool:

Best Coffee Shop:

Saratoga Independent School 459 Lake Ave., Saratoga Springs (518) 583-0841

Uncommon Grounds 402 Broadway, Saratoga Springs www.uncommongrounds,com (518) 581-0656

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real moms

Full of Life

A Saratoga Mom Turns Tragedy into Triumph Story by Jenny Witte Photos by

Motherhood can be a demanding job. Whether you have one or five children, we all have those moments of exhaustion and self-doubt, when it can be easy to take the little things for granted. We so often look at baby pictures and wonder where the time went, promising ourselves to live in the moment and take nothing for granted moving forward. But, life takes over, as it always does, and we can lose that focus. Once in a while, however, a story catches our eye that brings everything back into perspective – the type of story that makes us hug our kids a little bit tighter, cherish those smiles a little bit more, and slow things down just enough to appreciate what we have.

Michelle Butts, a mom from Saratoga Springs, has one of those stories. Michelle and her husband, Lou, were overjoyed to welcome their son, Louis Butts V, who they decided to call “LB,” on April 27, 2008. It was a perfect delivery. She was in labor for a few hours, pushed for 15 minutes, and felt an immediate connection to her son. Even though Michelle was petrified of being a new mom, the moment she met LB everything fell into place. It was love at first sight. For the local couple, the first few months with LB went great. At four months he was sleeping through the night, babbling, lifting his head, and hitting all the other milestones. There was only one irregularity: LB's head was disproportionately large. So Michelle and Lou had an MRI done, and ruled out anything too serious (or so they thought). It appeared LB just had a large head, a trait he most likely inherited from his father. But then at about 7 months, Michelle noticed LB had a weird bump on his lower back. Since he moved fine and had no motor restrictions, she really didn’t think anything of it. When the couple mentioned the bump to their pediatrician at a routine visit, their doctor ordered an X-ray “just in case.” The results changed their lives. The X-ray revealed a malformation known as kyphosis (or a gibbus deformity), a dominant symptom for mucopolysaccharidoses (or MPS). 56 | Mamatoga Magazine

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“It’s nice living in a world where children don’t die, but now I know better and I live my life appreciating every moment a little more.” The pediatrician called Michelle and Lou immediately to give them the news. Lou received the call, as Michelle had been working late. He alerted his wife. “When [Lou] told me that LB had this disease that was ‘really bad’ I thought he certainly had misunderstood. So I called the pediatrician myself,” Michelle explained. “But he had not misunderstood. He was exactly right; this was really, really bad.” Michelle Googled all night, researching MPS and looking for a string of hope. “As soon as she happened upon the National MPS Society website ( and looked into the eyes of children with MPS, she knew that our son was also a victim of this awful disease,” Lou said. “I was mortified. Our son had been a normal functioning 7-month-old baby and everything I read said he was going to die and there was very little I could do about it.” After a few weeks of urine and blood testing, it was determined that LB had MPS type I – H (also called Hurler Syndrome), the form of MPS that progresses the fastest. Everything Michelle had read said that without intervention or treatment, her son would not live to see his fifth birthday. The good news was that Hurley Syndrome is treatable. Michelle and Lou had two options: enzyme replacement therapy and/or a bone marrow transplant. Because this treatment offered a sliver of hope, they embraced it and went into “kick some MPS butt” mode. Immediately Michelle contacted the National MPS Society, a nonprofit organization aimed at helping individuals who are affected with MPS. She was told about the treatments available and was put into contact with a family who had recently undergone a bone marrow transplant. After talking with that family, and learning about their progress, Michelle contacted the University of Minnesota and made an appointment to meet with the head of the bone marrow transplant program. A week later, Michelle, her husband and LB were in Minnesota attending doctors’ appointments with specialist after specialist to determine if LB was eligible to receive the transplant. Michelle and Lou learned how badly LB’s disease had progressed “behind the scenes,” but that he was still not only approved for the program, he was also considered

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Show your support for this local family and many others Participate in Local 5K Runs: Peppertree’s 5K-Furry Fun Run SPA State Park, Avenue of the Pines -Warming Hut Saturday, April 14, start time of 9 a.m.

33rd Annual St.Peter's Keys Run Saratoga Spa State Park, Columbia Rt. 9 Saturday, April 21, start time of 9 a.m.

Tuff eNuff 5K Challenge NYRA Lowlands/BOCES Campus, Union Ave., Saratoga Springs Saturday, May 19, start time of 9 a.m.

Dragon’s Pride Run SPA State Park, Avenue of the Pines -Warming Hut Saturday, June 2, start time of 10 a.m.

Firecracker 4 Broadway, Saratoga Springs Wednesday, July 4, Start time of 9 a.m.

5 for Five 5K Run SPA State Park, Avenue of the Pines -Warming Hut Saturday, September 1, start time of 10 a.m.

58 | Mamatoga Magazine

an ideal candidate. They were due back in Minnesota in 8-10 weeks, after LB received weekly enzyme replacement therapies (ERT). After 10 weeks of ERTs at Albany Medical Center, LB and Michelle returned to Minnesota for the bone marrow transplant. Michelle’s husband had to stay in the Capital Region in order to work and maintain their health insurance. The transplant itself entailed nearly two weeks of three different chemotherapy drugs, and in the beginning everything went according to plan. But things slowly took a turn for the worse. LB experienced kidney, lung and liver failure. He was intubated and received dialysis. Getting everything under control proved difficult for even the best physicians in the nation. Eventually, on May 2, 2009, LB suffered a stroke. Lou flew into Minnesota immediately, and Michelle held LB in her arms as he passed away. “Battling harsh diseases or illnesses is not as rare as people on the outside would like to believe,” Michelle said, looking back on how it felt to come home without LB. “It’s nice living in a world where children don’t die, but now I know better and I live my life appreciating every moment a little more.” Since the loss of LB, Michelle and her husband have had another child, a boy they named Collin. He is a carrier of MPS, but does not have the disease. Speaking on her life as a mom, Michelle said “I am not a perfect mother, by far. I have my moments where I lose my patience and feel incredibly overwhelmed and inadequate. But, in those moments, I take a deep breath and give Collin a supersized hug.” One of Michelle’s biggest fears after losing LB was that everyone would forget him. “I don’t want anyone around me to forget how courageous LB was,” she said. This inspired Michelle to create the “5 for Five MPS Run” in Saratoga State Park in LB’s memory. All of the money raised from the 5K goes to the National MPS Society and research for a cure. Getting started was a challenge, but once Michelle contacted local businesses and community members who embraced her with open arms, she knew she could do it. “I realized how much everyone wants to give; they just need the opportunity,” she said.

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This year will be the third year Michelle and Lou are holding the run. It is scheduled for September 1, 2012, at Saratoga Spa State Park, beginning at the warming hut. Their goal is to raise $10,000. Since the inaugural race, the 5 for Five MPS Run has raised $10,000. For the local couple, having the ability to keep their son’s memory alive while at the same time raising funds to help battle the disease that took him from them is invaluable; it has taught them a lot about their community. Support from the community is one thing that keeps Michelle motivated to continue the 5K. Being a part of this supportive network has taught her that all parents are in it together, and that’s something we should never take for granted. Whether you show your support at playgroup, perhaps by offering another parent a spare diaper, or by showing up to help neighbors who have suffered a terrible loss, all parents can support one another, no matter what the circumstance may be. To learn more about the 2012 5 for Five MPS Run, visit and come out this fall to support this family and others that are affected by MPS.

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Raising Role Models Personal Character Development and Leadership for Life By Rich Johns, Founder and President of Act With Respect Always


espect begins with you! No matter what stage of life you are in or position you have, in order to be a good leader and role model you must take a good look at yourself every day. Ask yourself, “What am I doing each day to make the world around me a better place?” It is never too late or too early to teach the importance of being a leader to your children. Through Act With Respect Always (AWRA), I stress to people of all ages the following core character traits that help develop each individual into a leader and a role model Respect – Empathy – Awareness – Courage – Honesty – Integrity – Trust: REACH IT Using this acronym, REACH IT, we can stress the importance of a variety of character traits that guide individuals through personal character development.

Photo by Chris Bushee 60 | Mamatoga Magazine

These traits help to define what it means to become a leader and a role model for others. By understanding the seven core REACH IT traits anyone can make a difference each day! Apply the term “pay it forward,” based on the 2000 film starring Kevin Spacey, to teach your children early on the importance of helping others. Through AWRA, we urge individuals to assist others and demonstrate the importance of offering assistance without the expectation of a reward. For young children, actions that pay it forward are no more complicated than filling a bucket of seashells. One seashell could be picking up an item that someone else dropped, helping to carry something, smiling at your teacher, or helping a friend with homework. These small actions add up – eventually you’ll have a bucket full of

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Maggie is in the center of this photo with two other great students: Megan Shawver and Matthew MacDougall. seashells. By understanding how to “pay it forward,” our young ones can view themselves in a much more insightful way. The first step when entering into the AWRA program is to develop a personal or family mission statement. My family has adopted the mission statement “what difference will you make today?” Other examples of mission statements can include: I want to be nice, I want to smile more and I want to raise money for cancer. Personal mission statements change as individuals encounter new life experiences. What will your family’s mission statement be? A student in one of the classes I recently spent time with has taken our message to heart and begun a charitable organization. While visiting Mrs. Holt’s fifth grade class at Dorothy Nolan Elementary School, I met Maggie Farr. Maggie was recognized for her leadership qualities because she has organized a fundraising group called Cupcakes for Charity. Money raised by Cupcakes for Charity is distributed to different charitable causes. As I travel to different classrooms, each of the core REACH IT traits are introduced to students at the level of their development. For example, the definition of courage for a student in first grade is different than the explanation of courage for a student in high school or an adult in the business world. I have been so fortunate to work with so many wonderful young people throughout my life. I continue to learn from them as I share my thoughts and program. But parents, you can pass along this message at home – and when you do, think of that action as the first seashell in your bucket. Through the understanding of the seven core traits, you too can become a leader and role model for your children. REACH IT: leadership for life! For more information about Act With Respect Always, visit

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Top 10 Apps for Moms

Moms, you can transform your iPhone into a multitasking super tool! Whether you have a baby or a teenager, there are plenty of apps that come in handy, especially the top 10 apps listed below. Moms with babies can use the activity logger to keep track of feedings and diaper changes, while moms of toddlers and school-aged kids will love the reward chart app. The grocery store app, which is great for all moms, will help you stay organized for everyone in your family! Have someone with a gluten allergy or need to find kid-friendly spots in your town? This list has an app for that too. This top 10 list includes must-haves for all moms:

Is that Gluten Free?

Craft Finder

Baby Activity Logger

Grocery Gadget – Shopping List

All you have to do is type in the product or ingredient in question and within seconds this app will have the answer of whether it is gluten free or not. Cost: $7.99

This simple app helps you keep track of your newborn’s activity. Cost: $4.99

Potty Predictor

This app helps with your potty-training efforts. Cost: $4.99

Silent Bodyguard

Send an alert from your phone if you ever find yourself in danger. Simply open the app, tap on the button that activates the alarm, and a text and email message with your name and location will be sent to your emergency contacts every 60 seconds. Cost: $3.99


62 | Mamatoga Magazine

This app lets you set up accounts for your children and assign them different chores/tasks which are grouped into the categories of behavior, chores, responsibility and other. Cost: $3.99

Find great crafts, organized by age-appropriateness, project length and occasion. You can save ideas to a “Craft Box” and add the supplies needed directly to a shopping list. Free.

This app helps you keep track of your grocery list, budget and spending habits. Cost: $3.99

Mom Maps

Locate and learn about different “kid spots” in your area. Free.

Our Kids

This app provides an easy way to record family events, vacations, baby milestones and more. In each entry you can add text, photos, audio, and even location. Cost: $3.99

Red Laser

Use this app to compare prices when you shop. Free.

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Mamatoga Top Picks Pregnancy Apps Sprout Pregnancy Essentials

Log important information from your doctors’ visits such as your weight, blood pressure, ultrasound photographs, and fetal heart rate. Cost: $3.99

50 Most Popular Mocktails

This app features over 50 colorful alcohol-free drinks that you can order at a bar or make at home. Cost: $1.99

Apps for Kids iTot Toddler Flashcards

Kids will learn the names of animals, foods and other objects, as well as the alphabet and numbers. Language settings for English, French and Spanish. Ages 1-4. Cost: $.99


Cost: $.99.

lets your curious toddler have all the fun and feel of a real iPhone. Ages 2+.


Create your own balloon creatures by blowing into your iPhone’s mic or by tapping on your iPod touch. Ages 4+. Cost: Free-$2.99

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