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2 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

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It began with a dream; a vision for how a new convention-style hotel could shape the future of our city.

Armed with courage and the conviction that “What Saratoga Springs Builds, Builds Saratoga Springs,” 300 citizens traveled door-to-door. They sold that idea, as well as shares in the Holiday Inn, the project that became a catalyst to revitalize our downtown. Fifty years later, it is time to come together, again.

Heart of our city.

Embracing the spirit of Saratoga, the vision of our founders guides what we are today. We stand for progress and believe that one small change can impact a community in a powerful way. Five decades, hundreds of employees, and thousands of guests later, we’re still the community’s hotel.

Home for our community.

Whether it’s the day you said, “I do,” the night you won the big award, Grandma’s 80th birthday, or a charity gala, each individual memory, pulled together, creates a timeline of stories. Looking back and moving forward, more than ever, we’re invested in the success of Saratoga Springs.

Holiday Inn.

You’ve shared your special moments with us. Now it’s time to share ours with you. Please take a moment to browse our anniversary timeline as we commemorate our history and celebrate you, our community.

Here’s to fifty years together, and cheers to fifty more! 4 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

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The Campaign for a Convention Hotel: An Investment Opportunity


n June 5, 1961, our city’s business leaders formed the Saratoga Springs Community Hotel Corporation and elected a board of directors that included Tom Ashton, Tom Clements, Bill Grande Sr., and Sarto Smaldone. They soon began a fundraising campaign with a goal of involving as many members of the community as possible. By the time the first phase of the campaign ended, $400,000 had been raised. The drive then moved into its general sales campaign where close to 15,000 stocks and bonds were sold in $100 units made of a $50 bond and a $50 stock certificate. From taxi drivers and teachers to local businesses and large organizations such as Skidmore College and The Adirondack Trust Company, citizens from all walks of life did their part. By the end of November 1961, $700,500 in cash and pledges had been raised. Over 1,000 people, almost all of them Saratogians, became shareholders. Along with a $750,000 first mortgage, they were ready to fund the anticipated $1.5 million construction cost of a new convention hotel.

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July 10, 1961 “We believe that the time has come for Saratoga Springs to have its own community hotel.”

The Executive Committee of the New Convention Hotel Campaign recruits committee members with an advertisement in The Saratogian.

The New Convention Hotel Campaign Committee distributes their “Why Build a Community Hotel,” brochure.

Committee members mailed out packages to the “citizens and friends” of Saratoga Springs. Community members received a letter describing the initiative, a prospectus outlining legal details and terms of the securities, and a brochure to “inspire and instill faith to meet this urgent need NOW.”

8 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

October 28, 1961

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 9

1963 1963 The Final Phase

1964 1964

The recently completed Adirondack Northway 1-87 makes Saratoga Springs a destination for northbound travelers.

In July and August, team members secured another $104,000 in pledges. At first, no bank would grant a mortgage. But, after urging from The Adirondack Trust Company, State Bank of Albany (now Bank of America) agreed to a $750,000 first mortgage, and on September 10, demolition on the site began.

An invitation to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony

The Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs Opens “All 150 rooms have draperies with matching carpets and lamps. The drapes are of four colors: two shades of green, blue, and a yellowish color. Every room has two beds divided by a bed lamp stand, which is built into the wall. The stand also has room for different colored telephones that match the room’s décor. Operating on the newest inventions in hotels, the telephones do not need a switchboard, and yet, a person can dial either another room or outside the hotel to the city or long distance. The coffeemaker boils its own water on the pressing of a button. Cream, sugar, and stirrers are provided. There are six lights in each room, two armchairs, and a writing table, in addition to a dresser and dressing table. The corridors are carpeted with a blue and green flowered rug. There are numbers on all rooms, and each floor has an ice machine. The hotel also has elevators.” – The Saratogian, August 11, 1964

“It might sound odd for a community to build a hotel, but at the time, all they had to offer were buildings in disrepair, bathrooms at the end of the hall, and no heating. It’s projects like the Holiday Inn, ones that bring people together, that led to success.” - Charles V. Wait, chief executive officer and chairman of the board of The Adirondack Trust Company “Scoop of the Year – Groundbreaking ceremonies, conducted on the Broadway site of the old Gross and Baum Hotel, where the new 150-room Holiday Inn Hotel will be erected. Mayor James E. Benton, W. T. Ashton, president of the Saratoga Springs Community Hotel Corp. Inc., and James Cox Brady, chairman of the New York Racing Commission, left to right, participating.” – The Daily Gazette, August 26, 1963

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1964 1964

“Many people treated the pledge as a gift. I think most of them just felt that it was a contribution to their city, and they had no idea that they would ever get their money back, to say nothing of getting eight times their money back.” – Tom Clements, former president of Saratoga Springs Community Hotel Inc.

Exploding with “color, optimism, and razzle-dazzle,” the Holiday Inn “Great Sign” was a landmark shared with all of America.

The Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) Opens

Norman Canfield Starts as the First General Manager for the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs.

In February 1961, Albany newspaperman Duane La Fleche notes a wire service report about a group hoping to entice the New York Philharmonic to make Stowe, Vermont, its summer home. La Fleche argues, instead, that it should stay in New York State and perform in Saratoga Springs. A community campaign ensues, and five years later, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) opens with a presentation of George Balanchine’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by the New York City Ballet.

Norm serves as GM until 1967 after which he is promoted to district director, still keeping an office at the hotel. Norm grew up in Troy, New York, and had spent summers on Lake George. He was working in Lansing, Michigan, for American Hotels Corporation but felt he wanted to find an exciting, growing company to transition to. The regional manager of the Holiday Inn offered him a spot in Saratoga. At first, he wasn’t convinced; he knew the town had lost its great hotels and tourism industry. However, after a visit and an opportunity to see the potential, he decided to stay. Always dedicated to the service of others, Norm’s management helped solidify the hotel’s presence as a destination for travelers to Saratoga Springs.

“They built the largest Holiday Inn meeting space in the history of the Holiday Inn. It was really the first convention hotel the Holiday Inn ever had. After this, Saratoga had a new industry and a new opportunity to open up and become what we know it as today.” - Joe Dalton Jr., president of The Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, 1970-2010

12 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

Today the structure stands at 110 feet high (the equivalent of 10 stories) and is sited in a natural, curved bowl surrounded by towering pines and sweeping lawns. Inside are sheltered seats for 5,200 people; outside, the sloping lawn can accommodate an additional 20,000.

Race Track Undergoes $3.5 Million Renovation Major changes include a 550-foot-long expansion of the grandstand and replacement of two uncovered field stands. This increases seating by 2,663, and raises total covered seats to 9,443.

19651966 1965


Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 13

A night at the Holiday Inn in the 1960s would set you back $9 or $11 during the off-season and $34 or $42 in August.

Skidmore Students Stay at the Hotel As Skidmore College transitioned from its downtown location to its new campus on North Broadway, the Holiday Inn was a short-term home for 48 students and their head resident. Living in the hotel wasn’t much of a “holiday,” though, as the college enforced guidelines as if the young women lived on campus. “The girls won’t have use of the pool facilities, and we’ve replaced the furniture with campus furniture, and the televisions have been removed. We felt this was necessary to be fair to the rest of the girls on campus. They will also not be able to use the coffee shop after 10:30 p.m., since it is considered a part of town, and curfew ends before then.” - Skidmore News, October 22, 1964

The Gogolak brothers work as bellman at the hotel. Pete and Charley are considered the chief figures behind football’s adoption of soccer-style placekicking. Pete played for the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants. Charley played for the Washington Redskins and the New England Patriots.

“It gave the community an enormous amount of confidence of what they could do if they put their mind to it.” - William Dake, chairman of the board and former president of Stewart’s Shop Corp.

14 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 15

1970s 1970s

“I worked at the hotel as early as I could. I was in housekeeping, maintenance, mowing lawns. I remember cooking for the Allman Brothers and even took a stab at bartending. My favorite memories though are from being behind the scenes with my dad. He loved the people and loved Saratoga Springs. He also showed me how fun it was to be the first to jump in the pool each year…even if it was April.” - Norman J. Canfield Jr., son of Norman Canfield, first general manager of the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs

The Allman Brothers stay at the hotel after performing at SPAC. Their visit is marked by considerable damage to their rooms. Twenty years later, in 1993, band member Dickie Betts is arrested at the hotel for a domestic dispute and assaulting a police officer during the investigation.

Largest Meal Gathering The Saratoga County Women’s Republican Committee has their annual May dinner at the hotel. Happy Rockefeller and her husband Nelson, then NYS governor and future vice president, were guests of honor. Over 1,100 were served at a sit-down dinner in the hotel’s ballroom.

16 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

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November 25, 1970 “The Holiday Inn is the community’s living room. It’s been such a big part of so many lives. My father was an original investor, my daughter was married here, and we always recommend it to all of the families that come through our doors looking for the comforts of home.”

st payments e r te in ly r a e s receive y Stockholder

- Mark Phillips, owner of William J. Burke & Sons Funeral Home, Saratoga Springs

The Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick, a fraternal group that meets once a year on St. Patrick’s Day to honor their patron saint and to raise money for Catholic charity organizations, host their 20th Anniversary Dinner at the Holiday Inn. This is the first of 30 dinners The Friendly Sons have at the hotel between 1972 and 2014.

Holiday Inn becomes the first hotel chain to exceed $1 billion in revenues. The corporation repays bondholders, many of them Saratogians, a total of $450,000.

18 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014


Secretariat wins the Triple Crown in June 1973. In August, he arrives in Saratoga to run in the Whitney Stakes. A renowned star, few thought he would ever lose a race. But he did. Secretariat came in second to a horse named Onion, reinforcing Saratoga’s nickname as the “Graveyard of Champions.”


Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 19


started working at the Holiday Inn’s front desk in 1966 when I was 17 years old. It was the premier hotel in Saratoga, and working there was a privilege. Being at the front, I have some…interesting memories. One of the best is when Manager Helinski was determined to bring ski tours up from New York City. We all thought it would be a rowdy crowd, but he kept saying, ‘It can’t be that bad.’ Oh it was bad. The first bus pulled up, and an over-intoxicated young man stumbled out and relieved himself in front of the glass dining room windows. It was quite the show. “My best story, of course, is how I met my husband, Mickey Leone. While I worked the front desk, he worked in the maintenance department. We were very good friends. At the time, we were afraid to date because we thought we would screw something up! Years later, we finally said, ‘Well, it’s been this long, I think we’ll be okay.’ We married in 1986, 20 years after meeting at the Holiday Inn. My husband passed in 2010, but the hotel was both his first and last job as he worked security in the early 2000s. “Being a part of the Holiday Inn staff means being lucky enough to have a huge, beautiful family. We were all very close. It was our hotel, and we wanted it to do well. I’m so happy it’s still here 50 years later.” – Carol Parmatier Leone

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 21

1974 1977 1974 1977 10th Anniversary

Grand opening of Pipers Restaurant, a Holiday Inn-affiliated restaurant.

“My dad believed in the hotel project very much. He worked relentlessly on it. He had sold shares to all of his aunts and uncles except one. He tried and tried to get the last one with no luck until, in the end, his aunt, Rosie Cleary, gave him the $100 just to get him to go away. If he could get her to buy, it was a sign the project was sure to be a success. “The hotel for me has been a fixture in my life, past and present. Today, I can count on every visit to include welcoming, friendly staff, and a good time. Our city is lucky to have such a treasured establishment.”

Urban Renewal in Saratoga Springs Saratoga Springs is characterized by both preservation and urban renewal projects. In 1966, the National Historic Preservation Act was passed, and during the following decade, over 800 buildings in the city were placed on the Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places. By the end of the 1970s, three distinct regions within our city had been significantly revitalized. Businesses and visitors began returning, and Saratoga Springs became a destination city once again.

– J. Thomas Roohan, owner of Roohan Realty, Saratoga Springs

Pictured above are photos of the various historic districts and buildings in the city.

22 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

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Cynthia Doring Named General Manager Cindy joined the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs in 1981 as the hotel’s director of sales and marketing and was promoted to general manager in 1985.

“Ghost Story” uses the hotel facility for crews and casting.

Dedicated to staff and community, Cindy, now Cindy Hollowood, is a voice for advocacy and a resource for friends. Caring for each member of the hotel’s team, she established 401(k) benefits and started annual recognition programs. Her resumé of community involvement is impressive. From her role as a founding board member of the Saratoga Convention and Tourism Bureau, to service for the NYS Hospitality and Tourism Board, SEDC, different mayor-appointed committees, Saratoga BOCES School to Work Program, the American Red Cross, the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce, the Saratoga Springs Figure Skating Club, Daughters of the American Revolution, Saratoga Thunder Girls’ Softball, and a long list of hosted fundraisers for community nonprofits – Cindy embodies the spirit of Saratoga. A proud self-paid graduate of Hudson Valley Community College and University at Albany, Cindy continues to profess the need for hard work and passion in the building of sustainable communities.

Pipers Restaurant is replaced with Top O’ The Stretch, open from 1981 to 1985. It serves guests and visitors a comforting mix of American and English favorites from fish ’n chips and sirloins, to burgers and omelets.

1981 1981

24 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

“Star Burst” logo is used throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s

The Saratoga Springs City Center opens Saratoga Pelican Associates, LLC buys the hotel for $2.8 million, and original stockholders receive $436 for every $50 share. The company still owns the hotel today under the direction of managing partners Steven Burn and Martin Cornick.

1984 1984

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 25

1985 1985 New Restaurant and Renovations

A complete renovation of the hotel included a state-of-theart sound system and dance floor in the brand new Rascals Restaurant, a separate entrance to the dining facility, a greenhouse dining area, parquet dance floor in the 8,500 sq. ft-ballroom, and a refresh of all guest rooms including furnishings, wall coverings, carpeting, and draperies.

Rascals Restaurant Known for bottomless champagne at brunch, as well as hearty lunch or dinner fare, perhaps the most memorable aspect of Rascals Restaurant was that at 9:00 p.m., it transitioned into a nightclub, disco ball included. It was definitely at the center of the Saratoga scene.

The Saratoga Collection Jenness Cortez exhibited her work in the ballroom of the Holiday Inn from 1981 through 1995. Pictured is “Field of Dreams II - Two Jumps from the Wire,” an imaginary race of 19 of the greatest thoroughbreds in U.S. history. The order of finish was handicapped by the staff of the Daily Racing Form.

26 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

The field depicted is: Man O’War, Secretariat, Citation, Kelso, Forego, Count Fleet, Seattle Slew, Native Dancer, Affirmed, Alydar, Ruffian, Bold Ruler, Whirlaway, John Henry, War Admiral, Gallant Fox, Go For Wand, Lady’s Secret, and Jim Dandy. The painting also depicts portraits of 185 historical figures.

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 27

1986 1987 1986 1987 The National Museum of Dance opens

Bass, a brewery and pub company in the United Kingdom, purchases Holiday Inns International to gain a foothold in the international hospitality industry. In 1990, it added the chain’s North American properties to its portfolio. In 2000, it changed its name to Six Continents PLC, and in 2003, Six Continents spun off its hospitality business from its retail operation, creating InterContinental Hotels Group PLC, the current owner of today’s Holiday Inn brand.

Biggest Party of the Decade In 1983, Cindy Doring, future manager of the hotel, met a nice couple from Ballston Spa who had planned their daughter’s wedding at the hotel. On the eve of the event, they came to review final arrangements. As they got up to leave, the husband asked, “Will you be here tomorrow?” Unfortunately, Cindy was scheduled to work a different event but assured them they’d be taken care of. He exclaimed, “I am not worried about that; I have five single, eligible sons who you should meet!” Five years later, Cindy did meet one of their sons, Brien, and married him on September 3, 1989. The reception of 350 guests lasted over nine hours and was the hotel’s largest (and longest) wedding of the decade.


28 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

The Travers Stakes purse eclipses $1 million for the first time

“Our family has quite a few memories of the Holiday Inn. One night, our washing machine hose burst, flooded the first floor, and damaged much of the house. We had to move out while all of the repairs were being completed. Luckily, we had the hotel as a temporary home. Our three girls felt like little queens! They ordered dinner, swam, and had brown bag lunches made every day with their names on them! When our stay came to a close, we were all a little sad to leave. Everyone had made us so comfortable…like we were part of the family. From holiday parties to functions hosted by friends and colleagues, the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs will always have a special place in our hearts.” - Donna Carr

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 29


t’s hard to believe we’re talking 50 years already. My parents were there from the start. Hard times had fallen on Saratoga. With the demise of gambling and other activities, the resort town lost its destination charm. The new Chamber of Commerce hired an executive secretary to promote the city – that person was my father, Jerry Cavanaugh. Virtually all of us who were there at the time remember the campaign. It was a community thing. Although my husband and I had little money, we bought a share. We were never sorry. “My father died before the hotel was built, but my mother, Doris Cavanaugh, worked for the campaign, and I remember her saying, ‘There’s this new hotel company out of Memphis, Tennessee, named Holiday Inn. They’re interested in running our community hotel.’ She then went on to work for the new manager, Norm Canfield. She retired with a small pension from Holiday Inn and had many fond memories of the inn and Mr. Canfield. “Later in the ‘70s and ‘80s, my husband worked as a bartender for the inn and had the chance to meet some famous (and some infamous) customers. He even had a small part in ‘Ghost Story’ because the employees of Universal Studios enjoyed their time with him at the bar. “For many, this hotel is a home away from home. It’s so woven into our family history, it will always be a special place.” – Marcia Cavanaugh Meaney

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 31

1990s 1990s

Holiday Inn is the first hotel chain to allow guests to book directly though its hotels’ websites. Always embracing technological innovation, it had also contracted IBM to design and implement the chain’s Holidex room-booking system way back in 1965.

1995 1995

Holy Bull outruns his pedigree as he stubbornly holds off onrushing Concern to win the Travers, leaving no doubt that he was the “Boss Horse” of 1994. Pictured is a painting of Holy Bull by Fred Stone.

“Billy Bathgate” uses the hotel facility for crews, casting, and wardrobe storage.


Anniversary Exterior Renovations The hotel makes significant improvements to the site plan, changing its Broadway entrance, adding parking spaces, and upgrading its landscaping. An exterior facade makeover and new drop-off canopy improve curb appeal.

1991 1994 1991

32 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014


Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 33





Grand Opening of Bookmakers Restaurant and Lounge

Richard Green’s Annual Exhibition of British Sporting and European Paintings is displayed at the hotel during the summer of 1996, repeating again in 1997.

Saratoga Springs Wins The National Great American Main Street Award for the Revitalization of Broadway “A community is not simply buildings, attractions, shops, and restaurants. More than anything else, it is its residents. And a viable downtown is the direct result of people that care, of people that believe, and of people that invest in it.” - Mayor Mike O’Connell on winning The Great American Main Street Award, Poor Richard’s Saratoga Journal, June 1996

Hotel of Champions

The new restaurant serves American cuisine for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a popular Sunday buffet during the summer and holidays. The restaurant features a number of locally-made Saratoga favorites such as Saratoga Olive Oil and the famous Saratoga Chips.

“The Horse Whisperer” cast and crew return to the hotel each evening during filming to watch the “dailies.” One evening, a small, elderly, shabbily-dressed man with gray hair came to the desk to borrow a pencil. As he leaves, a passerby acknowledges him by saying, “Good evening, Mr. Redford.” Hardly recognizable, it’s the film’s star and director, Robert Redford.

D. Wayne Lukas, horse trainer, U.S. Racing Hall of Fame inductee, and recordholder for the most Triple Crowns, enters into a media arrangement with the hotel.

34 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014


The name “Bookmakers” originates from Saratoga tradition. Bookmakers are people who take bets, calculate odds, and pay out winnings. In the late 19th century, parades and marching bands were a common spectacle in the city as some 600 bookmakers and their assistants rolled into town, announcing the beginning of the racing season. A colorful lot, their names included The Boy Plunger, Big Store, and The Orator, matching their seedy characters.

Renovations and Additions Six luxury suites and 12 luxury-class rooms are added. The new rooms are larger with upscale décor, two phone lines, a VCR, keyed private entrance, iron, and ironing board. The existing 150 rooms are enhanced with new furniture, bedspreads, tile, vanities, and drapes.

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 35


June 4-6, 1998

A Houdini impersonator surprises guests by diving into the Holiday Inn pool and performing an escape act underwater.

A True Honor Along with the greater Saratoga Springs community, the hotel hosts the Congressional Medal of Honor Society over Flag Day weekend. In addition to a fabulous parade and series of military band concerts, the highlight of the weekend included a black-tie dinner held at the hotel. Politicians including Governor Pataki, Senator Bob Dole, and Elizabeth Dole attended, as well as media magnates Mike Wallace and Andy Rooney. They, along with over 500 community leaders, recognized and honored 160 medal recipients, “ordinary men who did extraordinary acts of bravery and valor.� The most notable recipient in the room was one-time vice presidential candidate, Admiral James Stockdale.

36 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 37

2000s 2001 2000s 2001 Grand Opening of the New Pool Complex

The original outdoor pool is removed, and two new pools, one indoor and one outdoor, are installed.

Hotel-wide Renovations The lobby, hallways, ballrooms, lounge, and meeting rooms are totally renovated and redesigned. Bookmakers Restaurant receives new carpeting, tables, chairs, artwork, lighting, and cherry woodwork.

9/11 Respite Program The hotel hosts Engine 214/Ladder 111 as part of the Saratoga County Chamber of Commerce-facilitated Respite Program. The program invited 9/11 first responders and their families to visit Saratoga County at no cost.


38 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

“Seabiscuit” film crew uses the hotel during filming in Saratoga Springs.

The Equidae Gallery

2003 2003

Terry Lindsey’s Equidae Gallery is displayed at the Holiday Inn. Every summer from 2003 to 2013, various artists’ work, illustrating the horse racing tradition, were available for viewing.

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 39

2004 2004

2007 2007

The Holiday Inn corporate brand undergoes a $1 billion global relaunch. New signs and logos were only given to hotels that met a list of stringent standards.

40th Anniversary

“I had the honor of serving as an advocate for a gentleman who lived in an A.I.M. Services home, an intermediate care facility for the developmentally disabled. In 2007, he was at the Holiday Inn to receive an award from Saratoga Bridges. He had never been prouder and beamed from ear-to-ear. Sadly, he passed 10 days later, but I continue to cherish that his last and best memory was at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs.”

High-speed internet is added to all guestrooms, and a seasonal, outdoor patio is built outside of Bookmakers Restaurant.

- Sandy Rozell

Saratoga Casino and Raceway opens

B.B. King stays at the hotel multiple times while performing at SPAC. Each time, he brings along the woman of his life, Lucille – his guitar. In lieu of tips, he gives out plastic “Lucille“ guitar pins to the hotel staff.

40 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

Since 1992, the Corinth Alumni Association has celebrated high school reunions at the Holiday Inn.

Rachel Alexandra becomes the first filly to win the Woodward Stakes. As The Washington Post described it, “We knew she had raw speed and superior talent, but today she had to win the toughest race of her life with sheer guts.”


September 5, 2009

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 41


Since the inception of their Social Workers’ Conference in 2003, the New York State Health Facilities Association has chosen the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs for its annual conference.

“We continue to return because of the people. They are always flexible, can adjust on the fly, and are fair and honest. Working with the same staff each year gives us confidence that our event will go off without a hitch.” - Scott Jackson, director of education & conference planning, New York State Health Facilities Association

e recently concluded our eighth consecutive conference at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs and have already booked our ninth. We return each year for a variety of reasons but, principally, because of the consistent service. We can always rely on the hotel to host our 300 optometrists for 25 hours of continuing education. The hotel is easily accessible, well laid-out, food is excellent, staff are experienced and flexible, and the pricing is highly competitive. The customer service can only be described as legendary.” – Phil Jensen, conference administrator, Annual Saratoga Springs Primary Eye Care Conference


ore than 20 years ago, my wife and I had a reservation for a competitor’s hotel. After being told that our room hadn’t yet been vacated, we went to the Holiday Inn, where the staff was warm, friendly, and accommodating. What a lucky break. We have returned virtually every year since. It’s an annual rite of summer for the Pasternak family to spend a week together at the Holiday Inn. When we first brought our son, he was being wheeled in a baby carriage. Seventeen years later, he insisted that we keep up the family tradition before he goes off to college. When we visit, Cathy French treats us like family, and we consider her a family friend, not a hotel employee. I’ve never felt more at home away from home than when I stay at the Holiday Inn Saratoga Springs.” – Art Pasternak

Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014 | 43




s residents of Saratoga Springs for 33 years, my husband and I can think back to so many wonderful, exciting, and celebratory occasions at the hotel. From fundraisers to conferences, comedy shows, racing season fun, and holiday parties – the Holiday Inn stands out as a community gathering place.

125 years

The hotel hosts the NYS Hospitality & Tourism Association’s 125th Anniversary Gala at the Canfield Casino.

John Mellencamp is heard singing in the bar following the Farm Aid concert at SPAC.

“The highlight of my memories, however, are when my family needed a place to stay right here in town. In times of transition, like selling one house and moving to another, my husband and I always counted on the Holiday Inn to give our family a place to call home. To me, that’s what makes a building in our community special. It feels like home.” – Nancy Ingersoll

The NY State Associated Press Associations of Broadcasters and Newspaper Editors have held awards banquets at the hotel for over 10 years.

Grand Opening of The Backstretch A new executive boardroom, meeting area, 24-hour fitness center, and lobby are added to the hotel. Jeff Woodard, news director of WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, poses with his station’s Associated Press award after a banquet hosted by AP bureau chief Howard Goldberg (left). CBS News anchorman Jeff Glor (right) was the dinner speaker in 2011.

Saratoga Race Course Celebrates 150 Years America’s oldest sporting venue plans a full summer of events to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Events include a family fun night at SPAC, a film festival, a Floral Fete, a Bettor’s Ball, a porch decorating contest, and much more.



44 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Matt Apuzzo speaks to New York newspaper editors at one of the many state meetings The Associated Press held for its members at the Holiday Inn. Apuzzo, now with The New York Times, reported from Washington for AP on the NYPD’s secret surveillance of Muslims.

2014 2014


Cheers to the next 50 years! It began with a vision.

50th Anniversary

Committed to what was once just a dream; dedicated citizens and hotel employees have built a truly unique hotel experience that changed the fabric of the city by offering year-round accommodations. Fifty years later, it continues to provide guests with a warm welcome into the heart of Saratoga Springs and all that it has to offer.

A great hotel that guests love. The majority of visitors to the Holiday Inn come back year after year. With a long-term staff that knows your name and what you like, staying at the hotel is like staying with friends. Friends that have all the amenities to ensure your stay is a comfortable one. Travelers enjoy the benefits of a hotel that is in the InterContinental Hotels Group with all the style and convenience of a downtown location.

A strong future.

The Staff You’ve Grown to Know 5 Years

Shaun Rose Jackie Tyler Gloria Whipple Sean Murphey Lori Norton

6 Years

Nichole Bardon David Green Jack Varley Paul Martinez Jackie Graham

7 Years

Laurie Burns Jennifer Derway Lillian O’Melia

8 Years

Jennifer Bergstrom Michele Daley Maryanne Mckenzie Galina Tzvzugenbaum Jennifer Westervelt Jessica Westervelt

9 Years

Andrew Azotea Connie Campilango

10 Years

Elizabeth Evans Steve Keene Don King Gail McLaughlin Kim O’Farrell Joanne Shirley Kim Zeh

11 Years

Jayson Stevens Jean Gonzales Bob Garrelts Stefanie Richards

12 Years

Beverly Watson

14 Years

Cathy French

17 Years

Tara Westervelt

18 Years

Joanne Kirkpatrick

20 Years

Darlene Goman Sandy Murnan

21 Years

Shelly Swick Vickie Brown Wendy Delaney

22 Years

Jacinta Dunn Jackie Azotea

15 Years

Tony Nichols

16 Years

Barbara Bovee Elaine Bush

46 | Holiday Inn 50th Anniversary 2014

30 Years

Vickie Harrington

33 Years

Dan Bardon Linda Salls

34 Years

Veronica Stevens

40 Years

Vivian Bordeaux

27 Years

Tony Rituno Kevin Bardon

Since its inception, the Holiday Inn has been about bringing people together. We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and look forward to seeing you on your next visit.

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Interior & Exterior Renovations

Holiday Inn.

The hotel begins a large $2.5 million renovation that includes entrance canopy repositioning and access to curbside drop-off for visitors, additional parking, façade improvements and a lobby expansion. In addition, all of the hotel’s rooms are being upgraded, a third each year until completion.

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Saratoga Springs is a city that is growing rapidly. The Holiday Inn is a place that you can count on. Currently investing in a multi-million renovation project that will ensure the most up-to-date facility and a hotel licensing agreement that safeguards operation into the year 2024, we will continue to be the community’s hotel for an overnight stay, business trips or special events.


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