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About Invitations AAll Did you know that your invitation is like a wedding preview for your guests? We’ll tell you all you need to know about expressing your celebration with the right invitation.




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Bridal blogs are the hippest way to keep your guests connected and informed about your big day.

behind them, these local couples share their advice for reaching happily ever after.



Dos and Don’ts of “I DO” EThe Wedding etiquette for the Bride and Groom for their big day!



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All About Invitations Photos by Story by Yael Goldman Invitations provided by All the Write Stuff

Artful papers, handcrafted envelopments, silk ribbons and a bit of bling are just a few of the personal touches that can make your wedding stationery precisely yours. Like many other aspects of wedding planning, finding the right invitation means making important decisions. Stationery can actually play a big part in a wedding: it is involved in all the steps leading up to the big day – from the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner – and ultimately guides your guests to the occasion. Not only are the invitations important in their function, but their appearance has an effect on the tone and emotion surrounding the wedding as well. Aside from a save-the-date card, the first time your guests will connect with your marriage celebration is when they receive that lovely package in the mail.

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“Like a first impression, the invitation sets the tone for your guests and for your special day,” Colleen Braim, Saratoga wedding stationery expert, said. “So, you want to put a lot of thought into it.” Braim, owner of All the Write Stuff, has been helping brides with their invitations for more than 12 years. She works one-on-one with couples to create an unmatchable product – a delightful and charming oneof-a-kind set that welcomes guests and peaks their curiosity. “It’s the whole presentation: the layering, lining, papers. You want them to open the envelope and (gasp) see that the occasion is not one to miss!” Aiming for this response, Colleen guides her customers through a fun, yet sometimes overwhelming, process of picking and choosing. For starters, there are many things to consider when selecting bridal stationery: theme, style, location, budget and entrée selection to name a few. With all of your ducks in a row, as Colleen says, it’s time to focus on the details, as the more technical components will lead to decisions about accessories and stationery suites. “If you’re getting married at a church and hosting your reception at another location, then you need to include both an invite and a reception card. If everything is taking place at one location, the reception card isn’t needed,” Colleen explained. Budget, theme and personal style will influence how extensive and detailed the invitation set will be. A suite, which arrives perfectly packaged in a matching envelopment, will contain the wedding invitation and response set, a reception card (if needed), and can also include

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Background Palette:

non-mandatory items like the rehearsal dinner and bridal shower card, or program. Some couples choose to provide their guests with a matching directions card, information about the location, or a thoughtful note or story from the Bride and Groom. “People have different tastes and needs because it’s their day,” she said. Colleen typically begins the creative part of the process by guiding the Bride and Groom through albums of sample invites and accessories. The couple should get an idea of what styles they prefer for the basics – the envelopes, card shapes and papers. Color, font, pattern, lining, and basically everything else can be customized. “You can have anything you want,” she said. “There’s no cookie cutter and they don’t have to be like your mother’s or grandmother’s invitations – they’re textured, layered, colorful: whatever you’re looking for,” Colleen said. Through her years in the business, Colleen has developed working relationships with calligraphers, paper makers and ribbon designers, so there’s no limit to what she can do. She also helps with the wording, which can be a sensitive issue depending on family situations, and even provides her customers with proofs. When it’s all said and done – and mailed away, “The guests receive a little packet that’s attractive, coordinated and organized. It’s like a little present they can bring with them to the wedding,” she said. To set up an appointment with Colleen Braim, All the Write Stuff, contact her by phone at (518) 584-4110 or by e-mail at EW Invitations Etiquette on the following page by Lorna Dupouy, the Etiquette School of New York in Saratoga Springs, located at 21 South Greenfield Road, Greenfield Center, NY 12833. For more information or to contact Lorna Dupouy, call (518) 893-0066 or visit

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Invitations Etiquette: • Please respond promptly as adequate seating, favors for each guest provided, and a proper food count for the reception needs to be ensured. • If using reply cards and envelopes, you should not show any reply request information on the invitation itself. • If your children are included in the invitation, their names will be shown underneath the “Mr. and Mrs. line” on the inner envelope of the invitation. • If their names do not appear, do NOT ask to bring your children. No one knows the vision the wedded couple has for their day or what their limitations might be. • Singles invitations will read: “Mr. /Miss XXXXX and guest” on the inner envelope. If it does not appear, it is not polite to ask nor should you just show up with a guest of your own.

• These are a must and NOT an option. • You officially have one year from the day of your wedding to accomplish this task. • Unless you are going off to travel the world for a nine-month honeymoon, please get your thank you notes out in six weeks or less. • I always suggest to new Brides and Grooms to make one of their first official decisions together and not allow yourselves to use any gift you receive until after you have written AND mailed the Thank You note for it. (I find this is good motivation for couples).

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A Day In Photos by Š Story by Arthur Gonick Dresses by Lily Saratoga Hair & Makeup by Make Me Fabulous

Picture perfect memories begin with picture perfect photos, and Congress Park has the backdrop to provide both. Working with Lily Saratoga we give you a sampling of the beauty and possibilities located throughout the historic park. As you enjoy the photos and learn more about this local treasure, we wish you a engaging engagement and a wonderful wedding.

Congress Park is a 17-acre historic and stirringly beautiful romantic setting in the heart of downtown Saratoga Springs. The

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The Park om


park contains Grecian pavilions around natural springs, Italian gardens, groves of trees and large expansive lawns. Naturally, it was the perfect setting for a photo shoot that showcases the finest in fashions for the bride-to-be. Congress Park was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1987. The landscape design of the park is by Frederick Law Olmsted, who also designed Central Park in New York City. Outdoor wedding ceremonies often take place surrounded by the columns and fountains of the gazebo area; elegant receptions occur year-round in the Canfield Casino. EW Below Left: Bride-to-be Lauren is wearing a Pattis Bridal strapless A-line gown with a fitted bodice, bursting with a rosette filled lapel neckline and highlighted by a drop waist with bow detail that flows into a full cathedral train. Below: Jyll is ready for her big day in a Two gown by Rosa Clara. It has a romantic sweetheart ruched organza neckline with elegant beading under the bust, and an elongated bodice and full ball gown in light and airy rosettes with sequins.

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Left: Here Lauren is clad in a Pattis Bridal gown featuring a sweetheart strapless neckline in ruched garza and beaded lace, accented with an asymmetrical drop waist with ruffled floral tulle skirt and train.

Below: Jyll is beaming in a Jim Hjelm gown that has a ruched strapless sweetheart neckline in antique silk satin. It is accented with a beaded belt at the natural waist and a draped full A-line skirt flowing into a chapel train.

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Photo by Rob Spring Photography

Photos by Kallie Day Photography

Photo by Rob Spring Photography Photo by

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Photo by Š

Photos by Rob Spring Photography

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Wedding Websites Story by Daniel Schechtman Welcome to the 21st century, where creating even a personalized website for your wedding has become the latest fad for keeping in touch and up-to-date with guests as your ceremony draws near. “The wedding website is really a communication tool,” said Lisa Light, wedding planner and owner of Destination Bride. “An invitation, traditionally, just has the time and the place. But now people’s weddings have become so elaborate. People host multiple day events where they might have a bridal lunch on Wednesday, or a bachelor party on Thursday, or the rehearsal dinner on Friday – it’s just on and on and on. One of the nice things about the website is that, as things develop, you can constantly update your guests.” The wedding website can be a handy tool for many reasons as couples try to plan their wedding, especially for guests who will have to travel from out of town. “Often times, people will give information on airlines or airports or hotels,” Light said. “There are even some travel agen-

22 | Enchanted Wedding, and many, many more. Search the web and you’re bound to come across something that fits your needs.

cies and some hotels that will allow you to literally book your travel right through the website, which makes it really, really easy for the guests.” Links to hotels and airlines, not to mention local attractions to keep your guests busy before the actual ceremony can all be posted on the website – a fast, easy and centralized way to make their travel as simple and entertaining as possible.

Lisa Light has helped couples plan their wedding for over 19 years, specializing in Saratoga, Lake George, the Berkshires and the Catskills, and Hudson River Valley locations. For more information on Lisa Light and Destination Bride, please visit her website,, where you can also purchase her book, Destination Bride.EW

The website is also a great place for the bride and groom to tell guests about their own story (how they met, their proposal, etc.), share photos and videos, and is a great place to collect (legible!) guestbook signatures from well wishers before and after the event. There are several options to choose from when creating your own website. Free sites for creating your wedding website include:,,

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Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Rob Spring Photography Photo by Rob Spring Photography

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Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Photo by Rob Spring Photography

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Photos by Rob Spring Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

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Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Rob Spring Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

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Photo by Rob Spring Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

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S o m e t h i n g

Photos provided by Tracey Buyce

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O l d

S o m e t h i n g First K i s s

N e w

Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography

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Something Borrowed

Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography

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S o m e t h i n g

B l u e

Photos by Rob Spring Photography

Photo by Rob Spring Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Rob Spring Photography Photo by Rob Spring Photography

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One fabulous wedding that cannot be forgotten Excerpt from See and Be Seen, written by Dr. Hollis Palmer. Victorian Wedding Gifts Courtesy of the Visitors’ Center

In his latest book, See and Be Seen, Dr. Hollis Palmer tells the history of Victorian Saratoga Springs through descriptions of grand hotels, celebrity sightings, inevitable gossip and social experiences. “Saratoga in the Victorian Era was not just a place; it was a state of mind.” But one particular event – the celebration of a royal match that was, perhaps, the most magnificent Saratoga wedding to date – says it all: In the union of two of Saratoga’s most prominent families, Aimee Lathrup married Walter Hanson in March of 1889. This was one of the largest weddings in the village’s history. After Aimee’s father, industrialist Daniel Lathrup, died in 1883, her mother decided to build Annandale and move to Saratoga permanently. For her two married daughters she built the two houses immediately to the north of Annandale. Walter Hanson’s father, Henry, was the builder of railroads who paid the highest income tax of anyone in the village in 1865. Although the wedding was early in March, everyone knew it would be one of the biggest events in Saratoga that year. This wedding was supposed to be a living fairy-tale where the woman known as

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“Miss Benevolent” and one of the handsomest young men in the village would commit themselves to each other. Although it was March, the month of blizzards in Upstate New York, even Mother Nature knew better than to mess with Mrs. Harriet Lathrop. The weather conditions the evening of their union were described as close to perfect. The First Presbyterian Church (which stood between the Collamer and Algonquin Buildings) had been decorated as rarely before. Electric lights had been installed for the occasion. To symbolize hope, the florist used white flowers to create a large white dove which was suspended over the wedding party. To create an atmosphere that symbolized the binding together of the two people, the florist had covered vines with flowers. The vines were attached to a large wedding bell in the center of the church extending over the pews and down the side walls. The altar was decorated with imported tropical plants. There were so many people who had received invitations that it took the better part of an hour for the eight ushers to seat everyone. Those who arrived in a timely manner were not bored as an orchestra from Troy had been hired to entertain. Locals who knew either the bride or the groom but did have invitations crowded against along the side walls


and in the back. There were far too many people gathered to fit in the church. Those who could not gain admission lined Broadway waiting to see the wedding party and the guests. The bride was like a local princess, arriving in a carriage pulled by a span of chestnut horses. As the carriage turned onto the street, Aimee was greeted by what could only be portrayed as throngs of well-wishers. Her serenity and treatment of others was so well known that some of the urchins felt comfortable climbing up on the moving carriage to wish her their best. Their fathers and older brothers climbed onto the driver’s seat and even onto the backs of the horses to cheer her on. Aimee, in her own way, was the social heroine of the village. Descending from the carriage she stood before the throng dressed in a white satin dress, the skirt of which was covered in delicate lace. She wore all the diamonds and other precious jewels that could be worn without appearing pretentious. She was, after all, so widely esteemed that she was capable of going anywhere in the village without fear of robbery. Having no brothers and with her father deceased, the truly unique twist was who accompanied the bride as she walked down the aisle. It would have been customary to have an uncle or cousin as an

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escort. Her uncle was Leland Stanford, who, at the time of the wedding, was the Senator from California. He had previously been the head of the Central Pacific Railroad and the Governor of California. As one of the richest men in America, he would have been the perfect escort for such an occasion. Instead Aimee Lathrop was escorted down the aisle by her mother, Harriet, who wore black satin and no jewelry. The severity of Harriet’s dress was not required, as she had been a widow for five years. While the priest conducted the marriage ritual, there was soft music playing. When the wedding was over the invited quests boarded carriages and proceeded to the reception at Annandale.

In the custom of the day the presents had all been sent in advance. A guard had been placed at the door of one of the upstairs rooms. He was placed there so the guests could see the treasure of gifts but would be sure they did not become tempted to share in the bounty. In a crowd such as those invited, the guard was largely ceremonial. The couple had announced they were going to Europe for their honeymoon. Knowing that some of their friends enjoyed wedding pranks, the couple feared antics at the train station. The couple escaped for their honeymoon by catching the midnight train at a station out of town. Everyone in the village was made aware of their departure when six torpedoes went off. The couple fooled any who planned later pranks when they went to Japan, not Europe, as had been leaked. EW

Dr. Hollis Palmer is the author of ten local history books. For more information about his writing or to purchase one of his intriguing books, visit

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Photo Courtesy of Dr. Hollis Palmers’ Personal Collection

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, 5 t s u Aug 1950

Don & Dolores Knuth

The Road to Happily Ever After

d Photos Provide

40 | Enchanted Wedding

Once upon a time, as a great and terrible war neared its conclusion, a young girl no older than 14 years sang a pop-tune from the stage of a small nightclub somewhere in Upstate New York. “That’s where I first met my husband,” said Dolores Knuth, the young girl singing in the nightclub over 60 years ago, “My stepfather was practicing with his father, and then HE walked in.” It’s not something you hear much about anymore – love at first sight. Most of the time the phenomenon is relegated to romance novels, Hollywood dramas – truly the stuff of fiction. But on this particular night for this particular young woman, she experienced that clarifying moment of truth when she knew, with absolute certainty, that this was the man she was going to marry. “I went back to St. Coleman’s and I told the girls that I was going to marry this boy that I met,” Dolores said. “I kept seeing him on the bus going to work. Around other gentlemen I was really outgoing, but with him I was kind of shy.” Four years later, the young man walked back into the nightclub, and Dolores admitted to the band’s piano player that she wished to marry the boy. “That’s my son!” the piano player said. Three weeks later, Dolores and Don Knuth went on their first date together, both of them only 18 years old. In two months Don proposed marriage, and on August 5, 1950, the two were wed alongside Don’s sister in a double wedding. Life hurried on. Within the first ten years of marriage, the couple was blessed with five healthy children. They raised them, watched them grow through the good and bad.

“I was worried at first that we weren’t going to have enough income to support a family. We ended up being okay, but, you know, you worry,” Don said. “Things were hard,” said Dolores, “but we worked it through together.” Through all that has changed in their lives during 60 years of marriage – a new job, moving from one house to another, and later in life helping to raise their grandkids – one thing has remained constant for Don and Dolores. “Trust in each other,” said Dolores. “My grandchildren tell us that we still flirt because we make each other laugh, and they think it’s great. Our love has grown stronger. Our love still grows strong. Each day when I wake up I thank God for the gift of my husband, for my family and the great gift of life.” EW

Photo by

Photo by

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The Road to Happily Ever After

8, r e b o t Oc 1983

Dave & Marianne Barker Marianne was finishing her last year of college in Cobleskill when she met Dave. “I was in school for animal husbandry, and my uncle always said I found an animal for a husband,” Marianne joked. Dave was the local bartender at a place he and a buddy had opened not far from the school’s campus, and together they moved in next door to Marianne while she was away during Christmas break. When Marianne came back, there was Dave. “To be honest, I didn’t really care for him that much,” Marianne said, laughing as she recalled when she and Dave first met. “But we got to be friends through the school year, and it was almost at the end of the term when we actually started dating.” Dave bought the ring months in advance. For weeks he carried it around in his pocket, waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question. One night, as the couple lay under the stars on a moonlit beach in Martha’s Vineyard, Dave found his moment. “And then, after we were sitting there, a policeman comes up to the car door and knocks,” said Dave. “The lights came on and he goes, ‘What are you doing?’” “He just proposed to me!” Marianne explained to the policeman. “No loitering on the beach after hours,” the policeman said. But Dave and Marianne Barker are strong individuals, and nothing short of an earthquake could have dampened their excitement.

Photo by MarkB

42 | Enchanted Wedding

The night before Dave and Marianne’s wedding, the couple suddenly awoke to the rumble of a rare earthquake as it shook the walls of their Saratoga Springs home.

Photo Provided

The next morning when it was time for Marianne to drive to the church, the old Rolls Royce they’d hired didn’t show, so Marianne along with three bridesmaids jumped into her father’s cement van and raced down Route 9N, only to arrive 20 minutes late to her own wedding. Meanwhile Dave, who had been sick the week leading up to the wedding, did everything he could to keep it together. But by the next morning Dave was driven to the emergency room, where he spent the night in urgent care before he was released, clean bill of health, just in time for their honeymoon. An earthquake, a lost car, a high speed dash in a cement van, nosy policemen and emergency medical procedures – none of these could ever really stand in the way of Dave and Marianne. They overcame each and every obstacle, things both of them laugh about now 27 years later. Never a dull moment, the two continue to live in Saratoga, where they own and operate Impressions of Saratoga on Broadway. “I think of him as one of my best friends,” said Marianne. “He’s definitely my partner in every way.” “Just knowing that you have somebody you can always rely on, who’s going to grow old with you and be there and take care of me when I’m in a wheelchair,” said Dave. “And I tell him, don’t plan on it,” Marianne interrupted. “I’m sending you to a home!” EW

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The Road to Happily Ever After

, 4 1 t s Augu 2010

Kevin & Trina Quandt It’s been only six months since Kevin and Trina Quandt tied the knot on August 14, 2010. “He was Johnny-on-the-Spot with that one,” laughed Trina, remembering Kevin’s unexpected marriage proposal. The two originally connected through, where they arranged to meet for the first time at Uncommon Grounds in Saratoga Springs. He was wearing a hat, she a brightly colored scarf. Conversation came easily, comfortably, and after their first meeting both knew they needed to see the other again. It wasn’t much longer after that, just past the one year mark, when Kevin decided the moment was right to propose to Trina. The proposal caught Trina completely off guard. “For Christmas I had gotten him tickets to a Duke game at Madison Square Garden. So he said you can plan the trip up to the Duke game, but then I’m going to plan the rest of the trip. I was like, great! Have fun!” said Trina. “At that point I gave her a list of things she’d need, and I knew she would be curious after that because one of the things was an orange scarf. She kept trying to guess,” said Kevin.

Photos by

After the Duke game, the two hopped the train and rode out in the dead of winter to Montauk, to a rocky beach overlooked by a lone lighthouse at the very end of Long Island. “It was a beautiful day,” said Trina. “It was freezing. The wind was outrageous, but there was this blue sky with those wispy kinds of clouds. And because it was so windy there was surf everywhere. And every time the waves would hit the rocks a spray would go up and there would be a rainbow. So there were little rainbows everywhere, it was really pretty.” “So just to prove that she wasn’t expecting this,” said Kevin, “we got to this part along the rocks looking over the ocean with

44 | Enchanted Wedding

In The End... “I think that the only caution is you have to be careful not to take each other for granted. To not just be complacent,” said Marianne Barker. “And to be open and honest,” added Dave. “Faith, trust, honesty and honoring our love has gotten us through our sixty years of marriage,” said Dolores Knuth. “We’ve never gone to bed angry at each other. We’re always talking; we work through something if we have a disagreement.” this beautiful view. So I open my backpack with the ring in it, but I had other things from the trip, I had a board game in there.” “I saw the game and I was like, ‘Oh! Sequence!’ I thought we were going to play right there,” said Trina. “I was like, no, I actually have something a little bigger than that planned. So we spoke. I got down on one knee. I proposed. And then I gave her the ring.”

“Is marriage easy? Absolutely at this point,” said Don. “It wasn’t as easy before. Problems happen – hey, problems occur. But you talk it out and you work together and it works out fine. But you’ve got to treat each other with respect. I think sometimes people make trouble for themselves in life because they’re always fighting for their own position. What you’ve got to do is talk to each other, and everybody gives a little bit, and then you have a real family.”

Trina, of course, said yes. EW

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The Dos and Don’ts of “I DO” Written by Lorna Dupouy, the Etiquette School of New York in Saratoga Springs

The wedding ceremony may be one of the last formal occasions we overly casual Americans observe, but it wasn’t always a proper affair. Did you know that the tradition began in days long past, when a group of men from one town would invade a neighboring town? While the invaders were busy plundering and pillaging, one guy (“the groom”) would find the prettiest girl in town and abscond with her. The remaining fellows (“the groomsmen”) kept the defending townsmen busy so the groom could escape any angry kinsmen of the “bride” that might want to pursue them. It makes sense that the original term “bryd” is an Anglo-Saxon word which means “one who is carried off.” After this grand escape, the groom and his bride typically hid for 30 days (if they knew how to count) or until the moon waned. It usually took this long for the invaded townspeople to settle down from their initial anger and the indignity of having their prettiest maid carried off. Further, a tribe called the Teutons made an elixir from honey which they believed had aphrodisiac properties and could enhance virility and fertility. Thus, the “honey moon” was invented. Needless to say, these traditions have transformed over the years into a single, more romantic celebration. In honor of the formal wedding ceremony, I am including tips that will help your plans flow effortlessly, not causing any anger or indignities of invasion or kidnappings amongst your guests. Let us begin with etiquette tips for the Bride and Groom… Before the wedding: • While you are in the flurry of activities leading up to your big day, you should spend time with your friends talking about subjects that interest them other than your wedding. Discuss your wedding only when asked.

46 | Enchanted Wedding

• Take time together and make a list of the pictures you want taken with which family members and friends. Provide the list to your photographer. You will love the results that proper, prior planning provides. • Whether you ride in limousines or private vehicles, have it pre-planned and list who will be riding with whom. Give a copy of this list to the Best Man and a copy to the wedding planner so they can answer questions and ensure instructions are followed. • For out-of-town guests staying in area hotels, it’s a nice touch to have a small bag, box or basket waiting for them as they check into their rooms. The package can include bottled water, a couple of healthy snacks to nibble on, and a flyer listing good area eateries, name and location of closest drugstore, gas station, local sight-seeing options and perhaps even a gift card to the nearest coffee shop. This will really make your guests feel special. During the wedding and reception: • When you arrive at the reception, allow the Best Man or Maid of Honor to bring you both a drink and settle your belongings at the head table. This is also the time for Bride and Groom to visit the men’s and ladies’ lounge in order to comb hair, apply lipstick, straighten tie, etc. Never engage in these activities any place other than the lounges. • When dining, make sure your napkin is placed on your lap (napkin folded in half with the crease toward the table and the open end facing you), and never chew with your mouth open. Elbows are allowed on the table only between courses or when there is no food on the table at all. • When taking a break during the meal, place your fork and knife on the plate in an inverted-V position. To have dishes cleared after finishing a course, place the fork and knife next to each other with the handles angled anywhere from the 3:15 to 6:30 position on your plate.

• When you are toasted by friends or family, NEVER drink to yourselves. You raise the champagne flute along with everyone else and smile. You are allowed to drink your champagne only after people have taken their first sip. • There are three parts to stemware: bowl, stem, foot. Champagne flutes and wine glasses are picked up by the stem (near the “neck” where the stem and bowl meet) or the largest part of the bowl. Using the stem prevents fingerprints on the bowl. If for some reason this is uncomfortable you may hold the wine glass around the largest part of the bowl. Either location is correct. You will want to hold White wines only by the stem as they are served at a cooled temperature. Grasping the bowl can increase the temperature of the white wine preventing it from tasting its best. • If there is a lull between courses, or after the meal and before the cake is cut, make sure both of you, together, go to each table and thank your guests for joining you in celebrating your special day. You need to make sure you greet every guest that attends.

Seating Arrangement Etiquette • The Bride’s family and friends are seated on the left side while the Groom’s family and friends are seated on the right. • You will have to determine if you want full assigned seating, just assigned tables, or plain open seating for your guests. • If you decide on any planned seating arrangement, mix the Bride and Groom’s friends together so people are more comfortable in meeting one another. • Take time to think about guests you have invited; what their personalities are like and if they share similar interests. Then, place equal amounts of outgoing and quieter personalities at the same table.

• Never smash cake in your spouse’s face. It is always in poor taste as it shows disrespect and never comes off funny no matter what your intentions are. • Plan ahead of time a person you trust to collect your gifts and deliver them where you want them after the reception. After the wedding: • Make sure that wedding cards stay with their gifts. This will help tremendously when writing the thank you notes. • It is of supreme importance to get your thank you notes out as soon as possible (usually 2-6 weeks). However, you do have up to year from your wedding date. • It is a courtesy to call your parents and let them know you arrived safely at your honeymoon destination. For parents, your first day of kindergarten and arriving safely on your honeymoon holds no emotional difference for them. They still want only the best for you. The Etiquette School of New York in Saratoga Springs is located at 21 South Greenfield Road, Greenfield Center, NY 12833. For more information or to contact Lorna Dupouy, call (518) 893-0066 or visit E W

Enchanted Wedding | 47

Photo by Kallie Day

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

48 | Enchanted Wedding

e Day

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Unique Locations A once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding deserves a setting that is one-of-a-kind.

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photos by Creative Photography

The venues listed on these pages show a variety of unique places for a wedding that are right here in our region. Each provides a perfect palette - beautiful and singular. And each can be customized into an event that reflects your creativity and style, one that is distinctively you. The settings could not be more different, but all are linked by qualities that are timeless‌these are the platforms upon which memories are made that you and your guests will enjoy reflecting upon for a lifetime.

Photo by Dan Cooper

Enchanted Wedding | 49

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Alisha Clark

Photo by PJ Nettleton

Photo by PJ Nettleton

Photo by Alisha Clark

50 | Enchanted Wedding

Top of the World Golf Resort

Top of the World offers a unique and personal setting for your wedding day.

Tucked away in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains with spectacular views of Lake George and the surrounding countryside, Top of the World Golf Resort offers a challenging 18-hole golf course and the complete Adirondack Inn experience. The view from the course is truly the best-kept secret in The Adirondacks. The course sits on the top of French Mountain. From this point you can see the mountains of Vermont to the east as well as beautiful Lake George.

Photo by Alisha Clark

If you are seeking a unique and wonderful wedding, Top of the World is the perfect place. They offer an intimate environment with friendly and professional service. For your special event, they specialize in customizing details to your tastes and provide a menu that is uniquely yours. The resort offers a gorgeous setting, delectable cuisine and many amenities to make your wedding or party one to remember. Spacious grounds and marvelous views of Lake George and the Adirondack Mountains provide a perfect backdrop for wedding pictures or an outdoor ceremony. Top of the World can accommodate rehearsal dinners, brunches and bachelor outings with golf. The bed & breakfast on the grounds can provide spacious and individually decorated rooms for guests complete with many amenities, use of the recreational facilities and a country breakfast. Wedding packages include use of one of the rooms to prepare for the event and for the wedding couple to stay over after the reception. Top of the World Resort is located at 441 Lockhart Mountain Road, Lake George. For more information, phone Kim Feeney at (518) 668-3000 or visit EW

Enchanted Wedding | 51

52 | Enchanted Wedding

Photo by Heather Bohm-Tallman

Universal Preservation Hall

Artist Rendering by Phinney Design Group

Universal Preservation Hall (UPH), just a block from Broadway in downtown Saratoga Springs, is a unique location, merging the beauty, charm and grandeur of a historic church with the simplicity of a customizable space. Their not-for-profit organization has been able to restore the 1871 church into a true community space, adding to downtown’s vitality and continuation of a culture of the arts, by hosting events of all types, including wedding ceremonies and receptions, lectures, dance performances, theater productions, film festivals and film series, corporate meetings and art gallery exhibits. The upstairs Great Hall comfortably accommodates up to 300 people and their smaller downstairs Community Room is perfect for more intimate gatherings of approximately 100 to 125 people. UPH is partnered with Classé Catering for excellent event planning, coordination and execution. Classé is renowned for distinctive cuisine, exceptional guest service, inspired design, and has an impeccable reputation for delivering flawless results. Classé Catering’s consultative, solution-driven approach makes it easy for anyone to plan and realize a memorable one-of-a-kind wedding or special event. Their senior event specialist, Kathy King, would be happy to assist with your rental needs. She can be reached at (518) 690-0293 or by email at Universal Preservation Hall is located at 25 Washington Street in Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. For more information, visit or contact Mary Beth McGarrahan, Manager, by phone at (518) 5842627 or e-mail at EW

Enchanted Wedding | 53

54 | Enchanted Wedding

Photo by Lynn Farenell

Photo by Lynn Farenell

Yaddo The Yaddo Rose Garden, a gift from Spencer Trask to Katrina Trask in 1899, was intended to be a garden of delight and romance. In 1991, the Yaddo Garden Association joined The Corporation of Yaddo in working to restore that gift to the Trasks’ original plan of a formal Italianate Rose Garden with its Pergola; American perennial Rock Garden; natural and marble fountains; and statuary figures from American and European myth and legend.

Photo by Dan Cooper

For more than a century, visitors to the Gardens have told of the peace and beauty they have enjoyed here. Outdoor wedding ceremonies and wedding photo sessions have been held in the Yaddo Rose Garden throughout its history. However, receptions are not permitted. The choice of setting is simple: lawns, fountains and pools, a rock garden, or formal rose garden. It is important to note that the settings offer no cover in case of rain, and no electricity. Since some Yaddo artists’ colony studios border the Gardens, wedding parties may not use amplification. Given its size and limited parking space, the Gardens are suitable for smaller groups of 75 people or fewer. Please also note that other visitors are free to enter the Gardens while wedding ceremonies are underway. Considering the costs of administration of reservations and maintenance of the Gardens, a donation of at least $250 for a wedding ceremony is suggested, or $100 for a photo session. To submit inquiries via mail, send them to Yaddo, P.O. Box 395 - Union Avenue, Saratoga Springs, NY 128660395. To reserve the Gardens, call Catherine Clarke, Garden Wedding Scheduler at (518) 584-0746, weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm, or visit for more information. EW

Enchanted Wedding | 55

Photos by Creative Photography

56 | Enchanted Wedding

Lake George Shoreline Cruises With a reputation of flawless planning, excellent food and competitive prices, Lake George Shoreline Cruises are a great option. The company specializes in wedding functions aboard two grand boats: the Horicon, an 85’ wooden yacht which can accommodate between 25 and 80 guests, and the Adirondac, a 115’ luxury cruise ship which caters to groups of 200 and beyond. The Adirondac was built for weddings. It features a unique bridal suite for ceremonies and privacy, and a built-in dance floor on the second deck beneath a sliding glass atrium for exposure to the sun and the stars.

However, the company often recommends that couples plan their floating occasion to go out during daylight and spend enough time on the lake to catch the sunset before heading back in the twilight when all of the lakeside homes are lit up. “We think it provides guests the best feel of Lake George.” For more information about Lake George Shoreline Cruises, visit or contact Kevin Griswold at (518) 668-4644, ext. 19. EW

“One of the greatest aspects of having a wedding with us is that it isn’t in a static location – the background changes every couple of minutes. With the backdrop of the Adirondack Mountains and the Lake, we offer quite a unique venue; something your guests will remember,” Kevin D. Griswold, Director of Marketing and Sales, said. Weddings onboard either of the Shoreline ships can feature any menu imaginable, from cocktail and hors d’oeuvres to plated meals, stationed food and buffets. With packages to use as guidelines and a staff prepared to think outside of the box, couples will have no problem planning the menu of their dreams. “We handle all sorts of requests, even hand-rolling sushi onboard. If you can think of it, then we can most likely do it,” Griswold said. “There are no restrictions. We do a lot of adapting.” The Bride and Groom can set any time and length of time they’d like to charter the boat. “We’ve done early morning brunch, evening dinners and even late night weddings,” Griswold said.

Enchanted Wedding | 57

Photos by Emma Dodge Hanson

58 | Enchanted Wedding

Camp Chingachgook Along the shores of Lake George, YMCA Camp Chingachgook is described as “the most naturally beautiful and inspirational setting imaginable for a wedding.” Although most couples who choose the camp as their wedding venue have been alumni or neighbors, Chingachgook is the ideal setting for any serene, Adirondack celebration. Chingachgook weddings have ranged from informal pot-lucks to formal occasions with all the traditional elements. The camp offers a variety of locations and covered areas for hosting both receptions and ceremonies, including a large lakeside pavilion and an isolated point of land surrounded by lapping water. For the more conservative occasion, couples can hold their reception in the Rotary Lodge, a rustic cabin with wood floors, a full floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, and a large deck with an exceptional view of Buck and Pilot Knob Mountains The camp also offers a large dining hall that boasts three wings and an outdoor veranda. The dining hall is large enough to accommodate more than 450 campers at once, so it’s certainly well-suited for a wedding party of any size. Only a few weddings occur during the summer at Chingachgook, as scheduling is limited due to the season-long camp program. Couples must plan their celebration to coincide with the weekends in between summer camp sessions. There are three two-week sessions and three one-week camper sessions around which to plan. Perfect for guests who enjoy playing in the great outdoors, the camp can accommodate guests overnight in its many rustic cabins. The wedding party will have access to hiking trails, soccer and softball fields and a swimming bay. Chingachgook can also provide breakfast for wedding guests renting cabins. For more information about YMCA Camp Chingachgook or to book your Adirondack wedding, visit or call (518) 656-9462. EW

Enchanted Wedding | 59

Photos by Mrs. Julie Schuyler

60 | Enchanted Wedding

Lake George Steamboat Company Exchange your vows as you sail along beautiful Lake George on an elegant ship. The Lake George Steamboat Company hosts weddings on their two exceptional boats: the Lac du Saint Sacrement and the Mohican. Lac du Saint Sacrement is the perfect venue for a grand wedding and a unique experience. The first and second decks of the ship are fully enclosed and climate controlled. With room for up to 400 guests enjoying a sit-down dinner, and a handful of private party rooms that can accommodate smaller groups, this elegant ship provides a vast selection of spaces for couples planning their wedding onboard. Couples who choose to get married on the Lac during a regularly scheduled sailing have the option of one of two cruise/dining packages, both of which include early boarding before the ceremony, Bride’s bouquet and Groom’s boutonnière, an aisle runner, champagne toast, tiered wedding cake, on-board wedding coordinator, a meal for two and souvenirs. The Lac du Saint Sacrement is available for lunch, brunch and dinner cruises. For exclusive charter weddings, the Bride and Groom can enjoy the Lac du Saint Sacrement among family and friends. With many options to choose from, couples can select the menu of their dreams for their guests. A wedding on the Mohican is sure to be both romantic and fun. Ideal for smaller celebrations, the ship is available for private charters of 50 to 150 guests. Offering a fully-stocked cocktail bar and elegant dining, the Mohican is available for evening occasions boarding at 6:30 pm. For more information about Lake George Steamboat Company, visit or contact the wedding coordinator at (518) 668-5777. EW

Enchanted Wedding | 61

62 | Enchanted Wedding

Six Flags

Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark

If you’re planning a wedding getaway full of excitement and character, then Great Escape Lodge is just the venue for you. The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, just minutes from Lake George, is an Adirondack-inspired setting with unlimited opportunities for enjoyment.

For more information about The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge, which is located at 89 Six Flags Drive in Queensbury, New York, visit or call (518) 824-6060. EW Photos Provided by Six Flags Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark

“We promote fun weddings and have activities for children that are in attendance,” Rebecca Close, Communications Manager, said. Well-suited for large weddings, the Lodge can accommodate a variety of celebrations, with great space for the ceremony in an outdoor courtyard and for the reception in the versatile Mohican Ballroom, which can be transformed into any theme. “Large weddings are definitely a great fit for the Lodge, as we have the largest dance floor in the area. We are also a great place for casual weddings ranging from 75 – 250 people,” Close said. Weddings at the Great Escape Lodge are fun for guests of all ages, with access to all the excitement the resort has to offer – from the indoor water park and arcade to the spa and tavern. Guests are sure to enjoy their experience even after the ceremony and reception. “The Six Flags Great Escape Lodge is a special wedding venue because of the ability to incorporate the Indoor Water Park as a ceremony or photo site. If a couple wishes, we can do things like incorporate character visits to weddings for smaller children or coordinate photo opportunities throughout the Adirondack-inspired Lodge,” Close said. The Lodge offers three distinct, all-inclusive menu packages and provides a wedding coordinator on hand for the entire wedding at no cost. Couples can choose from buffet-style and sit-down menus and also have the option to bring their own wedding cake. The Bride and Groom are supplied with a complimentary honeymoon suite for the night of their wedding. Guests are offered discounted room rates, for which they have to call in or secure online one month prior to the wedding. All rates include admission to the indoor water park as well.

Enchanted Wedding | 63

Photos Provided by Catherines’ in the Park

64 | Enchanted Wedding

Victoria Pool Having your wedding in the graceful poolside ambience of the Victoria Pool is sure to make your special day the talk of the town! Surrounded by arched promenades, the recently renovated Victoria Pool is a uniquely romantic setting and was actually the first heated pool in the United States. Catering for receptions is provided by Catherine’s in the Park restaurant. The beauty of Saratoga Spa Golf Course and the historical elegance of the Victoria Pool meet at Catherine’s in the Park, making it the perfect place to have your wedding. There are three wedding packages to choose from, or one can be customized for you. Prices for the wedding packages range from $50 to $90 per person, and include all linens, tables and basic chairs, staff and licenses. No glass is allowed in the pool area, but high quality plastic plates and glasses are provided. The pool area has showers with lockers and rest rooms. Catherine’s in the Park is located on the Saratoga Spa State Park grounds at 60 Roosevelt Drive, Saratoga Springs. For information, phone Ben Record at (518) 583-4657, or visit Accommodations can also be secured on the State Park grounds nearby at the Gideon Putnam Resort EW

Enchanted Wedding | 65

Photo by Emma Dodge Hanson

66 | Enchanted Wedding

Batcheller Mansion Inn The Batcheller Mansion Inn is a Saratoga Jewel.

an exceptionally historic and wonderfully unique place.”

Sitting just at the edge of Congress Park and in the heart of the City, this Victorian masterpiece and living history museum is an elegant setting for a fairytale wedding.

For more information about the Batcheller Mansion Inn located at 20 Circular Street in Saratoga Springs, visit or call (518) 584-7012. EW Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Built in 1873 for the high society Batcheller family, the mansion was designed for luxury and liveliness, staging Saratoga’s grandest parties and hosting the most important guests – U.S. Presidents, European royalty, dignitaries and Hollywood celebrities. Today, the mansion continues this tradition as a popular wedding venue. “The mansion is spectacular setting. A wedding here is unique, elegant, exceptional; it can be any type of experience you like,” Dan DelGaudio, Innkeeper, said. “The Batcheller Mansion is honored to offer our historic inn and gardens as the setting for this important life event.” Ideal for intimate, personal wedding ceremonies and receptions, the mansion is best suited for guest lists of 100 or less. Anything can happen at the Batcheller Mansion. The Inn works with a select group of local caterers, allowing for varied menus and endless options. “We’ve done everything from formal to BBQ – well, sophisticated BBQ,” DelGaudio said. The bridal party and/or families can also enjoy the comfort of staying overnight at the Inn at a ten percent discount, which also extends to guests arriving a day earlier. For these getaway or overnight occasions, the Inn offers an exceptional assortment of accommodations. The Bride and Groom can choose from eight “well-appointed” guest rooms and one incredible suite, all featuring carved woodwork and original furnishings. Although a wedding at the mansion feels like a Victorian fantasy, each room contains all the necessary modern features that guests would expect. Houseguests will enjoy continental breakfast with all the trimmings, including DelGaudio’s world famous stuffed French toast. “The type of wedding experience is dependant upon the wishes of the Bride and Groom, but the Batcheller Mansion is just

Enchanted Wedding | 67

One Year Later...

A perfect proposal leads to an enchanted wedding Photos by Tracey Buyce Photography Written by Chad Beatty

It seems like just yesterday we published the story of a fairytale proposal that took place six miles east of Lake Placid. Filled with joy, excitement, surprise and, most importantly romance, September 6, 2009 marked the official beginning of Allison Kozel and Collin Badgers lifelong journey together. On top of Cascade Mountain, with crystal blue skies as the backdrop, Collin executed his well laid out plan and asked the love of his life for her hand in marriage. On September 25, 2010, all of Allison’s dreams became a reality on one spectacular day. The morning began at Allison’s Aunt and Uncle’s home in Bolton Landing. “We were able to use their amazing property which features the artist studio of Madam Homer from the early 20th century as well as my uncle’s pride and joy: a 1931 Chris-Craft wooden boat…making for some fabulous photos.” As ‘Make Me Fabulous’ and ‘James Joseph’ helped the bridesmaids prepare for the day, Allison was transformed into a beautiful bride-to-be. Her gown was designed by Cymbeline Paris, and featured a full length veil made of silk tulle and French lace cut in a unique rectangular shape. With lace along all edges, it was a perfect look for her long soft curls at the ceremony. The gown also held special significance to Allison as it was a gift from her close friend, Denise Eliopulos, owner of Something Bleu Bridal. “Cymbeline is very close to my heart, and Allison has been an outstanding employee of the salon for seven years, so I thought this would be a fitting wedding gift” said Denise. To add to the excitement Denise arranged a personal trip for Allison and her mother to meet the Cymbeline sisters. With a smile on her face, Allison said “I was lucky enough to meet with the designer to select my amazing gown, veil and fascinator.” She kept the focus on the gown and veil by wearing only earrings, hand made by designer Sophia and Chloe in California. Her shoes designed by Badgley Mischka added a perfect hint of peach to match the underlay on the bodice of her gown.

68 | Enchanted Wedding

The ceremony took place at Diamond Point Church, an 1879 stone beauty nestled between the high peaks of the Adirondacks and the serenity of

Enchanted Wedding | 69

Lake George. Candles and greens were placed in each window sill and wreaths adorned every other pew. A large wreath welcomed guests on the front door of the church with a mix of floral, silk ribbons and pheasant feathers, a theme which ran through the entire wedding. “The ceremony was spiritual and meaningful as our pastor tied in elements of our mountain top engagement into the stages of marriage,” Allison said. After being introduced as man and wife, the amazing Garland Nelson sang Jackie Wilson’s “Higher.” From there everyone was off to the reception at The Farm House at Top of the World, an 1800s white farm house atop Lockhart Mountain that overlooks Lake George and Vermont’s Green Mountains. The Farm House, known for its “farm to table” menus, allowed Allison and Collin to create a completely custom spread with all organic and locally grown food, and a selection of unique wines and beers. After their first dance, six stations opened inside The Farm House, featuring custom arrangements in the themes of each menu item. Tables were decorated with large open garden roses, berries and mixed heirloom vegetables in vintage glasses that they re-purposed as vases. “We even filled the

70 | Enchanted Wedding

candle holders with split peas to keep with the farm feeling,” she added. With fires roaring inside, guests enjoyed a large variety of stationed menu items, while hardy hors d’oeuvres continued to be passed allowing guests to enjoy food every time they turned around! “After dinner, in lieu of doing traditional father-daughter, mother-son dances, we surprised my Aunt and Uncle with their first dance song “Unforgettable” to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary the day after our wedding!” Soul Session completed the romantic ambiance by playing a mix of jazz and funk music for guests to dance the night away. As everyone worked up a hunger again, they were treated to ‘make-your-own s’mores’ at the tent-side fireplace! The magical night ended with everyone joining together on the mountainside field to light large Japanese sky lanterns, which floated up into the atmosphere creating the effect of stars being sent off and away. Allison’s final words summed it all up: “It has been a fairytale from beginning to end. I couldn’t be happier and we thank everyone who helped us make all of our dreams come true.”EW

Enchanted Wedding | 71

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Rob Springs Photography

Photo by Rob Springs Photography

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

72 | Enchanted Wedding

Photo by Tracey Buyce Photography

Photo by Kallie Day

Enchanted Wedding | 73


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74 | Enchanted Wedding

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Enchanted Wedding 2011  
Enchanted Wedding 2011  

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