The Sarasota Ballet's Encore - Our 2021 - 2022 Season In Review

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Marijana Dominis and Ricardo Graziano in Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs





Richard S. Johnson, Chair

Patricia A. Golemme, Vice Chair

Frank Martucci, President

Jonathan Strickland Coleman, Secretary Patrick Kenny, Treasurer

Maureen Steiner, Governance

Peggy Abt Ginger Cannon Bailey Isabel Anchin Becker

Paul Cantor

Sandra DeFeo Lynda Doery

Bill Farber

Julie A. Harris Phil Lombardo

Peter B. Miller

Rosemary Oberndorf

Mercedita OConnor

Audrey Robbins

Jan Sirota

Hillary Steele, Chair Emerita

Jean Weiller

David Welle

Dr. Bart Price, Honorary

Mark Famiglio, Honorary

Jean Weidner Goldstein, Founder and Chair Emerita Sydney Goldstein, Chair Emerita


Ginger Cannon Bailey, Trustee & Chair, Advisory Committee

Maryann Armour

Lisa Binkley

William Chapman

Jan Farber

Frances D. Fergusson

Marnie Grossman

JoAnn Heffernan Heisen

Charles Huisking Robin Klein-Strauss

Peter E. Kretzmer

Karen Lichtig Tina Lieberman Richard March

Front Cover photography by Frank Atura

Victoria Hulland and Ricardo Rhodes in Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations

Joan Mathews

Donna Maytham

Linda Mitchell

Dr. Joel Morganroth

Gini Peltz

Kimberley A. Pelyk

Marilynn Petrillo

Rose Marie Proietti

Richard Segall

Marilyn Sellman

Lois Stulberg

Marcia Jean Taub

Clara Reynardus de Villanueva

CONTENTS Message from the Leadership of The Sarasota Ballet .................... 3 OUR PROGRAMS The Sarasota Ballet at a Glance................................................................... 5 The Company - Highlights ................................................................................ 6-9 The Making of A World Premiere ......................................................................... 10-11 The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory ....................................................................... 12-13 The Sarasota Ballet School .............................................................................................. 14-15 Dance – The Next Generation 16 Community Engagement .......................................................................................................... 17-18 OUR PEOPLE Martucci Legacy Society ..................................................................................................................... 19 The Crystal Gala 20-21 Our Supporters ............................................................................................................................... ................ 22-28 Friends of The Sarasota Ballet 29 Memorable Moments ............................................................................................................................... .............. 30-33 Join Us 33
Martha Graham’s
Appalachian Spring
Sir Peter Wright’s Giselle Sir David Bintley’s A Comedy of Errors Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations


On behalf of everyone at The Sarasota Ballet, thank you! Last Season marked our Company’s triumphant return to the stage and we simply could not have done it without you.

During the 2021 – 2022 Season, The Sarasota Ballet presented seven live and in-person programs that included a variety of revivals, classics, and premieres. Our Company performed in three venues, and we were thrilled to welcome back a live audience of over 16,500 attendees. Voices of Her, our three-year project showcasing female choreographers, continued for its second Season with three monumental works: Dame Ninette de Valois’ The Rake’s Progress , Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring , and Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs . Later in the Season, audiences welcomed the opportunity to ‘laugh out loud’ with the world premiere of Sir David Bintley’s new farce, A Comedy of Errors . A specially commissioned work for The Sarasota Ballet, Bintley’s vision was brought to life with bright sets and costumes by Designer, Dick Bird and whimsical score by Composer, Matthew Hindson.

Education and Community Engagement Programs saw over 500 participants in total through the last year, ranging from children to adults to pre-professional students. Many of our programs, including Dance –The Next Generation and Silver Swans, returned to an in-person format, while some programs, such as Joyful Movement through Parkinson’s, continued to maintain a hybrid format, offering both virtual and inperson classes. The Sarasota Ballet School welcomed 107 students, ages 3-16, to the Patricia A. Golemme Studios, located in downtown Sarasota’s Rosemary District. Throughout the Season, the pre-professional students of The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory gave numerous community performances, bringing the joy of dance to Sarasota and Manatee Counties, and beyond.

Because of you, The Sarasota Ballet continues to grow and thrive. Over the past year, with your help, we expanded our leadership with the addition of new members to the Advisory Council. We also grew the Frank and Katherine Martucci Legacy Society by nine members and received two inspiring legacy gifts. Most importantly, with your support, we were able to share the magic of dance with our audiences, students, and community members through both in-person and virtual programming throughout the year.

We look forward to sharing an exciting 2022 – 2023 Season with you. Thank you again for all that you did in the last year to keep our organization thriving.

Nine Sinatra Songs Elite Syncopations
Appalachian Spring Giselle Serenade Valses nobles et sentimentales
A Comedy of Errors Summertide The Rake’s Progress
5 ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET................................................... $7.9M ENDOWMENTS................................................................................. $5M BALLETS PERFORMED........................................................................ 11 WORLD PREMIERES.............................................................................. 2 Ricardo Graziano’s Sonatina Sir David Bintley’s A Comedy of Errors COMPANY PREMIERES.......................................................................... 1 Mark Morris’ The Letter V VENUES FSU Center for the Performing Arts Sarasota Opera House Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall DANCERS.............................................................................................. 42 Principals.............................................................................................. 6 Soloists................................................................................................. 5 Coryphée.............................................................................................. 7 Corps de Ballet................................................................................. 17 Apprentices......................................................................................... 7 AUDIENCE MEMBERS 16,742 EDUCATION PROGRAMS : Studio Company Members........................................................... 11 The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory Trainees.............................................................................. 24 Students............................................................................... 9 The 2021 Summer Intensive Students.................................... 121 The Sarasota Ballet School Students....................................... 107 COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS : Dance – The Next Generation Students................................. 120 Joyful Movement Through Parkinson’s..................................... 25 Silver Swans® Participants............................................................. 50 Community Performances Audience Members................ 2,000 2021 - 2022 SEASON COMMUNITY PARTNERS............................. 108 2021 - 2022 SEASON AT A GLANCE Giselle Summertide The Letter V Sonatina


The inaugural Program of The Sarasota Ballet’s 2021 – 2022 Season, October’s New World heralded an eagerly anticipated, and resoundingly triumphant, return to live ballet performance. This homecoming to the FSU Center stage paired Graham’s cherished Appalachian Spring with the World Premiere of Graziano’s Sonatina, creating a thematic atmosphere of American determination and messages of hope. After a performance hiatus spanning more than a year and a half, audiences were thrilled to see The Sarasota Ballet’s professional company take to the stage again.


November’s performances at the Sarasota Opera House brought ballet fans into the heart of Sarasota, treating them to the radiant glow of Wright’s Summertide and the cool swing of Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs. Not having witnessed the Company perform a main Season Program at the Opera House since November of 2019, audiences relished the chance to return to this beloved Sarasota venue for this enchanting ballet pairing. Day & Night served as a prime reminder of the Company’s breadth of repertoire, with the classically inspired gestures of Summertide contrasting vividly against the incorporation of modern dance techniques in Nine Sinatra Songs that so engagingly brought to life the tunes of Ol’ Blue Eyes.

Summertide Summertide Nine Sinatra Songs Appalachian Spring Appalachian Spring


Responding to significant demand after its sold-out performances at the end of the 2018 – 2019 Season, The Sarasota Ballet brought Sir Peter Wright’s Giselle to the Van Wezel to satiate ballet enthusiasts’ desire to experience this Romantic classic once again. Principal Victoria Hulland danced the titular role, her third Program as Giselle since first performing it in November 2009 and, more recently, in April 2019. Principal Ricardo Rhodes reprised his role of Albrecht from 2019, partnering with Hulland, while Principal Danielle Brown danced Saturday Matinee’s Giselle partnered with relative newcomer Principal Luke Schaufuss, now in his third Season with The Sarasota Ballet and his first performance as Albrecht with the Company.


Our opening Program of the 2022 Winter – Spring Season, Love & Betrayal, featured rare gems by two of the formative figures of British ballet: Founder of The Royal Ballet, Dame Ninette de Valois’ The Rake’s Progress, and principal choreographer and subsequent Director of The Royal Ballet, Sir Frederick Ashton’s Valses nobles et sentimentales. The potent dramatic scenes of The Rake’s Progress alternated between suspense and pathos, keeping audiences firmly adhered to their seats; an intermission followed for ballet aficionados to catch their breath, only to have it taken away by Valses nobles et sentimentales’ deeply romantic aesthetic and entrancing choreographic finesse.

The Rake’s Progress

Valses nobles et sentimentales The Rake’s Progress Giselle Giselle Giselle


Punctuating The Sarasota Ballet’s 2021 – 2022 Season with a flurry of contemporary aplomb, The Sarasota Ballet presented the Mark Morris Dance Group in early March at the FSU Center, continuing a tradition of broadening dance horizons in the Sarasota community through presentation of a major dance company. Founding choreographer Mark Morris’ dances, widely praised for their inherent musicality and unique stylistic approach, led audiences through a three-part journey; first, a poetic exploration of dance vocabulary, Words; next, a duet capturing the ebb and flow of romance, Jenn and Spencer; and last, one of Morris’ earlier creations that blends notes of spirituality with dance motifs, Gloria


Years of coordinated creative endeavors between The Sarasota Ballet and Sir David Bintley culminated in the World Premiere of the esteemed choreographer’s latest ballet, A Comedy of Errors, at the Van Wezel. This contemporary reimagining of Shakespeare’s iconic farce was built from the ground up with the Company’s dancers in mind, complete with an enrapturing commissioned score by Matthew Hindson and dazzling designs by Dick Bird. The Sarasota Ballet’s largest-ever World Premiere, A Comedy of Errors was met with delight from critics and audiences alike, praising its seamless blending of classical choreographic stylings with modern sensibilities and pure hilarity.

A Comedy of Errors A Comedy of Errors A Comedy of Errors Gloria Jenn and Spencer


Our 2021 – 2022 Season, marking Director Iain Webb’s 15th year leading the Company, came to a magnificent close with Serendipitous Movement. This triple bill, featuring Balanchine’s Serenade, the Company Premiere of Morris’ The Letter V, and MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations, would also set the stage for the final performances of longtime Company dancers, Principal Victoria Hulland and Soloist Ryoko Sadoshima. This multifaceted arrangement of ballets demonstrated classical beauty, contemporary flair, and a crowd-pleasing ragtime-fueled danceoff, the end product of which was a Season finale certain to resonate in audiences’ minds and inspire anticipation for years of ballet to come.


Voices of Her is a three-year project that celebrates the influence of women in dance throughout history. This important project aims to educate our audiences and shed light on the many female dancers, choreographers, and leaders who have helped shape the dance world.

Voices of Her continued for its second Season with three monumental works: Martha Graham’s Appalachian Spring , Twyla Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs , and Dame Ninette de Valois’ The Rake’s Progress . Appalachian Spring , a deeply expressive tale of hope against adversity with an emphasis on modern-styled physicality, was performed as part of Program 1 at the FSU Center. Program 2 gave audiences the opportunity to enjoy familiar Sinatra tunes along with a string of gorgeous, romantic duets with Tharp’s Nine Sinatra Songs . Lastly, Program 4 featured de Valois’ The Rake’s Progress , a unique ballet based on the great painting series by arch-satirist William Hogarth.

Elite Syncopations
The Letter V 9 HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2021-2022


The Sarasota Ballet’s World Premiere of Sir David Bintley’s A Comedy of Errors represented not only an important milestone for the Company, but also the culmination of years of work, inspiration, and collaboration. The seeds of this premiere were planted several years before Bintley had even considered The Sarasota Ballet as a possible home for his project. However in 2020 during a visit to Sarasota, he found inspiration in The Sarasota Ballet’s dancers, their technique, and importantly, their humor.


Translating one of Shakespeare’s most farcical comedies into dance began with establishing the setting and the key moments of the story to be expressed through movement. A modern setting, that of the ‘party’ Island of Ibiza, would ground the story for modern audiences, and a distillation of the Bard’s slapstick and mistaken identity humor would enable Bintley to express this hilarious yet complicated story through movement alone. Starting in September of 2021, Bintley began choreographing the ballet, building some of the key ensemble scenes and the intricate character moments early on. Returning at the start of February 2022, Bintley would spend the next six weeks creating A Comedy of Errors.


Matthew Hindson’s score underpins the entirety of A Comedy of Errors, perfectly partnering Bintley’s choreography and storytelling. Enhancing the comedy while also drawing the audience into the poignant Act II pas de deux was made possible through the intense collaboration between composer and choreographer. Hindson was Bintley’s first partner for the World Premiere, and throughout the pandemic, the two worked feverishly to ensure that every step and every note carried the frenetic comedy forward.

One of the most interesting musical moments in Hindson’s score is the Act I finale inside the PARADISE CLUB. Hindson’s composition is entirely original, and yet innately familiar, tricking audiences into attempting to name modern-day musical inspirations.



By setting A Comedy of Errors in present-day Ibiza, designer Dick Bird was freed from the trappings of period dress. However an added layer of complexity was given to Bird’s costume designs, as he would have to provide vital visual cues to ensure audiences understood not only who the two sets of twins were, but also, who their mothers were!

Props played a significant part in the storytelling and humor of A Comedy of Errors. From Adriana and Erotia’s necklace and the giant inflatable flamingo boat, to the suitcases of the holidaymakers, almost every prop has an important purpose and story behind it!


The moment audiences stepped into the theater they were greeted with Dick Bird’s remarkable front cloth design, used to set the tone for the upcoming full-length ballet and to frame the projected prologue video that set the scene through the ‘holiday snap shots.’

Much like A Comedy of Errors’ story, Bird’s sets are constantly on the move, rotating and flying, the beautiful and complex scenery transforming from seafront shops and cafés, upmarket condos, to a nightclub.

Originally a birthday present for his mistress, Erotia, this diamond necklace turned out to be double the price when Tony of Ibiza had to give an identical one to his wife.

To complete the Hooligans’ look, the production team had to procure empty beer cans, sombreros, and a pink foam finger.

Along with most of the other larger set pieces, such as Tony’s Bar, the iconic prop cake was made overseas and shipped to Sarasota.



The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory prepares talented pre-professional students for a career in classical ballet or to enter dance programs in college. Advanced students enter into the Conservatory’s Trainee Program where they work alongside The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company and receive tailored coaching.


We were thrilled that so many students found places in companies, second companies, and colleges around the country:

students will join as Company members of The Sarasota Ballet

7 students will join The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company

students will join other ballet companies in North America

4 students will move on to study at top universities



We were thrilled to welcome two new teachers to our talented faculty. Lindsay Fischer, former head of the National Ballet of Canada’s Apprentice Program, joined as Assistant Education Director and Principal Company Teacher. Risa Kaplowitz, an esteemed educator and member of the Board of Examiners of the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum brought her talents to The Sarasota Ballet School as full-time faculty.


Our annual celebration of talented youth took place at the Sarasota Opera House on May 3, 2022 with live music from the Sarasota Music Conservatory. The performance included a World Premiere by Assistant Education Director Lindsay Fischer, with beautiful new costumes provided by a generous donation by Eliza P. Culverhouse. Other works presented were choreographed by Company dancers Arcadian Broad, Richard House, and Emelia Perkins, and faculty member Addul Manzano. At the end of the performance Director Iain Webb came on stage to promote Studio Company dancer Hailey Stinchcomb to Company Apprentice.


The Sarasota Ballet Summer Intensive is a fully immersive, multi-week program focusing on ballet and other dance styles. It offers students from around the country an inclusive and engaging environment to train with leading dance educators from The Sarasota Ballet’s artistic and education staff. We auditioned hundreds of students from all over the country and over 120 students attended in person. In 2021, we were thrilled to launch InMotion, our end of program performances at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. It was the first time in 2 years we were able to have in-person performances again for the Summer Intensive.


The Sarasota Ballet School is home to a flourishing community of children and adults of all ages and experience. The School’s multifaceted programs focus on high quality artistic training that promotes health and fosters a love for the art form. The Sarasota Ballet School sets itself apart as the only school attached to a professional company on Florida’s West Coast and the only school in Sarasota to offer the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum.


The Sarasota Ballet School joined with Dance – The Next Generation and The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory to perform the wonderful story of Alice in Wonderland . The stage sparkled as Lewis Carroll’s precocious Alice danced through a world of peculiar friends, maddening tea parties, and a dramatic royal affair. The energy of The Sarasota Ballet’s combined education programs proved to offer a vibrant performance and was a rich experience shared among the dancers.



To kick off the school year our downtown studios opened their doors to the public for an interactive storybook experience. Fairytale stories came to life as children danced and created crafts with real-life characters.


On April 22, 2022, the School celebrated the naming of its downtown location thanks to a leadership gift from education supporters, Patricia Golemme and Timothy Fullum. The event commenced with a ribbon cutting and included a sneak peek into students’ rehearsals.


The second annual Nutcracker Festival presented over 100 students on the outdoor stage in the Rosemary Square District. The festival was filled with dances set to classic Nutcracker tunes and a festive holiday market that friends, family, and the community enjoyed.



Dance – The Next Generation (DNG) provides equitable access to quality dance education by offering a comprehensive dance program, free of charge, to underserved children of Sarasota communities. Operating after-school at our Tallevast Studios in Sarasota, students in grades 3-12 are immersed in an inclusive, diverse, and well-rounded dance program including academic mentoring and enrichment opportunities through collaborations with community partners.


• Introduce students to life skills & self-discipline gained through dance

• Enable students to achieve academic and personal goals

• Ensure students graduate from high school

2021 - 2022 Season Highlights

• 120 students enrolled in the program including 70 new students in grades 3 and 4 who joined the program in December

• College Tours – we provided middle and high school students an opportunity to visit the State College of Florida, The University of South Florida-Sarasota/Manatee and The University of South Florida-Tampa

• Middle and high school students performed for the first time in The Sarasota Ballet School’s annual Nutcracker Festival in Rosemary Square

• 105 Volunteer Hours earned by DNG students applied towards high school graduation

• Students and their families attended The Sarasota Ballet’s performances of A Comedy of Errors and Giselle

• 108 students performed alongside students from The Sarasota Ballet School and The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory during the End of Year Performance of Alice in Wonderland.

“It was a challenging year for the kids. But, they did a great job. So proud to be a parent of one of the DNG dancers.”
From Parent of S. Dickson, high school student


The Sarasota Ballet’s Community Programs provide access and opportunity, at little or no cost, for thousands of students, families, and community members to experience the joy of dance.


Designed specifically for older learners, Silver Swans® ballet classes improve mobility, posture, coordination, and energy levels in students over 55. We were proud to offer Silver Swans® at several senior centers including Plymouth Harbor, Sarasota Bay Club, Aviva Senior Living, and Senior Friendship Centers.


Every year The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company and Trainees of the Margaret Barbieri Conservatory perform throughout the community, engaging audiences of all ages through the beauty of dance. In 2021 - 2022 we performed at the following venues:

• Sarasota Opera House in partnership with Key Chorale

• Suncoast Remake Learning Days in partnership with Tuttle Elementary School

• Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

• University Town Center Mall

• Charlotte County Performing Arts Center


This spring WEDU PBS aired a special on our wonderful Joyful Movement through Parkinson’s program – in partnership with the Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s. The special highlighted Joyful Movement’s use of dance and artistic discovery as a life-giving, communal experience that brings healing for people living with Parkinson’s.



Sarasota County Schools (32) School District of Manatee County (17)

Charlotte County Public Schools (10) New College of Florida

New College Children’s Center

Ringling College of Art & Design State College of Florida

USF Sarasota - Manatee


Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County

Key Chorale

Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Music Compound

Origami Air

Sailor Circus/Circus Arts Conservatory


Fruitville Public Library

Shannon Staub Public Library

Braden River Library


Aviva Senior Life

Plymouth Harbor

Sarasota Bay Club

Senior Friendship Centers

The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch


All Faiths Food Bank

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarasota County Big Brothers Big Sisters of Manatee County Child Protection Center

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Junior League of Sarasota Neuro Challenge Foundation

Take Stock in Children Sarasota County Boys and Girls Club of Manatee County Unidos Now PlanIT Sarasota

Sarasota African American Cultural Coalition Newtown Alive Robert L Taylor Community Center Girls Inc

Philanthropic Educational Organization Foundation for Dreams- Dream Oaks Camp


Downtown Sarasota Alliance

Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce

Manatee Chamber of Commerce

Venice Art Walk

Visit Sarasota County


Dance Media Observer Media Group

Sarasota Magazine

Sarasota Scene Magazine

Suncoast News Network (SNN)

SRQ Magazine


WUSF Public Media

George Balanchine’s Serenade



We are so grateful to the following individuals who have included The Sarasota Ballet in their estate plans. Planned gifts create a lasting impact on our organization, supporting performance, education, and community programs. Members of The Martucci Legacy Society receive special recognition throughout the Season. For more information, please contact Lauren Stroman at 941.225.6510.

Announcing Two Extraordinary Planned Gifts

Jan Sirota and Alison Gardner

In the Spring of 2022, Jan Sirota and his wife, Alison Gardner announced a leadership gift to The Sarasota Ballet. Jan currently serves on the Board of Trustees and Education Committee. He is also a volunteer mentor with Take Stock in Children, an organization that partners with the Ballet’s Dance – The Next Generation program. “We are so grateful for Jan and Alison’s support, and in particular, their commitment to our education programs,” says Director, Iain Webb. “This amazing planned gift will have a significant impact on The Sarasota Ballet for years to come.”

Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain

Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain have announced a leadership gift to The Sarasota Ballet in loving memory of Marcia Jean’s parents, Ron and Ethel Taub. Marcia Jean currently serves on the Advisory Council, and both Marcia Jean and Peter support many important initiatives at The Sarasota Ballet, including the Live Music Fund and Dance – The Next Generation. “Following her parents’ footsteps, Marcia Jean and Peter continue to provide crucial support for The Sarasota Ballet”, states Executive Director, Joseph Volpe. “We cannot thank them enough for their commitment to our organization’s future through this incredible gift.”

Martucci Legacy Society Members

Welcome to our Newest Members

George Allison, ASID and Alan Watkins, ASID Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein Jerry and Gay Bowles Marty and Barbara Bowling Kay Delaney and Murray Bring

Donald Britt

Ann Burroughs

Judy Cahn

Lynn Chancer

Jonathan Strickland Coleman and Rick Kerby Edward N. Cooke Douglas Endicott

Laura Feder

Frances D. Fergusson Micki H. Gamer Cope and Anne Garrett Ellen Goldman

Jean Weidner Goldstein

Patricia A. Golemme

Gudrun Graugaard

Gerald and Deborah Hamburg

Julie A. Harris

Elaine C. Herda

Richard S. Johnson

Deborah Kalb Richard Kemmler

Pat and Ann Kenny Ernie Kretzmer

Lydia Landa Julia Laning

Harry Leopold and Audrey Robbins

Dr. Bart and Joan Levenson

Richard March

Frank and Katherine Martucci

Joan Mathews

Mary Jane McRae

Peter B. Miller and Dr. Martha Harrison

Sandra Miranda

Stu and Gini Peltz

Dr. Richard L. Prager

Rose Marie Proietti

David Welle and Rosemary Reinhardt

Mary Jo Reston

Terry and Susan Romine

Will A. Ryall

Micki Sellman

Marilyn Sellman

Bud and Betty Shapiro

Arthur Siciliano and B. Aline Blanchard

Jan Sirota and Alison Gardner

Hillary Steele

Melliss Kenworthy Swenson

Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain

Kim Wheeler

Richard Wires

Legacy Society Members: Lydia Landa, Pat Golemme, & Ellen Goldman


The Sarasota Ballet’s Crystal Gala, honoring Iain Webb’s 15th Season as Director, took place on Sunday, May 1, 2022. The evening began at the Sarasota Opera House with a curated performance by The Sarasota Ballet, complete with a guest appearance of Director, Iain Webb, himself in Elite Syncopations’ Cataract Rag. Gala guests then made their way to the Circus Arts Conservatory where they enjoyed an elegant dinner catered by Michael’s on East. The evening concluded on the dance floor with desserts & dancing. We send our sincerest thanks to the incredible patrons and community partners who helped make The Crystal Gala an evening to remember.


Bud & Betty Shapiro


Karol Foss

Patricia A. Golemme and Timothy Fullum

Julie A. Harris

Frank and Katherine Martucci


Sydney Goldstein

Joe and Mary Kay Henson

Richard S. Johnson

Harry Leopold and Audrey Robbins

Jean Weiller



George Allison, ASID and Alan Watkins, ASID Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation

BMO Wealth Management Community Foundation of Sarasota County Jan and Bill Farber

Marnie and Stephen Grossman

Gulf Coast Community Foundation

JoAnn Heffernan Heisen

Pat and Ann Kenny

Phil and Kim Lombardo

Richard March

Bill and Linda Mitchell Stu and Gini Peltz

Kimberley Anne Pelyk Micki Sellman

Alison Gardner and Jan Sirota Hillary Steele Melliss Kenworthy Swenson

Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain David Welle and Rosemary Reinhardt


Bob and Ginger Cannon Bailey Neil and Sandra DeFeo Fred and Lynda Doery Richard and Cornelia Matson Peter B. Miller and Dr. Martha Harrison Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf Mercedita OConnor Rich and Clare Segall Maureen and Tom Steiner Robin Klein-Strauss and Michael Strauss



1st Source Bank Peggy and Ken Abt Carol Arscott

Ronelle Ashby Shari and Steve Ashman Sumner and Irene Bagby Ruth Barker Maria Beck Isabel Anchin Becker Patricia Belote

Marty and Barbara Bowling James Brooks Bonnie and William Chapman Katie Couchot Cumberland Advisors

Robin and Chase Curtis Sona and David Degann Kay Delaney and Murray Bring Rosalyn and Joel Ehrenpreis Laura Feder

Frances D. Fergusson and John Bradbury Martine Flamen Geoffrey Fulton Patsy and Ed Garno Valerie Gill

Suzanne Gladfelter

Jane C. Gould and Stephen W. Fillo

Gerald and Deborah Hamburg Family Foundation

Dr. Amy Harding Charlie Huisking

D’Anne Hurd and George Forsythe Ann and Robert Jackson

Barbara Jacob Andrea Justiniano

Merrill Kaegi

Erika Kahwaty

Henry Kahwaty and Mary Dooher

Linda Klein

Vivian Kouvant

Waldron Kraemer and Joan Lovell Peter E. Kretzmer

Joan Switt Langbord Ron and Kathryn Lee

Alan Lenowitz

Melvy Erman Lewis Tina and Rick Lieberman

Dr. and Mrs. Louis Marquet

Joan Mathews

Donna Maytham

Dorothy O’Brien and Richard Antoine Rose Marie Proietti Pamela Revels

Arthur Siciliano and B. Aline Blanchard Barbara Staton

Cindy Thronson and Michael Thompson University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee Campus

Ronald Kluck and Joan Volpe

Lauren Walsh

Thomas and Gwendolyn Watson Williams Parker Attorneys at Law

Patricia Golemme, Timothy Fullum, & Hillary Steele Director, Iain Webb, takes the stage during the Crystal Gala Performance Betty & Bud Shapiro




Beneva Weddings & Events

Circus Arts Conservatory Cliff Roles Photography

Made in the Shade

Michael’s on East

Noela Chocolate & Confections

Sarasota Opera House

Serbin Print Marketing & Publishing

Sights and Sounds Anonymous


Darlene Abney

Kay Aidlin

Caroline C. Amory and Marjorie A. Floyd Eduardo Anaya Henry Anthony and Carol Geiger

Margaret Barbieri

Angie and Dan Bastian Lisa Binkley

Jan and Simon Braun

Rose and Adam Bright Barbara Brizdle

Kathy and Michael Bush Judy Cahn

Kim Azar-Calka and Brian Calka Paul Cantor and Michelle Roy Joseph and Michelle Caulkins

Ashish Chowdry

Marie and Warren Colbert Margie and Kelvin Cooper Kristie Cox

Wendy and Jim Cox

Jacqueline and Harold D’Alessio Bill Diaz

Syble Dolan Di Girolamo Cynthia Dopjera

Brendan and Nicola Doyle Marge and Leon Ellin Barbara and Bill Epperson Betty Ferguson

Sandra Fink Bruce and Betsy Finley

Linda A. Fiorelli

Lindsay Fischer and Mandy-Jayne Richardson Laurie Fitch Darrel Flanel and Laura Lobdell Cynthia Flowers Elaine and Robert Foster Melinda and Hank Foster Kevin Fulcher and Kim Deme-Fulcher Barbara Vanderkolk Gardner Susan and David Gorin

Renee Hamad Edward and Roberta Hamilton Scott Harkness Robert and Shari Harris Gregory Hodge Stephen and Lila Huse Sue Jacobson

Susan K. Johnson

Paige Petersen and Curtis Jordan Deb Kabinoff Marvin Kadesh

Deborah Kalb Eve and Marc Kanoff

Paul and Sarah Karon Bruce and Barbara Keltz Phillip King Sakti and Brian Kunz

Carol Lackey Lydia Landa

Christina M. Landry Peter G. and Patricia D. Laughlin

The Lombardo Foundation Carla Malachowski Glen and Rose Marino Jana and Jim Martin Tom Metz

Tony and Maurice Milikin Nelle Miller

Marie Monsky Chad and Ruth Morrison Lana Mullen

Michael and E-Dee Murphy Phyllis Myers

Eric and Mafalda Neikrug Marrie Neumer

Charmian and Earl Noel William J. Noonan and Bonnie McIntyre

Vickie Oldham

Deborah and William Partridge Marilynn Petrillo

Cecil and Shirley Pickett Peter and Joanne Powers Clara Reynardus de Villanueva Sara Robinson Jennifer and Rob Rominiecki Herbert and Rosalyn Ruderman Lawrence V. Sage

Jenna and Guy Salani

Teresa and Clive Samuels

Sara Sardelli-Rachon and Kenny Rachon Zoe Sealy

Sue Shepard and Don Helgeson

Jane Sheridan

Steven and Frances Siegler

Dawn Spencer

Gordon Stanley

Judilee Sterne

Audrey and Walter Stewart Greg Stikeleather

Lance Stubbs

Patricia Sweet

Carl Troiano

Tracey and Mike Tucci

Jocelyn Udell

Lisa and Gary Ulrich Jean Volpe

Donald & Jenny Walker

Ana Weinschenk

Joanne and Bill Weiss

Susan and Charles Wilson

John & Debbi Wilson

Nicole Winter

Sheila Worthington Lirtzman

Geri and Ron Yonover

Scene Magazine The Observer
21 Nicole Winter & Michelle Roy
Lauren Stroman, Scott Binkley
Richard Johnson Table Linda & Bill Mitchell Table Phil & Kim Lombardo Table Jonathan Strickland Coleman, Rick Kerby, Audrey Robbins, & Claudia McCorkle Joseph Volpe, Iain Webb, & Phil Lombardo

We are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support we received from our patrons in the past Season. The listings below represent contributions received during the 2021 - 2022 fiscal year. For questions regarding recognition, please contact the Development Department.


$25,000 - $49,999

James and Maryann Armour Family Foundation Bob and Ginger Cannon Bailey Isabel Anchin Becker

David Beliles

In Loving Memory of Ruth & for Kate Eliza P. Culverhouse


$100,000 +

Our Special Angel

Jean Weidner Goldstein

In Loving Memory of Alfred Goldstein

Sydney Goldstein

Patricia Golemme and Timothy Fullum

Ernie Kretzmer

In Loving Memory of Alisa Kretzmer Frank and Katherine Martucci

Paul and Sharon Steinwachs

Jean Weiller


$75,000 - $99,999

Mark Famiglio

Pat and Ann Kenny Phil and Kim Lombardo Eleanor Schmidt

In Loving Memory of Bert Schweigaard-Olsen

In Loving Memory of Robert & Jeanne Zabelle


$50,000 - $74,999

Jan and Bill Farber

Karol Foss

Julie A. Harris

Joe and Mary Kay Henson

Richard S. Johnson

In Loving Memory of Marsha Johnson

Harry Leopold and Audrey Robbins Rosemary and Lou Oberndorf

Mercedita OConnor

Bud and Betty Shapiro

Hillary Steele

Donna Maytham

In Loving Memory of Walter Maytham

Dorothy O’Brien and Richard Antoine Kimberley Anne Pelyk Marilyn and Steve Rothschild

Judy Rudges

In Loving Memory of Stan Katz Rich and Clare Segall

Sherry and Mike Guthrie Huisking Family Fund of the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Robin Klein-Strauss and Michael Strauss Richard and Cornelia Matson Richard March

In Loving Memory of Helen March

Joan Mathews

Claudia McCorkle and BEAU Peter B. Miller and Dr. Martha Harrison Bill and Linda Mitchell Dr. Bart Price

Rosemary Reinhardt and David Welle Micki Sellman

In Loving Memory of Jerry Sellman Toby and Noel Siegel Melliss Kenworthy Swenson

In Loving Memory of Curt Swenson Marcia Jean Taub and Peter Swain

In Loving Memory of Ethel & Ron Taub Jean Volpe Anonymous


$15,000 - $24,999

Shari and Steve Ashman

Paul Cantor and Michelle Roy Neil and Sandra DeFeo Fred and Lynda Doery

Frances D. Fergusson and John Bradbury Dr. Amy Harding JoAnn Heffernan Heisen

In Loving Memory of David Lenihan Barbara Jacob Elaine Keating

In Loving Memory of Dr. Sidney Katz Tina and Rick Lieberman Bill and Annette Lloyd

Alison Gardner and Jan Sirota

Tom and Maureen Steiner Lois Stulberg

Jared Winters



$10,000 - $14,999

Peggy and Ken Abt

George Allison, ASID and Alan Watkins, ASID Robert and Sara Arthur Bodil Braren

Jonathan Strickland Coleman and Rick Kerby Kay Delaney and Murray Bring Bruce Ensinger and Clark Denham Eleanor Faber

Laura Feder

Linda A. Fiorelli

Marnie and Stephen Grossman Waldron Kraemer and Joan Lovell Mary Ann and John Meyer

Stu and Gini Peltz

Rose Marie Proietti Mary Jo Reston

Gail and Skip Sack

Hon. John Schultz & Gary Hill Co-Founders: Schultz-Hill Foundation

In Loving Memory of Masayasu Tamatani Sallie Carter Tyler

Beth Uffner and Robert Goldfarb Thomas and Gwendolyn Watson Susan and Charles Wilson Anonymous


DEVOTEES CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999

Kay Aidlin

In Loving Memory of Stephen Aidlin

Margaret Barbieri

Maria Beck

Patricia Belote

Donald H. and Barbara K. Bernstein

Family Foundation

Jerry and Helga Bilik

Peter and Judy Carlin

Stephen and Mary Ellen Cease Bonnie and William Chapman Margie and Kelvin Cooper Georgia Court Wendy and Jim Cox Donna Cubit-Swoyer

Robert Davies

In Loving Memory of Gail Davies

Shirley Fein

Laurie Fitch

Fletcher Family Charitable Foundation

Herman and Sharon Frankel

Mario J. Gabelli Valerie Gill Ellen Goldman

Gerald and Deborah Hamburg Family Foundation Ineza Hart Ann and Robert Jackson Merrill Kaegi Anne Klisurich

GOLDEN CIRCLE $3,000 - $4,999

Jerry and Gay Bowles

James Brooks

Natalie and Alan Cohen

Syble Dolan-Di Girolamo Ronald and Sharon Erickson

Bruce and Betsy Finley Kevin Fulcher and Kim Deme-Fulcher

Patsy and Ed Garno Henry Kahwaty and Mary Dooher

Erika Kahwaty

Thomas I and Linda Z Klein

Philanthropic Fund Peter E. Kretzmer Joan Switt Langbord

SILVER CIRCLE $1,000 - $2,999

Peggy C. Allen and Steve Dixon Caroline Amory and Marjorie Floyd Charlie and Heather Annaloro Alexandra Armstrong and Jerry McCoy Carol Arscott

Ronelle Ashby Sumner and Irene Bagby Ruth Barker

Margaret and Isaac Barpal James and Lynnette Bennett Jon and Kris Berg Linda Berliner

Barbara Blumfield Linda and Glen Bodzy Ina and Carl Born Marty and Barbara Bowling Barbara Brizdle Beverly and Michael Budin Diana Cable

Judy Cahn

In Loving Memory of Charles Cahn Alexander and Irene Cass Lynn Chancer Bob and Jan Clark

Diana Smith and Barry Cohen Kim and James Cornetet Katie Couchot

Robin and Chase Curtis Jeanie Davis

Lydia Landa

Peter G. and Patricia D. Laughlin James and Stephania McClennen Carla and Michael Miller Elizabeth Moore

Drs. Joel and Gail Morganroth Gloria Moss

In Loving Memory of Eugene Noble Dr. Sarah H. Pappas

Paige Petersen and Curtis Jordan Marilynn Petrillo

In Loving Memory of Marsha Johnson Edwin and Maureen Schloss Gabriel and Valerie Schmergel John and Rita Steele

Greg and Belle Stikeleather

Tom and Teresa Walsh

Florence Wildner

Richard Wires

Fremajane Wolfson

In Loving Memory of Blair Wolfson Charles O. Wood, III and Miriam M. Wood Foundation Sheila and Merrill Wynne

Sora Yelin

In Loving Memory of Cary F. Yelin Anonymous (3)

Sona and David Degann Amy and Michael Drake Murray V. Duffin John and Patricia Dupps Rosalyn and Joel Ehrenpreis Edward and Annette Eliasberg Barbara and Bill Epperson Robert and Iris Fanger Steve and Wendy Fisk Martine Flamen Paul Francis and Lolli Zarlin Michael and Jean Freed Rhoda and Stuart Friedman Geoffrey W. Fulton Barbara Vanderkolk Gardner Wanda Garofalo Donald and Phoebe Giddon Suzanne Gladfelter Matt and Kristin Glavin Roz Goldberg Jane C. Gould and Stephen W. Fillo Helen and John Habbert D’Anne Hurd and George Forsythe Stephen and Lila Huse Janet Hyman Barbara Jacoby Elizabeth Johnston Alison Jones

In Loving Memory of Thomas H.W. Jones

Dr. Bart and Joan Levenson Meg Maguire

Dr. Louis and Carolou Marquet Anne Musekamp Peter and Joanne Powers Susan Rawson Pamela Revels

Teresa and Clive Samuels

Barbara Staton

Ed Town and Steve Rubin

Karen Vereb and Bud Blanton William and Karen Watt Anonymous

Anne E. Jones

Andrea Justiniano Joseph and Teresa Kadow Deborah Kalb

Richard Kemmler Norma and James Koppel Vivian Kouvant Dorothy Lawrence Ron and Kathryn Lee Alan Lenowitz and Terri Glasser Melvy Erman Lewis Guy and Maria Mandler Judith Marquis

Dr. Noralyn Marshall and Dr. Alastair Hunter-Henderson Jean M. Martin Mary Alice McGovern Robert and Sharon McMillan Eric and Mafalda Neikrug Sue and Doug Neumann Howard and Barbara Noble, Jr. Charmian and Earl Noel Paula Norwood John and Barbara Overstreet Lenee and Conrad Owens Charles and Charlotte Perret Megan Powers Linda Prowten and George Mitchell Elizabeth Reese

Sara and Benjamin Robinson Susan L. Robinson

Bob and Diane Roskamp Wylie and Nancy Royce Brian and Jean Rushton Sam Samelson William and Marge Sandy Eva Saunders Amy and Oscar Schachter

Abby Sherry

In Loving Memory of Murray Sherry Barbara B. and Jeffrey C. Shivers Arthur Siciliano and B Aline Blanchard Nancy Smith and Fred Frankel Jake and Paula Sorg Malcolm Stevenson Elizabeth Stewart

Joan J. Tatum

Jacqueline and John Thompson Cindy Thronson and Michael Thompson Anna Maria Troiano

Sandy Ullman

Joan Volpe and Ronald Kluck Michael and Mary Beth Walden Bernard and Lauren Walsh Kim Wheeler

Jacqueline and Robert Whitaker Anonymous (3)


Peter Amster and Frank Galati

Gaele Barthold and Larry Weiss

Lenore Shapiro and Glen Behrendt

Marc Behrendt

Charlotte Bimba

Claudia Cardillo

Lynn Chancer

Louis and Marianne Cohen

Naomi and Saul Cohen

Stanley and Norma Cohen

Neal Colton and Sharon Prizant

Glenn and Evelyn Cooper

Patricia Corson and Martin Goldstein

William Cotter

Sandra Jennings

Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Crootof

Charitable Foundation

Cynthia Cuminale

Dan Denton

Douglas Endicott

Sandra Fink

Cherie and Jeff Finn

Barry and Judy Fireman

Ronald W. Fry

Wanda Garofalo Hermione Gilpin

David Glorius

Cecile Adams Christina M. Amato Amy Barkin Nicholas and Jocelyn Baskey Marilyn Blausten Edward and Sheila Braun Barbara Callahan Dennis Ciborowski and Meryl Gale Janine and Douglas Cohen Marilyn and John Cooper Jacqueline and Harold D’Alessio Richard Davis

Leila and James Day Nicholas De Luca Marsha and Joseph Dick David Eichlin and Bob Griffiths Amy Devorsetz Eliezer Ronald and Sharon Erickson Betty Ferguson

Barbara Fisk

Elaine and Robert Foster Suzanne Freund Martha Friedman

Suzan and Barry Friedman Martha and Thomas Galek Eugenia K. Glasser Ruth Grain Joelle R. Hamovit

Bonnie and David Goldmann

Barbara K. Grauer

Barney and Judy Greenhill

Irene Hagman

Dr. Barbara Hajjar

Lorna Hard

Beverly A. Harms

Alene Hazeltine

Dr. Audrey Heimler

Bob Hemingway

Allen and Stephanie Hochfelder

Stephanie Horeis

Peter and Bonnie Hurley Barbara P. Hyde

Rob and Nancy Jones

Ronald and Rita Karns Marlene Kitchell Robert Kloss

Carla S Guarascio Judith and Ike Koziol Randi and Donald Kreiss Barbara Lasker Bruce Lehman Sandra Levy

Evie Lichter Terrance Lane Lindemann John Lindsey

Kathleen and Erin Long Dorothy L. Lutter

Gerda Maceikonis Julius and Kay Marcus Albert and Marita Marsh Lynn and Gary Massel Peter and Teresa Masterson Kay Mathers

Dianne McLoughlin Nancy Milbauer

Sharon Miller

Michael and Michelle Morris Paul and Karen Morton James Newman Susan Newsome

In Loving Memory of Jon Newsome Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Peakes Lynne Pettigrew and Jay Plager Dr. Richard L. Prager

DJ Arnold and Richard Prescott Robert B. Radin

Pamela Reiter Peter Rittner Karen Roosen Stanley and Jo Rutstein Lawrence V. Sage John and Mayra Schmidt

Susan Serling and David Kessler

Elizabeth Shalett

Steven and Frances Siegler

Ira and Carole Singer Thomas and Carol Smith

Rochelle and George Stassa Judilee Sterne

Audrey and Walter Stewart Martin and Hadassah Strobel Lance Stubbs

Cynthia Swanson & Michael Kutner Peggy Sweeney

Diran and Virginia Tashian Penny and Paul Thomas Emily Walsh

Leslie Weinstein

Robert J. Wilk Ann Williams Carol B. Williams

Jane Woods

Stanley Zielinski Anonymous

Julian and Barbara Hansen John and Nancy Harris Richard Hayes and Peggy Lyman Hayes Robert T. Hildebrand Christopher Hird Anne and Carl Hirsch John and Nina Hockenberry Judith Hoerr

Dr. Terry Hynes Daniel Idzik and Kathleen Osborne Idzik Eleanor and Burton Jaffe James A. Johnson and Paul D. Dobrea Susan K. Johnson Marilyn Jordan Marvin Kadesh Arno Kastner John and Elaine Kidd Linda and Neil Kirschner Mary Klimasiewfski Nancy J. Laird Anthony and Dorid Lamb Tassana and Michael Landy Harriet Lane Carolee Lesyk Arthur and Marcella Levin Ellen and David Levine Pamela Akins and Barry Levinson Marsha Levkoff

Carol Lewis

John Hargraves Lewis James Long and Barbara Fischer Long Francine Luque Richard Mace Donald and Judith Markstein Jacqueline Massari Jane McCormack Chad and Ruth Morrison Drs. David and Pearila Namerow Dr. and Mrs. John M. Nelson Jon O. Newman Tom and Jane Oliver Jennifer Oser Lisa and Thomas Paine Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Perkins Julie Planck Ronald and Marci Rhodes Andrew Rief Margot and Jack Robinson Barbara Rosin Sam Ross Sidney and Marcia Rutberg Phyllis Schaen Molly Schechter Tobi Schneider James Scholler Sue Shepard and Don Helgeson

Jane Sheridan

Joel Herman and Milt Sleeter Douglas J. Smith Christopher Soule Judi Stern

Mary Swanton and Stanley Kozubek Bogdana Tchakarova Eileen Toolin

Helen Vetter

Michael Vlaisavljevich and Stephanie Arthur Sheila Worthington Lirtzman Earl Wright Anonymous (3)

ADMIRERS $250 - $499 ENTHUSIASTS $500 - $999

Julia Aaron

Nancy Abrams

Priscilla Adams

Laurel Akhund

Edward Allen and Lorraine Gawronski

Angela C. Anderson

Richard and Patricia Anderson

Christopher and Natalie Armstrong

Jane B. Baisley

David Barclay

Bob and Billie Baren

Marjory Barksdale

Maxine and Irv Bass

Kim Bateman

David and Pamela Bechtol Elizabeth Weil Bergmann

Margaret H. Biddinger

Barbara Blackburn

Bob and Margaret Boeke Gay Boylston

Veronica Brady and Keith Monda Leanna Breese and Alec Vance James and Janet Breidster Joan Breiner

Kayla Briggs

Ruth and Mark Brus Mary Buckley Ann Burroughs Nancy Bushnell Cynthia Edstrom Byce Kim Azar-Calka and Brian Calka Colette Canavan Cheryl and Herb Carlson Julie Carmody

Emily Carrier

Diane Caudill

Amy Cipau

Sandra Cohen

Elsbeth M. Connors

Stevie and John Coppin-Polking Rosalind Cowie Betty Curnow

Christopher Curtis Dennis and Maria Day Stephen and Judith Del Viscio Laura Denenholz

Robert Deutsch

Marianne and Paul Diczok Kathi Doepfner

Monika Dorman Susan Eckert

Brian and Victoria Eckl Hazel Edlinger and Val Lucas Barbara Eisenberg Denise and Norris Elswick Christina and Brian Endicott

Patti Eylar

Tim Metz and Geraldine Fabrikant

Nancy and Peter Finn

Joann Flanigan

Elizabeth and Ben Forsyth

Tim and Ellen Foster David and Carol Furer Dana Gaddis

Kate Relling-Garskof and Melvyn Garskof Laura Gaythwaite Jerry Genova and Bob Evans Ernest Gibson and Kim Pickens

Susan Girese

Sheila Gleason

Rita and Paul Glosser Marilyn Goldman Faith and Michael Goldman Marjorie R. Goldstein

Anthony Grasso James and Debra Griffin Sharon Grisez

Suzanne Guyette and Bill Citara Ann E. Hall Maureen Darby Hamrock Sistie Fairweather-Harmes Karen Harris Doris Hasson William Hatz Tom and Charlotte Hedge Marcia Hendler Elaine C. Herda Ruth Herrman

Dr. Gregory P. Hetter and Ms. Anita Pihl Elliott Himelfarb and Janet Minker Michael Hird Ashley S. Hodson Melitta Hoenle John Holyland Jean and Peter Huber Tamara L. Ittersagen Gail Jackson Sue Jacobson Millicent B. Jaekle Oliver and Suzanne Janney Jeffrey A. Jannuzzo Jennifer Marie Kacur Edward and Lyn Kahn Bruce Kalt Roger and Kristin Kaufman Carolyn Keidel Joan Kiernan Amanda Klein

In Memory of Gail MacLauchlan Petrykanyn Davies Ilene and David Klein Rosalyn and Paul Kline Philippe Koenig and Jan Wallace Robert Kristman Maggie Lagana Iris LaJoie

Gail Landry

Phyllis A. and Fred D. Lasky Barbara Lawrence Horace and Lorrie Liang Phyllis and Phil Lieberman Anne Linn Gail Lisi

Phyllis and Saul Lowitt Rita and Ian MacLure Dr. Lisa Mann and Dr. Rocco Marotta Amanda Marie Mason Matthew McAleer Henry McFarland Jeanette Mcintosh Paula McKeough Jo Meighan

Lisa and Richard Merrill Antigone Merritt Joan and Robert Meyer Cyndi Miller Dean and Patty Miller Jean Miller Sandra Miranda Mary Mitchell Hank Mlynarski Linda Mohanty R. Bonnie Haber and Sven Mohr Barbara and Victor Morrison Ruth Moshman Marian Moss

Laurie Murphy Phyllis Myers Gerald and Georgia Navaretta Michael M. Noga Regina Noonan Marilyn Nordby Mary Olha Margaret D’Aiuto Palacio Jeannette Paladino Joe and Diane Palermo Laura and Fred Pardee Diana L. Paver Lisa Peakes

Bertha P. Person

Joseph and Sharon Petty Bernard and Elaine Pfeifer Carol and Marc Pohl Melissa Politte-Martin Patricia A. Prozzi

Kevin Pustay Helen and Ron Rayevich Jimmye Reeves Jerry and Carole Reid Natasha Reisner

Dr. Michael V Reitano Victor Rendano Cheryl Richards William Richlin

Marta T. Riordan

Sandra and Bill Ripberger

Martin Robbins in Honor of Audrey Robbins Alan Roer and Patricia Heyman

Beverly Root

Frank Rosemeier

Sally Ross

Stanford and Rona Ross

Dr. Jack and Nancy Rozance Saul and Joyce Rubenstein Lynn and Ned Rule Lydia and John Russo

Mr. and Mrs. P. Ryan

Gary Schieneman

Jane Schlegel

Paul Scire

Eda Scott Patricia Seftel

Paula Sharp

In Loving Memory Vielka Sheppard

Steve Sills

Roger and Barbara Sipson David and Linda Sischy Turbi and Paul Smilow

Beverly and James Smith Rose Sobel

Alfredo Sotomayor

Wesley Spencer and Pauline Wood Helen and Jerry Spindler Irene J. Stankevics

Carol Stares

Cheryl Sublette

Lora and Sig Tobias Carroll Tobin Lawrence Twill

Walt and Carole Ulin Richard Vergine and William Sloan Stanley Vickers Bill Wagy

Carolyn K. Warren

Christine Watkins L’Hermine Gisela Weinland

Dr. Ronald Weintraub and Margo Howard Iris G. Wenglin

Case Wewerka Sandy Whyte

Barbara Wilcox

Aaron and Susan Wilner

Norma and Terry Wohl David Wood

Joan Wood Mari Wright Amy and Jay Young Anonymous (4)

ADVOCATES $100 - $249 25




Alfred & Ann Goldstein Foundation Jean Allenby Touring Fund Andy Frank Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Annette J. Hagens Memorial Foundation Cordelia Lee Beattie Foundation Designing Women Boutique


Dancing Angels Foundation Fay A. Schweim Memorial Children’s Dance Fund Florida State University Gilbert Waters Charitable Fund II Jelks Family Foundation Jerome Robbins Foundation Johnston Family Fund


Amazon Smile Concierge Medical Services Cumberland Advisors CyberGrants

DEX Imaging Eurotech Cabinetry FushiPoke, Co

Texas Instruments Foundation

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Leda Freedman Fund

The Muriel O’Neil Fund for the Performing Arts at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County Tucker Family Charitable Fund Women’s Outreach Ministry, Church of the Redeemer

Goldman Babboni Fernandez & Walsh Gulf Coast Italian Culture Society Mauldin & Jenkins, CPAs & Advisors Michael’s on East Neuro Challenge Foundation for Parkinson’s New York Dancewear Company Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

Peter G. Laughlin Group

Sarasota Bay Club

Selva Grill

Serbin Print Marketing & Publishing

The DanceWEAR Shoppe Willis Smith Construction White Oaks Investment Management



The Sarasota Ballet gratefully acknowledges the


institutional funders. Throughout the 2021 – 2022 Season, outstanding annual contributions were made to ensure the Company’s success through performances and community engagement. We are honored that your

has been chosen to support artistic excellence and create an impact on the performing arts in the greater

Thank you for your continued partnership for years to come!

Ricardo Rhodes, Danielle Brown, and Daniel Pratt in Sir Frederick Ashton’s Valses nobles et sentimentales
Sarasota community.



On April 26 – 27, 2022, our community came together to participate in the 24-hour virtual giving event known as the Giving Challenge. This year’s Giving Challenge raised over $90,000 for The Sarasota Ballet, which will provide important support for the upcoming 2022 – 2023 Season.

The Giving Challenge is hosted by the Community Foundation of Sarasota County, with giving strengthened by The Patterson Foundation.

Thank you to our matching sponsors: Richard March and Marcia Jean Taub & Peter Swain, and to all of our community members who participated in Giving Challenge 2022.


The Sarasota Ballet Endowment Fund was established during the 2020 – 2021 Season with a $2 million dollar gift thanks to an incredibly generous anonymous patron. This fund will support the future of The Sarasota Ballet, ensuring that the organization remains one of the nation’s most exciting ballet companies for years to come. In addition to The Sarasota Ballet Endowment Fund, The Sarasota Ballet operates endowed funds for Live Music and Dance – The Next Generation. To learn more, please contact Lauren Stroman, Development Director at 941.225.6510.

Ryoko Sadoshima and Luke Schaufuss in Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Elite Syncopations


Friends of The Sarasota Ballet champion the Company throughout the region. Through their events and volunteer work, they act as the heart of The Sarasota Ballet community, forming close bonds through a mutual love of ballet.


Luncheons, events, and virtual programs are held by the Friends each Season and are open to both members and guests. Showcase Luncheons and other Friends events are designed to enhance understanding of the inner workings of the Company with exciting special guests and programming, while also providing a social outlet to interact with others who share your enthusiasm for The Sarasota Ballet.


Members have the opportunity to volunteer their time and get involved in the many different aspects of The Sarasota Ballet. Whether you wish to assist the box office, act as a performance greeter, become a guide for backstage tours, mentor our Dance – The Next Generation students, or simply share your love for The Sarasota Ballet, there are endless opportunities to become an Ambassador for The Sarasota Ballet.

Back: Richard March, Phyllis Myers, Bruce Ensinger, Laura Feder, Barbara Hyde & Melliss Kenworthy Swenson Front: Betty Ferguson, Laurie Fitch, Patricia Golemme, Peggy Sweeney & Donna Maytham 2021 - 2022 Friends of The Sarasota Ballet Board of Directors
Director, Iain Webb & Jason Ettore Sara Robinson, Micki Kastel & Lisa Binkley David Eichlin, Bruce Ensinger & Bob Griffiths Joan Mathews, Katie Couchot & Sandra Cowing Ryan McArdle, Lauren Ostrander, Lauren Walsh, Richard House, Daniel Pratt, Taylor Sambola-Broad & Arcadian Broad


We were incredibly grateful to be able to safely gather in-person this Season and host a wide variety of events celebrating The Sarasota Ballet. Thank you to all our patrons and community partners for making the 2021 –2022 Season events possible.

1. Ken Abt, Bill & Jan Farber 2. Richard Matson, Cornelia Matson & Emily Walsh 3. Barbara Jacob & Karen Lichtig 4. Jason Ettore, Sydney Goldstein & Iain Webb 5. Patricia Golemme & Peggy Abt 6. Robert Goldfarb & Beth Uffner 7. Judy Rudges, Deborah Kalb & JoAnn Heffernan Heisen 8. Timothy Fullum, Taylor Sambola-Broad & Frank Martucci 9. Eleanor Schmidt, Gini Peltz, Stu Peltz & Melliss Kenworthy Swenson 10. Tina Lieberman, Paul Cantor, Michelle Roy, Taylor Sambola-Broad & Rick Lieberman 11. Sir David Bintley & Karol Foss 12. Audrey Robbins & Harry Leopold 13. Alison Gardner, Amy Harding, & Christopher Hird 14. Neil & Sandra DeFeo 15. Katherine & Frank Martucci 16. Joe Volpe, Betty Shapiro, Jean Volpe & Bud Shapiro 17. Lauren Stroman, Laura Feder, Courtney Hansen & Kimberley Pelyk 18. Rosemary & Lou Oberndorf 19. Rickey Rhodes & Kay Delaney 20. Martha Harrison & Peter Miller 21. Annette & Bill Lloyd 22. Carly Evans, Julie Harris & Clara Villanueva 23. Bob & Ginger Cannon Bailey 24. Richard Johnson & Deborah Kalb 25. Marcia Jean Taub, Peter Swain & Barbara Epperson 26. Kelly Borgia & Matt Kahn 27. Rachael Fisk & Sara Robinson 28. Peter Kretzmer & Melody Genson 29. Micki Sellman & Lois Stulberg 30. Darlene Carroll & Marilyn Rothschild

5 7 10 11 12 8 9 6 3 2 1 4 MEMORABLE MOMENTS
31 13 14 15 17 18 23 19 24 27 28 29 25 26 20 22 21 30 16 31
6 5 13 14 7 3 2 11 4 9 12 1. Iain Webb, Margaret Barbieri, Patricia Golemme & Timothy Fullum 2. David Welle, Rosemary Reinhardt & Ivan Spitale 3. Bill & Linda Mitchell 4. David Lipton & Isabel Becker 5. Mary Kay Henson & Eleanor Schmidt 6. Luke Schaufuss, Karol Foss, Ivan Spitale & Marijana Dominis 7. Thomas & Gwendolyn Watson 8. Marnie & Stephen Grossman, Jan Sirota, Alison Gardner & Kimberley Pelyk 9. Richard March, Gordon Stanley, In Loving Memory of Sidney Katz & Elaine Keating 10. Christine Adkins, Maryann Armour & Joan Mathews 11. Octavio Martin & Robin Klein-Strauss 12. Micki Sellman, Amber Lamerson & Julie Harris 13. Harry Leopold & Iain Webb 14. Charlie Huisking, Mandy-Jayne Richardson & Lindsay Fischer 15. Steve & Shari Ashman 16. Frances Fergusson & John Bradbury 17. Ann & Pat Kenny & Margaret Barbieri 18. Lynda & Fred Doery & Sydney Goldstein 19. Iain Webb, Matthew Hindson, Sharon & Paul Steinwachs 20. Mercedita OConnor, Laurie Fitch & Alison Gardner 21. Bruce Ensinger & Daniel Pratt 22. Jim Cox & Wendy Cox 10 1 8 MEMORABLE MOMENTS



A deeper connection to The Sarasota Ballet begins right here. Join us as a contributing patron for the 2022 - 2023 Season and receive special benefits throughout the year.

Benefits include, but are not limited to:

• Insider Access

• Behind-the-Scenes Experiences

• Invitations to Special Events with Dancers, Directors, and Guest Artists

• Ticketing Perks

• Recognition in the Season Program Book and Encore! Annual Magazine

• And so much more!


Gifts to The Sarasota Ballet are tax-deductible and support our performance, education, and community engagement programs. Your generous support—over and above your subscription—allows The Sarasota Ballet to continue to bring world-class performances and accessible arts education to our community.

For more information about patron programs, please contact:

Melissa McCoy, Chief Strategy & Advancement Officer – 941.225.6504 |

Lauren Stroman, Development Director – 941.225.6510 |

Nicole Mobley, Institutional Giving Officer – 941.225.6513 |

Rachael Fisk, Events & Engagement Manager – 941.225.6519 |

Amy Wensley, Development Associate – 941.225.6523 |

US FOR THE 2022 – 2023
15 15 16 17 18 19 20 22 21 The Sarasota Ballet 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243 Sir Peter Wright’s Summertide
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