The Sarasota Ballet's Encore - Our 2019 - 2020 Season In Review

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Katelyn May in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony

IAIN WEBB, DIRECTOR JOSEPH VOLPE, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR MARGARET BARBIERI, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR 2019-2020 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Richard Johnson, Chair Patricia Golemme, Vice Chair Frank Martucci, President Jonathan Strickland Coleman, Secretary Patrick Kenny, Treasurer Maureen Steiner, Governance Peggy Abt Ginger Cannon Bailey Isabel Anchin Becker Paul Cantor Lynda Doery Julie A. Harris Sean Keenan Phil Lombardo Richard March Teresa Masterson Peter Miller Rosemary Oberndorf Audrey Robbins Richard Segall Marilyn Sellman Hillary Steele Jean Weiller

Front Cover photography by Frank Atura Katelyn May, Kate Honea, Victoria Hulland, Danielle Brown, Luke Schaufuss, Ricardo Graziano, Marcelo Gomes, & Ricardo Rhodes in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony


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Sir Frederick Ashton’s Les Rendezvous

George Balanchine’s Western Symphony

Paul Taylor’s Brandenburgs


D E A R S A R A S O T A B A L L E T F A M I L Y, As we embark upon our 30th Anniversary Season, we would like to take a moment to look back at the 2019-2020 Season. It’s a season we will not soon forget. The 2019-2020 Season represents a period of great growth, opportunity, challenge, and gratitude from The Sarasota Ballet. We began the Season with Graziano, Retrospective, celebrating the extraordinary work of our own Resident Choreographer, Ricardo Graziano. The next two Programs featured George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations, the return of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Las Hermanas, the Company Premiere of Balanchine’s Western Symphony, and the return of a holiday tradition, Matthew Hart’s John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker. January followed with an outstanding 29th Annual Gala, followed by Sir Frederick Ashton’s Les Rendezvous, the Company Premiere of Paul Taylor’s Brandenburgs, and Dominic Walsh’s I Napoletani. We also welcomed the return of Paul Taylor Dance Company. In addition to the outstanding work on stage, our Ballet School and Conservatory taught over 200 students while engaging over 8,500 people in performances and programs through our Community Engagement activities. Dance – The Next Generation (DNG), our awardwinning program for at-risk youth, brought 160 students into the studio for dance classes, tutoring, and mentorship programs. Our staff, leadership, and Trustees worked together for 8 months to create a comprehensive Strategic Plan. This plan articulates exciting artistic programs, education goals, and audience development initiatives. The collaborative work that took place has set the stage for a stronger organization in the years ahead. When the COVID-19 crisis arrived in March, we were prepared to work together and formulate the best possible response. COVID-19 has challenged the arts and culture industry in new ways. It was with great disappointment that we were unable to perform Sir Frederick Ashton’s Romeo & Juliet, Jerome Robbins’ In the Night, Ashton’s Dante Sonata, and the Company Premiere of The Spider’s Feast by Sir David Bintley. Our schools and Dance – The Next Generation were unable to perform their end of year programs. However, as we canceled the last 10 weeks of our Season, we recieved an outpouring of support unlike anything we have ever experienced. Over 1,000 people donated tickets and supported The Emergency Fund and The 2020 Giving Challenge. This support has helped sustain us through this crisis. As we look to the future, we are grateful for our amazing dancers, staff, patrons, and audience members who have been so loyal to the organization throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope you will enjoy this new Annual Magazine. It celebrates the highlights of a very special year. As we look back on the 2019-2020 Season, we will remember all of the accomplishments and forward thinking that took place, we will remember the incredible talent of our dancers, and we will remember the generosity of our patrons. We look forward to sharing a very special 30th Anniversary Season in 2020-2021.

Iain Webb Director

Joseph Volpe Executive Director

Margaret Barbieri Assistant Director


I Napoletani


John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker

In a State of Weightlessness


Las Hermanas

Don Quixote

John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker

Les Rendezvous

Shostakovich Suite



Western Symphony Meditation from Thaïs


$7.6 M 15


George Balanchine’s Western Symphony

Paul Taylor’s Brandenburgs


FSU Center for the Performing Arts

Sarasota Opera House

Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall









Corps de Ballet


17 8





Studio Company

The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory






The Sarasota Ballet School

Ages 2 - 18

Adult Program

105 50

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS: Number of Engagement Activities En Las Calles de Murcia

Number of People Reached

Dance – The Next Generation Students


80 8,500 160 96

*Estimated audience participation prior to Covid-19 cancellations


T H E C O M PA N Y GRAZIANO, RETROSPECTIVE | PROGRAM 1 Our first Program of the Season, Graziano, Retrospective, celebrated Resident Choreographer and Principal Dancer Ricardo Graziano’s 10th Season with the Company. The triple bill opened with his first choreographic work, Shostakovich Suite; followed by En Las Calles de Murcia, his fifth full work for The Sarasota Ballet; and closed with Graziano’s critically acclaimed In a State of Weightlessness. In addition to creating an inspiring tribute to such a loved member of the Company, the program was also a perfect way for many of The Sarasota Ballet’s newest company members to perform in front of our audiences for the first time. Performance highlights by these new members included Luke Schaufuss in partnership with Katelyn May as the principal couple in Shostakovich Suite, as well as coryphée Marijana Dominis in En Las Calles de Murcia, and Richard House together with Amy Wood in In a State of Weightlessness. En Las Calles de Murcia

In a State of Weightlessness

Shostakovich Suite

SYMPHONIC TALES | PROGRAM 2 An endeavor steeped in regal splendor, drama, and Wild West whimsy, Symphonic Tales ran the gamut of balletic aesthetics. George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations led the Program with a resplendent demonstration of classical technique. The twenty-four dancers adorned in immaculate ivory-blue attire were perfectly led by the Principal Couples of Kate Honea and Ricardo Rhodes, and in the alternative cast of Katelyn May and Luke Schaufuss. Traditional beauty made way for the intense emotive force of Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Las Hermanas. This tale of five daughters yearning for freedom from their tyrannical mother in provincial Spain, brought out extraordinary performances by every member of the cast. Whether you watched the Youngest Sister (Ellen Overstreet) betray her Eldest Sister (Danielle Brown) for The Man (Marcelo Gomes), or mourned alongside Amy Wood’s forlorned Eldest Sister, Las Hermanas left an impact on each audience member. The Company Premiere of Balanchine’s Western Symphony wrapped up the Program on an upbeat note; this three-movement slice of Americana paired popular folk tunes with virtuosic performances and boundless exuberance. Las Hermanas

Theme and Variations


Western Symphony

HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2020 JOHN RINGLING’S CIRCUS NUTCRACKER | PROGRAM 3 December saw the return of Matthew Hart’s holiday extravaganza, John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker, and with it, all the joy and spectacle audiences have come to expect from this festive Sarasota tradition. Combined with Peter Docherty’s vibrant and dynamic designs, Hart’s choreography once again brought this wonderful festive story to light. Members from across The Sarasota Ballet performed this beloved full length ballet, including students from the Margaret Barbieri Conservatory, The Sarasota Ballet School, Dance – The Next Generation, as well DNG Program Director Lisa Townsend— who brought life to one of the Ringling Clowns! These December performances would also act as a tribute to Principal Dancer Amy Wood, who after 13 Seasons with The Sarasota Ballet retired from the stage with her final role as Mable Ringling. Amy remains with the Company in a new role as Finance & Office Manager. John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker

John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker

John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker

REDEFINED MOVEMENT | PROGRAM 4 2020’s first Program, Redefined Movement, served as a showcase of the growing artistic breadth of which The Sarasota Ballet has become capable over the years. Sir Frederick Ashton’s Les Rendezvous opened the triple bill with the technical nuance and charm for which Ashton’s works are known. This ballet’s effervescence starkly contrasted with the potent fervor of the Company Premiere of Paul Taylor’s Brandenburgs, the first time the work has been performed outside of the Paul Taylor Dance Company. Working with famed Taylor Dancer and Repetiteur Michael Trusnovec, the Company performed Taylor’s work to an extraordinary standard, with breathtaking performances by all three casts. A trip to Naples, Italy closed the Program in Dominic Walsh’s sprightly and boisterous I Napoletani—an eerie display at the Teatro San Carlo, four women’s lovestruck pursuit of a suave but less-than-reciprocating gentleman, and a gesture-dense family table scene comprised but a handful of the sequences crafted by Walsh to provide ballet audiences an enriching Neapolitan adventure. Les Rendezvous

I Napoletani



T H E C O M PA N Y H I G H L I G H T S F R O M 2 0 2 0 PAUL TAYLOR DANCE COMPANY | PROGRAM 5 A modern dance institution since 1954, the Paul Taylor Dance Company epitomized the spirit of the group’s namesake choreographer and dancer on our Sarasota stage. As part of the Company’s international tour dedicated to the late Taylor, aptly titled “The Celebration Tour,” three of the artist’s creations were presented as representative of Taylor’s choreographic range. Cloven Kingdom delved into the animalistic underpinnings of human nature; Polaris demonstrated the significance of cast and music on the impact of a ballet; Syzygy put the famed athleticism of the company on full display. Under the leadership of Artistic Director Michael Novak, Taylor’s hand-selected successor, and with Taylor’s phenomenal catalog of works, the Paul Taylor Dance Company extends its prestigious reputation into the 21st century. Polaris


Margaret Barbieri in Las Hermanas

INSIDE THE STUDIO Last Season, our Inside The Studio series ventured behind the curtain of two emotionally charged ballets—Las Hermanas and Brandenburgs. Renowned repetiteur Grant Coyle led the discussion and coaching on Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Las Hermanas, guiding several dancers through the motions of some of the work’s most challenging segments. He also explained MacMillan’s creative process, as well as the insights into the roles by Assistant Director Margaret Barbieri who performed the role of The Youngest Sister in The Royal Ballet premiere. The Brandenburgs event, hosted by longtime Paul Taylor Dance Company dancer Michael Trusnovec, explored the dynamic between the three women and principal man. Focusing on each dancer’s specific stylistic approach built a greater understanding of the concept of the piece, for dancers and audience members alike. Margaret Barbieri


Michael Trusnovec

Danielle Brown & Kate Honea in Ricardo Graziano’s Shostakovich Suite

Kate Honea & Ricardo Graziano in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony

Kate Honea & Ricardo Rhodes in George Balanchine’s Theme and Variations

Ellen Overstreet & Marcelo Gomes in Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s Las Hermanas

9 9

T H E S A R A S O TA B A L L E T S C H O O L The Sarasota Ballet School provides a comprehensive dance education while inspiring a lifelong love of dance. In 2019-2020, The School offered dance classes for over 150 students, ages 2 to 92, with a range of classes for beginners to advanced. Students in The Sarasota Ballet School receive unique benefits throughout the season: •

Access to the professional Company

Opportunities to audition for roles in The Sarasota Ballet productions

Free tickets to see The Sarasota Ballet

Professional dancers as role models and mentors for students

At the end of the 2019-2020 Season, all faculty were certified in the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum for Pre-Primary through Level 3

“I am delighted that The Sarasota Ballet will be adopting the American Ballet Theatre® National Training Curriculum,” says Cynthia Harvey, Artistic Director of the ABT® National Training Curriculum, and ABT Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School. “My links with Iain Webb and Margaret Barbieri go back to The Royal Ballet, and I have followed The Sarasota Ballet’s achievements with great interest. ABT loves to support others in the dance community, here and abroad, who believe in the future of good dance training and it is evident that The Sarasota Ballet values quality in their dance education.”



The Sarasota Ballet School offered free virtual classes to all students as a way of saying “thank you” to the families for being a part of The Sarasota Ballet.

THE ROSEMARY STUDIO In 2019, The Sarasota Ballet opened a dazzling new facility in the Rosemary Square district. The two beautiful studios and reception area provide a home for The Sarasota Ballet School.

CHILDREN’S BALLET CLASSES The Sarasota Ballet School is taught by nurturing teachers experienced in child development, and classes emphasize the fun of dance while allowing each student to achieve their own unique goals. In 2019 - 2020, 105 students participated in classes for students ages 2-16 years.

ADULT BALLET CLASSES The Adult Program provides a continuing education for adults through drop-in classes along with weekend workshops, all built around the idea that it is truly never too late to enjoy the world of ballet. 50 individuals participated in adult classes during the 2019-2020 Season.



The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory offers preprofessional training for over 30 talented students ages 11 to 19. The program is designed to prepare students for a career with The Sarasota Ballet or in the dance industry. The Conservatory’s philosophy of training emphasizes not only technical strength and versatility, but also a true sense of clean, classical artistry, musicality, and style.


TRAINEE PROGRAM The Trainee Program is the top level of the Conservatory and prepares dedicated young dancers for the next steps in their professional career. At the close of the 2019-2020 Season, three Conservatory Trainees were invited to join The Sarasota Ballet’s Studio Company – Katelyn Cudiamat, Cynthia Ryan, and Terri Jean Thomson. We look forward to their performances in The Sarasota Ballet’s 30th Anniversary Season and beyond!

YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX In the fall of 2019, The Sarasota Ballet’s Margaret Barbieri Conservatory joined the elite roster of Youth America Grand Prix (YAGP) partner schools. As a partner, The Sarasota Ballet is now one of the YAGP’s official scholarship presenters, and The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory has joined the world’s leading dance academies in providing scholarship opportunities to talented young dancers worldwide at YAGP. In addition, both Christopher Hird, Education Director, and Dierdre Miles Burger, Assistant Education Director, joined the YAGP’s esteemed panel of judges for several semi-finals this season. “It’s an incredible honor for us to be recognized in this way by such a prestigious organization as the Youth America Grand Prix,” exclaims Hird. “Their belief in the quality of the training we provide is a testament to what we have built over the past few years.”

2019 SUMMER INTERNATIONAL INTENSIVE 86 students from around the globe participated in The Sarasota Ballet’s International Intensive, a five-week summer residency program providing training for students ages 12-19. The program culminates in two performances at the FSU Center for the Performing Arts. The International Intensive also serves as a first step for students interested in joining the Margaret Barbieri Conservatory.


D A N C E – T H E N E X T G E N E R AT I O N Dance – The Next Generation (DNG) engaged 160 students from Title 1 schools in Sarasota and Manatee counties. The comprehensive after-school program, operates five days a week at the DNG Studios on Tallevast Road in Sarasota. The DNG facilities are equipped with 3 dance studios, 2 classrooms, and a computer lab. Starting in grade 3 and lasting through grade 12, the program includes dance classes, educational support, enrichment opportunities, and mentoring from dedicated faculty and volunteers.


Introduce students to life skills & self-discipline gained through dance

Enable students to achieve academic and personal goals

Ensure students graduate from high school

DNG’S RESPONSE TO COVID-19 Dance – The Next Generation was not able to complete the last ten weeks of the program. End-of-year performances at Riverview High School and all remaining after-school classes for DNG students were canceled. In response to these cancellations, DNG staff quickly moved to an online, virtual format for the remaining weeks of the program. DNG staff offered online classes weekly at three levels and created a virtual enrichment program. The virtual enrichment program offered websites that provide virtual tours, arts and culture activities, and videos that touch on several topics that have previously been presented through the DNG Guest Speaker Series. In addition, DNG staff worked with the Sarasota and Manatee County School systems to ensure that every student had access to the digital resources necessary to continue participating in the program.

During the 2019-2020 Season, DNG received a generous gift from the Care Institute Group and was able to upgrade the computer lab with 12 new, state-of-theart computers.




opportunity, at little or no cost, for over 8,500 students,

In the fall of 2019, The Sarasota Ballet launched a new

families, and community members to enjoy dance.

program in partnership with The Neuro Challenge

PUBLIC SCHOOL PERFORMANCES & PROGRAMS In partnership with 59 public schools in Sarasota, Manatee, and Charlotte counties, this program engages 6,800+ public

Foundation for Parkinson’s that offers free classes for people living with Parkinson’s Disease. The classes are offered at The Sarasota Ballet School studios in the Rosemary District.

school students in dance programs throughout the year. Each Season, The Sarasota Ballet provides transportation and tickets for over 1,800 3rd grade students to attend a matinee performance in the Mertz Theatre at FSU Center for the Performing Arts. In addition, dancers from The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company and The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory visited public schools with a special ballet presentation of Gwendolyn, the Graceful Pig. Performances were narrated by the book’s author, David Rottenberg.

SILVER SWANS® The Sarasota Ballet offers a dance and movement program for participants over 55. Education faculty are certified by the Royal Academy of Dance to teach Silver Swans®. The classes take place at senior centers in Sarasota and provide dance and movement programs for a range of abilities.

FREE LECTURES, TICKETS & TOURS PERFORMANCE TICKETS In 2019-2020, The Sarasota Ballet provided over 700 free and deeply discounted tickets for students, families, and non-profit community partners to attend performances. LECTURES In partnership with New College of Florida, Ringling College of Art & Design, and FSU, The Sarasota Ballet offered 10 lectures at little or no cost to the participants.

COMMUNITY PERFORMANCES Curated performances by The Sarasota Ballet Studio Company and The Margaret Barbieri Conservatory


celebrate the history of ballet and engage over 2,000

Free to the general public, Friends of The Sarasota Ballet

audience members of all ages in the beauty of dance.

provided over 30 backstage tours engaging over 300

These performances take place in a variety of venues

people with a glimpse into the dancers’ morning class, the

throughout the Greater Sarasota area. This past year’s events

costume shop, and an opportunity to meet members of The

included Dali Nights at the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens,

Sarasota Ballet staff.

Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, and Valencia Lakes.


2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 C O M M U N I T Y PA R T N E R S

John Ringling’s Circus Nutcracker


Sarasota County Schools (32) School District of Manatee County (17) Charlotte County Public Schools (10) New College of Florida New College Children’s Center Osher Lifelong Learning College Ringling College of Art & Design State College of Florida USF Sarasota - Manatee


Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota County Ft. Myers Symphony (Southwest Florida Symphony) Key Chorale Marie Selby Botanical Gardens Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg Music Compound Origami Air Sailor Circus/Circus Arts Conservatory Sarasota Opera Sarasota Youth Opera Sarasota Orchestra Sarasota Music Conservatory


Fruitville Public Library Shannon Staub Public Library Braden River Library


Aviva Senior Life Plymouth Harbor The Glenridge on Palmer Ranch Valencia Lakes Retirement Community


Downtown Sarasota Alliance Greater Sarasota Chamber of Commerce Manatee Chamber of Commerce Venice Art Walk Visit Sarasota County


All Faiths Food Bank Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sarasota County Big Brothers Big Sisters of Manatee County Child Protection Center Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital Junior League of Sarasota Neuro Challenge Foundation Take Stock in Children Sarasota County


Dance Media Observer Media Group The Jewish News of Sarasota-Manatee Sarasota Magazine Sarasota Scene Magazine Suncoast News Network (SNN) SRQ The Magazine WEDU WUSF Public Media


Katelyn May & Luke Schaufuss in George Balanchine’s Western Symphony

F R I E N D S O F T H E S A R A S O TA B A L L E T Friends of The Sarasota Ballet champion The Company throughout the region. Their events and volunteer work

provide important resources for The Sarasota Ballet, and their community of members form close bonds through a mutual love of ballet.

SHOWCASE LUNCHEONS AND EVENTS Luncheons, events, and virtual programs are held by the Friends each season and are open to both members and guests. Each program is designed to share the inner workings of The Sarasota Ballet and, in addition, give members and guests an opportunity to interact with other people who share an enthusiasm for The Sarasota Ballet.

b& aco

J ra rba Ba ren

Ka g hti


VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES Members can become directly involved with ongoing events throughout the season. Whether it be lending computer expertise, becoming a guide for backstage tours, mentoring our Dance – The Next Generation students, or simply sharing a love and enthusiasm with the rest of the community, there are so many ways that Friends of The Sarasota Ballet are part of The Sarasota Ballet family. Donna Maytham, Priscilla Adams, Mary Mitchell nM

Joa & ws

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ns we


T H E S A R A S O TA B A L L E T ’ S 2 9 T H A N N UA L G A L A The Sarasota Ballet’s 29th Season Gala took place on Sunday, January 5, 2020 at the Sarasota Opera House. With over 350 guests in attendance, the evening began with pre-show champagne and a comprehensive performance, featuring The Sarasota Ballet Company and world-renowned guest artists. Following the performance, guests gathered for an elegant tented dinner on Pineapple Avenue, all in honor of Assistant Director, Margaret Barbieri. Thank you to our incredible patrons who helped make this event a truly unforgettable evening. GALA PERFORMANCE SPONSORS


Bud & Betty Shapiro


Kate Honea Audrey Robbins Emily Walsh


Peggy Abt Isabel Anchin Becker Terry Damm Lynda Doery Pat Golemme Renee Hamad Dr. Martha Harrison Vivian Kouvant Katherine Martucci Sara Sardelli Rachon Jenni Ross Jo Rutstein Molly Schechter Hillary Steele Marcia Jean Taub Jean Volpe


Karol Foss Pat Golemme & Timothy Fullum Sydney Goldstein Renee Hamad Dick Johnson Pat & Ann Kenny Frank & Katherine Martucci Bud & Betty Shapiro Hillary Steele Marcia Jean Taub & Peter Swain



Jean Weidner Goldstein Robin Klein-Strauss & Michael Strauss Richard & Cornelia Matson Peter Miller & Dr. Martha Harrison Audrey Robbins & Harry Leopold Jenni Ross Rich & Clare Segall


Peggy & Ken Abt Steve & Shari Ashman Bob & Ginger Cannon Bailey Isabel Anchin Becker Murray & Kay Delaney-Bring Jim Brooks & Eduardo Anaya Paul Cantor & Michelle Roy Neil & Sandy DeFeo David & Dr. Sona Degann Fred & Lynda Doery David & Ellen Faulk Bill & Joyce Fletcher Ed & Patsy Garno Robert Goldfarb & Beth Uffner Jane Gould & Stephen Fillo Julie Harris Janet Hyman & Elam Hertzler Barbara Jacob Joan Langbord Melvy Lewis Rick & Tina Lieberman Bill & Annette Lloyd Mario & Jenni Messina Charles & Charlotte Perrett Rose Marie Proietti Flori Roberts Steven & Marilyn Rothschild Judy Rudges & Stan Katz Edwin & Maureen Schloss Micki Sellman Tom & Maureen Steiner

George Allison & Alan Watkins Chris & Natalie Armstrong Irene & Sumner Bagby David & Betty Jean Bavar Jerry & Gay Bowles Katie Couchot Chase & Robin Curtis Marlene Forster Valerie Gill Roz Goldberg Patricia & George Gondelman Gerald & Debby Hamburg Steve & Lisa High Ron & Joan Kluck Vivian Kouvant Wally Kraemer & Joan Lovell Dorothy Lawrence Cynthia Lichtenstein Lou & Carolou Marquet Dr. Joan Mathews Tim & Geraldine Metz Cynthia Miller Gloria Moss Mercedita OConnor Jan Peixoto Jeffrey Peterson Pamela Revels Jo & Stan Rutstein B. Thomas Smith, Jr. Diana Smith & Barry Cohen Tatiana Sokolova Tom & Gwen Watson Ernest Werlin Susan & Charles Wilson Jytte & Mort Winslow-Mandle

Gala Co-Chairs: Emily Walsh, Audrey Robbins, Kate Honea


Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation Gulf Coast Community Foundation Community Foundation of Sarasota County


Observer Media Group Sarasota Scene Magazine Pat Golemme & Tim Fullum

Director, Iain Webb thanks attendees for their support of The Sarasota Ballet


Bob’s Barricades Cliff Roles Photography Flowers by Fudgie Margot Zarzycka Quartet Michael’s on East Catering Sarasota Opera House Sarasota Police Department Serbin Printing Sights and Sounds AV

Steve & Shari Ashman

Back row: David Devan & David Dubbeldam, Claudia McCorkle, Rick Kerby & Jonathan Coleman Strickland Front row: Bud & Shari Harris, Gala Production Sponsors, Bud & Betty Shapiro

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT PROVIDED BY Stephen & Kay Aidlin Carol Arscott Margaret Barbieri Ruth Barker Jaclyn Brunckhorst Alexander & Irene Cass Jeremy Hammond-Chambers & Jules Price William & Bonnie Chapman Louis Cohen Peter & Mary Davis Desiree Doggett David Dubbeldam & David Devan Andrew & Judith Economos Brian & Christina Endicott William & Barbara Epperson Laurie Fitch Caroline Amory & Marjorie Floyd Kevin Fulcher & Kim Deme-Fulcher Jan Sirota & Alison Gardner Wanda Garofalo Jennifer Gemmeke

Jules Price & Jeremy Hammond-Chambers

Syble Dolan-Di Girolamo Ellen Goldman Edward & Roberta Hamilton Karen Hiles Dex & Kate Honea Ben & Gigi Huberman Susan & Jeffrey Malloy Jones Michael & Marcy Klein John Knowles Donna Koffman Vlado Konatar Carol Lackey E. Nancy Markle Peter & Teresa Masterson Donna Maytham Bill & Linda Mitchell Drs. Joel & Gail Morganroth Eric & Mafalda Neikrug Rosemary & Lou Oberndorf Virginia Page Stuart & Virginia Peltz

Paul Cantor & Michelle Roy, BJ Creighton, Tina & Rick Lieberman

Kimberly Pelyk Peter & Joanne Powers Benjamin & Sara Robinson Robert & Diane Roskamp Molly Schechter Nancy Shapiro Arthur & Aline Siciliano Alyssa Simons Mark & Carol Smith David & Tre Michel Steiner Judilee Sterne Melliss & Curt Swenson Lauren Taylor Alicia Thornton Bob & Colleen Tobin Karen Trudeau Peter & Kathie Viner Jean Volpe Matt & Lisa Walsh Tom & Teresa Walsh Rosemary Reinhardt & David Welle

Rose Marie Proietti



Our Special Angel Patricia Golemme & Timothy Fullum Jean Weidner Goldstein, In Loving Memory of Alfred Goldstein Sydney Goldstein Ernie Kretzmer, In Loving Memory of Alisa Kretzmer Paul & Sharon Steinwachs Jean Weiller

BENEFAC TORS CIRCLE $75,000 - $99,999 Mark Famiglio Dan & Debi Isaac Pat & Ann Kenny

GUARDIANS CIRCLE $50,000 - $74,999

Sherry & Michael Guthrie Julie A. Harris Richard Johnson, In Loving Memory of Marsha Johnson Harry Leopold & Audrey Robbins Frank & Katherine Martucci Mercedita OConnor Bud & Betty Shapiro Hillary Steele Marcia Jean Taub & Peter Swain, In Loving Memory of Ethel & Ron Taub In Loving Memory of Robert & Jeanne Zabelle Anonymous

CONNOISSEURS CIRCLE $25,000 - $49,999

Maryann Armour Isabel Anchin Becker Robert & Gail Davies Andrew & Judith Economos Charles L. Huisking Phil & Kim Lombardo Richard March In Loving Memory of Helen March Claudia McCorkle & Beau Peter Miller & Dr. Martha Harrison Dr. Bart Price Marilyn & Steve Rothschild Micki Sellman, In Loving Memory of Jerry Sellman Noel & Toby Siegel Robin Klein-Strauss & Michael Strauss Matt & Lisa Walsh William & Karen Watt Jared Winters

AFICIONADOS CIRCLE $15,000 - $24,999 Peggy & Ken Abt Eliza P. Culverhouse Fred & Lynda Doery William & Janice Farber Barbara Jacob Judy Rudges & Stan Katz Janice Bini & Dean Scarborough Rich & Clare Segall Tom & Maureen Steiner Curt & Melliss Swenson Jean Volpe Thomas & Gwendolyn Watson

PATRONS CIRCLE $10,000 - $14,999

Dorothy O’Brien & Richard Antoine Shari & Steve Ashman Bob & Ginger Cannon Bailey Margaret Barbieri Betty-Jean & David Bavar Murray Bring & Kay Delaney Bring Jaclyn Brunckhorst Judy Cahn Neil & Sandra DeFeo Karol Foss Renee Hymson Paige Petersen & Curtis Jordan Tina & Rick Lieberman Bill & Annette Lloyd Waldron Kraemer & Joan Lovell Karen Luther Joan Mathews Richard & Cornelia Matson Donna Maytham, In Loving Memory of Walter Maytham Linda & Bill Mitchell Joel & Gail Morganroth John & Cindy Morris Rose Marie Proietti Mary Jo Reston Flori Roberts Pete & Maggie Roth Paul Cantor & Michelle Roy Alison Gardner & Jan Sirota In Loving Memory of Masayasu Tamatani

DEVOTEES CIRCLE $5,000 - $9,999

George Allison, ASID & Alan Watkins, ASID Robert & Sara Arthur Ruth & David Beliles Donald H. & Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation Frances Fergusson & John Bradbury Jeremy Hammond-Chambers & Jules Price William & Bonnie Chapman Jonathan Strickland Coleman & Rick Kerby Bruce Ensinger & Clark Denham Laurie Fitch Herman & Sharon Frankel Ronald & Micki H. Gamer Valerie Gill Beth Uffner & Robert Goldfarb Ellen Goldman Renee Hamad Gerald & Deborah Hamburg Family Foundation Robert & Ineza Hart Marilynn Petrillo, In Loving Memory of Marsha Johnson Michael & Marcy Klein Anne Klisurich Lydia Landa JoAnn Heisen, In Loving Memory of David Lenihan Peter & Teresa Masterson Gloria Moss Eugene Noble Louis & Rosemary Oberndorf Stu & Gini Peltz David Welle & Rosemary Reinhardt Maureen & Edwin Schloss Lois Stulberg Tom & Teresa Walsh Richard Wires Fremajane Wolfson, In Loving Memory of Blair Wolfson Charles O. Wood, III & Miriam M. Wood Foundation

Sheila & Merrill Wynne Sora Yelin Anonymous

CONTRIBUTORS $3,000 - $4,999 Karen Vereb & Bud Blanton Barbara & Bill Epperson Eleanor Faber Robert & Iris Fanger Fletcher Family Charitable Foundation Edmund & Patsy Garno Matthew & Kristin Glavin Dr. John & Rita Steele, Intercoastal Medical Group Thomas I & Linda Z Klein Philanthropic Fund

Peter Kretzmer Dorothy Lawrence Barbara Fischer-Long & James Long Peter & Joanne Powers Jenni Ross Gabriel & Valerie Schmergel Benjamin Smith Jr. Diran & Virginia Tashian Susan & Charles Wilson

SUPPORTERS $1,000 - $2,999

Maria Abraham Kay Aidlin In Loving Memory of Stephen Aidlin Peggy C. Allen Robert & Elaine Appel Christopher & Natalie Armstrong Carol Arscott Sumner & Irene Bagby Ruth Barker Mercedes T. Bass Jerry Bilik Donna & Jon Boscia Jerry & Gay Bowles James W. Brooks Jody Brott Murray Brott Diana Cable Peter & Judy Carlin Jane Kritzer & Carol Carmenaro Alexander & Irene Cass Louis & Marianne Cohen Diana Smith & Barry Cohen Robin & Chase Curtis Mary & Peter Davis Sona & David Degann Toby Deutsch Murray Duffin Patricia & John Dupps Anthony Dyson Douglas Engebretson Larry & Carol English Ronald & Sharon Erickson David & Ellen Faulk Laura Feder Graham & Linda Fell Jane Gould & Stephen Fillo Linda Fiorelli Sara W. Fishman Caroline Amory & Marjorie Floyd John & Marlene Forster Donald Fosselman Irene & Robert Fritsch Kevin Fulcher & Kim Deme-Fulcher Wanda Garofalo Jennifer Gemmeke Syble Dolan-Di Girolamo Rosalie Goldberg Patricia Corson & Martin Goldstein Janis Goodman & Scott Grier Barbara & Norman Gross Helen & John Habbert Dr. Barbara Hajjar Beverly Harms Janet Hyman Peter & Bonnie Hurley Janet G. Jacobs Elizabeth Johnston Susan Malloy Jones & Jeffrey Jones Thomas & Alison Jones Ann E. Jones Merrill Ann Kaegi Richard Kemmler

Ronald & Joan Kluck Donna Koffman Victoria & Ken Kolbe Joan Langbord Jean Shorr & David Langhaug Bart & Joan Levenson Louis & Sandra Levy Melvy E. Lewis Hal & Marlene Liberman Cynthia Lichtenstein Sandra Long Rise Snyder Loshaek Margaret Maguire Jean M. Martin Louis & Carolou Marquet Eva Maze Mary Jane McRae Mario & Jennifer Messina Geraldine Metz Eric & Malfada Neikrug Tom & Jane Oliver Joe & Janis Peixoto Charles & Charlotte Perret Megan Powers Pamela Revels Sara & Benjamin Robinson Bob & Diane Roskamp Ann Hill Roth & Gilbert Roth Ed Town & Steve Rubin Shoko & Jun Sadoshima Murray & Abby Sherry Carole Sisson Mark & Carol Smith Tatiana Sokolova Elizabeth Stewart Bob & Colleen Tobin Philip & Helene Tucker Sallie Tyler Peter & Kathie Viner Ernest Werlin Florence Wildner Robert J. Wilk Jane Woods Paul Francis & Lolli Zarlin Anonymous

ADMIRERS $500 - $999 Carolyn W. Albrecht Betty Anthone Gregg & Cynthia Baran Wesley & Lucia Begg Richard Belle Judith Bowie Sara Campbell Andre & Isabelle Christen Naomi & Saul Cohen Stanley & Norma Cohen Nadine Cohodas, In Loving Memory of Sylvia Cohodas Aubert Coran Michael & Marcia Corrigan Katie Couchot Dan Denton Kumu Dreier Wendy Fisk Barbara & Paul Gessler Bonnie & David Goldmann

George Conzalez & Patrica Gondelman Sue Marquis Gordon Jo & William Haraf Alene Hazeltine Don & Sue Helgeson Karen S. Hiles Allen & Stephanie Hochfelder Dale Horwitz Brett Jenkins Susan Johnson Deborah Kalb Gerald & Nancy Kaplan Karp Family Foundation Bruce & Barbara Keltz Marlene Kitchell John Knowles Vlado Konatar Vivian Kouvant Carol Lackey

John Lindsey Gerda Maceikonis Jasey Magno Jytte Winslow-Mandle Albert & Marita Marsh Bert & Joy Mayerhofer Kyuran Choe-Albano, MD Benjamin L. Meluskey Michael & Michelle Morris Virginia Haskins Page Lee & Jan Peakes Kimberly Pelyk Jeffrey R. Peterson Richard Prescott & DJ Arnold Jana & Eric Putnal Karen Roosen Wylie Royce Jack & Lenore Rubin Stanley & Jo Rutstein

Lawrence Sage William & Marge Sandy Joan Sarney Molly Schechter Barbara Schwartz Alexander & Anne Scott Nancy Shapiro Thomas Smith Jennifer Smith Judith Stern Peggy Sweeney Donna Cubit-Swoyer Karen Trudeau Kim Wheeler J. Bryan & Yvonne Williams Tom & Carol Williams Ann Williams Terry Wohl Betty M. York

Allen Jennings & Judith Liersch Stephanie R. Louis Donald & Judith Markstein James & Lynn Medlin Raymond & Maralyn Morrissey Paul & Karen Morton Phyllis Myers Linda Neal Nicolla Newall Jon Newman Jon & Susan Newsome Marilyn Nordby Wiley & Fran Osborn Lenee & Conrad Owens Jeannette Paladino Julie Planck Dennis Revicki & Mary Lou Poe Susan Rawson Jane & Zerbe Reed Dr. Jack & Nancy Rozance Sidney & Marcia Rutberg Carl & Cornelia Sare Beverly Saxonberg Lenore & Isadore Sborofsky Philanthropic Fund

Ann Schluederberg James Scholler Barbara Schott Anne & Alexander Scott Elizabeth Shalett Vielka Sheppard Jane Sheridan Ira & Carole Singer Skylar Smith J. S. Soble Arthur Soudijn David & Tre Michel Steiner Judilee Sterne Louise P. Stevens Malcolm Stevenson Mac Stevenson Joan Tatum Nasrin & Mark Thierer Carol Tillotson Marianne & Niels Trulson Ann Waller

ENTHUSIASTS $250 - $499 Cecile Adams Kimberly Albright Amy Barkin Nicholas & Jocelyn Baskey James & Lynnette Bennett Jonathan & Kristina Berg Linda Bodzy Edward & Sheila Braun Cynthia Burnell Cynthia E. Byce Lynn Chancer Barbara Chin Dennis & Meryl Ciborowski James Clark Janine Cohen Glenn & Evelyn Cooper Judy Cottone Jeff Crane Robert & Linda Crootof Cynthia Cuminale Rev. David Dubbeldam & David Devan Richard E. Edstrom Gail Schaeffer & Edward Ellis Douglas Endicott

Elizabeth Ferguson Sandra Fink Elaine & Robert Foster Andy Frank Fund at the Community Foundation of Sarasota Dimitar & Maria Georgiev Barbara K. Grauer Andrew Hall Jerry & Joelle Hamovit John & Nancy Harris Kathryn Harvey Audrey Heimler Robert Hemingway Florence S. Hesler James & Mary Heslin Jean & Peter Huber Terry Hynes Ann & Robert Jackson Bruce Kalt Richard Kiegler & Ruthann Sturtevant-Kiegler Robert Kloss Gail Landry Carol Lewis Evie Lichter Phyllis & Phil Lieberman

The Annual Giving listings represent gifts received in the 19-20 fiscal year




1st Source Bank All Faiths Food Bank Allegiant Private Advisors, LLC Annette J. Hagens Memorial Foundation Betty & Marie Healy Family Foundation Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Cordelia Lee Beattie Foundation Costco Wholesale


Cumberland Advisors Designing Women Boutique Flowers by Fudgie Freed of London Gilbert Waters Charitable Fund II J. L. Bainbridge & Company Jelks Family Foundation Jerome Robbins Foundation


John G & Anna Maria Troiano Foundation Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts Program Longboat Key Education Center, Inc. Michael’s on East Midvale Foundation Morton’s Gourmet Market Muriel O’Neil Fund at CFSC Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.

Raymond James Financial, Inc. Serbin Printing Simply Gourmet The Junior League of Sarasota, Inc. Women’s Outreach Ministry, Church of the Redeemer Studio South Fitness


MARTUCCI LEGACY SOCIETY We are grateful to the following individuals who have included The Sarasota Ballet in their estate plans through wills, trusts, and other planned giving. Planned gifts create a lasting impact on future generations, and allow The Sarasota Ballet to revive nearly lost works, provide live music at performances, and strengthen education and outreach programs. Members of The Martucci Legacy Society receive special invitations to events during the Season as well as special recognition and a luncheon in their honor. We’re excited to report that The Martucci Legacy Society’s membership has increased over 10% in the 2019-2020 Season. For more information please contact Senior Development Officer, Chad Morrison at 941.225.6513.

Harry Leopold & Audrey Robbins

Donald H. & Barbara K. Bernstein

Richard March

Jerry & Gay Bowles

Frank & Katherine Martucci

Murray Bring & Kay Delaney Bring

Joan Mathews

Donald Britt

Mary Jane McRae

Ann Burroughs

Peter B. Miller & Dr. Martha M. Harrison

Judy Cahn

Sandra Miranda

Lynn Chancer

Rose Marie Proietti

Jonathan Strickland Coleman & Rick Kerby

David Welle & Rosemary Reinhardt

Edward Cooke

Mary Jo Reston

Will A. Ryall

Terry & Susan Romine

Douglas Endicott

Bert & Eleanor Schweigaard-Olsen

Ellen Goldman

Micki Sellman

Patricia Golemme

Bud & Betty Shapiro

Gudrun Graugaard

B. Aline Blanchard & Arthur Siciliano

Richard Kemmler

Hillary Steele

Pat & Ann Kenny

Marcia Jean Taub

Ernie Kretzmer

Kim Wheeler

Lydia Landa

Anonymous de Mu En Las


Julia Laning


George Allison & Alan Watkins


T H E S A R A S O TA B A L L E T E M E R G E N C Y F U N D The Sarasota Ballet is grateful to the following individuals and institutions for their gifts to The Sarasota Ballet Emergency Fund in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The list below represents gifts received through August 15, 2020. We continue to receive gifts each day and are thankful for this generous support during this unprecedented time. In addition to gifts to The Sarasota Ballet Emergency Fund, individuals with an asterisk next to their names and the individuals listed on the following pages donated their canceled performance tickets to The Emergency Fund. AbbVie Peggy & Ken Abt* Kimberly Albright Francine Alexander Angela Anderson Anonymous Maryann Armour* Carol Arscott* Robert & Sara Arthur Bob & Ginger Cannon Bailey* Gregg & Cynthia Baran* Margaret Barbieri & Iain Webb Nicholas & Jocelyn Baskey Irwin & Maxine Bass Isabel Anchin Becker* Ruth & David Beliles Arthur Siciliano & B. Aline Blanchard* Karen Vereb & Bud Blanton* Barbara Blumfield* Linda Bodzy* Judith Bowie Sheila Braun Nancy Brennan Murray Bring & Kay Delaney Bring Elizabeth Brown Cynthia E. Byce* Diana Cable* Paul Cantor & Michelle Roy* Peter & Judy Carlin* Jane Kritzer & Carol Carmenaro Jamie Carter Natalie Casey William & Bonnie Chapman* Barbara Chin Andre & Isabelle Christen* Chubb Janine Cohen Stanley & Norma Cohen Nadine Cohodas Jonathan Strickland Coleman & Rick Kerby* Joyce Waterbury & Ronald Conners* Alice Cooke* Glenn & Evelyn Cooper* Aubert Coran* Assured Guaranty Corporation Katie Couchot* Donna Cubit-Swoyer Harold & Jacqueline D’Alessio* Robert & Gail Davies* Louis DeCongelio Kathleen Doepfner Fred & Lynda Doery* Kumu Dreier Patricia & John Dupps* Anthony Dyson Brian & Victoria Eckl* Richard E. Edstrom Joel & Rosalyn Ehrenpreis Gail Schaeffer & Edward Ellis* Barbara & Bill Epperson*

Ronald & Sharon Erickson* Robert & Iris Fanger William & Janice Farber* Scott & Jennifer Fehrs Hermine Fell Bradley & Nancy Fields* Susan Fingerman Sandra Fink Linda Fiorelli Linda Ann Fischer* Len & Yvette Fishman* Sara W. Fishman* Wendy Fisk Laurie Fitch* Caryl Flickinger John & Marlene Forster Karol Foss* Donald H. & Barbara K. Bernstein Family Foundation The Neil & Sandra DeFeo Family Foundation* Gerald & Deborah Hamburg Family Foundation* Lois Friedman* Patricia Golemme & Timothy Fullum* David & Carol Furer* Dana Gaddis* Wanda Garofalo* Paul & Suellyn Gates Barbara & Paul Gessler Nancy Gold Ellen Goldman Jean Weidner Goldstein* Sydney Goldstein* Jane F. Gordon Anne Gribbons Gary Gulden Sherry & Michael Guthrie* Helen & John Habbert* Christine C. Hales Andrew Hall Ann Hall* Ben Hall Dona Harmes Julie A. Harris Peter Miller & Dr. Martha Harrison* Deborah Hawkins Christine Heckel JoAnn Heisen* Belle Heneberger Robert Hildebrand Judy Hinton Joseph & Helaine Hirshfeld Tracy Tucker & Joel Howard Charles L. Huisking* Ellen Jabbur Andrea Johnson Richard Johnson* Susan Johnson* Elizabeth Johnston* Margot Joynes

Merrill Ann Kaegi* Gerald & Nancy Kaplan* Laura Karlins* Ronald Karns Sean & Cara Keenan Adele Kellman Michael Kelly Bruce & Barbara Keltz* Richard Kemmler* Pat & Ann Kenny* Laurel Kiser Rosalyn & Paul Kline* Robert Kloss* Carol Kopeck Norma Koppel Waldron Kraemer & Joan Lovell* Peter Kretzmer* Anthony Lamb Jerry & Grace Lanuti Ronald Larcheveque* Alicia Diaz de Leon David W. Leonard Carolee Lesyk Sandra Levy* Phyllis & Phil Lieberman* Louis Loeb Phil & Kim Lombardo Barbara Fischer-Long & James Long* Rise Snyder Loshaek* Stephanie R. Louis* Margaret Maguire* Lisa Mann Richard March* Denise Marcil Lucy Soussana Marino Donald & Judith Markstein* Jean M. Martin* Frank & Katherine Martucci* Peter & Teresa Masterson* Donna Maytham* Robert & Elizabeth McCarthy Leanne McKaig James & Lynn Medlin Joanne Meighan Ellen Messing Caroline Miller Chad & Ruth Morrison Jon & Susan Newsome Terry & Carole Notari Rosemary & Lou Oberndorf* Mercedita OConnor* Mary Olha Ruth Orenstein Virginia Haskins Page Jeannette Paladino* Nancy Paslaqua Thomas & Christine Perkins Bertha P. Person Dennis Revicki & Mary Lou Poe David Welle & Rosemary Reinhardt Harry Leopold & Audrey Robbins*

Margot & Jack Robinson* Sara & Benjamin Robinson Karen Roosen Ann Hill Roth & Gilbert Roth Marisol Rosas Marilyn & Steve Rothschild* Leslie Marquette Rousseau Brian & Jean Rushton Olivia Sabee Carl & Cornelia Sare* Naomi Schwartz John & Carole Segal Rich & Clare Segall Micki Sellman* John & Carol Shabe Bud & Betty Shapiro* Dr. Rosabella Shek Vielka Sheppard Barbara Smith Craig W. Smith Sandra Sosinski Our Special Angel* Hillary Steele* Tom & Maureen Steiner* Paul & Sharon Steinwachs* Frank Stern Judith Stern* Malcolm Stevenson* Elizabeth Stewart Robin Klein-Strauss & Michael Strauss* Martin Strobel* Marcia Jean Taub & Peter Swain* Peggy Sweeney* Curt & Melliss Swenson* Edward Swindell Susan Tagle Joan Tatum* Lauren Taylor Ann Thompson John & Lillian Thomson Ellen La Torre Barbara Verhey Alberta Viola* Joseph & Jean Volpe Michele Ward* Thomas & Gwendolyn Watson* William & Karen Watt* Jean Weiller Gisela Weinland* Martha Weisbart Florence Wildner Robert J. Wilk* Wesley Spencer & Pauline Wood* Jane Woods* Mari Wright Katherine Wyly Betty M. York* Paul Francis & Lolli Zarlin*


EMERGENCY FUND Julia Aaron Richard Abdullah Darlene Abney Nancy Abrams Cecile Adams Priscilla Adams Kathleen Adams Gerald Addicott Alice Agran Kay Aidlin Pamela Akins Mira Akins Julianne Albino Janette Albrecht Alan Watkins & George Allison Steven & Lucia Almquist Charleen Alper Andrea Anderson William Anderson Richard & Patricia Anderson Jim & Pat Anderson Betty Anthone Darla Anthony Natalie Armstrong Toni Armstrong David Artzerounian Ronelle Ashby Shari & Steve Ashman Begay Atkinson Diane Baird Barbara Balaban Richard Balestrino Bruce Ballard Marilyn Ballard Elizabeth Balsam Elaine Bankoff David Bankoff David Barclay Billie Baren Ruth Barker Marjory Barksdale Margaret Barpal Gaele Barthold Maria Bartlett Lisa & Dan Barzel Barbara Bashevkin Donna Bath Mickie Rumaner & Herbert Bauer Joan Bauerlein Christina Bauman David & Betty-Jean Bavar Linda & Alex Beavers Susan Bednarek Rhoda & Herb Beningson Burt Benjamin Arnon Bentovim Jonathan Berg Jill Berg Patricia Bergen Nancy Berkman Karen Berman Charlotte Bimba Barbara Blackburn Shirley Blair Marilyn Blausten Billie Blazier David Bloom Josephine Bloom Thomas & Catherine Boeke Ann Bolich Phyllis Bomas Michael Bonney Beverly Bowen Deborah Bowers Gay & Jerry Bowles Martin Bowling Mary Boyer Susan Brainerd Patricia Brandon Bodil Braren Steve & Cynthia Brasington Marc Brechwald Arline Breskin


Barbara Brizdle Amelia Brock James Brooks Barbara Brooks Judith Brown Peter Brown Beverly Budin Judy Buffa Kristine Bundrant Dierdre Miles Burger Karen Burke C.J. Burnell Lynn Burton Marilyn Burysz Judy Cahn Barbara Callahan Colette Canavan Judith Cantor Vivian Carasso Claudia Cardillo Annette Carreras Enrica Carroll Charlene Carstens Diane Caudill Mary Ellen Cease Lynn Chancer J.R. Chandler Manuel Rafael Chepote Malatesta Marsha Chernick Tatyana Chernova Barbara Chertok Denise Chimbos Merle & George Chorba Dennis Ciborowski Delores Clapp Robert Clapp Jan Clark Virginia Clark Joanna & Joseph Cleary Alan & Natalie Cohen Ann Cohen Carole Cohen Diana Smith & Barry Cohen Saul Cohen Janis Cohen Alexsandra Coles Judith Collier Margaret Collins Luanne Collins Neal Colton Juanita M. Connell Gail Conway Edward Cooke & Will Ryall Linda Cooper Catherine Cooper Pat Corson Susan Cort Judith Cory Charles Cosler Andrew Costin Judith Ann Cottone Rebecca Crane Wylie Crawford Donald Creason Robert Crootof Mara Crootof Sherry Crosby Cindy Cunningham Robin Curtis Jean Cush Richard Cutting Donna D’Agostino Susan Dalgetty Ezra Barbara J. Davey Karen Davidian Susan Davidson Eleanor Davidson Theodore Davis John Davis Elizabeth Dayani Reeta Dean Louis DeFrancesco Kay Delaney & Murray Bring

Elizabeth DeManio Pamela Denison Donald Devost Howard Diamond Irene Dignan Edgar Dittemore Syble Dolan David Donahue Patricia Donegan Norb & Ann Donelly Maureen Donovan Kit Dornbush Ginna Downing Bonnie Draeger Christopher Drake Kathleen Dubois Michael Dukes Linda Duncan Keith Ealden Martin & Carol Edelman Mary Egbertson David Eichlin Mary Jane Eisen Marsha Eisenberg Annette & Edward Eliasberg Ellen Ellis Douglas Endicott Douglas Engebretson Bruce Ensinger & Clark Denham Jane Epes Jean Etsinger Eleanor Faber Helene Fagin Lorraine Falivene Angela Farber James Fawley Shirley Fein Derek Feinberg Helen Feiner Jeanne Feldhusen Donna J. Feldman Patricia Fennessey Frances Fergusson Richard Ferrell Irving & Susan Fink Heidi Fink Lucey Finkelstein Nancy & Peter Finn Barry & Judy Fireman Donald Fischer Alan Fishbein Beverly Fisher Raymond Kuceyeski & Gail Fisher Norma Fishman Joann Flanigan Frank Fleischer Eugene Flemm Joyce & Bill Fletcher Marjorie Floyd Sheila Foley Shirley Foss Don Fosselman Julia Fosson Elaine Foster Carole Fox Andrea Frank Joan Frankel Joan Franzel Frances Frederick Patricia French Suzanne Freund Suzan Friedman Rhoda Friedman Gilbert Friend-Jones Gary Frings Jeanette Fruhman Ellen Fulchiero James Furneaux Nancy Gaess Peter & Barbara Galvin Bonita Ganot Patricia Garno Laura Gaythwaite

Jennifer Gemmeke Mary & Everett Gendler Gerald Genova Kathryn Gibby Jacqueline Giddens Valerie Gill Susan Ginsburg Susan Giroux Matthew & Kristin Glavin Rita Glosser Linda Glover Alan Godfried William Goetz Jane Goldban Roz Goldberg Len Goldberg & Maureen Gebhardt Marilyn Goldman Myra Goldstein Marjorie Goldstein Emoke Gomez Sue Gordon James H. Goulder Nancy Grahn Ruth Grain Barbara Grauer Lois Greene Martin Greene Barney Greenhill Gardenia Gresen Cheryl Griesbach Bob Hanson & Jean Griffin Debra & James Griffin James Griffith Jessica Griffiths Betty Griggs Sharon Grisez Helene Grossberg Lynn Grow R. Bonnie Haber Barbara Hajjar MD Kay Hale Laurence Hall Carol Hallinger Robert Halpern Charles Hamilton Roberta Hamilton Heidi Hamm Elizabeth Hannan Jo Haraf Lorna Hard Beverly Harms Nancy Harris Draper Harris Bonnie L. Harrison Barbara Harrison Robert & Ineza Hart Kathryn Harvey Denise Harvey Lawrence Haspel Doris Hasson Alene Hazeltine Daniel & Emma Headington Audrey Heimler Frances Heller Marcia Hendler Elaine Herda Ruth Herrman Florence Hesler Karen Hiles Richard Hilton Carl & Anne Hirsch Melitta Hoenle Judith Hoerr Laura Hoffman Carolyn Ann Holder Michael Hollar William Holmes John Holyland Carole Homer Oya Horiguchi Jean Horrigan-Delhey Dale Horwitz Dorothy Hurd

Bonnie Hurley Herbert Hurwitz & Judy Feldman Barbara Hyde Carol Hyde Chrys Hyde Shawn Hyler Janet Hyman Laura Inge Anne Ireland Allen & Mary Ivey Gail Jackson Barbara Jacob Linda Jacob Janet Jacobs Paul Jacobs Sue Jacobson Barbara Jacoby Eugene Kelley & Dolores Jaleski Oliver Janney Stephen & Nina Japhe Mary Johnson Anne Jones Alison Jones Alfred Jones Treva J. Jones Michael Jowett Judith Judson Barbara Justiz Margaret Kahn Joanne Kahn Lyn Kahn Bruce Kalt Martha Kammire Gerrity Sue Kanaby Laurie Kassman Arlene Kates Richard Keesey Margaret Kelly David King Jean Kinnamon Eileen Kirk Marlene Kitchell Peggy Klahn Linda Klein Daniel Klein Ellen Klein Mary Klimasiewfski Pat Klugherz Bill Knapp Caryn & Elliot Koffman Vivian Kouvant Sandra Krause Ernest Kretzmer Linda Kronholm Janice Kunkel Marynia Labberton James Labes David & Eugenia LaFleur Elizabeth LaFrance John LaGraff Lawrence Laiks Dorid Lamb Lydia Landa Gail Landry Harriet K. Lane Andrew Lane Jean Langdon Joan E. Lappin Loretta LaRusso Phyllis Lasky Dorothy Lawrence Barbara Lawrence Alain Lebleu Ruth Leebron Carolyn Leggett Bruce Lehman Isabella & Steven Lehrer Jane Leipold Iris Leonard Ruth Lesser Pamela Letts Eliane Levaque Arthur & Marcella Levin

Marla Levine Marsha Levkoff Leone Levy Melvy Lewis John Lewis Hal & Marlene Liberman Cynthia Lichtenstein Evie Lichter Barbara & Jerome Lichtman Tina & Rick Lieberman Andrea Lieberman Judith Liersch Dora Limoncelli Elvira Lindenann John Lindsey Anne Linn Sheila Lirtzman Marcia Littenberg Annette & William Lloyd James R. Lombard Thomas Long Barbara Lorry Leslye Louis Judy Love Jan Lovelace Jo Ann Lovell Sheri Lublin Francine Luque Dorothy Lutter Joseph Lynn Rebecca Lyons Richard Mace Pamela Macfarlane Malcolm MacNab Mona MacPhail Janet Mahler Joseph Mallof Tina Maloney Maria Mandler Carla Manley Douglass & Stephanie Mann Kay Marcus Maris Margulies Virginia Markham Jack Marks Alan Marlor Carolou & Lou Marquet Judith Marquis Marita & Albert Marsh Barbara Martin Barbara Mason Nancy Massa Jacqueline Massari Gary Massel Joan Mathews Karen Mathis Allison Matthei Violeta Mautner Robert Mayer Muriel Mayers Alina Mazzaferro Beth McAdams Irene McCallister Thomas McCarthy Claudia McCorkle Jane McCormack Cynthia McDonald Kathleen McEachran Kathleen McElwee Juliet McGhie Mary McGrath Alexander McKenzie Diane McLoughlin Barbara McStowe Theodore Medrek Richard Meibach Ruth Mendelevitz Betty Menell Elaine Merker Jennifer Messina Alan Milbauer Steven Milioto Patty Miller Debbie & George Milne Mary Mitchell Linda & Bill Mitchell Henry Mlynarski

Cynthia Mock Virginia Molpus Carolyn Montgomery Nancy Morningstar Zachary Morowitz Michelle Morris Barbara & Victor Morrison Raymond & Maralyn Morrissey Lynn Moseley Gloria Moss Paula Most Kenneth Mueller Dorothy Muller Phyllis Myers Linda Neal Barbara Neale Eric Neikrug Lisa Nelson Sigurd Nelson Nicolla Newall James Newman Ethan Ngo Sally Nichols-Sharpe Sandra Niesen George Nimick Frances Nitschke Gene Noble Beryl Nord Marilyn E. Nordby Paula Norwood David Novak Lois Noyes Deborah Nyman Richard Nyzen Dorothy O’Brien & Richard Antoine Carolyn O’Driscol David Offer Symphony O’Keefe Fredricka Older Karen Olejarz Jane Oliver Janet Oliver Deb Olken Wiley Osborn Marilyn Ott Lenee Owens Thomas Pagano Thomas Paine Theron Palmer Sarah Pappas Laura & Fred Pardee Philip Parham Catherine B. Paris Beverly Parker Mary Louise Parkinson Cynthia Pearlman Joseph & Jan Peixoto Barbara Pekow Virginia & Stuart Peltz Kimberley Pelyk Phyllis Pendleton Colette Penn Joan Pensack Charlotte & Charles Perret Diane Perry Betty Jean Peters Barbara Peters Sue Peterson Marilynn Petrillo Joseph & Sharon Petty Delila Pierce Barbara Piercecchi Stuart Pittel Julie Planck Marc Pohl Barbara Pollack Lorena Pollock Margery Poole Fannie Porter Charlotte Posey Megan Powers Peter Powers Richard Prager Andi Price Alfred Principe Rose Marie Proietti Linda Prowten

Frank Puett Lauren Rabeck Robert B. Radin Dolores Radtke JoAnn Rall Mary Ramshaw Jean Ranallo Charlene Raub Susan Rawson Muriel Redifer Elizabeth Reese Linda Reimer Tere Reis Pam Reiter Sandra Reminga Mary Jo Reston Pamela Revels Marci Rhodes Beth Richard Craig Riley Ward Rinehart Marta Riordan Sandra Ripberger Peter Rittner Rachele Rivolta Nancy Cooper Robb Ann Robbins Patricia Robbins Anne Roberts Florence Roberts Ursula Robinson Frances Robinson Susan Robinson Jane Rodbell Carol Rodin Myles Rogers Elinor Rogosin Adrienne Rogovin Sydell Rosen Sharon Rosenberg Sylvia Rosenfeld Joyce Rosenthal Bettina Rosica Barbara Rosin Holly Ross Peter & Maggie Roth Ann Roth Nancy Rozance Saul Rubenstein Lisa Rubinstein Herbert Ruderman Judith Rudges & Stan Katz Susan Russell Marcia Rutberg Stanley & Jo Rutstein Alan & Marilyn Sachs Barnet Sack David & Ann Saffer Lawrence Sage Teresa Sahli Angela Salezze Ellyn Salkind Hedria Saltzman Anita Sampson Marilee Sanders William & Marjorie Sandy Joan Sarney Amy Schachter Phyllis Schaen Jacqueline Schafer Mary Scharf Norma Schatz Sandra Schemske Joyce Schiller Charles Schley Maureen & Edwin Schloss Ann Schluederberg Gabriel Schmergel Greta Schofield Barbara Schott Georgann Schuster Marilyn Schwartz Bert & Eleanor Schweigaard-Olsen Julianne Schworm Ruth Scribner Patricia Seftel Beth Ann Segal

Carol Segal Nancy Seidman Mildred Seitman Karen Selwyn Susan Serling Nancy Shapiro Martin Shapiro Paula Sharp Randy Sharp Joanne Sheehan Susan Sheehan Anne Sheets Jane Sheridan Murray Sherry Amanda Shields Barbara B. Shivers Bernice Shor Ruth Shulan Robert Sichta Eileen Sill Evelyn Silver Jean Simon Gilda Simpson Fabia Simpson Joan Sinder Ira & Carole Singer Jan Sirota & Alison Gardner Kiernan Skinner Lynn Skolnick Paul & Turbi Smilow Linda Smith Nancy Smith David Smith Dorie Smith Thomas Smith Kathie Smith Diane Smoler JoAnn Snedeker Barbara Somma Karen Spath Dorothy Spelman Melissa Spillenkothen Donald St. Clair Irene Stankevics Gordon Stanley Michaelann Stanley Carol Stares Wendy Starr George & Rochelle Stassa Barbara Staton John & Rita Steele Phyllis Steingard Victoria Sterling Dolores Stevens James & Joan Stewart K. Stout-LaBauve Susan Straus Catherine Strongman Lois Stulberg Ruthann Sturtevant & Richard Kiegler Jack & Adrea Sukin Karen Summers Burton Sutker Lesley Svenson Andrew Swanson Mary Swanton Ann Syring Larry Szabo Rose Tanzilli Virginia & Diran Tashian Ruth Taylor Jim Taylor William Tepperman John Teryek James Thacker Robert Thinnes Carolyn Thompson Nelda Thompson Jacqueline Thompson Victoria Thompson-Jones Lora Tobias Carol Tomlinson Janice Topper Mary Lou Tosques Edward Town & Steve Rubin James Triant

Carolyn Tricomi Vivian Troilo Niels & Marianne Trulson Helene Tucker Martin Tucker J. Tracy Tucker Patricia Tunnell Nina Turner Carl Tursi Robert Tutnauer Lawrence Twill Beth Uffner & Robert Goldfarb Walter & Carole Ulin Eloise Unbekant Balbina Usefoff Deborah Van Brunt Harriet Van Wagoner Sandra VanLangen Diana VerHulst Susan & Bruce Vermette Helen Vetter Clare Villari Anne Virag Michael Vlaisavljevich Carol Von Allmen Robert Wade Bernard & Lauren Walsh Frank Walsh Matt & Lisa Walsh Susan & David Walters Virginia Waring Judy Waxberg Jolene Weiner Barbara Weiner Sharon Weinstock Janet Weisbord Myra Weisgold Thomas Weisman Julie Weissman Iris Wenglin Laurie West Mark Weston Case Wewerka Erica Wheatley Kim Wheeler Bonnie Whisman Jo Ann White Sandy Whyte Nancy Wilkinson Eleanor Wilson Williams Gillian Williams Nina Williams Williams, Parker, Harrison, Dietz & Getzen Helga Williamson Carl Wilmsen Susan Wilson Mary Lou Winnick Edie Winston Richard Wires Terry Wohl Allan Wolf Carol Wolf William Wolfe Elizabeth Wolfe Fremajane Wolfson Leslie Wood Charles & Miriam Wood Barbara Woods Carolyn Woodside Barbara Worth Jeffrey W. Wortmann Craig Wright Elizabeth Wulkan Merrill & Sheila Wynne Sora Yelin Zelda Young Marsha Zapson Stanley Zielinski Judith Zilkowski Charlotte Zimmerman Michael Zuckerberg Elaine Zwelling

MEMORABLE MOMENTS 1. Claudia McCorkle & Rick Kerby 2. David & Adrienne Bavar 3. Courtney & JoAnn Heisen 4. Back row: Emily Walsh, Matt Walsh, Kate Honea Front: Lisa Walsh 5. Jennifer Gemmeke & Barbara Epperson 6. Micki & Ron Gamer 7. Luke Schaufuss, Karol Foss, Iain Webb 8. Sydney Goldstein, Charlie Huisking, Vivian Kouvant 9. John Bradbury, Iain Webb, Fran Fergusson 10. Frank & Katherine Martucci 11. David Lipton & Isabel Becker 12. Ernie & Peter Kretzmer 13. Steve Rothschild, Ellen Overstreet, Marilyn Rothschild 14. Sara Sardelli Rachon & Julie Harris 15. Hillary Steele & Judy Cahn 16. Jean & Joe Volpe 17. Richard & Helen March 18. Fred & Lynda Doery, Lilian Schwendener, Yuki Nishizawa 19. Tom & Gwen Watson 20. Teri Hansen (Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation), Roberto Cordaro 21. Pat Kenny, Bonnie & Bill Chapman 22. Ruth Morrison & Micki Sellman 23. Jean Weidner Goldstein & Martha Harrison 24. Clare & Rich Segall 25. Jan Sirota & Alison Gardner 26. Kelly Borgia, Dick Johnson, Kirstin Fulkerson (Gulf Coast Community Foundation) 27. Roxie & Mike Jerde (Community Foundation of Sarasota County) 28. Mercedita OConnor & Ann Kenny 29. Robin Klein-Strauss & Renee Hymson 30. Peter Swain & Marcia Jean Taub










6 26



















30 26


MEMORABLE MOMENTS 1. Audrey Robbins & Harry Leopold 2. Teresa Masterson & Lauren Stroman 3. Neil & Sandra DeFeo 4. Tom & Maureen Steiner, Iain Webb 5. Annette & Bill Lloyd 6. Lydia Landa & Margaret Barbieri 7. John & Laura Leeming (J.L. Bainbridge & Co) 8. Kay Aidlin & Karol Foss 9. Peter Miller & Martha Harrison, Chad Morrison 10. Iain Webb, Ricardo Graziano, Joe Volpe 11. Peggy & Ken Abt 12. Rosemary Reinhardt & David Welle 13. Joan Lovell & Sumner Bagby 14. Heather Reid & Graham Morris 15. Marlo & Jay Turner (Community Foundation of Sarasota County), Sara Robinson 16. Peter & Joanne Powers 17. Kay Delaney & Lisa High 18. Annette Lloyd & Valerie Gill 19. Sydney Goldstein & Marcelo Gomes 20. Cara & Sean Keenan (BMO Private Bank) 21. Melliss Swenson & Ricki Bertoni














JOIN US FOR OUR 30TH ANNIVERSARY SEASON! BECOME A PATRON OF THE SARASOTA BALLET Join us as a contributing member for the 30th Anniversary Season and receive special benefits throughout the year. Benefits include, but are not limited to: • Insider access via dress rehearsals • Company receptions • Special events • Ticketing benefits • Recognition in performance program books • and so much more… YOUR GIFT AT WORK Each year contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations make up over 65% of our annual budget. As a non-profit organization, your generous support – over and above your subscription – enables The Sarasota Ballet to produce world-class performances and provide award-winning education and community programs open to everyone. Your tax-deductible contribution will support outstanding artistry, world-class dance education, and engaging community programs. For more information about patron programs: Sara Robinson – Chief Advancement Officer 941.225.6504 | Chad Morrison – Senior Development Officer 941.225.6513 | Lauren Stroman – Development Officer 941.225.6510 |











The Sarasota Ballet 5555 North Tamiami Trail Sarasota, FL 34243

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