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A Pepperbox staff from the 90’s poses for a holiday picture. This year, our staff did the same, dressing up in our favorite festive gear to wish you a Happy Pepperbox Holiday!


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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The roots of Sixth Man group Drie Roberts

Buisness Manager


ith the beginning of every basketball season, every student looks forward to being a part of the greatest student section in Humboldt County. Even the best players from out of the area find it difficult to play at Arcata and win. Our exceptional team is already a tough opponent, with our intense crowd, it's near-impossible to take the “W” away from us. The secret to the success of the “Jungle” is the Sixth Man. A core group of devoted seniors leads the infamous student section each year.

Ethan Shelton Reporter

Everyone in the crowd looks to the jumpsuit-clad warriors for inspiration into battle. Strong Sixth Men are the key to a great spirit of the crowd. The idea for sixth man was created by Graham Johnson (the current AHS Varsity Basketball coach) and Virgil Boulder, both from the class of 2000. These two guys and some friends came up with the idea, as a way to show their tiger pride. This is an interview with Graham Johnson , speaking about Sixth Man back then! Pepperbox: Where did the idea for sixth man come from? Graham Johnson: It was really just an idea my friends and

I had, to show tiger pride and have fun! PBX: What can you tell us about the start of sixth man? Graham: It was a crazy time, the sixth man, we had a very passionate crowd at the time, we really pushed the limits. PBX: Any advice for the current

Graham Johnson /PEPPERBOX

sixth man crew? Johnson: It’s strength in numbers, the more people you get in your crowd the better PBX: Did you have problems with the administration? Johnson: Yes, we had a lot of problems, but lots of the problems were warranted. I remember a time a girl walked into the gym with a McKinleyville sign, and a student grabbed the sign a out of her hands, ripped it into a million pieces...we pushed it to the very limit. PBX: Are you proud of what sixth man has become? Johnson: Yes, I am...It is awesome for a small school to have so much enthusiasm about their basketball team... the team feeds off their energy.

Tigers through time Allie Lucchesi Reporter


ack in the day, the Arcata High cheerleaders were elected by the student body. Yes, elected. The old squad usually elected two boys and two girls to join the team each year. Yes, BOYS! Some of the male cheerleaders were even involved in other sports. In fact, the cheer team had a male captain. Today, the cheer team has no boys. Granted, cheerleading is not the same as it was in the 1960’s. Uniforms are at least $300, tryouts are mandatory, skirts are shorter, routines are sassier, and stunts are much more complicated. In multiple articles from the Pep-

perbox archives, the reporters made a point of mentioning their “white bulky sweater” and the “variety of movements in their routines- everything from leapfrog to the twist!” Clearly, the team has evolved with the times. Nicole Henry’s t-shirt and bow designs keep our cheer team looking adorable at all times. Other archived articles stated that the cheer team practiced “frequently”. Now, the cheer team practices everyday for two hours under coaches Chanti Jackson and Jojo Patterson. There’s a lot of differences between the two teams, but one thing has stayed the sameschool spirit. Then and now, the cheer team has always worked hard to support our athletes!

Pepperbox Archives Volume 40 No. 3 October 27, 1967 /PEPPERBOX

Arcata Cheerleaders from the 1960’s

Coach Chanti Jackson/PEPPERBOX

Arcata Cheerleaders at practice

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


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Soccer team electrifies San Fran Andrew Cavinta Reporter

Kirk Hakenen Reporter


der their belt, comparing to our ranking of 20th and zero dollar tuition. The boys packed their bags on a Friday and drove down to San Francisco on a sunny Saturday to play in the historic Kezar Stadium. The game started at 8:00pm, and everyone on our side was excited. The pressure was on the players, as it was no secret that if they won, it would be the furthest any Arcata High boys soccer team would have ever gone. The Tigers came out hungry and within the seventh minute, striker Kai Narum

posterized an Urban defender to take the lead. With momentum on their side, the backline stood tall and glorious as they held Urban to a goose egg on the scoreboard ending the first half. Going into to the second half, Arcata knew the game was far from over, but could taste the victory on the tip of their tongues. The Tigers fought with honor as they followed up with a beautiful one touch goal by sophomore Andy Miranda, and a wonder free kick by senior Ellis Kahn. Odds were against

his season has been one for the history books. Through a rollercoaster of ups and downs, the soccer team learned from their mistakes and continued to take steps forward. Losing ten seniors, expectations were low. The beginning of the season started off rough for the young squad with two losses and one draw in the first five games. As time wore on, the team began to bond, but with a plethora of injuries, competing was difficult. With a devastating loss to Mack High, the team hit their lowest point. They received a sobering comment from coach, Duncan Robins, “You guys are not a good soccer team.” The team took these blows and transferred them onto the pitch as the Tigers went on a seven game winning spree. This success led them to grasp an 8th seed ranking in playoffs (sections), with a first game in Lower Lake California against a decent team. The Tigers slammed their way through a fast paced game and The Arcata high varsity boys posing for a legendary picture took away a 2-0 win, at that point in time, confidence was high. However, even though they had tied the farthest run in Arcata High postseason history, the next team they had to play was Urban High School of San Francisco. This team ranked 2nd in all of California with a 42,000 dollar tuition un-

the fairly young team but they strived for the best and finished the game with a 3-0 win under their belt. The team took a happy five hour drive back to Humboldt, and began to prepare for a slugfest against Fortuna. Time passed quickly from the game against Urban to the rivalry match with Fortuna. The Tigers took the pitch with passion, but couldn’t get past Fortuna. They lost 4-1. There was a lot to take away from this historic season, but the team is looking forward to next year.

AHS Varsity Soccer facebook page

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Tigers keep playin’; keep slayin’ Jackson Homan Opinion Editor

Angel Schneider-Reuter



s we celebrate the most impressive demonstration of AHS athletics this week, it is interesting to look at where former Arcata High athletes are in their athletic endeavors. We interviewed seven competitive graduates from the class of 2016 to gain insight into the grueling world of college sports. Whether on the court, field, track, or water, these former tigers are carrying on the Arcata legacy by killing the competition.

Cheyenne (Tex) Keith Sport: Football School: Humboldt State University Position: Quarterback Largest Difference between AHS and College Sports: The amount of detail required to succeed. Pre-Game Ritual: Get the guys fired up! Describe Your Coach in 1-2 words: Opportunity and Effort. Favorite team tradition: Singing the school fight song after a win. Olivia Ritter Hardest Practice: The day after Sport: Soccer School: San Joaquin Delta Col- leg day. lege Position: Offensive center midfield Largest Difference between AHS and College Sports: Probably the level of commitment. It’s a 24/7 commitment. Favorite team tradition: Chocolate milk after every game. Pre-Game Ritual: Pre-game teammate handshakes Describe Your Coach in 1-2 words: Passionate Hardest Practice: The day after games we do this recovery run early in the morning that literally sucks @s$

Wyatt Tucker Sport: Baseball School: College of San Mateo Position: Pitcher and Infielder Largest difference between AHS and College sports: The amount of time dedicated to baseball every day. Pre-game ritual: Breathing and self-talk, as well as a Turkey Bacon Avocado sandwich from Safeway. Describe your coach in 1-2 words: Mental Juggernaut Favorite Team Tradition: Winning

Maddie Pomerantz Sport: Soccer School: Barry University Position: Goalkeeper Largest Difference between AHS and College Sports: The level of commitment you have to dedicate to both school and soccer. Favorite team tradition: A week before moving in, we all live in a house together, called the team preseason house. Pre-Game Ritual: Eating together, blasting music in the locker room, and team meetings. We also eat at Panera for away games. Describe Your Coach in1-2 words: Driven Hardest Practice: Probably the Monday after a really bad or lazy weekend game. If we don’t play with effort, she is disappointed and practice is harder.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Ivy Ricca Sport: Soccer School: Bowdoin College Position: Center back, transitioning into a center midfielder. Largest Difference between AHS and College Sports: Balancing athletics and academics. Favorite team tradition: My favorite team tradition is “Props”. We write down all the funny things that members of the team say during the week and read them all together the night before games. Pre-Game Ritual: Before games, we dance and sing in the locker room. Don’t Stop Believin’, we change the lyrics to so that they apply to our team and the teams we’re going to play. We try to sing loud enough so that the other team can hear us. Describe Your Coach in 1-2 words: Mom. Hardest Practice: This “game” called 10,000 touches.


Ellie Earle-Rouse Sport: Track and Field School: Humboldt State University Position: High Jump/Heptathlete Largest difference between AHS and College Sports: Dope free jackets Favorite Team Tradition: None yet Pre-Game Ritual: One hour nap on the field before competing Describe your coach in a sentance: Will literally kill you if you skip weights. Hardest Practice:We haven’t really had a hell practice yet...

Cait Parker Sport: Crew (Rowing) School: Boston University Position: 3 or 4 seat(starboard side) in the Women’s Lightweight 8 boat Largest difference between AHS and College Sports: Everyone wants to be out there giving 100 percent doing something they enjoy.

The Pepperbox | Page 7

Favorite team-tradition: Prerace fist bump passed down from stern to bow. Pre-Game Ritual: Eating a honey Packet for instant energy. Describe your coach in 1-2 Words: Determined Hardest Practice: Testing battery day on the ergs...a 30 minute pace and a 5k. They’re the worst!

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Strides towards change Maya Zambas

Reporter eople tend to shrug off or even blame the homeless population in Humboldt County for thieir , but many were born into the situation or could not avoid it due to mental illnesses and, therefore, deserve a chance to create a better life for themselves. One in four students at Arcata High School do not know where they will get their next meal. Some students have begun to take action against this issue by creating a group that would promote awareness of the poverty present on our campus and support the county-wide organizations that are working to pre-


vent homelessness on a larger scale. Mona Brown and I created the Homeless Outreach group as a subcommittee of the Sources of Strength program that is very prominent on our campus. She stated, “My hope is to make an impact on the people both in our school and in the community.” Beginning with simple volunteer work to support larger organizations and then fundraising to provide food and activities for the homeless population on our campus, the group is taking strides towards change. The group began with the idea of picking fallen fruit from the fall fruit trees that were not being used and would have gone to waste and donated

them to homeless shelters and organizations throughout the county. This idea soon developed into a club looking to expand their services to this cause. Mona clarified that the club wants to “make

My hope is to make an impact on the people both in our school and in the community - Mona Brown

sure that the kids on campus always have… good food that they can access and good clothes and shoes”. Eileen Klima, the crisis counselor, was an integral part of establishing the group. She emphasized the importance of the club to make sure “Students know and the community knows that there is a place that really does care where anybody can feel cared about and loved.” The club welcomes anyone who wants to join with any level of participation. Simply listen to the bulletin for a notice and come to the Principal’s Conference Room to help out! As Klima established, “There is no better feeling than helping each other.”

Wonderful women wrestlers Rachel White Reporter

Tyler Chalmers Reporter


he Arcata High School wrestling season is upon us, and this year the team has two female wrestlers. The new girls, Maeve Moore (Sophomore) and Grace Steeves (Senior), are ready to take on the competition, which is admirable in a mainly male sport (at least for our area). Maeve had an introduction to the team last year, she was the team manager and her brother was a wrestler. She saw one of his matches and thought “Hey that looks cool I’m going to give that a shot.” The guys showed support for both of the girls, and quickly ac-

cepted them as part of the team. Maeve shows her enthusiasm for the upcoming season by adding, “I just really like it, it’s like a good way to get exercise, get all my energy out, and like it’s a good community. If the team is really close it’s awesome.” Junior Jeremiah Ownbey states, “It’ll add some diversity to the team.” While their teammates may accept them, the girls are in an unusual position, Junior Cole Curtis commented that “I think some of the parents are iffy about it [Girls wrestling].” Statistics show that the rate of women wrestling is beginning to grow more rapidly than male wrestling. Between the years 2010 and 2011 there was a 20% increase in the number of women wrestling. But whatever difficulties they may face, Arcata is glad to have girls on the wrestling team, trying something new, and kicking butt.

Rachel White/PEPPERBOX

Jeremiah Ownbey and Nick Borden lift female wrestler Maeve Moore into the air


Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

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Holidays around the world Devon Garlick News Editor

long festival called Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Fast Breaking).

Celebrations occur across the world, for many different reasons. Christmas, is a celebration of Jesus’s birth, although many more than just Christians celebrate it. In different countries or areas, people celebrate different traditions that have different DailyMail.comX cultural significance. The hol- Prayers during the start of Eididays covered in this article al-Fitr. are by no means all, or even close to, the number of holidays celebrated worldwide. Also called Deepvali, Diwali is the Hindu festival on lights. Ramadan is a celebration Diwali falls of the fifteenth of the first revelation of the day of the Hindu month KarQuran to Muhammad. It oc- tik. It is the night of the darkcurs during the ninth month est new moon and celebrates of the muslim yearly calen- the victory of light over dark, dar, around eleven days earli- good over evil, knowledge er every year. It is celebrated over ignorance, and hope over by adult Muslims, although despair. Diwali is celebrated there are exceptions for with lamps and candles, as those elderly, sick, or preg- well as other lights and home nant. Ramadan is a month decoration. It falls in Octoof fasting, introspect, and ber or November of each prayers. It lasts 29-30 days year. There are gifts, religious each year. Fasting is abstain- rituals, feasts and sweets. ing from food or drink from Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and dawn until sunset each day. Buddhists celebrate Diwali. An unusual fact is that many people actually gain weight during the month of fasting. It’s because people exercise less during the day, eat richer foods than usual, and eat their meals right before bed. The end of Ramadan is celebrated with a three day Diwali lights




watch a New Year’s talent competition. At midnight, Kwanzaa is a celebration of people visit Shinto shrines. African culture observed in the United States and many other nations in the world. It was created in 1966 as the first specifically AfricanAmerican holiday. It is a celebration of the seven traditional principles of African heritage. Kwanzaa is from The Claw the 26th of December to the st 1 of January every year. Omisoka celebration in Japan. Kwanzaa is the combination of several traditional African harvest festivals. The celebration of Kwan- Saturnalia was an ancient zaa includes a kinara (candle Roman festival held on Deholder) with 7 candles, foods, cember 17 on the Julian songs, and African dances, calendar. It celebrated the as well as other activities. Roman agricultural deity Saturn. It involved public rituals and a sacrifice. The day, as well as the days following were free from buisness. Privatly, Saturnalia was a day of free speech. Slaves were permitted to say whatever they wanted, and could participate in the festivites. Traditional Kinara with seven Gambling and card-playing, candles. normally frowned upon, were permitted and slaves could play with their masters. The second most important day in Japanese tradition, Omisoka is celebrated on December 31 every year. People clean in preparation for the new year, and make food for the next three days. At 11 pm participants eat a traditional meal of toshikoshi-soba (noodles). They also Saturnalia feast



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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The latest trends in court style Claire Bareilles

Social Media Director


our style on the court goes hand in hand with your performance in the game. If you look good, you feel good, and therefore you play good. It’s a known fact of life. Basketball and the styles that surround the sport have always been a leading example of this. Whether it’s been with the latest version of the new Lebrons, wearing two socks to up your sock game, or the new trend of wearing long leggings under your shorts; it is no secret that the basketball court is the new runway. Setting trends on the basketball court goes all the way back to The Fab Five, a group of incredible freshman who took over the University of Michigan men’s basketball program in the 1990s and who took them all the way to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship for two years in a row. These five freshman gained national attention instantly, and with the national attention they changed the look of the game. They brought the “Hip Hop” style to the court. They wore baggy shorts, in opposition to the short, tight ones that had been synonymous with the sport. They wore black socks, to stand out against the typical white tube socks. They even shaved their heads and introduced trash talk to the court. Ever since these famed freshman changed the game, other

athletes have took their example and made it their own. From the infamous shoe-line of Michael Jordan’s, which are being styled on and off the court, the elbow sleeve of Dwight Howard and Russell Westbrook, to the headbands of Lebron James and Paul Pierce. The fashion scene on the basketball court is sewn into the fabric of the sport. To find out the newest trends we asked our very own Arcata High basketball players to get the inside scoop. Men’s Tights and Women’s shorts: Among the new trends, the men have been wearing tights under their shorts. These compression tights aren’t just for looks. “We feel uncomfortable without tights,” senior point guard Bryce Mateer exclaimed, about the tights trend. SophoClaire Bareilles/PEPPERBOX more forward Hunter Santschi Five members of the Boys basketball team pose after practice. added when asked if they serve Headphones: the original Converse High any purpose other than for Court Style doesn’t just in- Tops, to when the game started looks, that they prevent getting clude what you wear during becoming enfranchised by big scabs from court burn when the games. As both the men clothing companies like Nike, diving on the floor for a loose and women players added, who has almost single handedball. Senior Owen Morehead good headphones are a must ly transformed the style of the summarized “Tights aren’t just for training and pregame. “You game to what it is now, and as for fashion.” When the men go want wireless so you can warm- Santschi proclamation of, “Nike low, the women go high. In con- up without cords getting in the for everything,” it’s not likely to trast to the men’s tights trend to way,” Morehead confessed. Bose change. The newest rage in the lengthen their lower garments, Soundsport Wireless head- court shoe scene as stated by in the women’s game there is phones and Powerbeats Wire- our senior varsity guard Ashley a trend to make their shorts less are favorites among the Quigley, “There’s a big patriotic shorter. Senior point guard, players. fad sweeping through the womVanessa Holland, told us “Short en’s basketball team.” However, Shoes/Socks scene: shorts are coming back. Not suas Morehead proudly attests per short, but like tucking them Shoes and the socks paired to- “I stick to the old shoes. Shoes into your spandex. I would do gether are forever a staple of aren’t just about their looks, that but Dusty (the AHS Varsity the Basketball style. It is also they are about how they perWomen’s Head Coach) won’t let one of the most evolved ele- form.” Which he stands by with ments to the player’s look. From his 2014 Nike Hyperdunks. me.”

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


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Holiday gift-giving guide Noa Reinman Reporter

Alyssa Mickelson Reporter


he holidays are just around the corner and people everywhere are on the hunt for the perfect gift. Searching every nook and cranny from Victoria's Secret to Petco, and yet they still might be having trouble finding something just right. Whether you are searching for something to give your mother, your grandfather, your significant other, or even your dog or cat, there’s always something out there that will put a smile on their face. Here, we are proud to PRESENT the 2016 holiday gift giving guide! In this day and age that we’re living, the answers are simple. There are a wide variety of presents to choose from, but picking the right one is what’s most important.

For example, Grandma and Grandpa are always overjoyed by sentimental gifts, especially from their grand kids. Don’t waste your time and money trying to find something that's going impress your grandparents, I mean let’s be real, a lousy sock puppet will most likely do the trick. Whip out your sewing kits because friends, we’re about to get crafty up in here. Anywhere from a macaroni mandala, to a lavender scented eye pillow, or even a decorated frame to put a baby picture in, your grandparents are guaranteed to be thrilled. Moving down the family tree finding the right gift may start to get a little more tricky, and spendy in some cases. Mom and dad have received enough of your “artwork” mumbo jumbo throughout the years, and it’s time to get a little more serious. Any woman between the ages of 35-50 will most likely settle for a scented candle or two. Preferably something more

classy, so stay away from scents like sugar cookie sleigh-ride or vanilla cupcake. We’re not trying to embarrass your mother at her dinner party here. Dad’s gift, on the other hand, may be a little more pricey. We all know it takes some fancy tool to make

getting. However, if your child is on the naughty list this year and you’re looking to disappoint, get them something practical like an electric toothbrush or their very own pocket thesaurus! All in all, there is a gift out there for everyone, no mat-

An adorable but big commitment for a holiday gift. him happy. If you’re working with a budget, some Old Spice deodorant and a pair of wool socks may do, but if you’re feeling rather generous consider investing in a power hose. Dads seem to love power washing anything that may need a good clean around the yard. Lucky for your parents the iPhone 7 just came out and we all know your kid’s phone just mysteriously “stopped working”. Buying presents for the kids can often be quite the wallet emptier, but your child can definitely not live without the shiny new toy that all of their friends are

ter who you’re shopping for. Better yet not every gift requires a hand full of cash, in fact you might finally be able to put that beading kit to use that your parents got you for Hanukkah in the 6th grade. Just remember friends, in the end it will be the thought that counts, after all, money can’t buy you love… so let’s all deck the halls with joy and embrace the holiday season! (P.S. puppies aren’t small and cute forever, so unless your 4 year old is capable of walking, feeding, and training a dog, you might want to rethink that one.)

Triumphant Tigers: Ferocious Fall Sports

This year’s cross country team ran their way to victory, and the close-knit varsity group led the way. Star runner Kellen O’Neil won sixth place at state this year, and set a personal record. Run, tigers, run!

With a much larger and younger team this year, girls soccer still won league, for the sixth time in a row! They lost ten seniors last year, and only have 3 this year, but their big rebuild kept these tigers clawing their way to glory.

Volleyball won AIVT this year, and were also co-champions for HDNs. They only have four seniors this year, and they made it though the first round of sections. We have lots to look forward to for next year’s varsity team.

Despite their small size this year, the cheerleaders are better than ever, and are showing all of their tiger spirit. They also have new coaches this year.

The Arcata High School football team has finally found their footing, beating McKinlyville twice this season. Their comeback has been met with enthusiasm and support. Way to go Tigers!!

This year, for the first time in AHS history, the boys varsity soccer team made in to semifinals! They played hard, and had a great season, we’re proud of our kickin’ tigers.

The girls tennis team was bigger this year, and full of racket-swinging excitement. A few of the new underclassmen additions really add spark, and one of the newer girls, the small but mighty Hailey Hill, won the HDN singles championship., 10-0.

Girls golf sent two of its top players, Luchia Monge and Avery Henry to sections this year, way to go girls. The team gained some new players, but everyone is still tee-ing off well, and this small team stuck together.

Banners Courtesy of Paul Swenson

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Red Bluff Spartans # 3 Red Bluff High School 4 Information: 5 City: Red Bluff 12 Total Enrollment: 1,735 20 Colors: Green, Vegas Gold 22 League: Eastern League 22 Section: North Coast 23 CIF Division: 3 24 Last year won AIBT: 2nd 32 in 2006 33 34

Name Brayden Hutchins Matt Glebe Evan Tanner DJ Robinson Jarron Barrow Eric Spencer Dylan Hebert Derek Gordon Tye Clement Dawson Voth Payton Edwards Donald Vargas

Year Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr.

Height 5’10” 5’10” 5’11” 6’4” 6’2” 5’10” 5’11” 6’4” 6’4” 6’2” 6’1” 6’0”

Coach: Pablo Vasquez

Montgomery Vikings # 3 5 Montgomery High School 10 11 Information: 12 City: Santa Rosa 15 Total Enrollment: 1,627 Colors: Red, Grey, White 20 21 League: North Bay 22 Section: North Coast 23 CIF Division: 2 Last year won AIBT: First 24 30 year in AIBT 32 34 44

Name Ian Linde Evan Poulsen Bryce Burroughs Ryan Merriken Yonas Atombes Tyson tinko Greyson Passey Alex Soria Alfred Rowan Eli Camarillo Harvey Rouleau Noah Weiss Victor Afuilar Soni Fakalata Riley O’Neil

Year Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr. So. So. Sr. Jr. So. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Jr.

Height 5’8” 6’2” 6’3” 6’1” 5’10” 5’10” 5’7” 6’0” 6’3” 6’2” 6’1” 5’9” 6’2” 6’2” 6’5

Coach: Zac Tiedeman

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Eureka Loggers # 5 10 11 12 14 21 22 24 31 32 33 42 55

Eureka High School Information: City: Eureka Total Enrollment: 1,204 Colors: Red, Kelly Green League: Humboldt-Del Norte League Section: North Coast CIF Division: 3 Last year won AIBT: 2006

Name Javante Achane Jerome Gee Tanner Bell Joshua Duncan Jose Macaraeg Aidan Morris Joseluis Vasquez Trystan Lester Cody Woodworth Malachi Pratton Israel Tulmau Jacob Lyons Dylan Wilson

Year Sr. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr. Jr.

Coach: Jason Hodges

Rancho Cotate Cougars Rancho Cotate Information: City: Rohnert Park Total Enrollment: 1,800 Colors: Red, White, Navy League: North Bay Leauge Section: North Coast CIF Division: 3 Last year won AIBT: 2006

# 0 1 2 3 4 5 10 11 15 21 22 23 24 25 30 33

Name Jaelen Ward Tyler Cox Levi Hinkle Jake Simmons Spencer Carter Josh Colombo Garrett Lieberman Logan Reese Connor Barbato Corbin Page Jackson O’Neil Demetri Morton Lakota Sims James Parker Quincey Grayer Ryan Matteri

Year Jr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Jr. Sr. Sr. Sr. So. Sr. Jr.

Coach: Adam Green

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

McKinleyville Panthers McKinleyville High School Information: City: McKinleyville Total Enrollment: 611 Colors: Red, Black League: Humboldt-Del Norte League Section: North Coast CIF Division: 4 Last year won AIBT: 2nd place in 2001

# 3 4 5 6 10 11 13 20 21 22 23 33 34 55

Name Mason Sand Jacob Smith Tyler Pelascini David Ramsey Jimi Moon Johnny Carlson Isaac Puzz Imya Tripp Noah Richards AJ Stubbs Leo Ashford Dakota Bill Daniel M Sheldon Strong

Year Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Sr. So. Sr. Sr. Sr. Sr.

Height 6”3’ 6”1’ 5”10’ 6”0’ 5”9’ 5”9’ 5”8’ 5”9’ 6”1’ 6”6’ 6”1’ 6”4’ 6”8’ 6”2’

Coach: Sonny Tripp

Fortuna Huskies Fortuna High School Information: City: Fortuna Total Enrollment: 822 Colors: Royal Blue, White League: Humboldt-Del Norte League Section: North Coast CIF Division: 4 Last year won AIBT: 2002

# 3 5 10 11 12 15 20 21 22 23 24 31

Name Jared Jones Sam Betts Cody Emmons Drew Gillette Hunter Turner J.B. Lewis Jevin Kitchen Braden Mandon Zane Zerlang Zac Claus Garrett Johnson Eric Duron

Year Jr. Sr. Jr. So. Jr. Jr. Sr. Jr. sr. So. Sr. Jr.

Height 5”10’ 6”1’ 5”10’ 5”10’ 6”1’ 6”0’ 6”3’ 6”0’ 6”2’ 6”0’ 6”1’ 6”3’

Coach: Alex Rump

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Piner Prospectors Piner High School Information: City: Santa Rosa Total Enrollment: 928 Colors: Maroon, Gold League: Sonoma County Section: North Coast CIF Division: 3 Last year won AIBT: 2007

# 11 12 13 14 15 20 21 23 24 25 31 32 33

Name Andres Barragan Ehab Dehmes Biniam Gerzamlak Jacob Ward Jace Foster Shalom Yohannes Scott Erickson Simon Stewart Jimmy Dao Brennan Carpenter Christian Gutierrez Jorge San Ramon Jake Herman

Year Sr. Sr. Jr. Jr. Sr. Sr. So. Jr. Sr. Jr. So. So. Fr.

Height 5”11’ 5”10’ 5”10’ 5”10’ 5”11’ 5”11’ 5”10’ 6”2’ 5”9’ 6”3’ 6”0’ 6”2’ 6”0’

Coach: Mike Erickson

Arcata Tigers Arcata High School Information: City: Arcata Total Enrollment: 875 Colors: Orange, Black League: HumboldtDel Norte Section: North Coast CIF Division: 4 Last year won AIBT: 2015

# 10 12 14 15 21 22 23 24 32 34 42 44

Name Jayden Morehead Garrett Hall Jacob Clark Francis Ford Duncan Albright Parker Gray Bryce Mateer Hunter Santsche Thomas Nerson Owen Morehead Austin Kadle Kai Pajares

Year So. Fr. Sr. So. Sr. Jr. Sr. So. Sr. Sr. Jr. So.

Height 5’8” 6’1” 6’3” 5’11” 6’5” 6’4” 5’10” 6’4” 6’3” 6’3” 6’3” 6’2”

Coach: Ryan Bisio

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

The nightmare before Christmas Garrett Kitchen Opinion Editor


t was two nights before Christmas, and all through the house, Hanukkah candles were burning-all over the couch. The windows blown out, Christmas tree all ablaze, the smell of chemicals floating in a haze. Walking into my own home after it had partially burned and been damaged by smoke was one of, if not the most surreal feelings I have ever felt during my lifetime. The artificial wood floor and walls were blackened like charcoal monsters. The plastic fire alarms and vinyl solar tubes had melted onto the floor as if they were molten lava flowing from the ceiling. The chemical smell of putrid smoke pervaded my nostrils like it was a sharp knife. I remember it like it was yesterday, not going on five years ago. Ten minutes earlier my mom had called me to tell me that our house had caught fire from Hanukkah candles falling over, or that’s what she thought. The thought struck me immediately: What a horrible Hanukkah/ Christmas gift from the universe, our house being destroyed by a fire on the third night of Hanukkah and the second to last night before Christmas (we were lucky though, it could have been infinitely worse). Our heroic neigh-

Our house rebuilt after the fire.

bors had been able to put the fire out with a garden hose before the fire department even arrived. My family was not at home when the fire started; I was at a friends house playing video games and my parents and younger brother were at a dinner party. However, our dog and two cats were home and had to be rushed to emergency veterinary care, but luckely after a few days fully recovered despite some trauma. I remember thinking to myself how strange it was to not Reid Kitchen be able to pull into our driveway as Our kitchen and dining room, post fire. we arrived, because it was full of fire trucks. I thought the only time smelling scent that I have ever tak- opportunity to wipe, or in this case, people’s homes burned down was en into my nose. The smell clings smash, the slate clean and start in novels and movies. Had my life to everything from clothes to me- over fresh, in a new house but the become a series of unfortunate of norah’s and it was hard to remove same home. events? After surveying the dam- from my nose, and even harder to We ended up back in our new age, I returned to my friends house remove from my brain (it still lin- and improved home approximateand my parents to theirs, to try and gers there today). Friends donated ly five months after the old one distract ourselves from the inferno clothing for us to make it until we had been destroyed. Thanks to that had occurred. could find our bearings and pur- my mother’s meticulous catalogThe next few days after the chase some new items. ing of all our belongings and their fire (the event) were a few of the For the next five months my value, we were able to replace alstrangest I have ever experienced. family and I stayed in various va- most everything. However, we still We surveyed the damage at our cation rentals that my parents have what we call “fire moments.” home with the SafeCo Insurance manage for their business, while I found myself looking for a noncompany, they collected our sal- our house was being repaired. We existent Christmas tree stand the vageable belongings, and took lived a very interesting life dur- other day, and we often ask each them to a warehouse in Eureka in ing those months. We celebrated other: “Where IS that food procesorder to try to purge the infectious birthdays, mourned losses, and sor that we own?” odor of smoke. To provide context, lived life- all not at home, however, I don’t want to make having my smoke from a house fire is not like it was far from bad. We stayed in house burn sound like a Christsmoke from a campfire. It is the homes with ocean views that were mas or Hanukkah nightmare nor a most chemical, poisonous, toxic a great deal nicer than our own, miracle. It was far from it. My famall payed for by our house insur- ily and I were very lucky in this ance (Thank god for insurance, am situation where most are not. Our I right?). I distinctly remember one house didn’t burn down entirely, glorious day repairing our home and we were lucky enough to be with our contractor, (and that was prepared with a good house insurof course, demolition day). We ance policy. Always remember to smashed dry wall with hammers keep your Hanukkah candles ( or and crowbars, ripped out nails, and just candles) away from anything filled an entire mega-dumpster flammable. And like our Rabbi with destroyed lumber and dam- told us, it is okay to blow them out aged flooring. Every bad memory when you leave the home! Also, and distasteful moment from my always keep up on your insurance Garrett Kitchen childhood was released on demo- payments, you never know when lition day. It was a rarely awarded you may need it.

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


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A fantastic film feature Jazmine Fiedler Photography Editor


t’s been over five years since the last installment of Harry Potter was released to theaters in July of 2011. Ever since, fans have been begging for more from the wizarding world, courtesy of J.K. Rowling. On November 18th, 2016, the much anticipated prequel to the Harry Potter series was released, and with it an outpouring of adoring fans ready to experience the newest film phenomenon, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

Rowling’s plan is to release four more additional feature films, with “Fantastic Beasts” starting it off. After seeing the movie, many were surprised at how completely separate the story really was from Harry Potter. In fact, there are only a few interlocking occurrences: the setting: within the magical world, the villain: Grindelwald, and a reference to both Dumbledore and Hogwarts. The book that inspired this film was published after being mentioned in the original series. In textbook form, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was necessary for Harry’s “Care of Magical Creatures” class, supposedly written by Newt Scamander, the main

character in the new movie. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” is a separate series, made not only for people who love Harry Potter, but for everyone who enjoys creativity, magic, struggle, and connection. However, there were a variety of responses to the film. Arcata High senior, Heather JacksonPease put her opinion simply “It was an enjoyable film as long as I pretended it wasn't supposed to be the ‘next Harry Potter film’ that everybody claimed it to be. I'm just tired of having my favorite childhood franchise exploited due to its profitability.” Junior Ruby Vadas said “I thought it was good, definitely better than expected!”

Walk-out for peace Olivia Gerving Managing Editor

Jacquelyn Opalach Managing Editor


hat do we want? “PEACE.” When do we want it? “NOW.” On Monday, November 14, about 250 Arcata High students marched out of their third period classes at 11 a.m. to protest for peace. Despite the possible consequences, students were eager to participate, knowing that fighting for what they believe in is a worthy cause. The energetic, emotionally charged group swarmed to the plaza, chanting “Divided we are weak, united we are strong,” while promoting peace, unity, and equality throughout the community. NPA students joined the crowd at the plaza, making the

statement even more powerful. Following the walk-out, participants met in the Fine Arts Building to discuss their thoughts and fears concerning culture, hate, love, and acceptance in today’s society. At the forum, the mic was open to all voices. The idea for a walkout began as a post on AfterSchool, a social media platform designed for students, and immediately grew with excited support from much of the student population. There were some complications in pulling it together, but the event turned out to be a huge success regardless of all the confusion. Naz Dickerson, one of the loudest voices in the protest, stated, “I believe that we don’t have enough equality here in the United States and I feel like that gets really overlooked. It’s really important to

Photo credit:: Melina Ives

Students begin to leave campus during the walkout stand up for what you believe in and I personally believe that everyone deserves a fair chance and everyone deserves to be treated with respect… I’m really happy that so many people knew the risks and the consequences and still exercised their first amendment rights and went and pro-

tested, which I think is great.“ Senior Marina Sonn, who had a big role in organizing the walkout, explained, “It is easy to feel really powerless right now but the walk out gave me such a sense of love and community and made me feel like there is hope for a future with that love for all.”

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

How to survive the holidays with your family Isabella Loch Reporter

Nigella Baur Feature Editor


he holidays are upon us, and that means your extended family will soon be invading your personal space and offending you and your “crazy millennial opinions.” Whether you have an overly religious grandmother trying to help you find Jesus, or an aunt who “isn’t trying to be racist”, the holidays can be a difficult time. Don’t despair though, we talked to our North Pole correspondents to give our readers prime advice to surviving the holidays. If your grandparents ask you about how your grades are, use

a lot of modern slang words, like “lit”, “sus”, or “ratchet”. This will confuse them and they’ll forget what they asked you in the first place. If someone decides it's time to start rehashing that awful Christmas where your aunt accused your mom of stealing her favorite serving plate and it erupted into an all out brawl, the best idea would be to sneak off to your room and blast Christmas music as loud as possible. This will keep your Christmas spirits high, and who knows, maybe your family will hear it and stop ruining the holiday. Because of the recent election, politics will be a major topIsabella Loch/PEPPERBOX ic of conversation this holiday Our highly trained North Pole Pepperbox correspondents season. To avoid any confrontation with your conservative off your back, start talking like family, anytime someone men- again”, just get up and leave the Siri for the rest of the day. Antions “making America great room because there’s no way swer their questions in a almost this conversation will end well. The holidays can often have monotone, “I didn’t quite get religious significance for many that. Do you want me to search people, so when your cousin the web?” Maybe start making starts preaching to you about beeping sounds and doing the our Lord and savior Jesus Christ robot while you’re at it. That’ll and you’ve heard it all before, show them how truly addicted just pop in your headphones, to technology you are. And of course, when that inpull up your hood, and smile and nod while secretly jammin’. evitable question from your visIf your uncle has too much to iting family about your relationdrink and starts getting misog- ship status comes up, we’ve got ynistic, remind him that Susan you covered. Just start screamB. Anthony could probably take ing until they stop asking questions. This will also show them him in a fight. We know you absolutely why you’re still single. Dealing with your intrusive cannot wait to be minding your own business, amusing your- family can be difficult, but if you self on your phone, and some- stick to these methods of avoidone just has to make a comment ance, absolutely nothing can go about your generation and wrong, and you’ll get the stresstheir addiction to technology. free holiday season you’ve been For an easy way to get them looking for.


Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

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30 for 30: the champions of AIBT Vanessa Holland Sports Editor

Ellis Khan Sports Editor


s our favorite time of year rolls around the corner, we decided to get up close and personal with a few of the stars from our very own team of reigning AIBT champions. You know them as the jocks who strut the hallways, towering over the majority of us, but what is their secret to success? Here is an inside exclusive with Arcata High’s finest to help us understand how they achieve their greatness on and off the court.

Parker: #22 Position: Forward Height: 6’4” Weight: 185 PBX: When did you start playing basketball? First Grade PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice? 3 slices of watermelon, glass of chocolate milk, and chicken alfredo PBX: How do you celebrate a win? Hangout with my friends and pop bottles of Martinelli’s and sip root beer PBX: Who is your favorite NBA player? KD on Thunder PBX: What is your favorite type of basketball shoe? Lebron 12 lows for playing, Jordan 7’s for casual wear PBX: What is your off season training regimen?

Beach workout, skipping leg day, hot tub, sliding into DM’s PBX: What is one phrase that describes you? Webgang™ strong

Hunter: #24 Position: Center or Forward Height: 6’3” Weight: 200 PBX: When did you start playing basketball? Day one PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice? Liver and onions PBX: How do you celebrate a win? More liver and onions PBX: Who is your favorite NBA player? Kobe or Kawhi Leonard PBX: What is one phrase that describes you? A beast of a child PBX: What is one word that describes how you play? I’mjusttryingtoupmy2Krating PBX: If you were an animal, what would you be? Polar Bear PBX: What is your off season training regimen? Weights PBX: What is one phrase that describes you? A beast of a child

Tom: #32 Position: Small Forward Height: 6’3” Weight: 195 PBX: When did you start playing basketball? Fifth Grade PBX: What is your pre-game song of choice? “I can’t help myself ” by Foretops PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice?

Top Ramen PBX: How do you celebrate a win? Mac&Cheese PBX: What is your favorite type of basketball shoe? Hyperdunk 2014 PBX: If you were an animal, what would you be? Ostrich PBX: What is your off season training regimen? Beach workouts and HealthSport PBX: What is one word that describes how you play? Posterization

Duncan: #21 Position: Forward Height: 6’4” Weight: 165 PBX: What is your pre-game song of choice? “Litty” by Meek Mill PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice? Subway PBX: Who is your favorite NBA player? Damian Lillard PBX: What is your favorite type of basketball shoe? Kobe’s PBX: What is one word that describes how you play? Blocks PBX: If you were an animal, what would you be? Gorilla PBX: What is your off season training regimen? Track running

Bryce: #23 Position: Point Guard Height: 6’0” Weight: 150 PBX: When did you start playing basketball? In the womb

PBX: What is your pre-game song of choice? “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice? Swiss Cheese, Swiss chocolate, Swiss everything PBX: How do you celebrate a win? Kick it with the homies PBX: What is your favorite type of basketball shoe? Jordan 11’s (Christmas is coming fans) PBX: If you were an animal, what would you be? Platypus PBX: What is one sentence that describes you? The peak of the Matterhorn

Owen: #34 Position: Power Forward Height: 6’3” Weight: 198 PBX: What is your pre-game meal of choice? Mediterranean salad and a goat cheeseburger with yam fries and peanut sauce PBX: How do you celebrate a win? Light sparklers and spinning in circles PBX: Who is your favorite NBA player? Kobe or Shaun Livingston PBX: What is your favorite type of basketball shoe? Hyperdunk 2014 PBX: If you were an animal, what would you be? Monkey PBX: What is your off season training regimen? Meditation PBX: What is one sentence that describes you? What’s the point of living if you’re not having fun?

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The Legends of ‘97 Vanessa Holland Sports Editor


he year 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of the 1996-1997 boys basketball team playing in the semi-finals state championship game, the farthest any Arcata High boys basketball team has ever gone. Two of the key players for the ‘97 team were captain Dusty Scofield (current AHS girls varsity coach) and Ryan Riewerts. We got in touch with these Tiger alumni to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce on the success of the 1997 boys basketball team.

Pepperbox: This is the 20th Anniversary of the 96-97 championship season. Looking back, what did that year mean to you?

Ryan Riewerts: That year was special for our group of athletes who’d played with or against each other since grade school. We were the definition of “team” and each of us played our role with a genuine love for one another that doesn’t exist very often in team sports. I personally take great pride in that season and am constantly approached each time I visit Humboldt County by those who saw us play that year, claiming that our games were the most exciting they’ve to this day ever seen. We seen as a team still have a love for each other that was forged on the basketball court and the drive that helped us create a championship season is still present as we strive to be the best men we can be for our children, family, friends, and our communities.

Dusty Scofield: Playing on the 96-97 team was a fun time we were able to win a section title and play in the Nor-Cal final, which I believe has never been

We were the definition of ‘team’ and each of us played to our role with a genuine love for one another that doesn’t exist very often in team sports -Ryan Riewerts

1997 Arcata High Yearbook

ing our games. As a basketball player you get a sense of where the lines on the court are and since were used to only having one 3 point line it was difficult to get used to in a single game. That said, it was an experience we’ll all remember forever. The crowd that followed us during that playoff run was amazing. They gave us so much support and the energy they brought to the gym to cheer us on each game has never, nor will ever be duplicated. D.S.: Playing in the Arco was amazing, I remember being in the locker room and sitting in every chair thinking Michael Jordan could have sat there. It’s pretty cool to say we played on a professional court.

done before in Div. 3. PBX: What was it like to play to play in the Arco Arena?

The Arcata High Varsity Boys Basketball Team celebrates going to state in 1997

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

R.R.: Playing in the Arco Arena was an unbelievable experience. In basketball terms, it was tough because the court was longer than we were used to and the basketball hoop was stationary (meaning it wasn’t attached to a wall) which made it difficult to shoot outside shots. All the gyms we’d played in up to that point had a wall of some sort behind the basket and the depth perception of the hoop was a little different. Another issue that presented itself was the NBA 3 point line was also on the court, so most of the 3 pointers we shot were NBA 3’s and longer shots than we normally shot dur-

I remember being in the locker room and sitting in every chair thinking Michael Jordan could have sat there - Dusty Scofield

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016


PBX: Did you go on and play col- lege eligibility at CSU Hayward lege ball? where we finished the season as co-champs and went to the R.R.: I personally went on to national tournament in Branplay college ball in Hawaii, be- son Missouri. After I finished fore coming back to Humboldt playing I worked for the Golden County to play one year at Col- State Warriors teaching their lege of the Redwoods. While kids camps all over the Bay in Hawaii, it was awesome to Area while finishing my degree. play against a Stanford team that made the NCAA final four D.S.: I played one year at C.R., that year and multiple other D1 and did not return for my secprograms. Returning to Arcata ond year. I wish I would’ve had was awesome, because the team somebody to push me harder we assembled at C.R. included a because I could’ve been a better group of all the best players from player, however I was lazy and Humboldt County. We had rep- did not play hard all the time resentatives from Arcata, Eu- because I didn’t realize that I reka, McKinleyville, Hoopa, and needed to be a complete player. St. Bernards, so the crowd that followed us that year was simi- PBX: What are your hopes for lar to that when we went on our the Arcata High basketball proamazing run for Arcata High. gram? We won our league at C.R. for the first time and I earned rec- R.R.: My hopes for the Arcata ognition as an all conference High basketball program are selection. I finished my col- that the athletes are able to continue to compete against high level competition in a safe environment without restrictions due to lack of funding or cuts to extra-curricular budgets. I hope that the players have an opportunity to experience the support from their student body and local community that we did (what an amazing feeling). I hope that the athletes represent themselves and their school as we did in a positive yet competitive light. I also hope that they’ll get a victory Friday night during the AIBT so that we can all celebrate as we once did with a victory for Arcata High School Yearbook 1997 AHS. Finally, I hope that the Journalism teacher Jennifer basketball program recognizes Coriell as a basketball cheerthat Coach Robbie was a revoluleader in 1997

Ryan Riewerts (far left) after a game tionary coach that cared about his players and taught them how to become young men while achieving success together on the basketball court. He deserves his name on the side of the gym!

The Pepperbox | Page 22

Arcata High School Yearbook 1997

ever and if you believe in each other the sky’s the limit. You just might do something special. The experiences of today shape the person you’ll be in the future. Hard work, determination, competitive spirit, and the love for your teammates will D.S.: I hope this year our team come in handy as you enter plays hard and we continue to the working world. You are on get better and enjoy the season. a path towards success, based on the work ethic and values a PBX: What advice would you team environment instills in an give people currently playing or athlete. Go Tigers! hope to play AHS basketball? D.S.: I would tell anybody who plays or hopes to play at Arcata R.R.: The main advice I’d give high is that it’s a great place to to the young athletes currently play it goes super fast so enjoy playing basketball at AHS would it and it’s not about individual be to enjoy your experience, playing time, points, or rewards compete until you have noth- the only thing you remember ing left to give, and to cherish is the stuff that you did with the bonds you’re creating with your teammates, for example your coaches and teammates. winning championships, roads The memories that you’re creat- trips, and funny things that ing today will be with you for- happen.

Issue 3: AIBT  

The highlights of this years AIBT.