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balitaan MGA KAPATID | UC DAVIS | FALL 2017

A letter from your

Publications Team Dear Readers, Each year, Mga Kapatid publishes the Balitaan, meaning “the medium for the exchange of news” in Tagalog. With this year’s Balitaan, we hope to highlight the memories we’ve made, the accomplishments we’ve achieved, and the community we’ve built as the FilAm of UC Davis. Through this publication’s collection of photos and quotes, we aim to celebrate our strong roots as a resilent community, Ang Matatag na Pinagmulan. It has been our pleasure serving as your Balitaan editors, and we hope you enjoy our celebration of our community through this publication. Mga Kapatid Publications Team 2017-2018 Katrina Asuncion, Sarah Obrique & Laurence Paulite

Mga Kapatid The purpose of Mga Kapatid is to provide personal, social, cultural and academic support; to spread political awareness and consciousness on issues relevant to the Pilipinx American community; to support and encourage the purposes and activities of all Filipino/a/x-American organizations and communities at the University of California, Davis; to promote appreciation for, and develop the significance of the Pilipinx community in the University of California, Davis and in today’s society; and to always aspire to maintain an organizational atmosphere that lives up to our name, Mga Kapatid.

performance groups mk modern

MK Modern began when a group of students involved in Mga Kapatid's Annual Pilipino Culture Night decided to pursue their passion for modern dance and take it to the next level. Since its humble beginnings, MK Modern has evolved into a prominent dance group at UC Davis that continually offers dancers a place to do what they love. The multicultural diversity of its members consistently contributes to their performances and is a true testament to the fluidity of the greater dance community.

mk choir Mga Kapatid Choir (MK Choir) is a student-run group and non-audition vocal ensemble. MK Choir is known for singing acapella pieces of new and old hit songs which include the occasional Tagalog (Filipino language) songs. They routinely perform for events such as Filipinx American Traditional Dinner, Pilipino Time, Pilipino Culture Night, and more.

MK Board mk vintage

A performance group that focuses on the traditional and indigenous dances of the Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao regions of the Philippines. MK Vintage strives to educate and its members to delve deep into roots and grow a passion for spreading our cultural dancing narrative.

im sports Led by our Sports Coordinator, Ethan Espina, Mga Kapatid's IM volleyball team was competitive and fun-filled! Stay tuned for our Winter IM Sports.

Fil - am at uc davis The Fil-Am at UC Davis is comprised of eight organizations: BRIDGE, FAHC, FILAH, Kappa Psi Epsilon, Kapwa, Mga Kapatid, PASE, and PIBL. These groups operate collectively to implement events relevant to current and historical issues within the Filipinx and Filipinx American community.


FAHC is a support and awareness organization at UC Davis. Their purpose is to provide personal, social and academic support to students interested in pursuing a health-related career. They also promote Filipino related health issues and cultural awareness to the community. A blend of customs and academic guidance are integrated together so members realize the health field is not just knowing the facts, but knowing people. FAHC strives to provide an atmosphere in which members can experience personal growth, utilize resources to achieve their goals and to promote feelings of friendship and camaraderie.





FILAH unites Fil-Am students in events related to Liberal Arts and Humanities. Their mission is to provide social, academic, cultural, and personal support to students in the various liberal arts, humanities, and social science fields. FILAH’s programs adhere to this mission, allowing artistic and social outlets to its members while contributing to the community at large with events that preserve Filipinx heritage while challenging current sociopolitical issues. It is also a means for expression within the UC Davis Fil-Am community. The organization is open to people of all backgrounds, not just Filipinxs.

BRIDGE was created in 1987 because of the steadily decreasing number of Pilipinxs pursuing higher education on a yearly basis. Their goal is to empower students to transform this educational system and validate the complexity of the Pilipinx culture through our services, which include: - High School Outreach: provide resources and mentorship to encourage students to pursue higher education - Academic & Personal Support: offer resources to students to support them achieve the goal of graduation and to increase the recruitment and retention rate of Pilipinx students at all levels of education





PASE’s mission is to provide a community of support for students exploring and pursuing STEM-related fields. This organization welcomes students of all majors and backgrounds, with the aim to provide opportunities for individuals to grow socially, academically, and professionally.

The mission of PIBL: Pilipinx in Business and Law is to provide a community with whom students interested in pursuing careers in business, law, and other related fields can feel supported academically, socially, culturally, and professionally. We strive to empower others by exploring the Pilipinx identity as well as encouraging growth through awareness and advocacy within these fields. PIBL welcomes students of all identities, majors, interests, and backgrounds.

Kappa Psi Epsilon


Kappa Psi Epsilon is a Pinay-Interest sorority focused on academics, culture, sisterhood, community action and social networking. As friends, they pride themselves on understanding each other's differences, letting them educate and empower us. As sisters, they help one another through struggles and journey together, resisting oppression and fighting for freedom. The founders of Kappa Psi Epsilon built the framework for a strong sisterhood and today’s ladies help in not only keeping the organizations' HERstory alive but adding to it every day.

Kapwa’s vision is to see a thriving space where Filipinx community and allies at UC Davis celebrate their ethnic identity, faith, and culture, find healing within the self, our families, our community, and our campus, and to creatively experience and respond to Jesus’ lasting love. We welcome everyone from different backgrounds. You do not have to identify as Filipino/a/x or be Christian or Catholic to be a part of Kapwa.

Fil Am Fall Welcome The FilAm at UC Davis ignited the school year as a community with our FilAm Fall Welcome. We began the week by tabling new faces at the API and MESA event as well as the Memorial Union. Thanks to everyone who participated at FilAm Icebreakers, attended general meetings, and the other welcome events throughout Fall Welcome.

First General Meeting Mga Kapatid began the school year with our general meeting for Fall Quarter! Through our pajama party theme, we embraced both fresh and returning faces to join us to not only dream about being involved but to truly live the experiences that MK cultivates. Thank you all for being a part of the fun!

Big Sib/Little Sib Mga Kapatid's Big Sib/Little Sib mentorship program connects established members of the Fil-Am community with first years, transfers, or students choosing to become active with the Fil-Am for the first time. After the BSLS coordinators review applications, they along with MK board hold a revealing event for pairings to find each one another. Our sib program offers a great networking opportunity within the FilAm as well as a resource for academic support. If you haven't participated in this program, then stay tuned for Winter Quarter.

"Thank you to everyone that was able to come through to our events on sib week! We are glad to see new sibs spend time with each other and enjoy each other's company. And we hope that y'all could bring that to winter revealing!" Bill Pansacola & Elijah Ramirez BSLS Coordinators 2017-2018

Friendship Games Friendship Games is the largest Pilipinx American college student event in the nation! This highly anticipated event celebrates spirit, pride, unity, and friendship (S.P.U.F.) with over 50 colleges and universities. Friendship Games continues to be an exciting, fun-filled event with schools competing in friendly picnic games, school pride and unity.

Pilipino Culture Night Pilipino Cultural Night (PCN) is an annual student-run production showcasing the various aspects of our culture through acting, music, dances, and costume. To prepare for showtime in Spring Quarter, PCN coordinators along with their creative team have held workshops, auditions, and practices to lay the foundation of what is to come.

PCN Coordinators

Sino Ako Sa Iyo who am i to you? In the late 1950s, both the Hollywood film industry and the Filipino American population in Los Angeles flourished. Although faced with white adversity and discrimination, this did not stop Filipinos from following their dreams and creating a community in the heart of LA. “Sino Ako Sa Iyo” follows the story of Carlo who left the Hawaiian islands to pursue acting in the land of the stars. When he gets there, he soon realizes it’s not easy for a Filipino to make it big as a genuine talent. This is proved through the friends he meets, all coming from different walks of life and with different mindsets on success. Carlo and Tommy convince a studio chief to film Filipino talent at one of the community’s dance events. As they try to make this event a success, it is these differences that challenge their friendships and what it means to be an individual in a community.

Director / Scriptwriter


Balitaan - Fall 2017  

Fall 2017 Balitaan - Presented by Mga Kapatid at UC Davis // In collaboration with Katrina Asuncion and Laurence Paulite

Balitaan - Fall 2017  

Fall 2017 Balitaan - Presented by Mga Kapatid at UC Davis // In collaboration with Katrina Asuncion and Laurence Paulite