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May 2012

The Hov Pod is a 3-seat factory assembled personal leisure cruising hovercraft No kits available, sorry. Commercial craft available.

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May12 inside

weather will have a change of heart and provide us with a dry and warm (I won’t go as mad as saying hot!) summer to enjoy the fun and frolics which lay ahead. Hot on the tale of the National race meeting on the predominately land based circuit at Magnolls Farm, comes the watery pleasantries of Rother Valley Country Park. Would anyone looking to arrive late to Rother Valley contact Lee Willars direct (see the advert within for Lee’s email address) to make the necessary arrangements. Thus helping keep relations with the Park owners on a nice even keel for Lee. June will see The Big Lake Extravaganza come to life, with a week of fun for ALL hovercraft enthusiasts. See the report within on the trials undertaken by the Midlands Branch. In our search to keep the HCGB

members informed of all things Hovercraft around the world Dave Reyburn returns with more news from the USA. Also the Dutch Hovercraft club have sent us an informative newsletter, which tested our translation skills out to the max…. well Google’s! As you may have seen/read on the Forum page, Tony Broad and the North West Branch have given us a platform to attend the Pageant of Power. This undoubtedly is a great opportunity for us, which will need support. This platform should give us a great opportunity to show crowds (and organisers) what we can do, and what we are about, with a view to trying to return there on a larger scale for the following year. Thanks for the continued support members, keep sending us stuff…. enjoy!

04 Diary

10 Round One

16 Big Lake Extravaganza

05 Chairman’s Desk

11 Round Two

17 Around The World

12 Little Scrapper 2 - Pt 3

20 Driver Guidelines 2012

‘Twas the night before Magnolls Farm, when all thro’ the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; (except for panic stricken Hovercraft racer in the garage….) The spare skirts were stored in the camper with care, in hope that not too many disappear over the Lancashire dales; The children were nestled all snug in the car, saying ‘are we there yet!!!’ for the 27th time, While visions of the telegraph pole turn danc’d in your head….. And yes after months of waiting and anticipation, the racing season commences with the annual visit to Peaches Pad. No doubt many people have been working through the night in the last few weeks, asking themselves why they didn’t consider doing this back in October!!!! With a full action packed summer ahead for both racers and cruisers, I’m certain I’m not alone in hoping the

It’s a date

Magnolls Farm

The latest update from our chairman

06 Council Meeting 244 Roger Morton

07 Pageant Of Power Cholomondeley Castle

08 Briggs & Stratton Russ Pullen

Rother Valley

Dan Turnbull

Sarah and Darren

Darren Clarke

Australia, Canada & Germany

14 Cullompton Hovergo Day Eddy Family

15 The Olympic Games the Chilterns Branch

Cover Pic: Cullompton Hover-in (Jim Waddel) Photo: James Eddy

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Diary 2012 MAY 5-7

JULY 7-8


National Race Meeting Magnolls Farm, Lancs.

National Race Meeting Claydon, Aylesbury

World Championships Saalburb, Germany

MAY 19-20

JULY 21-22


National Race Meeting Rother Valley, Sheffield

National Race Meeting Towcester

National Race Metting Jakes Place, Leicestershire

JUNE 2-4

JULY 27-28

National/International Race Meeting “The Big Lake” - Nottinghamshire

EHF Race Meeting - Prudhomet, France

JUNE 5-8


Hoverfest at ‘The Big Lake’ and environs, Nottinghamshire

The Irish International Hovercraft Event 2012

JUNE 9-10


EHF Race Meeting - ‘The Big Lake’ Nottinghamshire, UK

JUNE 23-24 National Race Meeting Hackett Lakes, Notts

Asda Charity Day, Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome

AUGUST 25-27 National Race Meeting Gang Warily, Southampton

Whilst every attempt is made to keep calender items up to date, some calender items may alter after print or the Editor is not made aware of changes-please check relevant UK or European websites for most up to date calenders. If you know of any changes or updates, or wish an event to be listed, then please contact the Editor at

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The Chairman’s Desk Chapter Twelve, Obviate

It is 4.30am, the morning after leaving the Hovershow. If you have never been, it is a terrific collection of hovercraft and display material from all ages of the development and evolvement through the commercial and into the more recent. The dedication of the volunteers is immense. I met Warwick, Chris, Ben and Steve amongst the many that spend their efforts trying to maintain an un-funded Museum so that future generations will know about these fantastic machines. They need your help to continue to do this. The Hovercraft Challenge to Youth is continuing its advance towards the autumn start of the builds. Les Bran and Slap have completed the build of the prototype craft and I understand the skirt will be on it shortly for the test flights and photo shoot. It may even make a guest appearance at Blackburn. The Young Engineers movement is backing the project as well. There are a group of members who are currently composing the structure of a ‘Coaching Certificate’ for the club for those who wish to attain a recognisable standard of competency in teaching others a safe method of controlling a hovercraft. We are planning a ‘Teaching Hover-in’ staged later this year, to enable youth group leaders (including scouts, cadets etc) to understand more about the safe build and use of hovercraft. Deborah Hunt and Gill Crane have joined the Hoverclub of Great Britain council and are a very welcome addition. Gill is more normally seen in the role of a very orange and enthusiastic marshal at race events and Debs can instil control over the Bearwood team (and Keith) with a raise of her eyebrow. They will be having their first meeting with the rest of the Council at Peaches Pad this coming weekend. There is a great deal of interest in Little Scrapper 2 at the moment. Sandy, wife of the late Barry Staples, donated a craft called little Scrapper to the Midlands Branch who used it as a loan craft for new members to have a taste of racing. Dan Turnbull, with some donated parts and effort, has built a newer replacement. If any member wishes to use this, please contact Dan. The Hovercraft Extravaganza at Nottingham is rapidly approaching. Keith Rhodes and team need to know the numbers of people who will be entering the Endurance Race and the Speed Trials. May 20th is the closing date. If you are taking part, please make sure that you complete the entry form of the club website in the club shop section. This will be a fun year. If you wish to discuss anything, my contact details are at the back of the magazine. Chris This much loved ‘vintage’ or collectors (1984) item of a home-on-themove is up for sale. Lovingly created into a dual purpose vehicle, it will take a hovercraft to and from meetings or cruises and keep it’s owners warm and dry. It is experienced in travelling in Europe, having been to the German and French and Swedish World Championships. This home from home is endowed with a spare wheel, double bed which converts to bench seating, two gas rings, 3 way fridge, is wired for TV via satellite dish (TV and set-top box not included), has a mains socket, bathroom and one gas bottle will be included. The caravan is suitable for tall people, it has very large windows giving plenty of light during the day and making it ideal to sit up in bed in the morning and watch the world go by. The dining table will accommodate 4/5 at one sitting. For further information contact Bob Coles on 07764617894

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The Council of The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain Council meeting 244 - Conference call on Wednesday 28 March 2012 at 10:00am Ref.



Apologies: Tony Drake (President)


Members present: Chris Daly, Kevin Foster, Jim Lyne, Roger Morton, Carla Thomas. Chris led all present in welcoming Carla as a member of council.


Co-option of council member(s): Gill Crane and Deborah Hunt had offered to join council. Agreed by all that both should be co-opted.


Election of officers: Chris Daly – Chair, Press & public relations. Kevin Foster – Vice chair, Insurance officer. Roger Morton – Secretary. Paula Broad – Treasurer (not a member of council).


Minutes of Meeting 243: Had already been approved by email.


Matters’ arising: All related to on-going matters included in the agenda for discussion.


Coaching certificate / Instructors licence: Ewan Black had drafted a paper on the proposed Hovercraft Coach Award. This is a work in progress An informal group would be helping Ewan to take this forward. Council also discussed the possible need for CRB clearance for HCGB members working with young people.


Annual General Meeting: The 2012 AGM was agreed to have been a great success. Jo-Anne, Del and the Meercats did a great job. Carla offered to take on the organising of the 2013 AGM.


Increasing Non-Competitive Activity: Council discussed the need to re-form a recreational committee. It was agreed that we lacked the depth of volunteers to make this happen. For 2012 we will have an informal structure, whilst encouraging people to organise events. Carla agreed to own this on behalf of council. We also need to consider an update of the non-racing rules, regulations and scrutineering. Kevin and Jim offered to look at this.


The club website: Carla and Roger offered to help with updating the club website, to a design by Louise.


The information trailer / club shop: Jo-Anne has arranged to pick up the trailer. Her first event will be the Cullompton College Hovergo Day. She is also working on the new on-line shop for club merchandise.


The Challenge to Youth: Good work has been done in pushing out leaflets but the prototype craft is not quite finished (it is hoped that it will be on show at Cullompton). It was agreed that we could cover the 2013 series from club funds. It was also agreed that we should get the prototype craft to all possible race meetings and invite potential entrants to see the craft, see the racing and camp for the weekend.


The College Challenge: Jim had publicity ready to send out the next day. He saw the College Challenge, which is aimed at 16 to 19 year olds, as an encouragement to build craft to race as novices at regular race meetings (not to have a dedicated race meeting). It was agreed that the challenge would be opened to apprentice groups as well as colleges and that we would invite staff and managers to 2012 race meetings to see what goes on.


Recruitment of new members: Bob Beech has arranged surgery for his knee and expects to be ready to give rides this season. We will make the same offer as in 2011 – a year of club membership will be included in the price of a ride. Branches organising race meetings would be encouraged to invite Bob to attend and give rides. Chris’s company is offering a deal of membership plus a lesson, marketed via Groupon. Many members recruited through these initiatives would not renew but if even a percentage subsequently became full members it would make a big difference to the club.


Any other business: None raised.


Next meeting: A brief face-to-face meeting at Magnolls Farm on Saturday 5 May 2012.

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Cholomondeley Castle Pageant of Power 15th – 17th June 2012 Taking place in the glorious grounds of Cholmondeley Castle the Pageant combines speed, nerve and flair with exceptional design and engineering. Since 2008 it has been the ambition of the Pageant of Power to showcase the best of historic and contemporary automotive power, whether on Land, Sea or Air. This is a major motorsport event in the North West attracting over 40,000 visitors last year. We have been invited to take part and feature both Racing and Cruising Hovercraft on the large lake inside the main event arena. This is a fantastic opportunity to show people what we do so well and promote our new hovercraft challenges. The plan is to run the event as a Summer Hover-In, demonstrating both Racing and Cruising Hovercraft on the large mere and small land section. We have plenty of time slots (see programme below) Corporate hovercraft will also operate giving rides for the public too. Any driver bringing a hovercraft or any officials will have free camping, free food and drinks (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner both Sat and Sun in a dedicated Marquee arranged by the lake organiser) and wristband for the weekend to see all the attractions. For any family/friends £15 will give them the same food, camping and wristband deal, £10 for children. We will also have our own access gate, more details nearer the time. Current programme below: FRIDAY—Corporate Hovercraft, Ribs and Corporate Thundercats- Rides for Public Participation and Sponsors Guests in 1 hour advertised sessions. Hovercraft, Thundercats, Practice for all classes and setting up courses. Jet Ski Show Team Practice and Demonstration. SATURDAY (and similar program for Hovercraft on SUNDAY) Water Opens at 9 am. Free practice for Hovercraft from 9-9.30 followed by Thundercats 9.30-10. Rescue on water and Rib Rides and Corporate Hovercraft –CH- from 10-10.15—1st Public Session. Hovercraft 10.15 to 11.15. Ribs and CH –public 2nd ride session—11.15-11.30. 11.30 -12 Thundercats Qualifying for Grid Positions for Breitling Global World Endurance Challenge. 12-12.15 – 3rd Public Ride Session.—Ribs, Thundercats and CH. 12.15—1.00 –Jet Ski Spectacular Show. 1-1.30—Water taken over by Marines for Assault on Army Battle Ground. 1.30-1.45– 4th Public Ride Session ---Ribs, Thundercats and CH. 1.45 -3pm—Hovercraft with Air Sea Rescue Demonstration fitted in when required. 3 -3.10 5th Public Ride Session while Big Cats Launch 3.10-3.40—RYA Big Cats –20 laps of Head to Head Action. 3.40- 3.50—5th Public ride Session. Ribs and CH. 3.50 Parade of Competitors for Breitling Global World Challenge. 4.00- BREITLING THUNDERCAT GLOBAL WORLD CHALLENGE ENDURANCE EVENT –1 HOUR. 5.00 PARADE OF IST 2ND 3RD. 5.15—6TH Public Ride Session with Ribs, CH and Thundercats. 6pm--Water closed. I’ll give more details nearer the time, if you have any questions Tony Broad 07855 737160 email visit for main event

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Briggs & Stratton – Exciting Dyno development of the Vanguard 35bhp! If there’s two businesses that attract more ‘optimistic’ claims than engine tuning and hovercraft, then I don’t know what it is! Attacking estate agents and double glazing salesmen is a bit last century and bankers seem to have avoided much of what they are due. Anyway – on the basis that all claims (especially commercial ones) should be proven, we decided to dyno test three of the engines we use in our range of commercially built hovercraft. Partly, this was to get factual figures that allow us to best match fan design to engine power curves, and partly because we like having proof that our products do what we claim! The backbone of our business is the Marlin II which is a 2/3 seat cruising hovercraft. It’s designed to be a ‘sports cruiser’ - fun to drive, with good performance, but good for long distance cruising. It uses the Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine which is an air-cooled V-Twin, in this case, the 35bhp rated version. To develop and test engines, we went to OO Racing in Sandwich. Adrian the proprietor is a specialist in small four stroke engines, very well respected for his experience and development skills, equipped with a dynamometer and conveniently nearby our new factory! What we’re chasing is decent amounts of torque rather than the ‘headline grabbing’ bhp figure. Torque is the true measure of the ‘turning force’ of an engine which is absolutely crucial in a hovercraft engine. This is because hovercraft do not use a gearbox - instead they have a simple transmission and a fan which provides a fixed load. With a ‘peaky’ or high revving engine such as a two-stroke, response can be poor as you cannot select a lower gear to multiply the available torque like you can with a motorbike or car engine. So, the goal of a hovercraft engine is a flat torque curve for good response and easy cruising at speed. First up, we tested a bog standard, brand new, straight-out-the-box LightHovercraft 08

engine to see if it really does produce the full measure of 35bhp! It’s been suggested (and I’ve seen a power curve) suggesting that it only produces 31bhp. However, our fan data has always suggested that it’s producing near its claimed power figure. We wanted to find out once and for all. First test….

extensively in the USA to power the ‘mud buddy’ boats that are used in swamps – and there’s lots of tuning parts available to take them to (we’re told) more than 80bhp.

Stock Engine : 35.4bhp at 3668rpm and 56lb/ft of torque at 3167rpm.

Maximum Torque 70lb/ft at 3200rpm

A good start then! Spot on what B&S claim. Next we fitted the ‘Savage’ engine. This is our ‘stage one’ upgrade to the engine. Again, this was a brand new engine, which has some light modifications undertaken to sharpen up throttle response and add more torque. Another good result, an impressive 9lb gain in torque coupled with a 2bhp gain in peak power but all at lower revs. Savage 37bhp at 3493rpm (170rpm lower than standard) and 65lb/ ft at 2544rpm (600rpm lower than standard!) These figures really support the fact that when fitted to a hovercraft it feels ‘sparkly’ in comparison to the standard engine, cruises easily at very low throttle settings, and pulls to maximum revs quicker and more cleanly. So, to the big one! We’ve developed the ‘Rampage’ engine over the course of the last year and have had it fitted to a development craft in order to get some time on it. Of the three engines, this is the only one that wasn’t a brand new motor, with around 50 hours of highly enjoyable hovercrafting on it! It features twin carburetors and a bespoke CDi electronic ignition system. Our aim with this engine was to produce an engine to power our new, larger ‘Coastal-Pro’ hovercraft without moving away from the Briggs family of engines and the simplicity and cost effectiveness they offer. We decided that maximum revs must be the same, and as a result, retain reliability as good as the stock engine. These engines are used

So, after some setting up and final adjustments of carbs and timing, the engine was run on the dyno.

Maximum BHP 55bhp at 4600rpm. Now, because we run these engines to a maximum of 4000rpm, the engine can more accurately rated at 50bhp, which is what it produces at that figure. It’s quite possible to run the engine up to 4600rpm for maximum power, but this means further modifications to ensure no loss of the incredible reliability of these commercial specification engines. As an aside, the engine sounds fantastic too and is way smoother than the standard engine, especially at tickover. However, looking at the torque curve more carefully tells the real figure. The Rampage has a peak torque figure 15lb/ft higher than the standard engine… but offers over 80% of this figure from 2100rpm right through to 4000rpm. So, 70lb/ft throughout a substantial part of the rev range is the figure of interest to the hovercraft builder! Fitted in the craft, the throttle response, performance and ability to cruise easily when well loaded is exceptional. And when you want to hurry….it really shifts! Overall, we’re really happy . To the best of our knowledge, no other personal / small hovercraft manufacturer that we know of has actually produced their own, ‘realworld’ power and torque figures for their engines by putting them on a dynamometer. Engine manufacturers figures can often be optimistic and lead us to false conclusions if we’re not careful and just a little skeptical! All credit to Briggs tough, for their exceptional accuracy and honesty! It should also be stressed that

we’ve extensively tested the Rampage engine, installing it into real hovercraft and using it in a real environment. We don’t exceed the safe usable rev limit that we’ve used for six years, and everything that needed to be done to ensure reliability has been done! So what now? We’re currently working on making the engine available for hovercraft builders to install or retro-fit themselves. If you’re looking to buy a personal hovercraft, then this engine is going to be of big interest! We’ve developed the Rampage (in association with OO Racing) for our new Coastal Pro Hovercraft but are making it an ‘off the shelf’ bespoke hovercraft engine for folks who wish to build or restore a hovercraft. We’ll also make it available as a kit with full instructions for those that want to undertake the work themselves.

- Max BHP - 50bhp @ 4000rpm - Max Torque - 70lb/ft @ 2800rpm - Carburettion -Twin Mikuni - Ignition - Bespoke CDi system - Engine weight - 56kgs - Cooling - Forced air cooling, no radiator/water system necessary. - Rotation - Clockwise when viewed from PTO side. - Starting - Electric, pre-engaged starter motor.

- Cylinder Block - Aluminum Alloy with Dura-Bore Cast Iron Sleeve - Crankshaft - Ductile Iron The team at Flying Fish Hovercraft would like to thanks to Adrian at OO Racing – a genuinely lovely feller with an astonishing knowledge of small four-stroke engines.

B&S Rampage 55bhp

It’s particularly suited to small integrated hovercraft, larger ‘plan’ hovercraft such as Sevtecs and Universal Hovercraft or an attractive option for re-engineering older craft. The aim is to have it available by the end of May 2012 – so please drop us a line to register your interest and we’ll keep you posted with pricing and delivery times. We’ll keep you updated via our facebook group, so make sure you ‘like’ us! There’s still another 5bhp in there that we’re not accessing yet, which of course means that a ‘Stage 3’ engine is under develoment which will comprise more internal modifications to allow the revs necessary to access the full 55bhp. We also need to get a ‘small block’ 23bhp onto the dyno and test that in its standard and modified forms. Lots still to do, so watch this space!

Briggs Stock & Rampage bhp Curve

Briggs Stock & Rampage Torque

Russ Pullen Flying Fish Hovercraft www. 0044 (0)1304 619820 Rampage Engine - Layout - V-Twin - Cubic Capacity - 993cc - Bore -86mm - Stroke - 87mm

Briggs Stock Engine LightHovercraft 09

ROUND ONE MAY 5-7 Magnolls Farm

Magnolls Farm Haslingden Old Road Oswaldtwistle Accrington Lancashire BB5 3RF





Leave M5 at junction 29 Leave M65 at junction 5, left at exit Third left at next roundabout to School Lane (B6231) Continues over M65 and becomes Duckworth Hall Lane Left at the roundabout into Haslingden Old Road Half a mile on, just before the bridge over the motorway, immediately left (signposted) Follow the road, turn right under the bridge into the farm Through the farm into the camping area



A mostly land based course with a small lake. This course features undulating terrain with quite steep inclines. A fast flowing course with the notorious ‘Telegraph Pole Hairpin’ to catch out even the most experienced drivers! Public Admission Prices: Adults £3 each Children £1 each Refreshments available on site all day A BBQ is planned for the Sat evening at Magnoll's Farm, it will be a nice big platefull as last year ! £6 a head - no child rate Could you please confirm numbers to Charlie Peach, text or ring 07970190262 or email

LightHovercraft 10

ROUND TWO MAY 19-20 Rother Valley

From any direction you need to be heading for junction 31 on the M1 Come off the M1 at junction 31 onto the A57 for 1.5 miles, then turn left onto the A618 and follow the brown signs for Rother Valley Country Park


The second round of the Championship takes us to the Rother Valley Country Park on the outskirts of Sheffield.

Rother Valley Country Park Mansfield Road Wales Bar Sheffield S26 5PQ TH R TE UST ST AR EA




This mostly water course with two short sections of land really separates the men from the boys. With high speed straights and sweeping corners craft control is tested to the limit. Entrance gates will close at 8.00pm on Friday evening. Any person looking to arrive later than this time should contact Lee Willars, no later than the 16th May, 2012. Email address Visitor Information One payment allows all day admission with the presentation of a valid wrist band.A comprehensive range of Watersports equipment including sailing dinghies, windsurfs, rowing boats, pedal boats, rafting sets, cycles and a variety of different canoes are available, both for hire and for use on courses. Wetsuits and buoyancy aids for all ages and sizes are kept in stock, although you are welcome to use your own if you prefer. For those people requiring a more active form of watersports the southern end of the main lake now provides a Cable Water Ski system! The Rother Valley Golf Centre provides a variety of facilities including a challenging 18 hole course, a par 3, nine hole course suitable for the less experienced, as Owner description: well as a floodlit driving range and clubhouse. Rother Valley Country For visitors interested in cycling Rother Valley offers 6 miles of tracks and Park consists of 750 access roads suitable for bikes, most of it traffic free and ideal for acres of parkland. children. Cycle hire is available from the Watersports Centre and the It includes areas park connects directly with the Trans Pennine Trail, which currently of open water, provides 11 miles of traffic free cycling between Beighton and grassland, woodland as well as footpaths, Chesterfield. bridleways and cycle All of these tracks are also equally suitable for walkers, who also enjoy routes. A haven for the use of a network of public footpaths in the Rother Valley, and link into wildlife, as well as a the wider countryside. centre of excellence for Education, Watersports and other Outdoor Pursuits

LightHovercraft 11

Little Scrapper 2 - Pt 3 - The joy of air tools The aim of this project is to build a new craft that could be leant to any member to give them a taste of racing. To that end Jake’s 447 engine and frame have been purloined and the next task is to finish the new Panther hull blagged from Les Bran. Having fitted the buoyancy and joined the upper and lower sections of the hull together last time it’s now time to attach the planing surface to the top deck around the edges. As this hull will be trimmed with aluminium angle (all the better to repel bales, tyres, course markers and trees) I retrieved two 5m lengths of 25mm x 3mm angle from my stock and proceeded to measure up. I always find it useful to glue and rivet the angle to the hull edge, so tidying up the edge to get a smooth clean edge and flange is essential. The front and back of the hull is curved, so to allow the ally angle to conform to the profile of the fibre glass I used an angle grinder with a cutting disc to chop through the lower surface of the ally at 1” intervals to allow the ally to bend around the curves of the hull. I also marked out and drilled the holes that would attach the ally to the hull edge at 6” intervals through the same surfaces. Mock fitting the ally to the hull using G clamps allowed the hull to be drilled from below using the holes in the ally as a guide to ensure an accurate fit. Removing the ally to gain access it’s time to prepare the hull and ally for assembly. Wiping all surfaces down with acetone removed any dust LightHovercraft 12

and grease and provided a good bonding surface for the PU sealant. I use Tiger Seal as it’s just as good and cheaper than Sikaflex and has the added advantage of a flat surface at the nozzle end for my new compressed air driven caulking gun to seal against – an amazingly simple yet effective device which takes all of the stress and pain from using hand actuated sealant applicators. Running a bead of Tiger Seal between the top deck and the flange on the planing surface sticks it together nicely once the rivets are in place, and another bead onto the ally will stick that to the hull. Once the sticky stuff was applied the ally was refitted and clamped in place whilst the large flange rivets were applied. Once again air tools make the job so much easier and the rivets were installed in double quick time with a little sealant under each rivet head to bed the rivet onto the fibreglass and prevent them coming slack later in life. Finally small bridging pieces were made to join across the two ends improving the integrity of the aluminium hoop around the hull. Now the hull is fully together it’s time to finish off the underside. 3” Skirt feed holes were drilled at 6” intervals, with the holes at the front being formed from two 3” holes to increase flow area at the bow. This is done by trimming the edges up with a jigsaw to convert from figure 8 to a neat oval and sanding back any rough edges. The P clips were fitted, first by careful marking

of the position, drilled and riveted on using peel rivets, finally the holes in the rivets are sealed with Tiger Seal to keep the hull water tight. Once back shiny side up it’s time to fit the duct, this involved much measuring, trimming and adjusting to get the cut out in the duct to match the opening in the hull and splitter plate. A jigsaw fitted with an old hacksaw blade is ideal for this and angle grinder with a sanding disc is equally effective at smoothing surfaces and generating more dust. With the duct temporarily glue gunned into place and the disc refitted the engine was offered up in its frame, lining up the centre of the gearbox fan attachment flange with the hole in centre of the disc confirmed the duct height to be correct and a large set square was used to confirm the duct was square to the hull. Before the duct was finally mounted in the hull, the straightners and centre body were made and mock fitted. The straightners being 3 layers thick and single skin, are stiff but have no method of attaching to the duct or centre body, so the correct shaped curve needed to be cut at the correct locations around the centre body, and then in the rear section of the duct. 7 vanes were to be equally spaced and set back from the fan to minimise the noise signature. Marking the angles out on the disk helps ensure correct spacing of the vanes around the cone, and makes for easy transfer of those same angular spaces onto the

duct. With the locations of the axis of the vanes established the correct profile can be drawn onto masking tape applied to the duct inner shin and outer surface of the cone. Drilling a series of small holes in line to enables the jigsaw blade to do its thing and the shapes are cut in both duct, and cone. A similar technique was used to establish the two holes in the splitter plate but due to the geometry the profile required differs considerably, as the vanes go through the flat surface (not curved) and each at different angles. The vanes can now be pushed into the cone and then withdrawn through the holes in the duct and the whole assembly dropped onto the hull before the duct was again aligned with set square, secured with a glue gun, and then glassed into place around all of the points of contact. With the duct now securely fitted, the areas between cone and vane roots, and vane tips and duct have a bead of Tiger Seal applied. This, once smoothed down with a wet finger, forms a nice looking and surprisingly strong joint. Leaving a couple of days for the sealant to dry the vanes were then glassed into place from within the cone and on the outside of the duct. Finally the cone was filled with aerosol foam to increase rigidity and plugged with a circle of polystyrene foam sheet to give a nice neat finish and rounds off the completion of the structure of the hull. Rudders were laid up using yet more material blagged from Les Bran and will be

fitted in the final stages of the build. In the mean time further donations have come rolling in, so I now have a fan hub and blades (thanks Bob), promise of skirt material (cheers Jon) and offer of skirt sewing (you’re a star Louise). So its now just the small matter of fitting the engine, refurbishing the exhaust, finding somewhere to attaché the handle bars and sorting all the twiddly bits that seam to take forever after it all looks to be finished. Once again, thanks to everyone for their offers of bits, money, help and support. Hopefully at this rate it will be up and running and available for use at the first race meeting of the year.

Top deck and planing surfaces now joined around the edge and Ally angle riveted in place to form a hull. In the background duct has been trimmed to fit the splitter box, labour saving tools in the foreground,

P clips fitted to form the lower skirt attachment points. Skirt feed holes drilled.

Dan Turnbull

Duct mock fitted in place and aligned, disc provides a central datum

Straightners, centre body and duct trimmed and ready to be fitted

Duct glassed into place, vanes and centre body fitted, joints ‘caulked’ and then glassed into place before cone is filled with foam. LightHovercraft 13

Cullompton Hovergo Day from young enthusiasts about the work being undertaken, and whether they would be driving them before the end of the day? Unfortunately, neither craft made it!

The day was very popular with the general public, with multiple craft spending the day giving rides to well over 100 members of the public, ranging in age from 2 to 65 years old! They were able to experience both cruising and racing craft, and all came back with ear to ear smiles and a greater knowledge of the fun that can be had with hover-crafting!

After many months of planning by Jim Waddel, on the morning of on Saturday 21st April the Cullompton Hover-in was underway! The day, run by Cullompton Community College Technology Club in conjunction with the local youth network and cadet groups, aimed to help raise awareness of the opportunities available for the local youth as well as both the racing and cruising aspects of hovercrafting. A bright sunny morning with clear blue skies (unusual for a hovercraft event!) saw the band of local HCGB members, Technology Club members and parents setting up the site to prevent the usual dog-walkers and other members of the public from casually strolling in front of a flying craft . A larger than expected turnout of a dozen craft started to arrive; a rarely occurring mix of both racing craft and cruisers. This large number of craft helped to make the day run smoothly and ensure a successful day for all involved in the event. There was a large variety in the sizes and type of craft that attended; from large cruising craft such as a TS3 and a Vortex cruising craft to small Venom and Panther racing craft. We were delighted to see familiar faces like Bryan White, Gaz, Rob Cooper, Wayne Hill, John Lawrence, Tom & Mark Robinson, and up and coming ex-junior drivers like James Eddy and Luke Burke, supported by their families and friends. Later in the morning we also saw the arrival LightHovercraft 14

of Keith Oakley, just back from his trip across the channel. Many of those attending had made lengthy journeys to attend, and we are very appreciative of their support. Throughout the day time was spent by various hovercraft owners showing off their craft to the attending youth groups and general public, explaining to them the basic principles of hovercraft construction and how they function. This was greatly helped by having craft in various different stages of assembly from bare hulls through to the final stages of preparation ahead of the new racing season as well as fully functional craft; both James and Luke, who were in the final stages of build/re-build, had regular enquiries

At the end of the day the unanimous opinion was that it had been an overwhelming success, both in bringing the hovercraft community in the South-West together to share their experiences and expertise, as well as bringing the hovercraft experience to the wider community. Thanks must go to all who came and helped on the day, and in particular to Jim for all his hard work in planning and preparing the event, and his unstinting efforts in promoting hovercrafting throughout the day. Eddy Family

CLAYDON ! CLAYDON ! The Olympic Games! The Olympic Games! Saturday 7th7th JulyJuly 2012!!2012! Saturday


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This year honour of London 2012 Olympics. We thought we would give our “own stars” Thisinyear in honour of London 2012 Olympics. We thought we would This give year oursports "own in honour sports of London 2 their chance to shine withto our verywith ownour take on own The Olympic Games! stars" their chance shine very take on The Olympic Games.! stars" their chance to shine with Fancy Fancy Dress Dress as always, so dig so outdig your sports kits or kits WOW us withusyour costumes toassupport as always, outold your old sports or WOW with Fancy yourDress costumes always, to so dig our Olympic Theme. Who will be brave enough to bare nearly all and take on the Tom Daly or support our Olympic Theme. Who will be brave enough to bare nearly support all andour take Olympic onlook the Theme. W even the Beach Volley babes............! Tom Daly look or even the Beach Volley babes............! Tom Daly look or even the Beac As for As thefor Entertainment this year a Knockout” style Olympics where where the ofstars the show the Entertainment this“It’s year "It's a Knockout" style Olympics Asstars forthe the Entertainment of the will this ye be youshow with fun games plus will beplus music afterwards! will and be you with for funeveryone, and games forthere everyone, there will beshow musicwill afterwards.! be you with fun and g As we As would like to like get everyone involved this year our at event, we arewe asking everyone fortotheir we would to get everyone involved thisatyear our event, As arewe asking would everyone like get everyon ideas for games to go with our Olympic Theme. We have some games already but we are open for their ideas for games to go with our Olympic Theme. We have some for their games ideas already for games but to go w to any we other suggestions. Please feel free to pass on feel any free ideas to any Chiltern’s aregame open ideas to anyorother game ideas or suggestions. Please wetoare pass open on to any any other game Branchideas Member or Chiltern's to Alison Wallace email address to any Branch Member or to Alison Wallace email address ideas to any Chiltern's Branch M!!! As Claydon and Towcester Race Meetings are soare close this year, we arewe offering meal As Claydon and Towcester Race Meetings so together close together thisAs year, Claydon areand offering Towcester Rac deals for both events and discounts you book early! meal deals for both events andif discounts if you book early.! meal deals for both events and CLAYDON -BBQ! CLAYDON -BBQ! A meat selection of Chicken Pieces with Lemon & Basil, Marinated Pork A meat andselection Sausages of or Chicken Pie CLAYDON -BBQ! Selection. come Mixed GreenMarinated Salad, Tomato and Vegetarian Cucumber, Selection. Both com A meatVegetarian selection of Chicken Both Pieces withwith Lemon & Basil, Pork and Sausages or Crunchy Coleslaw with Apple, Green Bean Salad, Potato, Chive and Crunchy Red Onion Coleslaw Salad with Apple, G Vegetarian Selection. Both come with Mixed Green Salad, Tomato and Cucumber, Crunchy pluswith French Bread andBean Butter. For Dessert ProÞteroles andOnion Chocolate plus Sauce French ORBread Freshand Butter. F Coleslaw Apple, Green Salad, Potato, Chive and Red Salad Strawberries in a Meringue nest.! Strawberries in plus French Bread and Butter. For Dessert Profiteroles and Chocolate Sauce OR Fresh a Meringue nes TOWCESTER! TOWCESTER! Strawberries in a Meringue nest! Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice and Naan Bread OR Beef Lasagne OR Chicken Vegetable Tikka Lasagne Masala, Rice and with Mixed Green Salad, Mediterranean Salad plus French Bread and with Butter. MixedFor Green Dessert Salad, Medite TOWCESTER! Cheesecake or Chocolate Mousse.! Cheesecake or Chocolate Mous Chicken Tikka Masala, Rice and Naan Bread OR Beef Lasagne OR Vegetable Lasagne with canSalad, book your Meal Tickets fromplus theFrench online shop! You can book your Meal Tickets Mixed You Green Mediterranean Salad Breadatand Butter. For Dessert Cheesecake Book both event meals before 31st of May for only £15 per adult and Book under both 11's event £11 OR meals before 3 or Chocolate Mousse! from the 1st June for both event meals for adults £18 and under 11'sfrom £14.!the 1st June for both even Single meals for either Claydon OR Towcester if booked before 31st Single of Maymeals for adults for either Claydon You can book your Meal Tickets from the online shop at! £8.50 and meals under 11s £6.50 OR 1st June oneadult mealand for adults £9.50 and and under under 11s 11's £6.50 OR £11 OR from the Book both event before 31st of from May the for only £15 per under£8.50 11’s £7.50.! £7.50.! 1st June for both event meals for adults £18 and under 11’s £14! So why not come and join us in our fun and games and Go for GOLD!!!! So why not come and join us in Single meals for either Claydon OR Towcester if booked before 31st of May for adults £8.50 and Remember to book your meal tickets now for those early Remember to book y under 11s £6.50 OR from the 1st June one meal for adults £9.50 and under 11’s £7.50! booking discounts. ! booking discounts

! !

So why not come and join us in our fun and games and Go for GOLD!!!! Many Thanks! Remember to book your For mealyour tickets now for those early booking discounts!!! support! From the Chilterns Branch ! Many Thanks! For your support! From the Chilterns Branch

! !

Many Thanks For your s From the

LightHovercraft 15

The Big Lake Extravaganza – Trials, tribulations and sheep As arranged in a recent Midlands Branch meeting, and published on the forum page, April 7th 2012 was earmarked as the day to trial and prove the proposed National and EHF meeting circuits. On a cold damp Saturday morning a handful of ‘harden’ souls dragged themselves to Holme Pierrepont with a single aim to turn the dream into a reality. As per normal the ‘good old’ English weather had done its best to turn the site into a quagmire in some parts. Keith Rhodes had descended upon the site on the previous day (good Friday) ‘tooled up’ with a JCB to make some necessary modifications to the landscape!!! Alas the 7.5tonne beast (not Keith, the JCB….) proved to us all that talk of a water shortage could be classed as waffle, as the slightly moist conditions didn’t take kindly to the 7.5t hulk rolling over Gods green earth… the less said the better. However, our initial visit last summer did reveal the ground to be concretes’que when dry. So when the sun does decide to show its head in the NG postcodes all should be well! The working party included Daniel Turnbull, Russ Hudson and Jonathon Spedding, whom all gratefully bought various craft along to assist. With Andy Folland and Carl Smith putting the hard yards around the circuit ensuring we meet all the required Health and Safety measures for both the competitors and the spectators. As with all things hovercraft, things got off to the usual and expected slow start!!! After a round of teas and coffees the pace slowly picked up with Jonathon taking various lines across the first land transition, in his electric start 503 (the greatest invention since sliced bread!!!). After around a dozen attempts on various lines the team (consisting of Keith, Daniel, Chris Easterbrook, Andy, Darren and Jonathon, agreed on marker positions both entering and leaving the land, along with buoy positions on the lake. One corner/ transition sorted, another tea break and

re-fuel was now in order!!! Whilst we we’re watching Jonathon complete loop after loop of one corner, Russ decided to fire up the cruiser, and entertain the children with a mini cruise. Watching Thomas 2 and Luke aged 4 Hudson (front and middle) and Adam Turnbull (at the rear) along with Russ at the controls was enough to brighten up any gloomy Saturday morning! See for yourselves – picture courtesy of Lorna Swaine – thanks Lorna!!!! Tea drunk and craft re-fuelled Daniel decided to take the covers off Little Scrapper 2. Built by Dan’s fair hand with assistance from very generous club members donating both time, material and engines, Little Scrapper 2’s time had come…. After 20 minutes of ‘light entertainment’ watching Dan fighting with the Jake Cooper supplied Rotax 447, Scrapper came to life then died, then to life and died again… this continued for a short while much to Dan’s frustration. After some minor ‘tinkering’ it was time to fly!!! Whilst Dan had been fighting with the 447, the team had relocated to the middle land section. A unilateral decision was made to make this the prime spectator position; from this point the general public will be able to see all the circuit. A further key decision was also made, a critical one for all involved, the position of the bar!!!! Whilst this was occurring on the land, Jonathon and Russ took to the lake to undertake some depth tests, as this location is an ex-quarry there were concerns on depths and in the event of a ‘sinking ship’ how easy recovery would be. Against the odds the lake bottomed out at an average 2.4m, thanks must be given to the high tech equipment used in obtaining these depths, I‘m certain the length of rope and brick will come in handy on one of Jonathon’s future business ventures!! During this point the locals joined us on the circuit…. A huge flock of sheep had decided that enough was enough and shifted positions from

World Endurance Race The closing date for entry to the World Endurance Race is the 20th May 2012!!!! You can book your spot on the starting line using the following link on the HCGB web page!!! ekmps/shops/hovercraft/the-biglake-extravaganza---2-10-june-201272-c.asp Whilst your ‘logged in’ why not book your electric hook up, which will be only £30.00 to cover for the whole event. Also available to purchase are shower tokens for the use of the facilities nearby. the ‘proposed camping area’ to the opposite side of the lake. During this mass transfer of ‘sheepage’, a single lamb was left behind, and was looking lost…. To the rescue came Jonathon, collecting the single lamb up in his arms and made tracks after the flock of moving sheep!!! Our own Doctor Doo-little!!! Whilst Jonathon tracked the local wildlife down, Dan decided to give LS2 her maiden voyage, still with a minor fuel/ carburettor issue Dan took to the lake, followed by myself, in Jonathon’s 503, turning the key and pressing the button on the electric start, Genius!!! Driving in unison we tried around 10-15 different lines, making some minor changes as we went. An agreement was made and the team decided a full lap was in order!!! The final land transition sending us back over the start / finish line proved again as the others before it, perfectly formed by nature with no spadework required! So off we set, over the start line onto the lake and down the long first straight, which goes on and on, but be assured a full field of hovercraft racing ‘hell for leather’ along here will be a spectacle not to be missed! My first full timed lap was around the 2min 20-second mark. So meet the current Fastest Lap Record Holder!!!! Russ and the returning ‘sheep herder’ Jonathon returned and followed us around for a few laps also before we all turned into the land for the last time. All in all a successful mornings work, the circuit nailed, Health and Safety issues addressed, the critical position of the Bar sorted it was time to pack up and leave!! Thanks to all that braved the cold!!!

LightHovercraft 16

Letters From Around The World... Six hovercraft were parked in an arc of remembrance for our highly respected colleague with club banner draped over the nose of the largest craft and 2 wreaths and 3 photographs of Des Goss in his multi-coloured Turbo Wedge 225 placed in the focus point as a back drop with family, friends and QSH club members standing in for scores of commemorative photographs.

My son’s first full size craft (unfortunately sand-based) taken on Easter holiday. Had a steering stick.... dashboard with control knobs and a lift fan. Segmented skirt was easy to make with my curved sand shovel turned around backwards and shaved down the side of the sand.

QSH club President Peter Venn gave a send-off tribute to Des Goss at the boat ramp and son Brad Goss gave a formal thank-you response. In attendance: Margaret Goss, Brad Goss and other members of the family: David, Nicki and Emma Bryant; Peter, Elaine, David, AnnaMarie & Thomas Venn, Arthur and Judy Stead, Angus Kerr and Anne & Jeremy Torrance, Kyle Kerr and Doris, Phillip and Kerri Audsley, Bill Toppin, Chris Munck of Kedron, Brett Young of the air cadets, Rita Chaffey and Steven Odgaard. Line up of craft :- Bill Baker 2, (SO) Hoverjet (DV) Viper (AK) Turbo TP6 (PV) Marlin Flying Fish (DV) and Revtech Renegade (AS).

My 30 year old Graupner “Ducks” RC model hovercraft on my pool earlier this month. Still runs very well. Long time hovercraft modeller and enthusiast – one time editor of Australian Hovercraft News Magazine.

A farewell wreath laying event for former QSH club Vice President Des Goss was held on Sunday 18th March 2012 at 96 Muriel Street Redland Bay, Queensland.

Progress seems to be much slower than many other transportation modes. I am presently building a hovercraft for a customer away north in Nunavut. Very demanding conditions of ice and snow, Everything is to be heavy duty but the overall size is small so hard to accommodate all the requests. May have some pics and something

Peter Venn and Steven Odgaard in the Turbo TP6, Arthur Stead in the Revtech Renegade, David and Thomas Venn in the Marlin and Angus Kerr, Ann Torrance and Jeremy Torrance in the Viper, floating in a tight formation; released a floating wreath and flowers and colourful balloons in the out-going tide heading north towards the wide open Moreton Bay broad-water at midday.

to write about next month. Just got a phone call right now to supply skirt material for a very old but popular hovercraft here in Canada back in the 70’s and 80’s. It is the STARSHIP model which seems to still keep popping up as there are very few model available in North America. (PS - I hope to change that with a new design!!!) I believe the sport has not grown

An article printed on Sunday 1st April 2012 in the Brisbane Sunday Mail newspaper. Page 33. Hover commute to float Slipper’s boat. By Kathleen Donaghey. James Bond has driven them and Jackie Chan was run over by one. Now independent MP Peter Slipper wants commuters to zip to Brisbane on them. Hovercraft have been floated by the Speaker of the House of Representatives as a solution to transport woes on the Sunshine Coast. The futuristic-looking highspeed craft have proven popular in blockbuster movies and the military, but despite being around for decades, they have not taken hold as a form of large scale passenger transport.

Mr Slipper wants to investigate using hovercraft (like the US navy vessel “LCAC”) On the Pumicestone Passage between Caloundra and Brisbane to take congestion off the Bruce Highway. A parliamentary paper ordered by Mr Slipper and supplied to The Sunday Mail has described the idea as “a novel solution”, but the report warned it could be a “rough ride ahead” for any proposal, given a previous lack of success in Australia. Steven Odgaard (Australia)

very much because of the cost of a new manufactured hovercraft being close to $20.000. A new car cost the same and a hover is so much simpler Ross Wease (Canada)

LightHovercraft 17

Nederlandse Hovercraft Club Nieuswbrief 2012 The Dutch Hovercraft Club have kindly sent us a copy of their latest newsletter, firstly we have to thank their Editors Hans Peerenboom and Ben Meijer for kindly forwarding this on to us and letting us use there hard work and endeavours. In defence of Hans and Ben, I will apologise for my translation, as this was self-taught after watching the Austin Powers spoof ‘Goldmember’…. Seriously we have translated this using google translate, which isn’t the “most user friendly and human” of tools, and doesn’t understand both sarcasm and humour!! If google wish to sue me, we’ll see them in court, to prove us wrong! Thanks again Hans and Ben. It is becoming increasingly difficult to get material for the newsletter. That explains why the first edition of 2012 is later than ‘normal’. While we strive to provide a quarterly magazine to give, will this year probably 1x every 4 months if this goes through ... We exist as a club 25 years, we’re like ‘small club’ also are all one bit ‘tired hovercraft’ become? Even for a special edition of the clublad, wholly dedicated to 25 years Hovercraft Club is despite a previous call but very little footage. We find this unfortunate because a “club” that we are still all together? Where is the (club) passion gone? The “drive” for we alldo? It cannot be that the passion for Hovercrafts just yet is propagated LightHovercraft 18

by a few? Okay ... of course, the Dutch legislation allows us as a club and as owner of a hovercraft increasingly difficult, insurers do not participate, Nature Associations are afraid that hovercrafts disturb the natural environment ... but that not really just manifestations of the “unfamiliar with the matter ‘? Tractor pull competitions, Speed boats that sail too hard, motocross riders who destroy our forests, Car (cross) races that exceed noise limits and so on ... those are much “worse”? But ... that kind of vehicles we know, and so we tolerate that! Come on people! ... We let us not just in a corner button? We get by Housing and all insurers do not sideline? Come on! Be proud! Tone again that you are an active member of the Dutch Hovercraft Club! Only in this way we get the next 25 years ... that you want as well? Let his all the club back on the map! We are a small club, but a to be proud of! We go for it ... you guys too? Of course! ... Because the technology behind the hovercraft is way too pretty for posterity ‘ to lose ‘... Let everyone know! ‘I’ am a member NHC! And a hovercraft .... “that’s my passion and my life!” ... In any case there is another magazine ready for you, again ... a lot reading ... The editors, Hans Meijer & Ben Peerenboom Christy Hovercraft. Christy Hovercraft is a Russian manufacturer of various hovercraft models such as Christy 6132 and 6143 both of which accommodate up to 6 people. In addition, Christy Hovercraft distributor hovercraft

of the U.S. company Neoteric Hovercraft, Inc.. that mostly 4 to 6 person hovercraft and produces the Australian company AirLift HOVERCRAFT that the segment is larger hovercraft and mainly produces 6 to 25 seater hovercraft. In short, all of Christy’s Hovercraft rounder when it comes to delivering Hovercrafts up to 25 people. The 6143 Christy is a very interesting and promising new model and meets the latest technology. Once this model released for the “international market” for hovercrafts, this model eyes high throw. Unfortunately it is not there yet, because this model only still be offered locally in Russia and the fact that there simply was not enough Christy 6143 models to also be able to export and that also remains equally. For the local domestic market, there are currently enough applications be dealt with first, but 1 thing sure ... when the opportunity presents itself to the distribution to increase, will Christy Hovercraft this occasion with to seize market share outside Russia Available for all models Christy Hove craft. What the current models, only the 6143 Christy is currently on the assembly line produced. The other model, the 6132 Christy is only produced on special request, such Hovercraft as a customer with more propulsion power and / or Payload need. Each application for a Christy 6132 is, therefore, a separate “contemplated”, depending on by a customer supplied specifications. In the first quarter of 2012 think Christy’s Hovercraft to the extent that the first orders of Foreign customers outside of Russia has,

in treatment can be taken. The ‘Ex Works’ price of a Christy 6143 will probably be around 69,500 Euros come to lie.

32 (kts) 40 km/hr Reverse 22 (kts) Economical cruising speed 45-65 km/hr 25-35 (kts)


Construction Hull construction Hull made of composite materials. Basic parts in the form of sandwich panels made of fiberglass and polyurethane foam with a glossy gel-coated fiber, can easily be repaired. Skirt type Segmented (92 Independent segments) Double-level upper tier - distent balloon, flattened from the nose to the back of the higher sections of the front to better overcome the wave, lower tier - Independent segments All segments are independent and easily replaceable. Skirt structure options The skirt and the segments are made of nylon impregnated with urethane. The segments are attached to the skirt nuts and bolts. Buoyancy 100% unsinkable. Bottom are Sandwich-panels made of polyurethane foam and fiberglass, foam volume 1500 L. Seating 1 pilot + 5 passengers. Cabin 6-seats insulation cabin. Windshield - triplex.

Dimensions Length 6420 mm / 6420 mm - in motion during transportation 5850 mm / 5850 mm Width 2780 mm / 2970 mm - in motion during transportation 2300 mm / 2300 mm Height 2520 mm / 2650 mm - in motion during transportation 2060 mm / 2060 mm Cockpit length 3160 mm Cockpit width 1500 mm Cabin height inside 1350 mm from floor to ceiling (in the center ) Clearance 350/400 mm on the skirt (segmented/double-level) Operating condition Obstacles height 300/600 mm unsmoothed scarps / smoothed scarps and any barriers. Wave height near 1000 mm Outside air temperature from -30° C to +40° C Pulled through tramp near 15° at start, near 45° du ring acceleration Type of surface Salt and fresh water of any depth, sand, mud, grass, swamp, flat desert, ice, snow Maximum wind speed at 37 km/ hr, gusting to 46 km/hr 20-25 (kts) maximum weight 10 m/sec gusting to 13 m/sec Maximum wind speed of 46 km/ hr, gusting to 55 km/hr 25-30 (kts) incomplete weight 13 m/sec gusting to 15 m/sec Speed characteristics Maximum recommended 50-90 km/hr Sand, fleet water 27-49 (kts) speed when the wind blows 50-65 km/hr Grass 27-35 (kts) 60-100 km/hr Smooth ice 32-54 (kts) 50-85 km/hr Packed snow 27-46 (kts) 40-60 km/hr Recommended

Weights and capacities Payload 600 kg (including fuel, safety devices and 6 passengers). Overload Payload near 800 kg (using a double-level skirt) Empty weight 600 kg, depending on the hovercraft type Engines Thrust Engine: 1600 cm3, four-cycle, power 109 hp (Korea) or 2500 cm3, four-cycle, power 165 hp (Japan) Lifting engine : 600 cm3, fourcycle, power 23 hp (Japan) Fuel capacity First tank 70 L Additional tank 100 L Fuel economy 10-20 L/hr Fuel EU 91 (US 87)

screw diameter 1200 mm, 2000 rpm Lifting system Axial 9 blade fans screw diameter 710 mm, 3000 rpm Transmission Factory parts : shafts, timing belts and selforienting bearings. Automatic clutch or coupling mechanism for a smooth start and stop the engine, allows to work at idle speed without rotation of the screw. Roll control By differential action of the elevators. «Deluxe» modification reverse system (braking, throwback). Pitch control By power assisted elevators fitted behind the thrust duct. Devices and mechanisms Navigations devices All hovercrafts are equipped with a complete package of electrical devices. There are a large number of additional options, including air conditioning, navigation devices, multimedia devices, rescue devices, special devices for fishing and hunting. Available models of this type •Standard •Optimum •Deluxe Electrical system Main engine generator 600 Bt Lifting engine magdino 150 Bt Accumulator 55-90 amp/h at 18° C, voltage 13 V Pumping water Electric pump Addition - manual pump Fighting equipment Portable fire extinguisher. Stationary fire extinguisher with remote control in the engine compartment. Navigation and Communication Prepared for the fitting of marine compass, GPS-navigator, card plotter and radio set.

hans peerenboom (Germany)

Steering Thrust system Axial 6 blade fans LightHovercraft 19

New Racing Driver Guidelines 2012 The information contained has been compiled to help you get started in Hovercraft Racing. The officials and drivers at race meetings will be happy to help you with any problems you may have, but please be tolerant, as they are usually busy at the start of the day and during racing. This page provides basic guidelines to get you started. Please refer to the ‘National Hovercraft Inland Racing Championship Series Competition Regulations’ (Publication HC 115) or ask officials for more details.

• To pay your race entry fee A race entry fee is payable for each craft that is to be raced. This includes third party insurance. There will be someone available at Race Control at the beginning of each race meeting to take your entry fee, which will be in the region of £70 per meeting. You must pay this before taking your manoeuvrability test or entering a race or practice session. Site fees of £5 per day will also be payable for all adults in your party.

• To pass a manoeuvrability test Prior to entering your first race or practising on the course, you will need to pass a manoeuvrability test. This is to ensure that you are a competent driver and that you have a good understanding of the racing • HCGB membership rules. You can arrange this test by contacting This can be obtained from our Member the Administration coordinator prior to the Services Officer. You will need to be a HCGB meeting or at Race Control on a race day, member in order to race. The annual fee is who will inform you of qualified testers. Once £27.50. There are different rates for junior, you have passed your test, the tester will group, and family members. issue you with a certificate, which should then be returned to the Administration Co• Racing Licence and Racing number ordinator at Race Control in order for records These can be obtained from the Member to be updated so you can enter your first Services Officer. You need to be a member practise session or race. There is a time limit in order to apply for a licence. Licences of 2 months from the date of passing the test are issued annually. A Junior racing licence by which costs £5 and a Novice racing licence costs time you must start racing or be re-tested. £15. You will need to send your membership details, name, • Attend a driver’s briefing address, date of birth, a cheque for the All drivers are required to attend a Race licence fee and details of the formula you Director’s briefing at the beginning of each wish to enter. A racing number appropriate day on which they intend to race. You will to the formula you are entering will be issued need to listen carefully to the briefing and with your licence. You will also receive a sign an attendance sheet. Your name will copy of the ‘National Hovercraft Inland be next to your racing number. An adult Racing Championship Series countersignature is required against all Competition Regulations‘ for the 2012 racing Junior signatures. If you do not attend this season. If you intend to race in a team once briefing, you will be liable to lose your grid you are qualified, you will have to inform the position. You must receive a briefing with the Records Officer when you apply for your Race Director before you can race. licence. You will need to bring your racing licence to every race meeting you attend. • Race equipment You will need a buoyancy aid, crash helmet • To have your craft scrutineered and clothing covering all of Before racing, your craft will need to be your body (including gloves). Body armour is scrutineered. Scrutineering takes place recommended. at the beginning of race meetings. You will need to bring your craft log book In order to become a qualified driver, you to scrutineering, along with your racing will need to complete 15 Novice races and equipment. have marshalled at least 10 races. Juniors For more details on craft requirements, read are also required to marshal at least 10 the Construction Requirements for Racing races to qualify into adult formulae. Formula Hovercraft HC152 (available from the 1 Novices are not permitted but Formula 1x Publications Officer) or contact our Technical Novices are. Before competing in Formula Advisor. New craft need to go through a 1 it is necessary to qualify from Novices and more detailed assessment. This can be then complete 10 races in another formula. performed at a race meeting, but may take You can ask the Administration Co-ordinator some time. You may wish to arrange an or Records Officer for information on how initial scrutiny prior to your first race meeting. many races you have completed. To do this, contact our Technical Advisor. We wish you every success in your racing! Junior racers are between the ages of 11 and 16. Those over 16 will start as Novice racers. In order to start in either of these categories, you will need:

LightHovercraft 20

Crafts 4 sale

447 Moto Racing Craft Brand new Moto hull fitted with a brand new 447 engine, the hull is orange and metallic sliver. Complete with engine manuals. Brand new skirt fitted Ready to jump into start of season and GO!! Perfect for all the family, race in every formula apart from F1. Great value for money. Grab a bargain at £3750 F3 Venom Racing Craft (No. 131) Two time national champion winning craft, Fitted with highly tuned TZR 250 engine. This is a venom hull with red and white strips. This will be fully rebuilt from last season with a brand new bottom floor. Brand new set of skirts fitted. £4000 F3 Meteor Racing Craft Fully recondition hovercraft currently being carried out, available in any colour that the customer would like, integrated hull fitted with standard TZR 250 engine. Brand new set of skirts fitted. This can be built to any spec wanted. Price depends on spec wanted. From £1700 upwards Call Ricky Goosey: 07875335702

local branches

most of the local branches meet regularly, normally in a pub, to sit around and chat hovercraft or organise an upcoming meeting or event. feel free to contact them and they will be more than happy to welcome you along to the meetings.


North West Gordon Taylor Bolton 1st Tuesday of month 8.00pm


South West Wayne Hill Bridgewater 2nd Sunday of month 12.00pm


Southern Kevin Foster Romsey 3rd Tuesday of month 8.00pm


Whittlesey Organisers Maeveen Scotney 01366 328 337 Beryl Wiles 01733 205 552


Midland Daniel Turnbull Barrow-on-Soar 2nd Monday of month 8.00pm

BRANCH Chilterns CHAIRMAN Barry Oakley CONTACT MTG AREA Aylesbury TIME 1st Tuesday of month 8.15pm

BRANCH South Downs Twig CHAIRMAN Bob Coles CONTACT MTG AREA Haywards Heath TIME 1st Thursday @ 7.30pm


South East Derek Sweetman Maidstone 7.45pm LightHovercraft 21

small ads

small ads are free to members and run for three issues unless requested otherwise FOR SALE OSPREY 5 ---------------------------------For sale OSPREY 5, white hull + seating some red trim, skirt in good condition. New radiator, with 12 warranty. Peugeot petrol engine. Little use, very good condition. C omes complete with 4 wheel, Hayling Trailers purpose built braked trailer. Ready to cruise . OFFERS IN THE REGION OF ÂŁ4995 ono. Kevin Juggins Mob : 07977810228 FOR SALE HIRTH 2705 R06 2 stroke engine 65 HP, Dual ignition, Pull start, complete with Hirth 3.16:1 gearbox reduction drive, Hirth exhaust, Rotax after muffler, rectifier only had 87 hours use - ÂŁ550 ono Colin Gates, 01227 792461 or 07795 410160 e-mail

WANTED CRUISER ---------------------------------2 or 3 seat hovercraft with a 4 stroke engine. An intehrated system. With road trailer. Mechanically sound. D. England 01305 853 581

Manufacturer and supplier of Hovercraft, kits and parts Design & Construction in Composites Mould and pattern work Bespoke engineering services 0779 3807073

SERVICES We are now the European distributor for

Stockist for Miller Race Oils, 2 & 4 Stroke

2 - 7 seat robust cruising




For prices or details please see our web site or contact us for a current catalogue A range of spares and products will be on sale at race meetings Vortex PREDATOR F1 World Champion

Hovercraft sales LightHovercraft 22

Vortex STORM LE F2 twin engine

Vortex STORM F3 UK & World Champion

Vortex STORM LE F35 Sports / Leisure

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club contacts Hovercraft Club President Tony Drake Information Officer and Publications Rev Granville Spedding 26 Milverton Close Lostock Bolton Lancs, BL6 4RR Tel: 01204 841 248 Chairman Public Relations Chris Daly (Council) 33 Hawthorne Crescent Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2JP Tel: 01455 614 724 07952 643 778 Secretary Roger Morton (Council) 67 Albert Streeet St Albans AL1 1RT Tel: 01727 757310 07795 199009 EHF & WHF Rep Chris Barlow (Council) Cobdown, The Street Ulcombe Kent ME17 1DR Tel: 01622 842 226 Carla Thomas (Council) 40 Grebe Road Bicester Oxon OX26 6EL. Tel: 01869 369944 07808 614770

Treasurer Paula Broad 15 Sagar Street Eccleston Lancashire PR7 5TA Tel: 01257 452 883

Vise Chairman Insurance Officer Competitions Committee Chairman Kevin Foster (council) 5 Purley Way Plaitford Romsey Hants SO51 6ER Tel: 01794 322 471 Recreation Chairman - Vacant Tel: Recreation Secretary Zoe Deacon Tel:

Club Archivist Gordan Taylor 29 Mytton View Clitheroe Lancashire BB7 2QE Tel: 01200 426 689

Competitions Secretary Tracey Taylor 53 Shepherds Croft Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1US Tel: 01453 757 226

Technical Advise Jonathan Spedding 17 Winchilsea Avenue Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 4AD Tel: 01636 672 082, 07802 714 102 Safety Officer Carl Smith Ellis Close Barrow-on-soar Leicestershire LE12 8PT Tel: 01509 412 993

Magazine Editors Darren Clarke Tel: 07990502207 Sarah Gill 187 Homesdale Road Bromley London BR1 2QL Tel: 07974 466 357

HCGB Member Services HCGB Membership Racing Licences Racing Log Books Diary Secretary Louise Beale PO Box 4045 Southam CV47 4AD Tel: All the above available from the online shop at Racing Scrutineering Secretary Jim Lyne (Council) 45 Starboid Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2TQ Tel: 01928 612 878 Transport Officer Michael Lambert Granary House Lamberts Lane Ossington Newark Notts NG23 6JB Tel: 01636 821 302 07788 725 923 Web Master Chris Barr

Youth Development Keith Lovell

club publications (Mail Order Only) HOVERCRAFT CONSTRUCTOR’S GUIDE (£12.95 -- now £10.00) Still a useful tool in learning of the hovercraft principles and what is needed before starting to build a hovercraft Available on CD-R and also containing the following:Construction Regulations for Racing Hovercraft Construction Regulations for Cruising/Recreation Hovercraft Guidelines for safe operation of Cruising Hovercraft New Racing Driver Guidelines. GUIDE TO MODEL HOVERCRAFT (£6.00) Specifically produced for youngsters to make their own models using bits and pieces found around the home -- including elastic bands, card and plastic cups, etc.

FLYING WITHOUT WINGS (DVD) (£15.00 -- now £10.00) A 25 minute DVD which demonstrates how hovercraft are used. Includes footage from sites we no longer used and now more of a historical archive. Produced in 1995. Most of the club information booklets are now available for members as downloads on the club website Including:Constructions Regulations for Racing Hovercraft Construction Regulations for Cruising/Recreation Hovercraft National Hovercraft Racing Competitions Regulations (revised each year) New Racing Driver Guidelines Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Cruising Hovercraft

LightHovercraft 23

Racing & Cruising hovercraft 1 to 4 seats Hovercraft plans & kits 2 & 4 Stroke engines supplied Rotax engine servicing and repairs Black skirt material ÂŁ6.50 including vat Largest range of components available Engineering service for one off parts

Formula 1 National Champion 2002

K & M PRODUCTS 5 Church Street, CarIton-Le-Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HR For Further information please send 5 First Class stamps for our comprehensive catalogue

Tel or Fax: Ken Rigley (01522) 789842 Tel Workshop (01636) 611223 Tel Mobile 07976 776945

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The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain is the National Organisation for Racing and Recreational hovercraft.