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October 2013

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October 2013 other Bother and Towcester Powester…. The 2013 racing season ended with

penultimate round being held at Rother Valley on the outskirts of Rotherham, with the seasons finale seeing a return to Towcester Race Course…. These for me personally started with a similar kind of symmetry…. I have to admit both circuits have never been kind to me and after the first race at both I thought this trend would continue. Rother saw me continue my ‘fine’ run of exiting the craft on the lake…. Six times in the last six visits I have now departed my ride at said venue. I’m told by my Team mates at least it was specular!!! The miserable theme for the weekend continued with mechanical, electrical and mojo issues, and frankly I was happy to slip into my own bed on Sunday evening, privately wishing I never had to; 1) Go to Rother Valley ever again, 2) Never climb in a hovercraft ever again… Anyway a few days passed and the miserable and

cantankerous 503 was removed from Venom and my enthusiasm started to return… this return of my enthusiasm seemed to come hand in hand with me using the spare 503 engine which had been treated to the usual ‘high standard of maintenance’ which is becoming synonymous with Team Nationwide Fire, being stored outside for the last three seasons!!! I was hoping the ‘old girl’ had seized and a long weekend of drinking lay ahead, as the long range weather forecast looked favourable! Saturday morning rolls around, and much to my dismay after a little coaxing and help from John Scriven, the spare engine roared into live... well one piston at a time!! (Bugger, so off I trudged to pack the crates of cider and lager away!!!!) To cut a long story short, I managed to put on a display for the general public (again) by exiting the craft over the handlebars, running myself over in the process, this time on the less comfy land, rather than in the water!


Less about me… Once again both the Midlands and Chiltern’s branches should be congratulated for their efforts at both venues, Rother with the political minefield Lee Willars in particularly has to tip toe through with the landowners, and at Towcester the sheer size of the circuit to set up and take down. In fact we should tip our hats to all the Branches and their members for the effort they put in to making what we do happen! Also for the first time in a few seasons the weather has been our friend and I think that helps considerably. Whilst on the ‘back slapping’ again the Orange People did us proud, whilst we (the drivers) did our best to destroy the race programme with red flags, they had to stay out doing over long stints... I know all the drivers thank you!!! Another group of busy people at Towcester were our much loved and overly busy medics.... these boys are the Bomb!! At Towcester they saw a lot of action, and responded with a high of professionalism and dedication, we salute you also. I personally think it’s been a fantastic season, with some excellent racing throughout all the formulae, another one the club can be proud of. And looking at the future that looks to be in great hands as our current crop of juniors are outstanding to watch. Obviously Callum Beale steals the headlines with his hard earned and won championship, but throughout the field the calibre of our ‘young guns’ is extremely high. They are a credit to their parents and the club. One final farewell into retirement (again...) our much loved and stressed out Race Director Claire Mason. It’s a tough job, and Claire has had the ‘nuts’ to deal with everything thrown at her, especially the European Events which I know she personally loves - sarcasm is the lowest form of wit Claire ;) Seriously you’ve done a fantastic job and will be missed until voted back in, in 2015!!! Lol!!!! Right time for me to zip up, however I would like to wish all ‘our friends’ whom were injured or hurt during the Towcester meeting a speedy recovery, we did have a few horrible injuries but fingers crossed they will be back next season fighting fit…. That also extends to those injured off the circuit in the bar…. Not long till Accrington now…. The countdown begins!!! Darren and Sarah




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Cover pic: Christian Broad Photo taken by: Louise Beale



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AUGUST 23-25 National Race Meeting Gang Warily

JUNE 7-8 National Race Meeting Rother Valley

SEPTEMBER 6-7 Possible Race Meeting TBA

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Small ads small ads are free to members and run for three issues unless requested otherwise FOR SALE OSPREY 5 For sale OSPREY 5, white hull + seating some red trim, skirt in good condition. New radiator, with 12 warranty. Peugeot petrol engine. Little use, very good condition. C omes complete with 4 wheel, Hayling Trailers purpose built braked trailer. Ready to cruise . OFFERS IN THE REGION OF £4995 ono. Kevin Juggins Mob : 07977810228 FOR SALE HIRTH 2705 R06 2 stroke engine 65 HP, Dual ignition, Pull start, complete with Hirth 3.16:1 gearbox reduction drive, Hirth exhaust, Rotax after muffler, rectifier only had 87 hours use - £550 ono Colin Gates, 01227 792461 or 07795 410160 e-mail colin@gates51.wanadoo.


Tearful his Sunday just past signifies the end of a great summer of

hovercraft racing events. There were several tearful looks between friends who have shared so much fun for the seven weekends of this season’s National Championships as they parted for several months until the AGM in March. To all those who made it memorable, thank you.

The club has many brilliant engineers and it is now time to put your views forward to the Competitions Committee about any improvements that can be made to the regulations for the racing series. There will be a meeting shortly of this committee and the Scrutineers Committee to review this year past and agree any amendments to enable safe and competitive racing to flourish in the future. Liverpool Sailing Club is the venue next weekend (28th/29th) for a fantastic sight seeing cruise. The sailing club is also hosting a barbeque on the Saturday evening. Danny Nightingale, Russ Pullen and Dave Hall are all involved, so please contact them for more information. Those who have suitable craft and want to use them are welcome on this weekend and others that are coming up. October 5th/6th is the date for the Hover-in near Stamford Hall. Marc Bradley-Upton (shortened yellow craft, No. 86) has a corporate site nearby and has kindly offered the facilities for some fun time. There is also the return to The Chequers pub which holds many memories (or lack of memories) for some of the older club members. This weekend is being organised by Lee Willars. This winter will see the first hovercraft build for at least seven school/youth/college groups. They are the recipients of the seven hulls that, with the help of Wouter Castendijk and Jake Cooper, were brought back from Holland. These groups will need encouragement and guidance to complete their builds by spring so please offer some. We will be having a Council meeting in October, so if there are any points that need raising, please contact a member of Council. Next year’s World Championships are in Germany. If you wish to discuss anything, my contact details are at the back of the magazine. Chris



F I N A L R O U N D 8

F1 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 1 Daniel Turnbull 25 15 25 25 25 25 25 165 2 Raider F1 20 25 14 20 14 20 13 126 3 Nationwide Fire F1 A 13 20 20 17 17 14 17 118

F2 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 31 Team Polfrey 20 17 20 20 20 15 20 132 92 Section4 9 15 10 17 17 20 25 113 99 Russ Pullen 17 25 25 13 15 17 112

F3 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 145 Ricky Goosey 25 25 25 25 25 25 15 165 142 Phil Hall 20 17 20 20 20 14 20 131 133 Storm Raptor Racing 20 15 14 17 20 25 111

F503 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 52 Team Beale 25 20 25 20 25 25 140 77 Bernie Hook 20 25 15 17 17 13 20 127 48 Team Metzner A 17 14 17 15 14 17 25 119

F35 no Team Magnol Cholmo Hacket Rother Claydo GangWa Towces season 201 High Cross Racing 25 20 25 17 15 25 25 152 203 Team Saga Louts 20 17 15 20 25 20 20 137 219 Zoe Deacon 15 15 17 25 20 15 14 121

FJ no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 2 Team Beale 25 20 25 20 25 25 20 160 1 Sarah Foster 17 17 20 11 20 20 25 130 146 Nils Atkins 14 25 17 25 17 9 15 122


Open no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 147 The Flying Normans 17 17 17 15 14 14 20 114 133 Storm Raptor Racing 14 25 13 15 17 25 109 31 Team Polfrey 13 15 20 14 20 10 17 109

Open F1 no Team Magnol Cholmo Claydo Hacket GangWa Rother Towces season 2 Raider F1 25 25 25 25 17 14 131 8 Nationwide Fire F1B 17 17 15 20 25 94 10 Nationwide Fire F1 C 13 20 20 20 20 93

Open F2 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 31 Team Polfrey 20 20 25 20 20 14 25 144 92 Section4 13 25 9 25 25 20 117 47 Wayne Ravenhall 25 15 13 17 17 15 102

Open F3 no Team Magnol Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces Hacket season 147 The Flying Normans 25 20 25 20 20 20 25 155 133 Storm Raptor Racing 25 20 25 25 25 20 140 176 Team Finch 20 17 17 15 15 13 17 114

Open F35 no Team Magnol Hacket Cholmo Claydo GangWa Rother Towces season 201 High Cross Racing 25 25 25 17 15 20 25 152 203 Team Saga Louts 20 20 20 25 25 25 17 152 204 Phil Tattersall 17 15 20 17 17 20 106



Bouyancy aid


After a year of dry racing I took my first splash at Claydon, during which I found out how restricted I was in my race clothing/buoyancy aid kit. With the Rother water course approaching and a craft with a tendency to plough in, I decided to do a bit of research and was slightly concerned to find the N50 rated aid that I was using may not be suitable? So I thought I should share some details so that others can decide if they want to reconsider their choice of buoyancy aids. My problems with the N50 level buoyancy aids: • The 50N rating means that it will only float approx 5 kilos (I think we all weigh more than that! – but of course because most of the weight is supported when in water the required buoyancy is suggested at approx 8% of the dry weight). Taking into account wet clothes; body armour, helmet etc then I would be looking for more like 9-10 kilos of buoyancy. • If you are unconscious or injured and incapable of swimming after falling out of the craft, then the 50N is not designed to right you, or position your head out of the water or keep you afloat without action from the wearer. • My 50N did not have a crotch strap so I could not be sure it would stay in place and not ride up on impact. My conclusion was to buy a new Typhoon racer pro N275 Auto Lifejacket with harness and optional crotch strap. It is less bulky than my current aid when dry but is designed to fire a gas cartridge to inflate only when immersed in water for 5 seconds (so should be OK to use in spray etc) and it will then cope with heavy clothing and automatically put me in the right position in the water and keep me there whilst I await the orange angels. Here is a definition of the rating levels for buoyancy aids and lifejackets Personal flotation devices (buoyancy aids and life jackets) have different levels of buoyancy. These levels of buoyancy should be considered and influence your choice, when selecting a personal flotation device. There are four main buoyancy levels; 50, 100, 150 and 275.



In general terms, Level 50 is a buoyancy aid designed for when help is close at hand, whereas Level 150 is a general purpose lifejacket used for offshore cruising and motor boating. To determine these levels of buoyancy under test conditions, the test subjects (real people) are dressed in bathing costumes. This requirement provides good consistency and repeatability for testing, but needs to be taken into account in your selection, as foul weather clothing or babies nappies are likely to adversely effect the performance level. This is particularly true with Level 100 and 150, when turning a person over so their head is clear of the water. A garment that is the incorrect size for the wearer will adversely affect the performance level. LEVEL 50 This level is intended for use by those who are competent swimmers and who are near to bank, shore, or who have help and a means of rescue close at hand. These garments have minimal bulk, but they are of limited use in disturbed water, and cannot be expected to keep the user safe for a long period of time. They do not have sufficient buoyancy to protect people who are unable to help themselves. They require active participation by the user. Standards applicable to this level; EN 393 or ISO 12402 – 5. LEVEL 100 This level is intended for those who may have to wait for rescue, but are likely to do so in sheltered water. The device should not be used in rough conditions. Standards applicable to this level; EN 395 or ISO 12402 – 4. LEVEL 150 This level is intended for general offshore and rough weather use where a high standard of performance is required. It will turn an unconscious person into a safe position and requires no subsequent action by the user to maintain this position. Standards applicable to this level; EN 396 or ISO 12402 – 3. LEVEL 275 This level is intended primarily for offshore use and by people who are carrying significant weights and thus require additional buoyancy. It is also of

value to those who are wearing clothing which traps air and which may adversely affect the self-righting capacity of the lifejacket. It is designed to ensure that the user is floating in the correct position with their mouth and nose clear of the surface. Standards applicable to this level; EN 399 or ISO 12402 – 2. If anyone would like to discuss this further I can be contacted on 07720 345945

Flying Fish Hovercraft is Europe's largest manufacturer of small craft for recreational and 'light commercial' usage. Many club members will be familiar with the company's products. However, in the last 18 months or so, the company has changed dramatically with the (partial at least!) retirement of founder Ivan Pullen, the day to day running being taken over by his son Russ and Russ's wife Emma, increasing the number of craft produced from 40 or so in 2010 to a projected 100 in 2013. Currently, pretty much all trading profits are being re-invested into R&D. Aside from a new Marlin III due any day now and a new power unit for the Coastal-Pro, the R&D team are working on a production version of the BBV5 cabin craft, for which Flying Fish have agreed a licensing deal with designers Bill Baker vehicles under the name BBV500. The company has a similar arrangement with Ivanoff Hovercraft for the tiny little 'Eurocraft' which Flying Fish make and sell under their premium brand name 'Volantis' through high end outlets such as Harrods &

Selfridges. During 2013, with Russ's decision to go racing again (after a break of nearly 10 years) Flying Fish purchased the molds and production rights for the Cobra 5P racing hovercraft from Belgian designer Jos Vanderhoven and are planning to make them available for purchase in the near future. Aside from product development, every aspect of the business has been overhauled since 2010, with the company moving to an 11,500 sq.ft. factory and upping the workforce from to 23 - partly with the help of a ÂŁ70,000.00 government loan. There are new policies, operating procedures, conformities, stock control systems and financial planning - a whole new level of professionalism in all aspects of operations. With a growing distributor network, the focus is very much on moving away from direct UK sales towards the development of a growing distributor base in many new markets. Emma has a passionate approach to business but isn't a hovercraft enthusiast, which means she's very objective about running the company in an efficient and professional manner. Russ is likewise keen to grow the

For your information our Member Country Delegates are: Australia (2) Austria (1) Belgium (2) Canada (2) Denmark (1) France (2) Germany (2) Great Britain (2) Indonesia (1) Ireland (2) Italy (2) Japan (1) Japan (1) Lebanon (1) Mauritius (1) Netherlands (2) Norway (1) Poland (2) J Portugal (1) Slovakia (2) Slovenia (0) Turkey (0) South Africa (1) Sweden (2) USA (2)

Peter Streader Andrew Stelzhammer Jos Vanderhoven Bob Rennick Uffe Andersen Denis Ragot Michael Rausch Chris Barlow Soegiarto Soejatono David Ryan Michele Scanavino Kazutoyo Matsuda Japan Hovercraft Houssam Chamseddine Siegi Scherrer Christel Martens Ornulf Ostbye akub Furmanski Mario Gonzaga Ribeira Jaroslav Balaz Alex Muha Tayfun Sert Francois Malan Magnus Ivanoff Kent Gano Ass.

(*) number of votes each country has.

business and with over 30 years as an enthusiast, understands the product and market as well as anyone, overseeing development of both products and new market opportunities. Day-to-day running of the business is left to newly appointed General Manager Glyn Williams. Flying Fish have been very active in encouraging the formation of a manufacturers association, the HMA (Hovercraft Manufacturers Association) as the body to represent hovercraft to the MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) and after some 18 months of persistent lobbying, is involved in a complete rewrite of the regulations which will allow small hovercraft a clear and simple route to be coded for commercial operations. This is a massive opportunity for the industry to supply a largely untapped market in commercial operations, tourism and utility services in the UK. The fervent hope is that the IMO (International Maritime Organsiation) will accept this new legislation and propagate the standards internationally.

Please inform our Secretary, Christel Martens, if your country has made any changes. Franciscusstraat 41 6681 VP Bemmel The Netherlands Tel: +31 481-450471



snacks during the days, when they return we finish off what needs to be done in daylight, dinner in the restaurant on site swiftly followed by our first shower for 2days.

Sweden trip report After the bank holiday race weekend at Gang Warilly we had our work cut out to get everything ready in two days, starting off with some 50 skirt segments that were being cut out on the Sunday night at Fawley under torchlight! Wayne had taken my craft home with him sunday eve as he was working on the bank holiday so Tuesday evening after work I went straight to Jamie and Ruth's and made a start on getting a few things done on Wayne's craft that needed attention while Jamie, Ruth and Susan started up a sweat shop in the conservatory making up segments and crossbags. We also had Callum's craft from Fawley so we that could make a frame up that sat over jerry cans to fit Jamie's Raptor on top, which incidentally had been taken home with Conrad. Wednesday after works biggest job was to repair the planing surface of Wayne's hull who was already there after going via Bearwood to put my craft on the triple trailer, he was covered in fibreglass telling me "I had broke it", I'd been telling him since Claydon it needed doing and in all fairness he did tell me "to drive it like I stole it" on the bank holiday.... Ok then I didn't need to be told twice! Hopefully I have found the missing power from his GSXR it's called pulling the loud lever!! I have had words! Anyway craft repaired, trailer loaded with 3 craft, camper packed and all before midnight... We were up about 6am and on the road heading to the Ravenhall Hilton once again to meet Con and Callum who were bringing Jamie's craft, now we have 4 and ready for the monster road trip. This trip it seams to be me making misjudgements the first being that as we were coming into Dover I realised I had the wrong box with the cold pizza in, yep I had taken Ruth's pizza which didn't have cheese on it and left her the one with cheese... Not good for someone who has a dairy intolerance..... Sorry Ruth for taking your lunch and leaving you with nothing, I will buy you the next one! Secondly on the boat for me I mistook



the brown sauce sashè as a vinegar one luckily I only put one on my fried breakfast ! Calamity so far has been free from any incidents but he does have his safety shorts on this time (button fly) At the time of writing this report as we go its 11.37pm local time and have travelled 525 miles from Haywards Heath not halfway there yet and after a look at various ferries on the net we decided to go to Puttgarden as the other option which was more favourable only goes twice a day and we would of ended up having to wait for 6 hours for it...only another 113miles to go for the other ferry, although we have had a couple of stops already one for fuel and one for food we will need a stretch of the legs soon and a fill of fuel before we hit Sweden.. It's very quiet in the back of the camper, Jamie resting as I don't think he actually sleeps, Conrad and Callum also asleep but they have been up since 4.30am. the quick stop for fuel, coffee ended up with Con checking his phone which had an app running logging data of speed unbe known to Wayne who got busted for speeding..... It's a fair cop (or not)!!! The 3rd ferry of the journey Helsingor/ Helsingborg and being the shortest gives us time for a quick coffee and stretch of the legs we decide to find the nearest Maccy D's for breakfast on the other side, which we find one fairly quickly after driving around the block twice we park up sort of legally and get out the camper for it to start raining now that we are on Swedish soil, Calamity says they had better be open to which Con replies of course they are open it's McDonalds, if they aren't open they aren't making money!!! As we get to the door we find its clear they aren't making money today as they are being refurbished, jump back into the camper and back on the road, quite hungry now, especially Callum who hasn't stopped whining about his stomach not being fed. We arrive at the race site about 3pm, Fred Wilson, Ricky Goosey, David and Nils Atkins along with Graham Nutt are already there and set up. We set about fitting most of a new skirt to Calamity's craft along with the cross bags to his and Jamie's while Jamie and Conrad go out on a mission for race fuel and food for

The course was pretty much the same as when I came here in 2007 and the world championship in 2008 but the long straight along the water was a lot longer Saturday morning we woke to rain and lots of it! between the downpours I changed jets in mine and put some more pitch on the blades after first practice, it's starting to go a bit better now after the appalling season I've had with a crank rebuild and power valves breaking. First race up was the juniors which we had Callum and Nils in , it finished with Lucas Hall winning with Callum 2nd, Nils 3rd F50 we had Sacha Rouchier winning the first race and driving under the British Flag although he now lives in Italy. The rain was lightening up now and the sun started to poke its head through. In F2 Wayne Hill, Fred Wilson and myself were out, the flag went down and I got blown sideways and Wayne came past from a row back he had no thrust air in his face as everyone in front was pointing at a slight angle for the long blast down the lake to the first buoy, really thought his GSXR was going to kick my butt down this bit after driving his the previous week at Fawley and know how it accelerated, anyway I stayed with him and took a tighter line around the buoy passing him on the inside which makes the next buoy a bit tighter so I went wide and he snuck through again, flat out again to the chicane on the water i had a better line and we swapped places again, I knew I had to be infront of him for the tight twisty land section because of the fan stall he gets! After this I gained a little bit of time over him but couldn't make a mistake or he would of been through, anyway Tony Osterman won with Denis Ragot and Hans Westerberg 2nd & 3rd I was 8th Wayne 9th. Because there were only 3 F1's and 3 FS's two of these being The F3's of Ricky and Jamie... So you are going to combine the most powerful craft with the 2 lightest and smallest engines hmmmmm! (I'm not going to say slowest because they werent) The flag went down and Miki, Conrad and Emil Hall were off like rockets and finished in that order to a cracking race and only lapped the FS craft once. 3 rows back on the same grid were the FS craft and went on the same flag, Ricky soon found the limit of his craft that didn't like the amount of air that came out the back of the F1's and started to go vertical, he held on to it well and decide that he wasn't there to beat

them just to win his own race which he did, Jamie came 2nd and not as far back as he had been from Ricky at previous race meetings, Ann Christine DuPont 3rd in her 800 powered craft. Paddock open and I was trying to locate an intermittent knocking, power valves were out again as I'm getting paranoid about them now, turns out it was the bottom pulley bolt had come loose and the pulley rattling on the shaft, not good but at least no damage, everything now back together for the next set of races which ended up pretty much the same results as the first set except Nils beat Callum into second and I managed to gain a place in F2, although we did do one less lap because whoever was putting out the last lap board and chequered flag lost count... This then got appealed but the decision was that the race was complete. Race 2 for F1/FS and the result was the same as the first race. There was an evening buffet meal booked in the restaurant for everyone, it cost about ÂŁ20 which also included a drink when you got there, the food was superb! this carried on to a bit of a session and hearing about the exploits of everyone who went to South Korea. Sunday morning and the sun was out but with a bit of wind the lake was quite choppy, another change of jets and a bit more pitch went on the blades, out for practice again and came back with a big grin on my face, now that's better! We then had a very long paddock break so to stay with the advertised program, we just wanted to get on with it.. Juniors out first again and Callum was really on it and although Lucus won Callum was making ground on him getting some great lines through the tight land section. F2 and it was the Swedes who were untouchable, I had a great race with Gregory Lallamand who was lapping me at Prudomat a couple of weeks ago, down the straight he was quicker than me accelerating but top speed nothing in it, I kept the power on a bit longer into the turns at the end of the lake and put enough pressure on him to take advantage and go around the outside when he made a mistake, he was looking the wrong way and I was gone. Wayne was also not too far behind Gregory if only we could get rid of his fan stall!!! F1 and FS were now out Miki and Con flat out off the line, really thought Con was going to have Miki on the first turn but not quite, Team Castrol 1st and 2nd again, Ricky took race 3 but Jamie getting a lot closer now. Race 4 for juniors and Nils was having engine problems so got left behind, Callum really pushing Lucus now on the land section we were all there

cheering him on, come on Callum put the pressure on!! Last lap and Lucus made the mistake on the water chicane just before the land and Callum pounced and took the chequered. Well done Lad! That's why you never give up!! We were very proud of him especially Dad! for me he certainly drove the weekend smoother and better than Lucus, not that I am bias. Final F2 and I had a good grid position (no thrust air) down the straight and I'm right with them, I kept Gregory behind the whole race and managed to also have a great chase with Klaus who now had a new engine in, Wayne ended the race a couple of places back but not too far behind, think overall I finished the weekend in 6th with the swedes taking the top 3. F1 finished the same as the weekend started with Miki 1st, Con 2nd and Emil 3rd. FS Ricky had an engine seize so Jamie won the last race Ricky had done enough laps to get points so won the weekend with Jamie second. Finally we had a fun open race Le Mans start and team Castrol all swopping craft Con in Miki's, Klaus in Conrads F1 and Miki in Klaus's F2, there had been a bet the night before between Con and Miki! That Miki would beat Con, this was never going to happen however the team orders from boss (Klaus) was that Miki wasn't allowed to beat him... It fell on deaf ears. All weekend Jamie according to the lap times Was faster than both Wayne and myself we didn't believe this to be honest so I had something to prove! Jamie was the first on the water with only the one engine to fire up but was already back in 3rd by the time we had reached the first turn it took me another lap to get past him myself. Point proved! Except shortly after I had got past the F3 Klaus clipped me

in the F1 and while I was acknowledging the apology I lost concentration and went through the catch netting! So I had to stop, untangle myself and remove the hazard tape from my duct before I could carry on! Prize giving was immediately after the open and season trophies were also awarded. Lucus 1st, Callum 2nd, Nils 3rd for the year in Juniors. F1 was Miki 1st, Conrad 2nd and Gregory Lallamand 3rd for the year. Formula 50 was won by Sasha Roushier, FS Ricky Goosey 1st, Jamie 2nd, Ann Christine DuPont 3rd, F2 European champion was Magnus Ivanhof, Tony Osterman 2nd and Deny Ragot 3rd. At the end a special trophy in the shape of a hovercraft was awarded to Rikard Ivanhoff by Allain Larribbe for being the youngest driver a hovercraft at Prudomat although he wasn't racing, he was up on the top of the podium with his trophy with this huge grin... Watch this space for a future Champion. The long trip home came and went smoothly where we kept bumping into the German Team Castrol at fuel stations in Sweden mainly because they would only let them have 400kr at a time and we just kept stopping for coffee. So to sum up a superb trip, superb racing with great results, brilliant company with a lot of laughs along the way, Callum giving as good as he got especially back to Calamity Wayne who was speechless on a couple of Callum's come backs! Must of overdosed on brave pills.... Cheers guys for an excellent trip and not too much spannering, just got to love the whole hovercrafting family and made to feel welcomed on every trip. Bring on 2014



Chilterns Chit Chat Well, what a busy time it has been just lately. A great weekends racing at Rother Valley had by all and even the weather behaved itself which was a bonus. Then, before we know it, Towcester is upon us. We are very lucky as a club to have a venue like Towcester that we can use for one of our UK rounds and for it to be the last one of the year is an asset with the facilities that we can utilise (it is great to be able to have a shower!) Following feedback from the public from last year, we decided to try and alter the course in order to maximise the viewing potential for the public as the common feel from our last event was that the viewing was restricted. With that in mind, there were a few changes to the course for this year which i am aware has had some mixed reviews but mainly positive ones. As always, if there are some aspects of the course that drivers, marshalls, supporters would like to make comment about then please pass the feedback to someone from the Chilterns branch so that we can incorporate this in the planning stages for next year. Despite a dodgy start to the weather on Saturday morning, the weekend faired pretty well on that front, ending the season as it started really with pretty reasonable weather conditions. At least this year, I am not suffering with trench foot! One personal observation from myself (we were at the top of the paddock right



at the exit) was, when the open and F2 races were taking place, the grid was so large that the craft at the back of the grid was so close to where our craft was, i could almost touch their duct. It was great to see such a full grid, but, for any of you who have watched the film Mary Poppins may be familiar with the scene where the family (cannot remember their name), have to spread themselves around to catch all of the falling and moving objects...well, that is how it was for us. There we were, myself, Honor, Sam, Kevin, Julia and Sarah Foster (and also Nils and Chris at one point), stepping on, holding, laying across anyway we could to prevent all of our stuff to taking off. If became quite amusing by the end of the weekend :) Racing for can I describe it....a weekend of challenges which I was determined wasn't going to beat me, however, after my mishap on Sunday... enough was enough body gave up. Honor, Sam and I had an amazing weekend though as always. Quite a mixed array of luck from our Chiltern racers, the Cottons, Les and Slap, the Stevens, Mark Talbot, Nigel Walton, team Beale and our goodselves. Congratulations not only to those who made the podium, but, to everyone who has contributed to the event. The marshalls were amazing as usual, the scrutineers, the recovery team, marshall support, race control, our techy team for providing the live feeds, the course constructors and demolishers, the gate workers, Barry for his running commentry antics, those who order the toilets, to Ross for the set up he provides, to Bob

Beech for conducting the hovercraft rides area with his able assistant Ken, to Alison for decorating the marquee,for the club shop, Jo and her assistants and finally, to the Paramedics to whom we relied upon a great deal this weekend as they had one or two challenges thrown at them (thanks to Roger for the head massage when I had my mishap by the way). Credit to them who support us the whole year, if it wasnt for one of our regular medics, Paul, who wanted to pay us a visit for the day, racing may have had to stop whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive which took a couple of hours. This just shows the commitment and dedication of the team we are fortunate to have at our finger tips...long may that continue! I hope that I havent left anyone are all special people!! So, what does the next season have to offer....well, Honor, Sam and I will be looking to run 2 craft next year as 3 into 1 just doesnt work so watch this space as to what we do and where. Honor has now finished in Juniors and I can honestly say that she has had the time of her life. The group of juniors that we have in the club just now are truly fantastic. Each and every one of them is polite, considerate and great fun to be around. A real credit to themselves and great ambassadors for the club. I would also like to take this opportunity in thanking Claire Mason for all the committment and dedication that she has provided to the club as Race Director. I think that she will be a hard act to follow but I am sure that she will offer her successor all the guidance required to be an assest to the club. A huge thank you also to everyone who has helped Honor, Sam and I out this season. We have had some interesting situations and problems to overcome, this weekend was no different, however, everyone rallied round. Keith for welding, Kevin for always being next to us and who has got to know our craft quite well himself and just for everyone for being.... well....part of a fantastic club. I love it! Here's to the 2014 season...planning already in progress and 2013 season only just 24 hours behind us. If anyone would like to join us for our branch meetings, we meet on the first Tuesday of each month at The Red Lion, Bierton, Aylesbury, Bucks. 1900 - 1930 to order food and meeting starts at 2000hrs. If you would like to attend then please let me know and also to confirm the venue (we do occasionally change), call me on 07973 523370.





Model Hovercraft Association Model of the month The Model Hovercraft Association was formed in 2004, with a view to bringing some organisation to the development of model hovercraft, which previously had been well served by relatively isolated pockets of interest. The Association’s activities include lectures and films, videos and other visual material on all aspects of model hovercraft from research, through construction and operating. Visits to locations and firms/ manufacturers of interest, and social events are also organised. The Association is run by a Management Committee consisting of those with experience in appropriate fields. Prior to September 19th 2004, when the MHA was formed, a group of hovercraft modellers had been meeting on a regular basis at the Hovercraft Museum at Lee on Solent, Hampshire, to discuss model hovercraft and run their models. This group, called the Model Hovercraft Group, formed after the successful International Model Hovercraft Seminar held on the 18th/19th October 2003. The group enjoyed several presentations and guest speakers covering several aspects of hovercraft, full size and model. They also constructed a water feature for use during racing days at the Museum as well as a round the pole demonstrator so that children could have a go. The group

felt that as the interest was growing in model hovercraft around the country that a more formal organistion was required and hence the Model Hovercraft Association was created. If you are fascinated by model hovercraft, or hovercraft in general, and you want to join an association of like minded people, you've come to the right place.

• Research, education and discussion on the design, operating and trading aspects of model hovercraft and the understanding of the technical principles involved. • To hold meetings to further the objectives above and to present papers, films, videos etc, and to exchange information. • Regular distribution of a Newsletter. • Establishment of a database and library for books, photographic materials and papers on the history and development of model hovercraft.

With an increasing interest in radio controlled and other model hovercraft, the Model Hovercraft Association was set up to carry the development of this interest forward. If you are interested in any aspect of model hovercraft, whether it be research, design, building, or operating, then the Model of the Model Hovercraft Association is for you. This is true if you are an Model Name: SRN1 already established expert,or are just starting out. Model Scale: 1/8th


Following an Inaugural general meeting held on the 19th September 2004 at the Hovercraft Museum, Lee-on-Solent, the Model Hovercraft Association was formed. The principle aims and objectives of the MHA include:-

Model Size: 1 meter approx

• The encouragement of interest in the building and operation of model hovercraft.

Materials: Ply balsa foam


Number of motors: 1 Power source: one 11.1 volt Lipo Skirt Type: No Skirt as per the original

Interesting feature: Model has no skirt and hovers about 15mm of the ground Build time: not known

We are seeking a club member with enterprise to take over the running of the information trailer and the sale of club merchandise. The job entails:- Representing the Hovercraft Club - Promoting Hovercraft Club merchandise and distributing publicity material - Bringing the information trailer to race meetings and other events where possible - Stocking the trailer with suitable merchandise - Having a suitable towing vehicle and storage facility if possible - Dealing with enquiries from the public at race meetings - Keeping the trailer in a clean and roadworthy condition Rewards of the job:- Continuing the excellent work of the previous manager - Promoting the Club - Increasing Club revenue - Full petrol expenses and insurance cover costs when towing the trailer to HCGB events If you think you might be able to help or would like to know more about the role please send an email to



YOU CAN RACE THIS HOVERCRAFT This could be you! Learn to drive, compete, and gain that crucial experience of racing before you purchase your own machine. A craft is available that has been specifically built for new members to have a go at racing. It is a simple single engined craft suitable for new Novices and Juniors, and is available at most race meetings. The skill and insight you gain will be valuable in deciding what type of craft you may wish to build or buy in future. This craft can be brought to all race meetings and comes with a race kit of spares and consumables to see you through a race weekend. You will need to provide: • helmet • buoyancy aid/life jacket • overalls and gloves • petrol • race entry fee • boundless enthusiasm! Hot food and drink are often available on site. Warm waterproof clothing is recommended suitable for the British weather. At least one change of clothes is recommended, you may well get wet. A donation towards the upkeep of the craft is recommended at £50 for a 2 day race meeting. Club Membership and provisional Novice racing Licence will be required. Get membership at, you will need to register, and then add a paid subscription. Buy your Novice racing licence from the Racing Services area in the club shop, which can also be accessed from www. Any queries contact You will also need to pass a manoeuvrability test before racing. If you would like a go or to find out more, contact Daniel Turnbull Tel 01332 700658 or email




March 15th-16th 2014 HILTON AT ST GEORGE'S PARK, BURTON UPON TRENT Newborough Road, Needwood, Burton Upon Trent DE13 9PD Plans are progressing well for your 2014 AGM. Carla Thomas and Del Smart are co-organising the event and would appreciate any offers of help, support or alcohol! BOROUGH ROAD NEEDWOOD, BURTON UPON TRENT DE13 9PD, The Hilton at St Georges is a modern hotel (built approximately 2 years ago) and includes Spa, health club and indoor swimming pool. The St Georges Park hotel is a big leap upward in standard from the Hilton Northampton and includes a huge fully equipped ballroom, with enough space for a stage, dance floor and dining tables and comes complete with a private bar, where the evening Dinner and Award ceremony will be held. During the daytime HCGB will have a large private function room with a separate large "breakout" area for tea and coffee plus access to the library for any other committee meetings that might be required before and after the AGM. Talks and presentations are still being planned but should include talks from Char Font and Tony Broad, a tech talk from Jamie Lewendon and presentation from One Industries regarding helmet fit and function and body armour use. If anyone has any other ideas for talks or presentations please contact either Carla Thomas or Del Smart. All bookings need to be done on the HCGB shop which will be available shortly. More details to follow nearer the time.











Photo Competition Winner chosen by: Steven Chan, Owner & Head Chef at “Tasty Kitchen�, Great Glen, Leics 1st Place: Beatrice Badelt 2nd: Rebecca Taylor 3rd: Rhi Black With no information about any of the pictures or who took which one, Steven selected his two favourites Other entries were from... Dan Sweetman (01), Claire Mason (02), Paul Joyce (03), Kev Eastwood (04) & Tim Stevenson (05)





Hovercraft for sale F3 Meteor Racing Craft Fully recondition hovercraft currently being carried out, available in any colour that the customer would like, integrated hull fitted with standard TZR 250 engine. Brand new set of skirts fitted. This can be built to any spec wanted. Price depends on spec wanted. From £1700 upwards Call Ricky Goosey: 07875335702 For Sale – Mr Bump Lee Willars built, modified Eagle Racing Hovercraft Elegantly finished as Mr Bump Built and raced in 2012, finishing 3rd Overall in F50 Hull, Engine Frame, Steering, Splitter Plate, Fuel Tank and Skirt only (No Engine) Two careful owners, c/w HCGB Log book and very minor ‘war wounds. Engine frame to suit Rotax 503 c/w Gearbox. Stick an Engine in and your ready to race!! Collection only - £1,500.00 Contact Clive Mason Mob – 0772 9783989 Email –

local branches most of the local branches meet regularly, normally in a pub, to sit around and chat hovercraft or organise an upcoming meeting or event. feel free to contact them and they will be more than happy to welcome you along to the meetings.


North West Gordon Taylor Bolton 1st Tuesday of month 8.00pm


South West Wayne Hill Bridgewater 2nd Sunday of month 12.00pm


Southern Kevin Foster Romsey 3rd Tuesday of month 8.00pm




Midland Daniel Turnbull Barrow-on-Soar 2nd Monday of month 8.00pm


BRANCH South Downs Twig CHAIRMAN Susan Ives CONTACT MTG AREA Haywards Heath TIME 1st Thursday @ 7.30pm

Chilterns Makyla Greaves 07973 523370 Aylesbury 1st Tuesday of month 8.15pm


South East Russ Pullen Canterbury, Kent 7.45pm

Club Contacts Hovercraft Club President Tony Drake Information Officer and Publications Rev Granville Spedding 26 Milverton Close Lostock Bolton Lancs, BL6 4RR Tel: 01204 841 248 Chairman Public Relations Chris Daly (Council) 33 Hawthorne Crescent Burbage Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 2JP Tel: 01455 614 724 07952 643 778 Secretary Roger Morton (Council) 67 Albert Streeet St Albans AL1 1RT Tel: 01727 757310 07795 199009 EHF & WHF Rep Conrad Beale Tel: 01295 771 087 prefer contacts by email please HCGB Membership Carla Thomas (Council) 40 Grebe Road Bicester Oxon OX26 6EL. Tel: 01869 369944 07808 614770 do it online at

Gill Crane (Council) 17 Cartbridge Cotgrave Nottinghamshire NG12 3PF Tel: 07891 113596 Deborah Hunt (Council) 19 Glynswood Camberley Surrey GU15 1HU Tel: 07917 303063 Ros Atkins (Council) 47 Philip Road Ipswich IP2 8BQ Tel: 07811 481103 Treasurer Paula Broad 15 Sagar Street Eccleston Lancashire PR7 5TA Tel: 01257 452 883

Vice Chairman Insurance Officer Competitions Committee Chairman Kevin Foster (council) 5 Purley Way Plaitford Romsey Hants SO51 6ER Tel: 01794 322 471 Recreation Activity Coordinator Russ Pullen Tel:

Club Archivist Gordon Taylor 29 Mytton View Clitheroe Lancashire BB7 2QE Tel: 01200 426 689 Youth Development Keith Lovell Competitions Secretary Tracey Taylor 53 Shepherds Croft Stroud Gloucestershire GL5 1US Tel: 01453 757 226 Technical Advice Jonathan Spedding 17 Winchilsea Avenue Newark Nottinghamshire NG24 4AD Tel: 01636 672 082, 07802 714 102 Safety Officer Carl Smith Ellis Close Barrow-on-soar Leicestershire LE12 8PT Tel: 01509 412 993

Racing Licences Racing Log Books Diary Secretary Louise Beale do it online at All the above available from the online shop at Racing Scrutineering Secretary Jim Lyne (Council) 45 Starboid Road Bishops Itchington Southam CV47 2TQ Tel: 01928 612 878 Transport Officer Michael Lambert Granary House Lamberts Lane Ossington Newark Notts NG23 6JB Tel: 01636 821 302 07788 725 923 Web Master Chris Barr

Magazine Editors Darren Clarke Tel: 07990502207 Sarah Gill 187 Homesdale Road Bromley London BR1 2QL Tel: 07974 466 357

Club Publications (Mail Order Only) HOVERCRAFT CONSTRUCTOR’S GUIDE (£12.95 -- now £10.00) Still a useful tool in learning of the hovercraft principles and what is needed before starting to build a hovercraft

FLYING WITHOUT WINGS (DVD) (£15.00 -- now £10.00) A 25 minute DVD which demonstrates how hovercraft are used. Includes footage from sites we no longer used and now more of a historical archive. Produced in 1995.

Available on CD-R and also containing the following:Construction Regulations for Racing Hovercraft Construction Regulations for Cruising/Recreation Hovercraft Guidelines for safe operation of Cruising Hovercraft New Racing Driver Guidelines.

Most of the club information booklets are now available for members as downloads on the club website Including:-

GUIDE TO MODEL HOVERCRAFT (£6.00) Specifically produced for youngsters to make their own models using bits and pieces found around the home -- including elastic bands, card and plastic cups, etc.

Constructions Regulations for Racing Hovercraft Construction Regulations for Cruising/Recreation Hovercraft National Hovercraft Racing Competitions Regulations (revised each year) New Racing Driver Guidelines Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Cruising Hovercraft



Racing & Cruising hovercraft 1 to 4 seats Hovercraft plans & kits 2 & 4 Stroke engines supplied Rotax engine servicing and repairs Black skirt material ÂŁ6.50 including vat Largest range of components available Engineering service for one off parts

Formula 1 National Champion 2002

K & M PRODUCTS 5 Church Street, CarIton-Le-Moorland, Lincoln LN5 9HR For Further information please send 5 First Class stamps for our comprehensive catalogue



Tel or Fax: Ken Rigley (01522) 789842 Tel Workshop (01636) 611223 Tel Mobile 07976 776945

October 2013  

The Hovercraft Club of Great Britain is the National Organisation for Racing and Recreational hovercraft.