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I’m Sarah Click, and this is my portfolio displaying 4 years of coursework in Interior Design. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where I first developed a love for art, design and architecture in the world around me. In 2014, I went off to the University of Georgia to pursue a degree in Interior Design because I wanted to create art that was a functional part of every day life. My personal mission as a designer is to create spaces that make the lives of others more functional, enjoyable and inspiring. I believe that humans, as visual creatures, crave beauty. I think good design is essential to human happiness, productivity and connection. It is, to me, the most essential art form, because it is what we live our lives in every single day.


university of georgia

Bachelor of Fine Arts: Interior Design / May 2018 CIDA accredited program Magna Cum Laude. GPA: 3.71 Activities: ASID, UGA Whatever It Takes, Alpha Delta Pi study abroad Cortona, Italy - Summer 2017

the westminster schools Atlanta, Ga High School - Graduated 2014


Interior designer / CBRE|Heery

2018 - Present Atlanta, GA Contractor at Turner Properties, working with the in-house design team. I assist with large-scale renovations, and manage small-scale Interiors projects for Turner and CNN employees.

small business owner / sarah click art

2016- Present I run a small business selling my own abstract paintings, architectural drawings, art prints and digital drawings. I take regular commisions from clients, and I run my own website and Instagram page. My artwork has been featured in Trinity Spotlight on Art, Metal + Petal and Modify Home

interior design intern/ jessica bradley interiors

Spring 2017 Atlanta, GA Internship position working with Interior Designers, assisting with residential projects, managing Inventory, sourcing fabric and furniture, and managing materials library.

interior design intern/ Modify

Summer 2016 Atlanta, GA Internship for Modify ATL - a design firm and home goods store in Atlanta. I worked with Interior Designers, sourced fabric, furniture and hardware, met with clients, and managed social media accounts and blog.


AutoCAD Revit Sketchup Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook

pryor street market design intent

Pryor Street Market is a design for the renovation of an abandoned building in downtown atlanta- 210 pryor street. Atlanta’s downtown buildings have slowly become abandoned in recent years, with real estate developments focused in midtown and buckhead. the purpose of my project is to bring life back into atlanta’s downtown by adding retail, dining andapartment loft spaces that benefit the surrounding community by creating new interest, jobs and living options. my question focuses on how urban renewal can benefit a community, and the role that design plays within that. by utilizing an abandoned building, i’m bringing in new jobs and people while respecting those who already live and work here. pryor street market features two floors of dining and retail space, two floors of apartments and a rooftop lounge. my design cuts and outdoor alleyway through the existing building, creating several hundred feet of added retail space and natural light. the alleyway features multiple small retail spaces, which encourages small business owners to open shop in a low-rent, low square footage unit. the larger retail spaces focus on businesses that would benefit the community as a whole, such as a market with healthy groceries, a fitness studio and a restaurant.

year: 2018, senior exit project software used: 3ds max, autocad

market rendering

preliminary drawings/ inspiration photos - Renewal - Neighborhood -

small square fo encourages loc open small bus green roof how can urban beneÞt a neighborhood? abandoned bu into something beneÞts a neighborhood


- Renewal - Neighborhood building:

small square footage encourages locals to open small businesses - green roof - how can urban renewal beneÞt a neighborhood? - abandoned building into something that beneÞts a neighborhood

first floor plan

second floor plan

third and fourth floors

H A H N RESIDEN C E design intent

to design a home for a multi-generational family, including a couple with a young child and an older parent who needs an ada-compliant basement apartment. the hahn residence is located in a mountainous area, and the design of the house is meant to celebrate and take inspiration from the area surrounding it.

Year: 2016 software used: autocad Inspiration

north elevation

south elevation

First Floor Plan

master bath elevation

Main kitchen elevation

basement Floor plan

Furniture & Finishes

basement kitchen elevation

basement bathroom elevation


2' 4'

i ta l i a n w i n e r y cortona, italy design intent: Bottiglia is the design for a wine education center, based in a building on Via Nazionale

in Cortona, Italy. For our concept we wanted to preserve as much of the original Italian architecture as possible while still making it a fun and contemporary space. The high vaulted ceilings and traditional Italian columns inspired the shape of my chunky wooden furniture piece. The wine racks, which line the walls of the space, are inspired by Italian moulding. The space moves from a casual wine tasting area into an open courtyard with a bar, balcony and lounge space. The open kitchen on the left is designed for a casual hors d’oeuvres tasting area.

year: summer 2017 group members: 3 software used: sketchup

preliminary drawings & inspiration

floor plan

next office design intent: The Next Office is an Architecture Firm located in Southern California. For my

design, I wanted to create a space that was light and clean. The space we were given had an abundance of windows and high cielings, so I wanted my design to take advantage of all of the natural light. Research shows that natural light in the workplace improves sleep patterns, productivity, creativity, mood and overall health, so I created a floorplan that gave nearly every space access to natural light. I chose materials that embodied this light and open feeling. My floor plan is filled with curves, angles and straight edges. This is meant to mimic the curves and edges of the design process. An architect’s plans change multiple times throughout the evolution of a design, which is something that I wanted to mimic in this plan. Overall, my goal was to create a space that allowed for maximum productivity and creativity in the architects and employees that work here.

year: fall 2016 software used: revit

harbor view hotel design intent for the hong kong harbor view hotel, we focused on the concepts of harmony, fusion and evolution. our goal was to create a design that was a fusion between the modern and traditional sides of the city - it’s chinese roots and it’s english influence. year: fall 2017 group members: 4 software used: 3ds max, autocad

studio artwork

thank you


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