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LENS EDGER On-board High-Curve “XtremeD™” Tracer • Highly accurate tracing byy unique 3D m measurement mechanism ism • HighHigh-curve frame trace capability pability • Du D Dust st resistant Wrap Frame Tracing

Pattern Tracing

Auto Blocking Mode

Bespoke Bevel Features • Multiple custom bevel pre-sets including asymmetrical lens bevel profile allows processing a wider range of challenging frames Custom Bevel Profiles

• Allo Allows operators to favor high-curve bevel profiles of hig wrap frames to be fitted with wra eve even lower base curve lenses, wh while maintaining eyewear aesthetics a es High-Curve hC Customization C

New Semi Step Beveling • Allows for insertion of lenses into “non-Rx-able” type, safety sportswear

Simulation screen

New Grinding Process Control • Calculates cycle-grinding time by optimizing lens-load exertion to grinding wheels lensImproves grinding speed while maintaining axis quality, • Impr even with super A/R coated lenses

LEX-1200 Lens Edger  
LEX-1200 Lens Edger