2023 Spring Concerts - Sunday, April 30, 2023

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We're on Fire! We're on Fire! 2023 SPRING CONCERT SERIES 2023 SPRING CONCERT SERIES April 29 & 30, 2023 Santa Fe Scottish Rite WWW.SFYSA.ORG
Page 3 WELCOME 6 WHO WE ARE / STAFF & BOARD 11 11:30 AM CONCERT: Red River String Quartet, Pasitos, Citlali and Estrella Mariachi, Atalaya and Jazz Combos 13 ENSEMBLE ROSTERS & CONDUCTORS 20 5:30 PM CONCERT: Youth Philharmonic, Youth Symphony Orchestra, Pajarito and Capulin Jazz Combos 22 ENSEMBLE ROSTERS & CONDUCTORS 30 2022-2023 SENIORS 36 RICK LOHMANN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND 39 DONORS 43 TEACHER LISTINGS 47 UPCOMING EVENTS We're on Fire! We're on Fire! 2023 SPRING CONCERT SERIES 2023 SPRING CONCERT SERIES SSUNDAY, UNDAY, APRIL 30 APRIL 30 Partial Concert Sponsor


"Thank you all for joining us at the Scottish Rite Masonic Center for this year's Spring Concert Series "WE'RE ON FIRE!" We are so proud of the hard work and dedication that our students and staff members put in to preparing for these concerts. For me, it is so exciting to see the progress that SFYSA is making in every area, from program to administration. We really are 'on fire' and I can't wait to see the amazing things we will do in our next season, our 30th season."

"Thank you for joining us for our Spring Concert, We're on Fire! This semester we wanted to show you a bit of what music we get really excited to play! Some ensembles are playing music to dance to, some students got to vote on which pieces were their favorite, and some are audience favorites. We hope you find something that gets you as 'Fired Up' as we are!"



Due to the rising cost of paper and environmental impact of producing print programs, we have made the decision to switch to digital programs for now. We feel that this decision will help us prioritize your students’ music education needs by using our dollars wisely, providing more private and sectional instructional time, and continuing to provide financial aid to any family who needs it. After the concerts, please look out for a survey about our digital program!

Over one year, these dollars could provide:

Financial Aid

Private instruction

120 hrs. for students 18

120 hrs.

Sectional coaching

Thank you for helping us save 36,000 pieces of paper!



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We're on Fire!

Board of Directors

Lissa Garcia Lucht


Susan Steffy


Kirstin Smith


Don O’Sullivan Member

Lee Rand Member

David Rogers Member

We are looking for new members for our Board of Directors.

If you are interested, please email us at info@sfysa.org.


Callie O’Buckley

Executive Director

Haley Lovelace

Artistic Director

William Waag

Associate Artistic Director

Marilyn LaCome

Office Coordinator

Allie Norris

Grants Writer

Elizabeth Kamara


2023 Spring Concert Series Orchestra - Mariachi - Jazz

We're on Fire!

2023 SpringConcert Series Orchestra - Mariachi - Jazz


William Waag

Youth Symphony Orchestra

Jeremy Bleich

Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Haley Lovelace

Prelude String Orchestra

Jazz Ryan Finn Director

William Finn

Zachary McGee

Running Start Orchestra

Karles McQuade

Intermezzo String Orchestra


Tamarah Lucero Director

Chamber Music


Fire and Ice Season Image Design

Julienne Masopust is a junior in high school and is homeschooled. She began cello through a Waldorf program, and has continued her studies with SFYSA. Playing with the Intermezzo String Orchestra this year, she appreciates being surrounded by peers and teachers as serious and passionate about music as she is. Growing up in a family of artists, creative pursuits have always been at the forefront of her life. She is particularly interested in fashion and textiles, which she plans to continue professionally after graduation.




Red River String Quartet

"Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, mvt I Allegro"

W. A. Mozart

Mariachi Pasitos

"Ode To Joy"

Arr. Jeff Nevin, Michael A. Smith

"El Patito"

Arr. John Nieto

Mariachi Citlali

"La Del Moño Colorado"

Tr. José Santiago

"Una Página Más"

Arr. Mariachi Tenampa


Sunday, April 30 - 11:30 AM (continued)

Mariachi Estrella

"Popurri Juan Gabriel"

Arr. Mariachi Tenampa

"El Son De La Negra"


Atalaya Jazz

"Blue Monk"

Thelonious Monk


Juan Tizol

All Jazz Project Students

"Watermelon Man"

Herbie Hancock


Red River Quartet

Red River quartet is made up of first-time chamber musicians.


Lucia Reyes-Newell


Olive Biedscheid


Cindy Caraveo

Julien Skrak

Margaret Carpenter, has taught violin for the last 29 years, Margaret has prided herself on being goofy enough to help 4year-old Twinklers learn to do independent fingers, and sarcastic enough to inspire exhausted teenagers to play the

Bruch Concerto double stops in tune. Those same 29 years have been devoted to helping all kinds of parents embrace Suzuki education in their lives.

Margaret coaching the Galistea Quartet in Spring 2022
Conductor, Margaret Carpenter


Tamarah Lucero has been playing music just about as long as she has been able to walk, but her love for mariachi began her freshman year of high school when she attended her school’s first ever mariachi rehearsal. Through the years she has shared the stage with and accompanied local, national and international artists across New Mexico, and Mexico. She is a member of New Mexico’s premier mariachi, Mariachi Tenampa.

Pasitos Mariachi

Pasitos Clase de Mariachi is our beginning mariachi class where students learn the structure of pieces and how to play as a group.


Serenity Casias

Jolie Chávez

Jocelyn Lucero

Joelle Lucero

Jonathan Lucero

Conductor, Tamarah Lucero
Conductor, Tamarah Lucero

Mariachi Citlali

Mariachi Citlali is our intermediate mariachi group where students are ready to polish and perform.

Conductor, Tamarah Lucero


Joaquin Black

Liz Chávez*


Analyse Ramirez


Kristiana Martinez

Yuvia Ruiz-Dunklin*


Isabel Arguello*

Diego Garcia

Anna Gattis*

Aubree Mendez Cortez

Ella Tamarlin*

Ella Trujillo Vocalists*

Program Notes

De Colores is a traditional, universally known Spanish language song that has been made famous from elementary school sing-a-longs to movie soundtracks.


Mariachi Estrella

Mariachi Estrella is SFYSA’s most advanced mariachi ensemble, made up of the most advanced and dedicated students. Not only do they perform regularly in the community, they participate in conferences and events around the state.

Conductor, Tamarah Lucero


Brissa García*


Leon García Rivera


Marisol Campos*


Isabel Muñoz*


Aaliyah Perez*

Brandon Rico

Cruz Gallegos*

Emmarose Martinez*

Sasha Smucker* Vocalists*

Program Notes

El Son De La Negra is affectionately known as the"second national anthem of Mexico".
Every mariachi around the world performs this piece!

Jazz Project

Ryan Finn is currently a Band Director at Los Alamos Middle School & High School where he directs concert bands, jazz bands, and the LAHS Topper Marching Band. He is also the Director of Jazz for the Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association where he runs the "Jazz Project" program in Santa Fe and Los Alamos. Ryan performs locally with a number of jazz and blues bands on trombone and leads a jazz group that performs many of his original compositions, most of which are in Caribbean and Latin American styles. In January 2020 Ryan was awarded the NMMEA Music Educator of the Year Award and in January 2021 he had the distinct honor of leading one of the NMMEA All-State Jazz Bands. Currently, Ryan serves as the Vice President of Jazz for the NM Music Educators Association and is working statewide to help create an educational space and priority for jazz and improvisational music.

Program Notes

The Jazz Project is embracing the "Fire" part of this year's theme by representing the music of Cuba. The variety of exciting styles in Cuban Jazz paint a bright and fiery soundscape that is on the one hand familiar and on the other rhythmically foreign. The students have really enjoyed exploring new rhythms and new roles in the ensemble.


Jazz Project Atalaya

The Atalaya Group from the Santa Fe Jazz Project is made up of middle & high school students from all over the area. They come together every week to explore improvisation and jazz style.

The Atalaya Ensemble is performing "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock. This piece was recorded a number of times by Mongo Santamaria and his latin jazz ensemble and has become a well loved standard in both the straight-ahead jazz scene and the latin jazz scene.

Alto Sax

Gloria Galassi

Brandon Segundo


Ramsey Klinkrodt

Ada Swinton Mobbs


Taj Lewis

Tim Ryer


Priscilla Gray

Hela Kelemen


Kaiden Price


Finnean Cherry

Claire Kullman


Adam Quintana

Isaac Moreno


Perry Quinn


Paysh Labombard


Ada Armstrong

Elise Gonzales




Pajarito Jazz

"On the Sunny Side of the Street"

Jimmy McHugh/Dorothy Fields

"Higher Ground"

Stevie Wonder


Bobby Timmons

Capulin Jazz

"Cuarto de Tula"

Sergio Eulogio Gonzalez Siaba

"His Eye is on the Sparrow"

Civilla D. Martin and composer Charles H. Gabriel

"Well You Needn't"

Thelonious Monk


Saturday, April 30 - 5:30 PM (continued)

Youth Philharmonic

"Haydn Symphony No. 104 (London)"

Joseph Haydn/arr. Bleich

"Engines of Resistance"

Larry Clark

Youth Symphony Orchestra

"Symphony No. 7, mvt II Allegretto"

Ludwig V Beethoven

"Estampas Mexicanas, mvt I Ferial"

José Luis Elizondo

"Capriccio Italien"

Pyotr Tchaikovsky/arr. Isaac

Youth Philharmonic & Youth Symphony Orchestra

"Variations on a Korean Folk Song"

John Barnes Chance/arr. Longfield & Bleich


Jazz Project

The Jazz Project focuses on the skills and techniques needed to perform America’s music - Jazz and is made up of a number of different small ensembles or combos.

Alexander Mancino is a multi-instrumentalist, music educator, songwriter, and recording artist. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2020 with a Bachelors in Music, focusing on jazz piano and ethnomusicology. Currently living in Los Alamos, he teaches two Jazz Project combos, leads Jazz Band II at LAHS, works at the Duane Smith Auditorium, regularly plays jazz and pop gigs in the surrounding community, and writes and records original music in his home studio using multitracking techniques. When he has non-music related time, Xander enjoys hiking, reading, playing board games, and designing clothes. As one of the first Jazz Project students, Xander is proud to be back as an educator contributing to its legacy.


Jazz Project - Pajarito & Capulin

Pajarito is for 9th - 11th graders.

Capulin is for 10th - 12th graders.



Coach, Xander Mancino Coach, William Finn

Alto Sax

Henry O'Neil

Bari Sax

Ty Harding


Caden Fichtl

Bass Clarinet

Sara Khan


Irina Maiorov


Nathan McCulloch


John Cawkwell


Evan Strohmeyer

Tenor Sax

David Reichhardt


Joey McCulloch

Alto Sax

Radhman Azad

Bari Sax

Gavin Kelly

Kenna Wylie


Finley Inglis


Owen Wylie


Evan Green


Matthea Fung


Sophia Buckman


Stephen Harshman

Vocals (Pajarito & Capulin)

McKenna Bernstein


Youth Philharmonic

The Youth Philharmonic is SFYSA’s first step into the full orchestra experience. Students ranging from late middle to early high school ages add their developing musical voices to this very special ensemble

Conductor, Jeremy Bleich

Jeremy Bleich is a composer, arranger, director and multi-instrumentalist who incorporates a wide palette of culture and instruments into the process of creating music. He resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he is involved with presenting new

music on his Grasshopper Music record label, teaches Orchestra at Los Alamos Public Schools and tours in the summer with various music projects. He holds a degree in music composition from Cleveland State University. Jeremy has presented music in Europe, Asia, and throughout the US.


Program Notes

"Haydn Symphony No. 104 (London)" Joseph Haydn/arr. Bleich

The Symphony No. 104 in Dmajor is Haydn's final symphony. It is the last of the twelve London Symphonies and is known (somewhat arbitrarily, given the existence of eleven others) as the London Symphony. The work was composed in 1795 while Haydn was living in London, and premiered there at the King's Theatre on 4 May 1795, in a concert featuring exclusively Haydn's own compositions and directed by the composer.

"Engines of Resistance" Larry Clark As the title implies, there is dramatic tension between opposing forces in the orchestra personified by the juxtaposition between the percussion and the rest of the orchestra. This piece features several percussion instruments in its industrial arsenal such as the crash cymbal, Snare, Bass Drum and even a brake drum from a vehicle.


on a Korean Folk Song" John

Barnes Chance/arr. Longfield & Bleich Based on a folk tune that the composer learned while serving the U.S. Army in Seoul, Korea. The tune is known as Arrirang, a song of love and heartbreak that can be found in many variations, with an origin that may date back 1000 years. In autumn 1966, for the Journal of Band Research, Chance said: “I became acquainted with the folk song while serving in Seoul, Korea, as a member of the Eighth U.S. Army Band in 1958-59. The tune is not as simple as it sounds, and my fascination with it during the intervening years led to its eventual use as the theme for this set of variations.” Program Note adapted from University of Texas Wind Symphony concert program, 30 November 2016.

Youth Philharmonic (continued)

Youth Philharmonic (continued)


Ansley King


Sumner Tholen

Carlos Martinez


Amaya Carreon

Ben Haozous

Oliver Martin

Jack Smucker

Ada Swinton



Sophia Buchan

Irina Maiorov

Liv Niklasson


Finn Sheehy


Celeste El-Darazi


Kieran Vigil


Penelope Barry

Madeline Garberich


Erika Easterbrooks

Dash Quinn

Tenor Sax

Tony Jaurigue


Hudson Bathrick-



Ian Sandborgh

Christopher Teague


Shilo Bartram

Olive Biedscheid

Melia Brinegar

Ming-Xiu Lo


Cindy Caraveo

Sebastian Friedman

Gene Huntley

Callie Kleinman

Lila Loweree

Altai Pretchel

Emily Reed

Mica Santistevan

Anna Simakov

Elie SussmanBroome

Campbell Washnok

Maia Warren


Youth Symphony Orchestra

The Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) is SFYSA’s most advanced orchestra, and features some of the finest youth musicians of Northern New Mexico. The YSO is pleased to be sharing the stage tonight with a sampling of musicians from SFYSA’s Jazz, Mariachi, and Orchestra programs, and bringing a spectrum of musical flavors and a fabulous soloist as well.

William Waag has conducted the Santa Fe Youth Symphony since 2014 and has been Associate Artistic Director of SFYSA since 2021. As a passionate music educator William has held conducting and teaching positions in elementary and secondary schools, colleges, public and private institutions, and four western states. He has led wind and jazz ensembles, symphony orchestras, drumlines, and classes in music education, music theory, music for students with special needs, and pre-school music. William’s deepest passion is for conducting youth symphonies and leading young musicians’ exploration of symphonic music. This concert season William will also be guest conducting with the Albuquerque Youth Symphony and Santa Fe Community Orchestras. As a native of the Pacific-Northwest, William loves exploring the mountains in all seasons with ski poles in one hand and coffee in the other. In his free time he can be found snowshoeing around New Mexico searching for fresh powder and traveling the highways in his 1972 Volkswagen bus.

Conductor, William Waag

Youth Symphony Orchestra (continued)


Josh Duran

Anna Jacobson

Riley Rheinheimer


Remy Patterson

Oren Putnam


Nathan Christensen

Alisa Goorley

Anthony Hoskie

Tyler Krell

Julianna McCabe

Yeanwoo Park

Anna Perlak

Max Posada

Ada Swinton

Valin Wittenburg


Willow Chartrand

Dulcie Quinn

Nathaniel Steiger


Abby Frey

Luke Favorite


Marcos Johnson

Itzel Ruiz


Radhman Azad


Cheden Anastasión

Jared Elledge

Tim Ryer


Sophia Buckman

Dominic Dowdy

Brooke James


Everest Gessler

Gwen Muchmore

Phoenix Anastasión


Nathaniel Romero


Aram Belian

Abigail Furlanetto

Violet Henderson

Hanbi Park

Nick Stadick


Jacqueline Buenviaje

Sosaya Call

Leah Israel

Weston Keller

Jin Kim

Coriandra Ladas

Elena Loomis

Doran Lucker

Angel Meng

Joseph MottolaGolluber

Sadie O'Sullivan

Luke Rand

Dahlia Reyes-Newell

Ian Swift

Helena Welch


Youth Symphony Orchestra (continued) Program Notes

As we celebrate the outstanding young musicians on stage this evening at SFYSA's final "Fire and Ice" season concert, I can't help but turn to a famous Beethoven quote that "music should strike fire in the heart". The Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) is opening their portion of the concert today with one of Beethoven's most fiery and famous works. The music in this piece is sparked by a simple repeating quarternote and eighth-note rhythm that burns incessantly, eventually spreading throughout each section of the orchestra like wildfire.

Beyond just this piece, the fire metaphor holds true for the slow burn of the entire YSO season. Each of these musicians have brought their musical passion to rehearsals week in and week out, without letting themselves flame out. It's a pleasure and privilege for me to make music with each of them, and to showcase our exceptional seniors one final time. Thank you for sharing your Sunday with us, and supporting these musicians, and SFYSA!


Míxalh Adams

Míxalh has been with Jazz Project Los Alamos for 6 years. She wants to go into music production and composition.

Kevin Bojorquez

Kevin has been involved with Jazz Project Los Alamos for 4 years and plans to attend UNM next year to study chemical engineering.

Sophia Buckman

Sophia has been involved for 5 years with Youth Symphony Orchestra and 3 years with Jazz Project. They will be attending Rutgers University to study Trombone Performance at the Mason Gross School of the Arts.

Sosaya Call

Sosaya has been involved with SFYSA for 10 years. She will be attending St. John's College in Annapolis, Maryland.

CONGRATULATIONS! 2022-2023 Seniors

2022-2023 Seniors (continued)

Marisol Campos

Marisol has played with Mariachi Estrella for a year and a half and plans to attend college next year.

Marcos Cuevas Johnson

Marcos has played with the Youth Symphony Orchestra for 1 year. He plans to attend college and major in forensic chemistry while continuing with symphony and doing marching band.

Dominic Dowdy

Dominic has been involved with both Jazz Project Los Alamos and Youth Symphony Orchestra for 4 years. He plans to attend UNM next year to double major in music performance and international studies.

Josh Duran

Josh has been involved with SFYSA for 6 years. He plans on double majoring in music performance and music education at UNM. His goal is to attend Juilliard or Colburn Conservatory for his doctoral degree to become a Professor of Double Bass. This summer he will be attending a master class at UNM and will continue to teach his current students.


2022-2023 Seniors (continued)

Brissa Garcia

Brissa has been involved with Mariachi Estrella for 3 years. After high-school she will be going to UNM to study Elementary Education and keep playing mariachi at UNM.

Everest Gessler

Everest has been involved with SFYSA for 4 years. He plans to go to college and is still deciding between studying Geoscience or Materials Engineering.

Violet Henderson

Violet has been involved with SFYSA for 4 years. She is planning on majoring in Economics or Political Science at Claremont McKenna College and minoring in Viola.

Weston Keller

Weston has played with SFYSA for 8 years. He's been accepted at Stanford, Harvard, and Williams, and looks forward to making a final decision soon. He plans to study HumanComputer Interaction, Philosophy, and Music.


2022-2023 Seniors (continued)

Ravijit Khalsa

Ravijit has been involved with Jazz Project Los Alamos for 3 years and plans to attend UNM next year.

Tyler Krell

Tyler has been involved with SFYSA for 3 years. He plans on majoring in chemical engineering at University of California, Santa Barbara.

Elena Loomis

Elena has played in the Youth Symphony Orchestra for 2 years. As a 2022 St. John’s College graduate, she intends to continue her current job teaching middle school math at Turquoise Trail Charter School and spend the summer in Boston, Massachusetts teaching sailing.

Gwendolyn Muchmore

Gwen has been with SFYSA for 2 years, 1 and half of which she has spent with Youth Symphony Orchestra. She plans to attend Western Carolina University to study trumpet performance.


2022-2023 Seniors (continued)

Sadie O'Sullivan

Sadie has been with SFYSA for 8 years, 4 of which she has spent with Youth Symphony Orchestra. She plans to continue her studies in the field of science, with both psychology and biology. She will continue to pursue music further in college and join any ensemble groups that are available.



Yenwoo has been playing with the Youth Symphony Orchestra for 4 years. He will be going to Johns Hopkins to study Physics.

Remy Patterson

Remy has been playing with Jazz Project Los Alamos for 4 years and Youth Symphony Orchestra for 1 year. They plan to attend college at UNM to major in music and aspires to be a composer and touring musician.

Anna Perlak

Anna has played with the Youth Symphony Orchestra for 4 years. She is still deciding her degree path and is thinking about majoring in Econ and minoring in music.


2022-2023 Seniors (continued)

Dulcie Quinn

Dulcie has played with the Youth Symphony Orchestra for 2 years and plans to double major at the University of Arizona Honors College in astronomy and clarinet performance.

Nick Stadick

Nick has been with SFYSA for 5 years. This fall he will either be attending CU Boulder or UC Irvine in hopes of pursing a degree in biomedical engineering.

Nathaniel Steiger

Nathaniel has been with SFYSA for 6 years and playing with Youth Symphony Orchestra for 3 years. He plans on majoring in environmental engineering.

Ian Swift

Ian has been with SFYSA for 5 years and playing with Youth Symphony Orchestra for 3 years. He is studying computer science at NM Tech.


Rick Lohmann Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rick Lohmann worked for years with some of our brightest stars in the Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association and was an active supporter of the organization. He will be remembered for his great contribution to youth music education and excellence in northern New Mexico.

This merit based scholarship is awarded to an outstanding student and covers the cost of their SFYSA tuition.

Contribute to the Fund

Ravijit Khalsa, a pianist in Jazz Project- Los Alamos and senior at Los Alamos High School, was the first recipient of the Rick Lohmann Memorial Scholarship. Ravijit started his music education in second grade with the trombone. In eighth grade he began studying piano and fell in love with the instrument. He has enjoyed playing and performing with Jazz Project-Los Alamos and says that the it has given him a unique chance develop his passion for jazz while playing and learning with his best friends.

R i i nt 36

Thank you for your support!


Thank you, donors and friends!

We extend our sincere thanks to the many individuals, businesses, foundations, and government entities that made gifts to the Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association. Without this tremendous support, we would not be able to provide music programs to the children and youth of northern New Mexico. We have made every effort to be as accurate as possible in our donor list. The list below reflects gifts received from April 2022 to April 2023. If your name has been listed incorrectly or omitted, please accept our most humble apologies and contact SFYSA at (505) 672-5565.


Thank you weekly volunteers!

Lisa Bye

Sara O'Gara

MaryEllen Staib

a donation

THANK YOU Donors and Friends!

Up to $99

Peggy Abbott

Janet Abrams

Karen Allen

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Scott Apgar

Justin Arthrell

Elizabeth Bates

Andrew and Ilia Bradbury

Jennifer Buckman

Pamela Chavez and Elias T.


Janis Chitwood

Zella Cox

Brian DeLay - In honor of Zach and Megan’s Wedding

Beverly Faulkner

Thomas Graves

Jennifer and Alan Green

Katy Gross - In honor of

Elena Sopoci

Kristin Henderson

Chris Ishee

Gretchen Johnson

Keytha and Paul Jones

Laura Judd

Johanna Keller

The Kroger Co.

Jeremy D Lewis

Amy Lucker

Boris and Carina Maiorov

Monthly Donors

Up to $99 - Cont.

Jody Michaud - In memory of Aunt Sis Bouscal

Jayne Nordstrom

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Mark Oracion

Julie Anne Overton - In honor of Andrew Overton

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Carol Reed

Vicki Schaevitz

Emma Scherer - In honor of Callie O’Buckley

David Schwartz

Ryan Skrak

Bart Stucky

Melody Sullivan

Aviva Sussman

Lauren Whitehurst

Jessica and Jacob Wilcox

Barbara H. & Norman Yoffee

Nolan Zisman


Martha Abernathy

Ann Aceves

Phil and Natalie Baca

Julia Baca

Raphiel Benjamin

Thomas J. Bowles

Richard Chodosh


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Andrea Dowdy

Charly Drobeck

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Shirley Hirsch

Bernhard Holzapfel - In memory of Barbara Holzapfel

Lynda Kellahin

Juan and Kim Kelly

Judith Knops

La Familia Medical Center

Los Alamos Arts Council

Barbara Luboff

Lucy Lyon Yuan

Gadiel Marquez-Ramirez

Bette Myerson

Nancy Newton and Dave Grusin

David and Desta Parkinson

Posada Dental Works - In honor of Josh and Max Posada

Rob Sexton

Joe Hayes and Sharon Franco

Ellen Skrak

Robin Smith

Cheryl Smith-Ecke

Ned Snow

Barbara Sussman - In honor of

Elie Broome

Monthly Donors

$100-$249 - Cont

Andrea Verswijver

Alan Webber

Michael Wiese

David Wood

Fred and June Yoder


Lorenzo Dominguez - In honor of Javier y George Gonzales

Boris and Carina Maiorov

Callie O'Buckley

Kim and Don O'Sullivan

Sabrina Pratt

Kirstin Smith

MaryEllen Staib

Maria Stennis


Ken & Lisa Adkins - In honor of William Waag

Perry Andrews

Andrea Dowdy

Del Norte LOV Foundation

Susan B. & Steven J. Goldstein

Keri Goorley

Candace Norris

Karen Paige

Barbara Rand

David Rogers

Kathie Shultz


THANK YOU Donors and Friends!


Ken and Lisa Adkins

David Bolotin and Susu Knight

Susan and Conrad DeJong

Lynne and Joe Horning

Danis Kelly

Phyllis Lehmberg

Lissa Lucht

Evelyn McClure

Judith Mitchell

Mark Murdock

Nancy Ann Mellen Foundation

Network for Good

Susan Steffy

Adrian VanderHave


Enterprise Bank & Trust

Charlotte Hausman

LANL Foundation

Pam Parfitt

Sheila Fortune Foundation

Suzanne Timble

Mariachi Student Sponsors



Ken and Lisa Adkins

Yolanda Colorado

Lissa Garcia Lucht & David Ault

New Mexico History Museum

Lee and Joohee Rand

Mariachi Student Sponsors

Judy Sanchez

Philip Smucker

Lea VanMerkestyn

Rick Lohmann Memorial Scholarship


Janeen Maas

In Kind Donors

Albertson's - Zafarano Dr.

Albertson's - St. Francis Dr.

Amanda's Flowers

Artichokes & Pomegranates

Barton's Flowers

Buffalo Wild Wings

Camilla A. Dejoia

Coca-Cola Bottling Co.

Dunkin’ Donuts

Anne L. Ginder

Liggettville Adventure Center

Ian Powell

Tony Quay

Trader Joe's

Mark Ragan

Santa Fe Opera

Starbucks- Downtown Santa Fe


Music Teacher Listings

Connect with music educators in the community who are currently taking new students!

Please note teachers are not directly affiliated with the Santa Fe Youth Symphony Association.

Vicki Bell Flute



Professional flutist and educator in Santa Fe, NM, with over 40 years of teaching and performing experience. While building skills and guiding her students through ever more challenging repertoire, she also offers intensive audition preparation for high school, college, and community ensembles. Beginning through advanced students ages 6-96 are taught in weekly private lessons, either in-person or online. For more information and availability, check out her website at www.vickiflute.biz, send an email to vickiflute@gmail.com, or call 916-217-6309. Her friendly and engaging manner will soon hook you or your child on the joys of fluting.


Live online violin lessons for intermediate and advanced students. Member of Metropolitan Opera Orchestra in New York City since 1998. Five Grammy Awards. Previous orchestral positions with San Francisco Symphony and National Symphony

Orchestra. Teaching conscious, purposeful, and efficient practice strategies, empowering students to enjoy music to its fullest while continuing to excel in other areas of interest.Optional video recordings of live online lessons, as well as written lesson notes and messaging between lessons.Open communication and coordination with parents,school teachers, and youth orchestra directors. Free trial lesson.

Garrett Fischbach Viola, Violin www.garrettfischbach.com/lessons 212-671-0791

Piano bryanhutchinson@yahoo.com


Hutchinson Piano Studio - Santa Fe NM, local in-person lessons. Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Piano Performance, with decades of teaching experience. Member of national and local music teachers associations. I believe that music belongs to each of us, and that we each can enjoy lifelong active participation. I enjoy all ages and levels, and prefer to teach with a variety of genres in mind. My childhood was spent in northern NM; instilling in me a love of our surroundings, varied cultures and history, and (of course) green chili.

Richard Snider

Double bass/Electric bass


Music Educator with 45 years experience teaching in Santa Fe. Specializing in Double bass/ Electric Bass-beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. One hour lessons in my Santa Fe, NM home. Positive environment with emphasis on music fundamentals. Weekly or bi-monthly. Call for more information: (505) 670-8376


Aaron Carlson

Primary: Violin, Secondary: Piano & Viola



Aaron Carlson has performed, and taught for sixteen years throughout Florida, teaching students of all ages. His students have studied at the graduate level, and become music teachers. He believes in music as a medium for growth for the whole person.

Education: B.A. violin performance from Rollins College Winter Park, Florida. Mr. Gilbert Stemm, Chicago Symphony Orchestra a student of Joseph Gingold Suzuki School of Music

Mankato, Minnesota. Mr. Carlson offers violin, viola, and piano lessons at his home in Rio Rancho.



Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Capital High School - Band & Choir Rooms

Open House

SFYSA Atalaya Jazz & Mariachi Estrella

Come visit our rehearsals, and meet our teachers and students! Learn about joining us, auditions, financial assistance, and more.

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Santa Fe Railyard Park

Free Spring Art Fiesta

Performances by SYFSA Jazz & Mariachi Ensembles

Join SFYSA and Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails.

Wednesday, May 17-Tuesday, May 23, 2023

SFYSA Office & Los Alamos High School


May auditions are our primary auditions for the year. Returning students looking to move up in ensembles are expected to audition in May.

New students may audition in May, August, or January. For highly competitive ensembles, auditioning in May will give you priority placement.

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