2020 Annual Report

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LETTER FROM THE BOARD CHAIR AND PRESIDENT & CEO The high desert is no stranger to resiliency, enduring long periods when water is scarce and the heat of the sun seems unrelenting. Yet, we find that the most extraordinary landscapes and fauna evolve from these challenging conditions. The piñon, for example, New Mexico’s official state tree and the symbol of our logo, comes to mind. This hardy plant has adapted to its environment, growing in the direction of the wind and making do with little rain — all to produce the pine nut, a source of sustenance for wildlife and a cultural staple of New Mexican cuisine. Like the small but mighty piñon, 2020 showed us that the people who call the Land of Enchantment home also possess this spirit of resiliency and giving. The COVID-19 pandemic created a devastating wave of change that forced us all to adapt in ways we could have never imagined. Its effects, coupled with a national reckoning over racial injustices, compounded existing disparities in communities across New Mexico. However, it was while grappling with these very hardships that we experienced more ingenuity, generosity, and the renewed importance of philanthropy at work than ever before. With the support of our many partners, we listened intently, worked collaboratively, and acted swiftly to get as much money and resources out the door as possible: •

In March, we launched the COVID-19 Response Fund to assist frontline nonprofits serving Santa Fe, Rio Arriba, San Miguel, and Mora counties, providing direct support for their day-to-day operations. We mobilized our Native American Advised Fund to support organizations that provide critical relief for Indigenous communities, which experienced some of the highest infection rates in New Mexico. We joined forces with the Governor’s Office and the New Mexico Coalition of Community Foundations to create the All Together New Mexico Fund, addressing immediate needs while offering long-term support for pandemic recovery across the entire state. Our community programs adapted to meet new and evolving needs. MoGro delivered fresh, local produce to Pueblo and Navajo communities; the New Mexico

Health Equity Partnership partnered with the Con Alma Health Foundation to award relief funds to rural, immigrant, and communities of color; and the Philanthropy HUB hosted workshops focused on nonprofits’ pandemic response. Our education programs, Opportunity Santa Fe, Santa Fe Baby Fund, and Dollars4Schools, all worked with partners to ensure families and teachers had access to supplies to accommodate distanced learning while Expanding Opportunity for Young Families provided funds for direct cash assitance to young parents.

Most of all, we were heartened by your response. Thousands of supporters like you responded to the call for relief, enabling us to award a record-breaking $17.2 million in grants, over $7 million more than in 2019. And while we surpassed a significant philanthropic milestone of breaking $100 million in assets under management, we’re prouder than ever of the $100 million we have gotten out the door to local and regional neighbors since our inception in 1981. As we look to the future with optimism — new leadership, a new strategic plan, our 40th Anniversary, and a renewed promise to the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion while building a stronger, more resilient New Mexico — we know none of our work would be possible without you. Thank you for your ongoing support. We’re confident that, together, we can continue to adapt, grow, and produce nourishing seeds of change. In gratitude,

Beth Beloff Board Chair

2021 Board of Directors

2021 Staff

Beth Beloff Board Chair

Sarah Amador-Guzmán* Christa Coggins* Sue Coliton* Yolanda Cruz Shelby Danilowicz Jessica Eva Espinoza- Jensen* David Gaussoin Christopher Goett* Gabriela Gómez* Diane Hamamoto Lily Horwath Ona Johnson Rachel Kutcher

William Finnoff Vice-Chair Deborah Holloway Vice-Chair Dolores Overton Treasurer Marcos Zubia Secretary

Elmo Baca Carole Brito Patricia Marcus Curtis Javier Gonzales Emily Haozous Rick Herrman Mary Anne Larsen Diane Martinez Manuel J. Monasterio Dolly Naranjo Neikrug Patricia Rosenberg Robert (Vince) Smith Jill Cooper Udall Justin Talbot Zorn

Christopher Goett President & CEO

Adam Latham Cecily Martin Annmarie McLaughlin* Josh Norman Erik Rott Charles Rountree* Kevin Sokol-White* Tina Whitegeese Sienna Rose Wright *Management Team


In 2020, the Santa Fe Community Foundation focused its resources and efforts on providing COVID-19 relief for families and nonprofits with the most need — locally, regionally, and statewide.

4,449 DONORS Our total number of donors increased by 64% in 2020. Together, they contributed 6,705 individual gifts.


We granted out $17.2 million in 2020, including over $5 million for COVID-19 emergency relief.



Health & Wellbeing

Income Security


Food Security

Early Childhood Needs

Micro-Business Support

1,300+ PEOPLE

received grants through our COVID-19 Response Fund and the All Together New Mexico Fund.

received direct support for basic needs through the Empty Stocking Fund and Empty Pantry Fund.

130,OOO LBS.


of fresh, local produce and New Mexico staples was delivered by MoGro to urban, Pueblo, and Navajo Nation communities.

and activity bags were assembled and delivered to local children through Dollars4School, Opportunity Santa Fe, and Santa Fe Baby Fund.

2020 FINANCIAL REPORT Total Dollars Awarded in 2020: $17.2 Million

Ten-Year Grantmaking Snapshot (in Millions) 2020 2019



covid-related grants $5.1 million

donor advised $5.9 million












2012 2011



agency/designated $564 thousand


community grants/ areas of impact & program grants $5.7 million

Condensed Consolidated Statements of Financial Position assets

Cash and cash equivalents Rent receivable Promises to give Program related investments Investments Charitable gift annuities Endowment and other Total investments Property and equipment, net Prepaid expenses Other assets Total Assets liabilities

Accrued expenses Charitable gift annuities payable Funds held for agencies Total Liabilities


$ $

16,338,862 14,174 2,040 2,146,129 434,857 86,207,114 86,641,971 2,269,477 95,250 107,604 107,615,507 415,988 123,791 4,423,809 4,963,588

net assets

Without donor restrictions Undesignated Board designated With donor restrictions Split interest agreements Special projects Endowments Total Net Assets Total Liabilities and Net Assets

1,384,715 9,557,841


302,018 7,949,784 83,457,561 102,651,919 107,615,507

PHILANTHROPY HIGHLIGHTS Grantee Highlight: Barrios Unidos Barrios Unidos is a nonprofit community organization that addresses cultural and psychological issues related to addiction, recovery, and cultural trauma in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties. They bring together community volunteers and professionals from the sciences, the humanities, and the healing arts to explore and address the root causes of cultural crises and multi-generational trauma, in the spirit of “Querencia,” reverence for a nurturing place with profound spiritual meeaning. “The pandemic affected Barrios in a very intimate way. We were not going to suffer silently again, so we rolled up our sleeves and went to work,” said Lupe Salazar, Executive Director of Barrios Unidos. “We have remained connected and collaborations have allowed many other projects to come forth, ensuring support for all in need. We are stronger together!”

Photo courtesy of Barrios Unidos

Donor Highlight: Ed and Maria Gale In 2000, Ed and Maria each moved to Santa Fe, where they met each other, discovered many common interests, and got married. They became active in local philanthropy, wanting to give back to the community that had been so warm and welcoming to them. In 2018, the Gales established their donor advised fund at the Santa Fe Community Foundation. “We find that the Foundation is a terrific source of information about nonprofits in northern New Mexico,” said Maria. “Through our donor advised fund we are able to make targeted grants to missionappropriate organizations that make a real difference.” During the height of the COVID pandemic, like so many others, the Gales made an immediate and heartfelt decision to increase their support for frontline service providers. “Our work with the Foundation is a real partnership that fulfills our philanthropic goals of building resilience in our community.” Photo courtesy of Ed & Maria Gale

Community Program Highlight: New Mexico Health Equity Partnership The New Mexico Health Equity Partnership (NMHEP) works to ensure every New Mexican can lead a healthy life, live in neighborhoods where children and families thrive, and have a say in decisions that impact their lives. In 2020, NMHEP provided $209,916 and other supports to three place-based efforts in Doña Ana, McKinley, and San Juan counties to improve health and respond to the pandemic. A healthy community includes clean water, healthy food, fair economic practices, and social connection, to name a few. By investing in communities to develop their own solutions, NMHEP partners elevate community leadership so community members drive change. •

• •

Doña Ana Communities United coordinates the Mesilla Valley Timebank, an alternative economic practice where residents from all walks of life cooperate to exchange services with one another free of charge. In 2020, 1,188 hours of services were exchanged and a program was designed to match isolated residents during the pandemic. McKinley Collaborative for Health Equity was one of five organizations to unite and begin McKinley Mutual Aid (MMA), which fed 7,595 Navajo, Zuni, and mixed-status families throughout McKinley County. San Juan Collaborative for Health Equity provided food and supplies to elders, children, and families with high-risk individuals in their households on the Navajo Nation.

San Juan Collaborative for Health Equity volunteers prepare 150 boxes of food for Navajo Nation communities in July 2020 Photo credit: Cathy Manus

Santa Fe Community Foundation is devoted to building healthy and vital communities in our region.

Our work is guided by five core values: engagement, equity and justice, commitment, inclusion, and adaptability.

santafecf.org | 505.988.9715 | P.O. Box 1827, Santa Fe, NM 87504 Santa Fe Community Foundation is a tax-exempt public charity under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. A member of the New Mexico Association of Grantmakers and Council of Foundations