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2020 Annual Report July 1, 2019 –June 30, 2020

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Director’s Letter

2019-2020 has been a year of challenges, transition, and renewal for the MAH.


As we reflect on our major

strengthened our values, planned for the

accomplishments of the past year, the

future, and got creative with programming

word resolute comes to mind. The MAH

by offering virtual, educational, and small

began the first half of the year with

group experiences beyond the museum

ambitious plans—to co-create meaningful

walls—making our best effort to serve you,

cultural experiences with the community,

our community, in these changed times.

to grow the number of partnerships and collaborations, and to recruit new

Our board and staff undertook these

leadership for the institution.

initiatives with sincerity and perseverance,

Once a new director and senior

operations by COVID-19, it has been a year

management team were in place, we

of many successes. In the past year we have:

focused on learning—listening to our community; assessing our organizational strengths and weaknesses; analyzing forces, trends, and models in order to strategize our next steps; and keeping ourselves open to change for the MAH’s continued development. We also spent the second half of the year getting our house in order in other ways, both literally and figuratively. Just as you have been tackling your own projects during shelter-in-place, we have been busy organizing, prioritizing, and finding our space. We reviewed our work,


and despite the challenges imposed on our

• Improved the physical MAH: We painted and updated the atrium to be more comfortable and welcoming, and conducted deep-cleaning, decluttering, and organizing throughout our facility. • Taken steps to honor our shared

history: We installed a series of commemorative plaques—some that honor our museum’s founders, so that all who enter will know how the MAH came to be; and another acknowledging that the land on which the MAH stands is the unceded territory of the Awaswasspeaking Uypi Tribe, and how the Amah

Mutsun Tribal Band is working to heal

we deepened our relationship with the

from historical trauma while restoring

Beach Flats community through new

stewardship practices.

exhibitions and public programs, and

• Restructured the organization: In April we took a big and difficult step, reducing staff levels by 11 to lower

diversified our bilingual marketing strategies to new platforms. • Grown our commitment to change:

spending, with the goal of long-term

We developed a staff-led anti-racism

financial sustainability. We restructured

group to share resources; develop

staff roles to streamline operations,

awareness; and identify and address

manage workloads effectively, and ensure institutional stability. In doing so we have strengthened management capacity and improved leadership competencies across all areas of our operations. • Developed a program framework: We developed a new seven-part programmatic framework as well as five thematic narratives that reflect the history, character, and future vision for Santa Cruz County which we will use to clarify and guide our work going forward. • Focused on Latinx engagement:

racism in our practice as museum professionals. We recognize there are inequities in our field and we aim to dismantle this status quo by redesigning how we recruit, hire, and promote staff; how we create employment pipelines and leadership development opportunities; and how we choose our vendors, suppliers, collaborators, and partners. • Planned for reopening: Although our reopening date remains up in the air, we have prepared for it by developing guidelines, procedures, and strategies for a safe reopening. Among them, we

In addition to the bilingual learning tools,

plan to embrace our outdoor sites for

resources, and services we provide to

installations, well-distanced gatherings,

connect with Spanish-speaking audiences,

screenings, and performances. We are SANTA CRUZ MUSEUM OF ART & HISTORY


While it may not address all the challenges that lie ahead, this work keeps us going in a positive direction, as we create new ways of thinking and operating that will serve us even after the pandemic recedes. The coming years will be difficult, unlike anything we as a community or institution have faced. We will be smaller, but more agile, nimble, and resilient, as we continue to do everything in our power to support our community through this extraordinary time and the reconnecting and rebuilding that comes next. Once it is prudent to do so, we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the MAH, now refreshed and ready to receive you. After all, our house is your house, nuestra casa es su casa. In the meantime, we will continue to create safe


and inclusive spaces the best way we know how—whether online or outdoors, with dreaming up small get-togethers and creative projects in Abbott Square and Evergreen Cemetery, always keeping in mind the safety of our guests and staff. • Delivered new programming: While

new friends or in solitary contemplation. We all need our space, especially now. Whether it is space to ponder, or space to connect. Space to imagine, or space to heal. Space to fill the soul. Whatever it

our doors remain temporarily closed, we

means to you—we are here, working hard

have found and continue to develop new

to help you find your space.

ways to connect and engage with our Santa Cruz County community. From online programs and virtual tours to outdoor exhibitions and microgatherings, we will continue to adapt our offerings to provide safe, reflective, and inspirational spaces rich with art, history, and culture. By remaining responsive to change, we can offer opportunities that energize, sustain, and support our community, now and in the future.


Robb Woulfe Executive Director


Mission The mission of the Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History is to ignite shared experiences and unexpected connections. We accomplish this mission when we bring people together around art and history through dynamic exhibitions, events, partnerships, and programs. When we are successful, our work helps build a stronger, more connected community.


About the MAH

The Santa Cruz Museum of Art & History (MAH) was founded in 1996 to promote a greater understanding of contemporary art and the history of Santa Cruz County. Today we are a thriving community

community issues. We are proud of

gathering place that serves more than

our reputation as one of the most

130,000 people annually through

creative and forward-thinking

rotating art and history exhibitions,

community museums in the country.

visual and performing artworks, public festivals, education and outreach programs, and cultural celebrations in collaboration with our many partners. We maintain a permanent collection of regionally significant art and artifacts, a research library, a historical archive, and historic sites including the Evergreen Cemetery, Octagon Building, and Davenport Jail. We are also home to Abbott Square, a vibrant public plaza on the

As we embark on a new era under the leadership of executive director Robb Woulfe, we will continue that level of engagement in recognition of the value in co-creating projects. At the same time we are committed to producing and cultivating meaningful, high quality, place-based work that animates and enlivens the MAH as well as public spaces throughout Santa Cruz County.

museum’s doorstep that offers food,

With strong support from our

social events, and year-round creative

community collaborators and new


partnerships yet to be formed, we are

The MAH is well-known for pioneering the “participatory museum,” in which a broad spectrum of partners and community members

confident the MAH will not only uphold its reputation as a cultural and social innovator, but serve a model for other museums to emulate.

develop exhibitions around important



Assets & Spaces Facility & Sites The MAH itself is located in a privately owned building on Santa Cruz County property (the County leases the property to the MAH). Within it, there is approximately 8,000 square


feet of exhibition/gallery space and 2,750 square feet for collections/archives. The MAH also operates three historic structures/sites: Evergreen Cemetery, Davenport Jail, and the Octagon Building. In addition, we manage the adjacent McPherson Center office building as commercial rental property, which includes Abbott Square Market.

Collections The MAH maintains a research library, archive, and curatorial collection. The art collection (300 objects) primarily consists of sculpture, paintings, and prints by California artists, particularly from the Monterey Bay area. The history collection contains more than 7,000 items, most of which are objects of historical significance to Santa Cruz County that date back to the early 1900’s.

Exhibition Spaces The MAH has two permanent exhibitions: the History Gallery and the rooftop Blanchard Sculpture Garden. Three other galleries (Art Forum, Lezin, Solari) offer rotating exhibitions (6–8 per year, each 3–12 months in duration). These present artworks and/or artifacts related to stories or themes that reflect the dynamism and diversity of Santa Cruz County.





“Performance artists, innovators and scientists will entertain and educate guests of all ages in a celebration that is a bit like a Santa Cruz version of Burning Man.” —Santa Cruz Sentinel, on GLOW


Programming Framework The MAH offers a wide array of programs and activities for the community. To clarify and guide our programming going forward, we developed the following framework.


Exhibitions Now offered online and onsite, our rotating exhibitions feature commissioned, co-created, and presented works by local, national, and international artists, as well as artwork and objects from our collection. Many are collaborations between the MAH and the community; others are organized by our visionary team of curators.

Biennial Festivals Our new festivals will showcase the MAH as a “museum without walls� through large-scale sculptures, site-specific installations, social interventions, and live performances outdoors and in. These will be curated around established themes, with the aim of uniting community through a shared sense of wonder and awe.


Limited Series This is our program of ticketed lectures, concerts, and performances featuring local, national, and international talent, which we present in partnership with local collaborators

learning—designed to enhance understanding of our exhibitions among all audiences, from school groups to visiting guests.

Outreach Program We will also offer engagement

Community Celebrations The MAH is proud to have a large and diverse group of partners who spearhead this series of events and activities celebrating local culture, heritage, and tradition.

Education Program Our robust education program includes a variety of learning opportunities—from field trips, artist talks, guided tours, art

opportunities beyond the physical space of the MAH that include pop-up events, mobile exhibitions, community speaker programs, and other activities both offsite and online.

Special Events These are our fundraisers and “friendraisers” that we host throughout the year as a way to raise both dollars and awareness for the MAH.

camps, and hands-on classes to virtual



Thematic Narratives Because so much of our work is developed through the lens of community and public benefit, we saw an opportunity to identify core issues that are important to local citizens as a way to help us consciously embrace how art and history can integrate with and impact community life. These areas of focus emphasize our sense of place, local identity, and collective history. Also


seen as our spheres of impact, they will help guide how future programs and initiatives at the MAH are developed, curated, and organized, creating opportunities for cultural practitioners to collaborate, inspire, and elicit creative solutions that can result in deep and lasting change.


Health & Wellness Mental health, holistic healing, art and wilderness therapy. Access to care, building community, focusing on the needs of our most vulnerable. Connecting communities and resources.

Environmental Justice & Creative Ecologies Exploring the places where culture and environment intersect—sea level rise, natural resources, climate change, and equity. Interdisciplinary strategies to negotiate environmental issues.

Memory & Place


Looking back to look forward. Heritage, culture, and tradition. Movement, migration, and place. Institutional and collective memory. Storytelling.

Regenerative Design & Cultural Activism Creation over consumption. Biomimicry, working with and through the land. Art that gives back—a tool for restoration, renewal, or revitalization. Advocating for long term public interest.

Joy & Beauty

By recognizing issues and topics critical to the community’s future and situating or contextualizing our programs within those domains, we have an opportunity to: 1) produce work that has strong local relevance; 2) engage a wide range of partners and collaborators;

Experiences that provides space to pause and

3) develop a compelling case for support to

imagine. Relief, reflection, escape. Stillness.

potentially attract future funding; and 4) effect

Uncanniness. Consideration of the unknown.

positive social change in Santa Cruz County

Inspiring wonder and awe.

and beyond.


Governance & Structure 16

The MAH is governed by a volunteer

artists, historians, activists, business

board of trustees who are committed

and community leaders, and other

to the museum’s legacy and its vision

influencers to advance the MAH’s

for the future. The board is comprised

mission, strengthen partnerships, and

of a diverse group of local

cultivate new and existing community

professionals, civic leaders, and


community advocates whose primary responsibilities are to define strategic vision, develop policy, and ensure the financial viability of the organization. There is an executive committee made up of the president, vice president(s), secretary, and treasurer.

Rounding out the senior management team are Kevin Coullahan (Director of Operations & Facilities), Chance Decker (Director of Development & Communications), and Marla Novo (Director of Exhibitions & Programs). A staff of full- and part-time employees

The institution is managed by a

along with contractors and service

professional team under the leadership

providers complete the organizational

of Executive Director Robb Woulfe.

structure. More than 100 volunteers

With collaboration as a core operating

contribute thousands of hours

tenet, Woulfe and his team work with

annually in all operational areas.

broad-based constituencies including



“For the past decade, the MAH has been transformed into a kind of community center where friends and neighbors meet to experience their common interests.” —Good Times

Board of Trustees FY20 Roster Carola Barton President

Bella Babot Vice President Peter Orr Vice President Jose Gonzalez Secretary


Bobbi Burns Treasurer Ray Cancino John Dowdell Antonia Franco Laura LaPorte Chris Murphy Irena Polic Jose Reyes-Olivas Serena Rivera Alison Ruday Joanne Sanchez Ashley Spencer Heather Stiles

FY21 Incoming Trustees Terry Ballantyne Brezsny Freny Cooper Frank Hayden Irene Juarez O’Connell Anni Lai Lacy Rieber

Standing, Ad Hoc, & Special Committees Executive Anti-Racism Audit Development Finance Human Resources Nominations

Supporting Committees Creative Community Collections Management Davenport Jail Evergreen Cemetery Historic Landmark Publications

The MAH recognizes and thanks former trustees Ken Doctor and Jim Emerson for their contributions in FY20.


Management Team Staff

(as of 7/2020)

Robb Woulfe Executive Director Kevin Coullahan Director of Operations & Facilities Chance Decker Director of Development & Communications Marla Novo Director of Exhibitions & Programs Helen Aldana Outreach Coordinator Michaela Clark-Nagaoka Graphics & Content Creator Justin Collins Design & Production Manager Paul Conte Development Assistant Whitney Ford-Terry Exhibitions & Projects Manager Ashley Holmes Marketing & PR Manager Jamie Keil Learning & Engagement Manager Laurel Maxwell Guest Services Manager Claudia Oblea Private Events Manager Oscar Paz Education Coordinator

Contractors & Service Providers Jeff Caplan Community Engagement Specialist Angela Knightley Design Support Julie Lambert Lambert Group, HR Consultant Erica Davis Grant Writer Chris Miller Launch Brigade, IT Consultant Rob Smiley, Armanino, LLP Auditor Sunreach Consulting Database Support Robert Zamora Bookkeeper

The MAH recognizes and thanks the following former staff members for their contributions in FY20: Jessica Camarena, Leonardo Cruz, Lis DuBois, Audrey Ellis, Stacey Marie Garcia, Nick Guddemi, Kevin Hoshiko, Diana Kapsner, Alanis Khemphomma, Gabriel Kittle-Cervine, Lex Klein, Victoria Lee, Nolan Mitschke, Michelle Mogollon, Yahaira Mora, Ariel Rolfe, Michelle Sohnlein, Jennifer Villegas-Naranjo, Maria Walsh, and Roman Yanish. A special thanks to Antonia Franco for her service as interim executive director in FY20.





“In classic MAH fashion, the exhibition is not so much a collection of historical objects as it is a collaboration with a host of local people and groups like Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz. ” —KQED, on Trailblazers


2019-20 Highlights ANNUAL REPORT 2020

Exhibitions Mirando al Futuro: The Beach Flats Community Garden Nov 2, 2018–Apr 12, 2020

Blue Sky: Same & Different with HongSeok Ko Oct 12–29, 2019

Stairwell Installation

History Gallery

Santa Cruz Tattoo’d

Idolos (Icons)

Art Forum

Mar 15, 2019–Mar 8, 2020 Stairwell Installation

We’re Still Here: Stories of Seniors and Social Isolation Apr 5, 2019–Jan 12, 2020 Solari Gallery

Regeneración with Justin Favela Jul 5–Nov 10, 2019 Art Forum

Nov 22, 2019 – Feb 23, 2020

Toy Trains

Dec 20–29, 2019 Atrium

Trailblazers: The Creative Story Behind Mountain Biking in Santa Cruz Feb 7–Oct 18, 2020 Solari Gallery

Beyond the World’s End Mar 6–Oct 4, 2020

Librería Donceles

Art Forum

Aug 2, 2019–Jul 26, 2020

To Bee or Not to Bee

Lezin Gallery

Art & Healing: 30 Years After the Loma Prieta Earthquake Oct 4, 2019–Aug 22, 2021 History Gallery

Mar 9, 2020–Jan 29, 2021 Stairwell Installation

Queer Santa Cruz: Stories of the LGBTQ+ Community in Santa Cruz County Apr 28, 2020–Apr 24, 2022 Online & History Gallery


023 23

Programs Santa Cruz Live: A Day of Music at the MAH

September 19, 2019 MAH

Jul 13, 2019

GLOW: A Festival of Fire & Light

MAH & Abbott Square

Oct 12, 2019 MAH, Abbott Square & Cooper Street

Doggo Dreamland July 26, 2019 MAH

Sculpture on Wheels Car Show August 2, 2019 Abbott Square

Mercadito: Latinx Art Market Aug 22, 2019


No Place To Grow, a film screening

Día de Muertos Nov 2, 2019 MAH & Evergreen Cemetery

Buscando a Marla, a book launch Nov 15, 2019 MAH

Tattoo the World, a film screening

Abbott Square

Jan 30, 2020 MAH

Monterey Bay Dahlia Society Annual Dahlia Show

Speed Weddings & Vow Renewals

August 25, 2019 MAH

Community Quilt Workshop August 29, 2019 MAH

Brazil Day September 6, 2019 MAH & Abbott Square


Feb 14, 2020 MAH

Radical Futurisms Film Series March–April 2020 Del Mar Theater & Online

Journey to Hokusai, a film screening June 25, 2020 Online


“Santa Cruz’s Abbot Square Market, which is attached to the dynamic Museum of Art and History, has become a bustling community gathering space.” —The Mercury News



27 *Estimate from MAH activities produced indoors, outdoors, offsite, and online between Jul 1, 2019– Jun 30, 2020. This number reflects a year-over-year decrease in participation due to COVID-19 impacts that resulted in the museum’s closure and multiple event cancellations in Q3-4. **Analytics information from Jul 1, 2019–Jun 30, 2020.


Financial Health

The MAH’s operating costs for FY20 were $1,808,336 with contributed revenue generated from individuals and businesses, foundation and government grants, and earned revenue from admission fees, event tickets, facility rentals, lease payments, and retail sales.


Although we maintain modest reserves,

and assistance programs focused around

our financial position has been

capacity building, resilience, and recovery.

understandably weakened as a result of COVID-19. The financial impact of the pandemic on our organization since we closed in early March through the end of our fiscal year on June 30, 2020 is approximately $200,000 in lost or deferred revenue. This, coupled with other funding shortfalls, resulted in an annual deficit of $365,648 for FY20.We anticipate losses to continue into the new year, but

For the long term, we have been working to strengthen our business model with financial strategies that include striking a realistic balance between earned and contributed revenue, shoring up cash flow, expanding our resources, and broadening our base of support. Our efforts toward resource development include re-engaging past donors and supporters and introducing

hopefully at a decreased rate.

new revenue streams, with particular

We have taken and continue to take

income growth that are aligned with our

actions designed to ensure financial

programs and artistic development.

sustainability now and in the future. In the short term, we reduced staff numbers and have been actively pursuing COVID-19 relief funding opportunities including grants, small business loans,


attention being paid to opportunities for

The charts and figures on the next page are a snapshot of the MAH’s financial position from this most recent year.

FISCAL YEAR 2020 Jul 2019-Jun 2020 (Unaudited )

Income ■ Contributions



■ Grants



■ Memberships



■ Admission 41,258 3% ■ Programs/Store


■ Facility Rental


■ McPherson Center Leases


■ Interest/Endowment


■ Released from Restriction 239,617 Total Income

5% 8% 26% 1% 16%



Note: The condensed statement of operations and the condensed statement of financial position are derived from the financial statements of the MAH as of June 30, 2020, which have not been audited. A complete set of the MAH’s audited financial statements for 2019–20 will be posted to our website as soon as completed. Previous years audited financial statements and IRS Form 990s are currently available at santacruzmah.org/financials. The MAH maintains a four-star rating, the highest possible, by Charity Navigator, America’s leading independent charity evaluator.

■ Personnel


■ Professional Services



■ Admin/Facility



■ Marketing



■ Fundraising/Membership



■ Exhibitions/Collections



■ Programs/Store



Total Expense


Net Income



Assets ■ Unrestricted Cash 543,271 ■ Temp. Restricted Cash 767,686 ■ Perm. Restricted Cash 351,832 ■ Other Current Assets 307,990 ■ Fixed Assets 5,921,155 Total Assets 7,891,934 Total Liabilities 961,484 Total Net Assets 6,930,450 Total Liabilities & Net Assets 7,891,934 SANTA CRUZ MUSEUM OF ART & HISTORY


Resilience Strategy 30


Like many of our industry partners, the MAH acted quickly in April 2020 to develop and put in place resilience strategies that would help us adapt to the COVID crisis, both during shelter-in-place and in the years ahead. We continue to evaluate and fine-tune our strategies as we learn how best to serve our community while planning for the MAH’s long-term sustainability. Here are the key components of our resilience strategy and actions taken:

Activating the MAH This is an important time for reflection and dialog around the challenges we face as a society. To that end we have been working on a community-sourced exhibition, In These Uncertain Times,


which showcases art and creative responses to the pandemic, juxtaposed with a historical exhibition about the 1918 flu—another epoch in which Santa Cruz County faced a major societal challenge. We intend for the key takeaways to be that our community rallies in times of need, and that no one is alone in this crisis. We are also considering pertinent topics like racial equity, global health, and food security for future issue-driven exhibitions. Last, we have been strategizing how the MAH can best fulfill its mission while utilizing space, both indoors and out, as a resource for our

we launched Queer Santa Cruz as our first virtual exhibition, featuring photographs, oral histories, a webinar series, and a bilingual study guide for educators. We have had virtual activities ongoing since March, including film screenings, history


podcasts, blog posts, a playlist of local

Launching the Virtual MAH

educational resources, and more. We

We have been hard at work expanding our virtual space as a community resource through various digital platforms. In April,

bands, at-home craft activities, free continue to develop new approaches to programming in virtual space in order to reach as many people as possible.



Planning for Reopening

Planning for the Future

We have crafted a safety strategy that puts

The MAH will undergo a formal strategic

people first, both staff and guests. Our task

planning process in the fall of 2020. This

force has been working closely with regional

will give us an opportunity to generate

and state partners, peer organizations,

and fine-tune the business and financial

and local businesses to develop a phased

strategies we have been developing,

approach to reopening that will align with

both to weather the COVID closures and

countywide guidelines and directions from

to ensure organizational resilience into

public health officials. Our plan is to start

the future. We will be looking at disaster

with limited activations in the form of

preparedness so that we are better

public artworks and select events in some

prepared to take on the role of “arts and

of our more spacious outdoor sites like

humanities responders� in the event of

Abbott Square and Evergreen Cemetery

long-term closures or other unexpected

in late summer/fall 2020. Following this,

situations. We hope to partner with

interior spaces of the museum will open

efforts by Santa Cruz leaders to grow

incrementally and under suggested

resilience capacity within the community.

guidelines for social distancing and crowd

Although we are not experts in this arena,

size limitations. We will continue to

we know creative thinking and innovative

assess the situation, working closely with

ideas can be helpful in generating and

our partners, in the hopes of being able

implementing solutions for the benefit

to ramp up activities in 2021.

of the community.





“Favela’s new take is simultaneously celebratory and defiant, enacting a desire to both live with and liberate historical forms.” —Artforum, on Regeneración installation


The Future As we embark on this new era of leadership, the MAH aspires to redefine the museum experience, bursting the bounds of traditional gallery walls into our shared public spaces. Building on our strong tradition of engagement and co-creation, where all members of our diverse community are embraced as active contributors to the museum, we now take that energy out into places new and familiar to ignite shared experiences and unexpected connections throughout Santa Cruz County.


We will do this in part through a new, rotating

that enhance contextual interpretation and

series of activations. This may take the form

elevate the work. New exhibitions and

of a contemporary sculpture in a community

installations by artists and collaborators from

garden, a pop-up intervention on the beach, or

around the globe will inspire, cross-pollinate,

an interactive tour through a historic location;

and increase exposure to our thriving creative

it may include a participatory work wrought

community, while programs like a co-

by many hands, a performance on a public

presented speaker series, summer music and

trail, or an installation on the side of a building.

film events, and family days at the MAH will enrich our robust slate of offerings. We plan

Then, starting in September 2021, we will

to invite cultural partners to use our facilities

introduce a series of biennial festivals, to take

as a resource to further their own missions,

place on alternating years, featuring

and to launch an art and history outreach

innovative, immersive, and place-inspired

program offsite in the community.

works by local, national, and international artists. Held in open-air sites around the MAH

In these ways we will ensure that the MAH

and the County, these admission-free

offers something for everyone—from those

events—to include a reimagined GLOW light

who find their way to Abbott Square for food,

festival and a new, outdoor multidisciplinary

drink, and creative happenings; to those who

spectacle of visual, performing, and media

enter the exciting world of art and history that

arts—will inspire wonder and delight while

is the MAH itself; to those who don’t get

serving as catalysts for community interaction. We will expand access to all community members via new admission policies, and through our new “Virtual MAH” exhibitions, screenings, concerts, activities, and digital gallery. Our hope is that that MAH becomes more than a place you go—but a collection of creative and cultural experiences that meets our community wherever they may be, whether indoors, outdoors, offsite, or online. At the MAH you will continue to find beloved programs and exhibitions—from our participatory series on social impact issues, Día de Muertos celebration, partner-driven events, and school field trips to bilingual family programming. Supporting these will be content-aligned activities and opportunities designed to help forge thematic connections



38 downtown often but still appreciate their

programs and interdisciplinary approach

world transformed by public art, or the

to community building. Together we will

enlightenment of an educational

continue and expand upon that tradition

experience. We believe the MAH can be

through meaningful, place-based work

all of those things—at once a space to

that animates and enlivens Santa Cruz

communicate needs, perspectives, and

County, moving the MAH forward in a way

ideals as it is a place to be awestruck by

that is relevant and responsive to our

an exceptional work of art or insightful

diverse community while upholding and

revelation about our past.

furthering our reputation as a cultural and social innovator.

One of the most creative and forwardthinking community museums in the

To make this vision a reality, the continued

country, the MAH has been an industry

philanthropic investment of a broad

leader, distinguished by its trailblazing

community of supporters is essential.



“The MAH is a temple of creative chaos, the anchor of a vibrant new town square, a Santa Cruz cultural crossroads that attracts close to 150,000 visitors a year.” —Good Times






“Tattoos, once banned in Santa Cruz, take the spotlight in a new Museum of Art and History exhibit.” —City on a Hill Press, on Tattoo’d Santa Cruz



The MAH relies upon the generosity of hundreds of members and donors each year to sustain our mission. We are also grateful to our many volunteers, partners, and sponsors. Our efforts to build a stronger, more connected community are possible only with their collaboration and support. The lists on the following pages recognize the individuals, families, businesses, and


organizations who contributed $20 or more in cumulative gifts between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020. We apologize for any omissions or misspellings. Please let us know of any errors so we can correct them.



Arts Council Santa Cruz County

California Humanities

California Arts Council

Andrea London

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County

Joanna Miller

County of Santa Cruz

Sereno Group

Institute of Museum and Library Services Monterey Peninsula Foundation George Ow and Gail Michaelis-Ow Santa Cruz City Arts Catherine Steele The David and Lucille Packard Foundation The James Irvine Foundation

Caitlin Deck

David Newcomb Sheri Shipe and Heather Lee Dede Simmons Togo’s / Scotts Valley Sandwich, Inc.

$1,000-4,999 Kathy and John Ballard Bella Babot and Richard Baer Carola Barton and John Supan

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation

Mary and Harry Blanchard


Jenny and John Bost


Bobbi Burns and Ed Colligan

Karen and Walter Loewenstern

Carla and Patrick Carstens

Becky and Jason Luksich

Cloy and Bill Codiga

Marilyn Male and David Brick

Bud and Rebecca Colligan Doreen and Frederic Conte Rob Darrow

Mike and Bertie McElroy Stephanie Mills Donna Murphy and Mark Mesiti-Miller

John and Karen Dowdell

Susan Nemitz

Randy Komisar and Debra Dunn

George Newell

Jose and Laura Gonzalez William Harmon Miriam John Judy Jones Vance Landis-Carey and Robert Carey Laura and Terry LaPorte

Leslie Newcomb Peter and Mary Ann Orr Serena Rivera and Christopher Wilmers Santa Cruz Woodies Robert, Ann and Nick Smiley Heather Stiles and Trevor Strudley The James Dolkas Memorial Fund at

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County Karen and Mark Tucker Alison Ruday and Bern Whitney W. Todd and Corinne Wipke Anonymous

$500-999 William Brooks Julia Chiapella and Eric Zigman Antonia Franco and Scott Strand Geo. H. Wilson, Inc. Anne and Frank Hayden Deette Johnson Carole and Henry Klyce Kelly and Maria Nesheim Irena Polić


Mary and Brian Kashtan

Kim and Mike Adamson John and Lora Allanson

Linda Kittle and Dane Cervine

Marian Acquistapace and Sarah Levitan

Mary and Jeff Latta

Kirk and Terri Adams

Sally and Brian Legakis

Cindy Adams and Alexis Heath

Miriam Allersma and Neile Rissmiller Linda Arnold and Ned Hearn Vivian and Michael Brown Pat Busch and Dale Summer Busch Maria Elena CaballeroRobb and Charles Ridgway Pedro and Shirley Castillo Lawrence Chew Val Cole Carolyn and Curt Coleman Pete Cullen

Sarah and Michael Ray

Mary Culley and Scott Smith

Joanne Sanchez and Jacob Martinez

Roberta Dunton

Santa Cruz Parlor No. 26 Native Daughters of the Golden West

Jane and John Faraola

Vicki and Bob Fabbri

Carolyn Lewis and Marilyn Radisch Cynthia and Bill Mathews Jacob and Hila Michaelsen Marlene Mirassou and Steve Houlihan Elisa and John Morozumi Stephanie Morse Robert Nelson Jeremy Neuner Harvey and Judy Nickelson Elisabeth and Jeffrey Ostrow Janet Perry and Toni Rallojay

Reed Geisreiter

Mariah and David Roberts

Santa Cruz Rotary Foundation

Peter Gil

Anthony Rovetti

Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society

Joe and Marcella Hall Lydia Hammack and John Laureano

Craig Rowell and Cory Ray

The Bright Horizon Fund at Community Foundation Santa Cruz County Stacey and Beau Vrolyk Carolyn Wardrip Thomas and Connie Wilson Marian Zeidler


Becky Kerr

Diana and Don Henrichsen Susan Hill Don and Cathy Iglesias Marie and Kent Imai Wyatt Johnson and Meghan Hudson Gwen and Doug Kaplan

Terry Rudy and Roxana Henriquez Patricia and David Schwartz Katharine and Gregory Shields Ted Silveira and Lorraine Sintetos Lee Slaff Lonna and Dennis Speer Ashley and John Spencer Rebecca Steckler Thomas Stelling and Beverly Ritchey Siegfried and Cheryl Storz Michael and Marcia Terry Phyllis and Richard Wasserstrom Sue Wilson David Yule

Deb Abbott

Caitlin Alcamo and Jon Foye Mary Alice and David Copp Mary and Jim Alinder James and Lea Allen Robert Allen and MaryAnn Dunlap Betsy and John Andersen Leonard Anderson and Elke Maus Susana Arias and Stephen Kolb Victoria and Branden Arild Jeffrey Arlt and Stacey Smith Deborah and Steve Baloff Jude and Frank Balthis Bonnie Bamburg Farhana Basha Sheila and Murray Baumgarten Jim and Kim Beckett Mike and Jean Beebe Anne Berne and Eric Ferrante Sunil and Laurie Bharitkar Dan Blunk and Nancy Alstrum Karen Bria Randolph Brock Erin Brookey Roeder and Jason Roeder Laurie Brooks and Tim Fitzmaurice Kevin and Marian Brown Claudia Brown and Dave Evans Craig Broyles and Galen Foster Leslie Bruhn David Brundage and Susan Stuart



Petrina Burkard and Gary Gehiere

Chance and Teresa Decker

David Bush and Liping Zha

Pat Dellin and Chris Hogeland

Leanne and Todd Butka

Sky DeMuro

Christy Carico and Ben Gillum

Patrick and Martha Dexter

Alison Carrillo

Stephanie and Patrick Diaz

Desiree and Braden Carter Susan Cashman Anthony and Shirley Tarantino Brian and Kathleen Cayton Lora Lee Chapman and William Gaynor Sandra Cherk and Richard Davis Peter and Lindsey Chester Rucha Chitnis Jeanne and Cornel Christian


Pat and Bill Christie Rossana Cipres Mikala Clements Joanne Clever Nicole and Chris Coburn Susan Coffman Karen Cogswell Myriam and Mikey Cohen Christopher Connery and Mary Scott Robert and Catherine Cooper Margy Cottle Julia and Earl Cowell Stacey Croft-Patterson and Samantha Patterson Jim and Lina Dale Rebecca Dalelio and Dan Fitzpatrick Paul and Aaron Dankert Tony N.T. Dao and Tricia Lu Rita Darling Taylor and Claire Darling Amanda and Allan de Jesus Ryan Deane


Sharon Dirnberger Dorothea Ditchfield

Mimi and Craig French

Blake Doherty and Rachel Glassberg

Carol Fuller

Mary Doyle and David Greenwood

Frank A. Gallagher Jr. and Jennifer Vigneault

Patrick Hung and Tina Rodriguez Barbara and William Hyland Richard Hyman

Ann Draper

Gregory Gilbert and Ingrid Parker

Bruce Draper

Isabel Gilman

Sandra and Matt Dreisbach

Maria Gitin and Samuel Torres

Jerome and Linda Jentz

Cynthia Druley

Steve and Christina Graham

Mary Jo May

Emily DuBois and David Egan Suzanne and Mordecai Duckler Tom and Doris Duncanson Annie Durbin and Jeffrey Eby Nicole Claire and Jesse Dybenko Yordi Echeverria and Jena Joy Eli and Angela Eisenpress Michele Estrin-Gelblum and Peter Gelblum Frances Etow and John Livingston Anne-Elyse and Adam Evans Christine Evans and Nicholas Ross

Carol Griffith and Dale Nutley

Amanda Jackson Miller and Andy Miller

Sara Kane and John Roberts

Lisa and Stephen Grillos

Brad Kava and Jennifer Ford

Cassie Haberle

Jennifer and Dave Keefe

Jamie and Ryan Haentjens

Fred Keeley and Barbara Herrlich

Kathleen Hall and Jacki Smyth

Roger Kern

Tami and Richard Harlan Amy and David Harrington Thomas Harvey Carolyn and Anandi Heinrich

Jon Kersey and Alice BenĂŠt Roberta and Alfred Keuter Helen Klee Nina Koocher and Bernard Elbaum

William Hendricks

Janet Kornblum and Rhys Pedersen

Monica Hersch

Leea Kramer

Gail Hershatter and Mercedes Laurencin

Patti Krieger

Rebbie Higgins and Gail Williamson

Sarah and Raphael Kudela

Glenda Hill

Jenny Kurzweil and Andrea Roth

Matt Farrell and Connie Croker

Milind Hirlekar and Latha Amujuri

Jessie Lacy and Troels Peterson

Rita Ferri and Kimara Vann

George Hoffer

Anni Lai and Scott Bennion

Regina Falkner and David Reetz

James Fey

Bonnie Holmer Orange and Dan Orange

Donna and Kurt Fleckner

Patricia Hsiu

Shirley and Arnold Landau

Laura Fowler

Margaret Hudak and Susan Hahn

Frans Lanting and Chris Eckstrom

Karen Huffman

Linda Larkin

Virginia Hughes and Cecily Cahill

Robert Ledlow and Jane Doe

Ellen Fox and William Wright Stacy Frank and Beth Truso

Thomas Lenosky

Gary and Nancy Moon

Alice Rink

Victoria and Mike Lerman

Don Moonshine and Christine Holtzman

Isaura Rivas y Blanca Flor Ramos

Terra Liana and Kevin Prestwich

Linda Moore

Natalia Rivera-Espana and Scott Farmer

Jenifer Lienau Thompson and Jeremy Thompson Lydia Locatelli Shelly and Lesley Louden Morgan Luarde Susan and Donald MacLean Harriet Maglin Charles Manske and Dawn Motyka

Terry and Pam Moriarty Ryan Morris and Heather Sebold Jill Morris-Ehmke and Peter Ehmke Julie Mott Madhavi Murty and Juned Shaikh Adela Najarro and Gregory McNair Christina Navarro

Debra Marks

Ed Jameyson and Christie Nichols

Joan Martin

Eileen O’Connor

Nancie and Frank Martinez

Janis O’Driscoll

Craig McCroskey and Bronwyn Black James and Suzanne McElwee Bruce and Shannon McFarland Susan and Michael McKay Maggie and Alan McKay Charles and Susan McNiesh Joan and Lance McVay Josette and John Medina Gerry Mandel Teresa and Armando Mendoza Anoop Menon Michelle and Casey Messersmith Ginnie Mickelson Kathryn and Marshall Miller

Casey Robinson Mary Rogers and Marshall RogersMartinez Andrea and Paul Rosenfeld Charles and Mary Jane Roskosz Anne and Phoenix Rumbaugh Scott and Rachel Runion Cherri Rupert-Canfield Scott Russell and Dana Powell Russell David Sanchez

Peter O’Reilly

Wanee Sargenti

Kathleen Olsen and Johnny Simmons

Sharon and Desmond Schneider

Greg and Linda Orr

Claudio Schnier

Richard Orser and Elizabeth Orser-Cataldi

Gerald Schulz

Gayle and Joe Ortiz Carol and Jack Osborne

Willard Schwartz Norman Schwartz and Mary Ellen Sullivan

Damaris Osuna

Lisa Scott and C Andrew Morcomb

Sylvia and William Park

Tom and Frances Scully

Jan Parker and Bruce Berwald

Kara and Shane Seeger

Loren and Susan Stirling Miriam Stombler and Kevin Kelem Karen Storey and Steve Tedesco Rebecca Stroth-Pickens Candace and Ioan Szasz Harriet Talan Dee and Mark Tannenbaum Donna and Peter Thomas Melissa and Richard Thompson Peter and Jana Thomsen Dara Thornton and Timothy Haight Kristen Truse and Enrico Ramirez Ruiz Lawrence and Lorraine Vilardo Suzanne and Anthony Villano Jennifer VillegasNaranjo Dirk Walvis and Carolyn Dille Kenny Welcher and Ilene Feinman Tanya Wendling and Joan Delfino Amy West

Robert Pasquale

Francoise and Marc Seftel

Michael Peck

Peggy and Scott Seltz

Wanda Whitehead

Gail Pellerin

Sara Severance

John and Birgitta Wiebe

Sarah and Marv Peterson

Eva and Doug Sherman

Anne Williams

Sandra Skees and Mary Talpas

Charlotte Williams

Lindsey Plemel and Andres Reyes Mary Pope-Handy and Jim Handy Tracy Pullman

Conrad Slemmer and Robin Plater Allison and Jeffrey Smith

Sean Wharton

Robert and Mandy Williams Lisa Williams and Lloyd Tabb

Mary Quillin and Frank Menagh

Kristin and Steve Smith

Pfotenhauer Wilshusen Family

Eta and Sasson Somekh

Celia Wilson

David and Jan Mintz

Margaret Quinn and Katherine McMillan

David and Mary South

Abbey Wilson and Jonathan Francisco

Sasha Mobley

Morgan Rankin

David Spencer and Christina McCutcheon

Anny Mogollon

Jeremy and Jessica Ray

David and Ariel Stahl

Jacob Young

Don and Carol Monkerud

Mary and George Reynolds

Candice and Brett Stenstrom

Margaret and Jan Ysselstein

Elaine and Asher Moody-Davis

Rosa and Mike Rezendes

Paul and Suzanne Stephens

Bernadette Zavala and John Ricker

Helene Milner and Boyd Brown

Sarah Wolfsen



Antonette and Robert Zeiss

Audrey Armstrong and Phyllis Hodges

Jeff Belden

Eva and Adam Zeno

Maria Cecilia Herrera Astua

Jacquie Benetua-Rolens

Katie Zollars and Drake Ducham

$20-99 Daniel “Nane” Alejandrez Ricardo A. Mendez Joel Aaron and Lesley Gorden

Darrielle AyresTennenbaum and Drayah Baylor John and Linda Babcock Mareike Badstuebner

Angella Abbey

Clive Bagshaw

Faye Abitbol and Mason Hippe

Michelle Bakalarski and Evan Gladstone

Ehime Agbonkonkon

Dorma and Rowland Baker

Ana Ramos-Aguilera and Dyana Aguilera

Sarah and Robert Balla

Barbara and Peter Alaimo

Tara Ballard and Aaron Drake

Lorraine and Nicholas Alarcon

Catherine Banghart

Jennifer Alayama and Susan Goldstein

Rebecca and Jacob Bard

Dabney Alix and Conrad Slimmer


Kristen Ayer

Vivian Banh Antoinette Barker Patti and Tony Barnett

A’Lester Allen

Jerah Barnett

Keri Allen and Jim Rollston

Katie Barnett

Ciel Benedetto Christine Bennett Lisa Bennett Mary Berg Daniel Berlin and Liz Beaumont

Rebecca Braslau and Chris Gordon Corinna Brazil Bonnie Breda Amie and Bowman Breed Mark Brewer and Teresita Hinojosa

Stanley Berman

Dave and Marion Brodkey

Connie and Sam Bertuca

Jessica and Thomas Brookins

Marta Betzler

Heidi and Peter Brown

Steven and Mary Bignell

Jocelyn and David Brown

Leda and William Bishoff

Owen Brown and Mary Akin

Bayley Blackney

Melissa Browning

Frank Blechschmidt and Maria Sabastian

Dianne Brumbach

Traci Bliss Gretchen Werner and Mark Block

Kayden Bryant and Shannon Kurz John Buchanan

Gary Bloom

Debbie Bulger and Richard Stover

Patrick and Jackson Blue

Marlene Bumgarner and Stella Flint

Shanta Bodhan and Yigal Uriel

Susan Burke

Ho’āla Bodywork

Brad Burkhart and Ann Duren

Michael Allen Foster

Erica Barnum and Jack Van Every

Samantha and Stephen Allott

Ron Barr and Marti Mariette

Sharon and David Allshouse

Joan Boffa-Dentone and Luigi Dentone

Sharon Barrett

Lisa Bond Marlene Bondelie

Henry and Karen Burnett

Heidi Alonzo

Stephanie Barron Lu, Margarito and Nicholas Coronado

Jaysa Burros

Michael Andalora

Judith Barry

Rhonda and Doug Bonett

Margaret Butcher

Aron Altmark

Sharon Barry

Barbara Boone

Billy Butler and Sean Kotzman

Ann Altstatt

Caroll and Matthew Basile

Noah Alonzo

Consuelo Alvarez Annalisa and Lisa Andersen Buzz and Jennifer Anderson Jo Ann Schaffner Julia and David Apgar

Betty Bass Greg Bass and Becka Lee Nadine Baurin and Jack Bell Tory Beale

Tess and David Appleby

Patricia Beardsley

Richard and Efa Aquio

Jason and Bleriana Beatty

Ginny Aragon Louis Arighi Connie and Amauri Arista Frank Zwart and Julia Armstrong


Susan Becker

Denise Booth and Michael Maikovich

Lori and Jack Burkett

Linda Burman-Hall and Tim Shea

Moss Caballero

Lejla Borovac

Eileen Campbell

Emily Bosworth

Nancy Campeau and Stig Nielsen

Sarah Bot Bill and Carrie Bottenberg Johanna Bowen Laura Bowers and Kristine Adams Kate Bowland and Sue George

Gary and Geri Campopiano Christine Candelaria and AJ Duryea Alejandra Cardenas Gail Carhart Scofield and Cole Bryan Teresa Carley

Dani Beckerman

Erik and Courtney Bowman

Sharon and Norman Bedell

Dorothy Bradford

Jill Case

Kim Brandt and Ellyn Wilson

Marissa Castello

Katherine Beiers

Bobbi Carriker William Casey

Liz Celeste and John Woodruff Anna and Sophia Cerna Terren Chang Chip Chapin and Kayla Rose

Emily Coren Shawnte CoronaMartinez Charis Cosgrove and Marty Bickford Penny Cotter

Eric Child

Marney and Steven Cox

Tenzin Chogkyi

Erica Crawford and Kent Newbold

Kris and Cristine Chopra Angela Christmann Joseph Cianciarulo and Susan Page

Kathleen Crocetti and Bill Lucas Lauren Crux

Rika and Jason Cirillo

Jessica Curcio

Ceil Cirillo and Irwin Kaplan

Erica and Ben Curry

Kathleen Clancey

Rocker and Shannon D’Antonio

Derrick and Marilyn Clark

Tina D’Angelo

Barbara Dahlgren

Candice Clarke

Emily and Felix Dansker

Carne Clarke

Bruce Dau

Margie and Ed Claxton

Anne and Andrew Davis

Nancy Cleveland

Ymasumac and Sahar Maranon Davis

Michelle Close and Kevin Desmond Heather Clowser Diane Cohan Sandra Cohen Jody and Renny Colclough Keri Cole Karen Coleman

Gail Davis Cyndi Dawson

Katharine Donovan

Luanne Erickson

Wendy and Eric Day

William Donovan

Llenel De Castro and Patrick Rafanan

Barbara Doss

Julie Esterly and Eric Morgan

Leonardo De La Rocha and Jennifer De La Cruz

Pam Downing

Jackie Defendis and Casey Nichols

Marcy Deetz

Ryan Compton and Xi Chen

Dana DeForge-Skrabak

Richard and Elaine Conley

Fred and Nan DeJarlais

Susan Cook Diane and Don Cooley

Marina and Thomas Eovaldi James and Myra Epperson

Richard Collins

Mark Conover and Martha Nitzberg

Amanda Donaldson

Caroline and Steve Engel

Emily Donham and Alexander Snyder

Sonia De La Rosa

Diana and Brian Conner

Meredith and Patricia Dodge

Kristen Davis

S. LaVerne Coleman and Joyce Mangouney Jill and Tim Coltrell

Joel Dodge

Summer Doty Jane Doyle Robyn Drake Robin Drury Alasdair and Suzanne Drysdale

Kristin Fabos Stacey Falls and Steve Schnaar Atlantis Fantasyworld Christopher Farnsworth Susan and Jim Farrar Sally and Svein Fauske

Joanne Duffield and Jim Fox

Jeanne Feeney

Lee and Emily Duffus

Alexander Fernald

Patricia Duffy

Amy Ferrasci

Maria Demarest

Lori Duino

Carol Ferris

JoAnn Denbow and Bill Horning

Shaw and Luke Dunton

Lisa Ferrone

Paul Duren

Joan DeNeffe and Gary Silberstein

Mary Edith Ingraham

Rose Filicetti and Neal Savage

Donna DeGrande Elaine DeLaTorre and John Baer

Judith Feinman

Olin and Kallista Edmundson

Shirley Fink

Mark Dickson Duane and Terry Dietz

Jan and Scott Edwards

Angelee Dion

Karen Ehlers

Einat and Alex Fitzpatrick

Susan Cooper and Allan Dyson

Diane McIlvain and Robin Dixon

Shea Ellerson

Kevin Fitzpatrick

Dorothea Copeck-Nolan and Roger B. Nolan

Ann Dizikes

Russell Elliot Tom Ellison and Lawrence Friedman

David Fleming and Jeanne Lance

Ryan and Emily Coonerty Rachel and Andrew Coonrad

Tamara and Gerry Doan

Sharon and Jerry Fishel

Anne Fliesler



Jon Ford

Barbara Goza and Martin Chemers

Jensen Hastings

Lawrence Ford Samantha Forde and Eric Danner

Shelby Graham Nancy Graham

Valerie Hayes and Rosemary Sutton

Kasha Forgette and Rocky Allen

Paul Gratz and Timmi Pereira

Nicholas Forino

Elieen Gray

Julie Francis

Cynthia Green

Marianne and James Franks

David Green

Anna Hedberg and Lowe Borjeson

Ebe Frasse

Edward and Hilary Green

Angela and Phillip Hedges

Carla Freccero

Shirley Greenwood

Brodie and Ashley French

Jean Gretz

Melody Heilmann and Carolyn and Hugo West

Catharine Griffen and Mark Bernhardt

Marcia and Christian Heinegg

Jacquelyn Grifith

Douglas Hellinger and Val Leoffler

Emily Fricke Liz and Doug Fritz Patrick and Janis Fullan Cindy Futch Laurie Gabriel Kem and Jessica Gallione Gina Galvan-Chankai and Isaac Chankai Camila Garcia


Robin Garmann Irene Garner Jessica and Drew Gaul

Karen Groppi Chris Gross Vincent Grossi and Jessica Lopez-Tello Rose Olvera Guarino and Alberto Guarino Anita Gwin Melody Haak Nicholas Habib Rahall Dennis Hagen and Diane Sipkin

Fabian Gauthier

William Shirefley and Tess Haifley

Judy Geer

Portia Halbert

Sioux George

Terry Hall

Annaleah Geraldine Martin

Kathy Halliburton

Lisa Gerber

Amy and Gildas Hamel

Brian Gerkey and Leila Takayama Casey Gerstle Bliss Gervais and Peace Aquarius Mary Geyer Diane Gifford-Gonzalez and Rob Yanagida Eric and Ellen Gil Leah and Shane Gillis Robert Goff and Eleanor Littman Mitchell Goldstein Marisa Gomez Tim Goncharoff David Gordon David Gottfried Gail Goudreau


Kate Halversen Chris Hance Susan and Richard Hancey Marcia Hand Jeff and Jocelyn Hansen Ruth Hanson Sarah and Mike Harbison Ryan Hardin and Lari Rojas Judy Harger Stephanie Harlan Mark Harris Sandy and Nick Hartman Andy and Juel Hartmann Elizabeth HarveyGuedes and Jo Guedes Daniel and Karen Hassett

Kathleen Hatfield

Evelyn Haynes Alex Hays Anita Heckman

Mary Henderson (McNamara) and Patrick Henderson

Beatriz Herrera and Nate Trumble Jeanne Herrick Jonathan Hicken and Whitney Friedman Molly Hickey-Sinoway and Ron Sinoway Steve Hicks and Geetha Raga Addie Hilgard and Kyle Noone Jan Hilkert Kris and Dianna Hill Aaron Hinde Vicki Hinton Brynne Hoberg Greg Hoffmann and Tara Coleman Sabina Holber Jules Holdsworth

Laurie Hennig

Bruce and Breta Holgers

Max Henrion

James Hollomon

Jendrik Hentschel

Julie Holmes

Gregg Herken and Aven Switzer

Lesley Holtaway and Serge Pond

Michelle Hernandez

Dee Hooker

Stacy Hernandez

Lucy Hosking

Perry Hernandez and Ann Marie Speno

Elisa Hough and Kyle Baker

Paul Houghtaling

Joyce Kamimura

Shanna Howard

Larissa Karr and Travis Murdock

Sheri Howe Pegatha Hughes and Paul Seever

Deutron Kebebew and Evin Arici Kebebew

Alex Lamb and Genevieve Graves

Quentin Lindh and Emilyn Green

Stephen and Joanne Landau

Eliza Linley and David Richardson

Kyle Lane-McKinley

Marcia Lipsenthal

Steve and Gloria Hum

Jane Keeffe

Marjorie Langdon

Kirsten Liske

Jesse and Desiree Hunt

Laura Keen Server

Anna and Doug Huskey

Barney and Denise Langner

Lavinia Livingston

Barbara Keeney Clark

Brandon Huynh

Alison Keith

Sarah Lannes

Amy Locks and Ava Klein

Alexander Iliev

Ali Chapin Kele and Paul Kele

Chris Illes and Willow Munger

Robert Kelley

Leigha and Mihai Ionescu

Siobhan Kelley and Jeremy Page

Matt Isaacson

Maura Kelsea and Michael Brownlee

Audrey and Thomas Jacob

Nanette and Tom Kelsey

Stephanie Jacobs

Chris Kenney

Rick Jacoby and Susan Brown

Margie Kern-Marshall

Joni L. Janecki and Associates

Susan Kettmann

Virginia Jansen Amanda Jarosz and Caren Dix Colleen Jennings and Jennifer Rogerson Jennings

Stephen Kessler Amy Keys and Steve McKay Coeleen Kiebert Elaine Kihara and David Sweet Tom and Carolina Killion

Kristen Jensen and Fernando Nell

Bradley and Rosie King

Krista and Eric Jett

Kevin and Katie Kinkor

Aura Jewell Aaron Johnson Jay and Jennifer Johnson Tonya Johnson Linda Johnson Tricia Johnson and Fred Thompson Dale Johnson and Isebill Gruhn

Sarina and Andrew King

Alanni Lanni and William Winkler Bruce Larsen Braden Larson

Robert and Janet Lockwood Joshua Logan

Carol Larson

Danielle Long and Erich Hoppe

Susan Lasko and Jeffrey Werner

Susan Longini and Muni Barash

Terry Laucher

Diana Lopes

Lynn and Jens Ole Lauridsen

Shirley Lopez and Carrie Zeidman

Sarah Laurie

Mark Love

Sue Lawson

Sierra and Tom Lubitz

Andree’ LeBourveau

Deborah and Gary Luhrman

Susannah and Jim Lee Erin Lee Bill Leff and Jesse Sweetwater Irene Lennox Barbara Leon Douglas Leon and Lara Kilpatrick

Jorge Luz de Luna and Rhiannon Saunders Sarah Lynn Susan Lysik and Alan Schlenger Phillip M. Hoey Christine Mackerer

Natalie Leonard

Josh Mader Robert Magnante

Casey and April Kirkhart

John and Theresa Leopold

Jennifer Mahley

Emilia Kitchen

Robin Lerios

Susan Klebl

Laura and David Leroy

Bob Majzler and Kiki Rosales

Rick Kleffel

David Levan and Anika Rose Tabachnick

Chaitanya Malla Charlotte Mangin

Judith Levin and Gloria Cuadraz

Sarah Mansergh

Paul Kirk and Sara Walsh

Eric and Yuriko Kneeland Jeannine Kolln Larry Korbus

Gail Levine and Emily Wughalter

Daniel Johnston

Edward Krakauer and Evelyn Stein

Sheryl Kern-Jones and Rowan Jones

Leila Kramer and Aaron Alden

Helen Jones

Nancy Krusoe

Chris Jong

Ariel Kuhn

Robert and Barbara Lewis

Teresa Jue

Dorothy Kukla

Dotty Lieber

Doreen Jurado Freitas

Randall LaBauve

Jeanne Lieberman

Jynelle and Kyrod

Amelia Labbe

Carrie Likeness

Marty Kahn and Cheryl Guyer

Constantine Lackides

Beth Lilienthal and Thomas Wynn

Leslie Kalinsky

David Lo and Amy Marlo

Phoebe Lam and Carl Lamborg

Harmony Levy Mark Levy and Lillian Bogovich

Armando Limon

Suzi Markham and Terry Olson Sara and Dave Marsh Jacque Martensen Doran Martin Laura Martin Leslie Mason Dana Massie Mike Matera Jennifer Matlock Erica and Gary Matthews Jo and Ken Maus



Will Mayall Linnaea Boone Mays and Mary Casey Janet Maze Dolores and John McCabe

Jon Neff and Susan Ortmeyer

Karen Ottermann

Kim Miller

Sarah and Oka Artha Negara

Linda Owens

Tai Miller and Clayton White

Garrett and Tara Neier

Betty and Arthur Milton

Valerie Nelson

Rylee McCallin

Marcia Minnihan

Katherine McCleary and Daniel Wenger

Clara Minor

André Neu and Ellen Stuck

Frank “Lud” and Barbara McCrary

Linda Miranda and Ivy Tzimbal Clayton Misura

Kay McDonad

Ann Miya

Marcia McDougal

Daniel Model and Amy Newkirk

Dashiell McElroy and Theresa Binnings

Camille Moitozo

Amy McEntee and Wayne McFadden

Andrea Mollenauer

Carmelita McGhee

Nana MontgomeryBracht

Ryan McGibben


Nada Miljkovic and Matthew Ammann

Michelle Montagno

Erin McGinty and Ann Maddox

Jack Moore

Jennifer Taylor McGowan and John McGowan

Alex and Debra Morgan

Kaite McGrew Kazuko McKee Robyn McKeen and Jeff Dingman Ann McKown and E. Geoffrey Cullen Elizabeth and George McMillan Kelly McMurray Bill and Gail McNulty Jasmine McRae Merritt Medusa Emily Meierding Joan and Michael Mellon Linda Melton Regina and Reina Mendoza

Danna Moreno Joe and Laura Morishige Michele Mosher and Maia Yates

Kathy and Louie Paolino Jonas Papaurelis

Karol Niccoli

Sharon Papo and Amber Weiss

Michelle and Daniel Nicely

Vineet and Shivangi Pareek

Jesse and Christine Nickell

Jeremy Parker

Sidney Nicol and Tenaya Hayes Laura Nicolas Henry and Nancy Niles Laura and Anna Nisi

Brian Parselle and Marilyn Huffman John Pasha Dorothy and Doug Patrick

Margaret Niven

Marilyn Patton and Sonya Drottar

Joanne Noce

Bridgette Payne

Patricia Noel

Benjamin Pearl and Lily Balloffet

Gus and Joy Norton Dan Nowacki

Cid Pearlman and David King

Maureen O’Connell

Maia and Dan Pedemonte

Carmen Mulholand

Jeanne O’Grady

Lisa and Alan Peevers

Daniel Mullen

Kerry O’Malley and Chris Mille

Amber Penland and Joshua Chakedis

Mackenzie and Megan O’Toole

Celeste Faraola Perie and David Perie

Charlie Muller Adrianne Mulvaney David Munday and Pawel Kozubek Linda Munn and Grant Parker Brandon Murphy Linda Murphy Robin Murphy and Jeremy Hourigan Margaret Murray Brian and Eilen Murtha Pamela and Pamela Myatt

Jan Meyers and Jay Anderson

Sue Myers

Judith Steen and Joe Michalak

Anne-Marie Napoli

Reiko Michisaki and Patrick Lovejoy

Matt Nathanson and Elisa Breton


Laurie Palmer

Linda Mowen

Deborah and John Muth

Dawn and John Mihelic

Jan Palia

Nathan Nowling

Ashkin Merrikh

Elizabeth Mier

Anandi Paganini

Tim Mott

Kelly Menehan Marcia Meyer

Jaimie Newburn and Nicolas Byrd-Hunt

Kelly Overduijn

Kathryn Nance Nana Nasef

Rina Natkin and Brady Nagle

Will Cassilly and Julie Oak Sam Oastler Charlene Oatey Sharon Obrien Alexander Olivares Erica Olsen and Maurice Leibenstern

Frank and Jill Perry Keri Petersen and Gary Ekin Celia Petersen Brown and Janet Herman Elijah Pfotenhauer and Katelyn Byrne Caitlin Phillips

Annette Olson

Steven Phillips

Heidi and Mary Ellen Olson

John Pierce

Hanna Onjea Jane Orbuch and Bryan Cockel Sandra Orozco Donal Murphy and Julie Orr Susan Orrett Deborah Osterberg Lilia Otero

Patricia Pinho Sarah Pink Leonita and Christoph Pistor Stephanie Pitch Jennifer Pitino and Daniel Pitino Fredrickson Anna Lee-Poli and Evan Poli Catherine Portesi

Patricia Poulos

Phyllis Rosenblum

Bob Scott

Molly and Eric Ressler

Deepika Ross and Gary Griggs

Bob Scowcroft and Judy Fried

Anna Prappas

Marlena Revay and Zoe Elizabeth

Melissa Ross and Rick Hochler

Susan Seaburg and Judith Allen

Trink Praxel and Don Zimmerman

Roy and Edwina Riblet Al and Maureen Richard

Sandra and Garret Rosslow

Conrad and Anne Seales

Bernard Pregerson and Natasha Fraley

Kathryn Rider

Diana Rothman

Ben Seider

Allen Rozelle

Cynthia and Ronald Sekkel

Jeremy and Jessica Powell Jeffrey and Hazel Powell

Ellen Primack and Eric Schmidt Muriel and Marci Prolo Andrew Purchin and Scotty Brookie Diane Putnam and John Donohue Sarah Rabkin and Charles Atkinson Heather and Finnegan Radcliffe Katie Radcliffe Oscar Andrade Yonah Radousky Linda Raffel Catherine Ramirez Marina Ramon and Todd Skelton Andrea and Matt Randall Sarah Rapp Stephanie and Kristen Raugust Randall Rea and Kathleen Loughlin Gretchen Regenhardt Maryanne Rehberg and Christie Hogeland Allison and Dominic Phillip Renda Shannon and Scott Renfrew

Susan Renison and Rob Milby

Josephine and Rita Rifesi Marilyn Rigler Sanra Ritten and Diego Felix Michele Rix Sarah Roan Linda Janakos and Doren Robbins Michael Roberts Jason Robertson Adriana Rocha Burt and Joyce D. Rodgers Ken Rodkey Phil Rodriguez Lenore Rody Schaefer Roemmele and Tim Kensit Tammy Rogers Joe Rogers and Erica Nieszop Barbara Rogoff Elaine Rohlfes Jesus and Laura De La Rosa Joey Rosczyk Everett Rose and Mark James Kathy Rose and Paul Schoellhamer E. Rosenast

Cindy Rubin and Brian Rosenthal John, Enid and Sean Rusev Ky and Will Russell Rosalind Ruth and Judy Luiz Susan Rypka Josefina Sabatino Joan Saia and Kaitlyn Saia-Hicks Nicole and Marc Salles Hanna Samson Nancy and Ed Sanchez Iris and James Sanders Ashley Sanders and Joseph Sabini John Sears and Freya Sands Diana Santiago Joseph Jason Santiago LaCour Elisabeth Santos Melanie Sargent Paula Sandas-Harvey Clare Sawyer Amit Saxena Georgann and John Scally Sheila Schat and Jon Luini Maria Schechter Jordan and Dana Schettler Jill Schettler-Susskind and Marc Susskind Andrew Schiffrin and Carol Brenner Joe Schirmer Pamela Schleissner Kenneth Schulze Analydia Scoggin Kathryn and Stan Scott

April Sembrat-Potts and Jeanette Sembrat Elizabeth Semmelmann and Errol Griffin Jeff and LeAnn Sewell Jenna Shankman Melody Sharp Eric and Michelle Shedlarski Helen and Robert Shepherd Leonie Sherman Yanli Shi Dorah and Geoff Shuey John and Nichole Shuler Elizabeth Siemon and Casey Hill Ken Sievers Debbie Silva Karen Simmons Emily Sinclair Maren Sinclair Hurn Michael Singer and Sally Eastman Linda Imonode Skemer and Andy Skemer Paul Skenazy and Farnaz Fatemi Julia Skuratowicz Ken and Tina Slosberg Leigh and Jeanne Smith Calvin Smith Laura and Kenneth Smith Teri Smith Sara Smith Henry Smith and Kerry Beth Hosley Carol Smith and Ted Hoffman Erik Snow Julio Cesar Solano y Lupita Solano Benne



Alfredo Torres y Erika Ibañez

Jana Weir and Josh Fodor

Wendy Traber

Chris Weir and Sally Arnold

Leslie Tremaine Chuck Tremper Todd Tsukushi Ariel Tucker-Jones Cris Tulloch David Twist

Mark Welsh Melody and Joseph Whinnery Sandy White

Cath Tyner

Tana Widdows and James Livingston

T Michael and Jeanne Ulwelling

Jorian and Topher Wilkins

Niels and Pat Sundermeyer

Hollie Unruh

Phillip and Jill Williams

Patricia Unruhe

Steve Williams

Tegan and Tara Speiser

Marissa and Justin Swett

Roy Upton

Daniel Spelce and Yolanda ProvosteFuentes

Diane Syrcle and Susan Leo

Bennett Williamson and Kate Dundon

Stephanie Sonnenshine

Jim Sullivan

Sandi Spanfelner and Jessica Lowe-Wilson

Ethan Summers

Jennifer and Michael Sparber

Debra Spencer and Jim Rolens Nicole Sperling Mandy Spitzer and Victor Schiffrin


Susan Weisberg

Chris and Caitlin Spohrer Marcia St. Clair Tom Stagg Nicole and Doug Stallard

Joan Taketa Jill Tamaru and Claude Thompson Michelle and Keiko Taniguchi Jennifer and Bruce Taylor Ann Taylor Jan Taylor and Robert Aegerter Ana and John Teeple

Mary Jane Stanford

Aya Templeman

Audrey Stanley

Shmuel Thaler

Katie Stanton and John “Benton” Shakely

Jade Theresa Taylor

Cynthia Stark

Melissa Thoeny and Glenn Johnson

Chad Steiner

Eric Thiermann

Jake Steinhour and Mel Holloway

Barbara Thomas

Beth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle

Lorraine Thomas

Stanley D. and Carli Stevens Bonnie Steward Jessica Stewart Aaron Stoetzel Rachel Stoll Cynthia Strauss and Kenneth Bewick

Jeff and Meg Thomas Anne and Byron Thomas Bill Thompson and Carole Illouz-Thompson Cherie Thorne Bruce Thurman Dave Tidgwell and Jeanne Solano Julie and Mike Tighe

Ricardo Valdes David VanBrink and Deborah Culmer Tami and Eric Vaughan Eugene Veteska and Margaret Inokuma VMware via Bright Funds Foundation

Lorre Winkler Renee Winter and Paul Roth Olivia Winter and Zerubba Levi

Candace Waage and Alan Hiromura

Vicky Winters Cynthia Witherspoon

Rita Wadsworth

Megan Withycombe

Lynn Wagner

Steve Wolfman and Julie Gorshe

Kimberly Wainscoat Neil Waldhauer and Cara Lamb Damien Walker T Mike Walker Harrison and Julie Walls Holly and Barry Walter Eike Waltz and Sheila Halligan-Waltz Carol Warren David Warren Michael and Susan Warren Maya Wax Judy Weaver Katherine and Blake Weber

Lee and Bonnie Tinder

Shelly Stryker

Damon Tkoch and Katie Fortney

Mary S. Weeks and James D. Phillips

Nancy Stucker and Geraldo Velazquez

Aumao “Akeripa” and Marie Toalepaialii

Aislyn and Rebecca Weinfeld


Reid Winfrey and Jan Nicholas

Ron and Xander W

Jane Weed-Pomerantz and Ron Pomerantz

Brian and Shelley Strehlke

Diane and Craig Wilson

Andrew and Jessica Woodhead David Woods Alison Woolpert Anne Wormald Eric Wulff and Marie Beaugureau Dan and Sara Wysuph Icy and Tony Young Nancy Young Elizabeth Yznaga and John Himelright Esther Zaragoza and Juliana Lopez Manuel Zavala and Deb Molina Henry Zbyszynski Jenna and Mike Zeller Judy Ziegler

Acknowledgments Land Acknowledgment The land on which we gather is the unceded territory of the Awaswasspeaking Uypi Tribe. The Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, comprised of the descendants of indigenous people taken to missions Santa Cruz and San Juan Bautista during Spanish colonization of the Central Coast, is today working hard to restore traditional stewardship practices on these lands and heal from historical trauma.

Photo Credits The majority of images featured in this publication were sourced from the MAH’s portfolio and archives. Special thanks to photographers Garrick Ramirez, Mickey Ta,


Marcello Hutchinson-Trujillo, Alex Vasquez, Shmuel Thaler, Libby Kastle, Diego TorresCasso, and Samantha Teo.

In Memoriam Mary Wood (1944–2019) Mary Wood was the former President of the History Forum and a longtime supporter of the MAH. She had a passion for history, loved Santa Cruz, and spent countless hours volunteering in the community.

Charles Hilger (1938–2020) Charles “Chuck” Hilger was the first Executive Director of the MAH from 1996 to 2003, having previously led the Art Museum of Santa Cruz County since 1984. He was also a talented artist with pieces in many notable private collections and museums.


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