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rolex oyster perpetual and datejust are trademarks.


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Join me in helping to improve Santa Barbara a little bit every day My Priorities

 Increase law enforcement presence city-wide  Increase support for programs that measurably assist the truly needy and at-risk youth  Incentivize and streamline business development that improves our quality of life  Increase neighborhood participation and input regarding the future of their neighborhoods  Establish greater historical site protections  Utilize city resources in a manner that is fair, measurable and accountable  Welcome and work with good ideas regardless of their source

Michael Jordan for Santa Barbara City Council Paid for by Michael Jordan for City Council 2013 FPPC #1355621




 Mazza’s Missive – The Paradise Café is thirty years old. That’s a pretty straightforward story, so take a look and see how EIC Matt tenuously attempts to tie an Aztec legend, a local nonprofit focused on teen addiction and City Council into that one. (It ain’t always pretty, Matt, but they seem to work… sometimes.)


C andidate Question of the Week – Asking the candidates their picks for City Council wasn’t our finest question ever, but it solicited some pretty interesting responses. (A special thanks to Frank Hotchkiss here, his terrific retort really made us look better than we deserve this time. Good luck on Tuesday, everybody, it’s been fun.)


C rimeTime – Short and sweet with lots of meat, did any of these crimes happen on your street? (By the way, that McConnell’s ad for Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie opposite CrimeTime looks really good. And we bet that lots of people giggling at CrimeTime jokes late at night would enjoy one. Think about it.)


L etters to the Editor – Kolr the Grocery Sherpa plays Diogenes the Cynic, Britney Spears deserves better, antibiotic resistant superbugs attack the local water supply (please tell us it ain’t true!), election stuff, another open letter to Mayor Schneider that she’ll ignore. You know, the usual.


 an About Town – Mark Léisuré likes wide open spaces and thus Santa Barbara Open Streets; he also M likes children and zoo animals, high school musicals, LGBT films and costume parties. That’s quite a bit of ground, Mark, impressive. Can we come party with you sometime?

P.9 P.10

Beer Guy – Zach Rosen brings us an unidentifiable beer that won’t do well in competitions. (Ah, Zach, are you sure this is the direction that you want your column to go?)

8 Days A Week – Read the Sentinel’s editorial calendar thingy not only to learn what all the (kinda) cool kids are doing for the next 8 Day week but also to learn what Fursday means. (Thanks for the laugh, Jeremy, you’re indeed everybody’s “favorite calendar writer,” well, as far as you know, anyway. Tell ‘em 8 Days sent ya!)

P.12 P.16

Santa Barbara View – Gang injunction debunktion? Election objection reflection? Sharon Byrne and Loretta Redd spill the beans. (That makes no sense. Sorry.)

P residio Sports – Lakey Peterson is a professional surfer. So why is she picking NFL winners this week? (Spoiler alert: For charity, dummy! Ha ha.) Lots of interesting stuff about volleyball and football and water polo and soccer too.

P ump It – Jenny Schatzle is trying a new column format, but the goal is the same – to get you moving toward a healthier and happier lifestyle. Check out her weekly nutrition tip and workout, and see what some of the folks in her program are accomplishing. Then go run a 5k and email her your time. She’ll come find you if you don’t. (That would be bad. For you.)



 Stylin’ & Profilin’ – Megan Waldrep – another new face here at the Sentinel (she wrote us a letter a few weeks back and the rest is history) – lets it rip on leisure suits, Veronica Beard and Dressed on Coast Village. Yeah, that’s right, leisure suits. (Thanks Megan, enjoyed it, let’s do more.)


F aces of Santa Barbara – Local philanthropist, art collector and photographer Susan Bower is the focus of Patricia Clarke’s column this week. (Get it? The “focus?” It’s a photography column. Get it? The “focus?” You know, like a camera. In focus. Oh forget it, why do we even try?)


 Tide & Time and Surf – Tide, Time and Surf. (That’s pretty redundant. Let’s try it again.) DEEP Surf Magazine and Surf Country Doug bring this week’s report – there’s actually winter swell coming! – and all the tide information you could possibly want before waxing up your stick and shredding hard. (That’s better. We think.)


 Mad Science – Rachelle Oldmixon goes to the Santa Barbara Zoo and, much to her surprise, finds herself mesmerized by the California Condor exhibit. (What can we say? She loves huge ugly birds that are extremely endangered. Doesn’t everybody?)


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 owlin’ in the Wind – Xombiewoof Joseph Timmons shows his softer side – his much softer side – H with soft-core eco-rocker Brooke Branning. (Hey Brooke, is that guitar amp powered by the sun and the wind and the hydro-power of the falling rain?)

 Keepin’ it Reel – Jim Luksic serves up a Counselor and a Jackass this week, both guilty pleasures that keep him entertained. (News flash: Jim Luksic liked two movies. In the same week. Better go see ‘em.)  Plan B – There’s a mouse (RAT!) in Briana Westmacott’s house. Will her marriage survive? (Of course it will, even if Paul has to do all the dirty work since Georgie the Dog isn’t exactly up to the task.)



S anta Barbara Skinny – Crazy Good Bread, Baobab Superfruit (in a powdery extract!) and exercise. (Can we get the exercise in a powdery extract too? We’ll take the bread straight up. In fact, we’ll mix Baobab powder and exercise powder with honey butter and spread it all over the bread. Genius!)

Commercial Corner – Wow. It’s been months since we heard from local Commercial Real Estate duo Austin Herlihy and Chris Parker. And now they suddenly appear out of nowhere with a terrific piece on the local residential (look out Calcagno!) and commercial markets. So we’re willing to let bygones be bygones. We’re not crying over spilled milk. We just want more of this stuff. (Thanks guys, great to hear from you again. And don’t worry, Michael, the weather desk will always be yours. To lose.)

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CANDIDATE QUESTION OF THE WEEK: “O k everybody, nice and easy: Who are you voting for on Tuesday, November 5 and why? 250 words or less. Thanks for participating... and good luck to each and every one of you.”

Mike Jordan

In addition to myself, I’ve already voted for the other two people that I think have the best characteristics to make a positive impact and help improve Santa Barbara every day – we all work well together with others and we’re interested in a clean and safe community for our residents and visitors, a healthy business climate that contributes to our quality of life and using city resources in a manner that is fair, measurable and accountable. None of my votes were given to people with obvious contradictions regarding who they accepted money from, or those who say they favor a healthy local business climate but are clearly only interested in a narrow definition that panders to special interest groups. None of my votes were given to candidates whose platform or ideas have been defined and confined by partisan support; I’m supporting candidates who will work on and with good ideas regardless of the source. None of my votes were given to candidates

who champion trying more of the same regarding gang violence, transients, unfunded liabilities or decaying infrastructure; I’m supporting candidates who will support and reward positive and measurable improvements. Finally, none of my votes were given to candidates that believe or act like they know best; I’m supporting candidates that will listen, engage and do the work in their role as councilperson to ensure that everyone in the community is represented. (Sentinel Says: Well put, Mike, we appreciate the candor and approach. But who in the hell were they?)

Lesley Wiscomb

The criteria I use in casting my votes are not new. They have served me well in the many successful hiring decisions I’ve made over the course of my career and personal life – with some adjustments for the subject position – and haven’t changed because I’m a candidate. In selecting people, I look for: Intellectual discipline. Council members must pursue and weigh the facts and impacts on affected community members before reaching conclusions or making decisions. This requires diligence, objectivity and a commitment to listen carefully to all sides of an issue;

A history of progression into areas of greater responsibility with concrete, unambiguous results achieved in each role. Competent leaders go into new situations, work with others to figure out what needs to be done and find ways to successfully complete the mission at hand; Meaningful and diverse experience in roles with broad management and/or oversight responsibilities. I want council members who’ve successfully served in senior level positions and have the experience, perspective and judgment to be effective; Integrity, a strong work ethic, selfconfidence (without imposing values), the ability to communicate effectively with people at all levels and backgrounds, and the ability to work well in teams; and, A demonstrated commitment to improving our community, and meaningful results achieved in doing so. Without restating them here, I believe my qualifications for City Council are among the very best of all the candidates. I will be voting for myself and two other candidates who also satisfy my criteria. (Sentinel Says: Another terrific response, Lesley, detailed and specific. Thanks for taking the time. We’re suddenly thinking we asked a bad question though; is it politically harmful to simply tell voters who else you find qualified to lead?)

Bendy White

I am limiting my endorsements to Helene Schneider for Mayor and myself for Council. This gives me the opportunity to focus on my own candidacy. Thank you for stimulating readers’ interest on the campaign. (Sentinel Says: You’re welcome, Bendy, we’ve had positive response here and believe that our readers have a better feel for the candidates so they can vote intelligently. Good luck.)

Jason Nelson

I am voting for myself, and here is why: Santa Barbara, although the most amazing and wonderful community in the world, has its problems. Public safety issues, an upside down budget filled with misplaced priorities and an administration seemingly hostile to both residents and business owners. I believe that my experience in Civil Affairs and as a military leader for more than a decade position me as the most qualified person to address these challenges. In Civil Affairs, our role is to analyze and assess problems, create sustainable solutions utilizing existing resources, and create a measure of effectiveness for each solution – a tangible way to gauge whether those ...continued p.18




520 CASTILLO STREET • SANTA BARBARA • (805) 966-6147


5800 CATHEDRAL OAKS ROAD • GOLETA • (805) 964-7762

WWW.SWELLCLUBS.COM • LIKE US ON FACEBOOK Contest open to members and non-members, some restrictions apply. Contest rules will be provided at the Club. Contest entry ends on November 30, 2013.

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...with the SBPD

A variety of crimes are committed every day in Santa Barbara; most of these crimes are petty but they do offer a window into if not the soul of the perpetrator, at least his or her thought process. Our following (and totally unsolicited) thoughts, observations, and comments are put forth for your consideration.

You Know, The Neighborly Way to Help


42-year-old self-employed artist locked herself out of her apartment in nothing but(t) her skivvies after one (ok, maybe two) too many drinks and couldn’t get back in. So her neighbors called the cops and she was arrested for public intoxication. Nice. Hey, anything for rent in the neighborhood? We love this kind of camaraderie.

Stating the Obvious Officers came across a 36-year-old local man passed out in a bush on Chapala. He was unresponsive at first but eventually woke up and, under tough questioning that resulted in his detention for public intoxication, advised SBPD that he’d drank too much. Shocking.

Hell Hath No Fury… A 33-year-old hotel worker here in town didn’t like an ex-friend and co-worker very much. So she snuck into the apartment underneath the one rented by her new arch-rival one night and started lighting things on fire, like a toilet paper roll and some other stuff. (She knew the lower apartment was vacant because she had just been evicted from it. Nice.) The folks above weren’t harmed, as they soon smelled smoke and called the authorities. Wow. That’s taking the whole friendship lost thing a little far, right? Not only was she arrested for all sorts of bad stuff but she was fired from her job too. That’s what you get for trying to light people on fire.

Hard Drugs Are Gross SBPD responded to a local fast food joint one night last week after workers called to report that an apparently homeless man had passed out on the bathroom floor with a couple spent syringes next to him. The 35-year-old was initially unresponsive for

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CRIME TIME QUOTE OF THE WEEK “I’m going to choke you out.”

- A drunken and apparently confused 22-year-old Santa Barbara man allegedly yelled the foregoing after jumping into his quite sober and previously sleeping roommate’s bed and straddling him from behind forcefully enough that the police were called. Hmmm. officers but suddenly woke up and (surprise!) started acting erratic and generally bizarre. Hard drugs are bad. If you do too many of them, you too could end up on some nasty fast food bathroom floor. Think about it.

Bus Driver Is A Dangerous Job A 52-year-old transient woman boarded a public bus but couldn’t pay the fare. When the driver asked her to step off, she beat him over the head repeatedly with her casted arm. She was arrested and charged with battery a few blocks away. Driving a bus just can’t be worth it.

Cyclist Discovered With Methamphetamine SBPD stopped a 42-year-old local man at 1:30am for riding his bike without a front light. He quickly agreed to a search; officers quickly found meth. Oh forget it. We’ve beaten this to death. Meth freaks just can’t get enough of biking, apparently. Weird.

Bad Timing A 64-year-old homeless man was unable to maintain a conversation with officers and soiled himself during the (apparently one-sided) exchange with SBPD. He was arrested for public intoxication. Drunk or not, it’s no wonder he couldn’t speak. He was trying to go to the bathroom. Give the guy a moment and some privacy next time, would you, officers?

An Imperfect Crime A 51-year-old construction worker from Los Angeles walked into an upscale department store in Santa Barbara, showed identification and applied for credit. The store extended it and the man got to shopping. He casually selected four pairs of pants, four shirts, two jackets, three sweaters and three bottles of cologne – you know, for the ladies – before returning to the counter and paying nearly $4,000 for everything. On his card, of course. Here’s what he didn’t know. When he applied for the credit facility, he did so under the name of a man in Indiana who already had a credit facility with the same store. Not surprisingly, this piqued the interest of store employees and loss prevention folks, who quickly called the Indiana man to confirm that (1) he wasn’t in Santa Barbara, (2) he hadn’t duplicitously applied for credit (again) and (3) he didn’t give anyone permission to use his card. Confirmed. So just as our ID-thieving friend was about to walk out the store’s front doors with thousands of dollars worth of new clothes and gallons of uber-masculine foo-foo juice, he was apprehended by cops and loss prevention people and arrested for all kinds of bad stuff. He told officers that he’d bought a fake ID, fake credit card and detailed personal information for the Indiana guy for $100 – all of it was accurate, by the way – and was told he could easily make some quick cash. This one sucks. Any one of us could be a victim of identity theft and, frankly, there is nothing any of us can really do about it. Actually, hang on, we take that back. Just totally and completely stop using the internet or any wireless devices. Problem solved.  


Expand Your Enjoy Tantric Massage Overcome Barriers to Love


Read results stories online

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Although you might not believe it, we actually want to hear from you. So if you have something you think we should know about or you see something we've said that you think is cretinous (or perspicacious, to be fair), then let us know. There's no limit on words or subject matter, so go ahead and let it rip to: Santa Barbara Sentinel, Letters to the Editor, 133 East De La Guerra Street, No. 182, Santa Barbara, California 93101. You can also leap into the 21st century and email us at

It’s Election Time!


att, with respect to the City of Santa Barbara, Mayoral and City Council elections, it is imperative that neither any incumbent nor any former Councilpersons be elected. The City desperately needs new direction and change. Gangs have taken over neighborhoods. Bums, drunks, addicts and professional panhandlers now control our downtown area. Our streets and walks need repair. Moronic and expensive blub-outs continue to expand. Our budget has been devastated by our Public Employee Unions. Real estate sales and loans are being delayed and affected by needless City mandated site sale disclosure requirements and the costs related thereto (which State Transaction Disclosure Statements cover). Business vacancies continue to rise, as evidenced by the Citywide Store For Lease Signs. But hey, we are safe from the claimed dangers of recyclable plastic bags, our present Council’s latest achievement. We need people free from political agendas and political cadres. We need people who comprehend the real issues

facing Santa Barbara, and who will seek to resolve the problems. Vote for change. H.T. Bryan Santa Barbara (Editor’s Note: Well that’s sure calling it like you see it, H.T. If one were to strip out all current and former Councilmembers from the running, one would still be left with seven people to choose from, at least four of whom might be able to do the job and two of whom, in my opinion, are truly qualified and electable. This one’s going to be interesting, me thinks, and nobody can call it at this point. Make sure your voice is heard. Vote. – MSM)

Another Open Letter to Mayor Schneider: Santa Barbara’s Threatened Brand Identity Dear Mayor, as with every week in the past month, the RV I sent you a picture of last week is back again with the owner ...continued p.28

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35 years 2 0 1 3 - 2 0 14



MAW Hahn Hall

Join SBCO and Rob Kapilow for


What Makes It Great? Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony


Take a trip to the fifth planet from the Sun with SBCO for our first MEE concert of the year! Mozart’s Symphony No. 1 in C Major is nicknamed the Jupiter Symphony, but not by Mozart.

NOV. 17, 2013 • 4:30

FamilyMusik Green Eggs & Hamadeus! The wacky world of Dr. Seuss comes alive in this fun concert! It is a merry, whiz-bang romp through the Seuss classic, Green Eggs & Ham and includes Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik—“a little night music.”

Join us for SBCO’s 2013-2014 season at the beautiful Music Academy of the West’s Hahn Hall! December 10, 2013 at 7:30pm

String Triple Heiichiro Ohyama, Conductor

MOZART Divertimento No. 2, K.125b (137) in B Major (1722) RUTTER Suite for Strings (20th Century) SCHUBERT String Quartet in D minor, D. 810 (1824) “Death and the Maiden” (arr. by Gustav Mahler)

we’ve moved

EasyLift transportation from the Lobero Theater available! Call the SBCO Office at 966-2441 to make a reservation.

Visit for more details! Programs, artists and performance dates are subject to change.

with Mark Léisuré

Mark spends much of his time wandering Santa Barbara and environs, enjoying the simple things that come his way. A show here, a benefit there, he is generally out and about and typically has a good time. He says that he writes “when he feels the urge” and doesn’t want his identity known for fear of an experience that is “less than authentic.” So he remains at large, roaming the town, having fun. Be warned.

Takin’ it to the Streets


s a man of leisure, I’m all for the Open Streets concept. Why bother working at all? Close all the streets downtown permanently and make the whole place a big urban park. But that’s not likely to happen, even in a city as laid-back and enviro-friendly as Santa Barbara. What is happening, however, is something pretty darn close, at least for one special day. On Saturday, November 2, from 10am to 4pm, Santa Barbara Open Streets (SBOS) is barring cars from two miles of Cabrillo Boulevard, a stretch that runs from Stearns Wharf to the Bird Refuge, turning the beachfront road into a public access zone available for all sorts of nonmotorized activities. And a slew of them are planned. More than 100 organizations in total are offering everything from sports to massage to boot camps and martial arts. “Imagine no cars, no fumes for the day,” said Barry Remis, a member of the SBOS planning committee and one of the event’s main organizers. “You can use the road in a unique way. It’s going to be one of the longest public parks the city has ever seen.” The idea for SBOS goes back 30 years to Bogotá, Colombia, where the town, in pursuit of escape from the usual congestion and traffic, closes miles of roadways each week to cars and opens the streets up for biking and other forms of human movement. These “ciclovias,” which is Spanish for “bike ways,” paved the way for similar events across the globe. SBOS is the first of its kind in our area. What sets SBOS apart from a typical street fair or other festival is that the public doesn’t just watch the event, they’re part of it. “The sense of community and togetherness is amazing,” said Remis, who has attended three similar events in Los Angeles, where they draw up

Santa Barbara Open Streets will close a two-mile stretch of Cabrillo Boulevard to traffic on Saturday, November 2.

to 150,000 attendees. “Here in Santa Barbara, it’s a chance to experience one of the most beautiful parts of town in a very different way – on a bike, walking, skateboarding, pogo sticking, hula hooping – whatever you want, as long as there’s no motor. It’s designed to encourage people to be more flexible and have fun.” Among the planned activities are dance demonstrations and classes, acrobatic performances and community health workshops, including the Sentinel’s own Jenny Schatzle, who will offer free personal training sessions. “There are bands playing, food trucks everywhere, all kinds of random things happening in the street,” Remis said. “Slack line lessons, the L.A. Kings hosting a giant street hockey arena, firemen doing boot camps, salsa and Capoeira, face painting and lots of other kids stuff. It’s very organic.” The organizers are expecting a large turnout, and, by the way, you’re going to ...continued p.25

Reserve Corks n’ Crowns now for your private party, corporate gathering, and holiday events, featuring a fireplace and wraparound patio! Start stocking up on holiday gifts with award-winning, highly-rated wines!

Corks n’ Crowns Tasting Room and Wine Shop

32 Anacapa Street in the heart of Santa Barbara's Funk Zone Hours: Monday-Sunday 11am-7pm

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N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

by Zach Rosen

that reflects their marksmanship and not their creativity. So Sean was absolutely right. This beer will not win any awards, but only because its style does not exist. It is in a category of its own.

Its Own Style

A Beer-Horse of A Different Color SB Brewing Co. Brewmaster Kevin Pratt proudly pours the Painted Cave Porter for the curious and rather thirsty masses.


e try not to compete in the craft beer world. Yes, there are “competitions,” and breweries are definitely businesses, but for the most part, the craft beer industry is all about camaraderie. It’s just something about working with beer. Your peers are the kind of people that you just want to drink a brew with and, occasionally, brew with. The chumminess of the industry is indeed best represented when beer people come together to brew a collaboration beer. Kevin Pratt, brewmaster of Santa Barbara Brewing Co., is introducing a new series of collaboration beers in town, and the first one in the series was released this week. These collaboration beers are going to be a collection of brews produced between Kevin and local beer writers. “Beer writers get to critique beer, but darn few of them ever get to be involved in the brewing process from beginning to completion,” Kevin related. “With this project I am interpreting their words for flavor and trying to interpret that into art.” The first beer in the series, Painted Cave Porter, was brewed with Sean Lewis, who writes a beer column for the SB News Press. Sean’s column comes out the first Thursday of every month, but you can find the majority of his musings at

The Idea A new beer begins with an idea. “I want to prove that color does not have to impact beer flavor,” says Sean. Normally, this is accomplished with the black IPA style, however in the case of the Painted Cave Porter, Sean wanted to make a black IPA that “didn’t cheat.” (Sean doesn’t much like cheaters; he used to be a substitute English teacher at Dos Pueblos High School.) The cheating he is referring to here is not on an exam but rather the kind of malts that are used to color a black IPA

black (more on that later). That was the concept, but what Sean and Kevin ended up producing is a miraculous Franken-beer that is unlike any style I’ve ever tasted. Friends and members of the beer community (who are also friends) came together this week for the release of the Painted Cave Porter. We all met at Santa Barbara Brewing Co. and spent the evening drinking pints of Kevin and Sean’s beer. As we sipped on their creation, Sean and I discussed the uniqueness of its flavors. “This beer is not going to win any awards,” Sean mentioned. At first this might sound like a bad thing to say about your beer, but let me explain what he meant… it’s not as bad you might think. In the beer world, awards given in competitions are measurements of how well brews represent specific styles. There are clear guidelines that dictate how a beer style should taste, smell, look, etc. These rules are good for guiding brewers when designing a recipe. But who are we kidding? Rules are meant to be broken. Following these guidelines too closely leads to uninspired versions of beer styles. Awards represent a brewer’s ability to hit certain measurements, but


Zach Rosen is a Certified Cicerone® and beer educator living in Santa Barbara. He uses his background in chemical engineering and the arts to seek out abstract expressions of beer and discover how beer pairs with life.

Beer style definitions can be very specific. A little more hop aroma here, or less bitterness there; those might be the only factors differentiating two styles. Let me run down for you what makes this beer unique. A black IPA is an India Pale Ale (IPA) that has been colored black using specially ...continued p.11

Visit our main production facility and taproom at:

45 Industrial Way Buellton, CA 93427 (805) 694-2252

Or if you’re in Santa Barbara, visit our new tasting room in the Funk Zone at: 137 Anacapa St., Suite F, Santa Barbara, CA 93101 (805) 694-2255



coupon cannot be combined with any other offer coupon can be redeemed at any Figueroa Mountain Brewery Taproom

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8•Days• a•Week We Ain’t Got Nothin’ But Love, Babe…

by Jeremy Harbin

Want to be a part of Eight Days A Week?

Space is limited, but if you have an event, exhibit, performance, book signing, sale, opening, trunk show or anything else interesting or creative that readers can attend, let us know at 805-845-1673 or email us at We’ll consider all suggestions, but we will give extra consideration to unusual events and/or items, especially those accompanied by a good visual, particularly those that have yet to be published.


will choose a handmade ceramic bowl to use for their modest meal of soup and bread. The idea is for participants to take their bowl home as a reminder of the cause. After lunch, make a smoothie with a “human-energy powered bike blender” and tour the Foodbank, which is next door. Get your tickets by calling Diane Durst at 805.967-5741 x104 or at

November 1

Ball for Solstice

Mark your 2014 calendar: the Summer Solstice Parade and Festival will be on June 21, 22 and 23. The family-friendly version of Burning Man is a whole lot of fun, sure, but it ain’t free to put on. That’s why the good Solstice folks are throwing tonight’s fundraiser, the Black Cat Ball. And you’re in luck if you just can’t stand the thought of taking your Halloween costume off; there will be a costume contest for best costume (pretty standard), best cat (pretty specific, but thematically sound), best group costume (fun for you and your creative friends) and best steampunk costume. If you’re into that last category, you probably already have a dozen or so outfits that fit the bill. So put one on and head to the Butler Event Center (3744 State Street). The ball starts at 7:30pm and goes until midnight. Expect some Day of the Dead effects and dancing with The Rock N’ Blues Band and DJ Dave McIntire. Get $15 tickets at or by calling 805.965.3396. This event is 21 and up.


Monday November 4 Pairing

A sommelier and a Master Sommelier open a wine bar in Santa Barbara, and lead a seminar on wine and food pairings. The bad news: no, that’s not the premise of your new favorite sit-com to join ABC’s TGIF line-up. The good news, however, is that it’s happening in real life, which is almost better than TV. Sommeliers Eric Railsback and Brian McClintic of Les Marchands (131 Anacapa Street) will discuss the techniques of pairing tonight in their establishment at 6pm. So if you know white goes with fish and red goes with, ah, not fish, and you want to get a little deeper, then the $45 price to attend should be well worth it – these are experts, after all. To reserve your spot, go to www.meetup. com and search for “Inside Wine Santa Barbara.”


November 2

Day of the Dead

November 5

Casa Dolores, the Mexican folk art museum at 1023 Bath Street, holds an opening reception today for its Day of the Dead exhibition, which will be on display until November 12. From 1pm to 4pm, attendees can expect to view pieces from the museum’s permanent collection and will be able to make their own altars. To coincide with the Mexico Dreams Animals exhibit, attendees are encouraged to bring photos of their passed pets, along with other pictures and items for the community altar. There will also be other crafts, activities and refreshments for the whole family. This event is free.

Veterans’ Resource Day

Raymond Morua, the district representative for Congresswoman Lois Capps, will speak at noon today at Santa Barbara City College’s Friendship Plaza on east campus as part of Veterans’ Resource Day. The event starts at 10am and wraps up at 1:30pm. Over 15 City College departments will be there to share information, as well as even more outside groups. Mr. Morua is a community college grad, a veteran and a member of the county’s Veteran Services Advisory Committee, so he’s well-suited for this keynote speech.



November 3

November 6

Empty Bowls

Talkin’ ‘Bout Books

If you like to eat lunch, think about helping out a good cause while you do it today. From 11am to 2pm, the 16th annual Santa Barbara Empty Bowls Luncheon to benefit the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County will take place at the Ben Page Youth Center (4540 Hollister Avenue). Those contributing $30 or more

1431 San Andres Street

Opinions on literature are like six-pack abs: what’s the point of having them if you’re not constantly taking your shirt off? Wait, that doesn’t make sense. Oh well, all we mean is that if you’re going to spend all that time reading (did you know it can take days to read a single book?), you might as well let as many people as possible know about it. So if you were inspired to read Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried by his recent appearances here in town, if you’ve read it before or even if you haven’t, consider attending the panel discussion at 4pm today at the Montecito Library (1469 East Valley Road). Panelists include the psychologist and UCSB Veterans Services Coordinator Kirsten Olsen, UCSB religious studies professor Richard Hecht and US Army veteran Peter Bie, who’s the president of the Santa Barbara chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America. This event is free to attend.

Thursday November 7

Post-Retro Show


Muddy Waters, by day, is a coffee shop and breakfast-lunch spot at 508 East Haley Street. By night, it is (sometimes) an intimate music venue. Tonight, Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats will stop by. They’re purported to play “new-timey, post-retro, pre-apocalyptic, Southern Appalachian gypsy porch swing.” Coincidentally, that’s pretty much the only genre played around the Sentinel office, so we’ll see you there at 8pm.

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 


No, it has nothing to do with your furry loved ones; fursday is simply another 8 Days innovation brought to you by your favorite calendar writer, a combination of “first” and “Thursday.” A good ole fashioned portmanteau. Get used to it, friends, that’s how it’s gonna be from here on out. Fursday comes but once a month, and it’s your time to go check out all the special events happening around the restaurants, retailers, galleries and museums downtown. One such happening goes down from 5pm to 8pm at the Artamo Gallery (11 West Anapamu Street). It’s an opening reception for The Blue Wall, an exhibit of mixed-media works by Jack N. Mohr. The Artamo Gallery is usually open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 5pm and by appointment.

Friday November 8 Pvt. Wars

In this very space some months ago, we told you when, where and how to audition for Pvt. Wars (the why, dear readers, is always up to you). Written by James McClure and directed by Bill Egan, Pvt. Wars is a three-man play about soldiers in an army hospital nursing battle wounds. In all likelihood, everyone at try-outs heard about it from this calendar, but since we didn’t say to “tell ‘em 8 Days sent ya,” we’ll probably never know for sure. Well, they went ahead and hired some actors, rehearsed and now they’re staging this thing. So check out the opening performance tonight at 7:30pm at the Plaza Playhouse Theater in Carpinteria (4916 Carpinteria Avenue). Tickets are $15, $12 for students and seniors. Get tickets at www. or at the Curious Cup Bookstore (5285 Carpinteria Avenue). For more information, call 805.684.6380. Have fun out there, everybody, and as we say at this point every single week, tell ‘em 8 Days sent ya! 

...continued from p.9 prepared malts. These particular grains add color but very little of the roasted, coffee-like flavors to the brew. This means that the beer looks like it should taste toasted and burnt but instead the drinker is surprised by a crisp, hoppy IPA. Sean considers these specialty grains “cheating” and wanted to produce a black IPA that used traditionally roasted grains. The Painted Cave Porter is similar to a black IPA in that it is bursting with an aromatic, cornucopia of American hop flavors. Pine resin is prominent, but there is grapefruit and orange undertone with a spicy, floral note left in the wake. But here is where it falls off the black IPA map. The beer has a gentle chocolate liqueur character that is subtle but still too loud for a black IPA. The noticeable roasted element makes this brew drift into the porter and stout genres. Generally speaking, stouts have burnt, coffee-like flavors and porters possess a smoother, chocolate-like character. The Painted Cave Porter lacks the highly toasted flavors of a stout, placing it in the home of the porter family. Most of the American-style porters fall into what is called the robust porter category. These are hoppier, richer versions than their lighter English counterparts, called brown porters. The hearty presence of hops and the Painted Cave’s strength (6.7% ABV) put

PANINO soups + salads + sandwiches Open for Lunch Daily Los Olivos (805) 688 9304

Santa Barbara (805) 963 3700

Goleta (805) 683 3670

Solvang (805) 688 0608

Montecito (805) 565 0137

Santa Ynez (805) 688 0213

p a n i n o re s t a u r a n t s. c o m

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |


Sean Lewis, right where he belongs: enjoying his porter and talking beer.

this brew into the robust porter category. But its roasted milk chocolate character is too faint for the genre, pushing it outside the circle of this style. When you blend all of these elements, the Painted Cave Porter is truly in a class of its own. The combination of its rich flavors but crisp character makes it feel like fall in Santa Barbara. Don’t worry. Kevin and I will be getting together down the road to brew our own collaboration beer. I have some good ideas of what we are going to do, but I have to say, they set the bar high with the Painted Cave Porter. This beer might not fit any existing style, but the name they’re kicking around the brewery is Robust American Dark ale, or RAD ale. And I agree. This beer is pretty rad. Cheers! 

12 | N OV E M B E R

1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3


Santa Barbara’s Online Magazine, Published Twice Daily

Debunking the Injunction by Sharon Byrne


ayor Schneider published an excellent piece in another media outlet last Friday on the injunction, and dispelled some of the misinformation out there. While I wish she could have published that letter in additional media outlets (like this one!), I congratulate her on a well-written, succinct piece that’s been sorely needed in this discussion. I’ve been hearing this argument in candidate forums that the gang injunction has cost $500,000 so far, that this is a huge waste of money, and that we could have spent the money better on intervention or prevention programs. I wondered where this figure came from, and soon had my answer. Someone forwarded me a document detailing those costs. As I can see from this form, there is no footnoting, formal title, or responsible organization listed as compiling these costs. There are no appendices sourced from the City of Santa Barbara with tables of various staff salaries in their job grade classifications that support this summary cost estimate. Per Jim Armstrong, the city did provide cost data in answer to a request on time spent on the gang injunction, so perhaps this is compiled from that info. So let’s give it the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say this is the money the city “spent” on the gang injunction to date. Even with that benefit of the doubt, asserting that staff salaries = the cost of the injunction is a dubious argument. Salaries are paid annually, not by project. No money was siphoned from other departments or programs for the injunction. This is just staff salaries that would have been paid regardless of what they worked on. If you’re a salaried employee, your organization can direct your efforts to different projects or work activities, but they’re paying your salary whether you get the project done, or even do it well. No company is ever going to come to you as an employee and say, “I’d like you to return your salary from 2010 and 2011 to me because I’ve discovered something in 2013 I’d rather spend it on.”

But that is the logic the anti-injunction crowd is using. Even if we set the clock back to 2009, and decided not to do the gang injunction, but instead create a program with the money we would spend on staff time for the gang injunction, we “save” nothing. Those staffers are still going to be working and we’ll have still paid their salaries. They’ll just be deployed to some other city task. To “save” the money spent on those salaries to fund some new program, you’d have to have laid that staff off in 2009 and reallocated those monies. One of the constant criticisms towards the anti-gang injunction camp is that they’re against the injunction, but propose nothing better in its place. Some have started trying to put forward notions of programs like job training that they feel would be a better use of city money. The good news is that filing the injunction started a wider conversation on the problem of gang proliferation in this city. But those agitating against the injunction need to answer a basic question: where have you been while this problem escalated? We didn’t arbitrarily decide to do this. Enforcement, and by extension, the city, had been getting pressure to file an injunction for years. Perhaps you didn’t realize how serious things had gotten, and now you do, because the city filed. The murders of two innocent civilians, Robert Simpson and George Ied, in 2010 ignited the push for the injunction. Things had indeed gotten quite serious by 2010. People might be apathetic when gangs kill rival gang members. It’s another matter entirely when they murder regular people in broad daylight at the beach, or walking home from their job at night. An inquiry to the police chief of Oxnard revealed that he believes their gang injunction seriously helped cut their homicide rate from 26 in 2006 to 6 in 2010. They also have an amazing intervention and prevention program in place there that works with enforcement. Maybe anti-injunction forces could propose adopting parts of that model that would work well here.

Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus Benefits include:

• Quick in-office procedure • Virtually painless with no dowtime from normal activities • Alternative to prescription medications

David Kolegraff, M.D. FACS

(805) 722- 8583 •

Sharon Byrne

Sharon Byrne is executive director for the Milpas Community Association, and currently serves on the Advisory Boards for the Salvation Army Hospitality House and Santa Barbara County Alcohol and Drug Problems. There is also an argument circulating that gang crime is now down, so we don’t need the injunction. But perhaps gang crime has gone down BECAUSE we filed an injunction. Perhaps gang members realize how serious the city is about this. Tools are just that: tools. They’re not magic bullets or panaceas. This is one tool. There are many. But let’s not take a tool off the table unless we can offer something better in its place.

Potomac to Pacific

Santa Barbara. Well, there were those evil plastic bags recently... What is a candidate to do? The false accusation of inadequate representation or implied injustice underlying the push for District Elections is a non-issue; but like a vampire, it occasionally pokes its head up. The arguments for or against a gang injunction have been so distorted that no one knows what positive or negative results it could have, because it’s never been tried in order to find out. So, with “Ten Peeps for Three Seats” (thank you, Nick Welsh) how do one or two separate themselves from the pack, boldly daring to take on the ills of our tawny little town? With no burning issues in this election, local political “operatives” can always make some up, and throw plenty of money around. How about we stop lying about this

“Don’t think for a minute that this election doesn’t matter.”

by Loretta Redd

Santa Barbara has a pretty laissez-faire attitude overall... oh, we fuss occasionally about traffic when it takes longer than five minutes to get from Milpas to Modoc, or when we have to withstand four straight days of moderately foul weather. But for the most part, it’s pretty bueno in our little city by the sea, which makes finding a compelling platform on which to run for City Council something of a challenge. This year, as in elections past, there’s no one out there with a megaphone shouting, “Clean up City Hall!” Accusations of police remoteness or injustices are countered by “Meet a Cop” coffees and luncheons, the promotion of free bilingual Citizen’s Police Academy, and having “drop in” centers. Folks wanting to get a project through the Garden Street maze of bureaucracy need only hire the most recent City staff retiree-turned-consultant to be granted every variance imaginable (and some that aren’t). I’m not saying we don’t have our “issues” as a community, but it’s hard to gain traction for change or inspire folks to revolutionary fervor when we are absorbed by our digital devices or on “Oprah Alert.” There are some who appear before Council in a froth. We have our utopian champions of taxpayer subsidized, lowcost rental housing built for weeble wobbles arriving without cars or children, and our skinny-butt, skinny-tire cyclists protesting the selfishness of allowing automobiles on our streets. But for the most part, there aren’t many things that rise to the level of outrage in

being a race where party affiliation doesn’t matter? There may not be an “R” or a “D” by the candidate’s name, but most interviews written imply some foregone conclusions about future governance based on having voted for either Romney, Reagan, Clinton or Gore. What would articles say (my own included) if we removed “liberal” and “conservative” from the lexicon, along with the monetary influence of the local party “bosses?” Here are some suggestions for future elections, which may result in our knowing more about what the candidates actually think, rather than what their funding sources have told them to say. We already have term limits, which is helpful, but what if we could “voluntarily” do the following: 1. Cap the total amount of contributions for a City Council race to $30,000 per candidate. 2. Cap the largest total contribution from any single person or group to $500. 3. Discourage contributions from groups or affiliates whose salaries and benefits will be negotiated by the City Council or City Administrator. 4. Require candidate answers to all questionnaires to be made public, in order to assess influence. 5. Discourage any direct contribution from registered groups or persons residing full time outside of the County of Santa

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

Loretta Redd’s diverse background includes being a psychologist, business owner, non-profit director, Air Force officer, writer, speaker, and executive coach. Loretta has served on several Santa Barbara city committees and has been a candidate for public office.

Loretta Redd

Barbara. 6. Discourage sitting Council members from publically speaking on behalf of favored candidates, or appearing in their advertisements. 7. Shorten the election cycle to eight weeks, with a specified date to begin gathering signatures and raising funds. What passes for governance in Washington, D.C. today is reason enough to alter our process locally. Representatives no longer work for the people. Staff members almost always write the legislation, usually after their lobbyist pens it for them, because the elected official is busy and getting ready for the next cycle. With multi-million dollar price tags hanging over their heads on their first day in office, and the highest Court embracing blackmail as a First Amendment right, the philosophy of “representational

government” on a national level may be forever lost. But it need not be that way here, and don’t think for a minute that this election doesn’t matter. Your three newly-elected Council members will have far more impact on your day-to-day life than those currently serving in Washington. That’s why election decisions often turn on just one or two issues of personal importance to a voter, like that roundabout at the end of your street that you curse every morning, the hours of the library, access to tennis courts (or whether you feel safe taking your child there through the maze of “homeless”), the sidewalk crack you trip over walking the dog when daylight gets shorter, the monoliths rising around town changing mountain views into concrete and windows (obscuring one reason you moved to Santa Barbara), or whether there’s staff to assist you or a recorded message directing you to a website. Every local election matters. The question is, do those elected work for you, or for some group with a fat check and paid advertising, looking for “payback” before very long? It’s time to “buck” the system, before the system bucks us all. 

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |




santa barbara®

nninenrer WiW














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by Matt Mazza

The Legend Continues

That’s La Paloma Café, looking immaculate back in the early ‘80s. Love the sign where the patio is today.


Model: Shelby Pudwell • Guitar: Falbo, Jumbo 6 Paradise Cafe, 702 Anacapa St Photography: Ashley Gove,


Stop In To Register To Win A Copy Of... 137 ANACAPA STREET SUITE A • 805/770-7242 • SBGUITARBAR.COM

’m a sucker for a good love story. There are lots of warm and fuzzy ones out there, of course, but there’s an especially cool one in Aztec mythology that involves a brave young warrior named Popocatépetl and his beloved Iztaccihuatl, a beautiful princess. (I’ll refer to them as Poppy and Izzie, respectively, so we can all stop struggling to figure out how in the hell to pronounce those treacherous names.) The basic story is that Poppy falls hard for Izzie, who feels the same. But when Poppy goes to Izzie’s old man to ask permission to pop the question, the warrior-king insists that Poppy first fight to the death with his people’s mortal enemy. Poppy eagerly agrees and sets off for battle only to be betrayed by one of his love rivals, who falsely reports to Izzie and her father that Poppy has died in battle. (There’s got to be some actionable defamation in there.) Izzie soon dies of a broken heart, and Poppy is inconsolable upon his otherwise victorious return. After wandering the streets for many days and many nights, completely and utterly devastated, Poppy orders a gigantic tomb built under the sun for his love. When it’s finished, he carries her to the apex, kisses her one last time and kneels in front of her with a smoking torch to watch over her for all time. The gods take notice of the star-crossed lovers’ plight, and turn them into two majestic volcanoes outside of present-day Mexico City so that they may be together forever. Even today, Mount Popocatépetl still smokes every time Poppy thinks of his beloved. Now that’s romance, man, what a story. Single men, take note: Next time you’re courting a dame and want to impress her with your softer side, you can

Randy Rowse and Kevin Boss looking good back in 1983 – a lot has changed in three decades, eh Randy?

actually bring her by a terrific local bar, sit at a little corner table, and spin that yarn while looking at a wonderful mural painted in 1940 that actually depicts the whole damned thing. Don’t believe me? You should. It’s on a long wall high above the bar at local stalwart Paradise Café.

Take Me Down…

We do a lot in this paper about what’s new here in town, and with good reason; the past year has really seen some interesting stuff develop. We’re glad to talk about it, frankly, it’s exciting and worth spreading. With that said, however, there’s just something about certain places around Santa Barbara that can’t be beat. They’re the places that are Santa Barbara, the ones we’ve all hit so many times with friends and family and loved ones. Many of us have great memories of a night at Joe’s or

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |



Paradise by night (photo credit: Corey Sanders)

the Nugget, maybe, or a late afternoon at Harry’s or Brophy’s. There are plenty more of them but they aren’t limitless, and you know the shortlist of spots if you’ve been here long enough. Here’s another one that will undoubtedly come up on every local’s list, every time. Paradise Café. I can’t count how many lunches I’ve had with business folks and friends upstairs in the dining room or out on the patio. (My wife and I used to hit that patio pretty often for light dinners on warm nights.) There was that time years ago when a few lawyers and I celebrated closing a huge deal – the first for which I had primary

responsibility – with probably too many drinks in the late afternoon sun in the front windows. And the many impromptu meetings with an old lawyer friend spent talking shop over a Paradise Margarita and a plate of Mini Quesadillas before he died a few years back. Yeah, I’ve had my share of good times, memorable times, at the Paradise. It remains a familiar place, an unpretentious one, one I can walk into in a suit and tie or a t-shirt and Birkenstocks, order a good drink and eat pretty damn well for a pretty damn good price. Hell, if I’m lucky, I might even bump into an old friend, share a high-top ...continued p.21



131 Anacapa Street/Helena St. (Entrance On Helena)

805.770.7210 • WWW.AVELINAWINE.COM




Fresh Tasty Affordable



Santa Barbara (Downtown)

Santa Barbara (Midtown)

Goleta (Oldtown)

508 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805-962-9494

361 Hitchcock Way Santa Barbara, CA 93105 805-563-1163

5892 Hollister Ave Goleta, CA 93117 805-692-2363


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Powered by Presidio Sports is a provider of local sports news and information for the Santa Barbara community. Founded in 2008, the small team at Presidio has covered hundreds of local sporting events and published thousands of articles connected to Santa Barbara’s athletic community. Please visit their website for more local sports news and information.

by John Dvorak

Lakey’s Picks: Cincinnati Bengals (6-2) at Miami Dolphins (3-4) Atlanta Falcons (2-5) at Carolina Panthers (4-3) Minnesota Vikings (1-6) at Dallas Cowboys (4-4) New Orleans Saints (6-1) at New York Jets (4-4) Tennessee Titans (3-4) at St. Louis Rams (3-4) Kansas City Chiefs (7-0) at Buffalo Bills (3-5) San Diego Chargers (4-3) at Washington Redskins (2-5) Philadelphia Eagles (3-5) at Oakland Raiders (3-4) Tampa Bay Bucaneers (0-7) at Seattle Seahawks (7-1) Baltimore Ravens (3-4) at Cleveland Browns (3-5) Pittsburgh Steelers (2-5) at New England Patriots (6-2) Indianapolis Colts (5-2) at Houston Texans (2-5) Chicago Bears (4-3) at Green Bay Packers (5-2)

Professional surfer Lakey Peterson shares her NFL picks this week; for every correct pick, Santa Barbara Brewing Company will donate $5 to a scholarship fund for the local Junior Lifeguard program.


rofessional surfer Lakey Peterson takes her turn this week predicting the winners from the NFL’s Week 9 slate of games. For every correct pick, campaign sponsor Santa Barbara Brewing Company will donate $5 to a scholarship fund created to provide local youths the opportunity to participate in the local Junior Lifeguard program. Lakey herself went through the Junior Guards program as a Santa Barbara youngster. Lakey has gone on to become one of the top female surfers in the world in a young career that already includes a U.S. Open of Surfing championship. On Thursday, November 7, Lakey will be sharing her story as the keynote speaker at Girls Inc.’s 12th annual Celebration Luncheon at the Bacara Resort. Every week for the rest of the NFL season, Presidio Sports will collect predictions from a local celebrity. Each correct pick will trigger a donation that will accumulate throughout the season. The picks will be posted online each week and will also appear right here in the Sentinel. The promotion will provide at least two scholarships for the seven-week summer camp that promotes fitness and an active lifestyle. For over 40 years, the Santa Barbara Junior Lifeguard program has helped develop youth with strenuous daily workouts, water safety, first aid, surf lifesaving, marine education, lifeguard competitions and more.

Volleyball Tournament of Champions by Barry Punzal


he top two seeds in this year’s Santa Barbara High girls’ volleyball Tournament of Champions have key players who are the daughters of professional athletes who’ve won world championships. No. 1 Torrey Pines of San Diego is led by 6-2 Reily Buechler, the daughter of Jud Buechler, who played with Michael Jordan on three NBA championship teams with the Chicago Bulls. Buechler has pounded more than 250 kills this season. Maddie Dilfer runs the offense as the setter for second-seeded Valley Christian of San Jose. If her last name rings a bell, it’s because she is the daughter of ESPN NFL analyst and Super Bowl 35-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer. Dilfer has signed with Notre Dame while Buechler is headed to UCLA. Their high school teams are among the best in the state: Torrey Pines is number one and Valley Christian is fifth. The Tournament of Champions annually draws premier volleyball teams in the state to Santa Barbara for two days of high-level competition. The event is a tune-up for the CIF Section and State playoffs. The action begins Friday at 11am at Santa Barbara’s J.R. Richards Gym. The semifinals are Saturday at 10:45am and the championship is slated for 6:15pm. Sovine Gym at Dos Pueblos will be used for consolation round matches. The other teams in the field include San

Jose’s Archbishop Mitty (3rd in the state), Pasadena-La Salle (No. 1 in the CIF-SS 1-A Division and fourth in the state), Mira Costa (4th in 1-AA Division), Corona del Mar (5th in 1-AA), San Diego’s La Costa Canyon and Cathedral Catholic, Campolindo of Moraga, Newport Harbor, Salinas, Anaheim-Esperanza and local teams San Marcos, Santa Barbara and Dos Pueblos. Dos Pueblos opens the tournament at 11am against Torrey Pines; San Marcos plays La Salle at 12:45pm and Santa Barbara faces Corona del Mar at 2:30pm. The second round winners’ bracket matches are at 6 and 7:45pm. San Marcos coach Erica Menzel is hoping her team can place well in the tournament. “The TOC is great for seeding for CIF,” she said. “We’ve yet to be successful in the TOC, so we’re hoping this year will be our year. We’re hoping we can go in and surprise some people.”

The Big Game


etting that first league win will have special significance for the Santa Barbara High and San Marcos football teams. Why, you ask? Because it means it came in the Big Game. The 54th annual crosstown rivalry is Friday night at San Marcos’ Warkentin Stadium. Santa Barbara enters the game with a 0-2 league mark while San Marcos is 0-3. Santa Barbara football coach Doug Caines said a bye week enabled some of his injured guys to heal up and rest before the Big Game. “We’re winless in league and, needless to say, we’re pretty hungry,” said Caines at Monday’s Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Press Luncheon. Caines introduced senior wide receiver/ defensive back and captain Jonah Iwanaga and strong safety Hector Maya and noted that he’s “excited for these young men to flourish this week.” San Marcos coach Anthony Linebaugh said mistakes have cost his team from getting that first league win. He hopes that all changes on Friday. Linebaugh introduced Josh “Bowling Ball” Foley and John Wilson as two players who had good performances against Buena. Foley had eight tackles, including three for losses, and a sack. Wilson also had eight tackles, three for losses, and two and a half sacks. Dos Pueblos’ shot at the postseason comes down to next week’s game at Buena. “It’s pretty simple for next week’s game,” coach Nate Mendoza said. “We win, we’re in the playoffs; we lose, we stay home. We know what’s ahead of us.” Mendoza introduced Kevin Perdomo and Kurtis Randmaa as “two seniors with highest character and integrity on the team.” He said both players accepted the

switch to different positions: Perdomo from fullback/linebacker to the offensive line and Randmaa from wide receiver to tight end. SBCC assistant coach Don Willis noted that despite suffering their first loss against L.A. Pierce, the Vaqueros have a lot to look forward to this season. “The players have to realize we’re 6-1 not 1-6,” he said. “We can still accomplish some pretty special things.” SBCC returns home on Saturday to face a Santa Monica team that is undefeated in conference. Willis brought Giovanni Sanders, who threw a touchdown pass and caught a touchdown in the Pierce game, and Sterling Cash, who started out as a quarterback but has played multiple positions for the team. Bishop Diego Athletic Director Dan Peeters introduced offensive linemen Dave Breuer and Joe Stevenson as two players who have come into their own and have been key to the team’s success. The Cardinals face another tough battle this Friday as they head to Ojai to play Nordhoff for an automatic CIF playoff berth. Both teams have one loss in league against Oak Park.

Water Polo


an Marcos water polo coach Jeff Ashton was feeling good after guiding his team to the championship at the 40team San Diego Open over the weekend. It was his first tournament title as San Marcos coach and the first for the players. Ashton praised the work ethic, attitude and contributions of Austin Ricci and Brenden Ring. He said the Royals have a couple of crosstown games coming up in Channel League that will determine whether they finish second or fourth. They play Dos Pueblos on Thursday and Santa Barbara next Tuesday. Chris Parrish made a note that the last time his Dos Pueblos boys’ water polo team was 5-0 in Channel League was when Kevin Cappon was a senior for the Chargers. The Chargers take their unblemished league record into games against Buena on Tuesday and San Marcos on Thursday. A win over Buena would clinch a tie for the league title. On the San Marcos game, Parrish buttered up Ashton and the Royals with heaps of praise. “They are very, very good,” he said in a deadpanned delivery. “For the first time this season in a league game, I’d say we are the underdog. It will be nice to be able to go to their pool and not have all that stress. They should win that game. They’ve been playing great; they just came off of a big championship in San Diego. The pressure is off of us and it’s kind of on them.” Parrish’s glowing remarks of the Royals brought laughter from the audience and a smile to the face of Ashton.

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

can get in free to Tuesday’s men’s soccer match against Glendale and Saturday’s football game against Santa Monica at La Playa Stadium if they bring two nonperishable food items. The food drive is called “Trick or treat so others can eat.”

Athletes of the Week


Parrish brought his goalie, Emil Huebner. UCSB assistant men’s water polo coach John Abdou introduced Kevin Cappon, who is no stranger to local water polo. Cappon was a star at Dos Pueblos High and accepted a scholarship to USC in 2011. He transferred to UCSB this year and scored four goals in a game against the Trojans on Sunday. “I think today is a special day for him because his life comes full circle in front of coach [Jim] Ranta and coach [Chris] Parrish, who coached him when he was younger,” Abdou said. “He’s been a great addition to our team.” Abdou also brought Nick Jordan, who is developing into a standout center. The coach said Jordan has been invited to train with the U.S. senior national team in December. “We’re really excited about Nick’s future here at UCSB,” said Abdou.

hane Hauschild and Phoebe Madsen put up some big numbers for their respective teams to earn Santa Barbara Athletic Round Table Athlete of the Week honors. Madsen recorded an impressive double-double of 24 kills and 20 digs to lead the Laguna Blanca girls’ volleyball team Laguna Blanca volleyball player Phoebe Madsen recorded 24 kills and 20 digs against St. Bonaventure last week.

Shane Hauschild led San Marcos’ water polo team to the championship at last weekend’s San Diego Open.

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by Jenny Schatzle

N.A.S.M, Kickboxing and SPIN Certified, Jenny Schatzle is known for changing bodies and changing lives. Her approach to fitness is about not only “getting fit” physically but also how, through exercise, nutrition and a positive motivational environment, you can change your lifestyle for the better. Jenny’s program and the results she consistently achieves have made her one of the most sought-after experts in Santa Barbara.

New Format, New Pic, New Plan… Same Goal

MOTIVATION: The mind is a powerful thing... it can take you to a whole other level or stop you dead in your tracks. A case in point: You will be the first person to say you can’t do something before you even try. For example, “I can’t run a 5k. It’s too hard.” But meet Alex and Lily. Neither had ever run a 5k. Last week, I surprised them (and lots of other people) in class with the 3.1-mile run as one of my daily workouts. They both started well, and when I gave them the option to stop after just 2k, both said “No. We’re finishing.” And after just 45 minutes and 28 seconds, Lily and Alex finished their first 5k. Together. See? The mind is a powerful thing. Believe, and you will accomplish your goals. NUTRITION TIP: Despite what you may have heard, carbohydrates are not your enemy. With that said, how many you consume and when you consume them are the key factors in weight loss and control. Dinner, for instance, should NOT be your biggest meal of the day. You’re less active at night and therefore burn fewer carbs before going to bed. So this week focus on reducing your carb intake in the evening. It’s simple, and you will see a difference.

Alex and Lily after finishing that 5k. Makes me want to go run one right now and email myself the results!



he NAIA third-ranked Westmont women’s soccer team will celebrate its Senior Day on Saturday against sixth-ranked Vanguard. Assistant coach Chantel Cappuccilli noted that the senior class has been instrumental in the team earning its highest ranking in 10 years. Having enough healthy bodies to keep going was a concern for UCSB women’s soccer coach Paul Stumpf. “We had one young lady in the hospital with an infection and was in ICU and then we lost four starters in one game,” he explained. Add two more that were already out for the season, and last weekend were down seven of eleven starters.” Stumpf said freshmen Dakota Griggs and Christina Polini have stepped up and played well in the absence of the starters. He said four starters should be back for Saturday’s key game at UC Davis. A UCSB win will put the Gauchos in the Big West Tournament. SBCC sports information specialist Dave Loveton announced that fans

to a five-set win over St. Bonaventure last week. The sophomore also had a 13kill performance in a Condor League victory at Dunn. Laguna Blanca is ranked second in the CIF 4-A Division. Hauschild led the San Marcos boys’ water polo team to the championship at the San Diego Open over the weekend. He scored 26 goals in five games, including four in the final against Santana High of San Diego. The tournament title was the first for the Royals under head coach Jeff Ashtlon. The male athletes that were honorable mention for the award this week are Ian Roberts (SBCC cross country) and Josh McNeely (UCSB soccer). The female honorable mention picks are Brandie Harris (SBCC soccer), Ali Barbeau (UCSB volleyball), Adilene Aldapa (San Marcos cross country) and Megan Caird (Dos Pueblos golf ). 

WORKOUT: We are going to try this one again. Be like Alex and Lily and go out and finish a 5k. Download Map My Run (it’s a terrific app) and run/walk for 3.1 miles (that’s a 5k). Then email me the results at In my program there is no judgment, and the only bad workout is the one you don’t do. So get moving! 


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...continued from p.5 solutions actually solved the problem. I believe this is the way that our government should operate – create solutions using existing resources, ensure that these were the best solutions (and that they worked), and, most importantly, ensure that the government is representing the needs and wants of the people they were elected to represent. Santa Barbara is in need of real leadership at this crucial time, and I believe that my experience sets me apart from the rest of the candidates. That’s why I will vote for myself. (Sentinel Says: Thanks Jason, and good luck. It is now abundantly clear that we’ve asked a naive question. Oh well, live and learn. Who else is voting for him or herself?)

David Landecker

We are loving our life in beautiful Los Olivos!

Fine Italian Shoes 2928 San Marcos Avenue Los Olivos (Next to Wendy Foster) 805.688.1071 714 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo (Corner of Broad St) 805.545.7667 | Like us on Facebook

Happy Halloween! to the Monster’s & You!

I have already cast my ballot, which included votes for Mayor Schneider and myself. REMINDER: This is an all vote-bymail election. If you haven’t already cast your ballot, you can put it in the mail this week to assure it is received by the City Clerk by November 5 (postmarks don’t count!) or you can drop off your ballot at City Hall during regular business hours and this Saturday. If you wait to vote until November 5, you must hand deliver your ballot to City Hall or a drop off station before 8 pm that night for it to be counted! You can reach the City Clerk’s office with questions at (805) 564-5309. I want to take this opportunity to praise all the Council candidates for a vigorous, thoughtful and respectful campaign. Although the competition has been intense, it has always been polite and even friendly. The usual nasty, negative exchanges have been minimal, and even lawn signs have not disappeared with the regularity of past elections. It has been an honor to discuss the issues facing our City with each of you, and to learn from your insights. I hope to have the opportunity to represent all of you as a member of Santa Barbara’s City Council. (Sentinel Says: Thanks David, quite informative and arguably patronizing all at the same time. Good luck.)

Megan Diaz Alley

I will certainly be voting for Megan Diaz Alley. (Sentinel Says: Ahh, we think you missed the spirit of the poorly put question, Megan, but thanks for responding. This is

likely the most strategically sound position here anyway, at least if you are out only for yourself and don’t care whether another qualified person is elected in the event that you are not (and a single vote makes the difference). It’s also why our question sucked. Good luck to you.)

Gregg Hart

I’m voting for the City Council candidate with a proven track record of accomplishments and the experience to be effective from day one. I’m voting for the candidate who understands complicated policy issues and can work together to solve problems. I’m voting for the candidate who has support from the broadest range of community organizations and individuals. I’m voting for the candidate who has lived in Santa Barbara for nearly fifty years, who’s run a successful small business and raised a family here. I’m voting for Gregg Hart for City Council. (Sentinel Says: Well done, Gregg, but we think we can refer you to our response to Megan, above. Good luck, thanks for the candor throughout the campaign.)

Cruzito Herrera Cruz

Dear Sentinel Readers and City Voters: Thank You Very Much for the “FAIR PRESS-TIME” at SENTINEL during the Santa Barbara City Councilmember Elections of 2013. Thanks to the entire staff for the public-electoral service! Cruzito gives “El Sentin” public credit and merits my penship in a political positive affirmation. VOTE / VOTAN FOR / POR CRUZITO HERRERA CRUZ! #6 on Mail-in Ballot! Check-it-out the following websites for more information on my councilmember candidacy and why you should VOTE for ME… and thanks to all and eachvoting-nomination-petition-signers in 2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013 that has given Cruzito Herrera Cruz the ability to participate in our local non-partisan elections because of your vote of confidence with signing my nomination papers as per Election Code Section §10226. -City of Santa Barbara Government (Gracias to Deborah and TVSB Dominique.): candidates/cruz.asp -League of Women Voters and SMARTVOTER (Thank You Ms. Lesly for



Call 805.962.5085 to Reserve. 1106 State Street

Santa Barbara

Quality Coverage • Personal Service • Quality Staff

805-683-3636 or 1-888-467-4811 5266 Hollister Ave. Ste. B-214

Santa Barbara, Ca. 93111 Ca. Lic. #0773817

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your persistence, my website is the best! Judge for yourself?): sba/vote/cruz_c/ -Facelibro (Become my friend/amiga/o on Facebook.): Para los Votanes de El Sentin. Muchas Gracias por la justa prensa de El Sentin durante estas eleciones locales en la Ciudad de Sta. Barbara para Consejal en 2013. Gracias ha todos los trabajadores de presena con El Sentinel por su servicio publicoelectoral. VOTAN POR CRUZITO HERRERA CRUZ! Soy yo numero sies del boletin-de-votar #6. Por favor visten ha los sitios de web para mas informacion sobre mi campana politica por la comunidad de Sta. Barbara. Muchas gracias y muchos blessings Sta. Barbarians. : ) To Be Continued… (Sentinel Says: Wow, Cruzito, did you actually read the question? Whatever, it wasn’t our finest moment, and this is one hell of an interesting end to an interesting campaign. Good luck on Tuesday.)

Matthew Hunter Kramer

I have enjoyed meeting all the candidates for Mayor and for City Council. They are excellent examples of the diverse views and cultures that make our City strong. I feel that each one will do an excellent job in helping represent us in office. I thank them for their service to our community

and the long hours we have spent together. P.S. I am not telling you.  (Sentinel Says: We wouldn’t expect anything else, Matthew, thanks for participating.)

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |


Choose Antioch.

Frank Hotchkiss

Our ballots are secret, but I will add that publicly I have said Lesley Wiscomb and Jason Nelson would be good to share the podium with. On a lighter note, here is the way I would vote for my fellow candidates: Best Shoes – Megan Alley Best Smile – Gregg Hart Best Teeth – Wayne Scoles Best Voice – Me Best Hair – Cruzito Cruz Best Posture – Jason Nelson Most Fit – Lesley Wiscomb Best Sense of Humor – Undecided


November 9

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

(Sentinel Says: Frank! You really saved our asses here, man, the only candidate willing to stick his neck out. And you absolutely nailed it with the “lighter note” political categorization of your fellow candidates, very Sentinel-esque. Maybe you should write us a column from City Council after you are re-elec… oh, forget it. Good luck to you, and thanks again for playing along here. You remain our pick for Best Candidate With Whom to Enjoy a Steak and Martini. When can we make that happen?) 

Social Business, Non-Profit Management, and Strategic Leadership.

MBA PROGRAM Meet & Greet 9:30am-10:30am

WOMEN & LEADERSHIP Information Session

Women & Leadership Certificate Program

11:00am-12:00pm 602 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara

Gender Issues and ValuesBased Leadership.

To learn more, visit

Antioch University is a not-for-profit private institution accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Please join me, the Santa Barbara Police Officers Association, and the Santa Barbara City Fire Fighters Association in working together for a better Santa Barbara.


Paid for by Gregg Hart for City Council 2013 FPPC #950748

Public Safety’s Choice for Santa Barbara City Council

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8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |


...continued from p.15



Bartenders Bruce Stanton and Jameie Tyler are quick with a joke and smile… and a pretty damned solid cocktail. (Bruce has been pouring them at the Paradise for around 20 years and Jameie worked her first shift behind the bar nearly 17 years ago. Let’s just say that they know their craft… well.)

in the window or a couple stools at the bar, and catch up for a while before heading our separate ways again. Yep, my friends, the Paradise is just the type of local spot that should be cherished and celebrated. Especially on its thirtieth birthday.

Thirty Years Is A Long Time

Restaurant & Bar

I was six years old in 1981. Randy Rowse was in his midtwenties, and he’d recently finished up at UCSB with a degree in Geology and spent some time living and traveling in Europe. He’d returned to town on a boat he helped sail from Italy to the Harbor and was managing Chuck’s to make ends meet. “It was the mid-seventies,” Randy reminisced, smiling, as we sat sipping black coffee toward the back of the bar area at Paradise one morning last week. “There weren’t many jobs for a liberal arts major at the time.” (I had a similar experience in the mid-90s, Randy. Why do you think I ended up in law school?) It was around that time when Randy and friend Kevin Boss found La Paloma – predecessor to the Paradise – and decided to try their luck as owners in the restaurant business. They soon leased the building from its prior owner, Jennie Luera, whose family had run a Mexican joint there since 1938. Randy and Kevin initially re-opened a refurbished La Paloma – “we couldn’t afford to change the sign,” according to Randy – and would work early mornings and afternoons before running back to their night jobs at other restaurants around town. They eventually built out the patio themselves, with “bricks from Baja,” and brought on another partner (Larry Stone). Finally, in 1983, after quite a fight at City Council to keep the longstanding bright neon sign despite the impending name change, the threesome opened up Paradise Café, almost as we know it today. “We named the place Paradise for two reasons,” Randy explained. “The first one had to do with where we live. The second was that ‘Paradise’ has the same number of letters as ‘La Paloma,’ so the change wasn’t too difficult.” And so began three decades at the corner of Anacapa and Ortega. Much has changed in that time. Randy met his charming wife, Janet, in the restaurant, and they had a couple kids. (Those kids are now in their early twenties and have left town for school and career.) Theirs is a real Santa Barbara love story – think Poppy and Izzie, just without all the dying and sadness and betrayal and erupting Mexican volcanoes – and it’s not over yet. Much has stayed the same, though, too. The restaurant has survived, thrived even, for three decades in a town that is notoriously tough on the food and wine industry. “You really have to work,” Randy contemplated as he poured himself a ...continued p.30

22 | N OV E M B E R

1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3


by Megan Waldrep With over ten years in the industry designing for her own label, she began writing because “it just felt good.” In addition to writing, Megan is currently the head designer and creative director for Mew Kids, a children’s clothing line, as well as a co-author of the much loved children’s book, Spice & Little Sugar. You can say she wears many hats. Which is fitting. For a fashion writer and all. Discover her world at

Coast 2 Coast Collection 2nd Year Anniversary Celebration! November 8, 9 & 10th Meet Vietri Founder Frances Gravely! Special Reception & Trunk Show Friday, November 8th 5-8pm

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Coast 2 Coast Collection La Arcada Courtyard • 1114 State Street, Suite 10 Santa Barbara, CA 93101 • (805)845-7888 Store Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm & Sundays: Noon - 5pm

The Veronicas and Me

Veronica Beard fashionistas Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard. (Yes, those women have eight children between them.)

Santa Barbara Magazine editor Gina Tolleson, Veronica Swanson Beard, and Hollye Jacobs of The Silver Pen. (Work it.)

ou can’t have it all,” the very fashionable woman standing in front of me smiled mischievously. “But leisure suits. Leisure suits you can have.” Wow. That’s the most honest answer I’ve ever heard, the existential voice in my head replied. The voice in my mouth quickly followed suit. “You know it’s never all in balance,” she continued. “One day you’re doing really well at work, one day you’re doing really well with your kids, one day you’re doing really well with your husband... but you can’t have it all.” The answer engulfed me like a warm hug and a pat on the head, telling me, “don’t worry, everything’s gonna be okay.” Honesty is the best policy. And honestly, these women kick ass. I was standing in Dressed Boutique on Coast Village Road, talking with sisterin-law design duo Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard. The Veronicas – as they are affectionately known – design the aptly named women’s clothing line Veronica Beard. When I saw them at Dressed, the Veronicas were fresh off the CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund fashion show in Los Angeles at Chateau Marmont. By “fresh off” I mean less than 24 hours off, and the excitement from the event still danced around their auras. “It was surreal... we still can’t believe that it happened!” Veronica remarked.

(That’s how I’ll refer to them both from here on out in a perhaps futile attempt to avoid mass fashion confusion.) “It was done so well... they styled it. We were there as guests, so it was fascinating to see our five looks next to the other finalists and really see the brand and the message.” Side note: For a designer, being able to watch your show is a major bonus. Your usual “front row” consists of stealing glances from TV monitors backstage as a sea of models, hair and make-up people hustle around you. Not exactly the best way to get a feel for how your stuff looks and feels and impacts those in the crowd. But the LA show was different. “We could actually see it,” Veronica was buzzing. And it seemed they rather liked what they saw.


Competitive Fashion

A brief synopsis on the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund: The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Vogue magazine annually select three of their ten emerging design label finalists and lavishly reward them financially as well as by providing mentoring in all areas of the industry. We’re talking business planning, marketing, sourcing, production, exporting, all of it. The whole enchilada. ...continued p.32

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

Faces Of Santa Barbara

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |



by Patricia Clarke

Patricia Clarke is an award-winning international photographer based in Santa Barbara. Her work has been featured in London, Italy, Prague and around the United States. In recent years she has been turning her lens to her own fascinating community. In addition to her local portraiture service, www., Patricia’s fine art photography can be seen at www.patriciahough She can be reached at (805) 452-7739.

Susan Bower: Street – and Straight – Shooter


appy to be behind the scenes or behind the lens of a camera, local philanthropist, art collector and photographer Susan Bower is an extraordinary woman. You might catch sight of her work in gallery exhibitions or spy her out and about with her delightful daughter Melissa, with whom she shares many an adventure. Supporting myriad local Straight Shooter, nonprofit organizations dedicated to social justice, such as © Patricia Houghton Clarke 2013 WEV (Women’s Economic Ventures) and the Fund for Santa Barbara, Susan is powerful in her passion for women’s and juvenile justice issues. Over the years she has also been instrumental in helping various affordable housing projects literally get “off the ground” – including the El Zoco Artist Live-Work project built by Homes for People in the ‘90s. As a member of Photofutures at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art – a group led by Curator of Photography Karen Sinsheimer – Susan shares the program’s goal of “furthering the holdings of the museum’s collection of master photographers, both historical and contemporary.” And she epitomizes the concept of caring in so many ways, perhaps most especially for the community in which we all live. Susan Bower is truly another of our Unsung Heroes. 


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Downtown Holiday Parade “Holidays in Paradise” Friday, December 6, 6:30pm Parade Grand Marshal:

Prince & Fairy Art Contest

Michael Imperioli

Do you want to be the special Prince or Fairy to light the 50-foot Christmas tree on State Street during the Downtown Holiday Parade?

(Emmy-award winning actor from “The Sopranos”)

Enter the Downtown “Holidays in Paradise” Parade Prince & Fairy Art Contest! As the Holiday Prince or Fairy, you’ll lead the December 6th Parade in a horse-drawn carriage and light the gigantic tree with a magic wand! You will also have your winning picture professionally framed. Eight runners-up will carry the official parade banner. To enter, please follow these guidelines: On a separate piece of paper, no larger than 11” x 17”, draw, color or paint a picture that represents the parade theme “Holidays in Paradise.” Children selected must be available to participate in the parade on Friday, December 6th from 6 to 8 pm. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, November 13th by 4pm. Open to children ages 6-10. Fill out the entry below and attach it to your artwork, then... Mail to: SB Downtown Organization: Prince & Fairy Contest PO Box 240 Santa Barbara, CA 93102 or Drop off at: Downtown Organization, 27-B East de la Guerra Artist’s Name: _________________________________________________ Prince: _____ Fairy: ____Address:_________________________________ City/State /Zip: ________________________________________________ Parent’s Name: ________________________________________________ Home Phone #: ______________________Daytime Phone #:____________ Age: _______ Parent’s Email: _____________________________________

Meet and Greet, Paseo Nuevo Center Court,


Kids are invited to create their holiday masterpiece contest entry on 1st Thursday, November 7th. Children can use the provided art supplies to make a work of art on site or bring in something that they made at home. 900 State Street, Marshalls Patio, 5-8pm.

Deadline for entries: Wednesday, November 13th by 4pm For more information visit or call 962-2098 x24.


For more information visit or email

Free parking in all downtown city lots (excluding Paseo Nuevo) after 6:30pm

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

...continued from p.8 want to leave the car at home when you come, because parking is very minimal. “We want the community to really embrace SBOS,” Remis said. “We’d like to do this a lot more.” For details, a street map and activities guide, visit

cash prizes. Categories include Best Cat in the Show, Best Steampunk Costume and Best Group Costume. Me-owwww! Meanwhile, the Ball’s sponsor – the Santa Barbara Summer Solstice Celebration – has announced the theme for next year’s parade: Games. I’m picturing giant chessboards with human pieces, and maybe someone tossing out Monopoly money all over State Street. Can’t wait.

My Kind of Town

Speaking of costumes, check out the duds on the teenage thespians when Santa Barbara High School presents Chicago this weekend and next. Since this is a public school, you won’t see the skimpy outfits on the sirens who vamp at the jail during the cell block number of the popular Jack Hanna brings Into the Wild Live to Campbell Hall on November 3 Tony (and Academy Award) (photo credit: Grahm Jones). winning musical. Instead, we hear, they’ll be donning dresses done up in newsprint, with the details For the Kids Critters come to town on Sunday, November 3 at 2pm. Jack Hanna’s Into the Wild Live brings America’s favorite zookeeper to Campbell Hall at UCSB with his furry friends tagging along. Stories and film clips from Jungle Jack’s globe-trotting explorations and animal demos make up the afternoon show, which is part of Arts & Lectures’ Family Fun series. There will also be balloons, food, face painting and more free fun before the event.

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

of their crimes plastered all over their bodies. It’s just the latest clever concept from theater director Otto Layman’s crew, and us journo types say huzzah!

Focus on Film

Opening night of OUTrageous, the 22nd Annual Santa Barbara Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival, takes place on Thursday, the 7th, out at UCSB’s MCC Theater, with a free screening of a program of mixed short films. The rest of the screenings take place downtown at the Metro 4, Friday to Sunday, and include I’m So Excited, Pedro Almodóvar’s latest comedy, which just screened last month at SBIFF’s new indy


series. It’s just one of several very good movies being shown during the fest, and guess what? You don’t have to be gay to go! (Info at www.outrageousfilmfestival. org). Speaking of SBIFF, Forest Whitaker will receive the fest’s eighth annual Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film, named after the Montecito legend. Whitaker, who stars in Lee Daniels’ current The Butler, opposite another Montecito legend, Oprah Winfrey, also appears in the upcoming movies Out of the Furnace and Black Nativity, and he co-produced Fruitvale Station, which won the 2013 Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The gala takes place December 15 at the Bacara.  

Halloween’s Not Over

Yes, little monsters and pretty princesses completed their appointed rounds of trick-or-treating already. But that doesn’t mean you have to put away your costume until 2014 just yet. The Black Cat Ball takes place November 1 at Butler Event Center (3744 State Street), and if past years (at SOhO and the Wildcat) are any indication, it’s a wild affair. Aside from dancing to music from the Rock N’ Blues Band and DJ Dave McIntire, there’s costume contests with

24 E. Mason St. Santa Barbara 805.845.5606

Director Otto Layman and his cast and crew of SBHS students stage Chicago, beginning on November 1 (photo credit: Kristi Sestak).

Time & Tide and the DAY LOW HGT HIGH FRI, NOV 1 2:11 AM 1.2 8:31 AM SAT, NOV 2 2:42 AM 1.4 9:01 AM SUN, NOV 3 3:15 AM 1.5 8:33 AM MON, NOV 4 2:51 AM 1.7 9:09 AM TUES, NOV 5 3:29 AM 2 9:49 AM WED, NOV 6 4:13 AM 2.3 10:34 AM THURS, NOV 7 12:35 AM FRI, NOV 8 1:50 AM

HGT 5.8 6.2 6.5 6.6 6.5 6.3 3.9 3.9

LOW 03:08 PM 03:46 PM 03:27 PM 04:11 PM 05:00 PM 05:54 PM 5:07 AM 6:20 AM


HGT HIGH HGT LOW 0.1 09:15 PM 4.5 -0.4 09:59 PM 4.5 -0.7 09:45 PM 4.4 -0.8 010:34 PM 4.2 -0.8 011:30 PM 4 -0.6 2.6 11:26 AM 5.9 06:54 PM 2.9 12:31 PM 5.3 08:01 PM


-0.3 0



south by southwest swell should give us fun little waves in the waist to rib high range at some of the beach breaks south of SB on Friday and Saturday. The real story, however, is going to be our first winter swell, which should arrive Sunday night and stay into Monday. I actually think this one is going to have the west angle we need and love, so be ready. Points in town might have up to some head high sets but don’t quit your job yet...this one will come and go pretty fast.

 -Surf Country Doug  For a more in-depth daily report call Surf Country, 805-683-4450

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A self-professed science nerd, Rachelle has her B.A. in neuroscience from Skidmore College in upstate New York, and is working towards her Master’s in psychology at UCSB. In her free time, she blogs at She never could quite understand why she had to choose just one area of science; they are all fascinating. Especially when paired with some classic rock.

by Rachelle Oldmixon

A (Smart) Bird of an (Ugly) Feather Late Nite Food Delivery

It’s a majestic bird with brains, sure...but it’s pretty damned ugly too (photo credit: Sheri Horiszny).

Santa Barbara, CA

lead bullets or lead-tainted meat in the process. This leads to elevated lead levels in the birds’ systems. Ultimately, lead poisoning is as fatal for a bird as it is for a person. And that’s bad.

Mon-Wed 8p.m. – 1a.m.

Lead = Dead

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inally, after living here for over two years, I made it to the Santa Barbara Zoo. If I had not been with friends, I’d have likely run over to see the snow leopards and watched them all day. (I’ve been obsessed with their grace and power since I was little.) Luckily, though, my friends coaxed me into seeing more of the animals who call the zoo home. I got to see the injured bald eagles with their piercing eyes, giraffes with their oddly graceful gait and condors. Specifically, California Condors with their nine and a half foot wingspan. They’re ugly birds. Bald heads, legs caked in fecal matter (to cool themselves down) and little barbs inside their beaks to better tear flesh from bone. The first time

you see a condor, you immediately want to move on to more attractive members of the zoo’s family. But then you start to realize there is more to this endangered species than you thought. The California Condor is extremely endangered, as most Southern Californians know. There are only about 280 in the wild (that’s a whole lot better than the 22 survivors in the late 1980s). The reason they are endangered, however, seems to be a mystery to many. The answer is simple, even if not immediately obvious: Lead poisoning. Condors are curious scavengers. They like to explore and they like to eat, often following an injured animal for hours before it succumbs to its injury. The result? Condors eat a lot of animals killed by hunters’ bullets. A hunter may shoot an animal, and mortally wound it, but still the animal escapes. When that is the case, the animal usually dies in a remote location with no human to take the carcass and remove the lead bullets. Then condors sweep in, ready, willing and able to do their job as nature’s cleaning crew. A scarcity (that’s the name of a group of these giant birds) of condors eats the carrion en masse, often consuming the

Lead poisoning was so rampant in the mid 1900s that the California Condor population plummeted. The federal government decided to intervene and established a program to rehabilitate the birds. Since then, hunters and farmers have been taught about the dangers of using lead bullets, the birds have been reintroduced to the wild and researchers have learned that the birds are intelligent and rather social creatures. One of three wildlife refuges involved in saving the condors is located up in Kern County. There, the Fish and Wildlife Service has an outdoor facility where they hold condors awaiting release or in need of medical attention. When you walk up to the facility, there are usually just as many birds outside the enclosure as there are in it. At first, it seems odd. Why would these wild birds flock towards a location where they know they could be easily caught? A few minutes of amused observation answers the question readily. The birds outside the enclosure are there interacting with the birds inside. Some appear to be mocking, others appear to be keeping watch, and still others seem to be curious about whether they can get some of the free food the enclosed birds enjoy. It may seem like I am anthropomorphizing these scavengers. Even I thought I was making them out to be a little too complex. After all, they look just like the Skeksis (Dark Crystal, anyone?) minus the gaudy robes and flashy accessories. However, after reading about the intricate behavior of California

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When they are not eating or soaring in the skies, condors tend to roost in large groups. They prefer eastern mountain sides where the sun will warm them early in the morning. When they are not adopting a Buddha-like pose to soak up the sun, they are vying for attention and rank within the scarcity. Adolescent birds, too young to find a mate and too old to beg for food from their parents, rest on high branches or cliff faces, only to be pushed off by older, stronger brethren. And while there does not appear to be a singe “alpha” member of a scarcity, there is no denying the hierarchy that clearly exists. The California Condor is an ugly bird. It’s also a smart bird. And one that would be a tragedy to lose. Thanks to the SB Zoo for playing a big role in keeping them with us for a long time!

Drink Yacht Club Vodka Responsibly

Right on, Santa Barbara Zoo, terrific California Condor exhibit that is doing some real good (photo credit: Sheri Horiszny).

Condors, I realized that they are just as wonderfully intricate as I initially thought. The birds are thought to be as developed as they are in many ways because they do not have a key advantage that many other scavengers do: A keen sense of smell. Instead, these condors must rely on their sight as the primary method of finding their next meal. As a result, they have adapted. Condors will, for example, follow turkey vultures to a meal, scaring off the smaller birds when they arrive. California Condors also tend to group together. They don’t fly in large scarcities, but when one does find a fresh meal, a condor rarely eats alone. Others will join the condor who found the meal, waiting in the trees until a smaller scavenger has first eaten. When the smaller animal is not caught by a predator, the condors descend, safe to enjoy their feast.

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...continued from p.7 taking his favorite shady spot opposite our Senior Center on West Victoria. (See, e.g., An Open Letter to Mayor Schneider, Vol. 2, Issue 41.) He will likely be there, as usual, through Tuesday. Street cleaning will force him to move on Wednesday, but he will more than likely return on Thursday to begin the cycle again. And again. And again. The problem is linked to our economy and homeless situation. It is larger than our city limits, of course, but it must be addressed here. If the military, when its vessels come to our Harbor, can arrange to clear the City’s downtown corridor of panhandlers and loiterers, as it regularly does, what’s keeping you from authorizing the same clearance in the downtown business district permanently? Some of the regulars on State Street have been at it for more than twenty years. We’ve all seen them and been pressed for change nearly every day, no matter what, sign or no sign.


Yes, we certainly do need change, but not the kind requested. This is not a liberal or conservative issue. It is a matter of our City’s all important brand identity as one of the leading travel destinations in the world. Income from that identity, as you well know, constitutes a major portion of civic funds. I have taught visiting foreign students here at EF International Language School and interviewed another veteran ESL language instructor at SBCC just this last week. Each of us has noted with chagrin the reaction of these students, hundreds of them, to what they regard as an inexplicable problem in this “American Riviera.” How long will that romantic brand identity endure with the continuing failure of civic administration, whether Republican or Democrat, to get a grip on the situation? I have published Santa Barbara Delights, a beauty book on our

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Santa Barbara Native,

James Ball/Owner

serving our community since 2007 Call or Book Online

805 895-8585

City and its nearby wine country. Copies are being used to promote bookings at the Doubletree and Canary hotels/resorts. It is also a favorite among area realtors to promote home sales here. In addition, twenty of my framed photographs support Cottage Hospital’s celebrated Healing Arts Program and still more now decorate the new wing of our internationally renowned Music Academy of the West. You and I thus share an investment in this City’s welfare and legendary beauty. Kindly address an out-of-hand public issue now, without regard to yet another term. Time, image and valuable funds have been lost or tarnished for far too long as a result of over reliance on nonprofits and charities to somehow solve the problem. This hasn’t worked despite the good intentions of many involved. Tough leadership, which might not be that popular among your normal supporters, is long overdue. I wish you courage and progress in supporting our City’s critically important brand identity, whether as mayor or in any continuing role as a public servant. Ron Atwood Santa Barbara (Editor’s Note: Mayor Schneider? Care to respond? There’s no word limit and Ron’s perspective is definitely not unique in your constituency. And your next term is already in the bag, right? Come on, let one fly! By the way, I’m available for campaign management next cycle, if there is any interest. Before you call, though, know this: I don’t come cheap. But I can almost guarantee victory. Almost. – MSM)

An Open Letter to City Council Based on the following facts, a question will follow asking what each of you will do to correct the situation. Fact, medicine is rapidly running out of functional antibiotics with which to fight infections. Fact, absent antibiotics, surgeries needed for repair, reconstruction and saving lives will become increasingly risky because of unstoppable infections. Fact, pathogens are increasingly resistant to the antibiotics, hence we now see unstoppable infections. Fact, the pharmaceutical industry is disinclined to invest in new antibiotics. What’s on the current lists is what we have and these supplies are diminishing. Fact, several tests over approximately the last decade have demonstrated that the recycled water used to irrigate golf courses, parks, school playing fields and college campuses contains pathogens and these pathogens are multi-antibiotic resistant. Fact, the City of Santa Barbara is and has been well aware of this but seems to have ignored the issue. Fact, these pathogens and their genes can be transmitted to humans via contact with surfaces. Fact, the Water Environment

Research Foundation, the research arm of the water industry, conducted a technical analysis of the City’s sewer plant almost a decade ago. That study documented that not only were the standards used to ascertain safety of recycled water deficient, but that the finished recycled water as delivered constituted a public health risk. The City has essentially done nothing despite suggested corrective actions. Fact, several follow up studies and tests by academia have continued to confirm that the City’s recycled water is a risk to public health. Fact, there is long-standing evidence that sewer plants actually generate antibiotic resistant superbugs which are released in effluent and recycled water. Question: Given the above, what actions might each of you take to deal with this issue? Dr. Edo McGowan, Medical GeoHydrology Montecito (Editor’s Note: Ah, Dr. McGowan, if any of the foregoing is actually true and demonstrable, then we need to ask a lot more of City Council than the question posed. I would love to hear from someone on the other side of this issue. In fact, can somebody – anybody, qualified or not – please write in and tell me that there’s no such thing as “antibiotic resistant superbugs” in the recycled water supply and that precious antibiotics aren’t in jeopardy? Pretty please? – MSM)

Defending Britney Matt, I’m glad you have your own place to editorially let your views be known, more power to you. My issue is that you can’t have it both ways. You and your staff often say the hell with it and put anyone on blast. It’s Crimetime... claims to be “completely and totally anti-violence against women. Period.”  Your generalizations of the perps in the column are fine, no harm done and hopefully they read of their exploits in the Sentinel and change their ways. It’s when you take someone like say... oh I don’t know, let’s use Britney Spears and associate her with being intoxicated and playing bumper cars and on probation and... Here’s where I have issues with the column and that implies issue with you by association. Britney’s problems with law enforcement were front and center for all of us to see but to a much lesser extent her mental health issues. Once she began treatment for her bipolar disorder, she practically became a non-entity in the media and has lived a relatively quiet, normal life. Verbal abuse is abuse Matt, and this categorically qualifies as such. I don’t go around calling you or your family names, ever, even by association as your caption does. Be a bigger person, better human and don’t lambaste others. Peace out,

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

Steve Hand Santa Barbara (Editor’s Note: Some of that was a bit tough to follow there, Steve, but I think I get the gist. We made a joke about Britney Spears and you didn’t much like it. But Britney’s a big girl, and a quite public figure. And the joke wasn’t nearly as nefarious as you read it to be, frankly. Rather than coming from the drunk driver double collision scenario itself, it had its roots in the line mid-entry: “Oops. She did it again.” So, who else, specifically, have we ever “put on blast?” We try to be pretty good about keeping things anonymous and generally try not to “lambaste” particular individuals. And do you think we are not anti-violence? Do tell. Be specific. – MSM)

Kolr the Grocery Sherpa as Diogenes the Cynic (Or Something Like That) Dear Mr. Mazza, I refuse to weigh in on the homeless issue; lesser minds than my own have done so, and I’m not a joiner.   Wasn’t Diogenes the Cynic homeless? Didn’t he live over two thousand years ago? Wait – I’m already tossing in my two cents. I’ll try to move on. Doesn’t anyone remember the freewheeling ‘80s? The Fig Tree mailbox? The commando poo attacks? Santa Barbara survived all of that. Earth

was saved. Okay, I’m done. Hmmm. Maybe I should sell off some of my shares in Chemical Bank of Syria. Then I could go to MichaelKate and buy the extremely cool hanging lamp that looks like a giant Cesium atom. From there, I really should pop over to the Mesa and pop for that designerly retro bathtub I saw advertised on Craigslist. Après ça, a quick trip to Ralph’s of California will outfit me with several gallons of supercheap super-grog; I’m drooling already.  I know: A brisk and breezy skip to De La Guerra Plaza for a Ziplock baggie of Mary Jane, yes? Or maybe I’ll just mosey on over to a smoke shop – where is that card?  There. I’m so happy. Do I have everything? Now I’m off to State Street to park my swanky bathtub, my swaggy lamp, my sudsy swill, my shaggy schwag and my sorry derrière – making sure to plug my beautiful lamp into one of the convenient electrical outlets generously provided there – and I’m going to sit in my bathtub, naked as a Montecito babysitter, and yell at passersby 24/7, smoke my stupid head off, and drink like I’m in public office! (You guessed it. I’m Diogenes the Cynic!) By availing myself of this clever ruse until January, I will successfully

escape the attempted Homeless Purge of 2013 by proving that I have a drug and alcohol problem, I’m naked, I’m a nutcase, and I am, therefore, a protected species deserving of all the support and sympathy that a society which promotes alcohol abuse, drug abuse and look-atme lunacy can bestow. Meek and mild homeless, cringing in the shrubbery? Plenty of seaweed on the beach, people. No salty wet feet in the library, please.  Presumably, any human or humanlooking biped in Santa Barbara who cannot provide police officers with proof of residence at a street address and who cannot produce an I’m in Recovery Sponsorship Card will be asked to move to Oxnard.  By the way, Mr. Mazza, I’m not right; I’m just saying.  For the record, I firmly support babysitter nudity, eccentricity, Diogenes of Sinope, herbal medicine, MichaelKate, beer if it’s free, electrical outlets, recovery, Ralph’s of California, limited abusive public self-expression if it’s mine, libraries, and seaweed. Give me just three of these and I’m good for a weekend. Incidentally, it was I who recently offered myself up as the human sacrifice of grocery Sherpa-ism, apropos of the Trader Joe’s Rant by Katie Cusimano. (Uh-Oh: Trader Joe’s No-Nos, Vol. 2,

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

Issue 36.) That Santa Babylon would rather drive than strive is regrettable, but I understand the salient considerations. (Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.) Congratulations on your one-year anniversary, and thumbs up to you and your winning team for a paper that is happy, funny and absolutely unique. Kolr Vestarson Santa Barbara (Editor’s Note: First things first, Kolr, that quasi-insane and apparently disjointed letter was actually very cool, replete with lots of clever parallels to Diogenes of Sinope. But you already knew that. Well done. Diogenes was a rather interesting guy who said a few very interesting things. For example, “He has the most who is most content with the least.” Or, “What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.” I agree with both; especially, with respect to the latter, when the wine that belongs to others is very old and comes out of a temperature-controlled cellar. (That’s a rich person joke, I think.) I also laughed out loud at the whole “naked as a Montecito babysitter” thing. Classic. Or gross. Whatever. Sorry that the Grocery Sherpa concept didn’t work out, it was (and remains) an interesting service for the folks who could actually afford it. And thanks for the kind words. Keep reading. – MSM)  






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...continued from p.21

“It’s an incredibly volatile business, but we’ve made it work. At the end of the day, the people have made Paradise what it is, both our employees and our customers. We’ve just been along for the ride.” I know, I know, writers of the world. I should stop this column right there. That’s a nice little ending that works for lots of reasons. But I can’t stop right there. So I won’t.

Damn you Takehara!

Giving Back

Courtney Phillips (right) has been at Paradise for seven years and says she “loves it” due to a “great local following, almost like Cheers;” Westmont student Kristen Reinwald is the new girl on the block, having started just ten months ago after hitting Paradise for dinner with a friend and falling in love with the place.

second coffee. “We haven’t chased trends, and we serve the highest quality products possible. We live in an area of incredible bounty.” (Would-be restaurateurs, did you hear all that? Write it down, quick.) “We do our very best to hire nice people who are concerned with guest experience,“ he continued. “We’re not perfect, but we’re confident that the people who are with us will do what they can to make it right, a good experience.” (Forget writing it down, aspiring restaurant owners. You might want to cut this whole part out and put it on the fridge for future reference.)

The reason I can’t end this damned thing yet is that Randy’s wife Janet started off our conversation with the following statement: “Randy is an incredible guy. He’s an incredibly hard worker, and he cares deeply about our town. But he won’t tell you that. He’s humble, too humble sometimes.” She’s right. Randy is humble, and his own hard work – as well as that of those around him (and his terrific customers) – has made the Paradise a success. Even if Randy might not tell you so himself. He also might not tell you that the Rowses’ generosity and dedication to our community go far beyond a restaurant (even though that’s what this column is about). Randy is a prominent City Councilmember – the story of his appointment and re-election is terrific, very Santa Barbara – who is known for his work ethic. He’s also astute and intelligent, and he’s definitely no push over. He’s an asset to our Council. But that’s not what this column is about. Not to be outdone in the engaged citizen actor department, Janet is similarly driven and committed. In 2010, she cofounded SafeLaunch, a local non-profit focused on addiction prevention in teens. Her passion is, in a word, contagious. “The adolescent brain is up to 600% more susceptible to addiction than one that is fully developed,” she told me,

“and we are committed to preventing or delaying early first exposure to drugs and alcohol in an effort to really change the game when it matters most.” Wow. This is a super-important issue for all of us, and it really hits home for me for a variety of reasons. Janet is right on it, truly fighting the good fight and making a difference. Much like her husband. But that’s not what this column is about either. This column is about a local love story of volcanic proportions involving a restaurant and a family that has been serving our community well for three decades. So get in there and raise a glass to Randy and Janet and the Paradise Café. Here’s to another thirty years.


I like the Paradise Café and Randy and Janet and Jameie and Bruce and Courtney and Kristen. Get in there, check out the mural and celebrate three decades in business with all sorts of Anniversary Specials anytime November 3 – 7 and 10 – 14. The Paradise Margarita is only $4, and the rather famous Paradise Burger is less than $8. There are all sorts of other offers, so just walk on over after work at around 3pm and enjoy a long afternoon in the window among friends. I’ll be there for sure. Paradise Café, 702

Anacapa Street, (805) 962.4416; www. I also like when my wife is happy, especially when my mother-in-law is happy at the same time. They headed over to Float Luxury Spa last Thursday for a massage and facial and left so happy that they decided to stick me and my fatherin-law with the kids while they went for dinner with Daryl Takehara at Arigato. (Hey Daryl, stay away from my wife, man, and my mother-in-law for that matter.) All y’all should hit Float soon, seriously, and tell Natalie I said hello. It’s good to get pampered, and you can sneak over right after work. Nobody needs to know. Float Luxury Spa, 18 East Canon Perdido Street, (805) 845-7777; www. (Arigato is a hell of a meal, too, and Daryl’s the man. Just keep him away from your wife.) I like beer too. And Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co. just won all kinds of awards at the Great American Beer Festival, including gold medals for Stagecoach Stout and Davy Brown (a personal fave) and silvers for Irish Stout, Octoberfest and Surfliner Lager. Congrats, Fig Mountain friends, I’m coming in to taste each and every one of those. (In full pints, of course.) Everybody else should too. Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co., 137 Anacapa Street, Suite F, (805) 694-2255;

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

tickets and information: ckets and information: Les Forgerons du Reve kets and information: presents ets and information: ts and information: s and information: and information: nd information: d information: information: nformation: Based upon The Little Prince formation: by Antoine de Saint-Exupery ormation: rmation: mation: Un recital texte et musique ation: tion: original score by Maya Obradovic Le Roux Petite suite pour un Prince on: n: : tickets and information: Center StageCenter TheatreStage Theatre enter Stage Theatre 751 Paseo Nuevo nter Stage Theatre Santa Barbara, CA ter Stage Theatre (805) 963-0408 Directed by er Stage Theatre FRANCINE LE ROUX HASKELL r Stage Theatre Saturday, November 2 at 8:00pm Stage Theatre English language reading performed by Pamela Dillman Haskell tage Theatre Sunday, November 3 at 2:00pm age Theatre French language reading performed by Ariane Le Roux ge Theatre e Theatre Theatre heatre CENTER STAGE THEATER eatre atre tre CENTER STAGE THEATRE re e 751 Paseo Nuevo

Le Petit Prince

Hey Fig Mountain Tony, are those for me?

I like kids doing good, and ten-yearold Hollister School fifth grader Maya Grace Lewandowski is donating 25 of her handmade Wigglo Pets to The Unity Shoppe for families in need. Maya makes every Wigglo Pet herself, and launched the line of interactive faux pets around a year ago. She’s never looked back. Go to, search “Wigglo Pets” and check it out. (It’s pretty wild, frankly. I actually enjoyed the video.) Right on, Maya, don’t stop. Last but certainly not least, I like Good Samaritans. I inexplicably dropped an important business check and bank statement on the street last week. Before I even knew they were gone, I’d received a call from Marcos Oliveros, the rather good guy who’d found my stuff and wanted to return it. It turns out that Marcos lives at the Salvation Army Hospitality House on Chapala and runs Pushy Shovels, the community garden that will blow your mind over at Eastside Community Park off Yanonali and Soledad. (I went and checked the place out, it’s very cool. Sharon Byrne also wrote about it in What’s Right With Santa Barbara, Vol. 2, Issue 33.) Marcos is an amazing guy with an amazing story and, like the Rowses and Maya Lewandowski and others, is really doing something

good for our community. Thanks again, Marcos, I’m glad to have met you. And I’m glad it was you who found that bank statement and check! That’s it. My Mini Quesadillas are getting cold and I need another Paradise Margarita, stat. Have a good week, everybody, get over to the Paradise! 

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reate music and learn about how music impacts the healing process.


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...continued from p.22 On November 11, the winner will be presented with a $300,000 prize, while another $100,000 worth of prizes are awarded to two runners-up. Previous winners include Alexander Wang, Rodarte and Proenza Schouler. For all you non-fashion insiders, this is a big deal. Huge. (Fun fact: On January 22, 2014, Ovation will debut The Fashion Fund, a TV series documenting the entire process. Count me tuned in.) “We’re just sort of now trying to smell the roses,” Veronica continued. “We’ve been working so hard and when you’re in it so deeply, it’s hard to sort of step out of it and look at what you’ve done. We always have to remind ourselves to take it in, and yesterday was a perfect example of all of that.”

The Veronicas on The Veronicas

The Veronicas are easy to describe. They’re the cool girls you wanted to be in high school and the chicks that you aspire to be today. It’s easy to forget they are both mothers and wives to families back home in NYC. There are eight children between the Veronicas. Eight. This “mommy life” was the inspiration behind starting the company in 2010. “It’s easier for us to design [our brand] out, because we are designing for women who are doing exactly what we’re doing... you need to get up at 7am and go until

Britt Tolleson. Love it.

you hit the pillow at 12am.” Think of their designs as the new definition of a power suit. “I think our brand is inspiring in that we took this risk together and we live the life that all these women are living across the country... We’re trying to be everything; great fashionistas, great mothers, great wives... I never thought we would be in

Dressed owner, Susan Pitcher, looking fabulous in a Veronica Beard jacket. (Thanks for having me, Susan!)

this position. But looking back, a lot of girls find it to be their story, too. They identify.” After trying on some of the Fall 2013 collection, I immediately realized what they were talking about. The signature Veronica Beard tailored coats and jackets with interchangeable hoodie/dickeys are what catapulted the brand to the forefront years ago. Susan Pitcher, owner of and curator for Dressed, was one of the first California retailers to notice the classic look and practicality of the brand and bring it out West. Susan was, as is often the case, right on the money. The designs are perfect for the Santa Barbara weather and aesthetic. “We make clothes for real people and for reality,” Veronica explained. “Things

you can really wear. This is our leisure suit (for example). It’s our answer to sweats, but you can be a little more chic in the silk and the print and everything.” The fact that these women managed to make dickies and leisure suits look amazing and functional is enough to bow down to them both. “We have a huge range. Our customer is in her twenties and she’s in her sixties... like the tux jacket with the cocktail pants and a black top. A sixty-year-old woman could wear it and look really fabulous coming in to the cocktail party. Or a twenty-something can wear it on her hit HBO award-winning series.” In fact, Lena Dunham herself wants the neon leopard print short suit. The Girls writer, actor and all around force of nature is a huge fan of their Spring 2014 collection. “I can totally see her wearing this stuff on her show,” the Veronicas reminisced about meeting Lena at the Chateau Marmont event the day before. “She’s the coolest,” I add, and the Veronicas agree. “She’s the voice of our time.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

The Veronicas Were Right

So, yeah, the Veronicas were probably right. Maybe you can’t have it all, but design label Veronica Beard proves that you sure can look like you do. “Every piece you see has been crafted and thought over and loved and tested by us. So if you see it on the rack, it must be okay,” they laughed. It’s more than okay, trust me. Regardless, no matter what happens on November 11, the Veronica Beard fashion brand will be juuuust fine. I’d wish them luck, but they don’t need it. They’ve already figured out a formula that sets them apart and will ensure them many more years of prosperity. Their recipe for success? Simple. Mother tested. Veronica approved. 

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8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 


by Joseph Timmons

Also affectionately known as Xombiewoof – he is a Central Coast musician and journalist who has covered the local, regional, national and international music scene for a couple decades and is now focused on the burgeoning music community of the Santa Ynez Valley and environs. Check him out at, or just send note about interesting shows at interesting places to the man himself:

Brooke Branning Saves the World


e all look upon the music of the ‘60s and ‘70s with a sense of fond nostalgia. The Peace and Love Generation, Civil Rights, a world that sought the dream to end war and coexist in harmony… the list goes on and on. There were many great artists that espoused the images of a place where the lion may lay down with the lamb. In my youth I listened to the music of Joan Baez, Odetta, Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. There was always something soothing and calming about the sound of the female folk singer, like a lullaby or a mother’s lament, stories of better days. The female folk singer played a very important role in this musical era of social revolution; even though there were male artists that would compose songs of a similar nature, they didn’t seem to hit the soul as much as the woman’s softer touch. Fast forward to the present, songs of revolution are still heard today – on the radio or our digital audio devices, at the cafés or in the concert halls where the old vanguard come to play to those who saw them in their youth. But what of the youth and peace searching people of today? Who will sing to them their call to march on Washington or City Hall, to social change? Who will be their voice?

The Sound of the Movement

Enter into the light of a new day Brooke Branning, a soft voiced and kind-eyed woman who wants to bring her song to those that will listen. Branning is a singer/songwriter who speaks to today’s conscientious and socially-minded person. She has been performing for audiences large and small all around California for many years, always working toward her present material; she has taken the sound of the movement and made it her own. Her delicate playing technique and elegance of style is fully evident and

Hey Brooke, we have indeed been led down a road of “corporate greed and power plays, and all the lies they told.” Let’s kill them with kindness.33

undeniable. Brooke is a person who sees life as a means to help others, and it is by this service to others that she fulfills herself. As a woman of great spirituality, she believes that it is through the experiences of her life that she has developed real empathy for others. To feel the emotions of others is a rare talent, a gift and, sometimes, a curse. Brooke feels her music; she feels the words from within the music flowing from her, and then shares the feelings through her creative vision. Her essence and her love for life are transformational. “To see people in pain has always made me want to help out, to raise people up and give them hope,” she told me. To Brooke, there is nothing that cannot be done if we all stand as one, and one by one we can all stand together.

album: Warm, alluring tones and ambient textures, perfectly juxtaposed to words that stay with you and make you think. Music is her passion, and as she looks to create her next album, she plans on selling her business, going into the studio and begin work on the new project exclusively. It’s Not Too Late offers us a view into the creative mind of Brooke Branning, which is strongly tethered to her heart and soul. Where some of the songs on her CD are very straight forward, others are mysterious. One such piece on the album that has been etched into my thoughts is “Breakfast with Buddha,” which may seem like a pleasant devotional but is in fact performed with deep-rooted purpose. Upon closely listening, we learn of a devotion to faith that people are risking and sometimes losing their lives for. “Breakfast with Buddha” is a witness in verse to the dilemma of the Buddhist Monks of Tibet, who have been tormented, persecuted and hunted down for their beliefs. The album itself is an audio exposé, revealing to the listener the errors of man’s ways, his follies and what could potentially be our salvation. These are the subjects that Brooke finds important to write music and verse about. She wants to provoke others to stand with her, against the modern plagues, and rally the people together. For a people united is far stronger than a few. At 50, Brook says she is “peaking,” and feels now is the best time for her to move forward with her music in a stronger sense, with urgency, direction and great focus. “There are some that peak at twenty or thirty,” she smiled, “but now at fifty I have so much more to offer.” Brooke told me of her past, times of little money and of struggles, but she did not strike me as one who dwells in the sadness or misery of a dark narrative; instead, she

Spreading the Love

Saturday Nov. 2nd • 9am - 5pm Sunday Nov. 3rd • 9am - 4pm

Ventura County Fairgrounds



101 FWY & California St., Ventura


Mercedes • BMW•Audi Rolls Royce• Mini•VW

424 N. Quarantina Santa Barbara, CA


Locally Owned

Specializing In

“took the knocks and lumps” to create a bright future for herself and possibly others. Brooke has decided to dedicate her life and work to charitable service, playing many fundraisers, donating the proceeds from her events and working with others in public service. Brooke said she had a problem with stage fright, but overcame it to become an artist that could give back to a world that has given her so much. “The gift that I have been given as a songwriter and performer has convinced me this is what I was meant to do. My songwriting has deepened over the years, and my quest for awakening has given me the ability to look at life and then frame it in my music, and get my message out.” When finishing our interview, Brooke mentioned that she is particularly fond of the “Open Mic” nights and various small club events that gather together the artists of the Central Coast. “We are surrounded by so many wonderful artists, and I have sat in with some, played with others, and enjoy their company.” After a laugh she added, “I often think I’ll be asked to join the stage and wind up playing all night long.” Right now, Brooke is focused on writing and gathering 50 new songs, and she is planning to release a new album by 2014 and then another in 2015. “I really want to bring my music across all platforms and reach as many people as possible.” To follow Brooke Branning’s progress, get her album and watch her videos, go to her website at, Brooke will post news and events as they are scheduled. If you get to see her play, or get to hear her music, remember she is looking back at you, enjoying your life and existence as much as you may be enjoying hers. We are as one together, and together we are never alone. Namaste.

$1 OFF

For the past 30 years, Brooke has been creating her music. Her most recent album, titled It’s Not Too Late, is a collection of songs from that period in her life that “was a time of personal development and enrichment.” Her growth as an artist and as a human being shows in the songs and composure of the

Muller & Go s s




N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

McMann’s Roadrunner (602) 843-5303

34 | N OV E M B E R

1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3


d n e k ov. 9-10 N e , y e a d W n s ’ u n a r S Vete & y a d r atu S

Family-Friendly Events: Marathon • Parade Flyovers • Concert SATURDAY Marathon: Cheer the runners on the final "Veterans Mile" Shoreline Park to La Playa Stadium • 9 am - noon

SUNDAY Parade & Vintage Aircraft Flyovers

Parade starts at noon • State & Sola to 112 W. Cabrillo

Afternoon Concert

First Presbyterian Church, 21 E. Constance Ave. • 2:30 pm

For more information: (805) 966-1660





Pierre Claeyssens

Veterans Museum S AN T A B ARB A R A , C A

Photos: Britt Rawcliffe, Danny Postawa, and Kenji Photography


8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 and | S A N TA B A R B A R A 

by Jim Luksic

A longtime writer, editor and film critic, Jim has worked nationwide for several websites and publications – including the Dayton Daily News, Key West Citizen, Topeka Capital-Journal, Las Cruces Sun-News and Santa Ynez Valley Journal. California is his seventh state. When he isn’t watching movies or sports around the Central Coast and Los Angeles, you can find Jim writing and reading while he enjoys coffee and bacon, or Coke and pizza.

Guilty Pleasures


t’s almost time for film-goers of a certain inclination, those video gamers and sciencefiction slaves, to sink their teeth into Ender’s Game. I wouldn’t count myself among that group, despite my unwavering respect for co-stars Harrison Ford, Viola Davis and Ben Kingsley. The premise: A gifted youth ends up in space at a military school. Not exactly my idea of a potboiler. With all due respect to our military, the upcoming Lone Survivor strikes me as little more than a patriotic snack that stacks the ham and cheese high. Its trailer looks as hackneyed and unoriginal as they come, as if audiences are supposed to stand and salute Mark Wahlberg in army fatigues as he defends his “brothers.” Even the movie’s title smacks of pretension. For adults seeking fun of a more seasoned, old-fashioned nature, there’s Last Vegas (no typo, just a pun) kicking off in November with Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. In recent years, I’ve seen Kline the least and thus look forward to him the most. The flick involves a bachelor party, but somehow I suspect it won’t match The Hangover’s antics. We can only hope it doesn’t, anyway. For now, we serve up two guilty pleasures, at least one of which is (almost) sure to entertain, depending on your idea of a good time:

Objections Overruled

Critics can say what they will about The Counselor, but “boring” wouldn’t be accurate. This crime drama, which sets up shop along the Mexican border (its main setting is sun-baked El Paso), starts like a whisper, with Penelope Cruz and Michael Fassbender frolicking under the sheets. It doesn’t take long for director Ridley Scott’s indulgences to surface: About halfway through the picture, Cameron Diaz does half-naked exercises on a car windshield – much to the bemusement of Javier Bardem. At another point, a key figure speeding down the road loses his head, so to speak. A reputable attorney (Fassbender), he of the movie’s flat title, finds himself in a drug-trafficking jackpot. All of the hero’s slick, dashing tendencies can’t prevent the business deal from spiraling out of control, much like the splintered script, penned by author Cormac McCarthy (the brains behind No Country for Old Men and The Road). In spite of the misleading name – which is uttered dozens of times by Brad Pitt’s shady player as if he’s in a David Mamet production – this gritty, crackerjack of a corker maintains our interest. Under the watch of Scott, who has proven time and again he knows a thing or two about well-crafted action, The Counselor manages to be entertaining at every inconceivable turn. But then, Scott – whose zenith remains Alien in 1979, no matter how many fans tend to idolize him for Blade Runner and the overrated Gladiator – has a knack for juggling a plethora of characters and subplots. And though McCarthy, that longtime sage and scribe, swings wildly in making his screenwriting debut, the result is more hits than misses.  If you’re of the opinion that The Counselor’s sordid humor and dark secrets don’t always mesh, especially when they don’t seem to dovetail with the sassy, bow-tied ending, at least you’ll have strong performances to appreciate. Despite impressive work across the board (including an all-too-brief cameo from Rosie Perez as an inmate), nobody on hand impresses like Bardem. At first, his playboy is off-putting, but – not unlike the story itself – he finds his footing, digs in and grows on us. At least two of the veteran actor’s scenes herein prove worthy of another Oscar for best supporting actor.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

As the nasty old-timer, Johnny Knoxville – known for MTV’s popular Jackass – combines fact and fiction (half-truths and dares, if you will) while leading his young grandson from state to state in search of the boy’s irresponsible father. It’s a raunchier, wilder update of television’s Candid Camera, as Knoxville and his fearless crew interact with unsuspecting folks from Nebraska to Tennessee to North Carolina.

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |


Metropolitan A Theatres handful of Corp. set-ups and pranks admittedly work; present...... even the most ardent objectors are bound to laugh a time or three. (No funnier bit, for my money, than Wednesday - November 6 - 7:30 a laptop “video” conversation – at a café – among the spotlighted duo and the derelict dad whose housemates keep surfacing in the background.) As is typically the case with these Borat-esque projects, the skits become (PG) less funny the harder they try. And it’s only natural, I suppose, that too many segments at get Plaza stretchedDe andOro - a one time Future Wednesdays dragged out, so the final product reaches 90 minutes. screening of a current film that has not played in the area. An hour would’ve been more than enough.



November 13 - MOTHER OF GEORGE (R) Information Listed for Friday thru Thursday - November 1 - 7 November 20 - WE ARE WHAT WE ARE (R) 877-789-MOVIE(PG) November 27 - WADJDA Denotes ‘SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT’ Show your SBIFF I.D. for discounted admissionRestrictions price

FAIRVIEW ARLINGTON The MET Opera - LIVE Courtyard Bar Open 225 N. Fairview - Goleta




916 State Street - S.B.

Fri & Sat - 6:00 - 10:00  FREE BIRDS November 9 - ARLINGTON - 9:55 am 1317 State Street - 963-4408 3D: Fri-Sun - 1:40 6:50

 FREE BIRDS (PG) 3D: Daily - 5:10 2D: Fri-Sun - 12:00 2:30 7:30 Mon-Thu - 2:30 7:30


Puccini’s  TOSCA

 LAST VEGAS (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 12:20 2:50 5:20 8:00 Mon-Thu - 2:50 5:20 8:00

THE COUNSELOR (R) Fri-Sun - 1:15 4:00 6:45 9:30 Mon/Tue - 2:00 5:00 8:00 Wed/Thu - 2:00 5:00

Mon-Thu - 2:10 4:30 2D: Fri-Sun 11:10 12:40 3:10 4:10 5:40 8:10 9:10 Mon-Thu 3:20 5:45 7:00

details on Home Page -


THE COUNSELOR (R) 2:10 5:00 7:45


Metropolitan Theatres Brad Pitt Corp. Michael Fassbender present......

2044 Alameda Padre Serra - S.B.

Wednesday, Nov. 6 - 8:00  MUSE in HD at Rome Olympic Stadium

Thursday, Nov. 7 - 8:00 






PASEO NUEVO Wednesday -8:00 November 6 -Pl.7:30 8 W. De La Guerra - S.B. 8:00

Fri & Mon-Thu - 4:50 Sat/Sun - 1:40 4:50



 12 YEARS A SLAVE (R) Fri-Sun - 12:50 3:30 6:40 9:00 Mon-Thu - 1:00 4:00 7:00


 MUSCLE SHOALS  ENDER’S GAME (PG-13) 11:50 1:10 2:30 4:00 5:20 6:50 8:10 9:40

 LAST VEGAS (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 11:15 1:50 4:20 7:00 9:30 Mon-Thu - 2:20 5:00 7:30 JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA (R) Fri/Sat 12:10 2:30 4:50 7:20 8:50 9:45 10:30 Sun - 12:10 2:30 4:50 7:20 8:50 9:45 Mon-Thu 2:30 4:50 7:20 8:15

CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE  ABOUT TIME (R) Fri-Sun - 12:30 4:00 6:50 9:50 (PG) OF MEATBALLS 2 (PG) 2D Mon-Thu - 1:45 4:50 7:45 Fri-Sun - 11:20 1:40 Mon-Thu - 2:40 ALL IS LOST (PG-13) ENOUGH SAID (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 12:40 3:50 6:20 9:40 Fri-Sun - 4:00 6:30 Mon-Thu - 1:15 4:40 7:15 Mon-Thu - 5:15 7:45 CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 1:00 3:15 6:30 9:30 Mon-Thu - 1:30 4:30 7:30 618 State Street - S.B. (R)  ENDER’S GAME (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 11:20 12:40 2:00 (R) 371 Hitchcock Way - S.B. 3:30 4:50 6:20 7:40 9:10 10:20 BLUE IS (NC-17) Mon-Thu THE WARMEST COLOR (PG) 2:20 3:40 5:00 6:20 7:40 Fri & Mon-Thu - 7:45 Sat/Sun GRAVITY (PG-13) 2:30 4:00 6:30 7:45 2D: Fri-Sun - 11:30 4:10 Mon-Thu - 4:50 DON JON (R) 3D: Fri-Sun - 1:50 6:30 8:50 Fri & Mon/Tue & Thu - 7:30 Mon-Thu - 2:30 7:20 Sat/Sun - 1:45

Future Wednesdays at Plaza De Oro - a one time screening of a current film that has not played in the area. JACKASS PRESENTS: BAD GRANDPA (R) Fri-Wed - 1:30 4:10 6:40 7:40 9:00 10:00 Thu 11/7 - 1:30 4:10 7:40 10:00


November 13 - MOTHER OF GEORGE GRAVITY DE ORO November 20 - PLAZA WE ARE WHAT WE ARE 2D: 1:00 3D: 12:00 2:20 4:40 7:00 9:20 November 27 - WADJDA Thu 11/7 - No 9:20 3D Show! (PG-13)

Show your SBIFF I.D. for discounted admission price

CAPTAIN PHILLIPS (PG-13) Fri-Wed 1:20 3:30 4:30 6:30 9:30 Thu 11/7 - 1:20 3:30 4:30



Thursday, November 225 N. Fairview - Goleta 7: Courtyard Bar Open Wed - No Show!   THOR: DARK WORLD Fri & Sat - 6:00 - 10:00 FREE THE BIRDS (PG) Wednesday, Nov. 6 - 7:30 2D: 8:00 3D: Daily - 5:10& 9:20 (PG-13) 1317 State Street - 963-4408  MUSCLE SHOALS (PG) 3D: 8:00 2D: Fri-Sun - 12:00 2:30 7:30 THE COUNSELOR (R) Mon-Thu - 2:30 7:30 Fri-Sun - 1:15 4:00 6:45 9:30 Mon/Tue - 2:00 5:00 8:00  LAST VEGAS (PG-13) Fri-Sun - 12:20 2:50 5:20 8:00 Wed/Thu - 2:00 5:00 Mon-Thu - 2:50 5:20 8:00


916 State Street - S.B. CARRIE (R)

Fri-Sun - 11:45BIRDS 2:10 (PG) 4:40  FREE 7:15 9:55 3D: Fri-Sun - 1:40 6:50 Mon-Thu - 2:40 5:20 7:50

Mon-Thu - 2:10 4:30 2D: Fri-Sun 11:10 12:40 3:10 4:10 5:40 8:10 9:10 Mon-Thu 3:20 5:45 7:00 Wednesday, Nov. 6 - 8:00 THE COUNSELOR (R)  LAST VEGAS (PG-13)  MUSE in HD 2:10 5:00 7:45 Fri-Sun - 11:15 1:50 4:20 at Rome Olympic Stadium 7:00 9:30 New Students Only. Mon-Thu - 2:20 5:00 7:30 Thursday, Nov. 7 - 8:00 2044 Alameda Padre Serra - S.B. JACKASS PRESENTS:  THOR: 2D (PG-13) Brad Pitt BAD GRANDPA (R) THE DARK WORLD Michael Fassbender Fri/Sat 12:10 2:30 4:50 7:20  12 YEARS A SLAVE (R) 8:50 9:45 10:30 Fri & Mon-Thu - 4:50 8:00 8 W. De La Guerra Pl. - S.B. Sun - 12:10 2:30 4:50 Sat/Sun - 1:40 4:50 8:00 7:20 8:50 9:45  12 YEARS A SLAVE (R) Mon-Thu Fri-Sun - 12:50 3:30 6:40 9:00 2:30 4:50 Mon-Thu 7:00 25 -E.1:00 De 4:00 la Guerra St. 93101 7:20 8:15 CAMINO REAL MARKETPLACE CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE Hollister & Storke - GOLETA  ABOUT TIME (R)

1 Week Free Yoga or 2 Weeks for $10 RIVIERA



36 | N OV E M B E R

1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3


Plan B by Briana Westmacott Hailing from NorCal, Briana has lived in Santa Bar-

bara for the past fifteen years. While she is indeed an adjunct faculty member at SBCC and has contributed to LOVEmikana, Wake & Wander and Entrée Magazine, much of her time is spent multi-tasking her way through days as a mother, wife, sister, wantto-be chef and travel junky. Writing is an outlet that ensures mental stability… usually.

An Animal Apocalypse to decipher that it was coming from the kitchen. After confirming the alien acoustics were in need of some inductive reasoning, we got out of bed and stepped over a soundly sleeping George the Dog to see what was happening. The scurrying was growing louder. I glanced at the clock; it read 2am. Great, sleuthing the nature of a potential home invader was just what I wanted to be doing in the middle of the night. The din was coming from under the kitchen sink. My husband opened the cupboard. And there he was. Our night terror. Come on Georgie, get off Elli’s bed and fight! Act like a man, dammit, we’ve got a mouse!

There’s A Mouse (I Hope) in the House

othing good ever happens after midnight, and this is a gross testimonial to that fact. Gross may even be an understatement. It was the dead of night, definitely past midnight, when I awoke to a strange noise. It was not the habitual child calling out, nor was it the dog whimpering in a fit of unrest. No. This was something different. Something new. Something quite unsettling. “Honey, I just heard a noise.” I nudged my husband with a bit of muscle to rattle him awake. We laid there for a few minutes listening to the foreign sound. It was foreign indeed, a sort of rustling mixed with a bit of bumping and thumping, and it only took a moment

He (or maybe she – that was never properly determined – but I’m going with he) scampered through a small hole and was momentarily gone, like a ghost. “What was that?” I anxiously asked from the living room. “Was that what I think it was?” My husband’s face said it all. Oh god. We were officially infested. We blocked the hole, and sat down on the couch to plan out our attack. Mr. Mouse did not come back for the next half hour and we determined that our best use of time and energy was to go back to bed and buy some proper traps the following morning. We were going to war, and the specifics were worked out over breakfast the next


morning. “I’m totally not opposed to chemical warfare,” I informed my husband as he walked out the door to head over to Orchard Supply Hardware. (This is a rodent, after all, and I wanted him out.) Paul – a typically gentle man – came home with a variety of draconian options (and a frankly creepy, morbid grin). As the sun went down, we prepped our arsenal. It was all baited and laid out. Cheese was abundant. We hunkered down for the evening. 3am is what the clock read when I was roused by a loud CLUNK. “He’s back!” My husband popped up. Tonight we were ready. We knew who we were dealing with here. We ran out toward the kitchen only to see Mr. Mouse trot proudly right over the expensive sticky traps that were “guaranteed” to catch pests and render them pests no more. Our ambush was failing. The cheese had been plucked up and eaten. And where was the damned dog? Upon further investigation, I found George cowering – literally shaking like a leaf – and curled up in a ball at the foot of my daughter’s bed. Nice work, George, but we need Misty Kitty back. She would’ve caught Mr. Mouse way before he even got in the house. (RIP, my ferocious feline, you’re sorely missed.) Paul pulled the dishwasher out from under the counter and we set up a minefield back there. It was a heavy blockade, really; there was no way that Mr. Mouse would make it back inside this house alive. I crawled back into bed and Paul set some extra weapons around our abode. He brought in every shovel from the garage and lined the bedroom doors with towels so that Mr. Mouse had nowhere else to go should he breach the (unbreachable) fortified line behind the dishwasher. We slept. But we slept uneasily.

The War Wages On I’ve always been a glass-half-full type of girl and since I had not officially seen Mr. Mouse with my own eyes, I kept picturing something that looked more like Jerry and less like Ratatouille. It wasn’t until I went out to OSH the following day to increase our artillery that the reality of what we were dealing with sunk in. As I held a “mouse” trap in one hand and a “rat” trap in the other, debating which one to get, it dawned on me. This may just be a RAT! I basically panicked and quasihyperventilated right there in the rodent eradication aisle. I bought tons of traps in both sizes and raced home. My husband had seen Mr. Mouse and so I quickly showed him the trap sizes. He immediately confirmed my

worst nightmares and we threw the tiny mousetraps back in the bag to return. We stepped up our fortification that night to an absurd (obscene?) level. Paranoia was rampant. This was now going on night four of the battle and we were bringing in all the militia. Our ordnance was set: Shovels were ready to be engaged, cheese was placed in all the ploys and my husband posted up on the couch, a dedicated soldier ready for any and every action (no matter how horrifying). I toweled under all the bedroom doors and went to bed, hoping to get a bit of shuteye before the melee set in. At 1am, I awoke to a thundering BOOM. I jumped up, ran out to the kitchen to find Commando Paul (not nude, people, I’m using the military reference here), heavily armed with a shovel, beating Mr. Mouse/RAT who had got his tail caught in one of our many traps (finally!). “KILL IT!” I screamed as Paul hacked away at the creature. I know, this sounds brutal, but let me just say that Mr. Mouse/RAT was terrible himself. I didn’t even mention that on night three this guy had crawled into my handbag that was hanging in the kitchen and nibbled away on an apple that I had in there. Eewwww. After that, I was ready for murder. It was gruesome and I will spare you all the gore and circumstance, but never has a war ceased without bloodshed. The horror. When the onslaught had subsided, I flung my arms around my husband and kissed him like he had just returned from deployment on far away shores. Peace has been returned to our home… for now. I’m already shopping for a new kitty to keep up the night watch. Obviously George wasn’t bred for combat. 

Briana’s Best Bets


irst, let me just say that you should definitely not go to the Animal Shelter Assistance Program unless you are fully prepared to leave with one of their sweet feline friends. (And don’t go anywhere near the ASAP if you are PMSing. Men, forget I said that.) That being said, the ASAP is the perfect place to find a cat or kitten to adopt. The volunteer-based, non-profit organization rescues these kitties and works to eliminate the practice of euthanizing them for reasons other than serious health and behavior. You should visit their website and then take a trip out there when you’re ready to come home with a cat.

8 0 5 . 8 4 5 .1 6 7 3 | 1 3 3 E A S T D E L A G U E R R A S T R E E T | N O.1 8 2 | S A N TA B A R B A R A 


SANTA Byo urARBARA S KINNY gui de to









.com What:  Santa Barbara Open Streets Where: Cabrillo Boulevard from State Street to the Bird Refuge When: Saturday, November 2, 10am – 4pm Why:   In the absence of cars there will be yoga classes, a stage with live music, workshops, the LA Kings NHL Team street hockey rink, group exercise classes and room to roam… How: Hit the streets, Santa Barbara!

WINE & DINE Breaducation By Eve Sommer-Belin


hink bread is only for dipping in olive oil and smearing with butter? Think again. Crazy Good Bread Company’s playful approach to bread will leave your mouth watering. This newly opened bakery currently located in Carpinteria is bringing bread to the next level with crazy good flavor combinations like Orange Chocolate, Lavender Olive and Fig Masala, all made with quality ingredients. Classics like Rosemary Olive and Walnut are also available. Create wonderful pairings with their array of oils and balsamic vinegars as well. Creator and owner, Rossell, is out to “redefine what bread can be” and believes that her breads “add to the dimension of dinner.” Bread isn’t just what you put on your side plate anymore! Discover more crazy good combinations at their Grand Opening celebration this Sunday, November 3, from noon to 3pm in Carpinteria. You’ll find Carr Winery, Georgia’s Smokehouse Food Truck, Rock Rose Provisions and lots more! Spend a few hours pairing different breads with different oils, wines, vinegars, jams and even wine. Here at SB Skinny, we love playing with our food and encourage you to join the Breaducation fun this Sunday. Which combination of flavors will be your favorite? Oh, can’t make it this weekend? Their Carpinteria retail location is open Monday through Friday, 10am – 5pm, at 4191 Carpinteria Avenue #12. Come 2014, you’ll be able to find them at the Santa Barbara Public Market. And did we mention they have a bread club? Fresh bread to your door… who could ask for more! See what it’s all about at 



What’ll It Cost Me: Free!





What: Shop Oprah’s Yard Sale Where: Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, 3300 Via Real, Carpinteria When: Saturday, November 2, 10am Why: Shop antiques, contemporary furnishings and fine art from Ms. Winfrey’s residences in Indiana, Hawaii, Chicago and Santa Barbara. How: O, just head to the polo fields and have a grand time.  

What’ll It Cost Me: General admission is free. Shopping will cost you.

• HEY BIG SPENDER What: The Art of Arrangements Where: Studio 110, at 110 West Mission Street When: Saturday, November 2, 11am Why: Enjoy a stylish afternoon of instruction with floral extraordinaire Kelly Oshiro of Santa Barbara Chic. She’ll guide you through creating artful arrangements for your upcoming holiday entertaining. How: Make arrangements to attend.  What’ll It Cost Me: $250 per person; includes instruction, flowers, tools, lunch, libations and more!

The Tree of Life

By Courtney Dietz The Baobab Tree found across the African Savanna is referred to as the “Tree of Life” since it provides food, shelter, clothing and water. You may recognize its Dr. Seuss-like shape with an incredibly wide trunk and shorter stems and thus presume to take it lightly, but this powerhouse of a tree can live for thousands of years and produces some of nature’s finest superfruit. The pods of the Baobab seem almost too good to be true, offering 6x more Vitamin C than an orange, 2x more Calcium than a glass of milk, 12x more Dietary Fiber than an apple… and the list goes on. But the Baobab is in fact real and is now readily available. Kaibae, started by Dr. Luc Maes, has produced a Baobab Powder that can be added to just about everything, though we think its tangy flavor lends itself best to smoothies and drinks. The powder is organic, vegan and kosher and is sourced from Northern Ghana. And equally important is that Kaibae is helping provide access to education and healthcare in the communities where the mighty Baobab grows, embracing the mantra of health, community and planet. We’re fans of products that make our body and soul feel good. And this one feels great. Go to for details. 


Run, Run Rudolph

N OV E M B E R 1 – 8 | 2 0 1 3 |

By Sarah Dodge We know what you’re thinking... we’ve gone and bought into all the premature holiday pandemonium. But check yourself: Even these festive chicks have a limit to

how far we’ll go to get ready for the holiday season before our Halloween candy has been handed out. There are some things, however, that require a little extra prepping, many of which come in the form of turkeys trotting, sleigh bells ringing and Santas striding. If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape during the upcoming holiday hustle or just to have some cheerful fun with friends, then go ahead and sign up for any of the holiday-themed races below; we just know you’ll be laughing all the way (ha, ha, ha). -35th Annual UCSB Turkey trot, Saturday, November 23 - Run Santa Barbara Thanksgiving 4-Miler, Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving Day) -Santa Claus Run Santa Barbara, Sunday, December 8 -Santa to the Sea Half Marathon, Sunday, December 8 You can find all the skinny on each of these races simply by heading to www. and clicking on the relevant links. From all of us to all of you, have a happy and healthy holiday season! 

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1486 East Valley Road, also known as “The Old Firehouse,” recently sold for $16 million which equates to a record $2,516 per square foot.

Chris Parker Austin Herlihy

Commercial Real Estate Agents with Radius Group who have completed over $550,000,000 in total transaction value and Leased/Sold over 2,000,000 SF since 2005. In 2012, along with Radius principle Steve Brown, the team completed 42 deals comprised of 19 sales and 23 lease transactions totaling $113.5 Million in sales volume and more than $21.5 Million in lease value upwards of 500,000 square feet

We Feel Pretty Good (We Knew That We Would)


re we feeling good yet? Last year at this time we were asking ourselves a rather different question: “Are we there yet?” Well, we suppose that depends on your definition of the term “there,” but it seems that in spite of the chaos and confusion in our government, the general public is ready to move on with their lives, and that includes their economic future. While the Fed’s support (also known as Quantitative Easing) continues, interest rates are still historically low, banks have either healed or been consumed by their brethren and business is moving (or wants to move) forward. This includes the real estate industry. Housing has certainly come roaring back with the number of sales substantially this year than last. Overall, prices have stabilized and for houses that are priced right and affordable to the majority of buyers, there are multiple offers. Whether this precedes another bubble is too soon to predict, but one thing is clear: Pent up demand coupled with low rates is cleaning up inventory and creating a more stable environment for lenders and consumers.

Local Residential Market Continues Its March Forward… Normally, a six-month supply in our for-sale housing inventory is considered healthy. Currently, the standing housing inventory in the greater Santa Barbara area represents a three-month supply based on existing sales activity, which is an improvement from the four-and-a-half-month supply this time last year. This is good news for an industry that had become the anchor to our economic recovery. Further signs of continued improvement in consumer demand for residential units locally are seen in the development of two large mixed-use condominium projects. One is the Sevilla project (listed by Michael Calcagno) at the bottom of Chapala Street and the other is the Alma del Pueblo project at the site of the old Safeway at Chapala and Victoria Streets. These developments will add approximately 80 residential units and seven commercial units to our inventory. While both are at the beginning of their sales offerings, reports are that consumer interest has been strong and the majority of first phase units are in escrow. The fact that developers are confident enough in consumers to bring these projects to market is another sign of improving conditions.

…So Does the Local Commercial Market Commercial real estate has experienced some of the same positive effects as investors and owner/users have become more confident in the market and, again, financing has remained a bargain. Locally, inventory has not increased appreciably due to the political and environmental constraints on development in the South Coast, so as the market heats up, buyers are looking at a shrinking supply of product to purchase. As long as that demand exists and increases, it will invariably put pressure on our prices. That has already been seen, especially for those properties that are in prime locations and possess a stable income stream. Year to date, the range of sales prices for Santa Barbara office buildings has averaged

131 Anacapa Street, the reconstructed redevelopment project in the Funk Zone that is home to The Lark and Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, recently sold for $11.7 million.

$300 –$500 per square foot; prime retail (State Street and immediate surroundings) is around $500 –$750 per square foot; and industrial space is averaging $190 – $285 per square foot. These prices represent 11% – 25% increases over the price per square foot this same time last year. One of the continuing soft spots is commercial leasing, especially in the office sector. The total number of commercial lease transactions is down 11% from the high in 2011, and the transaction volume is down 21% since 2011. While rates have adjusted down from previous highs, the demand for office space continues to lag throughout the South Coast, especially in Carpinteria and Goleta. This may be due in part to the fact that the job market is still relatively anemic, and it is certainly due to the fact that companies are able to accommodate their client demands with fewer staff. We have technology, as well as the economy, to thank for that. Retail and industrial leasing, on the other hand, have both shown improvement. The industrial sector has improved primarily due to the lack of inventory, especially in Santa Barbara. Retail, especially in the 700 – 900 blocks of State Street and along Coast Village Road, is starting to take off again and rents are climbing back from their lows. And stay tuned for the new retail product coming online from the development of a former version of the Entrada project on State Street and Cabrillo Boulevard, the aforementioned Sevilla and Alma del Pueblo projects and the new buildings under construction at the former Turk Hessellund Nursery on Coast Village Road. The other industry that didn’t see much press last year but has remained the darling for the last three to four years is the hospitality industry. According to statistics kept by the City of Santa Barbara, bed tax revenues have climbed steadily over that period with a 7.4% increase from July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013. Hospitality experts such as STR are bullishly predicting this growth trend to continue for at least another 18 – 24 months. So, are we feeling good yet? The answer is probably a qualified “yes.” With that said, the market is still sensitive to the squabbles in our government and more reliant than ever on our historically low interest rates. Enjoy the ride while you can! 

Member FDIC

Exceeding Expectations in Your Neighborhood

Adam Black | VP, Senior Loan Officer 805.452.8393 |

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1532 Clearview Road 1-3pm $729,000 2bd/1ba Phyllis Lenker 886-2342 Village Properties 18 West Victoria Street #308 12-5pm $2,600,000 2bd/3ba Alma Del Pueblo Sales Team 845-4393 Village Properties 18 West Victoria Street #104 12-5pm $1,350,000 1bd/2ba Alma Del Pueblo Sales Team 845-4393 Village Properties 18 West Victoria Street #207 12-5pm $1,300,000 1bd/2ba Alma Del Pueblo Sales Team 845-4393 Village Properties 18 West Victoria Street #109 12-5pm $855,000 0bd/1ba Alma Del Pueblo Sales Team 845-4393 Village Properties 1924 Bath Street #D 2-4pm $745,000 3bd/2ba Lynette Naour 705-6539 Village Properties 2117 Castillo Street #D 12-3pm $485,000 1bd/1ba Whitney Schott Taylor 680-3640 Village Properties 236 Por La Mar Circle 1-4pm $575,000 1bd/1ba John Sirois 455-6277 Village Properties 460 Por La Mar Circle 1-4pm $575,000 1bd/1ba Joan Wagner 895-4555 Coldwell Banker 618 Anacapa Street #7 1-4pm $1,695,000 2bd/2.5ba Lynda Bohnett 637-6407 Sotheby’s International Realty 105 West De La Guerra Street #N 2-4pm $1,275,000 2bd/2.5ba Dan Johnson 895-5150 Sotheby’s International Realty 284 Calle Esperanza 1:30-3:30pm $810,000 2bd/2.5ba Evelyn Cavins 689-7785 Sotheby’s International Realty 401 Chapala Street #108 11-4pm $750,000 1bd/1.5ba Nancy Hamilton & Michael Calcagno 451-4442 Sotheby’s International Realty 729 East Anapamu Street #B 2-4pm $1,249,000 3bd/2.5ba Carol Keller 689-8700 Village Properties 1818 Olive Avenue 1-4pm $1,249,000 3bd/2.5ba Ron Harkey and Richard Naiman 886-9871 Village Properties 1800 Garden Street 1-4pm $1,248,000 3bd/2ba David Hekhouse 455-2113 Village Properties 400 East Pedregosa Street #I 1-3pm $799,000 2bd/2ba Gail Beaust 689-3801 Sotheby’s International Realty 2030 State Street #18 2-4pm $635,000 2bd/2ba Cristal Clarke 886-9378 Sotheby’s International Realty 16 East Padre Street #9 2-4pm $625,000 2bd/2ba Ann Zafiratos 448-4317 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 4005 Cuervo Avenue 1-4pm $3,995,000 5bd/5.5ba Linda Lorenzen-Hughes 886-1842 Coldwell Banker 4638 Puente Plaza 1-4pm $1,100,000 4bd/2ba Toni Kiraly 689-7976 Village Properties 3765 Lincoln Road 1-4pm $1,195,000 3bd/2.5ba Cimme Eordanidis 722-8480 Village Properties 3021 Hermosa Road 2-4pm $1,395,000 4bd/3.5ba Sharon Bolton 680-2424 Sotheby’s International Realty 4345 Via Glorieta 1-4pm $3,695,000 4bd/4.5ba The Brothers Gough 455-1420 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 1412 Las Positas Place 1-4pm $897,000 3bd/2ba Brooke Ebner Coburn 453-7071 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2625 Samarkand Drive 1-3pm $1,200,000 4bd/3ba Jamie Jo Sim 689-5799 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2321 Edgewater Way 1-4pm $1,550,000 3bd/1.5ba Christopher W Hunt 453-3407 Village Properties 652 Ricardo Avenue 1-4pm $2,775,000 4bd/4.5ba Jordan Robinson 451-3222 Sterling Properties 266 Santa Catalina Avenue 12-3pm $699,000 2bd/1ba Ricardo Munoz 895-8725 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 50 Barranca Avenue #7 1-3pm $825,000 3bd/2ba Reyne Stapelmann 705-4353 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 348 Palisades Drive 2-4pm $1,695,000 5bd/3.5ba Randy Freed 895-1799 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 1850 East Las Tunas 2-5pm $3,195,000 3bd/3ba Tim Walsh 259-8808 Village Properties 350 Mountain Drive 1-4pm $1,650,000 4bd/2.5ba Sofie Langhorne 689-5759 Coldwell Banker 10 Rincon Vista 1-4pm $1,825,000 4bd/3.5ba Ron Dickman 689-3135 Sotheby’s International Realty 612 Mission Ridge Road 1-4pm $1,195,000 4bd/2ba The Olivers 680-6524 Sotheby’s International Realty 1208 Blanchard Street 2-4pm $659,000 3bd/3ba Joe Parker 886-5335 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 15 Loma Media Road 1-4pm $1,549,000 2bd/2ba Team Scarborough 331-1465 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 1300 Las Alturas Road 2-4pm $1,795,000 4bd/2.5ba Pascale Bassan 689-5528 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 1213 Viscaino Road 1-4pm $1,870,000 3bd/2ba Joyce Enright 570-1360 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 3310 Los Pinos Drive 1-3pm $1,895,000 5bd/4ba Marta Weeks 689-0410 Village Properties 3761 Lincoln Road 2-4pm $1,695,000 5bd/3.5ba Wanda Livernois 963-1391 Sotheby’s International Realty 3069 Calle Fresno 1-4pm $1,395,000 4bd/2ba Diane Randall 705-5252 Sotheby’s International Realty 3666 Eileen Way 1-3pm $1,050,000 3bd/2ba John McGowan 637-5858 Sotheby’s International Realty 3617 San Remo Drive 2-4:30pm $760,000 3bd/2ba Ruth Martinez-Infante 570-4646 Coldwell Banker 4128 Via Andorra #D 1-4pm $494,900 2bd/2ba Doug Van Pelt 637-3684 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 2621 State Street #4 1-4pm $675,000 2bd/2ba Thomas Schultheis 729-2802 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 3888 Nathan Road 1-4pm $915,000 3bd/2.5ba Jake Ralston 455-9600 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 3945 Stacy Lane 1-4pm $1,299,000 4bd/2.5ba John Comin 689-3078 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices 405 Canon Drive 1-3pm $2,195,000 5bd/4.5ba Michele White 452-7515 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices


Hope Ranch Area



San Roque


It's not just living in Santa Barbara, it's LIVING Santa Barbara...

“I Love Selling The Santa Barbara Lifestyle. ”

Pamela Taylor



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RANA CREEK RANCH | WEB: 0113687 | $59,950,000 Suzanne Perkins 805.895.2138

NOTABLE OCEANFRONT ESTATE | WEB: 0592563 | $32,000,000 Michael Calcagno 805.896.0876, Nancy Hamilton 805.451.4442

ARCHITECTURE AS ART | WEB: 0113699 | $28,900,000 Suzanne Perkins 805.895.2138

Legendary Service Exceptional market insight. Expert guidance. Tailored to every client.

JEWEL ON THE PACIFIC | WEB: 0592695 | $8,950,000 Adam McKaig 805.452.6884

DOWNTOWN PENTHOUSE | WEB: 0592632 | $1,695,000 Nancy Hamilton 805.451.4442, Michael Calcagno 805.896.0876

MOUNTAIN VIEW HOME | WEB: 0632082 | $899,000 Maureen McDermut 805.570.5545, Peggy Olcese 805.895.6757

SPANISH-STYLE TOWNHOME | WEB: 0592708 | $810,000 Justin Corrado 805.451.9969, Evelyn Cavins 805.689.7785

SPACIOUS LUXURY RESIDENCE | WEB: 0592597 | $750,000 Nancy Hamilton 805.451.4442, Michael Calcagno 805.896.0876

WESTSIDE CHARMER | WEB: 0113741 | $699,000 Jennifer Berger 805.451.5484


ELEGANT COUNTRY LIVING | WEB: 0621570 | $2,149,000 Patty Murphy 805.680.8571

UPDATED LOS OLIVOS GEM | WEB: 0621578 | $920,000 Meagan Tambini 805.448.4285

ALISAL RANCH | WEB: 0621558 | $635,000 Susan Beckmann 805.245.8141


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