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Cover art by Ayla G.

With the 2014 Santa Barbara Independent Annual Kids’ Issue, we celebrate two decades of showcasing the outstanding talent at our schools. For this edition we collaborated with the 154 fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at Kellogg Elementary School, which celebrates a milestone this year as its 50th school year in Goleta. This year we asked the students to let everyone know why they think Goleta is the Good Land, and they did just that. I hope you enjoy reading their articles and perusing their artwork. I have truly been personally enriched by this experience and am very proud of them all.

– Robby Robbins


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Principal Kim Bruzzese and her incredible staff (including Patty and Maria in the office); our editorial staffers who went to campus to share their talents with the kids – Matt Kettmann, Tyler

Hayden, and Lyz Hoffman; our design staffers who helped with the creation of more than 450 ads – Gabby Dimaranan, Chelsea

Lyon, and Marianne Kuga (designer for this special insert and a Kellogg alumna); our sales team, production staff, copyeditors, and, of course, our wonderfully supportive advertisers.



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May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


Goleta Amtrak Station

Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club COAC, or Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club, is located on Cathedral Oaks Road in Goleta near Kellogg School. COAC is an athletic club by all means, because you can take swim lessons, swim for fun, take tennis lessons, play tennis for fun, take spin classes, and more. COAC’s swim team (presently known as SWELL) has well-scheduled meets and tournaments and very comfy swimwear for both genders. The swim program at the club teaches all ages and all skill levels from TINY TOTS, to AGE GROUP. The coaches and employees help make kids great swimmers and bring the best out of all of them! If you think it’s necessary, you can schedule private lessons and they will most likely fit you in! The SWELL swim team is the perfect place for tots, children, and teens. You can join by paying a simple fee and signing a few waivers and papers. SWELL and COAC definitely make Goleta the Good Land! —Adriel A.

The Airport The Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is one of the things that makes Goleta the Good Land. The airport is


May 8, 2014

located seven miles north of downtown Santa Barbara near UCSB. It’s near restaurants, hotels, and stores. You can travel to other cities and states without even having to drive to busier and bigger airports. You can travel by plane for as low as $75 and up. If you are in need of a rental car, you can rent a car inside the airport. You can leave your car in the parking lot for a couple of days and just pay a fee. Traveling from Santa Barbara Municipal Airport is convenient for you and your pocket!

The Goleta Amtrak Station is one of the things that makes Goleta the Good Land. You can take the train to a different city. The station only has one track. You can get a seat because it’s not as crowded as Santa Barbara Amtrak. It’s located on 25 South La Patera Lane. The train station has a free parking lot where you can take the train to a city for as low as $9 up to $120. You can leave your car if you need to travel far. —Harry B.


GVGSA (Goleta Valley Girls Softball Association) is a terrific organization that allows girls to play softball from ages 6-14. I have been playing with GVGSA for several years now, and I still love it! My parents like it because the organization is local, to be precise, the Dos Pueblos softball fields. You can make lots of friends playing softball, and after a while, —Tiffany A. you’ll know almost everyone! Anybody can join, just know Goleta Library it costs money. GVGSA is The Goleta Library is on definitely one of the things Fairview Avenue next to a that makes Goleta the Good church. In the library, many Land! books can be found. If anyone —Sophie B. goes to the Goleta Library, they can do their homework, Haskell’s Beach at read a book, or study. the Bacara Sometimes they can check out Do you enjoy a day at the chapter books, play computer beach? Haskell’s Beach at the games, and make puzzles. If Bacara is a great place to be. you want to play computer It is located near Winchester games, you need a library card, because you need to type Canyon. The waves are great, and there are surf and ocean in your card number to log camps. Of course the camps in. Visitors need to be quiet cost money, but going to the in the library, because maybe beach is free. Anyone can people are studying. If you have overdue books or videos, go to Haskell’s for free. The you need to pay for them. The sand is warm, and the waves Goleta Library is a great place are exciting to paddle board, surf, or boogie board! Near to visit. —Angela B. the beach is a five star hotel called the Bacara. It is very

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

fancy and costs money to stay there. It has restaurants, pools (sometimes parties), and sandboxes with toys in them. Haskell’s Beach at Bacara is a lot of fun because it is a great place to be and it makes Goleta great! —Katy C.

InTouch Health InTouch Health is a company that makes robots for the Army and for hospitals. Each robot sells for about $90,000. InTouch Health is located near the Goleta Airport. The company has many people working there, plus my dad and my friends’ parents. At the end of the year, InTouch Health has a company party for families, and it is very fun. —Diego C.

Girsh Park Do you enjoy a day at the park? Well I do. Two fun things about Girsh Park are the playground and the sparkly green grass. Girsh Park is behind Costco. You can have a party there, but it costs money. Sometimes people play basketball, baseball, and you can sign up for soccer, but you have to pay. There is a parking lot where you can park for free. The parking lot is right next to the park. You should go there because it’s a perfect place to have a picnic on a perfect day. —Oscar D.

The Young Singers Club The Young Singers Club is a terrific place for singers of all ages. You can take classes once a week, and at the end of the session, they put on a performance and everyone gets to pick a solo! In the summer, the Young Singers Club has an outstanding summer camp. You get to play exciting acting games and practice a song, and the camp

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May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


like it as much as I do! —Mackenzie E.

UCSB Soccer counselors put on funny skits. You can join the choir in the fall, and if you are younger, you would go in the group called Skylarks, and if you are older, you would be in the Dynamics. I have been doing it for seven years and I love it. I think you would, too! —Kaitlyn D.

The Goleta Humane Society The Goleta Humane Society is a fantastic place to go visit because they rescue helpless animals. Anyone can go there, and the animals are friendly and playful. You don’t have to adopt pets when you visit. Everyone that I know loves to go there and see all of the animals and anyone can visit. You can even sometimes feed the animals! They have many mammals there like cats/ kittens, dog/puppies, and even bunnies. If you’re an animal lover like me, you can donate money to sponsor the animals. I once sponsored a bunny; his name was Micah. It is free to visit, and you can pet and sometimes hold the animals. For the little kids, they have a visiting room so they can play with the cats or kittens so they won’t run out. It has toys and a little bench people can sit on and hold the animals. One more reason I love the Goleta Humane Society is because they pick up stray animals and rescue them. I once adopted a cat. She’s sooo cute and playful — her name is Sasha. She is a gray-and-white Maine coon. Everyone should visit the Goleta Humane Society because I think everyone will


May 8, 2014

The UCSB soccer team is a very awesome team. UCSB is also a great university. The team has bright uniforms, like the color neon yellow. They also have good players and nice tricks. But the important thing to know if you want to go watch a UCSB soccer game is that you have to pay money before the game is going to start. Then once you pay for tickets, you can go and sit in the stadium until the game starts. The stadium is in Isla Vista, close to the UCSB campus.

kayak or invite some friends to have a barbecue at the beach by the pier. My favorite part about the Goleta Pier is getting ice cream and fishing! —Grant K.

Kellogg Elementary School

Kellogg School is one of the places that makes Goleta the Good Land. Kellogg School has state-of-the-art equipment like TVs, iPads, and laptops. Kellogg is a National Distinguished Public School. The school has many different events, like school carnivals, chalk art festivals, and spirit days. Kellogg has great teachers. The campus is open —David E. Monday-Friday from 7:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. It’s one of the Lake Los Carneros few schools in Goleta to write One thing that makes Goleta for The Independent newspaper. the Good Land is Lake Los Kellogg is a great school to Carneros. There you can attend, and it is located on walk, bike, scooter, and do Cambridge Drive, and it is not many other things around the on Kellogg Avenue, like many lake. You can also feed the people think. Kellogg School ducks, geese, and swans there is an awesome school. with some bread. Anyone can —Daniel M.S. go to Lake Los Carneros, and it’s free. Another activity you Sundance Beach can do there is take a boat My perfect days in across the lake. One thing I Goleta are the ones like to do there on a weekend that have to do with is go get breakfast somewhere Sundance Beach. and bring it there and sit on a Sundance Beach bench with my family. There is an awesome are so many fun things to do place to get your there, so you should come visit beachy fashion on. They Lake Los Carneros! have great long-lasting —Marina F.

The Goleta Pier The Goleta Pier is very interesting. There are all sorts of things you can do there. You could fish, watch the sunset, eat lunch, and much more. Just a little while ago, a storm hit and the Goleta Pier was damaged, as well as a couple other piers nearby. I think it would be very fun to

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

swimsuits and wetsuits for anyone in their store, and they have very helpful staff. Once you go there, you will feel like you’re a part of the family, and I now feel like that. They also have fantastic outfits there. They have two sides in the store, a girl side and a boy side, and they have all the amazing surfer brands. They also have hats and

jewelry. This wonderful place is located at 7048 Marketplace Drive, Goleta and it opens at 9 a.m. and closes at 8 p.m. With all this amazing surf merchandise, you should totally take my word and visit this terrific place. —Jaiden M.

DAWG DAWG is one of the places that makes Goleta the Good Land because they rescue dogs from shelters that would otherwise be put down. They also care for the animals if they’re injured and they will treat their wounds. DAWG is located off of Patterson Avenue near the Humane Society. These are some of the reasons why I like DAWG. —Connor M.

Goleta Pier The Goleta Pier is part of what makes Goleta the Good Land. You can fish off the sides, and many people love to catch fish there. Some people like to sit on the side and look for boats out at sea. If you go visit the pier, you don’t have to pay for parking or to go out on the

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May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


prizes. The food at Zodo’s is good, like the pizza and ice cream. Zodo’s is awesome! —Martin R.

UCSB Gaucho Baseball pier. Sometimes people launch their boats there. These are some of the things that make the Goleta Pier part of the Good Land. —Gareth P.

Sundance Beach Do you believe Sundance Beach is one of the places that makes Goleta the Good Land? Sometimes I will go to the Sundance Beach store with my family just to look around, but sometimes we will buy stuff with our allowance. We buy necklaces, or bracelets, and every once and a while, we will buy a swimsuit. The store is located by Costco, and there’s always great music playing in there while you shop. One other thing that I like about the store is that it’s 1/4 outside and 3/4 inside. Sometimes there will be games outside that you can play. It’s a great place for buying presents. They have wide varieties of products, and they make the store seem like a beach. I like Sundance Beach! —Diesel P.

Zodo’s Zodo’s is exciting and it is located on Calle Real in Goleta near the Country Meat Market. The best thing about Zodo’s is playing bowling and the arcade games. I like the motorcycle riding game, the basketball shooting game, and the racing car game. While you play the games, you win tickets. The tickets can buy you


May 8, 2014

My favorite college baseball team is the UCSB Gauchos. The first time I got to go see a baseball game there, it was epic! There were snack bars, big bleachers, exciting games, and it had a thick field, and great grass. Their batting and fielding is great, and they are remodeling the stadium. I love baseball. —Ethan R.

COAC Swim Team The COAC (Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club) Swim Team is the greatest thing in Goleta. One reason it’s good is because you get a good workout whatever age you are. If you are on the younger side of things, you would be on Pre-Swim. The next level up is Novice, the most elite level is Age Group. COAC is located on Cathedral Oaks Road. You also have to be a member of COAC to be able to join swim team. PreSwim goes daily — if you’re on red ribbon, and if you’re on white ribbon. Novice goes Monday-Friday, Age Group also goes Monday-Friday. To be on swim team, you have to be able to do butterfly,

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. Sometimes you even get to go to the hot tub at the end of practice! After practice, you get that tired-happy buzz. All-in-all, it’s a good thing to try. —Micah R.

Refugio State Beach I like Refugio State Beach because there are many fun things to do, like basketball, surfing, and camping. I like surfing because there are great waves. I like camping because there are so many different campsites. They also have a basketball hoop. Sometimes my dad and I go to the train tracks and put a coin on the track and look at it after it’s smashed. If you want to go camping there, make sure you bring a football because they have a huge field in front of the campsites. They also have a swing set by the field and a horseshoe set, so you can bring friends and play horseshoes together. My brother and I also play tag or cops and robbers with our friends on the field. All and all, Refugio State Beach is a great place. —Luke S.

Girsh Park I think Girsh Park is a very amazing place. You get to play baseball behind soccer fields if people like to play baseball. The choices of what to do at Girsh Park are to walk the

park, play on the soccer fields, baseball fields, and basketball courts, or just exercise. I think that Girsh Park is awesome. At the basketball courts, there is a place where you get to do pullups on the bars. I think that it is easy to get to if you know where Costco is, because it is right beside it. —Galilea V.

Fourth of July The Goleta Fourth of July Celebration is held every year at Girsh Park. They have a BBQ, fireworks, and lots of people attend. At the end of the fireworks show you can go and get some of the Fourth of July history and when the U.S. gained its independence. I think it is really fun to watch the fireworks and eat at the barbecue. I also like to celebrate the day that the United States gained its independence. —Max W.

Goleta Lemon Festival I love the Goleta Lemon Festival, and I think everyone else will, too. It is just great because there’s food, games, bouncy castles, and even a petting zoo! I love it there, but too bad it only comes once a year. When it does come, it is amazing. I, for one, definitely recommend that you go to the Goleta Lemon Festival. —Addison W.

German Shepherds German shepherds are a type of dog breed. They can even have different jobs! For example, they can be hospital dogs to cheer people up, service dogs, police dogs... they can even be guard dogs almost anywhere! I have two German Shepherds at my house. They help the neighborhood be safer for us and protect the little dogs from

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Downtown • 331 Motor Way Upper State • 3849 State Street Goleta • 5668 Calle Real

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May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT

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May 8, 2014

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coyotes that roam around in the field. German shepherds can be extraordinary house pets. Some even love kids! They can be found at almost any dog breeder online. Now you can see from my point of view what makes Goleta the Good Land. —Keira W.

Goleta Beach Have you ever been to Goleta Beach? Goleta Beach is one of the best. The Goleta Beach Park is a fun place to visit. The variety of boats in the ocean are interesting to look at. People talk and play on the beach. The Goleta beach is a part of what makes Goleta be the Good Land. —Christian A.

Goleta Beach When you go to Goleta Beach, you’ll hear waves crashing and seagulls screeching. You will also smell the salty seawater when you arrive. The sand is warm and toasty when you step on it, and the water is cold and icy when you put your feet in. If you boogie board or surf, the water may taste salty. I love

boogie boarding and surfing. Sailboats can drift calmly across the water. I love Goleta Beach. You should go to Goleta Beach and you might admire it, too. —Taylyn B.

Girsh Park Girsh Park is a very unique park that is owned and operated by a foundation. Girsh Park is located north of Santa Barbara in the heart of Goleta, California. What I like about Girsh Park is the playground area, the nice green grass, the wonderful basketball courts, the amazing fields and soccer fields. Additionally, I really enjoy this park even just to sit on the grass and rest. There is also a dog area for dogs to run around the grass, as well. We all enjoy Girsh Park. —Eric B.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach is a beautiful sight. If you are lucky, you will see dolphins swimming playfully in the waves. The waves are always great for playing in. If you look far enough, you will see the Channel Islands. The hot

wind will blow on your face as you’re walking on the burning sand, and after you’ve played under the hot sun you can easily jump into the cool waters. Goleta Beach is a great place to be because Goleta is the Good Land. —Isabella B.

The UCSB Baseball Team One thing I love about Goleta is the UCSB Baseball Team, because they are excellent. Plus, I also like baseball. I really like to see a batter hit off of an amazing pitcher or a batter hit a home run, or even see a pitcher strike three people out in a row. When I walk into the stadium, I feel nice in the shade. The stadium is gigantic and full of people. The hot dog stand, jersey stand, and candy stand are all on the side. When I get there, I buy snacks like a hot dog and a drink, and then I find a seat. Then I sit back and watch the game. —Kai C.

The Recent Storm Was that thunder!? Is that rain!? Was that a deadly fork of purple lightning?!? We are experiencing a drought in Goleta, so the recent rains in Goleta were refreshing. The cloudy Goleta skies looked beautiful to me. The cold temperatures cooled the Goleta air. The comforting rain freshened Goleta plant life, including yummy citrus, after the drought. Be thankful for the recent, rare rain. I felt happy. — Evan D.

Lemon Festival When you get to the Lemon Festival you walk on the grass going down a hill at Girsh Park. You walk down and you see lemon trees planted

May 8, 2014

in pots and see all the stands that you can eat and drink at. You can hear the loud music while you’re walking down. When you’re at the stands, you get to touch the lemons that feel bumpy. You can smell the lemonade and the lemon pie. When you leave, you can still smell the lemons. I honestly love the lemon pie. —Samantha D.

Goleta Beach I hear waves crashing and seagulls screeching as I arrive at Goleta Beach. My family and I make sand castles in the fluff y, velvety sand. The smell of sea salt fi lls my body and makes me joyful. I remember when I found this huge, iridescent abalone shell. The Goleta beach is a gold mine of shells. The cool, refreshing water is fun to swim in and catch slimy seaweed. Once I found an immense, grayishbrown sea lion a yard away from the shore. He twirled and fl ipped in the water. After the long day, we walk along the shore and watch the beautiful pinks and oranges of the sunset dance through the sky. —Kira D.

UCSB Campus The UCSB campus is a superb place to be any day of the week. The art museum there is a fantastic place to go. The art is strange and mixed in reds and blues. The pool is a marvelous place to go on warm sunny days. You can relax, play, and swim. Last, but not least, there is the wide, green, and dusty baseball field. It is a great place to go.

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


You can play or watch games and eat churros. The UCSB Campus is what makes Goleta the Good Land. —Osiris F.

Kellogg School Everyday my mom drives me to school, and I have a smile on my face. I love the green grass on a bright sunny day. If you walk in, you can see the office and a drawing of animals on the wall. When you park in the entrance, you can see little kindergarteners playing on a hot sunny day. I especially like the female teachers because they are beautiful and nice. The uppergrade playground is near the field. I also like my 4th grade teacher because she always smiles. My favorite place in this elementary school is the obstacle course. Surely you can figure that Kellogg is a wonderful school.

Fairview Theater The Fairview Theater is my favorite place in Goleta because they show a lot of my favorite movies there. I like the smell of popcorn because when I go to the theater I always smell it and it makes me want to buy popcorn. I’m happy when I go there because I get to see movies that I want to see and sometimes they are funny. I like to sit in the front because I get to see the screen better. I like the loud sounds. —Jovani J.

Girsh Park

My favorite thing about Goleta is Girsh Park. It has a big basketball court. The field is good to play soccer and baseball. There is a little playground for little kids to —Christa G. enjoy. I like to play soccer when I’m at Girsh Park. I like Goleta Softball to ride my Y Flicker. Girsh “Smack! Yes! I’m on 2nd base.” I am on a softball team Park is incredible. —Yahir L. playing for the Goleta Valley Girls Softball Association, Goleta Beach called GVGSA for short. My team is called the Red Devils, As I walk along Goleta and I play in the 10U division. Beach, I see the bumpy, smooth, colorful, and shiny Softball is an energetic game. shells laying along the beach One of my favorite positions to play is pitcher. The position and some stuck into roughly shaped sandcastles. I hear the of pitcher is hard, fast-paced, waves crashing on the beach. I and enjoyable. I also love taste salty water. I walk under our coach, aka my Dad. He the tall, waving palm trees is entertaining, skilled, and handsome (because he says so). and the tall, looming pier. Goleta Beach is the best. We play all of our games at —Isabella M. the Dos Pueblos fields. I would like to play softball all the time Goleta Sushi House in Goleta because it’s so fun! Do you like good sushi? The —Teagan H. Goleta Sushi House is a great place to go to get sushi. It has delicious food to try. The drinks they have are very refreshing. The pictures on the wall are fantastic. I really


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

enjoy eating at the Goleta Sushi House! —Garrett M.

Goleta Library I enjoy the Goleta Library because of how silent it is. When I walk in, I smell a good scent. I really like the fantasy part because it’s quieter than the other parts of the library. I also really admire the people who work there; they are very nice and helpful and I adore that they have a wide selection of good books! I think the Goleta Library is a very pleasant place to be. —Bella M.

The UCSB Pool I love the UCSB pool in Goleta. When you jump off the diving board, it’s scary and fun at the same time. The deep end of the pool is relaxing. At one time, all the adults go in the pool and kids get to relax next to the pool. To get a pass to go into the deep end, you have to take a swimming test, and it’s fun. The UCSB pool looks like a giant field of blue grass. —Miguel N.

The Lemon Festival In Goleta, I think the best thing is the Lemon Festival. It’s always hot, which

makes the lemonade refreshing and tasty. I like listening to the music they play. Usually it’s rock, but they play other music, too. The sun makes the ice cream feel cold, and you can also taste the pieces of lemon. The games are fun; my favorite game is The Wheel of Fortune. I also like the henna because it’s creative and pretty. —Kailani N-W.

Goleta Beach I love Goleta Beach. It is beautiful. The ocean is nice and blue. The water is very cold and refreshing and feels relaxing. There are really pretty shells you can find on the beach. Having all these great things to do is fun. They have a playground area for the children to play as the parents rest. The parking is free, and they have a restaurant. That’s why I like Goleta Beach. —Mia N.

White and Grube When I walk into the White and Grube office, I go to the waiting office. There are books and magazines. There are also toys. When they call your name, you go to a room with equipment. They sit

you in a comfortable chair. They look at your teeth and put braces on. The room smells like flowers. If your teeth are not clean, they turn them into pearly-whites. The appointment is very fast. —Cole P.

The Weather Goleta is the Good Land because of the weather. It is mostly sunny, and when people need rain, it usually comes. The rain always grows the great, green grass. I always wonder what I can do each morning. In some weather, I can jump in puddles, or I can beat the heat and swim in the ocean. Or I could go and RipStik on the sidewalk. The weather in Goleta is the best weather in the whole world!


The Goleta Library

My favorite place in Goleta is Zodo’s because it has pizza, bowling, games, tickets, and prizes. My dad and I went to go play games of bowling. It also has hamburgers, hot wings, sandwiches, and candy. My dad had a hamburger. I had a pizza. It was the best place I have ever been.

I don’t hear any noise at all, and I see so many books at the Goleta Library. I feel like I could read every book in the library. I love the smell of the old books sitting on the shelves. I admire the adventure books, where there are quests and journeys. The library is the place to go if you are looking for books and if you are looking for peace and quiet.

—Benny R.

Zodo’s I walk into Zodo’s, and I go straight to the arcade. Let the games begin! I like the lights and music. Sometimes I focus on the game and try to get the jackpot. When I focus on the game, it feels like there’s no one around me. The prizes are a special reward to me!

—Spencer R.

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—Joey S.

and watching them come out the other side. Also, we love splashing in the trickling water. We love going down to the creek when it’s raining and seeing the water rush down the long creek. —Sadie S.

—Jedd S.

My Creek As I was walking I heard the lovely sound of the running water. I love the creek by my house because of the cool, refreshing water that comes after rain. I love standing on the old, wooden bridge, throwing leaves in one end,

Safe Schools Goleta is the Good Land because the schools are much cleaner than where I lived before. It is nice to not wear uniforms. In Mexico, where I lived before, it was dirty and I could not learn anything. I like living in Goleta. I feel safer and happy. —Emilio V.

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170 Los Carneros Way 805.968.1023

May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


La Chapala

Goleta Beach Have you seen a seal at the beach? I have! They frolic in the water at Goleta Beach. Dolphins also swim by the buoys. It is a fantastic place to play volleyball. The two volleyball courts are always open. I think you should have a party at Goleta Beach. There are large barbecue pits and covering awnings over picnic tables. The pier is a good place to go fishing or just walk to watch the fishermen. The people that fish are so friendly. There is a good place to swim. The best thing is the parking is free! I think you should visit the Goleta Beach and have a fun time. —Muhammad A.

My House What is the best thing in Goleta? For me, it is my house. I like my house because it has lots of video games and cozy beds. I would rather go to my house than any other place in Goleta. The other thing that makes it special is that my family is there. My family is helpful and friendly. For example, lots of the time, I can relax without anyone bothering me. My older brother is helpful and my younger one is cute. Most people feel safe and comfortable in their own


May 8, 2014

house. In Goleta, we really are safe. Our neighbors are friendly and the community is safe. I am comfortable surrounded by what I love and enjoy. —Sergio A.

El Caporal El Caporal is a mini-mart with lots of Mexican foods and goods. It also is the only place around to get some of the medicines and foods my family enjoys. It has a unique name and is fi lled with Mexicans who are devoted to their culture. It has really scrumptious food that is delicious with great prices. The joyful music that is always playing comes from different parts of Mexico. El Caporal has fresh produce. The fruits and vegetables here are important in Mexican food and are hard to find. They also sell medicine and goods like candies. When people need maize for tamales or they just want homemade tamales, they can buy them right there. When people visit the store, they feel like they are in their refrigerator or in Mexico. Mexican medicines are available, and I like them. I enjoy all the Mexican qualities El Caporal has. It makes Goleta the Good Land. —Llecenia C.N.

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

La Chapala is a convenience store, but there’s a restaurant inside. They sell food. They sell chips, vegetables, and fruit, too. In La Chapala, they sell meat. They also sell drinks like soda, water, juice, and milk. People sometimes drink there. It’s a good place to get food. La Chapala sells magazines and bread. La Chapala has Mexican candy that you can’t find in other grocery stores. If you need things for your home or just want to spend your allowance, come and visit La Chapala. —Guadalupe C.

The Parks One thing that makes Goleta the Good Land is the parks. They are wide open green grassy places to take my little fluff y dog. They have tall branchy trees that are great for climbing. Most Goleta parks have slides, swings, sand, and a play structure. Some parks have picnic tables that are perfect to have lunch on or read a book. A few parks have special places where you can have a BBQ, play horseshoes, or even play tennis! Goleta has many fun parks that I hope you get the chance to visit. —Brittney G.

UCSB Chem Lab Do you like science and experiments? If you do, the UCSB Chem Lab is a great place for you! I could only imagine how magnificent it would be to graduate from the UCSB Chem Lab! The scientists in the Chem Lab help us with the world, getting more knowledge about the place. People who graduate from the Chem Lab can become useful scientists and improve the planet. You get to do experiments, observations,

and more. The building has a very odd design. It’s shiny and all straight without a single bump. It has a big green field where you can walk your dog or have a picnic. I am an expert on the Chem Lab because of their outreach program that let my class visit the Chem Lab for some amazing experiments. Their program that serves our community is one of the things that makes Goleta the Good land. —Daniel G.

Goleta Little League Do you like to play baseball? If you do, then the Page Center Baseball Fields are the perfect place to go to have fun. The coaches are nice. Membership in the league is affordable. Parking is easy, too, and there is plenty of it. It is near San Marcos High on Hollister, and it is easy to find. There is a snack shack. They have Air heads, M&Ms, ice cold soda, and Slurpies. There is a mini batting cage! Baseball is a great way to have fun and exercise. Trust me; I play there. —Tyler H.

Cloud 10 Cloud 10 makes Goleta great because Cloud 10 is closer to any place in Santa Barbara than Sky High, which is in Ventura. Both these places are trampoline jump places. But Cloud 10 is the better place. Cloud 10 has more types of trampolines. It has a half pipe; it also has dodgeball. There’s a trampoline basketball court so even short people can slam dunk. For the younger kids, there’s a place just for them to jump and climb. These features make it better than Sky High. It is new, so it is fi lled with loud excited kids. If Call for more information 805.963.7511

165 S. Patterson 964-9944 • Mon-Sat: 8:30-5:30 / Sun 10-5

Montecito • Santa Barbara Goleta • La Cumbre Carpinteria • Solvang Ventura • Westlake Village

This ad created by Maddison W.

This ad created by Adriel A.

Jump Tickets, Trampoline Classes & Camps 187 S. Turnpike, Santa Barbara, 93111 805.617.3900 • 132 Harbor Way • 805.564.5531

This ad created by Osiris F. & Cole P.

This ad created by Gareth P.

May 8, 2014

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University Circle Open Space you don’t like noises, perhaps come later in the year when the novelty wears off. It has lots of convenient parking. It is extremely spacious, so it doesn’t get crowded. The staff are nice, and politely tell you how to follow the rules. The rules for each section are posted in large letters so everyone can read them. Cloud 10 is the best place to have your birthday party. I did, and I loved it. —Trevor K.

Zodo’s Zodo’s is what makes Goleta the Good Land. As the only bowling alley in Goleta, Zodo’s is popular. They let you choose what size bowling ball you want. You can watch movies and sport games above the lanes on their giant televisions. They also show what your score is when you bowl. They even let you use a booster that pushes the ball when you bowl and offer bumper rails that rise upon request. It isn’t just a bowling alley, it is also a restaurant. It serves lots of delicious food, from chili cheese fries to huge burgers and soup. In fact, some of the foods that Zodo’s cooks up are my favorites. There is a mini arcade. You can always count on Zodo’s to lift your spirits. There’s always cheerful laughing and talking inside. Zodo’s is a bowling alley, restaurant, and arcade. Not many restaurants can do that, which makes it unique. With all these options, Zodo’s is an excellent place to visit. —Wesley L.


May 8, 2014

Watching other people playing on a playground makes me happy. University Circle Open Space Park is not really famous. This wonderful green space seems sad when no one plays there. Few people go there, but I go there often. It is very quiet and relaxing. There is an enormous playground with good climbing structures or hiding places. There are even swings, monkey bars, and slides. It is a great place to hang out with your friends. You can walk there if you live close by. The park is between Merida Drive and San Jose Creek. There are two paths that go in different directions. One path goes to a dog park, and the other one goes to the creek. There is a foot bridge that lets you cross over the creek. I know other people would like it too. You can enjoy yourself at University Circle Open Space. The park should be used by more people. It would make me happy to see more people using this Good Land. It is one of the special places in Goleta. —Kristina M.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach is a wonderful Beach. It has free parking, good sand, and safe surfing. There is a restaurant and snack bar. Each smell tasty and yummy. Fishing on the pier smells fishy like the ocean. The pier is good for fishing and for launching boats. Nearby is a fun playground. There is a strange moving metal sculpture by the playground. You know you are near the beach when you see a row of palm trees

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

on the grass by the parking lot. Walk across the grass to the sandy beach. As you feel the cool wet sand on your toes, you will know you are in the Good Land. —Daniel N.C.

UCSB UCSB is not just a world-class university, but also an asset to the surrounding community of Goleta, the Good Land. UCSB is an expansive campus beside the small town of Isla Vista and the slightly larger town of Goleta. They have a skilled junior lifeguards program for the community. They have great science outreach programs that come to Goleta schools. UCSB also has fine theaters and basketball stadiums that welcome locals. They have cultural arts events and a big library that people in Goleta enjoy.

They also have a bookstore that has an incredible selection of books. There is a recreation center and a soccer field that people in the area are able to share. UCSB is a really interesting campus that serves our community as well as training the next generation of California’s best students. —Volkan O.

Zodo’s Zodo’s is a popular and exciting bowling alley where it’s fun to hangout. Zodo’s has pumping music all day long for you to dance to. The food is delicious. The really good fries are the best anywhere! Zodo’s has an exciting arcade with many fun games and really cool prizes. The bowling is really fun because you can get a lot of strikes. They have bumpers on every lane that you can choose to put up or leave down. The disco ball and black lights make bowling a disco experience. Zodo’s is a fun place for families and friends. I hope you can visit soon for an experience as unique as its name. —Kayla P.

My Softball Team What makes Goleta the Good Land is my softball team, the Royals. There is pleasure in playing together. If we work hard, we achieve our common goal: to win. We also become friends. Playing on a team teaches sportsmanship. Since we don’t always win, we learn how to be good sports. The good batters on our team are Sadie, Bella, Sophia, Kiani, and me. Bella can make awesome home runs. The good pitchers on our team are Sadie, Bella, and Kiani.

DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara 350 Hitchcock Way, Santa Barbara (888) 992-3153

3891 State Street 805.687.6900

This ad created by Viviana C.

This ad created by Daniel G. 1924 De La Vina • SB • 687-2062 6831 Hollister • Goleta • 571-1517 901 Chapala • SB • 965-1004 865 Linden Ave • Carpinteria • 684-6010 1508 N. "H" St. • Lompoc • 735-7877 301 E. Main • Ventura • 643-7701

This ad created by Tristan M. 2028 Cliff Drive • 805.259.7009 This ad created by Julia H.

May 8, 2014

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The Rose Cafe

DOWNTOWN 424 East Haley 966-3773

ON THE MESA 1816 Cliff Drive 965-5513

This ad created by Samantha D.

805-965-0353 222 State St. This ad created by Isabella M.


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

Santa Barbara 1 S. Milpas St. 805.965.9000

Camarillo Ventura 4051 E. Main St. 415 W. Ventura Blvd. 805.987.8600 805.642.2222

This ad created by Kailey Q.

308 S. Walnut Lane (Hollister Ave. & Walnut Ln) 964.3773 • Open Every Day

This ad created by Marina F.

out, I just know that it has to show at the Fairview Theater. What makes the Theater so comfortable is the big screen and the comfortable stadium seats. No matter where you sit, you can always see the screen. The concession stand has really tasty snacks. The movies also show right when they are released. After you see one movie there, you will want to come to the Fairview Theater again and again. This family-friendly theater makes Goleta the Good Land.

Besides being good players, they are also good friends. They make Goleta the Good Land for me. —Kylie P.

The Butterfly Preserve Do you like butterfl ies? There is a great place known as the Butterfly Preserve that is located in Goleta. It is in a colossal grove of eucalyptus trees. The air is always fresh and several thousand butterfl ies perch on eucalyptus trees every winter. They are Monarch butterfl ies. They hang on the branches and are so well camouflaged that you can’t tell them apart from the leaves! Beyond the trees is a cliff. If you stand on the edges of the cliff, you can see the ocean and beach below. You might even find special rocks or shells. It is moist and cool under the trees but sometimes hot in the sun by the ocean. There is also a small shallow pond in the forest. This lovely wild space is what makes Goleta the Good Land.

—Isha P.

San Jose Creek

—Ryan P.

Campus Point Do you like surfing? Come to one of the best surfing spots and beaches in Goleta, called Campus Point. Campus Point is a beautiful beach to enjoy with your friends and family on all occasions. At the beach, if you like surfing big waves, go to the point/end of the beach. If you’re a beginning surfer, stay on the central or south of the beach. Campus Point is also a good place for playing soccer, volleyball and other games. If you boogie

board, go to the other side of the point and there’s a nice boogie boarding spot with big waves. Don’t try surfing on the other side. Come to Campus Point today, where it is always a sunny day. —Stefano P.

Fairview Theater You may have not heard about the Fairview Theater, but it is one of the places I love. Whenever a kids’ movie or family movie comes

Have you ever been to the creek near the end of Berkley Road in Goleta? It has a winding path next to it. The path has trees, grass, dirt, leaves, and a rope swing. In the actual creek, there is almost no water, unless there has been a recent rain. Whenever there has been a rain, the water speeds up and a muddy current rushes downstream. When you are in the creek, poison-oak-covered walls block off most of the sound from the surrounding neighborhood. It’s a great place to hang out with friends or walk dogs. San Jose Creek is one of the many places that makes Goleta the Good Land. —Tenaya P.

Goleta Pier Have you ever been to Goleta Pier? It has a snack shack with sweet lemonade and a fancy restaurant right on the beach. It is great for taking a family member or yourself fishing because it is very long, sturdy, and clean. There are also many fishermen who will show you their catches and give you tips to catch more fish. The

May 8, 2014

luxurious restaurant is called the Beachside Cafe. It has delicious crab cakes among many other wonderful seafood specialties. It also has very kind staff. Surely this is one of the places that makes Goleta the Good Land. —Thomas R.

Channel Technologies Group Channel Technologies Group produces outstanding types of high-tech like electronic equipment. CTG also provides good jobs to people so we can live in Goleta, the Good land, instead of going all the way to Los Angeles for work. The transducer is a very cool way to communicate. The transducer converts electrical energy into sound waves so when you speak into a microphone in a submarine underwater that is connected to an amplifier, you communicate underwater. This is why CTG is a valuable addition to Goleta, the Good land. —Alex R.

Santa Cruz Market The people who work at Santa Cruz Market in Goleta are really special. Most clerks at stores are friendly but these workers at Santa Cruz Market speak Spanish and English. They have a meat counter, and they sell meat very fresh. It is the best place to get meat. I like also looking at the shelves. Some of the cans are products from Mexico. —Nallely R.

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


of fun things to do, and that’s why it makes Goleta the Good Land. —Anna R.

Gamestop Kellogg School Kellogg School makes Goleta the Good Land. Kellogg School is an adventurous school because of its exciting school programs. Our art teacher teaches us perspective and how to do sculpture. The PE teachers make sure you make your mile time as fast as you can. Our science teacher does what she can to make science fun. The music teacher helps us with our assemblies. We have energetic teachers. They make everything fun all year, and they are willing to help kids after school. They offer a homework club. There are also fun programs after school that include chess, track, future scientists and engineers, and scouts. It is more than a school; it is a community center.

Have you ever been to Gamestop? If you have, you know it is a spectacular video game store. Gamestop is the best game store in Goleta because it has the video games you want. It has kind employees who always help you. If you like video games, like me, you’ll love Gamestop. Gamestop is the place to get any video game you want. The store keeps up with all the new games. —Will T.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach is one of the many things that makes Goleta the Good Land. If

—Letycia R.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach makes Goleta the Good Land because it is a fun, relaxing place that everyone can enjoy. There is lots of free parking, but the beach is so long it’s never too crowded. You can see lots of entertaining animals jumping in and out of the water or go on boats. From the shore, you can see the Channel Islands. There is also a restaurant and a park on the beach. The water at Goleta Beach is great for swimming. The surf is just right to learn how to surf. I like to go kayaking with my family on nice calm days or just play in the water when the waves are bigger. Goleta Beach has a lot


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

someone wanted to know a great place to have a fun time, I would say that Goleta beach is perfect. Goleta Beach is a great place for ocean lovers to find crab legs, beautiful shells, and lobster tails. Goleta Beach is both beautiful and peaceful. I think that the water feels the best when I swim on summer days and it is hot. The playground is the perfect place for both older and younger kids. If you don’t want to go on the beach, you can just sit under a tree on the grass and read or have a picnic. The beach also has a great pier for fishers or sightseers. The beach is one of the only beaches in California where the parking is free. If you get hungry, you can go to a great restaurant right on the beach. The calm surf is perfect for swimming. The waves are perfect for boogie boarding and paddle boarding. Goleta Beach is a great beach. —Kellen T.

Goleta Barbers One of the things that makes Goleta the Good Land is Goleta Barbers. It is a really good barber shop on Hollister. The workers there are talkative with each other and the customers. My friend Everardo got a star haircut from Goleta Barbers. It is cool, so of course I get my haircut there. It’s quick and easy. They make unique designs for your hair. It’s fun there because they are usually watching TV, and they talk to you. Goleta Barbers are good at what they do. You feel good while you are there and look good when you leave. —Enzo U.

Santa Cruz Market Santa Cruz market makes Goleta a better place and maybe even unique. The Santa Cruz is a good place to get your groceries, vegetables, fruits, and fresh meat. The food in the market is fresh and grown in local farms. The Santa Cruz is like my house because it has everything I enjoy for food. The workers are very friendly and generous. Some products may be from Mexico. There are spices and flavorings like dried peppers and habaneros that other stores don’t have. Cilantro is always fresh and affordable. There are all kinds of vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and onions, and there are fruits like bananas, oranges, strawberries, melons, and kiwi. Many Mexican things are found at the market. Santa Cruz Market gives Goleta an international flare and makes it the Good Land. —Erik V.

Beachside Restaurant Have you ever been to Beachside restaurant? Beachside is a delightful restaurant. It has a spectacular view of the beach and delicious food. If I had to recommend what to get there, it would be the clam chowder bread bowl. Also, Beachside has a very fancy setup. If you go there at night, you can see all of the lights on the beach and look at the waves crashing down next to you. These are most of the reasons that Beachside is a magnificent place in Goleta. —Cami V.

Goleta Lemon Festival I think that one of the best things in Goleta is the Lemon Festival. My mom is the President of the Goleta Chamber of Commerce, so

she basically runs the whole festival, and I get to help with set-up! The Lemon Festival is very fun because of all the rides. I love the colossal bungee jump. You have a harness on you, and there are towering poles that connect you safely so you can jump really high on the trampolines! And then of course the bouncy houses! There are many booths to shop at, and there’s also a face painting booth where, if you want, you can get a dazzling, sparkling, shimmering, bright pink butterfly on your face to show off to your friends! The Lemon Festival is very fun for Goletans of all ages and sizes! To persuade you a little more, there’s also a pie-eating contest! ;^)


Isla Vista Day Care

Where do you go when you want to see unique and friendly people? Goleta, of course! One of the best things about the people here is that they’re welcoming. They are excited to meet you, talkative, and nice. The people here are always enthusiastic when they see a new face in their community. The people here are also very helpful. Anybody will tell you anything you need to know and help you any day. There is also a wide variety of people here. They all have different professions and customs. That’s what makes Goleta such a great place, and that is why my cousins are moving here, to the Good Land.

While picking up my nephew, I learned that Isla Vista Day Care is the best. When you enter, you have to provide a password so it’s very safe for children. The teachers are really nice. I feel happy when I see the kids. When I pick up my nephew with my mom, I’m happy because I get to see the children. The children over there are learning shapes. When I go over there, I also get to see my friend Carolina because she

—Olivia A.

—Consuelo A.

—Sammy A.

140 S. Hope Ave. #102 (805) 564-3900

140 S. Hope Ave. #102 (805) 564-3900 This ad created by Diego G.

lives by Isla Vista Day Care. That’s why I think Isla Vista Day Care is a great, safe place for children.

This ad created by Keira W.

May 8, 2014

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Goleta School of Ballet Did you ever want to go to a ballet school that feels so much like home? Well, the Goleta School of Ballet covers all that. The teachers and classmates are hilarious and soon become like family. When performance day comes, nobody treats you like you’re an amateur. I’ve even had a conversation with the lead role! Even in class, while we’re stretching, somebody

cracks a joke and sets us off laughing. And at the bar, sometimes our teacher gives us a fast jump combination that’s really complex and fun! If you really love to dance, this is the place for you. The Goleta School of Ballet has everything you could ever want in a ballet school. —Anahita B.

Sumida Gardens Apartments Sumida Gardens Apartments is my favorite place to be in Goleta. It’s my favorite place because it is my home. Sumida Gardens makes me feel safe because my neighbors are friendly and kind. When I come home, my friends come outside and we hang out next to the barbecues. It also has a garden called La Sumida next to the apartments. If you lived in Sumida Gardens, I’m sure you would love it, too. —Amira B.


Dance Unlimited

Did you have a pet when you were growing up? Well, I do. Her name is Eva. She is a very playful dog, and she likes to chill around. My family likes to bring her to the mission. A couple months ago, Eva fell off a 40-foot cliff and paralyzed her left front leg, and every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday she goes to physical therapy to help her leg get better.

Dance unlimited is a dance studio where you can dance jazz, hip-hop, ballet, modern, and tap. I love to do hiphop, jazz, and ballet. Dance Unlimited makes me feel amazing, happy, energetic, and awesome. The dance teachers are Kendra (my favorite teacher), Lisa, Kacey, and Cat. Every year all the classes put on a show for parents, aunts, uncles, and other relatives. The show always has a theme, and this year’s theme is based on a book called Where the Wild Things Are. In the performance, I am dancing intermediate hip-hop and jazz. My sister Erika is dancing advanced hip-hop and jazz. That’s Dance Unlimited.

—Chris B.

the Nugget The Nugget is one of the delicious restaurants in Goleta. My favorite food there is the nachos; they have a lot of cheese and beef. The salmon is cooked well. The appetizers at the Nugget are tasty. If it is busy, you can eat in the booth, if there is no one there. And you can sit in a chair and get some drinks. You can also eat inside or outside. You can call the Nugget and order your food then you go and pick it up. It is right between Denny’s and KFC on Calle Real. I think you will like the Nugget, too. —Aidan C.

Friends One of the best things in Goleta are my friends. My friends are very compassionate to me. My friends love smiling and laughing. They’re very pretty and fun. They have big and really neat handwriting. They love taking selfie’s and eating Hot Cheetos and Takis. They love texting and watching scary movies like Mama and Paranormal Witness Four. My friends definitely make Goleta the Good Land for me. —Angela C.


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

—Viviana C.

Many Things Goleta is the Good Land because there are many yummy restaurants. One of my favorite restaurants is Outback Steakhouse. Another neat thing about Goleta is that there are book stores where we learn things we never knew. Goleta is the Good Land because of all the pretty plants and wonderful people. I love living in Goleta! —Griffi n D.

Cocoa The one thing that is very important to me is my guinea pig Cocoa. He is very playful. He plays tug-a-war with his food when he is very hungry. He is very brilliant. He will climb up your shirt to play a game with you. He will bite your sleeve, but he will make sure not to bite your arm (unless you smell like food or you are my brother). He will run across the table for food. So now you know the most important thing in my life is (805) 893-3535

This ad created by Catherine H.

Uptown 26 S. La Cumbre • 805-967-2807 Downtown 1021 Chapala • 805-899-8820

This ad created by Isabell E.

This ad created by Adriel A. 805.682.3228

3500 McCaw Ave. (located on the Community Golf Course) This ad created by Adriel A.

May 8, 2014

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5925 Calle Real 805.967.0128 • This ad created by Taylyn B. 805.683.7600 This ad created by Cole P.


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

14 State Street • Santa Barbara • 962-0049 This ad created by Samantha D.

Hearts Therapeutic Equestrian Center (805) 964-1519 • This ad created by Lura P.

Cocoa who makes Goleta the Good Land for me! —Isabell E.

Zodo’s I love the Goleta Zodo’s because the bang of the bowling balls hitting the ground. I love the smell of hot wings. I love the thrill of getting the grand prize 100 tickets. My favorite meal at Zodo’s is hot wings with sliders. Do you like to bowl or play arcade games? Do you like hot wings? If you do, go to Zodo’s, located in Goleta the Good Land. —Teddy F.

Lupita Lupita lives in Goleta and makes it great for me because she is my best friend and she makes me laugh all the time. She’s really funny, fun, pretty, and nice. Lupita and I like

watching scary movies and really funny movies together because it’s fun. —Daisy G.

Kellogg Elementary School Kellogg School is in Goleta. It is a safe, healthy, and great school. First of all, there are lots of great people at the school and a beautiful woman principal. There is a great art teacher, Ms. Hamburger, and a good 5th grade, Room 11 teacher, Mrs. West. Countless other people work at Kellogg School, and they are all good teachers. Second, there is garden for students. It’s a beautiful and fresh place where we can learn about plants. Kellogg School has a very big field. It is very large, wide, and full of fresh green grass. Kellogg School is healthy and safe because if students get hot lunch from school, there is lots of fresh, cold milk and

vegetables. When the principal talks to the students about safety, she always gives us good advice. With all these great things, Kellogg is part of what makes Goleta the Good Land. —Catherine H.

My Friend Tony One of the best things in Goleta is my friend Tony. My friend Tony is nice to me. My friend is compassionate, loves to laugh, smiles, and is really fun. I like his family because they are really nice. The best thing about Tony is that he is a good friend and a great part of my good life in Goleta. —Everado J.

My Pet Hamster One of the things that made Goleta special to me was my hamster Caramel. He played on his exercise wheel every night, and fi lled me with so much excitement that I couldn’t go to sleep. I remember the pure white spots on his caramel, golden fur. He was very curious, his beady black eyes always peering through one hole then another. A few days before he passed away, he fell asleep in my pocket. —Rachel L.

Goleta Beach Somewhere fun to go is Goleta Beach. At Goleta Beach you can go surfing. You can also play with your dog. You could play fetch with your dog or just play in the water. Dogs love it. If you want to, you can just relax on the warm sand and get a tan. You can also go fishing

May 8, 2014

from the long pier. Many people love to catch fish. You can also have picnics on the grass. Sometimes you can see dolphins jumping out of the water if you are lucky. I love Goleta Beach. —Julia M.

Tucker’s Grove Park Have you ever been to Tucker’s Grove? It has a lot of magnificent features. One of them is the creative playground structure. There is a swing set, slides, and a bridge to walk from place to place. Another feature is the sturdy picnic tables. They are very convenient for parties, reunions, or just having lunch with your friends. There are also barbecues there. Now you can grill your meals there and enjoy it with your loved ones. With all of the wonderful things at Tucker’s Grove, I bet you can enjoy it just as much as I did! —Tristan M.

Lake Carneros Lake Los Carneros makes me happy. The trees at Lake Los Carneros are extremely fun to climb. There are many different types of animals there. The bridge is interesting to go under and play in the tunnel. The swing tree has two tire swings and one regular swing. There are many carvings in the trunk and branches. The trails are fun to hike. With so many fun things to do there, I always want to go back. —Lura P.

Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


5850 Hollister Ave, Goleta CA 93117 805.683.5779 • M-F 9:30-6:00 Sat. 9:30-5:00

This ad created by Jiyun W.

Loreto Plaza 3315 State St • 805.569.2400

Inside Gelsons 3305 State St • 805.687.7565

Arlington Plaza 1324 State St, Ste. N • 805.892.2800

This ad created by Wesley L.


May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert 805.861.8128

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hamsters? I do, and that’s why I wrote this. —Angelique R.

My Dogs For me, what makes Goleta the Good Land are my two Have you ever thought about dogs, Jersey and Sammy. taking dance lessons? If you Sammy’s a boy miniature do, then come to Dance schnauzer and Jersey is a girl Unlimited. They teach jazz, pug/beagle mix, a puggle. tap, ballet, and hip-hop. They Sammy is an energetic dog have fun and cheerful music that loves to play, and Jersey that will make you want to is laid-back and loves to love. dance. Once you exit the fun, Sammy has a white beard energetic, and memorable and big fluff y eyebrows and dance studio, I will guarantee big blue eyes. Jersey is a light you will have a smile on your fawn color with a black face face. Join Dance Unlimited — and snout. She also has two it’s a part of the Good Land. twin tiny black spots on her —Emily R. cheeks. Sammy is super social with other dogs. Jersey isn’t My Neighbors that social with other dogs at My neighbors are super first, but she warms up after nice, caring, and welcoming. a few minutes. Sammy’s the Whenever we need something, kind of dog that will just jump we walk next door and they up on top of you and lie right have it. They also gave us two down; Jersey’s the kind of lacrosse sticks, two scooters, a dog that will lie right beside soccer ball, a pogo stick, and you. As you can tell, they’re a working Xbox with games both so different, but both the because they are super nice. dogs love you, and that’s what They also have a cool dog, makes Goleta the Good Land. Sheba. Our other neighbors —Tanner R. are really nice and let us play with their baby, Brennen, and My Dog Ruby also let us walk their really Ruby is almost my favorite cute dog, Albert. He is a pit thing in Goleta. I want to bull and mastiff mix. In my describe her to you. Ruby opinion, mostly all dogs are is excited most of the time. cute. Realize I said mostly. I When I walk in the door, she don’t like some dogs, including vigorously licks my face. She yorkshire terriers. In the Good has short and silky fur. Her Land, all neighbors are nice. face is loving and excited. Her —Jake R. tail is fast and moves happily. Ruby is a good companion, a My Pet Hamster happy dog, and makes Goleta One of the cutest things in great! Goleta is my pet hamster Jeff. —Elijah T. Jeff is the one who helps me DoS Pueblos High School play, have fun, and have a cool time in Goleta. He is a Are you having trouble loyal hamster, and he makes choosing a high school? My me laugh. I always have a advice is go to Dos Pueblos. great time when I play with It has a great Engineering my hamster. Do you like Program. It also has an

Dance Unlimited

amazing Theater Company. They have great productions, jaw-dropping sets, and costumes that relate to each different, but fantastic, show. You might also like it because of its campus. The campus is big and full of nature. It makes you feel safe and protected. Those are some reasons why I recommend Dos Pueblos High School and why I think it makes Goleta the Good Land. For more information about Dos Pueblos, go to —Sydney T.

My Mom What makes Goleta so special is my family, because if you don’t have a family, what would it be like? A mom is so important in the family because she created you. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a mom. I have a mom, and I treat her with respect. I know it might be frustrating that our moms make us do things we don’t want to do, but they are what makes Goleta the Good Land. —Aaron V.

Goleta Beach

beach, you can see the shining sea. Also, you can see shining stars in the night sky. And when you want to relax, or children want to play near the beach, you should drive the car and run to Goleta Beach. Children can play near the sea at the playground. In the playground, there is sand, swings, a slide, and monkey bars. Also, at the beach, there is shining water, twinkling stars, fresh air, many big trees, and flying birds. There is a nice pier, too. When you want to go to a beautiful place, go to Goleta Beach! —Jiyun W.

Kellogg School Kellogg School is one of the most confident schools in its district. It has excellent teachers and very smart and bright kids. I have the best memories there. It has a very safe environment. It also has state-of-the-art technology and, if you are thinking about enrolling your child, don’t have a second thought — we love new kids! —Patrick W.

Where will you go to find a beautiful place? Where will you go when you want to see the shining sea and twinkling stars? Where will you go when you need a good place to relax and a playground for children? Go to Goleta Beach. When you go to the

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it is impossible to not run into a winding snake-like spring rushing beside you. Sometimes you might even see a mountain lion or deer on the side of the road. Once I even saw a Channel Islands bald eagle, but these are only small parts that make Goleta the Good Land. —William B.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach has many of my favorite things — sand to tickle my feet, wind chimes to play music for me, and the cool blue ocean water. The sea is cold, but it makes me feel alive and happy. When I get out of the surf, the sun shines down on me and makes me warm and feel cozy in my beach towel. I remember my Granddad used to take me to play on the swings and chase the pigeons at Goleta Beach. The refreshing blue water along with the sounds of the surf and chimes remind me of my Grandfather as they roll over me and bring feelings of joy to my heart and soul.

The Beautiful Landscapes

Being so conveniently close to both the extremely fun, sandy beaches and the rolling hills, Goleta is definitely one of the most amazing places to live. It’s small and friendly, not a big bustling metropolis. You can simply step outside and smell the crisp salty ocean air and gaze upon the beautiful forested mountains. There are so many extraordinary activities to do, such as surfing, swimming, sailing, paddle boarding, and so many more exciting events to do at the beach. Out in the woods, the recreation possibilities are endless: You can hike, —Angel A. mountain bike, camp, rock bird watch, etcetera. Santa Barbara Airport climb, With the breathtaking The Santa Barbara airport landscape so near to home, is state-of-the-art due to why not go enjoy all of the its amazing new terminal. amazing aspects of Goleta the The new terminal is home Good Land? to resplendent glass jetways, —Kristen B. which are only in three airports in the U.S. SBA also Nature houses a gargantuan marble Goleta is the Good Land maze. The maze is 7 feet tall because of its beautiful and features baseball-size landscape and exquisite marbles. SBA is also a good animals. The big rocky place to learn how to fly with mountains seem to tower over Spitfire Flying Club. This you the longer you look. The beloved airport makes Goleta blue ocean is always sending and Santa Barbara the place a wave or two crashing to be. towards the beach. Hiking —Cooper B.


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in the mountains, it feels like

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Goleta Beach is a perfect place to have a fantastic day. You can boogie board on the smooth and easy waves. The weather at the beach has a tropical climate. Also, the water is at a perfect temperature to cool you down when you’re hot and warm you up on a chilly day. —Allison G.

Goleta Lemon Festival

Goleta Boys & Girls Club

Why I like Goleta? I like it because I like going to the Lemon Festival. What I like doing there is trying the different food and all the activities and games. I usually go with my mom and aunt. My favorite thing is when the people draw a picture of me. My favorite food is the lemon ice cream. I also like it because when we go, I like buying some gifts for family. I wish I could go this year again or I hope to go.

The importance of the Boys & Girls Club is its helpfulness to our community. At the Boys & Girls Club there are a variety of people. The Boys & Girls Club is a place where friendly people take care of you. The staff at the Boys & Girls Club can help you on your homework or any other subjects. There are grateful people who treat you full of respect. It feels like home to you. Numerous things that they have at the club are a jewelry store, hockey, ping pong, foosball, art, computers, basketball, soccer, snack machines, etc. All those activities are active. People think the Boys & Girls Club is a productive place for kids; it’s never too late to join. In special addition, there are late nights each Friday which you can spend with your friends.

—Jayden E.

K9 Pals Come to K9 Pals! They are a merciful animal rescue center/shelter open to all needy animals. K9 Pals is a public shelter, open to all people (adopters, employees, etc.), with no prejudice against certain breeds of animals. With low adoption fees and plenty of fostering for those hopeful animals, K9 pals is a wonderful place to foster or adopt your new friend! K9 pals takes exceptional care of their animals, and tends to all their needs faithfully, along with the extra help from volunteers. With all of its hard work, K9 Pals is definitely one of the places that makes Goleta the Good Land! —Eden G.

Goleta Beach Goleta is the Good Land because of our Goleta Beach.

—Rebecca G.

Goleta Boys & Girls Club Do you want to have a good afternoon? Then come to the Goleta Boys & Girls Club. It is a perfect place to be in the afternoons. It has a lot of nice staff that can help you on your homework. The Goleta Boys & Girls Club helps you if you need help with anything. They also have exciting activities to do when you’re bored. They even have amazing games like pool, and a gym to play basketball, soccer, and dodgeball. They have a

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Rainbow School

Your Child's Home Away from Home • Quality Childcare Since 1978 A Few Spaces Left for School-Age Summer Camp... Don't Delay! 5689 Hollister Ave • 805.964.4511 • Lic. # 421710342 May 8, 2014

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Summer ArtVenture Camps 1130 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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32 E Micheltorena St 805-965-6045 This ad created by Emily R.


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500 Ninos Drive, Santa Barbara (805) 962-5339 •

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5112 Hollister Goleta, CA (Magnolia Center) 967.3775

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really big computer lab with interesting games to play. If you come to the Goleta Boys & Girls Club, trust me, you will have the best afternoon ever. —Cristina G.

Fairview Theater The Fairview Theater is a wondrous place to sit down, relax, and enjoy a movie and some popcorn. The popcorn there has an exciting taste, and there are many different condiments you can put on it to make it even better. Now, I can’t give all the love to the popcorn, even though it is marvelous, so I will now focus on the movies. I went there just last week to see the Lego Movie, and it was great! You can never tell what movies they are playing, but they are usually kid-friendly and entertaining. —Henry G.

Anna’s Bakery Anna’s Bakery has delicious donuts. They have the best donuts I have ever had. If you can’t find anything to eat at home, go to Anna’s Bakery and grab a quick donut. It’s also close by, so you

don’t have to use gas; you can just ride your bike. They also make cakes and cookies. If you want a cake, you can get them for any sort of event such as weddings, birthday party, etc. —Gabe H.

Fairview Movie Theater

Good Weather

The Fairview movie theater is a fantastic place to go with friends and family. It is convenient and it is only $7! When you get inside, you will see candy galore and, best of all, lots of rich, buttery popcorn! There are fi lms and movies here for people young and old! With all the amazing things above, you can see why Goleta is called the Good Land!

Goleta is bursting with sunny and warm weather. This puts citizens in a jolly mood, and brightens the day. The luscious grass basks in the sun as children frolic and romp on its surface. Our parks are gorgeous with the warm sun beating down on local trees. The beaches are also a fun place to roam as the sun is warm and the water cool. All in all, Goleta is a fantastic place to live.

—Julia H.

Goleta Beach I like Goleta Beach because of all the fun activates you could do with your friends and family. Some of the activities I like are you could go fishing, play soccer, make a BBQ, or just have fun. After that, you could go have a fun dip in the ocean and make sand castles. But mostly it’s because I could spend time with my whole family. —Omar I.

—Becky M.

Kellogg School Kellogg School is a big school because there are a lot of classrooms. Kellogg is a nice school because it is friendly. Kellogg is a fun school because there are a lot of interesting things to do. The fun activities we do at school are art, PE, library, and jogathon. We also do soccer, basketball, two square, and handball. —Gabriel P.

Kellogg School Here at the distinguished school of the name Kellogg, learning is made convivial! The 6th grade teachers, Miss Checchio and Mrs. Wilson, plan at least one field trip a month. The library is a gargantuan library with many interesting and intellectually helpful books. The staff, like the principal, are very kind and always wanting to help if you have a problem. So just remember that if you want a very strong education, Kellogg is the place to go! —Logan P.

GVGSA Do you play softball or would like to play? If so, join the

May 8, 2014

Goleta Valley Girls Softball Association. You get to play with or against many different girls. Learning new softball techniques from your coach is a great experience. You might feel left out in the beginning, but I can assure you that you won’t want to quit. If you do feel left out, just think how the other kids felt when they started softball so just know all the girls have gone through what you might go through. It’s a terrific event to attend with your friends. I play with my friends in this league, and it’s fantastic. When the season first starts, there will be an opening ceremony to see all the other teams in different divisions and they will recognize the summer allstar teams. You play about two games every week for about three months. Your coach will set up some practices the team will attend so that you’re ready for the game; practice makes perfect. The divisions are 6U, 6 and under, to 14U, 14 and under. This league provides everything you need to participate, like a jersey, socks, and a visor. The only thing you need to buy is your softball pants and any other softball accessories you want additionally, like sliding shorts, sliding knee pads, or a fielding mask. After three months of participation, the season will end. If you enjoyed the GVGSA season, try signing up for the summer all-star team. There is a bronze, silver, and gold team. Gold is the best you could be picked for, then silver, then bronze. You travel all over California to play in different tournaments

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almost every weekend. Do you know the 14U Gold team this past summer won 1st place in the western nationals in Arizona after winning every tournament they played during the all-star season? And if you enjoyed the allstar softball season, try out for fall ball. It is softball during the fall. You travel to play in different tournaments, just like all-stars. If you decide to join, be ready for the ride of your life. —Akshaya R.

Goleta Beach Goleta Beach is the best place in Goleta for me. I like the BBQ there that my family and I make. I like to play at the park with my cousins, and we have a lot of fun. I like to enjoy being in the water. I like to go on the pier with my cousins. All the things that I do make Goleta Beach the best place in Goleta.

so supportive, and they help you improve your skills without being too critical. Since I’ve been playing for five years, I know a lot of people, and we’re all friends. This creates a huge network of smiling and waving fans. After rec season, there is an opportunity participate in the all-star program. There are different levels, so you can play with people at your level. These teams have all-star coaches as well as players, so you improve even more! —Marlee S.

Fairview Theaters

There are a lot of local theaters in Goleta, but one of the best local theaters is the Fairview Theater. They are the only Fairview Theater, and they have fair prices for movie theaters these days. They always get the good movies like The Lego Movie, —Erwin S. Thor, and 47 Ronin first. Which we always get to see because My New Home we live right up the hill from Ever since I moved here, I the theater, and this is what thought that Goleta would makes Goleta the Good Land. be a lovely place to live. Now —Nathan T. since we got here, the places I always wanted to go are much Goleta Lemon Festival closer. Bowling alleys, Yogurt Goleta is the Good Land. places, and trampoline parks I think it is the Good Land and other fun places are much because of the Lemon Festival closer now! Also my dad’s that happens every year. I work is closer so he doesn’t have been going to the Lemon drive as much. Festival since I was 4 years —Alec S. old. My soccer team usually hosts a booth there. It is my GVGSA favorite festival that happens The thing I love most in Goleta. The Lemon Festival about Goleta Valley Girls has fresh and scrumptious Softball Association is the lemonade. It’s made entirely environment. The coaches are from scratch! The Lemon Festival has the most incredible and fun bungee jumping in the entire world! They also have an awesome petting zoo with goats and chickens. We can’t forget the


May 8, 2014

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music! The live music is enjoyable and amusing. If you want to get some classic live music, go to the Lemon Festival! I LOVE THE LEMON FESTIVAL! —Bella V.

Goleta Boys & Girls Club One of the best parts about the Goleta Boys & Girls Club is you get to meet new people and hang out with them. There are numerous people that go to the Boys & Girls Club. There are tons of exciting games there. You get to play many cool sports at the Goleta Boys & Girls Club. I have a lot of fun there! They help you on your homework and teach you a lesson about the problem you need help on in your homework. You get to play many activities like foosball, soccer, basketball, and tennis. There are computers so you can get help on your homework or you can play games on there. You get to eat food if you’re hungry. The best thing about the Goleta Boys & Girls Club is you get to stay at late nights. It’s the wonderful place you can spend the whole day! —Marlen V.

The Drive-In The movie drive-in is an enjoyable place where you can enlighten yourself in front of a movie, while staying in your car! They even have a Tuesday-night special where kids get a discount. There is a convenient store where you can stock up on food in time for the movie. The screen is colossal, so you can see clearly. This is one of the best parts that can make Goleta be the Good Land. —Brennen A.

Goleta Girls Softball Association Goleta Valley Girls Softball Association, or GVGSA, is an incredible softball league for beginners, or all-stars. My team, the Aqua Sox, has a 4-0 record, and counting. Our team has really encouraging coaches, who will try to help you in any way they can. We have some of the most fantastic teammates ever, who pick you up if you make an error or strike out. Our parents are our cheer section, and are super supportive. Overall, our whole team is incredibly competitive and

much fun. The Witness Tree has long beautiful branches that bring lots of shade, —Ali B. which is good for the weather in Goleta. The tree is so The Witness Tree interesting and unique because One thing that makes Goleta it’s in a building! This is one the Good Land is the history. of the many things that makes For example the tree in the Goleta the Good Land. former Sizzler Steak House —Carlotta B-K. located on Hollister Avenue. This tree is a Sycamore and is Cloud 10 called the Witness Tree. The Cloud 10 is a new business tree is over 250 years old! The in Goleta. Cloud 10 is full Witness Tree is a replacement of many trampolines where of the original Witness Tree you can do many wonderful that was cut down in the activities such as dodgeball, 1800s so Goleta could build basketball, and freestyle foam Hollister Avenue. I have many pit. My favorite activity is memories there. One that I dodgeball because it is fun remember is that every time throwing dodgeballs at each we went to eat there, my other. It is better than playing brother and I would always dodgeball on the ground go outside to play around the because you can dodge better tree. I remember having so on the trampolines and you super fun. GVGSA is just one of the many things that makes Goleta the Good Land.

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can dive to catch the ball and it won’t even hurt. You can do unique tricks on the trampoline such as backfl ips, front-fl ips, and many more tricks. I suggest you guys to go to Cloud 10 for a fun and enjoyable day. —Niccolo B-K.

Fairview Theaters Goleta is the Good Land because of all the delicious movie theater snacks at Fairview. I love the buttery popcorn with salt. They have ice-cold soda and lemonade. They have all sorts of candy to choose from including sweet and sour gummies, mints, and licorice. They have better seats, and the sound system is the best. It’s a good place to go with your family. —Robby C.

Valhalla In Goleta, there are many fun and cool places that you could visit, but if i had to choose what makes Goleta really the Good Land, I would personally think that it is Valhalla. Valhalla has many fun activities for you to try out. You can come to do martial arts classes or just hang out in the gym. They also do fun activities like the lion dance, which you can do, or if you don’t want to do that, then you will be given special classes with our swords master. In the summer, if your parents work and they want to leave

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14 West Gutierrez St. 805.963.6677

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16 Helena St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101 805.963.7672 • This ad created by Isabella B.

Downtown • 331 Motor Way Upper State • 3849 State Street Goleta • 5668 Calle Real

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5473 Overpass Road 805.683.3368 •

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May 8, 2014

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you with a babysitter, tell them that you want to try out Valhalla’s summer stunt camp! There you will be taught a lot of things about how movies pull of all the thing you have always been wondering about. So if you ever told yourself while watching an awesome Superman movie, “how do they do that!?” then Valhalla stunt camp is the place for you. —Josephine C.

Goleta Beach If you ever want to go to Goleta Beach, some activities are shown below. On a long pier there, you can catch weird fish like dark brown rock fish because I caught a baby rock fish when it was blackish and cloudy one time. Some common sandcastles that are built are drip castles, regular sandcastles, and tiny bunkers. BBQs have wonderful food like steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, and fish... this activity would be a bonding activity. I hope you can go to Goleta Beach and do all of these activities. Have a good time. —Sean F.

GVSLL GVSLL (Goleta Valley South Little League) is a baseball league where people can play till high school! People like to play here because the coaches aren’t strict and the kids are polite. GVSLL is also a challenge because every year you face fantastic players that keep getting better. GVSLL is located by the Page Youth Center. GVSLL is a place where you also see old friends. I have played here for six years and have never wanted to stop. Also if you get hungry, GVSLL has a snack shack. You can eat and watch the baseball games with friends

and family. After the season, you might get invited to AllStars and play other baseball leagues. I hope more people will sign up and play baseball at this great league.

areas that you can play different types of sports. It is also one of the only parks that have expansive basketball courts. The enormous park is good —Ethan F. for running around to get exercise. The best part about Chocolate Gallery the park is that you can hold In Goleta, we have many special celebrations or parties. places, things, and people Just in case you forgot a drink, to cherish, but none are as there is a vending machine special nor receive as much that you can get drinks from. genuine fondness as Goleta’s That is what makes Goleta the very own, perfectly unique Good Land. Chocolate Gallery. At first —Diego G. passing, it may seem tiny Camino Real Theater and cramped, but inside, this cheerful little store is Why is the Camino Real quite roomy, and welcoming, Theater so great? How is this its moderate temperature movie theater better you may changing to give you comfort. ask? This movie theater is Enticing any customers with different because they have mouth-watering aromas, the thrilling games, photo booths, Gallery is overflowing with and awesome comfy seats! The dozens of delectable, custom location of the theater is great flavors, oozing fi llings, and because there is Blenders, rows of delicious chocolates. Chili’s, McDonalds, K-Mart, The clerk is quite generous Ross, and Costco nearby. and serviceable, perhaps I think this is an amazing adding another free confection theater, and I hope you think to your bag and sending you that, too. home with a satisfied, smiling —Ayslin H. face. But best of all, Chocolate Gallery has been around GVSLL - Major League before some of our own, Angels amazing Kellogg teachers’ GVSLL is a good place to play childhoods, and everyone baseball until high school. adores it! The Gallery is just I’m in the majors on the one of many other places that Angels. The majors is contributes to Goleta’s grand the title as the Good Land.

level before the juniors. The juniors is the level before high school. But I’m in the majors, my team is the Angels and we have one of the best pitchers in the league. We also have one of the best catcher in the league, and we also have the best first baseman in the league, me. That is why my team is in close second in the league. That is also why Goleta is the Good Land. —Baylor H.

Kellogg School At Kellogg Elementary School, there are many great things to enjoy there as a student. There are many friendly teachers here at Kellogg. They’re very kind and can help you out with any problem you have at school. Every time I needed help with my homework, they would help me as much as they can. —Michelle P.J.

University Park University Park is a great place to run around and play. It has an

—Ayla G.

Nature to Draw Goleta is a very peaceful place, and it’s a wonderful place to be. I love to draw in Goleta because it has natural beauty. It’s fun to focus on the beauty outside my house. Goleta is magical and peaceful. —Darleen G.

Girsh Park Girsh Park has fresh green

May 8, 2014

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of the soccer team, you can make a lot of friends. —Tony S.

Lake Los Carneros amazing playground including a baby play toy, baby swings, swings, a rock wall, slides, and a pole. University Park is definitely open, secluded, and dog-friendly. The park is right next to a creek, so it is great for adventures. If you are visiting Goleta, be sure to check out University Park! —Kaiya P.

Goleta Lemon Festival The Goleta Lemon Festival is special because it only comes once a year. When you arrive at the festival, there is a booth to purchase tickets. With those tickets, you can participate in many astonishing activities and games. One of my favorite things to do at the Lemon Festival is to take a look at the car show. When you are famished, there is a wide variety of food. The food is appetizing, and it fi lls you up quite well. Some of my favorite food comes from the amazing Taco Truck. The festival has live musical performances, and is a great place to spend time with your family. This is the place to go to enjoy Goleta’s most notable festival! —Kailey Q.

Toluca Toluca is one of the best soccer teams in the young league. Kids 11-12 can play in the league. One good thing is that the players are skilled. The games are very fun to play. The scrimmages are unique, exciting, and rough. My favorite thing to do is slide tackle people. Sometimes in the games, there is a lot of complaining. If you are a part


May 8, 2014

Goleta has been given the title the Good Land for their many great places and businesses. One of the many contributors to this name is the great Lake Los Carneros, home to many animals, Stow House, the lake itself, and much more. The trails that wind through the estate confine you to the place that they choose to take you. All you have to do is follow them. Off the trail, the cautions of gopher and snake holes threaten to trip you, and the trees offer to catch you, looming gaily overhead. In the night, the voices of the coyotes ring in the distance, calling to the moon their triumphant catch. As the sun begins to waver over the horizon, the fish also wake to eat, only to be eaten by the herons. Squirrels and chipmunks chatter around in the trees, deep in conversation. Every day, Lake Los Carneros blossoms deeper into liveliness, into being more unique to itself. Every day, animals and plants prepare for more visitors, more people to enjoy what their habitat contains. The wonder of this small chunk of wilderness is slowly growing more and more popular day by day, and people seem to finally realize that the outside world around you is truly incredible. And that is why Goleta is called the Good Land. —Katherine S.

Goleta Beach When the sun sets at Goleta Beach, it looks amazing! The big waves crashing on the sand make a

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loud noise that sounds like a loud stereo playing loud music, which makes it even more exciting. Walking on the hot sand is a great feeling because the sand warms my toes. It’s a great feeling when the wave hits you because it’s refreshing as if you are out barefoot in the snow. Goleta Beach is so fun to go to because you can see the Islands and just hang out at the beach. It’s way better when you chill at the beach with your family. —Isabel S.

Zodo’s Zodo’s is located on Calle Real in Goleta, California. Zodo’s is a bowling alley with tasty, delicious food (I’d recommend the chicken tenders). The drinks are thirst-quenching; there is Dr. Pepper, Shirley Temples, Sprite, root beer and many beers on tap (for the adults), etc. On Saturdays, they have Glow Bowl, where the alleys are lit up and lots of lights are revolving on the ceiling. The arcade is so much fun. They have many different games where you can earn tickets which you can get prizes with. The

service is great, and you can get food while you are bowling. You can rent shoes for $5, and, in the summer, kids under 18 can bowl for free! —Zachary T.

Goleta Beach Have you ever gone to Goleta Beach? Goleta Beach is the perfect place to go during the summer. Goleta Beach was man-made in 1945. This beach is interesting because there is lots of wildlife. Sea lions, whales, fish, gulls, and dolphins all play near the beach. The ducks especially like the estuary. —Magali V.M.

Butterfly Preserve Goleta has many great attractions. Zodo’s or Cloud Ten are two interesting oneof-a-kind places. Another that caught my attention was the glorious butterfly preserve. Imagine this. Dumbfounding hikes in caves of eucalyptus trees. Becoming one with nature, as you hike over obstacles that lead to the bluffs. And who could forget about the vibrant blinding butterfl ies. Well, it is in my home town Goleta, the Good Land. —Stoney Y.

25080 & 25081

This ad created by Kylie P. Look For The Blue Wall @ 609 East Haley Open Daily 9:30-5:25 4193 Carpinteria Ave, Ste. 4 1114 State St, Ste. 25 805-684-6900 805-568-1313 This ad created by Kailey Q.

This ad created by Daisy G. Call (805) 966-9659 for FREE donation pickup. Proceeds go to support community programs serving people of all faiths.

Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce 2014 Goleta Lemon Festival: Sept. 20 & 21 For more information visit

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May 8, 2014


Kellogg School Kids’ InserT


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Channel Islands Wildlife Cruises • Half Day or Full Day Trips Hike • Kayak • Whale Watching • Camping Authorized Concessionaire to the Channel Islands National Park • 805-642-1393

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May 8, 2014

Kellogg School Kids’ Insert

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Cathedral Oaks Athletic Club 5800 Cathedral Oaks Road, Goleta 805.964.7762 •

Bring this in to receive a complimentary 3-day pass.

Some restrictions apply, 1 pass per person or family.

Expires June 30, 2014

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Thank you to all the students, teachers, and staff at kellogg elementary school that helped make this year’s kids’ issue possible!

Cover art by Akshaya R.

SB Independent Kids Issue, 2014  

Kellogg Elementary School Issue, May 8, 2014

SB Independent Kids Issue, 2014  

Kellogg Elementary School Issue, May 8, 2014