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ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021 SAC alumni & students prove determination breeds success.




VICE PRESIDENT Mark McLoughlin SECRETARY Eve Kornyei Ruffatto


TREASURER Ed Halverson

CLERK Sal Tinajero

CHAIRMAN Ken Purcell

John Hanna Zeke Hernandez Lawrence “Larr y ” R. Labrado Phillip Yarbrough

Yareir y Alba Lewis Bratcher, Ed.D. Alber t a D. Christy Kristin Crellin Juan Gonzalez Madeline Grant Jena Jensen Ig nacio A . Muniz Jayne C. Munoz Annebelle Ner y, Ph.D. Ramiro Ochoa For tino Rivera Clay ton Rivest Daniel Stefano David Valentin Kevin Wijayawickrama

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New Beginnings

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Thank You Donors ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021



“I never lose. I either win or learn.” – Nelson Mandela

Like any football playbook worth it’s sweat, Andrew

McDonald’s was packed with solid strategies. It also brimmed with setbacks and never-let-up confidence. His plan to succeed was not quick or fast, but it was worth it.

The Quarterbacks Born into the accomplished footsteps of a father whose talent took him to the NFL to call plays for the Cleveland Browns, an older brother who wore cleats at USC, and a younger brother who suits up for Bowling Green State University, one could assume that Andrew had a birthright to gridiron greatness. But Andrew, whose first sports love was basketball, said his father never pushed him to rush the field. “I’ve always been a hard worker, and I get kind of obsessed with perfection,” admits Andrew.

The get-it-right work ethic worked in Andrew’s favor. When doubt, detours, and doubters crept in over the years, the Newport Beach native used the noise to keep football front and center, even when he could’ve—and even should’ve quit. Through it all, he overcame broken bones, earned a hardfought and hard-won quarterback position, and proved that “possible” is not just about hope but persistence. After high school, Andrew joined the University of Arizona as a walk-on. Once he realized it wasn’t a fit, he returned home to Orange County to contemplate his next move. He considered Saddleback College and Chapman University before selecting Santa Ana College at the suggestion of a high school coach who spoke highly of the football program. 2


Getting Grounded Although Andrew walked on the field with a broken arm, Santa Ana College and Coach Geoff Jones openly accepted him. Andrew found a football family that trusted him, pushed him, celebrated with him, and held him accountable for keeping his head in the game. “I had such a positive experience at SAC,” he said. “I was lucky, and I’m incredibly grateful. Because of SAC and my second chance, I was able to earn a football scholarship and an opportunity to play at the Division One level.” When his time at SAC ended, Andrew headed to New Mexico State University, finally achieving his goal of becoming a starting quarterback. “Very few people can say they’ve done that. “Everything I had gone through up to that point prepared me [to succeed],” he said. After graduation, it was time to move on to the next chapter. Nowadays, Andrew co-runs Koru Risk Management, a commercial insurance firm in Newport Beach. SAC took a risk on him, and to pay it forward, Andrew is making philanthropic plays for students. Instead of punting, he’s now putting. Last year his company was a major sponsor of the Ed Arnold Golf Classic, which helps fund SAC’s athletic programs and student-athlete scholarships. “It was cool to be able to give back,” said Andrew. “I’m happy that my partners were on board because it’s such a great honor to raise scholarship funds for the kids that want to go to such a great place, to allow them to further their education and continue their dreams, just like I had the opportunity to do.” Spoken like a true winner. ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021


The Optimist

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.” – Helen Keller



The passion Edith Gil has for education is palpable

and persistent, just like her audacity to dream beyond her borders. Realizing her academic aspirations took a decade, but today, with three Santa Ana College degrees to her name, the honors alum is ready to take on the Ivy League.

Getting Grounded Like those in her immigrant-rich, Huntington Beach, CA enclave, Edith’s family came to the U.S. in pursuit of lifeenriching opportunities—a chance to be more and achieve more. For Edith, the path to more was education. “My parents instilled [in us] that it was the only way,” she said. Since Edith “always loved school,” the plan was perfect. As early as first grade, Edith saw first-hand how a quality education, committed teachers, and academic curiosity could change her life, not to mention her community. In fifth grade, Edith earned a foundation-backed transfer to a higherperforming school based on her progress and potential. And just like a California poppy in summer, her world, and her worldview, opened. The environment offered resources, exposure to extracurricular experiences, and unexpected insight into economic disparities, which influenced Edith’s collegiate and social interests. “I didn’t know specific names like I’m going to study sociology and business. I just knew I liked those topics [and what they could offer],” she said. Edith continued to excel in school while coping with economic scarcity at home. After high school, she skipped college and went into the workforce. “It wasn’t even on the table,” said Edith when asked about the decision. “I needed to help my family pay bills.”

If “Never Give Up” Was a Person For the next decade, Edith worked in a warehouse. She wanted more. She felt stuck. When an untreated on-the-job injury left her unemployed, Edith found herself at a familiar fork in the road: find another just-to-get-by job or go after her education. Her selection led her to Santa Ana College. “My time at SAC was special. I felt a sense of belonging, like the counselors understood my story and had an interest in helping me in the next chapter of my life.” Because of SAC and the community who saw her potential and supported her journey, Edith is now studying both business and pre-law at Cal State Fullerton. After graduation, the multiple scholarship recipient plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania or Harvard University, become a civil rights attorney, and make good on her grade school plan to create more informed and prosperous pathways to success through economic philanthropy.

“I want to show people there’s a better life they could be living.” Lead the way, Edith. Lead the way.

“Never give up, never give up on yourself, and never lose faith in your dreams, in who you want to be. Your journey might not lead you exactly where you might imagine.”

– Edith Gill



All the






Books & Supplies:


Food & Housing:




Personal Expenses:




23,225 50%





are the top two challenges that community college students face.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM H i g h l igh ts 2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 1 Scholarship recipients

280 Donors


Average amount


Average GPA/ recipient

$1,245,696 Scholarships Awarded 6


Foundation Total Assets

$14.2 million


Balancing work & paying expenses



Total # of Donors


Average Gift Size


Annual Giving has increased

over 40% since 2019 $2,651,050

distributed to students and college programs.


$3,450,945 *SAC Scholarship and Foundation data based on 2019-2021 fiscal years.



M e e t Our Gamechangers educational and career goals. To know we are a part of a partnership that is building a comprehensive program to address these real needs is humbling. That is what will make our communities brighter and stronger.”

This landmark $1.25 million gift was made possible by Allan’s entire family. All three generations.

Ken gives so much of his time and energy to SAC, because “SAC has given so much to him.” When he was a student back in 1959, he landed his career-changing job at First American Title Company thanks to doors that were opened for him at Santa Ana College and he worked closely with the Kennedy family.

Thank you to the following donors who have made special contributions to our Raising the Game campaign which has raised almost $3 million to date. Union Bank

When Parker and Sherry Kennedy decided to support the Santa Ana College Foundation’s Raising the Game Campaign in a big way, they donated $50,000 to establish the Ken and Barbara Purcell Kennedy Scholarship to support business-minded students like Ken once was.

Irv and Nancy Chase Ryan and Brooke Chase Catie Chase Donnie Crevier Steven Fainbarg Sandy Fainbarg Jeanne Heyerick Parker and Sherry Kennedy Debra Marks

George Pla Inspires Others to Give

It started with one sentence. “My family and I are going to donate $100,000, but, there’s a catch.”

The Fainbarg Chase Family Wants Students to THRIVE Philanthropy, it’s truly a family affair for the family of Allan Fainbarg, Santa Ana College Alumni Hall of Fame recipient who undoubtedly left his mark on the economic landscape in Santa Ana. After serving in the military and graduating from Santa Ana College, Allan and his family went on to be one of the most prominent business owners and philanthropists in Orange County. Today, led by his wife Sandy, his family continues his giving legacy with their most recent gift of $1.25 million in support of The Fainbarg Chase Thrive Center, a program that will enable Santa Ana College to serve its students in a multitude of ways including housing, mental health support, and a much-needed food pantry. SAC students have been long-time recipients of the family’s generosity and to-date this gift is the culmination of over $2 million of committed investment from the family. Allan and Sandy’s daughter Nancy Chase shares: “My family and I are so passionate about helping students reach their 8


A Full-Circle Moment When Parker Kennedy thinks gamechanger for Santa Ana College, the first person that comes to mind is Ken Purcell. The two-time Hall of Famer, longtime supporter, and dedicated volunteer has spent years of his life making SAC a better place.

Dr. Erlinda J. Martinez Medica Talent Group Vi Pham and Christina Romero

In May 2020, George Pla announced his generous pledge to the SAC Foundation with one contingency, they had to match his donation dollar-for-dollar before the end of the school year. The Foundation staff, board members, and supporters, rallied together to rise to the challenge. One-hundred and eighty-six alumni, donors, students, and staff, came together in a big way. So big, in fact, that the George plan a matching gift challenge was reached tenfold.

George Pla

The gifts donated through this challenge are already being put to work. Helping students with critical support for things such as scholarships, books, and other technological needs. In addition to his generous gift, George has committed to providing internship opportunities to each student who receives a scholarship through the Cordoba Scholars Program at Santa Ana College. Generosity begets generosity, and George started a ripple effect that will be felt for generations to come.

And thank you to ALL of our annual fund donors who are gamechangers and have contributed to this comprehensive campaign.

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union Southern California Edison Paul and Cynthia Stanislaw Sal Tinajero

To find out more or to join this amazing group of donors, visit ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021


The Muse Some people leave a mark on your heart. These types of people are vividly distinct, inspiring, generous, and passionate. They push you to immerse yourself in the beauty around you. They are rare. Ed Fosmire was one of those people.

“He was not swayed by what others wanted to do,” said Robert Fosmire, Ed’s identical twin brother, pictured, right. “He was not your typical play video games and ride bikes type of person, even as a boy.” Though Ed enjoyed those things, Robert said, he was truly an intellectual, a curiosity seeker. “He would be the first to find an interesting magazine, go through it, and once he found something worthy, he would share it with the rest of us.” The kid could draw; he could paint. If he put his mind to doing something creative, he did it.” Ed’s Aunt Jeanne sparked his quest for knowledge and all things creative. “She had a lot of interest in art, music, and performing arts. She was the first person to take us to a museum,” recalls Robert. “Ed was naturally interested in arts and culture. She helped cultivate that.” The sibling Robert admired became a recognized local artist and professor who freely and joyfully shared his artistry and altruistic spirit with Santa Ana College. “It was pretty clear that he was home there. He found such joy in the work and being part of that community, said Robert. “He was deeply involved in so many different levels and facets of the institution.” One of those facets was The Fosmire Family Scholarship Ed founded in 2014 to help budding and deserving art SAC



“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. – Vincent van Gogh

students. “Ed was profoundly dedicated to his students first and foremost—they loved him, and he loved them,” said SAC instructor Darren Hostetter, who shared an office with Ed and traveled with him to Asia to appreciate and study ancient art. When the respected and well-loved Santa Ana College Art History professor passed away to the shock and sadness of his second family at SAC, his Aunt Jeanne, who introduced him to the love of his professional life, founded The Ed Fosmire Memorial Legacy Scholarship. The two shared a love of art, artistry, and cultural adventure, as well as a deep affection for philanthropy and SAC’s mission to change lives. Since 2017, Jeanne has been a substantial donor to her nephew’s beloved SAC. Now, Robert and his family have found themselves carrying on the work that his brother started by rallying together and generously supporting the scholarship in his name.

“Even though we shared the same DNA, we saw the world differently,” says Robert. “Now I am able to see things through his eyes and am so proud to continue his legacy through philanthropy.” Those who are selected to receive The Ed Fosmire Memorial Legacy Scholarship should, like Ed, be understated statementmakers. People who, like works of art, are unique. “I think he would want [the awardees] to be people who are going to do their own thing and chart their own course,” said Robert. Ed Fosmire left us too soon, but the impression he left on all who knew him, especially the students he influenced during his impactful 25-year career as an art museum director, lecturer, curator, and art expert, will endure.



Alumnus Wylie Aitken class of 1962, was the keynote speaker at this event. Pictured here with his wife Bette Aitken who graduated from SAC in 1963, he highlighted the importance of having a space like the Johnson Student Center for students on our campus. Wylie shared anecdotal stories of his days being involved with student life at SAC along with what it has meant to him to stay connected to the college.

Construction of the beautiful new Johnson Student Center building began in December 2018 and officially opened in Summer of 2021.




This 63,642 square feet facility houses a variety of student life and student support service offices, as well as a campus bookstore, Quick Stop/café, The Spot, a conference center, and our student Health and Wellness Center. New site improvements include new landscape, hardscape, outdoor seating, a shade structure and a serving kiosk for the college on the west side of the new student center. It’s a state-of-theart space for our students to study and receive the critical services needed while in school.

The two-story building which was named after the first college president John Johnson will also include a cafeteria and lounge area complete with pool and table tennis for students to enjoy.

The Johnson Student Center replaces a facility of the same name built in 1968, which was demolished in 2018.

Wylie and Bette have been wonderful philanthropic supporters for decades and we are so grateful for their support. In addition to the new Johnson Student Center, our students and faculty will soon be able to enjoy a new large Science Center, scheduled to open early 2022.

The grand opening celebration took place on July 27, 2021 and was well-attended by many community members, donors, leaders, students, faculty and staff, and prominent alumni.



When Life Gives You Lessons


The circumstances leading Andrew Hanson to become a military veteran, Stanford University and Harvard Law School alum, and Washington, DC-based attorney were not ideal.

Andrew tried to escape the unproductive elements of his Chicago neighborhood but eventually mingled with the wrong crowd, slid off the honor roll list, and joined the ranks of high school dropouts. But even when things looked bleak, he had a plan. One thing about Andrew, he always has a plan.

“You are not your circumstances. You are your possibilities. If you know that, you can do anything.” – Oprah Winfrey

Andrew polished his survival and adaptation skills early on. When his home life became unstable, and his single mother fell on tough times, Andrew went to live with relatives out-of-state. “I think it served me well to jump from different social networks in my life,” said Andrew, about his upbringing in opposite socioeconomic environments. The experiences shaped and molded his when-preparation-meets-opportunity mindset.

Plan B Later, after moving to Arizona to earn his GED, Andrew joined the military with a 20-year plan: enlist, become a legal specialist, get a bachelor’s, climb to a commissioned officer post, get a law degree, and retire as a Judge Advocate General. Andrew had it all mapped out until he started considering his options outside of a long-term military career. He thought about becoming a police officer until then SAC student, and now-wife, Melvis, encouraged him to consider college. Hesitant because of his rocky academic past, Andrew faced his fears, compared plans, and pivoted, taking online classes before going full-time. Once on campus, Andrew discovered an encouraging environment where he could grow, get involved, and build community. He joined student government, the Student Leadership Institute, and was an Orange County Community Colleges Legislative Task Force representative.



Today, Andrew shows his gratitude by giving back to the place he says gave so much to him. He often speaks to students about a community college’s benefits and proudly highlights SAC on his LinkedIn profile. In 2021, Andrew gave the keynote address at the SAC Foundation President’s Circle event for donors who give $1,000 or more to support the next generation of planners, leaders, and achievers.

“Attending SAC was a phenomenal experience in my life,” said Andrew. “It helped me build the strongest background and gave me the professional and academic experiences to get to where I am.”

Andrew became who he wanted to be because of his circumstances; he never wrote himself off; he drafted his own story. “We are not beholden to the odds stacked against us,” he said about ignoring societal statistics, pushing through, and taking charge of what happens in your life. “A lot of people have gone through unique challenges and unique upbringings and life experiences and have done very well. Put yourself out there and reach high. You might be surprised at what happens.” ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021


DONORS 2019-2021 $2,000,000-$1,000,000 The Chase and Fainbarg Families+ $999,000-$500,000 Allan & Sandy Fainbarg Family Foundation Orange County Community Foundation $499,000-$100,000 Orange County Superintendent of Schools+ Parker S. Kennedy+ Southern California Edison Union Bank Foundation $99,000-$25,000 Anaheim Community Foundation Charitable Ventures of Orange County, Inc. Irving & Nancy Chase+ Cordoba Corporation Steven L. Craig+ Crevier Family Foundation Stanley W. Ekstrom Foundation Steven Fainbarg Foundation for California Community Colleges Jeanne Heyerick Debra Marks Allan & Carol Preusch RSCCD Foundation SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union+ Valencia Jewelry Mfg. Waltmar Foundation $24,999-$10,000 Aitken, Aitken & Cohn Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana AT & T CJ Segerstrom & Sons Bruce & Lisa Gelker Anonymous* Jim Glidewell 16


Edward & Edna Hernandez Kathleen L. Patterson*+ Marcia Low-Peters Janie Sue Marcus Trust Dr. Erlinda J. Martinez+ Medica Talent Group Greg Miller Cheryl Ooten Susan Richards SAC Diversified Agency Fund Santa Ana Public Schools Foundation John Steffens*+ U.S. Bank+ $9,999-$5,000 Dr. Roger L. Bratcher+ Cal Empire Engineering, Inc. Anthony Cherin Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)+ Community Betterment Service Donald J. Crevier+ Doing Good Works Erma Jean Tracy+ Facilities Planning & Program Services, Inc. Farmers & Merchants Bank of Long Beach The Fletcher Jones Foundation Heather & Robert Fosmire Juan Gonzalez & So Cal Gas Lidington Family Trust McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.+ Caren & Bill McClure Andrew McDonald & Koru Risk Management Dr. Jeffrey McMillan*+ Ed & Jayne C. Munoz+ Miguel Navarro Network for Good Operation Helping Hands Orange County Department of Education+

This donor roll reflects donations for both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 fiscal years. On behalf of our students, thank you for your generous support!

Payden & Rygel+ Kathleen McCarry Robe Luisa & Sergio Ruiz*+ Fermin Valencia Waste Management

David P. Scheppers James & Debra Sorensen+ Mary Steckler*+ Kevin Wijayawickrama+ Monica & John Zarske*+

$4,999-$2,500 Salvatore Addotta Ed & Dixie Arnold+ Assistance League of Garden Grove Balfour Beatty Construction Beeghly Charitable Remainder Trust Rolland Beeler+ Citizens Business Bank+ Jose Corona* Teresa Mercado-Cota & Victor Cota*+ Dr. Jeffrey Lamb*+ Educational Assistance LTD. Catherine R. Emley-Akanno* Joel Ohlgren & Nancy B. Even+ Dennis A. Farrell+ Friends of the Leisure World Library John Fries+ Norman Fujimoto Rossina Gallegos+ Yolanda Garcia*+ Dick & Martha Gorrie+ Dr. Simon B. Hoffman+ Art Johnson Claudia & Jim Looney Dr. Douglas Manning*+ Mark & Janelle McLoughlin+ Joe & Nadine Miller Thomas P. Morrissey+ Ignacio A. Muñiz & Ruth Cossio-Muniz+ Northgate Gonzalez, LLC+ Tom & Ginger Osborne Ken & Barbara Purcell+ Christina Romero*+

$2,499-$1,000 Wylie & Bette A. Aitken+ Dave & Susan Alexander Alvarado Smith Anonymous Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud & Romo+ Jessica Ayers Lisa F. Bassi Dr. Steve Bautista* Andrew Bawdon & Nandini Puri-Bawdon Matthew & Amy Beyersdorf* Blackbaud Giving Fund Sean & Patrice Blue Cherie Bowers Michael Briones Gary Burton+ California Retired Teachers Association Joanna Campos Robledo* Julie Castro-Cardenas*+ Catalyst PPE Cathey H. Bertot Ryan & Brooke Chase+ Nancy Cheng Judyanne Chitlik Alberta D. Christy Community College Association of MESA Directors Brian E. Conley Dalilah & Juan Davaloz William H. Delaney+ Everett J. Turner & Irma Ezparza+ Steve Fenzl Marilyn Flores, Ph.D.+

Gail & David Fosmire Evelyn S. Airey Charitable Fund+ Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Madeline Grant*+ Ed Halverson+ Jessica & Tyler Hamman+ Scott Weiner & Kimberly Harris+ Mary Hegarty*+ Heather A. Herbert+ Ira Hermann Raymond Hicks*+ Samuel Hinojosa+ Lorena Hopp Dr. Vaniethia R. Hubbard*+ Durendal Huynh* Dr. James Kennedy*+ Eve Kikawa+ Mary Kobane Christine Kosko*+ Alicia Kruizenga*+ Anonymous+ Christine Leon* John & Suzi Lohmann* Janice Love*+ John Lundgren+ Lynn & Gerald Marecek+ David Mares Marvin Martinez+ Lisa McKowan-Bourguignon* Medtronic Mimecast Linda Miskovic Dale Mixer* Morrissey Associates Inc. Ann Niedringhaus+ Joyce Norwood Mary L. Odell Orange County Community Housing Corporation+ Orange County Fine Arts, Inc.

Orange County Public Affairs Association Don W. Orr Dana Pagett Paul H. Cleary+ Dr. Enrique Perez+ Gayle Peterson Piper Sandler+ Caroline Reed Fortino & Bertha Rivera+ Reymundo Robledo* Dr. Linda D. Rose*+ Joe Rothman RSCCD Diversified Agency Fund Mike Ruffatto & Eve Kornyei Ruffatto+ Gabriela Sanchez* Mayte Santacruz Gómez+ Santiago Canyon College Foundation Kalonji Saterfield Lawrence W. Schoenfelder Schwab Charitable Cathie M. Shaffer* Silas H. Abrego+ MaryAnne Anthony & John Smith+ Kimberly Smith* Nancy Smith* SMITH Public Affairs Christa L. Solheid* Paul & Cynthia Stanislaw+ Sylvia F. Mendez+ Sal Tinajero Martha Vargas & Hans Kloepfer* Gaddi Vasquez Victaulic Brenda Wall+ Merari Weber* Gerald & Betty Werksman Mark Wiederkehr Drs. Tim & Tammy Winchell*



DONORS 2019-2021 $999-$500 Bonnie Alcatraz HPI Architecture Abel Arredondo* Sam Assael Christina Axtell* Chris Baker Rosio Becerra* Joshua Bedwell* Gary Bennett* Kyla Benson* Best Best & Krieger LLP Ashly Bootman Armida H. Brashears Centennial Education Center Employees City of Santa Ana Claire Coyne* Rancho Santiago Community College District Dons Baseball Dramatists Play Service Zachary Fish* Andrew Gonis*+ Adrianna Gonzalez Jeanine Guarino Fernando Guillen George Gumbrecht John Hanna* Andrew & Melvis Hanson+ HB Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM HVAC Air Command J & J Productions Crystal Jenkins* Anonymous* Elliot Jones* Annie Knight* Scott Kutner Stacey Littlejohn* Ann Lockhart* Leticia Lopez-Jaurequi* Joshua Mandir* Roslyn Markman 18


Jane Mathis* Kerstin Mazzone Gary Meek+ Rebecca Miller National Sports Apparel Elva Negrete* Phuong T. Nguyen* Dr. Thanh M. Nguyen+ William J. Nguyen* David H. Ogas Dr. Fernando Ortiz* Ann Owens Garman J. Pond Adriana Ramirez* Charles Ramshaw* Mark Reynoso* Brandon Rocke* Stacey Russo* Thomas Sacco Teresa Saldivar Santa Ana Unified School District SCC Diversified Agency Fund Douglas Schneider Sehi Computer Products, Inc. Ken M. Sill* Armando Soto* Gay Storm Oakes Dung Tran* Joe & Valerie Venegas Victoria Verches Nancy Warren Betty Werksman Cheryl West Ted Yamada* $499-$250 Ashleigh Aitken Kyle Bradley* BSN Sports Chalsea Buford

Alondo Campbell* Ellen Campbell* Lorena Chavez Luz Chavez Renee Chesley Monica Collins* Gerardo Contreras* Kevin Conway Culver Newlin Jennifer De La Rosa* Dr. Maria Dela Cruz Leland Dey Dr. Kellori Dower* Dalva Dwyer* Gil Flores Gregory Gonzales Christine Gorlato* Kristen Guzman* Randy Hammon ORCO Block & Hardscape HB Auto Dealers Association Thom Hill Michael Hoang* Jarek Janio+ Louise Janus* Dr. Kevin Kawa* Brian Kehlenbach* Don Krotee Anna Kupfrian Jason Lamb* Kristin LeBoeuf Jose Lopez Mercedes Maria Luppani* Romelia Madrigal* Deborah Magnuson Michael Martinez* Kimberly M. Mathews Jennifer McAdam* Larry McGrew Krystal Meier* Jeanette Nowlin Adam Nyssen*

This donor roll reflects donations for both the 2019-20 and 2020-21 fiscal years. On behalf of our students, thank you for your generous support!

Adam O’Connor* Orange County Educational Arts Academy Pat Pagett Sherrie Quillen Sean C. Redwine Michael J. Reeves Amy Ringer-Bruce Mario Robertson* Marissa Ross Marta Sneddon Irene Soriano Rachel Sosta* Dave Sturrock Dorothy Swayne* Mike D. Talbot Linda Triemstra Kennethia Vega* Angelina Veyna* Joyce Wagner Terry R. Wall Terri Wann Virginia Witmer* $249-$50 Jennie Adams* Yareiry Alba Carmen Alba Mike Aldenson Ruben Alvarez Claudia Alvarez AmazonSmile Foundation John Arena Juan Arreola Andrea & Fred Astran Hillary Barker Julia Bartholomew-King Alyssa Beach The Benevity Community Impact Fund Sarah Bennett Berlyco Beverly Birnbaum

Neal Boocock Kelly Brandon* Cheryl Broom Michael Buechler* Chris Cannon Paula Canzona* Matthew Carlson* Stewart Case Ann Cass Amberly Chamberlain* Juan Chavez Curtis Childress Andy Clark Larry Cohn Daniel DeLuna* Tim Devine David Dobos Allen & Juanita Doby Ora Easley Saeid Eidgahy* El Modena High School Dr. Brenda Estrada* Sy Everett Gregory H. Fall Matt Felt Julio Figueroa Fred Flores Mike Flores Stephanie Fondren* Nick Gabriel Maria Garibay* Robert Gaughran Debra Gerard Gerald Ghelfi Curtis Gibbs Irena Glomba* Guillermo Gomez Jeff Gray Tracie L. Green Rob Halvaks Jeri Hanline Peter Hardash

Mark Hardtke Mary Katherine Harris Shellyn Hazard Heluna Health Merlin L. Henry J. Donald & Melanie McCann-Henry Zeke Hernandez Dr. John C. Hernandez Mark Higgins* James Hossfeld Darren Hostetter Mary Huebsch* Flor Huerta Phillip Hughes* Interact Communications James Isbell Irma Jauregui Frank Jimenez Shelley Joe* Wayne Jones Connie Jene & John Jones Geoff & Sarah Jones Karen & John Kadulski Kim Kanahele San Khong* Elene Kiefus Jaki King Soledad Knipp* Wenona M. Kossler Megan Lange* Michael Lawrence Catherine Le Lawrence Mark Liang* Paul Liu Hank & Maureen Lloyd Lance Lockwood* Isaac Lomeli Ashley Loren Mark Lowry Anita Lucarelli Ezra Lunel Robert Manson ANNUAL REPORT 2019-2021


DONORS 2019-2021 Richard Manzano* Pamela Marquez Phil Marquez Daniel Marquez Matt R. Martinez Lorraine L. McCarty Mayra Mendez* Amit Mishal* Gerardo Moreno Adam Morgan Debra & Michael Moss Melanie Mowrer Rick Muth Linda Narver Darren Nelson Henry Ngo Madeleine Nguyen* Veronica Oforlea Fredricka Older Mikela Olsen Liliana Oropeza* Beatriz Padilla* Stephanie Paramore* Carrie Patton* Celia Perez Vi Pham Anuradha Prakash Cythia Pratt* Maryalice Prescott PUMC PUMC Nguyen Quach Raul Quinonez Narges Rabii Rakin Shirley Ralston Jennifer Ramirez David & Diane Ream Theresa Recinos* Lisa Reed Scott Resnick Ida Rheinecker Ryan Ritter Nelson Rodriguez 20


Joseph & Debra Rogoff Don Rondeau Rene Russell M.B. Samuels Reina Sanabria Sarah Santoyo* Chris Sauritch Thomas Schlegel Karen Scott* Dr. Larisa Sergeyeva* Raquel Serratos* Ankit Shah Jacqueline Shirley Jeanne Slomanson Ruben Smith Brian Snedeker Sergio Sotelo Curt Stanley Daniel A. Stefano+ John Strand Richard Strayer Surf City Dental Office Floyd Tambaoan Michael & Mercedes Tardif Sheila Tatum Michael Taylor Sally Teramura Bill Thorpe Jason T. Tighe Justin Tolentino* Tuan Ton Albert & Cheryl Del Toro Melissa Tran* Vinh Tran* Huey C. Truong Taylor N. Uffelman Gina Van Ocker Joe Van Tassel Dorothy Van Tatenhove Brad Virgoe* Lisa Visco* Volunteer Center Orange County

Katharine Walczak Charles Walling Matt West David & Barbara White Didi Wijaya Alistair Winter* Lana Wong* Trennis Wright Renee Yocam Susan Zeisler * Payroll Donor + President’s Circle Member

Arline Radillo Greene and some of her Radillo Scholars at her home in Rancho Santa Fe. To be part of the magical relationships that take place between donors and students, visit

Santa Ana College Foundation 1530 W. 17th Street Santa Ana CA, 92706