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sannz journal 1st edition 2019

SANNZ Journal #5 1st semester 2019

Welcome to the 5th edition of the SANNZ Journal. Sit back, with a coffee in hand and relax for a while as you flip through this book If you would like to contribute to the next release of the SANNZ Journal, please contact us at: sannz.journal@gmail.com Cheers~ SANNZ

student work.

Bryan Lim, 3rd year, Unitec


Lara Van Der Raaij, 1st year, VUW

Jack Wu, 2nd year, UoA

Rebekah Yu, 1st year, UoA

Joelle Tolentino, 3rd year, Unitec

TOUCH Iterative Model Research




Tess Lynch, 5th year, VUW

A WEEK OF INSPIRATION This year’s biennial NZIA In:Situ Conference hosted at Spark Arena in Auckland saw over 1300 architects, graduates, and students come together and enjoy two days of informative, engaging presentations and discussions with some of the world’s most innovative, forward-thinking and accomplished architects. For students and recent graduates, a free workshop with

Slovenian architects Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric was held the evening prior to In:Situ, where after their personal presentation we enjoyed some group studio-style time with them, as part of a design exercise for a New Zealand Pavillion in the Venice Biennale.

Los Angeles Chief Design Officer, Christopher Hawthorne had the honour of being In:Situ’s opening speaker after the official welcoming ceremony and waiata. He then hosted many of the post-presentation discussions with other international guest speakers, namely, Sadie Morgan, Gloria Cabral, Jo Noero, Amin Taha, Ma Yansong, Betsy Williamson, Wolfram Putz, Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric, all of whom delivered fantastic presentations, showcasing some truly outstanding work. Conference attendees were treated to fully catered breaks between presentations, with the day ending in a key sponsor cocktail hour. Thursday evening’s particularly notable guest speaker for the public presentation was OMA’s Reinier De Graaf, who entertained the audience with his humour, criticism and insights of the architecture profession. Also featured as part of In:Situ were New Zealand’s 2016 Venice Biennale exhibition - Future Islands, a selection of outstanding models by leading architecture firms, top projects from the 2018 Student Design Awards, and architectural cartoons done by Malcom walker.

Student members of the NZIA would have received an email after In:Situ which contains the link to all of the professionally recorded speaker presentations - I highly recommend taking some time to watch and enjoy these. Later this year in October, Christchurch will have its turn as New Zealand’s host city for the Australasian Student Architecture Congress conference ‘DISSENT2019,’ so keep an eye out on the Dissent2019 or SANNZ Facebook pages for information as it is released. It will be a great opportunity to meet other architecture students from across Australasia, enhance your architecture education and to just have an awesome time! Loren-Crystal Pitt.

Award Winning Architects Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric Aljosa Dekleva and Tina Gregoric are the founders of Dekleva Gregoric Arhitekti which began in 2003 and is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aljosa and Tina both graduated with Bachelor’s degrees in architecture from the University of Ljubljana and then completed their Masters degrees at the Architectural Association London in 2002, setting up their highly successful and internationally acclaimed architecture practice a year later. Some of their particular focuses in their design work include; blending heritage with contemporary, systematic design process, collective housing, experimental shelters, and the combining of the typologies and compact housing. Tina and Aljosa have won various international architecture and design awards, while a number of their projects have been nominated for many other awards. They won their first major award, the 2004 Silver plate European Architecture Awards Luigi Consenza, only one year after beginning their professional practice post-graduation.

Both Tina and Aljosa have lectured and taught extensively in several schools of architecture around the world, and New Zealand students had the privilege of attending a design workshop with them during their visit for In:Situ2019. A strong theme in their feedback, advice and criticism, was to deeply embed the essence of a design into materiality which is directly related to the specific site. A particularly inspiring example can be seen with the Maui House which they designed, construction was completed in 2011, with the specifically local materials used in the structure and finishings of this stunning home perched on the cliffs of Maui, Hawaii. All of their projects feature outstanding attention to detail, clever solutions, and overall designs which are responsive and complementary to their surroundings. Loren-Crystal Pitt.

Bhavya Gajjar & Sheena Pindoria

515 Sandringham Rd An easy place to miss, even for those familiar with the area, the first impression is not the most inviting so is definitely exclusive to those who are aware of it. Secluded in a small cavity along this busy Sandringham Street, is a hidden alleyway with beer bottles hanging from its ceiling leading you to a curtain made from an old coffee sack.

Your very own Alice in Wonderland moment as you enter this beautifully decorated space with coffee sacks draped from the ceiling and lining the walls, stools made from tree trunks and cushioned beer crates, pops of sprawling plants and fairy lights twinkle from above taking you out of Auckland to a very private, peaceful setting.

23 Customs Street East Snickel Lane is the edgy downtown alleyway bridging the gap between the precinct of Britomart and Federal Street. Tucked away in cavity space between two unremarkable 90’s buildings is a place filled with multiple restaurants, cafes and some amazing street art.

Sheltered by a new sawtooth roof letting in sunlight, and reclaimed finishes like old timber shopfronts, butchers’ tiles and Canadian barnyard timbers this is a place where you can feel an intimate buzz of energy.

16 Fort Street Located on the second level along Fort Street this is a well done up rooftop garden bar and restaurant which mixes classy interior decor with the classic bones and structure of the already existing union building.

Original features such as the spiral staircase which is no longer in use as well as the exposed brick adds a feeling of gravitas and history to the space giving it an added sense of rawness.

164 Balmoral Rd Set apart from the other spaces, here is where you can make some very special and not to mention cheap finds. Amongst thousands of used treasures feels overwhelming but you

can easily spend hours simply looking through what feels like a museum, either to “window shop� or to find a bargain.

130 Ponsonby Rd A pop-up restaurant mixes classy with the gypsy life. Where all things gypsy meets a bit of class, a great place to spend some time to relax and unwind and enjoy the clever use of this odd site.

A bus and two trains Hop on and hop off No matter the day Just as Sally is engrossed in Austen’s novel Yet again Burying her grief in tales I wonder How many stops has she passed before mine? The train stops and Joe comes in His boots paving a path of grim For the seat, he reaches With calloused hands He relentlessly builds this city while we tear it down Out Sally goes and in they come In uniform Iron crisped Yet Wrinkly faces aging before their time Slow down, I tell you Life is no race Hurried hands strike the keys Meetings confirmed on the other end White button ups and black polished shoes Cactus socks reveal their hues Surely, tomorrow On time or delayed I’ll see you again On our bus and two trains. Joelle Tolentino

student tips.

Adam Collett

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2019 - The SANNZ Journal #05 was produced to showcase outstanding student work on a national level as well as showcasing the new teaching fr...

SANNZ Journal #05  

2019 - The SANNZ Journal #05 was produced to showcase outstanding student work on a national level as well as showcasing the new teaching fr...