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Notes from the Wings


Beloved Friends

256 Hampton Rd, South Fremantle 6162

Yet another Wings is born! As I mentioned already in the last issue, finances are down here at Osho Wings. I'd like to take the time to let everybody know the state of affairs. For one, Osho Wings will be coming out every 3 instead of 2 months from now on. And, in order for Osho Wings to continue we do need more advertisement and subscriptions! It seems very clear that everybody really likes and appreciates the newsletter and sees it as an important medium to keep our community connected and informed. It even seems to stir interest Australia wide with more and more sannyasins subscribing from other states. One feedback I receive is that the Wings should be free. I agree! That is actually how I would like Osho Wings tn be - paid subscriptions to people that want it mailed to their homes and available for free at various outlets. This would certainly expand the readership, making advertising more attractive and spreading Osho's vision to a broader community. For this to happen though, we need mnre people willing to use Osho Wings as a means fnr advertising to cover the likely drnp-back of subscriptions, the loss of single copies sale and the increased number of cnpies that would need to be printed. In my experience of selling ads I' ve rome to realize that most people don't understand how advertising storks. So please bear with me as I try to convey my few humble words of wisdom about this subject, for the sake of saving our news!etter:

ph/fax 933365090 g leeiamed® f


gsgpP WORKSHOPS N o-Min d '-:;2 " ' - 8'" A u g T alking to your Mind 8 B o dy

;.'" ' ";.~f',::,:.;I S~'- 25'" July Breath 4 Em o t i onal Release Mon. 7'.OOpm./ •

1. Credibility: If you are are a session giver, for instanre, most likely a client is gonna come to you thrnugh word-of­ mouth. Being told about your great sessions though, your client unconsciously flashes to ynur ad, thinking: "Oh, yeah, I saw his/her name or picture around." Your ad has worked, it has given you credibility, Ynu're not just some unknown entity working out of a shed in his backyard. Nn, you' re out there proclaiming your presence in the marketplace, letting your name and face be known. 2. Consistency: Advertising needs to be consistent. I had a shop owner complain after one ad that she didn't get a response. For one, she wouldn't even know if someone was reminded of her shop's existence through the ad and maybe came and bnught a gift. I doubt the person would say, awhile paying fnr the gift, that he/she saw her ad in the Wings. The shop owner then assumes the ad didn't work and this person was just a walk-in. Consistency is also important to let people know you' re "serious" and professional. Withdrawing your energy from the public and then once in a while putting nut a little homemade flyer makes a persnn look flaky to start with. Is he or she available for readings/sessinns this month or is it a bad-hair-day month'? I even had a person once tell me that she ~anted a session with Ma Soandsn, but didn't see her ad around and assumed she was in Poona, while Ma Soandso was waiting for sessions, holding (as many sannyasins seem to) the opinion that she doesn't get any sannyasins for sessions, sannyasins don't spend money

(heard that one before?)! So, be consistent with your advertising, because you never know, a person might nnt need your service now, but maybe further down the track,

3. Availability: More than anything else, the amount of work you attract has to do with whether you really are available energeticafly. Apart frnm whether the ad produces the desired effect or not, it energetically puts you out there, manifests your presence in the marketplace and makes you available to receive.

4. ARordability: And last, but not least. Oshn Wings advertising is cheap! Is your business really going so bad

that ynu can't afford $20 nr $30 for three months of advertising? Please bear in mind, the Wings also goes out to many non­ sannyasins who are very interested and are using the services available in our community, Osho Wings is also sold in seven different locations, now even at New Edition, and will sonn be free and be able to spread its Wings! Yahoo! To sum it up: I feel that Osho Wings is a very important medium tn keep our community network and Osho's vision alive. People from around Oz and Poona are always impressed with the Wings and our community in general. Let's keep it this way! The Wings is too valuable to just let it fizzle nut! By now Osho Wings has a real professional look and if we dn get more ads we can print more copies and spread it around. I think we need tn more trust into Oshn's vision and into what we have tn offer to the world, rather than seeing it as a market with limited interest. I'm asking for your support by placing ads, subscribing and contributing to an interesting content! I also noticed that lately there w ere a few events and courses happening in our community that weren' t published in the Wings. I think it's important that if you' re running some kind of group, course or event to at least list it in the Calendar section ($10) sn Oshn Wings can remain a comprehensive guide of what is happening here! As an incentive, Osho Wings is offering a 10% Discount on all display ads if you take it for 2 consecutive issues (6 mths).

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osho KIRAlM

P ameo Hoff m a n n

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e 4 a ta m ci m c y

c lM M GP l l i M g

Working with a unique combination of Individual Body Analysis, Deep Tissue work, Jo i n t Rel e as e tec h n i ques. R ebalancing sk i l l full y a n d s e n sitively, r e laxes an d re-educates your body to move towards its natural state.


tt r ~ p • 933 5 3 7 5 3

Working unth hands and heart.

i~. ~j4' PJ

O sho Cra n i o S a c r a l T h e r a p y p'

r ' „ . " a A -. u .«: .'i,":w;,:.„,i Ph. 9337 7274

N<)n-t<ttrusive brxlpv<>rk e f f e c t ive I'or: ~ Musculo-skeletal disorders t tmd nervous system s r • Headaches tt< Mil,ratnes • I4c kpatn 8< Whlplaslt

• 'I'MJ etc. "-"'.~~,'1'= , '<%'i'l™<FiMl~L":~~~t;I,';„""~~<~

E verything f l o w s - e v e n t u ally. W he n a t t ention i s alloyed with i m p o r tance and judgments, it becomes emotional and sticks on t h i n gs. It actually changes f rom a n o n p h y s cial vvave f o r m i n t o v e r y s m a l l p hysical p a r t i c le s th a t cr e a t e th o u g h t s w i t h gravitational attraction, Certain ideas, objects, actions, or even areas can accumulate so many thoughts that they take on a life on their own. This is how identity is created. This is how a m u l ets and ri tual are created. This is how sacred ground is created. This is how the universe is created. Some ideas, objects, actions, and areas are charged with great importance. The more importance assigned to something, the more attention it attracts. Attention directs attention. Stand on the street and look at the sky. Soon you' ll have other people looking at the sky. M ake something i m p o r t ance enough, an d i t w i l l consume a person's entire supply of attention. They will think about nothing else. Some people, some events, some r i t u als are so charged with importance that they can cause a person to change viewpoints (or identity) and thus heal body parts, or even surrender self-control. This comes about by a very rapid shift of attention from one reality to a new reality. If the person who is shifted can sustain the shift (without attributing the phenomena to some external source), his or he r l i f e w i l l s tay ch anged: sudden conversion, spiritual healing, miracles. O f course, if a p e r so n i s o p e r ating w i t h p u r e attention, this d o esn't h a pp en. Pure attention j u st observes, no emotional reaction. The person casually wonders what all the hubbub is about. Imagine Data or Spock f rom St ar T rek " C u r i o u s ". T h a t 's a v e r y Avatar attitude, "Interesting creation". When a person's attention is nearing exhaustion, an inventory should be taken: What's really important here? What isn't really important here? With any luck t here w il l b e a f e w ya w n s a n d s t r e tches as t h e importance and judgments separate from the attention particie, and it returns to its neutral, fiowing energy form. An interesting process for clarifying issues is to ask s omeone what's really i m p o r t ant, and then help t o focus ever finer by a s k in g w h a t' s really i m p o r tant about that. This process will r estore purpose to an organization and self-determination to an individual. As it turns out, the importance of any person, object, issue, event or project is seldom an intrinsic aspect of t he person, object, issue, event, o r p r o j ect, bu t i s assigned by the observers and participants. (Excerpted frovn ReSurfacing — Harry Palmer)

, COEOPP s ~N t + ~ j.;,,~~'j,',jg'<

Avatar 3Vark "Play-Shop": 9 -Day Avatar Trai n i n g :




(At Blue Mountains NSW)

A ug A ug S ep J ul

8 a 9 15 - 2 3 19 - 2 7 25 - Aug 2

, 't«l'

Osho Wings - J u l / A ug/Sept

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Tre ' i„ng i,n e by Ma Subhadro


'm surrounded with so much beauty ... soaked in beauty ... just feel overflowing w ith it! This trek in Nepal is definitely one of the greatest gifts I' ve ever given to myself! This incredibly simple life ... walking and resting at the most beautiful places on earth ... no decision to make other than "will I w alk or stop here?" Luxury is washing one of my two t-shirts or a solar hot shower once in a while, more frequent these days because I' ve made it to the other side. I started on the east side of Anapurna, the side with less tourists, with rougher climbs, but easier access to the pass. Days and days of just ~alking, from spring filled valleys, green with rice terraces, trees, the Marsyangdi river, over suspension bridges, past waterfalls, through tiny villages with the most gorgeous people on earth ... up into the forest of oak and maple, rocky paths, the mountains coming closer ... the forest changing into pine and spruce, narrow valleys, suddenly opening into a soft high plateau where the river, which was just a wild waterfall in a rough rocky terrain, flows wide and slowly through green fields. Further up in the real mountains, the snowy peaks now either side of me, past more waterfalls, over more suspension bridges ... the tinkle tinkle of the bells of mule-trains, later even yak-trains, carrying goods to the upper villages ... also many Nepalese porters carrying up to 120kg (!), more often around 80kg up the valley to make a living. Days and days of walking away from the last road, Further up I get to the first snow, resting in pine forests that feel like my European home ... have to cross avalanches and earth slides (a British trekker got killed only 10 days ago on one of these earth slides I'm crossing now!). I even got into a snowstorm ... danced around in it like a child in its first snow! Face turned up, looking into the sky as the snowflakes slowly dance towards me ... mouth wide open ... trying to catch some snowflakes with my tongue ... and that sizzling feeling when a snowflake lands on my tongue! Meanwhile they' re sweating in Poona! The nights I spend in lodges that are plentiful along the way ... simple but very lovely ... amazingly varied food after I expected to live on dhal and rice for the whole trip. Most trekkers are heading up ... the talks go more and more around mountain sickness and the pass we' re headed for. The first people get symptoms of mountain sickness at around 3000 m ... we hear stories of deaths up on the pass ... the air is definitely getting thinner, I pant alright even as I walk up little slopes! Now the going gets slower ... you only want to sleep 300m higher than the night before, so the body can acclimatise ... I wake up at night panting for air ... there just isn't enough oxygen around here! Other than that, I had no problems with altitude whatsoever, lucky me! Just a slight pressure on my head once in a while, as I cross the pass ... up on 5416m, with about 50% oxygen available, meaning vve all move in slow motion ... one step, one breath, one step, one breath ... the big day we' ve been excited about for too long! 1000m up and 1700m down, in thin air and deep snow (the path is well packed though). Now we' re right in the middle of those white peaks ... miles of untouched


snow around us ... a silence like I never heard before ... the sky of the deepest blue I' ve ever seen ... I'm higher than the highest peak in the Alps. I remember looking up one of those snowy slopes, the path that goes seemingly vertical up into the blue sky, feeling "I can' t make it", I'm sooo exhausted ... and still step by step by step, I keep climbing. And then the mad laughter as I see the prayerflags that mark the top, dancing in the wind ... and suddenly the view to the other side ... I'm on top of the world!! More mountains, more valleys .. Dhanlagiri and Nilgiri, both over 8000m ... Anapurna also ... and deep down a lovely green valley ... is that where we' re going now?? didn't enjoy the descent much. It was such a sunny day ' that the snow had gone all sloshy and wet and slippery on the path ... next to the path you'd sink knee-deep into snow, The best bits were ~here the descent was so steep that the only sensible way to go down was on the bottom of your pants .. that was great fun. Otherwise it was knee­ wrenching work, going down ... and the snow turned into mud and rivulets. I had a sore knee that slowed me down considerably and has given me plenty of rest days since the pass. I' ve done a fast-forward from wi n ter into spring. My first stop in gorgeous Muktinath was still all winter/ early spring .. buds but no leaves, sunshine and icy winds... and within one day and a descent of 1000m into Kagbeni, the dandelions started blossoming, cannabis is growing all along the path, young leaves on trees and bushes ... and as I sit here in the sun on a Tibetan rooftop in Kagbeni, I look through blossoming apple trees, full of butterflies into the white peaks surrounding me, What a life ... what a very b eautiful world ! The medieval village with its narrow alley ways, wells, chooks, donkeys and covvs ... buddhist prayer flags, and these amazing people who live so poor and yet laugh and sing and play so much! I'm really in love with the Nepalese and the Tibetans! And with the space I'm in, just enjoying so much where I am ... nowhere to go, nothing to do, just breathing beauty with every pore of my being! . 'here was an amazing turning point for me up in f Muktinath. There is a temple that is a major pilgrimage goal for both Hindhus and Buddhists, I had a strong pull to go see it, even though I'm usually not that interested in temples. On the way to the temple I passed a well, on the side of which was written in large shiny yellow letters "OSHO". That made my heart skip and beat ... it felt like an arrow straight to the centre. The day turned magic as I walked through the temple area full of trees, prayer flags and flowing water ... up a hill to sit in a silence that I hadn't experienced for a while. My longing to just be came into the foreground again .. not to walk, not to do anything ... this outer. beauty is amazing, but where is it inside? Aren't I still running? Somewhere? There has been a lot of is-ness with me along this path ... but that's easy, surrounded by this much beauty ... where is that solid silence of the Himalayas inside of me? This untouched beauty? The longing to go inside feels like a real blessing ... and supported by a sore knee, I'm spending some days just here, going nowhere, exploring the inner journey more than the outer for now ... +

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •••• • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Osho Wi n gs -

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'The Aeufcnp

,,„; ' j';:;i+'$eirhill<Heaiirlg /,NLP Practiti'oner',,',.;: 4;.::;";;" : . "


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, ;.



">>®;„. „e tfeatirfct: g,.patterns-k'roL> h re-affgnrnerft an'd "". -'"":~+-.~',",;;-; i

Acupuncture & Holistic Health Ce i 3A Point St, Frernantle ~<j ~ P h. 9430 8 8 6 7

,'tkgr jt'iory.;. e'engr@ of seichirn then erfgbfes. chahg'e'»",'-.4,,4j,;:,:,-'= " ' . " ,"--,;,'~.".;" o'occuir' at tyfeccefkifar,, fev I.





";.-'.,!''i!~w.@cu jgncjire,,s;ch!j jsepjrbgt Medic><><.j'.-. ';; > "~<<r i:::,: g<<<c< ivg <gr:"tack' pair|,;fatigue. e<iii<ggalkgrg<<e<gc-"'"'+@,;0'i":4 . i.',.dlCfeStiVe-CffSOrClerS„;-FA'enQpctQSe<,hppfeVerr StreSS t)eaCfanhuep: <„„'„."::)

' inLrease'dane'rgb fe<lefsx'cuofcfs;'pffOs(; t)aster jecovcejr;from-'';'-gp'(


illnesses" QjAJUQ-.Private.,'ttegjth rebates.'appfyj~jj'~Op ~ @

~ ~~~~

~>rp t

Sidhamo Osho Rebalartij -'

This work is based"OWk~igijntStepjptgQWtlk;,a8i0at vital lif'e energy usijjj~~r, &U~ckuletfc>rf&'rfef+efi@:,T~~4j'k++$

Body centred therffjp~f', ,; ess , growth and physical welfbef+5! '"'yc'"~'

StretCheS that remeje4 ~


~ 4j fO Cte> ct'nffi'lCteclr"tO)tir'jS~A®.~

P h. 9 33 6 1 7 6 5

AVuRVEOIC MASSAGE Learn this anrient T RA IN IN G ayurvedic massage technicfue in


Saturday August 1"


For more information please phone;

93 3 6 5 469• 04fff 27778

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• •

lndividnni sessions


• Clairvoyant • • Tarot reading •

3 consecutiveweekends, beginning


S'or&in@ Pith the essence


• • • • • • • • • •

9335 6064 o r

Energy,ChokroandBody>york techniquesto heal, relaxandgain


insightinto issues, creating ospacefor meditation,


9 4 1 7 90249

P h9335 2474

• 0 •

Vegetarian Feed Service

I'+zanier & Scent

Too busy to cook7 Home Delivered Gourmet Meals for only $6! • • • • • • • •

Haircuts Hair Colouring Perms M anicure & Hand Massage Pedicure 8< Foot ivlassage Luxurious Jurfi(fue Facial 1fntlng — fast les, f)f()ws etc.


Pek a

Moussaka Tofu Broccoli & Peanut Sauce Vegie Bolognaise Coconut Vegies & Rice Noodles Vegie Crepe Lentil Burger & Vegies Bengali Curry & Rice Lasagna ... and rniich more ...

Individual Sessions

$35 $40 $4)0 $55

... and mucl> more ... c()me and see!

1&A ~scount for Osbo Wings Readers


"caw 7'( -"

Oeborah-Avi 8c Leonara 330 South Tce, South Fremantle Ph. 9336 4435

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0 sho Wings - Jul/Aug/Sepf'

fr o m $ 5

Relaxing waxin g $5 to Hack Scrub, Mask & Massage ReHexofc)gy Foot Massage Ar<>matherapy Body Massage Wide range (>f Jurficfue Products

~ 4 Evening Workshops Monday nights 7-9pm $60 or $20 per evening

Tig 8 Sh aven M Z6 4 0 0 9 • 0• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

1rom ' $20 f r(.>m $30 fr(>m $55 $25 $30 $50

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• • • • I •

I • • • • •

, 'irana

' ,'ews

FxPeRivNTIAl AsTRoloqy

Hello friends The rumour has it, so I hear, that Osho Kirana is on the market, so I thought I'd set the record straight. One clear 'post accident message' for me has been, "if it's a struggle, let it go. It's not worth it, there's not enough time." Regrettably of late, there has been considerable financial struggle keeping our heads above water and Kirana is not keeping itself afloat with the present rare activities taking place here. Sad — such a beautiful place - but there we are. My partner Nick has been the one who has had to do most of the ~ ei ght pu l l ing to keep us floating financially. So - the plan is to subdivide the property so that Kirana sits on 5 acres, and sell it off. Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a sannyasin out there who had money to spend and it w o ul d still be there for us ... However, all this won't happen for 9 months to a year, and in the meantime we intend to enjoy every moment of it. As I'm sure most who have participated

in groups at Kirana or spent any time here should agree, it is a very special place. Gurupurnima Celebration is happening here on Thursday July 9th, so hope to see you here.


'' .."Nl'~A C , ,: , „ ",' ' ,;

~~~Jr~(~."*l'~;g" ' > 'ii iIr~f,<~ip~jj~I'

4 ,.')3ackpbIh, «, WhIQIceA~«VMJ, «

press'™n,.«.:learnirrg'DIp'rChrp; -. ,, 'Physlcal 8,'kfotIoncrl,Trcrurno~~-@~ ; I



Gandharva Ph. 9331 5660


P4. 9 4 1 7 48 0 )

Beloved friends The new front door has finally arrived. Yaahoo! This new entrance creates the possibility of much happening. We' ve just finished a No M in d M e d i t ation and on a number of occasions both group rooms were being used, It felt very juicy and alive, and what a joy to make as much noise as we wanted. To celebrate the new front

The World Wide Mystic Rose has been post­

'::prrij&NcfNS 'i'jr'-"';:::i'9@" ' :,

prnrriune Sistern.';«'«.Sfress[l4-AD ...

(loR TRAVFI A RElOCATION) • Pnsr Life ( RrcrecssioN ThER~py

celebration starts with live Nataraj at 7pm . Having just completed the No M in d M e d i tation for the umpteenth time, I was reminded again how simple and how pow er ful these techniques that Osho has given us are. I saw that somewhere I had developed a bit of an attitude of I' ve been doing this for years and nothing's changed ... an undervaluing of the mystery. Now ... aah ... gratitude.




• As tnocAieeoc;ie~phy

door, there will be a Centre Party on Ju ly 4th. The

Let's raise the roof with our energyl


• Nw n l ChnRrs • Re lator ship Sywasuey

I '

poned until spring. Starting on September 9th, straight after the Mahaparinirvana Celebration. It is 10 years since Osho first introduced this meditation to us and now there is another possibility for us to join in this auspicious event, Coming up on July 15th we have a Theatre Restaura nt. Dinner wi th live entertainment and door prizes. Divyam w ill d i rect the theatrical aspect. Advance purchase tickets now available, please buy your ticket early as there is limited seating. A few weeks ago Adima w ith the help of some friends threw an "Orange" Gemini party. The evening started with live Nataraj. There was an "over the top" biggest and best sound equipment set up and the meditation hall was pump ing as various musos jammed the night away. It was great to be surrounded by orange clad beings. It feels like Osho Leela is slowly but surely developing its own un i que nature. We would like to extend a Personal I n v i t a t i on to you to participate in some way at our local Osho Meditation Centre, Perhaps you'd like to introduce a friend to the meditations, run a dance class, hang out over a cuppa, do Work Meditation, put on an event, watch a video ... feel free to jump into some way of connecting!

Love • • • • • • • • • • I • • • •••• • • • i • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 0 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • O sh o W r ngs %R B

J u l / A u g / S ept

Osho Hara Awareness Massage he hara, source of life and death, is the point of entry to take us "in" to ourselves. One night during a Zen discourse in Buddha Hall, Osho suddenly introduces two minutes of gibberish followed by l et-go. He guides the meditators deeper and deeper into silence directly entering into this space via the hara, two inches below the navel. At this time, Osho also suggested a Hara Awareness Massage would be helpful for meditation. Fascinated by her experience in Buddha Hall that night, Ma Prem Anando continued to experiment with Osho's suggestion. An experienced bodyworker in both Western and Eastern traditions — Breath, Shiatsu, Amma and Yu-ki - she recognized that a soft approach to energy work and the body would open new doors to her own inner life force. From her exploration the Osho Hara Awareness Massage was born. My own experience of this massage was a feeling of "coming home" to the very roots of my own centre. From a very deep-centred space, it was possible to connect with my own natural state of one-ness, what I would call my authentic self. During the massage energies built up in the hara centre and a huge space opened up, allowing me to recognize and accept the contradictions of my day to day life in a more relaxed and detached way. rr ~~rr" Being in the moment

Special Discounts July/August ihr Deluxe Facial $35 P 2hrs Facial/Body Massage $70

h. 93 ' l 9 2340


-.w 5IDHANG' Appointments 8r. enquiries

nowhere to go being in the hara. Healing starts when you connect with existence and meditation. Allow yourself to disappear. Osho

9 3 3 6 1 T6 5

PH 9330 9421

Ancient Japanese traditions recognize the belly as the most vulnerable part of the body, the storehouse of emotions and many old traumas. By bringing awareness to blocked energies there, it is possible for

Sidika Eckhai"dt workshops and sessions:

Dance Therapy Dance & Body Energy Spiritual Belly Dance Facials & Massage

release to happen and old wounds (eg. abdominal operations) to dissolve, As the belly trusts and relaxes, the energies begin to flow and harmonize. Connecting deeply to the hara centre - the source of all our energy ­ a space of overflowing abundance and trust into existence is strengthened. As the person receiving a massage falls into the deepest let-go, a profound relaxation and silence envelopes them and simultaneously, I too fall into this space — it is a circle of meditative energy. I am grateful to this work for the shared experience of let-go, centredness, trust and

e-mail:s,eckhardt©student. murdoch,

silence. ~"< The buddha isnot lying anywhere else other than in the hara. ~ y O sho


AIQkQ has been involved in bodywork for the last 18 years, is an internationally trained Beauty Therapist and did the Osho Hara Awareness Training in Pune, india. She is also a meditation facilitator of Osho's Meditative Therapies and leads trainings in India as well as groups in India and Australia. She is available for therapeutic massages, Osho Hara Awareness Massage and beauty treatments.

0 sho VNngs - Jul/Aug/Sept

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• • • • • • •

":,"i;,;."::.-.,"'Fast...'.;",':Easy..".,"~ 'Pa ii"I'ess:-.': "'

:-Ri~q„,$'i'ddh ~ijr4i'::: -':.' ':9$,19;: ) >-I 0: •

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• •

• • 0• •• •

• • \• •

• •


)" Beloved Osho Something that came up during primal was that even though I see what my parents did to me, I'm stiII doing the same thing to my kid. So many times my own needs get in the way of what she needs. I can't seem to give her any help. And I think I'm doing her harm. m mm, One thing to be understood — that ordinarily / w h a tsoever has been done by your parents becomes an engrained pattern; that is the only way you know what is to be done with the child. Whatsoever your mother did to you, that is the only way you kn ow how to be with your child. So it is natural - nothing to be worried about - but now that you have become

conscious that something has gone wrong in it ... It is

would be no problem. So the child w ill become a problem. Drop all this nonsense! Simply be yourself. Whatsoever you do, do. More is not possible. Accept yourself! These shoulds are all condemnatory. This is how people move from one extreme to another. he older generation used to thmk, the mothers used , to think, that they were making great sacrifices for their children. They were always exhibiting that they were doing this or that. That was harmful, because love should not be a duty, and it should not be talked about. You love because you feel happy. You are not doing anything to the child; you are doing something because you love to do it. The child is not obliged to you, he is

not topay you back. You love to be a mother, and you

good that you have become conscious, but now don' t should be grateful to the child.But the older generation b ecome worried about it so much, otherwise you wi l l was not grateful to the child. They were always hoping not be able to do anything. You are conscious that that the child would be very very grateful, and when something that your mother did to you, you would like to do to your child - so become conscious; that's all that you can do! Just be natural - these extremist Whatsoever you are doing, become conscious. points are not good. In the old times And don't try to over-compensate - that' s w hat I think you are trying to do. Now y o u children use to be afraid of the think you are not enough — you are not giving enough love, enough care — but whatsoever parents, now the parents are afraid you can give,you can give! How can you give of the children - but fear remains! O~-e% more? Do your utmost, and if you cannot do more, don't get depressed about it, otherwise your depression will harm the child. By and by you will start feeling that because of this child you they found that the child was not grateful, they were are feeling inadequate, and you w il l t ake revenge. very much f'rustrated. Because of this child you are suffering ... this child is Now you have moved to the other extreme. This is creating guilt in you. So whom are you going to take what can happen through pr imal and other things, Now revenge with? - with the child. you think that you are doing harm to the child. Your One thing -you have become aware that you are mother was thinking she is doing good, and then she not to do the same thing; good, Now become aware, did harm. Now you are thmking you are doing harm to that's all. And when you start doing some old pattern, the child. Just think - even thinking she was doing good, relax - don't do it! And this over-compensation — that harm happened through your mo ther, and now you are you have tolove much, and you have to become the thinking that you are doing harm to the child. What is greatest mother m the world - this nonsense has to be going to happen? dropped, otherwise you will feel so false, and that you Just be natural - these extremist points are not are falling short of your ideals. You must be having good. In the old times children use to be afraid of the some ideals now. Your mother has not done that parents, now the parents are afraid of the children - but idealistic thing; now you have the ideal and you have to fear remains! The wheel has moved, but it is the same do it with the child ... and all idealism is dangerous. fear; whether from this side or from that side. Fear has So be realistic Don't create a fiction. You must be not disappeared; and a relationship can exit only when living in a f i c tion, Never live with a should. Live wi th there is no fear. Love is possible only when there is no the is - that's all there is, Whatever is, is. If you can give fear. this much love, this much love you have. How can you If the child is afraid of the parent, love is not possible. If the parent is afraid of the child, love is not do more'? From where will you br ing more? And if you possible. How can you love in fear? Now you are afraid become worried too much about more, you will not be of the child - that some harm may happen, that you may able to even give that much wh ich you could have do something wrong. You will become so self-conscious easily, because from this worry, depression, anxiety, guilt about it - so m uch so that yo u w i l l d o harm, because will arise and you w ill start feeling in a very bad space­ you will lose all naturalness and all spontaneity. and because of this child! If there were no child, there


Osho Wings - Jul/Aug/Sept

Just try to be a human being. Don't try to be an idealist and don't try to be a perfertionist. All perfectionistic people are neurotic. A sane person is never a perfectionist, Whatsoever he can dn, he does, and then it is finished. So simply be yourself. And one thing for you and for everybody else here: the relationship between the child and the mother is such that it can never be perfect - it is impossible. Some problem will always be there. You rhange one problem, another will arise, because the very relationship is such. The child is helpless, the child has no individuality yet. The mother has an individuality. Shc is not dependent on the child, and the child is dependent on the mother. Both are not equal ... cannot be. The mother has power and the child has no power. Now this is natural ... you are not responsible for it. If somebody is responsible, maybe it is god. If you give too much freedom to the child, he will die from freedom. If you disriplinc him too much, you will kill him from discipline. And there is no way to know where the demarcation line is. So whatsoever ynu do is going to be wrong. Of you give too much freedom, the child will be spoiled. If you don' t give enough freedom, the rhild w il l bc spoiled. nd down the ages people have tried all alternatives.

particularly chosen you, so not only are you respnnsible­ she is also responsible. Now just be natural and

be happy! Whatsoever happens out nf happiness is good. And whatsoever creates misery in you, drop all that nonsense. Now you have becnme so miserable. Rather than

Sometimes they have tried to disripline thc child

being happy

absolutely. Then whatsoever comes out is an Adolf Hitler, nazism, fascism; that's what happened in Germany. For a hundred years they had been trying to bring up the child according to the perfectionist ideal­ obedience, order, discipline - so the soul was destroyed. A very very powerful german rare was created, but there was no soul. Now that failed. The pendulum has moved in A m erica. Seeing that it failed.. it created Japan - Japan is a very very disciplined country - and Germany ... seeing that they created such havoc in the world, such hell, the world mind moved. Intellectuals started saying, 'No more o rder, no more discipline - freedom!' So freedom h a s created the new generation — the flower children, the hippies, the yippics. Nnw if they win, the society will be destroyed completely, because no technology can exist with hippies; no clean, hygienic society can exist with t he hippies. No sort of family can exist; everything wil l be simply topsy-turvy. They will create annther ugly world, and again seeing what hippies have dnne, people wiii start moving. They by that time they will have forgotten Nazi Germany, and Hitler; they will again start thinking about how to disripline the children. This is how it has been happening down the ages again and again. But whatsoever you do goes wrong. So my feeling is: please don't try tn do anything. Simply love the rhild, and leave everything else to god. I ove the child, and whatsoever you can do, do, But that doing should not become such a deliberate act as you are trying to do. Simply love! You are a human being with all the flaws and limitations of a human being, and nov what. can you do?

that you are a mother and a child is there, you

'he child has chosen you to be her mother — it is not ' just your responsibility. The child is also responsible. She must have some karmas to be born to you, otherwise why? She could have chosen ... There are so many women always ready to receive. She has

O sho Wings -

J u l / A u g / S ep t

becom ing miserable. Your misery will certainly be reflected in the child, The child by and by will become aware that her mother is miserable because of her. Your guilt will be reflected, and you w il l create a complex in the child. Forget about it! Dance with thc child, lnve the child, hug the child .. and be natural! Don't listen to the pundits and the experts — just be natural! Don't ynu see all the animals? Nobody teaches them how to be a good parent; there exists nothing like transactional analysis­ and they are good parents. Who bothers? Only man is very difficult. There have been societies where the child has not to be hugged, because that destroys the child. Ton much hugging makes him sissy and limp, spineless, He should be strong f'rom the beginning, he should be forced to stand on his own feet. And there are societies which say to hug the child, otherwise he will miss the human warmth and he will never be able to love anybody. Now what to do? In the morning, hug, and in the evening, discipline? What tn dn? Hnw tn div ide? One hour hugging, one hour discipline? But then the child will be confused. And he will become very suspicious of the mother —that she seems to bc schizophrenic: onc hour she is just sweet, another hour she becomes such a great disciplinarian. The child will become very worried — she will not know w hat to do with the mother. Whatsoever you are, that you have tn share with the child. And whatsoever happens to the child, the child has tn take her own responsibility too! Now, in the American mind, this is such an absurd nntinn — you go to the psycho — (continued on page 13)

" " " " " " " " " " " . " " " *" " " " *" " " " " " -" -. " " . " " "

;S Interviews with Ma Prem M a hi, Swami Prem Mohan 8 M a

P rem Ishtar

Mahi (16), does anyone at

and .. . just mainly because of school and I'm studymg a lot, so I don't get out, and I

don't go with m y mum

school think much of the

anymore . Maybe that's my rebellion, rebelling against

fact tha t y o u ' re a

her , j u st n o t b e i ng into the sannyasin thing. But when I


was younger I ' d go to sannyasin parties.

Ma hi: We l l actually, I used to avoid explaining any of that. If people asked me about my name, I'd just sort of say it' s Indian and leave it at that. I try and avoid mentioning the fact that my parents are really weird and believe in this guy who says stuff, and some of the stuH I didn't agree with, I' ve read some of it, but I mainly found it boring. Now I do talk more about it than back in primary school. I explain more about the orange people or Rajneeshes, 'cos that's the name that most people will recognise, even kids my age. Some of my closer friends know about it, and I talk to them about it a bit.

Do you feel like you have to ex p lain it to

everybod y?

Mahi: Ye ah, a little bit. Although these days quite a few more people are into new age and so it's almost normal, all this meditation stuH, 'cos other people' s parents are into that as well.

Did you take sannyas to be given the name Mahi? Mahi: So rt of, but not by choice. As soon as I was born basically my mum sent off to India to get my name. So when I was born, they gave me a different name, 'cos they had to f'ill out the birth certificate, and then four months later I got my name Mahi. I' ve always been called Mahi, basically and then I also changed my legal name to Mahi.

Do you feel you have a connection to Osho? Mahi: No , n ot really. I have a connection to the sannyasin community. I even have a connection to Pune, but to Qsho I don't feel that I do... like, I don' t like him very much.

How come? Mahi: I d o n 't know, I just have this thing about him a nd it's a negative thing... I don't know w h y ,

How is it for you being in the sannyasin c ommunity, surely everyone kinda k n ows w h o you are... all the adults? Mahi: Yeah, you know people that I haven't seen for


years, that have gone off to Pune, are asking after me sometimes. I used to talk with the adult sannyasins, "old people", although now I' ve become more antisocial

And in Pune I went to a discourse, it was a White Robe Brotherhood, and that was so boring, I fell asleep. I couldn't appreciate that.

So what did you like about Pune? Mahii I' d m a ke good friends there. There's more freedom there for me in a way. I was ten or so, and there was a kids' commune and I lived there for a month. I basically lived away in a strange country without my m um , and that's pretty good and makes you feel really independent, even if you' re not really. It's a different country so it's nice to go travelling. And I got to be in a play in Pune, so I liked that 'cos I like to act and that was good... I was a lizard!

Do you think growing up w ith sannyasin parents changes your perspective much? Mahi: Ye ah I think so. I sort of feel weird. When I think of myself and of other people, I think of myself as being a bit weird. I come from a weird background. Also, I' ve never been hit as a kid, but I talk to my friends, and that's just normal, you just get hit to sort of discipline you or to keep you quiet, that's really foreign to me. I don't know if it's true for all sannyasin kids, if because their parents are oH trying to get enlightened, they don't bother with m u n d ane things like that. It seems really foreign to me to have your parents hitting you. I think most of my sannyasin friends didn't get hit either, but I can't be sure. And, I sort of can't help but pick up on some of the jargon and the language about all that stuH, like tarot readings and massages and all that. And also I think I'm less afraid of touching people, than some people are. It's saying "hello" with hugs and using your body m ore to speak to other people, rather than words. Sometimes I give my friends m assages just 'cos I can, you know ?

Do you meditate? Ma hi: No t r e ally. I used to sometimes. In Pune at the kids' commune they'd do a shortened version of Dynamic, Kundalini or No D i m ensions and that was fun then, 'cos I was still quite young. Then for a while I did a martial art and you we re s'posed to sit and do zazen ... I think that's what it was called, but after that I haven't done meditations. Do I feel that I should be meditating? Not so much, no. I think I have a bit of an aversion to it, just 'cos that's what my mu m d o es. Maybe if I'd discovered

Osho Wings - Jul/Aug/Sept

, (pe,$

it myself it would be different,

Are there things that you like or dislike about the sannyas community? Mahi: I dn l i ke how friendly people are and how "connected". Just the whole hugging and saying heHo in that way, There's so many people who are sannyasins, and everyone sort of knows everyone else, it's a real community feel. And I do like to be in that sometimes.

Anything you don't like? Mahi: No t r eally. I mean I don't embrace the whole thing and I don't think I'm gonna call myself a sannyasin when I'm older. I don't have any great wish to go and do groups and improve my spiritual self or strive to become enlightened ... it's not really what I want to do. Although I don't actually know w hat I want to do ...

Mohan (23), what was it like with other kids when you were at school? Mohan: I d o n ' t think it wa s ever really, sort of mentioned at any of the straight schools I went to that I was a sannyasin. I think at least here at South Terrace primary school everyone knew, cos there was a lot of us there. I don't ever recall being hassled about it. I always felt different, never reaHy fitted in properly. I don't know whether that's a product of being a sannyasin or a product of my personality. At Ko Hsuan there were aH sannyasin kids, so that was cool.

What about the stuff on TV about sannyas back in the eighties? Mohan: Ye ah, we had them turn up at Karri Valley one time, aH the news crews. A bunch of kids had run away and then come back, or something. I think probably because they missed their parents, because Karri Valley was a long way away. We didn't get to see our parents that often. My mum came down to visit me once when I was in Karri Valley, that was about it ... So a bunch of kids ran away one time, chasing the supply bus, trying to foHow it back up to Perth. A few days later aH the news crews descended. It was like a herd of elephants, you know, Three or four station wagons pulled up into the yard and aH the people came running out charging down the halls. They interviewed a few kids and then, cut it up and rearranged the tapes and made it look totaHy different. It was an interesting education about the media.

What about now? Are your friends sannyasins? Mohan: So me are and some aren' t. My two closest friends at the moment are called Ra and Damien and they' re kids I grew up w ith here, not necessarily in the commune, but more after it, But they' re kids of sannyasin parents.

Osho Wings - Jul/Aug/Sept

Are you part of the sannyasin community here? How do you relate? Mohan: I' m on the fringe. I mean if I choose to relate then I wander down to Club Zorba's on Friday evening to hangout. Not that I have much time for that in my hectic social life, but I feel as much a part of it as I ever did, aside from in I'une. It's there if I want it and there' s a lot of Inve for me there if I want it, and if I don't need it then ... you know, I can pick and choose.

Have you felt that you' ve had to cut away f rom it in any w a y ? Mohan: (l o ng pause) Yes, I' ve needed to separate myself from it in order to broaden my horizons. There' s a lot of sannyasins who sit around and think they' re the only people with any spiritual awareness at aH, and they' re the only people who have that particular belief system, enlightenment and whatever, and that there' s nothing of real value to be gained anywhere else. Yet, actually out in the real world there's a lot of people who have no idea about sannyasins, who are actually very spiritually aware and you can have perfectly interesting conversations with them .â&#x20AC;&#x17E; ( P ause) So... I' ve found distancing myself from them to be valuable at times. Them - us? I don't know? I find the word sannyasin a bit difficult now because the traditional Oxford Dictionary definition of sannyasin is that you have a master. But he's dead and gone. So it's aH a bit difficult. I call them the family. They' re my family ... a good family, too.

ÂŽgy Children are new editions of consciousness. Children are fresh entries of divinity into life. Be respectful. Be understanding. ~wA; Osho What about your connection with Osho? Mohan: I d o n 't know if I ever felt a connection with Osho in the same sense that most sannyasins do. I went to a few discourses and fell asleep ... I probably read most of what he's written over the years. Not in any sort of concerted fashion. I don't know'?! For me there's two parts to it. There' s, I guess, what you'd call the theory, the idea of there being consciousness and enlightenment, and the mind which is full of trips and aH that sorts of stuff. That part I don't have a problem with and I agree vvith. I'm not so sure about enlightenment but I definitely feel that you can live your life consciously or. unconsciously at any given moment, and I would much prefer to live my life with consciousness, and techniques nf meditation to strengthen that consciousness within myself. No problems there. Then there's a certain culty, sort of religious aspect to the whole thing which I have big problems with, (laughs) I s'pose that sort of sums

up my attitude to sannyas. (continued on page 'l2)

Ishtar (25), what was it like w he n you took sannyas? I was about seven years old. I was excited, but in a quiet way. I was containing it... But it didn't get contained for very long because when we were eatmg breakfast I was eating custard, and I spilt it all down m y f r ont, so I had to wear a sarong tied around my neck. I didn't get sannyas from Osho because he'd just stopped giving sannyas to kids. A lady in the office gave me my mala.

Do you feel a connection to Osho? I' ve always felt a strong connection to Osho and I still do. I had to break avvay from it and discover it again for myself, to come back to it. Having gro~ n u p w i t h it, I needed to discover how it was for myself as an adult. Not as something that was given to me, but as something that I choose. I really do feel that I have a strong connection with Osho, That's really my basis of being a sannyasin. Because there's also more superficial aspects of being a sannyasin that I don't choose to take on. But Osho and his teachings and meditations I absolutely love!... One of the strongest ways meditation is in my life is through the physical, particularly in my yoga and dancing. I think one of the greatest gifts Osho has to give people is meditation through the physical.

Did you see Osho much when you we re a k i d ? I went to an energy darshan with him, but I just remember it being really dark and I got bored, I used to

go to Buddha Hall and to the discourses, and see the drive-bys all the time when we were in India and at the Ranch. The only time I remember feeling bored and restless was at the darshan.

What was Pune like for you? It was fun in India as a kid because we used to run amok. They used to shut the gates and turn off aII the lights, it was blackout time. And all the kids would be running around the fountain, playing cops and robbers! Just to be in another culture really broadens your experience and how you look at things. Being in another country when you' re a child is pretty special, apart from b eing in a spiritual comm une. Because it opens your mind and opens your experience up to other people, other ways of life and other cultures. And being in a different community to standard society also exposes you to different experiences, more people. There was definitely a greater level of freedom there than I would have experienced if I'd grown up in a nuclear family. It's not so governed by society's rules.

How open can you be w ith your parents? Now I feel I'm much more open with them than I have been in the past. As a child, when I was having problems, I didn't understand them in a verbal sense and go and talk to my family about them. It was something that I experienced as an experience, and therefore I'd express it more in actions. Actually, one of my more negative experiences growing up in the communes is being in a period of my life where I was in distress, and calling out, but not in a verbal sense, because kids don' t. And not having anyone seeing that. The duality that was there tor me as a child was that, yes there were a lot of people around to give me love and play, like a big family. But also at times people were totally absorbed in their own l i v es, thinking someone else was looking after the kids, At times there was no-one that really saw me, or was there for me. Not even my direct family, I don't think that's just a personal experience. I think there's probably quite a few kids who grew up in comm u nes that have a similar experience.


Do you think t h is a f f e cts how y ou r e l a te in t h e world? Yes, not only my connection with sannyas now, but also having grown up as a sannyasin, definitely affects me in my daily life. When I talk to my friends, and think of where they came from, I feel like "Wow, man, I' ve come from somewhere really different!" It also affects how I go about being in the world, because I want to approach things in a spiritual sense. I want to do things in my life that my heart really feels it wants, So that everything in my l ife fits into my spiritual path. But I still find it very hard w hen people ask me about sannyas. Mainly because it's a very personal experience, just like anyone's spiritual experience which can't necessarily be explained. But I find it more difficult when people have an idea of it, and they' ve read the tabloids. Then I'm put in the position where I feel I have to defend myself as a sannyasin. Even growing up as a sannyasin in schooLs, I often found it hard to integrate the two: being a sannyasin and living in the commune, and then going to state schools. It's definitely easier for me now, my life is feeling more as a whole. I' ve often felt I'm living tw o lives - one out in society, and the other as my private spiritual life. But it's definitely feeling more whole these days. Sometimes I still feel separate, but I think a lot of people experience that.

Anything else? A lot of my experience with my f r i ends who are around my age is that they have very strong awareness and spirituality in their daily life, even without having grown up w it h anything spiritual, or not even having a guru. I experience that they have just as strong a spirituality as anyone I know, sannyasin or not, That has been a really important thing for me to see. I feel that I have a very strong connection with sannyas and Osho. Coming back to Fremantle last year I realised, especially since I don't have a very large blood family, that the sannyasin community is my family. But I also have that same feeling with many of my close friends here. They' re like my family, and we give each other really strong support. They' re all very m uch following their own t r u th . +

• \ • 1 • •0•• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Interview by Jushne O s h o W i n g s - Ju l / A u g / S e p t

past because how can you undo the past? The mother has happened, the birth has happened — now what to do with it? It is gone! If you are aware, in this moment of intense awareness, the whole past can be burned out. There is no need for any primal therapy. It is only for mediocre minds that you have to go into such things. If you are really intelligent, just a single moment of awareness — it is finished! The past is no more there! You can cut yourself away from it in a single stroke. There is no need to go inch by inch. In a single stroke of understanding, you can cut yourself away from the past - that's what I mean by sannyas. So just be natural, loving and don't carry any ideals. Don't listen to experts; these are the most mischievous people in the world — the experts. Just listen to your heart. If you feel like hugging, hug. Sometimes you feel like hitting the child, hit, And don' t be worried that some great psychoanalyst says not to hit the child, Who is he to dominate you? From where does he get the authority> Sometimes it is good to be angry. The child has to learn that his or her mother is a human being and that

(corctircued from page 9) analyst and he will say that something is wrong between you and your mother, so your mother is responsible. Now he has taken responsibility away from you ... it feels very good. Even grown-up people are so foolish, mm? - lying down in a foolish way on a psychoanalyst's couch, saying silly

The child has chosen you to be her m o t her - it is not ju st

your responsibility. The child is also responsible.

things, and the psychoanalyst says, 'You are perfectly right — it is just because of your mother and your relationship with the mother, so your mother is responsible.'And who is responsible for the mother?­ her mother! And who is responsible for her mother?­

so on and so forth. Finally you find Eve! Nobody seems

she can be angry too. And if you are angry, the child

to be responsible then. I don't say that they are absolutely wrong ­ nobody is ever absolutely wrong — but people are only extremists, and extremism is wrong. Yes, your mother is a little responsible because she was your mother, Your father is a little responsible, but fina/ly, you are responsible!

feels also free to be angry. If you are never angry, the child feels guilty. How to be angry with a mother who is always to sweet? Mothers have tried to be so sweet that their whole taste is lost — they become like saccharine ... they create an artificial diabetes. Don't be just sweet — sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet as the mood arises. And let the child know that the mother has her own moods and climates - she is a human being just as he is. And the child will see if the mother can be angry, he can also be angry. And it is good. Yes, sometimes not to be okay is good. So drop this, mm? Good!

hatsoever you have made yourself, others have . helped, but in the ultimate analysis you are responsible. This is one on the basic things religion teaches: you are responsible. Once you feel that you are responsible, you become free; you have a freedom to choose. And then you are no more worried about the

> i' ) +








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Way, Hami Hill • J ul 10 at Large Room To Rent

Pranava - 5 Pier St, East Freo •

in East Freo, close to river, available 2-3 months. Phone Pranava on 9339 0883.

Jul 17 at Bhavan & Tig - 1 Quarry Rd, Hami Hill • Jul 24 at Sidika­ '10A Brooksby St (rear), Melville.

"Smoking Temple Malas". Osho Good Luck Charms, A little bit of nostalgia. $5 each, 3 for $12. Phone Gunjar on 9527 8166,

Oiho"Leela"Meditation,Cenh'e w~'"

;O@~<OH~'~g~~kkoQ"";.'~$0.{10- 5;00.'jW', ':Phyfe'4'$08$"984'O' OVOID';;=-j;:,,'»'i<,"",,,»-, » -,



IB,. Daily Daily

6:00 - 7:00 am


5:30- 6:30 pm 5:30 - 6:30 pm

Fri Fri Sun Sun 4

4:00 — 5:00 pm

7:00 - 8:00 pm 6:30 - 7:45 pm

4:00- 6:00 pm

Dynamic Meditation Dynamic Meditation Kundalini Meditation N atara l

Satsang White Robe Brotherhood Full Circle

9336 5090

Osho Leela Osho Leela

$3 $3 $3 $3

Various Locations


9330 9421

Osho Leela


RTR FM 92.1


9336 5090 don't miss

Osho Leela Osho Leela

• • • • • ••0• • • • I • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Osho Wings -

9336 5090 9336 5090 9336 5090

J u l / A u g / S ept

.Il' 28+ - Intro Evening Mystic Rose at Osho I cela, 7.30pm.

O'" - Leela Centre Party

5 - Art 8 O pening with Sahaja

Live Nataraj 7pm, party 8:30pm onwards.

and Sudhir.. Seven Wednesday evenings. Breathing and painting our way through the seven centres of thebody-mind. Ph. 9434 2837.

9'" - Gurupurnima Day Celebration at Osho Kirana, WRB, music group and dinner. 6:30pm.

Celebration at Osho Leela, WRB, music group, dinner, doors close at 6:30pm.

'15'" - Leela Centre Party Live Nataraj 7pm, party 8:30pm onwards.

9'" - Mystic Rose Meditation at Osho Leela, see ad page 2.

15~ - 23"" Avatar Training with Pameo, see ad page 3,

19~ - 27'"Avatar Training

22"' - Macrobiotic Cooking

with Pameo, see ad page 3.

with Sahaja, 6 Saturday mornings. Cooking whole and natural foods to heal the body, mind and moods. Phone 9434 2837.

25 - Aug 2"' Avatar Training with Pameo at Blue Mountains NSW, see ad page 3.


8'" - Mahaparinirvana Day

with Pameo, see ad page 3.

20+ - Samma sati Sunday A silent day of watching in the Jarrah forest at Osho Kharabat. Cost $30. Phone 9430 5509.

2"' - Intro Evening My stic Rose at Osho Leela, 7.30pm.

8~ + 9~ Avatar Play-Shop

'l5~ - Theatre Restaurant at Osho Leela, 7pm, advance purchase tickets, limited seating.


26'" - Leela Centre Party Live Nataraj 7pm, party 8:30pm onwards.

Distributing to you: Osho Books, Audio Discourses Music form the World of Osho Osho's Discourses & Meditations Osho Tarot Cards OSHO TIMES Sales 8t Subscriptions Booking Agent for Pune Groups

SAL ON g +v e~­


, +rrf';ll" ~@

' We carry AVEDA Ha ir Products. Aveda's organic plant-derived products for personal and environmental care set a standard of unsurpassed excellence - good for your hair and your living/working environment.

Lot 2, Coopers Lane, PO Box 702 Muiiumbimby NSW 2482 Tel (02) 6684 3985 • Fax (02) 6684 3128 E-mail:

Service 8 Tune Brakes & Repairs

Open 7 days a weeks.





8 W A M I 5 2E

B 0 D H I








C L A R E M 0 N T ~



ZHv f4clTo~

6 0 1 0

Ring Anagara

.« H IM

9 3 8 5

3 12 3

9 3 8 3

13 9 5

Peak Service Station 218 South St, White Gum Valley

Osho Wings - Jul/Aug/Sept

workshop - 9430 9996 a/h - 9314 5894


" ':~;.-;~ "".."-/~~The greatest desire in the world is th .k

r~':::,:":,"::: ':. 'transformcition. The desire fofgtosnineyâ&#x20AC;&#x17E;is Iloth ing, the desire for':-' ':::. '"'* 'ir'i::;ssimore power, prestige'ests nothing. The greote st desire is the so . ': ' -i-"'called spIorwitual des'Ire:: And once you are ca ught in that desiie

"'"""': ':-'yr"'ou"will i'em'airI"miserable fore â&#x20AC;&#x201D;.kc

-';=::,' <~,,Transformation is possible, but not by desiring it.

",'':.".~g whatsoevei is.' Unconditionally accepting yourself ':-"':, >,'-"., "-,,":.--,,:."'*~.'b,. rings fi ansformation.





- *"


Osho Wings vol 5 nr 4  
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