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Picture Your DREAM HOME

“After” by Classic Design Floor To Ceiling

“Af ter ” by Cla ssic De sig n Flo or To

Ce iling

Bath ro om Va n it

y “Bef ore”

Flo or an d Sh ower “Be fore”

Now that you’ve seen what we can do, isn’t it YOUR turn? Don’t wait... be the next to find out what Effortless Home Improvement is all about.


2303 S. Stockton St. • Lodi, CA Effortless Home Improvement

Contractor’s Lic. #886537 • M-F: 9-5 • Sat: 10-5

Let Us Be YOUR... General Contractor... Designer... Showroom... CHAMPION.

Health ensurance. Plant the idea in everyone‘s mind. At Kaiser Permanente, we believe a happier, healthier you is well within reach.

For more information about Kaiser Permanente, call 1-800-464-4000 or visit


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San Joaquin Magazine 2010

Summer Specials

The area’s most luxurious cosmetic and medi spa where we combine the latest cosmetic breakthroughs and most advanced technology with the art of vision, creativity and skill, to reveal the most beautiful, youthful and radiant you.

Go Bare Everywhere! All Laser Hair Treatments and Laser Vein Treatments

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Shaukat A. Shah, M.D. • 209.939-3800 1805 N. California St., Suite 201 • Stockton, CA 95204 • san joaquin magazine


Another dental visit? Turns out, you have better things to do with your time.

Spend your time

where you want to be...

Short on time? No problem. Technology today is changing our everyday lives. Many people, however, aren’t aware that technology is also impacting dentistry in new and exciting ways. Cutting-edge innovations in dental instruments are requiring less time in the dental chair. Trips to the dentist are becoming less and less fearful, thanks to high-technology in dentistry. Our office is making these visits even easier and more convenient with technology that repairs damaged teeth in one appointment. We are pleased to offer our patients CEREC restoration services—a superior method of creating precisely designed, color-matched and highly durable ceramic restorations. From simple fillings to full crowns to veneers, CEREC delivers the results you need in one appointment.

Get back to whatever it is you’d rather be doing. 4

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Ronald S. Noriesta, D.D.S. 3031 W. March Lane, Suite 340 Stockton, CA 95219

209.472.7500 AUGUST 2010

Women Everywhere are Falling for the MammoPad® Breast Cushion

 ewantwomentobeascomfortableaspossible.With W theMammoPad breastcushionyoudon’thavetobe afraidofyourannualmammogram.TheMammoPad  providesawarmer,softersurfacebetweenyouand theequipment.Thishelpsyourelaxwhileenablingthe technologisttogetahighqualityimage.



Call us now at 800-470-7229 to schedule a mammogram!

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august volume nine issue 8 • August 2010

features 32 The greening of our Schools 38

13,000 Feet Above San Joaquin

Acampo’s Parachute Center gives us the inside scoop on skydiving and why jumpers can’t get enough. by Nissa Hallquist



Who’s Who in San Joaquin’s History

Find out who was around when San Joaquin’s first cities were formed, and what they contributed to our cities of today. by Lauren LaBelle

54 home in the Cherry Orchards

These Morada homeowners found the perfect spot to build their dream home from the ground up in the cherry orchards. by Jamie Menaker Cover Photo:

Cocktails from Alder Bistro by Dan Hood

54 6

san joaquin magazine

26 AUGUST 2010

Clockwise From Top Left: Courtesy parachute Center; matthew james photography (2)

The “green” movement is showing no signs of slowing, and our kids’ schools are getting in on the action. by Jamie Menaker

san joaquin magazine



volume nine issue 8 • August 2010


Publisher’s Note

9 UP FRONT | 209 1 Shane Lautenslager, The Great American Road Trip; Reggae in San Joaquin; Haute Items for Back to School; Dawn O’Byrne from Dalio Designs;

26 19

and more


Ten Great Dates


Out and About


August Win It! Contest

Home 54

Home in the Cherry Orchards

Food&wine 71

Spotlight: Alder Bistro


Wine Picks: Cabernet Blends


Dining Out


Taste of the Season: Raspberries



Food and Wine Tidbits: 84 Marianne’s Pantry 86

Mesh grilling pans


Substitute Yourself Skinny

22 8

san joaquin magazine


Clockwise from top: Dan Hood; oregon raspberry and blackberry commission; courtesy delta cruises; dan hood


A special new place for your special new person.

Looking forward to your own special delivery? The birth of a new baby is an experience to cherish. And the perfect place to create these special memories is the Women and Infants Center in St. Joseph’s beautiful new Patient Pavilion. New moms will enjoy the comfort of their own spacious, private rooms, and feel pampered with small perks—like garden views, a hostess who takes bedside meal orders, and freshly baked cookies delivered in the afternoon. At St. Joseph’s, we are dedicated to your comfort, supplying advanced pain management, including epidurals. You’ll feel reassured knowing there are new C-section surgical suites and a state-of-the-art neonatal ICU. The birth of your baby is a story you’ll share time and time again. Choose the perfect setting — St. Joseph’s Medical Center—where we’ve created a special new place for your special new person.

Visit us at the

Birth, Baby and Bonding Fair 1800 N. California Street, Stockton, CA 95204 209.943.2000 |

Saturday, August 7 Scottish Rite Hall - 11am to 3pm for details




Free Fallin’ I’ve never been skydiving. Something about falling through the air, hurtling towards the ground at full-speed, sounds both exciting and scary-as-heck at the same time. Anyone who’s been skydiving talks about the heart-pumping adrenaline rush of free falling through the sky, and then the complete calm once you pull the parachute cord and are able to enjoy the breathtaking views of San Joaquin from high up in the air. I haven’t made the decision yet if I’ll ever skydive (I’m getting too old for this stuff!), but the skydivers at Acampo’s Parachute Center were more than happy to invite us out to their site, to see what really goes into a skydiving experience. Check out our story “Taking the Leap: 13,000 Feet Above San Joaquin” on page 38 to see what the real skydivers are made of.    On another note, summer is winding down and we’re sad to see it go, but it’s time again for our kids to get their number two pencils, pick out their folders and binders, and head off to school. In our Back to School issue, we’ve noticed a new trend in our kids’ schools: the addition of an environmentally-friendly education. Everywhere we look, the “green” movement is making waves, so why wouldn’t it trickle down to our kids’ education? Find out the ways in which our kids are learning to recycle, spare the air, and grow their own gardens, among other “green” trends (“The Greening of our Schools,” page 32). Be sure to also check out our favorite Back to School items (page 28).     Most importantly, enjoy these last days of summer with your family. Stay up late, eat as much ice cream as possible, spend too much time in the pool, and let the kids run through the sprinklers any time they’d like. Just remember, you’re going to miss summer when it’s gone!

“I want to fly like an eagle, To the sea Fly like an eagle, Let my spirit carry me I want to fly like an eagle, Till I’m free —The Steve Miller Band

Tony Zoccoli Publisher, San Joaquin magazine


san joaquin magazine



10 0



As seen on

3-DAY SPECIAL EVENT: MARCH 23rd REASONS UNIVERSITY OF THE 0-Day Trial WHY • Free Lyric Screening 24 / 7

PACIFIC HEARING & BALANCE CENTER Reasons why University IS THE RIGHT CLINIC FOR YOU: of the Pacific Hea Balance Center is THE RIGHT clinic for


1. Reputation: c Hearing Balance are Center is the qualified area’s leader in hearing healthcare 1. Expertise: Pacifi Our Doctors of &Audiology uniquely to evaluate, diagnose and treat your hearing problems.

and isOur the audiologists most trusted specialize source of care byand patients anddisorders physicians. in ear hearing and are the area’s best source of help for your hearing


Remember, your h of your health and be trusted to a qu

University of the Pacific Hearing & 2. Technology: c has exclusive access to new hearing aids and technologies. Pacific healthcare Pacifi needs. is the only clinic in the area authorized to dispense Lyric hearing aids. Remember, your hearingWhat is anUOP patient ter is THE RIGHT clinic for you: 3. Confi dence: WeWe use the state-of-the-art latest hearing aidhearing fitting software strategies to make sure 2. Technology: offer aids fromand industry leading manufacturers (we are not limited important part of your health hearing t and programmed for each person’s individual needs. toaids onlyare oneoptimally brand) tofiaddress each person’s individual needs. Pacific is the ONLY clinic in the area authorized

“I have been very ple and well-being and should

ly qualified to4.evaluate, diagnose andhearing treatwill your hearingreceive problems. Remember, hearing is an important part to dispense Lyric aids. Commitment: Patients always exceptional care, and can your be sure we will at Pacific ONLY be trusted to a qualifi ed Hearing Cl isorders andbeare the area’s best source of help for your hearing of your health and well-being and should ONLY here to help them enjoy optimal hearing now and in the future. Doctor of Audiology. aids. I love the conv be trusted to a qualified Doctor of Audiology. maintenance, except 3. Confidence: We use the latest hearingcare aid fitting softwarequalifi and strategies to make sure your hearing aids are 5. Expertise: Patients receive personalized from uniquely ed, experienced

What Pacific’s patients comfortable fit. I’ve h but these are definite aids from industry leading manufacturers (we are not limited are saying... (California State Requirements – Doctor of Audiology: 8 years of college education, board certification and state licensure. Hearing Aid Dispenser Pacific to anyone wh ividual needs. Pacific is the ONLY clinic in the area authorized / Hearing Instrument Specialist / Audioprosthologist: 6 months of supervised on the job training, dispensing cate.) “I have certifi been very pleased with the services I receive 4. Commitment: We deliver exceptional patient care. Patients know we will be here now and in the future to help the expertise and pro at Pacific Hearing Clinic and with my Lyric hearing “I have been very pleased with them achieve their optimal hearing health and the associated quality of life. second to none!” aids. I love the conveniences Lyric offers – no daily Doctors of Audiology. optimally fit and programmed for your unique hearing loss and needs.

What UOP patients are saying about Lyric...

the services I receive at Pacific maintenance, exceptional hearing 24/7 and the Hearing Clinic and with my hearing – Lawr g software and strategies to make sure your hearing aids are comfortable fit. I’ve had other hearing aids in the past, 5. Reputation: Pacific Hearing & Balance Center is recognized as a leader in hearing healthcare and is the area’s aids. I highly recommend Pacific earing loss and needs. “After most trusted source of care by patients and physicians.but these are definitely the best! I highly recommend to anyone who needs help for a a thorough exa Pacific to anyone who needs help for a hearing loss – fitted with Lyric. Lyri hearing loss.” are. Patients know we will be here now and in the future to help the expertise and professional care they offer is quality. They also m -Lawrence de Polo, M.D. he associated quality of life.



s recognized as a leader in hearing healthcare and is the area’s ysicians.




e, Au.D. earing Center


second to none!” – Lawrence de Polo, M.D.

In addition, they are pleasure not to have “I was very impressed by the to shower with the a thorough hearing examination “After a thorough examination and evaluation, I was about battery replace I received at Pacific. And the fitted with Lyric. Lyric delivers clear, natural sound – Marv quality. They also minimize background noise. hearing aids I was fitted with are

757 Brookside Road Stockton, CA 95207 In addition, they are hassle-free. It has been a great -- such clear, natural sound

Lyric exten

“I am very satisfied w pleasure not to have to remove the hearing aids,quality! It is a pleasure to receive provides. Over the la to shower with the aids in place, and not to worrysuch excellent service.” three other hearing a about battery replacement.” -Marvin Primack, M.D. resting in my closet. – Marvin Primack, M.D.

Call to make your • Deliver stand voices in most appointment today! “I am very satisfied with the with any other hearin “I am very satisfied with Lyric and the services UOP Director, Hearing

757 Brookside Road David Jardine, Au.D. Stockton, CA 95207

hearing aids and the services UOP • Worn 2 provides. Over the last few years I have purchased forward to wearing L and Balance Center provides. Over the years, I have three other hearing aid brands and they are now all – Charl purchased other devices at other • No dai resting in my closet. With Lyric, I am able to underOwne places, but have never been as stand voices in most environments much better than satisfied as I am with what I have with any other hearing aid I have used. I am looking received at UOP. I recommend UOP forward to wearing Lyric for years to come.” to everyone!” – Charlie Clark Owner of Clark’s Pest Control -Charlie Clark Lyric is placed by a Certified Lyric Hearing Professional. Owner of Clark’s Pest Control

Call to make your appointment today!


For more information about Lyric, visit 1-877-254-8524 209-946-7378

about Lyric, visit © 2010 InSound Medical, Inc. All Rights Reserved. *Individual replacement needs may vary. Placed by hearing professional during routine office visit.

†Professional fees may apply. Annual subscription begins the first day of trial. **Based on a telephone survey of 67 patients who have worn Lyric for at least 30 days.


me WinTaste nin Ou gW rA ine war s d

It’s All Good!


SanJoaquin magazine


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Great Wines



Photography Dan Hood, Matthew James, Anita Cameron accounting Valerie Zoccoli Office Assistant/Ad coordinator Windy Congrove

Discover a whole new world.



to schedule your complimentary hearing test* Board Certified-Audioprosthologist Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensed Hearing Aid Dispensers

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I enjoy wearing my hearing aids! Everything I Let Agil take you on the journey hear is clearer and there’s no ringing when I get to better hearing. close to someone or talk on the phone. They are Manteca • Tracy • Ripon Having issues with hearing shouldn’t stop you from enjoying soyour comfortable, I hardly know that I am wearing life. It’s simply a hearing matter of making to move forward and your aids. aI choice: was quite pleased with the Agil staffis sleek at and stylish inServing San Joaquin County Since 1979 hand, yet virtually invisible take control of your condition, or to do nothing and fall behind. Wesson Hearing Aid Center. behind your ear. Agil is the revolutionary new hearing device that helps you *Hearing tests are not a medical opinion -Shirley B., Escalon

understand more with less effort.

printed on 10% recycled paper. All inks used contain a percentage of soy base. Our printer meets or exceeds all Federal Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) Standards. Our printer is a certified member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). CORRECTIONS: In our July story “Best of San Joaquin 2010,” All About Smiles took second place for Best Dentist. We should have said Dr. Sohi-Thadwal is the dentist at All About Smiles. In our July Out and About photos for the State of the City event, we spelled Frank Ferral’s name incorrectly.

There’s a sound processing chip inside of Agil that allows it to do things that have been impossible until now. Its super fast speed


means more power to differentiate and more mental san joaquin sounds magazine energy to understand, remember and participate. With Agil,


Specialist in Pediatric Dentistry

SanJoaquin magazine


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Rafat S. Razi, D.M.D, M.P.H.

at least six weeks prior to issue’s cover date.

Writer’s Guidelines: San Joaquin magazine is always on the lookout for story ideas and talented freelance writers. To suggest a story idea, contact us via mail, fax, or e-mail

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( (San Joaquin magazine

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Advertising: San Joaquin magazine offers businesses

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children, and adolescents”

“making kids smile”

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window shopping

Easy Home Decorating

Vision Flooring & Interiors and Gifts is committed to quality flooring, interior decorating, and beautiful home décor. At no cost, Visions Flooring brings decorative items to your home to see if the look fits your décor. You will love our store and everyone here. Please stop by and see for yourself. Visions Flooring & Interiors and Gifts 906 W. Lodi Ave, Lodi • (209) 369-1166

Learning is Deliciously Fun!

KinderKitchen assorted Kitchenware is made just for little hands. Stop in and see our full selection of Kitchen Products for kids & parents too! Beyond Pots & Pans 4343 Pacific Avenue, Stockton • (209) 952-1966



Good things DO come in SMALL packages! Make the most of your assests with a BIG push...The Little Bra Company provides a sexy look & great fit for sizes 28A and up! Recently seen in InStyle magazine. Coordinating bottoms & special orders also available! Theadora Lingerie & Boutique 354 Lincoln Center, Stockton • (209) 474-7407

Secrets and Salon

Full Service Hair Salon, Acrylic Nails, Waxing, Color Weaving, Hair Extensions, and permanent makeup. We also carry an array of beauty supplies. Secrets and Salon 107 North Maple Ave, Manteca • (209) 271-8548

Perfect Custom Gifts & Engraving

At Perfect Custom Gifts & Engraving, we will design and personalize gifts for all of your SPECIAL OCCASIONS, including WEDDINGS, ANNIVERSARIES, BIRTHDAYS & more. Give your loved ones a lifetime of cherished memories. With this ad, purchase 1 engraved item and receive 2nd engraved item half off. (209) 922-5208 •

Kat’s Cakes

Stop by for delicious fresh-baked treats or to place an order for a one-of-a-kind cake. Whether you want traditional and romantic or off-thewall unique, we’d love to make your custom-cake dreams come true! Kat’s Cakes 2230 Pacific Ave., Stockton (On the Miracle Mile!) (209) 466-CAKE •

window shopping

Monogram Magic

Monogram Magic is your source for local Letterman Jackets. We create girls and boys Letterman Jackets for all San Joaquin and Stanislaus County high schools. Personalized customization available. We handle digitizing, direct to garment, cad cut, holiday gifts, employee garments, and all school spirit wear! You name it and we embroider it! With 18 years of experience, we can handle all of your embroidery needs. Monogram Magic 135 W. Yosemite Avenue, Manteca (209) 823-2166 •


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Eminence Organic Skin Care

Protect your skin with the natural defenses of zinc and herbal ingredients in Organic sunscreens that block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Hydrating and revitalizing Shea Butter combines with the fragrant aroma of soothing Vanilla to care for your skin. Indulge your senses with a tropical treat!

A Special Section for Local Boutiques. Promote your business with our next window shopping section. Low cost rates available for new clients. Call 209.833.9989 to get started and see how your business can be spotlighted in our next edition.

Kym with a Y Organic Spa Studio 307B Lincoln Center • (209) 952-2299 AUGUST 2010

Ready, Set, Relax, and Smile. Evening Appointments Available Services Include: Cosmetic Dentistry Veneers Root Canals Teeth Whitening Crowns • Bridges Oral Surgery Preventative Care Sealants Fluoride Treatment



Cosmetic Dentistry 5904 N. El Dorado St., Suite C, Stockton

D S-T, DDS

Find Us on Facebook



Conveniently located at the corner of Swain & El Dorado Se Habla espanol



1-888-936-PLAN (7526) 18

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- Hundreds of primary care physicians and specialists - Easy access to your personal doctor - Choice of hospitals and pharmacies - Local and nationwide emergency care - Healthy Families, AIM and Medi-Cal Coverage - Free 24/7 advice nurse - Serving San Joaquin, Stanislaus and Merced Counties Eligibility guidelines apply and may be based in part on household income. Plan availability varies by county. AUGUST 2010


Shane Lautenslager The Great American Road Trip By Katy Berry Dan Hood

Twenty-five year Tracy resident Shane Lautenslager was working at IBM as a quality engineer when his brother first mentioned Victory Motorcycles’ True American Road Trip contest. Motorcyclists were invited to send in a home video describing their most creative road trip routes, and ten winners would receive a Victory motorcycle for the year, as well as four road trips throughout the summer. When Lautenslager received a call saying that he had been selected, his first thought was that it was too good to be true. 

san joaquin magazine





Left: Dan Hood; Right (2): courtesy shane lautenslager

“At first I thought it was a practical joke because I had played a few on my friends. I said ‘Sure, uh huh.’ Once they got me to believe them, I was pretty ecstatic.”    In return for Victory footing the bill for a summer of road trips, the winners have been asked to share their experiences by posting stories, photos, and videos on Victory’s website, with only two stipulations for planning their trips—at least 100 miles each, and at least two days long. Other than that, Lautenslager was given a budget to cover his food, shelter, and gas with unlimited mileage. A member of the ‘Iron Butt Association’ (yes, it’s real), Lautenslager is no stranger to long distance riding. The first trip in May included a romantic ride down Highway 1 with his wife, and dinner at his favorite steakhouse, Jocko’s in Nipomo. The June excursion explored the Pacific Coast Highway, Southern California, and Little Tujunga Canyon. It also included his favorite highlight so far, an overnight stay on the Queen Mary. As guests, Lautenslager and his brother were allowed to explore the ship in “every place where they wouldn’t run us out.”    The original video the brothers sent to Victory outlined a 5,200 mile trip from Tracy to Texas, then to Oregon, and finally home again— which became Lautenslager’s most recent trip in July. Each route is


san joaquin magazine

designed to include as many stops manageable to report back on Victory’s site, but with six states over fifteen days, Shane had plenty of options. The final itinerary included a Japanese internment camp, a stay in a cement teepee in Arizona, Area 51 in Roswell, and a cruise down the notorious Old Highway 666. The route also included two large bike rallies in Texas and Oregon, which helped to keep Lautenslager’s crew on schedule. After all the long-distance traveling, the final trip this month will be a tip-of-the-hat to San Joaquin, with a three-day tour through California’s wine regions: Sonoma and Napa, Livermore Valley, and of course, our very own Lodi wine country.    As for his review of the Victory bike? “It puts you in the wind, which beats the snot out of you. But performance wise, it’s a great little bike. It’s the full-on experience. It brings me back to riding thirty years ago.”    Come December Lautenslager will have to return the bike, but you can be sure that his ‘True American Road Trips’ will be far from over. “I’m one of those people who’ll ride bikes into the sunset until my dying day.” Check out Lautenslager’s blog for more great places to visit:





Reggae in San Joaquin

When the hot weather comes to San Joaquin, locals embrace the Delta heat Caribbean-style —K.B.

Reggae & Rhone Michael-David Winery August 21, Lodi Celebrate Michael-David Winery’s

Delta Discovery Cruises

Heather and Steve Ingram began their cruise business thirteen years ago in Utah, but always harbored a desire to live and work on the San Joaquin Delta. Who wouldn’t? Though the couple was eager to move to the Central Valley, Stockton was still undergoing development so they instead purchased an 83-passenger boat down the Bay in Pittsburgh.    With Stockton’s enthusiastic support, the two now own Island Girl, a 149-person vessel harbored at the Stockton Marina. Since their maiden voyage in early June, Delta Discovery Cruises has been a welcome addition to downtown Stockton, and the Ingrams have created a host of unique events for the community. Along with their wine cruises, sunset dinners, murder mystery parties, and even a “Blues, Brews, and BBQ Cruise,” Delta Cruises also charters private events for parties, weddings, and birthdays. —Katy Berry For more info:

Reggae on the Delta Breadfruit Tree August 28, Stockton Located on the Delta waters at Breadfruit Tree Restaurant, this party has live music with bands like the steel drum group Pan Exstacy, and culinary flavors from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad, Guadeloupe, and St. Vincent. Don’t forget to try the limbo. 3-10 p.m. $20.

Pirate Mystery Dinner Cruise Stockton Marina August 14, Stockton Join a high seas pirate adventure with Delta Discovery Cruises’ murder mystery dinner. Find out who’ll be walking the plank, while enjoying a Jamaican jerk feast. Prizes are awarded for best pirate costume. 7-9 p.m. $49.


san joaquin magazine


Courtesy Delta cruises

A new way to see the Delta

Rhone varietals and two new Incognito blends with a full Caribbean dinner and live reggae by The Itals. Fire eating, breathing, and acrobatics will be performed by Fire Pixie. 6-9:30 p.m. $65 admission, $50 wine club members, $35 designated drivers.




upcoming events



Farmer's Market LODI



• July 14: The Jim Martinez Trio with Laura Didier • July 28: Pete Escovedo Orchestra • Aug 11: Gator Beat • Aug 18: Tom Rigney & Flambeau • Sept 1: Dick Johnson’s Mardi Gras Band with Claudette Stone • Sept 8: Jules Broussard

7:30 SHOWS


2 5 0 5 W. T U R N E R R D . L O D I , C A L I F O R N I A 9 5 2 4 2



Every Thursday through September 23rd. On this complimentary interactive tour, learn how to select the right melon, choose the freshest vegetables, and learn how








vegetables. Tour is limited to 12 people - Reservations required. Contact: or 209.371.6117

2 0 9 - 3 3 4 - 6 9 8 823

san joaquin magazine




courtesy Stockton sailing club

Sail Away Stockton Sailing Club

We may be deep into summer but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to start a new hobby while the weather’s still warm. Nestled in Stockton on beautifully kept grounds, water lovers will find refuge on the docks of the Stockton Sailing Club.

Referred to as “the jewel of the Delta,” the Stockton Sailing Club is considered a well-kept secret despite being open since 1933. Check out sailing races and regattas, or try a weekend Learn to Sail course to test your sea legs. Harbormaster and club manager Suzi Wasielewski reassures newcomers that it’s never too late to start, but it’s up to you how advanced you become. “Sailing is like golf, you can learn a swing and then practice it until you perfect it. The Adult Learn to Sail class gives you the basics of boat handling skills and terminology, but then you have to go out and use it.”    The club also hosts events where members can meet, socialize, and maybe even learn a thing or two from those more experienced. “You don’t have to have a boat to be a member. It could just be a social thing. If you love the water, we have people who crew for other people on their boats.” Memberships also enable you to rent slips and boats at a discounted rate.    Using only the wind to propel you, the sport is environmentally-friendly, and without the whir of engines, prepare to fully enjoy nature. —Katy Berry

For more information: Stockton Sailing Club, 4980 Buckley Cove Way, Stockton, (209) 951-5600,


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SALON “Redken Chemistry System” Keep your hair shiny and healthy. Receive a complimentary Redken Chemistry System Treatment with any Chemical Service.




“Cellulite Wrap” Time to hide winter flaws. Enjoy our Glymed Cellulite Wrap that targets the buttocks & thighs. This special includes retail size products for your home care use.

“Body Scrub with Sunless Tanning Session” Enjoy a Body Scrub before your flawless sun tanning. Your skin will be soft & sun beautiful.



SALON “I-Straight Japanese Straightening System” Why settle for curly hair when you can have it straight? Complimentary hair cut with I-Straight Straightening System.

Consultation Needed. All Specials Expire August 31, 2010. *Prices starting at for first time clients only. Retail specials available to everyone.


1010 Central Ave. Tracy

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[In the Spotlight]

Dawn O’Byrne Dalio Originals, Stockton

Stockton-based Dawn O’Byrne has plenty in common with other stay-athome San Joaquin moms—except that she sells her funky cuff bracelets in over fifteen boutiques, and outfits celebrities like Kara DioGuardi from American Idol. Welcome to Dalio Originals. —Jamie Menaker

So tell me again how exactly you started making the bracelets? Christmas of 2008, I was looking for a cute bracelet to go with a cocktail dress. I couldn’t find anything, so I made it myself—a satin cuff, with leather on the inside, and a big satin bow. My longtime friend, Lisa [Starkey], who owns PDC the Boutique [in Lodi], saw them and said, ‘Bring them into my store, I love them.’ Then Theadora in Lincoln Center started carrying them, too.

So, which one is your favorite? The biggest seller is the crystal starburst brooch on different leathers—a floral bronze, a floral teal, a rustic brown leather. It’s such a nice blend of casual and elegant. You recently added men’s cuffs. You think men are brave enough to rock them? It takes a certain guy to rock the man cuff, but Theadora in Lincoln Center has sold some of the men’s pieces, and she’s a lingerie store.

Where did your name, Dalio Originals, come from? Our daughters, Dylan, 7, and Calyn, 4. We call them Dyli and Cali, so we combined their two names and the “O” is our last name, O’Byrne.

Kara DioGuardi on American Idol recently wore your cuffs. How did that happen? I noticed that Kara was always wearing something on her wrist, so I sent samples. I had no idea if she would ever really wear them, but we were sitting around one night, and both mine and my husband’s phone started ringing. She wore Dalio cuffs two separate nights on American Idol! And she wore them so well.

When did you get the idea to add other styles? Really, it’s just walking around and getting inspiration from whatever’s around you. I pretty much pick apart jewelry and use what I like.

What’s going to be the next addition for Dalio Originals? Handbags. Then shoes and clothing, but that’s way down the line. My 4-year-old daughter tells me, “I’m rocking my Dalio, Mom.”

For more information: or find Dalio on Facebook


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Matthew James photography

How do you even go about making your own accessories? Where did you start? I really didn’t know what I was doing at first. I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics and got a piece of leather. My sister said ‘Why don’t you make a bow?’, so we did and then we came up with the velcro to attach it. We’ve since switched to magnetic clasps. The whole thing has really just been a trial and error process.

Do you still make all the cuffs personally, or are they too in demand now? It’s getting there, but no, I’m still doing it all myself, in my dining room.

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HAUTE ITEMS for Back to School

It’s that time again, for the kids to hop on the school bus (or take their first spin with a driver’s license, yikes!). It’s a new year of school, so try these items out for the school year ahead. —compiled by Katy Berry

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The Greening of our Schools

by Jamie Menaker

There’s no denying the “green” movement. It’s everywhere we turn—recycling stations, reminders to turn the lights off, and ways to live greener and smarter. It’s good for the environment and our health, but it’s also good for our purse strings, since less energy and waste mean less money spent. Green living has also come to be associated with clean, healthy living: less toxic cleaning products and house building materials are kinder to the earth and better for you and your family. As the green trend continues full-steam-ahead with no signs of slowing, our kids are now getting in on the action as well. San Joaquin schools have acknowledged the importance of environmentally-friendly behavior, and are adjusting their curriculum and school supplies to reflect this change. If green business holds the jobs of tomorrow, why not prepare our kids today? Following are some of the standout ways our children’s education is turning a lovely shade of environmentally-friendly green. »


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Associate, Bachelor, Master & Juris Doctorate Degrees; Certificates Accounting · Business Administration · Community Studies Court Reporting · Criminal Justice · Early Childhood Education Legal Office · Liberal Studies · Paralegal Studies Master of Arts in Education Emphases in: Early Childhood Education Educational Administration Stockton Campus 6650 Inglewood Ave Stockton, CA 95207

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Green Honorable Mentions 1. Stockton’s Venture Academy of Schools will be opening its new Energy Academy this fall. 2. PG&E has provided schools all over San Joaquin County with grants to create green programs and put green technology to use. 3. Students of the Stockton Green Jobs Corp have helped renovate and green San Joaquin businesses. 4. Be Green San Joaquin’s website is filled with family-friendly green events, links, contests, and plenty of educational resources for kids to learn more. Green Team San Joaquin is one of the biggest advocates of the green lifestyle in our area, encouraging anyone from homeowners to major businesses to make the change and “go green.” Their program tackles a much smaller—er, we mean younger—group of green-friendly folk. Armed with a laundry list of local businesses ready and waiting to help the cause, the Green Team is dedicated to preparing San Joaquin’s school kids for environmentally-friendly jobs, or green collar jobs as they like to say . “We are willing to help the schools in any way we can,” says Frank Ferral, director of programs and public policy for the Green Team.    Ferral visits classrooms himself or recruits local green business owners to speak to students, organizes tours of the Team’s green companies, and encourages schools to use green products. “We don’t want teachers to have to call all over the earth to find ways to get speakers in the classroom, or teach the kids about green living,” says Ferral. “Teachers should be spending their time teaching, and when they call us, we can take care of all the details.”   New this school year, is embarking on a partnership with the Stockton Unified School District to infuse a healthy dose of green into the curriculum, so stay tuned. »


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San Joaquin County Public Works There are quite a few divisions within the department of public works, including water, soil, air, and other environmentally-concerned parties. To date, the Solid Waste Division has made a serious point of getting recycling bins into as many schools as possible in San Joaquin, and facilitates meetings of the minds to link as many people invested in green education in San Joaquin as possible.   In the Manteca Unified School District, SJ Public Works helped to facilitate a year-long program for sixth grade students, inviting the kids to participate in green lessons throughout the school year, and then a day-long “Planet Party” filled with eco presentations and booths. “There are schools all over San Joaquin that have been adding green elements to their curriculum,” says Elisa Moberly, of the Solid Waste Division of SJ Public Works. “But I’ve been so impressed with the Manteca School District’s willingness to look at and try anything that they think might work. They are willing to just try it out, and see what happens.”    Fittingly, the Manteca School District will be the first to partner with Cal Recycle’s Education and Environment Initiative (EEI). Instead of trying to find time in the school


Proud to be in Stockton since 1924 A top-ranked private university Hundreds of concerts and lectures NCAA Division 1 sports One of America’s most beautiful campuses STOCKTON



Green Reading Gardens for Learning: Creating and Sustaining Your School Garden compiled by the California School Garden Network Created by the California School Garden Network and California First Lady Maria Shriver, this guidebook to starting a garden at your school is free and available for anyone to download online. Covering topics like planning your school garden and linking the garden to school curriculum, these 96 pages will help you on the path to greening your child’s school education.

year to add in green classes and lessons, which has proven difficult in some schools, the focus is to integrate the school’s already existing curriculum with environmental education. Each lesson would relate back to the environment, instead of a whole new added curriculum.    “The Lodi and Jefferson School District (Tracy) are both really big on recycling, PG&E just did a solar workshop and training for teachers, Manteca is working with a company to make their energy more efficient and put the extra funds towards teacher salaries. We just want to get everyone involved. What’s working in one school could certainly work in another,” says Moberly. »,

Master Gardeners of San Joaquin One of the most rewarding green trends that we’ve seen in the classroom (or outside the classroom, in this case) is school gardens. Nothing is more memorable to kids than getting away from their desks and getting their hands dirty.


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Think back to your most memorable experience from your school years, and we can bet it wasn’t at a school desk. School gardens allow kids to better understand where their food comes from, and the direct relationship between how they treat the earth and what it will give back in return. The Masters Gardeners of San Joaquin, a program of the University of California, have already started school gardens in the Manteca School District, and hope to plant more in all the San Joaquin schools.    “A school garden program can bring nature and agriculture to life on campus,” says Master Gardener coordinator Marcy Hachman. “School gardens promote cooperation through group activities, and encourage self-confidence and a sense of responsibility. Children become excited about math, history, science and nutrition through gardening experiences.” Another resulting addition: parents are able to spend time with their kids, volunteering and helping out in the garden, and in some cases even reap the benefits with fresh-from-the-ground fruits and veggies to take home to the dinner table. » [SJM]




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Where Kids Come First! San Joaquin County Office of Education 2901 Arch-Airport Road, Stockton, 95206 (209) 468.4800

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: p a e L e h t g t n i e

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k a T

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hing c a o r app sky up ou e r ’ to s c u o h o p | u is t tell y xit. In the h the n a l lq a H c a s u s yo he e g throug ing By N i t , r 9 a 9 e hway fore you n m, floatin efore drift g i H g o e d alon nter long b color bloss a person b a e h u As yo rachute Ce s of every h carrying the Pa , parachute seeds, eac ahead dandelion e air lik o earth. ›› t back y r t es


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hu t a r ac p e h t


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Arriving at the Parachute Center, the parking lot is filled, while inside, groups of slightly nervous first-time jumpers and experts mingle, checking their equipment and waiting to be called to their planes. So many people willing to hurtle themselves through space—I wonder, why would these people decide to jump out of a perfectly good airplane? More than that, why would someone continue to do so over and over again? I made it my mission to answer this question. The desire to jump from great heights is not as new as we might think; people have been parachuting for hundreds of years. According to the U.S. Parachute Association (USPA), the modern take on the sport began in the late eighteenth century when Frenchman Jacques Garnerin began parachuting out of hot air balloons across Europe. Parachuting from airplanes began during WWI, when parachutes were introduced as safety devices for pilots, but it wasn’t until after WWII that parachuting for recreation and competition became popular. In order to train jumpers in the sport and keep it as safe as possible, commercial skydiving centers began to pop up in the mid-1950s. Locally, the Parachute Center in Acampo has been offering just such training—for jumpers of every skill level—for nearly twenty years. For first timers, the Introductory Jump comes as a $100 package, complete with all necessary equipment, training, plane ride, and a jump in tandem with a licensed instructor.


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From an altitude of 13,000 feet, freefall lasts for about a minute before the parachute is opened to slow the descent. After that, the parachutist enjoys five minutes in the air before landing in the drop zone next to the Center. For those who are serious about the sport, the Center also offers the Accelerated Training Program, which takes skydivers through seven levels of training and jumps in a period of two to three days. Taking into account the training method and individual’s learning curve, the USPA states that a person can take their first solo jump sometime between their fifth and tenth jump. After this, jumpers can try for their skydiving license, which allows access to drop zones all over the world. A minimum of twenty-five jumps are required in order to get an A license, fifty for a B license, and so on. Each progressive license gives you increasing status and jumping privileges. So, beyond bragging rights, what is it about parachuting that’s enticing? The people who choose to skydive aren’t necessarily insane (we’re kidding), but simply people who seek new and exciting experiences. They’re looking for a new perspective of the world, and just happen to have found it— more than two miles up in the air. If you go: Parachute Center, Acampo, (209) 369-1128,


o bre phot nda h a rt sh o r n

Bill Dause: 35,000 Jumps

Leigh Ainsworth: 6,500 Jumps

Bill Dause, founder and owner of the Parachute Center, discovered his love for skydiving just like everyone else: by taking that first jump.    “I went once, and I liked it so much I went again,” Dause recalls. “And I liked going that time so much that I decided to go once more. It just sort of mushroomed from there.”    In cultivating his newfound hobby, it was often a challenge to coordinate. At the time, living near Salt Lake City, Utah, it was up to the skydiver to hire a pilot, find a good place to jump, and get proper equipment. Dause decided to start his own center with everything in one place, and so began the Parachute Center.    The business was founded the same year Dause made his first jump, in 1964, but wasn’t able to function in Utah as often as Dause liked due to unpredictable weather and a relatively limited population of interested skydivers. In Dause’s mind, the best weather and greatest possible pool of jumpers were to be found in California, so the Parachute Center moved west in 1977.    Looking for a good central location, convenient to skydivers from the Bay Area, Sacramento, and San Joaquin, and enough space to set up a proper drop zone, he found what he needed a few miles north of Lodi in Acampo, next to the municipal airport. The Center set up camp here in 1981, and business hasn’t slowed down since, which Dause considers something of a mixed blessing. Over the years he’s jumped over 35,000 times, but the Center’s been so busy lately, that, while happy for the business, he’s been missing out on some seriously good air time.

Instructors at the Parachute Center are brought on in a freelance capacity based on their licenses, other credentials, and observed safety habits. One such instructor who made the cut is Leigh Ainsworth, a veteran skydiver who traveled to Acampo all the way from New Zealand. North America’s summer is New Zealand’s winter. So, as it was with Bill Dause, weather was a big reason for her travels to California.    As professional skydivers, she and her husband also traveled to the States to make competitive and exhibition jumps. When asked why she personally enjoys skydiving so much, she says that she loves being able to work outdoors and to not have to punch a time clock. After making over 6,500 jumps, the best thing about skydiving is its variety, she says.    “You can travel all over to do this,” Ainsworth says. “See new things, meet new people. And no jump is the same as another. There are always new things you can try to keep it interesting.”    Ainsworth made her first jump when she was just 10 years old, then began training for her license when she was 16. Since then, skydiving has remained both her passion and her career. She’s earned her D license (after 500 jumps) and her tandem license when she decided to teach skydiving to others.    Her amount of experience has made her a confident teacher. A small person physically, such confidence is what makes the people with whom she jumps in tandem feel secure as well.

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Edward Roldan: First-time Jumper As most first-time skydivers tend to be, Edward Roldan is both excited and nervous as he waits to get in the air. While many skydive in honor of a special occasion, such as a birthday or graduation, Roldan has simply been talked into coming along with some friends (themselves also first-timers), just to try it. He says the main reason he’s interested in jumping is for the adrenaline rush. And maybe a little bit not to wimp out in front of his friends.    After this, things begin to move pretty quickly. Roldan is paired up with Ainsworth as his tandem instructor. She helps Roldan into his harness, and then they’re escorted to the plane. Once the plane is up at 13,000 feet, it’s time to jump.    “There was so much going on, I couldn’t really take it in at first,” Roldan says, of the initial freefall from the plane. “But after a few seconds, it really feels like flying. I felt like Superman.”    He and everyone he came with all shared the feeling of exhilaration. He credits Ainsworth’s ability to keep cool as the thing that most helped him keep calm and get the most enjoyment from the jump. Given the opportunity, he says he would definitely do it again. [SJM]


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Who’s Who In San Joaquin

The ghosts of San Joaquin’s past await us at every turn. Their names have become part of our everyday existence: on buildings, street signs, parks, and in the names of our cities, themselves. We decided to find out what each of these historical people did to develop this area, and here we pay tribute to the pioneers, innovators, and famous faces that weave the fabric of our community. » compiled by Lauren LaBelle | photos courtesy The Haggin Museum


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George West (1830-1899) After planting forty grape varieties that he brought over from Boston, West was the first to establish a major vineyard in the Lodi area. He later became the first commercial vintner here, as well, with his El Pinal Winery. In later decades, his family went on to control most of the local wine production, which led to the formation of co-operative wineries that shipped bulk wine throughout the country, and put Lodi on the national winemaking map.

Robert F. Stockton (1795-1866) The namesake of the city of Stockton, Captain Stockton was born in Princeton, New Jersey. During his career in the Navy, he participated in the War of 1812, was offered the post of the Secretary of the Navy, and was instrumental in taking California from Mexico in 1846-47. He later served as a New Jersey Senator. There are four U.S. naval ships named in his honor.

Charles M. Weber (1814–1881) A German immigrant, Charles Weber was the founder of Stockton. He aquired 49,000 acres of land through a Spanish Land Grant, and developed a community around selling goods to the gold-seekers flooding into the area. It was a supply center for the southern mines of the Mother Lode. Until his 1881 death, Weber personally directed the cultural, civic, and economic development of the city.

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FIRST PLACE, amateur: Steve Mullens

Janet Leigh (1927-2004) The namesake of the newly renovated plaza in downtown Stockton and mother of actress Jamie Leigh Curtis, Janet Leigh was a famous actress in the golden era of film. Not originally from San Joaquin County, she was “discovered” while earning her psychology degree at University of the Pacific. She was cast in such films as Little Women (1949), Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (Leigh was the star of the famous shower scene) (1960), and The Manchurian Candidate (1962), among many others.

Laura DeForce Gordon (1838-1907) Gordon, a Lodi resident, traveled to California in a covered wagon. When she got here, she gave the first women’s suffrage speech in the state, opened the first womanowned newspaper in the country, and fought to gain admittance into Hastings College of Law. Her feminist tenacity won her the right to practice law, as she was admitted to the California bar in 1879. She later retired to farming life in Lodi.

Tillie Lewis (1901-1977) A business woman who saw the potential of the canned Italian tomato market, Lewis changed California agriculture forever. In 1935, she joined with an Italian tomato exporter in starting Flotill Products Inc., opening their first cannery in Stockton. After her partner’s death, she became the first female cannery owner in history, and by 1940, made San Joaquin County the top producer of tomatoes in the country.


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Neighbors >

people you need to know

George Shima (1863-1926) Many Japanese immigrants arriving in San Francisco in the late nineteenth century survived in the U.S. by fishing and farming. Shima, also known as the “potato king,” thrived an as agriculturalist after he drained swamp land near the San Joaquin Delta and planted around thirty thousand acres of the root vegetable. By 1913, he was producing around 80 percent of California’s potatoes, and later became the first president of the Japanese Association of America.

Benjamin Holt (1849-1920) Originally from New Hampshire, Benjamin Holt followed his brothers to the prosperous wheat growing region that was the StocktonLodi area in 1883. He was among the first inventors of the steam-powered tractor. The design was popular but too heavy to move through soft soil. So, he perfected the design, and the result was the Caterpillar tractor, an innovation that changed U.S. history in farming, military, and construction.

Did we miss someone? We welcome suggestions for our next edition of Who’s Who.

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Happy Birthday Valerie!

GREEN YOUR SCHOOL Calling all students, families, teachers, administrators, staff, neighbors, and local businesses! It takes all of us to Green a School! What can you do to help yours? i i i i


GREEN does it all!

, m o r F 209.466.4973 2001 PaciďŹ c Ave Stockton

Watch for conference and trade show coming in October! .


For more information, contact: Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce Green Team San Joaquin San Joaquin County Public Works, Solid Waste Division


3031 W. March Lane Suite 217 West Stockton, CA 95219


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P 209.952.2588 F 209.952.2544


209.464.5246 (English)

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HOME SanJoaquin

yo u r re s o u rc e f o r l o c a l h o m e a n d g a rd e n im p rov e m e n t

h o m e d e si g n h o m e f u r nis hin g f l o o r in g landscape design p o o l d e si g n p e s t c o n t ro l a n d m o re...

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Home In The

Cherry Orchards


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Instead of cherry pies, this family saw their dream home among the Mor ada cherry orchards... Michael and Anne Richardson* had been living in Morada for almost seventeen years when they first stumbled upon the location for their dream home. Bike riding with their two children, Amy, now 23, and Nate, now 14, they happened past a cherry orchard soon to be split to make space for three new homes. Already enamored by the Morada area, and intrigued by the idea of living surrounded by cherry trees, the Richardsons signed on the dotted line, and wasted no time putting together an impressive team of architects, builders, and interior and landscape designers. ›› by Jamie MEnaker photos Matthew James photography

*Homeowners names have been changed upon request

san joaquin magazine


FIRST PLACE, amateur: Steve Mullens


The resulting home, a single-story California Mediterranean, is over 5,000 square-feet nestled within two full acres of fruit trees. Although impressive in stature, the home is inviting and warm.    Design choices were made first for the comfort and enjoyment of family and friends, and second for the home’s aesthetic. Running fountains on either side of the entryway doors are echoed in the same water feature on a larger scale in the backyard, the first view you see when you enter the


san joaquin magazine

foyer. This is a theme carried through the home, the recurrence of small details to give a sense of peace and completeness. Even the congruence of contemporary and traditional details is echoed so often in the home that it becomes comfortable.    The centerpiece is the open-floor-plan great room: kitchen, living room, and dining room in one. The meeting spot for the whole home, the kitchen is anchored by thick granite countertops and a large walnut wood-topped island at its AUGUST 2010

Local Resources Architect: Chris Schrimpl Architecture (209) 956-4566 Builder: Brad Marchand (209) 810-5819 Landscape Design: Tony Fugazi, The Garden Shoppe, Lodi (209) 333-6287 Pool: Spring Creek Pool and Spa, Ripon (209) 599-5502 Interior Design Team: Lana Rogerson, Designs by Lana (209) 952-3848 Susie Stuart Lori Rishwain Art: JayJay Gallery, Sacramento (916) 453-2999

san joaquin magazine


center. Bar stools line the kitchen counter (perfect for the time the Richardsons hosted a sushi chef in their home), and the ceilings are lowered in this area of the home for a more intimate feel. Forgoing the dark wood characteristic to many of San Joaquin’s Tuscan homes, the cabinets are glazed antique white with peep-through glass panes, and reach all the way to the ceiling to eliminate clutter. A walk-in wine fridge, all stainless steel appliances, and a domed, circular dining room are all elegant touches. In the dining room, a rustic table is paired with dramatic Hollywood chairs and an antique iron chandelier.    From the great room, visitors have a few choices: head into the “man room” as Anne likes to call it, down the hall to the bedrooms, or straight out the floor-to-ceiling iron and glass doors imported from Mexico to the stunning backyard, pool, and outdoor living space. Outdoors, the wall around the yard only reaches one-fourth of the way up, so the homeowners are still able to enjoy the surrounding orchard.    In the “man room” are a full bar, pub table and chairs, stained concrete floors, and impressive 300-year-old wood ceiling beams from France. Floor-to-ceiling glass doors bi-fold to open the wall completely onto an outdoor kitchen and living area, a perfect space for the gentlemen to barbecue and enjoy. “It’s simple,” says Anne. “The room isn’t a focal point of the house, but it still looks nice and serves its purpose.”    Back down the hall, past a study and guest room with hardwood floors (the majority of the house is tiled), sits the master bedroom. Plush carpeting reigns here, with a separate hallway before you actually enter the room, meant for privacy.


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Ever thought about going solar?

Here's why so many San Joaquin residences, large companies, and the AG community are choosing BTA for their tremendous savings in both time and money!

• Adds instant vALuE to your home/company/plant • Utility rates have never been higher • 0 down and 100% FINANCING available* *with approved credit

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   Icy blue parlor chairs and pillows, a marble fireplace, and antique touches complement the natural lighting coming in from the large windows. In the attached bathroom are his and hers walk-in closets, an open walk-in shower with double showerheads, and antique gold touches throughout. Also off the bedroom is an enormous laundry room with two washers and dryers, and the piece de resistance—a private outdoor courtyard with hot tub.    “When the right team is assembled, beautiful results are accomplished,” says architect Chris Schrimpl. [SJM]




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letertop n i un

Hardwood Floors • Laminates

tany co s e a

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e with


Gorgeous selection of

Marble • Tin Ceilings Sinks • Fixtures • Vanities Iron Doors • And More

Ask about our Green Products Large selection of natural stone tiles, granite, marble, and quartz products Our staff will be with you from the design through the complete installation process

8807 N. Thornton Rd. Ste. S-1 • Stockton

(209) 957-3338

Open M–F 9am-5pm • Sat 10am-3pm

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A unique shop packed with treasures in downtown Oakdale

collect what you what you collect! Fine Furnishings • Home Accessories Jan Barboglio Collection Sid Dickens Memory Blocks Custom Upholstery Design Services Available

Garden • Home • Wedding • Graduation • Baby 105 North Third Ave. Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm Oakdale Sat: 10am-4pm (209) 845-8179 Sun: Closed Alexandra Zwald, Owner   

      

 


       

  

 


 


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Your Re-Roofing Specialist • Visit Our Showroom


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Your Dream Our Passion

Specializing in: Commercial • Residential • Estate Water Gardens • Fountains • Koi Ponds • Large Bass Ponds Ponds • Landscape • Pools • Flagstone Patios Pondless Water Features • Tuscan Gardens Victorian Gardens • Formal Gardens • Rock Sculptures Natural Settings • Outdoor Kitchens • Rock Walls • Fire Pits Concrete • Irrigation & Design Newly Added Services: Tree Trimming • Sculpting • Removal



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: e e nt t 20%

ray at le a u rb


G etito e ic omp

Part any c

w Lo will be

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Come explore Old World elegance, Tuscan charm, and Mediterranean flair... all in one store. Make your home your Haven!

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Not Assembly Instructions.

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Family Owned & Operated Since 1939



We guarantee our work. If covered pest problems arise between regular services please call and we will return at no additional charge A Special HOME IMPROVEMENT Section

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Wire To Tow Hookups Power Programmers Driveline Disconnects By: Remco Drawtite BRANDS:

Valley, Curt Mfg Draw-tite Roadmaster, B&W, Blue Ox, Demco

1950 N Wilson Way Stockton, CA 95205 (209) 465-5904






The Alder Bistro Thirty Years of Gourmet Food By Jamie Menaker | photos by dan Hood

Think of your most recent visit to a gourmet market, a place like Podesto’s or Whole Foods that carries organic finds, unique flavors, and the highest quality meats and cheeses. Now put together an entire menu based around these specialty items, and you’ve got an idea of the fare at Stockton’s Alder Bistro and Catering Company. »

san joaquin magazine



I Restaurant spotlight This description isn’t surprising given that the Alder originally began as Alder Market, Stockton’s only specialty grocer in the early 1980’s. Owner Larry Ruhstaller had worked at the Oakville Grocery and other culinary resources in San Francisco, and wanted to bring these same foods to the Central Valley. Originally from Stockton, Larry made his way back to San Joaquin with three other business partners, and the Alder was born: a specialty market and charcuterie, with sausages from San Francisco and fresh croissants trucked in every morning.    “These are all foods that we know now,” says Kitty Ruhstaller, Larry’s wife and now co-owner of the Alder. “But back then, you couldn’t even find a croissant anywhere in Stockton.”   As more grocers opened with the same type of specialty selection, the business evolved into its modern day incarnation. First, a wine bar and tastings were added at the market, then the restaurant opened for lunch only. Specialty dinners and a Meet the Winemaker series came next, until in 2005 the Alder removed everything that was originally part of the market and reopened as a fine eatery. Kitty and Larry met while working together in the early years at the Alder, and, as they say, the rest is history.    “I went to UC Davis, and studied organic gardening,” says Kitty. “We made our own cheese and yogurt, raised chickens, and our own bees and honey. I was a young mom in college, and I became really interested in good foods, and putting those together to please my kids, while also competing with all the junk food out there. Larry and I have the same ideas about food, and it was just a great match.”    With both Ruhstallers’ background in gourmet foods, the Alder Bistro’s

menu represents an impressive flavor palate, in both tapas-style small plates and a list of entrees. Two perfect portabella mushrooms arrive to the table topped with fontina cheese, pancetta, and a balsamic glaze. A salad of mixed greens with Danish blue cheese, dried cranberries, waldernuts, and fresh apple slices is curiously tossed in a maple dressing, a flavor we’ve never tasted on salad and can’t help but wonder why no one else seems to have tapped this particular culinary secret.    Pan seared prawns in a light but creamy curry butter are melt-in-yourmouth good atop a spinach risotto and garnished with cilantro, and the half-pound Alder Burger is a ground beef blend from well-known Stockton butcher Harold Van Airsdale at Podesto’s Market in Lincoln Center.    “All of us together come up with the food menu,” says Kitty. “I come up with some of the ideas, while Larry and our executive chef, Adam Richards, are really the ones that make them happen.”   After thirty years of the Alder, there’s not a thing that’s old-fashioned about this eatery. Each night of the week brings a different twist: half price Tuesday, price fixed menu Wednesday, eat local Thursday, appetizer Friday when the Alder introduces new foods on the menu as small dishes, and Basque dinner Saturday. The Alder is also just as well-known for its catering company, taking this year’s title for Best Caterer in our “Best of San Joaquin” reader poll. Alder Products, a spin-off company manned by the Ruhstallers’ daughter, Vanessa, sells the restaurant’s salad dressings and seasoned salt at local grocery stores.    “We’re passionate for food, or else we wouldn’t be in the industry. You’ve just got to be willing to evolve with it,” says Kitty.

Alder Bistro and Catering Company, 151 W. Alder St. (on the Miracle Mile), Stockton, (209) 943-1921,


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Our Family is Committed to Yours.

Emeritus Senior Living Emeritus Senior Living offers a wide range of services from independent living, assisted living and memory care. Whether you are looking for a new place to call home without the hassles of daily living or you have a loved one who requires a little extra care such as dressing, bathing and medication management, Emeritus Senior Living is committed to helping you and your family find the right fit.

Join us for a complimentary lunch and tour.

(888) 872-2499 517 East Fulton Street, Stockton • Lic. # 397000370

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This month’s picks from the Lodi Wine and Visitor Center

Cabernet Sauvignon Blends by Michael Perry

Lodi has been a major winegrape growing region since the 1850’s. Tokay Flame grapes dominated then, but today more than 60 different varieties make up the Lodi appellation. Lodi grows more Zinfandel than anyone else in California, and you may be surprised to learn that Lodi is also the biggest grower of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes, as well.   Cabernet Sauvignon may be the dominant grape variety in many wine regions in California, but it has not been as widely recognized in Lodi. For years the grapes have been sold to wine companies outside the Lodi appellation to be used in some of the best Cabernet Sauvignons and Cabernet Sauvignon blends made in California.    This past year has seen an emergence of Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines in Lodi,

many 100 percent varietal wines. This trend will continue as consumer demand increases. Most Cabernet Sauvignon-based wines incorporate other grapes in the blend, most notably Merlot, the second most prestigious Bordeaux grape variety. There are three other traditional blending partners: Cabernet Franc, Petite Verdot, and Malbec.    Three particularly interesting Cabernet Sauvignon-based blends are reviewed here. The next time you visit a Lodi tasting room, make sure to not only try the Lodi Zinfandel but also a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon-based blend. Cheers! For more information: Visit the Lodi Wine and Visitor Center, and taste from a selection of over two hundred award-winning Lodi wines. 2545 W. Turner Rd., Lodi, (209) 367-4727,

Food pairing note Because these types of red wines offer complex aromas and flavors, they should be paired with foods of equal complexity, especially when the wine is young. Pairing Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Sauvignon-based blends with foods high in protein and fat helps balance the wine’s strong flavors. Grilling, roasting, barbeque, and seasonings help create the perfect union of wine and food.

SIPS AT HOME Grands Amis 2007 Premiere Passion

A blend of 50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 45 percent Petite Verdot, and 5 percent Merlot, Premiere Passion is a dark cherry-red color with nice clarity. Aromas of cherry, mint, and chocolate are enhanced by floral notes. Tart cherry fruit and spicy oak flavors, medium body, and soft tannins highlight the palate profile. ($25) www.

McDonald Family Estate 2007 Cor Sanare Meritage*

A blend of 50 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 35 percent Merlot, and 5 percent each of Malbec, Petite Verdot, and Cabernet Franc, Cor Sanare has a color profile of garnet red with hints of black cherry and is very clear. Subtle oak, cedar, and mint, augmented by cherry and plum fruit highlight the aroma. Red cherry, spice, and oak comprise the palate flavor profile, while soft tannins and a lingering cherry and spice finish complete the picture. ($25)

LangeTwins Family Winery 2006 Midnight Reserve

A blend of 68 percent Cabernet Sauvignon, 16 percent Petite Verdot, 13 percent Merlot, and 3 percent Malbec, Midnight Reserve is a nice cherry-red color and clear. The ripe cherry fruit aroma is quite pronounced and supported nicely by eucalyptus, chocolate, and spicy oak nuances. Midnight Reserve has a nice mouth feel, modest tannins, and medium body. Flavors of dark cherry, spice, and oak give way to a lingering fruit and spicy oak finish. ($30)

* Meritage is a combination of the words ‘merit’ and ‘heritage’ and is pronounced with an emphasis on heritage. Cor Sonare is a Meritage red. In order to put Meritage on the label the winery must belong to the Meritage Society and


the wine must contain at least two of the five noble Bordeaux grapes. san joaquin magazine



B R I Z E N D I @NCiaoEBella Salon

Vidal Sassoon Educated & Trained SPECIALIZING IN CLASSIC & CREATIVE CUTS Certified Wella Master Colorist

Direct 209.210.7687 Phone 209.366.2255

One West Pine Street - in Historic Downtown Lodi

Don’t Miss Out On Our September Issue

Senior Living

Reserve Your Space Now and Receive Special Pricing. Contact Your Representative Today!


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[special advertising section} Tree ripened fruit and fresh vegetables picked daily during the summer season.

• Fresh Fruit And Vegetables Grown On Our Farm For Over 63 Years • Fresh Baked Pies And Pastries • Light Lunches • Gourmet Coffee • Gelato • Local Wines • Local Honey • Gourmet Foods • Grass Fed Beef

A great place to stop as you travel on Hwy 88. Enjoy our lawn, flowers, and shade trees.

Summer Hours: 7am-6pm 8767 E Waterloo Rd. (Hwy 88) Stockton, CA 95215

Wine Tours and Tastings

The Lodi winemaking industry has enjoyed tremendous expansion in the last decade. The land devoted to vineyards has increased from 46,000 acres in 1996, to nearly 100,000 today. Now the region produces more fine wine than Napa and Sonoma combined! The Lodi appellation is proudly blowing away the mists of anonymity that have shrouded local wines, allowing them to bask in the sunshine of worldwide recognition. We invite you to take a short ride and discover Lodi Wine Country for yourself.


Vino Con Brio 2007 Estate “Matzin” Old Vine Zinfandel

Paintings • Prints • Photography • Art Glass Ceramics • Sculpture • Jewelry • Cards Second Friday Monthly Monday-Friday 10am-5pm


HOTTEST NEW LOOKS in designer sunglasses at

MEYERS OPTICAL Just in from Dior, Fendi, Jimmy Choo, Juicy, Persol, Prada, Vera Wang

The harvest of 2007 was another outstanding vintage in the Lodi area. Cool late summer and early fall temperatures allowed the fruit to fully mature on the vine. The Zin from our Locust Tree vineyard (planted in 1943) was hand-picked and then hand-sorted at the winery. Fermentation was completed in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks utilizing specialty yeasts (D-254 and D-80) to further develop the bright berry and cassis aromas. It was aged 18 months in new and older French and American oak barrels. Prior to bottling, the wine was fined and filtered. TASTING NOTES Matzin is a wine full of finesse and power with blackberry, cassis, cherry, and spice leaping from the glass. Smoky oak and black pepper fill in the ample aromas. The texture is rich and supple with the berry and cassis flavors leading to a full finish. This wine will make an excellent accompaniment to all heartier cuisines and especially barbeque. 7889 E. Harney Lane Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 369-5392

828 W. Benjamin Holt Drive • Lincoln Center South (across the street from Starbucks) • (209) 476-0913


san joaquin magazine


Winery Directory Berghold 17343 N. Cherry Rd Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 333-9291

family winery

Tasting Room open Thursday – Monday

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Home of Amorosa Inn & Gardens B&B d’Art Wines 13299 N. Curry Ave Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 334-9946

7889 East Harney Lane Lodi, CA 95240 PH 209-369-5392

Tasting Room Open Daily 11:00am-5:00pm 340 West Highway 12 Lodi, CA ph 866-334-5722 fx 209-334-5726

Delicato 12001 S Highway 99 Manteca, CA 95336 (209) 824-3500

Tasting Room Open Thursday - Sunday 12:00pm – 5:00pm 9010 E. Harney Lane Lodi, CA 95240 PH 209-365-1900 Love. Laughter. Family. These are the three main ingredients we pour into every bottle of Harney Lane wine.

Grands Amis Winery 115 N. School St. #5 Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 369-6805

Harmony Wynelands 9291 E. Harney Lane Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 369-4184

Harney Lane Winery 9010 E. Harney Ln. Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 365-1900



Voted the “Best Tasting Room in San Joaquin County” & “Best Zin in America” wall street journal wine competition


Heritage Oak Winery 10112 E. Woodbridge Rd. Acampo, CA 95220 (209) 986-2763

Michael-David Winery 4580 W. Highway 12 Lodi, CA 95242 (209) 368-7384

Mokelumne Glen Vineyards 139 S. Guild Ave. #102 Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 369-5755

Oak Farm Vineyards 23627 N. De Vries Lodi, CA 95242 (209) 365-6566

Tasting Room Open Monday - Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm California’s Newest Wine Destination WINE ~ EVENTS ~ GIFT BOUTIQUE Tasting Room open Thursday-Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

23627 N. De Vries Lodi, Ca 95242 Ph 209-365-6566

17343 N. Cherry Rd Lodi, CA 95240 PH 209-333-9291 6566

Van Ruiten Family 340 W. Highway 12 Lodi, CA 95242 (209) 334-5722 Vino Con Brio 7889 East Harney Lane Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 369-5392



san joaquin magazine



I Restaurant Guide

DiningOut compiled by ROBIN MEYER with additional reporting by Amanda Rife and Lindsey Ball

Pietro’s Trattoria

317 E. Kettleman Lane, Lodi, (209) 368-0613, www. Beer and wine. Lunch and dinner. $$ Charmingly designed and warmly staffed, Pietro’s restaurant is a family-owned establishment that’s clearly well loved. Pietro’s serves up huge portions of traditional Italian fare, and the restaurant is designed to give the impression that diners are sitting in the middle of a tiny, rustic Italian village. Try the rich and garlicky penne aglio pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and crushed red peppers, the hearty individual pizzas, the chicken parmigiana, or the lemony veal piccata with capers. Family-friendly, and banquets up to 125 people.

lathrop Mikasa Japanese Bistro 15138 Harlan Rd. (209) 858-1818. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $$$

Serving authentic and modern Japanese cuisine, come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of this casual dining room, or grab a seat at the sushi bar and have some fun with their professional and creative sushi chef. To enhance your experience, you’re invited to explore their list of premium sakes. Mikasa offers outstanding sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodles, and teriyaki, as well as traditional Japanese sukiyaki and yosenabe. The most popular dishes are the Hawaiian tuna poki, tako kimchee, hamachi jalapeno, tuna ceviche, Mikasa steam sole, ginger beef tenderloin, Golden Gate roll, and Mikasa roll. Kampei!

LOCKEFORD JOE’s of Italy 18700 N. Hwy 88, Lockeford (209) 727-5841. Full bar. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. $$

Joe’s of Italy’s cuisine is a well-known type of food available in the Central Valley for over 75 years. Their comfort Italian food has been refined to perfection and is a joy to experience and reasonably priced. Located in the middle of wine country, Joe’s has some of the most authentic Italian cuisine anywhere in this area. Try linguine and clams, stuffed raviolis, gnocchi, or canneloni—not to be missed.

lodi Habañero Hots 1024 Victor Rd., (209) 369-3791, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$


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Pricing KeY (entree): $–under $10


$$–under $17

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$$$–under $24

$$$$–over $24

Lodi Beer Company 105 S. School St., (209) 368-9931, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

Whether you’re looking for a place to meet for your next business lunch, to grab a bite with friends or your kids after work, or to dine with a party of one hundred, the Lodi Beer Company welcomes you. The beautiful slate

Lodi Feed and Fuel 27 W. Elm St., (209) 365-1043. Full bar. Open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. $$-$$$$

Come dressed up or down; Lodi Feed and Fuel welcomes all for a fun, fine dining experience. With classic and contemporary movie memorabilia adorning the restaurant’s walls (think John Wayne juxtaposed with Jack Sparrow), and its prime location across the street from the movie theater, this is a perfect choice for a dinner-and-a-movie date. Thursdays are great days to try out the bar—from 4 to 7 p.m. enjoy discounted drinks and appetizers and a live comedy show every other week. If you are in the mood for an adventurous drink, be sure to try the Grapefruit Cosmopolitan made from freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or the Wasabi Bloody Mary. Moo Moo’s Burger Barn 113 N. School St., (209) 369-9450, No alcohol served. Open for lunch and dinner. $

Playing off the name of the restaurant, Moo Moo’s is decorated with hand-painted murals of a large barn and open pastures, but the atmosphere is more reminiscent of a ‘50s diner than a drive through the countryside. Authentic burgers, shakes, onion rings, and fries are served in addition to less greasy sandwiches, salads, veggie burgers, and sweet potato fries. This is a great place to come with small children for a fun, tasty, and affordable meal. Moo Moo’s ensures that, like happy cows, happy diners come from California. Pietro’s Trattoria 317 E. Kettleman Lane, (209) 368-0613, Beer and wine. Lunch and dinner. $$

Charmingly designed and warmly staffed, Pietro’s restaurant is a family-owned establishment that’s clearly well loved. Pietro’s serves up huge portions of traditional Italian fare, and the restaurant is designed to give the impression that diners are sitting in the middle of a tiny, rustic Italian village. Try the rich and garlicky penne aglio pasta with mushrooms, spinach, and crushed red peppers, the hearty individual pizzas, the chicken parmigiana, or the lemony veal piccata with capers. Familyfriendly, and banquets up to 125 people. Revolucion 1910 307 S. Lower Sacramento Rd., Ste. D, Lodi, (209) 334-1519. Full bar. Lunch, dinner, and Sunday Brunch. $-$$.

Javier Del Castillo started a revolution, or rather Revolucion 1910, his authentic Mexican


Pietro’s Trattoria

Not only does this Mexican restaurant offer steaming fajitas and cheesy nachos, but they serve up hot peppers, too. Those willing to eat a habañero chili pepper can win their way into the Habañero Hots “Hall of Flame.” This is no bell pepper, either; the habañero is rated between 100,000 and 350,000 on the Scoville scale, developed to rank spiciness, compared to a mere 5,000 for a basic jalapeño. If you’re successful in the “Eat the Heat” contest, you are rewarded with a complimentary T-shirt and your photo on the wall. Hey, you can always wash it down with one of their one hundred seventy-five selections of tequila.

floors, iron work, and copper accents create an inviting atmosphere, and with up to fourteen beers on tap and menu items ranging from deep fried macaroni and cheese to a twentytwo ounce rib eye steak to grilled mahi-mahi, everyone is sure to leave happy and full.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner all day Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Sat-Sun 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Casa Mexicana also owns a bakery. Saturday nights at 9 p.m., Casa Mexicana hosts a nightclub with all varieties of music. 1110 Kettleman Lane Lodi, (209) 368-2272

Family owned and operated since 2007, DeGrande’s offers a quiet, friendly Tuscanstyle atmosphere designed by LouAnn Edens-DeGrande. LouAnn selected the Tuscan colors and put her personality into the decor. Here at DeGrande’s we love homemade. Our soups are made here; our focaccia and biscotti - made right here. Our meats are slow-roasted here, the raviolis and the sauces are homemade as well. The sandwiches, salads and wraps: all fresh.

Let us cater your next family or corporate event!

All of our custom crafted burgers and hot dogs are made to order using fresh, local ingredients. Our milkshakes are made using real milk and award-winning, hand scooped ice cream. We are known for our unique deep fried specialties. Come and try a fried egg on your burger, deep fried hot dog, deep fried pickles, and deep fried twinkies.....FLIP’S is Stockton’s place to pig out. Enjoy restaurant quality food at fast food prices. FLIP’S has a family oriented environment which will make you feel like you’re at your own home. We are only a short 15 minute drive from anywhere in Stockton. Located right off of Highway 99, take the Waterloo Exit, go west for 2 minutes. We are open Mon-Sat. 11-8.

2370 Maggio Circle #14 Lodi, (209) 365-6500

2503 Waterloo Rd. Stockton, (209) 943-5477

Our menu offers a large selection of sandwiches made with Genova french rolls, wraps created on specialty tortillas, fresh salads, the delicious homemade soups, panini sandwiches on our homemade Focaccia bread, and old-world cioccolati amore and Italian rum cakes.

Everyone is welcome at Bud’s Seafood Grille, Friendly service, hearty portions, and a range of fish, seafood, pasta, steak and poultry entrees make Bud’s a great choice for a business lunch, family dinner, or night out for two. Every meal begins with a bottomless basket of fresh sourdough bread. The new leafy outdoor patio seats thirty, and is the perfect spot to take a break from shopping in Lincoln Center and enjoy a leisurely lunch or even just a drink with a friend or two. Full bar and banquet room available. Open for lunch, dinner, and scrumptious Sunday brunch. Happy hour daily with $1.00 Off all beer & well drinks and $5.00 bar bites 4pm - 6:30pm 314 Lincoln Ctr., Stockton (209) 956-0270

151 Alder St. Stockton, (209) 943-1921

S an J o a q u i n d i n i ng g u i de

We have an unlimited buffet with your choice of rice, beans, chile colorado, chile verde, tacos, enchiladas, chile relleno, and carnitas. Also includes drinks, tortillas, chips, and salsa. Elena and Job Sanchez at Casa Mexicana are happy to cater to anything else that you are hoping to eat.

The Alder Market has served California for 30 years. Headed by Kitty Ruhstaller, The Alder Market stands for experience, quality and freshness. Dedicated to the art of fine foods and service, Kitty is a fine food and spirits lover who will guarantee you a wonderful event. Particular about ingredients and unerring about freshness, Kitty can help create a memorable event that you will talk about for years. Schooled in California Cuisine and appreciative of International Foods, Kitty has created a Food Line that is surpassed by none. Creativity is her guideline and freshness is her ammunition. Making Memorable Events for 30 years. Voted Best Caterer of San Joaquin in 2010 - why select anyone else?

Joe’s of Italy’s cuisine is a well-known type of food available in the greater Bay Area for over 75 years. Their comfort Italian food has been refined to perfection and is a joy to experience and reasonably priced. Joe’s of Italy is in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley’s wine country, approximately 10 miles east of Stockton and Lodi on Hwy. 88 in Lockeford. Be sure to visit Joe’s of Italy, the one-stop food experience in the San Joaquin Valley’s wine country. Mon-Thurs, 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Lunch and Dinner, full service bar. Fri, Sat, Sun, 8 a.m.-9 p.m. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, and bar. 18700 N. Hwy 88, Lockeford (209) 727-5841,

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Tracy Thai Tracy Thai successfully captures the unique and complex flavors Thai food is known for. Using only fresh, quality ingredients, their food has exceptional presentation, from mouth-watering appetizers like their heavenly Angel Wings (boneless chicken wings stuffed with silver noodles), to their soups served in a flaming tureen that keeps it warm throughout the meal. Tracy Thai prepares imaginative creations for those with more adventurous tastes, or delicious familiar dishes that are great choices for those who have never experienced Thai food before.

If you are in the moo-d for a burger, Moo Moo’s Burger Barn is the place to be! The Moo offers a whimsical, table service, 50’s-Diner style restaurant serving cooked-to-order juicy Burgers, Fish, Chicken and other Sandwiches, Salads & Hot Dogs. Try one of 15+ gourmet burgers served on a variety of buns, or create your own! Complement your choice with regular French, beerbattered, or sweet-potato fries, old fashioned floats, milk shakes & malts. Now serving a Full Breakfast Menu at the El Dorado (Mon-Fri 6:30-10:30 am) & Trinity Locations (Sat-Sun 7:00-11:45).

1035 Central Ave. Tracy, (209) 833-9703

Visit for Menus & locations.

A favorite among guests that enjoy fine dining, Rosewood Bar and Grill offers an upbeat and sophisticated setting with its rich wood and black and white tile floor, while still remaining family friendly. With an exceptional menu, Rosewood offers Monday night prix fixe (French for “fixed price”) dining specials, letting diners order a complete meal for about half the price of doing so a la carte. Rosewood Bar and Grill also boasts a wine list that is out of this world. 28 S. School St. Lodi, (209) 369-0470

Sitting around the immense copper beer vats in the middle of the dining room floor, beer connoisseurs with a taste for fine dining can enjoy the best of both worlds at Lodi Beer Co. Restaurant and Brewery, newly opened and located in downtown Lodi. With such house specialties as the deep-fried mac and cheese nuggets for starters, to the melt-in-your-mouth prime rib entrée cooked to perfection, this casual fine dining restaurant is the ideal choice for both lunch and dinner. 105 S. School St. Lodi, (209) 368-9931


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Serving authentic and modern Japanese cuisine, come enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of the causal dining room, or grab a seat at the sushi bar and have some fun with the professional and creative sushi chef. To enhance your experience, Mikasa invites you to explore the list of premium sakes. Mikasa offers outstanding sushi, sashimi, tempura, noodles, and teriyaki, as well as traditional Japanese sukiyaki and yosenabe. The most popular dishes are the Hawaiian tuna poki, tako kimchee, hamachi jalapeno, tuna ceviche, Mikasa steam sole, ginger beef tenderloin, Golden Gate roll, and Mikasa roll. They’re looking forward to your visit! Kampei! 15138 Harlan Rd., Lathrop (209) 858-1818

“YOUR TABLE, OUR KITCHEN” Shirasoni Japanese Restaurant is a traditional Japanese hibachi steakhouse. The authentic cuisine at Shirasoni is prepared fresh and cooked in front of you at the teppanyaki tables, and served by a performing chef, in hot bite-size portions ready to dip into a variety of delicious Japanese sauces. Shirasoni also offers an excellent menu of sushi and sashimi. Birthday eats free with a party 6 or more 3249 W. Hammer Lane Stockton, (209) 473-2525 6367 Lone Tree Way Brentwood, (925) 240-7808


Our belief is that Mexican dishes done right are both wonderful and diverse. Creating superb dishes from Cochinita Pibil to Tartare de Salmon; our food is inspired by the heart of Mexico. Our 100% natural margaritas made with true agave nectar and fresh squeezed lime can be enjoyed on our covered and heated outside patio. We’re holding to the authenticity of true Mexican dishes not found in this area, thus revolutionizing Mexican food. Open Daily 10:45 a.m.-10 p.m. Serving brunch on weekends - 9 a.m. 307 S. Lower Sacramento Road, Lodi (209) 334-1519

We use ingredients of only the highest quality when preparing our meals. We cook using 100 percent cholesterol free cooking oils, for a delicious and healthy meal. If you would like to order something not listed in the menu, we will do our best to accomodate you in any way we can. Gift Certificates available. Mon-Fri: 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m and 5-10 p.m. Sat-Sun: 12 p.m.- 10 p.m. Serving San Joaquin County since 1979 7555 Pacific Ave., Ste. 115 Stockton, (209) 957-0617

Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar is considered by many to be one of Northern California’s most unique fine dining establishments, located in Stockton’s Lincoln Center. They offer the finest and freshest in gourmet cuisine, and their fabulous menu includes a large variety of continental dishes. Three outdoor dining patios make for a perfect place to relax during lunch or dinner. Papapavlo’s offers four private banquet rooms accommodating groups as intimate as 12, to as large as 100 guests. Papapavlo’s is open Sun.Thur., 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Fri. and Sat., 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. 501 N. Lincoln Center, Stockton (209) 477-6133,

Looking for the best pizza in town? It’s here! The Great Plate has signature pizzas like Buffalo Chicken, or the Dominic, or build your own. Handmade to order and fired in the brick oven with always fresh dough for perfect crust and a delicious pizza. But that’s not all, excellent burgers, wings, salads, pastas, steaks, seafood, and more. Located downtown across from the Grand Theatre, come and enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere. Great Plate offers two full bars and 16 beers on tap, a fine wine list, and Sunday breakfast (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the NFL Ticket. Or check out the exciting nightlife featuring live music and DJs on both floors. Visit, “Tracy’s Favorite Place to Play.” Banquet rooms available for up to 125 people. 714 Central Ave. Tracy, (209) 833-0862

Welcoming Big Valley diners since 1976, this family owned restaurant is still THE place to go for a delicious meal in a relaxed atmosphere. The exhibition kitchen features Italian/American cuisine, all house made dishes and cooked to order. The consistency of the top quality food, friendly staff, excellent service and wonderful customers have made Stockton Joe’s an all time favorite dining establishment. The award winning lounge has been voted Best Happy Hour year after year. The beautiful banquet room seats up to 60 guests. Stockton Joe’s also specializes in catering at any location for any occasion, and is the exclusive caterer for all events at the Commercial Exchange Banquet Hall and the Commander’s House.

S an J o a q u i n d i n i ng g u i de

The Great Plate Bar and Grill

236 Lincoln Center, Stockton (209) 951-2980

Welcome to Casa Flores Marina, the very best in Mexican Cuisine. Casa Flores Marina is the new location in the Marina Shopping Center on Benjamin Holt Avenue, just west of I-5 in Stockton. Enjoy the warm, inviting dining room or dine al fresco in the secluded, outdoor patio. You will be treated to mouth-watering, innovative dishes that will keep you coming back! Casa Flores Marina has a beautiful, fully stocked tequila bar offering the finest selection of tequilas anywhere. You can enjoy fresh fruit margaritas made with all natural ingredients. No pre-made mixes here. Enjoy Tequila Tastings every third Thursday of the month or book your next big party here. Open for lunch and dinner. 3201 W. Ben Holt Dr., Ste. 155 Stockton, (209) 451-1116

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what’s in Season

Raspberry Ice Cream Sodas with Marionberries 24 oz. red raspberries (can be frozen and thawed) 1 cup sugar 4 cups seltzer water 12 oz. frozen Marionberries vanilla ice cream Puree raspberries. Strain through a fine mesh sieve, discarding seeds (about 2 cups of puree). Mix puree, sugar, and selzter in a large pitcher. In tall glasses, place several small scoops of vanilla ice cream. Add a handful of Marionberries and fill to the top with raspberry soda.

Raspberry Tiramisu Raspberry filling: 24 oz. (6 cups) raspberries ½ cup granulated sugar


In a medium bowl, mix together raspberries and sugar and set aside.

Raspberries By Katy Berry

The California raspberry season is now in full swing and the harvest will continue until mid-September. These bumpy, bulbous berries grow well in California because of the coastal climate. Due to our Valley’s summer heat, our region produces the Bababerry and Oregon 1030 varieties best, as they tolerate higher temperatures and full-on sun exposure better than the other more delicate varieties.    These tangy berries can be eaten by themselves as a healthy summer snack, or can be used to punch up a rich, savory dish. Most people know that raspberries pair particularly well with dark chocolate, a decadent flavor combination. Because of their small size and dainty packaging, you may consider raspberries to be more of a novelty fruit. Try one of our fresh, summery recipes and see how these little fellas add some welcomed za-za-zu to your diet.You’ll want to keep them around all season long. For more info:


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Mix together ½ cup water and sugar in a small saucepan. Heat on medium/low, stirring often, until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat, add Gran Marnier and 2/3 cup cold water. Set aside. Creamy cheese filling: 1 lb. (2 8oz. tubs) Mascarpone cheese, at room temperature 1 pint heavy whipping cream ¼ cup sugar 1 tsp. vanilla extract Place Mascarpone cheese in a large mixing bowl, and whip with electric mixer or by hand until light and creamy. In a separate bowl, whip heavy cream, sugar, and vanilla with mixer until stiff peaks form. Gently fold one-fourth of the whipped cream into Mascarpone cheese using a rubber spatula, to lighten. Fold remaining whipped cream into the mixture and set aside. Chocolate filling and garnish: 2 oz. bar dark chocolate Divide chocolate bar in half. Grate half of the chocolate for the filling, using a box grater. Make chocolate curls with the second half of bar, by using a vegetable peeler and pressing firmly on a smooth edge of the bar and peeling curls off on a sheet of waxed paper. (You may have to warm bar slightly under table lamp to create curls). Do not touch curls, refrigerate until ready to use. To Assemble: 12 oz. ladyfingers Dip ladyfingers into cooled sugar syrup and line the bottom of a 13x9x2 pan. Cut remaining dipped ladyfingers in half and line the sides, coming just to the top of the pan. Spread half of the Mascarpone cheese mixture on the ladyfingers. Top with grated chocolate to lightly cover the Mascarpone layer. Spread with all of the raspberry mixture. Spread remaining Mascarpone mixture over raspberries, being careful to keep the top white. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 12 hours. Just before serving, sprinkle with chocolate curls and garnish with fresh raspberries. Serves 12-15.


Oregon raspberry and blackberry commission

Sugar syrup: ½ cup water 1½ cup sugar 5 Tbsp. Gran Marnier 2/3 cup cold water

1243 West March Lane, Stockton (209) 954-9615

115 S. School St. (in Woolworth Place) Downtown Lodi, (209) 369-5400

So let go of the worries of the day, and Go Outback.

This fantastic, family-run restaurant is a top choice in Stockton for savory Mexican fare. Miguel’s promises quality food; as a result, the kitchen doesn’t cook with animal fats and uses sirloin tip rather than ground beef. You’ll taste the difference in the carne asada, camarones rancheros, braised red snapper, fajitas, and steak a la chicana. Omelets and spicy egg dishes also draw raves, and combination plates offer good value and a selection of tastes. 7555 Pacific Ave., Ste. 5 Stockton, (209) 951-1931

With its seasonally-based menu and gourmet preparation, the Wine and Roses restaurant boasts a charming venue with exceptional service. Guests are spoiled with beautiful views of the garden, or can enjoy a romantic evening sitting by the large fireplace. Sit alongside the piano while enjoying an after dinner cocktail. As an added bonus, stay overnight at the charming and beautiful Wine and Roses Inn and make a weekend out of it.

S an J o a q u i n d i n i ng g u i de

Open for lunch Mon-Fri at 11:30 a.m. Dinner 7 days a week Happy hour 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. M-F

At newly opened Crush Kitchen and Bar, Executive Chef Michael Warren has created a menu that is California cuisine with heavy Mediterranean influences. From hand-crafted raviolis and housemade mozzarella cheese to the 12 oz. Niman Ranch rib eye, quality and freshness is the focus at this upscale eatery. Crush also offers a full bar and a wine list that boasts 121 bottles of local and European selections. Crush offers a casual and warm atmosphere. Join Crush Sun, Mon, Tues, and Thursday from 11:30 a.m.-9:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturdays 11:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. Closed on Wednesdays.

A flavorful mixed grill of juicy steaks, tender chicken, fresh fish, and pasta dishes. Satisfy every taste with mouth-watering appetizers and salads. Every day, Outback starts out fresh, making every one of their soups, salad dressings, and sauces from scratch. At Outback, it’s all about quality —and all about the food.

2505 W. Turner Rd. Lodi, (209) 334-6988

Voted San Joaquin’s Best Family Restaurant, the Creamery is a classic American grill that has been a Stockton landmark since 1985. Even with a fresh, new look that is more spacious and modern, this dining favorite still offers the same cozy feel as when it first opened more than two decades ago. Enjoy gourmet sandwiches, huge hamburgers, garden fresh salads, pasta dishes, homestyle dinners, and an impressive dessert selection seven days a week. Whether you are in the neighborhood or just hungry for great food, The Creamery Restaurant will be sure to please. NOW SERVING BREAKFAST ON THE WEEKEND.

Charmingly designed and warmly staffed, Pietro’s restaurant is a familyowned establishment that’s clearly wellloved. Pietro’s serves up huge portions of traditional Italian fare, and has been carefully decorated to give diners the impression that they are sitting in the middle of a tiny, rustic Italian village. Try the rich and garlicky Penne Aglio, an overflowing bowl of penne pasta tossed with tender chunks of sautéed chicken, caramelized mushrooms, spinach, and crushed red peppers. Individual pizzas are hearty and cheesy. Pietro’s is a friendly family establishment. Banquets up to 125 people.

5756 Pacific Ave. Located in Robinhood Plaza, Stockton (209) 952-1111

317 E. Kettleman Lane, Lodi (209) 368-0613

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I Restaurant Guide restaurant that has quickly become a local favorite. Using fresh ingredients and only serving entrees that originated in Mexico, patrons will find a menu full of small plate entrees designed to bring out the best of authentic Mexican flavor. The corn tortillas are all homemade, as are the sauces and vinaigrettes which made to fit each entree. Chili peppers are used in most dishes for their flavor rather than spice, in inventive entrees such as tacos al pastor or chile relleno con huitlacoche and Mexican oaxaca cheese. Be sure to try the tres leches cake for dessert, and margaritas made from only the highest quality tequilas from agave nectar, and lime juice squeezed fresh for each drink. Rosewood Bar and Grill 28 S. School St., (209) 369-0470, Full bar. Open for dinner. $$-$$$

School Street Bistro 116 N. School St., (209) 333-3950, Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

[ Foodie Education ]

Marianne’s Pantry Stockton resident Marianne McCarroll is a long-time food lover, and her appropriately named business, Marianne’s Pantry, celebrates her passion for flavors both local and abroad. On her website, McCarroll lists recipes that utilize the fresh fruits and veggies produced here in the Central Valley, but foodies can also visit the site to purchase specialty ingredients like pasta, lentils, and oils not only from our area, but from around the world. Her recipes aim to combine foreign flavors with the bounty of San Joaquin to create healthy and interesting dishes, with plenty of tips and advice along the way.    Marianne’s Pantry also offers Cooking Hands, a side business where McCarroll will provide you with “kitch’n-spiration”— in-person, hands-on assistance with anything from catering to pantry-stocking. —Katy Berry For more info:


san joaquin magazine

At this quaint European-style bistro, everything is made from scratch daily, as well as all of the sauces and salad dressings accompanying their regional American cuisine. Specialties include upscale comfort foods like bacon wrapped meatloaf and smoked gouda macaroni and cheese, in addition to delicious steaks and fresh seafood. The bistro features domestic and imported beers and an extensive wine list of over one hundred local and imported wines. This is a popular destination for both casual dining and the occasional wine tasting events hosted by the restaurant, so reservations are highly recommended. Strings Italian Café 2314 W. Kettleman Ln., (209) 369-6400, Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

First impressions can be deceiving, as is the case with Strings Café. The modest location (nestled in the Wal-Mart shopping center) doesn’t do its flawless reputation justice. You have to stop in, if only to taste the soft Parmesan bread and the salad, which is really quite memorable—crisp lettuce sprinkled with savory croutons, sunflower seeds, raisins, and a dressing that pulls the whole dish together. Thinking about stopping after the

Wine and Roses 2505 W. Turner Rd., (209) 334-6988, Full bar. Open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch. $$$-$$$$

With its seasonally-based menu and gourmet preparation, the Wine and Roses restaurant boasts a charming venue with exceptional service. The kitchen uses fresh, local ingredients to create tantalizing examples of California cuisine. Guests are spoiled with beautiful views of the garden, or a romantic evening dining by the large fireplace. Sit alongside the piano while enjoying an after dinner cocktail and, as an additional bonus, stay overnight at the charming and beautiful Wine and Roses Inn and make a weekend out of it.

manteca De Vega Brothers 515 N. Main St., (209) 823-0947, Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$$$

De Vega Brothers has risen from its humble beginnings in a converted A&W stand in Manteca to one of the Valley’s premier Italian restaurants, with expanded locations in both Manteca and Stockton. The Manteca site boasts hand-painted murals of Roman ruins and rustic Italian vistas, while Stockton prides itself on creating an atmosphere of urban elegance with patio dining and live piano music. Both restaurants are known for their generous portions and delicious lamb chops, cioppino, chicken and veal scaloppini, steak, and seafood, as well as their gourmet pastas and sauces. Finley’s Bar and Grill 10477 S. Airport Way, (209) 983-9493. Full bar. Open for lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch during the winter season. $$-$$$$

Finley’s is full of pleasant surprises, the first being the truly romantic restaurant that lies within this nondescript building. While soft candlelight flickers at the center of your elegantly set table, you can relax and share a bottle of locally-made wine and, if you’re brave enough, kick off your dinner by sharing an appetizer of sautéed or deep-fried frog legs. This succulent dish is sweeter tasting than chicken, and quite appetizing. After indulging your adventurous side, spring into dinner with the savory house specialty, smoked prime rib. Feeling romantic enough to propose? Finley’s also caters small, intimate weddings in their spacious garden.


courtesy marianne’s pantry

A favorite among guests that enjoy fine dining, Rosewood Bar and Grill is an upbeat and sophisticated setting with its rich wood and black and white tile floor, yet it remains family friendly. With an exceptional menu, Rosewood offers Monday night prix fixe— French for “fixed price”—dining specials, letting patrons order a complete meal for about half the price of a la carte. Rosewood Bar and Grill also boasts a wine list that is out of this world.

salad? Not a chance. Try the lasagna, which is superb, or any of the seafood dishes, all of which are surprisingly fresh and flavorful.

Where affordability meets comfort! Isadore’s Restaurant 680 N. Main St., (209) 825-4300, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$$-$$$$

events for the live music schedule, early Supper Club hours, and more. Angelina’s Spaghetti House

Isadore’s is anything but humble: the kitchen is out-of-this-world, and they know it. In fact, if you happen to inquire, they’ll gladly tell you which items on the menu you’re sure to fall in love with. Locals swear by the quality of the seafood and madeto-order pasta selections. Though there’s no official children’s menu, the kitchen will gladly whip up a pint-sized meal for your munchkins, as well as accommodate any other special requests. Finally, don’t be shy—order the Sex in a Pan for dessert. Sweet, ripe banana slices and rich chocolate pudding on a crumbly cookie crust topped with real whipped cream and chocolate sauce make for a climactic end to any meal.

1563 E. Fremont St., (209) 948-6609, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Kelley Brothers Brewing Company

2381 W. March Ln., (209) 472-1661, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $

112 E. Yosemite Ave., (209) 825-1727. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

This Manteca hot spot rose up out of the ashes of the El Rey Theatre, which ironically burned down after its final showing of The Towering Inferno. Big, bulky sandwiches, like the Southwest-style BBQ Pork Masterpiece make this a great lunch destination, but live music Friday and Saturday nights and the largest bar in the Valley (complete with twelve house-made beers on tap) draw crowds at dinnertime and in the later hours, too. The whole family will enjoy the food as much as the fun murals and collections of local antiques on display.

stockton 856 Restaurant & Lounge 856 Benjamin Holt Dr., (209) 957-7856, Full bar. Open for dinner. $$-$$$

Boasting one of the prettiest bars around, 856 is as comfortable as it is trendy. With over sixteen different martinis on the menu, all served to perfection, 856 hosts a “Martini Mood Hour” Monday through Friday, and prepares after-hours appetizers for those stopping by after a late night on the town. The menu is built upon lots of local produce, and their fish is trucked in each morning fresh from the docks of San Francisco. Enjoy delicious food, friendly service, and a beautiful full-service lounge. There’s always something happening at this unique place to dine. Check out their calendar of

Angelina’s is a true family restaurant: owned by four family members, named after another, and welcoming to all of yours. For thirty-one years, their hearty homemade pastas, raviolis, and traditional sauces have been bringing families together just like a meal at Grandma’s house. Consider inviting all your relatives to dine together in Angelina’s comfortable and cozy banquet room the next time you are hosting a family get-together. Angelina’s isn’t fussy— just simple, classic, and great tasting. Arroyo’s Café

When Guadalupe and Jesus Arroyo moved here in the early 1940s, they immediately began sharing their passion for food with friends and family by opening their first restaurant. Sixty years later, their son Mario continues the tradition and commitment to excellence at Arroyo’s Café. Located on the water, one can enjoy fresh, homemade tortillas, enchiladas, carne asada, and other Mexican favorites. Friday and Saturday nights the restaurant hosts live Mariachi music, and the bar hosts Happy Hour from 4 to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Breadfruit Tree Restaurant 8095 Rio Blanco Rd., (209) 952-7361, Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

In the mood for something different? Relax on the Delta and enjoy the flavors and rhythms of the Caribbean Islands at the Breadfruit Tree. The restaurant serves food from many of the tropical islands, and prides itself on its Peleau—a rice stir-fry with fresh veggies and seafood, seasoned with a myriad of delightful spices. Complete your meal with a Jamaican beer or house-made, Caribbeanstyle drink. While eating, admire the hand-painted murals depicting waterfalls and island life. The owners proudly claim, “As they say in the Caribbean, ‘we cook food with love.’” The Breadfruit Tree is open for catering year-round and restaurant dining from February to November.

Bud’s Seafood Grille 314 Lincoln Center, (209) 956-0270, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Everyone is welcome at Bud’s Seafood Grille. Friendly service, hearty portions, and a range of fish, seafood, pasta, steak, and poultry entrees make Bud’s a great choice for a business lunch, family dinner, or night out for two. Every meal begins with a bottomless basket of fresh sourdough bread, so be careful not to fill up before the rest arrives. The new leafy outdoor patio seats thirty, and is the perfect spot to take a break from shopping in Lincoln Center and enjoy a leisurely lunch or even just a drink with a friend. CEntrale Kitchen and bar 1825 Pacific Ave., Ste. 2 (209) 939-1825. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

Bringing a new look and feel to Stockton, Centrale Kitchen and Bar will give you the feeling of an upscale bistro in any big city around the world, with its authentic brick walls and dark, walnut wood floors. The menu features traditional American comfort food with a strong focus on fresh and unique ingredients. As with the dinner menu, the wine selection will change by season, and you will find many extraordinary bottles that you won’t find anywhere else in the region. With a full bar, Centrale is also bringing back the quality cocktail by using all fresh juices and housemade mixes. Centrale Kitchen and Bar is located on the south end of the Miracle Mile. Outdoor dining available.

Why overpay for a great stay? Experience the clean, comfortable style of Red Roof-Stockton. More than you’d ever expect from an economy hotel: • FREE Wi-Fi and coffee bar • Waterfront rooms • Outdoor pool • Award-winning bedding • Rated top 2 in Overall Customer Satisfaction for the past 5 years, J.D. Power, economy hotels

Red Roof-Stockton – #689 1707 West Fremont Street Stockton, CA 95203 209.466.7777 For reservations visit or call 800.RED.ROOF (800.733.7663)

Chitiva’s Salsa and Sports Bar and Grill 445 W. Weber Ave., (209) 941-8605, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

Chitiva’s serves up authentic Mexican food, tasty tropical drinks, and a giant side of fun six nights a week. Saturday nights after 9 p.m., the fajitas and enchiladas play second fiddle to the DJs and live bands on center stage— the Salsa is still hot, but now it’s a dance, not a culinary dip. If all this has you craving a cool Delta breeze, look no further than the restaurant’s outdoor dining overlooking the water or one of their popular Salsa cruises (summer months through October). So go find your dancing shoes, sip a cool mojito, and have some fun.

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I Restaurant Guide Cocoro Japanese Bistro 2105 Pacific Ave., (209) 941-6053. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

[ outdoor cooking ]

Grill Away Mesh Grilling Pans

Cocoro is the “it” place to go for sushi in Stockton. Its streamlined, contemporary Japanese décor and intimate seating arrangements give it a sophisticated atmosphere, and its artful sushi creations made with fish delivered fresh daily from the Bay Area keep patrons coming back for more. At the sushi counter, you can watch talented chefs roll and wrap beautiful bites right before your eyes. The restaurant’s signature sushi— the Coco Roll—consists of a tempura prawn wrapped up with avocado and topped with eel, spicy tuna, teriyaki sauce, and special house dressing, all garnished with a walnut. For the less adventurous eater, Cocoro offers the traditional range of tempura, teriyaki, and noodle dishes. The Creamery 5756 Pacific Ave., Robinhood Plaza (209) 925-1111. No alcohol served. Open for breakfast (on weekends), lunch, and dinner. $-$$

The Creamery Restaurant is a classic American grill that has been a Stockton landmark since 1985. Great for large parties or a family meal, it is also the perfect spot for hungry shoppers. Enjoy gourmet sandwiches, huge hamburgers, garden fresh salads, pasta dishes, homestyle dinners, and an amazing dessert selection seven days a week, with breakfast served on the weekends. Whether you’re in the neighborhood or just hungry for great food, The Creamery Restaurant will be sure to please.

At Beyond Pots and Pans, 4343 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 952-1966,

Nestled in the Thornton Plaza shopping center, Dante’s puts a sunny California spin on the standard pepperoni and cheese creation. In fact, most of their pizzas don’t even come with pepperoni or mozzarella. The name of the restaurant says it all—this is not your authentic Italian pizzeria, so be prepared for specialty pizzas with experimental combinations of unique and exotic toppings. Dante’s offers fourteen different pizzas made with fresh meats and produce, gourmet cheeses, and colorful sauces (the pesto is fantastic). Like pizza joint worth their sauce, take-out and delivery options are also available.

Dante’s California-Style Pizza 9305 Thornton Rd., (209) 474-0221. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

Dave Wong’s Chinese Cuisine 2828 W. March Ln., (209) 951-4152. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

You may already have a favorite Chinese restaurant—everybody does—but if you are in the mood to venture away from habit, hit Dave Wong’s. This longtime Stockton


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David’s New York Style Pizza 1744 W. Hammer Lane, (209) 477-2677 900 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., (209) 957-2850. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

Toppings, cheese, and dough that’s prepared fresh daily may be three of the reasons this Stockton staple has had such success that they’ve recently opened a second location in Lincoln Center. Or maybe it’s all the choices at David’s New York Style Pizza that make it so popular: Eat in or take out? Hammer Lane or Lincoln Center? Thick, thin, or standard crust? Indoors or out on the patio? One of David’s twelve specialty pizzas or one of your own creations? We know sports-lovers love the pizzeria because it combines some of their favorite things: great pizza, beer, fellow fans, and the big game televised on the many 46-inch flat screen televisions hung in both locations. Whatever their reasoning for coming back, repeat customers can be found enjoying David’s New York Style Pizza seven days a week. De Vega Brothers 2819 W. March Lane, Ste. A1, (209) 957-3839, Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$$$

De Vega Brothers has risen from its humble beginnings in a converted A&W stand in Manteca to one of the Valley’s premier Italian restaurants, with expanded locations in both Manteca and Stockton. The Manteca site boasts hand-painted murals of Roman ruins and rustic Italian vistas, while Stockton prides itself on creating an atmosphere of urban elegance with patio dining and live piano music. Both restaurants are known for their generous portions and delicious lamb chops, cioppino, chicken and veal scaloppini, steak, and seafood, as well as their gourmet pastas and sauces. De Vinci’s 4555 N. Pershing Ave., (209) 957-2750. No alcohol served. Open for lunch and dinner. $

Old-world Italian eats rule here, where the foccacia and ravioli are homemade. Red and white checkered tablecloths and an Italianinspired mural lend distinct charm to this half deli, half restaurant which serves up spectacular sandwiches, rice torta, and pesto. The food may be delicious, but don’t bring a hungry crowd and expect to find a table big enough—this place is best for take-out and catering. Instead, grab a bag of goodies


courtesy Maverick

Burgers and dogs are must-haves during the barbecue season because they’re quick, tasty, and hassle-free, but it’s easy to get tired of the same old thing as the summer progresses. For the more adventurous cook, try Maverick’s mesh, stainless steel pans that allow you to grill anything, like fresh veggies, fish, or shrimp, with ease.    The collection includes a chef’s pan with lid, a frying pan, and a roasting pan, all with long handles that make it easy to toss items otherwise difficult to maneuver on the grill surface. The mesh design allows the food to cook evenly without falling into the flame, and the stainless steel is a sleek, modern look that will compliment any kitchen or grilling station—perfect for healthy and delicious alternatives to your summer cookout menu. —K.B.

favorite serves up a pleasant combination of Chinese, Cantonese, and Szechwan eats. The broccoli beef, lemon chicken, and fried rice are hands-down favorites. The menu has many traditional dishes, alongside appetizing treats like wok-charred green beans. The muted walls and intimate (yet expandable) quiet candlelit dining chambers reiterate the fact that Dave Wong’s is not your typical Chinese restaurant.

View From Point Lobos, oil by Ray Roberts

Tues - Sun 11am - 5pm 115 S. School Street, Lodi

(209) 368-5123

Down to the Sea

Through August 28

History Lessons Come to Life

School tours Grandmother’s Trunk presentation Young children’s Farm to Fork tour Valley Days Program

San Joaquin County Historial Museum In beautiful Micke Grove Regional Park 209.331.2055 • 209.953.3460


Children & Adult Braces invisalign® • Zoom®


525 S. Fairmont Ave, Suite A Lodi, CA 95240 (209) 368-5101

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to go and head over to nearby Victoria Park for a picnic with panache. A downtown Tracy location was recently opened. Delights Waterfront Coffee Bar and Deli 445 W. Weber Ave., Ste. 126, (209) 462-3401. Beer and Wine. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. $

Delights Waterfront Coffee Bar and Deli is appropriately named, serving up some of the best casual favorites this side of the Delta. With its premium coffee bar, morning starters, salads made to order with the freshest local produce, and the popular tri-tip sandwich that’s grilled daily on the patio, you can’t escape the quiet, peaceful nostalgia that Delights has to offer. Located right on the water in the historic Waterfront Warehouse building, Delights is a visual treat. While they don’t accept reservations, you’ll soon find that it’s not necessary. This restaurant is a relaxed hangout for anybody, from businessmen to students from local colleges and schools. El Rancho Inn Steak and Lobster House 1457 E. Mariposa Rd., (209) 467-1529. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$$-$$$$

Substitute Yourself Skinny By Chef Susan Irby, the Bikini Chef Celebrity Chef Susan Irby, otherwise known as the Bikini Chef, begins her cookbook with an all-too familiar story involving a brownie and “just one bite.” We all know how the story ends, and let’s just say the brownie never survives. Experiences like these fueled Irby’s desire to “find a balance between staying slim and trim and enjoying the fattening foods I love,” hence her new cookbook, Substitute Yourself Skinny.    The book includes 175 comfort food recipes, each recreated with ingredients that taste as good, if not better, than the original. The pages are filled with colorful photos, and the recipes have silly names like the “no pot belly here chicken pot pie.” Each recipe also includes a nutritional breakdown of the calories you’ve saved by using Irby’s simple substitutions—a regular serving of manicotti has 942 calories, but Irby’s “hottie-tottie manicotti” only has 250. —K.B. Available at Tom’s Used Books, 108 N. School St., Lodi, (209) 369-1453,

Ernie’s on the Brick Walk 296 Lincoln Center, (209) 951-3311. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Ernie’s has been incorporating classic French technique with abundant Central Valley produce since its doors opened in 1990. Chef and owner Warren Ito was trained at the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and loves to use his skills to prepare fresh takes on “old classics” for his loyal patrons. The menu ranges from rib eye steak to Australian lamb chops to seasonal fish and pasta dishes to house specialties like the nutty grilled tahini prawns and made-to-order fresh Manila clam chowder. Take your time while perusing the extensive wine list—it’s over one hundred fifty wines long. Garlic Brothers 6629 Embarcadero Dr., (209) 474-6585, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

Ironically, Garlic Brothers is a spectacular spot for a date, even though the kitchen is


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Le Bistro 3121 W. Benjamin Holt Dr., (209) 951-0885, Full bar. Open for dinner. $$$$

This award-winning restaurant is Stockton’s only four-star dining experience. Whether eating lunch or dinner, Le Bistro offers a menu of French Continental cuisine beautifully presented in a stylish and sophisticated setting. This is a luxurious affair, where servers wear tuxedos and the ever-evolving wine list is like no other. The quiet elegance extends to the outdoor patio as well as four banquet rooms that can accommodate up to two hundred guests. If you are in the mood for an upscale treat, this is the place to go. Check the website for current information about live bands playing in the restaurant’s show room this fall. MICHAEL’S NEW YORK STYLE PIZZA 2300 W Alpine Ave # A, (209) 462-6668 Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. $-$$

Once simply one of the best pizza joints in Stockton, Michael’s has grown to add a café, deli and now a full breakfast menu. The pizzas (13 combinations or make your own) draw you in but choices for everyone keep the community coming back as a whole. Michael’s also boasts a party room for up to 40 guests and has long been a favorite for sports teams and birthday parties. Dive into a hearty meat pizza or give Michael’s newest creation, the whole wheat crust a try. Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar 501 N. Lincoln Center, (209) 477-6133, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Papapavlo’s Bistro and Bar is considered by many to be one of Northern California’s most unique fine dining establishments located in Stockton’s Lincoln Center. They offer you the finest and freshest in gourmet cuisine and their fabulous menu includes a large variety of continental dishes. The main dining room has a unique design with a showcase kitchen and bar in warm, classy decor. You’ll find the three outdoor dining patios a perfect place to relax during lunch or dinner. Papapavlo’s offers four private banquet rooms accommodating groups as intimate as 12 to as large as 100 guests. Papapavlo’s also specializes in off-premises dining with their outstanding catering services. Papapavlo’s is open Sunday-Thursday 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm.


courtesy adams media

[ healthy kitchen ]

Celebrating seventy years in business, El Rancho Inn has been charming customers with its superior service and delectable dishes. Although most drive by without giving this establishment a second glance, it’s well worth your time to stop in for a meal. The steak, lobster, and homemade soups are excellent, but be sure to look up from your plate and take in the surroundings. From the cattle brands on the walls to the regulars relaxing at their favorite tables, this country inn is sure to bring a smile to your face as well as warmth to your belly.

known to go heavy on the—you guessed it—garlic. Fun and lively, this restaurant sits right on the water’s edge and boasts delicious garlicky pizzas, pastas, and seafood. Contrary to popular belief, however, anything on the menu can be whipped up without the brothers’ favorite ingredient. Before you leave, roll up your sleeves and dig into a serving of Justy’s Cake—vanilla ice cream on a cookie crust topped with toffee and glazed with caramel and chocolate.

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6541 Pacific Ave. Stockton 95207 209.952.1446



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Paragary’s Bar and Grill 110 El Dorado St., (209) 943-1110 Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Located at the downtown Stockton Waterfront area, Paragary’s Bar and Grill is a destination in itself. The menu is full of simple American fare with all the right ingredients taken straight from our own Central Valley. The contemporary eatery also features a classic kids menu and surprisingly inexpensive happy hour specials in addition to their lunch, dinner, and dessert offerings. The Stockton location is part of the Sacramento-based Paragary Restaurant Group, but with tasty offerings like these, we don’t mind sharing. The Shadow Oaks Steakhouse 7555 Pacific Ave. (209) 477-5547. Full bar. Open for dinner. $$-$$$$

If you’re looking for a place that knows it’s steak, Shadow Oaks is the spot. Known for its Kobe beef and Porter House steaks, the Prime Rib, lamb, and veal aren’t the only thing made to perfection at this local restaurant. With pasta, seafood, and salads on the menu as well you’re bound to find something to fall in love with. An incredible selection of wine awaits you at Shadow Oaks, with bottles priced anywhere from $25 to $450. And did we mention the tequila list? Hidden within the full bar is a variety of tequila bottles, whose respective shots range from $6 a shot to $85. With it’s sophisticated interior, beautiful bar, and live music on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, this casual restaurant offers fine dining without the pomp and circumstance. Stockton Joe’s 236 Lincoln Center, (209) 951-2980, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$-$$$

Featuring San Franciscan, Italian, and American continental cuisine, this is the place to go for a delicious meal in a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Entrees include charbroiled steaks, fresh seafood, and veal, chicken, and pasta dishes, and have recently extended to offer several hearthealthy options. Stockton Joe’s frequently plays host to a variety of musicians and local artists who entertain diners relaxing in the restaurant’s comfy, padded booths and chairs. Each month, the kitchen selects a featured wine from a local winery, and wine tasting events and wine dinners are held throughout the month. With exhibition cooking, a banquet hall that can seat up to sixty people, and catering for all occasions, Stockton Joe’s is a local feature not to be missed.


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Valley Brewing Company 157 W. Adams St. (209) 464-2739, Full bar. Open for lunch, dinner, and weekend breakfast. $-$$

The Valley Brewing Company is a fun place to bring the whole family for dinner: homemade beers, classic pub fare, live bands during the summer, and unique sports memorabilia keep everybody happy. The Brewing Company keeps fourteen beers on tap at all times, from a pale wheat, to an IPA, to the house favorite Black Cat Stout, and apricot and berry fruit beers. Friday is fish night, and Saturday is all about Prime Rib. Beer and scotch tasting events are held throughout the month; check the website for up to the minute information about when the fun’s happening. Waterloo 10447 E. Waterloo Rd., (209) 931-4019 Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

At this fun aussie-inspired restaurant, they really know how to mix it up on the barbee. One of their signature dishes is the savory barbecued ribs, served as an appetizer or an entrée. The ribs, which are best paired with Bette’s world-famous pesto, are tender to the point of melting away in your mouth. It is likely visitors will find this restaurant bustling when they visit, so during peak hours, be prepared for a lengthy wait. If that doesn’t suit you, they also offer their entire menu for take-out orders, and they even offer catering. Yasoo Yani 326 E. Main St., (209) 464-3108. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

This downtown restaurant, open since 1975, is a classic eatery where the food is as eclectic as the diners. Mothers with their toddlers settle in next to prominent businessmen in ties for everything from a sturdy American burger to Greek souvlaki. Don’t be intimidated by the Greek side of the menu or the local luminaries—souvlaki is simply the Grecian version of shish kebab, served on pita bread, and at Yasoo Yani, everyone gets the same fine family service. Don’t even get us started on the honeydrenched baklava for dessert.

house specialty that everybody loves, but the Mediterranean garlic shrimp is a close second. Take your time looking over the menu; it also features a selection of fantastic steaks, pizzas, and salads. Check out the specials offered at the weekly Family Night and Monday Night Football Sports Night celebrations. Carmen’s Casa Nachos 350 W. Grant Line Rd. (209) 835-9402. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

Want to spice up a dull week? A trip to Carmen’s Casa Nachos family Mexican restaurant should do the trick. Try Carmen’s fantastic fajitas and their specialty salsa seven days a week for lunch and dinner, where they make all of their food fresh everyday. Outdoor dining and a children’s menu are available to accommodate the whole family, while their catering and banquet menus take care of all your special occasion needs. Turn up the heat at Carmen’s Casa Nachos, where it’s Siempre Caliente! Magellan’s 15 E. 6th St., (209) 839-2333, Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$$-$$$$

Magellan’s Restaurant, named after owner and Executive Chef Thomas Magellan, is much like the small, intimate restaurants found in San Francisco. Featuring American Continental cuisine, the menu choices range from duck salad to their salmon burger to the ever popular, delectable filet mignon. The menu changes seasonally and the high level of noise found in some restaurants is not to be found here. If you are looking for a good traditional meal with peaceful ambiance, seafood specials, and a martini bar to put others to shame, then Magellan’s is the place. Thai Café 614 Central Ave., (209) 832-3800. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$


More practical than fussy, Thai Café is the place to go when the craving for good Thai food, fast, strikes. This little place manages to stay afloat despite some stiff competition from surrounding restaurants, perhaps in part to a large following of loyal customers. Regulars rave about the Thai Chicken Salad and Salad Kai, but if you are in the mood for something a little heavier, go ahead and try the Koa Paad—deep-fried rice served with your choice of meats. The colorful Thai decorations set the mood for a fun and flavorful meal where everyone is welcome.


Tracy Thai

130 W. 11th St., (209) 835-9566. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

1035 Central Ave., (209) 833-9703. Beer and wine. Open for lunch and dinner. $-$$

Anything but bland—that’s Amore’s. The building that houses this eatery is historic and rustic, which, when combined with the fun decorations and local antiques inside, creates a sense of small-town charm echoed by the friendly service and traditional Italian dishes. Rigatoni with herb chicken is a

tureen that keeps it warm throughout the meal. Tracy Thai prepares imaginative creations for those with adventurous tastes, and also familiar favorites for those who have never experienced Thai food before. The Great Plate 714 Central Ave., (209) 833-0862, www. Full bar. Open for lunch and dinner. $$

Looking for the best pizza in town? It’s here! The Great Plate has signature pizzas like Buffalo Chicken, or the Dominic, or build your own. Handmade to order and fired in the brick oven with always fresh dough for perfect crust and a delicious pizza. But that’s not all, excellent burgers, wings, salads, pastas, steaks, seafood, and more. Located downtown across from the Grand Theatre, come and enjoy the family-friendly atmosphere. Great Plate offers two full bars and 16 beers on tap, a fine wine list, and Sunday breakfast (10 a.m. to 1 p.m.) and the NFL Ticket. Or check out the exciting nightlife featuring live music and DJs on both floors. Visit, “Tracy’s Favorite Place to Play.” Banquet rooms available for up to 125 people.

WOODBRIDGE Woodbridge Crossing 18939 N. Lower Sacramento Rd. (209) 366-1800, www. woodbridgecrossing. net. Full bar. Open for dinner, Sunday Brunch. $-$$

Housed in one of the oldest brick buildings in the San Joaquin Valley, this historic restaurant, formerly Woodbridge Feed and Fuel, provides fine dining in the midst of antiques, Western artwork, and memorabilia. Known for their prime rib and steak, this restaurant strives for great customer service. Woodbridge Crossing diners are treated to live entertainment and dancing on the weekends, and the restaurant also offers private banquet facilities where guests sit in unique old boxcars. [SJM]

Tracy Thai successfully captures the unique and complex flavors Thai food is famous for. Using only fresh, quality ingredients, their food has artistic presentation and exceptional flavor, from mouth-watering appetizers like their heavenly Angel Wings (boneless chicken wings stuffed with silver noodles), to their soups served in a flaming AUGUST 2010



SALE 30-75% OFF


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Open Sundays 12pm - 4pm 240 Lincoln Center—478.5670

Starting At Just $14!

(Service charges, facility and handling fees may apply.)

SEPT. 9 - 12

Thu. SEPT. 9

H 7:00 PM


Fri. SEPT. 10 11:00 AM 7:00 PM

Sat. SEPT. 11 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

Sun. SEPT. 12 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

*(Excludes Circus CelebritySM , Front Row and VIP seats. No double discounts.)

Buy tickets at,

Benefits of Jazzercise • • • • • •

Develop cardiovascular fitness Improve metabolism Increase energy Strengthen and tone muscles Improve flexibility and balance Improve health and well-being

Sherry Beltz, Owner Bella Terra Plaza 1110 W. Kettleman Ln #17 • Lodi, CA 95240

(209) 365-1680

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SEPT. 16 - 19

Thu. SEPT. 16

Retail Locations, 1-800-745-3000 .

H 7:00 PM


Fri. SEPT. 17 7:00 PM

Sat. SEPT. 18 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

Sun. SEPT. 19 1:00 PM 5:00 PM

*(Excludes Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP seats. No double discounts.)

Buy tickets at or call (209)-373-1700 . TICKET PRICES: $14 - $17 - $23 - $38 VIP - $60 Front Row - $90 Circus Celebrity Limited number of Circus Celebrity, Front Row and VIP seats available. Call for details

Check out our schedule at:

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eventS calendar

Ten Great Dates

compiled by katy berry

August 28, Sacramento Though we can no longer see charming swagger the likes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, our generation has thankfully wrought the dreamy talents of Michael Bublé to keep the music alive. Known for making women swoon, Bublé sings originals like his current single “Haven’t Met You Yet” off of his newest album, Crazy Love, but covers old favorites too. 8 p.m. $52$92. Arco Arena, One Sports Parkway, Sacramento, (916) 928-6900,

Fusion Friday August 6, Lodi Each month May through September, Borra Vineyards picks an evening to team up with a local restaurant for guests to sample Borra’s wines and unique dishes from San Joaquin’s most talented chefs. In August, the vineyard is featuring the modern Mexican fare of Lodi’s Revolución 1910, and live music by Frankie B Smooth Jazz. 5-7:30 p.m. $12 per person, ticket includes appetizers, one glass of wine, and souvenir wine glass. Borra Vineyards, 1301 E. Armstrong Rd., Lodi, (209) 368-2446, www.

First Friday Art Hop August 6, Lodi The first Friday of each month, visit Hutchins St. Square in Lodi to view some of the most wonderful art being created here in the Valley. Visitors can enjoy a self-guided tour around the square, visiting local businesses that turn their shops into galleries for the evening. Wine tasting and appetizers

Science at Bare Ranch August 7, Lodi Hop in the Rolls-Royce (we’re kidding) for a sophisticated afternoon at Bare Ranch in Lodi. The World of Wonders science museum will be hosting a Great Gatsby-themed garden party to benefit the museum, including hors d’oevres, wine, and desserts, as well as live music and a raffle/auction. 5:30-8:30 p.m. $40 in advance, $45 at the door. Bare Ranch, 19877 N. Davis Rd., Lodi, (209) 3680969,

The Ataris August 10, Stockton The Ataris, known for their hit pop-punk cover of “The Boys of Summer,” will be playing a show at the Plea for Peace Center in Stockton, a non-profit organization for teens to express themselves through art and music, and foster an environment of positive-minded people. Come get rowdy at the show and support the Center. 6 p.m. $12 admission plus $2 yearly membership. Plea for Peace Center, 630 E. Weber Ave., Stockton, (209) 981-2311, www.

are also provided by local wineries and restaurants. 6-8:30 p.m. Free. Thomas Theatre Gallery, 125 S. Hutchins St., Lodi, (209) 333-5511,


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This page: Arco arena; plea for peace center. opposite page: matt beckwith; bob hope theatre; hospice san joaquin

Michael Bublé at the Arco Arena

Miracle Mile Night August 21, Stockton Presented for the second year, Miracle Mile Night is a community event that aims to celebrate the rich history of Pacific Avenue’s Miracle Mile. Join Stockton old-timers as they relive fond memories of cruising the mile by displaying their classic cars. The festival also features three stages of live music, a kids zone, arts & crafts and antiques vendors, food, and even a live pin-up girl contest. 5-10 p.m. Free. Miracle Mile, Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 565-2247,

Singing in the Rain August 13, Stockton Once again, Friends of the Fox present a cinema classic at the Bob Hope Theatre. This time, Gene Kelley and Debbie Reynolds star in Singing in the Rain. In it, actors Don Lockwood (Kelley) and Lina Lamont (Jean Hagen) play sweethearts on the silver screen, but Lamont wants to make the romance a reality. When new girl Kathy Selden (Reynolds) hits the scene, Don is smitten as well and jealousy ensues. Come a little early to catch Tom Thompson on The Mighty Morton organ. 7 p.m. $8 adults, $4 kids. Bob Hope Theatre, 242 E. Main St., Stockton, (209) 337-HOPE,

avenue. All proceeds benefit Hospice House and Hospice of San Joaquin. 6-9 p.m. $50 in advance, $60 at the door (get tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line). Heron Lakes Drive, Brookside Classics, Stockton, (209) 922-0380,

Visions in Clay August 26-September 23, Stockton The LH Horton Jr Gallery at San Joaquin Delta College welcomes a national exhibition of ceramics as the gallery’s first show of the 2010-11 academic year. “Visions in Clay” is the largest ceramics exhibition in San Joaquin, presenting over 70 works by 51 artists from around the country, including 2 local Stockton artists. Come to the opening reception August 26, 5-7 p.m. Visit website for gallery hours. Free. LH Horton Jr Gallery, Delta College, 5151 Pacific Ave., Stockton, (209) 954-5507,

Towerfest August 13-15, Lodi Towerfest is a community get-together where visitors can come for the day or book a site and camp out for the entire weekend. This year, the Hawaiian-themed festival will feature a luau and fire dancing by Tropical Productions, and live Hawaiian music. Enjoy kids activities, vendors and food, and KOA’s on-site restaurant, Rosa’s at Tower Park, which will be offering Polynesian themed menu-items like mai tais and Hawaiian pizza. 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Free. Stockton Delta KOA Campgrounds, 14900 West Highway 12, Lodi, (209) 369-1041,

Moonlight Sip and Stroll August 21, Stockton This premier food, brew, and wine tasting event features fifty food vendors and up to fifty wineries for you to enjoy. Live bands play throughout the evening, and artists set up booths so you can browse their work while you eat, drink, and meander your way down the

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Pets On Parade Proud pet owners walked the Miracle Mile May 22 with their furry friends to help support the Stockton Animal Shelter’s adoption, education, and spay/neuter programs. 1. Sierra Minatre, Jessica Hannon, Linda Moore 2. Dan & Nora Omalza, with Duke & Chloe 3. Liberty Rivera, Maegan Rivera, Geraldine Rivera, Nicole Felkins 4. Shantillia Tucker, Meghan Clausson, The Financial Center Triple Dogs, Amanda Sandquist, Michael Duffy


Haggin A La Carte



The Haggin Museum celebrated its twenty-second annual Haggin a la Carte event May 22, where visitors browsed three new exhibitions and sampled local wines, beer, and food. 1. Ned Leiba, Carol Sims 2. Eliana Cetto, Kim Abuelhaj 3. Lisa Cooperman, Janet Men 4. Kim Ray, Charles Barnard, Joan Ray 5. Sandra Sabanovich, CC Craig 6. Jeanne & Hugh Lilly 7. Ann-Marie Koth, Wynne Wycoff





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7 AUGUST 2010



Delta Discovery Cruises Grand Opening Mayor Ann Johnston, members of the Stockton Chamber of Commerce, and other VIP guests enjoyed wine and hors d’ouvres June 2 aboard the “Island Girl” for Delta Cruises’ first voyage.



1. Heather Ingram, Mayor Ann Johnston 2. Arlene Galindo, Davina Santos 3. Kelly Moore, Michelle Cox, Vikki Sandor-Girolami 4. Monica, Roger, Rory, and Rynear Slingerman


Kids Art Auction




Supporters of the Mary Graham Children’s Shelter Foundation gathered May 20 at the Stockton Golf and Country Club to raise roughly $30,000 for foster children. 1. Emily Eggert, Jenna Zepponi 2. Jenna Johnson, Tod Davis, Alyssa Kimball 3. Jerry Gregerson, Sara Garfield, Julie & George Cosgrove 4. Shani & Dwight Richards 5. Greg & Pat Delucchi 6. Daisy Plovnick, Beverley Dierking, Pat Delucchi, Jan Redding 7. Dale and Lea Smith


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san joaquin magazine August 2010

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Congratulations to our June winners!

Jennie Schatmeier. Winner of the grand prize tickets to Elmo...123! at the Stockton Arena. Tiffany Gomes, Jim Case, and Jose Garcia. Winners of $50 Gift Certificates and prizes!


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It’s the reason you hope there’s unlimited test rides. It’s the reason youwhy hope there’s unlimited It’s our six demo truckstest arerides. on a non-stop tour. It’s why our six demo trucks are on a non-stop FUEL IT. tour. FUEL IT.

Demo Days Saturday September 18th 10AM-6PM

Substantial Manufacturer discounts on the purchase of a VICTORY Motorcycle with Demo Days participation.

BBQ Lunch Provided, Starting at 12:00 Noon (while supplies last)

17605 S. Manthey Rd. Lathrop, CA • 209.323.6600 Victory and Victory Motorcycles® are registered trademarks of Polaris Industries, Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. ©2010 Polaris Industries Inc. Victory and Victory Motorcycles® are registered trademarks of Polaris Industries, Inc. Always wear a helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing and obey the speed limit. Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohol. ©2010 Polaris Industries Inc.













San Joaquin Magazine - August  
San Joaquin Magazine - August  

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