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port folio Sanjan Sabherwal

Design for Industry, Year 3


6 Month Placement Student

Head of Sales

Temporary Work at Kinneir Dufort

Bowers & Wilkins

Design three wireless portable speakers for a new target market

Our Market Competition

Bose Soundlink nice detailing, long battery life. £250

Chris, 29 Single Senior PR Agent

Arcam Rcube Great sound but too clunky. £350

Owns an Audi A3 Reads GQ Enjoys Soft Rock



Portable, simple, multifunctional just right. £150

Our Inspiration

The Blackbird We wanted to create an elegant range of products with simple controls. The Blackbird and Nest is a ‘What if’ concept.

For the man on the move.

The volume and music is all controlled from its source device.

The Nest is a wireless charging dock for the Blackbird and its hollow shape optimises sound quality for home listening.

The Nest

By sliding open the speaker cover, both power and Bluetooth are switched on.

Bass resonance technology is placed in the wings amplifying the music using the surface it’s placed upon.

Place the blackbird onto the Nest

For entertaining at home.

The Boson

We included a volume control on the Boson because in the home, the user is more likely to be away from their phone.

We simplified the form factors of the Boson and Apollo to fit with B&W current consumer speaker range.

The Volume is adjusted by a touch sensitive slider on the top of the Boson.

Inspiration - The PM1 by B&W

For entertaining at home.

The Apollo


Inspiration - The MM1 by B&W

For the man on the move.

Current Packaging Inconsistent

Our Packaging

B&Ws A7

Bowers & Wilkins’ own wireless portable speaker £700

The Accidental Hero


THE BRIEF Design a post-operation product that would improve the recovery of a patient.

POST-OPERATIVE DEPRESSION Post-operative depression

can be caused by medication,

isolation, lack of information and

disorientation. It affects over 50% of all patients.

WHO IS ADE? Ade is a soft toy that children

recieve when they visit hospital

for an operation. He is a tool to

allow nursing staff and parents to

identify anxiety before and after the procedure.

Children project their emotions

onto soft toys. Ade can indicate how the child is feeling and prevent depressions onset.

Character inspiration

CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT Friendly, Child-like, Vibrant

Ade’s suit is orange to stimulate & energize the child. His high visiblity will remind nursing staff to check on the patient’s mood in hospital.

I’m Ready

STOPPP! Not so fast you thief! I Don't stop for anyone. Especially not little super 'heroes' HAHA

ADE’S STORY: A COMIC BOOK INSERT A comic-strip designed to entertain the injured child as well as tell Ade’s story. He has the power of flight but no speed or agility. His weight causes him to be clumsy. He stops the villain from robbing the bank by knocking into him. The inadvertent saviour injures himself. The wrong-doer does time, whilst Ade is treated in the City Hospital for his injuries. The message: you can’t be super all the time.

I've stopped you once and I'll stop you again Sprinter and next time I wont be injured... hopefully.

This isn't the last you'll see of me BOY. Just you wait!!


The packaging was inspired by a first aid box. Its contents, Ade, a comic and fact-file containing small pieces of information about bones in the body, different machines and injections.

ADE is heavy, which has a calming effect on young people.

His cape can be flipped over his head and become a hospital robe.

The box allows the patient to

read the comic with one hand.

Non Literal Form Exploring product semantics and detailing

Concept 1

A form that can be cradled in the hands and looked into. A hybrid of digital interaction and sculptural aesthetics.

Concept 2

A form inspired by the spinning top and the telescope. An exploration of opening mechanisms with the aim of delighting.

The telescopic feature was suggested by the series of rings when the object is seen from above.

The eye piece’s lip indicated it needed to be pulled upwards. The hole is concave, guiding the user to look in.

By seeing their surroundings through an orange filter, I wanted the viewer to experience something new!

Designing for a future of ambient technology with Rhydian Lewis

The New Everyday


vs People have replaced private bookmarking with sharing content on social media profiles because it is nicely presented and convenient to access.

The new personal bookmarking experience

People should enjoy collecting digital media without being concerned about a public audience.

Features Pinboard is an interactive display that beautifully presents digital media you’ve collected.

Pinboard encourages you to ‘Keep’ media true to your interests.

When you ‘Keep’ videos, photos, articles, notes etc. on your devices every day, they are automatically added to your Pinboard at home.

A smartphone application allows users to easily personalise their Pinboard background.

Companies like Groupon and Odeon could offer coupons and e-tickets that users keep. HSBC could send e-receipts and statements directly to your Pinboard.


Single-tapping an item reveals additional information and gives users the option to save media.

To see our interaction video please visit: Day 1

Two black stripes indicate video thumbnails. Double-tap to play the file.

Pinboard wirelessly connects to speaker systems instead of having an audio output inbuilt.

Music files are shown as greyscale album art. Double-tapping plays the song. When active, the image switches to full colour. Pinboard also connects to your computer and creates a folder – similar to Dropbox. Users can choose to save valuable files permanently.

Day 7

Arrange by...

Media added to Pinboard is not permanent. Media will fade unless interacted with or ‘pinned’ over a week. This reassures users that media can be discarded and conversely engages users to celebrate their memories by revisiting them. Pinching



A Six Month Placement at

A social network for young people with Multiple Sclerosis.

To see my workflow please visit:

A community of people with multiple sclerosis


Racing the Planet, Jordan 2012

Devrim Celal did an ultra run for I designed two flags for him to raise awareness for the charity. Each flag was specific to the places Devrim ran across.

Devrim Celal

A community of people with multiple sclerosis

Ultra -Trail du Mont Blanc 2012

Devrim Celal


I designed numerous icons and holding images for the launch of’ Beta site.

I designed the facebook cover photo and profile picture!

Currently being used on the website















My first work for was to brand Project Awesome in time for MS Life 2012. Our aim was to make the Shift. ms Stand engaging for visitors and hopefully get lots of new users signed up to our online support community! See our stand at:

A video backdrop for interviews with Project Awesome participants.

SHIFT.MS MAGAZINE What needed to change The Magazine was poorly organised The categorization was unclear Incorporating Blogs in to the magazine confused its purpose It had a blog roll layout making browsing slow Text wrapped unattractively around images Too much copy Repeated content The original Magazine landing page

Annotated news websites and articles for layout and content research


Landing Page Issues Page


Regulars Page


What changed I made the pages visually engaging I split content into seasonal issues I created a hierarchy of articles I designed a seperate blog for time sensitive posts I advised the editor to keep descriptions snappy I promoted the newsletter sign-up widget I made the interface clear and accessible I added a ‘This Helped’ feedback tool I integrated the magazine with other sections of the site I considered interacting with the site on tablet devices

We split content into seasonal issues because we were reducing the number of articles published and improving their quality.

Creating a hierarchy of articles on the magazine-landing page makes it easier for visitors to identify the most valuable/ latest articles.

Article descriptions should be succinct. Ensuring the title and description come to under 140 characters make the copy twitter friendly and de-clutter the magazine front page.

We integrated a newsletter sign up widget into the side bar to encourage more visitors to engage with and keep up-to-date with the MS world.

Article Page The ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll’ forum is the most popular page on To increase traffic between both sections I added a recommended discussion widget for each article.

Shift Blog

Increasing audience feedback with articles tells us what information MSers find most useful. So I designed a ‘This Helped’ rating system.

Recommending articles on the site shows our belief in the magazine’s contents and helps visitors find something new.

I designed a dedicated Blog for time sensative posts and charity updates. This was accessible through ‘the Day-to-day’ widget in the side bar.

19th M arch

Privatised Roads? 2 Students

Disruptive Design A project aiming to change peoples behaviour in a public place.

24 Hours

21st March

How would Newcastle react to Privatised Pavements?

My Role: Sales Studio 104 is a fundraising enterprise set up by our year group to raise money for our stand at New Designers in 2014. My main contribution was to design our sales stand, packaging and user experience. I also contribute to the 104 social media channels to increase our audience and sell outside the local design community. Several of my photographs were used in t-shirt designs.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Hello We often undertake live projects with industry collaborators, this year is no exception. Such things can be a double-edged-sword, in that the things we do are often restricted by terms of an NDA. We always try to balance the educational benefit of the experiences the projects provide with such restrictions.



Contacts; For any third year students; David O’Leary, Third year tutor

The Design for Industry course has a 30+ year proven track record in working closely with industry, one that we are proud of. We firmly believe that this helps to train design graduates that have real world experience of working with clients to innovate and add value to their business.

0191 243 7224 Second year students, contact; Simon Scott-Harden Second year tutor

We get some great feedback from those we work with – students are lauded for their ability to quickly understand the values of a brand and translate that into new offerings and opportunities.

0191 227 3157 General Placement Enquries; Lee Sweeney

We would therefore like to beg your indulgence and perhaps to look beyond the veneer of ‘sketches’ and ‘renderings’ to their skills in defining the context of the design opportunity and their appreciation of the key design criteria – ones that we feel set us apart from other courses. Our aim is for our students to be able to add value and gain valuable insights that can allow you to innovate.

Placement Co-ordinator

0191 227 4893

If you would like to know more about any particular student then please don’t hesitate to contact us (details to the right), we would be more than happy to talk about what you’re looking for. We wish you all the very best for a prosperous 2013 and beyond.

Faculty of Arts, Design and Social Sciences Northumbria University Ellison Place,

David O’Leary on behalf of the DFI teaching team.

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8ST. UK Tel:+44 (0) 191 243 7224

Mamas & Papas Commended for “A different approach with an aethetic to fit with the home interior.” Louise Bontfort, NPD Design Manager, M&P I focused on designing the product experience for the parents as well as the child.

We delivered two concepts that communicated a new disruptive technology for a Unilever brand. Our designs are being used internally – at Board level - to illustrate possible future advertising direction and packaging executions.

Still from our packaging inspiration video

Still from our television advert

The Golden Ticket The complete guide to increasing footfall down the confectionary aisle in your supermarket

One Confection

The Brief was to increase shopper footfall down the confectionary aisle.

sponsored by



Thank you 07889 743 039

Sanjan Sabherwal Portfolio 2013  

A collection of my favourite industrial Design projects at Northumbria University. Hope you enjoy taking a look!

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