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Ospa BlueControl IV Web ÂŽ

Maximum operating convenience

The innovative swimming pool control Perfect water quality at all times Energy efficient pool control Easy integration into building control technology Mobile control via smart phone, tablet or Internet

An intelligent, thinking control

Maximum operating comfort

Water quality, climate, features and much more

Fantastically easy


Water quality

Fitness: 6 individual PowerSwim training programs for the entire family

Lighting: 9 lighting scenes for more lighting atmosphere in the pool

Wellness: Full control over the strength and runtime of water features

Energy efficiency: Reduces consumption of electricity and heating energy at the touch of a button

Comfortable climate


Water temperature

Water features



Energy efficiency

The innovative control computer for your wellness swimming pool

Touch screen operation of all swimming pool components

Fully automatic monitoring and control of all swimming pool functions

BlueControl® controls all energy saving functions – for maximum cost-effectiveness

Ospa BlueControl® IV Web Discover the symbiosis of perfect convenience and maximum safety. The intelligent Ospa BlueControl® system fully automatically and precisely controls and monitors all functions of your swimming pool. Water quality, water temperature, room climate, counter-current system and lighting – Ospa BlueControl® IV Web unifies all functions in one device. With this innovative technology, you ensure that energy is saved and that all water values are in the green.

Comfort climate: Comfortable climate in the entire wellness area

Ospa BlueControl® – measurement station F  ully automatic control system with measurement station for chlorine, pH, redox value and temperature S  imple, intuitive operation via 7" touch screen with graphical interface M  inimal maintenance effort thanks to fully automatic control of all functions Integrated web server and Ethernet interface O  ptional interfaces for connection to KNX/ EIB, Modbus-RTU or Crestron building control technology

The Ospa measurement station with touch screen display records all water values and forwards them to BlueControl® over the Ospa swimming pool BUS. The Ospa measuring cell quickly and precisely determines the relevant values with its pH and redox electrodes, temperature sensor and Ospa-3electrode chlorine measurement. Flow monitoring with the Ospa flow monitor provides additional security. A water testing set and buffer solution are also part of the equipment.

Wellness water: fully automatic control of Ospa water quality

By smart phone, tablet or Internet Enjoy freedom on the go

Whether comfortably on the living room couch, outside in the back yard, at hotel reception or full of anticipation at the office: with Ospa BlueControl® IV Web, you can conveniently control your swimming pool via your WLAN. With your smart phone or tablet, you have access to your entire wellness oasis at the touch of a finger: Check the water values, control the air conditioning system or program your pool and room lighting, new lighting scenes and training programs. With the Ethernet interface, you can easily integrate your BlueControl® IV Web into your network and enjoy freedom on the go. C  onvenient swimming pool control via tablet, smart phone or Internet Easy to integrate into your network I ncluding GSM wireless modem for remote access

Mobile on your own WLAN Mobile operating operating freedom convenience for your wellness oasis

Ospa-BlueControl® Control Cabinet The Ospa-BlueControl® control cabinet is the control center for all of the swimming pool technology. All information comes together here. Whether water treatment, lighting, climate control, covering or water features, all important functions and values of the system are automatically monitored and controlled. All electrical components are protectively housed in the ready-to-connect and factory inspected Ospa control cabinet. It's professional, and ensures a long service life.

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Ospa carefree package Ospa system carefreetechnology package – Everything from one Ospa system technology – Everything from one source source

OSPA BlueControl IV Web (EN)  

Новый OSPA BlueControl IV Web каталог "Максимальное удобство управления" - New OSPA BlueControl IV Web catalogue "Maximum operating convenie...

OSPA BlueControl IV Web (EN)  

Новый OSPA BlueControl IV Web каталог "Максимальное удобство управления" - New OSPA BlueControl IV Web catalogue "Maximum operating convenie...