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NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence 919-776-0501 e t a r b e l e C Come 15+ 100+ Vendors ” l l e W P r e s e n t s g n i “Liv Educational Seminars The Enrichment Center of Bing L


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NC Certified Senior Center of Excellence

P r e s e n t 1801 s Nash St., Sanford, 100+ Vendors NC Wed Massages Dennis A. Wicker 100+ CivicVendors Center Educational Seminar

WednesdayAugus August 28, 2013Platinu 10 am 10 am - 2:30 pm Free Admission Educational and Parking Seminars Massages See what’s new for 2013! ~ All Adults Welcome ~

100+ Vendors Educational Seminars Massages

15+ Health Screenings Bingo Painting Workshop

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Dennis A. W Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center Gold Sponsors

1801 Nash St., Sanford, 1801 NC Nash First Choice Home Care, Inc. • Piedmont Health Sr.and CareParking • Quality Home H Free Admission Free Admis Center • Cambridge Hills Assisted Living • Carolina Eye Assoc See what’s new for 2013!See what ADVANCE BEHAVIORAL Cape Medical, Inc. • Peak Resources Pinelake CENTER, INC. ~ All Adults• Westfield WelcomeRehabilitation ~

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TOGETHER EVERYONE ~ All Adu Center • Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Feindel & Lucas • Community Ho

15+ Health Screenings ACCOMPLISHES MORE 100+ Vendors Giveaways United Hospice • CaptionCall •Hourly LaurelsPrize of Chatham • Thompson Bingo 15+ Health Manicures Screenings Educational Seminars & Hair Cuts 100+ Vendors Hou Painting Workshop Massages GRAND PRIZES Bingo G Educational Seminars Man


Presented by The Enrichment Center of Lee County

Painting Workshop The premier event in the area GRA caCa Platinum Sponsors First Choice Home Care, Inc. • Piedmont Health Sr. Lead Sponsors Center • Cambridge Hills Assisted Living •

Lead Sponsors Wednesday,

Cape Medical, Inc. • Peak Resources Pinelake • West ADVANCE BEHAVIORAL CENTER, INC. Center • Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Feindel & Luc TOGETHER EVERYONE First Choice Home Care, Inc. • United Hospice MORE • CaptionCall • Laurels of C ACCOMPLISHES

• Cambridge ADVANCECenter BEHAVIORAL Choice Home Inc.Res •P August 28, 2013 FirstCape CENTER, INC. Medical, Inc.Care, • Peak CenterEVERYONE • Cambridge H Center • Harrington, Gilleland, W TOGETHER The premier event in the Cape Medical, Inc. • Peak Reso MORE• Ca United Hospice Platinum 10 a.m.Sponsors - 2:30 p.m. CenterACCOMPLISHES • Harrington, Gilleland, W

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United Hospice • Cap First Choice Home Care, Inc. • Piedmont Health Sr. Care • Quality Home Healthcare • Liberty Commons Nursing & Rehab Center • Cambridge Hills Assisted Living • Carolina Eye Associates • United Assist Medical Supply Cape Medical, Inc. • Peak Resources Pinelake • Westfield Rehabilitation & Health Center • Pinehurst Surgical Women’s Center • Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Feindel & Lucas • Community Home Care & Hospice • NC Senior Medicare Patrol United Hospice • CaptionCall • Laurels of Chatham • Thompson Chiropractic • Cancer Centers of NC

The premier Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center • 1801Platinum Nash St.,Sponsors Sanford, NC e The premier

Free Admission • All Adults Welcome

Page 2 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

Expo Schedule of Events: 2013

9:45 a.m. WELCOME - OPENING CEREMONY & RIBBON CUTTING (FRONT ENTRANCE) 10:30 a.m. “Treatment for Ringing in the Ears” Dr. Angela Bright Pearson, Bright Audiology (Auditorium) 10:30 a.m. “Advance Directives” Tonya Maness & Wendy Tomczak - Liberty Home Care & Hospice (Classroom 102) 11:05 a.m. “LONGEVITY and The Illness of Aging” Ronald Franklin, PHD, Advance Behavioral Center (Auditorium) 11:05 a.m. “Protect Your Financial Future” Barbara Bennett, Investor Education Specialist/Military Liaison, NC Department of The Secretary of State, Securities Division (Classroom 102) 11:35 a.m. “Silver Sneaker Program” Diane Foushee & Wanda Harrington, Carolina Women’s Fitness & Olympic Fitness (Auditorium) 11:35 a.m. “Family Caregivers - Do You Need a Break?” Barbara Clayton, Director, Bayberry Retirement Inn (Classroom 102) 12:05 p.m. “Feeding Your Healthy Cravings, A Whole Body Approach To Proper Nutrition” Dr. Rachel Myers, Ammons Chiropractic Clinic (Auditorium) 12:35 p.m. “Caring for the Caregiver” Deanna Heck, St. Joseph of the Pines (Auditorium) 12:35 p.m. “Irregular Heart Beat” Dr. Camille Frazier Mills, Duke Cardiology of Sanford (Classroom 102) 1:05 p.m. “Living With Knee Pain - What is the Cause and What are My Options for Treating the Pain?” Dr. Andrew Bush, (Orthopedic Surgeon) Central Carolina Hospital (Auditorium) 1:05 p.m. “Back & Neck Pain” James Winkley, MD - FirstHealth of the Carolinas (Classroom 102) 1:35 p.m. “Varicose Veins - Not Just A Cosmetic Problem” Dr. Hemant Solomon, UNC Physicians Network (Auditorium) 1:35 p.m. “Living Longer … Living Smarter” Harriett Bartnick, AARP of NC, Volunteer (Classroom 102) 2:30 p.m. GRAND DOOR PRIZE (MAIN HALL) SEMINARS

Auditorium and Classroom 102 BINGO 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. WITH PRIZES (CLASSROOM 103) SPONSORED BY CENTRAL CAROLINA HOSPITAL AUXILARY Hands on Computer 10:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Mark Coggins, Instructor (Classroom 104)

Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo Page 3

All adults welcome to the Boomer, Senior and Caregivers Expo Celebrating our 11th year Judi Womack, Expo Chairman

Welcome to our 11th Annual Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo. We know from early indicators that the 2013 show will be another strong event as it is packed with 100+ vendors. We had this number of vendors in 2012 and set an all-time high attendance record. What will you find at the Expo? Simply put…EVERYTHING. Over 100 exhibits displaying products and ser vices of great interest to consumers: seniors, boomers, family caregivers, veterans, volunteers and beyond! Enter tainment, seminars, demonstrations, displays, health screenings and lots more! The Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo is Sanford’s premier exhibition event where you can explore, learn and connect with resources to assist you while navigating the transitions of aging. Discover the power of age at this one-day exposition, Wednesday, August 28 at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center in Sanford. Admission, parking and health screenings are all free thanks to

generous contributions by our sponsors. All adults, anyone age 18 or older, are welcome to attend the Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo. Explore: With more than 100 booths to explore, the Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo is the best setting for adults and their families to find out first-hand about the products and ser vices available. This year’s expo focuses on nutrition, health, wellness, retirement, housing, education, advocacy and much more! Learn: Opportunities to learn are around every corner. Find out the latest medical breakthroughs to get you back on your feet sooner; where you can volunteer in Lee County; how to protect your financial future. We have it all! Come and learn how you can stay vibrant and active. Connect: Meet professionals who will help you transition seamlessly thru the best phase of your life. The Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo will provide “one-stop-shopping” for adults, their families and caregivers looking to connect with valuable local resources. This is a fun, informative, high

quality event featuring a vast array of exhibitors, sponsors, products and ser vices, seminars, hands-on activities, entertainment and drawings. If there’s something we’ve missed or you would like to see offered in 2014, please let us know on our Expo Survey. Exhibitors will be providing information about: housing, legal issues, volunteer oppor tunities, voting, social security, medication, Medicare, physical therapies, safety and medical equipment, travel, health related issues, home care, hospitals, nutrition, education, physical fitness, hospices, health testing, finance, real estate, senior support programs, family caregiving programs of all kinds and more. Since its debut in 2003, more than 15,000 boomers, seniors and family caregivers have enriched their lives through a variety of offerings at the Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo. The Enrichment Center of Lee County encourages this population to live healthy by offering 15 + health screenings, educational seminars and much more to follow our theme for the past ten years, “Living Well.” The Enrich-

ment Center of Lee County along with our gracious sponsors is proud to be able to continue this tradition. Free educational seminars throughout the day will cover topics such as: “Silver Sneaker Program” with Diane Foushee and Wanda Harrington, “Varicose Veins – Not Just a Cosmetic Problem” with Dr. Hemant Solomon, “Back and Neck Pain” with Dr. James Winkley, “Protect Your Financial Future” with Barbara Bennett, NC Department of the Secretary of State. Many other topics will be covered by exper ts in their field. Special door prizes will be given to a winner at the end of each seminar. The Enrichment Center wants to thank each of our sponsors for making this expo so successful and for their dedication in carr ying out the theme “Living Well.” We could not offer this exciting event without ALL of our sponsors! It is truly an honor to coordinate and work with our sponsors and all exhibitors, a fantastic team – The Enrichment Center, Expo Committee and volunteers in putting together our 11th Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo!

Are you missing the

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To schedule an appointment at one of our specialty clinics, please call (919) 718-9512



Dr. Lisa Barbour Clinical Audiologist

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Dr. Angela Bright Pearson Clinical Audiologist

Lacinordmaick M

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1701 Broadway Rd. Sanford 919-258-5188

Where life just keeps getting better. Independent Living | Assisted Living | Skilled Nursing Home Care | Rehabilitation | Memory Support LIFE - Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Affordable Housing

(910) 246-1008 or (800) 343-7463

St. Joseph of the Pines is an Aging Services Network offering a full continuum of retirement housing, health care and community-based services for older adults as well as community outreach to those in need.

Page 6 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

Free Health Screenings 2013 At the Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo


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Signs of a stroke: they are sudden By Joy Phillips MurphY

Facilitator, Sanford/Lee County Stroke Support Group

Be aware…know and understand all of the signs of stroke. They are sudden: • Numbness or weakness of arm, leg or face (especially on one side of

your body) • Confusion, trouble speaking or understanding • Trouble seeing in one or both eyes • Severe headache with no known cause • Trouble walking, dizziness, loss of

balance or coordination If you see one or all of these, call 911. Give yourself the advantage of taking proactive steps against the #1 disabler and the #4 cause of death in the world. It is vital that you understand time is brain. Protecting your health is critical. Get help immediately!

If you should be a stroke sur vivor or have a friend or family member who is a sur vivor, stay connected. SLC (Sanford/Lee County) Stroke Support Group meets the second Thursday of every month at The Enrichment Center at 1 p.m. You deserve to reap the benefits of participating in our group!

Page 8 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

Vendor Information Company Name Contact Person AARP of NC Suzanne LaFollette-Black Adcock Associates David A. Nestor Advance Behavioral Center Rev. Eddie Hightower Advanced Hearing Care Judy Price Aging Outreach Services NC Susan McKenzie Alzheimers NC, Inc. Dee Dee Harris Alzheimer’s Walk/5K Race & Support Group Judi Womack Ammons Chiropractic Clinic Laura Bruce Artistic Designs by Kathryn Kathy Turner Bayberry Retirement Inn Barbara Clayton Better Business Bureau of Eastern NC Mallory Wojciechowski Big Screen Beauty Salon Julie Christy Callaghan Bright Audiology Stephanie Chilton Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Julie Brown Cancer Centers of North Carolina Chasity Keyes Cape Medical, Inc. Tom Moore CaptionCall Stefanie Sorensen Caregiver Time Out/Caregiver Support Group Judi Womack Carolina Eye Associates Patty Rae Carolina Women’s Fitness & Olympic Fitness Dianne Foushee CCCC - Continuing Education Cindy Ramsey CCCC - Cosmetology Department Janice Fenner CCCC - Dental Hygiene Program Lisa Barron, RDH, BASDH Central Carolina Advanced Life Support Jonathon Kelly Central Carolina Hospital Wendy O’Quinn Central Carolina Hospital Auxiliary Crystal Hickman Central Carolina Paddlers Pat Wells Central Electric Membership Corp. Nancy Gust Chat with Mayor Olive Mayor Cornelia Olive Christian Healthcare Adult Daycare Wanda Marsh Clinique - Belk Graham Spencer Comfort Keepers Logan Beck Community Home Care & Hospice Betsy McNeill, RN County of Lee Transit System Sidney Morgan Deep River Sporting Clays & Shooting Range Bill Kempffer Department of Veteran Affairs LaVondra Pye, RN, BSN Digital Benefit Advisors Kathy Norman Duke Cardiology of Sanford Marie Edwards Estee Lauder - Belk Graham Spencer Family Chiropractic Center Carlie Marguina Family Eye Care Optometry Susie Barns Family Veterinary Hospital Dr. Meghan Ellis First Bank Stewart Forbes First Choice Home Care Sandra Bridges, RN FirstHealth of the Carolinas Meg Craven Friends of the Lee County Library Marjorie Morris Gary Tyner Insurance (Allstate) Rhonda Tyner Griswold Home Care Robert Bonville Harrington, Gilleland, Winstead, Feindel & Lucas, LLP Sara Harrington Helping Hands Clinic Marilyn Green Humana MarketPOINT, Inc. Marla Strandh J.S. Howard Electrical Co., Inc. Jason Howard Kerr Health, LLC Dan Prosser Lee County Emergency Management Shane Seagroves Lee County Health Department Sandra Boyd Lee County Partnership for Children Kristy Arey

Address City 1511 Sunday Dr., Suite 312 Raleigh 1101 S. Horner Blvd. Sanford 317 Chatham Street Sanford 207-A Gordon Street Sanford P.O. Box 2478 Southern Pines 1305 Navaho Dr., Suite 101 Raleigh 1615 S. Third Street Sanford 1401 Greenway Court Sanford 6903 Springer Road Wilmington 2002 Woodland Avenue Sanford 5540 Munford Dr., Ste. 130 Raleigh 116 Steele Street Sanford 1620 South Third Street Sanford 140 Brookstone Lane Pittsboro 4101 Macon Pond Road Raleigh 2732 Old Wrightsboro Road Wilmington 4215 S. Riverboat Road Salt Lake City 1615 S. Third Street Sanford 2170 Midland Road Southern Pines 999 Center Church Road Sanford 1105 Kelly Drive Sanford 1105 Kelly Drive Sanford 900 S. Vance Street, Suite 220 Sanford 1135 Carthage Street Sanford 1135 Carthage Street Sanford 1135 Carthage Street Sanford 642 Chelsea Drive Sanford 128 Wilson Road Sanford 225 E. Weatherspoon Street Sanford 507 N. Steele Street Sanford 1065 Spring Lane Sanford 10677 Hwy. 15-501 Southern Pines 1836 Doctor’s Drive Sanford 1615 S. Third Street Sanford 284 Cletus Hall Road Sanford 2300 Ramsey Street Fayetteville 310 N. Horner Blvd. Sanford 1309 Carthage Street Sanford 1065 Spring Lane Sanford 1100 Carthage Street Sanford 1225 Carthage Street Sanford 303 S. Horner Blvd. Sanford 2630 S. Horner Blvd. Sanford 506 Carthage Street Sanford 46 Memorial Drive Pinehurst PO Box 671 Sanford 315 N. Horner Blvd. Sanford PO Box 3024 Pinehurst 1410 Elm Street Sanford 507 North Steele Street Sanford 2000 Regency Parkway, Suite 470 Cary 2514 Dogwood Street Sanford 1050 S. Horner Blvd. Sanford 204 W. Courtland Drive Sanford 106 Hillcrest Drive Sanford 143 Chatham Street Sanford


Zip 27607 27330 27330 27330 28388 27609 27330 27330 28411 27330 27612 27330 27330 27312 27607 28405 84123 27330 28387 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27332 27332 27330 27330 27330 28387 27330 27330 27330 28301 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330 28374 27331 27330 28374 27330 27330 27518 27330 27330 27330 27330 27330

Phone 919-508-0269 919-775-5444 919-777-0214 919-775-2200 910-692-9609 1-800-228-8738 919-776-0501 919-770-4295 910-452-5729 919-774-7170 919-277-4220 919-777-9198 919-774-3277 919-545-9573 919-785-4861 1-800-491-0018 801-293-6569 919-776-0501 910-295-2100 919-775-5811 919-777-7790 919-718-7277 919-777-7780 919-774-2865 919-774-2100 919-774-2194 919-499-4731 919-774-4900 919-775-8365 919-775-5610 919-774-4428 910-246-8000 919-718-5417 919-776-7201 919-774-7080 910-488-2120 919-774-4141 919-774-6262 919-774-4428 919-775-2114 919-774-3556 919-718-0850 919-775-1992 919-775-3306 910-695-5540 919-776-8494 919-774-4546 910-420-2360 919-776-4131 919-776-4359 919-465-1362 919-774-1650 919-774-8510 919-718-4670 919-718-4640 919-774-9496

Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo Page 9

Vendor Information

ompany Name C Lee County Sheriff’s Department Lee County Veterans Service Legal Aid of NC Liberty Commons Nursing & Rehab Liberty Home Care & Hospice Liberty Medical Specialities, Inc. Linda Moore, RN, MSN, PA Living Well - Enrichment Center Fitness Local Government Federal Credit Union Marcello Salon Spa & Nails Mary Kay Cosmetics Miller Boles Funeral Home & Cremation NC Cooperative Extension - Lee County NC Senior Medicare Patrol NCHC (North Carolina Housing Coalition) Outreach Dental Semi Program Parkinson’s Disease Support Group /Parkinson Assoc. of the Carolinas Peak Resources - Pinelake Health & Rehab Piedmont Health Senior Care (PACE) Pinehurst Surgical Women’s Care Center Quality Home Healthcare Rainbow Distributors Re-Bath of the Triangle Sanford Health & Rehabilitation Sanford Herald Sanford Jobseekers/Family Promise Sanford Mobile Community Police Sanford Nautilus Sanford/Lee County Stroke Support Group Senior Games & Silver Arts of Lee County Senior Resource Services, Inc. Senior’s Health Insurance Info. Program Southern Books & Talks Spring Arbor of Apex Assisted Living St Joseph of the Pines Stevens Center Temple Theatre The Enrichment Center of Lee County The Laurels of Chatham The Painted Petal The Pampered Chef Thompson Chiropractic Center, PC Total Life Care Troubadours Band UNC Comprehensive Stroke Center UNC-Physicians Network United Assist Medical Supply United Hospice Westfield Rehabilitation & Health Center WLHC-FM Life 103.1 WWGP-WFJA

Contact Person Sheriff Tracy Carter John Sandrock Cynthia Carter Tracy Floyd Dana Smith Kim Matthews Linda Moore, RN, MSN Kathy McLeod-Edwards Carol Clark Jeff Spurles Becky Pool Lee Setzer Susan Condlin Stephanie Bias Brenda F. Parrott Susie Buchanan

Address 1401 Elm Street 1615 S. Third Street 959 East Street 310 Commerce Drive 1005 Carthage Street 1804 Owen Drive 1503 Elm Street, Suite A 1615 S. Third Street 323 West Jones Street 1648 S. Horner Blvd. 791 Hancock Road 1150 Fire Tower Road 2420 Tramway Road 11 South Boylan Avenue 118 Saint Mary’s Street 100 Gossman Drive, Ste. B

City Sanford Sanford Pittsboro Sanford Sanford Fayetteville Sanford Sanford Raleigh Sanford Cameron Sanford Sanford Raleigh Raleigh Southern Pines


Zip 27330 27330 27312 27332 27330 28304 27330 27330 27603 27330 28326 27330 27332 27603 27605 28387

Phone 919-775-5531 919-776-0501 919-542-0475 919-499-2206 919-774-9522 910-864-3810 919-770-0212 919-776-0501 919-755-0534 919-776-1922 919-775-4950 919-775-3434 919-775-5624 919-807-6900 919-827-4494 910-246-3125

Bob Brickhouse 1615 S. Third Street Sanford NC 27330 Miranda Gordon 801 Pinehurst Avenue Carthage NC 28327 Donna Gilchrist 1214 Vaughn Road Burlington NC 27217 Kim Kimrey 5 First Village Pinehurst NC 28374 Katrina Johnson 106 Park Avenue Sanford NC 27330 Bernice Wolbeck 118 McIver Street Sanford NC 27330 Leslie Chilton 2701 Branchwood Drive Greensboro NC 27408 Dawn McDowell 2702 Farrell Road Sanford NC 27330 Bill Horner,III 208 St. Clair Court Sanford NC 27330 Cindy Hall 202 Summitt Drive Sanford NC 27330 Jason Hendley 225 E.Weatherspoon Street Sanford NC 27330 Jason Collins 1907 KM Wicker Drive Sanford NC 27330 Joy Phillips Murphy 1615 S. Third Street Sanford NC 27330 Jimmy Solomon 1615 S. Third Street Sanford NC 27330 Robert Williams 951 S. McPherson Church Road Fayetteville NC 28303 Gary Knutson 11 S. Boylan Avenue Raleigh NC 27603 AlexSandra Lett 1996 Buckhorn Road Sanford NC 27330 Angela Bush 901 Spring Arbor Court Apex NC 27502 Jennifer Bunting 100 Waters Drive Southern Pines NC 28387 Roger Bailey 1576 Kelly Drive Sanford NC 27330 Jordan Childress 120 Carthage Street Sanford NC 27330 Deborah Davidson 1615 S. Third Street Sanford NC 27330 John Jarrell 72 Chatham Business Park Pittsboro NC 27312 Lisa Orlando 112-C Hawkins Avenue Sanford NC 27330 Myra Kessler Bryant 2901 Belmont Circle Sanford NC 27332 Dr. Jodie Thompson 317 W. Main Street Sanford NC 27332 James Sutherland 824 South Horner Blvd. Sanford NC 27330 Pat Beckwith Susan Wilson 170 Manning Dr. Chapel Hill NC 27599 Paige Lewis 1301 Central Drive Sanford NC 27330 Charles Assaotchi 1819 Lee Ave., #3 Sanford NC 27330 Brian O’Hara 4808 Pebble Beach Circle Sanford NC 27330 Ron Hewett, United Way of Lee Co. 507 N. Steele Street Sanford NC 27330 Linda Andrews 3100 Tramway Road Sanford NC 27330 Mary Button 102 S. Steele St., Suite 301 Sanford NC 27330 Margaret Murchison 2201 Jefferson Davis Hwy Sanford NC 27332

919-776-0501 910-947-5155 336-506-0434 910-215-2533 919-775-2001 919-775-8007 336-644-7755 919-776-9602 919-708-9000 919-776-6137 919-775-8268 919-774-4532 919-776-0501 919-776-0501 910-485-0600 1-800-443-9354 919-258-9299 919-303-0520 910-246-1008 919-776-4048 919-774-4512 919-776-0501 919-542-6677 919-718-9284 919-776-2253 919-776-1020 919-776-0352 919-815-9532 919-843-2387 919-718-9512 919-776-1144 1-800-392-9295 704-236-0727 919-775-5404 919-775-1031 919-775-3525

Page 10 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

I’m almost 65 — how should I prepare for Medicare? Provided by SHIIP, NC Dept. of Insurance

More than 120,000 Nor th Carolinians will tur n 65 this year. Turning 65 is a lot like tur ning 16. When you tur ned 16, you didn’t automatically get your driver’s license; instead, you had to take an exam and prove that you were a safe driver. There was a specific order and procedure for getting your driver’s license, and the same is true for enrolling in Medicare for the first time when you turn 65. Much like you anticipated tur ning 16

and geting your driver’s license, you must anticipate and plan for becoming a Medicare beneficiar y. Don’t wait until you’re 65 to star t thinking about your Medicare choices. Start now and let SHIIP, the Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program, help you. S H I I P, a d i v i s i o n of the Nor th Carolina Depar tment of Insurance, provides free, unbiased infor mation about Medicare and other insurance-related issues. There are SHIIP sites in all 100 counties in Nor th Carolina.

It is recommended that you review your Medicare options before you need to enroll so that you don’t make any hurried decisions at the last minute. Your Medicare choices will depend on several factors, including: 1. Are you retired, or will you or your spouse continue to work? 2. W ill you have access to medical and/ or pr escription dr ug coverage through an Employer Group Health Plan? 3. How does your Employer Group Health Plan compare with

Medicare Alert!

Part D Annual Enrollment October 15 – December 7, 2013. Call (919) 776-0501, ext. 2206 for FREE assistance.

Walk-In Clinics Available – No Appointment Necessary

The Enrichment Center, 1615 S. Third Street, Sanford 919-776-0501 8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8, 2013 Thursday, Nov. 21, 2013 Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013

Medicare supplement plans and Medicare Advantage plans? Of course, there are other things to consider when deter mining your Medicare options. SHIIP has cr eated a handout meant to help you navigate the Medicare system and initial enrollment process. The handout, “The Road to Medicare,” outlines the decisions you’ll need to make and what options are available through the Medicare system. To obtain a free copy of “The Road to Medicare,” call SHIIP at (800)443-9354 or visit SHIIP’s website at www. You can also meet with a cer tified SHIIP Vo l u n t e e r C o u n s e l o r in your community to discuss your Medicare o p t i o n s . To a r r a n g e an appointment with a SHIIP Volunteer Counselor, contact the SHIIP Coor dinating Site in your county; if you don’t know the local contact information, call SHIIP at 1-800-443-9354 or visit Don’t wait to make y o u r M e d i c a r e d e c isions — you can and should start the process before your 65th bir thday. Let SHIIP help you understand your options and get you on the road to Medicare.

Resources are valuable to everyone Debbie Davidson

Director, Lee County Senior Services

As the boomer, older adult and caregiver populations continue to grow in Lee County, and funding for programs and services that assist this population decrease, we are pleased to offer the 11th Annual Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo on August 28, 2013. More than 100+ exhibits, health screenings, seminars, and demonstrations will be offered to include something for everyone in attendance. I have personally been touched as a long distance caregiver of my aging parents and a special aunt. Resources from the Expo are valuable to all, who at some point in their life will be faced with lives, changing family situations and need guidance to make the best choices. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors, vendors and volunteers who make this event possible. Sincere appreciation to organizer Judi Womack, the dedicated staff of the Enrichment Center and Expo planning committee for your role in making the Expo a premier event for Lee County.

Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo Page 11

2013 Platinum Sponsors Dana Smith 919-774-9522

Margaret Murchison 919-775-3525

Meg Bigger 910-715-1478

Barbara Clayton 919-774-7170

Suzanne LaFollette-Black 919-508-0269

Bill Horner III 919-718-1234

Kim Matthews 910-864-3810

Marie Edwards 919-774-6262

Susan McKenzie 910-692-9609

James Sutherland 919-776-0352

Carlie Marguina 919-775-2114

Dan Prosser 919-774-8510

Mary Button 919-775-1031

Karen Hall 919-775-1992

Page 12 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

er, Senior & 11th Annual Boomring Committee ee Caregiver Expo St po Chairman, Judi Womack, Ex nter The Enrichment Ce Marketing, Melanie Rodgers, nter The Enrichment Ce tor, lunteer Coordina Janice Holmes, Vo nter The Enrichment Ce ight Audiology Shannon Butner, Br t Choice Home Care Sandra Bridges, Firs y Services e County Emergenc Shane Seagroves, Le ice Home Care & Hosp Dana Smith, Liberty Inn yberry Retirement Barbara Clayton, Ba s Center lina Women’s Fitnes ro Ca e, he us Fo ne Dian ystal Hickman, Wendy O’Quinn & Cr spital Central Carolina Ho as ealth of the Carolin Christy Cates, FirstH xi Au liary l Carolina Hospital ra nt Ce , er nt Gu ne Ju dio n, WWGP/WFJA Ra Margaret Murchiso s . Joseph of the Pine Jennifer Bunting, St ysicians Network Paige Lewis, UNC Ph inic ons Chiropractic Cl Laura Bruce, Amm

Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo Page 13

Thank You Gold Sponsors

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SLC 5K Race to Remember

& Alzheimer’s Walk Sat., Oct. 19, 2013

Kiwanis Family Park Sanford, NC

Race Registration 7:30 am Walk Registration 9 am

Kid & Pet Friendly Event! Join families, friends & co-workers for a morning full of fun & memories to help raise funds & awareness of Alzheimer’s Disease. Fee: 5K Run $25, Walk - Free Registration Options: Carolina Women’s Fitness Center, Sanford Nautilus and The Enrichment Center

Alzheimer’s North Carolina, Inc. Here for you… today and tomorrow

Mail in or drop off your registration form and fee: The Enrichment Center 1615 S. Third Street, Sanford. Questions? Call (919) 776-0501, Ext. 2230.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: McDonald’s for Biscuits, Fruit and Beverages Coke of Sanford for Beverages

Page 14 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

The Enrichment Center thrives on giving its best to citizens By Debbie Williams

Senior Center Program Director

As we celebrate “Living Well” at our 11th annual Boomer Senior & Caregiver Expo, I hope that everyone will join us in this wonderful opportunity that is provided for all adults. In a time where businesses are struggling, budget cuts are happening and people are facing unemployment, the need for helping ourselves, family and friends does not change. We all need help through resources when it comes to decisions concerning our families and our health. The Expo provides the opportunity to meet with vendors who will have just what

you need. You will not get this anywhere else! More than 100 vendors under one roof with contact information, health screenings, educational seminars to attend with valuable information, and all of this is FREE! We don’t realize how fortunate we are, even in times of trouble, to have such a great community that will come together to help one another. The Expo is just one example of how The Enrichment Center thrives on giving its best to the citizens of Lee County. Our friendships and collaborations with numerous agencies are astounding and very much appreciated. These collaborations make it possible to provide great information not

only at the Expo but in many of our programs at the center. The expertise and information is invaluable to those receiving it. At The Enrichment Center, I see the difference we make in peoples’ lives. More than 70 participants come for a noon time meal at the center Monday through Friday. We call it the Diners Club; it’s a daily celebration! For many, it is the only outing of their day. It’s not just about the food. The programs and fellowship help them with depression; they are able to socialize, exercise and learn. It keeps them independent; it keeps them alive! The Enrichment Center Home Delivered Meal Program serves about 30 home deliv-

ered meals Monday through Friday. Volunteers deliver the routes and it takes about an hour. Without these meals someone would be hungry and lonely. We are going to be on the receiving end one day and I hope these services and The Enrichment Center are still around. I am learning everyday about “Living Well” and how much information that I need to know. I am so grateful for those who are willing to share their time and knowledge with The Enrichment Center and residents of Lee County. Join us on Wednesday, August 28, 10am-2:30pm at the Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center and begin, or continue, your adventure on “Living Well”!

Exercise the most vital Why you need 50 and above now muscle: your brain eligible for games BY Kathy McLeodEdwards

Fitness Instructor, The Enrichment Center

Most people don’t think of their brain as a muscle, but according to Arthur Kramer, Ph.D., of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, physical exercise is one of the best gifts you can give your brain. A few years ago Kramer encouraged a group of older adults to start a relatively moderate exercise program, in which they walked three days a week for 45 minutes. The walkers showed substantial improvements on cognitive tests at the end of the year-long study. What’s more important, brain scans displayed a two percent increase in hippocampus size. Since the hippocampus usually shrinks about half a percent a year after age 50, his subjects weren’t just slowing the march of time, but reversing it. The Enrichment Cen-

ter of Lee County offers many forms of exercise to improve your mind and body. If working out by yourself is to your liking, use the fitness room after going through an orientation for only a $1 a visit. Group exercise classes offer a fun and social way to fitness and are free or reasonably priced. Classes are instructed in low impact aerobics, stretch and tone, yoga, tai chi and water aerobics. Classes are available in the mornings and evenings for your convenience. The Enrichment Center of Lee County also offers a quarter mile fitness trail where you can walk to improve body and brain. For more information on classes, times or to sign up for an orientation for the fitness room, call the Enrichment Center at (919) 776-0501, ext. 2201 or email kmedwards@

to stay active as you age

By Dianne Foushee

Carolina Women’s Fitness Center

There isn’t a fountain of youth, but exercise comes close. It will improve your chances of living a healthy life well into old age. Research shows that exercise can help prevent heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, ease digestive problems, arthritis pain, stif fness, raise “good” HDl cholesterol, strengthen bones and muscles, improve balance, boost energy, improve mental health, ease stress, fight depression and shed body fat.

What’s good for the heart is also good for the skin. Exercise gets oxygen rich blood flowing for a healthy glow. Get active for at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week. Incorporate flexibility, stretching, aerobic, and strength training into your workout. Laugh ever y day! Laughter is inner jogging. This is great especially for anyone unable to do other physical activity. It’s also important to remember that healthy eating, plenty of water,and quality sleep are necessities for wellness at any age.

& arts program!

By: Jimmy Solomon,

Coordinator, Senior Games & Silver Arts of Lee County

53 Local Games across Nor th Carolina sanctioned by Nor th Carolina Senior Games. We ar e excited to announce that beginning in 2014 anyone 50 years of age and better are eligible to participate! Come tr y one of our events and see for yourself! Weather bad?  T r y table tennis instead!  Practice your skills using our equipment: Corn Hole, Shuf fle Board, Table Tennis, Horse Shoes, Bocce ...

Seniors who exercise and spend time in the fresh air will feel better both physically and mentally. Playing games is a great way to socialize with your friends and find a fun, new hobby you’ll enjoy. This type of activity keeps us healthy and fit and can help fight depression and improve memor y.  The Enrichment Center of Lee County has many options available to you, including Senior Games and SilContact Jimmy Solomon, ver Arts of Lee County.  Senior Games and Sil- Local Coordinator at (919) ver Arts of Lee County 776-0501, ext. 2207 or is par t of a network of

Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo Page 15

Family Caregiver Program By Judi Womack Caregiver Specialist

Caregiving involves many challenges. You often need to develop new ways of relating to a family member if his or her ability to communicate or remember is compromised by illness. You may have to make tough decisions. But often one of the greatest challenges is taking care of yourself. Trying to do it all, and doing it all alone, are issues that caregivers frequently experience. The Family Caregiver Program at The Enrichment Center wants you as a caregiver to thrive and not just survive. Here is a list the program can offer the family caregiver. • Every Tuesday, you can bring your loved one to The Enrichment Center from 1 - 3 p.m. while you run your errands. • The Family Caregiver Program can offer you a break by sending a qualified person to your home at no cost to you. Even a short break from the daily demands of caregiving can help preserve a caregiver’s physical and emotional health. • Powerful Tools for Caregivers and the National Family Caregiver Class is offered during the year. These

classes are designed for the family caregiver to help reduce personal stress, set limits and ask for help, and deal with emotions such as anger, guilt and depression. The classes can’t take away caregiving problems, but they can help you better manage them, as well as seek and find solutions. • Alzheimer’s Education Conference and Dementia Workshops offered annually. • Caregiver Support groups offer family caregivers an opportunity to talk and share with others who have similar experiences and problems. • Our family caregiver program also offers grandparents/relatives who are raising grandchildren a support group and outings in the spring and winter that include the children. • Locating community services and resources is vital. So many caregivers do not know where to begin in their caregiving journey. The Family Caregiver Program will assist you in community services and resources. Please feel free to call Judi at (919) 776-0501, Ext. 2230 or email for more information.

Page 16 Boomer, Senior & Caregiver Expo

Expo 2012

Sanford Herald - Boomer, Senior and Caregiver Expo