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Sanford Health Foundation Mayville Spring 2017

Healing hearts & LIFTING spirits For Larry Olson, Sanford Mayville’s cardiac rehab team is like a second family

See your philanthropy in action From inspiration to impact

Save the dates! Join us at the Annual Golf Tournament and May-Port Summerfest 5K/10K/Senior Route

“It cuts down on the emotional roller coaster that you’re on,” Larry said, expressing gratitude for the support and encouragement he’s received.

Pictured: cardiac rehab patients

Larry Olson

Larry Olson

Healing hearts and lifting spirits


ne Sunday summer night in 2008, Larry and Linda Olson returned home to Mayville from a pleasant weekend of camping. After putting everything away, they settled in their basement to relax.

As part of the Sanford Mayville’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program, patients like Larry receive a personalized exercise plan and guidance to help improve their heart health, said Kathy Baldock, lead RN.

As Larry was later heading back up the stairs, without warning, he fell to the ground. “He collapsed right in front of me,” recalled Linda, who called 911 right away and yelled for their son to come quickly. “He was breathing, but breathing in a really weird way.

“We have the package deal here at Sanford Mayville,” Baldock said.

“I was pacing back and forth and crying and praying, just hoping the EMTs and paramedics could help him.” Fortunately, the paramedics were able to stabilize Larry and transport him to Sanford Fargo Medical Center. There, specialists placed an implantable cardioverterdefibrillator (ICD) in Larry’s chest. The small device would monitor his heartbeat and deliver electrical pulses to restore a normal heart rhythm when necessary. The surgery was successful, and soon, Larry returned to Sanford Mayville to begin the journey of recovery. 2 encourage

Members of all ages work on their cardio and both upper and lower body conditioning. There are three blood pressure checks during their sessions, some education at every visit and back rubs as an added bonus. Importantly, Sanford doctors can access their patients’ records at any time to monitor progress. Baldock said people travel from up to 45 miles away to participate in the program. “Seeing them do the work, keeping the commitment to come and exercise and build confidence to return to their normal everyday activities is a huge reward,” she said. Three times a week, Larry rotated exercises and built up his strength, increasing intensity as Baldock and his doctors allowed. He has also bonded with his rehab team and fellow patients, who he now considers a second family.

He began feeling better than ever and was able to return to work and life as normal. It wasn’t until three years later that Larry’s ICD suddenly went into overdrive. “I never had that happen before,” he said. “It just kept going and going and going.” Cardiac specialists acted swiftly, but Larry’s condition became more and more critical. Ultimately, they determined he would need a heart transplant. He was fitted with a Left Ventricular Assist Device, or LVAD, until a suitable transplant was found months later. The implanted device, essentially acting as a pump attached to the heart, is also known as a “bridge to recovery.” On Oct. 13, 2016, Larry received his new heart. Now, Mayville’s cardiac rehab program is more important than ever. “Larry realizes the importance of exercise and how it has helped him to prepare for each step along the way to better health,” Baldock said, adding that Larry’s been a role model and inspiration for many people who have come through the program. Larry and Linda agreed rehab has made a difference. “If he wasn’t doing cardiac rehab, he wouldn’t be as far along as he is,” Linda said. “It works on your balance, you get your strength back, your endurance … it just all works together.

Your support makes it all possible! Since 1994, Sanford Mayville’s cardiac rehabilitation program has offered state-of-the-art services, close to home, for patients who have suffered a heart attack or who have had heart surgery. Patients benefit from

a customized exercise plan, education and opportunities to build camaraderie, all designed to help enhance health, improve confidence and reduce the risk of future heart problems. Donors to the Sanford Health Foundation Mayville help keep this program strong, providing cutting-edge equipment and support for staff education and patient services. Your support today will help us keep healing and protecting hearts for years to come. Please use the enclosed envelope to donate, or call us to learn more.

Pictured: Nurse Kathy Baldock checks in with Pete Naastad, a participant in the program.

Your philanthropy in action


hat happens when you give to the Sanford Health Foundation Mayville? In simple terms, 100 percent of your donation stays right here in Mayville to support health and healing. But for a more in-depth understanding, follow the journey of a gift, from inspiration to impact!

1. INSPIRATION. You’re inspired to give. 2. ARRIVAL. Your gift arrives at the Foundation office. 3. PROCESSING. Our team carefully processes it to ensure every dollar is invested just as you intend. 4. THANK YOU. A personalized thank you note arrives at your door. This letter expresses our sincere gratitude and includes a receipt for your tax-deductible gift. (Keep it in a safe place until tax season rolls around!)

5. INVESTMENT/GOAL MET. Sanford Mayville is able to use your gift to meet a priority need—maybe to purchase equipment or fund an important program that wouldn’t be possible without your philanthropy.

6. IMPACT. Patients across the Mayville region benefit from your generosity (and maybe they’re inspired to give, too! )

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Join the circle of giving. Help us care for all the patients and families who count on Sanford Mayville.

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Save the dates!

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This summer, we invite you to join us for two exciting events benefiting Sanford Mayville. Funds raised will support equipment purchases right here in Mayville.



5K/10K/Senior Route Benefiting the Sanford Mayville cardiac rehab program

Benefiting the Sanford Mayville emergency department

When: Thursday, June 22, 2017 Start time: 6:45 p.m. Where: Sanford Mayville Hospital

When: Thursday, July 27, 2017 Registration: 10:30-11a.m. Shotgun start: 11:20 a.m. Where: Mayville Golf Club

Register to participate at crowdrise.com/May-PortSummerfest before Friday, June 2 to receive a T-shirt.

For more information, contact Roger Beier or Karla Mehus at (701) 788-3800 or Karla.Mehus@sanfordhealth.org

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