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Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro Fall 2017

Living life to the fullest Sisters still making new memories together at Sanford Hillsboro

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Henka moved into the assisted living apartments eight years ago and was joined by Ydstie a year later. Recently, they both transitioned into the long-term care center. “It’s nice to be around each other more often,” Henka said.

Living life to the fullest Sisters still making new memories together at Sanford Hillsboro Sisters Ruth Henka and Eunice Ydstie with the Sanford Hillsboro Care Center staff.

Sisters Ruth Henka and Eunice Ydstie have lived near Hillsboro all their lives. They’re grateful that Sanford’s continuum of care has helped them remain active and connected to their community, at every stage of life. Now in their golden years, they happily spend their days together, surrounded by good friends and a caring staff at the Sanford Hillsboro Care Center. “Everything is taken care of,” Ydstie said. “We don’t have to worry about a thing.” At the Center, the sisters have a full schedule between church three times a week, music therapy, field trips and of course, lots of Bingo where they can win the occasional 75 cents for a blackout. All their appointments, from checkups with doctors to physical therapy sessions, are arranged for them and are just a short walk or wheelchair ride away in the attached Sanford Hillsboro Medical Center. “It’s a perfect setup,” Ydstie said. “Being so close to all those services is really, really a plus. That’s for sure.” Henka and Ydstie have lived near Hillsboro, on the North Dakota side of the Red River, all their lives. That’s 98 years for Henka, 2 encourage

the oldest of six children, and 89 years for Ydstie, the youngest. They both married farmers and lived just eight miles apart. Ydstie was the singer, and Henka made beautiful embroidery. Both spoke Norwegian at home and still speak the language “bare litt.” Ydstie graduated from business school, earning a degree in teletyping. She later partnered with her husband, working on the farm while raising her four children. She drove the big trucks whenever needed. Henka taught at a country school and planned to continue her education, but she met her husband before she had the chance and the two started a family. Later on, Henka worked as a nursing assistant at what is now Sanford Hillsboro. Both Henka’s and Ydstie’s husbands passed away in the ‘90s. As both started to need a little more help, they chose to stay close to home and moved into the Comstock Corner assisted living apartments at Sanford Hillsboro. “We’re pretty fortunate to be close to where we lived our lives before,” Henka said.

The sisters do a lot together and enjoy the Center’s many programs and services, including regular hair appointments in the beauty shop, especially before they consider having their photos taken. “The staff is very good to us,” Ydstie said. “They take care of everything.” Ydstie and Henka are also quite fond of the music therapy program that started last year. They sing and play instruments, learning a range of songs from western classics by Hank Williams to hymns like “Amazing Grace,” and share memories associated with the music. “We have fun,” Ydstie said.

20 years of golf and goodwill The Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro Charity Golf Tournament teed off for the 20th year in July! Despite being cut short by rain, the tournament still raised more than $32,000 for the Sanford Hillsboro Medical Center. Over the past two decades, the event has raised more than $300,000. Many thanks to all of the golfers, volunteers and sponsors who made this milestone event another stunning success. Every dollar raised will help ensure a bright future of health and healing, close to home. Pictured left to right: Scott and Carissa Olsen and Jen and Cody Kritzberger.

Smart ways to give

They take field trips in the Center’s quieter and more spacious new bus to see the beautiful summer flowers in neighboring Mayville, the animals down at Chahinkapa Zoo in Wahpeton and to shop at other regular destinations like the Dollar General. The Center even serves lutefisk and lefsa, bringing back fond memories of their childhoods and growing up with Norwegian grandparents. “They have everything we need,” Ydstie said. Donors like you have helped residents remain connected to our community and live each day as fully as possible. Gifts to the Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro made the purchase of the new bus and programs like music therapy possible. Please help Sanford continue to care for our neighbors and loved ones at every stage of life. This holiday season, give the gifts of health and wellness using the enclosed envelope or by visiting sanfordhealthfoundation.org/hillsboro.

Members of this elite group are honored in various ways for their visionary commitment to the future of health and healing in Hillsboro.

Give a gift of grain or livestock Did you know that the Sanford Health Foundation accepts donations of grain and livestock? A gift to the Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro can be part of a beneficial financial plan.

Create a legacy gift How will your life’s work and personal values inspire future generations? By arranging a future gift — through a will, life income gift, gift annuity, charitable trust or insurance policy — you can meet your personal, financial and estate planning goals. You may even increase the size of your estate and/or reduce the tax burden on your heirs. We proudly welcome donors who have arranged future gifts through the Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro into our Legacy Society.

This is a great opportunity for local farmers and ranchers to give back and receive significant tax savings. Here’s how it works: You sell your product to your local elevator or sale barn and they send the amount you choose to the Foundation. Then you can subtract that amount from your taxable income.

Interested in learning more? Please contact Colleen Hardy at (701) 636-3249 or colleen.hardy@sanfordhealth.org.

Support the Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro during Giving Hearts Day. To make a gift, visit impactgiveback.org. For more information, like us on X XM

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Your gift to the Sanford Health Foundation Hillsboro today will help care for loved ones and neighbors in 2018 and beyond. Please use the enclosed envelope to make your tax-deductible gift before Dec. 31. We can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

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