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Types of calendars that have evolved as promotional product over the years


Watches, clocks, alarms and Calendars have been an integral part of human existence. Think about ancient civilizations like Mayan civilization and you will find that even they used calendars. Today, calendars are not just reminders of time but much more. Read on to know how they have evolved as promotional product over the years.

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Personalised Calendars Australia A calendar has always been around since the time of ancient civilizations such as Mayan civilization. It has numerous social, religious, commercial and even administrative purposes. In short, it allows us to plan our lives, which revolve around the just mentioned categories. Today, although there are numerous gadgets, which have inbuilt calendar systems in them, a standard wall calendar or the humble desktop calendar still retains its value.

Personalised Calendars Australia In fact, nowadays calendars have evolved into a marketing and advertising tool for various organizations, businesses, corporate and institutions across various industries. This is the reason why, you will find a number of interesting calendars on the market, which are exclusively used for promotional purposes (such as a giveaway). Let us take a quick look at some of the varieties of personalised calendars in Australia, which are used for such purposes.

Types Of Business Calendars Motivational Calendars

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Motivational Calendars These calendars carry a motivational quote on each page. For instance, you can get a sports calendar with motivational quotes related to different sports or you can get a calendar based on inspirational movie quotes. The best part of such calendars is that they can be customized to a large extent and make for wonderful presentations to your esteemed clients and customers alike. They will cherish it when they turn the pages each month to find a new, inspiring quote every time.

Landscape Calendars A Landscape calendar never goes out of fashion. This is particularly true, when you take Australia’s colorful landscape into account. For instance, these calendars have exclusive images of the Australian Alpine meadows, the Ayers rock, Aurora Australia, beaches, wild animals in their natural habitat and much more. These impactful images of nature look great on any calendar and enliven the room where the calendar is placed.

Types Of Business Calendars Corporate Calendars

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Corporate Calendars Calendars are prominent products, which are increasingly being used as tools of brand building, promotional items and cost-effective advertising for big and small corporate. In fact, numerous firms are making fast bucks by making strategic use of this small yet powerful time piece. They opt for making personalized calendars, with their company logo, address, emblem, motto et al embossed on it. These calendars are then gifted to their clients and customers every year. This way, they make their presence felt in the homes and offices of people they get business from. Such calendars are used on a wide scale not only by businessmen, but also celebrities and self-employed professionals, who

Personalized Calendar These (advertising) calendars are exclusively selected by Celebrities, Professionals, Boutiques, shops, advertising houses, Beauticians, therapists etc. who have specialized services to offer . They present these to a set segment of clientele to promote niche and exclusive services. Wide range of personalized products can be fully customized to meet the need be of the calendar customer be it personal or business . Such calendars tinges emotional value to the receiver. Many big hospitals use these types of calendars , and they are also used as wedding & anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, Graduation gifts, New Baby gifts, Baptism , Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. As opposed to being a date and day specifier, they serve more as a gift item or a memoir.

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Funny desk calendars Just because a calendar is a promotional item, it does not mean that it has to be all serious! You can even opt for calendars with a humorous twist to them. For example, you can order funny desk calendars featuring funny one liner, your favorite comic characters or even get your company mascot on it in a funny way. Many clients and customers appreciate such calendars and love to receive them and use them on a daily basis.

Large Wall Calendar These calendars are extremely decorative with a blend of mainstream, unconventional creativity and artwork. Most of the wallpapers have innovative themes viz. folk, travel, nature, animals, vintage or classic cars, Hollywood celebrities, festival, paintings etc. which besides being a timeless piece of art add a remarkable dĂŠcor to the walls. They are proud pieces of possession and strong display value and presence attracting great viewer ship and compliments. They are priceless assets in any office, home, corporate or boutiques or showroom as they reflect a refined taste of the owner. They can be either made out of cloth, card stock, paper, metal spiral, matt or glossy texture.

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Conclusion So, these are some of the types of calendars, which are making waves as promotional gift for various businesses. If you too are thinking about the same, all you have to do is to locate a store for calendar printing in Australia and get a quote from them for this purpose. Good luck!

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Types of calendars that have evolved as promotional product over the years  

Watches, clocks, alarms and Calendars have been an integral part of human existence. Think about ancient civilizations like Mayan civilizati...

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